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> TLDR: Local Cosplayer, Cosplays with Mom, Husband is a Anti-Vaccer.

- Husband became an antivaccer after marriage to her.
- Rumored to only marry him due to his paycheck (Engineer)
- Apparently completely isolated him from his family.
- Cosplays with her Mom.
- Refers to her friend as her first husband. Actual husband doesn't know.
- Constantly posts projects and things she buys with new found money.
- "Works" at a Bridal Shop (Aka it belongs to her friend and she wears dresses all day)
- Didn't believe in COVID.

A good portion of the community doesn't like her, her stuck up husband (seriously we all pretend that he knows what he's talking about but it's BS), How both of them are living outside their wealth range (seriously a new Camaro and a new BMW in this economy? That's stupid), and more. Just wanted to share my gripe.

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