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No. 1750289

Candyfox aka Ken is a British content creator heavily into alternative/harajuku fashion who caused quite some milky drama among the j-fashion community.

Summary of her foolish behaviors -

>Self claimed “the OG kawaii monster”, implying she invented the whole “kawaii pastel monster” fashion while it existed way before she started wearing it (I.E. in Japan among harajuku kids)

>Claims that she started wearing the style “many years ago”, but actually wore killstar/pastel goth aesthetic back in 2019, according to old pictures
>Harassed, cyberstalked and accused other people of copying/ripping off her “hard work” (Hard work = taking selfies and releasing generic discount Jazmin bean/Melanie Martinez music)
>Sperged on her IG story about another person into the same fashion giving her “stress induced vertigo” by “stealing” her look and ideas
>Ironically trying to have Jazmin Bean’s old aesthetic and persona
>Went on the infamous series “Hooked on the look” in attempt to desperately gain some fame
>Acts like a celebrity on social media but her low engagement might be from buying followers and likes
>”HaTErS gOnNa hATe” attitude and will throw online fits at any form of criticism

Links -

Instagram : @candyfoxofficial https://instagram.com/candyfoxofficial?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y=
Tiktok : @Hellocandyfox https://www.tiktok.com/@hellocandyfox?_t=8ZEGJeuilYj&_r=1
Facebook : Candy Fox https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100012194762912&mibextid=LQQJ4d
YouTube channel with her music : https://youtube.com/@ElectronikZombie
Hooked on the look episode : https://youtu.be/tD15EZvlAPo

No. 1750297

Seems interesting but I would remake it in /w/

No. 1750345

Pastel goth in 2019? Lmao that was popular on tumblr in 2013

No. 1750383

I’ve been waiting on a thread of her for years! I used to be friends with her on fb in like 2016-2019 where she wore a lot of killstar nu goth and hated anything pink kek. There’s so many things she’s done over the years that makes her cow worthy

No. 1750384

Not to mention her inconsistent lies about her family where she’s not been able to remember them over the years

No. 1750385

File: 1674433600988.jpeg (154.6 KB, 1126x974, 4B6A5A17-09DF-410E-A4AC-774181…)

She still labelled herself as pastel goth in 2020, it seems

No. 1750387

More details please ?

No. 1750550

Pastel bat wore the style alot

No. 1750640

Your style isn't unique, fatty. Doesn't warrant DONUT STEAL. Even if someone did "steal" your "style," what the fuck are you going to do about it? It's not illegal. It's not unethical. It's not hurting you or anybody else. Maybe you should live in a dark cave for the rest of your life so nobody can see your uwu kawiwi monstar style and soil its pureness. If it's giving you retardation by people "copying" you, here's an idea- don't post your shit all over the internet

No. 1751584

No I mean, can you provide more details about her not remembering her family members ?

No. 1752652

File: 1674723042684.png (5.76 MB, 1242x2688, F1B7BC0A-3087-43EB-9C04-B51E2B…)

Her in 2015.
She was nu goth, her words and that’s what she was originally popular for.

No. 1752653

As in she can’t remember the lies she’s told about her family. She lied in 2015 that her dad was a music producer but then next minute she didn’t know him

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