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File: 1673322336878.jpeg (394.38 KB, 936x1585, FA0D9EAF-D6E3-42F5-8E23-18CEC7…)

No. 1740934

I was surprised she did not have her own thread yet considering all the milk going on

>Deadbeat mother who verbally/physically abuse and screams like a banshee at her own children

>Has three kids and seems to particularly hate her 2 daughters
>Said that she hates her middle child, that she do not care for her and didn’t bond with her
>Take pictures of her morbidly obese body on Twitter and Onlyfans for a living
>Exposed her 300lbs+ bare ass at her State fair in front of children
>A woman working at that fair publicly posted a picture of her from the back to point out/make fun of her inappropriate attire.
>Pic later got deleted due to her simps coming to defend her and mass reporting the picture
>Made fun of a girl’s disabled child because she called her fat, then another occurrence when she mocked someone’s dead mother for laugh reacting her picture
>Plays the “i’M DiSAbLEd and I have BPD” card to justify her behavior

Links :

Facebook : Bella Bunnii


Twitter : Bunniicat

IG : Bunniiicat
https://www.instagram.com/bunniiicat/?mibextid=Zxz2cZ (currently private)

No. 1740945

File: 1673322768656.jpeg (54.25 KB, 444x960, BCF420C6-56BC-48E5-96FF-BD46B3…)

When she showed her whole ass at the fair in front of a bunch of kids

No. 1740980

File: 1673324346587.webm (942.63 KB, 480x388, RPReplay_Final1673320263.webm)

Video proof of her verbally abusing her kid :

No. 1740989

File: 1673324565339.webm (1.01 MB, 480x260, RPReplay_1.webm)

No. 1740993

File: 1673324701576.webm (740.81 KB, 480x252, RPReplay_2.webm)

No. 1741006

File: 1673325339297.jpeg (74.54 KB, 1242x726, 7F9A9DDA-73F7-4FF5-99B8-A47149…)

How about taking care of your children instead of sperging about a laugh react ? Typical retarded e-girl behavior. People like her shouldn’t be allowed to reproduce.

No. 1741022

Oh my God my heart hurts hearing those kids cry like that.
What a dumb fat ugly whore.

No. 1741087

i remember a group i'm in on facebook sharing something this woman posted like a year or 2 ago and figured she was some beat prostitute acting hot shit. it's surprising to find that she's 26 and has 3 kids.

No. 1741174

nona im fucking crying over this. hope that poor baby didn't turn it's head, traumatising

No. 1741176

File: 1673355572368.jpg (28.34 KB, 395x304, bella.jpg)

she looks like this in that shitty lingerie

No. 1741232

File: 1673363452916.png (Spoiler Image, 3.02 MB, 828x1792, 81C4981B-3B62-4AD8-9FB4-1D279B…)

Scrolled through her twitter and imagine this fat troll in this room all day yelling at her children and eye fucking herself for online validation. Like, please sudoku and give those kids a fighting chance. I hate her. I also noticed she had bongs out in one video. I hope cps is called and she loses her children if nothing else.

No. 1741246

they all have the same trash pink aesthetic too.

The videos of her kids crying like that are repulsive.

No. 1741306

File: 1673370552080.jpeg (582.58 KB, 750x914, 5FC7E9DC-9EE6-483E-94A3-B96C56…)

She unsurprisingly exposes her kids to her degenerate lifestyle. How classy !

No. 1741314

Sad to think about her kids in the future. One day she will be crippled from being a fatass her whole life and when her kids dont run to help her she will shill them as terrible ungreatful kids and everyone else will judge them like "why arent you taking care of your mother? You know she raised you!" And all that pressure will fall on her daughters over her sons because we know society doesnt expect shit from men when it comes to child or elderly care… i hope she has a life insirance policy in place and kicks the bucket. Best thing she could probably do for her kids.

No. 1741358

I mean is there nothing someone could do to get those poor babies out of there

No. 1741361

File: 1673377928328.jpeg (190.93 KB, 750x527, 6420BA5A-25E3-4C8F-93D9-8B5758…)

The girl who used to be roommate with her sent the police to do a wellness check on the kids, but no more updates so I assume they did not get taken away

No. 1741367

screaming herself hoarse at her children, what a fucking nutjob. All these DDLG degenerates shouldn't be allowed to have children. the very nicest assessment of women like this is that they are developmentally disabled and only progressed to children themselves, mentally. the worst assessment is, of course, they're deranged perverts who would put their own children in danger if it meant receiving male validation. awful either way.

No. 1741384

Wow fuck this dumb bitch. I know she is miserable and will always be miserable, so that’s the only solace I can take in this situation, but god damn do her kids deserve better.

No. 1741422

This is one of the most fucking infuriating thing about CPS/DCF is as long as the kid has a roof over their head, and food they hardly fucking do anything.

No. 1741469

File: 1673386839606.jpeg (92 KB, 539x960, 54232639-29A7-4F5C-9FF4-C0AF7B…)

This did not age well

No. 1741487

File: 1673388617923.jpeg (1.6 MB, 1366x2208, BCDD0F49-0E69-43C0-8704-C240EE…)

Idk how old she is right here but shes a total dog.

No. 1741492

She’s 25

No. 1741494

nearly all her tweets are pics of cutesy weeb stuff.
idk nonas, there's sth particularly unnerving about having all these plushies in her room and posing for her ~uwu~ cat girl pics while knowing how unhinged she sounds screaming at her kids like that. I can just imagine one of her kids getting their hands on one of her plushies and her losing her shit over it and I'm going outside to touch some grass now because this thread has me by the feels

No. 1741659

So this is shayna if she had children. I cannot with this.

No. 1741796

File: 1673436569009.webm (1.51 MB, 576x1024, bunniicat-1505725288365367299-…)

Why are all OF whores making tiktoks? It's a platform for children, no one wants to see you there and your degeneracy.
Did she wipe out her FB page? All I could find is that she's from Columbus, Ohio, but no posts

No. 1741797

File: 1673436739992.jpg (Spoiler Image, 118.5 KB, 1080x1444, FO-bK27X0AULJv8.jpg)

samefag but minidump incoming, this bitch is repulsive and ngl the clips upthread triggered me. disgusting outside and inside

No. 1741798

File: 1673436795550.jpg (262.94 KB, 2048x1575, Fg6bbZIXgAIntqo.jpg)

No. 1741799

File: 1673436911791.jpg (Spoiler Image, 445.29 KB, 1433x1836, FbK21JWUcAU3vAs.jpg)

This 'pouch' is horrific, I know she has three kids but still. how does anyone find this appealing?

No. 1741801

>from Ohio
It all makes sense now kek

I refuse to believe she actually fits in that disgusting cage holy shit

No. 1741813

i hope she at least locks the door to that room so her kids don't see it. it would be traumatizing to know your mother has a cage and a stripper pole in her bedroom, i mean a kid doesn't know that it's for e-whore reasons but sooner or later they'll realize. but i don't have much hope for this whale seeing how she screams at her poor toddlers. i do think she has potential as a cow, does she give frequent insights to her life on her social media?

No. 1741847

I'm sorry but i can't imagine her crawling inside that cage. like, how in the fuck would she be able to squeeze herself… not even trying to be mean, that's just physically impossible? how-

this thread is the stuff of a nightmares, Shayna or that blue Luna girl if they had children.

No. 1741854

File: 1673451546726.png (2.32 MB, 2052x1420, bunniicat.png)

Not saging because picrel contains receipts. Mods plz don't ban me

OP didn't include a lot so I went digging and aside from receipts I found some funny stuff which I included because she seems to either go private or nuke everything once shit hits the fan. I also have some links, not much is there but I'll include them regardless. Anyway, what a rotten cunt this Isabelle Mensink aka Bella Bunnii aka Bunniicat of Columbus, Ohio, the US is.

FB search with her name (mostly the things that have already been posted)
Even more footage/audio of her being verbally abusive to her children. Warning for a methhead teeth

No. 1741864

The kind of woman to have her prostitute dog cage and stripper pole in the house with her children is also the kind of woman to let them play with these things for fun. There's 99% chance she has "silly" pictures of the kids interacting with adult objects. Sex positive moms will do absolutely heinous shit under the guise of "they're too young too understand" and when the kids start acting out sexually she will pretend she has no idea how that happened. Or worse encourage it straight out. Those kids don't even know what a whore is yet, but on some intrinsic level they understand.

No. 1741888

Hearing the kids totally shut down like that is pretty sickening. And when they do cry or respond they are clearly just little children hardly speaking. She should put them up for adoption if she cant handle them normally or I think the state should get involved tbh

Sidebar she looks busted & the yellow crusty lingerie matches the grimy rainbow rug

No. 1741889

Gdi my bad that was all out of order

No. 1741901

Really serving fat mom in her 40s skinwalking her teen daughters style to feel young again here.

No. 1741903

and I thought it was bad when my friend in elementary school had her mom's old clear heels in her lego tub

No. 1741914

File: 1673458384168.jpeg (132.17 KB, 1537x1152, 6B2C86AD-9D95-4566-9207-299540…)


No. 1741923

Based cripple-phobe fatty

No. 1741965

>I think the state should get involved
I've read in facebook comments from people that know her personally that, according to them, she lives in government housing and is on benefits/welfare. Allegedly, she also has a case woroker from CPS assigned to her. If all of it is true (and I think it is considering it's coming from people close to her) can't she just ask them to take her kids? I'm guessing she's getting more money if she keeps them around. I can't imagine her keeping them around for any other reason considering how she treats them

kek spot on

No. 1742059

Fucking white trash beast. I wish there was a way to help her kids.

No. 1742073

verbally abusing toddlers as they scream in confusion so kawaiii desu

No. 1742089

>"[sic] or are you only this audacious to womn on the internet bc your dead mommy touched your no no parts when she was kicking it?"
I know I'm cynical, but knowing that she's an actual mother and into dd/lg, was this a self-report? Like for fuck's sake someone get those kids away from her and into a good home

No. 1742121

File: 1673472628761.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 325.73 KB, 1534x2048, 1321BB27-E6AE-425B-AC49-770918…)

I know it smells crazy in there

No. 1742288

File: 1673484869708.jpg (Spoiler Image, 210.27 KB, 934x1200, media_Fb6WDYLWAAAJCI9.jpg)

Some things should remain unopened.

No. 1742306

she has porn sick egirl eyes but an obese body the egirl aesthetic is srsly nasty

No. 1742317

There is something so uncanny about a 26yo who looks 40 and has 3 kids larping as a teenage e-girl. I also really hate how anime became trendy, we should have gatekeep.

No. 1742350

File: 1673491526886.png (119.61 KB, 1319x1856, Snowman.PNG.png)


Her body rolls make her look like a snowman. Jfc. She's obviously jealous of her daughters. I had a weird ass mom who was jealous of me and my sisters growing up so I can just sense it, those moms always do anything for male attention. I hope she doesn't let any men around her kids because she's the type to look the other way if something goes wrong

No. 1742351

Is that the fucking club penguin snowman

No. 1742365

Jesus Christ.
This white trash heifer should have been sterilized before she had a chance to bring life into this world. We need to bring eugenics back.

No. 1742388

This fat monster deserves the rope and that child deserves to be taken away, loved and cared for asap.

No. 1742481

Why is the area around her butthole so brown…

No. 1742554

Most sexually mature people naturally have darker genitals and buttholes you pornsick scrote

No. 1742599

nta but she is disgusting

No. 1742789

I don't understand this cope nor why you're defending this abusive cow. There are several different reasons for why someone's anal region can appear hyper-pigmented, such as friction in the area (probably because she's fat) or folliculitis (infected hair follicles).

No. 1744094

The one thing MRAs are right about (a broken clock is right twice a day, nonny) is family court being overwhelmingly biased in favor of mothers. Some states still enforce old laws that give mom custody automatically, I'm guessing Ohio is one of them. I know Texas is.

No. 1744824

File: 1673729748844.jpg (Spoiler Image, 78.12 KB, 495x680, FmXXkiPXEAEdt6D.jpg)

Her upper tight/inner upper tight and genital area look like it's rotting. I'm sure a shit diet and drugs aren't enough to make your skin look like this, guessing Mother Of The Year can't be arsed to wash herself

No. 1744975

looks like ancient thigh chafing tbh

No. 1745506

Most English looking person I have ever seen

No. 1759689

File: 1675387382054.jpeg (608.62 KB, 750x1009, E7535637-14A5-43D2-86AF-F50AF4…)

How much do you bet that she abuse her cat too ? But she always yell, so that poor thing must feel so stressed out either way

No. 1760018

Ugliest carpet I’ve seen

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