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File: 1664319652282.png (3.36 MB, 1800x1799, OPpic.png)

No. 1660046

BuzzFeed, Inc. is an American Internet media, news and entertainment company with a focus on digital media. It’s most known for being a youth centric mouthpiece for trending topics, pop culture, liberal feminist theory, and hot gossip. They developed a particularly devoted following on YouTube, with different content creators grouped into different factions.

Buzzfeed fell under wide scrutiny for limiting the creative freedom of its main hosts/content creators, as well as blatantly stealing concepts from smaller creators on YouTube and Tumblr. The former led to a mass exodus of full time staff members between the years of 2014-2020.

Below are the different (most prominent) buzzfeed content creator groups and individuals

The Try Guys
>Members consist of Keith Habersberger, Ned Fulmer, Zach Kornfeld, and Eugene Lee Yang.
>Most influential youtube group to leave buzzfeed, at a whopping 7.8 million subscribers.
>Content consists of playful attempts at trying “new things” in clickbait fashion
>Began endorsing DNC candidates in the 2018 election races
>Eugene has an overwhelmingly larger fan base compared to the other guys at first, however in recent years fans have picked their own favorites.

Notable personal moments in their series
>Keith talks about his body dysmorphia
>Zach goes on a hair recovery journey (and kind of fails?)
>Eugene comes out (to the surprise of no one)

This is currently trending everywhere on twitter and youtube. Order of events + proof will be posted in screenshots below.

>Libfem woman centered video platform featuring 5-6 recurring cast members and a rotation of different guests, focusing on lifestyle, women specific issues, and stigmas.

Overtime, the name is forced to change to “As/Is” in an attempt at inclusivity, thus erasing the women's specific moniker branding they so carefully built.


Kristin Chirico
>Currently 36
>Worked at buzzfeed for 6.5 years and became senior editor
>Posted a joint video with Jen Ruggirello on why they left buzzfeed (Link 1 below)
>Stated that high quotas, thankless work, and lack of creative freedom pushed them to leave.
>Focused heavily on fatphobia and “body positivity”
>is a “makeup geek” but had terrible application skills, and allegedly spent $200+ regularly at sephora
>Currently makes videos with Jen Ruggirello on The Kitchen and Jorn Show
> Husband recently trooned out and she seems to be enjoying the attention
>Followed up with calling herself Non-binary in a video (with Jen) where she wears a backward baseball cap in an attempt to look “masc.” She ofc never dresses like this ever again. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0NsMdzU6qPc&t=26s&ab_channel=TheKitchen%26JornShow
>Started talking about her indigenous background, her mom was a victim of the indigenous residence school/foster displacement circuit.
>Faced some backlash, as people began to accuse he of seeking woke-cred
>She followed it up with some proof/photos. She is currently reconnecting to her tribe, however she has stopped calling herself white, and many native groups have felt annoyed with that.
>Please try not to racebait, the proof that she does have familial connections is legit, but she can also be attempting to grab woke-cred to deflect from “privilege” conversations. Both can be true.

Jen Ruggirello
>29 year old content creator
>Designated chill member.
>sadly she kinda pronouned out
>a co-host on the Kitchen and Jorn Show with Kristin
>Left Buzzfeed for similar content restriction concerns and quota demands.
>Nothing too milky she’s, is not hyper-online and seems to have a normal life.

Safiya Nygaard (see her section)

Chantel Houston
> 31 year old ”demisexual” director
>Recently married to former buzzfeed content creator Ashley Perez, which was a big surprise/secret.
>Currently works on a podcast called “Money Honey” with Dev Lytle and Freddie Ransome

Devin Lytle
>33 year old actress with roots in the theatre group StarKid, and more specifically, in A Very Potter Musical.
>She plays Cho Chang, in what is now seen as a satirical racial depiction of Chinese and Japanese stereotypes.
>She no longer wants to associate with the character she has played, and she detailed this in a “Let’s talk about Starkid” video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fubo7wfGcuo&ab_channel=DevinLytle
>Speaks about her rape story on Buzzfeed https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Es2lmv_wJnY&t=10s&ab_channel=As%2FIs
>Currently on Money Honey with aforementioned members.
>Became an avid Pole Dancer, however she then admitted to be in a Pole Dancing cult
>Currently attempting a video essay- like youtube channel, but with middling success.

Freddie Ransome
>32 years old buzzfeed employee (the only one still working with buzzfeed)
>Moved on up in the company to producer/editor status
>nothing much else to add

Just Between Us | AKA Gaby Dun and Allison Raskin
Allison Raskin
>Peak indie twee girl content creator on buzzfeed
>Audience favorite, seen as pretty and relatable
>Left buzzfeed with b=Best frenemy gaby dunn for similar creative freedom issues
>Gotten attention on tiktok speaking about OCD advocacy
>Had a really bad engagement break off where her shitty ex just ended it with no warning
>Now in a better relationship

Gaby Dun
>Annoying polyamorous ‘bi disaster”
>Typically an asshole in relationships, and feels the need for multiple areas of validation
>went through a very public break up with fellow buzzfeed content creator, Josh
>Thought it was weird that her monogamous BF was sad when she said she wanted to hook up with someone else
>did a complete 180 and now believes most people are lying about being monogamous and constantly tells everyone that monogamy is fake.
>got lip injections in the middles of the pandemic, looked terrible
>Generally unkind to Podcast partner Allison, but has cooled down.
>Now in a seemingly monogamous relationship with a transman.

Notable non-Group Content Creators

Safiya Nygaard
>30 year old youtuber with over 9 million subscribers
>was a frequent member of LadyLike
>one of the first former buzzfeed content creators to make a “Why I’m leaving Buzzfeed” video
>gained over 15 million views
>states more or less the same issues of independent freedom
>Content consists of makeup and fashion, however her skills have never been super.
>in a video, three members of buzzfeed staff make fun of Safiya Nygaard (7:30 mark) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ElHrODP09Yo&t=3s&ab_channel=BuzzFeedViolet
>comment section is still pissed about it
>seems to be resentment and/or jealousy among some buzzfeed staff about safiya’s departure and success
>others find her content boring/annoying.

Other Youtube Links
“Why I left buzzfeed compilation”


Kitchen and Jorn (Kristen and Jen’s channel)

Just Between Us (Gaby and Alison’s channel)

Try Guys

Safiya Nygaard

No. 1660050

File: 1664319841642.jpg (307.55 KB, 1170x2010, Ned1.jpg)

Cheating series

No. 1660055

File: 1664320042913.jpg (144.37 KB, 1169x972, ned2.jpg)

No. 1660070

Yesss finally this is made. Here for the milk

No. 1660071

Interesting thread, I always found Gaby and Allison extremely annoying.

No. 1660075

This feels long overdue tbh.

No. 1660076

File: 1664321143286.png (3.4 MB, 1242x2208, 0070719C-F307-49E0-9D13-F71D49…)

sorry for format inconsistency, more proof coming

No. 1660080

no contribution but hell yeah!!!! been waiting for this!!!!! so funny that the fat bitch's husband trooned out!!!!

No. 1660082

First John Mulaney and now Ned, wtf. Branding yourself as a wife guy is now a red flag for being a cheater apparently.

No. 1660091

Overcompensation. They think if they say it enough it'll magically become true, no effort needed.

No. 1660100

I'm just here to say I always have and always will hate Try Hard Zack. The fact he's involved in this drama doesn't shock me at all. Ned does however. Wtf Ned. Wtf.

No. 1660101

they’re probably just happy they got a wife in the first place to take care of them. Instead of caring about them as life partners they just see a wife as an accessory for themselves which is why they’re so able to start other romantic relationships when the desire to fuck a new girl comes up.

No. 1660109

File: 1664322931208.jpeg (47.59 KB, 706x436, A8725CF7-9D57-41C9-B7DE-16528F…)

No. 1660113

Men are men and married men with kids always can't wait to cheat, it seems.

No. 1660116

I always thought it would be Zach who imploded the Try Guys but that may have been because he was always my least fave.

No. 1660121

I feel like the Buzzfeed Unsolved guys should be added to the thread info. I liked them at first when they were still actually part of the Buzzfeed main feed but the second they got really popular their personalities got increasingly aggravating.

No. 1660122

Who remembers this infamous Ladylike video?

No. 1660123

i rushed this tbh, i should’ve. i’m going to add an aside in the thread with them as well as Quinta Brunson who recently won an emmy

No. 1660124

She would have realized this way sooner if she wasn't a braindead libfem who does ~empowering uwu~ stripping

No. 1660125

Yeah, if we're going to talk about the people mentioned in the thread info the Watcher crew should be added.

No. 1660128

thank u, zach hate bandwagon!

No. 1660131

File: 1664324839757.png (101.94 KB, 612x184, tryguysvid.png)

One thing about the Try Guys is they are particularly despised in more right wing circles for one video where they each did a testosterone level test and it was considered too low

No. 1660142

File: 1664325557609.jpeg (370.8 KB, 1242x1739, 6AAB9735-D55E-480A-9103-897F86…)

he cheated with a coworker/staff member named Alex, who was also in a relationship. she allegedly also knew Ned’s wife.

No. 1660155

File: 1664326148422.png (2.3 MB, 1242x2208, B7AA3403-D631-4622-A7A2-11B9C9…)

speculation ofc, but it seems keith might have known.

No. 1660158

File: 1664326418364.jpg (77.55 KB, 589x637, tryguyswhore.jpg)


No. 1660159

This thread is like 5 years too late but I'm glad it exists now

No. 1660164

File: 1664326711016.jpeg (84 KB, 750x1334, 2D181A43-A7C9-49A2-B654-83656D…)

ned’s statement

No. 1660167

File: 1664326890975.jpg (41.55 KB, 713x508, kristin.jpg)

several buzzfeed girls have commented "not surprised" or something of the like. Keith going along with it seems more probable.

No. 1660170

File: 1664327055406.png (304.42 KB, 558x546, quintayes.PNG)

emmy award winning (and actual funny former buzzfeed member) the quinta brunson, has spoken. She's also liking shady tweets but unliked them.

No. 1660171

File: 1664327095943.png (5.52 MB, 1242x2208, 618372A1-297A-4258-81EC-854266…)

the proof

ok end flood.

No. 1660173

Is that Carly Beth from goosebumps??

No. 1660175

I just want to quick add, that this man made his WHOLE personality about how much he loves his wife, and made money off of it (cookbooks, merch, you name it) only to do this.

tons of accusations of him being aggressive at clubs is coming out too.

No. 1660179

I always found Alex kind of annoying tbh

No. 1660182

She worked for Buzzfeed? I had no idea.

No. 1660184

oh yeah she was a huge, a lot of memes/clips still have her face attached. she distanced herself successfully and got into the real industry and away from youtube.

No. 1660193

I googled her and realized I just didn't make the connection because her hair used to be short kek.

No. 1660201

I used to be obsessed with Safiya and I always thought Tyler was harmless enough. But now with all these heckin wholesome! guys getting exposed for being the usual deviant moids I kind of think his time will be soon.
I used to frequent Safiya's gurugossip thread and my god were the posters over there tards. It was like 20+ pages of weightsperging.

No. 1660215

I wonder if the reason Alex was put on Food Babies was because she was sleeping with the boss. Her personality is like sour cardboard

No. 1660217

Tyler honestly seems too stupid to be able to successfully fuck around behind Saf's back.

No. 1660237

She seems pretty nice and unproblematic, the only thing I dislike is the basis of her videos being “I buy the first random shit advertised to me” and “buying every single type of product from xyz store and blending it”. They seem like a good pairing though, typical dorky successful couple that met at Stanford.

No. 1660252

What the fuck did the Try Guys expect to happen when they created an office environment where people: got drunk, got high, were constantly in various states of undress, and worked long hours together. Like no shit Ned cheated on his goody-goody annoying wife.

No. 1660256

She's got a killer body but I agree her personality and face leave much to be desired. I always wondered if the Try Wives got jealous over having two young "sexy asian" and "sexy pochahontus" type girls working so closely with their husbands. I honestly though Keith would pull this kind of shit, his head has gotten huge with the success of his hot sauce and eats-the-menu show. Hes probably the most successful try guy.

No. 1660259

jesus christ this retard cant even change his profile from that obnoxious ass try guys photoshoot.

No. 1660272

File: 1664332862856.jpeg (496.63 KB, 828x2476, 99E2A901-A1D1-4349-957B-345ECE…)

Are there really people trying to cape for this woman? She graduated from college in 2014, Alex is at least 30 years old. I don’t know why everyone keeps acting like she’s that much younger than him. 30 year olds are responsible for their actions

No. 1660273

File: 1664332934389.jpeg (162.62 KB, 827x1494, 72EA4D1C-0167-45EE-86C5-0C1C54…)

Additionally, she and her fiancé were together for over 10 years. She’s fucking gross

No. 1660279

her fiancé has allegedly removed a bunch of stuff of them together.

this whole “there’s a power imbalance!” bullshit has completely lost its nuance. she wasn’t just some kind of intern, she was a producer, engaged, and in the same age range as he is. plus she knew and befriended his WIFE.

i thought twitter SJWs knew what internalized misogyny looked like?

No. 1660308

This is watcher erasure.

No. 1660317

im gonna be honest i dont think this thread is gonna be active after this current drama dies down lol. like they're annoying af but usually nothing happens

No. 1660320

>“there’s a power imbalance!” bullshit has completely lost its nuance
Agreed. I think people forget that there are also people who genuinely chase after their bosses for all sorts of reasons and the person in a higher position is supposed to be responsible enough to not engage with it. Regardless of who chased who first here, they're both idiots and there really doesn't look like there was any abuse of power.

No. 1660333

File: 1664336624756.png (115.95 KB, 584x541, belden dog 3.png)

from the leftcows thread at >>>/snow/1660325

No. 1660336

File: 1664336790467.jpg (109.68 KB, 557x591, soy.jpg)

Don't trust soy guys. They might look meek and unthreatening, but they are just as bad as other scrotes.

No. 1660338

yes, even here in the youtube thread some nonnies are going "but power dynamics, b-buh we don't know the full story, she's a victim" lmao

No. 1660342

It’s so sexless and robotic to think that way. There is no perfect equation of power for people being attracted to one another. There are obvious times the shit is inappropriate but you know it when you see it, and a 30+ year old woman sleeping with an indirect employer isnt “it”. We’re not talking about an unpaid 18 year old intern being pumped & dumped by her direct superior. I’m pro-woman in all situations but I don’t abide by this idea we’re incapable of consenting (or making shitty decisions) until we’re 30 year old girlbosses.

No. 1660343

probably, but i’m glad the thread is here if and when future stuff pops off. it’s kinda nice having it. besides, i wanna talk about this shit with farmers, not twitterfags

No. 1660356

they ate a WHAT???
i can’t tell if this is real because brace is known to take the piss…

No. 1660360

she downgraded with the try guy lmao

No. 1660367

File: 1664338566111.jpeg (259.06 KB, 1242x1449, 6193EA55-C818-4F0A-B579-800235…)

been thinking about this after seeing stuff from like devin lyte saying “i’m not surprised”

No. 1660368

File: 1664338592140.png (116.57 KB, 584x609, belden quinta.png)

not sure either but he's still going at it, now also replying to a business insider journalist

No. 1660371

File: 1664339000471.png (2.09 MB, 1212x702, tryguy.png)

i honestly thought the try guys were queer, her fiance is attractive and ned looks gross. what was she thinking..

No. 1660375

It's because cheaters like to self sabotage kek.

No. 1660395

Getting flashbacks to Projared's gross drag pics

No. 1660398

File: 1664341439457.jpeg (91.84 KB, 626x478, 1663780115770.jpeg)

i think they are those types of libfem women that assume their Nigel is just built differently
>My nigel is a good guy! He is my bestie! We watch the bachelorette and rupaul together! i married my soulmate
then it turns out that shocker moids will cheat regardless if they paint their nails or not.

No. 1660405

actually same, i thought ned was using ariel as his beard. because he kept saying how much he loved her CONSTANTLY. but i stopped thinking that when they had kids. now we know it was all overcompensating.

No. 1660411

He looks like ginger Nick Kroll

No. 1660413

think of softbois who make them selves appear meek and sensitive to manipulate girls, guys like ned aren't young or cute enough to pull that off, so they have to make themselves appear "queer" and flamboyant, Taika Waititi is similar type to this

No. 1660442

what did the Unsolved guys do ? note I only watch puppet history and the "are you scared" series and never watched their other videos

No. 1660443

File: 1664347079921.jpg (26.78 KB, 400x400, JA3VWlJP_400x400.jpg)

her fiancé isn't chris evans or anything but he's decent looking, fit and probably has normal levels of testosterone, to cheat on that guy with this soyboy just seems absurd to me

No. 1660462

File: 1664350405815.jpg (57.44 KB, 1200x907, EIP-3w-WoAAo9Wg.jpg)

this is making me SCREAM

No. 1660487

They all knew, it's so obvious. The idea that none of them were aware of him cheating is so laughable, they're all good friends irl. He was only fired because it leaked. There was absolutely no way he could continue to work with them after making "i love my wife" his only personality trait only to fucking cheat on her.
Zach will definitely be next, I'm honestly surprised he wasn't the first one to have a scandal. This really seems like the beginning of the end for them.

No. 1660531

Agree Eugene already has a foot out the door anyway

No. 1660557

>Fiance of ten years
So she was always a pick me not surprised she had an affair.

No. 1660558

What a stupid decision she made to lose her fiancé of 10 years for Ned.

No. 1660562

File: 1664363791789.jpg (84.73 KB, 683x1024, ql6bFau.jpg)

Fact that they didn't get married after 5 years already tells you how shitty their relationship was. Looking forward to this opening the floodgates of milk.
Sidenote, if Saafiya makes them seethe then what about Quinta? She left buzzfeed and got an emmy.
I know Eugene is looking for a way out now too.

No. 1660568

Who even watches this shit?

No. 1660575

This picture of her is cute

No. 1660578

eugene’s distance makes more sense now, he truly was always on the edge of leaving. If he really tried, he would be actually honing his craft outside of youtube and individual content creation and getting into hollywood projects, producing, or something .

not gonna lie, but i felt his coming out video fo be really self aggrandizing. i’m not saying that it isn’t hard, but something about it came off like he’s the only person in the world to come out or something

No. 1660584

File: 1664366561139.jpeg (Spoiler Image,435.29 KB, 1242x1817, C1D58E53-7B90-4957-BD99-8800A4…)

my idol has spoken. also jeez i didn’t realize just how much of their content was ned “my wife!”

No. 1660653

As far as I know, there is no milk with Ryan & Shane other than some people getting upset with their true crime content being insensitive. They don't make this content for their own company anymore. The most annoying thing about them is their fan base.

There is some skim milk with Steven. I'm just repeating this from memory but some people have questioned how conservative he is, as he is super religious and apparently had some books in his background that triggered their more liberal fans. He also just had a guest on his show, Uncle Roger, who has (allegedly) made pro-CCP comments in the past.

No. 1660660

Main character syndrome reddit dorks who need the parasocial antics of geeky internet personalities to supplement their own unfulfilling situationships.

No. 1660663

Lol okay vendetta-Chan
Not liking someone isn't the same as actual milk. They can be grating but they haven't done anything worthy of being posted or else you would've seen it here already

No. 1660668

NTAYRT but I'm sure something will come out eventually. They have a similar structure to the Try Guys company and they even hired a fan to be their social media manager who just graduated college which is kinda weird IMO.

No. 1660670


eugene seems to be making moves to get into mainstream media; i know he did some social media stuff with beto down here in texas

No. 1660671

ntayrt, but why accuse vendetta? i agree that they haven’t been milky yet, but this is a catch all thread for discussing post buzzfeed antics. ppl were upset with some of their content so there could be something to discuss in the future.

i swear /w/ tards have increased the aggressiveness on here

No. 1660672

The reactions from the spouses stink of "we already had our suspicions about this"

No. 1660675

his whole persona radiates "im the hardest struggling gay person of colour, woe is me". all the try guys annoy the shit out of me. i used to like keith but he's full of himself too now.

No. 1660677

its kind of sick how the "ned loves his wife" shtick was probably some sort of fucked up inside joke between the guys considering they all knew how sloppy Ned was behind the scenes. Fuck man, I actually liked Ned. At least he's got a good education and is a Chemist so he won't have a hard time making an income, but he's basically dead in the water "celebrity" wise.

No. 1660687

especially considering the fact that so many of his coworkers back on buzzfeed were gay asian women of a similar background. His entire “i hate everything, i’m an asshole” persona doesn’t help, it’s literally so juvenile /2012 reddit.

His proximity to ppl like ned, zach, or keith makes him think it’s so unique to be gay and asian, when really he doesn’t have many friends that are like him background wise. it’s always a dead a give away when people don’t hang out with people like them, just like girls who only have moid friends. they want to be perceived as special.

>inb4 race bait

i’m speaking also as a gay piss of ocean

No. 1660695

what's really standing out to me the most with this drama and all the twitch drama too, is that millenials are fucking shit at business and just making money isn't enough. why doesn't anyone hire a PR firm? why don't any of these companies have some kind of HR or impartial management? they all sound so incestuous and disorganized. any group like that is going to end up being led by whichever douchebag is pushiest. imagine having a workplace dispute with someone like ned fulmer. imagine having to argue about your paycheck with fucking mizkif. they thought they could be successful and rich as shit without doing any of their homework and it's biting them in the ass.

No. 1660697

It's a moid thing, not a generational thing. David Letterman was fucking 'scooter' AT work all the while he was acting the proud father and husband on screen.

No. 1660702

I always got the impression while the other try guys were content being internet funnymen, Eugene had more creative pursuits and wanted to make what he considered real groundbreaking art, I mean fuck just look at his coming out video

No. 1660704

yeah but there's something to the millennial moid that really perceives themselves as different/separate from the ilk of David Letterman. David letterman still made inappropriate ssexist jokes and acted as a "man's man," so regardless of how much he was seen as a "family man," people aren't surprised by him cheating. women did not like him, and that has been an open secret.

People like Mulaney or Ned genuinely think they are on the cutting edge of feminist theory by painting their nails and adding pronouns to their bio. They want to genuinely appeal to lib women, while letterman doesn't need to. And the worst part? women fall for them everytime.

No. 1660712

He really thinks he is the first gay man ever

No. 1660723

Reading the Tryguys subreddit and the amount of "Please be mindful of Ned's mental health!! He just lost his career, friends, and family! We don't want him to an hero!" is so nauseating. Dude made a calculated choice and had to be aware this would be the outcome if he got caught. He made that choice anyways. Plus we're going to talk about his mental health and potential to commit suicide like women who are the victims of cheating don't frequently come away with trauma and suicidality. Again, he was comfortable with doing that to his wife so I could not give two shits if his mental health is in the gutter.

No. 1660737

I mean, is he not just being an attention whore in this?

No. 1660739

there had to have been better ways to make their long-term relationships less boring than by destroying their internet empire and reputation like that. they're both retards and i don't feel bad for them.

god, he's so self-absorbed in general. anons are right about him wanting to be sooper speshul

No. 1660806

I’m surprised about the cheating considering Ned’s whole personality was about him being married and having a wife

No. 1660810

File: 1664384467906.jpg (84.69 KB, 1200x630, he_knows.jpg)

the only people I feel bad for in this situation are Ariel and her children, she doesn't deserve this public humiliation and I pray that she leaves him

No. 1660821

The greyhound thing was a plotline from the british "cult" "comedy" (i hated it) Peep Show, so while this seems unlikely I can totally imagine a bunch of nerds watching that show and copying the idea, or simply coming up with it themselves.

Something so insidious about "happy married men" who are actually the opposite, I prefer men to be honest. Having secret identities is serial killer behavior

No. 1660824

former buzzfeed member Will Neff did a stream last night discussing his experiences at Buzzfeed in relation to the drama. Not very much milk but an interesting look into how they treated their employees during the early days of the Buzzfeed Youtube boom.
[URL= https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1603326404]Link[/URL](post caps)

No. 1660841

File: 1664386847031.jpeg (240.52 KB, 828x1293, 1A13CE63-8347-435F-BBC6-59083F…)

I was not a fan of Gaby before but somehow I am still disappointed

No. 1660844

oh fuck this, I always thought she was a cute lesbian or a bi or whatever the fuck, why the fuck do they all need to troon out?

No. 1660847

>Became an avid Pole Dancer, however she then admitted to be in a Pole Dancing cult
Excuse me?

No. 1660853

she looks like temple grandin kek. why can't she just be a butch lesbian like she obviously is.

No. 1660861

I'm so glad my favorite ladylike cast members aren't super cowish. Devin always gave me tryhard energy.

Same tbh. I'm wondering if she's talking about the studio she had the rest of the crew come to to show off her pole dancing skills, or if it's a different group of people.

No. 1660869

same. freddie and quinta always seemed the most normal.

No. 1660890

buzzfeed was my everything in like 2014, this is wild

No. 1660912

She was always so hyper feminine, big boobs out, long blonde hair. She got with a transmasc and suddenly she's trans. I get that she's mentally ill and easily influenced but I can't understand what may be the appeal.

No. 1660935

She looks absolutely miserable in this picture

No. 1660937

File: 1664392931675.jpeg (1.58 MB, 1170x2178, C022B327-838A-4D30-8508-F29DBA…)

kek the most liberal shit I’ve seen in my life

No. 1660938

This is so cringe. How are liberal women not embarassed

No. 1660939

Many indigenous and BLM groups have stated that this is incredibly offensive and self serving. An actress from Riverdale did the same thing with Breonna Taylor and all hell broke loose.

This post perfectly explains Gaby’s need for attention though. Tone deaf.

No. 1660981

Ntayrt but here’s the peep show clip anon mentioned. Dog mentioned wasn’t a greyhound but a terrier so who knows

No. 1660983

This thread feels a lot more /ot/ than /snow/
Very little actual milk.

No. 1660984

Kristen and Jenn on the other hand… Kristen was so put together and well spoken in the buzzfeed ladylike videos and it seems like as soon as those two started their own channel they INTENSELY regressed. Both in personality and content. For Kristen to go from producing her own travel show with a fairly unique premise to getting her coin by posting video after video sitting at her counter and ranking Trader Joes products with Jenn? I can’t. It’s like both of them have replaced their entire personalities with “I’m baby, haha me gay” tumblr bimbo speak.

No. 1661000

But this involves specific people rather than concepts/non-milk. Popularity doesn’t determine board placement.

Besides, try guys and Ned have been trending for two days straight and there’s already 100 posts in a thread made yesterday, what more milk do you want?

No. 1661004

She’s been developing a mustache in recent JBU videos, and she acts miserable too.

Which is funny because she got lip fillers at the beginning of this pandemic. Really reveals how much distress she’s in over her appearance, and she’s gone the enby “maybe I’ll be hotter as a boi!” route.

No. 1661016

File: 1664398827854.jpg (42.88 KB, 640x343, tumblr_a72ec246be5e8e9737bc0d2…)

Those eating a greyhound tweets have the same cadence as the Anne Hathaway cannibalism tweets so I sincerely doubt anyone cooked and ate dog for their content farm

No. 1661022

>Thirst trap
For whom

No. 1661093

File: 1664401897125.jpeg (106.82 KB, 625x415, 9C563AD6-EA0E-4BDD-879D-6A97F1…)

i honestly had no idea who tf that was at first. Picrel of when she looked normal.

No. 1661100

File: 1664402096354.jpeg (329.31 KB, 1169x2204, 72D0A731-B04D-459F-84F1-37172C…)

More context between the timeline of the cheating. This was potentially known and happening since December 2021. What the fuck.

No. 1661108

>Holding hands at a NYC parade

Oh so they wanted this to come out or something? Or were they that arrogant and dumb?? Goddamn a full YEAR.

No. 1661164

File: 1664404960648.jpeg (201.41 KB, 1080x2222, B05209E1-5E3F-4792-B032-F4DA6A…)

No. 1661169

Oh this is fucking rancid. How dare he says he fix his marriage/family and then also say he loves his mistress. Fuck these two assholes

No. 1661173

This seems kind of fake tbh. It’s wild if her fiancé knew she cheated on him and then continued to let her work so closely with Ned like everything is fine.

No. 1661188

File: 1664406319876.jpg (120.48 KB, 600x800, grindr_baby_movie_poster.jpg)

She's actually not a lesbian, she's bi. I know because she never shuts up about it and makes it her entire identity. The type of bi girl that lumps straights and gays together as "monosexuals" that oppress bi ppl specifically yet insists on referring to herself as gay.
I know this shouldn't be a surprising development but it is a little for me bc she's always been pretty male-pandering imo. She does like to jump on whatever the current woke trend is though.
Apparently picrel is a short film she made with her aiden girlfriend/polycule member and the annoying girl that used to be in shane dawson videos. It's called Grindr Baby even though everyone involved would rightfully get laughed off of Grindr by actual gay guys
>A non-monogamous queer couple grapples with a pregnancy test after one of them has an unprotected one night stand. (Knocked Up but if Seth Rogen was pregnant.)

No. 1661191

i mean they were together for 10 years and engaged but not married, so clearly alex's relationship had some quirks or weird shit going on.

tbh, i think he was threatened about how big the blowback might be. and who knows, she could be the breadwinner. bet ned gave him some hush money lol

No. 1661208

damn she's already got the TIF thousand yard stare

No. 1661213

Only when she changes genders does she does degenerate shit like this. It's a fucking pattern lol

No. 1661236

They give such weird vibes, all of the try guys, buzzfeed in general. Did you guys ever see a video of them ufc fighting? They put huge men next to them, honestly it almost feels like a humiliation fetish because they look so scrawny compared to masculine men. And you can tell having low testosterone got to ned too, because on the "whos the most attractive tryguy" he was the one with lowest testosterone, he was always trying to compensate that. tinfoil but its almost like buzzfeed is a cult that was trying to test them to see how much they are ok with being humiliated. Theres so many times they put people in awkward situations and mask it as "empowering".. like zachs hair implants, he was obviously insecure about his hair, and they put up a video again of very masculine men doing hair transplants on him, then show him looking like a tomato (something def went wrong there) and then show that there was not much sucess with the hair implant… Idk it feels so strange and unconfortable to me. They always looked lobotomized (except eugene, that despite being the most masculine, took the persona of an edgy 13 year old), i hate the "men are goofy" caricature. Theres something so creepy and unsettling about seeing grown men act like they did, honestly i think theres way more stuff about to come out.

No. 1661242

File: 1664410446769.jpeg (247.64 KB, 1125x524, E1FB651C-AED9-43CC-A389-A7AFD9…)

The audacity that he still has this in his bio

No. 1661253

ariel removed wife from her instagram bio, it’s definitely over.

No. 1661255

File: 1664411093466.jpeg (138.08 KB, 1242x845, 02C85DEC-E5A8-4475-A736-E4F03C…)

whoops dropped

No. 1661267

File: 1664411635907.png (556.46 KB, 624x772, isthisreallife.png)

TMZ paps caught them still wearing the rings. Ariel is too up her own ass to get divorced. She will stay with him for the kids and expect ass-pats. Maybe even write some shit self-help book about "Forgiveness" and "How We Made It Work"

No. 1661303

in that same article
>Ned and his wife, Ariel, were both spotted donning their bands Wednesday, walking out of their house together and taking their kids to school in separate cars. We're told they left in separate directions but ended up at the same school for drop-off. They then left in different ways after.
Nah man looks like they're just keeping up appearances for the kids. Also, Ariel doesn't have a job so she's probably financially reliant on him until a proper divorce.

The likely scenario is the tryguys will buy Ned's 1/4 share of the company or they just make a new company name. I don't know if they're still in debt to buzzfeed, previous rumors said the tryguys bought rights to the name for millions.

No. 1661320

From what I remember, Ariel used to be very financially successful working in interior design, plus she likely got paid for the cookbook and being in podcasts, if they're not idiots who blew all their savings already and he doesn't have full control of all the money, she should financially be okay for now.

No. 1661321

She'd be smart to use this in court and get him to pay for the kids/alimony for the next 10 or so years tbh. He had a whole side bitch for at least a year, this isn't even a "oops I was drunk" situation, Ned was actively living a double life. And? If what other women are saying is true, there might even be others ass he was apparently pretty flirty/aggressive with other women during this time. Really hope she's more than a brainless tradwife and takes him for all he's got.

No. 1661339

You know what kind of guy he is simply because he left that joke profile photo up, anyone who actually gaf would change it at least temporarily
Good for her

No. 1661410

Waving and smiling to the paparazzi. Honestly this feels like PR to me but what do I know.

No. 1661446

My tinfoil is Ariel already knew Ned was a dog, but figured it out after they got rich so she put up with it. But now that he's been kicked out of Try Guys, she might just take her half and leave unless he can pick up some other high paying media job

No. 1661456

this is so deeply upsetting to see. if i found out my husband of many years (who i also had kids with) cheated in such an extensive way, i wouldn’t be able to walk near him without have a break down. let alone share a car. even if it has already been a month. i mean he had a whole separate relationship for a year.

everytime i see women who are just going through the motions and remaining in close proximity to their partner who did that to them, i just know they’re emotionally captive.

i fucking hope it’s this scenario >>1661446 , because otherwise it’s just sad.

No. 1661458

i mean we only knew about the cheating for 2 days, she's known for a month or maybe more at this point. shes probably gotten over the initial anger/sadness and just coping for their kids

No. 1661477

Zoomer video editing but cackling

No. 1661501

Eugene always annoyed the shit out of me and then his whole “I’m the only gay guy to ever exist” completely killed any remaining appeal

No. 1661522

I think he's pretentious asf but I sympathize with him, imagine having to act like a fucking clown for the amusement of dumbass zoomers on weekly basis for seemingly the rest of your life, like you can tell he doesn't wanna be there

No. 1661528


thinking that his or any of their content is for zoomers is kinda peak millennial galaxy brain.

No. 1661530

A long time ago he said that he originally wanted to be a more serious film director before he ended up at Buzzfeed, I think deep down he feels like this is a little beneath him

No. 1661541

what is there to sympathise with? it's not like he didn't have a choice in his career or it's trajectory, stop feeling sorry for talentless faggots

No. 1661561

He absolutely sees himself as above it all, but in what way is that anyone’s fault but his own??

he doesn’t have to do this content, but it’s quick and easy and he doesn’t actually want to spend the time it takes to make real career moves solo.

Quinta didn’t stick with a buzzfeed group, and spent yeeeaars building up to Abbott Elementary. she was patient and it paid off. and she wasn’t even half as popular as eugene was back in buzzfeed, he had the upper hand.

No. 1661601

he didnt have to. if he secretly resented it, it's only his own fault for choosing clout over personal achievements

No. 1661624

File: 1664440857729.png (36.95 KB, 706x271, what do you think.png)

This comment mentions something about a video from December, which could be a hint (or prove what is written here >>1661100) that they cheated since then (or were at least more open about it even in front of the camera). What do you think? I have not watched them since years, so can anyone confirm this?

No. 1661637

No. 1661654

Lmao yes about "muh male suicide". Ppl always sperg about how we shouldnt publicly shame poor moids cause they might become an hero. But anytime a woman is being publicly shamed noone warns about her suicide. Just remember pokimane, anisa or amber heard. Noone talked about their possibility of suicide because they arent moids. And idfk about what they did because this is about how public opinion changes due to sex. Like everybody is soooooooooo converned about moid suicide and "mento helth" but women are expected to endure all witch hunts. I mean its called witch hunting for a reason. To society publicly lynching a woman feels right. But publicly lynching a moid is somehow 'concerning'. Fuck off. Flog and lynch the scrote.

No. 1661658


ariel is a fucking doormat

No. 1661662

maybe he said he will pay for her (considering she knows about this since the beginning of the month) or she agreed to stay with him and is secretly searching for a new job but still has to pretend that she will join his PR game?

No. 1661664

true. they also attacked on Twitter the mistress of the Maroon 5 guy more than him, the guy who has children, a wife and wanted to name his child after the mistress

No. 1661667

Lol why bring race into it, are you asian or something?

No. 1661681


God I hate people like you. Shut up retard, there's nothing to sympathize with him for. Plenty of people want to be serious film makers, but some of them end up having to work at McDonald's to keep a roof over their heads. This scrote managed to become YouTube/internet famous. If he wasn't a cheating retard mood he could have leveraged that into a more serious film career if he really wanted. Quinta got a emmy and she had the same start she did, as a black woman no less. This straight white male could have waltzed into some pretentious indie film company if he was willing to take a minor pay cut at the start and focus on something other than his pathetic low testosterone penis.

My God, it's too early for me to get this pissed, I just hate cheating scrotes more than regular ones. im aware most scrotes are cheating scrotes(meds)

No. 1661688

Apparently it's too early to read as well because that post was about Eugene

No. 1661698

Meh either way they can all do whatever the fuck they want, they've got enough clout to leverage it into a real film career, they're not stuck at buzzfeed.

No. 1661704

your rant was still spergy as fuck kek

No. 1661718

>so weird to rest your head on a girl's leg during a bit
>totally fine to lay on top of a man

No. 1661828

Ned is also fucking Keith confirmed

No. 1661919

Probably not as weird as you're initially assuming. Someone without experience is probably much cheaper for them to employ than an actual manager. I'm sure they were able to lowball a fan.

No. 1661928

File: 1664472529346.jpeg (113.63 KB, 1004x454, 1FCC5C50-43AE-44CE-AB18-EC85B9…)

this is about zach, he has a gf who’s a nurse

zach haters, assemble.

No. 1661935

I mean honestly when the Ned shit broke I thought Zac was next. Have you seen the pandemic video his gf made with him? She’s a nurse. He was high risk and immune compromised. My guess she became care taker for his illness and then it turned him off. Because moids be moids.

No. 1661937

Not surprising, considering entertainment guys are pretty much all like this. Back when I was a fan, I always wanted to believe they were an exception to the rule, but deep down I knew they were probably all messing around on tours and stuff. So when I first heard the news, I was mostly surprised that someone had gotten caught and that it was with an employee.

I have no doubts that, A. they all knew, and B. they've all behaved similarly to Ned, except more discreetly.

No. 1661944

Isn't Jenny a TRA? Or am I confusing her.

Hasn't he spoken before how he would try to get auditions/roles for real movies during his time at Buzzfeed but couldn't fit them into their schedule. As well as his and all camera facing employees) faces being owned by Buzzfeed while employed, making it even harder. He's talked about wanting to be in mainstream media for a long time.

No. 1661946

And besides, men off themselves to escape consequences all of the time.

No. 1661947

I think you’re right. I’ve been getting him in tv commercials these days for skincare and shit.

No. 1661965

she doesn't speak out on her platform about politics because she's smart, but she's also in the same friend group as contrapoints so I am living in delusion tbh.

i just want to like her and pretend her friend list doesn't exist

No. 1661969

this. idk when people are going to understand that reactive suicide/baiting is a coercion trick that forces victims to be complacent in their own violation.

men know that once suicide is on the table, they win. suddenly the victim is the aggressor. every time i hear about a girl whose abusive ex offs himself when she leaves him, i say good riddance. It's their way of protecting other abusers/men.

I mean people are literally bringing up suicide and he hasn't said he was suicidal, people are looking for a reason to sympathize with him

No. 1661970

I don't have any milk on Safiya, but I just wanted to say I hate how much of a consoomer and clickbaiter she is. She seemed very chill and eloquent at first, but the wasteful expensive videos turned me off.

No. 1661973

>Isn't Jenny a TRA? Or am I confusing her.
Yeah she is a TRA. At the end of her spider plush video she says fuck JK Rowling and that she's sending profits to some trans organization.

No. 1661981

The try guys look like the emasculated soyak meme.

No. 1661997

Jenny's brother is trans, of course she's a TRA. She's deep into it.

No. 1662006

I'm not surprised? It's crazy, but I always thought Keith had a preference to YB than Alex. A lot of their interactions always seem stiffed on camera and as cordial as possible, kek.

No. 1662013

Same, I thought YB always seemed a bit flirtier, both when interacting with Ned or Keith, but I guess that's just in her personality. Alex just seemed awkward and kind of straight-laced whereas YB seemed like the wilder one. My guess is that Ned and YB probably bonded over having stale, long-term relationships and that's what attracted them to each other.

No. 1662015

Kek. Men like Zach land a girl like Maggie and it just makes them wonder if they can do better. He should be kissing the ground that he landed her

No. 1662027

File: 1664478282323.webm (19.5 MB, 576x1024, wtf-is-your-problem.webm)

wtf is wrong with all of these former buzzfeed clout chasers, i've seen alison raskin doing this now too and it's so fucked up. devin's "not surprised" shit is so self centered too.

there is a devastated and embarrassed woman at the center of this, and a child in the mix. Why are they making this content?? They could be posting about how women are discarded in their industry and that Ned is proof of it, but no, they go with this weird clickbait approach.

No. 1662049

Immature, internet raised people is why. They are also probably way too far left in TRA territory and don't see all the misogyny in the world the way they should. But that is just my theory.

No. 1662053

the guy in the blue shirt is acting aggressive

I've got a bullet for you

No. 1662085

people love to bring up how men complete suicide more often than women (who attempt more) but ignore how it reflects they are more violent and might be escaping consequences or using it to torture a woman in their life.

No. 1662106

this is so retarded

No. 1662110

no I feel you, this is something to direct DM zac's gf about, not her twitter following.

No. 1662133

> My guess is that Ned and YB probably bonded over having stale
?? Ned and Alex were the ones who got together

No. 1662148

Quinta is the only one who made it out of buzz feed without any bullshit

No. 1662155

I guarantee she has bullshit. There has to be something wrong with you to work at buzzfeed in the first place

No. 1662170

she worked there before it's reputation, stop reaching. She knows how to conduct herself online at the bare minimum and is successful for a reason.

No. 1662175

Stop reaching for what. She works in LA, she has witnessed or been party to some bullshit

No. 1662176

Sorry, that was a typo. I meant Ned and Alex.

No. 1662178

File: 1664485962319.jpg (56.57 KB, 1125x1010, nedwtf.jpg)

I hope Ariel doesn't fucking take him back, because it's clear that if she did this to him, he would be OUT of there in two seconds.

I want women to remember that men wouldn't entertain this behavior, so why should they?

No. 1662179

File: 1664486015434.jpg (211.42 KB, 1116x2048, context.jpg)

context. NF is Ned Fulmer, ZK is Zac Kornfield.

No. 1662183

This is clearly Ned projecting his own faults. Cheating should be a given deal breaker, but to Ned it's the only thing he wants to do so he just says it.

No. 1662185

I'm absolutely repulsed by all of these former employees disregarding any aspect of Alice's feelings and are capitalizing on this through clout chasing. Buzzfeed is literally a magnet for bottom-feeding scum in the "journalism" world. I had to block Gaby Dunn from my tiktok fyp, her general reaction to gain more attention on herself combined with her grating leftist persona just leaves a sour taste in my mouth

No. 1662187

This looks so bad but to try to see their side - this is probably their first ever papperazzi encounter ever. Theyre both kind of dumbfounded and acting like they have no idea what to do.

Its clear from the TMZ article they are meeting up to take the kids/pick up the kids from school. And Ariel says in clip they need to go get their kids.

I dont think they expected the pap to start asking them questions, maybe just take some photos so they probably said said to eachother act normal then were blindsided by the mouth breather asking if theyre working on things.

Ariel is definitely a push over for not taking off her ring. Id understand all the hush hush if her kids were older but like the one kid is a dumb toddler and the other is a baby. Its not gonna notice your ring is off like the rest of the world does.

No. 1662190

because race a big factor in peoples attraction? The sexy asian trope is a very popular “male fantasy” as well as the “mysterious dark skinned woman” and its a big reason they have their own show. If they were two average white girls it wouldnt be as popular. Mostly AB playings into the classic trope, I agree Alex is a bit of a stretch but she still fits the bill of “bubbling young physically fit coworker” you dont know want spending long hours with your husband when youre a worn out stretch mark ridden box bodied mother like ariel.

No. 1662195

I knew something was up with the Try Guys for over at year at least. They used to he so cute and carefree but as soon as more money got involved (and apparently more inner circle drama) everyone’s personality changed, except maybe zack (who is probably mentally challenged so makes sense).

Especially Keith and Eugene’s personalities really changed. There just was just this air of animosity when they actually all were together for a bit. Whether it was Eugene tired of everything or having to be drunk to deal, Keiths anger and desire to be the “best” Try Guy and try to claim ownership of the Try Guys property like he was the mastermind? It has been weird vibes for a long time.

No. 1662197

i agree its projecting, but i think it's still true that men are less tolerant of cheating. i agree, no one should be tolerant of it, but women are coerced into staying.

No. 1662214

> worn out stretch mark ridden box bodied mother
ew. you sound scrotey.

No. 1662218

Ned would have definitely cheated on you

No. 1662226

I think the pressure of being successful without Buzzfeed affected their dynamic a lot. They were more fun at Buzzfeed tbh.

No. 1662229

wish u didn't write this in a spergy way, but I get the point that it is weird that the girls they hire are hot. The Try Guys would NEVER hire women who are on the same attraction level as they are.

As much as i disliked buzzfeed, I can at least say LadyLike had some average looking women. Soyboys love to surround themselves with women who are 10x more attractive then they are for a reason.

No. 1662236

No one is going to pick you girl, even if you have 0 stretch marks moids gonna moid

No. 1662237

why the hell does this scrote look so happy when the entire world just found out you completely fucked up your life and career and fucked over your family and friends? absolutely no shame.

No. 1662243

Some people have theorized that maybe he called the paps himself to try and spread the narrative that him and Ariel are doing better than they actually are. Personally, I dunno if I think that or not.

No. 1662260

I was going to say, the approach feels incredibly scripted. since when are they famous enough to get paps??

No. 1662266

I never watched any of these males (they’re ugly and vapid) but what was coming was still obvious to me. Never trust men who make talking about “wifey” their whole personality. Actions speak louder than words. He was all talk and was putting up an act. Men who actually put their love into practice don’t need to advertise for themselves. Don’t fall for the harmless, non-threatening buddy boy larp. There’s a nasty, aids ridden streetwalker inside every man waiting to come out. How he chooses to coat over this SLUT has no bearing on the fate of your relationship. Buddy boys and macho men both cheat alike.
Though I don’t appreciate the people coming at the woman he cheated with, as women we have the right to fuck whoever we want. It’s the men who say yes to our advances and lead us on, they’re the real culprits. They must be punished.
Also, ned’s tits are bigger than Ariel’s. He needs that gynecomastia surgery BAD.

No. 1662303

She has “boymom” in her bio, what do you expect? I will be shocked if she demands an alimony.

No. 1662314

They have matching boobs.

No. 1662317

Wait that isn't the same person photoshopped in twice?

No. 1662320

Celebrities call the paps on themselves all the time, the only time I believe they are really candid is when they look like shit with no makeup, gym clothes, blurrily shot on a long distance lens. If they're closeup and smiling or looking put together they called them themselves 100%

Probably an attempt to resume normality in the face of ruining his career and life, since his initial update was about "focusing on his family" like a one year mistress is a normal blip in a marriage

No. 1662321

>ned would have definitely cheated on you
As if any nonny of sound mind would have settled for that hideous moid to begin with. kek

Ariel is super bland, but she's still too pretty for him, stretchmarks or not. He clearly didn't deserve having kids with her in the first place.

No. 1662323

I'm just as shocked as you.

No. 1662324

After watching the clip, the pap is literally on the street right next to them and their car, and they greet them with big smiles and waves, million puhcent called them on themselves.

No. 1662347

This is negative IQ scrote/pick-me brained wording. Talk to people who don't base their personalities off of r9k please.

No. 1662375

Stretch marks and box body are because HE got her pregnant. Because she had HIS babies. I don't know if you have realized this but men and male opinions aren't allowed here.

No. 1662392

I’m glad someone made this thread, I found out a few weeks ago (thanks tiktok) that Gabby became a thembie with a John Waters pedostache. Tragic, waiting for her and Ellen Page to an hero. Troons love turning other people into troons, it was only a matter of time before her gf made her into one to spread her suffering.

No. 1662397

nonnie their address is public info and featured on a tryguys video. This shit is bigger than normal internet drama, even actual celebs like Seth Rogan were chiming in.

No. 1662415

I was thinking more about how they react cheerily because they are expecting the photographer, versus if some guy with a telephoto lens jumped out at you all of a sudden. You wouldn't react the way they did. Plus they are trying too hard to pretend they are Fine when at the very least, even if everyone involved is an uncaring sociopath, they'd be terrified of losing their income and that stress would be visibly expressed. Staged as shit

No. 1662455

File: 1664502872139.webm (10.99 MB, 576x1024, gabyexploitation.webm)

has anybody else been seeing gaby dunn's tik tok page explode? She's posted like over 10 tiktoks to milk this entire try guy situation.

she's proposing she should make a BuzzFeed documentary about the wild shit that happened there (which tbh, I would be down for) except it's so annoying how clearly she is so desperate for attention

No. 1662467

the try guys really piss me off. eugene is just dumb af but the other ones give me that old-school Nice Guy[tm] vibe.

No. 1662501

>>Though I don’t appreciate the people coming at the woman he cheated with
Fuck off. She was literally friends with his wife and knew very well that he was married with young kids. Plus she was also in a long term relationship. Its different when a man lies and the mistress doesn't know about it. In that case, the woman is innocent. But if they KNOW there is a wife and especially if there are kids, that's scumbag shitty behaviour. Alex is a piece of shit and so is Ned.

No. 1662511

Idk it didn’t look cheerily, it looked like nervous laughter and wanting to gtfo asap.

No. 1662512

This is the part that really gets me about this whole thing like, who knows, maybe Ned and Ariel have had some growing tension/resentment in their marriage that Ned used to justify his cheating (not an excuse, just a possible explanation), but what the fuck did Ariel do to Alex for her to justify doing it while seeing this woman on a regular basis and acting nice to her face? Even if I was Alex and didn't like Ariel I couldn't do that to her. I always thought Alex seemed decently nice, but you have to be pretty callous to be do what she did.

No. 1662515

i get so irrationally mad that a group of uniformly ugly, fat, badly dressed, and sometimes all 3 of things at once people have such professional success. they all make enough money off this crap to make a living and be comfortable.
also none of them are even good at any of the things they're supposed to be doing/make their signature.
i guess eugene isn't ugly but that's about it. i see why he has so many fans irl and itt.

No. 1662516

in these situations the friend group always knows, and the guy is often regularly cheating on his wife/gf with a lot of women. it's just that, when you meet him or join his friend group, he's already been doing it for years, you're the new person, and everyone else already acts a certain way about it, and since you're new you feel like it's not your business. then as time goes on, it just gets solidified as "not your business" and everyone's so afraid of everyone else in the group getting mad at you for telling on him that no one ever is brave enough to tell the girlfriend. it's fucking ridiculous and now that i'm over 35 i wish i hadn't just gone with it the times i knew men like this in my 20s.

No. 1662517

god the thought of a fucking buzzfeed try guy trying to lure groupies with backstage passes. gold medal cringe.

No. 1662518

I've seen loads of people saying Ned's cheating has legal implications and all of the try guys can be sued, can someone explain this? I'm not burger so maybe the laws are different but is it really legally wrong to date your staff

No. 1662521

i hope the aaron taylor-johnson stans see this post

No. 1662522


Basically, tldr: he's her employer and from an objective legal standpoint he has a lot of power over her - regardless of actual circumstances. he could threaten her job, her livelihood etc if she didn't fuck him – and she can ABSOLUTELY sue on those grounds from what I understand

No. 1662531

i think thats how aaron alexovich got started too. you're right. it's cheap but not really creepy

No. 1662536

File: 1664509934606.jpg (50.46 KB, 1343x385, ybs-thoughts-on-the-recent-sit…)

I saw this on reddit, maybe I'm reading into it too much but I found the wording "Most of us" to be interesting

No. 1662540

pretty sure this is why Ned had to step down, and we’ve heard nothing about whether or not alex is still in try guys.
by the sounds of it, she still is, but she’ll probably quit soon with this level of backlash.

funny how the same libfems who ask about ned’s potential suicide never ask about alex kek (not that i care, she made her bed)

No. 1662550

i pity for these girls who are taking the chance to brag that some internet non celebrity hit on them. (i know some are just stating facts but this woman's tone is not that)

No. 1662558

i still don't get how getting surgery and taking testosterone is somehow considered more practical than just losing weight, to these girls

No. 1662576

Won't be surprised if some people backtrack in the coming weeks saying they didn't actually know him but the wife guy branding is why they weren't shocked. Jazzmyne (the black girl in the linked BuzzfeedViolet video) already did by claiming it's because he's a straight white guy

No. 1662611

You're not good at blending in and your scroteness reeks through every word you type. Fuck off back to wherever you came from.

No. 1662618

Bump, CSA below!

No. 1662629

Keith is the most interesting guy imo. All of them are fucking trash but at least Keith's forced energy can grab an audience every once in a while.

No. 1662638

KEK lmfao

No. 1662647

C'mon, a straight moid laying with his back diagonally on another moid down is not that weird. It is more weird that he could have chosen to either hold his head up or lie down on the spaghetti instead of another woman's legs especially since she is his employee and could have been uncomfortable with it and be too afraid to bring it up, instead of lying down on her. This was also the response to another screenshots which mentions the affair began in December

No. 1662650

This song that Keith did pre-Buzzfeed was stuck in my head for years. You're welcome.

No. 1662665

When he speaks it reminds me of someone burping and I have no idea why.

No. 1662683

Keith really is the best personality for Try Guys stuff. Ned was boring (before he torpedoed his career into the sun), Zack is a whiny zoomer stereotype, and Eugene thinks he’s above it all

No. 1662878

why is ned so ugly

No. 1662911

File: 1664559416529.png (39.46 KB, 666x196, moreproofdamn.png)


the Keith praise is getting weird, he's just another moid.

picrel, but not to mention that the other guy with the glasses could still be him. this is one of the main reddit accounts that had pics of ned at the bar.

No. 1662937

The nonas on /g/ with the men-acting-retarded-and-debasing-themselves-for-celebrity fetish would love this.

No. 1662938

Anon no one is “praising” Keith for simply observing he’s better at/for a stupid job than his coworkers..

No. 1662987


Zach is the definition of the sickly jew stereotype. He’s riddled with genetic conditions and autoimmune disease, anxiety, he has the same swollen and glistening phenotype as Todd Solondz and always whining. I don’t even dislike him lmao I think he’s funny but it is what it is. He’s self aware about it.(racebait)

No. 1663005

>sickly jew stereotype
this is a stereotype? i thought jewish men were supposed to be like badass mossad guys or cool jeff goldblum or something. is woody allen type a common thing? why would you want to represent your people with that stereotype

No. 1663007

Yes that's been pissing me off too. The try guys are the perfect example of the glass escalator in action and male mediocrity being rewarded. I genuinely don't think it'd be possible for there to be a female equivalent with even half the success. Just look at the way their fanbase (comprised mostly of young women and teenage girls) talked about them. Doing that typical female fan thing of infantilizing and woobifying their precious little cinnamon rolls. They're even doing it now after the scandal with the remaining try guys, praising them for being so feminist in firing Ned. It's sickening. And Eugene isnt ugly but he also definitely isn't hot enough to warrant the amount of praise he gets for his looks.
This is the most likely explanation imo. I bet everyone knew and saw him being flirty with random women but likely didn't have any concrete proof. I haven't been in many situations like this but once a friend tried to warn this girl that her boyfriend had tried to make a move on her and the girlfriend blew up on her and accused her of lying to break them up. Most people don't wanna be the one who breaks the news so they all kind of passively allow it to happen and hope that someone else does it.
Her tone didn't strike me as braggy but maybe it's just because I can't imagine why anyone would brag about being hit on by Zach

No. 1663025

File: 1664567176983.jpeg (66.09 KB, 220x326, 9DDB0408-0228-4686-BF16-715D8A…)

his head reminds me of boss baby.

like, who fucks boss baby?

No. 1663026

>And Eugene isnt ugly but he also definitely isn't hot enough to warrant the amount of praise he gets for his looks
it's sad that compared to his coworkers and 90% of male tiktok stars he's super hot. the bar is on the floor for men.

No. 1663037

You'd be surprised with how many jewish men are walking soyboy stereotypes.

No. 1663054

i guess i will not come to america then. seems like everyone who immigrates there gets all messed up kek

No. 1663073

Nona's don't kill me but I'm a little curious, why are Safiya and Tyler on here? They're standard youtube attention whores, but otherwise I don't think they're really milky.

No. 1663088


No. 1663101

She's probably the most successful post buzzfeeder besides the try guys, but I agree she's not too milky

No. 1663109

File: 1664573855770.jpeg (113.33 KB, 1365x768, C1B3F594-4C54-45A3-986A-9AADE7…)


Lmao yes, in the states at least it’s much more of a stereotype for Jewish men to be like, skinny fat, balding, neurotic sex pests carrying genes for Tay–Sachs disease or just generally sickly. A lot of Jews make self deprecating jokes about it, including Zach. He jokes about it in his hair restoration video

No. 1663225

File: 1664583334686.jpeg (513.52 KB, 750x1052, 92EDCEDD-9D04-4888-9F13-A58DC5…)

the only drama i can think of, other than her dating a midget, was during the BLM movement she pissed people off with her fence sitting post attached. Some black people took offensive that she stayed neutral and didnt outright say “black lives matter” in her post. She ended up deleting the post.

No. 1663266

the stereotypes exist as follows

cool sexy badass jew - sephardic
sickly balding sex pest - ashkenazi

No. 1663268

Tyler also followed some religious and political conservatives (like Jordan Peterson), and crypto bros. This was like 7 months ago and he claimed he followed the accounts by accident, so take the info as you will.

No. 1663276

george costanza though

No. 1663297

George Costanza was Greek (but written as Jewish, most obviously with the parents)

Tomer Capone is a hot Seph/Mizrahi Jew.

No. 1663302

vidal sassoon was a cool nazi hunter badass too

No. 1663319

File: 1664592678897.jpeg (Spoiler Image,140.75 KB, 828x1028, 43E1957E-C360-46BD-B84D-6D23E8…)

Nonas I hope you get as much of a laugh at this as I did. Keith jumpscare warning

No. 1663324

why do they think making that face is a replacement for an actual personality

No. 1663336

File: 1664594603848.png (1.81 MB, 1654x980, Screen Shot 2022-09-30 at 8.22…)

Kristin's troon looks like he's trying to skinwalk as her

No. 1663337

Not to get too ot but George Costanza was very much based off of larry David kek, they made him not Jewish though because showrunners thought that would be more “appealing” to audiences

No. 1663346

Very unfortunate that he trooned out after they were already married, but she always had/has the option to leave. I think they share some clothes and Kristin has talked about how she doesn’t get rid of makeup hoard so she can share it with her husband. It’s probably part skinwalking, part Kristin’s encouragement and a general similar “style”. Ya know, due to the skinwalking.

No. 1663357

this looks like a version of the shining that the shining would watch if it wanted to be scared

No. 1663358

i honestly think he's her only friend. jen's pretty dim but not full-on retarded, which is what you'd have to be to be able to socialize with kristin outside of work.

No. 1663370

He is truly fuckin disgusting

No. 1663397

He totally is. I wouldn't be surprised if that's her dress.

No. 1663398

It's so funny how the red pill scrotes on the Internet are defending Ned cheating and saying "he still loves wifey you guys, using someone for sex only is ok! Men need cheating to calm their sexual itches and must have a variety of women!" while dragging Alex homewrecker "she is a whore slut! No man ever get with her again!".

Why is it men cheating is more acceptable than women and they get dragged less for it, why is true male nature so ugly and sexually perverted and greedy, even more impact than women?

No. 1663401

Because men are irrational, narcissistic hypocrites. Every bad trait they accuse women of having, they have.

No. 1663413

Typical reddit scrote response, yet they go ballistic whenever a woman cheats. Guarantee if it had been Ariel cheating on Ned they'd be calling for her head. Anything that women seem to be almost universally in agreement on they will position themselves against, just for the sake of it.
>women express disappointment over a seemingly wholesome man cheating on his wife
Suddenly cheating isn't actually that bad and women are witch hunting him
>women think Blonde is exploitative torture porn and don't want to see it
They clearly are too dumb to "get it" and are obv just ugly harpies jealous of Ana de Armas
There are plenty more examples. They literally think like children.

No. 1663421

File: 1664604751393.jpeg (572.64 KB, 743x958, 6DA83132-4DC2-481C-9038-22CAE3…)

> not full-on retarded, which is what you'd have to be to be able to socialize with kristin outside of work.
nonna this made me cackle till I was choking

this is so bleak, in comparison to the photos from their wedding. They’re not attractive by traditional standards but they look like your typical adult happy couple. When did the retardation strike?

No. 1663438

The red flags were always there. Not for troonery necessarily (as least not that they revealed publicly) but for something generally being off about him. He's a feeder. I remember even back in my libfem days where I actually watched buzzfeed videos (I know lol) this video rubbed me the wrong way.
I don't wanna say that a guy can't be into bigger women without it being a fetish thing but it seems very obvious now that that's the case with him. Funny how she describes him as slim in this though. If I didn't have the background knowledge on them, I'd just view them as a normal overweight American couple. I wouldn't think they look weird or that it's strange that he's with her. They were on the same level attractiveness wise.
I feel bad for her. She's annoying but clearly also deeply insecure

No. 1663453

Kelsey also mentions the power dynamic thing on TikTok. The way she worded it makes it seem like the other Try Guys also think the relationship could not have bveen consensual because Ned was her boss

No. 1663475

Idk I’m pretty sure the most successful one is the one who writes, acts in, and produces her own show on an actual network that she won an Emmy for, not the one still producing such riveting content as “mixing every Sephora lip gloss together.” So glad Safiya’s big move to North Carolina really revitalized her content like she said it would kek. I do not get the appeal of her at all. Her content is vast wasteland of YouTube tier. She’s a hack.

No. 1663515

Damn she got way fatter and her troon husband got way uglier.

No. 1663544

>are obv just ugly harpies jealous of Ana de Armas
this reasoning is so what they're doing and also completely insane. women love marilyn monroe, even more so now that her sad story is common knowledge. no one is jealous. plenty of women want only to keep other women safe, even if those women are insanely more beautiful than we could ever be. and, we can want to support these women without wanting to fuck them, like a moid would.

No. 1663545

OT but does ana de armas fake an accent? she seems to have started to sound more "spanish" as she got more famous

No. 1663591

That is sad as hell. She is really lame but no woman deserves a creepy fetishizing scrote who wants to become a fat girl themselves. She really did somehow get facially way uglier since he trooned out it seems - like she’s got a flat little pug face now whereas she used to have normal planes to her nose and cheeks.

No. 1663595

she got fillers in her lips and cheeks too

No. 1663612

>Quinta didn’t stick with a buzzfeed group, and spent yeeeaars building up to Abbott Elementary.

Fun fact: When Quinta pitched Abbott Elementary, she wasn't the lead of the show. She pitched it with Sheryl Lee Ralph's character as the lead, but then ABC was like, "When we said, we wanted your show, we meant your show." so she reworked it to add herself as the lead character.

She just really wanted to make a good tv show about teachers.

No. 1663622

I bet sucking ned is the only way Alex got into Food Babies. She couldn’t handle spice, she never ate as much as YB, and let’s be real her nose really butters up her face. YB was the only one who could actually compete with the guys and she carried every food challenge. Alex was like watching a wet paper towel in comparison to everyone else, yet she was there. There was definitely something fishy going on. I bet as soon as she started appearing in front of the camera was when something started with Ned.

No. 1663631

as much as i agree i really hope the Try Guys team isnt baby-ing Alex and treating her like a victim here. i hope shes getting just as much behinds scenes ass-whooping as Ned - because she greatly benefited from this.

No. 1663634

she probably gave up on herself cause she knows this her life now and it doesnt matter if shes physically attractive or fit

No. 1663693

I knew she got lip fillers but why the hell would her fat ass get cheek fillers?

No. 1663737

Here's a good video if you want to Hate Ned even more. Ned just gets progressively more drunk and belligerent and tries to show off by answering all of Keith's math questions before him even though Keith and the other Guys are visibly upset over him.

The video ends with Eugene telling Drunk Ned the best way to make it up to Keith is to not answering next question (and letting Keiths team win) and instead write Keith a love letter on the board.

Ned says something along the lines of he knows what is right to do but he just REALLY wants to answer the math question.

He ends up writing the love letter with the math equation in it. Pretty good look into how selfish this asshole can be when he's drunk aka his true self.

No. 1663767

ned and keith both look like their parents were siblings

No. 1663846

He would always get wasted/belligerent for these drunk vs. high videos. It’ll be convenient for him to blame the affair on substance abuse. I imagine he’ll do some song and dance about “getting help” and how drugs/alcohol made him a victim

No. 1664430

Oh dear God.
In one of their videos they mentioned his anger issues too. Imagine being stuck with a dude who yells at you all the time plus this.. she’s coddling him so bad. how hard it is to eat mindfully, exercise so you don’t have to settle for this or spend lavishly at Sephora

No. 1664600

File: 1664708128427.jpeg (296.36 KB, 909x1778, 1BAEF86B-D591-4311-8880-4E8257…)

i’m definitely not trying to add to the brain dead arguments of “women tempt men” or whatever sexist bullshit, OR take any attention off of ned, but i wish we could have more nuanced conversations on people who explicitly seek approval from those who are taken romantically.

People who flirt with taken people do so in order to feel like they were “chosen” over someone else.

Sometimes with women there’s another layer of internalized misogyny. we’ve all met that one girl who completely changes when one man enters the room. suddenly every girl is the butt of her jokes or someone to one-up. the competitive air becomes really obvious. it’s disgusting.

i’ve been seeing tweets about people saying she’s bragged about trying to get men who are taken on their try guys podcast.

No. 1664601

do you remember which vid ? i can’t imagine dealing with an angry moid let alone trooned out husband

No. 1664605

I can't believe Buzzfeed actually attempted to woke-wash feederism/fat fetishism kek.
Anyways, It's so obvious he's skinwalking her. He wears the same granny dresses, does his hair the same way, the glasses…creepy. Combine that with the fact that he is already a known fetishist. The AGP is undeniable with this one.

No. 1664609

Moids always assume we’re “jealous” of other women because their brains haven’t evolved past the caveman days and they see life as brutal competition. Plus it boosts their egos to imagine we’re all fighting with each other for their attention. They cannot grasp the concept of female solidarity.

No. 1664807

Beautifully put nonnie. They really can't understand that women love and support each other without ulterior motives in play. The only women who like to put other women down are pick me's.

No. 1664961

>guy has a fetish
>becomes his fetish
Also it's really sad how insecure she is. She knew he was fetishizing her but still married him anyway because in her eyes negative attention is better than no attention.

No. 1665419

File: 1664777327675.jpg (186.28 KB, 1000x702, 980683b6c4a167daa74fb7fa6b9610…)

not milk there's this undercurrent of sadness that comes from her videos, she seems exhausted cause she's run out of ideas and likely spends days thinking of what next to do
basically picrel

No. 1666109

The Try Guys have finally released a video addressing the Drama

No. 1666115

Damn. Zack sounds really torn up about all this. Ned fucked over so many people with his selfish behavior. There's no way Keith didn't know, though.

No. 1666116

The hand is fucking backwards

No. 1666120

Damn Eugene looks absolutely pissed

No. 1666130

File: 1664845691302.jpeg (96.25 KB, 1380x720, FeL90FOWAAAoYPT.jpeg)

At 4:33 Eugene says
>we just want to remind you that the internet has a tendency to be a lot harsher towards women than men. So please, we ask that you exercise kindness
Is he talking about Alex? I've only seen the majority of comments being positive and empathetic towards Ariel and YB (who was mistakenly attacked).

No. 1666131

I think so and partially about Ariel if anything publicly comes out about her not divorcing Ned any time soon

No. 1666133

Eugene is absolutely seething with anger and this is weeks after they've found out, cannot imagine what the initial fallout must've looked like. I mean as they said, they've been working together for 8 years, Keith even had Ned as a groomsman and I'm sure Zach was set to have him as one of his, now everything is fucked up because of Ned. Personal relationship, the company, their livelihoods, families and futures.

I was just about to comment on that when your post showed up. That sounds really odd to me especially combined with the fact they haven't removed Alex's name from stuff yet and some of them still follow her.

No. 1666153

this made me like eugene more after having no feelings towards him since his introduction on buzzfeed. i mean i was already sympathetic regarding him having to go High Functioning Alcoholic to deal with the tumor his retarded brand coagulated into, but the seething expression solidifies it lmao

No. 1666156

I get that Eugene has a valid reason to be angry but his boo-hoo-im-angry face the whole video is just screaming piss-baby.

honestly though, zack and keith look fucking TIRED. This just begs the question again about why Ned and Ariel thought it was a good idea to stage a happy couple paparazzi photoshoot all smiles. like Ned fucked up so badly and just nuked the Try Guys for some mediocre pussy.

No. 1666157

Also might just be generally, because while Alex seems to have been a happy mistress - she probably is getting death threats vs Ned just getting clowned on by memes.

No. 1666163

thought this statement was very strange. i definitely feel like this statement is about Alex. she is basically the only one who hasnt been seen or commented publicly yet about the situation. her ex-fiance seems to have completely ditched her, and if they were together 10 years, im assuming she angered the majority of her family who were waiting for them to finally wed. her friends all hate her for ruining their livelihood. she broke up a marriage with children involved. and she never built a life like Ned where Ariel is willing to at least work on something for the kids. Shes probably on suicide watch or something.

No. 1666173

anon… what direction are YOUR hands? I'm concerned

No. 1666175

>I get that Eugene has a valid reason to be angry but his boo-hoo-im-angry face the whole video is just screaming piss-baby.
KEK I thought the same. It screamed 3edgy5me to me. Also all the people babying him on Twitter didn't help my view of it.

No. 1666177

Eugene seems genuinely pissed off. Zach is like a whimpering baby. But Keith? There's something off about his facial expression throughout this, it's almost like he's having a hard time not smiling at parts? Dude looked almost amused at times? Did anyone else catch the weird energy there or am I somehow mistaken.

No. 1666187

I was coming to say this exactly. People are mostly clowning on Ned for being a hypocrite but he's also an extremely wealthy guy who can easily run away from all the stuff especially under the guise of 'oh I'm trying to work things out with my family' vs Alex who i've seen people just attacking her for being a homewrecker and I would assume she lived with her ex-fiancee so she might also be having to sort out that shit. She's also undeniable garbage yeah but the kind of comments the two cheaters are getting are fairly different and the person in the worse life situation is getting far more shitty and direct comments.

I would also assume that they can more easily remove themselves from the 'boss sleeping with an employee' vs removing themselves from the 'employee who the boss slept with' if that makes sense? From my knowledge they cant simply fire someone for sleeping with their boss.

Keith felt weird to me too but I think he's said he's the kind of person to smile and want to make light of things when he's going through it? I haven't watched their videos in years so I could be misremembering but it could have been him trying to hold that back.

No. 1666190

everyones angry now but you know in 2-3 years (maybe 5, cause this one stung) anyone who was a real try guy fan would love to see a "reunion" of all the guys and see some sort of resolution between the four of them.

Ned, as a man, has a redemption arc.

Alex? She will literally never come back from this ever. She will forever be known as a the Yoko that split up the Try Guys, the whore who ruined everything. Even if Ned is being nice now, he will soon grow to loathe her as he will blame her in his mind for everything falling apart. She will have no one.

No. 1666196

Keith came out a year or so ago as openly a huge stoner. You can always tell when he's been smoking cause of his eyes and he's definitely blazed here. Either that or a mix of blazed and recently crying/tired/stress. I don't think Keith is acting particularly weird here myself but it does kind of scratch my conspiracy itch that he's lying and knew this whole time what was happening.

No. 1666239

Kekked at “major props to our editing team”
Ned is such a fuckhead

No. 1666240

I read it as he’s just over the situation. Maybe he is the type to laugh when he’s nervous though. Ned’s fuckup has had a massive blow on their livelihoods and reputations even if they did everything right.
I don’t give a shit about the Try Guys as content creators but I feel bad for them ngl.

No. 1666259

Maybe I'm just a turbo autist, but anger like Eugene and Zach are displaying here comes across as so inauthentic and acted to me. I don't think I'd feel that angry even the moment I found out if I was in their position. Just more of a "oh shucks, people do be like that"; I have long ingrained in myself that behavior like this is expected. I don't feel like I have the capacity to get that angry, even if it has jeopardized my business and brand and hurt my friends.
Only things like someone harming my brother or methodically cutting off the legs of a puppy or something would make me rage. Human missteps like Ned's and Alex's don't make me rage like that, even if their actions were ultimately destructive. They're inconsiderate and incredibly stupid, but they weren't malicious. I don't get it. Are they acting?

No. 1666265

Some people have different capacities for anger or have unexpected anger when something is so close to them. Ned betrayed his wife and two kids, had their private lives slandered over the internet, and put the jobs of people in their company at risk, literally all for the coom. I've had cheating scandals in my friend groups that didn't have even half the stakes as this and I still get heated thinking about the people involved, it's just such a scummy and easily avoidable thing to do. It's a scripted video, there's definitely some acting happening, but if they were actually angry I wouldn't be surprised.

No. 1666269

What Ned did puts their entire business at risk as it was between a CEO and an employee. It's really not as simple as "human misstep teehee". They lost money right off the bat with being unable to upload content that had ned in it to a point where they can't just edit him out, they have to go back and re-edit what they can edit him out of, they have to hire lawyers and stress about doing everything here the correct way in order to avoid the whole thing from destroying everything they built besides what might also be feelings of betrayal on a more personal level.

It really doesn't help that Ned's entire personality was "MY WIFE".

No. 1666274

That's how they always are in their videos so it's probably just ingrained behaviour at this point. It's not completely fake it's just highly exaggerated for the camera.

No. 1666291

Eugene is pissed he spent 8 years with the Try Guys just for this to happen. 8 years he could've been working on serious films instead kek

No. 1666293

Also tbh I wish Eugene didn't say this, there's already too many people acting like Alex is just some poor uwu smol bean who didn't mean it. She's 30 and considering the industry I think she jumped at the chance to get on Ned's dick so she could get ahead. She knew what she was doing and they're both trash

No. 1666294

Huge kek there anon

Every internet personality is an actor and inauthentic. They may have feelings but this front is all bullshit just to cover their assets now that it's public

No. 1666295

I think he's saying this because of a video that went viral from a Tiktoker who evaluated how both the women in this situation got more scrutiny and attention than the man. Obv appeals to feminist crowd.

No. 1666315

Honestly I wonder if Eugene is pissed because he’s clearly been trying to claw his way out of youtube videos where he tries on edible underwear into real acting roles/a more artistic career, and this just further complicates that. It’s going to be much harder for him to get production roles when his flagship company was embroiled in such a public and embarrassing scandal.

It didn’t seemed like he ever liked Ned, and the ugly squidward moid potentially tanking his career has to have him so pissed off. I also would venture to bet he’s the one who spends the least amount of time with the other guys outside of work obligations (evidenced in videos dating all the way back to the buzzfeed era where the guys would talk about how Eugene disappears from parties or clubs w/o saying goodbye to anyone) so I’m guessing he was the most blindsided by all of this. I’m guessing at least one of the other guys already knew Ned was a disgusting moid who couldn’t keep it in his pants.

No. 1666364

Even with the scandal, I think Eugene is still the most likely to be successful out of the Try Guys. He's done a lot of other stuff already, I'm sure he's pissed at the situation for all sorts of reasons but I think his career will still be the most stable in the future.

No. 1666368

Possible explanation for them seething:

They had a food network TV show debuting soon and it was moved from a prime time slot to the worst morning slot where shows get sent to die. They must be pissed they were almost out of just being “YouTube guys” and now they’ve lost their legitimacy

No. 1666372

I thought it was obvious he was talking about Ariel

No. 1666377

I call bullshit on them saying that they all found out recently too. there is no way that they did not know about Ned & his public dates with this fellow employee like.. they are bullshitting & twitter fags are eating it up
^ Also when are the twitter fags gonna acknowledged this tweet lol

No. 1666403

Its less about the cheating and more about cheating with an employee. Also anyone can claim a try guy hit on them with no proof. Even how they typed it was suspicious, why not just say 'zach hit on me and complained that his nurse gf was too busy for him' why be so roundabout and vague about it. Its easy bait to try and make people interact, glad to see you fell for it. Its also most likely a self post seeing as the person just so happen to crop out the interaction icons which if it was their own tweet would show the analytics button.

Reasons people wont/wouldn't care if this situation was anyone else cheating: Ned made his wife his whole personality, he put an emphasis on monogamy and being a 'loving dutiful husband and father', he then not only cheated but did it with an employee and he did so fairly publicly, an employee who was supposedly friends with Ariel. Zach possibly flirted with some rando? ok. If it was real even they admitted that nothing happened past flirting.

Also all of the evidence we've been shown has been them lying about where they were at certain dates. Even in a video Ned claimed that he was travelling for a baseball game when instead he was out with Alex at the concert. Also as the person claimed Alex was upset that they were recognized, why would she care as much if it was an open secret with the other guys? They could easily brush it off or they would fire Alex and just give her hush money (aka what happens in most other businesses) Things like maybe being caught having a meal alone together from time to time could easily be brushed aside as 'oh we were heading to lunch at the same time and decided we might as well go together'

No. 1666423

File: 1664870805341.png (904.4 KB, 1046x936, erdv3yn78d941.png)

Plus Ned wasn't just the "I love my wife" guy, it was his actual brand, the cookbook, a target partnership, the DIY decorating stuff. parenting tips on how to raise boys without toxic masculinity

No. 1666424

File: 1664870881241.jpg (159.35 KB, 799x2048, They_all_knew.jpg)

I saw this screenshot on Twitter that they knew that Ned is cheating (but with another person) and tried to cover it up

No. 1666432

Since they can't fire her or 'push her out' in an obvious way, I kind of assumed that's something they just have to say. As in, if they don't speak up against the comments she's getting, can't she technically say that they did nothing to help her with this situation and claim that they're indirectly pushing her out by allowing it to happen to her? Correct me if I'm wrong pls, I honestly don't know if this is too big of a stretch or not

No. 1666442

Kek if this is true the other guys are so full of it. Now I'm hoping Alex or someone else will come out and give us the truth about all of them

No. 1666449

sorry but Ariel should raise her boys without this piece of shit.

No. 1666474

I also got the vibe that Eugene didn’t know and this is why. The other two probably did, and Zach already has a tweet out regarding trying to hit on another woman while engaged, so he’s trashy either way. Probably crying worried if he’s next lol

No. 1666478

> several people refused to sign NDAs
Well we’ll find out if this is true or not soon won’t we. It makes no sense that “they knew he was cheating but thought it was someone else,” Ned and Alex were in a full on relationship for a year or so. Are they saying they’re aware of him cheating once or twice with randos or he had another other relationship?

No. 1666487

maybe Ned had next to Alex another woman (who he saw less than Alex but was known to the other guys)? We probably still have to wait one month before the first will speak up

No. 1666489

It feels like at least Ariel and Keith knew Ned was a piece of shit for awhile now and cheated on Ariel but they had some understanding? But that no one was expecting or knew he was doing it Alex on the regular? And that was like "the boundary crossed". Shithead Ned was probably in an open relationship and still felt the need to want more.

No. 1666504

I guess to add onto the fucked up scenario with vidrel

This video of Ariel where she’s open about her struggles after her second pregnancy. Tl;dw she couldn’t bounce back to her normal self compared to her first pregnancy. She had to take care of the kids so she didn’t have time to go to the gym like before. She was insecure about her thighs/cellulite and this photography project helped her regain some confidence.

By the time this video was filmed, Ned was already cheating. In a separate podcast Ariel was upset that Ned complained about her throwing away his spoiled leftovers vs being thankful she kept the home clean.

Honestly this whole situation is easily some scrote treating his wife like his mom, and looking for a younger/thin fling. Fuck this guy

No. 1666518

I think Eugene's anger/Zach and Keith's disappointment is genuine. Ned fucked them over real good, I wouldn't be surprised if this ends up killing their channel in the long run. They weren't just friends, they were business partners. I'm sure they knew about his affair(s) for a long time but now that it's public knowledge their bag is affected. They're definitely pissed kek

No. 1666521

finally someone who gets it, they aren't mad cause of morality or human decency, but cause it hurts their brand, they will probably never recover from this and I bet Eugene is seething more then anyone, bet he'll curse Ned more then Ariel

No. 1666523

With the outfit and her behavior, the way she speaks, she reminds me of Elle Woods. Ned's using her for his career and constantly bragging about having gone to Yale. This is like the bad ending version to Legally Blonde.

No. 1666570

File: 1664886091900.jpeg (237.05 KB, 946x2048, 0015F42F-7F0D-4B25-BBC4-5C5D87…)

>oh shucks people do that

this situation literally cost them their dreams, i think they’re upset about that. they’re being dropped left and right btw. i agree with >>1666518 the anger is more so about their brand being pretty much totaled.
Seeing reports that they lost their Wednesday evening prime time television spot with the Food Network and now are on at friday 10AM .. the literal worst air time.

No. 1666581

And? Obviously they’re going to be more pissed about their business they worked so long to build taking a hit and being personally affected due entirely to the actions of someone else. Who wouldn’t be? They weren’t the ones cheated on. Are they supposed to be some die-hard bible thumpers condemning Ned to hell for adultery or something versus the statement they made? I’m sure they’re mad at him cheating on Ariel too. I don’t get why they’re not allowed to be mad about both the business aspect and the morality aspect at the same time. Nuance is possible, nonnie.

No. 1666597

lets be real, this would have happened regardless of the Ned drama. like most youtubers, they have never translated well to TV. the reason we like them is because they make -so much- content that people end up finding one of their niche video they like and discover them from there.

without a recipe works well on youtube because their audience has known them for years and like seeing -their characters- mess up recipes. your average stay at home mom or grandma watching the Food Network isnt gonna care except for maybe liking the “gay asian one!”

No. 1666603

> except for liking the “gay asian one”
My mother if she ever sees them, spot on kek

No. 1666606


kek I caught that too, nonnie.

He was totally smirking & catching himself.

Eugene seemed genuine. Angry, almost like he took it personal. The middle guy seemed a bit fake, but still honestly angry.

Keith is a weirdo. He knew and is more than likely a cheater too. Maybe they DP'd Alex kek.

No. 1666613

Ntayrt but I don't get your point. Absolutely no one thinks it's unreasonable for them to be angry at Ned.

No. 1666622

>Maybe I'm just a turbo autist

You are. People get upset about cheaters. Eugene knows Ariel and the kids. It's called empathy. If you have to declare your turbo autism, you should just keep it to yourself.


No. 1666643

File: 1664892901249.png (150.29 KB, 882x1171, ned.PNG)

Saw someone bring this up on the subreddit. Ned will likely continue to profit off the youtube channel, but a bit less than usual since he won't be in any videos. I just want the moid to suffer.

No. 1666649

you are unbearably naive if you think they didn't know

No. 1666653

Now show me where the fuck I said that. Of course they knew, but they still have a right to be pissed.

No. 1666680

I get what you mean about it looking acted. It looks over the top and disingenuous

No. 1666756

File: 1664903675235.jpeg (287.97 KB, 1242x1022, EE3088D6-5F8A-4703-826C-D9E1CC…)

sorry to change topics, but why is she still making videos like this.. what’s the point? it’ll be brownish red. i can’t believe she still makes this shit . this was posted 4 days ago.

No. 1666757

i knew i hated Gaby Dunn the moment she said she hated her mom growing up (despite her mom being nice to her) because she blamed her for her dad abandoning all of them. It’s always the enby bitches with a deep history of internalized misogyny that can’t figure out that they’re “gender disconnect” is NLOGism.

No. 1666809

It's what made her famous and she doesn't know what else to do. She has no real content except buying things.

No. 1666837

Ned being a fuckhead goes without saying but the fact that Alex was probably there the whole time listening to Ariel talk about her insecurities while fucking her husband. Just putrid.

No. 1666863

Consoomerism is the way to go. People are getting big bucks opening up products on camera.

No. 1666882

Probably laughing and making fun of her behind her back too. Fuck that bitch and fuck the egg-head too. I hope they get shun from everywhere.

No. 1666893

seeing these pictures makes me want to be really sure my husband and i dont get fat and gross and complacent with each other. new fear unlocked.

No. 1666942

They do say that "on Friday, September 16th, the three of us signed written consent of the members of Second Try LLC, approving the removal of Ned as a manager and an employee."
Without knowing what their contract is, Ned may or may not still be an part shareholder in Second Try LLC. It would be fair to assume the other 3 had enough shares to force him out, or that other silent partners contributed as well.

No. 1666961

Loyal fans want things that are kind of different but mostly the same. If she is still getting views doing the same old, same old, there is zero reason for her to change.

I mean she did take that time off in 2020 because she got burned out. And then came back doing the exact same type of videos. So, if she wants to expand her creative horizons, she's clearly doing that somewhere that's not youtube.

No. 1666975

File: 1664917751353.png (381.45 KB, 643x342, tlX2dz4Qx5.png)

its insane how much she looks like this bitch lol

No. 1667032

Not only is this just what her audience of 8 year olds desires to see, BUT it also rakes in at least 3 or 4 million views that she gets paid for receiving

Yeah ok whoever’s idea it was to dress her up like this for that photo has to hate her kek…she’s not even an ugly woman, she’s an average weight and has a bearable face, but posing in a bunny costume lingerie isn’t really necessary to talk about postpartum struggles…

Man! She’s ugly as hell

No. 1667089

It’s just typical buzzfeed feminist “sexy is empowering!!!” bullshit

No. 1667098

I never paid attention to Gaby & Allison beyond those initial months post-Buzzfeed leave. I can recall Gaby's obnoxious crush on Allison and her constant attempts to pressure the latter into being less "vanilla" or heterosexual or whatever. I also remember Allison gaining some weight after that breakup and getting really sensitive about it, and Gaby calling out Josh Groban (lol) for being gross. has anything else of note occurred besides the inevitable trooning out of the attention whore

>>1666756 she should exert some actual creative energy into this shit. or at least travel more. like her content can be informative and her personality isn't TOO unbearable if we spend a short amount of time with her. that underwater hotel video, for example.

when is Tyler gonna get exposed for DMing bitches is my real question

No. 1667151

File: 1664928260552.jpg (164.32 KB, 1029x585, InkedThe People Ned Hurt.jpg)

I'm watching the "Which Try Guy is the Best Boss" episode and Damn… these are the people you hurt, Ned.

Obviously he loses too and is named worst boss.

No. 1667201

File: 1664931277562.webm (7.85 MB, 576x1024, ssstik.io_1664930978380.webm)

Try Guys just uploaded this TikTok. Caption says
>What we wanted to say last week
Love that nonnies were just talking about Eugene not hanging out much with the other guys kek


No. 1667202

File: 1664931294141.jpg (317.11 KB, 640x879, 15lsj3u8qgq91_jpg.jpg)

Any man that tries to profit off their relationship is a trickster, a con and a scam artist. This sack of shit used his wife as an accessory for fat stacks while he slept around like the zero value dollar meal bitch he is. It gets even worse when you see the videos where she talks about how he gets mad at her for throwing out his ROTTING LEFTOVERS because she has to do all the housework for this worthless meat stick. I truly want to beat this man in a parking lot.

Also fuck Alex and the weirdos trying to defend her because "muh power dynamics". That's a grown ass 30 year-old woman who cheated on her fiance with a married man for over a year. Stop infantilising women and accept sometimes a woman can just be a shitty person.

No. 1667253

The "power dynamic" thing is so stupid because it's not like she's some lowly intern she's an associate producer and has her own series on their channel lol

No. 1667277

File: 1664936213618.png (429.49 KB, 666x856, ChoiceBecky.png)

Some choice tweets liked by Becky Habersberger - Keith's wife. Who is close friends with and co-host the podcast on Try Guys with Ariel.

Definitely wish they could speak candidly. Would love to hear her thoughts.

No. 1667379

This drama is so cringe
The whole thread is cringe

No. 1667401

Wasn't there another blind item from this account about a member of the Try Guys? I remember it saying that this Try Guy gets violent when drunk and tried to follow a fellow employee/old woman(?) to their hotel room.

No. 1667418

File: 1664947609416.jpeg (609.39 KB, 828x1491, 2C1CDA8F-9C86-4E0C-9A79-FFD13B…)

Some girl on tiktok caught Ned on a date with a girl (presumably Alex) back in May and told his wife

No. 1667524

The only other thing semi-worth mentioning is that Gaby and Allison had a huge fight/falling out a while ago and only salvaged the relationship because of their contractual business obligations.
They (mostly Allison) still mention it constantly and it’s clear that they aren’t very close anymore and there’s residual awkwardness and resentment.

No. 1667590

2.4M views in 4 days for a Youtuber as inactive as her is fucking crazy, no wonder she keeps making these types of videos. I think Safiya is pretty chill and likeable but this type of content is just bizarre to me. How this gets so many clicks is beyond me.

No. 1667592

none of them are great looking but the ugliest one was the one who cheated, wtf

No. 1667598

OT but I think Food Network is specifically trying to get younger viewers by giving shows to Youtube and Tik Tok creators; there are a couple other ones too.
I can't believe so many fans are buying into this narrative. Scrotes always know when their friend is cheating.

No. 1667599

her fans like her voice, she does not have a scandal, like her personality and she is barely active which means her fans are starving for content. Also, it even got recommended to me, when I watched one of her videos one year ago. Still I would have thought it would get as of now only 1 ,4 mio. views

No. 1667600

Zach is by far the ugliest. Ned always got tons of thirst comments

No. 1667633

Saf was my favorite in ladylike years ago before the group went full woke. I still like her but she always creates the same content. She does great research and has great depictions & delivery. She has so much potential, it’s like something is holding her back. I hope she can take that step she needs.

No. 1667636

This situation is a prime example of “Not my Nigel”
I feel really sorry for Ariel. She seems like a genuine woman. Post partum body or not she’s still leagues above that dude and she deserves more respect.

No. 1667676

These pictures really show Eugenes bad acting in their statement video kek

No. 1667695

just like the try guys its the aspect of having a parasocial relationship with a cool alt friend rather then the content its self

No. 1667714

as a Try Guys fan before this happened, yes Ned was probably 2nd "hottest" Try Guy behind Eugene. Keith is hot when you get to "know him" but he's a typical band nerd type you wouldnt look past twice if he wasnt famous(Keith's aging like fine wine though)

Ned had a fat ass and was super smart, and then if you were into that, had the whole "family man" angle.

Zack was a frail balding jew who was annoying and insecure. His insecurity and constantly being sick/ill in some way makes him extremely unattractive to most people. The fact he bagged Maggie is shocking but she seems kind of boring and never around.

No. 1667720

I know Alex is an air-head but there's no way she would have fucked around with Ned, while working closely with Ariel and their kids, if Ned hadn't spun some type of "open relationship" bullshit to her.

Like I just refuse to believe someone was that evil.

It would align with: Ariel seeming so calm in public + staying with him, It going on for so long unnoticed, Alex going along with it for so long, Alex still being with the company, Ned being blamed mostly, Eugenes comment about women having it worse than men, and Beckys comment about how shes tired of standing up for the reputation of bad men.

Maybe she let Ned fuck chicks on the side as part of some agreement but he wasn't supposed to fuck his long time friend and co-worker Alex. Or maybe he was supposed to tell her who he fucked on the side, but he never mentioned Alex which started the whole drama.

Part of me feels like Ariel might even feel guilty for "being mad" (which she shouldnt) cause she probably didnt expect the nuclear explosion it created.

No. 1667758

I bet Ned pressured Ariel into an open relationship when she got 'fat' and tired after birthing and caring for their fucking kids

No. 1667764

A lot of reaching going on to defend a shameless home wrecker. Do you really think if Ned was pulling a full Ryan Haywood and going around telling women he’s trying to cheat with he’s in an open marriage that that aspect wouldn’t have come out by now? Why wouldn’t Alex try to defend herself with it if it were the case? And even if Ned told her it was an open marriage, how does that excuse Alex cheating on her fiancé in a relationship that clearly wasn’t open based on him going full nuclear? Even in your scenario she’s still scum, so I’m gonna go with Occam’s razor and say she was fully aware of what she was doing. Ariel staying with him after the fact “for the kids” doesn’t prove they had an open marriage. Doormat women stay with cheaters all the time.

No. 1667778

File: 1664985207555.jpeg (21.69 KB, 260x194, A7FDC899-587B-499D-8CE2-26C98C…)

What >>1667764 said.
> I just refuse to believe someone was that evil

No. 1667793

No, I believe she simply is that evil. She seems like the type of person who gets genuine enjoyment out of ruining relationships. Some women are like that. Hearing her giggling and laughing about that one guy hitting on her while he had a pregnant wife at home told me everything I needed to know about this bitch. You think she and her fiancé of 10 years had an "open relationship" too? She's a piece of shit, just like Ned.

No. 1667805

yeah both of them are horrible people, Alex was friends with Ariel and she knew they were married, lol the fucking guy was the "wife guy" she is just as guilty as that cheating clown. I feel bad for Ariel and the kids. She is the only one getting the shit at the end of the stick here, her old colleagues being shady and talking mad shit and her having the public know about her personal life, seriously what a shit show.

No. 1667868

I can see things starting this way >>1667720 but as the other anons have pointed out, this whole post doesn't explain Alex being in a relationship for 10 years. There was clearly a point, long ago, they both knew exactly what they were doing and what the stakes were and did it anyway cause they don't give a shit about the people around them.

honestly, this post sounds like the warped mind of a cheater trying to justify why they did it. im sure ned and alex thought their partners gave them valid reasons to fuck around and justified it to themselves in a similar fashion of being "open"

No. 1668052

you're both wrong. she's banking in on the ipad kids. All of her content never gets demonitized because it's officially approved as family friendly, which is harder than you'd think. So she gets added to those mega "babysitting" playlists that autoplays safe content for kids with absent parents. each of those videos get millions of views in days.

No. 1668062

Granted I’ve only really know of both their existences since this drama went down but they both come off as vapid and manipulative to me. No wonder they’re so drawn to each other. They remind me of Jared and Holly kek.

No. 1668327

eugene suffers from the same disease lilly singh has, being lgb and asian are his whole schtick. except eugene is even more annoying than lilly because he acts like he invented social justice, and everyone thinks he’s the hottest guy in the world because the other try guys are literally inbred and make him look like a model in comparison.

No. 1668332

this is the most brain dead take on the try guys cheating scandal i’ve seen all week.

No. 1668334

Any milk on Rie? I thought she was wholesome and liked her ‘make it fancy’ series. Last I heard, she married a white guy and has a kid with him…just like any fob Asian.

No. 1668335

That's because this guy is a shit psychologist and a moid

No. 1668336

>proud man of color
I still kek when he found out he had some Japanese heritage, he was low key pissed.

No. 1668348

Considering it's likely that his Japanese DNA is due to the world war and the possible less than happy introduction into the bloodline, I don't know if I completely blame him. A lot of families tried to cover up being mixed because it was a result of an assault by Japanese soldiers.

No. 1668350

holy shit, they look like siblings kek

No. 1668354

because men are retarded rape monkeys and their opinions are invalid.

No. 1668357

Man I can't believe I used to think Eugene was just ambiguously ~*queer*~ before he came out, I mean look at this outfit kek

I never understood why he felt the need to hide being gay either, buzzfeed was always super woke and his fans would've eaten it up

No. 1668358

His parents/family

No. 1668359

of course he's upset, korea was colonized by Japan and Japanese men raped korean women during that time period, I think eugene is annoying but his reaction is completely understandable

No. 1668361

eugene making a point of telling the audience to “exercise kindness” makes me think that’s likely the case. does she deserve to be held accountable for backstabbing another woman for some mediocre dick? sure. does she deserve to have her entire life ruined over this? probably not.

No. 1668393

Every time I see “doctor” Grande’s face I want to a-log so bad, he’s a complete piece of shit and his channel is fucking retarded and boring

No. 1668400

File: 1665033719375.png (57.95 KB, 159x227, soyface.png)

i dont get the keith hate. the man 99.9% of the time has a soy face like picrel and is trying to be goofy and over-the-top fake-excited on camera. he obviously doesn't know how to be so serious on camera and how to act considering this such a strange and controversial thing to happen to them. a couple weeks ago the man's biggest concern was if he could eat everything at Pizza Hut.

No. 1668409

Idk I feel like they said the “exercise kindness” thing either in defense of Ariel because she’s probably not leaving him, or just because they have to say something to look like they’re trying to protect their “vulnerable and manipulated” employee so she doesn’t sue them and say they just stood by while the internet fucking roasted her. I lean more towards the second option, personally.

If they’re this pissed off at Ned, they have to be equally as pissed off at Alex. Like someone said upthread, she was an assistant producer or something and also knowingly put their whole company on the line. The “open relationship” shit is bullshit. That clearly was not the case with her fiancé of 10 years because he’s the one who went scorched earth and exposed their shit on Instagram. So she’s a POS for cheating on him regardless of being a home wrecker or not. And she was friends with Ariel, so I’m sure she would have been able to figure out real quick whether or not any stories Ned fed her about being in an open marriage were true or not. They both are just trash fucking humans, that’s the end of it really.

No. 1668412

nonnie you’re as annoying as an SJW with that overreaction lmao

No. 1668449

I never heard of the babysitting playlists before wow. But doesn't she sometimes slip up in her videos with "harmless" swearing and sometimes having a tiny little bit more mature videos (or at least not that interesting for children)? How did she even get approved?

No. 1668497

Nah, he seems genuinely pissed.

No. 1668518

>i dont get the keith hate. the man 99.9% of the time has a soy face like picrel
this is why i hate him

No. 1668525

>does she deserve to have her entire life ruined over this? probably not.
Meanwhile, Ariel and her kids had their lives ruined, even if just financially by Ned's source of income being hit. Get fucked.

No. 1668541


so off topic but god meghan rienks is one of the most insufferable munchies on yt i always forget about her existence until she tries to stay relevant with other people's drama

No. 1668550

how hard is it to not fuck your married employer and to stick to your fiance? She made her bed and now she can lie in it

No. 1668581

It’s getting very scrotey in here

No. 1668607

nta, but no it's not. Alex knew she was hurting another woman for dick. She's not worse than the cheating scrote but not by a huge margin.

No. 1668620

Ariel’s life isn’t ruined. All she needs to do is dump Ned and continue being a successful home decorator and internet personality. I hope this showed her how much of a piece of shit and a burden Ned is. He was going to cheat eventually, with Alex or any other woman. Ariel doesn’t need a third child, she should dump the excuse for a human being she’s married to and was unfortunate enough to breed with.

No. 1668621

Can you go back to Tumblr or at least stay in the troon threads please you're obviously not from here.

No. 1668626

File: 1665062573635.gif (412.19 KB, 204x200, A9FC0CDF-5CF9-4C83-8E50-13E838…)

>you’re obviously not from here
bitch, this is a public forum, who the fuck cares.

No. 1668635

You are so retarded

No. 1668640

File: 1665064009908.jpeg (597.91 KB, 750x1109, B0E9DEC0-CFDF-4AD2-BA05-F6952C…)

I haven’t heard anything, and I’d honestly be surprised if anything came out. She seems to just like staying in her lane. Her marriage is nothing new though, she’s always been credited as “Rie McClenny” since her first appearance. If you dig through her insta you’ll find picrel where she says she got married in 2011. She gave birth to her son in March 2020.

No. 1668645

IIRC he used to state that he was bisexual on buzzfeed? I was never surprised when he "came out" because I distinctly remember him being open about being bisexual back when he was with Buzzfeed. I was more surprised that he just decided to drop the bi tag and go straight gay.

No. 1668704

According to him he was raised in a hardcore Christian household by conservative immigrant parents. He was also a fat dorky emo theater kid (there’s pictures of him in high school floating around somewhere) on top of being an Asian living in Texas, so he had to be getting called a fag at least a dozen times a day lmao. He’s in his mid-late 30s, so his adolescent trauma predates the current atmosphere of spicy straights appropriating “queerness” for clout.

He’s annoyingly woke and I think overall he’s a pretentious dick, but I 100% understand why it still took him a while to feel comfortable coming out.

No. 1668746

File: 1665072692085.png (492.69 KB, 592x787, wat.png)

what the fuck is he talking about? i swear every week he cherry-picks one tweet to vaguely sperg out over for no reason

No. 1668759

Way to point the finger at a demographic that's already unwelcome in this society, even if it's meant sarcastically

No. 1668766

I think he only went as far as saying he wasn't exactly straight

God whenever he is trying to look really "queer" he always has the worst taste. His makeup always looks like a baby mtf with their first box of multicolor eye shadows from ross. The right side picture is so unflattering

No. 1668768

I was looking at Tasty the other day and was surprised to see she's still working there, their views are terrible compared to what they were and she was one of the more popular people so I thought she'd leave

No. 1668772

Unbelievable nitpick kek

No. 1668775

Meh, that video is from five years ago when the database for Korean people wasn't big enough so Koreans were falsely getting Japanese in their results. They've now updated and have more Koreans in the database so those results usually come close as 100% Korean. Sage for ot.

No. 1668781

Keith, Zach and Miles have released a new podcast addressing everything. Its over an hour long though.

No. 1668782

>Breaking the cardinal rule of never calling lolcow a forum
Obvious newfag is obvious

He's so tacky, why tf do their fans call him a "fashion icon"? Oh right because the bar is incredibly low for men, especially queer men. They just breath and spicy straight women fall all over themselves. That selfie on the right is so unflattering wtf.

No. 1668785

i fucking hate the “progress” flag. it’s ugly as shit and it caters to troons, the vast majority of whom are homophobic spicy straights in drag.

No. 1668786

these men throw the words 'trauma' and 'traumatizing' around so easily kek

No. 1668838

NTA but I think ”forum” might not have been meant as a literal web forum, but like ”a forum for debate” or whatever

No. 1668839

Eugene is tall, thin, and conventionally attractive so he can easily get away with not having good taste and still come off as “fashionable”. I’m sure most of his fans are into drag queen bullshit and think that ugly clown paint on a man is haute couture.

He should really stop trying to shoehorn all the bad makeup and androgynous fashion. It comes off as awkward and unnatural because he’s fundamentally pretty masculine in both looks and personality. I think he’s overcompensating after being closeted for so long. Doesn’t help that he came out at a time where gendies have watered down gay identity into performative “queerness”. Mere homosexuality isn’t enough to qualify these days.

Part of it is also optics/marketing. It feeds into his “I’m a real artist breaking down boundaries” image. He’s a narcissist and probably likes how much engagement and praise he gets for posting selfies wearing weird lipstick colors and poorly blended eyeshadow.

No. 1669008

Any brave nona have a tldr?

No. 1669025

File: 1665096623548.jpeg (426.91 KB, 828x810, EAFB1EFF-67DD-488B-A363-C06313…)

I went back and looked at all the statements and Ned’s is formatted completely differently and has a different font. This seems like a reach.

No. 1669041

I typed up a tldr of this earlier right when the site crashed, so it's been a couple hours since I watched it but I'll try to remember the important parts
>The Try Guys found out about the cheating officially during labor day weekend because the fan who took the pics.
>Immediately they lawyered up and suspended Ned.
>Zach had to take the lead with the legal stuff because Keith was on tour and Eugene was… doing other stuff? idk
>Eugene isn't in this podcast because he doesn't like doing podcasts.
>The thing about staff NDAs was fake; they didn't discuss the details with their staff because it could be grounds for defamation if any of the staff spread the news before they had their legal issues sorted.
>The staff figured it out on their own though, especially because rumors were already circulating online about Ned before the news officially blew up.
>The official statement of Ned's firing was going to be released regardless of the drama blowing up or not, but they describe the cheating pics as a ticking bomb, they knew it would somehow blow up eventually but they didn't expect it to get as big as it did.
>They are not getting a replacement Try Guy.
>All of the content they already recorded will be uploaded through to the end of the year with Ned edited out. Starting next year they will shift the style of their content.
>They describe most of their content as having been done in a blur, so this scandal has given them time to step back and think about the kind of content they actually want to make.
>There is no discussion of Alex by name in this video at all.
Most of the video is them talking about how this emotionally affected them and being concerned about their other projects being tainted by Ned's name now.

I think it was just similar enough to where they looked at it and went "that looks suspiciously close to what we just showed his team" and didn't want people to think that the Try Guys had written or approved Ned's statement.

No. 1669052

i kinda love this nitpick, i stan children so much and hate ppl who call them "crotch goblins' or whatever so im fine with this shift.

No. 1669071

>Zach had to take the lead with the legal stuff because Keith was on tour and Eugene was… doing other stuff? idk
>Eugene isn't in this podcast because he doesn't like doing podcasts.

Love that this podcast is about a major TryGuy happening and Eugene can't be assed to show up. Honestly wouldn't be surprised if they announce his departure within a few months

No. 1669074

File: 1665100015831.jpg (73.1 KB, 1000x524, 44uxak.jpg)

Thank you for your service nonna

No. 1669103

Eugene might as well leave, he’s a full-time LGBTQWERTY activist and you can tell he doesn’t give a fuck about about what the other Try Guys are doing. It’s only Zach and Keith from now on, which is weird because Zach looks like a mini version of Keith. They’re not the most aesthetically pleasing duo to say the least, but the spirit is there and I think they can make it work.

No. 1669173

nta but to elaborate on summary anon, they said eugene doesnt want to reveal more about his personal life. and i mean after all the shit mr "i love my wife" has caused, not making your life content is a pretty smart move.

No. 1669328

>Honestly wouldn't be surprised if they announce his departure within a few months
I can see that happening. I've always had the feeling Eugene was going to leave at some point. Him not showing up to this podcast is a really bad look tbh.

No. 1669359

Combined with his comical and embarrassing "im so angry" face throughout their video, I'm done with Eugene. He's worse than Ned at this point. At least Ned still wants to be there, Eugene just thinks he's better than everyone and better than TryGuys. If he throws himself into the word of gays, he's going to learn quickly that he: is nobody, isn't unique, barely even scrapes the nut dust off the least popular gay.

No. 1669380

>worse than ned
>at least ned wants to be there
Yeah, so he cheat on the mother of his children with younger employees. Ned is easily the worst try guy, even before the cheating came to light. He's hideous, annoying, and brings nothing to the table. There was a reason he made his wife his entire personality.

No. 1669387

Don’t forget his other two personality traits, I went to Yale tm, and Florida

No. 1669393

he looks super ugly here. He is not that good looking in general but he looks like the aunty who did too much plastic surgery especially on the left side

No. 1669396

Ned is objectively the worst try guy. Yeah Eugene has his head up his ass but Ned is worse in every way.
>Makes his wife his only personality trait
>Essentially bases his career on her
>Treats her like shit
>Cheats on her for like a year with an employee from the same fucking company everyone involved works for
His "wife guy" schtick was clearly fabricated for monetary gain from the start. He's not stupid, he knew what he was doing. To me that's way worse than being arrogant lmao

No. 1669411

and tbh i find that super understandable except Eugene is incapable of carrying any level of mystique.

he wants to be mysterious soo bad, but he just isn’t.

No. 1669429

I don’t want to comment on this drama because poor Ariel and her kids, they need a break.

I didn’t know a lot about “Try guys”, I remember Eugene from BuzzFeed days that’s it. I’ve watched a few videos because of the current drama and wow, why are there so many women falling head over heels for these dudes? That video about them taking a genetic test seemed very scripted to me, like I don’t think four Uni graduates are that uninformed about how genetic testing works.

It’s sad that women are so traumatized from abusive men that when they see harmless male mediocrity they like it and they coddle them so bad. People hate it when women want to protect their rights, but when it’s a bunch of men who remind the audience about women’s rights they get sympathy and are applauded. Imagine if it was a group of four women being mediocre and clumsy on purpose. I don’t think they would be accepted as much as these men. Men would hate them, pick me women would gossip about them.

Why why why.

No. 1669433

Ive been watching some of the past videos (mainly Without a recipe) and he really was the weakest link, I don't expect any Try guys videos to make me laugh or even exhale through the nose, but Ned is the only one whose humour is actually unbearable. He still thinks being loud and obnoxious = funny. Removing him might actually make them more palatable for zoomers

No. 1669435

>Eugene is worse than the guy who ruined his family because he doesn't want to be part of some dumb Youtuber group
Are you ok

No. 1669476


Adding on to nonna's tl;dr
>Zach went to a wedding with his fiancee, cousin of the bride kept trying to talk to him at the bar about it kek
>Basically had to grit their teeth in front of a lot of people and pretend everything was business as usual
>Keith said he was really concerned about the careers of everyone in the company and how it would affect them
>Their "emergency video" for years was Keith's Pizza Hut video and they had to use it
>Zach basically said he'd wake up at 7 every day and would immediately log into his e-mail to talk with lawyers. his dishwasher has been broken for a whole month and he hasn't had time to fix it
>Ned's statement wasn't coordinated with theirs, people were confused because it was basically black text on a white background. Keith thought Ned did that on purpose but that's a reach probably like >>1669025 said
>Multiple fans reached out to them (and ariel+will) after Labor Day weekend and there were small traces of the situation on Twitter/Reddit but none of it really blew up until they started editing him out of videos
>Two videos are privatized as of right now (one of the food babies ones and the one where alex tries on a wedding dress iirc)
>YCSWU podcast is gonna be put on hold for time being. Just waiting to see how things play out (and with what ariel wants to do I think)
>Their views have gone up exponentially. Zach understands now why some people online seek out drama but says he never wants to do it again
>subtly shades buzzfeed employees who were trying to gain clout off of the situation
>Don't mention alex by name but aren't being too hard on her because "having your biggest mistake all over the internet for everyone to scrutinize is a lot to handle"
>They say that even if this news didn't become public they still would've dumped ned because it was a betrayal of trust+workplace violation
>miles looks insanely happy the entire time because ned isn't there

Not a bad podcast so I recommend listening if you have some down time. they looked annoyed at most but you can tell they want to dig into ned so bad kek

No. 1669495

I listened to the podcast, and I’m surprised that they talked so candidly about thinking Ned copied their format in his post. It might be a reach, but they were also genuinely mad and conspiratorial about it. They know him well enough to know if its something he would do on purpose or not. I looked at both back to back and they didn’t scream similar or coordinated to me at all, but they must have gotten a looottt of questions about it for them to be so pissed kek

No. 1669574

>"having your biggest mistake all over the internet for everyone to scrutinize is a lot to handle"

bingo, she really did fall for him, barf.

No. 1669589

File: 1665160872075.webm (4.12 MB, 648x576, eugenecloutchaser.webm)

Omfg eugene cannot be anymore fucking annoying. why is he enjoying this? a woman's life is crumbling all around her and he finds this funny?

Also, I just realized who is core audience is: libfem millenial wine-aholics who have a quirky guide book on "adulting!!!1"

No. 1669598

i wonder how ariel feels about all the try guys + employees / buzzfeed people making so much content about the situation. if they cared about her wouldn't they stay away from drawing more attention to the situation? or making tiktoks for views and clicks? it's so trivializing. if i were her i'd feel so betrayed on so many sides.

No. 1669600

Yeah this… But sadly all these people are clout goblins that only want the money and views, seriously she is the only one getting the shit of it all. Her husband cheating on her since last year apparently to her ex colleagues saying shady things at her expense to these guys milking the whole drama. I fucking hope she divorces him and takes everything from him for all the nasty things he is making her go through, I also feel bad for the kids, knowing that their dad is a cheating scum that didn't care about them nor their mom.

No. 1669622

idk, obviously its not the same thing but Ive been cheated on and my exs friend group either defending her or refusing to take sides was a source of additional pain, so I can imagine Ariel appreciating her friends publicly supporting her and taking a stand (especially since they were Ned's friends first, so she might have had worries about losing them to this too)
Of course the random buzzfeed employees are another matter

No. 1669708

sorry for the reality check, but there are thousands upon thousands of cheaters that the public majority idolizes and have contributed great art and work to the world. shit happens. ned sucks right now, but overall, eugene is the bigger shithead.

No. 1669722

The Try Guys often commented that Ned was a big force in making their company legitimate. He had actual experience with business and was in charge of all their financials and was actually HR if I'm not mistaken. I feel like some bad shit is going to happen to 2nd Try LLC. Hate him or like him, Ned was part of the magic that made Try Guys what it was. You can't just take away 1/4 of something that big and expect it to do as just as well, just because everyone is angry right now.

No. 1669726

I think the reason Eugene is so pissed is because he was getting ready to leave and Ned being forced out makes it harder for him to leave without completely tanking the company

No. 1669738

Lmao "sorry for the reality check" before offering the most delirious take, what great art and work has Ned contributed to the world? Are you personally offended that people would prefer a mildly arrogant but ultimately harmless guy over the most unfunny, uncreative douchebag who has severely damaged the lives of multiple people due to his lack of morals and self control? I don't even like Eugene but this hate boner is bewildering

No. 1669757

I agree, hopefully they hire someone who can help them with that stuff since it sounds like Ned did most of the boring stuff creatives usually don't care about

I can see it
I'm honestly not sure how good try guys videos will be with only Zach and Keith. I think the dynamic would get stale. I don't really like any of the other people they keep adding to videos except YB either. I feel like their content has slowly gotten worse since they left Buzzfeed anyway. Idk it'd be interesting to see if they can manage to keep making enough money from videos to stay afloat after this, if Eugene does leave

No. 1669765

File: 1665175915736.png (703.67 KB, 879x531, Capture.PNG)

The Try Guys twitter made an announcement about a new era today with pictures of Zach and Keith, Eugene is a no show again (The person in green pants isn't him). Can't believe he passed up the opportunity for a photo shoot he really is over it kek

No. 1669771

I never said Ned contributed great art and work to the world. I said there's thousands of of cheaters who do, that people idolize, yet theres anons in the thread acting like Ned killed a puppy. It seems like yourself and a few others are the ones personally offended I think Eugene is worse than Ned. As I said, shit happens. Like all those other cheaters, people get over it and life moves on. I always found Ned tolerable and funny on the show, him fucking up is just what humans do. I don't like Ned anymore and think he's a moron for fucking a Youtube series I enjoyed watching at work. I'm pissed off he made Keith sad. But Eugene always has been and always will be that annoying douchebag 24/7 and wants asspats for it. No thanks. See below for more proof. Can't even be there for his brothers in a time of need.

What a douche.

No. 1669796

>Eugene is worse than Ned

No. 1669903

>I never said Ned contributed great art and work to the world. I said there's thousands of of cheaters who do
I was giving you the benefit of the doubt there and assumed that you werent just comparing Eugene to some hypothetical strawmen, thanks for correcting me lol. Whether or not the public idolizes certain cheaters because of their contributions to society is irrelevant - firstly because the public will idolize murderers, domestic abusers, pedophiles etc so being idolized by the majority does not really say much about who's morally good, secondly because Ned hasn't contributed much so it simply doesn't apply to him (as you've agreed).
I want to drop this now because Im becoming increasingly autistic but the issue here is that you're conflating moral judgement with your own personal preferences. If you say "yeah this guy fucked up, but I still like him better than the other guy" people will/should accept that even if they don't agree. But if you say "this guy fucked up, but the other guy who hasn't done anything is worse because I don't like his personality" then you will get a lot of people angry.
Ned might not have killed a puppy but he caused immense pain to his family, his "brothers" (who wouldnt be in a time of need if it werent for him) , Alex's fiance and just pretty much everyone associated with him. You can just find another public personality that you enjoy watching and move on, Ned's children can't pick a different father.

No. 1669932

File: 1665189472498.jpeg (249.1 KB, 1097x314, 0C942C7F-B8DC-4439-8A28-AEE1FC…)

Why the fuck

No. 1670014

The difference is that Ned literally had nothing going for him except his wife, he has literally ZERO TALENT and puts in ZERO effort. By cheating, he loses everything. Yeah scrotes cheat all the time and people still consume their content one way or another, but it's a bit different when that content literally hinged on his wife and his family man image. That was all he provided to the Try Guys too. The one thing he had going for him, he destroyed, openly. Not only that, he cheated with an employee and opened everyone up to lawsuits. His kids are going to get bullied over this for the rest of their school lives. Yeah he might not have kicked a puppy, but in comparison all Eugene has done to you is be gay and annoying, he hasn't ruined the life of another woman to this degree, he hasn't ruined the lives of his non existent kids etc. Milli and Vanilli never got forgiven and faded into obscurity over being found out to be frauds, if you base your whole identity and career on a lie and people find out, there is no way of going back. Ariel was his source of jokes, his personality, everything. What the fuck does he even have left without her? He has nothing to show to keep people's good will, except that of pickmes who wished they were Alex and scrotes who think he's based for doing this. Eugene is just gay and annoying (which is also his shtick), he'd have to come out as straight after cheating with a married employee of his in public to get even close to the same level.

No. 1670019

>Spanking his ass in the middle of the video
>Saying "omg can u put on a veil!!!?!!" at least 7 times
>Squealing and screaming around the salon the whole time
>the disgusting crocs

kristin's autism is truly off the charts. so excited for the future of this thread and all of the glorious milk she will produce.

No. 1670031

The way he doesn't even try to sound female kek

No. 1670033

the poor women that have to wear the dresses after that fat manchild wore them.

No. 1670038

kristin acts like a pageant mom creating her mini-me

No. 1670042


she treats her "wife" like some type of special needs child. it comes off as so patronizing

No. 1670075

Honestly this is a win-win situation for the fat lady and her AGP husbando. The fat lady gets to show everyone how woke and accepting and ~totes kweer~ she is by being married to a woman who’s ~even more special than a normal woman~ and the husband gets a victim to skinwalk, supply him with attention, (and lbr the fat lady probably cleans their house and cooks him tendies since she’s the actual woman in their spicy str8 marriage) but MOST IMPORTANTLY she helps the husband dress up in spinny skirts so he can cooooooooom.

And they’re both attention whores who want views and likes so it’s a mutually beneficial relationship.

No. 1670082

Double post but also I’m sure that the fat lady stays with the AGP husband because she has low self esteem (from being so fat) and feels like she wouldn’t be able to find anyone better (and apparently the husband has a feeder fetish so ig he’s been grooming her?) AND the fat lady probably thinks there’s no way she’d be able to divorce at this point without being smeared as tRaNsPhObIc

No. 1670109

After watching the feeder video and then this, I can't help but see the codependency. Brie enjoys her being fat and kristin enjoys the benefits of being with trans partner

No. 1670115

people, young women in particular, idolize the try guys because, in their eyes, they’re non-threatening paragons of non-toxic masculinity. that’s the product they’re selling, they’re an image based business. the moment one of them starts acting like a regular moid, his reputation is forever ruined and he makes the other try guys look bad. which is not a bad thing imo, fuck ned.

No. 1670118

>eugene is worse than ned ( who has nothing going on for him beside his wife schtick that his whole career is based on ) because he's an annoying fag even if ned cheating ultimately ruins the life of both a woman and his own children and their image permanently and humiliating them
nona im sort of homophobic against males too and ive never liked eugene either but you're really retarded like actually braindead. have you been cheated on and coping by having this mindset or something? i can't even begin to understand your thought process.

No. 1670122

i’m actually rooting for zach and keith as a duo. i like zach’s chaotic energy in particular, but his ideas always get shot down. eugene is very creative and talented, but i don’t watch youtube for talent, i like it as a celebration of mediocrity i can play as background noise.

No. 1670126

brie is an awful name for a dude who looks the way rancid cheese smells.

No. 1670157

I feel so sad for her going back and watching the feeder video and then watching the wedding dress video. I get serious predatory vibes from the stinky cheese man.
She mentioned in another video that when he started transitioning it was like living with a teenager, he was moody and angry all the time. An insecure fat girl being trapped alone with an angry scrote feeder actively trying to skinwalk her during the pandemic sounds like a horror movie scenario.

Also, his demeanor in the dress video is fucking bizarre. I was expecting emotional reactions to seeing yourself in a wedding dress for the first time, especially if you’re finally living you’re true womanhood or whatever. but no, the delivery of his reactions are so stunted and strange. Proof of the obvious fetish larp, like even more so than your average TIM. You can just tell he beat it to the memory of cramming his fat self into those ill fitting dresses later.

No. 1670160

> probably cleans the house and cooks him tendies
Nah she’s like a hoarder and their house has been the subject of multiple “hiring professional organizers!” videos on both buzzfeed and her current channel with Jen. Very strteotypical fatty

No. 1670211

Why is everyone (even you nonnies) acting like the other guys didn't know their buddy was fucking around behind his wife's back? They all knew, I guarantee it-.

No. 1670227

It was probably the fat woman forcing the troon to go play dress up for videos. He just wants to stay home and coom all day.

No. 1670250

mr "being gay is my personality" doesn't want to share his personal life with the internet? lol.

No. 1670273

he might be a stereotype but what does being "sassy" and thinking you have good fashion sense have to do with sharing your personal life? if anything it just means he only shares one shallow facet

No. 1670277

Exactly kek. Libfems who date troons have such a bizarre dynamic but they're truly made for each other. Blatantly obvious skinwalking fetishist and an insecure woman with self-esteem issues. This man literally admitted to being a feeder, so I wouldn't expect Kristin to do anything but enable his fetishes. Crazy that Jen (an actual lesbian) is supportive but it's not like she has a choice anyways since being terf-adjacent is like supporting hitler for these people.

No. 1670279

That anon’s being willfully obtuse if she can’t understand why the gay and Asian one is most concerned about privacy in this current climate. Weird choice to mock someone for starting to care about their opsec while they’re currently under the public’s microscope. There seems to be more hate here for Eugene than Ned lol

No. 1670287

Nta, first-time poster in this thread and I always found Eugene extremely obnoxious, same with this Ned guy. He is just unlikable and the only people who seem to like him are libfems.

No. 1670405

I never got why he was always so popular, I guess cause he was the "hot" one, but I always found him really boring, aloof, and pretentious, which got dialed up to 100 after he came out.

Also, his attempts at androgynous fashion are god awful. I wonder how his partner feels now that he's experimenting with lipstick and dresses and stuff, you know how gays feel about "fems".

No. 1670420

Their vibe is scary. Its like Kristin is baby talking to a chimpanzee that is about to attack her. Honestly kristin is annoying but i feel scared for her. Ticking time bomb, i just hope she doesnt get physically hurt during this mess.

No. 1670440

The whole situation is so creepy. I think she probably does get something out of being "queer" now, but I doubt the woke points that gives her on social media makes up for the fact that this is what she goes home to everyday. I feel bad for her, but this is also just a consequence of her whole ideology finally affecting her own personal life beyond just friends and acquaintances they/them-ing themselves.

No. 1670480

jfc the comments on that video are handmaiden central

No. 1670520

What? Nobody's asking for his home address, but maybe he wanted to say something about about 25% of his company leaving? Or show up to his job in some capacity.

No. 1670538

is it "so much content" from the try guys? their brand was built on the parasocial relationships, and addressing ned leaving transparently in a way to limit excessive speculation is fundamental to their brand's continuation and the jobs of a lot of people. i don't think the short statement they put in that video on their main channel was enough for their core dedicated fanbase, and that's what the podcast is for. Eugene not showing up is a strange decision.

No. 1670549

this is so humiliating for her. its sad that she probably didnt want to share this with the world but her entire career and source of income is based off sharing her personal life. she had no other option to embrace it due to her social justice warrior attitude and friend group.

No. 1670586

i can’t watch the video because my tolerance for second hand embarrassment is very limited, but there’s no way this won’t end up in a messy divorce. i hope they’re not planning to have kids.

No. 1670720

I'd be so happy for Kristin if she divorces the stinky cheese man and goes full-on unapologetic TERF transwidow… but there are so many women who stay with their awful husbands even if the moid beats them, rapes them, cheats on them, molests their kids, etc. because they're scared to be alone, or scared of what their moid or society would do if they left. If Kristin's entire paycheck and social circle is dependent on her remaining a handmaiden TRA she might never be brave enough to leave the cult.

No. 1670733

she doesn’t strike me as a potential terf, she’s too much of a doormat.

No. 1670778

Apparently SNL made a skit making fun of the Try Guys situation. Becky also wrote a tweet implying Ned was involved

No. 1670780

File: 1665294322759.jpg (46.64 KB, 827x606, frf5i13aops91.jpg)

Becky tweet

Sorry the video clip is shit I think this just happened

No. 1670787

File: 1665296438833.jpeg (547.3 KB, 1242x1207, 9228FAFB-0166-4EA2-9398-D860B0…)

wait holy shit, so ned got SNL to do this and mock them for their video ?? picrel eugene’s response under becky

No. 1670810

I’m excited. I feel like this will get ugly.

No. 1670812

I feel the same way about how he acted. He seems like he’s talking about looking at apartments and not a bride dress. Also his arms look better than hers, it feels like she’s dressing him how she wished she could dress if she was thinner. He’s a man but still slimmer than her. She looks pregnant in that wrap dress.

No. 1670826

Exactly. Eugene not wanting to share his personal life or him not liking the Podcast format in general isn't a good reason for not showing up in the podcast episode were they talk a major change in their company/brand.
On a sidenote, since they mostly talked about how they reacted to the situation in terms of their buisiness I kinda wish they would have talked more about how things went down on a more personal level like how they and Ned reacted when everything came out regarding their friendship or whatever. Maybe they can't do this for legal reasons or they haven't really been friends irl so there wasn't really something to discuss but since their brand was build on them being a friend group and the parasocial relationships with their audience, I'm sure most people would be more interested in the friendship drama than in the actions they took to save the company

No. 1670854

why are their fans so retarded? the fact that he is friends with one fucking writer in a huge show doesnt mean he instigated this shit as PR. do they think we live in a cartoon and its that easy??

No. 1670864

Honestly what makes it worse is that this is Keith's fucking wife who is theorising on this LOL

No. 1670982

Apparently the friend is Alison Gates, one of the five head writers, which does seem kind of sus to me, especially with the way they went about it. And I assume Keith and by extension Becky would know something about the inner workings of a show like that
I just watched the whole thing and I found bits of it funny (mainly the old guy, Idk his name because Im not american and dont care about SNL) but the way theyre trying to make it seem like the worst thing that happened was a kiss between two coworkers is weird. Can't imagine being Ariel and watching someone make fun of what you're going through just because its not as important as war or something. No one involved asked for this

No. 1671006

Unfunny boomer video. Legal reasons aside, can you imagine what a business/PR nightmare it would have been to keep Ned after this came out? People would cancel Try Guys. There'd be petitions to remove Ned from the Try Guys. Their audience would turn on them and stop supporting them. They'd have to turn off comments in any video that Ned appears in.
Internet stars and celebrities are more than happy to share their personal life and profit off of parasocial relationships when it's going well, but the second they're under fire for something (like a choice you made to cheat, every day, for at least a year) it's all "Oooh we should respect their personal lives1!!!1"
Jfc though, how much of a psychopath do you have to be to sit in bed with your wife, or be at the park with your kids, and be texting your side piece and planning when you'll hook up again? That's gotta have been happening, daily, if not hourly. Ew.

No. 1671041

>how much of a psychopath do you have to be to sit in bed with your wife, or be at the park with your kids, and be texting your side piece and planning when you'll hook up again?
this is why ill never understand the "cheating happens, its just a mistake!" people
maybe if its making out with someone at the bar while severely drunk, but doing it long term requires so much lying and pretending that any normal person would not be capable of it unless they absolute hate their partner
he literally brought her to their house and introduced her to the kids, holy fuck

No. 1671063

I guess to normies who don't follow the Try Guys this whole situation is overwrought, but it's really disappointing how they're downplaying a man having a long term affair with his subordinate, cheating on his wife he just had 2 children with. Fucking hollywood scum

No. 1671104

Beyond usual SNL complaints, not sure why people are so offended by their take. I don't see this skit as commenting on Ned's actions, but on the absurdity of how celebrity gossip hitting mainstream news ends up being more talked about than actual news-worthy events. I don't think the skit is condemning or condoning Ned, it's asking why do all these unrelated people care so much?

No. 1671105

Exactly what I saw. She's playing with a doll, making it into what she herself wants to be, instead of changing HERSELF

No. 1671152

Wtf did Kristin do to her face?

No. 1671200

I don't follow the Try Guys but I feel like Ned will do it again, whether it's with Alex or someone else. He seems like he had everything: a successful business, a wife who diligently takes care of the kids and house, financial success, friends. Like you said, this isn't a one-time drunken mistake, it was a choice for a year. He would happily have kept up the affair if he hadn't lost everything because of it. Who's to say he's not continuing the affair, even now? Or that there's not a THIRD woman?
With his lack of empathy, he probably doesn't even truly realize what he's done wrong. He probably justifies it to himself: "My wife is all saggy and tired after the kids. Men need to have sex with pretty young women. It's not human nature to be monogamous" etc.
I won't be surprised if more women come out in the future, or if he's caught cheating again in a few months after the drama has died down.
Like everyone says, he's not sorry he had an affair, he's sorry he got CAUGHT. I guess sometimes you just "lose focus" and your penis slips into your coworker for months at a time.

No. 1671217

This is def about himself, not about ariel. This is the problem with dating insecure / not masculine men. Men have to feel masculine or they will do shit like this to try to prove that they are. Did yall ever notice that bigger dudes are usually nicer, dont pick fights, are more comfortable with women, etc? Im telling you guys, ned was VERY uncomfortable with having the lowest testosterone level of the try guys. He resents that. Thats why he will act like a douche / cheat etc.

No. 1671236

I have to wonder if there’s a troon handbook for this shit because I’ve seen it happen the exact same way over and over again.

Slight ot my coworkers husband suddenly decided to be a woman and he went through a whole shitty puberty stage. She was supportive until she found out he was telling anyone who would listen that he was disgusted, jealous, and angry at her for being a ciswoman and having everything he couldn’t. She divorced him and he’s turned into an uwu online egirl constantly begging for donos

No. 1671248

>He probably justifies it to himself: "My wife is all saggy and tired after the kids. Men need to have sex with pretty young women. It's not human nature to be monogamous" etc.

This is basically now the redpill/manosphere ideology. They believe/teach that men should be in a one sided open relationship and that the wife/gf should be honored to solely be with the man and be submissive.
Maybe ned will come out as a redpiller or just ignore this until it goes away and tell ariel whatever to keep her around

No. 1671318

Watching this, I do agree with >>1671104 . Also I find it very hilarious how the asian dude playing Eugene really encapsulates how it felt watching him in the response video kek. Eugene can be rightfully pissed off his business and career was jeopardized by Ned's stupid decisions but it doesn't change that it came off very "middle schooler who tries to act all tough"

No. 1671366

File: 1665369235076.png (166.2 KB, 689x787, 7687.png)

The friend is actually most likely Will Stephen. Took this from reddit (and Will does follow Ned back, just couldn't fit it into my screenshot)


No. 1671390

dislike SNL but even I get what the joke is supposed to be, way too many people care about this internet drama based on para-social relationships rather then actual important situations going on the world, such as an actual war and a major civil uprising

No. 1671393


SNL is full of redpill moids and pickmes, actually the whole elite know redpill and manosphere principles. They are just pretending to be "for gender equality" but slipping obvious antifeminist actions and policies into them. Like the Hillary Clinton tweet that claimed Shinzo Abe was a feminist, saying he stood for women's rights. They're just larping while trying to hold on to wealth, most elite women are actually antifeminist and only feminist for themselves per say.

No. 1671395

>Maybe they can't do this for legal reasons or they haven't really been friends irl
I assume it's the former and the latter is actively incorrect, they do seem bitter and angry that effort they've built to build a brand is now in the trash and trying to be lighthearted is a cope.

No. 1671404

The try guys video was kind of cringe but how do you see a guy build a brand off being a doting husband and loving his wife and then blatantly cheat on her with someone who works under him and say "hmm the true cringe was his friends video where they try and damage control and their reactions to potentially losing their entire brand"

It's very sus tbh. Maybe Ned isn't involved but whoever wrote the sketch needs an empathy chip. The try guys have a full audience consisting mostly of children and adults who think like children. Of course they're going to have a very scripted measured response. Their brand has always been that level of irritatingly "clean". Scrotes really do be like

>"I can excuse ruining the mother of your kids life and causing her irreparable emotional damage but I draw the line at an overly scripted damage control video made by scorned ex business partners"

No. 1671417

SNL is in the middle of a lawsuit for sexual misconduct in the workplace, of course they want people to not focus on the Ned situation. It probably hits too close to home

No. 1671423

I get the feeling that SNL guys see themselves as Ned in this situation, they've probably had a some affairs and don't think there's anything morally wrong with that

No. 1671442

Being Single White Female's by her own husband. What a horror show.

No. 1671455

This. Sleeping with coworkers is the norm in the entertainment industry. Of course they’re going to mock the firing and response video, because if this became more common then there’d hardly be any men left to employ.

No. 1671523

Will was already mentioned up thread but here’s a more condensed version. To note though, besides the toxic work culture mentioned in video;

Tl;dr Will mentions a female employee he was close to. When buzzfeed was considering laying him off, if she had requested for him to be on her team, he would be saved. Of course she said no and let him fuck off. I’m thinking this woman was Kelsey, because they collabed so much together at their time in buzzfeed

No. 1671551

File: 1665396374678.png (3.09 KB, 212x50, disl.png)

Fucking kek. People were beating their asses in the comments before they turned them off, too

No. 1671564

The fucked up part tbh is that they weren't exactly coworkers but that technically she was an employee and he was her boss so you got this whole power dynamic going on as well

No. 1671597

The way they completely skipped over that part makes me feel like it truly was Ned's buddy standing up for him (probably because the industry is full of cheaters and scum in general), hard to believe it's pure commentary on how people get invested in online drama.

Also a comedy show saying
>wow, you really care about this? do you not know you should only be thinking about the energy crisis and war and how everything sucks?
is pretty ironic. People are capable of both and I'm sure they're aware of that.

No. 1671604

did you know people can focus on more than one thing? i know you might not have that capacity, but most of us do.

men use these argument to get women to shut up about abuse, sexism, and moid antics. also, this is SNL? is that not fucking ironic? i guess we shouldn’t watch them either.

>there are people dying in the world!!11 stop talking about issues that impact you as a woman REEEEE

that’s what you and Will Stephen sound like.

No. 1671618

Well clearly they did an absolute shit job at executing it and they need smarter, funnier people on staff. It is absurd how big of a news story this became, but it was because of the media circus looking for a story and not how the Try Guys acted. Portraying the Try Guys as attention whores here weakened the joke.

No. 1671651

topkek. havent watched SNL in years but this was pretty spot on about how dramatic they are being over this. “Jay-z cheated on Beyonce, you’ll survive” LOL

No. 1671657

I actually really like him

No. 1671665

who do you mean by "they"? if you mean their fans then fair enough, but the try guys themselves reacted pretty calmly and werent gonna make it a big thing until their fans basically forced them to address it? they got fucked pretty hard so i dont blame them for showing some emotion in the video

No. 1671673

them digitally altering him out of the clips, the dramatic trying to remove him from merch before people knew, the comical “angry face” eugene made throughout, the guys constantly saying how theyre treating it like trauma. its over the top. its dramatic. and it deserved to be poked fun at. i laughed.

No. 1671677

>laughing at an SNL sketch

No. 1671683

I’m watching their show on Discovery+ and I’ve got to say I never realized how full of himself Ned got. He really did begin to think he was “the shit”. I wonder if he’ll be in all the episodes of he’ll get cut from this too?

No. 1671733

Editing him out of new videos and removing him from merch is not dramatic, it's a natural result of removing him from the company. Maybe calling it a trauma was a poor word choice but for them this was a devastating moment both for their company and their personal lives. The only thing dramatic was Eugenes stupid faces during the video

No. 1671787

Cheating on your wife with a subordinate who makes videos with you and creating an entire mob of chaotic embaressing discourse where people comb through old videos because you branded yourself as "the guy who loves his wife" is pretty dramatic and deserves to he poked fun at more.

SNL is unfunny more news at 11

No. 1671791

did he have throat cancer or something? i cant stand his voice, reminds me of steve-o

No. 1671799

Ironically, without Eugene’s faces, I doubt the video would have gained as much traction. I think they Try Guys have reacted as appropriately as they can in their situation, but optics are complex.

I’ve thought more about the SNL video and can’t help but wonder WHY it was made. I’m not sure about my own conclusion that this was a commentary on the public’s reaction. It really is latching on to a popular story and using it to stay relevant. Using someone else’s trauma for views. It’s incredibly disrespectful to Ariel and very cruel to have brought this situation EVEN MORE ATTENTION.

No. 1671801

>did you know people can focus on more than one thing? i know you might not have that capacity, but most of us do.

oh nonna, you're in for a lot of disappointment if you think the average person has ANY critical analysis skills. The ladies here might be capable of that, but it's wishful thinking that people in general use their brains

No. 1671804

Did anyone else think Eugene wasn't being THAT dramatic? He has a resting bitch face, watching the vid back he was clenching his jaw in the first half, but that's it. Idk maybe I'm overanalyzing it because I have a rbf too and I don't like when people assume I'm angry all the time lol.

No. 1671807

I actually saw myself in his rbf and thought man, is everyone laughing at my expressions too? Unfortunately small things like that do take people's focus away from your message

No. 1671855

Ntayrt but that's not the Try Guy's fault, is it? Idk, it's like some of y'all are trying to make the 3 remaining Try Guys into attention-mongers or something, when they were just placed into a crappy situation and responded to it as best as they could. I'm sure they would rather have their business partner and their company, image, and sanity intact rn. I'm not a Try Guys stan or anything but I don't think there was a way to respond to this that would have satisfied everyone and avoided drama.

No. 1671925

File: 1665437497181.jpg (92.31 KB, 430x212, ddsaffa.jpg)

ex buzzfeed employees cant stop catching these Ls

No. 1671979

the women on twitter (and on here) that are speaking up about how they're upset that a man treated his wife the way he did, while other men in power are co-signing his behavior, probably do care about multiple things going on in the world. and did you know, celebrity actions co-sign the actions of regular day-to-day men? they help set social standards, and discussing the precedent that is being set in this scenario is important.

people are allowed to talk about shit that's socially relevant to them or part of the zeitgeist without trying to figure out a solution to conflict in the middle-east as a side hustle. this has nothing to do with the critical analysis of the average person or whether they care about other worldly issues. sexism IS a worldly issue. plz stfu.

No. 1672296

It doesn't really seem like anyone really cares how Ariel is feeling about the situation besides some random people online who say it would be best to stop bringin attention to this to not make it worse for her than it already is. Everyone whose milking the situation for views doesn't give a shit about her, including the the other try guys, their partners and employees like Miles

No. 1672437

I remember liking Kelsey when she was on Buzzfeed. I didn't keep up much with her outside of get appearances on the Try Guys, but I remember as a young high schooler I liked her "I'm an independent woman shtick" and bought into it, so I was very disappointed to look more into her a while back to see how she was doing post-Buzzfeed and see that she was dating a man (and then even more disappointed when I found out it was an open relationship).

No. 1672464

tbh i'm kind of surprised that they broke up but it's super weird that she pulls so much content out of it. She released multiple podcast episodes about different aspects of breakups. Also I tried to listen to the "we broke up" episode and she hinted several times at something that was going on in the relationship that she won't talk about, which was pretty annoying. I mean, just don't bring it up if you can't talk about it?

No. 1672477

its sad cause shes probably turning to the try guys teams for support but … they arent her family - they aren’t her husband or father of her child. they will always look out for themselves and their best interests before her and she’s too blinded by grief right now to recognize she’s better off just leaving Try Guys behind. They think theyre better than buzzfeed, but they capitalize off eachothers personals lives and trauma just as much.

No. 1672481

This is low hanging fruit but I wonder if there is more behind the gay asian’s decision to keep his life private from now on? Almost like he saw what happened when your secrets are exposed and it scared the shit out of him? Not saying its got to be cheating too, but I feel like there’s something big he’s trying to cover. Honestly, it could even just be he’s scared to admit he fucking hates the team and wants to quit.

No. 1672523

It doesnt seem to be a sudden change, the way they said it made it sound like hes never liked the podcasts because hes more of a private person (idk why some people seem to think coming out as gay contradicts that, we know most peoples sexual orientation by default, its not that deep). Quickly looking at their past vids, theres one from 3 months ago with the title "Eugenes here!" showing that his infrequent appearances arent really connected to this scandal.
I know a lot of people here seem to hate him but considering the podcasts aren't even part of their main channel I don't think this necessarily means he wants to quit

No. 1672670

The impression I get from Eugene is that he just doesn't want to be recorded unless he can present a highly curated and scripted image, which is kind of the opposite of what you're supposed to do on a podcast.

No. 1672702

I'm not denying the fact that sexism IS a worldly issue - I'm pointing out that that side of it is ONLY being discussed among women, in limited spaces, the way it always is.

What's made it to the public eye is the ~drama~, not the actual underlying issues. That side frustrates me deeply. These things turn into nothing but jokes, instead of serious conversation. Are the Try Guys responsible for the actions of their fans and other people attaching themselves to this? I don't think so. Is all of this blowing up horrible for Ariel? Undoubtedly. This is a lose-lose situation for everyone that's actually involved

No. 1672807

My theory is he will leave in January, based on them posting pre-recorded content up until then and then saying they will rethink or change their content afterwards. They have no reason to remove him from the prerecorded stuff but based on his recent Tweets and absence from the podcast, etc, he's veryy done.

No. 1672832

lets be real. hes just pissy this overshadowed his boring texas gay politics video that i dont think has even hit a million views. he wants to be a “serious gay activist” so badly but none of Try Guys fans give a fuck. They just want him dance around and be their funny gay guy monkey who makes them feel hip and cool.

No. 1672934

Man, I don't "feel bad" for Ned, but I do feel bad for him in that Ariel seemed like the perfect fit for him. Obviously the grass is greener, we don't know everything. But they had such a seemingly perfect life. He'll never find that happiness and contentness ever again. He fucked up so incredibly badly. Ariel didn't deserve this.

No. 1672948

File: 1665528481542.jpeg (272.18 KB, 1125x1188, BC9BE3DA-01AD-47F2-B7A1-D3E1E3…)

Not drama related but certainly buzzfeed.

Liberals mad because one of their own is tired of troons and being woke, more at 11.


No. 1672952

Which recent tweets are you referring to?

Ned will be drinking in a bar 10 years from now crying about how she's the one who got away… it's what he deserves kek

No. 1672962

this may be completely off base but is kristin an alcoholic?

No. 1673018

the one thing i'll give her husband is that at least he doesn't try to dress like a porn star or animegirl. he does wear appropriate (if not very frumpy) clothing. cringeworthy watching her have to act like a mother to her husband

No. 1673033

You're going to get torn a new one but true

No. 1673112

i really like her, she’s really hot and charismatic, but she’s such a libfem. i wouldn’t be surprised if she isn’t really bisexual, just a spicy straight trying to seem more woke.

No. 1673131

i get the impression that he hates making the stupid videos the try guys are famous for (no shade, i like their content, but it’s objectively dumb). he’s genuinely friends with zach and keith, but he doesn’t know where he fits in the actual content and wishes he was free to be more artistic and serious, knowing that’s not what gets the views. just watch his attitude in the videos where keith forces him to sit on his lap, he’s so done with everything.

No. 1673143

i’ve noticed that too, his video ideas have an overwhelming tendency to bomb because they’re pretentious and not funny. he must be frustrated af.

No. 1673147

they didn’t have a perfect life. ned took her for granted, and she’s basically a tradwife. there’s no way she’s happy living in that douchebag’s shadow.

No. 1673203

File: 1665547705683.png (1.21 MB, 1336x717, Capture.PNG)


No. 1673216

No. 1673334

I listened to part of that video for background noise because auto play was on one day. Even as someone who’s interested in politics, I got bored with it less than half way in, but to be fair it’s over an hour long and I’m not from Texas, which I assume is true for many other casual fans. They had to know this one wasn’t going to get as many views, which is fine.

No. 1673418

Oof. Well it's not surprising, who comes to their channel for serious political commentary?

No. 1673455

Beto also isn’t popular. He fled a dui decades ago and tried to make the shooting a political football. Parents in TX are also pissed at the Dems agenda pushing the gender surgeon (that’s her TikTok) at their 13 year olds. Like even the Dems in TX wouldn’t want to watch this. They want Beto to shut up and stop acting a fool so he can win.

No. 1673530

You know whats the funniest part? Alex is probably gonna come out soon saying that she felt pressured to be with ned because she was afraid to lose her job (to save her reputation), and this will turn into a way more serious scandal. Ariel would never have accused him of something that wasnt true. This is what he gets for choosing Alex lmao

No. 1673640

File: 1665594498570.png (384.54 KB, 540x884, Eugene The Big Gay Mad.png)

More evidence of Eugene's salt. He's promoting the Texas shit in his twitter bio link, and has barely posted as to keep his Texas Gay Politics video near the top of his feed. And yet… not even 500k after a month and every other single Try Guys video got massive views after the drama (even really old ones got an extra million views each at least). So funny, he must be seething. Maybe even feeling betrayed by Try Guys fans and therefore why he's not showing up for Try Guys anymore?

No. 1673644

He's quite literally a mimicry of the identities he wants to push to the front of his image. his form of "queerness" is for liberal straight women's consumption. He doesn't hang out with other gay asian people I've noticed, because that's not marketable or beneficial.
Constantly reminding white liberals that you're a gay asian is profitable.

No. 1673646

I don’t think “I thought they were all gay” was an insult. They all just seem flamboyant and not super masculine, it’s an easy mistake to make. Moreover, a mistake that the actual straight try guys don’t seem to care about. I feel like he’s salty cuz he thought his gayness made him speshul when no one cares at all. You have to be gay AND talented these days.

No. 1673659

Omg kek nona

No. 1673670

Yea Eugene needs to get with the times. I get that being a gaysian kid in Texas in 2000 was awful, but the culture has changed and if anything he's been surrounded by people who celebrate anything that isn't ciswhitehetmale for like a decade now.
Honestly he's so masc that if he was white I think he wouldn't come across as being much different from the other try guys. Being Asian is a much more obvious difference that I'm surprised he doesn't cry about more. Honestly I think he has self hate and identity issues which is why he fixates on his differences so much. I remember reading a rumor that his grindr at one point said white dudes only or something kek

No. 1673673

He’s a humorless, deadpan guy in general and he takes himself super seriously so this didn’t feel out of character. But I can see how someone who’s never heard of him before would think he’s being a bit dramatic.

No. 1673935

When I first saw one of their videos I thought Eugene was the only straight one. He needs a new gimmick

No. 1673977

I can honestly see Eugene going back to being Bi in his 40s for some asian family honor shit to procreate, then marrying a woman while secretly fucking his beloved white boys on the side.

No. 1673983

is this a fetish? eugene haters are so weird lmao

No. 1673998

No one considered Gabbard a liberal, lol. She’s a Pro-Russia, racist, homophobic, conspiracy theorist who loves shit talking Dems on Fox News.

No. 1674015

who wants to bet he and his partner will end up renting a human incubator and making content out of it, painting it as progressive. wokebros are such hypocrites.

No. 1674119

Wtf are you two on about it’s well known that Eugene hates babies/kids

No. 1674141

can ya'll stop with your soccer mom fagbashing. eugene is gay and boring, thats not milk.

No. 1674142

File: 1665627529838.jpeg (226.82 KB, 750x724, 8F746E4B-31D1-40F8-A938-4B9F89…)

Eugene addressed the rumors that he’s leaving the Try Guys on IG. Apparently he’s been working on his kweer side projects and that’s why he’s been absent.

No. 1674148

we don’t hate him because he’s gay, he’s gay because we hate him.

No. 1674168

hearing you guys circlejerk about this boring gay guy is as annoying as gay guys talking about how gay they are. you're both insufferable.

No. 1674174

then post about something less boring. be the change you want to see in the world.

No. 1674206

Reading between the lines, looks like he'll be taking a backseat role and we'll be seeing a lot more of Keith and Zach than Eugene for now. I guess he's still a full co-owner for now though.

He said he's working on a feature film, 2 novels, a graphic novel, and a tv show, that he started all of this way before Try Guys and that they're all coming to fruition soon… I'm really curious to see kek

No. 1674209

Highlight for me was that they proposed he get his dick pierced on camera for a video, fully serious.

No. 1674211

towards the end
>after getting fired, will attends a youtube party
>ariel immediately recognizes will and catches up with him
>will says hi to ned and ned doesn't know who he is(or at least pretended he didn't know)
>will worked underneath ned's guidance for a year, and will's cousin was friends with ned in yale or smth
>ariel is horrified and tells ned to apologize
>ned says a half-assed apology and fucks off
>ariel apologizes on his behalf again and wishes will the best
>says ariel is a real one and ned is fake af

No. 1674858

>Eugene is absolutely seething with anger
kek only because it affects his bottom line

No. 1675417

the funniest thing about this thread, for me, was all the posters talking about buzzfeed videos like they unironically watch them and take them seriously, and speaking about these peoples' "careers" like they matter or exist
however, eugene is a great example of how being clean, healthy, and getting exercise automatically make you attractive. his face is meh and his body is just "not fat", so it's clear that his health is what makes him register as "Attractive" in the first few seconds when you see him

No. 1676040

Eugene also constantly shits on himself and his “Asian appearance” in a way that lets the fan girls come in and hype him up. It’s just moid manipulation. He’s done it on and off forever. So be not ugly and bait that you are so you get higher value compliments.

No. 1676516

>be not ugly and bait that you are so you get higher value compliments
this is the best advice i've ever gotten

No. 1679054

File: 1666152982040.jpg (212.6 KB, 1155x1744, FTFppAmVEAA9aGm.jpg)

do people still care about the ned stuff anymore? someone on reddit googled the license plate on the car that ned and ariel drove off in after their pap walk and found this screenshot of a nextdoor post from may

No. 1679055

File: 1666153082528.jpeg (211 KB, 2266x1488, 0QDKpPY.jpeg)

screenshot from the paparazzi video

No. 1679122

no fucking way, IT GETS WORSE

No. 1679210

Damn, Ned has no respect for Ariel. I think they are Catholic (correct me if I’m wrong), which means that Ariel will never leave him, and he will continue to cheat without consequence

No. 1679514

File: 1666210485844.png (1.36 MB, 1495x674, NedFulmerBusted.png)

There's a very interesting post on the Try Guys reddit, where a user noticed that car Ned and Ariel were driving during the weird-paparazzo video is actually the same car and license plate as a twitter post from May where an Uber Driver caught two people fucking in a car. I've made a side by side.

So Ned was really that fucking sure of himself he would fuck his whore in the same car he picks up his kids in?

No. 1679517

File: 1666210599517.png (432.53 KB, 470x880, Fulmer Receipts.png)

No. 1679659

yikes, the chances of anyone making this connection seem pretty slim, no? like…not someone random?

No. 1679691

File: 1666219263915.png (93.64 KB, 459x460, ned fulmer has a stink fat cun…)

Matches this blind submitted by Deuxmoi when they were spilling all the inside details.

No. 1679696

I really hope Ariel leaves this asshole and it doesn't become a David Duchovny where he's "diagnosed with sex addiction" and he gets to keep him family as putting them through this public humilation.

No. 1679788

Apparently someone google imaged a still from his pap walk vid and then the other image/NextDoor post popped up. If anything it does how much smarter photo recognition tech has gotten recently.

No. 1680190

Maybe that anon upthread mocking Ariel for being boxy and having stretch marks was Alex herself kek. The poor dear must be going through it without some ugly white scrote's dick to suck

No. 1680204

This is mean, but I don't care. I've always hated this Buzzfeed fat chick and it brought me unbelievable schadenfreude when her ugly husband trooned out. If anyone deserves to have to grit their teeth and call their fat, balding, spoiled-milk-as-a-person husband their "wife", it's her.

No. 1680339

I don't understand why the post would be from 23 hours ago, if the post is from May? Unless someone randomly screenshot a post on Nextdoor and it is only relevant now?
Also why doesn't the car they drove off in have the bright blue/green 2022 sticker, when it was renewed in Dec? Also, why would they need to get it in Dec when neither of them have Dec birthdays? (last point is weak bc I don't know how the DMV works in California, but that is how it works where I live)

No. 1680345

yes that is exactly what is implied here. back in may 2022 someone tweeted a screenshot from their nextdoor app. It is only relevant now because of someone noticing the matching license plates. If you watch the youtube video in 1080p you can clearly see its the same numbers. the fact this tweet is from back in May gives it more weight to being real as the drama hadn’t been revealed to the public yet. Someone back in May caught people having sex in the same car Ned and Ariel drive.

No. 1680368

No. 1680443

Ariel is “boxy”? What kind of insane fucking nitpicking. I could only hope to be that pretty after 2 kids. Alex on the other hand is a textbook butterface. Sorry, but half Asian whores are not exotic and sexy to anyone but the lamest of white moids.

No. 1680460

Everyone involved looks fine. YMMV, of course, but they’re all on the conventionally attractive spectrum.

No. 1680466

I'd say the women involved are… but Ned? ugh.

No. 1680648

File: 1666348920123.png (3.73 MB, 828x1792, 318D2B2E-5054-4CC9-8AB4-E6FFDC…)

Same month as this TikTok someone posted a couple weeks ago showing Ned with Alex back in May and her warning Ariel on instagram back when it happened. Alex’s ex fiancé showed up in the comments to respond to someone saying “what if she’s [Ariel] been cool with it this entire time?” with “we weren’t.” So there went the open marriage theory

No. 1681025

yeah ned looks like he melted.

No. 1681143

File: 1666402737071.png (141.54 KB, 255x485, ugly thing - not human.png)

Most Try Guy fans remember Zack from buzzfeed and the start of the Try Guys when he was sick the balding, annoying Jew. Like look at this picture. He looks like fucking Dobby from Harry Potter. Not only was he balding but he was -incredibly- insecure about the fact he was balding and would always try to "call it out first" and he would just make things awkward. He finally ended up getting a hair transplant and then that became his whole personality for like a year. And then after he got hair, he started to become the "chronic illness" Try Guy, where all his videos were about how frail and weak and he was. Like, it's just human nature for women to want nothing to do with a sickly male. It's kind of interesting that he ended up with a Nurse.

No. 1681151

File: 1666403321162.png (393.26 KB, 628x508, Ariel Full-mer.png)

>Ariel isn't boxy! She's just like me!

Sure, Jan. If this was Shayna Clifford, farmers would be ripping her apart for having the same box-body type. Being built like a fridge doesn't automatically make you ugly. She clearly knows how to dress herself to look presentable, but don't act like she has a curvy figure. Chill the fuck out.

No. 1681155

ntayrt but you look unhinged rn. Idek who this bitch is but she looks 100% normal

No. 1681163

she's nowhere near as unfortunate looking as shayna. straight nitpick.

No. 1681172

never seen this pic of her in the bunny suit and she actually looks really great for a mother of two? She looks a million times better than shayna and her weird lumpy cottage cheese body. Do you just hate regular women anon? kek

No. 1681173

Trying to criticize the body of a woman holding her 1mo old baby is really low. You sound pathetic.

No. 1681179

Are you really comparing this woman to shayna? Her body looks nice.

No. 1681214

Caring about a woman having a “box body”..who gives a fuck. Both of those women are just normal looking

No. 1681218

shayna has no kids, stomach rolls when standing up, and does not bathe

No. 1681253

I stand by my cringe that she is a grown up Elle Woods who got the bad ending by getting back with Warner. What Ned did is exactly what would've happened and Ariel just has the same energy.

No. 1681275

Ariel is 36 and has 2 kids and a full time job, comparing her with Shayna is completely underserved

No. 1681348

you really swallowed that scrote bait whole you moron.

No. 1681378

Did all 10 of you really take the bait? Come on Ladies, thought we were better than this. Also top kek.

No. 1681534

sorry i'm gen x and bad at spotting the bait. i'm learning though!!

No. 1681913

save for catholic sperg and late reply, but this is grounds for an annulment. the church has simplified the process in the last couple years as well

No. 1682106

An annulment basically means “this marriage never happened.” It’s hard to claim that for a 10-year marriage that produced 2 children. I know the Church allows it, but devout Catholics see the hypocrisy and judge it. I hope Ariel at least seeks a divorce, but Catholic women are often under huge pressure from their families to “work it out”

No. 1682580

this is fucking sending me for some reason, just imagining a middle aged farmer on here. bless u

No. 1682959

nonnie who do you think runs the site

No. 1683199

Nta but gen X anon can stay forever and bring her friends if it scares off the zoomers.

No. 1683976

Millennials? We are literally in our 30s to early 40s now, gen x is 50 up. I’m not hating, I love gen x nonna, it was just the way she phrased that post

No. 1701913

i hate zack cornfield

No. 1759490

Gaby dunn has ended her engagement with her fiance (also a fakeboi), and has been on testosterone for several months + got top surgery. But, she is still with her new boyfriend (which i don't know much about him, but i suspect he is a biological man).

Despite being bi AND poly, has she ever dated a woman?

No. 1759495

>Despite being bi AND poly, has she ever dated a woman?

so average bi woman

No. 1759501

pretty much. i guess she has been with fellow fakebois but her ex-fiance really did look masculine since Mal is also post-op and has been on T for years. However I will say, she definitely seems like she's still in love with Allison. which would make a lot of sense. So many fakebois are just deep comphet lesbians.

No. 1759587

keith is annoying as fuck

No. 1759655

The majority of bi women never date other women. I am a bi woman in a relationship with a lesbian but almost all the bi women I know are with men. I don't even think a lot of them are bi tbh, probably just straight women faking it because being a bi woman is attractive to straight men in that "cool girl" type of way.

No. 1760103

dykes beyond your girlfriend won't pick you just because you try your hardest to be a good little self-hating bisexual. she doesn't think you're one of the good ones just because you sit on a Mongolian basket weaving forum shitting on your community all day long. one day you'll break up and she'll start telling all of her friends about how she always 'got the vibe' you'd have rather been chasing dick/you never really liked women/insert any other average dyke cope you see day in day out on here, even if you immediately get with another gold-star lesbian. good luck always trying to reach their standard though.

No. 1760243

Girl what the fuck, I think you need to get offline for a while.

No. 1760276

just say you hate women.

No. 1760280

gaby SNAPS multiple times at Allison for her incredibly innocuous comments. Jesus i hate the way gaby talks to allison.

>well i gotta reintroduce myself because what if people don't know who i am anymore because i look so manly

>um why didn't you interview ME on gender dysphoria on your mental health podcast??

everything is about her fakeboidom.

No. 1760291

File: 1675452705666.jpeg (15.59 KB, 275x275, 4DDBC5B6-A563-4E1F-9C63-23ACAE…)

Who hurt you

No. 1760297

there is no bisexual community kek. most of us end up in het relationships it's not that deep. god forbid a bi woman acknowledge reality.

No. 1760562

Stop making bisexuals look more embarrassing than they already are.

No. 1760572

I'm bi and I've noticed that when bi women are with men they get even more vocal about their bisexuality and say stuff like "dating a man doesn't erase my queerness, i am still bisexual" but when they're with women they start calling themselves "lesbian" and say "Oh my god, I'm soooo gay". Why is this a thing lol.

No. 1760676

goerge costanza was half italian half jewish lmao

No. 1760790


No. 1760903

His dad is stated to be an Italian Catholic in the show while his mother is never confirmed to be Jewish in the show but she is a walking Jewish stereotype and Jason Alexander said "There's no way she can be anything but Jewish".

No. 1781036

The new JBU episode got me so so fucking pissed, and for once I noticed allison stood up for herself. I also noticed she's been getting noticeably slightly uncomfortable every time gaby makes the topic about her transness. Allison can be in the middle of describing a really rough experience, and suddenly it's all about gaby having dysphoria.

key points of the video for those who don't care to watch
-Allison wants to talk about weight and dealing with her own insecurities
-Gaby immediately says she gets it as a trans person and starts ranting about transphobia
-Allison describes wanting to maybe diet or get healthy before her upcoming wedding
-Gaby immediately chastises her for wanting to lose weight/change her body
-Allison tells her not to yell at her for a reasonable desire, and that it's hypocritical coming from someone who is trans
-Gaby semi-apologizes
-Allison feels like it's not crazy to want to lose weight for her wedding and struggles with how it might impact her self-image, gaby kinda disagrees still
-Gaby comments on how maybe her being a transman is what makes it ok mentally for her to not care about weight gain

No. 1781304

bi and i've noticed this too, i think it's a mix of
>wanting to affirm to everyone that they're not a "fake bi" so they have to constantly bring up their ssa
>not really being sexually attracted to women so assuming that any woman they think is pretty must be sexual attraction
>for women who are really bi, getting sexual attraction and aesthetic appreciation mixed up
>dont want to make lesbian partner feel like theyre going to leave them for a man whenever they bring up that theyre bi, so they just "act lesbian" when dating a woman
>desire to avoid negative bi stereotypes, wanting to fit into lesbian social group when dating women
>not knowing how to be confident in their sexuality when dating a man so have to bring it up constantly, like how highschoolers who just came out will always talk about being gay

No. 1787162

Wow I haven’t watched these two in so long and Gaby is infuriating. When Gaby speaks, Allison says “ohh I hadn’t thought of it that way” and generally affirms her. When Allison speaks, Gaby gets overly heated, starts to lecture her, makes it about herself and Allison has to defend all her views. Such a toxic friendship.
I find it so hypocritical that Gaby is okay with gaining weight because it’d be in line with how she wants to see herself, as a bulky transman. But when Allison wants to lose weight (in a healthy way too!), it’s sad and fucked up. The body positivity/fat acceptance movement has done so much harm. It should be normal to say you want to put effort into your appearance, like how can Gaby want support for her transition (arguably way more bodily harmful than anything Allison is doing) but not be able to give the same?? She cannot say that Allison looks happy and satisfied with her body as is. The solution isn’t more ~body positive self examination healing bs~, it’s just a diet omf.

No. 1805245

I'm pretty sure Gaby has dated lots of women, I remember her making a 'girlfriend tag' back in the day with one of them. Thought from what I gathered, now that she's larping a man she's suddenly almost exclusively dating scrotes and other fakebois.(sage your shit)

No. 1805679

File: 1681018668451.png (684.24 KB, 942x708, ew.png)

Is she preparing to start an onlyfans or does she just not know how to dress herself? That skid mark of contour too jesus…

No. 1805739

I think this is nice? That gaby told her she doesn't need to lose weight and actually meant it
Wouldn't catch a moid doing that, everytime a girl who is a perfectly healthy weight or even skinny says she wants to lose weight they're like "oh cool we can go to the gym together" or " I'll support u in your fitness journey" bc they secretly always want their women to be as slight as possible. White and Asian men anyway, can't say anything about other races

No. 1806034

Not saying women have to be dolled up, but she clearly doesn't care about herself enough to fix herself up to look clean and decent. This reads as not feeling like you're worth the effort coated with libfem mentality forcing her to still dress up and slap on a cake face otherwise she'd be exclusively wearing old sweats and a bra that couldn't hold her tits 50lbs ago.
Plus probably also a good dosage of weed making her generally more unaware of her surroundings and body (don't know if she smokes, just assuming cause BuzzFeed + progressive + I'm unaware of how hard weed is to get in America and the laws where she lives + and troon husband).

No. 1806255

idk anon the moids behaviour sounds less toxic to me. If a woman is telling people around her that she wants to lose weight, she wants to lose weight and you're more likely to be successful if someone is supporting you. Saying 'you don't need to lose weight' is invalidating everything they just said and belittling their issues. She said in the video that she has problems with her self image, so why would you discourage her from being more confident in her body?
It's easier to control someone in a relationship if they're low self esteem and they have body image issues. 'you don't need to lose weight' is enabler speak for 'I want you to be dependent on me for your self worth'

No. 1806464

>Wouldn't catch a moid doing that
Nah, you definitely would catch a moid infantilizing and lecturing a woman about her own body. I agree with >>1806255, if Allison would be happier losing some weight then why can't she? If Gaby had just left it at "well I think you look beautiful as is" then there'd be no issue. Instead she's acting like Allison is being brainwashed by the patriarchy and won't let her speak enough to say otherwise. I support my friends whenever they want to lose weight (to a healthy extent obviously) because putting effort into your appearance is a positive thing.
Ironically I'm pretty sure Kristin thinks she looks hot and put-together here. Like in her eyes, she's an indigenous goddess embracing her natural hair, wearing sun-kissed makeup, and showing off her hot body in a summertime dress kek. Standards are just low in her community. She's always complimenting her troon husband when he looks like a troll that stole the clothes off a little girl he just killed.

No. 1821383

cannot say i am surprised about the culture at that company. ever since they came to existance ive avoided their shit best i could. disgusting that they filmed him with his dick out in a room full of women and wanted him to get a prince albert for a video, only to freak out and berate him about a scene in a video about trying to avoid looking at half a chest sticking out of a low cut top. i guarantee you if he was a lesbian or tranny or "queer" and did the same they would have loved it.
hope the entire company shutters. they are the poster child of clickbait and led the way to ruining the anglosphere internet

No. 1821390

Zero.chance this is true. Greyhounds are very thin dogs, how on earth are they going to get enough off one to feed people "as a joke". A swiss mountain dog, sure, but not a greyhound.

No. 1821710

>cannot say i am surprised about the culture at that company. ever since they came to existance ive avoided their shit best i could
Facts, they have been utter shit since the very beginning. I remember being disappointed when Adam Ellis got a job there a long time ago after enjoying his comics/books, luckily it didn't go too badly for him, but their strong internet prescence as a media company of any kind of validity is fully undeserved.
They have just shuttered their buzzfeed News wing so we might see more closures in this company.

No. 1899882

Miles has left the Try Guys company. He was really popular so this feels like a bad sign for the channel

No. 1899884


No. 1899894

I didn't watch it but I think it's just blah blah career growth blah.
The only interesting thing I heard is that apparently he and Ned hated each other and Miles almost quit TG a year ago because of Ned
I posted it because the TG channel seems like it's starting to circle the drain and this is part of that

No. 1899896

Surprised it wasn't Eugene who didn't leave first, like its obvious from every episode that he does not want to be there.

No. 1899898

I know, Eugene has been so absent but they seem like they really don't want to announce it officially.

I don't think Zach or Keith want to be there anymore either. I think they were really hoping the channel would be self sustaining without them by now but that hasn't happened. They're lucky to break a million views these days

No. 1900010

If Eugene officially left he would have to give up his YouTuber salary, and he's definitely not making enough as totally legit actor to do that kek

No. 1900177

File: 1695021762361.jpg (137.64 KB, 1296x730, Nimona-.jpg)

His most relevant role outside his work on the Try Guys was voicing one of the main characters in Nimona(which was actually successful). However, even the most positive reviews of the film mentioned that he gave a very lackluster performance.

No. 1900240

God I always hated his attitude. He seemed to think he's better and more talented than everyone, seemed very into himself and his own looks. I really disliked him on Try Guys when I watched them ages ago. I hope he does try to become actor and fails miserably.

No. 1900308

File: 1695046827081.jpg (383.93 KB, 1920x1200, FQPZ56AX0Acabe8.jpg)

He's also "co-writing" a young adult epic fantasy series, meaning he's probably just providing the base premise while someone else does the actual work.

No. 1900313

He thinks he's the only gay man in the entire universe too. In LA of all places. We literally have a entire part of the city for gay men and this faggot actually thinks he's special for it lol

No. 1900314

tbf he grew up in a conservative area in Texas.

No. 1900316

And? My point still stands lol

No. 1900340

conservative part of texas? he's from the austin suburbs. that area is not conservative lol.

No. 1900343

I was not aware of that, he seems to imply that in some of his videos.

No. 1900347

Their point is that he likely grew up being one of maybe 5 gays in his neighborhood so that same mentality followed him to L.A . He's an adult now who should get over it, but that's easier said than done. Can't imagine a gay Asian in conservative Texas having a fun time growing up.

No. 1900358

I mean, he literally got rid of his accent. the rest of family speaks with a tinge of southern drawl, nothing major, but he has completely gotten rid of it. That's how insecure of a person he is.

No. 1900466


pflugerville is its own kind of bubble, and the austin burbs have only started really spreading that far up within the last decade or so. isn't he like 40? probably had a very different experience in the early/mid-00's.

No. 1900589

Growing up in Texas Eugene was probably more affected by being Asian than gay, when he wants to he passes as straight easily. I think his issues with being gay come more from a deep internal sense of shame for various reasons.

I always thought it was really weird how he hid being gay at fucking Buzzfeed of all places, and then made the biggest deal of coming out, but I guess he felt the need to hide it from his family or something. I never even thought about the lack of southern accent but it's true.

Eugene is kind of this douchey and annoying LA art snob type, but he also seems really insecure and tormented, kind of makes me feel bad for him tbh

No. 1900590

Also I really wish he would stop wearing that ugly enby makeup, it clashes so hard with his masculine features

No. 1900627

Lol Texas is absolutely full of Asians nona. Latinos too, many of whom are quite Asian passing. This ain’t a race thing. Many Asian cultures are generally disgusted by homosexuality and tranny shit though (LGBT people were voted the most hated group of people in Korea after drug addicts/alcoholics, in a public opinion poll) so yeah I can see why being gay and coming from a Korean background would be hard.

No. 1900631

he gives me harry styles energy. like is he gay or does he just want to be “not like those other men”? bc like you said, he passes as straight really well.

No. 1900693

Idk Eugene always made his school life sound like he was the only asian kid and got bullied for it a lot. It's possible there's asians in Pflugerville now but not so much back when he was a kid. I agree his angst over being gay probably came a lot from his Korean side, also being gay was not really ok in the 90s-00s outside of very liberal areas

He's had a male partner for a decade

No. 1900696

>Lol Texas is absolutely full of Asians nona
Not everywhere, I grew up in a place that was equal parts white, black, and latino, but I only ever saw like 2-3 asian kids ever.

No. 1900710

gaby has to be studied in a lab as a case of serious mental illness/attention whoring, but then again it probably comes down to not being loved as a child (who could love her really lol) should i warm my popcorn in advance for when she eventually detranses cause lets be real, she's not trans. trooning out cause ur too bpdchan is not the same as being really trans. and everyone knows it too, i mean EVERYONE. sad x

No. 1900714

and who are these people?

No. 1900716

its literally in the thread post, dont be a newfag

No. 1900718

oh right, "bi" girl who dates mostly men.

No. 1900726

>Implying someone can 'really' be the opposite sex from what they actually are
There is no 'true' trans, only people who larp better.

No. 1900840

>who dates mostly men
>so she also dates women
i mean… yes? that's how being bisexual works, shit for brains. at least try not to literally define a form of bisexuality next time you try to get in one of your 'i'm an unlovable autistic dyke so i'm better than anyone else' digs, retard

No. 1901013

gaby's internalized misogyny is so fucked. she literally said she blamed her mom for her dad abandoning her even well into her teens/young adulthood. she also is interestingly backtracking on her polyamory takes kek

No. 1901133

NTA but the spicy straights thread is calling you anon, you seem very pressed about your precious bi label while calling other women unloveable dykes lolol how very pro LGBT of you

No. 1901203


i have a thousand questions about this dynamic, first of all, why does it seem like they kind of hate each other? How long have they been friends? Where does the money come in? Allison just had a pretty nice wedding in LA, she just got a masters from Pepperdine which is like 40k in tuition alone. youtube nets them about 20k views a video, theyre both on tiktok and they have podcasts but the podcasts look kind of unpopular.

No. 1901369

they had an episode a few years back about how they stopped being friends, but it seems like they keep the podcast going because it brings in money somehow (they definitely get sponsorships and I assume they have a patreon). it feels like gaby is always talking down to allison or getting weirdly hostile whenever she says something astute. as for where allison's money comes from I think she's still very much supported by her parents who seem well-off.

No. 1901486

I read that as autism suburbs so many times
>tormented, feel bad for him
I don't know, every time I feel bad for a youtuber or a celebrity they turn out to be the biggest assholes. He's rich, famous and has insufferable ego. I don't think we really need to project stuff onto him as he's probably shallow as a puddle as most male celebrities (and men in general) are.

No. 1911038

Bree got the chop

Christ Kristin has packed it on since Buzzfeed. Watching her next to her fat man-voiced copy-cat trans husband is so sad

No. 1911044

He has a fetish for overweight women. She is never going to become healthy as long as she dates him.

No. 1911062

He didn't actually get the chop from what I can tell, he got other procedures; breast augmentation, lipo'd stomach and BBL.

>"The idea wasn't 'don't be fat', it was to look like a fat woman."

The grimace I made at that.
>reading manga before surgery
>immediately watching sports after surgery
It's so amazingly consistent how masculine agps are.
>he found a place for them to stay. he slept upstairs in a 'cute apartment' and Kristin slept downstairs in a cigar smoke infused basement.

No. 1911153

Has she done something to her face? She looks as though she’s wearing a rubber mask of her face/features and it’s being distorted by her ballooning face.

No. 1911162

I think it's just the combination of her thin/small facial features and the massive weight gain.
It never fails to amaze me how blatant the skin walking is with this one.

No. 1911372

imagine getting allllll those surgeries and saying "no, the chins stay"

No. 1911708

Did the surgery do literally anything? All this money and he’s still ugly and masculine as fuck kek

No. 1931437

Thoughts on buzz feed girls trooning out?
>must be a woke LA thing(thoughs on sageing or posting screenshots?)

No. 1931442

you forget to sage, but most of them while not being fujocoomers seemed super faghagish and so it was inevitable.

No. 1932467

Jesus Christ. Allison turned into a pig and Gaby is a troon. What a sad timeline. They seem to be enabling each other's neuroses.

No. 1944036

File: 1702767786873.png (987.16 KB, 1191x738, uhhhhhhhhhh.png)

try guys try a humiliation ritual? seems like they'll do anything these days to try to regain the views they lost after the Ned drama

No. 1944037

File: 1702767928764.png (569.9 KB, 1166x666, zach humiliation ritual.png)

No. 1944081

this is literally fetish content what the hell

No. 1944195

This is porn for adult baby larpers, why are they doing this and putting it on youtube?

No. 1944342

File: 1702841843008.png (746.61 KB, 1106x545, TG.png)

Considering they've had a steady decline in viewership, I'm assuming they're just throwing shit at the wall and hoping something sticks. That's the problem with being a youtube comedian, you'll eventually run out of content. The Breadtubers ironically gamed the system better then former Buzzfeed employee, and I can imagine that for Eugene, being a "Try Guy" would ruin his prestige in trying to get into serious acting and theater.

No. 1944424

File: 1702852836960.jpeg (45.22 KB, 1125x346, IMG_7214.jpeg)

Meh it’s really not that bad and they’ve actually been steadily gaining views since their lowest point with views being back to what they were averaging before Ned’s scandal

No. 1944454

looks like they should stick to food videos. that's where they're getting millions of views.

No. 1944461

for how many restaurants can that one dude eat his way through the whole menu, though?

No. 1945015

In their recent update video, Keith says he might start trying fine dining restaurants

No. 1945027

no Eugene again, he's so gonna leave the Try Guys.

No. 1945210

File: 1703020647543.jpeg (649.55 KB, 1170x1121, IMG_9645.jpeg)

they kind of made it seem like they were announcing he left but then spinned it last minute that he’ll still be around just less because he is “following his dreams” at the moment, then they showed him featured in a bunch of future upcoming clips so looks like he’ll be a side character for at least another year

No. 1945218

File: 1703021882991.png (4.33 MB, 2000x1333, Rqqet3h.png)

I don't wanna be mean, but I don't think he's going to achieve success in any of his other projects. He may have seemed "cool" next to the Try Guys, but when compared to actual actors, he loses everything that makes him remotely interesting and attractive.

No. 1945221

he will just fade away, also he is really ugly

No. 1945261

it's too late for him cause he already hit the wall and it's not like hollywood is known for hiring asians anyways. He might get some guest roles on tv comedies or a gig on a cop show or something but unless he can find a way to get into the rich asian crowd who can give him some roles he's kinda screwed. Unless he has some ideas for independent projects that can be released to adult swim or some indie gay channel but I don't see him getting many opportunities if any. I don't think he's relevant enough to be an e-celeb guest judge on drag race, let alone get his own show on a gay tv network

No. 1945323

Can you really blame him >>1944036

No. 1945686

He had that one voice acting gig recently that seemed to be received well by audiences. I don't think he's ugly as others are saying but it doesn't really matter if he does more of that.

No. 1945965

None of them are models but Eugene is obviously the most handsome. The rest look like living soijak memes.

No. 1946082

File: 1703218818415.jpg (60.71 KB, 671x680, 349.jpg)

> Yang has announced that his YA fiction writing debut will be a two-part queer fantasy epic called The Unders, with the first book scheduled to release in spring 2024.[21]

No. 1946338

>The Unders
could it be any more generic?
the preview on goodreads:
>Emily Settle at Feiwel and Friends has acquired Eugene Lee Yang's debut YA duology, The Unders, a twisted, queer fantasy in which a group of teens band together to stop a war between the human and the magical world. Publication of the first book is slated for spring 2024; Jessica Felleman at Jennifer Lyons Literary Agency sold North American rights.
this is going to be a generic teen "found family" story set in a fantasy land where everyone is gay. so basically every tumblr story ever written. wonder if this story comes out of him being one of those kids who loved to read and write these stories or by knowing these stories are popular among the tumblr/buzzfeed crowd and blandly imitating them. he's been super "queer" as a personality since he came out but who knows how much of it he actually lives vs just co-opted the aesthetic

No. 1946919

>He had that one voice acting gig recently that seemed to be received well by audiences
The film was received well, but even positive reviews mentioned that he gave a mediocre and lackluster performance.

No. 1947433

File: 1703595576685.png (254.73 KB, 675x654, Try Guys first vidoes.png)

I find it funny how many people believe that these 4 (now 3) had some srot genuine friendship. Do you know why they exist? The "try guys" started as a joke series where the joke was just men doing "feminine" or embarrassing things. So, the only 4 men who were willing to participate in those videos took part in it, and they became popular for whatever reason. But that's the only reason they exist or even know each other.

No. 1947651

it's hilarious how much they click baited using Eugene. totally fair, but i have to wonder how the other guys felt about this

No. 1949619

Yea in the beginning they weren't friends but over time they seemed to formed a genuine friendship, you could feel it in their videos and it was a big part of their appeal. It's kind of missing now and I don't really think they're friends like that anymore. Maybe they were just really good at faking it though, who knows

No. 1966142

File: 1707967647653.png (306.62 KB, 663x543, chantel.png)

Chantel made an instagram video with a musician. Do you think they're dating?

No. 1967093

ik this is bait but ariel i'm single and im good with kids. call me(responding to year old bait with shitpost)

No. 1974799

File: 1710146799692.jpg (44.45 KB, 579x869, 1.JPG)

Eugene was at the Oscars for Nimona, wearing a dress and blazer because why not. Maybe being in an oscar nominated film is actually the beginning of him escaping the try guys

No. 1974814

is his book out yet?

No. 1974827

File: 1710155558346.png (114.28 KB, 1658x642, image.png)

yes and it seems nobody gave a fuck. all 6 reviews are old ones of girls commenting that they can't wait to read it when it comes out but none of them updated the review nor were there any new since it came out. it's not on libgen and goodreads doesn't even have the cover included

No. 1974830

I almost feel bad for him, despite how hard he tries, he always be an internet funnyman.

No. 1974847

No it doesn't look like it, there are no preorder or purchase links available anywhere for his book. It's probably still in development or on the back burner as far as I can tell. On Goodreads the only reviews are people listing it as "anticipated" too

No. 1974991

Jesus the premise is generic woke YA slop and I seriously doubt Eugene is a good enough writer to make it interesting

They all hate that the try guys is their legacy, its really off-putting and pretentious. I don't understand why they're so ashamed, the try guys videos were silly but not that bad at least before Ned left.
It's actually funny how bad their content is without Ned, I never realized he was holding the channel together so much. Its clear Zach and Keith were never gonna make it in hollywood

No. 1975078

I doubt I'll ever watch anything he appears in to have an opinion on how well he actually acts but the more guys that wear ridiculous shit on the red carpet the better, tranny drag shit or not if theres enough men in skirts, capes and ridiculous shit on the red carpet that it becomes what the press and tabloids are excited anout photographing instead of the 5th a lister in a black tux, more regular moids might start to step up their game.(sage your shit)

No. 1975108

>They all hate that the try guys is their legacy, its really off-putting and pretentious. I don't understand why they're so ashamed, the try guys videos were silly but not that bad at least before Ned left.
Zach and Kieth don't seem to be ashamed, they are content being internet funnymen, Eugene clearly isn't.

No. 1975275

samefag but I should have double checked the release date, it's not out yet even though the Goodreads says 1st of Jan. I saw one spot that claims spring of this year but the advertising and hype seems pretty dead. It's like it died out within weeks of the announcement and looks like it already can't sustain the whole period between announcement and release. We'll see when it comes out proper, maybe the buzzfeed fans will have forgotten they'd already forgotten about it by then

No. 1975431

File: 1710259164881.png (258.46 KB, 356x649, 2FKok1g.png)

Surprisingly, this wasn't posted already, but recently Ned updated all his social media platforms (which had been previously dormant): his Facebook, his Instagram, and his LinkedIn. Apparently, he's running his own media company now.

No. 1975711

I wonder if he's just trying to build his brand or if he actually wants to be a public figure again

No. 1975739

I know he has to mention the try guys because he did it for so long, but isn’t it kind of awkward to put the job you were fired from for having sex with a subordinate front and center? Still feel bad for Ariel getting baby trapped by this ugly pos

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