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File: 1440467821784.jpg (55.06 KB, 960x624, 1563_567771989928652_331711680…)

No. 16645

Any dirt on Susie/Artemis Moon? Ohio based cosplayer who's a total bitch. Her fiancee supposedly dumped her recently. She is also notorious for running off with people's commission money or the drama in the link.


No. 17452

She cheated on her husband (they got legally married a few months back iirc) throughout their relationship. He found out, she left to bang some other dude I think. She's also desperate to be cosplay famous.

No. 17478


Didn't know they were actually married. Good on him for dumping her ass.

No. 20313

She cheated multiple times while using her cow of a fiancee as a money well. He busted her and cut her off before she did permanent damage. She ran to the other guy, who fucked her one last time and then kicked the bitch to the curb like the skank piece of ass that she is. Not like other dude had the much money, but he acted like he did and reeled her in. Now she's on the prowl for a new sugar daddy.

No. 20317

what an unfortunate face ugh

No. 20364

He's a really good guy, I know he took this pretty hard since she jumped to another guy so quick. Hopefully he finds someone that actually is a decent human being instead of this bitch.

No. 20387

That's hilarious considering she left him for being a spoiled, lazy sack of shit who can barely take care of himself, let alone be a good fiancée

No. 20398

Right now it sounds like he is doing much better than he ever was when he was with her. She sounds like the piece of shit in the whole situation.

Also I don't think you know much since she actually married him months ago. Nice try Anon, I'm glad he can move on and find someone much better that isn't a total bitch.

No. 20399

Probably know more of the truth than you do. I was just trying to be cognizant of the fact that it's not public knowledge that they were technically married since it wasn't supposed to be anyone's business until Nick started telling everyone, so sorry to burst your bubble.
Glad he's apparently doing better, but lord knows I have no plans in the near future to be close with him again after all the manipulative shit he pulled and sending cronies like you to anonymously shit-talk Susan on boards like this because he doesn't know how to behave like an adult.

No. 20401


Hi Susan.

No. 20409

File: 1440892716244.png (44.47 KB, 365x194, Screen shot 2015-08-29 at 07.3…)

Not even Susan, but nice Internet Tough Guy response. Screen shot is proof that Nick didn't end it, and on top of that if you're going around on this shit-talking crusade on your own time (that is assuming this thread wasn't started by Nick in the first place, but I'll just hope that he is smart enough not to do his own dirty work), you are literally just making this situation even more miserable for both sides. The longer you drag this on and lie about the situation, you drag Nick through the mud along with it, because he was not innocent in this at all and he has a whole host of shit he's done.

As an aside, way to flip Nick's past sins of cheating on exes and being desperate for cosplay fame and put them on Susan. You're a gem.

No. 20419

I know she dumped him. Way to confuse Nick cheating on an ex, if I'm not mistaken Nick hasn't gone cheating on anyone like this bitch. I remember she had sex with a guy at Colossalcon during the whole Tornado situation.

Also way to be a great person posting a screenshot from a message where a person actually got dumped. Also why would the guy want the cosplay fame? He doesn't seem to do anything popular or try for it so that doesn't make sense to me.

No. 20435

People seemed to be confused so I figured I'd clear things up. And obviously you haven't been around long, considering he cheated on a previous ex, then the next one, before finally sticking with Susie. Honestly it wouldn't surprise me if he's so "upset" about this break-up since he didn't have anyone lined up before Susan dumped him.
Plus, I have no doubts you'd have gone with the "pics or it didn't happen" approach to go with your teenager posts, so I figured I'd make it easy. On top of that, Nick made it abundantly clear he'd been dumped in his pity party emotion-bait statuses, so if he's that worried about his pride when it comes to being dumped, then I repeat, you should probably delete this thread and go back to your sad little life.
Also, you have to be one of the most uninformed people I've seen post in this thread. 1. Nick and Susan weren't dating in 2010, 2. There was no sex. I vaguely know the other person involved and neither have ever said anything about sex. Doing it during a tornado is something no one should ever be ashamed of. You're literally just outing yourself as an Ohio dramawhore who has nothing better to do aside from spreading misinformation and being an idiot.
Lastly. he never would gain any cosfame considering he's incredibly average looking and currently overweight (albeit working on it but we'll see how long that lasts), but he was attempting to ride on Susan's coattails and was constantly pressuring her to do Flavor-of-the-Month bullshit to raise her profile because he knew he'd never be able to be popular. Conventions and cosplay are literally his life, and being cosfamous and having superficial cosfriends are the only things that matter. If you haven't realized this by now, you will pretty damn soon.

No. 20437

I wish the bitch would have stayed out of cosplay for good finally.You may give Nick crap, but no one is perfect. He has always been nice to me and never been a dick, this bitch straight up ignores you and is rude as fuck.

No. 20440

Um I saw him with his previous ex at Matsuricon, they seem to be ok friends from what I saw. Usually with cheating people hold a bit of a grudge? Just keep talking anon maybe Artemis will want to suck your dick now for some extra cash or just defending her.

No. 20442

Threads like this totally make people open to trusting others and letting their guard down. Yup.
And you're going to tell me that being socially awkward and not feeling comfortable in large groups makes someone a bitch? A++++ to you. Wow. You've obviously chosen your friendships well.

Susan also isn't perfect and goes way overboard when people hurt her, but after you've been in this toxic community long enough, I can't fault her for having a hard time trusting others and not automatically warming up to whoever you are. I pray to god I'm not somehow friends with someone as shitty as whoever you are. Creating threads about people's exes and bringing in drama where it's utterly unnecessary and mutually hurtful is a fairly impressive past time to have.

No. 20443

New voice here, I've heard even before this nothing but negative stuff about Artemis. I personally am shying away from her even more now. Just seems to always have some high school drama with her.

I'd tell her to go find another hobby if she can't take any shit.

No. 20445

"Saw" being the operative word. If she were to scream at him for cheating then you can bet your ass she'd have her own thread dedicated to her because people in Ohio have nothing better to do than shittalk one another on the Internet. Considering Nick's been going around and telling people he burned bridges with that it was all Susan's fault when he was the one that ruined things, it doesn't surprise me at all he was trying to buddy-buddy up with her too. Tried it with said ex's best friend too, but she wasn't having it. Just keep digging your hole, anon. You're literally just wrong.

No. 20446

The rate she burns bridges, that friend will be gone soon enough. From what I hear from most people, no one has an issue with Nick because he doesn't act like a piece of shit to people like she does. You can say socially awkward all you want, but hey she does promotion work at a booth at a con, muse be fine talking to people there.

Just keep talking like she is some saint when in reality it seems shes just a straight up bitch.

No. 20448

Somehow I've managed to be friends with her for a pretty decent chunk of time to know what I know, but she's totally a bitch who I hate deep down because she ignores me and acts like a piece of shit, as you said.

>"No one has an issue with Nick"

You're hilarious, thank you for actually making me laugh out loud. I don't think you could possibly have an understanding of how many people he's pissed off by being a manipulative jackass and burned his own sets of bridges. Yes, he's a cool dude to hang out with for a few hours at cons, when you have a shallow friendship and nothing further then that.The further you go past that, the worse it gets. That side of Nick isn't seen very often because he likes collecting friends, not keeping them close. He's probably been attending cons since you were in elementary school, so you don't know the scope of what he's done in the past.

And customer service situations like booth work are exactly the same as being in large groups of "friends" at cons.

Lastly, I've never said she was a saint through all of this. You're the one trying to drag her through the mud with lies, which i've been graciously correcting for you. She's done stupid things in the past, made mistakes, upset some people, and again, been super rash about things, but you're trying to defend someone who is just as bad, if not way worse while trying to pass it off as her being the source of all problems. That's not only super unfair, but again is just exacerbating the situation. It's not your business. Please leave.

No. 20450

Um just going to say you made the situation worse. It seems like you have a big vendetta against Nick here. I believe you and her belong together two bitches in a pod.

Either that or again go get your dick sucked since obviously if you aren't her you probably are fucking her now.

No. 20452

From the friends I've talked to they haven't had any problems with Nick really. He's been actually going out and you know having fun with a bunch of friends almost every night of the week from my understanding.

Guess those shallow friends must enjoy him for more than a few hours at a a con.

No. 20454

Had nothing against the guy until he started making people choose sides and acting vindictive. Nothing I said was false, I didn't say anything close to what I could have about him, and as I said before, whoever started this thread obviously wasn't thinking about the mutually-hurtful repercussions of a thread like this. If you care this much about Nick to white-knight him on the Internet, just stop posting. I'm out.

No. 20455

Hi Kayla

No. 20457

I think you are the only person that really likes Artemis in the community. She is a very toxic person, and I personally couldn't have been happier when she said she was leaving cosplay.

No. 20458

Is it just me or does that Jupiter have a really bad nose?

No. 20476

I'm going to post my opinion. This whole thing shouldn't be something that is really posted about on a public page like this.

I may not like Artemis Moon whatsoever. In fact I have to agree with most people that she is a self-absorbed piece of shit and what is wrong with the cosplay community. I still don't believe her or her ex's personal relationship stuff should be posted in here.

No. 20477

You aren't going to change people's opinions that Artemis is anything but a crappy person. She is a leech that will go from one dude to the next. Guys just need to wise up and avoid this crazy bitch and hopefully she will just stop going to cons. She has to realize no one really likes her or her crooked ass teeth.

No. 20510



>actually leaving cosplay

We'll see. She's pulled this before. Did anyone get a screen cap of her saying she was leaving before shutting down her fb?

No. 20543

What does Kayla have to do with this?

No. 22567


Who's Kayla?

No. 35980

Looks like she ditched the Artemis and went straight with Susie now. Probably running from all the shit she caused and trying to hide that. So much for leaving cosplay again. Always needs the cosfame.


No. 36982


Wow she went a whole month. Longer than I expected.

No. 36984

File: 1443328927231.jpeg (264.31 KB, 2000x1335, image.jpeg)


What the hell was she thinking with that wig?

No. 38834

That ponytail is so high up, and it's way too curly. What a mess.

No. 51796

I wonder how long she will play this game of being done and gone with cosplay and then back? Really just go away if you are serious about it.

No. 52114


She hasn't even cracked 500 likes on her latest cosplay page. I'd say people are finally wising up.

No. 52199

You mean that she's just a really shitty person and scammer?

No. 52288

I wonder if she will be at Youmacon this year.

No. 53542

Maybe I mean I heard she was quitting cons again because all the people at them suck, but that seems to happen every few months

No. 53707


Yeah she's been doing the quitting cosplay/conventions and returning since at least 2011.

No. 66923

Just found out she moved to Illinois to be with a new person. Your area's problem now!

No. 67642


…or MAYBE she moved to stop being harassed by people who find delight in cyberbullying. Seriously, if you can insult her anonymously, maybe you should BE AN ADULT and try telling her what you think to her face and not hidden behind the internet. GROW UP.

No. 67646


hi susie

No. 67776

No. I've actually never posed in this thread. Just someone whos sick of observing unnessesary drama for someone who's trying to get a fresh start. Artemis Moon knows there's people who don't like her. EVERYONE has someone who doesn't like them. But does that mean its right to update everything going on in their life. No.

I have huuuuuge problems with a handful of people, one of which destroyed me financially, emotionally, and psychologically. And guess what? You don't see me posting photos of that person: saying how ugly they are internally and externally; giving blips of where they are, what they're doing. I'm aware of those things, but that doesn't mean I'm going to broadcast that for the world to see. Surprizing as it sounds, I GOT OVER IT. And in terms of Artemis Moon, she MAY that person to somebody, but that doesn't mean she needs the brand of whatever she did to be shackles anywhere she goes, whoever she meets, and whatever she does.

No. 67780

didn't realize i was on livejournal

No. 67923

Moves to avoid Cyberbullying.

I don't think you understand how the internet works?

No. 68263


That you Mallory?

No. 68848

Who the fuck is Mallory?

No. 84026

File: 1453402788727.png (521.32 KB, 600x800, 12510471_1661466754106411_4962…)

Looks like quitting cosplay means going to an area where the bridges aren't burned as badly. Seems to be sleeping her way to the top of the cosplay scene or at least trying to.

No. 140818


No. 1214293

File: 1619119106680.jpeg (151.47 KB, 480x640, b35a4dfb-7396-41f4-8814-4bcd05…)

No. 1214294

File: 1619119164154.jpeg (131.87 KB, 480x640, d2c5003e-bf88-4eea-872e-d10c53…)


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