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While it’s been a common trend throughout internet history, recently there has been a huge spike of young girls/women falling into the same alt right pipeline young autistic moids go into, but purely for the male validation. This thread is going to be for ranting about these particular girls, how it is spreading pedo ideologies and how they are pushing this dirty disgusting shit into the public eye now right under our noses.

Usually their vile racist/misogynistic/paedophilic behaviour has been isolated to forums or platforms like discord or telegram, but with the constant desire for notoriety and that small chance of being posted on 4chan these girls are migrating to public platforms. They are now documenting their grooming publicly to the world, and the worst part is some of them entirely know what they’re doing. At this point a new one pops up everyday and there is ALWAYS an influx of men commenting ‘fed’ and calling it ‘grippy’ even if the girl is dressed as a kid or is an actual minor, and all publicly!
You can identify them from a mile away, they have thinly veiled based takes that are really meant for attention.

There have been some notorious examples of girls like this, but it gets more frightening when they continue it into adulthood.

Some notable examples include:

>Facially challenged chubster
>Circulated r9k communities on discord to hoard orbiters
>Awful only fans ‘person’ :/
>Reclaimed her confidence by claiming shes a pedo herself!
>Constantly racist and weird to kids so her lolicon orbiters respect her more

>Literally the first result if you search racist egirl on discord
>Shills her disgusting onlyfans all over image boards and com discord servers
>Shat herself for of content
>Smears period blood on herself
>Initial appeal was because she made an of when she turned 18 and her underage nudes were already everywhere
>Contributes to servers populated by exclusively groomers and underage girls

Also going to leave some tiktok accounts of some pedobaiters/racist egirls:

‘Crimmy’, super spoilt full on pedobaiter who has no concept of optics or how bad her fucked up posts are where she literally talks about wanting to get molested, dancing to songs with the word cunny in it while cosplaying as a loli and her orbiters call her their pedobait underage waifu, which she loves. She was also beaten up by a group of black people last year for calling them racist shit online without expecting repercussions.

Typical ‘fedposter’ siege mask wearing newfag who wants a harem of moids

Tags all her posts as cunny, abuses filters to appear childlike, pretty self explanatory.

-There are literally hundreds of others, post ones that piss you off or make awful braindead takes. Belle Delphine has enabled these young girls to make pedophilia more acceptable and widespread, fucking sick of it-(redundant)

No. 1718139

File: 1670159693006.jpg (270.09 KB, 750x990, x1wwyxh743a51.jpg)

Bonbibonkers (a popular cosplayer on tiktok.com) also helped start this trend.
She was molested by a 27 year old unemployed 4channer named Seth Waters but defended him online and now does porn.
Lots of these new cosplayers looked up to her.

No. 1718143

Is there any milk? This thread will probably end up like the old E-girl thread, these speds selfposting or bitching about their mutuals & anons just nitpicking the same shit over and over again. Plus some of these girls already have threads, or can fit into another thread

No. 1718148

One of the women mentioned here (empathchan) who is the only one with milk already has a separate thread about her.

The other girls you mentioned are not famous enough or even milky enough to have a thread, one of them can barely even get more than a hundred likes on her posts, the other is private and the other just posts random memes and stuff about roblox. There is no milk here other than the fact that they dress like weebs which is not really milk since all e-girls dress like that. Seems like either a vendetta thread or a self-promo for one of the irrelevant girls you mentioned.

Mods lock this thread.

No. 1718150

File: 1670161260287.jpeg (549.69 KB, 828x1340, 2BD8BFC4-52D5-43AA-B446-6683A6…)

Ideally its not going to be about the ones mentioned unless someones got milk, theres so many on tiktok so just general rant for any stupid egirl post that was clearly made for moids

attached is the one mentioned who got beat up for being ignorant online, she always compares herself to bonbi and does the same stupid baby faces and wears the same shitty plastic cosplays. after this thread went up shes since gone private so i can’t get all the disgusting shit on there

No. 1718152

im not saying its about empathchan im using her as a reference point for the type of content and person to discuss, none of them are specifically ‘cows’ just discussion around the whole phenomena, i think its milk worthy

No. 1718154

>There are literally hundreds of others
any other examples?

No. 1718155

File: 1670161767207.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 237.52 KB, 828x1453, E5B564F5-3D13-42D3-9380-8DFAB2…)

they all get banned quickly recently but i’m digging. something odd though, the girl who went private has some weird orbiter that has 20-30 accounts with the same or similar pfp of a ‘loli’ and the same username but with different numbers. this shit is so rampant and tiktok does nothing

No. 1718156

>none of them are specifically ‘cows’ just discussion around the whole phenomena

So they have no milk other than being hideous wannabe belle delphines.

No. 1718159

File: 1670162169436.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 477.05 KB, 828x1004, DAAF7FE6-C6B1-4B08-B2A4-2EA1F8…)

no they all have racist posts, dogwhistles, usually self proclaimed national socialists and talk about cp or refer to themselves in that way, unfortunately tiktok has pruned recently so i cant find much

No. 1718165

I looked him up on a people finder and he is down as being 23. Bonbi is currently 19 or 20. There is barely an age gap between the two so the stories of grooming are dubious. Considering they were dating I doubt the molestation angle as well.

No. 1718167

File: 1670163104101.jpeg (846.16 KB, 828x1292, 643E9146-FE2B-4496-BE5E-A5754E…)

this ones been nuked too but shit like this seriously makes me doubt the parents parenting skills, if my kid spent mine or their money on a nazi hat and a siege mask so they could look racist online i would smack them

No. 1718168

I want deetz on the girl who got her shit rocked. I wish it was on film cause it's just nice to see proof of people having the consequences of their online actions.
Women and girls who pave the way for more women and girls to be groomed and hurt are almost more insidious than the moids. They use the security that women commonly feel for each other to trick them into that whole scheme and ruin their lives. These girls are nearly the internet version of women who help human traffickers. I don't have any milk, but I think this thread is important because it can discuss this cycle of abuse being furthered online for impressionable young women. The only ones who profit will always be disgusting, pedo moids in the end and they need to stop winning.

No. 1718170

File: 1670163456811.png (93.43 KB, 397x276, 71vPA07.png)

you found the wrong Seth Waters

No. 1718172

File: 1670163948263.jpeg (327.54 KB, 828x1288, 0E558AA1-DF8B-4627-B56A-BC2D73…)

couldnt agree more nona, thats why this topic sticks with me n gets me mad. in a way i feel bad for them because they’re just so insecure to the point theyre willing to throw away everything they believe in for a couple fat neonazis to call them a fed, but a lot of them actively contribute to vile discussions and enable some disgusting behaviour. the more girls who fall down this rabbithole of acting like a child will only lead to an increase in real world crimes against children
i know someone who might have video of the fight with the girl and will also know more so i’ll update

attached is just more examples of moids who dont go outside simping for ‘racist lolis’. seriously why is that their ideal woman, i want to actually understand the thought process because it is peak degeneracy

No. 1718277

Super redundant. We already have a pedopandering thread, an e-girl thread, and a tiktoker thread.

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