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No. 1730707

What are your thoughts on Vampjunk?

She's an instagram e-girl that has said the n word multiple times and says it's just a word. A few years ago she made a song called "Niggas Be Wapping". It is gone from the internet. Apparently is a right-wing conservative and rejects liberalism. Lives in Australia.
She's an edgy artist that has drawn girls holding guns, wrist cutting and thowing up.
Listens to incelcore.
I remember reading either on here or 4chan that she was pro-anorexia and in a nazi grooming server i don't know if that is made up or what because i cannot find that online anymore and r/vampjunk is completely deleted too. Apparently the name "Reb" that she uses is in reference to the columbine shooters.
Her real name is unknown to me. Looks to be in her early 20s and works on a farm. Her older pics look to be about 14-16 y.o.
Friends with Nyabeat.
She was recently accused of copying Belle Delphine because she dyed her hair pink, but denied it, basically said that she was an e-girl before Belle.

https://www.instagram.com/vampjunk/ (main, 50k followers)
https://www.instagram.com/pharmreduction/ (spam/2nd acc, had one called @hewwoin but got banned)
https://twitter.com/wageslave2000 (un-terminated a few days ago. small account, recently active)
https://vampjunk.creator-spring.com(merch site)(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1730709

>all drama is typical edgy garbage

no one cares about some random edgelord using the n word. go back to your safe space on twitter

No. 1730711

I do not mind n-word use, I'm just saying all i know

No. 1730714

girlie it is not our job to spoonfeed you milk for your personal cow/vendetta/selfpost. who gives a fuck about some random edgy egirl who said the n word once

No. 1730745

Like I said when you posted this to /pt/, she's already been discussed along with all the other egirls you seethe over in the egirl thread. Stop spamming this everywhere just bc you can't be bothered to integrate, go back retard

No. 1730753

there is an e-girls thread. none of this is worthy of its own thread, though i kek'd at >listens to incelcore

No. 1730779

I love art with girls and guns

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