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File: 1665188258041.jpeg (29.97 KB, 190x275, 1665104874200.jpeg)

No. 1669908


There is a lot more content on this guy than what is posted on the personal lolcow thread, so I created this so there can be a more in-depth discussion of this cow.

United Koopas, also known as LAB9, is an autistic 20 year old Canadian who is ''sexually attracted to koopas''and known for making shitty koopa porn and making edits of his original characters like Concord McSubway and Carter Again. So far, most of his socials are likely lost but we so far only found his twitter and furaffinity.

>United Koopas spergs out and was thinking of committing suicide after the new Super Mario Bros movie trailer dropped because he thinks koopas shouldn't be ''evil''

>Also during his most recent sperg meltdown, he sends a audio recording of him crying.

>Does nsfw koopa fetish art using stock assets with small changes in MS Paint.

>Makes shitty koopa edits to commemorate tragic events like the atomic bombs that landed on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, 9/11, and also makes edits on people that died like Satoru Iwata and his grandfather.

>Has been kicked off a bus for allegedly filming two women.

>Has a huge fixation with public transport, and made detailed descriptions of fictional accidents with a large death toll.

>Sometimes boycotts a character because Mario Kart Tour doesn't stick to United Koopas' headcanon that koopas ''shouldn't be evil.''

>Is homophobic and racist, since he made a post saying it's only okay to be gay if you're attracted to koopas and also made a long deleted tweet. saying that koopas are white because they're kind during the peak of BLM in 2020.

>Sperged out during Mario Kart Tour's 3rd anniversary event, because the new character (mario wearing a crown, in case you ask) got a boost on the event course over the Gold Koopa Freerunner, which doesn't need buffs as of now.


Furaffinity: https://www.furaffinity.net/user/unitedkoopas/ (CONTAINS FETISH ART, SCROLL AT YOUR OWN RISK)

Twitter: https://twitter.com/OkOneOk92

No. 1669914

nice, you should repost the highlights from the personal cow thread here so other anons can get caught up.

No. 1669920

Im sorry but he just reminds me those things from Mario are so cute and even cuter in the thread header. Anyway, I look forward to reading. I feel it's going to be a slow drip or just a few anon but it's worth it.

No. 1669923

Can someone please compile and link the personal cows posts?

No. 1669926

File: 1665189088746.jpg (409.57 KB, 1080x1099, Screenshot_20221007_202824.jpg)

thanks for making the thread, OP. i'm the anon who documents him, the archive is below.
some other facts about him
>his name is chan ma, he is a cambodian immigrant
>his unique typing style is because he is very ESL
>he has been sperging out for at least 3 years over the koopas
>he is obsessed with fast food restaurants, six flags, and golfing
>he will document his day and meals down the to exact minute in his discord
>is into mpreg, inflation, abortion, vore, etc., yet says it is not okay to be gay "in real life"
new milk picrel

No. 1669941

He reminds me a lot of a now-defunct minor Kiwi lolcow called William who was obsessed with trains and would draw Arthur and other cartoon characters peeing. I've been catching some of his stuff in the Personal Cows thread and glad he is graduated to his own.

No. 1669966

>>because he thinks koopas shouldn't be ''evil''
Haven't they always been evil or at least sided with Bowser?
>Has a huge fixation with public transport, and made detailed descriptions of fictional accidents with a large death toll.
This is so autistic
>>Makes shitty koopa edits to commemorate tragic events
Everything about this man is autism incarnate


Agreed. I am always so fascinated with spergs like this. The drama they can generate is unmatched.

No. 1669977

unless im wrong, this type of autism hasn't been seen since chris chan. i wonder if he'll go on a crusade against gay people like chris did back in the classic era?

No. 1669980

this thread reeks of scrote. the fact that you were in the same discord server as this guy indicates that you're either underage or just as autistic as this guy is and lashing out. this guy seems endearing tbh and people like this should be left alone because they are going extinct

No. 1669981

File: 1665194848917.jpg (36.3 KB, 512x341, 2b6c920d81741c58e5aa7e858fca68…)

>unless im wrong, this type of autism hasn't been seen since chris chan.
I'm not sure, I'd say this type of person is a dime a dozen on sites like DeviantArt. mollyhaleismyfriend in particular comes to mind here (picrel). They have the tendency to be cowish because they have zero social skills and manage to stumble their way into stupid drama constantly.

No. 1669984

File: 1665194933469.png (546.75 KB, 689x523, united koopas is gay?.png)

If there's gonna be a new thread on United Koopas, this probably should be the next thread pic.

No. 1669985

everyday i am glad that i wasn't born this autistic

No. 1669986

this has to be bait

No. 1669995

take your attention seeking elsewhere and do not desecrate this holy ground where we learn the story of concord mcsubway the koopa and his many irresistibly sexy abortions

No. 1670016

tbh i wanted to keep it in the personal lolcows thread but someone else made the OP. i found him on twitter and lurk in his discord, idk what is scrotish or underage abt that. im kind of conflicted abt this thread existing, i don't want him to get a ton of attention.

No. 1670036

i think one of the issues is he doesn't post milk publicly anymore, and that's not really fun if i am the only one who can provide the milk. feel free to discuss here bc to be fair it was clogging up the personal cows thread, and ill post extreme milk when it arises, but for more mundane stuff i'll probably quietly update the archive rather than dedicate posts to it.

No. 1670045

Very interesting cow indeed! Does he only post in discord? Does he have a DA or something so we can see some examples of his pure autismo?

No. 1670072

Most of the milk comes from his private server. but i suggest you look into his favorite on his furaffinity profile and/or his older twitter posts.

No. 1670092

there is nothing scrotish about investigating an artcow with weird opinions and fetishes, especially if hes kind of a creep, that anon sounds nuts
you don't need to feel obligated to post nonita, I did not mean to put any pressure onto you when I suggested him having his own thread

No. 1670134

I love classical autism. Very reminiscent of older cows like Pamperchu, Deeker, and that must era of badly done pencil furry art on obscure forums. Retvrn to real lolcows

No. 1670276

File: 1665235155433.jpg (292.03 KB, 1079x1076, Screenshot_20221008_091807.jpg)

good news, it seems like he is updating his DA again! i didn't realize it wasn't in the OP! have fun nonnies

No. 1670281

tysm for finding it nonnie, if there's gonna be a second thread on this cow ill link the deviant-art along with his other socials!

No. 1670285

Autists are low hanging fruit. How does this guy compare to Fiona? Give him a flip phone.

No. 1670301

could united koopas a woman ? cause I have ever seen a man into mpreg in my life

No. 1670306

his face reveal is in one of the personal cow thread posts >>1667259 , he's a man. he also talks about only being gay for cartoons here >>1669442

No. 1670336

kek very proud of his chestburster baby

No. 1670402

File: 1665251742132.jpg (472.34 KB, 1080x863, Screenshot_20221008_135349.jpg)

the way he keeps the ipad with the crying koopa face propped up while he eats kills me LMAO. he also does this thing where when he is upset with the koopas, he stops eating meat. not sure why.

No. 1670414

Didn't an anon say that he's "only gay for Koopa's?" Mayhe not eating meat is his way of saying his sex drive is temporarily gone for Koopas because they both are so sad. He goes through a period of "not rating meat" because how traumatized he is and Koopa is

No. 1670431

I'm gonna start doing this with different cartoon characters and see what feels right

No. 1670436

File: 1665253602767.jpeg (44.65 KB, 600x750, tinfoilcat.jpeg)

sorry for tinfoil, but since he ''only gay for koopas'', could this mean he's closeted or something? his family could have influenced it but who knows?

No. 1670472

File: 1665257153946.jpg (19.11 KB, 510x510, 1655388217012.jpg)

lmfao what is this

No. 1670478

I looked at the drive last night and there are a LOT of crying koopas, it was genuinely a little alarming lol. I hope this weirdo is okay

No. 1670491

I am glad he at least works and helps his parents instead of being a NEET

No. 1670542

Aww yeah you are right. I wonder if not even meat is religious or something? Like during a period of grief, he doesn't eat meat with the koopas. I'm trying to make sense of this

No. 1670623

File: 1665276068126.jpg (304.48 KB, 1080x885, Screenshot_20221008_203955.jpg)

he's leaving the internet for four days to process his grief over the mario movie

No. 1670636

Has anyone told him that at least it seems that some koopa are afraid of Bowser and will probably end up being good guys?

No. 1670639

I read the same into it. He's cleary sexually attracted to the male koopas but is probably too autistic to reconcile sexual attraction to other men.

No. 1670644

so his private server is for fans of his 'art'? how did some of you even find it kek. and how do people interact with him? do they yes man for shits and giggles or are they just as autistic and want to screw koopas too?

No. 1670671

i'm the only farmer with access to his discord, he sent an invite to all his followers before he left twitter the first time, sometimes i lurk but sometimes he contacts me directly with some crazy autism and i reply. most people in the server just lurk, but theres two cohorts of active users: other koopa coomers, and people he knows irl, that i think are from his special school for autists. posts from other users are actually really rare, the main poster is just himself.

No. 1670673

Maybe koopas are vegetarian? Maybe he does not eat meat when koopas are sad because he is honoring their ways?

No. 1670742

File: 1665289542873.jpg (134.25 KB, 880x880, 606ffb929491e__880.jpg)

its literal autism, I have known worked with autists who would place similar arbitrary restrictions on themselves when they felt they were depressed or things weren't going "right", such as an adult man who would only drink mountain dew(even though he claimed to hate the taste of dew), a woman who would some wear the same dirty crop top every day until she got the right score on whatever game she was playing, they don't like doing these things but they feel they have to place these restrictions on themselves for a certain time until things go right

No. 1670763

This fucking trailer, man. Blarms*1000

No. 1670792

this is so mysterious, i wish he could coherently explain his reasoning here

No. 1670951

yoshi eats koopas, duh

No. 1670979

File: 1665330546728.jpg (265.53 KB, 1069x2203, Screenshot_20221009_114719.jpg)

new deviation
this is the only normal art he has ever made i think kek

No. 1671121

This guy doesn't interest me at all but I didn't realize how much I missed "classic" artistic sperg cows. Keep on keepin on weird koopa man.

No. 1671921

to the cowtipper, you're a loser. hes shut down everything, and there will likely be no more milk.

No. 1672063

What a fucking faggot.

No. 1672064

This is so sad. I wish we didn't have people who ruin this stuff for everyone.

No. 1672072

File: 1665454463824.gif (1004.91 KB, 245x130, 1591766329353.gif)

No. 1672273

Making a thread on a literal tard is cowtipping because eventually someone will get him wrangled.

No. 1672322

his deviantart is still up? are you the original discord anon? is his server gone? he said he was taking a break til wednesday morning, just because his fur affinity is wiped does that really mean he is gone?

No. 1672345

File: 1665488931280.jpeg (488.85 KB, 828x1313, DDEE8B18-64C7-48E2-BE5C-F53B32…)

Some faggot tweeted him this thread and he made his Twitter private.

No. 1672362

what an asshole!!! i hope unitedkoopas is ok and will eventually post again. idk why someone had to ruin the fun especially when we like his art and postings and aren't even saying mean stuff or really making fun.

No. 1672363

Me too. I found UnitedKoopas and his work really unique and interesting.

No. 1672525

What the fuck? God dammit, I actually really liked this dude and thought his art was interesting. Whoever cowtipped is probably the same fucker who tipped Lucinda trying to make it something it's not

No. 1672635

Fuck that POS

No. 1672657

I…. Wut

No. 1672662

File: 1665511544132.jpeg (1.17 MB, 1590x1323, 7F0642CC-5AAE-412B-A078-1E8244…)

No. 1672665

I knew there shouldn't have been a thread, who was stupid enough to make it anyway? It was so interesting looking at his 'art' and ramblings about Mario and Koopa universe, it actually made me feel interested in Nintendo stuff myself. Meh.

No. 1672668

This sucks, poor dude is probably having a meltdown over his koopa mpreg coming to the harsh light of lolcor. Fuck that cowtipper.

No. 1672846

tbh i feel bad for the guy, sure he's kinda lulzy but he's clearly severely mentally retarded. probably should have kept it in the other thread tbh, fuck the cowtipper tho, it would have been best if he didn't know.

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