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File: 1663898545411.png (1.05 MB, 605x1079, 2482DD96-AE69-4F62-90AA-7BCD96…)

No. 1654949

Ruby calderon is a 17 year old from [removed]. Youd think from the outside shes just a normal girl, her family has a good house in what seems to be a good neighbourhood, she has a job, friends seemingly, but online shes someone entirely different. Recently it was brought to me and my friends that she had shot a cat in the head with a bb gun multiple times over several hours killing it. On video. I say over several hours because she had shot it multiple times thought it had died, went to get things to dispose of it and came back finding it wasnt and was in severe pain and looked to be seizing. She then shot it until it was dead point blank. She goes by the username purrito online, shes also known to post cp, shes sent her nudes to an older man named jeff, known as sleepy_seymour online, shes admitted this. Shes boasts about all of this. I dont know how the fuck this girl was raised and I dont care. You do not fuck with cats.
Address: [removed]
Landline: [removed]
Parents: her father is [removed], her mother is [removed]
other family members: [removed] her other sisters name is [removed]
School: [removed]
school contact information: their phone number is [removed]
this is a link to the video of her killing the cat: https://anonfiles.com/F8j8e46ay3/purrito_mp4

Farmhand Edit: Common sense. Don't dox. Also important to remember, we don't know if any of this is legitimate. All we have is this video. We need more than that to link the video to this person.

No. 1654956

4chan circa 2006 would have a field day with this sloppy how

No. 1654993

No one cares

No. 1654997

Just another pickme who wants to be an "/r9k/ egirl" like Ciara Horan, but even worse for the animal torture. She probably fetishizes the idea of ending up like Bianca because she thinks it'll make her an internet martyr. Hope she goes the way of all zoosadists. I think it's better to report her instead of just doxxing and gossiping about her being a pathetic cow btw, she most likely enjoys all this attention

No. 1655004

File: 1663902862282.png (96.79 KB, 1805x256, purrito.png)

>Farmhand Edit: Common sense. Don't dox. Also important to remember, we don't know if any of this is legitimate. All we have is this video. We need more than that to link the video to this person.
Not OP, but here is her admitting to shooting the cat, with an original photo of herself to prove it's her confessing and not just someone impersonating her. She did this, and she should absolutely be reported to the authorities and known as an animal abuser. There's being a cringy edgelord, and then there's shit like this.

No. 1655005

No. 1655010

yeah she boasts about it in the server im in but its hard to catch shit for screenshots because its constantly deleting

No. 1655011

File: 1663903505674.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 873.65 KB, 1284x1567, 1B44EF91-CC1B-46DD-B656-2A52B1…)

photo of her sending the image of the cat over discord

No. 1655012

File: 1663903546293.jpeg (478.27 KB, 1284x525, F90E7BF2-3A6C-419E-B316-8B5067…)

screenshot of her telling someone that she will kill their entire family

No. 1655014

File: 1663903638292.jpeg (867.87 KB, 1284x927, 09C1D078-2C43-4785-AF0A-34BAAC…)

screenshot of her saying some out of pocket shit

No. 1655015

atleast dont delete the fact shes from new jersey or her schools name, its harder to get people to report the shit shes doing if they dont have the relevant PUBLIC information, she committed multiple crimes

No. 1655018

had a moment of deja vu reading this as i read about her participation in an animal gore discord about a week ago via the RBI subreddit. if FH can delete the dox why not the explicit video of her killing a fucking cat?

No. 1655019

File: 1663904203728.png (1.28 MB, 1006x737, 1663715295595.png)

Candid photo of her vs a selfie. Apparently, she might actually be lying about being 17 and photoshopping herself to look younger to pedopander to /r9k/ scrotes and seem less culpable for her actions

No. 1655020

i don't believe that tinfoil only for the fact that in this comparison she looks the same age to me, between 13-18

No. 1655022

File: 1663904468370.jpg (967.56 KB, 2661x2234, aNkRT2Z.jpg)

She's an admin of "Marc's E-Harem", a Discord server full of pedophiles/groomers in the same vein as Mantras'/Michael Sosa's "Sheep Village" Discord. Here's a sample of the member base.

No. 1655023

File: 1663904593701.png (202.37 KB, 899x592, 1663677804618.png)

Swastika edit to impress scrotes

No. 1655026

Good lord. You can't tell me physiognomy isn't real after looking at these mfs

No. 1655027

File: 1663904889599.png (103.1 KB, 769x620, 1663626078700.png)

Edgy racism and bragging about killing animals

No. 1655030

File: 1663905092910.png (143.07 KB, 947x680, 1663630264475.png)

Scrotes from the Discord defending her killing a kitten.

No. 1655041

File: 1663905930083.png (271.59 KB, 976x482, 1663713716116.png)

She seems to want people to dox her.

She supposedly said she went to Jefferson Township high School in the server, among other things.

No. 1655042

>don’t worry about age, she consented lol

That girl looks like she’s literally 11 or 12. Holy fucking shit. Brazen pedo pieces of shit.

No. 1655044


she was posted on reddit? link?

No. 1655045

File: 1663906155599.jpg (8.33 KB, 226x422, rubycalderon.jpg)

Here's the picture, enlarged

No. 1655049

She’s too ethnically ambiguous looking for r9k. They only simp for extremely skinny extremely pale anemic looking white girls with light eyes. She’s just gonna get roasted a bit then ignored.

No. 1655058

suprisingly they all simp for her in e harem

No. 1655059

wasnt this guy linked to Ciara Sunny and other r9k egirls

No. 1655063

File: 1663907441409.png (281.12 KB, 450x792, 1663712826899.png)

She's been trying hard to get their attention by being a racist NLOG, on top of apparently sharing CP and claiming she has/had 1.5 GB of it. It worked to some extent, and they even praise her for shooting a cat multiple times. She belongs in jail, honestly, and so do the groomers she panders to. At this point, she is not "a child".

No. 1655067

yeah he was, he has his own thread on this site too, hes a total fucking creep

No. 1655074

File: 1663908139038.png (361.9 KB, 742x612, jths.png)

Here's the school's Twitter account. They list their phone number at the bottom of their home page.
It's public information, and she doxxed herself.

No. 1655081

>samefagging ITT
Smells like selfpost

No. 1655087

I'm one of the posters ITT, I just reposted the proof from /r9k/ since there was doubt. If she wants to be known as the animal killing pickme, I really don't care, but it'll be shitty if she's allowed to play innocent and deny everything the moment the 4chan scrote attention dies off.

No. 1655092

You need to wash your balls and go outside.

No. 1655100

>if you don't defend/protect animal abusers and CP spammers, you have balls
Are you the schizotroon trying to defend his fellow animal torturers/pedos or something? 41% already, everyone in your server should go the fuck to jail

No. 1655109

I dont get fags like you that post stuff like that here. Shes in a small group only known by so many and she isn’t a cow just a terrible person. If you really wanted to reeee and do something about her actions you would’ve already done it. Not run to a website known for just laughing at cows and not interacting or cowtipping, take your shit and post it somewhere else or better yet go to the authorities if you care that much.

No. 1655114

Not reading all this shit, don't care. I'm not involved with these people, I looked up "purrito" on a 4chan archive and verified that the OP was telling the truth. Play damage control all you want. If you hurt children or animals, get fucked and I hope you get caught. Nice job bumping the thread, too, totally-not-a-newfag/discord-groomer-kun.

No. 1655122

Atleast this “newfag” knows what a cow is and what is meant to be posted on snow. You can raise awareness all you want but its stupid to post that shit HERE because we have a rule against actively going after cows like an army. No reason to post that shit in snow looking for people to help when you apparently already have all of her information. Again if you really cared about the poor kids and animals you would have already reported her yourself instead of looking for asspats from women on our site. Fuck off newfag and go back to 4chan

No. 1655130

Kek imagine ruining your entire life over some bottom tier scrotes. Sad.
Get tf outta here defending pedos and animal abusers newfag

No. 1655139

Emphasis on had and if you know so much about lc you wouldn’t post a shit thread here in the first place and kept it in discord and 4chan. This is a vendetta thread and you’re just putting this person here to get her name and face out, all that does is bring her more attention and more animals to kill doesnt it? Besides the shitty format and admitting to ripping this off an archive that isn’t really trusted, what point is there to post this person on lolcow rather than call the cops? Even in our zoosadist thread we had it was used to locate the person behind all that shit and it was tied to a popular furfag that was known outside of their community. You seem to already have her info, if you’re that concerned and want her to pay for the bad shit shes done you dont come here to lc and post a thread. You go to the police and actually archive it yourselves. Don’t need any discord/r9k fags to come around here and flock at this thread because you posted their common enemy

No. 1655144

File: 1663912662994.jpg (46.5 KB, 792x410, ar.jpg)

Literally only someone with personal investment would try this hard to convince people the thread shouldn't be around, holy shit.

No. 1655148

Seriously lol. There is no way they’re not involved in some way and trying to cover their ass. Who tf just writes a whole book each reply trying THAT hard to get the thread deleted.

No. 1655155

File: 1663913414313.jpeg (157.2 KB, 1080x1080, 2407CD75-66CB-46AF-9463-659316…)

Go to the police and report this shit instead of posting it in a place where people laugh at cows jfc

No. 1655159

Why would the two be mutually exclusive?

No. 1655167

idr if it was by name but if you search by top posts from the last week you'll find the post

No. 1655184

Shit thread, either a vendettachan or self post

No. 1655294

Someone sounds scared. I hope this cunt goes to jail or her school kicks her out just like that other cunt who killed her Guinea pigs.

No. 1655546

Kiwifags and scrotes gtfo nobody cares about your vendetta, report her to the local police

No. 1655619

You think the police care about a cat being killed

No. 1655626

well for fucking sure we don’t give a fuck op.

No. 1655627

this is literally animal abuse you fucking degenerate
also lean2sage fag

No. 1655646

why the fuck is doxxing illegal but posting animal abuse material is legal ? fuck this bitch and fuck everyone for not punching her already. yall seems like to not give a fuck about it. she should be fucking run over a car and die in the worst way. fuck this shit ruined my day

No. 1655700

does she have any socials? anything at all? also is anyone able to extract exif data from the video? it's not like you can do much with her only sperging on /r9k/ or discord

No. 1655717

Agreed and some sped thinks only moids are upset over this ugly Mexican bitch for animal cruelty. I hope she gets caught and it’s made public. Even if she has no legal consequences done, she’ll be remembered as a animal killer.

No. 1655747

Killing animals for 4channer moid attention, what's next? Committing a mass shooting in the name of rk9 robots in hopes they'll write to you in prison?

No. 1656016

Has anybody reported her yet?

No. 1656241

Came to ask the same thing. Multiple reports = more attention, so I think disseminating this information is good.

Maybe they won't, but hearing about her CP stash and the pedomoids she simps over won't look so good. Hope the incel attention was worth it

No. 1658401

OP you forgot this image, cheers and good job.(repost again without the address)

No. 1658423

this bitch is fucking pathetic lol, imagine doing all this shit for subhuman moid attention

No. 1658689

Oh god that's that Ann Frank girl. She straight up haunts me I feel so bad. Poor woman still getting posted to this day.

No. 1658922

she was probably raped repeatedly as a child

No. 1659307

>all selfies in the dark or under those hideous LED lights
ugly 101

No. 1664897

hopefully it continues until she kills herself like the pathetic hole she is(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1709966

This is all a lie. The actual girl who is being shown has done nothing to harm any animal in any sorts. She has been getting stalked about this “purrito” person and they have been impersonating her on multiple social media platforms. They have also sent multiple threats to ruby and her family way before they started accusing her of killing a cat. The police is already aware of this situation and has been since the first threat that was sent to ruby and are trying to figure out who is trying to get ruby in trouble and whoever has doxxed her.(this is an imageboard. post proof or gtfo )

No. 1709970

this girl IS. indeed a minor. and has been accused of multiple things she has not done and impersonated by this “purrito” person you can see on some of these screenshots.

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