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File: 1694787815108.png (8.34 MB, 2480x3628, NEWTHREAD.png)

No. 1898682

Etheral electronic-alternative hipster musician turned imperialist-friendly space bimbo devoted to whiteknighting Elon Musk and making lame TikToks. Billionaire exploiting his workers and enjoying his cringe celebrity phase.


>Claire looks worse than ever, eyes drooping from botox (?) and trying to hide it behind 80s „antisocial but i’m so smart” glasses >>1884417, >>1893359, >>1893117

>Melon wobbling around with a photocamera at Grimes show in Japan pissed off all the Japanese folks who were gracious (masochistic?) enough to attend >>1884577
>Melon deletes all videos of him at said event >>1890070
>The Ronan article calling Elon out on a lot of shit drops, except farmers knew it all along already >>1885846
>Grimeth autism LARP saga continues: she thinks she’s autistic because she „performed worse than her kids on every test” >>1887926 X allegedly has autism, to a surprise of no one >>1896441
>Grimes has a huge mental breakdown because most traumatic event of her life had just happened (read: Elon fucked her over again) >>1887926, >>1887493, >>1887649 Breakdown manifests in cancelling all planned musical projects, as per usual
>the Great Grimes vs Shivon catfight begins! Let’s take a look at the timeline and all overlaps of this fuckery again >>1895476, >>1895477
>also let’s remember this gem, Claire’s emo poem allegedly telling story of evil Shivon stealing her idea of calling her child Valkyrie (never came to fruition though) >>1895190
>Shivon mimics Grimes post almost word for word, bitching about the hardest month of her life etc >>1890181
>Rumours say feds raided Elon’s house, so Grimeth and Shivon could’ve been asked to testify against him
>Grime likes a post about a woman who’s Jake Munro tier shitty husband is too ashamed to walk any closer to her than 10m away >>1888084
>Elon brings X to a Valorant tournament, only to get booed at by the crowd >>1889495
>Grimes thanks for awesome Japanese tour, except it was… one DJ event for a handful of mildly uncomfortable semi-fans. Claims she got fanmail, but realiti is nobody likes her in Japan >>1894952

>yet another worthless biopraphy of Elon that nobody asked for scheduled to come out very soon, not much fond mentions about Grimes to be found besides her gloating over Elon playing Elden Ring >>1891677

>Shivon showing pretty much same brand of „gamer NLOG gurl” retardation as Grimes, talking about naming her kid after Elden Ring >>1892475 To be honest, Shivon and Grimes talk about their kids identically >>1894480
>Grimes big mad at Elon, liking tweets potentially roasting him >>1893077, >>1893083 but worry not, she’s going back to regular schedule of kissing his lard ass soon
>our Warnymph ponders if she should choose war or peace (read: eagerly letting Elon shit on her again), Jeff Bezos offers valuable advice >>1893506
>hysteric tweet in which Claire implies Apartheid Clyde took away her son and doesn’t let him see her??? >>1894098 Grimes begs Shivon to unblock her on Twitter because she wants to see her and Muskrat’s kids for whatever reason
>Shivon beats Grimes big time in a race to become Melon’s Mars Concubine! Melon comes back to her (or at least chooses to show around with her and their Elden Ring spawn at the moment) >>1894098, somebody places the poor child on his lardy lap and Melon visibly suffers >>1894513, >>1894449
>Shivon continues to post thinly veiled digs at Grimes. She used to be all private, now she posts overzealous pics and videos of her children playing in a big ass house (while Grimes sits in a leftover anime gaming chair delivery carton box, probably) >>1895204, >>1895227
>I’m utterly disappointed but i must inform that Grimes’ compass tattoo doesn’t spell „Love Me Elon” in marsian, it’s „Techno Y X” in Marsian >>1895625
>The „make your own Grimes AI song!” project is a scam, there’s no terms of use displayed, you need to pay, then you sign NDA. You cannot publish your song before it’s published by GrimesAI team. You don’t get any money until you hit some threshold, so basically you pay to play, um, pay to make a song so Grimes can rake in the cash anyway >>1895626, >>1895697
>as anybody could predict, Elon just wobbled over to Shivon and kindly offered to be her sperm donor because he’s sOoO iNtElLiGent >>1895676 and didn’t tell Claire, ofc
>Melon took a pic of Grimes giving birth and sent it to all his family and friends. >>1895692 Yes, you read it right. He sent his family and pedo techbros a photo of her giving birth. And yes, she never dumped him after that.
>All farmers’ predictions come true, as usual. Idiots just made a 3rd baby, Techno Mechanicus nicknamed Tau. I have no words >>1895612, >>1896034
>pics of X and little Eurodance in new Melon biography >>1896110, >>1896111
>some lame ass coward PR move or whatever it is, Grimes lets the world know that throwing a tantrum online worked, she finally talked to Shivon about getting cucked by Elon and they’re totally absolutely ~fine~ now!~ >>1896262 They respect each other so much omg!
>Remember: when you’re eager to keep the Mars Concubine title, best way to control the enemy is to befriend the enemy (marsian proverb)
>Shivon shits out PR damage control tweet as well, very eagerly promising Grimes they can hang out with their kids in the playground for a bit between maybe 12:00 and 12:05 somewhere, somewhen, some day for sure >>1896273
>Grimes’ „she just wanted to watch the world burn” tier pathetic musing on how Amber Heard „just wanted chaos” and in Dungeons&Dragons alignment she’d be chaotic evil, while she would be noble chaotic good. Of course she’d use D&D reference. Of course >>1896865
>book confirms Melon pretty much lives as 13yo discord kid having autistic tantrums over games, had biggest fight with Grime ever because she surprise attacked him in a game >>1896957
>Elon fucks ups all his schedules and meetings bc he must play Polytopia >>1897000
>considers Polytopia better than chess! >>1897000
>this is how mighty Polytopia looks >>1897001
>Elon liked to make Grimes fatshame him, in hopes he stops binging >>1897064 Wtf Melon. You could’ve just lurked lolcow
>meanwhile, Elon happily posts Amber Heard’s sexy cosplay pics! Guess chaotic evil stays winning >>1897499, >>1897500
>the problem is, these pics look like private half-dressed bedroom pics, but what do you expect from someone who sends out his concubines birth pics
>Grimes planned to have a daughter first (via ivf), and was convinced it would be, but surprise, somehow she had a boy! How oh how could this happen? Ask Elon >>1897670
>book revelations (read: made up shit) leave anons wondering if Shivon and Husk even fucked, if Shivon had twins naturally or through surrogate, etc. Farmers remember Shivon’s now deleted pics of her hiking/doing certain sports & activities, flat-bellied, when she was supposed to be deep into pregnancy
>more info about broodmare wars When they were born, they had been given her last name. But Musk's estrangement from his daughter caused him to want to change that. "When Jenna deleted Musk from her name, he was just really sad," Zilis says. "And he asked me, 'Hey, would you be open to our twins taking my name?" That's when Grimes discovered that Zilis, whom she considered a friend, had given birth to twins with Musk. When she confronted Musk, he simply said Zilis had the right to do what she wanted. Grimes was outraged.
>Shivon disses her new beloved best friend Grime, sadly forgets the joke’s on her, because incidentally she used to do similar shit >>1897951
>Shivon posts a video of Elon dancing with their daughter. time to write You Stole My Valkyrae poem part 2, Claire
>the book’s author depicts Grimes as drama chasing, chaotic clusterfuck who mistreated house staff >>1898249 but unlike Amber, hers was a chaos that was undergirded by kindness and even sweetness.
>looking good at Discussions Club after school >>1897858
>Grimeth presents her charisma and erudition infused word salad to the class >>1898209
>rumours say Elon dates some married conservative journalist blonde Ashley
>Grimes comments on „family values” and „healthy relationships” >>1898563 Girl but you continually choose to stay in a fucked up relationship, have more and more about-to-be-psychologically fucked up kids and refuse to escape the situation bc who cares if kids are endangered by narc father when nothing tastes as good as that slice of pickme fame right
>details on Elon & Grime’s first date, and it’s delicious. They just walked the floors and Elon pretended to fix things. Second date, Elon scratched on the walls and held a Lord of The Rings trivia. Amazing >>1898589

(Grimes/Shivon/Amber whiteknights, nobody cares that you like them, take it elsewhere. Grimes might be an idiot, Shivon might be about 5% smarter than Grimes and Amber might be based for beating the shit out of Melon, but in the end they're all equally retarded for fucking/breeding with Elon Musk. There's no going lower than that.)


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No. 1898686

Sorry for threadpic not being readable without enlarging but i couldn't contain myself, we had the milkiest thread in the Grime & Elon history

No. 1898689

Kek. Good summary, good thread and good threadpic nona.

No. 1898691

I wonder how soon into life baby "Techno" will demand a name change through the court systems

No. 1898803

Not only techo is a horrible name, the nickname tau is also horrendous. naming your kids weird shit should be considered child abuse.

No. 1898811

Unpopular opinion: Shivon should be able to post her kids without getting harassed. Even the grimes hate sub are saying she’s a piece of shit for posting that video yesterday. Like ?? Ignoring that fact that it features ugly Elon, it’s a normal video. And idgaf about the context of “wahhh it hurts Claire’s feelings”. She’s 35 or so. She’ll live. The truth that Elon royally fucked her over and that he has a second family like an actual psycho isn’t going away any time soon. She actually needs to look at it more and remember it next time he comes around to make her main concubine for a week. Do these people feel that Shivon should hide her kids forever so Claire can feel better?

No. 1898816

bless you nonna. Love the threadpic and the name kek
the moment it's legal all three of grimes' babies are for sure changing their names, assuming they're (minus x) kicked to the curb and go live in canada with grimes' mom I'm betting the kids are also going to sign up for a different "chosen" name in school (you can request a "school name" that will be on all documents and even your teachers won't have to know your real name, I knew a girl who didn't use her official name her abusive dad named her and it only came out after a fuck up on her report card showed her official name). Azure is cool on paper but even if it's a blatant lie, they'd probably hate being associated with some random video game spell from a game nobody is going to remember within a decade so I can see that name being changed too. Especially if the kid feels they were named Azure so shivon can larp as "best waifu" (again, regardless of them seemingly being named before the game came out, they're only going to know the narrative fed to them)
Elon's legacy is children distancing themselves from him and the best he can say is he at one point fucked their moms and gave them embryos (except he can't officially to amber kek)

No. 1898819

No I agree with you nona, 100%. I was also reading through some of the comments on that sub and it was all so seething and scornful that I genuinely started suspecting it was Claire on her 300 alts or something.

You should be allowed to post your children without being flamed by Grimes fans (same ‘fans’ who constantly shittalk her too.

It’s ridiculous how they’re infantilizing Claire and painting her as the poor scorned wife or something (hello, they were broken up by that point, Elon never fully committed to her and even Claire basically confirmed they were in an open ‘polycule’ relationship at most and fwbs at the least) it’s been obvious Elon never really gave a fuck about her and what they had was painfully casual, people acting like Shivon broke up a sacred marriage bond or something is ridiculous. I bet Claire’s clusterbee ass is loving the victimhood points she’s getting from this. I don’t like Shivon either but the seethe towards her is just getting weird.

No. 1898825

Azure and Strider are unusual but not particularly weird names, there’s definitely a few hundred if not a few thousand kids already called that in the US and they are somewhat passable as normie names.

Claire really went overboard trying to be a special snowflake about the kids names, without any consideration for her kids themselves, as was mentioned before it’s blatantly obvious she stole the Sidereal name from Charlotte Free’s siderealfae instagram that was tagged at least year or two before Exa Sidereal Musk was born (Claire still definitely stalks Charlotte). She keeps posting X from the side because he’s kind of ugly from the front (inherited Elon’s sped looks, not that it’s his fault he’s only a child) Anyway, every kid I’ve ever known who had a weird unstable hippie dippie indigo child ultra contrarian mom like Claire turned out trying to be as straight edge and normie as possible and was super embarrassed by their mom’s behavior, in all honestly he’s probably just going to end up as a normal, slightly autistic kid of average intelligence and no real groundbreaking achievements, just like Elon’s previous sons. Elon knows he failed with all his previous children so he’s giving it one last desperate push.

No. 1898827

Tau is also a fuckin retarded name, imagine calling your child Toe. Also there was a movie released in 2018 about some psychopath who employs a bot called Tau to torture people, which is kind of creepy.

No. 1898833

yup the kids are born now and there’s no going back. both women are 35 and fully capable of making their own choices, grimes needs to put on her big girl panties and get over it.
she’s the one who was ranting about much she wanted to be part of a harem polycule with a bunch of sister wives, so enjoy it bitch!

claire you chose to date a 50 year old man with three divorces, six kids and a number of questionable flings with questionable women under his belt. not only that but you also let him prod you with his plastic IVF catheter (also made two other poor women go through pregnancy/labor that had complications too) when he wasn’t even committed or married to you.
she had the opportunity to say no to all of this stuff at ANY point and chose not to. all because you wanted the status and were wrapped up in delusions of grandeur about being in an irl dune movie.

elon hasn’t formally committed to claire or shivon and is still very much on the lookout for his next broodmare, they need to accept this, elon is the one in control and if they don’t like it then they need to walk away, simple as. they’re both using him for his status and bag and mars queen fantasy, while he uses them for attention, narcissistic supply and their wombs, while showing zero commitment to either of them. that’s the deal and they chose to take it. play stupid games win stupid prizes.

No. 1898835

What did we learn again today ladies? Pickmes. Never. Thrive.
Claire you’ve lurked LC long enough by now, you should know this already. We’ve been saying it for years and it’s proven right every single time.

No. 1898848

File: 1694811531850.png (1.81 MB, 1080x1764, Tau room1.png)

Claire made new category "Tau room" on her Etsy. These items are not suitable for babies. It seems Claire has decided lil Techno Mechanicus is going to be into dragons. I thought he would be more of a cyberpunk kind of boy.

No. 1898849

File: 1694811677206.png (1.47 MB, 1080x1678, Tau room2.png)

Do you think lil Eurodance likes Lord of the Rings and dragons?

No. 1898852

File: 1694811958095.png (1014.24 KB, 1080x1347, Baby education .png)

And of course the old Baby Education list. It has space stuff for X, scull hat + spell book for Tau. Are the notebooks and planners for Y?

No. 1898860

Thanks nonnas
I wondered where she got Tau from. Tau means lion in one of the languages of South Africa, hence all the lions in parks and zoos that get named Tau. Tau is also a letter from Greek alphabet and apparently in ancient times was meant to be a symbol of life or resurrection, so i guess it's pretentious enough for Grimes kek.

No. 1898864

Tau is literally named after Elon's birthday, in math it rounds to 6.28 and his birthday is 6/28. So it says in the book but I'm too lazy to grab the pic. I think someone posted it recently on reddit tho if you care

No. 1898867

More lotr stuff. I wonder if she's mad that Shivon named her son Strider. She's actually had that category for a while but I thought Tau was some pretentious name she chose for an ugly dragon room in her home kek

No. 1898872

you've killed me anon

No. 1898886

shit you're right, her etsy I think it was had the strider section. Does shivon read these threads and get ideas? tbh unless she's actually stalking claire's etsy she's probably in the threads like the true cows they all are kek. Either that or she found out about the shared lotr enjoyment between grimes and elon somehow and decided to larp as a fangirl to help manipulate elon more

No. 1898899

Imagine naming your child after YOUR birthday holy shit what a fat pompous narc.

No. 1898900

Claire you’re Shitalian, not Irish. Stop trying to appropriate Celtic culture. Your ancestors and the Celts were enemies.

No. 1898901

About Claire's creepy poem A letter for S.
Shivon's kids were born in November 2021 and Claire's daughter in December 2021. But Claire found out about Shivon's twins after Elon's trans daughter changed her last name in June 2022. So Shivon didn't "steal" the name Claire was planning to give her daughter.

Shivon's daughter's name Azure means blue. Claire had many options to choose from
>Sailor Mars
>Exa Dark Sideræl
>Andromeda Synthesis Story Musk

Valkyrie means "chooser of the slain". So maybe Claire is just pissed off because Y isn't Elon's first daughter.

No. 1898902

LOTR is mainstream movie that billions of people have seen, nona. Shivon could easily be a fan too. This is a dumb tinfoil.

No. 1898905

Who cares about her name, their daughter will be an ugly to mid at best Becky when she grows up anyway because she’s a mixture of Claire and Elon’s ugly genes and will probably inherit their mental illnesses too. A turd by any other name is still a turd.

No. 1898907

She has such basic shitty taste in decor for someone who prides themselves on being a quirky snowflake. Where is she living now anyway? Still in the cheap flatpack home with the messy bedroom and wish furniture that she took the red jumpsuit pic with X?

No. 1898908

Meant to say Y*

No. 1898909

File: 1694817644002.jpeg (232.47 KB, 1200x1003, E1867D5C-F093-4353-9192-BC5ABD…)

This was taken in March this year, is she back in LA or what? I can’t imagine Elon has upgraded her living accommodations as she’s been in his bad books for most of the year it seems.

No. 1898910

File: 1694817786986.jpeg (162.5 KB, 634x1371, E8D778CD-4750-4DB7-B02A-A774FA…)

Also for the nona saying Elon loves X more because he’s blonde, he’s not blonde, he has brown hair, Claire and Elon usually try to make him take pics in the sun to make him seem like their blawnde aryan son.

No. 1898911

File: 1694817962497.jpeg (276.79 KB, 800x526, DC3C5987-6080-4001-A9A7-A921A5…)

Claire really looked like Sandy here.

No. 1898914

File: 1694818112628.jpeg (176.58 KB, 827x1024, 7137255F-3527-447E-A19C-327FF6…)

Old milk but I can’t stop laughing at this pic of Elon. He looks like a cryptid.

No. 1898916

Aren’t those hard metal bangles and acrylic claws hurting him? Also I hated that dress it looked like cheap polyester crap from some SoHo drag shop.

No. 1898939

Oh god, she's going to try and homeschool them, isn't she?

No. 1898986

wouldnt be surprised if hes gets bullied for his name when he reaches primary education since kids are stupid and pick apart everything. jfc why cant these grown ass tards put their ego aside for a second and give a normal name? deep down i hope all these names are fake for shock points and have entirely different names on legal paperwork

No. 1899039

I have a feeling Elon has a thing with making women the opposite of what they are. Putting Amber in cosplay when she isn't a nerdy type. Making Grimes call him fat ect when she has a passive personality. Making his ex wife go blonde when she didn't seem like the high maintenance type. Making Tallulah dress up. It's all just about control. If he had the perfect woman in his eyes he'd still probably find something to change

No. 1899054

> But Musk's estrangement from his daughter son caused him to want to change that.
> But Claire found out about Shivon's twins after Elon's trans daughter changed her his last name in June 2022.

He's still a moid. Great thread so far but this nit needed to be picked.

No. 1899060

It's 100% about feeling like he can control women so much that they go above and beyond to pander to his fat ass.

No. 1899062

File: 1694850295828.png (67.82 KB, 640x352, image.png)

she is so dramatic. you went to debate something the internet has been debating for over a decade n favor of a battle already won decades ago. you were familiar with points you were going to make but you are so bad at debating you said "ummm", "like", "uh" a million times even while reading a script that you made a retard like aella proofread. it wasn't an enemy camp, you already mostly agreed with the anti-sexual revolution side, you said it yourself you were almost not going to attend because you agree with many of their points until you realized "children are safer after this revolution"

No. 1899065

I wonder how badly the son trooning out affected Elon's psyche. I wonder why he doesn't care that his being gone often and not a present father probably had a lot to do with the kid becoming trans. He blames the private LA school preaching socialism but who sent him there - his parents. There's no way Elon will be a present father for all his new kids - even if he was a normal guy with normal work hours that would be unrealistic just based on the sheer number of kids and their moms being different.

No. 1899066

He was always a lolcow but he became completely deranged when his son trooned out.

No. 1899068

Shitty curtains and ceiling look fmiliar, maybe its different angle/no egirl pink lights on. BUT i think it might just be a hotel room tbh
When you remember she wore the same red dress that Amber the chaotic evil wore before. Kek

No. 1899076

But what exactly made him upset? Elon has previously expressed his concern about transgenders not being able to have children. The book revealed Elon's son changing his last name made Elon sad.
Does Elon really care about the kid or is he just disappointed because trans daughter means no grandchildren? Also, changing the last name obviously hurt Elons feelings. So he had an autistic meltdown.

No. 1899079

I think he cares about the kid and is also a conservative south african so obviously opposed to what he sees as a life ruining decision to become a troon.

The part in the excerpts about Elon selling his mansions to get the socialist kid to like him again and the kid sending him texts saying "I hate you and everything you stand for" sounds like Elon's feelings were really hurt. I think Elon gave up at some point and that's when he really got deranged with Twitter and everything else in the past couple years. Elon hates his dad and it's probably a nightmare scenario for him to have a kid disown him like that.

No. 1899081

It's funny to see Elon's lack of self-awareness in hating his own dad for being a scumbag, then acting just as scummy himself. In what way are they any different? He is too narcissistic to see how his behavior mirrors his dad.

No. 1899082

That’s a mainstay of narcissism, they are never satisfied with their partner, which causes them to abuse mistreat neglect and cheat on their partners and then they blame it on them for not being perfect. You can literally never ever be good enough in a narcs eyes. But jfl at Claire not enjoying calling Elon fat that’s like her go-to insult towards others nona, come on.

No. 1899083

His son literally trooned out and tried to become a woman because he knows of his fathers disdain for women/daughters. His son changed his name back to his mothers maiden name because he despises his father and wants nothing to do with him. But yes Elon, it’s the school’s fault. Not like your son is trying to make a marked point that he hates and resents you for being a shit dad.

No. 1899084

Nah Claire is far too lazy and drugged up for that but yeah she’ll get probably pay to get him homeschooled (by someone else)

No. 1899085

Errol seems like a violent sadist. He's probably murdered people and raped women including minors. So Elon probably still sees himself as different from him.

No. 1899107

Well he isnt fucking his adoptive daughter he has raised since birth for once, so at he isnt as scummy as his dad

No. 1899113

can she please take a college level english class or something, the way she speaks and write is extremely grating for her age, shes not a 16 yr old tumblrfag anymore. and "symbolism" and "tribalism" literally describes her retarded space alien mars dune queen persona

No. 1899165

>raped and killed people
Lol I don’t think so. He’s just an old school hardass boomer who tried to toughen up his sons and doesn’t like soft soyboys, unfortunately that’s exactly what Elon turned out as.

No. 1899166

It’s usually black South Africans murdering white South Africans nona.

No. 1899176

They also murder Somalis/Nigerians and other Africans ethnicities but that doesn’t fit your agenda right?

No. 1899180

Tau is a faction in Warhammer 40k

No. 1899186

File: 1694881898077.png (33.16 KB, 908x186, Screenshot 2023-09-16 123414.p…)

idk, i wouldn't be surprised.

No. 1899191

File: 1694883171690.gif (2.09 MB, 284x382, giphy.gif)

I genuinely wonder where Azealia currently is amid this drama- since this is probably the funniest thing for her kek

No. 1899193

I wondered why is she quiet too, her expert comment is desperately needed

No. 1899199

File: 1694884302271.jpg (553.06 KB, 3129x1280, SNOW_20230916_185908_562.jpg)

This whole Shivon "the single momma" Zillis thing is getting very weird imo, she's definitely plotting to become concubine #1. Choosing Elon as a sperm donor was purely so she can hang onto him, she did the same thing claire did to secure the Musk Bag. But there's more to these kids…
Why wouldn't Musk agree to let X and Y grow up with them?
Why is he constantly around them and does all this cheesy stuff with them, acting like a dad?

Some nonnies said that Maye and Shivon plotting to get X and Y out of Claire's crack house to raise them 'normal'. I would bet money that her kids don't do well in reading, writing ect., the last pic of X was where he was playing something on his iPad kek. Memba when Grunk said she wants to raise him TV free

No. 1899220

The thing is, its simply not possible to raise normal kids with elon, thats what these dumb bitches refuse to understand, as they also are apart of the problem. one of his sons trooned to rebel and to spite muskrat, thats how terrible he is of a parent

No. 1899285

Okay no wonder they’re all fucked up. Makes me wonder about Shivon’s parents as well. Makes me question all fame whores in fact

No. 1899296

>Doja Cat reveals why her new song is titled “balut”: “It signifies a bird being eaten alive. It’s a metaphor for twitter stans and the death of twitter toxicity. The beginning of ‘X’ and the end of ‘tweets.’”
are doja and elon..?

No. 1899312

I don’t think Elon is attracted to black women at all tbh. Although sometimes racist scrotes go through a midlife crisis and start wanting to experiment, Doja is a racist pickme who uses /pol/ so maybe they are fucking, who knows. No offense to Azealia but I don’t think he ever was attracted to her or wanted a threesome either. But I think Grimes was definitely intimidated by her and it’s obvious Azealia had a thing for Elon at the beginning too.

No. 1899315

Elon is biased though. His dad admitted that he used to yell at his sons and call them idiot. He also encouraged Elon to fight other boys to toughen him up. But Errol said it was because South Africa was such a brutal place with so many rapes and murders that if you were weak and couldn’t defend yourself then you were fucked. So I think in his own weird way he was just trying to adjust Elon and Kimbal to their environment. I think him murdering and raping people is a bit far fetched though. Someone would have come out already and tattled on him by now.

No. 1899319

Claire is being edged out of the picture nona, that’s all there is to it. He’s taking X more often now because he wants X to be raised away from her, as you said. Maye hates her, Errol thinks she’s an idiot (but he’s not really relevant since Elon doesn’t speak to him anyway) I don’t think any of Elon’s friends or family particularly like Claire and even his maids, nannies and servants seem to dislike her. Claire was just a phase for him, I think. She’s slowly being discarded like Justine was and I think Elon blames her for the Japan humiliation (which was a very important market to make a good impression on, since twitter is huge in Japan). I think he encouraged Shivon to keep the twins away from Claire too, since he’s been planning on pushing Claire out for quite a while now and saw no point in them becoming attached.

No. 1899322

Elon trying to estrange Claire away from her son, and Claire trying to forge a fake alliance with Shivon and use her as a buffer just so Elon has to see Claire more often and won’t abandon her. Such pathetic conniving people.

No. 1899327

Probably at first Shivon wasn’t really romantically or sexually attracted to Elon. She might have been wowed by his wealth and status, and if she wanted kids anyway and he was willing to pay their way, then I can see why that would be a bit tempting for her.

When you have kids with someone, even if it’s through a surrogate, feelings can grow/change. It sounds like she’s become more romantically attracted to him now. I actually don’t think Shivon ever had a master plan or is an evil calculating snake out to get Claire, like some redditards are trying to claim. I think it started off platonic then she simply caught feelings for Elon and wants to get serious with him now. She’s going to get played too, but she seems to be able to control her emotions more than Claire, which is why people are now accusing her of being cold and calculated.

No. 1899332

Also, I bet Elon told Shivon that him and Claire were off for good/just super casual or some shit and assured her that Claire would be out of the picture completely soon. I think Elon played both Claire and Shivon and told each of them different stories. He knew the twin name change would be made public knowledge and I think he did it on purpose to fuck with Claire’s head. At the same time though, Claire should have known what she was getting into. And Shivon has been warned too. Shivon and Claire are both doormats but seem to have very different personalities, so we will see which one he decides to treat worse in the long run.

No. 1899337

Claire is a hopeless retard. At the debate she said ‘women could be obsolete in 5 years’, that more cinematic ‘classy’ porn should be made and that she ‘hopes living women still have a chance!’ to star in such pornos. Kek.

No. 1899338

She also said ‘We’ve shit all over men so much that they can barely function’ JFL at the nonas claiming she saw the light and became feminist again. She’s still a June Lapine tier pickme nlog.

No. 1899345

Apartheid Clyde and his dad, who have children working in emerald mines to enrich them, are not oppressed or threatened by any "scawy black south african!!!", cry elsewhere kek

No. 1899347

Here's the tinfoil tho. Shivon said Azure was named after Elden ring, which came out months after the girl was born. It's fairly easy to get a child's name changed within 1st year of birth. Valkyrie could have been the first name before Azure, or it could still currently be middle name. No middle names were revealed for her kids. Another tinfoil is that Elon may have personally liked the name and suggested it to Shivon, knowing c liked it too but his autism didn't process that she probably had a strong emotional attachment to it. Shivon may have used the name at his suggestion without even knowing about c's attachment. There is just so much that's open for interpretation that we'll never know, but I full believe that Elon is the one who should be blamed for nearly everything

No. 1899349

All those scenarios you suggested are feasible, to me the one where Elon suggested it sounds the most realistic, but I think Claire sperged too hard about this issue and nonas are reading too much into it. Valkyrie isn’t an obscure word anymore, it’s literally in Marvel movies and popular normie TV shows like Vikings. Google shows hundreds of kids in the US have been named Valkyrie within the last 5 years. So yeah, Claire needs to stop acting like she invented this word or some shit. It’s a stupid name anyway and like other nonas said would have just been shortened to Val. I don’t think it was snowflakey enough for Claire’s taste anyway, she was just being petty and finding another reason to hate Shivon because she was jealous Elon had a daughter with her first.

No. 1899350

Per the book, take with a grain of salt, he's more upset with the kid's "Marxist"/communist views than the trans thing. But it's obviously both. It sounds like the kid was constantly lashing out at Elon and calling him a piece of shit, even revealed that he sold his homes ~2020-2021 as a direct result of "Jenna's" complaints to try and win him over.

No. 1899354

That’s just Elon shifting the blame to an intangible concept and ideology rather than anything that points directly to himself. He can’t blame his son because his son is a reflection of Elon and Elon’s shitty fathering. So ofc Elon takes it up with the school or ‘communism’ instead because that way he can avoid personal shame. For someone who looks like a fat bulldyke anyway, the trans shit seems to make Elon mald a lot.

No. 1899360

Black South Africans have killed over 70,000 white South Africans (and probably just as many black South Africans too) since apartheid ended. Class doesn’t matter and wealth can’t protect you there. But continue to ignore the problem and patronize black people as innocent angels who are incapable of evil. Black women commit homicide in the US more than white men do too, btw.

No. 1899364

File: 1694902533975.png (146.76 KB, 857x483, apexmindset.png)

Someone posted these replies to pirvate tweets on c's second alt. Not felurian but the other one that I forget. Any twitterites here that can tell how recent they are or see if there are any other milky replies? Sorry for spoonfeeding I refuse make an account that supports fatman's hellsite

No. 1899365

Not sure if this edit is meant to be a diss, but you made her look pretty and Alita-ish here nona.

No. 1899368

>Class doesn’t matter and wealth can’t protect you there.
Then they would've killed the Muskies by now. In fact, they should've brutally slaughtered Elon's inbred autistic ass before he went and bred, and the same goes for his geriatric lizard for a father. No one here will ever feel bad for them, cry elsewhere.
>Black women commit homicide in the US more than white men do too, btw.
You sperged out and spammed this before, and it turned out to be false moid deflection to try and distract from your DV, rape/sexual assault, murder, gang violence, human trafficking, femicide, etc rates, kek. I know it never ends with you, but it's all still so pathetic. We don't respect autistic failmales with erectile dysfunction, Overwatch addiction and bitch-tits LARPing as le master race.

No. 1899369

Such a pretentious wanky way of saying they’re in a toxic fwb scenario and getting played by a lovebombing narc. Cringing so hard.
Naw sis there are no ‘divine feminine’ or ‘twin flame’ lessons you’re learning here kek you’re just letting some shitty moid take whatever he currently wants from you before he dumps you as soon as a hot 18 year old comes along without a second thought. Love yourselves you utter fucking retards.

No. 1899371

Black women commit more homicides per capita than white men. Why does this make you so angry?(global rule #7)

No. 1899373

That was discredited the last time you tried to racebait, and you got so angry you spammed CP for days.

No. 1899375

BPD-chans are a hoot.
Some NPD asshole gives them tingles because they’re both shitty toxic people who naturally gravitate to one another, then they romanticize the shit out of the ensuing clusterbee clusterfuck. Every single time, I swear I’ve seen this exact story play out with nearly every single bpdemon cow on this site. Claire is just spergchan 2.0 at this point. Cows gonna cow I guess.

No. 1899379

No it wasn’t. The stats are there for anyone interested.
Also, I would rather swallow broken glass than ever look for or save CP. Don’t project your pedo shit onto others, disgusting tranny freak.

No. 1899382

lol are you the same person who edited shivon to have brown eyes in the other thread to prove she’s not actually pretty and it backfired since she still looked pretty? lol you’re so pathetic, get a life vendetta-chan snowcam-chan loser.

No. 1899383

If it was edited using Snow then it was probably an angry Claire posting it kek. She loves the Snow app.

No. 1899384

It was, we all saw it, and the "source" was a /pol/tard scrote who omitted gang violence, rape, etc as I said. You lost your mind when people pointed out that it's weird you keep insisting this when female black mass shooters aren't a thing, too.
>pre-emptive tranny accusations
Yup, you're definitely the same schizo tranny who had meltdowns about this. He did this to others before spamming, too. Please do swallow broken glass, the world would be a better place.

No. 1899386

>pedo tranny is mad I called it out for being a pedo tranny
Every time, kek.

No. 1899388

I’m certain it’s either Claire or some scrote she rejected at this point. This hyperfixation on Shivon’s eyes is getting pathetic and creepy.

No. 1899391

I doubt it. Elon shared a video of Julius Malema yelling ‘Kill the Boer, kill the farmer’ and calling for the genocide of white SA citizens. If his dad was some eebil mine owner who enslaved raped and killed Africans and it horrified Elon, I doubt Elon would be defending whites, also it’s very obvious Elon hates black people too.

No. 1899392

Nobody asked for your life story, Blaine.

No. 1899394

ok schizo

No. 1899395

God I hate when Americans comment on social issues they have no idea about. Go visit Plasmoorde Monument before you give your retarded fat opinion.

No. 1899396

So now we have two active threads for this because newfaggotry and this one is already The Bait Festival. Good job everyone.

No. 1899400

That doesn’t look like a hotel room to me at all nona. Pretty sure that artwork on the walls is hers.

No. 1899403

"No u" doesn't make it less obvious

No. 1899404

The old thread should be dead by now; if any nonas have milk they should post it ITT, we have entered a new story arc anyway.

No. 1899405

You think your own mom is Blaine you dumb bitch

No. 1899407

Yeah, the only reason he resents his father is that he knows he's the least favorite son. They're both racist, misogynistic and abusive. Errol just clocked him as weak and mentally defective/"off" in some way (ie he makes him and his genes look bad by association), and Elon's been spiralling ever since. A lot of rich, narcissistic boomer moids resent their worse-off sons in this generation, and take no responsibility for how they turned out. Elon doesn't realize he's just perpetuating the same cycle with the tranny son, and never will.

No. 1899408

I guess larping as Roman, Russian, Ukrainian, Indigenous Québécois, Swedish viking, and 1/8th Korean wasn’t enough for Claire, so she’s larping as Irish now too.

No. 1899409

According to ethnicelebs, she claims to be German, Cornish, Belgian Walloon, ‘distant Breton’, First Nations, and Welsh too. Kek.

No. 1899411

Isn't she actually part French, or are the French not trendy and "ethereal" enough for her?

No. 1899416

Kek Claire is like Chris-Chan who claimed to be 1/4 Cherokee because his DNA test showed he was 0.0001% Siberian (and was really just a margin of error)
She’s just a generic Canadian Euromutt whose great great great grandpa might have raped a Metis slave woman, that’s literally it.

No. 1899418

Didn't the earlier threads have that one tranny(?) who made obsessive posts about Grimes being a true and honest lesbian, and called women cunts, dumb bitches, fat feminists, femcels, etc if they disagreed?

No. 1899421

Nah French isn’t special enough, she’s got to larp as 25% Eskimo 1/3 Tajik 1/4 Chechen and 1/36th Basque.

No. 1899426

I read her family history and it claims her great great great great great grandmother was an aboriginal woman and a slave of her great great great great great grandfathers. So yeah Claire’s 5x great grandpa raped a poor Native woman and that makes Claire less than 1% Native so now she feels a need to mention her gross rich rapey colonial slaveowner profound indigenous heritage.

No. 1899429

File: 1694906968400.jpg (79.22 KB, 639x534, Grimes-1563285524-640x534.jpg)

Claire should start larping as 1/4 black, she already has the nigger nose.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1899430

Just nuke the entire north and south American continents pls. I’m so tired of these mutt weirdos proudly sperging about the time their white grandpa raped some Native lady and how speshul it makes them, it’s actually nauseating.

No. 1899432

Ironically this was when she was at her prettiest. She doesn’t look like that at all anymore. Claire is looking more and more aged like Sandy with the jowls nasolabial folds and double chin, in fact Sandy mogs Claire’s botched filler injected bloated ass. She’s hotter than her own daughter.

No. 1899436

Interestingly, Sandy re-married to a Punjabi Indian man. I wonder if Claire is going to start larping as 1/16th Punjabi now since she can claim two vague connections kek.

No. 1899463

Happens a lot in New Zealand with Māori too

No. 1899488

File: 1694917623934.jpeg (389.68 KB, 1798x1198, B245AF35-ACC4-436B-BFE0-1BD80D…)

> (claire still definitely stalks charlotte)

I feel bad for her having the worlds lamest person skinwalking her that hard. charlotte can also actually dj unlike claire kek. It might just be my perception but i feel like she wants to look like her as well. Notice her cheeks before and after the cheek filler… she probably took her pics to whatever groupon filler clinic she went to

I have a theory that Elon has a special plan for his first daughter. I had the premonition as soon as i saw that amber had to fight for their embryos in court. I felt like there was a reason she was rushing to have his daughter. He also tweeted in jul 2021 that next kid will be a daughter. It seems like claire and shivon were racing to have a female with him but shivon won. Very very interesting that they were born 7 weeks prematurely. If they had come on time, exa would have been born first as she was born in dec 2021 and the twins came november 2021. Its almost if S or E or both did it on purpose so azure would be the first girl. Just my tinfoil but lmk what u nonnies think!

No. 1899502

I agree she skinwalks her, all she's missing is a rhinoplasty. There are probably multiple talented women she tries to steal the style/interests of, and she's been at it for years. She always comes off as fake, though.

>misogynist pedo tranny rages and outs himself
Every time.

No. 1899503

People who can't let babies be babies and form their own way are exactly why so many men are raging tards before they even have a chance to act normal

No. 1899506

She thinks she's going to wear a shit "tribal shaman skull" on top of her head while teaching her children? All of the garbage in her likes looks like it smells like patchouli and has been sitting in the back of a newage store since 2009.

No. 1899508

NTA but I edited it with Meitu just for curiosity’s sake kek wanted to see the reactions from those other weird anons

Shivon is unconventionally pretty but I do agree her bulging eyes need to be fixed imo, or wear better makeup that flatters her eye shape

No. 1899514

No woman needs to ‘fix’ any natural facial feature about herself, and when they do they end up bogged like Claire, begone weird plastic surgery peddling scrote.

No. 1899530

Oh god I really hope Charlotte didn’t get lip/cheek fillers, she is naturally cute she doesn’t need any work done. I always thought she looked like young Madonna, I don’t want her to morph into middle age madonna when she’s barely 30.

No. 1899531

I agree Claire steals a bunch of womens aesthetics and interests/hobbies, Charlotte is one but there are many more.

No. 1899535

Tbf i don’t think Amber was in on the race for his daughter. He wanted to destroy their embryos since they were broken up, and they somehow settled or made an agreement out of court. I tonfoil that he told her if she wants to save an embryo she has to use it asap before he destroys them

No. 1899562

elon probably watched spy x family and was probably going around saying retarded shit like “ah i really want a daughter now, i wish i had a baby girl like anya she would be so smart and intelligent daddy’l little favorite girl uwu” and it made all the broodmares trying so hard to give him his own anya. and then boom he has 3 daughters now kek and he doesn’t even like them

No. 1899564

File: 1694925691302.jpeg (466.22 KB, 1439x1799, E3C6088F-00C2-4190-AE21-2D9886…)

Highly doubt it, this is her in 2013

Didnt AB just say Claire was a sexual predator? I also suspect her taking Jennie to the rockets was to woo her into fucking her and fat elon. Liv probably gets freaky with them at burning man too. They def so molly together.

No. 1899596

No she's done everything he's wanted since day 1 and has probably idolized him since she was a teenager. I don't think Elon had to tell her stories at all, they aren't married and he made her be hush hush about a very salacious, completely unethical and probably exploitative relationship that someone who wasn't totally on board and deliriously obsessed would have spilled the first chance they got. She's clearly under the influence of…something in many pics with him. She is someone with no public persona, almost no life "before Elon" so she is the most convenient broodmare for his ego while the biography is being released and while his companies and projects flounder

No. 1899617

tired of the charlotte free WKing nonna starting to think you're her. do you know how many girls had pink hair and liked gaming in the 00s? clue: LOADS

No. 1899620

if you’re talking about Shivon she doesn’t look like she’s on drugs in any picture. You can hate her but that’s not a thing

No. 1899622

she looks like a combo of dianna agron and madonna.

No. 1899630

Nonny, she's huffin copium lolol

No. 1899631

Seems likes shes moved on to skinwalking shivon anyway. Thats surely who she wants to be now. What was that thing she ripped off from her? Girls guide to something? All this ai bs and trying to larp as intelligent is to compete with superior broodmare shivon.

No. 1899632

File: 1694940835141.jpg (67.91 KB, 800x1000, Dunce.jpg)

Oh, the skull headpiece is for the teacher? I thought it was meant to be used as a punishment like this.

No. 1899652

File: 1694950239782.jpeg (185.28 KB, 1002x1846, 1663021230050.jpeg)

>I have a theory that Elon has a special plan for his first daughter.
I support this theory because having drama about baby names is too retarded even for this trio.

You see, Grimes is the greatest poet of our time. Therefore her masterpiece A letter for S has multiple layers. Only uncultured plebs would take it literally and assume two girls were named Valkyrie. Future college students will write essays analyzing all the metaphors this poem has. It is also the key for understanding the Epic Battle of the Broodmares.

No. 1899663

File: 1694953264912.jpeg (34.04 KB, 620x413, greekalphabet.jpeg)

will the next musklets be called alpha, beta, sigma?

No. 1899676

This. Amber just wanted a whale and betabux. I don’t think she ever really gave a fuck about Elon outside of his bag.

No. 1899697

this is so sad. i know shes kind of ugly but i thought grimes was so cute before all the surgery/filler. in like an ugly pug or chihuahua kind of way. she's obviously had her chin, cheeks, lips, and eyes done. elon really ruined her self esteem.

No. 1899740

But Claire said she didn’t know about the twins until they were public. Didn’t she write this poem in December 2021?

No. 1899751

Claire’s lip fillers are so unfortunate. They make her look like she has a constant sneer on her face.

No. 1899755

What’s with soulless trashy American nerds constantly appropriating Ancient Greek culture or whatever. Their own ancestors were still barbarians living in mudhuts at that time and didn’t even have an alphabet of their own until like 1000 years later or more kek.

No. 1899759

Amerimutts/Canuckmutts have no culture of their own so they constantly have to larp as different civilizations.(race sperging)

No. 1899773

No. She wrote it in September 2022. Or at least tweeted it then. If she started writing it in December 2021 it makes this whole thing more cringe than it already is. Kek.

No. 1899814

Lol imagine writing a whole ass bloobloo poem about someone stealing your favorite Marvel universe character’s name.

No. 1899950

When you have a child just so that you can buy some useless decor for their room and project your taste onto them

No. 1899952

File: 1694987605737.jpeg (506.83 KB, 828x824, IMG_9774.jpeg)

No. 1899957

Order of events:
>Shivon’s kids born November 2021, allegedly prematurely at 7 months but that’s something that could be a lie along with the story that she didn’t use a surrogate
>Y is born in December
>February 2022, Elden Ring released. Shivon has said that they named Azure after Comet Azure, a spell from Elden Ring. There’s no evidence that Elon had access to the game as early as November. So what was her name before?
>April 2022 troon Xavier changes his last name to Justine’s, Elon and Shivon file to change twins’ last names to Musk shortly after bc Elon sad
>June 2022 both name changes leak to press. Supposedly this was when Grimey found out about twins and her reality unravels. Techno/Tau is allegedly born this same month
>Grimes publishes unhinged poem on twitter in September.

No. 1900035

Right? Like idk man this shit kind of disgusts me. Most babies would naturally be terrified of dragons. Claire treating her kids like little lapdogs that she gets to dress and decorate their room however she wants with her own dumb autistic interests without a care about what the child will actually like or want is so gross to me. I feel sorry for those children having such self absorbed narc parents.

No. 1900038

Nona you know that you’re usually allowed up to a year after the baby is born to decide on the name, right? You don’t have to name your kid right away. Its perfectly possible Shivon delayed naming the twins until some point after Elden Ring was released.

No. 1900041

Well yeah but it’s incredibly rare to wait 3 months to name a child, even though it’s an option. Name change is also very easy in the first year. I feel like that’s more likely of the two but who knows

No. 1900094

thats what makes her perfect for muskrat, they both have zero clue how to raise a child and just see kids as a way to bolster their retarded fantasy drugged ego fest. not 100% certain if shivon will do the same, but considering the simping shes done for elon on twitter, I'm gonna say yes

No. 1900119

tbf claire has been building her nerd resume for years, well before elon. never in a million years did claire ever think elon musk would be interested in her, so it's not like she had him in mind during this https://www.nme.com/blogs/nme-blogs/read-grimes-passionate-love-letter-to-the-art-and-feminism-of-star-wars-766316 . There's other stuff like that but she's genuinely very into sci fi nerd shit, not sure why this would be doubtful given her history with drugs etc..
the pressure would be insane from her environment and trajectory alone. imagine, one minute you're just a chan meme and the next the world's wealthiest moid picked you to go to the met gala, stand with in front of the press, infinite fountains of cocaine etc.. she was the most interesting toy he ever brought over to play, cow or not, and she wanted to keep her shiny new LA friends and limelight so is doing what it takes to do that, wouldn't be surprised if she has an image consultant (team?) like melon so she can maintain the public interest she craves. she wants to be a celeb forever

No. 1900135

So miley, sky ferreria and taylor swift have all rejected him. Anyone else ?

No. 1900176

File: 1695021711072.jpg (191.64 KB, 941x1149, 1694988492788767.jpg)

I feel so bad for having the immediate recoil of disgust for his young son from looks alone but gross. Poor kid

No. 1900180

whoville lookin asses

No. 1900184


the one on the right looks like elon's young clone wtf

No. 1900189

It's horrifying. It's like your instinct is to left hook it. That child is going to become megamind.

No. 1900201

Kek the one on the right has his face, how unfortunate.
Source on Miley and Taylor ? I heard about the Sky encounter but not the others.

No. 1900203

Grimes wants to LARP as that Games of Thrones Daenerys chick so ofc she has this planned, Eurodisco is scheduled to be autistic about dragons
Holy shit, the one on the right. There's no escape from Muskrat curse, he looks identical. He's going to change name into Kyle Smith and move into deep mountains far away from people. OR the opposite come very public and do stuff very much against everything Melon is about (except hopefully getting more creative and NOT trooning out)

No. 1900205

No. 1900221

whoa. he literally looks like a mini-elon.

No. 1900235

the boy here might be his best looking son, he does resemble elon but got some better genes thanks to justine

No. 1900244

File: 1695039020674.jpg (87.86 KB, 640x600, image.jpg)

turkish president questions where elon's wife is since he keeps dragging his toddler to meetings like a prop. elon confirms that he is currently not in a relationship with grimes

No. 1900245

two retards talking. too much brain rot going on in one room

No. 1900247

File: 1695039551907.jpeg (1.14 MB, 1170x1969, IMG_0752.jpeg)

how is he so fat? all that money he can’t afford liposuction or a trainer? clearly claire’s bullying isn’t strong enough

No. 1900253

File: 1695040832906.jpeg (350.76 KB, 1900x1520, z2nkntod0zob1.jpeg)

Claire really thought she secured the bag with this one

No. 1900256

I really don't like Grimes at all but Elon is such a piece of shit and treats her so horribly, it kind of makes me feel bad for her. On the other hand, she knew what she was getting into. How much empathy should we grant her? She was told millions of times that associating with him was not a good idea and had multiple chances to cut him off forever.

No. 1900258

It makes me sad that this child is just a prop to Elon, it’s clear how much the contact means to this little boy. The way he clings to Lardy just looks like he is really glad his dad is paying attention to him and holding him. Too bad it’s only to serve the muskrat’s own ends. Feelsbad.

No. 1900262

Why would Claire calling him fat bother him? He doesn’t give a fuck about her or any of her opinions and he shows it constantly lmao.

No. 1900263

It's from the book
>His romances often involved an unhealthy dose of mutual meanness, and the one with Grimes was no exception. Sometimes he would seem to thrive on the tension, demanding that Grimes do such things as shame him for being fat

No. 1900264

She not only wanted this lifestyle, she BEGGED for it. But I have to admit, after reading Elons biography, he really did lovebomb her like crazy, made her feel all special and NLOGy to an insane degree.
I just thought if Grimes was more assertive when meeting him, e.g. asking for money, he would've dumped her on the spot. She was too easy for him, semi famous, semi rich and willing to birth an autistic child.

No. 1900265

It’s kinda creepy to me that he wanted to date Sky Ferreira. Especially given how she publicly struggled so hard with mental illness and heroin addiction. Miley has been a drug user for years too. Does he have a kink for druggie women? Makes me think he just slid into the DMs of every messy druggie early 2010s famous woman to try and rebrand his image, he will always come across as a how do you do fellow kids boomer creep.

No. 1900266

That’s such a horrible unflattering pic of Grimey lol. Is the photographer trying to do her dirty or is she just unattractive like that.

No. 1900267

I know that, I was saying her words mean so little to him that they have zero effect on him (evidently)

No. 1900268

Narcs love children especially when they are young and dependent and basically will do anything they say. As they start to get older and rebel more is when they invoke the narc parents fury (like Xavier)

No. 1900270

I thought he wanted a pop girl harem. But he's too fat and ugly for Miley or Taylor. Only someone like Grimes, who's on the bottom barrel of Popgirl fame would want him.

OT: grimes is like a trans athelete kind of. She wasn't successful in her Pop girl scheme and wasn't interesting/talented enough for global fame. Now that she switched to DJ sets she finally can headline something. Normally she's the side gig, couldn't even sell tickets for her own concert, always the wallflower. But this fake DJ thing catapulted her to the top with basically zero effort.

No. 1900271

It’s bad enough that Elon is so ugly but it’s worse that his genes are so aggressively dominant in all his offspring. Well, X has Grimes nose for sure.

No. 1900272

Taylor is a lesbian lol, she had sex with Cara Delavigne and she hates men.

No. 1900275

Wasn't there a rumor about Elon having a threesome with Amber and Cara? I never understood whether that was an actual thing or not, or where it came from. I think Cara is exclusively a lesbian

No. 1900276

lovebomb? their first date was just walking around in a tesla factory and the second date was getting quizzed on lord of the rings.

No. 1900295

He craved EM+CB on some random restaurant table or something on their second date kek
That was definitely over the top red flag behavior and Claire was probably shocked at how dedicated he was towards her. He's Barbie….she's just Claire.

No. 1900297

Taylor is addicted to dick stop with these assumptions
She's just a NLOG like Selena and always fighting over love from men like a rabid dog

No. 1900299

>Taylor is a lesbian
Lol isn't every single one of her songs about men? Swifties are so fucking weird man

No. 1900305

i dont think the turkish president isnt buying his act at all
I'm not really sympathetic to grimes at all because she has herself to blame for tanking her career and public persona. she also espouses the same views as him. she wears her insecurities on her sleeve and seems very naive and stupid in general. the only thing that makes me feel bad for her is that elon took a picture of her giving birth and shared it with his buddies. thats very disgusting behavior and no woman should be treated like that, but the dumb bitch still clings to him.
not to mention we need to keep his baby mama drama grimes vs shivon shit in perspective: elon has what. 11 kids? why did she think she could win him over?

No. 1900307

If I were her or Shivon, I would make the next male IVF embryo with a 6’5” hot athletic Scandi sperm donor. What’s Elon going to do about it? Divorce you? It’s still increasing the white birth rate, so he should approve if anything. A maternal half-brother to the little Musks could make an illuminating contrast in family portraits through the years.

No. 1900324


she could be bi or even lesbian but i think elon likes to pursue non-straight women, probably because he thinks threesomes are on the table (amber/cara)

No. 1900333

erdogan is a sexist pig he sees a kid he immediately thinks the wife was supposed to take care of it. his pea brain would explode if he knew about elon’s family situation with his bazillion broodmares.

No. 1900356

bringing a toddler to a business meeting with a head of state is an unbelievably cringe move, so embarrassing

No. 1900368

"I can fix her"

No. 1900369

Cara is bisexual, she's had many boyfriends before and certainly wouldn't turn down a threesome for the bag

No. 1900370

>He's Barbie….she's just Claire.

No. 1900377

LMFAO what an inspired idea, manifesting this for the brave cow that can commit

Elon loves drugs, and he loves giving women drugs so they associate him with the chemical dependency and euphoria. It's that simple.

OT gotta remark on this comment, you must not be into music or understand how the industry works, especially for women. Grimes had an independently successful music career. Art Angels in particular is a critically acclaimed album. Her past success is how she's able to coast around touring on this new shitty uninspired music she's doing. Her early success is particularly impressive because of how shit it is to do music as a woman if you aren't interested in selling your body to fat old producers. Like the reason Miley and Taylor are global is because of who Miley's dad is and the fact she was passed around at Disney (like many other global solo female pop stars). Taylor worked way harder for longer, but the only reason anyone knows who she is is because she's beautiful and was a model for A&F first. Pretty much any girl on the mainstream pop scene, especially who get big quick, are prostitutes or prostitute adjacent.

No. 1900383

Claire’s parents bought her career too. She also doesn’t write her own songs. She uses her connections and pays people to write good reviews about her, before Elon 99.9999% of people didn’t know any other songs from her except Oblivion and Genesis, nearly all her other songs were a flop and she has never even charted in the US. She’s as nepotistic and social climbing as those other pop stars, in fact probably even more untalented since Taylor actually has written her own songs. Even dating Elon was a career move for her: she’s more famous now than she ever was before. Stop giving her so much credit kek.

No. 1900386

Erdogan has his own harem and other families too. He was just trying to embarrass Elon and make him uncomfortable. Erdogan is a more experienced psycho than Elon is.

No. 1900425

File: 1695068215174.mp4 (8.01 MB, 1280x720, Awkward .mp4)

Oh no. Cringe.

No. 1900430


how old is his kid now? he's giving assburger vibes so soon

Elon needs to stop spreading his decrepit sperm around

No. 1900435

Cringing at Elon’s constant little fake giggle. He’s such a beta. Also lmfao at him ‘I take care of him mostly’ implying Claire is an estranged druggie deadbeat mom who can’t take care of her own child.

No. 1900439

‘Oh haha. She-she-she’s in San Francisco. We’re separated. I take care of him mostly.’
This was kinda weird and damning. Seems like he’s trying to distance himself from Claire as much as possible now. Like he made a point to tell Erdogan that they’re separated and didn’t provide an in for her, without even being asked.

Guess it’s really over for Claire. Evidently Elon still has custody of X almost all the time (in his own words too), so clearly Claire’s twitter apology was forced (probably Elon’s lawyers got involved and threatened her) Elon is still fully in control of the situation and of X.

No. 1900441

I know that Elon is paranoid about being murdered. Maybe he thinks people are less likely to assassinate or kidnap him if he has his child with him. Probably using X as a human shield most of the time kek.

No. 1900443

Also, Turkey is absolutely full of Russians. I’m pretty sure it’s Russians #1 destination in the world.

No. 1900444

Kinda weird how he says ‘Surviving here’ then looks very intensely at X.

No. 1900447

File: 1695070172663.jpg (55.72 KB, 510x600, image.jpg)

oh no no, is muh ubermensch genetics muskrat balding again? are his plugs expired?

No. 1900448

I agree nona, I think he purposely targets women with drug addictions because they tend to have addictive or dependent personalities and he likes that. Azealia already said he gets pure acid, ketamine, molly etc from a personal lab that he owns and encourages women to do drugs with him. I wouldn’t be surprised if he tries force some chemical bonding process with women and get them addicted to him/his supply. That’s an undesirable scrote tactic for getting attractive women, for sure. Him and Claire were frequently gurning or coked up in many of their pics together, often when X was there which is pretty gross.

No. 1900451

He just has terrible genes in general. Fat, out of shape, huge arse, weak side profile, unattractive features in general, balding since his youth, terrible posture and spine curvature from constantly being hunched over his pc or phone. He’s a very dysgenic looking moid, and funnily those ones are always the most obsessed with eugenics and nazi-ish because they’re so bitter about being the ugly runt in their dads eyes.

No. 1900465

I remember one of his old classmates said that Elon wasn’t really popular in his youth. But when he began running that party house with his friend near the campus, he became known as the guy who could supply cocaine and it increased his popularity a lot especially among young women who were taking coke at the parties. So yeah, he definitely figured out how to use drugs to get sex with attractive women, way back when.

No. 1900468

File: 1695071888673.png (62.74 KB, 598x767, tweet.png)

Elon calls X his "emotional support human" like he's a pet.
That's actually a good theory on why he could possibly be dragging X everywhere with him. I wonder if he will do the same with Tau too. Whether he gets the same treatment or not, it will be weird either way. If he doesn't, why would he specifically favor only X and not his other kids? If he does, then what's so special about his sons with Grimes in particular?

No. 1900469

Also he said he looked at these parties as ‘strictly business’ and was charging rich kids for entry and for drugs, so he definitely knew what he was doing. He didn’t care about partying itself, just making money and getting to bang cokewhores.

No. 1900470

X is the largest carryable child and therefore makes the best human shield.
(I’m joking, but I do wonder, I really hope this theory isn’t true because it’s awful to think about)

No. 1900502

right. you just know the boy will be ditched and forgotten once he grows up

No. 1900506

His teenage son looks like Elon wanted to look like as a young man. Yes, he has Elon's eyes, but the rest obviously isn't the same. He simply looks healthy, has great hair and jaw, is slender. His naturally confident body language says it all

No. 1900517

Ewww rightfully calling him out for clearly trying to use his child to make himself look human

No. 1900521

Girl he's just standing there with his hand in his pocket, the most known incel meme for dropping your spaghetti.

No. 1900525

Shame he didn’t wait to have kids until it’s possible to gene edit your kids philtrum length. All of his kids have that philtrum and it’s a death sentence because it instantly makes you look ugly.(sage your shit)

No. 1900550

What? Nobody likes her dj sets. Most people are stoked to see her at fests because they don’t realize she doesn’t sing her original music anymore and they end up just kind of going along with what she’s doing. Her career as a musician began to decline as she started doing exclusively DJ sets, she definitely wasn’t catapulted to the top in the EDM realm by any means. She is just a well-known name and sadly it’s mostly because of Elon.

No. 1900565

Pretty sure his experience parenting with Justine was soured by their son’s death. They barely had a relationship after that but still had 5 kids. I think he basically treated all 5 of them as a unit instead of connecting individually.. Not to defend Elon but he still treated them well, made a school for them to be close to his work, got them private martial arts and tennis lessons in his mansion and things like that. Then apparently sold the mansion because his commie troon son bullied him into it kek. Basically I think he chose X as the protege because he was his first son since Nevada that isn’t a multiple and separated from Justine who reminds him of that whole experience. Tinfoil but I think Shivon will quietly try to get her kids out-perform X (and the other 2) academically and secretly compete to win his favor in the end.

No. 1900567

File: 1695080867631.jpg (112.91 KB, 839x748, dutch-masters-panolamani-holdi…)

He's from SA right? That's just called being Dutch.

No. 1900568

she is only known to the general public because of Elon. She was only famous to hipsters and /mu/ posters with a particular music taste. Probably Crystal Castles had more fans at the peak of that kind of music in the late 00s to early 2010s. Their music also aged way better.

No. 1900572

it's because he got Tallulah, Natasha and Amber that he thought he could get Miley and Taylor. all are in the same tier of looks. But the difference is Miley and Taylor have more than enough of their own money so don't have to be pickmes in a billionaire's harem.

No. 1900573

where did this elon pursuing miley cyrus thing come from?

No. 1900603

This. Take it from an oldfag. Crystal Castles first most iconic album came out in 2008 and they were extremely popular, like wayyyy more than Grimes back in the early 2010s. Pretty much every song from that album was a banger. They were a mainstream alternative band and even appeared on Skins and Gossip Girl which pretty much every single American and European teenager watched back in the day. I would say CC were much more influential and popular at that time, you could barely walk into any establishment meant for young people in europe or NYC/LA like a bar or trendy cafe or whatever without hearing their music playing. Alice was also genuinely beautiful back then (before she sadly also bogged herself) and a lot of people emulated her style and aesthetic a shit ton, people really loved her. She definitely became less relevant as time went on because she didn’t work as hard on promoting herself or make the right connections, and she was a very chaotic person. Compared to Grimes who I would say is very aware of PR and networking and knows how to manipulate her way into the mainstream (by dating Elon for instance)

Grimes was definitely somewhat tumblr famous back then for being that funny faced girl with constantly changing hair color but her music was definitely less popular, her aesthetic was kinda messy and weird and all over the place and people didn’t really try to emulate it as much, she was seen as a quirky alternative pop musician but less edgy than CC and just a quirky ‘nice girl’ (lol). She only became more mainstream when she started dating Elon, before that most of her fans were /mu/cels (and she also used to selfpost and promote herself/samefag about herself being attractive on that board too) and tumblrinas or hipsters I guess.

No. 1900648

Oh yeah being the daughter of a successful businessman and state prosecuter for sure helped, but it's just lying to say she benefitted from nepotism the same way Taylor or Miley did lmfao do you know who Billy Ray Cyrus is? Charting doesn't really mean shit as far as quality, like it or not she's a name recognized musician in a lot of circles and she was definitely known before Melon. If she weren't already Grimes he wouldn't have approached her or acknowledged her, totally agree he would have rather had a way more famous trophy popstar girlfriend (and still would)
I'm 99% his pasty beached beluga ass has trafficked large quantities of cocaine or other drugs, and has probably had to pay huge sums in bribes and payouts to avoid consequences

unfortunately for Elon's precious gene edited sons, his finasteride use will destroy their fertility and limit their genital development. considering he's apparently mr big brain genius man, one can only assume he knew this already and just stayed on his vain hair growth drug. what an awesome father.

it's such a bummer that Alice is a cow now as well, love her music. Grimes had clout before Elon but yeah it was certainly because she did some key interviews and was reviewed by respected outlets

No. 1900649

Know why Elon went to Japan? On Sep 4th he tweeted about how he’s now focusing on the Asian twitter market and the ad revenue that comes from there. Know why? Because he claims the ADL is out to get him and making ‘unfounded accusations’ and will pull all his ads and sponsors who naturally want to avoid any controversy. He’s literally trying to suck up to Asian twitter because he thinks da joos have less influence over there and also twitter is huge in Japan. He hates Claire because he thinks it’s her fault everyone hates him because he acted like an arrogant rude prick at her set and realized Japanese people won’t just roll over and worship any rich asshole who comes to their country, he was basically on the brink of being cancelled by Japanese twitter for his rude behavior, so he’s throwing a tantrum about it and blaming Claire. Elon is fucking pathetic lol.(sage your shit)

No. 1900650

He also claimed all ‘western search engines’ and social media are co-opted by the ADL and da joos. He’s such a poltard cow.

No. 1900657

Claire being feminist is actually what earned her clout in the beginning of her career imo. She made some pretty bold statements early on in her career about being a female musician and what it entails, as well as all the stuff about not wanting to wear makeup and refusing to shave and such. And because online news and tumblr feminism was beginning to grow huge back then, it made headlines and got her clicks and reblogs and retweets. It definitely helped her name become better known among young women.

It’s sad to think that maybe all that stuff in itself was also simply a cynical career move on her part and not genuine. I don’t see how someone can go from openly being a genuine feminist to saying ‘men are awesome, the patriarchy is great, please pick me mr billionaire and let me suck your dick!’ within a few years. Sad.

No. 1900659

He’s pathetic and deserved all that heat. But Claire is his poltard calf and enabler. So she deserves some of the heat too.

No. 1900660

Kek. Love yourself nona.

No. 1900663

File: 1695095621992.jpeg (351.19 KB, 696x841, IMG_0757.jpeg)

yeah i remember when she used to refused to shave and looking like gremlin was her way of refusing to conform to beauty standards (kinda). i understand what nonnas mean when they claim grimes was always a poser but dam old claire was just so much better and i would be a liar if i said i never liked her. she was a vibe back then, or was simply better at holding up the illusion.

No. 1900664

She has no option but to do playback dj sets now because all her ghostwriters have gotten sick of her and fucked off. Claire is a perfect example of why you should treat people well on the way up, because once you fall back down nobody be there to comfort you, and that’s exactly what’s happening right now. She’s fallen out with her parents, her collaborators, her songwriters, her exes, her baby daddy and even 95% of her fans. All she has left is her edgelord brother and a handful of retarded narcissistic edgy druggie pickme bimbo scrotum-lifter shallow whore friends.

No. 1900666

when everyone hates you because of the moid you are dating, the only way to claw back some public sympathy is by claiming that you were a victim who was manipulated and brainwashed by him and had no control over your own actions or words at the time.

it feels like claire is playing the victim card now and trying to paint shivon as the bad guy and herself as the innocent hurting victim in the middle of shivon and elon’s wicked game. i definitely think elon is an absolute piece of shit who treats women like crap and that shivon should not have agreed to have his kids. but that tweet claire made was a very bpdchan move for concern and sympathy. she concern-baits and crisis-baits her fans constantly tbh, only to go straight back to lifting elon’s balls the next week and it’s all so tiresome that even her fans notice it.

No. 1900671

Lol back then I didn’t know anything about Grimey’s personal life or views tbh but I still found her quite annoying. I heard a couple of her songs occasionally and I thought they sounded neat but she wasn’t my favorite or anything and on the occasions I would see pics or music zine articles of her online I would just ignore it.

I remember a few years later in 2015 seeing some article with a pic from that photoshoot she did with the red flowers (I think it was the acid reign tour pic where her hands look huge and she’s trying to look as skinny and pale as possible) and she was quoted in the headline saying something like ‘you’ll never be able to pin my style down’ and immediately just thinking ‘damn this person seems pretentious as fuck and up their own ass’ and clicking off the page lol. Got insufferable vibes from her even from the beginning but I never anticipated what a cow she would become lol.

No. 1900674

Lurkers need to understand that many farmers quite like women like Amber and Alice (despite being cows themselves, and Alice slightly less so nowadays due to capeing for troons just like Claire) because they were/are pure unapologetic female chaos and we appreciate that realness, that is the kind of female energy that men hate and actively try to destroy because it’s so aggressive and powerful and they are so threatened by it.
Claire always tried too hard to come across as the quirky nice girl (who is actually toxic and sneaky as fuck underneath) she is type of footstool bitch who pretends to care about women but will make sure never to hurt a moids feelings or offend a male and we cant stand that shit. She is the pathetic underhand coquette female manipulator trope. We stan bad bitches only round these parts not sneaky bottom bitches.

No. 1900695

File: 1695103544187.jpeg (427.09 KB, 1439x1799, F933EA55-867A-47A8-896D-A9C5F0…)

The long philtrum gene will remain strong in the musk clan, primarily fortified among the claire-spawn unfortunately for them. Even worse, her face-bogging will absolutely have an effect on the daughter who will grow up wondering why her mother changed the same features which she likely inherited and will be stuck with until adulthood. As a small girl(whos mom looks a lot like me) that would have really fucked me up. Shes going to ask for filler at 12 years old. And ultra progressive claire will probably be the cool-wine-mom who takes her to get it. This is why I would never reproduce with someone who’s hardmaxxed. Its really not fair to the kids, and thats 10x true for female children.

No. 1900698

File: 1695104422801.jpeg (1019.04 KB, 2053x1150, 7CD1B07A-1629-4AE4-B53B-032CCC…)


Also sorry for samefagging but after taking a closer look at these old pics i think she mightve started getting work done with mom and dads money way earlier than people think.. see this video from before she was famous, her face looks a lot more like the photo above. her lips wax and wane in size a lot from 2011-2017, then they start looking much better in 2018 which was when people first noticed the filler and it was unquestionable by then. But i think before 2018 no one would have ever guessed her to be the type of person to get filler. She def has been doing it for over a decade when you look at photos of her throughout the years though

No. 1900706

It seems like grimes gets more heat than him, though. Elon Musk is literally easily one of the most pathetic, unlikable, and grotesque creatures alive right now but we just want to pick at grimes bad facelift I guess. I honestly dont even think grimes is anything in comparison, he's a literal villain.

No. 1900708

Which is hilarious because all he did was make an ass out of himself in Japan and get made fun of

No. 1900709

Her lips don't change size at all in that time, she just wears concealer on them. You can see where her lip line is, its just fleshtoned.

No. 1900715

i dont think anyone is an elon fan here he is just talked about less because people itt follow the activities of grimey more

No. 1900719

No, lol. I dont wanna get banned for hicowing but either ur blaire cowcher or need glasses lmfao

No. 1900720

maybe this is a messed up viewpoint but that is pretty much why I dislike Grimes more. yeah elon's a piece of shit; but she's the one desperate for his love and approval. morality aside, she's way more annoying and pathetic IMO. (and thus easier to casually make fun of on the internet)

No. 1900727

Not to derail, but she was on a lot of covers and no one really brought the magazines cuz of her kek she quite literally payed to be on them, or was forced by her label.

Grimes was niche, normies didn't knew her like that. My boyfriend thought Grimes was a band before all that PR nightmare started with Elon. I remeber she used to open for bigger pop stars yet couldn't even sell all the tickets for her own shows. She's like Andrew Tate who claimed to be worth 900$mil…Grimes also inflated everything about herself so she could sell. Fucking Elon def helped but she's not musically gifted enough to make it to the top.

No. 1900729

Uhm I never said her DJ sets were remotely good kek she sucks hardcore and makes all these fucked up orge faces while playing.
But she's one of the biggest acts on edm festivals and headlines even though having no history of DJing…she definitely uses her fame to be #1 at least at something so she can still prove Elon she is a °~thelebrity~~

No. 1900749

I think there’s a difference between being evil and being milky tho. Elon is both but here we mainly like to focus on his milk like baby mama drama and autism. Claire is all milk. If we wanted to be depressed we’d discuss his gross abuse of wealth and power more, but milk is more fun.

No. 1900765

File: 1695122949690.png (3.44 MB, 1125x2436, IMG_0164.png)

Why don’t they have custody arrangements

No. 1900766

Holy shit, Grimey holding Muskrat accountable for once. But didn't she agree to Elon raising the boy and her raising the girl? Why is she complaining?

No. 1900767

She’s just passive aggressively liking tweets. Not actually doing anything to get her son back or at least not saying anything anymore. Could be in legal trouble or just in trouble with Muskrat

No. 1900772

She won’t ever put her foot down because she knows that would cut off any remote chance of them getting back together. The only way I can see it happening is if he gets married (to another girl obvi), but then he’d discard X for their new babies anyway kek

No. 1900800

File: 1695130923942.jpg (36.92 KB, 640x378, tweet.jpg)

Elon brings up falling birth rates while talking about a topic that has nothing to do with it. Late Ancient Rome did have a decrease in birth rates but it played no "major part" in the fall of the empire. I remember some of you guys tinfoiling in earlier threads that Elon wants to date this woman. It does seem like he is trying to get her to reproduce with him

No. 1900805

File: 1695131211491.jpg (709.13 KB, 1880x2373, eva.jpg)

She is a 27 year old Dutch woman who Elon interacts with on Twitter quite often. She is a "philosopher" and anti-feminist alt-right activist

No. 1900808

A woman that looks like this wouldn't even glance at his direction, but she is a pickme and he is a billionaire so you never know

No. 1900811

If she did, she sure wouldn’t fumble the bag though. Remember this post when they suddenly announce their marriage early next year. Elon tradcath convert larp era soon.

No. 1900819

she's a beady eyed, fried hair having moron. who exactly is she too good for?

No. 1900821

Definitely too pretty for 300 lbs balding middle aged Elon

No. 1900829

what a an actual autistic coomer reply. That’s 100% him shooting his shot at her as the next broodmare. god damn he’s so pathetic

No. 1900830

Grimes enables and coddles Elon through everything he does, she’s almost just as bad as him lmfao. The only reason she doesn’t have more potential to be evil is because she doesn’t have as much money as him and she’s also ultra retarded.

No. 1900831

Didnt late Rome have falling birthrates because people were dying en masse of plague and malaria and there were also constant rapes and raids? Yeah no wonder women didn’t want to bring kids into that environment lmfao.

No. 1900835

Calm down Claire lol(hi cow)

No. 1900837

Oh Eva is 100% Elon’s type. Dyed blonde, blue eyed, Nazi sympathizer, Dutch. Unfortunately for him she’s married but she’s definitely the type of woman whose eggs he’d kill to harvest.

No. 1900844

Can you give a source on her marital status? I thought she's single

No. 1900848

She’s not married but she’s engaged to a guy called Will Witt.

No. 1900853

Plague and climate change.
>It turns out that climate had a major role in the rise and fall of Roman civilization. The empire-builders benefitted from impeccable timing: the characteristic warm, wet and stable weather was conducive to economic productivity in an agrarian society. The benefits of economic growth supported the political and social bargains by which the Roman empire controlled its vast territory. The favorable climate, in ways subtle and profound, was baked into the empire’s innermost structure.

The end of this lucky climate regime did not immediately, or in any simple deterministic sense, spell the doom of Rome. Rather, a less favorable climate undermined its power just when the empire was imperilled by more dangerous enemies—Germans, Persians—from without. Climate instability peaked in the sixth century, during the reign of Justinian. Work by dendro-chronologists and ice-core experts points to an enormous spasm of volcanic activity in the 530s and 540s CE, unlike anything else in the past few thousand years. This violent sequence of eruptions triggered what is now called the ‘Late Antique Little Ice Age,’ when much colder temperatures endured for at least 150 years.

No. 1900854

Post the ring if it’s true

No. 1900879

File: 1695144636621.jpg (274.02 KB, 1080x2221, Screenshot_20230919_144920_Chr…)

Saged 4 old milk, but is this how Sandy raised claire and her brothers kek? all her threads posts sound so unhinged and out of touch, it's truly entertaining I kinda like Mrs. Jowls

No. 1900887

God these retards are grown ass 35 and 52 year old adults but can’t even communicate directly with one another and are still subtweeting and blocking/unblocking each other like some petty middle school shit. Stupid immature idiots shouldn’t even be allowed to have children. .

No. 1900888

From what I’ve seen tradthots especially those with large followings seem to put off marriage as long as possible and create the illusion of being single because otherwise it kills their simp bux base. They go on about how women are infertile at 30 and how every woman should wait until her wedding night at 18 to lose her virginity but they generally put off marriage until they’re around 30 and speedrun the whole baby thing too. All while engaging premarital sex with various men.

No. 1900891

File: 1695146512265.png (42.01 KB, 673x187, Screenshot 2023-09-19 at 2.04.…)

She got engaged a while back, though

No. 1900895

opportunity lost for elmo

No. 1900902

>Beady eyed
I'm so tired of the Shivon fans ITT, if a mere pic of vanderboek makes you seethe get ready to shid ur pands bc melon is done with his Daddy Dearest photo sesh and isn't actually gonna settle for employee broodmare, lucky her

No. 1900907

File: 1695147947001.jpeg (915.18 KB, 828x1438, IMG_9806.jpeg)

She stopped wearing her engagement ring last winter. (1/2)

No. 1900908

File: 1695147985885.jpeg (887.36 KB, 828x1437, IMG_9805.jpeg)

No. 1900921

i agree nona, i believe she had been getting subtle work for a while before she decided to just go heavy-handed with it in the last few years
i noticed as well that her lips waxed and waned in size a lot for a long time, and when you compare the picture you posted to this picture >>1899429 , it's very clear she has been getting procedures far long before she became botched
i watched a Lorry Hill video on grimes plastic surgery, and before all of Lorry's videos, she shows a picture of the subject of the video pre-surgery, and she describes their "natural beauty features", and she used a picture of claire that was definitely after she had multiple surgeries, kek
claire has always been a bitch in sheeps clothing, i don't know why people are still surprised. i hate that people fully blame elon for her current behavior. she's always been a pretentious e-thot with a false image

100% agree. everything we are seeing now is the result of her actions coming down on her

she isn't holding anyone accountable. she does this passive-aggressive liking tweets thing whenever they're fighting and then she's back in his lap as soon as the fights over.
she's just being petty and is mad that things aren't going her way with the scrote

No. 1900926

Are you assuming that person is a Shivon fan just because Shivon has big eyes and they said “beady eyed” lmao what strange reasoning

No. 1900927

Praying to the milk gods for this to follow through finally. Wonder if this is why grum has turned up the super obvious BPD passive aggressive twitter likes.

No. 1900935

She also has since unliked these tweets. But she knows what she’s doing and does it long enough to hope he’ll notice. Because this is how rich tards with 3 children communicate I guess

No. 1900941

Elon kind of screwed himself if he wants a desirable new baby mama. Women want children with rich/powerful men to secure their child’s future but they also want security for themselves and to be seen as the one who was chosen to be by his side. Any self-respecting women doesn’t want to be treated as a concubine or broodmare. Before he met Claire he probably could’ve gotten a woman like this, because she would feel confident in her position as #1, the way Claire did. Then he screwed it up with the Shivon thing and showed he’s totally uncaring about family values. Only an obsessed fangirl like Shivon or a very mentally ill woman would willingly join his circus at this point. And what, give him kid #11 that he barely sees and has to fight over his estates with 10+ other kids when he dies? Anyone who willingly chooses him now would have to have zero self respect

No. 1900943

Also I highly doubt he froze his sperm in his late 30s/early 40s to lower autism/schizo/health risks. Women who willingly accept geriatric sperm don’t love themselves

No. 1900949

File: 1695153538279.jpeg (361.77 KB, 1439x1799, 1C6E05F6-1B80-40EB-A8DC-AEC582…)

Heres some photos of before and afters before 2018 when she started going for higher cc’s. There were a few times, or at least one time between 2012 and 2018 when she let it dissolve on its on i will post another pic below to illustrate. She also had a liplift around 2019 or late 2018

No. 1900950

File: 1695153639061.jpeg (282.07 KB, 1799x1285, 58C96AE5-A6DC-4513-8EAB-CF10FA…)

These photos are both 2016, quite a difference

No. 1900953

I don't know about you guys but X is a carbon copy of Grimes in this pic.

No. 1900956

Why do you think he went back to Turkey?

No. 1900965

Agree nona she definitely got work done starting many years ago.

No. 1900968

>claire has always been a bitch in sheeps clothing, i don't know why people are still surprised. i hate that people fully blame elon for her current behavior. she's always been a pretentious e-thot with a false image

Hard agree nona. Claire is good at fooling people and coming across as a nice good natured dorky nerd girl but she’s always been a nasty superficial arrogant bully deep down. The way people are infantilizing her and treating her like a poor helpless child is so gross and exactly what Claire wants. She always baits people into pitying her and painting herself as a battered wife then is back licking Elon’s ass again the next week. They’re two drama whores obsessed with attention.

No. 1900969

Yeah, also everyone is "beady eyed" compared to shivon and her bulging eyes lmfao.

No. 1900972

You’d think that Elon being obsessed with superficiality and eugenics would at least choose women whose features will counteract his own downie face. But instead he chooses Claire who is also a philtrumcel and nosecel with a flat upper lip and passed her weird features onto their kids too. Shivon has a long philtrum and flat upper lip too and you can see it in their kids already also. They’re the Who from Whoville clan.

No. 1900973

Eyelet detected.

No. 1900976

She looks like every upper middle class British girl I see on the street in London, I don’t know why people make such a big fuss about this woman.

Her eye colour is pretty but she does have an unfortunate 1000 yard stare that makes her look very cold and mean.

No. 1900977

File: 1695156374688.jpeg (879.59 KB, 930x1346, F62A78DD-4467-4247-937B-CAEFAE…)

Claire joined the bulging eye club to please Elon and skinwalk Shivon. Gotta admire her dedication.

No. 1900979

File: 1695156746129.jpeg (72.98 KB, 609x609, 5B341ECA-30EE-4442-A23F-F4691A…)

Idk why in Holland right now there’s a big trend for dyeing your eyebrows dark and then doing big soap/wolfbrows every day even if you are a natural blonde. Its so hard looking. Like they caught onto the scouse brow trend 10 years late.

No. 1900985

Prime Amber mogs all these heauxs into the dirt. Its not even a contest.

No. 1900992


This was also in her era of complaining about not wanting to wear makeup, shave legs or appear to beauty standards. Her making a stance against that gained her more attention than her silly little songs ever did, and more fans. A lot of people learned to appreciate her cheesy music because they wanted to support her as a feminist musician who refused to appeal to scrotes— but that was always a grift and a lie !

No. 1900994

You really need to stop sucking Amber's pussy so hard, the lack of O2 is giving you brain damage.

No. 1900997

File: 1695159544064.jpeg (370.34 KB, 1799x1285, 4E5C6F1E-F418-4BEB-9CFA-A62046…)

Before and after lip lift surgery (2017/2019)

No. 1901000

pretending to be feminist as a business move was kinda a thing back in the 2010s. But now since her real beliefs are being revealed its def done damage to her career and image

No. 1901007

doubleposting but go back to tumblr. this is an anonymous board, you speak for yourself, not for everyone.

No. 1901043

And aggressive overlining, yeah. But this is years after that faceblind anon claims she started when she clearly hadn't in 2011-2016

No. 1901044

Actually I'm just not retarded and you're just blinded by intense obsession evidently. You can literally see her lip line above the concealer, grow up and stop 'hi cow'ing anyone who doesn't agree with you

No. 1901052

sorry to nitpick but those extensions are atrocious

No. 1901079

File: 1695173131951.jpeg (402.9 KB, 1439x1799, 3B7423AD-E23B-49D9-9923-06ECBC…)

Are you retarded? There is no concealer here. What youre seeing is the skin between her lips and mustache

No. 1901086

Eww not the mustache girl wtf

No. 1901091


can you femcel warriors shit up i’m trying to read grimes(learn2sage)

No. 1901094

And her lips were always like that at the time bitch what else do you want? Show more angles sperg you're wrong and loud for no reason

No. 1901095

maybe you're the one who's faceblind >>1900950 >>1900949
there's no way that there isn't a difference in those pictures
claire has nearly no upper lip without fillers, if you go through enough photos of her throughout the years you can see the change in her lip shape very distinctly

No. 1901096

File: 1695175004639.jpg (238.77 KB, 640x548, RDT_20230919_21584123485018897…)

Idk if this has been posted yet or not but I hate him

No. 1901124

I’m confused, where was his cameo? I played the game and don’t remember a flat South African autist voice. I just remember grimes sounding like she was auditioning for a high school play. The articles I found aren’t helpful either. Anyone know?

No. 1901141

File: 1695183365794.png (1.05 MB, 1242x2208, A23682F6-5025-4F0F-AA69-470E6B…)

No. 1901152

Don’t know if this is a self confession, but I highly agree with you nonna. If he never did his whole coomer fantasy rejectedtarded spawn spiel with grum and and shun, he could have eventually landed a Stacy “kek” but the broodmares are having BPD meltdowns and the fat moid is in full autismode playing chinese mobile ad games

No. 1901173

Why can't both things can be true at once though? Why can't Grimes be an unhinged, insufferable narcissistic bully AND be in a relationship where she's being severely disrespected or potentially even abused? I'm not saying I believe that is the case because she keeps flip-flopping and then gets angry when her fans make assumptions about her dynamic with Elon, but it's not like shitty women are immune to being abused by even shittier men

No. 1901185

File: 1695192204197.jpeg (22.69 KB, 360x462, IMG_3977.jpeg)

Kek the character model looks like shit. I guess they told him they would throw him in there to appease him and put in minimum effort since it was last minute. Made him creepily standing around in a bathroom. Compare this to Kojima’s cameo that they actually put time into making look like him.

No. 1901192

File: 1695193418884.png (135.53 KB, 640x563, besties.png)


No. 1901198

Eva is a cow.

I can't even imagine what kind of nightmare shit Grimes would set you up with.

No. 1901201

how condescending. i bet she did this because she was suspicious of something going on between her and Elon. probably picked some real losers too.

No. 1901247

Yeah her top lip definitely used to be flatter and smaller and her philtrum was longer. No it’s not makeup. She definitely had filler back then.

No. 1901248

Idk why but this is so funny to me. I don’t like Shivon at all but this is exactly what Claire deserved for being such an insufferable cow. Some younger woman will do the same to Shivon for sure one day. But for now it’s hilarious to watch Claire’s karma unfold in real time. She’s already trying to control the narrative as herself an innocent victim and Shivon an evil demon. Cue more sword whooshing.

She probably tried to set her up with trannies because thats Claire’s type kek.

No. 1901252

Most women aren’t self respecting unfortunately nona especially when it comes to rich men. Nearly all rich (as well as pretty much every famous actor singer etc you can think of) have open marriages and are unfaithful while their wife turns a blind eye to the whole thing as long as she keeps getting money, take it from someone who used to be around those moids. There are a million desperate Elon fan girls who would literally eat this mans shit on command for a slice of the bag and he knows it, not to mention the billions of other women living in poverty who would do anything to escape it, much less fuck with a billionaire and let him rent their womb.

Did Claire actually expect a billionaire scrote to stay faithful and loyal to her? JFL. Broke zero status men have enough difficulty staying faithful, so why would a billionaire be faithful to you? She’s either super arrogant or super retarded.

No. 1901255

Being a straight woman is inherently debasing and humiliating. Billions of women put a mans porksword in their mouth and choke on it until disgusting bleach flavored dicksnot comes out, then swallow it and pretend it tastes good, simply to please him. It gives these women zero pleasure but they have been brainwashed into thinking that if they make a man happy then they will be happy. Billions of women have PIV sex for years which they can’t even cum from and spend decades trying to sheepdog their husbands from eyefucking 17 year olds and trying to compete with their hubbys porn collection, inject themselves with botulin toxin before he cheats on them anyway. Being a hetero woman is already a form of masochism and self flagellation, why would you be surprised women are willing to do even worse things for men with money and status.

No. 1901273

No. 1901278

>chinese mobile ad games

the fact that these are the games he actually loves rather than some hyped up "kino" shit like cyberpunk 2077 is hilarious. kind of like hunter biden being incredibly rich but on crack instead of the finest cocaine.

No. 1901285

File: 1695219422667.png (22.55 KB, 1291x119, Screenshot 2023-09-20 101916.p…)

claire's actual musician ex before elon trooned out before their relationship ended, right? her "relationship" with chelsea manning after her first breakup with elon felt like exploitation to gain her fanbase back, like oh i'm dating this troon and reading marx books in public in steampunk outfits, i'm not really like elon you guys. i doubt she and manning even saw each other more than a handful of times. also lol'd hard at her wiki page boldly labeling her a liar.

No. 1901295

File: 1695219964184.jpeg (706.5 KB, 1170x1383, IMG_2997.jpeg)

No. 1901296

File: 1695220102464.jpeg (737.6 KB, 1170x1512, IMG_2998.jpeg)

Another hole in his pocket.

No. 1901362

>Why can't both things can be true at once though?
They absolutely can. Elon is behaving like a textbook narc here.
He is using triangulation to make Claire and Shivon fight. He was giving Claire silent treatment because of a stupid mobile game. Their first date was walking around an empty factory with Claire watching him fucking up ("fixing") the cars. First dates are usually about interacting and paying attention to eachother. The on and off situationship with Claire is him toying with her feelings.

I don't know if Elon is actually a narc but if he is, he is able to charm his victims in a way outsiders don't understand.
>He is fat and ugly.
>He is not a big spender. (Useless for a gold digger.)
>He is old.
Abusive relationships can also be very addictive. You can't just leave.

No. 1901417

Agreed, yet somehow Claire makes it entirely impossible to feel any ounce of sympathy

No. 1901421


No. 1901423

I dont feel sympathy for Claire because she’s still lifting Elon’s balls and blaming Shivon for everything instead of Elon. Her reaching out to Shivon and pretending they’re friends now is just her way of trying to meddle and stay relevant because Elon isn’t checking for her anymore, so she’s a user too. The only reason she’s upset about this is because she’s not Elon’s main bitch anymore, simple as. She doesn’t give a fuck about her kids, they’re merely a means to an end, which is getting Elon to pick her.

No. 1901438

real sergio canavero head transplant vibes kek

No. 1901444

Shinigami Eyes is such a bop.

No. 1901447

funniest thing is that shivon is actually older kek
how many people from poor countries gonna die or get seriously hurt from this i wonder. i keep forgetting that elon isn’t just a cow that exists inside my mind for my own entertainment, he is an actual rich dipshit with no morals. this shit is so fucked. he should be experimenting on himself before going around doing it on poor people

No. 1901455

He is a real danger to society at large. Especially since he doesn’t give a shit whether he is or not and most probably takes pride in having an antisocial code of conduct. Bet it stems from having an inferiority complex because he fucking knows not a soul would look twice at him if it weren’t for being mister lots of money bags. He is inadequate otherwise.

No. 1901490

File: 1695246647986.png (425.08 KB, 1101x407, kek.png)

I do too ngl, it's not groundbreaking but it's catchy.

I swear the thumbnail for it was changed… somebody at youtube doesn't like her

No. 1901492

Genuinely don’t think Elon is a danger to society desu, unless you are retarded enough to buy a Tesla or volunteer for his brain chip experiments, you’ll be fine. Also have a feeling he’s going to die prematurely, like within the next 5-10 years max. Everyone should be more worried about the psychopathic warmongers, retarded politicians who are giving way too much money and power to tech companies, and deviant political spearheads and advisors. These are the people who actually have the power to make legislation that will hurt folk.

No. 1901494

For the nona in previous threads screeching that Claire is racist, she literally used an Asian guy as her love interest in the shinigami eyes video. So pls shut up.

No. 1901496

No you’re right nona, the thumbnail has changed, I watched it last month and it was different. Why does YouTube make the thumbnail of certain artists really specifically unflattering shots? It’s kinda weird lol. I’ve noticed it with a couple other artists too and it feels very deliberate.

No. 1901500

Putting Asians in her videos doesn’t mean she’s not racist nona, plenty of poltards and Nazis are fine with Asians. They’re high IQ, generally law abiding and viewed as a model minority or ‘the other white meat’ so they get a pass from racists (why do you think so many Chuds love Japan and view it as their ideal country?). Plenty people like Thiel and Elon would be happy with their utopian Mars colony full of blonde Aryan babies and Japanese catgirls. Nazis mostly hate blacks, Indians, Muslims and Mexicans. Elon is an Asiaboo, said he’s going to focus on the Asian Twitter market because he thinks ‘da jooooos’ have less influence and sway in Asian countries which makes Asia more ideal and desirable to him. He’s becoming more and more Nazi every day.
Claire puts Asian women in many of her videos too. But like all tone deaf white savior types she always makes the Asian women silent and voiceless, like dolls or props. Similar to Gwen and her Harajuku girls who were never allowed to say a word.

No. 1901502

You could probably make a better loop track on a laptop in a day nona.

No. 1901503

Make him bald and 400lbs and yeah I could believe that’s Elon in 50 years.

No. 1901504

Oh my god Grimes’ voice acting was so bad as Lizzy Wizzy, it took me out of the game Kek.

I don’t think this is supposed to be Elon, it looks like a generic Asian tough guy

No. 1901511

File: 1695248237160.jpeg (454.19 KB, 825x1154, 760A6792-0C54-43AC-A2F0-05AF3B…)

You can literally see more of her upper front teeth exposed here >>1900997 even though she’s not smiling and doing almost the exact same expression
She 100% got a lip lift.
The fact she started over lining her lips too shows it’s something that bothered her, so why wouldn’t she get surgery for it too?
She seems to be very self conscious about her philtrum length to the point she still overlines it to this day to a ridiculous degree and tries to give herself a moustache/hare lip.

No. 1901513

Can I get a timestamp please?

No. 1901514

Did she have a tooth gap before? I see some white stuff between her two front teeth, like she put cement between them or something.

No. 1901515

She’s right at the beginning with the metal body

No. 1901518

this is obviously bait don’t reply

No. 1901520

She dated the troon to spite Elon because she knows he hates trannies. Same with her tweeting about black techno artists when they were fighting, because she knows he hates black people. And taking the pro sexual revolution side in a debate, because he’s a conservative who thinks women shouldn’t have rights.

No. 1901522

butthurt poltard detected

No. 1901526

Wow, I actually thought she might have a talent for this and was looking forward to listening, but god damn her voice acting is really terrible, even for a noob. The lisp, awkward unnatural inflections, wannabe valley girl accent and vocal fry. Cringe. Really unconvincing. Even her acting(?) as a bully in the Poppy video was better than this dogshit kek.

No. 1901531

her voice acting is really weak. this female robot character was obviously meant to be kinda badass, no bullshit, cynical but self assured, but claire just sounds like a whiney 15 year old brat kek.

No. 1901532

You dont think the richest man with major financial and economical pull isn't dangerous? You're retarded, 'desu'. Go back to 4ch.

No. 1901533

File: 1695249781459.jpg (177.26 KB, 1178x1577, FnI6zweaEAA1cSC.jpg)

I hate Elon musk soo much you don't even understand

Not once have I said she didn't get it done, just that she didn't have it done before 2016, I'd argue it wasn't until like 2018 when she started blowing her face up.

No. 1901534

Yeah we get it nona, Elon is out to get humanity and trying to kill you. Take your meds.

No. 1901546

Her old makeup style and fits in like 2014-2015 really suited her tbh. Even back in 2013 she was starting to find what suited her more. The Vanessa look with black hair was nice. So was her bob cut where she would wear glittery suits and tuxedos and stuff. The shaved head, face tattoos and short bangs look in 2012 was hideous. But when she got extensions and just wore a bit of winged liner and would just wear cute kinda topshop pieces that were normie but a little bit edgy, she could actually look pretty. That was when she was as her cutest. When she started bimbofying herself after getting with Elon that was when it went downhill. She does not suit the slutty cyborg girl, medieval wench, blonde alien or yassified drag queen look whatsoever. Her Gala look with the dyed black hair was pretty cute. But since then it’s been bad. She really does look so much better in slightly edgy block color pieces and minimal makeup. Her current look since like 2018 does not fit her Kibbe type or whatever at all.

No. 1901568

NTA. You need to take yours. Maybe copious amounts. You sound naive. He’s not explicitly out to “get” anyone in particular except maybe in silencing Claire’s outbursts but you’re brain dead if you think his failures won’t affect you. You can pretend you exist outside his sphere of influence all you want but just to remind you, this year he bought and killed one of the most notable social media sites in what’s gotta be record time. I never used Twitter personally and don’t care either way that it’s gone but that alone changed some formal decorum in the professional world. There’s currently a brattiest pack of shit stains club forming including him Putin, Erdogan, middle eastern royalty along with whatever grifters willing to say and do what’s needed so long as they’re tossed some coins. To not be aware of their encroaching media influence, you’re open to exploitation. I’m not a fan of the current status quo but I just can’t stand populists and reactionaries.

No. 1901574

>giving way too much money and power to tech companies

…which are?

No. 1901600

I also noticed and wondered if someone had it out for her at youtube

No. 1901620

You're fucking stupid im sorry. Keep dickriding for a man who is tanking the most popular app to monopolize free entertainment and will continue to try to destroy everything he can

No. 1901629

Hate it but I actually like I wanna be software even tho it’s incredibly simple and the lyrics are gay. Looks like Book 1 is back on hiatus while Grimey deals with her personal drama, I don’t see why her team can’t just finish it and release the singles she promised with minimal involvement on her end. I thought it was essentially finished?

No. 1901649

File: 1695259750943.png (Spoiler Image, 855.74 KB, 1080x1537, Screenshot_20230919-230424~2.p…)

Some anon in the last thread kept bringing up Shivon's eyes as big and way to open. This YouTuber fitness lady is what that eyesperg anon kept painting Shivon as. Spoilered for jump scare.

No. 1901668

File: 1695261717860.jpeg (448.98 KB, 932x1933, 8E71F4CF-1D35-469E-936C-78E8E7…)

For real nonnie. Every white supremacist 4chan poltard moid is obsessed with asain women. Claire is also a creep that posts lolicon manga of pre pubescent sexy girls. Barf.

She has pretty asian women in almost every single music video she has. She wants to be asian so bad. Like when she pulled her eyelids back to look more asian in shinigami vid and vogue china shoot. Her Realiti video is just her trying to illustrate how loved she is in asia, showing women bowing to her and asian fans at her concerts. She isnt that known in asia but she did tour there once.

The zekia cosplay girl is also pedobaity as fuck, all her pics she is desperately trying to look like a child with photoshop contacts and makeup. Google aru rinh before and after to see what i mean, shes an adult who tries to look as much like a child as possible and claire was obsessed with her in 2018/19 and would comment hearts under her pics like a creepy moid. She was def trying to court her, and jennie by taking her to the rockets. She grew up in a very asian neighborhood and would talk about the “pretty japanese girls” at her high school in previous interviews. Shes a creep. Also in her Nusi Quero NPC shoot the one who is wearing the grimes wig and pregnant belly is… you guessed it, the hot asian one.

No. 1901674

File: 1695262391931.jpeg (506.58 KB, 1439x1799, 29458AF0-98D5-47BF-9AB0-3F616F…)

Extremely creepy when you take into account the literal dozens of women who claimed nusi molested them and puts his hands all over womens nakeds bodies when they shoot with him, and how he has to put everything on by hand and doesnt allow underwear. This NPC shoot was demeaning and gross already, but when you realize its literally a sexual predator who put all the costumes on these women and designed them it becomes so much more disgusting. Im also pretty sure claire and nusi dated. Pic above is the cosplay girl from unreleased WAP and idoru. Creepy as hell.

No. 1901675

File: 1695262524923.jpeg (264.46 KB, 1799x1285, 70F3B03C-5DA7-4E1D-A49B-4AFE50…)

* pic below i meant to say

Last upload, claire taping her eyes to be more asian appearing. I dont know why she doesnt get more called out for this, she asian fishes more than ariana grande by far

No. 1901681

nona lol how long did this take?
I hope you secretly did this at work so you at least got paid lmfao.

No. 1901715

I don’t think its just one person. Probably like half the people in these threads rag on Shivon’s eyes

No. 1901722

File: 1695269415309.jpeg (659.24 KB, 1242x1212, IMG_4003.jpeg)

Stolen from Reddit, sorry it looks like shit. Some revealing replies to posts from grimes’ scholarsmate alt. The person who posted the mentally ill sounding replies is some schizo named “jezebel” with only 44 followers, who knows why she let them follow her. The two on the left from someone who sounds sane were tweeted only 2 hours ago

No. 1901728

>She grew up in a very asian neighborhood
I mean the counterpoint to what you're trying to say here is that she grew up around asian people and that's why she features them in stuff. it's not always fetishization to hire an asian person for a job. sometimes you just know asian people and that's normal for you. also the "taped eyes" just look like the winged eyeliner that's trendy on tiktok.

No. 1901736

NTA but her eyes and eyebrows both look taped. It’s not unusual for professional make-up artists to use face tape for certain looks for photoshoots or videos like this. It doesn’t work for everyday use tho because it’s very obvious. Whether it’s deliberate Asian fishing or “elven aesthetic” is up for debate.

No. 1901741

Elon is keeping X away from Claire because he thinks his older sons were failures (in other words, they don’t worship him and aren’t totally submissive to him) due to Justine’s influence. He’s right. She likely spoiled his insane Peter Pan cult leader fantasy by regularly standing up to him on the kids’ behalf. He sees this as her undermining his authority in order to poison the kids against him. Remember what Claire said about him “training the boy” and Claire, the girl. Now that X is no longer an infant, Elon doesn’t want him to have a mother at all anymore.

No. 1901743

File: 1695271372857.jpeg (221.69 KB, 1242x465, IMG_4004.jpeg)

Forgot to add this one. Court date coming. Much milk.

No. 1901746

Jezebel followed by huge investors and THEE martein shrekeli?! Who tf is this. Out of 44 followers she has some important people.

No. 1901747

As an Asian, I don't mind photoshoot eyes so much as black people murdering us in public transit with zero accountability.

But hey, that's just me(racebaiting)

No. 1901759

An alt acct for someone who shouldn’t be around children.

No. 1901763

>Elon is keeping X away from Claire because he thinks his older sons were failures (in other words, they don’t worship him and aren’t totally submissive to him)
Oh my god, I think you're absolutely right. He likely, as a result of being an absent father AND a sociopath, blames the fact that his sons didn't turn out the way he wanted (either they aren't sufficiently masculine or loyal to him) on the mother; they were tainted by too much female influence. It's not because they see through him the same way Elon saw his own father for what he truly was, it's because of women, the feminization of men, yada yada yada, because nothing is ever the fault of a narcsissistic man, especially not one who's also a sociopath.

No. 1901767


Take a look at who likes her tweets . . . I am putting my money on some freak wannabe Elizabeth Holmes personality type/Burner who works at one of these Silicon Valley dystopian technology companies.

No. 1901769

that’s not tape that’s just grimey with professional makeup. I know we are used to her wiggly eyeliner so this looks off but it is not tape kek

No. 1901775

Liking that song is crazy. I also thin she's lying about it not being AI generated.

No. 1901776

File: 1695276381846.jpg (Spoiler Image, 89.9 KB, 940x788, Graves_Eye_Disease_Symptoms_Bu…)

People who do this are insane. I think they believe it makes them look cuter or more fresh/awake but it always 100% of the time males them look deranged, you can always subconsciously tell that they are showing too much sclera and holding them open by eyestrain. I hate crazy eyes soo much omg, thyroid disease chic. People always think you can't tell but it's obvious every single time. Stop doing that shit, you are not kawaii.

No. 1901777

This is not 'Asian fishing'. Ariana Grande was Asian fishing because she was literally (or I guess one of her team members) photoshopping her deep eyelids out of photos. Nothing else that she did could have been classed as Asian fishing. Almond eyes are not Asian fishing, and fox eyes are meant to make them look sleeker and more alien. I think its an insult to Asian people to call it that.

No. 1901784

>ith me, lithy withy

No. 1901785

File: 1695279357877.jpeg (279.39 KB, 1177x528, IMG_4005.jpeg)

Does Elon have any legal standing here? If grimes is an unfit mother then he should have taken all 3 children. I’ve never heard of a custody battle for one child, not including their siblings. People on Reddit speculate they could have made a formal agreement for him to “raise the boy” but I highly doubt that he convinced her to sign away her parental rights. Even with the best lawyers I don’t see how he could win unless his plan is to take all 3, proving she is unfit.

No. 1901790

It's because hes rich. That's the only reason this isn't being considered kidnapping.

No. 1901797

Huh. A very important wifey/nepo kid? Or escort kek

No. 1901802

And not white incels shooting Asians en masse with zero accountability? I’m not saying what you mentioned isn’t happening. But nice bait

I’d agree Claire’s Asian fetishism isn’t that bad considering she does include/token everyone. Those pix above left out other races. She’s a weeb so naturally she’d be more drawn to and feature Asians more prevalently. It’s just a given if you’re apart of anime subculture. She also objectifies slavic and Nordic cultures but that’s not mentioned as much

No. 1901816

He really separated X from Claire like breeders do to a puppy the instant it turns 8 weeks old.

No. 1901818


My guess? Aella. Seems to fit and she's still liking simp posts for Elon and has said many times she thinks having children and letting someone else raise them is her ideal situation.

No. 1901822

>And not white incels shooting Asians en masse with zero accountability? I’m not saying what you mentioned isn’t happening. But nice bait
No, because those kinds of posters fetishize white incels (if they aren't the incels themselves), and are probably struggling not to defend baby daddy Elon in here lol

No. 1901825

jezebel also followed by yarvin's baby mama(lack of screenshots + sage)

No. 1901826

File: 1695302437225.png (372.4 KB, 1310x1288, Screenshot 2023-09-21 at 9.10.…)

Holy crap, Elon has fully kidnapped X and Grimes is debating calling the cops to get him back

Good job forgetting to delete your replies Mira you idiot

Honestly, I fear for Grimes, probably half her followers on this account are Elon sycophants who are more loyal to him

No. 1901828

It's worth noting that he is taking the only child that she carried, therefore is likely leagues more attached to than the other two who were carried by a surrogate. Melon is absolute garbage

No. 1901847

Every time I see the posts about her blatant asian fetish/fixation I think about how she got famous larping ethereal fairy shit, I think the real difference is she features Asian women's faces in a way she has never done to euros, she does use them as accessories

t. noneen

No. 1901848

I mean she uses Asian women as decorations and treats eurofairies as humans, it seems, even before the AIbot themes

No. 1901856

"Kidnapped" is such a strong word for their situation kek
X is with his main nanny, so he is definitely well taken care of. Claire sleeps all day and let's the nannies do anything for her anyways. What kinda mother is X really missing? Claire was his birth giver, never his mother.
Let's hope Elon takes all the kids and ship them to Maye, Tosca or Shivon. Say no to junkies having literal babies.

No. 1901869

>leagues more attached to
this is true that they are both obviously attached to X more which is so sad for the surrogacy babies. they are both garbage

No. 1901883

Yeah this might be mean but i thought the same thing. X never saw Grimes for longer than 5 mins a day anyway, probably, and her nannies are essentially his mothers tbh. Not saying that its okay, it's very fucked up this whole situation. But then i remember that it's not Elon stealing kid from any woman, it's Grimes we're speaking of. I don't believe she's going to put up a fight to be honest, nonas. Do you believe? There won't be ANY court case, any public callout, any police, anything at fucking all. She's gonna play pity party for Twitter for a few days, but in a week we're all gonna see her sucking Elon's dick online again.
Maybe that's completely cynical of me, but i don't think she's holding on because she's scared of Muskrat, she's scared of losing that concubine association/access to Melon (her safe media clout provider). This idiot probably thinks they're still gonna "make up". I hope i'm wrong and she truly gets that harsh awakening this time. But i really wouldn't be surprised if she cared for clout & Elon more than for her kid.

No. 1901896

agreed Grimes was totally fine with this arrangement of Elon taking over and treating X like a protege, comparing him to Paul from Dune (and STILL keeping up with that LARP through all of this on her alt) and saying he will 'train' him she only is upset now all of the sudden because it's over with him and he's kicking her out of his life. now that she can't be number one concubine she's mad and if he decides to take her back she'll go back to being fine with him taking X out of state for long periods of time… also her bestie Aella is trying to convince her this is all normal on that alt Jezebel acct because she doesn't want to lose her orbiting Elon powers(learn to sage)

No. 1901908

>There won't be ANY court case, any public callout, any police, anything at fucking all.
How the tables have turned. The bully with the "scary lawyers" has encountered a man with an army of lawyers. If Claire has any functioning braincells left after her junkie lyfe, she should understand to shut the fuck up. Elon could hire Rudy fucking Giuliani if he wanted.

No. 1901911

i agree, he's a meek awkward guy irl i doubt she's scared of him or that "X is kidnapped" . the issue is she still wants to be le lady jessica to his Leto. that dune series really did damage on these people's brains.

No. 1901918

File: 1695319159649.jpeg (408.86 KB, 1290x1433, IMG_0576.jpeg)

I don't think it's Aella, it's a Gen X/elder millennial Burning Man attendee adjacent to the Silicon Valley community. I think it's probably a woman with the same type of company position as Shivon. In that Medium article the author says her name is Lola and she's Iranian born but that could be a pseudonym. Any nonnies with an encyclopedic knowledge of SV players, any females born in Iran?


No. 1901920

Not a good example nonny. Kek

No. 1901943

Scroll up before posting nona, it was already posted

No. 1901968

She didnt even start doing that until like 2019? Shes been obsessed with asains since beginning of her career. The elf and viking shit didnt even come until 2019/2020/2021 she didnt get famous for larping ethereal fairy shit. She got famous for being a funky looking feminist with a mustache who made silly tumblr songs and wore jeremy scott.
The ethereal elf viking shirt didnt come until she went heavy handed on the skinwalking. She never wore elf ears or posted a rune until very recently.

Shes literally admitted to using the tape u idiot, i swear sm faceblind autists in here

No. 1901970

I wonder if Claire has seen this woman I saw on Twitter yesterday, the woman was replying to tweets and news posts about AI and various tech assholes, but she commented under a post about neuralink talking about rape, murder and bestiality. One of these tech guys has apparently been experimenting on mice and humans (children and hospital patients) for decades with similar tech to neuralink, she's saying it works and you can essentially be remote controlled, but based on the reports of animal deaths I kinda doubt that. She also said one of these tech guys was very active on beast forum and he would rape her with horses and dogs. And this guy is buddies with Elon.
maybe just a schitzo but I've seen similar harrowing tales on Youtube from trafficking survivors talking about being raped thousands of times, and veterans talking about disgusting rape and murder they witnessed from their own troops, so it made me feel sorry for Grimes, I don't think she realises what she got herself into if these guys are really that bad. Makes sense since every man with money and power uses it in the worst possible ways.

No. 1901977

honestly I think claire is naive and vastly underestimated what she got caught up in. She really believed she could NLOG her way into a billionaire committing to her solely because they share nerdy interests. I do wonder at times if the behaviors we see from her were acts to stay in his good graces or drug fueled based on speculation above about Elon getting girls hooked. Obv her motivations for simping weren't great, but that doesn't mean she isn't in deep shit fighting this custody thing.

People act like she is loaded from her musician days but from what I recall, money is not in streaming but touring which she rarely did or does. I know for sure she doesn't even own rights to one of her albums (Darkbloom?). She grew up wealthy in Canada but that's nothing compared to literal billions.

Imo she has no chance against him unless she gains enough public sympathy, which she may be hushed from doing based on the weird Shivon-make up tweet

No. 1901992

she's a cow but i hope she's ok

No. 1901994

from a child development standpoint, i don't like the idea of removing a child's mother from a child life at all, unless the mother is absolute danger to the child. claire's biggest damage is being a pretentious druggie pickme dumbass. but elon is not better since he has access to a factory for all his drugs.
Elon has no moral standing whatsoever to refrain Claire, especially since his goal is repeating his childhood. This is just more of his raging misogynistic behavior Claire thought she could escape.

No. 1902001

Yes she’s absolutely a VC maybe at one of Elon’s companies

No. 1902011

Just sick of these mediocre nepo babbies multiplying into more nepo babs to traumatize

No. 1902015

She should have visitation of course but full custody? She cant even clean her room?? Who on earth would trust this retarded junkie bitch with babies and toddlers without supervision? Thats completely unreasonable and inhumane to those kids. At least Elon can provide stable nannies for them. Claire should get supervised visitation and be in their lives as their narcissistic fuckup crackhead auntie that projects herself on to them and buys them cheap etsy shit that they hate

No. 1902020

source on the tape? stop making shit up

No. 1902022

I really hope that 'farmers' can pull their heads out of their asses for two seconds and see how fucked up it is that hes doing that. He thinks he can do literally anything he wants including going beyond the law and keeping his son from his mother because of his wealth and entitlement. It doesn't matter if you have some passionate hatred for grimes, she does not deserve this and chiding her for being a doormat helps nothing. Would you not also be terrified if a man with all the money and influence to do literally whatever he wants decided to take your child from you? This man paid a private investigator 50 thousand dollars to look into a 63 year old man saving the lives of those people trapped in that cave and called him a pedo. Could not imagine what he will craft to push the odds into his favor. https://www.buzzfeednews.com/article/ryanmac/elon-musk-unsworth-pedo-guy-deposition-private-investigator

No. 1902023

nta but if you can’t tell difference between eye makeup and face tape you’re fucking retarded. It straight up gives you an uncanny mini face lift that can’t be obtainable just from eyeliner and brow pencil alone.

No. 1902033

Whoever keeps using "junkie" as an insult as if these tech assholes aren't microdosing on LSD or whatever all day long for a "brain boost" like they have been publicly bragging about doing this shit for a decade at least. Even low level programmers and game designers microdose. Grimes is clearly healthy enough to birth a healthy child (X) so she's not a junkie. She seems coherent and stable (no less than musk at least). Man just took her kid because he enjoys watching his MPDGs fighting over him. She just deluded herself into thinking he was committed/monogamous, imagine finding out the father of your children was having secret IVF babies with someone you know while you were still together, and neither of them bothered to tell you.
I definitely feel sorry for her and I hope he gets bored of watching the girls fight and gives X back.

No. 1902036

Lol anyone with two brain cells could see this outcome from a mile off. I already called it months ago. Does Claire really think Elon ever genuinely cared about her? She was just an experiment and an egg bank for him. He always dumps his broodmares as soon as he gets what he wants from them, he just wants the sons. Elon literally cut off Justines card one night and sent her the divorce papers, does Claire think she’s gonna get more humane treatment than that? Kek. And yeah Claire is gonna be fucked because Elon can afford much better lawyers than her and he bugs everything when he gets a gf so he probably has all kinds of surveillance and dirt on her. Elon will get full custody ez.

No. 1902038

Yeah she’s 100% wearing face tape in those shots. I mean she had a whole ass facelift to give herself Asian style cat eyes with a positive canthal tilt, why do people think it’s a stretch she wore face tape before getting the surgery for a similar effect? Serves her right getting horribly bogged.

No. 1902041

Even after finding out about the Shivon stuff, Claire stood by Elon and continued dickriding him, because she really wants that bag, status, #1 gf position and mars queen title. I don’t have much sympathy. Claire has always been selfish and conniving from day 1. She was delusional and arrogant to think that a billionaire would commit to her and she used children as a way of manipulating her way into Elon’s good books. Its funny seeing it blow up in her face now. She deserves it.

No. 1902042

Re: public sympathy, I think she’ll get plenty once the normies catch wind of this. Every leftie hates Elon and still somehow thinks Claire is a progressive girlboss who dumped him for a troony. Ofc most rightoids and MRAs will back Elon but it’s never a good look to take a kid from his mom unless he releases incredibly damning evidence of abuse (which I doubt she has ever abused the kid but who knows)

No. 1902043

This feels like more intentional sympathy baiting. Why would they communicate through tweets, why not just DM? And why would you use a platform that your eebil billionaire ex who has kidnapped your kid owns to communicate through? Feels like Claire lurks here hard and intentionally leaks details to keep nonnies talking about her.

No. 1902044

You keep condescending her like you have a personal vendetta. Say whatever you want about her, but she fell in love. It's obvious, she changed her entire personality and values over it. Of course it's pathetic but why does that mean she deserves to have her son taken away wrongfully? Why do we have to pelt I told you so at a woman we don't even know when she's currently going through arguably the most human and grounding thing to ever happen to her. Hopefully this will be a learning experience, this is likely what snapped her back to reality.

No. 1902045

Schizo moment, it's a private account. Of course she's going to want the people in her life to know her spermpig stole her kid.

No. 1902047

A lot of rich guys and tech bros have extremely weird fetishes. Pedophilia is probably over represented in the tech community, simply because so many of them are porn addict coomers who are constantly on the computer and many terminally online moids start seeing so much shit that gross shit like that just becomes normalized or even sexy to them. They’re very desensitized to it especially if they’ve worked as moderators or hang out in dodgy servers or just browse certain boards a lot where that stuff gets posted for shock value a lot of the time, Just look at how many tranny fetishists grew from /pol/ because people kept posting tranny porn over and over again. And how many moid anime watchers eventually becoming lolicons or full blown pedos who watch real CP because they’re on pervy boards all day and watching hentai or dodgy loli theme animes and sexualizing kids becomes totally normal to them.

No. 1902049

>malignant narc psycho elon: treats women like trash and uses them for their eggs
>claire: heh should have been a better pickme sweetie he won’t be like that to me bc im not like other girls :^) i can change him

>malignant narc psycho elon: treats claire like trash and uses her for her eggs


No. 1902051

kek. this is why I’ll never feel bad

No. 1902055

Brittleboned methhead claire has been addicted to abusing speed since high school. She literally chipped her front tooth bcuz that what speed does to your teeth. She is clearly spun out and gurning in most of her interviews and is gurning hard during her dj sets. During her hasanabi stream she undeniably goes to the bathroom to do ketamine with nadya. She still does ketamine, full doses of psychedelics, molly (look at pic of her naked with liv, pupils huge, pupils also very huge in other pics like on her bday etc) probably coke and definitely speed.

> Grimes is clearly healthy enough to birth a healthy child (X) so she's not a junkie.

Retarded take. Only heroin and crack junkies have issues with that. Methhead moms give birth to normal children all the time. A healthy(?) baby does not equate to non junkie mother, dumbass. She also hemorrhaged from being ana-chan, because it didnt dawn on her to treat her ED before getting pregant. Ana-chans almost always hemorrhage especially when they remain ana-chan during pregancy. Also what do we even know about X’s health or mental health/ progression? Literally nothing. He could have all sorts of issues we would never know about. We arent even sure he can talk, claire didnt even think she had to teach him to say mom cus she has no room in her brain for anything besides her self-serving agenda and is not fit to be a parent in any way.

>She seems coherent and stable

Not even her dearest fans would say this about claire boucher. She is literally neither. It’s really hard not to hi cow with this level of delusional simping in here. Insane lmao

No. 1902062

She clearly does a lot of drugs but I don’t think she does straight meth. Just adderall or vyvanse. She has none of the physical signs of meth abuse. Her one chipped tooth isn’t enough evidence because the rest of her teeth look fine, her face looks full and she never has acne or picking marks. She def has anachan tendencies but is not meth-head skinny. Anyone who thinks so is just a coping fatty.

No. 1902065

i'm on your side. i can't understand how people have such a hateboner for her they're cheering on her child being taken away from her. i don't like grimes very much these days either, but i still am on the womans side when a case like this is going on. elon is worse than grimes and what he's doing with the children is fucked up. a mother who doesn't have any severe problems deserves to see her children. she's not a junkie, as >>1902062 said she's just using prescription meds like adderall or vyvanse. elon does drugs too. hes all into weed and acid, and is doing ketamine treatment. he's not more fit for the children than her.

No. 1902082

Who is the woman, anon? That sounds horrific. If she's just a schizo, she's just a schizo, but I'm pretty sure there were rumors about Elon killing random animals for fun, and sexually propositioning an "assistant" on a plane and attempting to pay her off, so this wouldn't surprise me.

No. 1902084

You honestly come off as schizo

No. 1902089

Hi claire(hi cow)

No. 1902090

And so Elon, who does the same amount of drugs, should be able to tout him around as a prop instead? Grimes uses nannies too. You're just blinded by hatred.

No. 1902092

Nta but you truly do. You don't even sound like a woman.

No. 1902097

top tier post nonnies, hard agree.
nothing is going to come from this, she's fishing for sympathy and i can't believe a damn thing this pathological lying bitch says.
she over-dramatizes everything to look like a victim when she's long-since been elon's asslicking MRA sidekick and still pretends like she cares about woman's rights when you know she still hangs with nusi queero.
she's going to be back in elon's lap the second he calls. they're both selfish, shitty, narc druggie parents and their children are indefinitely doomed

to me, it feels very clear that this isn't about X being taken from her. a lot of her actions and things she has said really point to her not caring that much about her children. remember the met gala interview? she uses nannies. it's clear she regrets having children. she cares more about editing her photos to make her dumbass look less bogged. she's a complete self-serving methhead. what is she even doing? she's not making music. she just posts bait on twitter because she's empty and desperate for crumbs of attention
i feel like she's only talked about her kids whenever she uses them as pawns for whatever dumb shit she's trying to accomplish. she acts like she's some cool parent talking about showing them gnarly movies and that time she wanted to hang up one of aella's kink garbage on her walls to use as "talking-points"
i can't feel sorry for her. she will parrot whatever she thinks sounds cool. she cares more about her image than her own children. elons a piece of shit and she was a moron to have not one, not two, but THREE children with this man. i hate them both

No. 1902103

>top tier post nonnies, hard agree

The obvious samefagging and the obsessive hatred is creepy, you write like a real stalker

No. 1902107


This thread has been hijacked by simps and trannies who support claire, ignore them.

>>1902065 no one here is saying she should have them fully removed from her life, just that she shouldnt get full custody. She shouldnt.

No. 1902115

You can see Elon using his son as a handbag in front of the Turkish president and you think she's just… making it up?

No. 1902116

>simps and trannies
You're psychotic. None of you are even farmers, you're transients that keep this thread on refresh so you can sperg about your special punching bag(derailing and baiting)

No. 1902117

Claire said she wants to be software…looks like she got her wish, Elon upgraded and downloaded a new data package, and Claire became obsolete.

No. 1902121

Obviously kids getting taken off their mothers is sad, but did Claire ever really care about X other than using him as a proxy to get to Elon? Her own son doesn’t even call her mom because he spent so much time with his nannies even when Claire and Elon were still together/on good terms. Not all moms love or really care about their kids you know, especially if they are bpd or narcs or whatever. Seems like Claire is much more upset about being cut off from Elon, rather than being cut off from her son. Elon taking X means she no longer has any bargaining chips to use against Elon and make him pay attention to her. I genuinely believe Claire loves Elon more than X.

No. 1902122

fr fr. they probably got downvoted on r/grimezs so they're alogging here.

No. 1902123

I agree nona. There’s one Grimey stan/tranny from Reddit calling everyone schizo and accusing them of being a samefag. Probably trying to bait/infight and get the thread locked again. Janny can see our IPs and knows we ain’t samefagging. I agree with you nona 100%.

No. 1902125

All scrotes are degenerates, rich scrotes just have more means to make their disgusting fantasies a reality. No matter how fucked up a moids fantasies are, if he’s rich it’s not hard at all to find some third or second world women who will enact it for him, supply him children or whatever, for the right price. Look at that tech CEO scrote who got stabbed to death in SF a few months ago and Elon was defending, he was a huge degenerate and was going to drug fuelled orgy parties all the time. God knows what these scrotes get up to when they go down to El Salvador or Tijuana, or hop on their private jet to Cambodia or Thailand, attend Eastern European parties full of underage trafficked girls or to visit their rich friends island.

No. 1902127

Lol your argument might be valid if Claire was actually a good person and loving mother but we all know she ain’t. Claire doesn’t give a fuck about her children besides what they can get for her from Elon, be that attention, money, another opportunity for manipulation etc etc. Elon doesn’t love his kid either, children are nothing but possessions to clusterbees.

You clearly don’t understand how clusterbee parents work. They dont love their children, kids are dimply possessions to them and a means to an end. A butthurt NPD scrote and a scorned BPD hag in a power struggle for their kids custody? Who could have ever imagined. Bet nobody saw this coming!

No. 1902129

sry bout ur parents nona

No. 1902133

ty nona. i'm ayrt and it reeks of derailing/baiting in here

No. 1902136

This. I truly believe Claire (and Elon’s) drug use is severely downplayed. Maybe because a lot of nonas here have never taken drugs or been around people who do, but if you’ve grown up around druggies you can definitely see Claire is a complete addict, it’s way more than just adderall or whatever. Constant meltdowns, her teeth are turning into grit and breaking, her skin is going that waxy saggy meth addict way, she had strange bruises on her arms during her sets and even wore weird flesh colored sleeves to hide them. Both her and Elon took MDMA on that recent trip to Japan with X and in almost every picture together they are gurning or have coke jaw. It’s way more than just popping addies or microdosing a little bit of acid now and then. They’re full on junkies.

No. 1902140

I think nonas need to stop tinfoiling about such and such being the same person because they talk about the same things as Aella and stuff. Theres a lot more women in these circles nowadays because of diversity quotas and these nerds needing to ship in women who will fuck them. There’s literally millions of these people in the Bay Area and Austin. They have very interchangeable personalities and interests and takes, so don’t be surprised if one person from Claire’s circle happens to sound exactly like a completely different person.

No. 1902144

Neither Claire nor Elon should have custody tbh. Kinda hoping they throw the kitchen sink at each other and the judge decides both of them are unfit terrible parents. A nice extremely normie nanny who’s wildest activities are happy hour cocktails every other weekend is unironically the best caregiver for a child X’s age. Unfortunately Elon is rich so we know he can just buy custody or have Claire killed. But I bet they have soooo much dirt on each other it’s crazy. I have a feeling that Elon is touting X around so much now so that he has more proof to a judge as to what a great dad he is and how happy and relaxed X is around him.

Gloria Vanderbilt is not a good example she was in bed with high profile pedophiles and her son killed himself in front of her by jumping out of a window.

The situation seems juicy and dramatic but it’s hard to tell because Claire cries wolf so much and is a typical bpd drama whore. I won’t be surprised if she’s back dickriding Elon and promoting Neuralink by next week.

No. 1902146

Meh, play stupid games, win stupid prizes. She’s not a child, she’s a 35 year old woman, and Elon’s history and behavior was only a google search away, she should know better. I actually feel bad for women who have absolutely no idea what a man is like and have zero stuff about his background to go on, but Elon is one of the most documented men in the world and his entire seedy shady back catalogue has been public knowledge for years and years. Claire knew all about it and still claimed him.

No. 1902147

File: 1695352092312.jpg (122 KB, 1283x1842, 20230919_154509.jpg)


No. 1902149

>hopefully this snapped claire back to reality
kek dream on. she’s probably in another k-hole or writing emo poems about her undying love for him as we speak.

No. 1902151

Hahaha. Narcs don’t kill themselves. Even though they should.

No. 1902152

How much you wanna bet Elon has already slid in her DMs and offered her a personal tour of the SpaceX complex?

No. 1902154

This. It’s like dating Chris Chan and then claiming that you didn’t know he was an autistic, mom raping tranny.

No. 1902170

File: 1695355176133.jpeg (1.29 MB, 1620x972, CCFF16D2-A162-4EF2-BDF7-B5252D…)

Celebrity cow couples really need to stop accusing each other of kidnapping children all the time.

No. 1902175

File: 1695356188791.png (310.39 KB, 1079x1339, Screenshot_20230921-231051.png)

grimes deleted her alt again

No. 1902193

Did she use the word kidnapping or just say he took their passports and wouldnt allow them to leave?

No. 1902195

This is OT but you need to stop believing that fucking Daily Mail articles are an accurate reflection of what's going on. The only thing she has accused him of is refusing to return the passports of their children which he hasn't denied; she has done so through her attorney because they're about to be in a messy custody battle that he, seemingly without any warning, initiated. The reason why he's accused of being shady in this divorce is because him and his PR team first, prior to the divorce having been announced, started planting stories about what a great, attentive father he was taking care of the children whilst Sophie was abroad working. Then, he filed for a divorce without the knowledge of Sophie, who claimed to have found out about it through the media. Sophie has never claimed that he's abducting their children, and you would've known that had you looked into this for more than one second. What she is claiming is that before getting divorced, they had been living in England since April 2023. Now, he's changed his mind and wants the kids to live primarily in the US, which is why he's holding onto their passports.

No. 1902197

You are not Regina George

No. 1902210

>your argument might be valid if Claire was actually a good person and loving mother but we all know she ain’t
Do we though? The truth of the matter is that none of us truly know shit and mostly project our own assumptions and experiences onto the situation, but there are SO many more articles exposing Elon's predatory, callous and abusive behavior than vice versa, including his drug use. Part of that is obviously because he's in a much more powerful position, but I also think it's because he's legitimately an emotionally dead, cold-hearted sociopath. This is prob going to be a controversial opinion here but I honestly think that Grimes, despite her issues with seemingly severe addiction, arrested development and borderline/codependency/covert narcissism/whatever it is, seems like a better parent than Elon simply because she has the ability to empathize with others.

No. 1902228

I would just like to say that with out a doubt, eva braun was definitely a better person than hitler. say what you want about her, but at the end of the day he was way worse.

No. 1902240


The prime Alpha Melon shits his pants and giggles like a little boy when answering to demented Erdogan.

No. 1902246

I think the "the recent drama happened because something horrible & illegal was revealed about Elon" theory would be plausible if Shivon didn't act the way she did after the supposed worst day of their lives. I don't think she would be posting le wholesome Muskerino content if he was going to court for being a rapist or something

No. 1902255

What is up with the Grimes whiteknighting lately? This isn't the roll of nickels fan club. Go do this shit anywhere else that isn't dedicated to talking shit about her, but I don't know why you would do that. This woman hates her fans, she has been failing them over and over for years, you come across as pathetic for trying so hard to defend someone who doesn't give a fuck about you.

No. 1902256

how the fuck is the oversexualization of women unexplored in modern culture? everything is hypersexual and pornified nowadays

No. 1902262

No I couldn’t. Grimes is a good musician and talented. Doesn’t mean she isn’t a massive lolcow.
We are fed up of you all ass licking shivon. I like grimes better than shivon, i love grimes’ music. I don’t give a fuck about shivon, she’s just a bug eyed sci fi kid just like Elon who works for a fucking monkey torture factory.

No. 1902267

you might be right about Gollum eyes being a bore but nobody cares about the monkeys, don't start with that again(newfag)

No. 1902279

No. The whole 'but I fell in love' is such BS. He was rich and famous. She would not be dating a 55 year old man if he was not incredibly wealthy and it's such gaslighting to pretend otherwise. His ex wife wrote a whole expose on his behavior and she decided to ignore it. She decided to ignore everything he did to everyone else from hate speech to how he treated other women so long as she got what she wanted. She was not some 20-something still needing to grow her frontal lobe that got taken advantage of - she has been in her 30s for this entire saga. She isn't a helpless victim who fell in love and couldn't have known. Her fans have been furious with her since X was born because she straight up refused to do anything at all to protect him while she still had the chance. She was literally cosplaying as a distressed concubine with the most important heir being selected and taken from her as some holy rite right before Elon broke it off with her. Now that what everyone said was gonna happen has happened it feels like way too little too late. If you follow the timeline it very much seems like she was genuinely okay with this arrangement until she was pushed out by Elon romantically and now she's like "no deal, I was supposed to be queen and if I'm not getting that then you can't have X like I agreed.' Grimes is going about this in a messed up way too and it's sexist to talk about her like a helpless teen girl who is entirely innocent in all of this. She doesn't deserve it but she sure as hell did nothing to stop it so long as she felt she had something to gain.

No. 1902321

Exactly. Elon is actually subhuman for what his company does to monkeys (and probably what he does to animals in general), and Shivon stands by because she's a dumb pickme like Claire.

No. 1902328

No but the Wall Street journal reported a couple days ago that a grand jury has been impaneled by SDNY in the Tesla glass house and other frauds case. That’s a huge deal.

No. 1902341

File: 1695392465533.jpeg (55.25 KB, 736x736, 6BE5BC72-612C-4D7B-A9B1-165DD6…)

>grimes is a good musician and talented
For the love of god stop baiting, you’re not even trying anymore.

No. 1902342

It’s actually gross how you’re pretending Claire is some retarded child with no agency. That’s more misogynistic than any other take. Go back to Reddit, you stink of scrote whiteknight.

No. 1902343

Nothing ever happens, they wont do shit. This is as much of a red herring as all the other lawsuits they tried to stick him with.

No. 1902344

A sensible and well thought out post? On MY board? Get out of here.

No. 1902345

>doesn’t mean Claire’s a massive lolcow
Actually it does that’s why there’s been 10 very active threads documenting her and Elon’s cow behavior. Go read the other threads newfag.

No. 1902354

File: 1695394391562.jpeg (42.9 KB, 600x600, IMG_3016.jpeg)

I’m not baiting, I love her music and I always have. >>1902345
You’re dyslexic. I clearly said it DOESN’T mean she ISN’T a massive lolcow. You need one of these finger space tools. Not even being horrible to you but you seem to struggle with reading a full sentence.

No. 1902379

this, those sort of lawsuits are probably a weekly occurrence for him with all his businesses and minor nuisances to him. and shivon and grimes wouldn't gaf about it. it's obviously related to their weird relationship drama and the kids.

No. 1902382

File: 1695399634149.jpeg (392.62 KB, 1668x2145, 387229C2-83FA-4F13-8F39-4FB1A3…)

>good musician

No. 1902421

please grow up. i don't like grimes, but i hate elon more because he has the money, power, and influence to get whatever he wants. grimes is stupid for think she couldnt change him, but its fucked up to take her child away. elon is not a better parent. theure both druggies who rely on nannies.

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