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File: 1669698164373.jpeg (1.28 MB, 1125x1697, 0FB4EDB7-B70F-404C-81E4-81B617…)

No. 1713275


Joshua Block, otherwise known as worldoftshirts, is a TikTok “influencer” with severe autism, a drinking problem, and an obsession with New York City and its metro system (quelle surprise, an autist obsessed with trains).

Josh posts constantly when he is active; threads may fill up quickly. As with any other thread, sage any post that does not contribute direct milk.

>started a CafePress store called WorldofTShirts, which is basically just him slapping .png images onto t-shirts and mugs and up-charging items that include his own “jokes”

>these include repetitive jokes about him being banned from Tinder for looking for “sugar mommies” and banned from the Gucci store for an undisclosed reason
>works as a janitor at a school in Long Island where he lives
>travels to NYC whenever possible via Long Island Rail Road (LIRR), often staying in and wandering the city until the early hours in the morning or up to days at a time
>serial turnstile hopper and sometimes posts direct evidence
>has been doing the above for apparently the last three years and has never gotten more than a fine and has never been the victim of violence, giving him the (self-proclaimed) title “King of New York”; paid for billboards proclaiming such and advertising his CafePress store
>scream-sings melody-less renditions of songs, most commonly “Empire State of Mind” by Jay Z and Alicia Keys
>turned 21 this year and since then has become a belligerent alcoholic, to the point of vomiting on the subway
>the drinking problem has exacerbated all of the above and his comment section often encourages the behavior
>went on an 11 day long bender around Thanksgiving weekend, often not sleeping or passing out on the train for an hour or two before going back at it
>performed a dance made to mock the stabbing death of a young drill rapper in his home neighborhood (Harlem) and the metro station where he died; basically playing suicide-by-thug
>pissed on the floor (see thread pic)
>still remains “untouched”

TikTok: worldoftshirts
Instagram: worldoftshirts

No. 1713276

>severe autism, a drinking problem, and an obsession with New York City and its metro system
sounds like a future victim of violent crime. maybe they'll make a law and order episode out of him.

No. 1713296

I knew something was wrong when he recorded himself stomping on a fish

No. 1713303

sounds like the prelude to every homeless moid in new york

No. 1713313

This is an image board. You can't just say crazy shit like this without caps or links.

No. 1713326

nahhh no one wants to see that

No. 1713333

we just want proof of milk, spoiler it then

No. 1713336

i do, sounds insane

No. 1713544

I couldn’t get the webm to upload, so enjoy this YouTube clip

No. 1713551

Sounds pretty interesting Nona! I was a little disappointed to see the thread is completely new so I’ll have to check him out on my own

No. 1713634

File: 1669737744670.jpg (24.37 KB, 540x292, wtf.jpg)

Exterminate all autistic males 123go

No. 1713855

What the fuck

No. 1713872

File: 1669753223703.webm (8.48 MB, 576x1024, IMG_1634.webm)

Looks like Josh got off work early. He tells this “joke” constantly

No. 1713923

File: 1669755729718.jpeg (329.19 KB, 1178x1830, 8081CC6A-ED4F-41FE-B46D-7271BA…)

A personal fave of mine. Gotta update the timeline with his antics pre turning 21. He would go to Mexico by himself and binge drink.

No. 1713926

File: 1669755820863.jpeg (342.76 KB, 1179x1733, 4B3D7081-A59E-40FC-8BAE-F5A001…)

Forgot to sage so here’s my boy licking the subway car

No. 1713939

I have no idea of who this cow is, but the autism really shows on his face kek
Aren't burguer trains and subways dirty as hell?

No. 1713941

you cannot begin to fathom how filthy those floors are

No. 1713945

Ah this is an excellent thread, anon. I have such a soft spot for autistic train nuts. As long as he doesn’t do anything too creepy I’m hella in for this, it’s a nice contrast to the horror/bleak cows that are so prevalent these days.

No. 1713947

I genuinely wish he would have had someone like me in his life, so he wouldn't have ended like this. I would've bonked his head to a brick wall like I did with all the obnoxious autist scrotes at my school.

No. 1713950

File: 1669756625681.jpeg (792.85 KB, 828x1246, A7A62C03-10C6-473E-B28F-E7F083…)

his Instagram is a gold mine. Just out of context photos with no caption (picrel) and dozens of comments hyping him up and saying they’ll send him money for whatever reason. This picture made me unironically laugh out loud. Perfection.

No. 1713952

you would have done us all a disservice just to pretend to be a hero. This man could easily end worldwide depression if we give him a chance. It’s like a second shot to make a better Chris Chan.

No. 1713967

I'm too old now to make fun of a literal retarded person
This kid needs medication, maybe in-patient

No. 1713968

Based nona

No. 1713970

There's no harmless retard male cow, I just wonder how long till someone jumps him. Has there ever been people pulling weird shit with him like they did w Chris chan?

No. 1713976

File: 1669757930410.jpeg (26.47 KB, 350x272, EEE4E017-DF77-4631-B31D-94CC9A…)

>too old to make fun of a literal retarded person

No. 1713992

He seems pretty horrifying to me though. The whole fish stomping is disturbing and disgusting as hell.

No. 1713999

exactly, I don't see how anyone wouldn't find him fucking disturbed, that shit isn't funny or harmless. also please write sage in the email field

No. 1714012

Uh-oh. He better amazing insurance then, his tongue is going to fall off

No. 1714020

It's all fun and games until they're charged with sexual assault.

No. 1714034

i feel like nonnies from the nerdy guy crush thread will like him

No. 1714052

No. 1714075

ten years ago I was a teenager and we didn't know Chris-chan was going to rape his mother. shit has changed.

No. 1714110

File: 1669767143572.jpeg (211.94 KB, 1080x1366, C5A4761C-BC69-4652-BBBE-45BB9C…)

this thread makes me miss unitedkoopas they would be best friends

No. 1714156

I’m gonna tip the cow(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1714170

Ill miss you when you get banned /s/

No. 1714171

No. 1714182

lmafo see ya nonnie

No. 1714186

good thread thanks op, seems like a very promising cow! he gives me weird vibes, like he could turn into more of a threat to society in the future. he's clearly mentally ill but he also it seems like he enjoys the attention, since he exhibits his gross, exhibitionist public degeneracy so openly. i checked out his tiktok and was pretty shocked to realize he has over 2 million followers. he'll keep going more and more far and his behavior will get more and more extreme as long as people keep watching. he's like lovely peaches, getting platformed for horribly inappropriate public behavior because zoomers think it's funny and ironic to act like they are fans of him.

No. 1714212

at least try to not type like you caught the first urine drenched train from tiktokville

No. 1714326

File: 1669784081027.jpeg (1.5 MB, 1125x2083, 1A1893D5-8D5A-4564-9081-E17F07…)

Here we go nonnas
(here’s where you can check what time that is for you: https://www.worldtimeserver.com/convert_time_in_US-NY.aspx)

No. 1714334

File: 1669785486251.png (827.01 KB, 1366x594, ick.png)


they indexed a bunch of bacterial samples from the new york subway a few years ago

>Nearly half of the DNA (48%) does not match any known organism.

No. 1714444

Fuck, I thought I saged my post. My bad.

>he has over 2 million followers
I don't have tiktok so I can't check comments, what do his followers usually say? Are they laughing at him or with him?

No. 1714697

They laugh at him and encourage him to drink constantly. It’s shitty.

No. 1714770

If I give in a quarter do you think he'll keep doing it? I wanna see this scrotes nasty tounge fall off.

No. 1714948

A year or two ago he was constantly making anti-vax videos. I think he still gets mad about people wearing masks on the trains.

No. 1715471

the fish stomping video made me sick i hope someone does that to him too. maybe it can be made into a t-shirt

No. 1715596

File: 1669873537464.jpeg (1.11 MB, 1125x1888, AC239EF6-78F9-48AB-A642-3DB02B…)

No. 1715705

Idk about that but probably if he escalates he would be in jail or mental institution. Animal cruelty is a sign of psychopathy

No. 1736145

File: 1672701209766.jpeg (564.21 KB, 761x1654, 12978B35-9E38-496C-B7A6-DC8B9A…)

Josh was drinking with some really sketchy kids and had a roofie scare last night and went to the ER. Apparently everything came back negative except for alcohol (of course). He didn’t learn and has been day drinking in Bushwick.

No. 1736188

File: 1672704766746.jpeg (937.38 KB, 1125x2037, ED460263-669E-4793-A496-442A13…)

Josh is live

No. 1736275

this guy is literally autistic, like, his teachers were interviewed about him and said he's on the spectrum. I don't think it's funny that all these people online mock and bully him. What he needs is someone checking in on him bc he has been swatted and kicked out of hotels because shitty idiots call in threats when he goes live there.

The fish thing was a setup and just a retarded way for someone to get clout by filming him doing something "bad." I'm not defending stomping on a dead or dying fish (looked p dead to me), but this guy is somewhat disabled and it's just weird and cruel to fuck with him when he isn't doing anything other than being autistic in public.

No. 1736589

How is it possible his TikTok is up? I don't have tt but I thought this sort of things (getting drunk etc) would definitely lead to streaming ban and your content being removed.

Well, I hope he fucks off the internet and gets help. His "fans" who encourage this degenerate behaviour make me sick to my stomach.

No. 1736799

File: 1672784096381.jpeg (1.4 MB, 1125x2063, AB5985F5-DD8B-45F3-8325-F9A496…)

He’s going international nonnas. This is gonna be a shit show

No. 1736917

UK can keep him

No. 1736936

his "fans" are really worse than he is. One thing about him is that he seems to leave women alone, he's completely into whatever he's dancing to or eating. I hope it stays like that. correct me if I'm wrong.

No. 1737305

There's more or less a community of people on TikTok that religiously follow Joshua, Daniel Larson, Bandit, and WileySquires2000 (all pretty much the same type of cow as Josh).
It gets really deep. There's a tight-knit group of followers on Discord that all dabble in a manipulation ring revolving around those four autistic scrotes. OxtheGreat covers it on TikTok a bit.
I think Josh's behavior can be attributed to them more than we know- think of it like PVCC and BlueSpikes to Chris Chan, but to multiple cows.

No. 1841525

oh please. oxthegreat is such a weirdo, he might even be a bigger cow than those 4(necro)

No. 1847383

you never did shit pussy

No. 1851769

Since 5 months ago, he has been on two more vacations. One to Florida, where he got extremely shitfaced and vomited all over another woman in the bar, and the other to Vegas.

In Vegas, he got two of those massive drinks from a Taco Bell Cantina and proceeded to get shitfaced again. He then uploaded a video on the strip showing a janitor cleaning his vomit. He was also being chased around by a YouTuber that goes by Douglas Skates, (see video) and as a result, Josh had an autistic meltdown.

In between those two trips, Johnnie Guilbert and Jake Webber (two popular emo people or whatever) showed up to NYC for one of Josh's tours (literally just walking one block) then they all got drinks after. It was being live-streamed on Twitch by Johnnie. As they were getting drinks, Johnnie dumped out some of Josh's beer pitcher to look like the good guy. Also, Josh received a $1,000 donation from Corinna Kopf that night.

<cont'd> - Later that night, they all got a hotel room where Josh was insanely drunk again. As they were trying to go to sleep, he began to vomit in the room, and he nearly choked on it. They called the ambulance and they took Josh in. Josh came back the next morning to the hotel, with a grin on his face saying "I blacked out again, didn't I?".

Corinna Kopf was supposed to go for a private tour with Josh later that week, but it never happened as I'm sure Johnnie and Jake informed her about it.

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