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File: 1473880842844.jpeg (375.82 KB, 1536x2048, image.jpeg)

No. 173919

Acacia Brinley Clark
- 19 years old
- "youtuber" (doesn't make videos anymore)
- originally got her "fame" from tumblr drama
- now suspected to be pregnant with 25 year old Jairus Kersey
- constantly buys pets only to rehome them after a year or so.
- claims to have "self harmed"
- claims to have anorexia
- stole boyfriend Jairus Kersey from her ex friend two weeks before friend was supposed to move in with Jairus.


No. 173920

What was the tumblr drama?

No. 173921

>learn to green text.

No. 173922

Oh god I remember how many people used to use her pictures for fake profiles
Is there any recent drama?

No. 173923

>stole boyfriend Jairus Kersey from her ex friend two weeks before friend was supposed to move in with Jairus

It's fucked up that she did this to her friend but you can't really steal a person that came willingly. They're both trash.

No. 173924

Back when she started her tumblr, she was "dating" some boy from some group?? She sent underage nudes to whoever would promote her tumblr, claimed they were photoshopped (they weren't). Posted generally provocative photos that weren't age appropriate, dated whoever she could to climb the social ladder

No. 173925

>sent underage nudes to whoever would promote her tumblr
This is deeply sad. Why would anybody care that much about tumblr followers?

No. 173929

She's been making new boards on Pinterest of baby stuff, but hasn't publicly said she's pregnant, yet she all of a sudden has a small bump, low in her stomach, after it being super flat for ages. It was flat not too long ago. She's talked about how she's on the depo shot for birth control, but that was in California and she recently moved to Oregon, and the depo shot isn't known to be the most effective method.

No. 173932

She also had a cat, and three dogs. Got rid of the cat when she moved back to Santa Clarita, then moved to Oregon and now she's only been showing one dog in photos and refuses to address where the other two dogs are…

No. 173933

Her thinspo used to be everywhere on tumblr. She was definitely tiny at one point, but I'd chalk that up to the fast metabolism of a prepubescent girl over anorexia, especially since she filled out as she got older.

No. 173936

So shes basically every girl on tumblr ever. why are we supposed to care?

>give me milk dammit

No. 173938

File: 1473882814467.jpeg (105.96 KB, 640x713, image.jpeg)

I mean…. She claims eating disorder

No. 173940

File: 1473883193813.png (873.35 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

Is it me or do her legs look shooped in this picture???

No. 173941

File: 1473883327707.png (805.99 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

No. 173975

File: 1473887528114.jpg (169.09 KB, 577x1024, IMG_20160306_145253.jpg.212bfb…)

Also, her faking self harm multiple times and all of the drama with 5SOS and Ben and the O2L boys before that…I'm surprised there wasn't a thread about her already, but I guess she isn't that different from your average attention seeking band whore. She makes my blood pressure rise nonetheless.

Oh, and this gem (1/2)

No. 173976

File: 1473887560391.jpg (135.49 KB, 577x1024, IMG_20160306_145240.jpg.72e37d…)

No. 173991

I used to insta lurk her in her hay day because she's such a cow. she's so young and even has nudes out there. Oh don't forget to look into her creepy photographer dad (can't remember his name, rich something?)

No. 174102

She's known for Photoshopping

No. 174115

When she was like 14 she had one of those "HD photography" blogs and she'd get naked on tinychat. There was always drama between her and the "tumblr famous" boys of the moment, like that one guy with the long face… damn, I can't remember his name fuck

No. 174165

I HAVE WANTED AN ACACIA THREAD SO LONG. This girl is the ultimate cow, she's had so much bullshit her whole "career" it's puts some major cows to shame. I'll post my own favorite gems. Starting with from when she tried to have a pop star career but failed miserably

No. 174168

File: 1473925090143.jpg (82.68 KB, 338x600, tumblr_n5mp162DpT1snawtso1_400…)

Her dad, Rich Clark. Some people think he dad is a pedophile because of some stories people have told and his photography (pic related). Also use to threaten to sue/hurt/whatever else anyone who would bad mouth Acacia. This would include very young girls.

No. 174169

File: 1473925484550.png (248.64 KB, 500x481, tumblr_inline_mr7ux4Suag1qbrw9…)

Acacia is also a very well known liar, some examples include leading people to think she was dating some guy in the band 5 Seconds of Summer and then pic related. She tweeted that she and Harry from 1D made eye contact and that she was dancing around stupidly or something like that? IN reality she was on her phone the whole concert.

No. 174170

File: 1473925526237.jpg (29.77 KB, 600x450, BRJKfqwCMAIt7pa.jpg)

No. 174172

No. 174178

File: 1473931272176.png (618.39 KB, 1080x1258, Screenshot_2016-09-15-11-18-47…)

She broke into a house so she could pretend she's friends with a band?

No. 174181

Poor, poor Baby :(

No. 174183

Didn't she try to make it seem like she was dating someone in pierce the veil too? I vaguely remember seeing that on tumblr

No. 174280

Can we also mention that she ONLY talks about her siblings when she's trying to use them? Her little sister is her token "my parents adopted a black baby", her brother Payton she was only close with recently when she was trying to be an actress, and her older brother keagan who's severely autistic that she only posts about when she wants someone to ask about him// when it suits her to be the girl with an autistic brother.

from far back her brother Payton had been pursuing acting, and I think acaca got jealous and went "I WANT TO BE FAMOUS TOO DADDY".

There's old skits on YouTube that they did together.

Her head reminds me of a chihuahua.

No. 174287

…jamjars? he's the only male I know of with that lame, basic look/aesthetic that she had. he's popular, right?

No. 174289

Steven/Dartle?? He was like 16/17? And I believe she was 14 at the time. He took her to his prom.

No. 174300

Omg I forgot about her black sister. her family is so weird, it's like they have one of EVERYRHING. does anyone know about what she's got going on currently? Seems like some kinda instalife she's living with a hipster bf?

No. 174305

They were living in LA everything seemed peachy, they adopted two dogs and bought a puppy, she still had her naked cat at the time. Lease was up, they move to a house in Santa Clarita, get rid of the cat "there's no room for him except in the garage", then suddenly he moves back to Oregon and they weren't following each other anymore for a while. He deleted all of the photos of them together and her off his instagram. Then they quietly follow each other back, while she's still in Santa Clarita, she goes to Oregon to visit him (its where he's originally from), she decides to break her lease early in Santa Clarita and pack up to move to Oregon. He stays up there, she moves in and all of a sudden makes Pinterest boards about babies.

She hasn't said anything yet, but people suspect she's pregnant.

No. 174307

the tumblr type kid drama was always out of my age bracket (i was already early 20s) but I'm a sucker for drama and all of the exposing and interesting people's lives so I loved it. Acacia is super interesting because it's almost like she's a Kiki type success story, totally flows into whatever's popular and moves on. So now it's woodsy whatever she's got going on but acacia can't commit to anything, much less a baby. i think actually having to take care of one would finally snap her because there's no way she could do it. I wouldn't be surprised though if she could pawn a possible baby off to her parents until ~she's ready while she lives her ~special acacia is perfect at everything life

No. 174311

She also has "music" coming out with her boyfriend tomorrow. Totally forgot that she keeps trying to be a singer.

No. 174316

what is this middle school drama

No. 174338

File: 1473998271174.jpg (23.48 KB, 500x333, tacobell.jpg)

I've never heard of this girl before but this is giving me the giggles…

>we only let really cool people see our test kitchen, so you should be psyched

I don't think Taco Bell would send out a note that appears to have been hand written by a child.

No. 174342

Jamjars was the most popular basic tumblr twink, but not the only one. I'm pretty sure he's always been gay and lives in England. So not him.

No. 174343

this is hilarious

No. 174345

Her stomach totally looks like she's preggers. That low pooch. Especially because a few weeks before she starts showing she's super thin in those red bikini selfies. But now she's got a tiny bump. She's been drinking pickle juice lately??

No. 174346

I listened to the preview on his Twitter and it's generic pop Hollister soundtrack American Authors-sounding garbage. I have such a hate boner for this girl I want it to flop so bad, but people seem to like that crap.

No. 174347

She's already had music projects flop.
The girl group
Her "solo career"

No. 174377

eurgh I hate people like this, they're always selling out to the latest 'trend' so much that nothing feels authentic and blahbasicblah

No. 174457

This is acaca's specialty. She's a genuine trend whore and changes to appeal to whatever dude she wants to mooch off next.

No. 174481

Acacia is one of my fave lolcows. it also didn't surprise me that she started dating Jarius, I believe he was in a band "Alive Like Me" ?? she used to date a former guitarist from Crown the Empire Benn Suede. Apparently Acacia first went for Benn's brother who is a photography and then saw that Benn was more famous and then dated him for a long while. During that relationship she appeared in a State Champs music video and then sometime after that her and Benn broke up. There were rumors that Benn used her to help CTE gain more attention and vice versa.

No. 174543

I'm surprised how long they lasted considering she was underage the whole time and he was constantly being called a pedophile. Current boyfriend was called that too because she was only 17 when they got together. She turned 18 shortly after.

Jarface and acaca have matching tattoos they got not long after being together too.

A sun and a moon bc got

No. 174548

File: 1474075504044.jpg (595.88 KB, 2048x1536, IMG_2201.JPG)

Her hair looks so greasy and stringy today. Fried as hell too.

No. 174551

That make-up is tacky

No. 174553

Her under eyes are so wrinkley, they might as well be ball sacks

No. 174555

No. 174583

Her makeup is always terrible. She's a cheap knock off of whatever is the look~ at the time. for real tho look at her makeup in any picture especially those lashessss

No. 174584

Her hair looks like actual hay here…
Also I hate the trend of drawing on freckles. It looks like you're trying to do creepy doll Halloween makeup.

No. 174697

This… Is so fucking bad. I honestly don't get how or where she finds these desperate musicians to date who are willing to put her front a center despite the fact that she's just not talented. I get that she's ~internet famous~ or whatever but surely her pretty (shooped) face is not worth tanking your career by insisting on putting that yodel-y cat yowling in front of a mic.

No. 174698

Those overdrawn lips tho

No. 175086


Did this bitch drawn on black freckles? She looks like she was using ink and got it splattered on her face.

Also, I freckles aren't black. Source: Have natural freckles.

No. 175103

can anyone explain why these rednecks are important or interesting? am I supposed to know who the fuck jairus kersey is?

No. 175199

No. 175211

File: 1474324442419.jpg (47.48 KB, 480x480, IMG_2266.JPG)

Her fathers photography is.. questionable

No. 175215

File: 1474324664938.jpg (Spoiler Image, 69.82 KB, 576x1024, IMG_2265.JPG)


No. 175218

oh yeah, her dad definitely has a hard on for little girls

No. 175219


Her boyfriend's ex about how acacia stOle him

No. 175220

File: 1474325899664.jpg (30.75 KB, 600x337, IMG_2267.JPG)


No. 175221

File: 1474325931959.jpg (113.94 KB, 577x1024, IMG_2268.JPG)

Racism pt. 2

No. 175223

Her dad is the "hey mister" /tv poster?

No. 175232

>Hugs and kisses, Taco Bell

No. 175233


Her dad filmed this video and he just sounds like he's popping a boner

No. 175235

No. 175236

File: 1474326919931.jpg (77.24 KB, 480x480, IMG_2271.JPG)

Sure jan

No. 175302

File: 1474346514710.png (504.33 KB, 640x1136, IMG_2274.PNG)

iTunes was trying to save your ears.

No. 175688

This shit is hilarious. Who would ever fall for such a ridiculous lie?

No. 175693


You can tell in this video that she doesn't wanna be making this video with her adopted sister, but it's being filmed by (probably) her dad.

No. 175700

I'll see if I can find it, but there was a tweet from a swim brand saying something along the lines of "who is this acacia girl and why does she keep emailing me asking for free stuff?" L O L

No. 175702

File: 1474475675780.jpg (Spoiler Image, 24.72 KB, 400x480, IMG_2307.JPG)

Age appropriate

No. 178654

File: 1475401210628.png (87.97 KB, 640x1136, IMG_2458.PNG)


On where her pets are now (excluding one she kept or so I'm assuming)

She makes it sound like this is a one time occurrence when really this is a usual thing for her. Her ex best friend even called her out for it once.

No. 180219

sooooo she's pregnant

No. 180262

post caps

No. 180275

File: 1475780790693.jpg (33.17 KB, 600x323, what do u think.jpg)

Is this the next-generation Kiki?

No. 180307

File: 1475794024166.png (1.47 MB, 1394x1094, Screen Shot 2016-10-06 at 3.45…)

No. 180308

File: 1475794110289.png (1.32 MB, 1320x1122, Screen Shot 2016-10-06 at 3.47…)


No. 180684

Practically everyone could tell she was pregnant. She kept tweeting her cravings and how she was "oh so sick" and weak. Plus in some pictures you could tell she had a little bump. And then people were calling her out for it and she started wearing baggier clothes..

No. 180839

I just assumed from the OP pic.

No. 180977

her face reminds me of miley cyrus's. not that they look alike, but their faces have that same kind of vague homeliness that never go with whatever style they're going for. it just looks so slightly off

sagin' for OT

No. 181019

Her boyfriend and her were having trouble before this, I don't doubt she skipped her depo shot appointment to baby trap him. None of her other relationships have worked out because she's legit psycho.

No. 181044

yeah but honestly, these douchey guys don't deserve any better. it's the babies I'm sad for. two stupid parents.

No. 181065

I feel incredibly bad for the baby.
As sad, fucked up, and mean as this will sound, I sort of hope she miscarries. Not because I want her to suffer, but because I'd rather the child not suffer. And judging from her behavior with her past pets, and the fact that she's so immature with no realistic career.. the child is going to suffer. No way that Jairus sticks around much longer. He ALREADY tried to leave her..

Did she even graduate school or get her GED? Does anyone know?

No. 181076

File: 1475973695452.png (287.78 KB, 640x1136, IMG_2534.PNG)

Wanted to see if her ex best friend said anything about acaca announcing she's pregnant. She didn't but I found this and it's pretty obvious it's about acacia, considering acacia had just made a statement (I believe around the same time) about giving her sphinx away because he has health problems she couldn't care for

No. 181280

She's announced the pregnancy and is only 2 months along.

No. 181304

I think she mentioned in an old Youtube vid that she was homeschooled or did some accelerated program to graduate at 16.

No. 181391

details on him trying to leave her? how do you know this

No. 181406

They moved out of the apartment they were in for a year bc lease was up, move from LA to Santa Clarita, there for a few months at most (they apparently didn't even have a fridge that's how little time they spent in SC). He goes to Oregon, where he's from. They unfollowed each other on Twitter and ig. He deletes all of the photos of her off his ig. She chooses to keep theirs up. And about a week or so later they're back together cause her crazy ass went up to Oregon to follow him. It was clear they still weren't on great terms for a little because there were no photos of the two of them. Yet she would post selfies in Oregon. They still weren't following each other for a little, and then she came back to SC to break their lease and pack up all by herself, so she could move to Oregon… to be with him. I'm not sure if there are pictures of her on his ig again or not. But before the announcement there still wasn't anything on his instagram.

He also generally seems like he's not really interested in being a dad, but like he's trying to force everyone to believe he is

No. 183125

File: 1476486887920.png (130.64 KB, 640x890, IMG_2660.PNG)

It could just be me wanting to see a shoop flaw, but her arm looks off??? Anyone else?

No. 183132

I'm too distracted by her face… it looks scary here

But I see what you're saying about her arm. She might be wearing a bracelet or something underneath?

No. 183142


She looks like the mayor of whoville lol

No. 183221

Her tumblr drama is realllllyyyy old. It dates back to 2010. First of all, she's not 19, she's 22-24. She's lied about her age since she was 16 and was first using tumblr in 2010, and has lied about her age claiming she's three or four years younger. Basically she gave someone a handjob in a movie theatre when she was claiming to be 12 (she was actually 15/16) and got enough loads of hate and people ganging up on her, she's remade about 7 different tumblrs and buys fake notes on her selfies to look popular.

She also was hated and slut shamed for being a rich, white attractive 'young' teen and her pictures were plastered all over swag pages in 2012.

She also threw herself at members of 5sos and got rejected by all of them. And she has a failed band called watercolours

No. 183222

Hope she miscarries. She'd be a terrible mother. I wouldn't want a child to have to have one like her.

No. 183226

she has a youtube video of her 2013 prom, which would mean she was still in highschool three years ago? 16/17 is a normal age for prom, but if shes in her mid 20's that's not possible.

No. 183246

It's probably a much older video that she uploaded recently

No. 183247

It's also possible that her family and friends helped her to staged the entire video to support her internet claims of being younger as her lies was being contested a lot in 2013.

No. 183248

I don't understand how picturs of her would get upwards of 80k likes on tumblr tho. She's not stunningly beautiful, she's average if that

No. 183249

File: 1476531092557.jpg (61.97 KB, 473x700, image.jpg)

She's got an unfortunate figure to be honest. Flat chest, broad shoulders, too tall looks very garish and manly

No. 183254

Why does dumb people like her always reproduce? They are enough shitty human beings in the world…. Poor kid, it will become trash

No. 183281

that video was of her then boyfriend's prom, steven diaz. he's a few years older than acacia claims to be.

No. 183317

Her whole internet "fame" was probably orchestrated by her creepy pedo father. Because long before they moved to California, and before she made a name for herself on Tumblr, she was in a commercial or two, and on some family prank show or something like that. Her older brother Peyton (who looks the most normal) is the only one who actually became an actor.

No. 183356

does anyone have a general idea of whereabouts in Oregon she lives? I know that's a creepy question but I live in Oregon and I swear I saw her the other day, I just wanna know if I'm going crazy or not.

No. 183357

NVM it says on her insta that she's in Eugene. I very well might have seen her then.

No. 183434

Why do so many people think she's cute? She's terribly average and other anon that pointed out she's got an unfortunate body. Maybe pregnancy will give her some boobs.

No. 183790

Sooo Tarte is paying for her to be in bora bora right now. And obviously giving her free makeup. There are far prettier people that are ig famous than acaca

No. 184050

File: 1476677539272.png (362.83 KB, 1075x818, Screenshots_2016-10-15-23-59-4…)

I only found out about this girl because of this thread and I'm in awe. That poor baby they're having.

Bonus: went on her twitter and she claims to have 'invented' that Trump meme that's been everywhere lately.

No. 184051

File: 1476677583266.png (191.73 KB, 1062x370, Screenshots_2016-10-16-00-00-0…)

Her 'original' tweet

No. 184373

Because how dare anyone else have that very obvious thought while watching that debate… I swear she's so stupid.

No. 184381

Also- everyone's saying there's Zika in bora bora (where she's vacationing rn), she claims there's not… but I kinda hope she gets it. I feel real fucked up for saying that, but I can 100% guarantee that if her kid had Zika she'd abort it or give it up for adoption. Just like she rehomes all of her animals after she gets sick of them and/or if they have health problems.

No. 184516

File: 1476734675397.png (1.25 MB, 640x1136, IMG_2754.PNG)


No. 184526

File: 1476735441448.jpg (49.39 KB, 480x480, IMG_2759.JPG)

~*mAkEuP gUru*~

No. 184531

that has to be a bad shoop


No. 184534

File: 1476735952609.png (531.23 KB, 640x1136, IMG_2761.PNG)

Straight from her twitter

No. 184538

Lmao most compassionate human beings would abort if they contracted Zika and the foetus inside of them developed microcephaly. That's not exactly a hard decision.

No. 184719

Yeah. Besides, an imperfect child would ruin her perfect new family.

Or maybe she wants a kid born with complications cause it'll grab her more attention..

No. 184753

What shoe size does she fucking wear

No. 184754

Why does this girl get any kind of attention. She looks like she's about 15 and she's plain as hell. It's weird to me

No. 184780

probably used a stretching app to look thinner

No. 185398

File: 1476853783490.png (225.05 KB, 640x1136, IMG_2785.PNG)

Still trying to act like Taco Bell gives a shit about her…

No. 188042

File: 1477382076301.png (114.51 KB, 640x1136, IMG_2847.PNG)

Mad bc she wants to be the cool pregnant Pinterest mom and no one is taking her serious lmao

No. 188061

Oooooooooh this grinds my gears. I am currently 8 weeks pregnant and getting sick all the time. It's not 24 hours but I suck it up and I gym and go to work.

But, I'm also an adult with a husband who didn't make shitty life choices to have a baby at 19 with a shitheel.

No. 188088

Try viatmin B6. My OB recommended it when I was pregnant, made my morning sickness disappear.

No. 188280

File: 1477421932780.jpg (453.1 KB, 2048x1536, IMG_2848.JPG)

I feel like she chose this makeup look to make herself look more tired and sickly so everyone will reply with"OMG cacia u look so tired r u okay??????"

No. 189800

In her two newest videos on her and her bfs channel she:
1. Pronounces "harambe" as haram-bee.
2. Likes guy fieri
3. Talks about how she hated old navy, but now loves it cause she's a mom
4. Addresses people after they remind her that she said she was quitting vlogs. Says it's to document the pregnancy, boyfriend says money, acaca pooply back pedals and states it's also for them to be *~ creative ~* yet holding a camera in your face all day isn't creative?????

Especially when you do nothing all day.

No. 190116

Naso. Labial. Folds.

No. 190120

This has probably been discussed, but did she get her lips done? They look off to me with her tiny nose. That eye makeup is giving me Courtney Love vibes, I think you're spot on with the 'trying to look sick' thing.

No. 191768

I don't think she's ever discussed it, but I'd be willing to bet she has.

She also had a "non-surgical" nose job.

No. 194397

File: 1478426693849.png (118.59 KB, 640x1136, IMG_3009.PNG)

That's the food you are eating throughout the day caca.

It's almost like someone filled your head with air.

No. 197226

File: 1478973601038.png (449.65 KB, 640x1136, IMG_3110.PNG)

"Waaah I'm so sick waaah" poses happily for selfie

No. 197227

File: 1478973723841.png (891.89 KB, 640x1136, IMG_3112.PNG)

Her legs look off to me, and not in a "she's so skinny" kind of way. In a "something anatomically doesn't look right" kind of way

No. 197247

>I legit get so sad when I see my legs
>posts pic exaggerating her thigh gap


No. 198244

File: 1479150752277.png (440.38 KB, 640x1136, IMG_3176.PNG)

It's the prime time because you ate a ton of food throughout the day.

No. 206350

File: 1480463569657.png (558.47 KB, 640x1136, IMG_3450.PNG)

Isn't piercing while pregnant bad???

No. 206358

The fuck? Where did you hear that?

No. 206382

cus you can get an infection in the blood (idk what it's called) and if you're pregnant it's bad to be on antibiotics and I guess maybe it could harm the baby?

Tbh it might just be a myth but I've heard this about both tattoos and about piercings.

No. 206757

Bf's mom is an NP in the obgyn department and she said it's safest to avoid piercing while pregnant. You can get shit like hepatitis if not sanitary enough.

No. 206761

This is about as hysterical as fearing getting AIDS from a toilet seat so long as you're not getting dirty kitchen piercings. The neuroticism around pregnancy in the West is fucking insane and unhealthy. There's enough material on gen-z kiki without going muh vapours over trivial garbage.

No. 206776

Okay, never in my damn life have I met anyone who pierced their ears and got fucking sepsis. Never.
Cutting their hand working, sure. Poked by used needle, absolutely.
But ears pierced? No.
I mean, that's bullshit. But, okay.
These aren't needles dipped in shit.
There are tons of ways to sterilize pens if you're doing it at home.
Boiling water, hot flame, rubbing alcohol. And if you're using a piercing gun, it's even more sanitary because no one is touching the jewelry.
I'm going to have to call bullshit.

No. 206787

on the low chance she got an infection, the doctors not just gonna be like "oh welp can't give you antibiotics cuz of that fetus, just tough it out and die or whatever" they'd sort it out.

Fuckin hypochondriacs, take the damn chill pill.

No. 287385

File: 1491713811486.png (2.4 MB, 750x1334, IMG_0765.PNG)

Anyone else seeing a shoop mistake or am I just high?

No. 287447

Wow this girl is still around? I remember her for being MySpace famous, back when she had braces.

No. 287448

Sage for off topic but what's her hair color considered on top (unbleached area)

No. 287464

dark blond

No. 287522

natural dark strawberry blonde. super hard colour to obtain through dye.

No. 288996

Her child's middle name is going to be "Rey" bc she likes starwars….

No. 339733

File: 1498178598047.png (221.04 KB, 750x1089, IMG_1946.PNG)

Caca is engaged now. Baby trap was a success.

No. 340062


he's been engaged before, what makes her think she isn't gonna get run off on like his other girls? so foolish

No. 340477

I think he might be gay. Idk… maybe just a douche.

No. 539420

File: 1522163732605.jpg (128.13 KB, 909x595, 2.jpg)

Possibly boring update but she is pregnant again, her first baby is under a year old.

No. 539423

File: 1522163879613.jpg (132.99 KB, 797x589, m.jpg)

…and is also planning to get married next month. Semi-retired cow?

No. 539431

Literally nobody gives a fuck

No. 539673

I'm sorry, but being a mother of 2 at the age of only 20 is just disgusting…

No. 539773

it's really not lmao. in the case of a messy ass lolcow like this, sure, but some people have the emotional/financial stability and the family support to do just fine. you sound weirdly bitter

No. 539981

No ew who the Fuck wants kids. Especially that young.

No. 540682

normal people who don't have autism

No. 591365

the person does sound bitter but even normies would rather wait to establish a career and maybe do a few things before having kids

No. 594569

Rich children of yuppies who live in an actual fantasy of 0 financial responsibility

No. 594570

I feel like this is the pinnacle of Acacia and what she's been pining for since she was 14 chasing band members. She akways wanted that MRS Degree

No. 594664

their new baby will have significant health issues… they're in for a rude awakening. there's no way they can afford their lifestyle while paying for those medical bills(learn to integrate)

No. 594902

You bumped this thread to respond to a rhetorical question. Nice.

No. 597993

File: 1527721185145.jpg (378.71 KB, 761x1091, 20180530_154637.jpg)

I really can't believe what a douchebag Jairus is. He looks like someone's grandmother in this pic and the caption is his sad affirmation to himself that he's not a sissy

>bumps thread again with no content
>kill yourself

No. 597998

File: 1527721395943.jpg (2.53 MB, 2400x1920, inCollage_20180530_153957768.j…)

Look at that punchable face. I included the far right pic because it's fro before Acacia was preggo and you can clearly see how annoyed he is with her.
Idk I'm no stan but he should be grateful Acacia gave him some manhood in the form of children. Does he support them at all?

I know positivity towards cows is generally frowned upon here but I think Acacia seems really natural as a mother. She is more selfless with the baby than I imagined she would be. Imo

No. 598001

File: 1527721475795.jpg (422.16 KB, 800x850, 20180530_160433.jpg)

How old is he? Jesus.

No. 598022

File: 1527722405281.jpg (56.06 KB, 674x674, acacia_and_jairus__14482221_14…)

Ok I take it back he doesn't look like he hates her in the last pic really but I feel like he strongly resented her for a while pre-kiddos. He looks like underneath that cheesy grin, he actually wants to be anywhere but there. Idk

No. 598026

If you're gonna post about possible milk at least include proof. Their new baby is going to have a heart condition, and will need surgery soon after birth.

No. 618557

So that wasn't true, the baby is not gonna be sick but they're still selling tshirts about the disease anyway and keeping most of the profit. Real slick cacia

No. 657517

I really wish this thread wasn't entirely deceased. I feel like more people should hate her.(necro)

No. 657532

i didn't even realize she had a thread here but i don't like her at all. i feel like she hasn't been super milky lately aside from scamming all her fans on depop, though. she's so fucking boring nowadays(necro)

No. 658518

I'll talk shit about Acacia all day, I can't stand her. Literally my most hated social media figure.

No. 659426

Acacia is getting a lawsuit filed against her by MirandaDunnLondon Coat Company.

No. 659436

Can you show us some details? Imageboard and all.

No. 660333

File: 1533797495931.jpeg (139.22 KB, 749x790, D9EFA1A4-252F-43EB-90D0-E99E7A…)

No. 660334

File: 1533797572807.jpeg (168.98 KB, 749x933, 26DEC797-BE27-4E08-9D0A-7917C4…)

You can read more on his insta

No. 735194

Laughing pretty hard at this thread now. Acacia has actually turned out to be a great mother and her and Jairus seem very happy together. Y’all seem like you have a personal vendetta against her and you “just hate her” and spend time talking about photoshop or how she looks instead of any real milk. Quit wasting your time on someone who isn’t even cow worthy anymore and who has matured and do so yourself.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 735196

Read the dates on the previous posts please. Why does this keep happening. Sigh.

No. 755293

File: 1546018657134.jpg (343.93 KB, 1223x2475, IMG_9245 copy.jpg)

I can't believe her dad still has clients. Was hoping the #MeToo movement would have come for him but I guess the parents of his past and present "models" are protecting him. They've known for a long time about his behavior and did nothing, it's been an open secret in the dance and social media worlds for YEARS. At this point, it would hurt their careers to be linked with him if he got exposed…

No. 755453

I was browsing her old posts recently and acacia made a long mental health one about how her dad also had bpd and is unstable as hell. Am here for this. His page is full of the most oddly provocative photos of young girls and it's really weird

No. 823426

Acacia is currently streaming her first stream rn and her personality is so boring. You can tell it’s some money making scheme to her being a uwu girl gamer

No. 823434

I'd have to agree. First stream ever and already has the donate button ready to go with the typical "uwu u don't haaave to donate but I'd appreciate it" thot shit.

No. 823456

Does she still live in Eugene?

No. 823471

This phase isn’t going to last. She barely interacts with her chat and also watching her struggle hard with LoL is painful

No. 823478

her mods were quick to take down anything that was slightly critical of her. i don’t see how she’s gonna last on twitch lol

No. 838910

How desperate do you think Acacia is for money? New merch, new book, and hideous presets.
She always seems to pull out the presets when she needs money. It’s too bad Jairus doesn’t have a job other than watching the kids.

No. 838920

not very. she’s getting a boob job

No. 838923

She’s getting a boob job cos she thinks it’ll do all the work for her on Twitch.

No. 838935

File: 1563284680902.png (1.44 MB, 640x1136, 0A16CDD8-E634-4752-96FD-CB797B…)

this was how she promoted her book. a ‘published author’ who doesn’t know the difference between there, their, and they’re lmao

No. 838937

forgot to add, she’s charging $45 for this.

No. 838943

She's hoping the book will pay for her boob job lol. I don't see actual parents buying this 45$ book for their children. Maybe some of her fans will buy a copy. I also find it funny that she writes about a colourful shirt when she hates colour atm.

No. 838990

Ironic that before she had her disabled child she wanted a large family, now that the burden of a disabled child is there, doesn’t want anymore kids and is getting a boob job. I think she’ll do anything at this point to get people to stop asking questions about her disabled kid. Real talk girl, it’s nothing to be ashamed of. Don’t blow your $$ on new boobs, get your kid some PT so she doesn’t grow up to be a potato

No. 839064

in her kids room tour vid she said she still wanted 3 more. which for the kids sake I hope she doesnt follow through. this money is 100% going towards her boobs and any left over is going towards a Disney trip. if it was up to her, her disabled child wouldn't exist

No. 839148

where did she say she’s getting a boob job?

No. 839149

where did she say she’s getting a boob job?

No. 839165

File: 1563315997879.jpeg (227.8 KB, 1242x1264, C2354947-01D6-46A0-87D5-F7FF14…)

No. 839313

File: 1563338994958.jpeg (91.3 KB, 432x585, EDD88CB4-9EE4-4873-BE58-3945C3…)

What the fuck is her problem honestly? She’s receiving tons of backlash over the pricing of the book from people (and she’s selling a product so why wouldn’t you want criticism so you can tweak your product and make it more accessible for people?). This response is so snarky- there are bigger problems in the world than people complaining about her expensive, unoriginal book.

No. 839407

Charging $45 for a children's book when she has such a niche audience for it is ridiculous- she did a survery a long time ago and only about 10% of her followers were mothers. She has probably figured out by now that she isn't going to turn a profit from this and that's why her responses are so snarky. I'd be interested to know how much money they put into this vs how much they're going to end up losing.

No. 839526

File: 1563391761527.jpeg (440.91 KB, 1242x1145, B9097854-10D9-4444-8CD4-640EC0…)

No. 839640

Just copying over the basic rundown given in the thread request thread.
> got famous as a tumblr thot with underage nudes leaked (she traded them for shoutouts from popular tumblr guys)
> stole her husband (a mid 20s fading rockstar) jairus from one of her friends, olivia when she was 17. he has a multitude of cheating rumors
> is literally dumb as shit and has no talents, had failed music career and modeling career
> was friends with TND and other milky people back in the day, neglected the shit out of her hairless cat to the point of needing all of its teeth removed
> got caught yelling at her dogs and trying to make them live outside
> now has two kids (one with clear physical disabilities that she refuses to acknowledge) highly prefers her first born child over the younger disabled one. before she had the second born she went on & on about how she wanted 4-5 kids, suddenly “doesn’t wanna talk about kids anymore” and gets pissy when people talk about her not loving her younger daughter
> lives in a trailer on her husband’s family’s property for free
> scams her way through not having a job like a typical IG thot. makes youtube videos when she gets sponsored and recently started streaming on twitch as a cash grab
> like 2 weeks into streaming on twitch she has decided to get a boob job because she isn’t successful as a titty streamer. yet doesn’t get physical therapy for her disabled daughter.

No. 839825

don’t forget that last month she dropped 15k on a travel trailer then took it to the shop a week later because something was “wrong” with one of the axles (despite them already making a nearly week-long trip with the “broken axle”); she has yet to mention it since.

No. 841658

Looking at her girls' room tour video, she appears to have no idea what most young parents can actually afford to spend on children's things.

One hopes she's receiving comped products due to influencer status, and not actually spending out of pocket $500 on toddler bedsheets, $135 toy stroller, $200 balance bike, etc.

No. 843535

Wow, this is one of the more disgusting cows I've read about in awhile and I'm sorry for having looked. What a giant piece of shit.

No. 844156

File: 1564112759365.jpeg (165.59 KB, 1220x882, AA795FC6-22CC-4B11-9FCC-E7D947…)

she got her boob job and is posting a vid about it tomorrow. also did a twitch stream where shes high and it seemed really out of character, never heard her talk about smoking weed before.

wish this thread was updated more especially now because it seems like shes going through some sort of identity crisis lol

No. 844238

>now has two kids (one with clear physical disabilities that she refuses to acknowledge)
Is this the kid with the physical disabilities? I looked all over her instagram and the only thing that stood out was that this kid’s face looks a little odd.(don't post children)

No. 844246

What's with her eyes? Looks like she smeared soot all over.

No. 844250

Yeah Rosemary is nearing 1 year old and is behind developmentally for her age. She still can't hold her own head up properly for example.

No. 844265

File: 1564142195635.jpeg (150.98 KB, 946x2048, EAYPk45XUAEJPkj.jpg:large.jpeg)

Yeah she started talking a ton about smoking and getting high. At first she claimed that she never got high when the girls were home but that clearly turned out to be a lie.

Anyway, she posted a picture of her without the bandages but quickly deleted it. I'm just curious to see how well she's gonna take care of them post-op or if she's gonna fuck them up like Ariana/PNP lmao.

No. 844269

File: 1564142695570.jpeg (217.32 KB, 571x852, 039E5758-B45B-403D-834A-27C0D8…)

No. 844272

File: 1564142917293.png (5.16 MB, 750x1334, AC3C0CE3-F6AB-42D3-B2B5-D2FA5A…)

An update on the cat Acacia nearly neglected to death. Healthy and adorable!

No. 844284

File: 1564145167504.jpeg (329.62 KB, 596x696, AE559D05-A86A-48A2-ABEB-63C3E4…)

Can’t imagine why she dirty deleted this gem.

No. 844328

I wonder what her husband's family thinks. I'm so here for this delicious milk it's been a long time in the making

No. 844585

Why are people here so salty..(newfaggotry)

No. 844588

>>844585 because she is a shitty tumblr brat turned into a shitty attention whore mother, stop namefagging.

No. 844605

No. 844615


Who owns the cat now?

It’s sick she specifically bought an expensive, high maintenance, animal just for the clout and to treat it like trash. She’s had several animals she’s bought and disposed of like trash once sne was bored with them


Acacia had babies way too young and unprepared, with the wrong man. Now she’s having a life crisis with the fake boobs and publicly smoking weed when she has small children. Too bad kids aren’t pets she can get rid of when they inconvenience her. The disabled baby was a slap of reality for Acacia and her doofus baby daddy. Now she’s neglecting her child and her child’s health issues. Acacia’s insecurity over her flat titties is more important, financially as well

No. 844624

File: 1564194926133.jpeg (457.72 KB, 1538x2048, 9911A198-F0A4-48C6-9938-1CB8CA…)

looks so weird and disproportionate to her small body.

No. 844636

not to wk but why is smoking weed when you have kids bad? As long as you’re responsible and keep it away from them, there’s no reason for people to moralfag.

Also, lol at her new titties, I wonder how botched they look under her clothes.

No. 844640

If you use habitually and in the presence of children/while supervising them you're an asshole. Same with alcohol or any other drug that impairs your motor coordination, ability to concentrate, and reaction time.

No. 844661

How long till you think she opens up a onlyfans like the rest of the titty streamers.

No. 844663

i understand your point, but it moreso has to do with what she preaches vs what she practices. acacia said she would only smoke when her kids were not at home, then in multiple streams was smoking when her kids were home. they do live in a trailer, so it’s not very large. also, iirc, was she smoking when she left her disabled baby on the floor and she got stepped on by the dog?

No. 844676

Also keep in mind she has a disabled daughter. Trying to care for a physically and probably mentally disabled kid when you’re stoned is absolutely fucked, but if you’re in denial about how fucked up your kid will be for life, it’s probably fine

No. 844721

Yikes, those are some fucking rocks. I know the surgery is still fresh and will look better once it heals and settles but there's no way these bolt ons are gonna look "natural" like she claimed she wanted. Also she hasn't been wearing the compression bra at all, her tits are gonna be botched as fuck.

No. 844722

It says a lot that she went the League of Legends twitch thot route first and then finally followed through with the enhanced bimbo tits. She’s ready to sell herself and her creep old-man-next-door husband is getting off on it. Sad she treats her children like disposable accessories the same way she did her pets a few years ago.

No. 845070

File: 1564289796997.jpeg (205 KB, 1024x1424, FEC6F7CE-90D8-4B8C-8A83-9316F5…)

She refuses to wear her compression bras. She thinks her skimpy little bralettes that offer virtually no support at all are ok. You can sort of see the separation.

No. 845129

Kek this bitch is gonna end up with old lady implants

No. 845136

>wearing no support bras is milk
oh no she did not

No. 845140

In usual Acockia fashion though she’s blocking anyone who tries to give her advice/insisting that she’s right and knows everything

No. 845142

File: 1564314559233.jpeg (62.03 KB, 1242x327, 5579B52D-4376-46CB-82EC-78C617…)

Any reason she would still need to use a wheelchair?

No. 845182

nope. she didn’t even need a wheelchair in the first place, honestly, but she said she didn’t want to “raise her heart rate”. then… don’t go out to a festival? the day after she got the surgery she was literally out shopping instead of doing bed rest.
imagine her being wheeled around the festival, standing up to take an ig picture with her tits out, and then sitting back down lmao. an actual disabled person could use that wheel chair, acockia

No. 845185

Eh I just don't see how wearing certain bras or not wearing certain bras is milky

No. 845190

>>845185 because she is fucking up her new implants,thusly leading into her having tragic boobs so it is at least skim milk.

No. 845207

Well, this is just discussion. Not everything needs to be a milk fountain to be brought up.

No. 845493

File: 1564386547046.jpeg (207.71 KB, 828x999, 9C09076B-35AC-4773-97DA-E1F82A…)

Prioritizing your tits, and the surgery that you can’t shut the fuck up about for even 1 second of the day over your disabled child, and not getting them PT isn’t milk? She has 3 bedrooms in her house, shoved the girls into one (though they still sleep in her bed most of the time)
so she could have a closet.
Rosie has a chromosome deletion, and isn’t in PT. Brinley gets virtually zero interaction with kids her age.
Meanwhile Acacia had this “life changing” surgery that makes her feel so happy, and so content, and she can’t even take care of it. You need to wear compression bras.

No. 845495

not wearing compression garments after plastic surgery and fucking up said recovery is a classic hallmark of a cow. they all have to pull their new tits/lipo/chin out for selfies and appearances right away. off the top of my head Himeka, Momokun, PnP, probably Kelly Eden, all mangled because they're cows who are too retarded to do one simple thing.

No. 846133

File: 1564520113839.jpeg (522.89 KB, 750x1162, FCEB34B1-4644-48E7-A3C9-45930B…)

No. 846811

File: 1564620062359.png (3.5 MB, 750x1334, 7293035F-E108-498A-A9CD-7E6C24…)

Uncanny valley.

No. 849725

File: 1565130523428.jpeg (606.77 KB, 1242x1440, F673DEE0-30A3-4028-9417-448945…)

not celebrating her disabled daughter’s birthday as she did with her first. poor kid

No. 849748

damn those feels, this actually makes me feel bad for poor rosie

No. 849840


Im reaching but it seems like Acacia's constant purchases might be draining the bank lower than what they're comfortable with. Perhaps after looking back at how much they overspent on Brinley, coupled with Acacia's constant unnecessary purchases, they were shocked into seeing through their wasteful delusions and decided to reign it with on Rosie (unfortunately).

sage for tinfoil and being incoherently baked whilst typing.

No. 849885

mommy spent the baby's birthday money on new tits

No. 849955

Why do people say that she lives in a trailer?? I’ve never seen anything about them actually living in one.

No. 849956

File: 1565181287860.jpeg (426.81 KB, 1536x2048, 56710650-5A98-4C01-9A0A-6E95F0…)

they renovated a double wide. pic related the ceiling slopes and meets in the middle where the two parts of the trailer are connected. it actually looks pretty good. if you go back a while you can see a lot of before and afters of their process

No. 849957

it's so weird, even though she dropped however much to get a new set of tits they literally aren't even visible. Just looks like she drew herself some cleavage with contour.

No. 850028

She made an entire video about the renos to their trailer on her YT

No. 850778

Acacia always was a kind of attention whore which posted nudes on Tumblr. Idk how old she was but do know the age she had wasn't legal to do that and those pics are still around while she declares to dislike it. Tumblr is a site with option to remove pics if they aren't wanted so if she won't that those nudes are there why she never asked to remove because she loves the attention. After she gave birth her boobs where bigger and what she did was make a pic in a tight shirt with a big cleavage and post it online yeah because she don't like that attention. I do also YouTube and there is one rule see you get as many likes as possible.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 850789

They probably look better/rounder/more perky when she takes the bra off
Women usually get breast implants more for reshaping their breasts rather than just bigger ones

No. 852227

File: 1565658111757.jpeg (741.63 KB, 750x1118, 9737026B-F10D-4761-B168-5AB0D2…)

How long til Jairus troons out?

No. 853904

I came to this thread solely to find answers on how she's making ends meet nowadays. I guess YouTube is paying the bills? I personally doubt anyone is actually buying her clothing merch or overpriced children's book, and idk how much she's making on Twitch.
Nobody else here seems to be really concerned about her financial situation, though, so she's probably fine? I'll see myself out

No. 854186

She has 2 million followers on IG, so she can get decent sponsorships from there. Same with her YouTube with almost a million subs. The only content she really tries to put out is sponsored so they live off of those chunks of money - which are probably ~10,000-25,000 every couple months. They live in a trailer that Jairus’s parents own on Jairus’s parents land so they don’t have to pay for any sort of rent or mortgage, they probably just pay their utilities or maybe even have some of their utilities tied in with J’s family’s. Acacia sells PS presets too which rakes her in vacation + boob job cash. They don’t pay for childcare because they’re either home or they can get family/friends to babysit their kids. I doubt they have enough savings but they’re probably keeping their heads above water. Acacia claimed to not have enough credit to get a house, though, which makes me wonder if she has credit card debt or not. I feel like the fact that they have to rely solely on her credit means that Jairus probably has some horrible debt.

No. 856900

File: 1566530674587.jpeg (103.42 KB, 511x680, 2C8321FB-E60A-4F76-8B61-C36960…)


No. 856919

I thought she had braces/invisilign at some point? God her teeth are fucked

No. 856938

File: 1566539307691.jpg (202.83 KB, 1062x1287, Screenshot_20190815-231644_1.j…)

Found a hilarious comment from one of her earlier twitch streams. She's definitely misleading people into thinking her boobs were just fine and needed no special care after surgery.

No. 856963

did she even wear compression garments? it’d be funny to see her end up like plasticnproud.

No. 856992


She wore it a couple times for photos because people were nagging her about it, but she claims her surgeon said she could go braless or wear her old bralettes because they're tight and supportive enough. She's been braless most of the time.

No. 857001

She did have invisalign but stopped wearing it cause she was lazy. Between that and the lack of a compression bra post-surgery I'm surprised that somebody so superficial and appearance-focused is so careless about her physical upkeep.

No. 864363

File: 1567696599565.jpeg (415.41 KB, 828x1107, 0CCD7F57-B1A1-4F0C-B44D-99FE7A…)

repost from gurugossip

No. 873998


she posted a new video on rosies health update. the way she downplays her health issues is so disgusting. There is nothing shameful about her health issues but what is shameful is neglecting her health

No. 874058

Depressing. This poor child will never know life without a camera shoved in her face, all because Cac is an attention whore. Using your baby to rake in that sweet, sweet ad revenue will never cease to disgust me.

No. 875385


she's got a new video, apparently they're moving. and a few things…
1. she's planning a disney trip right after moving. She said she planned it 4 weeks ago which was before her disney trip with Rosie. This bitch planned two disney trips in a row basically…
2. her new live intentionally merch is just the best example of cognitive dissonance cuz i'm pretty sure her merch is mass produced lmao…

and just the overall retarded kissing, no one wants to see that shit

No. 875431

They literally gave themselves 2 days to move? With 2 children under 2 years old? Jairus seems like he hates her/ patronizes her. Just the way he acts towards her is so condescending and loathing.

No. 878092


her style proves to be tacky as fuck still

No. 878747

File: 1570733479314.png (3.9 MB, 1792x828, 84763AD5-4195-4854-BE6C-D3409C…)

Jairus looks/sounds strung out as fuck.

No. 879233

she looks like james franco.

No. 885374

This comment aged well.

No. 890545

File: 1573200287934.jpg (67.16 KB, 770x502, wr.jpg)

possible tea on the moving video…anyone know more about this?

No. 890560

File: 1573202959383.jpg (57.02 KB, 675x350, jy.jpg)

Apparently Jim Yanes is the one to watch for in the comments, these are from their recent morning routine video.

No. 890584

Sorry i can't post the videos right now but they fucking shaved rosie's head?? https://twitter.com/p00pysoap/status/1191564537385893890?s=19

No. 890609

File: 1573215768458.jpeg (374.41 KB, 457x1005, BE438FD9-9B1C-4243-9784-0191AB…)

meth isn’t a crazy tinfoil unfortunately…

No. 890610

File: 1573216189171.jpeg (234.85 KB, 828x826, CD89BBE8-D9B1-4187-A083-7301AA…)

nah Jairus is just uwu anachan goals

No. 890638

Given their location (rural Oregon = meth country) and his life as basically a narcissist’s accessory, I 100% believe it.

No. 907216


who would've thunk? it's alagille syndrome lol

No. 907444

what an ugly straight couple

No. 924960

yikes, acacia uploaded a video last night titled "mental health tips for a better life" (now changed to "personal mental health tips") where one of her "tips" was that people with anxiety should just calm down. she then began deleting comments after people called her out and has now shut off all comments as she believes it was "harming her safe space" because she can't take constructive criticism and being wrong

No. 930547

File: 1581369314273.jpeg (647.96 KB, 750x1197, E62F57D4-4C9D-4C43-8BCD-614300…)

She got another dog after abandoning and neglecting her multiple pets a short while ago. She purchased from a breeder.

No. 930560

Fucking hell all the comments defending her. 'SHE WAS YOUNG AND SHE REHOMED THEM EVERYBODY MAKES MISTAKES' sis her fucking sphynx cat had to be rehomed and have all his teeth removed. Acacia is fucking slow, ignorant, and so painfully vain

No. 930687


and she finally puts her baby in physiotherapy after almost two years. smh.

No. 930776

She got that puppy straight after Rosie got her heart surgery, what the fuck. They should be spending time with their disabled child instead of focusing all their attention on a new puppy.
I also can't believe she waited so long before getting appropriate PT for her child. She's dumb as hell and now Rosie has to deal with the consequences. Her 'muscles were asleep' smh. How strange if you leave her lying on the floor on her back all the time like a Sims baby.

No. 931744

'muscles were asleep' some of the dumbest shit I have heard her say. I used to rag on Acacia for everything other than her kids bc I have a kid and I really don't like assuming how people parent just judging by what they do or don't post or say, but as time goes on that has completely dissipated. Also, Acacia is looking more and more Amish as time goes on and has an incredibly "trendy mormon neo boho mama" aesthetic so I'm surprised she's not foraying into literal Mormonism. They mentioned something recently about wanting to go to Utah but that they'd discuss why at a later time and that's all I could think of lmao

Plus she's apparently pinning pregnant women to her Pinterest boards again and in a recent picture she posted (and deleted) there was a pregnancy test visible. Yes Mama, have a third child when you spoil the shit out of your first, neglect your second, have 2 dogs you cannot take care of, and you have the intelligence of a boiled carrot, you go girl~

No. 931758

File: 1581615734994.jpeg (103.32 KB, 827x1485, vegandog.jpeg)

This dumb bitch actually feeds her dog a vegan diet and is working on transitioning her new puppy too.

No. 931759

File: 1581615796727.jpg (99.34 KB, 728x1576, vegandog2.jpg)

No. 931760

File: 1581615949627.jpeg (97.49 KB, 675x1200, googledoctor.jpeg)

No. 931761

In another story she said how her Australian Shepherd Luci doesn't like to play or be active like she used to. The poor dog always looks so lethargic and fatigued, I think she's like 2 years old? This vegan diet bullshit explains it. Her smug self-satisfied face takes the cake.

No. 931763

God she's such an insufferable cunt, bizarre how she got her massive cult 2010 Tumblr girl following with her attitude, especially since while she isn't ugly, she's really not anything special or pretty which was what tweenyboppers mostly idolised

No. 931780

File: 1581619134009.png (468.26 KB, 469x835, Screen Shot 2020-02-13 at 1.35…)

She's not even vegan herself, why force the dogs to be? Especially a growing puppy.

Blogpost but as a vegan I'd never feed my dog a vegan diet, wtf. She deleted the post btw and deactivated the comments on her most recent insta post with the dogs.

Also, let's see if they'll hire a nanny…

No. 940014

File: 1583192519612.jpg (1009.26 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20200302-101837.jpg)

Her opinion Twitter made a huge deal about her racist tweets and videos from the past yesterday and she's scrambling to cover her ass.
I think my biggest issue is that she has a black adopted sister,she should have known to never say what she said, her being young and trying to be edgy are not good excuses. A lot of her "racism" came out when she was 17, way past old enough to know better, especially as a public figure with a following as big as hers.

No. 940015

File: 1583192583146.jpg (49.55 KB, 374x768, Screenshot_20200302-092943_Ins…)

No. 940086

>her opinion twitter
jesus christ opinion accounts still exist in 2020? also acockia managed to say a whole lot of nothing in these posts.. surprising.

No. 946888


finally people are seeing her bs and lies(necro)

No. 950364

No. 950861

File: 1585485928061.png (1.47 MB, 1231x902, Capture ak.PNG)

Recent post about Rosie

No. 951043

File: 1585523300998.png (677.31 KB, 813x602, Screenshot_2020-03-29.png)

Aaaand she's pregnant with baby #3 now. Poor Rosie is gonna be the ignored middle child once Acacia gets her new non-disabled perfect blonde blue-eyed Pinterest baby.

No. 951123

Acacia's said "ex friend" definitely posted this, lmao

No. 951145

That poor baby, the video was so hard to watch no wonder people have been calling CPS. What a horrible mother

No. 951162

That hairline is really unfortunate for a man still only in his 20s.

No. 951186

What a fucking idiot. The Mormon aesthetic beige linen shit show continues.

No. 951231

Wtf she's a literal birthing machine, one baby per year, a mother of 3 at the age of 22? and that's supposed to be a good rolemodel for her (I assume) very young audience?

No. 952096

She’s just trying to be a model tradwife for the views

No. 979142


looks like rosie has heart failure right now. i feel so bad for that baby. all while their 3rd baby is on the way still

No. 979151

That’s super terrifying. I hope she comes out okay.

No. 979231

File: 1590496102697.jpg (345.77 KB, 1890x1417, acacia.jpg)

The pictures and videos of the baby are tragic. Meanwhile the captions are cheerfully dissonant.

No. 1112330

File: 1608599448007.jpeg (310.98 KB, 750x1186, F97C4B33-9697-4E34-BE40-C019F7…)

Anyone know why her account is private ?(necro)

No. 1112338

deleted twitter as well, something about nicki minaj posting about her.. just the first article i found


No. 1112349

Video of her being racist and saying the n word: https://twitter.com/tinashehive/status/1341115814435581952?s=21

No. 1112355

sage your shit newfag

No. 1112452

File: 1608614822775.png (3.05 MB, 1242x2688, FEC8372F-618F-442F-BAC0-5D259A…)

She posted this to her story

No. 1142446

File: 1611663372311.png (255.68 KB, 828x1792, 37AFA96F-D5A4-446D-8605-64CD69…)

She’s exploring her sexuality in her new patreon, how close is she to having her own onlyfans?

No. 1142497

Exploring your sexuality in front of an audience of 13+ year old children seems like a very Onision thing to do.

No. 1143213

isn't her following mostly children and married women/mothers? Who is she expecting to pay $27 to see risque photos of her?

No. 1164422

File: 1613632616752.jpeg (1006.31 KB, 828x1696, D6AA2132-54D1-480C-850C-DCC42D…)

She named her child calliope, not Cali.

No. 1164423

File: 1613632665320.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 282.45 KB, 827x1694, 0A18E0A5-EDFB-456A-80E5-EB6500…)

All I can say is poor kid

No. 1164435

At first I thought that wasn’t too bad, then I realized the baby is a boy? That’s terrible

No. 1164438

Is rosemary kersey still alive? I've take a deep dive into this thread today and I'm horrified that a Google searching gets me know recent information about her.
Sage because this might be readily available to those not living under a rock.

No. 1164449

As in the carnival music machines?
Circus clown music?

No. 1164458

More than likely no, it's the Greek muse the kid is named after.
Although it's a horribly weird name for a boy.

No. 1164460

File: 1613639207298.jpg (997.51 KB, 1080x1809, Screenshot_2021-02-18-17-05-50…)

What is this nose

No. 1164507

She literally looks like Voldemort

No. 1164569

It may be the name of a Greek muse but she got the name from Grey's Anatomy lol.
She went four months claiming his name was Cali because their families hated it and her haters found out the name from her easy ass clues early on in her pregnancy and made fun of it. Now that she's moving to California she knows it's going to be embarrassing to tell people there his name is Cali so she's finally admitting she named him Calliope. She really acted like she took a week and a half to choose his name when she knew it all along and still lied about it lololol.
Honestly every single big announcement she's tried to make for the last year has been spoiled before she can announce it. She must be lying out of frustration to have some kind of control and it's hilarious.

No. 1164575

File: 1613658115060.png (165.26 KB, 1080x989, Screenshot_20210215-1145542.pn…)

She claims to have not used and ounce of editing on that photo kek.

No. 1164752

File: 1613674302385.png (1.41 MB, 2270x567, 98B740D9-790D-4616-92DF-C7F5C6…)

lmao not even the same eye color

No. 1212624

File: 1618879890707.png (4.74 MB, 828x1792, B3F189AC-B079-4318-BDFD-96DCC3…)

So she’s smoking weed while breastfeeding… Who’s to say she’s not smoking weed while pregnant?

No. 1212626

I’m sure her baby loves the smell of weed over the smell of his mom.

I’d be more concerned about 3rd hand smoke than a transfer through the breastmilk.

No. 1212652

Can someone explain why the kid's face is covered? Is it because GuruGossip users figured out what was wrong with Rosie before she announced it? I wonder if her terrible self management like >>1212624 might have caused birth defects…

No. 1212662

Anon who posted it covered the baby’s face because there’s rules about posting kids. You can literally go to her Instagram and see the baby, autist.

No. 1212682

the cow here is the mom not the poor baby stuck with a shitty ass name cuz their mom is a fuckin retard

No. 1212760

is it just me or are rosie's feet super fucked? the angle is abnormal and it doesn't look like she can walk on them

No. 1212862

Thank goodness….

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