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File: 1668969193433.png (583.2 KB, 799x450, gigastacymegabecky.png)

No. 1704831

Caroline Ellison is a 28 year old Potterhead, mathlete, and Swiftie, with an unknown role in what could be the biggest crypto fraud the world has seen.

Social media archives: https://caroline.milkyeggs.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/carolinecapital

Caroline Ellison is the CEO of Alameda Research, a cryptocurrency trading firm founded by one of her many boyfriends, Sam Bankman-Fried. Sam also founded FTX, a cryptocurrency exchange once worth $32 billion that rivaled Binance, but filed for bankruptcy earlier this month. Sam used money from FTX customers to fund Alameda until both came crashing down once a balance sheet was leaked, plummeting the crypto market and leaving investors and customers out billions of dollars. Sam is currently hiding in the Bahamas and will soon be extradited for questioning. Caroline continues to decline to comment on these matters while more articles are being written about her by the hour.

Her tumblr (now deleted) and old tweets are resurfacing as journalists try to figure out Caroline’s role in the fraud. She often tags her blog posts “crypto social conservative blogging” and “not feminism go away” as she recounts her trad phase and partakes in “rattumblr” (Rational Thought Tumblr) while musing about genes and anthropology.

Journalists have put together that she lived with Sam and eight other employees who are all in a degenerate polycule together in a house in the Bahamas. Although Caroline has “come to decide the only acceptable style of poly is best characterized as something like ‘imperial Chinese harem,” FTX’s in-house sex therapist says the employees weren’t getting it on enough as they were “actually undersexed.” Caroline is a Stanford grad with two MIT professors as parents.

No. 1704844

File: 1668969734244.jpg (8.6 KB, 225x225, megabecky.jpg)

The Giga Stacey Mega Becky herself. Honestly, I don't think there's much milk to be had. There seems to be little evidence regarding a polycule. But the speculation about her is incredibly entertaining.

No. 1704849

> two MIT professors as parents.
that explains the uglyness

No. 1704852

It’s because she looks like a retarded 12 year old, basically an extremely awkward gawky prepubescent child, you would be horrified at how many scrotes find that sexy and arousing.

No. 1704857

>there should be vicious power struggles for the higher ranks
Kek. Ashkenazi schizophrenia is a hell of a drug.

No. 1704860

File: 1668970436086.jpeg (704.67 KB, 1242x1845, 50767D53-0F1F-4471-AEDF-E9B6A4…)

She talks like some of the anons on LC, she definitely browsed here lol.

No. 1704864

>rat tumbler
My sides kek. Also, what kind of elder millennial shit is this? "Muh rational thot" is so 2010.

No. 1704867

Anyone else get "this could have been me if I developed wrong" feelings over this one?

No. 1704868

This is just normal tumblr speak anon…
Does anyone know if she had any sideblogs? Those might be interesting to see

No. 1704870

File: 1668971323320.png (147.24 KB, 1738x618, Screenshot 2022-11-20 at 2.07.…)

>I didn’t get into this as a crypto true believer, and yeah it’s mostly scams and memes when you get down to it.

No. 1704883

File: 1668971925005.png (423.41 KB, 863x691, Screenshot_20221119-132137.png)

Screenshot from the archived Tumblr proving she knew her coworkers read her tmi blog. And she kept posting, so she probably liked knowing people analyzed her writing and judged her.
Maybe she would enjoy having a thread here.

No. 1704889

File: 1668972302901.png (313.4 KB, 1738x1356, Screenshot 2022-11-20 at 2.23.…)

I was only looking for the middle post, but the ones above and below it are lulzy. Someone should look into the person who preemptively archived her stuff. What did they know lmao

No. 1704893

I'm not surprised she went to Stanford. I've never met a Stanford grad worth shit. It's worse than any of the Ivies, even Brown

No. 1704898

can someone please explain what competence porn is so i don't have to google porn. please

No. 1704902

Does this embarrasing pickme have any active social media? I'd love to follow her for the cringe.

No. 1704904

More like "this used to be me when I was 15." It's embarrasing to see an adult stuck in their teenage edgy pickme phase. Ironically, she thinks she is oh-so-smart. Kek.

No. 1704911

Here's her twitter https://twitter.com/carolinecapital/
She's followed by Grimes lol

No. 1704915

Her sexual market value was $20 billion of stolen money so she's the giga stacy of all time, as only the depths of tumblr could've produced.

No. 1704929

File: 1668976082822.png (187.45 KB, 1754x790, Screenshot 2022-11-20 at 3.25.…)

>anon: Where do you go for relationship advice?
>Caroline: RedPillWomen

She has a lot of posts about the redpill, bluepill, puas, etc. She's the ultimate pick me.

No. 1704942

The fact that this girl and her harem were in charge with billions of dollars, that they were on the verge of having real political influence, is mind-boggling

No. 1704947

> FTX’s in-house sex therapist
stop the ride I want off
(good thread, anon, cryptobecky looks like she has potential if she keeps any public-facing socials)

No. 1704956

You can feel the shitty male influence rub-off on her posts good golly. She really types like someone who lives in a house with 8 cryptobros.

No. 1705008

File: 1668982548716.png (273.7 KB, 440x440, caroline-ellison-sultry-wood-n…)

>competence porn
>the thrill of watching talented people plan, banter, and work together to solve problems. It's not just "characters being good at a thing," particularly if that thing is fighting—otherwise the term would apply to virtually all fiction—but specifically about using cleverness and hard work.

here’s Caroline in her sultry wood nymph LARP

No. 1705015

File: 1668983116289.jpeg (401.62 KB, 864x694, Img_2022_11_20_14_18_44.jpeg)


>"Probably the most valuable thing you can do in college is find the coolest people you can and spend lots of time hanging out with them."

No. 1705016

Does anyone feel like she was set unfairly up and was made to be the fall girl? God I hate moids

No. 1705025

Oh for sure, and she had no idea they would do this because she harbors delusions about moids. This is every pickme's fate.

There was already another fall girl in crypto, tied to some other exchange that failed recently (don't remember which). She was a porn actress and appointed as a COO or something like that shortly before it went tits up, so you know exactly who the attention was on.

No. 1705029

No she was ugly as shit and you’re all living vicariously through her because you’re equally as sinfully hideous and painfully useless as her. This thread is the reason why people use crystal.cafe, critical thinking has jumped right out of the window. She eagerly joined in the scheme, not every woman is apart of some world-wide woman hating plot to take her down and the man gets out unscathed, they’re equally being torn apart for their stealing (as these people always do). You are all ugly busted ass bitches and it has to be said. Shit thread OP

No. 1705032

sorry for your loss, have fun staying poor, etc

No. 1705034

>This thread is the reason why people use crystal.cafe
Kek, go back.

No. 1705037

Go take a shower stink, you four-eyed bitch

See you guys when this website is being updated again kek

No. 1705039

>>1704893 is there even a good one?
occult brotherhood weirdos

No. 1705041

Go jelq, mew and dilate first. Also don't worry about those frozen withdrawals, this will never happen to your exchange. :^)(:^))

No. 1705046

Absolutely. This was me at age 15 when I was terrified of not being picked. Both her and Grimes (and Ayn Rand, the OG uggo pick-me) have this 'identifying with/favoring the male perspective'-complex, and I think it's rooted in a hatred for/envy of other women rather than a genuine love for men. Maybe it's an attempt to avoid being treated "like a woman" or being cruelly discarded by men. Regardless of why you'd gravitate to an ideology that endorses your gender's innate inferiority, it looks more like a compensation for everything you feel like you're lacking as a woman than an actual, coherent belief system

No. 1705051

She has major Aimee Terese vibes too.

No. 1705054

File: 1668986238246.jpg (613.54 KB, 2400x3195, 20221120_151050-COLLAGE.jpg)

She won some math competitions with her MIT dad as the coach for her team for multiple years. She's always looked like a frizzy middle-schooler.


No. 1705068

You just don't get it, anon. Obviously, even the slightest mention of a moid means the woman was innocent all along. Everything is a conspiracy. Moids.
(True story that as this kind of autism has increased, more and more oldfags disappeared.)

No. 1705080

t. samefagging moid from reddit

No. 1705137

I'm aware that this is kind of a scrote thing to say but I'm morbidly fascinated with the alleged sex tape of her people are talking about. It's supposed to be drug fueled sex with the curly hair guy who threw her under the bus and they're both so ugly that I kind of want to see it in a "wow this is fucked up" kind of way

No. 1705158

Fucking hilarious and more proof that grimes is a weird red pilled conservative NLOG bitch

I don’t really understand the people saying she looks like a kid? She looks like a grandma to me with these crows feet and DEEP ass marionette lines

No. 1705225

She doesn't look like a kid - she's just extremely ugly to the point of looking like a down syndrome christmas elf or something. Grandma vibes for sure.

No. 1705245

she looks like a young child and an elderly woman at the same time and i am fascinated by it.

No. 1705273

File: 1669000759690.jpg (104.75 KB, 869x852, Fj1d4CK.jpg)

This is allegedly her dating app profile for the poly thing
>Maybe she would enjoy having a thread her
she would, she is so unabashedly degen. she is like every stereotype people have about tumblr put into one person.

No. 1705281

File: 1669001561887.jpeg (26.88 KB, 554x554, images (2).jpeg)

These vibes

No. 1705283

5’8 and curvy..

No. 1705291

Yes, but only by current huge liberal media a la New York Times. They love sucking Sam’s dick and painting him as a poor innocent kind baby who was screwed over by other crypto men, while she’s portrayed in a more neutral or negative light. He and Caroline are equally as disgusting and complicit, but the mainstream media isn’t showing that, and people who are less caught up are just going to buy into that.

Also, angry moids and trannies on the internet love fixating on her more than Sam because she’s an ugly woman and they can take out their misogyny on her. She absolutely wasn’t set up or manipulated though, she knew what she was doing.

No. 1705294

i just got here but that profile text doesn't read anything like her tumblr posts, plus the emojis and caps.

No. 1705321

I've heard this is photoshop and she never had a dating profile.

No. 1705322

Like some moid on 4chan photoshopped her head onto an already existing image.

No. 1705337

File: 1669007988910.png (430.96 KB, 633x429, Screenshot_20221120-211630.png)

Disgusting, she LIKED Lore Olympus… the crossover to so many other lc threads continues (the poly, leftcows , and now webtoons thread.

No. 1705364

Is this the Lolcow Meetup 2022?

No. 1705365

Good on you for illustrating her point

No. 1705366

File: 1669014012968.png (11.54 KB, 262x193, 36890E05-8296-49AA-A8DE-4C3CBB…)

Lmao, they’re riddled with schizophrenia due to inbreeding.
Not to sound like a polcel, but they had access to that much money and influence because they’re all Jews, nona. That also explains why they’re all so hideous too.(racebait)

No. 1705369

This is so fascinating to me as someone who is also recognizably (part) Jewish. Does she have any opinions regarding TRP being a subsect of right-wing traditionalism and heavily associated with white fail males who blame da joos for everything? Maybe it’s part of her weird kinks or something but I can guarantee she is not getting spared if something like January 6th was to happen again and the “day of the rope” came.

No. 1705372

Oh shut the fuck up and get out, lolcow is not your personal neo nazi sperg diary.

No. 1705377


No. 1705386

Go on nonnie, keep feeding into it.

No. 1705471

No problem tranny, happy to help.

No. 1705587

How does someone so ugly have confidence so high? Is it fake it till you make it?

No. 1705696

File: 1669054576902.png (474.75 KB, 864x1701, Screenshot_20221120-213102.png)

She wrote love poems/songs and was deeply obsessed with Taylor Swift's music, so I'm not sure if she was just projecting a lot of confidence while being a sad nerdy girl

No. 1705739

i am morbidly curious about how her parents look. Like, she's really, really hideous both inside and outside.

No. 1705745

>with 10 Boyfriends
Are other members of the polycule identified besides Caroline Ellison and Sam Bankman-Fried? Curious if it was really just her with a ton if men or if other women were part of it.

No. 1705752

Why? Should ugly women just lay down and rot? Most successful moids are ugly as hell, leave ugly women alone bitch.

No. 1705761

Leaking revenge porn is a brilliant idea. Probably will drive her to suicide while the main scumbag (the moid) remains unscathed.

No. 1705765

selfloathing people always want everyone else to be as miserable as them
anyway some insight into FTX's business model, they both went to MIT just to do this kek. ignore the moid scapegoating caroline.

No. 1705770

does she have the tism? she speaks so weirdly

No. 1705772

She talks like the muh rationality nerds. I've never seen anyone here talking like that

>appoint woman to executive role
>right before the fall
>this is why we never put women in charge
Pickmes never prosper, but we really need to make them stop dragging us down with them

No. 1705787

You can find her dad pretty easily, he’s regular ugly but not deformed ugly like she is.

She’s competent in other areas and has rich parents. Her looks aren’t the end of the world for her.

No. 1705788

she should have used her wealth for plastic surgery

No. 1705790

This chick looks like if Moaning Myrtle had Fetal alcohol syndrome

No. 1705798

I'm sorry, can we touch on the HSV positive part on her dating profile? Like… Good on her for being upfront about her herpes, but I just know her moid gave it to their whole gross polycule.

apparently there's a whole ass dating community for herpes havers that wanna fuck each other raw kek

Yet another potentially milky/interesting snow thread devolved into retard reeing about men stop revolving your lives and these threads around doctors positive and negative I'm not one to comment on infighting but god damn shut the fuck up take it to ot

No. 1705815

The dating profile is obviously shooped, you're retarded sorry nonna

No. 1705823

Because most women I know (who are average looking or even beautiful/cute) have low self confidence and would never behave like this. So it boggles the mind when an ugly person acts this way.

>Most successful moids are ugly as hell,

I am not disagreeing lol.

No. 1705856

File: 1669061631808.jpg (8.22 KB, 400x267, 0x0.jpg)

>Pickme cow thread has moid sperging
Wow, who could have foreseen this?
Found who it was: Jessica Khater and Celsius network (which collapsed spectacularly). Don't believe she was hired right before the fall, but definitely when Celsius already knew they were insolvent (per recent audit/bankruptcy findings).

>Head of institutional lending at Celsius Network, Jessica Khater manages a book of $300 million in bitcoin assets that have resulted in $2.2 billion in loans.

No. 1705997

people whingeing about anons finding it audacious that she speaks about herself as if she is some kind of gigastacy, I don't really see why we shouldn't call a spade a spade. she's really very unattractive, that's not in itself inherently a bad thing. but would you not find it embarrassing and cow-esque if someone who couldn't sing in tune went around publicly calling themselves incredibly talented and claiming that they're going to become a broadway star? kek, imo it's the same level of delusion

No. 1706007

Honestly her behavior isn't even that original and outlandish by cow metrics. Gimpgirl and Aimee Terese famously have the same vibes. Come to think of it, she's like a mix of the two in terms of both looks and ideology.

No. 1706011

File: 1669069179447.png (1.55 MB, 1100x1180, Maz_Kanata_VD.png)

I've seen her movie

No. 1706039

File: 1669071070778.jpeg (306.53 KB, 1720x1143, tony-blair-bill-clinton-crypto…)

that fact that all these FTX people talking up their company were showing up to huge financial formal events poorly dressed, unshowered and greasy looking but still getting people on board is hilarious even worse that they were all poly and fucking eachother

No. 1706042

File: 1669071337884.png (25.61 KB, 531x275, unhinged.png)

samefag but there's a shit tonne of evidence about them all being poly, she regularly posted about it on her tumblr

No. 1706060

You're mid

No. 1706067

She is a gigastacy. She's a mathematician, crypto billionaire CEO and has 10 boyfriends. Who cares if she's ugly.

No. 1706068

I see, but this doesn’t necessarily mean it was with the Alameda guys.

In other news, she has a Wikipedia now

No. 1706092

based (would be unfathomably based if she bought herself a Jordan Barrett type trophy dick)

No. 1706133

She is everything Isabella Janke wants to be.

No. 1706136

Agreed. The constant ragging on her looks would make me uncomfortable otherwise but her literal NRx fascist opinions kinda negate that lol

No. 1706137

I think my favorite part of this thread is Caroline/one of her moids/some cryptofag calling us all jealous because we can’t be a herpes riddled broke and awkward moleperson. You’re right, I would give everything in my life to be this ultrabased gigabecky who had 10 useless and ugly boyfriends and a face so bad it could kill a baby in the NICU. Gottem.

No. 1706144

Upenn grads are the chillest ime(sage)

No. 1706152

My other favorite part of this thread is some triggered coincel screeching that we are all "identifying with her because we're ugly" in a spectacular display of moid projection, as if literally all of them aren't worshiping eldritch fuggos like SBF and Vitalik while fantasizing about their shitcoins mooning (for the sole purpose of buying their way out of being subhuman, as you may have guessed).

No. 1706161

this woman was the ultimate pickme and still never got picked. Being in a polycule sex cult isn’t being picked, it’s being used. The only thing to be even marginally jealous of is the fact that she, at one point, could have made massive amounts of money but she was too dumb to keep it and it’s clear she never would have done anything cool/fun with it anyways. Very jealous of her.

No. 1706165

I've enjoyed working with Princeton and Duke grads the most personally

No. 1706166

NYU grads for me. They’re desperate to prove themselves and they always have coke.

No. 1706172

NYU grads are pretty stupid imo unless you're talking about Stern. Just not a very rigorous school

No. 1706186

lol especially since whenever a nonna forgets to cover up her pfp in a screenshot on the site shes always cute af.

No. 1706197

stacey site fr

No. 1706225

>giga stacey

So that's it, huh. We've finished transforming into just another shitty chan.

No. 1706230

Newfag pls, you're embarrassing yourself

No. 1706254

i predict her being pete davidson's next high profile gf

No. 1706255

Oh me oh my, I've seen farmers in the wild and they're usually just young ladies who are either normal looking or pretty or don't post themselves.

No. 1706265


No. 1706289

That's the consensus on your condition, yes.

No. 1706386

File: 1669091737196.png (114.12 KB, 610x370, Screenshot_20221121-184008~2.p…)

Stop with the infighting, she's funny because she's an oversharer with bad taste who is incredibly insecure and keeps posting on main about how horny, sad, lonely, and QuIirKy she is. She posts so much incriminating stuff, especially now that her crypto scheme has exploded. She wanted this life, her blog is an open book of a Bay Area tech rat living her little larp fantasy as an influential girlboss

No. 1706393

>I want guys to think I'm attractive
kek I saw some Facebook comments calling her hot, she looks like she has Progeria but moids will fuck anything.

No. 1706399

File: 1669093684822.png (426.25 KB, 624x755, Screenshot_20221121-210207.png)

It's called Berkeley goggles when people in Berkeley California slowly become more interested in less attractive people. Maybe it's a college thing in general with lowering standards.

No. 1706405

The fact that I JUST know she stopped using tumblr around the porn ban kek

No. 1706416

Her and her boyfriend are probably the most jewish people who have ever jewed.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1706426

Girl, where? No one, not even in your “polycule” has even the slightest hint of that “aesthetic”. Where is that coming from??

No. 1706437

Are there any pictures of what her bfs look like?

No. 1706450

I can't stop staring at her massive forehead. Her entire head is shaped like an egg lol

No. 1706458

and you're underage kek

No. 1706478

I'm pretty sure it's a play on 'American Gothic'

No. 1706498

She looks like the old man from the six flags commercials

No. 1706533

The guy attended an important online meeting with investors playing LoL the entire time and apparently this made them want to invest more. Can you imagine a woman getting away with that?

No. 1706562

>Giga Stacey
yeah, no

No. 1706621

sounds like a terrible zoomer Office Space reboot

No. 1706624

I need to read up on this “effective altruism” she and Sam are on about. I’m sure it’s closely related to stealing billions of dollars.

No. 1706632

Dashcon 2022 is in the Bahamas, baby

No. 1706635

part of the grift. these boomers they ripped off are old enough to know about Steve and Woz and various other 70s/80s (tech nerds who made actual things of value lol) they thought they were buying Apple stock in 1979 with this scam.

No. 1706636

File: 1669125531142.png (1.5 MB, 1315x879, 7F0AE4A3-1550-49CE-A640-1E4D03…)

No. 1706685

>No you
Nice reply dummy

No. 1706820

You're welcome, don't forget your meds
The amount of people ITT who take the giga stacy posting seriously and find it upsetting worries me

No. 1706972

Anyways, she could never match the actual queen gigastacy of scamming retarded cryptobeards:


No. 1706984

File: 1669158917432.jpeg (326.46 KB, 774x819, Img_2022_11_20_15_20_31.jpeg)


The Scamvengers
Elizabeth Holmes recruits a team of elite scammers who are sticking it to the patriarchy like total girlbosses! Inexperienced Caroline desperately wants to be noticed by Elizabeth, but realizes her true friend was
Ruja who was coaching her this whole time by sending her thought-provoking questions to Tumblr inbox!

No. 1707024

it kills me that her sister (green shirt in >>1705054) looks dorky but normal. caroline really lost the genetic lottery

No. 1707076

File: 1669165680461.png (88.7 KB, 235x276, 1615233619239.png)

my sides

No. 1707092

You too, schizo

No. 1707114

How is this chick apparently rich and yet she dresses like a mop-headed middle schooler from a Judy Bloom novel in 2005? It's not even so much that she has a 'young' sense of style, moreso that she has none at all. Doesn't even brush her hair. It's reminiscent of a dorky kid at soccer camp. Even moids start to style themselves a bit when they get into their 20s. I guess she's pretty much the female equivalent of this >>1706039 scrote though.

>he attended an important online meeting with investors playing LoL the entire time and apparently this made them want to invest more

kek of course it did. It's no coincidence that 90% of cranks, frauds and charlatans are men. They deserve to rip each other off and pull each other down. It's punishment for their own misplaced hubris. The emperor wears no clothes, but god forbid they listen when a woman tells them that.

No. 1707181

Most of their wealth was in assets, not actual money. That being said, i wish that this thread was dedicated to the whole ftx circus crew and not just Caroline. She is just a small piece of the cringe.

No. 1707196

File: 1669179633900.png (764.16 KB, 1024x590, Sam-Bankman-Fried-1024x590.png)

Tried to find milk on the rest of the clowns and found a milk-named website that covered some of the shenanigans. There's a lot to dig into, but I don't know if the other cryptocucks analyzed Taylor Swift albums, larpred, and obsessed over trad identity while pretending to be poly (I still don't see it confirmed anywhere if she was really poly or just wanted to be edgy).
Article here:

No. 1707203

>red and black hoodie with a bright pink skirt
>frumpy granny dress with gaudy necklace
>some variation of 'x with jeans'
It's like an AI switching between having the fashion preferences of a troon and gigabecky, only without the NASA sweatshirt.

No. 1707204

That's how most generals usually start. Ellison is just the hook for the whole FTX scene. It remains to be seen if the rest are milky enough to sustain a general status.

No. 1707268

meant for you >>1706820

No. 1707630

I don't think she was "poly", I think she was just being used for sex by multiple guys, and the "poly" thing is a cope she came up with to make it seem "empowering and cool" rather than pathetic.

Then again, that's what all poly couples are lol.

No. 1707699

File: 1669235135655.png (100.27 KB, 1010x718, Screenshot 2022-11-23 at 2.53.…)

Very in line with this tumblr post of hers. I'm guessing Roissy is the author of all these blog posts she linked. The one called "Women Are More Comfortable Sharing a Lover" is about men naturally wanting multiple women at once, and how "Women have a natural instinct to sort into concubinage under a sole alpha male."

"The Hazards of Long Term Relationships" is a kinda the same, and includes a list of why LTRs are doomed. Here are some quotes:
>LTRs will make you and her fat and lazy…As the man, you have to lead in this department. If you let yourself go, physically and mentally, she will either follow suit or she will lap you around the race track, in preparation for the day, coming soon, when she cheats on you or leaves you for the man worthy of her 0.7 waist-hip ratio and 21 BMI.
>LTRs are monogamous…There is no doubt that men are programmed down to the cilia in their cells to desire sex with a multiplicity of attractive, fertile women. Variety is the spice of life, spread the seed, hogamus higamus etc. Some men have stronger urges to variety than other men, but in all men it is there in lesser or greater degree. The LTR, filled with the bounty of love, nevertheless thwarts a man’s genetic script to seed the wombs of many seed-able women.
>You can also try your hand at an open relationship, wherein your lover knows you seek novel pussy on the side and you, presumably, allow her to do the same with novel cock. But realistically, most men will not be able to abide a lover’s infidelity, no matter how contractually agreed upon. The thought alone of a girlfriend or wife fucking another man, however many mistresses that man himself may indulge, will drive him to a fever. Men by nature and given a free choice would collect concubines and prefer those lovers guarded by eunuchs, not by virile male competitors.

"The Perfect Woman" is a list of what a perfect woman is, even though she can give birth, fart, and shit (he says his perfect woman would not do those things but he'll settle since it's not possible)
>The perfect woman is not a status whore.
>The perfect woman doesn’t flake. Yes, this is a girly trait and a symptom of over-estrogenation, but it’s one of their blatant weaknesses, and should not be encouraged.
>The perfect woman embraces our polarity. She loves being a girl and loves surrendering to my manly will.
>The perfect woman respects and loves the desires of men. She admires men for their purity. This means she stays the fuck in shape. That is one critical way a woman demonstrates her love for a man. Unconditional love is the heartbeat of poetry but it’s a great false god in the grimy world we inhabit. Love me, love my needs, and you will get the same treatment in return.

Maybe this was during her trad phase, but she posted it in 2018.

No. 1707704

samefag but here are the links to "emotionally moving" writings. I really encourage you to look through them to get an insight into our Becky's brain. They've been deleted but are on archvie today.

Game is Pushing Me Away From Love: https://archive.ph/ahEVF
The Hazards Of Long Term Relationships: https://archive.ph/JcJrt#selection-159.0-159.38
Women Are More Comfortable Sharing A Lover: https://archive.ph/WYMRI
The Perfect Woman: https://archive.ph/bpK0R
Love: https://archive.ph/anOdy

No. 1707775

Why is no one pointing out how obviously autistic this girl is? The only woman I know like her is my autistic best friend who is hilarious but also overly self confident with no social awareness of how people perceive her. Even narcissists that I know have more self awareness than autists kek. And she has a math degree? Autist confirmed.

No. 1707839

I think it goes without saying she is an autist.

I watched this video that goes into how just how disastrous ftx was.
>never had any board meetings, all decisions were made on group chats that disappeared over time
>no records of finances nor did any one know how much assets they have at any given time. The new ceo is still trying to figure it out.
>company funds used to fund personal real estate
>Nobody knew how much employees there were and hr matters pertaining to incorrect pay and such were dealt with via a chat bot. Again, no records of anything.
>said employees moved around between all the various companies with no records where they were at any given time.

Apparently they are all still roaming free and Caroline may has fled the Bahamas to a Dubai where she can't be extradited. I don't think we will get much milk from them until they get arrested.

No. 1707848

File: 1669244016683.jpg (200.19 KB, 1668x1602, FiOdpEBacAAXC2K.jpg)

>Caroline may has fled the Bahamas to a Dubai where she can't be extradited

this gave me an aneurysm but i know what you're saying lol. Apparently it's a trend

No. 1707852

kek I imagine she went to Dubai because she thinks her contacts through crypto will shelter her because she’s just so amazing and special and a girl. I wonder when she’ll figure out that there’s nothing really remarkable about her, she was just the only woman any of these unfuckable cryptovirgins could access and that inflated her ego.

No. 1707884

Lmao, sorry. I am very impatient and neglected ensuring i wrote something coherent.

Oh for sure. She is very smug giving up so much incriminating information in her little interviews. She clearly never thought she would get caught. Prison would not bode well for her when she realised her possible attempts at seducing the guards would be met with repulsion.

No. 1707896

>Game is Pushing Me Away From Love
some turbo autist's adventures in being the corniest motherfucker alive, goes through his "pickup strategy" in greentext:
>indirect opener, usually situational
>if cockblock was present, one neg to cb asking if her friend is “always this way”
>if cockblock wasn’t present, one neg directly to target about her “hair color being totally in style right now”
>initiated kino sequence by laying my hand on her forearm, then later hand on her shoulder, then later still hand on her thigh
>one dance twirl (her, not me)
>one anchor (“hey could you watch my hat/scarf/pickup prop for me for a sec?”)
>one DHV story about my time hiking a volcanic island
>one to two venue change “bounces”, where i would simulate the experience of being on multiple dates by compressing it into two hours, making her feel she had spent more time with me than she actually did
>two questions qualifying her, usually “cute chicks are a dime a dozen, what else do you have going for you?” or “are you low, medium or high maintenance?”
>two rapport building routines (either the love test or the cube)
>one age guessing game (her: how old are you?” me: “guess” her: [whatever answer] me: “perfect!” or “i don’t think you’re fun enough/mature enough for me”)
>one vulnerability story (involves getting beat up by a bully i was trying to stop from beating up a nerdy schoolmate)
>one major kino escalation (usually hand behind her neck)
>kiss (i just go for it. no prepping) and/or number close
same night lay if propitious
Well ladies, are you wet yet?

No. 1707944

>Purity of men

top kek

No. 1707967

Wew, that's a lot of sad cope and blatant self deception of a failed, bitter, aging PUA. I can see how an autistic girl could find that oddly adorable, in a "dying retarded animal" way.

The moid almost says the quiet part out loud: it's more important for a male to prevent women's polygamy than to practice their own. Open relationships are inadvisable for them - not just because of their core cuck anxiety, but because this mode of engagement quickly demonstrates who's the one with actual value in the relationship - as he glazed over in his cuck outburst about "leaving for someone more worthy of her waist to hip ratio". Men don't win open relationships, and something tells me this alpha stud has already tried them in a past fit of bravado over his own desirability, with a lot of testerical sobbing, jelqing and mewing as a result.

Of course this is followed by an equally sad "safety" fantasy about the exact kind of woman he wouldn't be interested in under any circumstances, peppered with some sort of reassurance about how he'd "surely return the favor" if she treated him nice. The opener in that infantile list of needs and wants is of course an outburst against the exact kind of woman he actually wants, would simp for and could never bag - a "status whore".

All this cope and your dick is still shaped like a cum shovel - an immortal monument to your nature as a cuck, etched in your your flesh by evolution itself. Suicide fuel.

No. 1708121

Some anons here said a lot of tradthots are autistic which is why they fall for "redpillwomen" and stuff like that. Seems to check out in this case.

No. 1708579

Because it's so obvious. All you need to do is look at her potato face and you an tell she has a 'tism. Reading even a single tumblr post she ever wrote is a confirmation if you still need any. lol.

No. 1708584

‘HSV positive’ what a fucking skank(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1708662

ngl I cackled anon

No. 1708673

Smells like malding and phimosis in here

No. 1708688

File: 1669320340693.jpg (74.18 KB, 728x900, utudzyabgw1a1[1].jpg)

Thank you anon for starting this thread. I propose this thread be a place to talk about all crypto cows and not just Caroline. Men involved in crypto are the biggest pedo MGTOW misogynist types. Women, as we can see from Caroline, are the biggest pickmes. Here is one woman's experience with crypto bros https://medium.com/@ariannasimpson/this-is-what-its-like-to-be-a-woman-at-a-bitcoin-meetup-b07f3bb6ab5b

No. 1708710

File: 1669321977949.webm (1.76 MB, 270x480, yt5s.io-FTX sam bankman fried …)

Agree. Sam is just one flavor of the cryptobro, and there is basically endless milk with failsons entering the space and crossing over with PUA and manosphere cows on podcasts.

No. 1708733

I am so not surprised the Bitcoin scene is like that. I'm not really involved with it but was in some "cutting edge" geeky scenes circa the turn of the century and it is much the same. Grandiose scrotes with messianic expectations about technology and that grows the ego that they think it makes them alpha and they can treat women any kind of way. I think most well-adjusted women can smell it a mile a way but it is also strong bait for pickmes and gold diggers willing to put up with the bullshit.

No. 1708737

File: 1669324344256.png (134.6 KB, 704x566, Screenshot 2022-11-24 16.11.21…)

samefag but lol

No. 1708738

I spent some time around rationalist tumblr especially around 2014. My main mutual was this pc-98 loving web who would wax about civilizational downfalls. I left when I outed myself as black to the wrong person. Glad I'm more normal now.

No. 1708742

Same but for me it was Linux/open source tech scenes and then /pol/-adjacent rightwingery for a bit, it became really apparent to me pretty quickly what those people were about when it comes to women. Intelligence and a certain type of thinking outside the box is great, that's the quality of an entrepeneur or political leader, but none of thse losers are that, Friedman seems like he was just connected at the right time. I don't know what to think about him being with Crytobecky in a weird poly sex cult rather than picking a 10/10 Stacey who just tolerated him but was gold-digging his money, but both of them feel like they betray a fucked up idea towards women.

No. 1708750

damn I wish I could swim around in that

No. 1708756

Is there a Stacey/Becky edit with her and Elizabeth Holmes?

No. 1708767

I can't stand rich people who try to act like they're so frugal. Fuck off early life sectioner. You were born to rich people you just scammed your way up

No. 1708784

Um. Slay?

No. 1708801

She’s 28 years old? Does she have that disease that the one kid from the middle has? Because why the fuck does she look 11

No. 1708810

this is fake

No. 1708817

File: 1669331068784.png (97.46 KB, 1270x418, Screenshot 2022-11-24 at 5.56.…)

It's confirmed she's gotten lawyers. I can't wait to watch how this plays out lol.


No. 1708821

File: 1669331156115.png (202.46 KB, 1434x846, Screenshot 2022-11-24 at 6.04.…)

samefag but I'd love to be in the room when this went down

No. 1708836


No. 1708864

Crypto conventions routinely have to HIRE women to go there, and it's usually under false pretenses (one ad was basically for something like "female extras" or "booth babes" but in reality it turned out to be something akin to being a hostess in a Japanese night club, with some HUGE escorting pressure). The normie chicks who got hired to do that were shook and bailed IIRC.

>mfw you can't even get women to pretend to be your gf by paying them so you have to pay AND lie

Cryptocel moment

No. 1708882

I'm an ancientfag and have been milking cryptocows since before MtGox, can confirm. I'll even go as far as saying that this is the sole purpose behind cryptofaggotry.

You see, at it's core crypto was intended to be deflationary to own the gubmint and inflation, also untraceable to collect drugs and CP (yes, crypto retards actually believe that something that stores all transactions for everyone to see is untraceable). Basically the target audience for crypto was originally something akin to a virgin pedo retard ancap prepper goldbug, but make it techie. Instead of buying fake gold on Fox News, they mined/bought solved sudoku puzzles.

What drives these types the most? Back in the day, before being either a leftoid discord mod or a tradcel e-daddy paypig was the online meta, every subhuman incel was an anarcho-capitalist or a classical liberal. And what drives ancaps and other such scum? Mostly rapture fantasies in which the gubmint falls and everyone comes crawling to them because their paper money is now worthless, and the ancap in question is now lording over everyone because he's the only one with gold and canned food. Average "the incels shall inherit the earth" cope. The biggest reward they expect is, of course, access to women who previously rejected them. The incel is salivating and drowning in fetid nocturnal emissions simultaneously as he imagines Stacy offering him all her holes for an MRE or a can of beans.

A cryptocel is just this, except instead of betting on food, guns and (as useless as it is) gold, he's betting on fucking lines of code that don't even work without electricity. Sage for ultra sperg.

No. 1708887

File: 1669335056594.jpg (22.87 KB, 412x274, 7459383486.jpg)

This was actually really informative anon. I am thankful for you this Thanksgiving

No. 1708929

Whadya say anon, can we come up with a list of cryptocows to talk about for the next thread?
Here are my suggestions off the top of my head:
>Caroline and Sam of course
>Razzlekhan - Cringe self described "Versace Bedouin and crocodile of Wall Street. With her husband stole over a billion from a crypto exchange but got caught.
>Cathy Wood - Big bitcoin promoter and sociopath. Runs the failing ARK funds that invest in bitcoin and a lot of other speculative tech.
>Elon Musk - Already a thread about him
>Michael Saylor - Former CEO of Microstrategy, invested a huge amount of his company's money in Bitcoin. Very milky history.
>Patrick Byrne - CEO of Overstock and invested a lot of company money in Bitcoin, very milky
>Nayib Bukele - President of El Salvador that invests his country's money in Bitcoin with his smartphone, lost 70 million so far.
>CZ - head of Binance
>Tether, Bitfinex, and the people running it - blatantly hatching coins out of thin air and propping up bitcoin.
>Mark Karpeles - Fatso that ran Mt Gox
>Gonzague Gay Bouchery - Mark's right hand man with a funny name
>Roger Ver - Funny video of him attesting to Mt Gox
>Brock Pierce
>Fake Satoshi Nakamoto - Middle aged Japanese man that tricked cryptobros into believing he was the real Satoshi Nakamoto so that he could get a free lunch.
>Scrotes at reddit group r_bitcoin

No. 1708986

>Maren Altman, the self-professed "Crypto Astrologer"
>Peter Thiel
>Bored Ape & co.
>The NFT community in general
>The Web3/Etherereum-Blockchain community and its associated subreddits
>r/dogecoin is occasionally full of cope too
>that one QuadrigaCX guy who presumably faked his own death and scammed hundreds of millions of dollors by imploding his exchange
>Bitconnect (Ancient milk from many years ago but it was fucking funny)

No. 1709010

the red pill/mgtow community has a lot of overlap with the cryptobro community and i think that there's cows to be found there

No. 1709030

File: 1669342760934.jpg (78.49 KB, 1000x750, 1Mc5ZjtGpB6rcHbjciFiWoUwO3U1IK…)

Vitalik Buterin from Ethereum- undead pedo apologist ghoul, thinks "simple possession of CP is harmless".

No. 1709054

> told them she was sorry
Fuck I hate zoomers
Based post, anon, I was not there but I was in another weird scene with messianc expectations and scrotes are all the same.
good work nonnie this could be fun

No. 1709060


No. 1709068

She’s a millenial, not a zoomer. Both Sam and Caroline

No. 1709142

Here is Razzlekhan's video. Real Name Heather Rhiannon Morgan but she goes by Heather Reyhan Morgan because she larps as a turk. She was released on $3 Million bail and there is pre-trial negotiations going on right now. Claims to be an economist and wrote opinion pieces for the Financial Times.

No. 1709165

File: 1669360364227.jpeg (697.8 KB, 864x1150, Img_2022_11_24_23_12_03.jpeg)

Thank you for reminding me of her! Another bizarre story, I remember her rap songs were terrible, she wore 'space pimp' clothes and a fanny pack, and something about having one long 'razzle nail' on her pinky (going to the nail salon to get only that nail manicured, then when it fell off keeping it in a case with all the other razzle nails). Collage of her signature pose.

No. 1709297

That’s so fucked I hate to call people retards but anyone that had money in this ftx shit lost an average of $3k

What the fuck

No. 1709303

>Nayib Bukele - President of El Salvador that invests his country's money in Bitcoin with his smartphone, lost 70 million so far.
How have the people in El Salvador reacted to this? Don’t they usually hang people in power after they fuck up or am I thinking of another country?

No. 1709363

Some awkward Thanksgiving dinners this year

No. 1709426

Holy fuck lmao. Did this make big news and I just didn't hear about it?

No. 1709518

They started burning down Bitcoin ATMs when Bukele first made Bitcoin legal tender. My understanding is that there are frequent protests against him not just for crypto. You can track his trading and losses here: https://nayibtracker.com/
Yeah, they talked about her in the mainstream media at the time. When she was arrested, she told the cops she had to grab her cat from her room but then went for her phone to try to disable it. https://www.businessinsider.com/heather-morgan-locked-phone-police-bitfinex-prosecutors-2022-2

No. 1710022

File: 1669425441889.jpg (111.08 KB, 640x930, FhL2VU9WYAIfE_C.jpg)

No. 1710303

Who's gonna play Caroline when the docuseries comes out? I say Joey King

No. 1710311

she might be a bit too old now but kate micucci would be perfect

No. 1710403

I don’t think anyone is attracted to this girl enough to waste their energy writing a series about her

No. 1710597

They'd definitely be interested in their whole autistic cryptobro polycule Bonnie and Clyde situation going on. But only after more information comes out.

No. 1710687

He probably should've read some books about criminals and mafia. Some of those guys take exception to people stealing their money.

No. 1710836

Why are you guys picking conventionally attractive women? It's Maisie Williams or the whole thing is worthless lol

No. 1710880

days later and this post is still living rent free in my mind

No. 1711046

No. 1711049

It'd be really funny if for no explicable reason, she was played by a guy.

No. 1711088

File: 1669515358030.png (927.85 KB, 766x652, Screen Shot 2022-11-26 at 10.1…)

the obvious choice

No. 1711659

No. 1711833


>She’s a millenial, not a zoomer.

Millennials love whining about zoomers. Guess pointlessly hating on boomers got passe.

No. 1711979

boomers don't constantly steal your motorbike

No. 1712149

Its standard for generations to hate on previous gens for ruining things for them and younger gens for being idiots

No. 1713388

joey king is definitely not conventionally attractive even when she's well made up and styled. make her frumpy and frizzy and unmade up and she'd be a solid uggo

No. 1714084

Brand new interview with Sam Bankman-Fried. He admits that he gave just as much money to Republicans but he gave the it under the table so that Libs wouldn't hate him. He was the second biggest donor to Democrats.

No. 1714220

He is such a fucking idiot. I hope the journalist who was talking to managed to wrangle more information about his retarded polycule out of him, although i doubt she cares. If he was smart he would drop more deets about it so the anons here can eat and it's literally the perfect distraction.

No. 1714663

She looks absolutely identical to someone I know, a sheltered christian girl who was an unwanted child and ended up drawing yaoi of the guy that dumped her for a guy. Except this one was in a polycule with guys.

No. 1715056

They just ruin the economy and vote for Ronald Reagan

No. 1716678

File: 1670005274042.jpg (498.35 KB, 1077x1036, Screenshot_20221202-053142_Twi…)

Mmm..pretty she isn't. Hiding out, she is.

No. 1716681

File: 1670005555793.gif (2.93 MB, 368x578, 20221130_223518.gif)

I hope they find her and bring her to Justice! She lost a lot of people's money. at least answer some questions.(learn2sage)

No. 1716714

Where's the milk though?

No. 1716740

File: 1670009950314.jpeg (17.01 KB, 284x284, 386C13D7-FBAE-475B-8918-5B199E…)

Nonnies claiming that her parents are just "regular ugly" are mad wrong, her mom looks like an actual corpse, like I was scared to death

No. 1716743

File: 1670010065518.png (1.84 MB, 1456x1250, 38EEBF46-A524-47CB-A7DE-964244…)

She shud get plastic surgery, I mean it’s a good time to change your appearance kek

No. 1716763

File: 1670010934654.jpeg (835.08 KB, 1170x1736, D7099B3E-E104-4433-ACBD-2455DA…)

Putting this here since there’s no other crypto thread. Viva Caroliña!!!!!

No. 1716793

File: 1670014644576.jpeg (78.12 KB, 750x750, AE7BC770-665B-468F-80DC-4F982F…)

No. 1716847

no she shouldn't. nothing is going to help her she has the face of a 70 year old jewish man

No. 1716857

Tbh this thread won’t be milky, she’s hibernating in some penthouse in Dubai, literally hiding so mad investors won’t kill her kek
But I live for the uggo memes, even though I really like staceyness and probably would be friends w/her

No. 1717098

File: 1670040468737.jpg (359.56 KB, 848x1199, n1cz54hz4j3a1[1].jpg)

No. 1717366

oh my god lmao. what is this from

No. 1717599

Makes sense. She can wear the full niqab to avoid getting whacked and also stop people knowing she looks like David Bowie turned her into a goblin.

No. 1717655

File: 1670100720320.jpg (167.45 KB, 595x850, bd663663dd8b1c7b11bc25e1248fbf…)

I got it from here https://twitter.com/Degen_Alfie/status/1598670493934313472 it's an hommage to "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas" (picrel)

No. 1717690

Is she actually jewish? I know that SBF is but idk about her couldn’t find anything about it

No. 1717823

Ellison could be either an Anglicized Jewish name (son of Elijah) or a English name (son of Ellis). However, her mother has the name Sara Fisher Ellison which is most probably a Jewish name and if she's Jewish then her daughter is also Jewish. Not that it matters as there are plenty of non-Jewish crypto scammers out there as well.

No. 1718286

Mom looks like the kardashian tranny dad lol

No. 1718436

No. 1718475

Ngl coffee is what I wish professional journalism would become today

No. 1718501

File: 1670191101394.jpg (210.19 KB, 752x792, caroline.jpg)

No. 1718523

that definitely seems to be her tbh

No. 1718524

LMAO unmistakably her

No. 1718525

Hard not to recognize her with a face like that kek

No. 1718551

File: 1670194641255.png (786.82 KB, 950x1256, Screenshot 2022-12-04 at 5.57.…)

No. 1718556

File: 1670194975486.png (78.42 KB, 1130x688, Screenshot 2022-12-04 at 6.01.…)

Hold on..I just checked her tumblr and she posted this November 17th. All other posts are deleted. How did we miss this

No. 1718567

I know she's stupid, but why didn't she buy different glasses? I would at least travel without glasses and put lenses in, also dye my hair black and cut it.

No. 1718570

This has me thinking that she doesn't have a warrant out for her arrest

No. 1718655

Federal/Financial crimes of this size usually take years to got to court especially if the FBI is involved they often don’t arrest people involved until they have almost airtight evidence/chance of conviction but they do monitor the subjects while collecting the evidence

No. 1718671

A thread for Cryptocurrency and NFT discussion is here!
(Though I'm not sure if it should be on /ot/ instead? I put it in /snow/ since this thread is in /snow/)

No. 1718907

My guess, and it's just a guess, is that she's had to voluntarily speak to various state/fed types and surrender her passport and probably agree not to leave the state.

No. 1719316

She also could be just not being a moron like SBF and instead of confessing to even more crimes is working out a proffer to roll on Sam

No. 1721891

What I see is a bunch of unwashed billionaires in a polycule having orgies with each other all living in a 30 million dollar condo. They were smelling like a combination of BO, shit, and cum. They probably never wiped their asses and are probably the only zoomer billionaires that would never wipe their asses. Caroline would probably free bleed and have her "harem" eat her out on her menstrual cycle. Everybody gave them billions of their savings because they're epic whiz kids that are so smart and will make you rich without even looking into whether these people knew how to manage client's money or run any sort of exchange. I'm dying for more milk on this gang.

No. 1725944

File: 1670889822550.jpg (152.37 KB, 1170x1599, sbf.jpg)

SBF was arrested

No. 1725945

File: 1670890093295.png (935.62 KB, 1190x1186, Screenshot 2022-12-12 at 7.07.…)

No. 1725948

File: 1670890619326.jpg (103.12 KB, 1060x716, FjVk-_AXwAIkvSc.jpg)

I guess i'll spill some milk since this thread hasn't been updated in a while.

No. 1725950

I don't feel like she did anything that bad? She just got a bunch of gullible scrotes to give her their money. I hate how women like her and Elizabeth Holmes are demonized

No. 1725952

File: 1670891132508.png (484.43 KB, 1442x1024, Screenshot 2022-12-12 at 7.23.…)

latest ellison news
>FTX’s inner circle had a secret chat group called ‘Wirefraud’
>Although they took precautions in their exchanges with each other, the content of the Signal chat is expected to become public in legal proceedings.
Sam tweeted that he's never heard of this group chat

I think her biggest wrongdoing is being a major pick me. Elizabeth Holmes is actually bad though imo

No. 1725955

She committed fraud on a massive scale. Lying to people to enrich yourself is wrong regardless of who you are. People forget that its not just venture capitalists who fund this stuff, it is your pension fund being wasted as well.

Elizabeth Holmes falsified results and struck deals with actual clinical trials and healthcare providers knowing it was all bullshit. This was time, effort and money that could have been spent on things that would actually help sick people. Nursing budgets that had to be cut or maintenance that had to be postponed. Elizabeth Holmes didn't care that vulnerable people would suffer just to satisfy her greed.

No. 1725998

babes… Elizabeth Holmes produced machines that gave false medical test results…
Caroline was the money generation girl for the pyramid scheme and she was too stupid to be able to do it…

No. 1726335

Nonita you should love Anna Delvey instead she actually did nothing wrong to those dumbass 1-percenters kek

Miss Lizzy's fake tech literally hurt and frauded regular sick people

No. 1726383

… Elizabeth Holmes is a faggy self insert NLOG character from that Netflix show with Henry Cavill?? What the fuck

No. 1726405

LMAO nona are you talking about Enola Holmes?

No. 1726467

Holmes knowingly falsified medical results that were given to actual people you fucking moron. She should be demonized.

No. 1726800

this was embarrassing anon kek

No. 1726853

SBF denied bail in the Bahamas. Smart move as he would just escape to Tel Aviv. Also, I saw this funny limerick on reddit:
>There once was a coin bro named Sam

>His crypto exchange was a sham

>He tried many Tweets

>But his girl gave the deets

>Now his life will be spent in the slam.

No. 1726917

this gave me a heart kek

No. 1726940

Kek, reddit can be great sometimes. I can't imagine the bahamas jail being very nice to him. I bet he's sobbing.

No. 1726999

i think lovely nonnie over here had a little too much wine.. miss enola lol

No. 1727249

He deserved to be arrested for this alone

No. 1727518

musk's flaming wheeled coffins killed way more people than holmes ever endangered, let a woman be a little evil

No. 1727533

No. 1727708

File: 1671077935704.jpg (113.1 KB, 694x766, pubhxvy6zu5a1[1].jpg)

Harry plotter begs for bail because he's a depressed vegan lol
Only reason Holmes blood contraption didn't kill more people was because of the great reporting by the WSJ to uncover the fraud. Holmes tried to silence it by calling Rupert Murdoch, an investor in Theranos and owner of the WSJ, but wouldn't play ball. I guess oligarchs can sometimes do the right thing.

No. 1727717

What the fuck I love boomer magazines now

No. 1727763

Holy shit I thought that was Ethan Klein kek

No. 1727765

Everyone's been reporting on Musk's bullshit for years and he's only getting some minimal flak NOW.

No. 1727769

they are literally twins it's fuckin weird

No. 1727981

>30 years old
Is this what being a cryptobro does to someone? Dude looks like homeless addict pushing 50.

No. 1728091

The impacts are getting nearer…

No. 1728674

Have to wonder how many people who get into top schools have overclocked their brains on amphetamines etc

No. 1730076

File: 1671383207974.png (1.71 MB, 1432x1434, Screenshot 2022-12-18 at 12.05…)

this edit is so funny lmfao

No. 1730077

File: 1671383262159.png (132.2 KB, 382x486, Screenshot 2022-12-18 at 12.06…)

This could be a smoking gun in caroline's innocence. She didn't even have access to transfering assets

No. 1730127

Based queen

revenge of the Beckies

No. 1730207

Short hair girl was cute, I wonder how's she looking like now…

No. 1731289

anon that's a child, stop being weird.

No. 1731433

File: 1671838035472.jpg (68.43 KB, 528x719, eonytmikfh7a1[1].jpg)

Ellison pled guilty, out on $250K bail and faces 110 years in prison. She's singing like a canary against her boyfriend and their scam. Smart move on her part. https://www.coindesk.com/business/2022/12/22/caroline-ellison-plea-agreement-250000-bail-surrender-of-travel-documents-forfeiture-of-assets/

SBF has been extradited and our on $250 Million bail. He faces up to 115 years in prison. Went from being a billionaire to living with his parents lol

No. 1731435

Am I crazy or does SBF look a bit like young Ethan Klein?

No. 1731439

You're not the only one who's said that >>1727763

No. 1731441

More like the lead singer of The melvins.

No. 1731450

File: 1671840246112.jpeg (246.3 KB, 1000x1218, melv1[1].jpeg)

No. 1732987

I found this obscure Medium article from last January that figured out how the FTX scam worked. It's worth a read and I don't think that any news outlets have picked it up yet: https://medium.com/@phulm/ftx-banned-me-because-i-showed-it-was-a-shambles-44cae99906a1 Not posting screencap because it's too big. Sus as fuck!

No. 1733058

Maybe that's why some super rich chose to marry dumb bimbos. They're not smart enough to snitch you and fuck you over.
Anyway, hope she shares her cell with Elizabeth Holmes.

No. 1733069

File: 1672203499165.png (793.09 KB, 1287x828, rtmji7u9tg8a1[1].png)

Good advice

No. 1733210

I hope the queen remains free forever. They scammed a bunch of scrotes. I hope she's got money saved under a pillow or something idk

No. 1733249

I agree. She is one of my heroes just like Elizabeth Holmes

No. 1733365

I think she'll serve a little bit of jail time, say 1-2 years. She'd be considered a rat in prison. Anybody know what the prognosis is for female rats who ratted on their boyfriend? Would the other inmates try to murder her or think she's cool?

No. 1733431

are you two absolutely retarded, or just trolling? If you are trolling then good job because you rustled my jimmies.

No. 1733541

File: 1672283157002.jpg (85.32 KB, 768x768, tz351debxk8a1[1].jpg)

No. 1733555


Bowtiedbull/"The Jungle". Friends with Cernovich, used to post on Roosh's forum.

No. 1733575

Ever heard of Robin Hood? A lot of people genuinely idolize people who scam rich assholes, right or wrong

No. 1733585


Didn’t FTX prey on a lot of people from third world countries? In the article above you can see that FTX recruited both male and female student ambassadors for the pyramid scheme. These people were dirt poor and ruined their relationships. You can’t say that FTX only affected the rich

No. 1733740

Oh I don’t doubt that, I’m just saying the public perception of her as someone who scammed stupid rich moids is going to garner her fans (just like Elizabeth Holmes, Anna Delvey etc.) They get treated like anti-capitalist icons in some circles, despite the fact that they are monstrosities of capitalism.

No. 1733805

File: 1672336822866.jpeg (96.16 KB, 636x489, C5E3FFFC-CFDE-4DCE-99BD-3899C9…)

bump cp spam dont scroll

No. 1733900

I recon a lot of the girls in the slammer are man hating sex workers or just man haters in general. They'd probably applaud her for getting the bag.
Awh, did she scam you nonita? She stole from mainly crypto bros and rich retards, why would I do anything other than applaud her for taking down as many scrotes as she possibly could?

No. 1734336

lol this "she wont fuck you"-tier post… you are legit braindead kek. Carry on.

No. 1734493

I could never fangirl either Elizabeth Holmes or Caroline. If it was just a bunch of wealthy scrotes that got scammed I wouldn't care but they hurt ordinary people. In Holmes case, she convinced Walgreens and Boots do use her blood tests, average people that assumed that these two big pharma retailers would do proper due diligence ended up getting false positives and false negatives on their tests, one guy is dying/dead from cancer that could have been detected with a proper blood test. In Caroline's case, her and SBF are obviously involved in trying to make crypto mainstream and lobbying politicians. This runs counter to my desire to see all crypto die in a trash fire like it should. If you want a good criminal girlboss to look up to, look to Anna Delvey. I admire how Delvey scammed rich people. On the victim impact statements in court, one woman started whining about the stress she was under from this ordeal, Anna responded "bitch, you don't know stress, I just spent time on Rikers Island!" lmao

No. 1734804

>ordinary people

I guess they've been investing the money of their Beckies, so technically she hurt "women" too.

No. 1734826



why hasn’t anyone on here picked up on this or spoken about it on here? Is it unrelated to this, did those guys have anything to do with ftx in some way? That’s honestly some creeeepy scary shit and I’m shocked none of you have brought it up again if it is related

No. 1734834

You sound like a moid

No. 1734838

>bunch of scrotes die
>waaaaah why does no one on lc care
I think you answered your own question

No. 1734997

>FTX also made West Africa a particular focus of its business expansion, with founder Sam Bankman-Fried personally appealing to crypto users in the region to trade on his exchange just days before its collapse.
nice effective autism SBF

No. 1735982

File: 1672685706871.png (2.07 MB, 1348x1414, Screenshot 2023-01-02 at 1.48.…)

No. 1743578

File: 1673604125724.jpg (21.54 KB, 300x451, SylviaGraceCrim.jpg)

Her as Caroline or gtfo

No. 1757935

Idk if she's super milky but she looks like a toe(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1759198

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