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File: 1675046496693.jpeg (582.97 KB, 750x1112, 91775937-94EC-467D-9CBB-152B46…)

No. 1756226

Mary Magdalene #1

Mary Magdalene/King Sebastian Pickles/1800leavemaryalone/Divine Denise is a plastic surgery addict from Toronto, Canada. she is an OnlyFans model and has been open about previously working as a stripper and an escort. her age is unknown- reports put her anywhere between 25-40

>has been reported on often for outrageous plastic surgery & being obnoxious in public

>often posts screenshots of the news articles about her on her instagram accounts
>regularly takes videos being overly sexual and wearing lingerie in public places such as grocery stores
>nearly died in an attempt to get the “world’s fattest vagina,” had to get 2 blood transfusions
>has continued getting surgery despite the near death experience
>in May 2022 was kicked off an airplane, claimed it was due to how she looked, sources say it’s because she was behaving erratically
>is not afraid to e-beg, including once for money for a mobility scooter due to her implants and butt shots causing her pain
>created a gofundme to cover damages after she trashed an Airbnb
>deals with health complications as a result of her body modifications often, including rotting butt shots, tattoo infections, and most recently a popped breast implant
>claiming she is now going “natural” with a smaller set of implants and that she can’t wait for her boob tattoos to be removed during the procedure

social media:

No. 1756229

alright nonnies, this is my first thread ever so sorry if it’s not the best. please feel free to let me know if there’s any milk I missed

No. 1756231

File: 1675046901392.jpeg (629.24 KB, 750x1124, 4F4013DB-5437-418F-9155-D88950…)

Mary’s popped breast implant

No. 1756232

File: 1675046942622.jpeg (543.59 KB, 750x1095, 38A17809-ECC3-4EE6-A98B-01005D…)

claims she has crossed the “bimbo finish line”

No. 1756233

File: 1675047013434.jpeg (504.4 KB, 750x1096, C817B8E6-9328-44C1-B1E5-3F6450…)

is still planning on getting “small” implants

No. 1756240

File: 1675048045984.png (2.64 MB, 750x1334, 16B274F9-DBAD-400B-B655-422668…)

Mary is “sick” of seeing surgery

No. 1756245

File: 1675048531972.jpeg (167.08 KB, 348x439, A05C4EA6-DE75-4B3A-8198-1091C6…)

Ugh, I so sad to see a woman hate herself this much. Pic attached is what she looked like before. I’m excited for this thread nona, you did a pretty good job minus some broken links. Looks like this might be Charm’s future as well, kek.

No. 1756254

What the fuck she was actually attractive before. There's a special place in hell for the doctors who've been enabling this.

No. 1756255

It’s sad to see how much she regrets her procedures. She can’t go back to being natural, in any way. She permanently ruined her body in the pursuit of a fetish and a few likes. Depressing.

No. 1756277

File: 1675052120455.jpeg (678.79 KB, 750x1103, F2D087A8-374E-45DB-9764-91F364…)

I seriously don’t know how she thinks she’ll be able to get her boob tattoos removed in surgery. at best they’ll get cut up and sewn back together weirdly, right?

No. 1756278

File: 1675052310194.png (2.51 MB, 750x1334, CBC9C48F-D7AF-41B0-B1BF-8E3062…)

is she just hoping the surgeon will be able to cut off the ones she doesn’t like anymore? lol. im sure they will have to cut off a ton of excess skin but it probably won’t be in the way she hopes

No. 1756280

i can sort of respect this. at least she didn’t go into body mod territory or just keep going with this path. it’s honestly pretty self aware to admit that the complications aren’t worth the results. most trannies don’t have the cognition skills to reach this conclusion.

No. 1756281

File: 1675052537018.jpeg (705.77 KB, 750x1015, F8901187-F81B-420E-A212-A6B5DB…)

her art is all self portraits of her bimbofied self- including drug paraphernalia like used whippits. what identity crisis is she going to have when she goes more natural? all her art is about herself and her surgery

No. 1756285

she definitely gets props for at least seeming like she’s trying to change. but this mindset is super new for her, shes trying to get more sober and go more natural with her looks at the same time, im curious to see if she actually changes or goes back to her old ways fast. body dysmorphia this bad doesn’t go away overnight

No. 1756289

how do you even treat body dysmorphia this severe? i hope that this decision means she realizes that she’s hit rock bottom but i’ve seen enough Botched to know that there’s a good chance of a relapse.

No. 1756337

Other than her insane attention-seeking surgeries there is barely anything else cow-ish about her, i mean if we are now making threads about people just for having bdd or getting ps then snow would have over a million of threads.

No. 1756339

sage for blogpost but man i've been following her for a little bit. all these hypersexual drug users addicted to plastic surgery and social media live the same life- a vicious cycle of coming down from a drug-deluded state into their physically and mentally painful reality. to inflict that much torture on yourself going under the knife repeatedly just puts them in constant pain. really like her pig asmr videos tho..

No. 1756341

File: 1675059539704.png (1.86 MB, 750x1334, 60389B03-EE7F-466A-B2C7-CDF803…)

No. 1756342

File: 1675059608383.jpeg (267.13 KB, 750x1283, EE85CB6D-FB52-46A4-97BF-547869…)

when she admittedly had money to pay for damage to her Airbnb, but wanted her followers to pay for it anyways

No. 1756351

File: 1675060216973.jpeg (167.21 KB, 750x997, 3A99FCA9-A521-4C32-B83B-16BEA6…)

she has a decent amount of videos of her being so overly sexual in public. her entire bra is out and she’s dancing sexually in front of this grandma

No. 1756352

File: 1675060254843.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 221.73 KB, 735x975, 87F772CD-961D-44D5-910D-EF0D3E…)

And this one where her skirt is barely on her ass

No. 1756374

tbh her ass and boobs are so disproportionate that it's difficult to even register them as human body parts at this point. Like gluing a bunch of beach balls on your body.

No. 1756393

this seems like the current culture taken to such a grotesque extreme that it is almost revolutionary?

No. 1756423

is this the woman every degen coom twitter artist keeps drawing? also i cant imagine her getting old by the amount of botched surgeries shes done

No. 1756439

Her body was perfect, this is really sad.

No. 1756512

have we ever seen someone like her live to old age before?

No. 1756531

I have a little bit of a soft spot for Mary mags because she’s actually pretty hilarious and doesn’t seem to take herself seriously online. I’m also not really offended by her walking around half naked in public because her body is so uncanny that it doesn’t even look like human body parts to sexualize.

No. 1756555

This is a surprisingly objective and compassionate take considering what she’s done to herself.

No. 1756573

File: 1675097064714.jpg (139.14 KB, 1200x1200, PeteBurnsMain.jpg)

Pete Burns, the singer from Dead or Alive. He became a major plastic surgery addict towards the end of his life. This picture is from his final public appearance before he died of cardiac arrest aged 57 (and this is AFTER he had multiple fillers/implants removed from his face as well as many reconstructive surgeries). He was a bit of a "proto-cow" in England for his plastic surgery antics, like having his lips literally explode

No. 1756575

File: 1675097293256.jpg (345.07 KB, 2560x1344, peteburns-scaled.jpg)

Samefag but this was him before the "help" compared to how he was around the time he died, he would have been in his late 40s when he was at his worst for plastic surgery addiction. One of the things I find so interesting about Mary is that she looks exactly like Pete

No. 1756655

i used to like this chick cause i think body mods are cool but i didn’t think she’d be worse than farrah flawless on terms of being an ebegging bimbo. she made a shitload of people pay for her wheelchair and airbnb. what a beach ball loser. i can’t wait to see her at 90. bitch probably won’t make it to 90.

i’m a bitter anon who has to pay student loans and shit and this ugly blown up cynthia sex doll bitch makes people pay 13,000 DOLLARS FOR TRASHING AN AIRBNB (how tf do you destroy an airbnb??) angelica pickles would spit on you, bitch

No. 1756673

File: 1675104963429.jpeg (704.64 KB, 750x1015, 257EC01F-31CE-46D6-A890-EC2EF4…)

She took one single video with her mobility scooter where she’s drinking wine and has some random dog, scooter was never seen again lol

No. 1756690

This trolling is iconic, she’s quite funny tbh

Why are people so mad at some bimbo getting coin, if it’s consenting and people know what they’re funding and paying for what’s there to hate.

No. 1756692

Get therapy

No. 1756698

i’m sorry i didn’t know you moids wanted her infected sore pussy

No. 1756700

Damn so even he didn’t live to old age, and he may be the oldest one of these surgery addicts we know of

No. 1756706

It’s not even about hating so much as she does these cowish and attention seeking things, puts it on the internet for the whole world to see and judge, and judging it is fun

No. 1756752

Mary seems super sweet. I love this video.

No. 1756755

Ayrt I've been fascinated with plastic surgery addicts for an long time and I can tell you pretty much none of the extreme cases EVER live as long as Pete Burns. They never die of age, it's always
>surgery related complications
>OD on drugs
>random health complications
The human body 100% is not capable of functioning with all these surgeries. Surgeons who entertain these people are profiting off something that is pretty much a death sentence because "muh dysmorphia". We will be giving liposuction to anorexics next

No. 1756757

This. There are cows out there that have some charisma and are semi-self aware of their own personality faults. They put this shit out on the net for attention and we give them what they want. It’s a symbiotic relationship. If Mary really wanted to be left alone she’d either delete all socials or simply post selfies with the comments turned off. She wants this attention and constantly puts herself in the spotlight by doing outlandish things.

No. 1756811

Right like tbh Mary would probably love the fact there’s a thread about her. with all the screenshots of articles about her she probably googles her name often enough, I don’t feel bad posting about her when she does it all to herself. half these cows love that people are talking about them. megsuperstarprincess posted a screenshot that she was merely mentioned on lolcow the other day kek she’d love a whole thread about herself. even if Mary does seem sweet she also seems like a cow, and I’m bringing popcorn to the identity crisis she’s about to have with her sudden change of heart on surgery and sobriety after years of ruining her body and binging on drugs and alcohol

No. 1756841

I also have a bit of a soft spot for Mary. I just sense a sort of sweetness in her personality that I've noticed a lot of self-proclaimed "bimbos" severly lack. It's insane to me that people can enable a traumatised woman to multilate herself this badly. I'm rooting for her but I think this whole "going natural" thing is just for her to further fuck herself over, she has already done every surgery under the sun and she doesn't have anything else to do. If it's genuine though… she's probably going to completely break down when she realises this won't fix her underlying problems either. She should leave social media and channel that ironic flashy aesthetic into her weird little paintings instead of ruining herself, but she won't. She's surrounded by gossipy druggie faggots, coomers and pickmes that will"yaassss queen!! so iconic!!!" everything she does, and she craves that attention more than anything.

No. 1756976

idk why y'all are talking about her being sweet. Honestly with her behavior I'm surprised it took this long for there to be a thread on her. She made a huge ass deal about getting kicked off that flight and lied through her teeth about it for WEEKS. She claimed it was because the flight attendant asked her to cover up and she refused, then she claimed as soon as she got on the plane she put her headphones in and fell asleep only to suddenly be woken up and escorted off the plane with no warning. She does shit like this FREQUENTLY. Shes a liar and an attention seeker. She talks about how she wants people to leave her alone and see her for the person she is and then she makes a scene in public ON PURPOSE and gets another surgery to make herself look even more crazy. Yeah shes mentally ill, she needs help, whatever. Shes the one CHOOSING to do all of this shit. She knows what shes doing is fucked up, thats why she does it.

No. 1757084

Drinking while on antibiotics for her rotting ass, talking about how much she loves cops, while thinking a farmer's market outside her hotel is a gay pride party

No. 1757375

We should probably just start an extreme plastic surgery/body mod/botched board and cover a few of these extreme BDD folks instead of just one on her. She doesn’t seem that milky other than being mentally ill and looking like that.

No. 1757389

She "scammed" her sugar daddy into paying 10k for her boob job but
She genuinely thought she would be able to pay him back… Babe

No. 1757480

Every time I think about getting a bit of plastic surgery I open threads like these. It’s a great deterrent from the Groupon doctors who somehow still have 5 star reviews. This industry is so predatory and unscrupulous, it’s almost impossible to find a decent doctor.

No. 1757482

Didn’t someone start a plastic surgery general and it died? Or am I hallucinating

No. 1757501

I’m not opposed to a plastic surgery general but idk any other plastic surgery cows Mary is really the only one I follow. I just want somewhere to discuss her antics ha idc if it’s in her own thread or a general one

No. 1757515

File: 1675191600181.jpeg (816.52 KB, 750x1091, 8B350EFE-8EB2-4DA2-9396-A70CD7…)

imagine being an Elon stan in 2023

No. 1757520

imagine being a literal 10 and then deforming yourself into a hideous monster

No. 1757538

File: 1675193243203.png (1.88 MB, 750x1334, 125DD4A8-67FE-4D3D-A8E7-989301…)

I thought she was going for more natural, I hope she doesn’t keep them as big as this example

No. 1757593

Has anyone ever gotten a reduction from implants as big as Mary's? I can't imagine breasts being able to look "normal" even after the reconstructive surgeries or must take to recover from implants THAT insane

No. 1757791

what the fuck, she looked completely normal and pretty before. why did she do any of this to herself? this is an interesting thread, i feel bad that she's going to be stuck with the consequences of her poor choices forever but i also don't feel bad because she brought it all on herself.

No. 1758659

She did an interview on Soft White Underbelly a while ago for anyone interested

No. 1759253

she is like incoherent for most of that interview

No. 1759254

File: 1675351013528.png (2.76 MB, 750x1334, 6CAEACC9-52A3-4682-9678-F4372F…)

wow you can kind of see her old face shine through in this picture, I was thinking it was completely lost

No. 1759255

File: 1675351050081.png (2.08 MB, 750x1334, D8CBAFA9-3D9A-4441-8F37-5EADDA…)

Mary talking about centering her implant lmao

No. 1759339

There was, it died and is likely deeply buried in the josh spam. Mary was regularly posted in there.

I thought she was wearing a diaper jfc

No. 1759348

josh spam was removed

No. 1759355

Ah; last time I looked it was there but that’s nice to know

No. 1759374

She's such a troll, she's like a combination of Trisha paytas and the cock destroyers. I actually don't mind her, was watching her live a few days ago and now that she's not drinking or doing whippets she seems pretty down to earth.

No. 1759377

diaper butt is what she gets for trying to get the world fattest pussy lol, perpetual diaper look even worse than Kim k

No. 1759586

I'm with you anon, she's obviously very mentally ill, but she seems kind of sweet. I hope she gets the help she needs and is able to reverse some of the surgeries.

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