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File: 1674532044487.png (Spoiler Image, 2.1 MB, 1941x1115, waster.png)

No. 1751066

Waster aka Joseph Bailey Keenan is a 28 year old, 'terminally online' Discord user and self proclaimed pedophile, who goes by the name 'Waster' on Discord /r9k/ chatrooms.

-Admits to jerking off with tweens on Omegle, as young as 15

-Thinks he is better than everyone even though he is subhuman

-Shills himself on /r9k/ constantly, riding out the very last piece of clout he has

-Was on a Vice documentary for being an ''incel'', lost his virginity to his 48 year old MILF hairdresser recently

-Claims to be a tween himself, even though he is old as fuck close to 30 years old

-Many piss bottles in his room, he finds this impressive and has to flaunt it to his paki admirers

-Uses people for his own gain constantly, claims his meth use is an excuse for his behaviour

-Le stereotypical misogynist who thinks he is better than everyone and deserves pussy even though he is pathetic

-Scared pussy who leaves servers when people confront him with his behaviour

-Severely low IQ coombrain, he is slow in the head due to drug use and huge amounts of child porn consumption

Lets discuss the lolcow Waster!(shit thread)

No. 1751113

File: 1674534609819.jpeg (330.06 KB, 828x1290, 067AA67C-6663-4E16-96C4-49D3B1…)

his tag is waster#7777 he is a pedophile

No. 1751136

File: 1674534959999.jpeg (470.45 KB, 828x1029, E9AD0E3C-4B6C-40D1-BF4E-582952…)

No. 1751344

Honestly I feel like there is a shitton of men like that online, they should just be culled not discussed lol

No. 1751348

I think that kf would be more interested in this cow. Like >>1751344 said we don't care about discussing individual incels.

No. 1751525

File: 1674581353878.jpeg (43.6 KB, 828x153, E0A51C75-6CF8-479B-9318-225418…)

This pedophile freak needs to be exposed

No. 1751530

sure, but here isn't the place to do it

No. 1751591

Literally everybody on r9k is like this. I've spoken to at least five fags like this when I was a sheltered terminally online teenager

No. 1751648

No one cares about the average joe on discord. Stop trying to Seek out on a nigger u hate on here(racebait)

No. 1751889

This guy used to really obviously selfpost on here kek I wouldn't be surprised if he made this

No. 1752631

15 year olds arent tweens, retard.

No. 1782427


but they are children you disgusting beast(sage your shit)

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