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No. 166021

Angi Viper is a cosplayer from California who thinks she's going to be famous despite the fact that she looks like a horse and goes through friends faster than a fat kid through a cake.
Highlights include:
-making out with other cosplayers for pictures despite being in a long term relationship because she considers her cosplay persona to be a separate person
-acting cos positive while actually bullying anyone who doesn't suck up to her
-publicly calling out anyone who leaves a negative comment on her Facebook or instagram
-claiming credit for costumes that were made at least in part by other people


No. 166040

File: 1471311232062.jpg (62.38 KB, 564x846, be68c069f313ce1b14e713dc30dcea…)

She also cosplays like 9 different versions of elsa, confirming that elsa-soulbonders are just crazy.

Also what the hell is this costume and why did she think it looked good?

No. 166066

>making out with other cosplayers for pictures despite being in a long term relationship because she considers her cosplay persona to be a separate person
I started reading it and I was thinking at first 'oh that's not really that bad' but had she actually said about cosplay being a seperate persona exactly? If so that's mental.

No. 166070

She literally says things like "Angi Viper is a different person than Michelle" (her real name). She tries to hide that she's in a relationship to string along thirsty guys, but since she's ugly and doesn't show skin she doesn't have many after her

No. 166071

File: 1471319537335.jpg (56.66 KB, 599x930, B06eiwxIYAAG5Up.jpg)

She doesnt show much skin cause her body shape is just…weird and lumpy. Honestly she would look good if she just toned up but she clearly doesn't work out/lift so everything is skinny fat.

No. 166079

She has 10k followers on IG but gets around 100-200 likes on her posts. Same with FB, 10k+ followers but never breaks 100 likes on her posts.


No. 166112

unless someone produces milk beyond "is your average hot mess attention whore aka a cosplayer" then this is another self post

No. 166115

File: 1471336633315.jpeg (418.2 KB, 1080x1350, image.jpeg)

The Chibi Moon is cute but…

She looks way too old and ugly to cosplay youthful characters like Usagi and Sakura. What's this horse's personality like? Her age?

Not surprised by the bought likes. Who's willingly want a face like this? Gross.

No. 166124

Yeah, this thread reeks of either self-post or vendetta.

No. 166133

Chibi Moon looks like a hooker with that make up wtf

No. 166159

She was brought up in the moomoo thread someone said 'if u wanna talk about her make a thread'

No. 310655

I wonder why she got fired from the podcast she was on.


No. 338630


So maybe you wanna grow some balls and take these issues with me up personally instead of making up lies and attempting to defame me? (PS cows are adorable so thank you for relating me to one <3)(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 338684

you literally just necro'd a thread that was completely fucking inactive. No one gives a shit about you; you're not even interesting enough to warrant more than twenty posts here. kys.

No. 338883

isn't this the chick that was with gross gore (ali) ?(sage this)

No. 341102

I don't know who this is but this is clearly a self post. Who posts about someone they don't like and includes all of their links? Who would want to promote someone this dislike? Then this thread gets revived when she's probably feeling bitter that she got fired from a project? Then she comes and replies on her high horse? Creating self deprecating posts then coming here and pretending like you're so confident because your own posts don't bother you isn't going to make you cosfamous.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 439472

She's a stinking pile of drama.(necro)

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