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No. 1685917

>writes an incredibly graphic fake child abuse/rape/human trafficking story, complete with a fake Hidden Wiki/Tor article screenshot listing off a bunch of non-existent videos of fucked up torture methods/murder
>makes a fake Facebook account for one of the "characters" in this story, using a picture of an entirely different person from Tumblr
>jokes about child rape/kidnapping, then complains that people shouldn't joke about murder
>pretends to commit suicide, but people point out his Facebook activity
>was believed to have actually died in 2021 due to an obituary

Guys…I don’t think he’s dead. Apologies if this has been addressed before!

I haven’t heard of this milk before so read through all 4 threads recently. Decided to have a lil snoop to see if he ACTUALLY died and…I’ll post the screenshots below.

Feel free to delete if this has been debunked already

Archives of past blogs:
http://archive.is/zlXSL(do not create tinfoil threads about deceased subjects)

No. 1685918

File: 1666855185236.png (Spoiler Image, 1.35 MB, 1284x2778, 0DB72E64-357A-402C-A9ED-2E5291…)

Okay so I wasn’t around for the original threads, I read them recently and finally got to the end of thread 4 with the obituary. Decided to go on a lil info dive and…huh.

Lmk if this has been debunked! Feel free to delete and bonk me over the head if I’m wrong

No. 1685919

File: 1666855238080.png (6.69 MB, 1284x2778, 7B5371CD-481B-4470-BF5D-BCAC17…)

Sorry about the spoiler image my bad

No. 1685920

File: 1666855259342.png (3.98 MB, 1284x2778, 7D3A73D0-E4C0-4EFF-81F6-1510D6…)

No. 1685921

File: 1666855356614.png (1.21 MB, 1284x2778, E1563D51-F20E-4C01-8AB5-4EB116…)

No. 1685923

File: 1666855443511.png (616.6 KB, 1284x2778, E969F7F7-AE9E-42F4-B89A-30876E…)

No. 1685932


No. 1685937

While it could be possible, until she gets back into her cow antics. I'd let her go to pasture.

No. 1685941

I reread all of the threads likes 3 weeks ago and had the theory that Soren got caught with CP material (im sure everyone agreed that he has definitely watched cp) and fakes his death on the internet while he goes to prison. the only thing that pointed to his death being real was his sisters heartfelt post on instagram

No. 1685942

sorry for calling her a he I can't help but see a little scrote when I look at her face

No. 1685986

Fuck yeah I love a good cow resurrection, I hope this is real. Haven't been this excited since some farmer found Erin posting on twatter after disappearing
I assume she's still online as all terminally online coombrains do, but under a completely seperate name and story.

No. 1686115

not to be a minimod but this thread is pointless, there's no evidence besides the depop thing, which has already been pointed out, and there's no recent milk. the point of a thread is to discuss milk, and as much as soren interests me, this cow has been bled dry.

No. 1686139

Not OP, but I do think it's still worth investigating. This is like how she got caught the last time.

No. 1686169

It's been a while since I last reread Soren's threads but what do people think? It's hard for me to believe that it is Soren, the way whoever is behind the account types sounds off, but then again who else would be using some supposedly dead heroin addict's depop account?

No. 1686205

she's just ugly anon. but it doesn't make her a male

No. 1686239

yeah, its not him. soren's body is buried next to his adoptive parents relatives in SD and his adoptive parents will never choose a tombstone for his grave because he was such a hassle they don't want to remember him and they're just glad it is all over now.

No. 1686241

Are you related to Soren or something? How do you know?

No. 1686247

i was connected to the family at one point. i occasionally lurk the threads to reconcile with how i was personally affected by soren's actions as a teen. and no, i don't have stories to share. it is unwise to choose to be vulnerable here and i carry a lot of hurt around those memories.

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