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File: 1665123466208.jpg (61.93 KB, 720x1215, FB_IMG_1658849532927.jpg)

No. 1669302

I don't want to wait here for milk and there is liquid fart in all the local food I got kicked out of usual shoplifting location (thought someone was comping)

Can anyone get out of the murder charges on me or is slavery legal and we can just keep having disabled children to kill and hurt them in the worst possible way. Yes I want pain medication. Projects I believe linked to my father/family





All my pictures are photoshopped and my family and nobody else is offering a humane standard of food(mental illness )

No. 1669303

File: 1665123531369.png (429.84 KB, 720x1520, Screenshot_20221006-231153.png)

Furthermore the other girls from Yuri kuma arashi (I was told through schizophrenia) have harm conduct

No. 1669305

File: 1665123806034.png (694.15 KB, 720x1520, Screenshot_20220928-084637.png)

Mom is Carol Lynn Cruz on Facebook i should not have tried to settle this privately. Schizophrenia made me drink lighter fluid a bit ago. People want me to live sick in the worst conditions. Carol quit her job at villa esperanza a couple years ago. Believes it is ok to force people with downs syndrome to live if she makes money. I really just want to be euthanized and live in California. I'm aplnice on twitter and my dad used to work on king of the hill.

Feet indicate mom out needles in me as baby

No. 1669306

Also used to cosplay kokonoe rin, I believe he wanted more of a Sarah Lynn performance style but I have no nutrition and would like to die soon dignity home is ugly, everyone speaks African and eats take out in front of me while they only give me half a burger. Hahah never wanted to be fertile but mom makes as ugly a thing as downs syndrome live (for her paycheck)

No. 1669307

File: 1665124113331.jpg (1.07 MB, 2448x3264, IMG_20220928_203427219.jpg)

Had to cut off all my hair due to lighter fluid damage from skull. Also I believe I was in virgins empire as mio and in Homestuck as meulin (I'd rather be Dirk, I think the NAACP owns town with Clarissa or Rothschild money)

No. 1669308

File: 1665124466233.png (439.08 KB, 720x1520, Screenshot_20220812-074933.png)

This girl has a tazer and maybe harm conduct I think she gave me Tinnitus and was partially behind my paralysis (which carol ignores happened) stay safe. I believe she may be a Rothschild and is not above tazing people who just want to die.

No. 1669312

I also suspect some other people but hey. In particular my aunts, and a girl who my schizophrenia is telling me is poisoning all the food (but she is, ginkgo.)

In particular she wants to make money off of California disability culture I am not willing to live disabled. Cmp… Also they never caught the scientologists harassing the people behind south park. I don't want to be reborn in a random laboratory because of my parents harm conduct disorder or other people's disorder

No. 1669314

File: 1665124956968.jpg (37.7 KB, 719x539, FB_IMG_1662447367227.jpg)

Another picture of my shifting bone structure (hate this one)

If they're dissolving things in acid for female beauty, I don't want this. I don't want anything like this, and apparently the NAACP does

No. 1669317

File: 1665125395391.png (1 MB, 720x1520, Screenshot_20221006-234737.png)

Hayz confirmed used to work on king of the hill, but nobody from his old job would answer. Government services won't help or give me a food stamp anymore and I don't trust the police and they might hurt me in private for money from Rothschild or other

No. 1669319

File: 1665125667262.png (1010.07 KB, 720x1520, Screenshot_20221006-234849.png)

I live in Covina with parents and younger sister+brother in Baldwin park, parents had another child after this photo was taken.

(Petscop) Rafael might have files with Disney on NAACP and marvel, hope my siblings are ok and without harm conduct. I'm not able to stay alive and watch them as I'm sick after voices made me drink lighter fluid)

No. 1669323

File: 1665126536086.png (156.03 KB, 720x1520, Screenshot_20221007-000817.png)

No. 1669324

What is it you want schizochan?

No. 1669326

We witnissin mental illness.

No. 1669327

Also physical they made me drink lighter fluid like a year ago and the water is nasty with liquid fart so I can't bathe. I don't really want to progress into another program where they take my phone away though :/
To die and not come back please.

No. 1669329

File: 1665128853782.png (175.69 KB, 720x1520, Screenshot_20221007-004635.png)

They should be able to link multiple files in lolcow. I'm so angry the way I live isn't right and they're doing worse then nothing on purpose

No. 1669331

File: 1665128927474.png (228.97 KB, 720x1520, Screenshot_20221007-004643.png)

These people will go to hell.

I've documented my food stamp struggles and the dirty water with the California government and they still denied me (for #clarissaabusemoney?)

No. 1669332

My dad brings a new boxer dog every time he comes to see me, can you put him in front of brain reading technology? Probably. The house chicken stock tastes like piss. There was semen in the free eggs at the house before (members mark, at least hold off on buying vitamins at Walmart?) And I need help my dad won't buy me enough nutritious food.

No. 1669376

File: 1665137362586.png (734.1 KB, 720x1520, Screenshot_20221007-030504.png)

For anyone afraid to look at the webcomic Clarissa, the Google name is in it. They won't investigate my case, and they really did deny my food stamp card with knowlage of dirty water and that they only give half a burger. I'm disabled, I was paralyzed at one point. Wether it goes back to Bojack horseman or petscop or deep fried bullshit people like hurting me and my health is already poor. I bet they won't approve a public trial against scientology Clarissa stuff (deepfried stuff) but I have headaches, stomachaches, problems affording food I'd want to be dead.

Schizophrenia tells me I'm perfect all the time but on documented evidance I like cute shapes.

No. 1669379

File: 1665137752963.png (52.84 KB, 250x141, HookedOnMonkeyFonics083.png)

Also, to the best of my knowledge they might bomb over scientology and production. Skincare and makeup doesn't help. Vitamins as well and they want to hurt (Gabriella Rae Cruz) on protein for knowlage of interest in Trey Parker. If harm conduct people are left in charge, they want slaughterhouses. Maybe for people.
Also, in personal interest to south park, Craig was sold for adrenacrome. Probably by… Tweek. YKA DSM (disabled person slavery mention)

The economy was always a mistake

No. 1669392


No. 1669443

schizo anon doxxes herself

No. 1669447

From what I believe, hey, I have siblings. Mom might be getting pregnant right now. I'd just like to die humanely and not be a victim of scientology, plus the California government is abusing me because I'd like to live humanely without going hungry as well. I'm hungry all the fucking time, all I do is have tantrums, they keep giving me poisoned food or food with liquid fart or piss in it, yes, I'd just like to die and I genuinely do believe this. Some remaining family in Baldwin park, I can't sleep regularly or act right and I feel the lack and smack in everything.

No. 1669463

I had to get off of perscription medication because of the multiple times it was poisoned to vomit because I want the good stuff in Wellbutrin, sleep meditation, and dexadrine. Not a fucking whatever smack in Zoloft and "lol live black fat ass" and politely no. I do not trust manufacturers behind life pills so don't have sex! They might be behind birth control. (probably medication on harm list bc of the fucking Rothschildren. My grandmother's name is Joanne Huhn and my aunt Cherie Huhn has a huge fucking house so no word on why carol Lynn cruz lives like she does and thinks they can get away with disabled person slavery or w/e my life is.) (I hope their perscription gets taken away, I hope they make her snitch on her friends in a public way.)
Also, I stole Christine's boyfriend of 4 years but her family is ridiculously rich.
Christine tanner has a new group of animals so often as well. I know they might make the food cause paralysis like my after-suicide pills gave me. I have terrorist type DID and nobody will help me die and ensure I don't come back massive lumpy retarded and hateful. Inb4 don't come back at all.

My feet look like my mother injected me as a baby so my life is being smack. Who wants to take a stand against disability home that only feeds half a dirty burger or Walmart who thinks it's ok to have semen or compressed smell in house eggs.

I do believe the Similac messages were real in brain control. Why else would there be semen in crack open eggs.

No. 1669468

I have a nightmare that tells me my aunt Carmen Cruz-adames gassed dogs pregnant with their heads sticking out. I really don't think the people behind Deep Fried are beyond that sort of behavior happening often, and there's a human gas chamber in Arizona.

I hope Asia bombs everything. That's what you get for supporting forced life in disability slavery and telling me choice lighter fluid for birth from ugly woman. I'll drag you all down in a bomb and I've suffered more then anyone.

No. 1669471


No. 1669484

They aren't providing euthanasia and whores will limit information for birth control to bathe


Time for life to restart completely. Nano deshu for the next period.

No. 1669491

File: 1665151764870.jpg (38.97 KB, 720x960, FB_IMG_1661700842417.jpg)

This was my sister's YouTube channel, my looks changed drastically over weird periods of time…. TW for my siblings acting weird and showing underwear in "case of Raquel's missing dress" please don't delete any evidence.


Our family was once on a plane with Kanye west as well. Anyone with elaphanitus should be allowed to die and I think my dad drew Clarissa just to reinstate I'm out of food money(what the fuck....?)

No. 1669492

Wishing you the best schitzochan

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