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File: 1669855391495.jpg (118.41 KB, 784x1200, FihjINxXgAA3Lc2.jpg)

No. 1715111

Unsure if she is a lolcow but i wanted to discuss about the situation somewhere away from the 13 years old stans slayy queening her and the virulent alogs that want her to kill herself.
>be funny youtuber
>makes videos related to lolcows mainly onision and shane dawson
>has around 200k subs
>suddenly quits the internet for a year

>returns after a year with the first video pic related

>says she's been stalked by a moid and to please send gibs
>doesn't elaborate much but looks clean and coherent

>second video drops with "context" (archived at https://kiwifarms.net/threads/onision-james-gregory-jackson-gregory-james-daniel-jackson-avaroe.4851/post-13579488)

>says she moved from cozy family house to a one room apartment in a basement
>mold, food stains in walls(sticky), dirt everywhere, one small window, smells putrid, bugs everywhere etc
>shares bathroom with other 5 apartments
>tries to make apartment liveable, fails, gets depressed
>feels she's being watched and followed
>gets so paranoid she's afraid to leave the room and go to the bathroom
>gets a note from stalker confirming she's being watched and followed
>moves out immediately to a tent in the woods because no money
>has never felt more free, safe and happy
>goes to another country (undisclosed), because is getting too cold in winter
>lives in the airport because she has no money
>supposedly drops first video in this time
>uses gibs donated to "spoil herself" to an Airbnb
>mold, food stains in walls(sticky), dirt everywhere, one small window, smells putrid, bugs everywhere etc
>shared bathroom
>tries to make apartment liveable, fails, gets depressed
>feels she's being watched and followed
>gets so paranoid she's afraid to leave the room and go to the bathroom
>in the video she rambles about seeing a bug, feeling she's passing out (nam moment?), having flashbacks, feeling the bugs all over her skin etc
>lives inside a tent on the airbnb with the lights off so she doesn't have to see the stained walls/bugs and get a nam moment
>uses headphones to noise cancel so she doesn't gets scared of everything
>looks bad, greasy hair, visibly fatter than previous video, rambles a lot
>explicitly says she is alone in a foreign country
>please send gibs

>fans react badly to that video

>some weens think she is manic and is probably going to kill herself
>they reach out to her family in social media
>she freaks out and uploads her more recent video
>she's all smiley, makeup done, not inside a tent but still looks off
>says everything is okay, she contacted the cops about the stalking (no mention of any of that before)
>she is living with a friend (what happened to being alone in a foreign country?)
>the friend is a "he" but she is a lefty so who knows if it's a moid
>condemns the retards that harassed her family, says her family "supports her" (what happened to being alone with no money?)
>doesn't directly asks for gibs but makes sure to put donation links in the description
>comments are 50/50 in between believing her at face value and calling her a grifter

Twitch: https://m.twitch.tv/morges

No. 1715126

Could be a case of "If you stare too long at the cow, the cow stares back at you."
I hope she gets help.

No. 1715128

As someone who has been stalked I believe her. It’s so fucked up how a moid can just ruin your entire life if he decides to.

No. 1715129

Here is the "everything is fine" video is anyone knows how to archive please do it as she is deleting previos videos lately and she is getting hate on the comments so she might delete this one too

No. 1715140

I'm the OP and i also think the stalker was real but i think she moved to that basement in a manic fit or something else happened with her family. I don't believe she is doing better and I'm not sure if that friend is even real or if she just turned on the lights on the airbnb. I also don't think the entire situation got fixed in a few days like that she just wants her audience to leave her alone

No. 1715142

File: 1669856522429.jpg (667.55 KB, 2400x1080, schizoface.jpg)

Thanks for the thread nona, not sure if this meets the requirements either (or if talking about it counts as armchairing) but this "stalker" saga is milky af. It's 100% schizophrenia/psychosis, I don't buy her recent "I'm just neurödivergent" excuse at all. Wouldn't call it mania either, unless she's faking it, it's definitely some sort of psychosis. An unseen "stalker" who follows her across two countries turning normal rental units/Airbnbs into backrooms meme type rooms, with yellow lighting, the same stains and imaginary bugs everywhere? Very likely indeed. Seeing/feeling bugs is an extremely common sign of psychosis. I don't buy anything she says about either the stalker or the most recent information about this supposed friend and how caring and loving her family is. What kind of family would let a young woman just run off to another country if she's experiencing mental distress? Oh and another thing worth adding is the fact she thought it was the "stalker" who had put up a Live, Love, Laugh sign on the wall, which she said is a response to her saying he should "die, hate, cry" in her initial video and is extremely terrified/paranoid of. I've seen schizophrenics and this is either great acting or just baby's first psychosis 101. I saw a comment saying she had previously mentioned having a family history of schizophrenia, so there's that too.

No. 1715151

yes, this is spot on. i have a close relative who has schizophrenia & this seems like classic psychosis behavior to me. it feels real to her b/c she can't recognize the disorder of her thought patterns until she gets out of this episode. it's sad when mentally ill people broadcast their issues on the internet bc when she comes to her senses im sure she will regret having this all out there. i'm sure being a public figure doesn't help - it definitely amplifies her feeling of being watched closely, and maybe she does have a stalker, but i could see it being someone from the internet is more likely than some guy following her from country to country to fuck with her subtly through these little dogwhistles and objects. this is also indicative of psychosis - she sees all these random innocuous objects (like the live laugh love sign) and her paranoid brain warps it into having some specific, malicious meaning or having some connection to another incident she found scary.

No. 1715152

I agree there's something wrong with the family and this supposed friend that came out of nowhere. I didn't know her family had other schizos but it does make sense

No. 1715198

Does a woman’s descent into schizophrenia really constitute milk, sisters?

This woman clearly needs professional help.

No. 1715212

Not milk but it's quite interesting

No. 1715218

Why can't she just move into a cave like that one time.

No. 1715236

it's not milky at all honestly & attention will probably contribute to her decline, she needs to be off social media and seek help. it just makes me sad that she doesn't seem to have any support system in real life.

No. 1715253

This isn’t milky, just sad. Whatever’s going on I hope she gets help, she’s clearly in distress. And stalker or not I wouldn’t be surprised if a moid is involved, some of them deliberately target mentally ill young women who are alone & vulnerable.

No. 1715262

So sad to see her go down this path. I used to genuinely love her videos. Her calling Onision "DESGUSTIHNG!" over and over again lives in my head rent free. Wishing her the best

No. 1715277

File: 1669859741267.png (106.19 KB, 720x1042, Screenshot_20221130-225221_1.p…)

Apparently losing subs over the grifting and inauthenticity backlash

No. 1715285

There's a part of me that hopes it is a grift, because the real thing would be too sad.

No. 1715306

To be clear, she did state in the deleted video that she was aware that her stalker didn't rent out the airbnb to her. She knew the state of the room and the live laugh love sign was all a coincidence.
I don't doubt that she's having some kind of psychotic episode though, because the way she talks about the room she's in it sounds like she thinks the airbnb has a mind of it's own or something.
I find it very weird that she is super vague about the stalker himself. He left her a note, she said she'll show it in her "final stalker video" and she'll tell the story presumably. I don't think she's lying but I just don't understand why she won't talk about it at all, it's literally the reason why she's in another country right now.

No. 1715452

Tbh the "milky" part is how the people in her comments are reacting and how quickly she's changed her story to add all these new details. All I saw were people fully believing her stories, totally coddling her and attacking anyone who suggested she might need help for anything other than "Stalker induced PTSD". She's clearly ill yet none of her zoomer following seems to accept this and is calling everyone who genuinely wants her to seek help an armchair psychologist. She now says the Stalker is magically gone, it's too convenient. Either she got a massive injection of antipsychotics or it's all a grift. Mental illness in and of itself is not milky, no.

No. 1715624

I don't think it's a grift, but it's unlikely that the stalker is a real thing. Genuinely sounds more like a mental health thing. Her speech and cadence are drastically different.
Her being away from family to the point of homelessness also points to it.

No. 1715641

I feel so bad for her. I pray to god this does not escalate.

No. 1715656

I belivebthe stalker is real. It's not difficult to attract stalkers. I had one and i am nobody so she as a famous youtuber i imagine can catch a stalker like a virus no problem. The stalker triggered the psychosis a paranoia she experiences now. That thing can fuck up you life for many years and if she has schizofrenia in her family this is definitely a trigger for it.
I wonder why she stopped living with her mom rhough, she seemed normal. I followed her mom on her dog walking channel.

No. 1715737

this, a random moid found my instagram/youtube channel (wholesome vlogs with my at-the-time Nigel) and him and his weird discord coomer moids harassed me for ages cause I had a bf? I didn't even know a single one of them? men are UNHINGED

No. 1715769

If he was your nigel why aren't you together anymore

No. 1715785

nta but the fuck? Mind your business.

No. 1715804

nta but if the anon doesnt want questions she should hide her powerlevel

bringing this back to the thread, good infosec & not sharing personal details online is the best way to avoid stalkers

No. 1715812

happy to answer! I was a retard and trusted a moid (the nigel in question)
you guys genuinely helped me realize I was in a shitty fucky abusive situation. he is nigel no more, never was shouldn't have even called him that but he was at the time.(enough blogging in this thread, please move on)

No. 1715925

I was going through the comments on her videos before they were deleted. Some were from Patreon members saying that she's uploaded videos about her mental health, asked for donos and then disappeared for months more than once. There has been at least one other video she has deleted after uploading, so this isn't exactly new.
Another point I see ignored is that in two days she is suddenly in a home, has support (when in her previous video she said she had no one) and is happier than she has been in years.
One more thing: the stalker video. I'll give her the benefit of the doubt and say that gathering evidence and editing can be time consuming and emotionally difficult. It makes sense if she needs time. However, why nothing else? And why never any mention of employment? She is ebegging when she had other options besides leaving the country with no plans and no money.

She is not well, which is the reason I want to believe she's making very questionable decisions, but the difference in the last video and the hour and a half deleted one is… stark.

No. 1715974

File: 1669923178641.png (775.65 KB, 708x747, Untitled.png)

Thank you for making this thread. I wanted to talk about it but the youtubers thread was full.

One thing I had noticed about her over the years is that she wasn't really consistent with youtube. She kept deleting and making channels, living stuff unfinished etc. Obviously you can say it was due to personal stuff or lack of privacy since she was at her family home. But with these new videos plus people saying she had been making videos on patreon where she was crying, it paints a picture of an unstable person. Which is fine, everyone has something going on, but I would never imagine that her, out of all youtubers, would have such an outburst. Her talking about the airbnb exactly the same way like she talked about the room she was staying in was very unsettling.

I do believe the stalker story and that she probably has PTSD on top of whatever mental things she has going on, but her last video didn't sit well with me at all. Suddenly she is out of the tent, has support and feels great? Nothing like this happens this fast. Why not mention friends/family/police in the previous 1.5 hour video ONCE? Where were they? And I specifically remember she said she left Iceland because she felt uncomfortable because of the stalker but now she says she just wanted to get away and think stuff through? And if she is fine and safe and has support why still ask for donations? I was especially bothered when she called people very nicely commenting on her mother's channel asking for help "harassment". Idk if her mom got terrible DMs, but the vast majority of the comments I saw were just like "she needs help please do something!". It's like she tries to blame her audience for the only option they felt they had with the context she gave. I just feel that the last video is all lies and that nothing is ok so they just stop bothering her family OR her family just told her to stop this bs.
Also what bothered me was that when she got the money from fans she got a hotel and then the airbnb to "spoil" herself. Is this REALLY the time to spoil oneself? Idk the choice of word was just wrong

>And why never any mention of employment? She is ebegging when she had other options besides leaving the country with no plans and no money.

I remember in the past she mentioned that she had done some other real life job but she is probably dead-set on being a youtuber for whatever personal reasons she has. Idk what goes through her mind rn, but I feel like that she is going to milk the stalker situation as much as possible to get money

pic rel is a community post from her mother's youtube channel about some women getting scammed and people speculate is has to do with morges

No. 1715990

I would prefer it to be a grift. I'm not going to give her any money but why not get money from internet losers, everyone else has.

Tinfoil: she's overstayed on a visa and she's hiding from The Man.

No. 1715993

>From Texas
So someone her family knows was supposedly scammed by an american moid. Some people were speculating in YT comments that she is in another nordic country, not in the USA though

No. 1716003

If she's living on internet money then living somewhere cheaper would make sense. Spain is nice this time of year.

No. 1716100

literally everything about this is explained by schizophrenia. her believing she’s being stalked, seeing things that aren’t there, looking unkempt. moving out of places for no reason, believing that she has no one to turn to. she is probably saying she’s fine now because her family has suggested she be institutionalized.

No. 1716289

I'm so happy other people are talking about this! When I watched her tent video, the first thing I thought was "schizophrenia". It was a very disturbing video, knowing that she was in a strange country and talking in circles about bugs that kept reappearing and a room that was dirty no matter how much she cleaned, then living in an airport for a week and saying that she only felt happy and safe when she was homeless… I'm not surprised people contacted her family, and I'm sure people would have called for a wellness check if we knew in what country she was.
But the craziest thing to me is reading the comments on her new video and 90% is people saying how happy they are for her now that she's fine and how shitty it was for others to "harass" her family. Like, are these people blind?? Can't they see how crazy this whole thing is? And people are still sending her donations!
I've also seen some speculation that she could have a drug problem. I'm more inclined to believe that it's a mental health issue because she sounds so similar to my friend when she first started showing symptoms (even the stalker part and the bugs and obsession with everything being dirty).
I don't think she's just a grifter, but who knows.

No. 1716554

Smartphones allowed double-digit IQ people access to the internet.
Part of me wants it not to be schizo/psychosis but with the family history and evidence in the deleted video it seems likely. Depressing and I feel terrible for her.

No. 1735087

Hope she got help. I don’t think there was ever even a stalker. The whole story was odd from the get go. She just up and left her cat she was obsessed with?

No. 1746583

>History of begging for money and then disappearing for months(Based on what her Patreons say)
>Homeless for extended periods of time despite living in a country where living with your parents past 30 is normal.
>Extremely dilated pupils in her 3 videos despite having a bright ass lightring a few cm away from her face.
>Lying about filming her first video at the airport. (Couldn't film the stalker video in the bathroom stall at the airport but somehow managed to film the e-begging video in a dark, quiet room somewhere at the airport btw)
>Rambling on and on about the same thing / constantly bringing up the same thing every few minutes.
>Refusing to ask for help from her actual family/ asking strangers for help by begging for money/ Lashes out when people actually contact her family so she can get actual help
>Changes story from "being alone and scared in a foreign country with no money" to "actually I have a friend in this country who I've been in contact and knew all along that I've been homeless here for weeks"
>Someone who claims to know her posted on her first vid claiming that she's dishonest and that she is a drug addict along with her junkie boyfriend who is her actual "stalker".

I wonder how many more weeks til her "Something bad happened against, send money pls" video is uploaded so she can continue fueling her methamphetamine addiction, it's been like 6 weeks already.

No. 1746606

Now that you mention it, her skin does look a bit methy in the caps. Idk how it looks on video though since I can't power through a single one, I find her voice so grating.

No. 1751121

can you post screencaps of the person who knows her claiming shes on drugs?

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