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No. 1745812

There’s this girl, @reve.lytle who I keep seeing on Instagram and she posts these little teenage girl outfits but she’s 28 and her plastic surgery is so horrible and excessive it makes her look 45. I don’t understand why everyone just acts like she’s so cute when she looks like an anorexic blowup doll and an ugly one at that…. I can’t even tell what ethnicity she is but her plastic surgery is so much and her bones make her look like a skeleton. Why do we condone this??? Girls wanna look like this??? It’s awful wtf(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1745861

Wow this is a really shitty post, how is she milky? you sound fat and ugly vendetta chan or self post. Either way, hope this low effort garbage is deleted kek

No. 1745870


agreed that this is not milky, but refuse to believe this is a "girl". that's a man. an ugly man.

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