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File: 1716671060507.jpg (290.29 KB, 1170x653, 1716463904401.jpg)

No. 1997657

After several threads filled with blogposting, infighting, and the posting of off-topic (yet still effusive with milk) cows due to low pro-ana cow activity, nonnies of the Pro-Ana Scumbag threads were finally able to agree on something: we need a separate thread for these Cluster B(itches).

This psych ward is open to: diagnosis-in-bio oversharers, headbangers and scratchers, revolving door patients (not munchies), cows with personality disorders, lurkers/posters, and probably some other criteria that are yet to be determined.

Do some of these cows have eating disorders? Yes. Maybe. Kind of.
Does the majority of their milky behaviour have to do with their eating disorder? No.

The Pro-Ana Scumbags thread will inevitably have some cow crossover with the Cluster B(itches) thread from time to time, but please refrain from posting cows whose antics aren't primarily related to their eating disorder in the Scumbags thread.

Last thread: >>>/snow/1933243
(#3 locked due to shit OP)

Laura: https://www.instagram.com/flourishingfxiry/
Posted a 4 month “glow-up”. Such an incredible difference! A photoshopped and filtered picture compared to an unedited one! Laura reunited with Dween, her ex girlfriend, no, friend, no, lover. Whatever their relationship is, it’s weird.

Enara: https://www.instagram.com/enaralouise
Enara presented so much to the hospital that they eventually placed her on palliative psychiatric care. She claimed she no longer has any access to opioids, benozos or antipsychotics. All her admissions were ceased and therapy was reduced. Posted her list of yearly accomplishments, which included receiving an IO line for the fourth time. Bought 19 pairs of doc martens. Enara was tubed for a week. Provided selfie as proof. Enara is currently in a wheelchair for surgery on both of her legs. Let’s not forget Rico, Enara’s PTSD assistance dog (even if Enara herself has.)

Abby: https://www.instagram.com/abbymcollins
The same as always: absolutely no self-awareness, head banging on the daily, going out in public with no shame and her head wrapped up like Mr Bump. The only interesting thing about her to come from this thread is the paedophile predator she is now “best friends” with. Strap in, nonnies, this is a wild one.

Paedo Becca: https://www.instagram.com/becca.mocks.recovery
Filled with trauma. She uses this to manipulate and prey on young, mentally ill girls She tells different people different versions of her trauma. Apparently her grandfather was the leader of a paedo ring at church, but this has been changed with other people. Exchanged roses with Abby on the beach and Abby was found on a queer dating app stating she is bi. Was incest with her sister. Posed for pictures in lingerie with each other. Her sister walks around the house with her tits out.

Colours: https://www.instagram.com/coloursofthedark_bpd_aspd_npd/
Received a letter inviting her to a personality disorder assessment, then promptly received another to say it was a mistake. She had already been seen by that department “without success”. Posted a concerning story stating she wanted to hurt people and they deserve it. She wanted to end them and end herself. Concerning, albeit a little funny.

Becca: https://www.instagram.com/trying_to_recover_becca_2k17/
Has been very quiet. Someone posted to her account saying that she is safe and to definitely NOT ask questions. Made a post about being discharged and spending New Years with her family for the first time since 2017.

Katya: https://www.tiktok.com/@katsrecovery2023
A new cow. Travelled to London to stage a suicide attempt because her local police know she won’t actually do anything. One nonnie had an acquaintance whose mother died of cancer. Katya said, “I’d kill myself if I had you as a daughter too.” She stole someone’s pictures of a stillborn premature baby, claiming it was her son. She bullied someone for their weight until she took her life. Has been accused of killing past pets and animal abuse.

Jaycie: https://www.tiktok.com/@jayciesedrecovery
Her tiktok has been purged (excuse the pun) and now only features one video of herself with a tube (naturally) and a super long caption spewing nothing but bullshit.

Kat: https://www.instagram.com/confessionsofafatanorexic
Relapse baiting by saying she’s been referred to ED services for atypical anorexia. Definitely not the highest level of autistic that she claims to be. Posted about her carers inadequately caring for her. One of them didn’t follow his plan for when Kat inevitably spilled water on her feet and had a meltdown. Her needs were too great for him and he left, saying, “This is bullshit.”

May: https://www.instagram.com/recovery_for_childrens_nursing
Posted a half naked selfie in the proana thread to prove how super anorexic she is. Presented to A&E after apparently not eating for five days. Was allowed out of the hospital to go shopping for “safe foods”. Was discharged as there was nothing wrong with her.One doctor wrote, “Reports of not eating are inconsistent with BMI of 17.” Now trying to claim PIP. Keeps baiting that she’s going to discharge herself from ED services. Is threatening to sue the NHS. There was a cow crossover with May and Laura. Claims her Mother is 'abusing' her despite putting her up aged 26 and funding her batshittery and munchausens and is demanding additional hours at her job as a shitwiper, why the NHS are refusing to just sack her is unclear.

Lottie: https://www.tiktok.com/@lottshealing https://www.tiktok.com/@lotsypotsspam
Classic BPD headbanger who pretends to have autism, an ED, ADHD, OCD, PTSD and can’t keep up with her own lies. Also has a terrible moustache. Headbanged every time she was taken off 1:1 observations, and got banned from attending group therapy sessions because she would have fake seizures. Stalked another patient and would constantly sit outside her door, sliding paper notes under the door to her. Rich family is now paying £4000 for a private DBT group. Headbangs the day before like clockwork. Pretends to be an expert by experience for autism. She has even conned PEACE into believing her autism lies.

Previous thread:

No. 1997768

ty anon for the effort,great recap!

No. 1997773

tbh most of it i copied from the previous, i just added in the latest about May since she is the most talked about cow from this thread.

No. 1997845

Another shit op great

No. 1997848

File: 1716738036145.png (2.29 MB, 1125x2436, IMG_1863.png)

I can’t even with her… “saving up for her own full length mirror” which you could buy for as little as £30, but bought a bunch of new clothes from brandy Melville yesterday, constantly buying overpriced shit e.g. cutlery, uwu anorexic baby food, coffees… She barely even works, despite being capable of doing so. She shouldn’t be trusted with money

No. 1997888

ofc she had to get the “made at day patient” in kek. Guessing she posted because she thinks she looks sKiNny in this one? Sorry May, you still look fine. Reverse body dysmorphia still going strong I see

No. 1997910

If my thread was so shit, why has the exact recap been used for the past three threads?

No. 1997914

nah I think this is a great thread. If the other nonnie wants to complain they should've done it themselves

No. 1997961

fuck the crybaby ass bitches, anon. i appreciate your efforts.

No. 1997992

May taking a line out of babybiceps ana manual about doctors interfering with her treatment. Kek she doesn’t have an original experience or thought. Everything she says and does she mirrors from someone with an actual ED. Psychotic.

No. 1998041

File: 1716812527092.jpeg (352.94 KB, 1170x2073, IMG_5120.jpeg)

The Eminem song really makes this picture

No. 1998249

File: 1716881319173.jpeg (56.06 KB, 750x262, D0B02823-5D60-44B0-9313-2A7F55…)

May once again complaining. Maybe if YOU take the initiative to ring, contact, arrange coffee dates instead of expecting others too. Oh, and stop being such a drain, constantly moaning,complaining about everything and being a self centred, poor me, then maybe people would want to spend time with you?

No. 1998250

File: 1716881377926.jpeg (95.25 KB, 750x381, A7CAE705-4E76-4786-9AE9-DABC3F…)

Oh, and of course that wasn’t even an original thought. Someone she follows posted a very similar complaint just an hour before

No. 1998255

Maybe because you wear people down after 5 fucking minutes May, with your incessant moaning and constant victim complex

No. 1998268

File: 1716887137607.jpeg (297.98 KB, 1170x1475, IMG_9586.jpeg)

Again, May, YOU WERE 11. That was 15 YEARS AGO (because no, you admitting yourself and manipulating them into to keeping you for 5 days by quoting protocol you studied up on doesn’t count). Move the fuck on.
Of course nobody wants to willingly subject themselves to spending time around this whinging parasite. She’s bad enough online so just imagine the shit she must pull irl. Emotional vampire fr

No. 1998281

File: 1716893333486.jpeg (496.59 KB, 1170x1441, IMG_9315.jpeg)

1. May undergoing a name change?
2. Train enthusiast but doesn’t know how train fares work?

No. 1998319

It’s always people who are an exhausting drag to be around who make this complaint. If nobody wants to hang out with you, maybe you’re the problem?

No. 1998330

but don’t you know trains are an autistic thing, anon! How else would we know she’s “neurospicy” (what a stupid phrase, always used by the insufferable ones. maybe she’s planning to “transition” into a Lucy & Yak-clad ‘enby’)

No. 1998343

she can really take the future childrens nurse out of her bio. never, ever, ever gonna happen, delusional nutjob.

No. 1998344

she's also changed her last name from edmondson. she really tried to go for a new name

No. 1998346

one google search by possible employers will make sure she's never going to be a childrens nurse.

No. 1998366

There was no danger of that anyway, she’s absolutely useless as a HCA and that’s bottom of the rung (not that it’s a shit job - you know what I mean nonnas). I’ve seen her pompous arse waxing lyrical on med twitter over stuff that’s like 100 levels above her pay grade and it’s like girl please sit down, your job is wiping arses and fetching cups of tea, and you can’t even reliably do that

No. 1998370

for a "train enthusiast", she sure spends a lot of time walking long distances instead of taking the subway

No. 1998398

File: 1716915173737.jpeg (98.48 KB, 396x376, IMG_9968.jpeg)

one google search led me to find her youtube account where her profile picture is a very (ugly) strained photo to show how skinny and dainty she is

No. 1998421

File: 1716921746117.png (200.86 KB, 853x682, Screenshots_2024-05-28-14-41-0…)

No. 1998447

Tranny enthusiast is more like it. Is she copying eviemeg with the name? Kek. She’s going through some sort of psychotic break.

No. 1998480

she's probably worried about someone finding her mom and sending her screenshots of all the abuse accusations and bullshit

No. 1998539

File: 1716948739191.png (5.05 MB, 1170x2532, IMG_9319.png)

Watch may get another meal plan like this at her super serious dietitian appointment and complaining that it’s too much

No. 1998540

How is she not embarrassed to be openly obsessing about an admission fifteen years ago

No. 1998589

Jesus that was practically a generation ago. This is off the charts level of cringe, why is she sitting here posting (and publicly sharing, why would anyone care about some kids’s basic ass meal plan?) this shit instead of, ya know, getting off her ass and doing something productive to help her ‘dire’ situation? She complains all the time about being poor, her mum is “abusive” blah blah blah yet she’s content to sit on her backside obsessing over details from the one and only time she duped doctors into an IP admission. You’re never going back May, let it go (and properly blank out the numbers next time, you utter bellend. Not very ED aWaReNeSs aDvOcAtE of you leaving those easily deducible, is it?)

No. 1998620

File: 1716981580808.jpg (785.18 KB, 1440x1800, Collage_2024-05-29_07_18_08.jp…)

No. 1998622

“Everything came as a shock to me also.” You can’t unknowingly be anorexic

No. 1998626

Nothing stopping you from doing it

No. 1998630

This isn’t pro ana scumbags anon

No. 1998633

Yea but no one seems to bother making a new thread kek

No. 1998662

Including you kek. Go bother making one then if you want one.

No. 1998674

Oh my fucking God it's Sophie! How the fuck does she know May?1

No. 1998675

Most probably. 'Neurospicy', Ugh, what a horrible,ridiculous word. Dykey hair cut, sunflower lanyard and dungrees incoming.
How exactly is she enthusiastic about trains though? She didn't seem to like them too much the only time she posted anything about them.

No. 1998680

That's because it's a shit thread and attracts brain rotted anachans who just want to bone rattle

No. 1998685

File: 1717001543281.png (1.41 MB, 853x1545, Screenshots_2024-05-29-12-51-5…)

No. 1998693

>presumably taken moments after headbutting each other like pachycephalosaurs

No. 1998708

looking like fucking draco malfoy and gregory goyle

No. 1998721

How does she look so witchy like at only 26? Not even a-logging, compared to other cows like Keeks/Kooter who are now in their 30s. Like how does this even happen? She has a certain crackhead quality.

No. 1998728

hearty kek

some people are just unfortunate looking I suppose and she’s one of them. It’s off putting yeah because her face has quite defined bone structure (I dunno if that’s the correct phrase but whateve) even at a basically normal BMI, although I think she uses that to try and look sick. She’s like the opposite of that 80lb pink haired girl with steroid face in pro ana scumbags

No. 1998752

May posted a screenshot of her profile to her story - that's why there's text on top saying 'new name', she added that in the story

No. 1998766

British genetics are just kind of fucked up like that tbh. Smaller gene pools result in some weird phenotypes. I'm an American but I've spent a lot of time living in England and it's very noticeable. I'd say there are more extremely hot and extremely ugly British people compared to America where everyone is more average looking.

No. 1998788

we should just combine the threads again. both threads have been moving so slow for awhile now, and some of the same cows get posted in both threads. it's kind of pointless having two, as much as i love excluding certain cows from the pro ana threads.

No. 1998846

I wouldn’t mind it. For the sake of getting the threads moving again. The cow crossover is pissing some anons off anyway

No. 1998847

who cares if the threads go slower? this thread is more interesting without the niamh/etc drivel

No. 1998861

niamh is barely ever posted anymore, and this thread is almost 100% posts about May.

No. 1998934

Yeah but we need somewhere for the fat LARPers and mental illness malingerers. The scumbag threads went to shit ages ago with the influx of selfposting and reddit retards. But idk I think there’s just a lack of good milk in general rn??

Every time Niamh’s posted people start infighting, kinda ruins it tbh. Plus it’s easy to post May because literally everything she says is fucking ridiculous

No. 1998979


No. 1999031

Hopefully I fit into the hot category.(no1currs)

No. 1999157

It hasn't. The second thread OP had actual recaps from the first thread. The last thread OP had recaps from the second thread. This OP is literally just the last one copy-pasted. You didn't even bother picking a decent post for the threadpic, you just grabbed the last one posted in the last thread. You didn't even update the link to the last thread for fuck's sake. And while we're here what's with the link to a random thread in /ot/? This OP is objectively shit in every way.

No. 1999158

unpopular opinion probably, but all that shit is not important to me at least. All i want is for some anon to make a new thread so we can start posting in it.

No. 1999159

thanks so much for your input, Contrary Mary, what ever would we do without you

No. 1999173

hope you heal, bitch. there's no reason for the OP to get shit on every time someone takes the initiative to make a new thread. obviously that's why nobody ever wants to do it anymore.

No. 1999176

agreed, i never understood the level of aggro autism directed towards the imperfect ones. just fucking skim through the thread until you see something entertaining and if you don't understand something go back to an older thread and ctrl+f.

No. 1999221

Some of us have to work for a living. You make the next thread then, spoiled neet(infighting)

No. 1999343

File: 1717175923824.jpeg (722.84 KB, 1179x2000, IMG_0304.jpeg)

Surely there are other ways to make a complaint than on social media. At least they had the decency to respond to her attention seeking post. They could have easily ignored the crybaby. If she’s so desperate to make a complaint against the university she managed to attend for two years in the space of about six years, she should really take it up with a solicitor. If they believe she has a case, then they will be able to get access to her old emails. In the meantime, she’s continuing to be the most pathetic piece of shit to exist. If she put all of this effort into something worthwhile, or, I don’t know, a job like the rest of us, she would actually be a productive member of society.

No. 1999365

‘The university consider this matter to be closed’ aka shut the fuck up, stop wasting our time and get a life that doesn’t consist of sitting on your arse writing pointless complaints on social media that nobody cares about kek

No. 1999369

she could have gotten an entire degree in another subject and found a full-time job that allows her to move out of her 'abusive' mother's house in the years that she's spent wailing about this

No. 1999376

File: 1717182319980.jpg (997.69 KB, 1440x1800, Collage_2024-05-31_15_04_37.jp…)

No. 1999384

>if u guys have lives why are you not reading books and climbing mountains
May most of us work and just read this shit for entertainment while we're on the toilet or on our lunchbreak.

No. 1999385

that's not May, that's im_powering who I guess anon posted here because they were too lazy to make a new pro-ana thread

No. 1999427

She really does love burning bridges. Good luck after getting back into that school again.

No. 1999513

File: 1717205348999.jpeg (1.94 MB, 1170x2073, IMG_9352.jpeg)

Going to hospital and forcing them to admit you isn’t medical trauma May. Getting a bpd diagnosis when you have bpd isn’t medical trauma

No. 1999515

of course she's claiming complex PTSD now. She claims all the munchie greatest hits - EDS, POTS, GP, ADHD, Autism, "not BPD"

No. 1999530

okay but "hysteria" actually fits her so well

No. 1999531

is there anything in the world that May doesn't find traumatizing?

No. 1999639

I would love her to sit in front of actual traumatised people who have been abused/neglected/mistreated in some way and still claim her CPTSD ‘I’m so abused by the whole fucking world’ bullshit. But knowing May she would still manage to make herself out to be the biggest most severely traumatised victim. She’s honestly up there as one of the worst cows atm.

No. 1999643

File: 1717242606551.png (5.96 MB, 1170x2532, IMG_9356.png)

Going from super sick to stable super fast but still needing super special treatment for poor little may

No. 1999707

May as well just call this the May thread at this point.

No. 1999710

File: 1717261398402.png (97.92 KB, 420x624, Screen Shot 2024-06-01 at 12.0…)

Since when is Enara an alcoholic and/or addict?

No. 1999713

you can use this app for anything you are addicted to, I guess she is telling us that she hasn't self-harmed for 50 days, and yes, self-harm can be an addiction, just like other non-substance addictions. And for her posting it means probably that she is planing another relapse.

No. 1999714

people use those trackers for everything. Even skin picking, overspending, sh, etc. It’s probably some nonsense habit she has that she’s tracking

No. 1999810

Nothing screams BPD like picking one single favorite person to pin all her hopes and dreams on….

If you want more cows to follow here, find some who are equally as unhinged and prolific as May and post them yourself, instead of just whining about the lack of milk.

No. 1999811

I bring all the milk. See; you have none because I'm not bringing it. But if I bring it and people shit on me.

No. 1999812

oh, you

No. 1999813

make your account public again and we'll take a look at your latest psycho rambling

No. 1999814

See, why do you have to be so nasty and think you're above someone who is doing the exact same thing that you are?

No. 1999815

you got kicked out of a peer support group for threatening to cut your face on camera, stalked an ex-therapist, and harass your local services. that's why we think you're a psycho, not because you make fun of people online.

No. 1999819

Well enjoy your milk drought then.

No. 1999831

shut the fuck up Colours, no one wants you here. You know that, and you still can't stay away. You don't even bring milk, you just bitch about the NHS. nobody cares.

No. 1999832

Again, I don't see why you have to be nasty but I have in fact brought lots of milk and whole new people. Obviously you can't tell who's posting, as you love to crow about so much.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1999834

your posts are very obvious even though people don't always comment about it

No. 1999871

File: 1717296185865.png (2 MB, 1080x2460, Screenshot_20240601-224223.png)

Fitness Queen

No. 1999919

i’d rather have a milk drought than your whining about how the NHS hates you etcetc. we clearly don’t want you here so go away.

No. 1999921

Does Enara know that she can just go on a walk without having to have a reason for it? Kek this is why she’s a 300 pounder

No. 2000033

why do her hands look so geriatric

No. 2000075

File: 1717336321881.jpeg (176.4 KB, 750x1017, D6E1F014-F18B-4548-82F5-CE7589…)

If nobody is making a new pro-ana thread, have this gift here:
She’s 20 years old. No mention of any treatment or even acknowledgement of Ed. Insane eyebrows, not so subtle bcs and sh scars. The comments she gets are really quite hilarious and worth a look.

No. 2000076

File: 1717336390107.jpeg (132.16 KB, 750x992, 62294611-0BAD-41DD-AA3D-FBB82E…)

No. 2000078

File: 1717336693380.jpeg (198.74 KB, 750x1048, EA7B8C04-1814-4942-9FA9-E6643B…)

No. 2000080

File: 1717336816050.jpeg (190.61 KB, 749x1113, CC5BE8F1-4D31-4247-9CAC-3A6921…)

Sh on the arm and possibly Russell’s sign?

No. 2000081

File: 1717336937015.jpeg (77.87 KB, 750x752, 24D6D13A-11A1-4B03-9EB9-59B6F2…)

KEK at the comments.

No. 2000103

>the rotting bulimia teeth

No. 2000111

All I saw in this pic was the eyebrows

No. 2000170

Idk if anyone remembers Nikol a while back in the pro ana threads but this girl kinda reminds me of her. Like she could be Nikol’s weird younger sister or something. I wonder if when Nikol plucked all her eyebrow hairs out if she gave them to her kek

No. 2000187

File: 1717354198760.png (199.65 KB, 853x1400, Screenshots_2024-06-02-14-41-5…)

No. 2000246

I’m sure if you dig a little deeper into what went on in those three months you could answer those questions

No. 2000256

File: 1717368288535.png (1.45 MB, 853x1891, Screenshots_2024-06-02-18-28-5…)

No. 2000258

If you want to post pro-ana stuff, then stop being lazy and make a new thread

No. 2000274

cry more(infighting)

No. 2000537

File: 1717435030755.png (7.11 MB, 1170x2532, 8F60B84A-451A-4C7E-A175-F553D9…)

Jaycie reminding her followers that she’s sooo SiCk she needs multiple labs done per week.

No. 2000539

File: 1717435348407.png (1.19 MB, 853x1575, Screenshots_2024-06-03-13-02-3…)

No. 2000541

File: 1717435831909.jpeg (362.97 KB, 1170x713, IMG_8304.jpeg)

Jesus May just fucking get a grip

No. 2000563

god i fucking can't with her. it's called being grown. how the fuck this completely incompetent waste of life thinks she could ever be a nurse is beyond me.

No. 2000567

I mean, normal people would just call that being an adult…and yeah anorexia is classed as one of the ‘deadliest psychiatric conditions’, however you’re far from deaths door May. She’s honestly delusional at this point fucking hell. Also she tends to try and throw a law suit at any professional who so much as calls her out on her bs, then wonders why they all swerve her

No. 2000575

i know this wouldn't happen because Colours doesn't have anything May wants, but i would love a cow crossover with those two, they would have so much to talk about tbh. being the most hated cows in the history of this thread and all.

No. 2000584

File: 1717442769845.jpeg (341.46 KB, 1170x623, IMG_1004.jpeg)

May pretending her weight used to be dAnGeRoUs when we all know her lowest BMI was 17. kek.

No. 2000590

what friends, May?

No. 2000628


No. 2000660

File: 1717454926955.jpeg (194.18 KB, 1179x629, IMG_0597.jpeg)

Here we go again

No. 2000670

Remind me why this heifer gets all of this?! And a tube?

No. 2000674

Because the nhs is actually shit and she still hasn’t realised this? She complains enough about all the services but somehow hasn’t got it into her brain that they just are complete shit……Why is she still expecting them to do anything good?
She’s also not about to die of anorexia any time soon.

No. 2000677

File: 1717457618104.png (4.45 MB, 750x1334, 062307CC-9186-4C02-8E43-1759F6…)

What do you mean? That May is only friends with people who have something she wants? She seems to think the opposite KEK. Who has she crossed over with? Cassie and Laura?

No. 2000705

This doesn't make any sense. She is idealizing mental health and hospital staff and then immediately devaluing them when they don't provide what she's looking for. She is stuck in this purgatory of never-ending shock about the state of medicine. It's like, she needs to accept that the behavior she's been displaying repeatedly gives her the same tired results. She's stuck thinking about how things "ought" to be. She needs to accept things for what they are. It's so frustrating reading this shit. She has no idea how "the industry" works if she's banging on about the same shit, over and over again. But then again, that is mental illness. I wish she'd just bridge the fucking gap and find a different perspective.

No. 2000712

yes and Kat. all cows who live off government assistance and do nothing but shop and drink coffee all day every day.

No. 2000772

What are those thin white lines on her arm? It looks like when you scratch yourself and make little dead skin white marks. Also kek at “stick,” does she mean shtick? So she’s just admitting her ED is a gimmick? Kek

No. 2000776

File: 1717476240746.jpg (1.28 MB, 1440x1800, Collage_2024-06-04_00_42_36.jp…)

she looks old af

No. 2000780

Not wking but wouldn’t there be a reason it’s ordered that often for her? They don’t usually order it that frequently without valid cause/concern

No. 2000822


Kek the 3 day contract between these two posts. Typical BPD bullshit she’s pulling. Discharge yourself then May, nothings stopping you - literally nothing you’re hardly on your last legs kek

No. 2000836

File: 1717494029830.jpeg (371.95 KB, 1170x1637, IMG_8307.jpeg)

sad duty to inform that May is now a poet and a CPTSD warrior

No. 2000838

Didn't think she could get more insufferable, but she has.
So she's now trying to soft launch cPTSD on top of how much else?! I'm genuinely losing track at this point.

No. 2000839

also the fact her poetry is utter shit

No. 2000849

File: 1717500410053.jpeg (1008.9 KB, 1170x2173, IMG_9393.jpeg)

Shut the fuck up may

No. 2000859

So that's her claiming Anorexia, ARFID, gastroparesis, Autism, ADHD and C-PTSD. Absolute munchie crackpot.

No. 2000889

It absolutely makes sense because she has BPD and splitting like that is hallmark symptom of bpd.

No. 2000890

Kek she hasn’t realized yet that cPTSD is just a socially acceptable word for BPD.

No. 2000893

File: 1717514053785.png (2.27 MB, 1179x2556, IMG_9324.png)

how desperate

No. 2000907

POTS and hypermobility too, she’s gone for the full munchie bingo card. Funny how all of her attention-seeking bollocks can be encapsulated in one single diagnosis: the BPD she was sooooo obviously “misdiagnosed” with by the “nasty doctor!1!!” If she discharged herself she’d actually be doing St Ann’s a massive favour but she’ll never do it, the fake anorexia is her only identity

No. 2000908

Well if it isn’t the consequences of your own actions, Enara. She needed what, 3 months SH free to go to her special program and she couldn’t do it then? But funny enough now that they won’t give her it she’s been 2 months SH free. Clearly the treatment option of providing her no admissions is working! Get a DBT workbook and learn the skills on your ow. You don’t need a treatment program for that. You’ve had enough treatment experience you’re a lived experience expert. Treat yourself now!

No. 2000972

I think they’re scars. And I think she means ‘stuck’ thinking?

No. 2001026

File: 1717538830114.jpg (195.26 KB, 702x1800, Collage_2024-06-04_18_06_09~2.…)

cow crossover

No. 2001037

yeah, it's clearly a typo for 'stuck'

No. 2001040

File: 1717542033792.jpeg (795.53 KB, 1170x1679, IMG_9397.jpeg)

She can’t be serious here. May you are not “hurtling full force towards death”. You aren’t even underweight

No. 2001042

jesus, imagine if she admitted that she had bpd and accepted treatment for it

No. 2001053

nitpick but her overuse of emojis drives me insane. i feel like her most used one is that one with the hands covering the face and eyes peeking out, which i think is supposed to mean embarrassed or shy. yes, you are embarrassing, but you know you can just..NOT POST THIS SHIT. putting an embarrassed emoji doesn't cancel it out.

No. 2001099

Let down by the system? The one that gave her day treatment and she complained it wasn’t good enough so she left? And then was offered it again and turned it down? Kek. Get a grip, may.

No. 2001101

this vaguely reminds me that we never heard about her suuuuper scary pelvic mass again after her ct scan

No. 2001163

"when i'm this suicidal" shit or get off the pot, baby

No. 2001222

Why does she think NHS ED services are going to save her? She needs to put in the work. No one is going to do it for her. Plus the NHS are shit, as she very well knows. There are plenty of organisations and charities that help with EDs, especially as she’s in London. She’s pinning all of her hopes on an already underfunded system. How very non-BPD of her

No. 2001243

“Let down” Fuck. Off. With all the time she wastes complain— er, ‘advocating’ on Twitter you’d think she’d know just how poor some ED services are under other trusts, and maybe, I dunno, reflect a little on how comparatively easy she has it?!? Really, she has it so easy where she is and she doesn’t even need to be under them! Let’s face it, she’s been an outpatient for over 15 years who’s had plenty of time/opportunity to get worse and she’s still absolutely fine, as ever - anorexia is the least of her (fake) problems here. She’s so fucking wrapped up in herself the last paragraph is just her bullshitting what she thinks is the right thing to say to elicit pity, no way has this woman ever felt “sorry” or genuinely cared about anyone other than herself. She’s unbearable.
(Sorry nonnas for the rant.)

No. 2001248

The reason she doesn't want charity input will be because most ED peer support groups have ground rules, and these are usually along the lines of you can't talk numbers and you cannot refer to specific services or clinicians by name. Much of her IG is (un)subtly flexing how little she's eating and complaining about clinicians/services.

She absolutely does know that she's having a fairly lucky time of it - there are many ED services throughout the UK who would consider her BMI too high for treatment.

No. 2001253

Exactly she doesn’t like abiding by rules and she has an excuse for why every option out there besides the coveted inpatient won’t work for her. She won’t even fucking try.

No. 2001307

File: 1717601286547.jpeg (595.7 KB, 1179x1430, IMG_0677.jpeg)

Chronic illness queen

No. 2001326

I’d love to see what utter bullshit she’s put on her PIP form. No doubt she’s hoping for mandatory reconsideration so she can collect a few more pity points on Twitter (incidentally, if she has the “spoons” to whinge on there/instagram all day and research scientific articles way above her intelligence about real anorexia sufferers, she has the “spoons” to get a desk job or something - but why do that when you can make up any old shit and rinse the government for money to spend on crappy cutlery?)

No. 2001361

File: 1717612265657.jpeg (1.44 MB, 1125x2436, IMG_1980.jpeg)

May has changed her account name. I don’t even have the words to describe how pathetic her self pity attention seeking is

No. 2001415

File: 1717623034306.jpeg (1.69 MB, 1179x2082, IMG_0690.jpeg)

You can exist as someone struggling with an ED without posting your pathetic meals on your stories to prove how sick and anorexic you are

No. 2001419

also, we all know she has to be averaging more or she'd be losing weight

No. 2001436

File: 1717625794109.jpeg (419.59 KB, 1179x863, IMG_0694.jpeg)

Do we know what the standard rate of PIP is? Google is showing different amounts. How she’s conned the PIP assessors is beyond me. What’s actually wrong with her? BPD and disordered eating. Nothing she couldn’t actually work with

No. 2001437

I guarantee she will not stop whining about not having any money

No. 2001443

File: 1717626851994.jpeg (1.68 MB, 1170x2076, IMG_9404.jpeg)

No supports because you turned them all down

No. 2001459

Kek. Is she 12?!

No. 2001469

No. 2001470

Sorry but is this May?

No. 2001471

No. 2001504

Kek. Sounds more like she wants people to stop giving her suggestions because she can’t actually be arsed to take any sort of accountability, be an adult and try to sort things out and get the ball rolling herself. Act your age, not your dream goal BMI May, kek. How she doesn’t feel a shred of embarrassment for how she acts is madness?! The BPD has really been in full swing lately, something must’ve rattled her cage during this Tuesday review with the ED service she can’t bare to not be under but also consistently slates.

No. 2001513

Apologies if medfag/blog posting, but I think it's necessary for context to why she's had her cage rattled. I think the "service able to support my autism" she mentioned last week is the ED service under SLaM, because they do/do research into something called the PEACE pathway, which looks at how autism and EDs interact and influence each other. It seemingly permits much less diversity in your meals - you could have the same thing every single day of DP if you wanted, but also the menu contains mostly pre-packaged, processed foods i.e., those easiest to calculate calories for. The latter is likely why May wants it - easier to exert the calorie control needed to maintain her barely underweight BMI. Clearly this request got turned down on Tuesday by the "nice" consultant.

What May refers to as "standard rate PIP" is overwhelmingly lively to actually be that she's got the standard rate daily living component - there's no way in hell she's qualified for the mobility component, you basically need to be a wheelchair user most of the time for that, or you cannot safely leave the house alone (this is generally like people with really severe learning disabilities). The daily living component is about £60 a week.

No. 2001575

File: 1717666340282.jpg (1.51 MB, 1080x4788, 1000037777.jpg)

Last I checked Laura was being posted here instead.
Shes begging for treatment money after apparently relapsing into her ED. I guess not enough people have commented on her recent weight loss, so she's just blatantly asking for attention

No. 2001582

I’m sure she gets more than enough in benefits (absolutely no shade thrown at people who get benefits because they actually need and are fully entitled to them) to pay or at least put a significant amount of money towards treatment. If the likes of her, May and most of the other cows used the money they rinse for their apparent super severe MH issues on treatment instead of childish plush toys, cutlery etc they’d maybe find idk, they improve?? (Shock horror)

No. 2001585

oh HELL NO. if any single person gives her money, they need their fucking brain examined. the fat bitch is SHOPPING EVERY. FUCKING. DAY!

No. 2001596

If Laura’s being told not to discuss her ED there’s a therapeutic reason, for example to get her to focus on moving on with her life and not dreaming about how super sick she used to be

No. 2001605

Something isn’t adding up. She had her PIp ‘assessment’ on the phone, and they only asked about POTs and then found out she’s getting it on the same day?! That is not how is works. It takes weeks/months from assessment for a report to be written and a decision made, and even then they’ll tell you a decision has been made via text but that you have to wait to receive a decision letter in the post to find out.

No. 2001617

This was my thought. They are refusing to acknowledge it because its just a ploy for more ass pats and sympathy

No. 2001636

Not just me thinking something wasn't right. The "I don't agree with where the points have been awarded" - you don't know those until the award letter and assessors report comes through, and you're right that takes weeks to happen.

No. 2001642

Currently there is a massive backlog as well. People are waiting months for an appointment.

No. 2001646

Thanks to people like this that waste their PIP on crap like cheap clothes they wear once then sell the Government are debating whether to pay pip in voucher form to use towards therapy. Whilst I understand this to a point for some with mental health they use Pip for taxis when needed as their other money doesn't cover this cost after paying bills, food shopping etc. Laura pays for nothing yet is still begging it's disgusting.

No. 2001680

I’m in the US so I don’t know the details of auk system, but just knowing how long our process is I thought that was strange. I bet the phone interviewer said they thought tShe would be awarded or something so she thinks it’s a done deal. She is capable of working she needs to quit bitching and malingering, and hold down a job.

No. 2001694

PIP isn't means tested. So theoretically someone could earn £100k a year and still be awarded it. Tbf to her, she does work. From what she has said on her IG, her work are refusing to give her more than 4 shifts a month or some other tiny number (presuming she's on a zero hours contract). She tries to make out that it's because they're concerned about her extremely life-threatening anorexia, but I think that it's likely just because she's a massive pain in the arse who makes work miserable for those around her.

No. 2001706

she needs to get over her complex about only wanting to work in healthcare and get another job if she wants her own income and to move out of her mom's house. May could easily work most jobs that don't require education (think: barista, retail, office assistant, etc).

No. 2001735

She doesn’t work enough to support herself and it’s her own fault they won’t give her more shifts. She needs to do them a favor and leave because they likely won’t fire her because her whiny ass will try to sue them,

No. 2001737

Not saying otherwise. Just saying she does work and that doesn't matter either way when it comes to being awarded PIP. I frankly think she'd struggle to keep any job purely because she's an utter fucking BPD nightmare and her behaviour is unhinged.

No. 2001833

The fact she states how much weight she’s apparently lost says it all, kek

No. 2001914

File: 1717755393415.jpeg (355.59 KB, 1170x1881, IMG_5192.jpeg)

Unhinged and disheveled as ever

No. 2002342

File: 1717846571324.png (4.16 MB, 1125x2436, IMG_1988.png)

Well May, as we all know you lurk here, maybe some of the comments here will help you understand why you are so intolerable

No. 2002362

Maybe because you only ever complain, talk about your fake illnesses and fake anorexia

No. 2002366

File: 1717851534354.png (93.21 KB, 426x686, Screen Shot 2024-06-08 at 7.56…)

this is funny next to this little screed she reposted

No. 2002370

Why does she always post stupidly small amounts of food, if she really ate like this she'd actually be underweight?

No. 2002371

I think she does the bpd thing where she gets mad, eats really restrictively for a meal or two (or day or two, depending on how mad she is) to 'show them' and then goes back to her normal portions. and only posts the tiny stuff because she's attention-seeking.

No. 2002372

Oh that's a good point! That or she is posting her tiny portions but eating a bunch extra that she doesn't show.

No. 2002375

yeah, that's also likely. She never seems to post a full day, just a random thing here or there.

No. 2002377

Does she think people buy her shit everyone has to be laughing at her lies

No. 2002378

Exactly this. Only posts the really tiny portions/baby food/obvious volume eating because she knows it'll get her concerned DMs from teenagers who have been ill only a few years at most, and don't yet realise what she's doing. The reason she's been having one of her episodes of being massively overdramatic, is because the ED review on Tuesday clearly didn't go the way she wanted.

Genuinely, ED service need to hurry up and hand her over to CMHT. She might then get the therapy she actually needs.

No. 2002380

I don't get her, one moment she's saying she wants to self discharge the next she's having a bpd meltdown at not being tubed and sectioned at her big size

No. 2002383

she doesn't really want to discharge. she just wants people to tell her that she's too sick to do that and, more generally, to seek attention from both the braindead edtwt users and the nhs staff who unfortunately have to deal with her. all of her behavior really comes back to wanting to be the center of attention and to be told how special and unique and ill she is.

No. 2002384

Discharge baiting also gets her attention - everyone asking what's wrong with your care/why do you want to discharge yourself?

No. 2002386

She wants to be hospitalised so badly she really seems to have reverse anorexia brain she thinks she's sicker than she is and thinner than she is

No. 2002388

it's honestly starting to become kid-of funny that she so desperately wants to show that she's super anorexic but can't commit to the bit for more than a few days (i.e., the time she dehydrated herself enough to get admitted)

No. 2002390

It's also funny that she insists she's seed but doesn't even fit the criteria of anorexia let alone seed. She can't get more than a couple pounds underweight without admitting herself to be tubed and making a whole drama that she's on deaths door and in the danger zone

No. 2002428

Because all you do is complain and criticize others you think have more than you, who would want to be around a person like that? Grow up

No. 2002436

File: 1717868794048.jpeg (2.27 MB, 1284x2196, IMG_0510.jpeg)

Just what this picnic table head needs, more brain damage from inhaling gas.

No. 2002438

You’re top tier obnoxious, insufferable and a massive fucking whiner. All you do is complain and express negativity over everything, you’re a perpetual victim despite not having more than the average low-level hardship in life we all suffer from. You’re sanctimonious and just generally fucking annoying to look at and listen to. I think that about sums it up.

No. 2002454

My favourite thing about may is she keeps sharing medical notes and results that directly contradict what she's says and prove that she's not sick with anything besides bpd

No. 2002459

If this isn't referring to the letter where it was like "BMI isn't consistent with what she claims to be doing" please post screenshots!

No. 2002461

Nah it's the letter she shared

No. 2002475

that one ALWAYS gives me a giggle, i think about it whenever i see one of May’s posts

No. 2002522

File: 1717883108915.jpeg (595.57 KB, 1125x1418, IMG_7379.jpeg)

She honestly makes me rage, after I upload these I need a pint of vodka.

>Me me me me me

Grr. Honestly.

No. 2002523

File: 1717883199772.jpeg (376.53 KB, 1125x1278, IMG_7380.jpeg)


> not asking generally

> definitely not aiming for a tube
> 100% an ED not BPD

No. 2002526

File: 1717883269476.jpeg (660.44 KB, 1125x1632, IMG_7381.jpeg)


> clinicians stepping back

… but I thought she wanted to discharge herself.
> me me me me me

No. 2002528

She’s such a self-centred twat

No. 2002541

Kek. I feel like this is some backhanded way to be bitchy about someone she is jealous of.

No. 2002628

File: 1717914852322.jpeg (1.88 MB, 1170x2072, IMG_9440.jpeg)

Sure but you are faking your ed

No. 2002632

Kek tell us you lurk the thread without telling us you lurk the thread May.

No. 2002641

Hands up if you think that's a dig at Saffron! Can think of atleast one other person she might be having a go at. Also could be her about to start a rant and rave at how the Priory in Glasgow operate. They're very fond of NG feeding basically everyone.

No. 2002647

Why does she even care about this stuff? How is that relevant to her or her life in any way?

Again, if it’s about the Priory or whatever…why would SHE take on the topic? She has zero experience of inpatient, NG/PEGs, anything related to that. Why does she want to be this spokesperson/authority on anorexia when she doesn’t even fit criteria for a diagnosis? It’s fucking wild and quite frankly kind of offensive to real sufferers. Hate her.

No. 2002649

File: 1717929337463.jpeg (248.18 KB, 1343x329, IMG_3327.jpeg)

literally been diagnosed with EUPD by a psychiatrist. Fixed that for you May.

No. 2002655

File: 1717930770917.jpg (981.44 KB, 1440x1800, Collage_2024-06-09_06_58_49.jp…)

lmao the cows are fighting oh no

No. 2002657

My bets are on May. She no longer follows Casper. I’d love to see those DM’s

No. 2002659

well yeah it's obviously May since they both posted that it had something to do with weight/bmi

No. 2002714

File: 1717948891381.jpg (1.58 MB, 853x1550, media_6665cbb678d5f7.74625947.…)

i mean, this is bound to happen when cows collide lol i would almost feel bad for Casper and Kat, but what did they expect from May other than non stop drama.. plus they really didn't need to post their own stories about it. they all know about this site obviously and know it would end up here. i wonder if Kat was even involved or just involved herself. i wouldn't be surprised though if May or Casper messaged her about it to try to put her in the middle.

No. 2002745

File: 1717955174046.jpeg (494.39 KB, 1170x892, IMG_2206.jpeg)

(shit, dropped pic. You didn’t see my other post)
I’m sure this lady has good intentions but KEK, yes that’s absolutely the situation here Kavita, May’s “friends” distanced themselves not because they’re BPD scumbags and complete drains on the system themselves who absolutely see her normal size as a joke, but because they simply can’t bear to witness her rattling her poor frail skeletal body around the streets of north London like a starving victorian waif. Definitely.

No. 2002748

File: 1717955759804.jpeg (1.02 MB, 1179x2088, IMG_0832.jpeg)

Numb and pain aren’t exactly synonymous with each other, May

No. 2002749

that house looks pretty clean given May's accusations of her mother being a "hoarder"

No. 2002750

File: 1717955868933.jpeg (864.32 KB, 1179x1610, IMG_0894.jpeg)

so have you lost a friend or not? make up your damn mind

No. 2002751

It’s almost as if May is and always has been the problem

No. 2002762

For the little clever clogs she makes herself out to be (TWO years of medical school guise!!1! just give her a consultant post already) this gave me a real good kek

No. 2002782

may is genuinely so daft?? it puzzles me how she ever made it through high school or whatever you brits call it, she just comes off as so slow

No. 2002786

That’ll be her super SEED anorexia she’s suffered with for years(!!!) destroying all of her brain cells nonnie

No. 2003018

File: 1718019162972.png (1.56 MB, 853x1552, Screenshots_2024-06-10-07-12-0…)

No. 2003036

File: 1718023758257.png (2.18 MB, 1080x2460, Screenshot_20240610-084730.png)


No. 2003038

File: 1718023856358.png (1.79 MB, 1080x2460, Screenshot_20240610-084721.png)


No. 2003058

File: 1718028514006.png (1.32 MB, 1222x1096, Untitled.png)

$9 item btw

No. 2003059

File: 1718029013220.jpeg (889.62 KB, 1179x2165, IMG_0924.jpeg)

Her Apple Watch is telling her to stand. She’s not the skinny queen she so wants us to think she is

No. 2003268

File: 1718067335762.png (45.86 KB, 599x161, Screen Shot 2024-06-10 at 7.53…)

If you want to emigrate, May, you'll have to develop a skill that another country actually wants. Also, she really has no idea that she probably wouldn't get nearly as many social benefits / services in another country, does she?

No. 2003272

lmfao she wants to pull a Colours

No. 2003371

File: 1718101160593.jpeg (167.61 KB, 1170x494, IMG_9459.jpeg)

Sure you do Enara

No. 2003390

Kekkkk omg

No. 2003400

Kek please come to the US and get the massive bitch slap that you need.

No. 2003405

Please nonnie on the behalf of the UK take Moaning May. Then let’s see how much she complains when she actually has to pay for the treatment she constantly whinges about

No. 2003429

She wouldn’t survive the pull yourself up from your boot straps culture we have here. There’s no mercy here for the poor, disabled, or mentally ill.

No. 2003473

File: 1718125257602.png (1.64 MB, 1080x2460, Screenshot_20240611-130010.png)

No. 2003484

oh man. as a US anon, i would love to have May here. the milk would be glorious.

No. 2003486

File: 1718127486471.jpg (92.52 KB, 1440x1269, Collage_2024-06-11_13_37_01~2.…)

No. 2003487

File: 1718127653994.jpg (981.54 KB, 1440x1800, Collage_2024-06-11_13_40_32.jp…)

No. 2003498

“why can’t i access help” while she’s had more unnecessary inpatient admissions than everyone else lol so full of shit

No. 2003522

I've always wanted to be a fly on the wall when people like En describe their experience with health care professionals. I know there's the stereotype of "bullies become nurses" in school that unfortunately rings true sometimes, but I've had OTHER conversations with people who say similar things, and the health issues they describe and how they "advocate" for themselves are similar to Enara's strategy. Do you not realize that these nurses are people? And when you're sobbing and crying because you're in pain because of something that YOU did, and YOU are the frequent flyer that all the nurses know about and dread seeing, then I can see why a nurse would "laugh". But laugh at your pain? I'm picturing this pitiful image of Enara in fetal position, sobbing as the pain wracks her body, and the nurses are standing around her laughing and going "haha she did this to herself! haha so funny watching her suffer" I want to know exactly what happened that made her think the nurses were laughing at her pain

No. 2003535

if Enara or Laura or any of the other obese cows actually had eating disorders, wouldn't they be happy if they were actually losing weight? not that i believe enara has lost any weight. not sure about Laura because i'm blocked, but from what i see here, she's still a big fat fuck. the fact that they act like they're about to die from malnutrition if they don't get ED treatment if they drop a few pounds despite the fact they are OBESE is so hilarious and just further proof they really don't have the same mindset as people who really have EDs.

No. 2003539

All this vomiting and no solids yet she is still as big as ever

No. 2003541

File: 1718136827800.png (3.13 MB, 1080x2460, Screenshot_20240611-161050.png)

bitch we heard you the first time, she's reposted this same sentiment so many fucking times recently. who in the fuck does she think is using her, and for what exactly!?

No. 2003549

Totally incapable of self-reflection. What could she possibly offer anyone, other than a self-esteem boost in the form of “well, at least I’m not this pathetic waste of skin”? People don’t want to be around you because you’re a shit person May, it’s not that deep.

No. 2003590

Girl had bimonthly scheduled admissions kek. You can’t access care because you used all care available to you and it only made you worse and want more care. Another one that needs to come to the US for a bitch slap where the insurance company decides when to cut your care off and not even a doctor can do a thing about it.

No. 2003780

File: 1718221899226.jpeg (1.41 MB, 1179x2075, IMG_0991.jpeg)

Look how skinny and dainty I am in my oversized clothes uwu

No. 2003931

Wtf are those shoes. Her calves look like thighs still.

No. 2003935

bonerattling in the proana scumbags thread is embarrassing

No. 2003937

the bonerattling is dumb and anon should cut it out, but I can't help but point out that this is the cluster b thread

No. 2003954

File: 1718251355369.jpg (293.17 KB, 1440x1800, Collage_2024-06-13_00_02_02.jp…)

No. 2003956

she has to be sending these questions to herself, right? Who would seriously ask how she's "getting nutrition"?

No. 2004009

File: 1718268690981.jpeg (491.16 KB, 1713x1454, IMG_2830.jpeg)

Anon’s bonerattling is embarrassing but you can’t tell me this doesn’t look like a perfectly normal average sized woman. The oversized hoodie looks ridiculous, she obviously read the “anorexics wear baggy clothes” and ran with it but she isn’t underweight so she just looks weird and top heavy.

No. 2004012

File: 1718271877778.jpeg (293.37 KB, 1170x656, IMG_9471.jpeg)

Is it because you are faking all of the experience

No. 2004013

you can't both insist that your ed experience is unlike everyone else you meet and claim to be able to speak for them, May

No. 2004019

She probably is at least borderline underweight but she's so short that she just always looks stumpy. All I can think looking at that picture is "what is that fucking outfit"?

No. 2004021

Her esophagus and stomach can't handle food or liquids but coffee is supposedly fine? She's so full of shit.

No. 2004028

Why is she even in Edinburgh? Doesn’t she complain about not getting many work hours and being poor? How’s she funded this trip?

No. 2004044

she applied to attend an eating disorder conference as a 'lived experience' participant or whatever and I think they're paying for all her expenses (she definitely said they're paying for the train ticket, but I assume they're also paying for a hotel if necessary or she'd be complaining about it)

No. 2004052

Not knowing what thread you’re in is embarrassing. She’s not thin and posts a weird ass attempt at a body check as if she is a dainty spoop. That’s embarrassing.

No. 2004053

Another day another coffee shop to waste money she supposedly doesn’t have at.

No. 2004079

What are they paying her expenses for? Is she doing something?
Sorry, spoonfeeding request, does anyone even know what conference it is?

No. 2004086

Fiona is at some conference she got her expenses paid for too, are she and May at the same place right now?

No. 2004092

unless her legs are like disproportionate to the rest of her body there’s no way she’s even borderline underweight. i don’t mean that she’s overweight, just that she seems like a good, solid bmi 20/21 so idk why she’s howling all the time

No. 2004093

I think they very well might be. Do Fi and May know each other?

No. 2004094

kek if they do i can imagine may seething with jealousy every time she sees one of Fi’s posts

No. 2004098

May and Fi: LivED experience
The clinicians attending the same conference: The challenges posed in treating eating disorder patients with significant BPD

No. 2004107

File: 1718300526614.jpg (754.9 KB, 1440x1800, Collage_2024-06-13_13_40_00.jp…)

jumping on the lived experience bandwagon

No. 2004130

She's just short

No. 2004141

File: 1718304852351.png (2.43 MB, 1080x2460, Screenshot_20240613-145313.png)

No. 2004146

This ugly alien needs to fuck up and shave its moustache

No. 2004151

File: 1718306061902.jpeg (1.1 MB, 1179x1869, IMG_1008.jpeg)

who keeps giving this whiny bitch these platforms

No. 2004152

god, she's repulsive… the only cow I have genuine hatred for. I have to wonder what her family really thinks of her antics.. & what she'll be like in 10 years time, if she'll ever regret the larp. She really does seem like she knows exactly what she's doing.

No. 2004190

Oh fucking hell, another cringey af bullshit documentary spouting the same ~super complex autistic definately not BPD~ symptoms for the rest of the cows to latch on to. Can’t wait, kek.

No. 2004292

That was such a waste of time to read nonnie, wtf

No. 2004299

okay..nobody forced you to read it or to waste even more of your time commenting on how it was a waste of time to read, smfh. yet another cow who's been discussed here becoming a lived experience expert is probably of interest to some anons.

No. 2004300

File: 1718343930014.jpeg (1.64 MB, 1179x2183, IMG_3316.jpeg)

Former proana scumbag person still playing the oh so unwell card. Still counting her admissions. Still posing with the ng in full view (never shows her other side when she has one in). Saying she wants to recover, but is in hospital within weeks of going home. How do these cows enjoy living like this?

No. 2004317

Yet another cow from the ana thread posted in here. Merge when?

No. 2004319

File: 1718353621402.jpeg (1.05 MB, 1170x1880, IMG_2931.jpeg)

Nice relapse baiting, Laura! Although it doesn’t really have the desired effect when you’re still a fat hog.

I feel so bad for autistic girls/women right now, imagine having Cluster Fi as your spokesperson. It’s a shame the people platforming her haven’t seen her old tumblr.

No. 2004320

That’s the point of this thread, they’re not true anorexics they’re LARPing twats. 47 admissions??? This one fits here.

No. 2004321

Fi larped her very clear skelly state and constant weight fluctuations?

No. 2004322

anon clearly didn't look at what post you replied to and thought you were talking about >>2004300

No. 2004325

I was gonna say this exact thing anon. Her sensitive throat and gut can take acidic ass coffee with nothing else to even absorb it either? Doubt.

No. 2004327

I bet if she tries even harder, she can fit one or two more rolls in her forehead.

No. 2004331

OH MY GOD, i'm sorry for nitpick, but why does she keep doing this fucking retarded ass pose!? she always does this, like gets stuck on one kind of pose or facial expression and sticks with it for months, like awhile back she kept making these creepy ass videos where it would start out with a blank stare and then slowly do this creepy smile with her tongue sticking through her teeth. that shit went on forever, and thank fucking god she moved on from that. but this hunched over pose is driving me insane. omg she's really me BEC, fuckk man.

No. 2004335

It’s the wide eyes and pout that gets me

No. 2004339

Perhaps she drinks those sugar and cream laden frappes or whatever that have 1% coffee, that would explain how she doesn't lose any weight when supposedly not eating. And what a waste of money that is.

No. 2004369

Agree, Fi’s tumblr was literally a BPD goldmine. She literally blamed everything on her BPD and “psychosis” but now ASD is the new thing to use as an excuse to act like a fragile cow forever apparently kek

No. 2004372

what was her tumblr username? I want to see if one of the internet archives saved any of her posts

No. 2004376

IIRC,There was recovery-vs-relapse19 that could be accessed via the tumblr app. An anon screenshotted a lot of posts that contradicted her bullshit she spouted on the ASD doc about her ED not being about weight or image which were then suddenly deleted (confirmed lurking perhaps kek). Some BPD posts and scary sudden onset psychosis that Laura had are still in there if you have enough time/care enough to delve into her shit.

There was also https://www.tumblr.com/recoveryvsrelapse17-blog This again was everything contradicting what she now spouts, alongside the BPD shit she pulled as well as trying to milk a bit of bipolar mood swings. I’m sure to access that one it had to either be via a browser, or you had to have a Tumblr account. Idk I can’t remember someone put them on Reddit Snark a while ago!

No. 2004416

KEK ANON, this made me die laughing remembering those weird smiling videos

No. 2004489

She’s one of the few who actually puts in the effort to lose weight, but she’s still a BPD chan first and foremost. Her ED is fueled solely by her need for constant attention.

No. 2004502

File: 1718396975397.png (1.13 MB, 853x1359, Screenshots_2024-06-14-16-28-3…)

so embarrassing.

No. 2004602

File: 1718411622502.jpeg (531.59 KB, 1170x1296, IMG_9481.jpeg)

ok may

No. 2004604

is there a single "trendy" medical problem that May doesn't believe she has?

No. 2004633

What’s the distinction between relapse baiting and just relapsing?

No. 2004687

How is she allowed to keep the septum ring in when tubed and hospitalised?

No. 2004960

File: 1718502164456.jpeg (2.01 MB, 1170x2122, IMG_9485.jpeg)

She’s probably asking you for money because you’re a grown adult who lives in her house for free so she wants you to actually contribute

No. 2004962

isn't she working like one shift per month or something? it's progress, I guess, but I don't think most people would consider that "back to work"

No. 2004976

first of all, how is sitting on your ass bitching on social media all day every day isn't working super hard. and second of all, whatever free money you conned your way into getting SHOULD be going towards actual living expenses, not unnecessary bullshit.

No. 2004979

File: 1718503824597.png (1.44 MB, 1080x2460, Screenshot_20240615-221003.png)

No. 2004981

File: 1718504046567.png (245.43 KB, 1101x615, Screen Shot 2024-06-15 at 9.13…)

poor May, dying of poverty with her $375 coffee machine

No. 2005015

Kek, she’s so ridiculous

No. 2005084

PIP backpayment coming through? God she is disgusting. A £295 coffee machine but won’t give her long suffering mother any money for bills. There’s one tyrant in that household, and it’s May (who wants to bet she won’t let her mum anywhere near it?) Just when you think you couldn’t hate her more.

No. 2005089

Absolutely PIP back payment coming through. It'll be backdated to the day she phoned to start the claim, so she'll have had the best part of 4 months PIP come through all at once.

But at £300 for a pod-based coffee machine… aren't we starting to get into "proper espresso machine with the beans and everything" prices? She's absolutely fallen for their millennial pink marketing.

No. 2005095

Doesn’t interfere with the tube. And it’s very rare in UK hospitals to be made to take piercings out, especially in an EDU

No. 2005096

Yeah she could have bought a sage coffee machine with a grinder for that price

No. 2005120

File: 1718544404778.jpeg (677.45 KB, 1284x1588, IMG_0588.jpeg)

This is even more ridiculous considering her most recent post about how it’s hard for her to spend money on full priced food. Poor May with her low self worth feeling too unworthy to buy herself anything but over priced coffee from cafes ever day, children's cutlery and espresso machines. Kek.

No. 2005128

File: 1718545868797.jpg (303.75 KB, 1080x2400, IMG_20240616_144500_216.jpg)

Yet on Tuesday, shopping in Waitrose? Still trying to soft launch coeliacs.

No. 2005135

lmao why are wet wipes essential for low spoon days? what is she trying to say?

No. 2005141

I think it's the kind you use for cleaning, kinda makes sense I guess.

No. 2005144

yeah but i think this is a product that most people buy, why does she have to make it a chronic illness/disability thing other than to remind everyone how difficult she has it in this world

No. 2005151

not enough spoons to go to the sink and wash her face so she just lies in bed and rubs a wet wipe on her face instead. it's a life hack muh depression/ chronic illness types mention constantly

No. 2005156

I think these are the antibacterial surface wipes, so for the kitchen, rather than people?

No. 2005214

File: 1718565839765.jpeg (1.48 MB, 1179x2100, IMG_1101.jpeg)

May and Fi were at the same autism and ED conference, both as having “lived experience.” Gross how the organisers of these conferences enable these BPB bitches

No. 2005218

Yes because spraying a surface and getting a paper towel is much more effort than using a wipe. Kek. She didn’t mimic the chronic illness queens well enough - they meant they use wipes for their body because it’s too exhausting to shower you dumbfuck munchie.

No. 2005219

File: 1718567160565.jpeg (1.16 MB, 1284x1425, IMG_0589.jpeg)

The sunflower lanyard wasn’t enough for Fi, she needed a whole shirt to announce to the world she’s extra speshul

No. 2005222

I’m so confused. Didn’t she go on about how she’s relapsing and now she’s got all these recovery hashtags?

No. 2005235

The autism LARP from this one is beyond cringey now, kek. Feel for the genuinely ASD/ED co-morbid females out there who have the likes of Fi & May representing them via camouflaging their BPD antics as autism

No. 2005238

It's amazing that they both claim super severe autism yet can stand up and talk at conferences, how is it all the bpd larpers get picked up to represent things they don't even have

No. 2005250

The contrast between these two posts, omg I actually gasped. Also love the bag of candy kittens poorly hidden under the dettol wipes - nothing says “I feel unworthy of food” like a £3 bag of pure sugar!

Because they’re the ones who shout (whinge, complain) the loudest. If you’ve ever been stuck with them on a ward or something you’ll know one of their favourite things is copying/co-opting others’ behaviour. Neither Fi or May actually give a shit about raising awareness or helping people, they just want a bigger platform to complain about how siCk they are and how bAdLy the nasty NHS treated them.

No. 2005288

not to mention the dumbfuckery of using a million hashtags on a private account

No. 2005289

probably because the poor people with these actual issues aren't out there loudly begging to be put into those positions

No. 2005300

File: 1718581779050.png (871.07 KB, 853x1157, Screenshots_2024-06-16-19-42-5…)

No. 2005460

File: 1718632855337.png (1.06 MB, 853x1645, Screenshots_2024-06-17-09-52-1…)

No. 2005551

File: 1718647496441.jpeg (355.97 KB, 1179x1023, IMG_1168.jpeg)

lmao shut the fuck up

No. 2005559

literally when does May not get what seems like frankly excessive testing

No. 2005560

let herself go my ass kek, she wasn’t even skinny skinny in the first photo. anyone that has to kneel like that for a thigh gap is doing too much

No. 2005561

does she have bpd lore beyond the anorexia larp?

No. 2005562

File: 1718650449305.jpeg (Spoiler Image,240.89 KB, 1085x2069, IMG_5232.jpeg)

Very normal thing to post. Looking horrendous as always

No. 2005572

lol all the old pics she posts are literally like 13 years old. can't believe i let myself go lmao…girl it's been over a decade, i think you need to accept it!

No. 2005603


Don't judge all those with BPD on the people you see online. Many lead normal lives and try even whilst on wards to get better.

No. 2005709

Nta but I think some of it is posted either itt or the pro ana scumbags thread, she used to have a trad anti feminist tumblr. She then seemed to try to shake off the political side of it and mostly used her later tumblrs as blogs, they’re deleted now but some of the archives showed bpd-esque posts. One of them being that she attempted suicide the day after her close friends wedding, probably just took a bunch of pills after making some dramatic post about it. I’m not trying to be mean but it seems pretty bpd to half attempt suicide the day after you were a bridesmaid, kind of a selfish thing to do to your friend while she’s honeymooning kek

No. 2005742

Abby claiming she’s trying to gain weight whilst looking worse than ever is getting so boring ngl. Also her foreheads nice and red again

No. 2005833

File: 1718731346039.png (1.09 MB, 853x1323, Screenshots_2024-06-18-13-15-1…)

No. 2005886

People like this always confuse the shit out of me because this is not unattainable but she makes it sound like it is. She went from skinny to slightly above average and is like “omg I gotta starve myself.” No you don’t, you don’t want to be spoopy or ridiculously thin, what you want is well within means of achieving without starving yourself kek, so dramatic

No. 2005903

Abby pulls some funny angles. She always looks different in real life

No. 2005912

this girl posts a lot of current pics, but then she also constantly posts these super old pics with captions that clearly state they're not recent. but then every fucking time, the comments on the old pics are all people saying how skinny she is and they love her body, etc, etc. bro she hasn't looked like that in ages, and she's not even trying to hide that, like..!?

No. 2005936

She really confuses me. All she does is call herself fat and post years old body checks while not loosing any weight (think she might actually be gaining?). The whole thing just seems so bizarre and embarrassingly pointless.

No. 2005978

She shooped half her knee off so I’m guessing that’s why she looks different IRL

No. 2006098

File: 1718785357440.png (2.23 MB, 1080x2460, Screenshot_20240619-042102.png)

No. 2006124

she could go anywhere in the entire state for FREE and the first thing she thinks of is a psych. she needs some fucking hobbies (and no enara hoarding books doesn't count as a hobby)

No. 2006385

File: 1718886870402.jpeg (597.63 KB, 1170x2114, IMG_9538.jpeg)

ok Enara

No. 2006485

File: 1718921197721.jpeg (3.24 MB, 1170x2151, IMG_8522.jpeg)

Mays being abused again

No. 2006487

anyone know what May is referencing here as "when she almost died"? Is this when she fainted in the hospital after refusing to drink, or something else? Also, if she's sooo broke all the time, how on earth would her death be a financial benefit for her poor mother? I feel like the cost of a funeral is probably more than all the dumb jelly cats and coffee machines and whatever that May owns.

No. 2006514

No. 2006561

you're not trapped, May. i'm pretty sure your poor mother would love it if you would get the fuck out of her home. she MUST have some sort of concern for your wellbeing for her to allow someone as fucking horrible as you to stay with her while bringing nothing but chaos to her life. i really wish i could know more about her mother tbh, like why is your daughter such a nightmare of a person

No. 2006570

File: 1718944436541.jpg (671.45 KB, 2048x1178, 448588202_509940448051821_4087…)

what a terrible day to have eyes

No. 2006795

File: 1719012570655.png (4 MB, 1170x2532, IMG_4987.png)

I’m sure it was the other way around, jaycie. You’ll say anything that you think will make the doctor admit you.

No. 2006948

I can't be mentally ill right now, I'm simply too busy

No. 2006998

File: 1719078696466.jpeg (146.07 KB, 1179x424, IMG_1406.jpeg)

from doing what? complaining online about your “abusive” mother and how the nhs has mistreated you?

No. 2007062

Wow, thank goodness my life isn’t as stressful as yours is May, kek. These cows use the word ‘burnout’ too much.

No. 2007071

File: 1719093938018.png (488.22 KB, 425x763, Screen Shot 2024-06-22 at 4.59…)

She's probably burnt out from whining all day about her mother not realizing that their council taxes were being paid over ten months instead of twelve (she seriously posted a half dozen story videos whining about it) and how she's overpaid her mother by forty pounds, when she also immediately went out and bought new headphones for 149 without even trying to fix her original ones. There was more rambling about going through her bank statements to try to prove that she didn't owe her mother any more money (surprise, surprise, May was wrong) but honestly I gave up after a while because I can only handle so much of her whining.

No. 2007149

Kek at her being pissed her mom owes her $50 and she won’t survive the year without it but buying a fucking $400 coffee maker the other day whilst continuing to go to cafes. She’s among one of the worst cows I’ve ever seen.

No. 2007156

File: 1719108479557.jpeg (588.65 KB, 912x791, IMG_9561.jpeg)

Poor little may being scammed by her mum

No. 2007159

the nerve of May telling her mom to get a job, kek. Why doesn't Mat get a job where she can work full time and grow up and move out if she hates it so much.

No. 2007167

If a massive discrepancy for May is her mum owing her and her brother £40 each she will definitely not cope with real bills on her own when you can be overcharged hundreds for months. She is showing how pathetic she is and this is no hint to do with autism, mental health etc.

No. 2007170

imagine her reaction if she, for example, had a running toilet or leaky pipe and got a huge water bill as a result

No. 2007171

Council tax is also paid for the full finance year whether you do 10 or 12 month payments so regardless she has paid it until April next year.

No. 2007220

I think it was her mum telling her to get a job. She's right, she is less unwell than she thinks she is. But May won't go and get a job in even another hospital, despite how "toxic" her current job is, because that's not got the prestige of being able to say she works at GOSH. So there's no way her ego would let her stack shelves in Aldi.

No. 2007246

File: 1719129560988.jpg (1.16 MB, 1440x1800, Collage_2024-06-23_03_58_51.jp…)

No. 2007253

Fuck me the victim complex with this one is off the charts. Imagine being an actual grown woman and acting like this. Maybe you get a job May instead of larping the non-existent SEED diagnosis, you’re clearly well enough to work. The £40 she’s crying about wouldn’t even be enough for a weekly food shop but she’s that entitled she doesn’t care about that. What a cunt.

No. 2007270

i wish May's mom would just throw all her shit outside and change the locks. i really had to go look up what the difference is between $40 and £40 to see if i was fucking missing something here. unreal.

No. 2007291

Niamh has deleted her instagram. Here comes the relapse we all anticipated

No. 2007318

Last time she was in the proana threads but does she belong here now? Terribly sorry I'm just very confused with these threads.

No. 2007343

Apologies, was not aware there was another thread made yet

No. 2007347

she got so fat. if i was her, i would not want to show myself on social media anymore either.(rattle rattle)

No. 2007360

File: 1719162469914.jpg (1.65 MB, 853x1546, media_667854603d9a28.64811848.…)

No. 2007363

Kek May if you were so severely “burnt out” because of your super severe (DEFINATELY not BPD) autism you absolutely would not be going to festivals, even if it were for just an hour.

No. 2007369

what is that face doin looks like a chloroform choke from behind

No. 2007380

She’s one of those people who think handmade is overpriced but pays £400 for an overhyped coffee machine

No. 2007432

I can't get over how old and wrinkly she looks, she's only 26, isn't she? Has she ever had a boyfriend?

No. 2007490

File: 1719182335550.jpeg (1.78 MB, 1170x2069, IMG_9573.jpeg)

She’s got to make sure everyone knows she’s got super serious autism

No. 2007494

How big was her fucking PIP backpayment, jesus

No. 2007603

File: 1719211294927.jpg (1.15 MB, 1440x1800, Collage_2024-06-24_02_40_35.jp…)

No. 2007609

Enough she could’ve got a good few sessions of private therapy since the NHS supposedly treat her like a leper? Enough to start saving for rent since her mum is supposedly an abusive monster? But why bother when you can buy crap overpriced crochet and £400 coffee machines? I bet she doesn’t let her mum or brother anywhere near it either, she’s such a mean, selfish, joyless cunt.

It would surprise me if she had. No doubt she’d blame the awwwtism and fakeorexia and not the fact she’s hideous inside and out.

No. 2007652

I'm guessing something along the lines of 16 weeks of the standard rate daily living component. No way in hell she's qualified for the mobility component - she leaves the house too much for that. I know it's gone up recently, but it's on the order of £60 a week. So the backpay is nearly a grand.

And she's spent nearly a third of that on this coffee machine. I'd mind it less if she was basically housebound and a fancy coffee is something she desperately missed.

Absolutely would cover a good 10-12 (full-priced) sessions of therapy with a private therapist. But she can't hack the commitment.

No. 2007708

She doesn’t actually want to get better

No. 2007757

File: 1719245938492.png (1.48 MB, 853x1562, Screenshots_2024-06-24-12-16-2…)

boycott the postal service!!!! omg i hate her, i honestly would not notice at all anything unusual about this, but i don't live in her country so idk, but i'm more surprised they actually did something to try to hide her package, that seems very kind to me jfc May

No. 2007764

She literally blames everyone for everything. You should’ve been in to get your parcel if you’re going to cry about where they hide it. It’s not like you have anything else to do except sit in your house on your (dainty SEED(!!!) ) arse complaining and ordering shit online. Get a job or stfu. Honestly feel sorry for her mum and anyone else that has to live under the same roof as this bint

No. 2007853

I see nothing wrong with this? At least those couriers are fucking working instead of mooching off the government for malingered ~condishuns~ even though they’re paid peanuts, be glad they didn’t just chuck it over the fence or leave it out in the open for everyone to see. She takes everything - everything!!! - as a personal attack or excuse to complain about how “stupid” people are when she can’t even keep a job wiping arses. She’s clearly not the sharpest knife in the drawer either and she doesn’t even have the excuse of starving her brain cells away, since she’s spectacularly crap at actually losing weight (3kg underweight at her lowest!1! BMI 17 sUpEr SEED!1!!) What a miserable life.

No. 2007925

No boyfriend to stroke so she’s gotta settle for the next best thing.

No. 2007926

She has nothing to get better from

No. 2007938

she's got some raging bpd that she won't admit to

No. 2007991

File: 1719288015839.png (1.81 MB, 1170x2532, IMG_5002.png)

This fatass telling TikTok she’s on a weight restoration mealplan. In her dreams

No. 2008090

File: 1719317486196.jpg (769.41 KB, 1440x1800, Collage_2024-06-25_08_11_00.jp…)

No. 2008092

File: 1719317603975.jpg (908.02 KB, 1440x1800, Collage_2024-06-25_08_12_57.jp…)

No. 2008096

I have gained lots from your posts, Enara! Gained motivation to never end up as fucking pathetic as you AND newfound levels of respect for health care workers who deal with infuriating patients

No. 2008154

imagine choosing this life and then bitching about it

No. 2008158

File: 1719337168725.jpg (951.11 KB, 1440x1800, Collage_2024-06-25_13_38_53.jp…)

No. 2008321

KEK that exact shade is like aposematic colouration to nurses and physicians, immediately notifies them that theyre in for a wild ride. Especially in generally conservative north qld.

No. 2008358

She needs reminding to feed her dog?

No. 2008359

is she like blind?? like genuinely does she need glasses or is this like a reverse body dysmorphia situation

No. 2008361

she needs reminding to feed herself? lmao

No. 2008373

Wow, look at all the Australian tax dollars she has shamelessly diverted away from people who are actually dying. I wonder if anyone has actually died because of her malingering.

No. 2008374

>Not receiving any help
What 'help' do you actually want? You don't really want help you just want attention.

No. 2008415

Enara can take courses, go shopping for all the crap she buys for the girl guides and plan activities for them, shop online, re-organize her book collection every other day, and whatever else she does to occupy her time, but she needs support workers to come remind her to shower and eat. OKAY GIRL.

No. 2008447

Enara conveniently forgets the regularly scheduled psych inpatient admissions that she lost because she kept dramatically self-harming in the psych unit

No. 2008448

okay, she doesn't receive any help but has social workers that help her with the most basic adult things. Hope word has gotten around and no psychiatrist and therapist will ever see her again. She had so much help, so many opportunities, can study for years, has the money to buy an endless supply of books and it's still not enough for her to find the will to work on herself. There are so many people out there never getting any help because they aren't seeking attention from medical professionals or are too poor for it.

No. 2008694

File: 1719484880411.jpeg (1.79 MB, 1170x2064, IMG_9614.jpeg)

Mays a recovery queen

No. 2008700

File: 1719487181477.jpeg (607.65 KB, 1170x866, IMG_9619.jpeg)

No. 2008710

Such a chaotic life doing fuck all except complaining kek.

No. 2008992

File: 1719547814871.png (1.99 MB, 853x1552, Screenshots_2024-06-27-20-54-3…)

No. 2008995

You'd think she would at least have a bridle if she actually didn't want the tube

No. 2009060

Or have it in or out.
Most people on NG in the UK that you see on social media with it in actually want it in
They might fight and need restraining for the actual feed, but they choose to keep the tube in for photos in between. If you really wanted to fight the feed, you would insist it is out between each feed (which they can and do often do). But instead theh want the kudos and photo opportunities

No. 2009370

File: 1719655067954.jpeg (472.73 KB, 1179x1206, IMG_1700.jpeg)

Because they’ve studied for years to be knowledgeable about a subject?? They aren’t going in front of an audience to publicly whine about how the system has let you down and how super sick you are. Grow the fuck up May

No. 2009374

lmfao she really can't be this retarded! how much does the cunt think listening to her bitch for an hour is worth!? i get yo listen to her bitch for free on the internet every day

No. 2009398

But May, I thought you wanted to talk about your super severe SEED and apparent very complex autism to raise awareness and educate all those nasty, abusive, insert whatever other fucking moaning adjective she’s used over the months professionals - yet the only thing you complain about is not being given enough money for complaining kek, ironic

No. 2009412

"ableist" her fave adjective

No. 2009417

File: 1719670253759.png (1.5 MB, 853x1548, Screenshots_2024-06-29-10-07-3…)

ewwwww stop!!! lmao that's so embarrassing. i know this isn't really milk, but it's too cringe not to post here

No. 2009439

Kek omg is she this fucking self absorbed? Should a McDonald's worker and a surgeon be paid the same because “it’s still an hour of their time” wow no wonder she couldn’t hack med school she’s denser a complete moron. She would be the first person to complain if she was a PhD or MD getting paid the same as a “lived experiences psycho. Sometime, May you should try to stop being self absorbed and just do something because you want to help others and not make everything about the money. If you want more money, get. Proper job and stay working full time, and stop buying shit you can’t afford.

No. 2009642

File: 1719712951767.jpg (1.2 MB, 1440x1800, Collage_2024-06-29_22_01_51.jp…)

No. 2009738

Her obsession with her ex is so incest Becca coded kek. These cows are all the same kind of deranged

No. 2009749

File: 1719740232612.png (517.86 KB, 853x1134, Screenshots_2024-06-30-05-34-5…)

No. 2009756

SEED kek, the same type May has possibly?!

No. 2009903

That part made me think of Cece and her ex, you're right lol

No. 2009991

File: 1719800260925.jpg (178.72 KB, 1440x864, Collage_2024-06-30_22_16_37~2.…)

No. 2009995

File: 1719800512529.jpg (183.48 KB, 1440x1066, Collage_2024-06-30_22_20_57~2.…)

No. 2010039

Her hair actually looks really pretty like that

No. 2010040

It does make her look younger and less dumpy
What does she even mean when she says her complaints about a lack of support are about professionals? Is this just a whine that she's not allowed in that private psych unit anymore?

No. 2010041

Nonnie you seem kind of obsessive posting these collages of Enara’s stories

No. 2010042

the thing that's weird to me about collage anon is that they never provide any commentary about what they're posting

No. 2010050

I was just thinking about collage-anon earlier and tinfoiling who it is (hint: she got her own thread after the pro Ana scumbags thread got sick of her shitting it up)

No. 2010051

kek, nonnie, that was my thought too

No. 2010105

Pretty sure collage anon is the one sending her all the tells.

No. 2010231

File: 1719871450152.png (229.23 KB, 425x665, Screen Shot 2024-07-01 at 5.03…)

Why on earth would May have "sunday scaries" when she barely works

No. 2010356

I don't doubt there's some overlap of farmers/lurkers and people sending her/other cows tells. I find it annoying. Like nature documentarians, it is our role to observe, not interfere. Plus most of these cows do a fine job working themselves into a frenzy without anons poking them.

No. 2010357

File: 1719905068794.png (152.55 KB, 416x582, Screen Shot 2024-07-02 at 2.23…)

yeah, like this tell is clearly from someone who reads this thread but it's dumb (and also mildly incoherent). We get better milk when people are left alone.

No. 2010362

I thought Sunday scaries was about being hungover and remembering details about the night before

No. 2010365

nah, it's mostly anxiety about going back to work or school the next day - obviously it's worse if you're hungover from saturday, but the primary thing is a dread of the week ahead

No. 2010897

File: 1720024616885.jpeg (665.67 KB, 1179x1388, IMG_2213.jpeg)

May did two years in medical school over a period of five years and is now trying to be Dr May on Twitter

No. 2011147

Fucking hell. I studied zoology for a semester maybe I can start advising experts, the likes of David Attenborough

No. 2011153

File: 1720081153306.jpeg (1.44 MB, 1170x1868, IMG_8657.jpeg)

trip to A&E clutching the guidelines incoming when these bloods are basically normal

No. 2011174

I don't see anything wrong with her hands she just needs moisturizer

No. 2011182

Veins collapse all the time, why is she making is so dramatic

No. 2011199

sorry i know it's such a nitpick but
>1l of squash
could she not just drink water? is may one of those people who "don't like the taste" of water

No. 2011201

Kek sorry May there’s fuck all wrong with your hands except looking rougher than a rhinos arse. Mine go that colour often when outside bc temperature changes etc- it’s called living in England where one week it’s bordering on heatwave then this week it’s windy af and freezing cold?? She’s honestly so desperate for another unnecessary medical ~crisis~ that was that severe of a crisis she had to practically be peeled from the bed she was blocking (her heels were dragged that far into the floor) to be discharged. Get a job or a life or hobby or something, PLEASE.

No. 2011213

Not to WK May, but London tap water tastes like crap.
Literally she's slightly dehydrated, as a consequence of last week's heatwave/ drink almost nothing that's not caffeinated. Hence the slow dribble when she's been bled and the vein eventually collapsing.

No. 2011297

If you had told me these were the hands of a 50 year old I would have believed you with no questions asked

No. 2011298

File: 1720121894930.jpeg (1.15 MB, 1179x2056, IMG_2269.jpeg)

Door left unlocked for safety. Who’s going to come for you if you faint? Your abusive, narcissistic, ableist, discriminating, awful, mean, hoarder mother?

No. 2011302

She acts as if she regularly faints but the way she acted in hospital shows she's never fainted before that, and if she fainted since we'd have heard about it in full dramatic glory

No. 2011347

Yeah considering she posted “the scariest thing happened today” when she was in hospital and wouldn’t say what it was unless you messaged her. Seriously what are her POTS symptoms because basically all I can gather is she has a high heart rate when she stands up

No. 2011421

Kek what a fragile munchie. If she’d ever passed out from POTS she would know 1. The warning signs so she could get to the floor first and 2. That you aren’t out for an extensive period of time. You get up and get about your business after it happens. God I’d hate to see how she acted if she really did have any sort of actual chronic health issue with legitimate life altering symptoms.

No. 2011424

If her POTS was that bad she would be medicated and it would be controlled. She clearly doesn’t have it and yet again is just trying to mimic symptoms. Most people with POTS don’t pass out on a frequent basis, even before diagnosis and treatment.

No. 2011505

And the high heart rate likely has something to do with the pharmaceutical-grade amphetamines she has for breakfast and afternoon snack…

If she was as badly suffering with POTS as she thinks she does, she wouldn't have behaved as she did when she fainted in hospital. (and from personal experience, if she's feeling as rough as she claims she is at the moment, you just wouldn't have a bath - that really is asking for things to go wrong).

No. 2011521

But anon, how else will she get that lived experience of passing out in the tub that she can go on to share her knowledge of at seminars and be paid as much as neurosurgeons? No other reasons for her to drum it up so much on social media about how she’s fixing to take a bath with the door unlocked and a new neurodivergent children’s bath sponge. What a twat.

No. 2011535

Knowing her she probably made the bath as hot as she could possibly handle to increase the chances of making herself faint kek

No. 2011574

Holy shit. I’m the anon who originally posted May way back in the scumbags thread, I haven’t browsed here in nearly a year now but figured I’d have a look, spent the last few days catching up on these threads and I can’t believe what I’m reading, when I posted her she was just some annoying and dramatic personal cow I doubted anyone would even be interested in, the rate she’s gone from typical entitled “recovery account” to full-on munchie monster is insane

No. 2011576

File: 1720192985992.jpeg (170.37 KB, 750x434, IMG_8675.jpeg)

May replying to an “sh ed twt” account

No. 2011581

Yeah, the past 7 months have been wild, watching May's antics.

No. 2011601

Thank God it wasn’t at that absolute critical 17 BMI May, don’t think your frail body could handle another severe medical episode lol

No. 2011854

File: 1720273196845.jpeg (1.78 MB, 1170x2074, IMG_9686.jpeg)

Sure may

No. 2011863

Her version of extreme hunger is probably a normal slight stomach grumble kek

No. 2011923

Is "extreme hunger" not just binging if you're a healthy weight and faking anorexia? I could be wrong though

No. 2011937

No. 2012000

If she actually did manage not to eat for long enough to get admitted she’d probably have been hungry as hell but given they were letting her out to buy her safe foods maybe not so much

No. 2012013

Yeah I doubt she actually went more than a day not eating, given that she makes a huge drama about everything and outright just lies a lot I'm not inclined to believe this

No. 2012019

File: 1720294836114.jpeg (547.96 KB, 1179x923, IMG_2335.jpeg)

May has changed her Twitter bio. Calling herself gobby is the most self aware I have ever seen her

No. 2012087

File: 1720306317930.png (444.86 KB, 1125x2436, IMG_7431.png)

Seems to have removed her ED too..

Also, just so typically May.
>did I mention I was in hospital

No. 2012230

File: 1720354838046.jpeg (312.75 KB, 1170x926, IMG_9735.jpeg)

But may you don’t have a disability

No. 2012243

Because there’s advocating, and then there’s doing what you do which is being an insufferable, moaning bitch that moans and complains and slanders literally anyone and anything you can??

No. 2012245

File: 1720358206138.jpeg (1.54 MB, 1170x1995, IMG_8708.jpeg)


No. 2012249

She sounds like an utter nightmare and a danger to patients does she ever shut the fuck up? She's never done complaining and playing victim

No. 2012257

"Overstepping her role" Why is that not a shock?
It fits with what she's mentioned in the past. Particularly "no-one cares about my patients as much as I do"

No. 2012259

May continuously reveals that she got suspended for her behavior, not her ED symptoms being dangerous or whatever

No. 2012263

Ah May forever the victim. Yet can’t take accountability therefore she apologized not for her own negligence but “on behalf of the department” kek. She should do everyone a favor and just quit. They’re not going to fire her because of her propensity to cry victim and her mental instability which is a liability because she will try to sue them for discrimination. But they’re doing their best to push her out as they should.

No. 2012264

The reason she stopped working back in January is because she told her boss she was too "emotionally unstable" for it. Then didn't work for nearly 6 months and has moaned like hell about the fact she's having to do a phased return.

No. 2012265

I think she might end up fired when this all goes through the system. Sounds like she really fucked up here

No. 2012267

The fact it's being progressed as a disciplinary, when it's allegedly not true, says a lot about what the ward manager thinks of her!

Alternatively, could reality be that this swab is a routine task that happens for every child that has procedure X done, and May has been here long enough she shouldn't need to be told it needs doing.

No. 2012269

Unless it is classed as gross misconduct or she is already on a final written warning, she won't be fired. She hasn't been suspended from what she's written in that post so it isn't likely they're viewing it as gross misconduct (although still possible). She would be better off quitting. There just seems to be constant issues with her in this job. Although given how much of a nightmare she is, that would perhaps be the case in any job.

No. 2012270

From what she's said before, she's been told off about her behaviour on a number of occasions (and has had the same from the ED service as well).

No. 2012274

Totally, but told off isn't the same as formal disciplinary action. Unless she has had actual warnings as a result of disciplinary action in the past, she can't be sacked for this (with the exception being if it is deemed gross misconduct). The NHS will tread very carefully in this respect, especially with someone like May.

No. 2012286

Ohh so THAT’S what her latest Twitter thread is about, I wondered what prompted it. btw it’s not ~advocacy~ for neurodiverse people May when you’re basically just using it to clap back at YOUR employers. Everyone knows you don’t give a shit about anyone but yourself. This woman shouldn’t be working in any sort of healthcare setting, but it’s a munchie cliche for a reason I guess

No. 2012305

Imagine working with her I'd quit if I had to be around her for 12 hours

No. 2012313

She especially shouldn’t be working in somewhere like GOSH where there would be critically ill and vulnerable kids. Even then she’d probably be telling everyone how critically ill and on deaths door !! she was too as a 12 year old kek.

If it’s going to disciplinary chances are she’ll either be put on some sort of probationary period, or be put on a final written warning if she’s already had verbal warnings (unsure if this is the case but it’s inferred with what she’s said about the manager’s comments regarding her previous behaviour). Then if she fucks up once more after that and has anymore disciplinaries it’s instant dismissal and she can spend all her free time drafting a fat legal complaint kek. Her ability to make herself out to be a saviour
, and how her being shouted at by the nasty senior nurses with actual degrees, means children’s treatment is neglected is actually worrying. She honestly gives Lucy Letby / Beverly Allitt vibes. If I had a child I’d want her absolutely nowhere near them

No. 2012396

File: 1720388089528.jpeg (306.52 KB, 1179x728, IMG_2409.jpeg)

She acts like she’s a child. She’s fucking 26!! You have a way out if you really want it, May. Go to a shelter, get a different job, rent a room, stay with friends. You are not a child and your mother does not have to keep looking after you the way she does. First she complained she didn’t have therapy, and now she complains the therapy isn’t enough. This girl has absolutely no shame

No. 2012557

Would you really want to live in a houseshare with May though? We know from her previous complaints about her "abusive" mother, that she likes to bake, leave the kitchen in a mess and then go out. Meaning anyone else living with her has to just deal with it (and honestly behaviour like that is just speedrunning having all your housemates hate you).

No. 2012563

Correct me if I’m wrong but if she only completed 2 years of a medical degree she’s obviously not a doctor and not qualified as a nurse either, so she’s probably a healthcare assistant. I respect that job role, but you can be hired as a HCA with little to no qualifications.The way she phrases all this as if she’s some medical expect is comical.
May, you’re not a medical doctor. You’re not even someone I would trust enough to correctly record my blood pressure so I think it’s time you climbed down off that high horse.

No. 2012586

I wouldn’t trust this cow to administer an enema. I’m really wanting to know what kind of swab she was supposed to give this kid.

No. 2012603

Honestly, I kind of respect for her for trying to work even though she clearly struggles so much. I hate lazy dole-leeches who cry disability and don't even attempt to work, so this puts her above them in my eyes.

No. 2012611

Kek she doesn’t struggle with anything besides being a selfish, entitled cow with a perpetual victim complex. She should be able to hold a full time job and live on her own but she’s lazy and wants a handout. She’s just such a narcissist she doesn’t want people to see that about her so she half ass works for ass pats from morons like yourself who are too stupid to see her for who she is.

No. 2012618

Yes, you are correct. She a healthcare assistant in Great Ormond street in a children's oncology ward. She is so far from suitable to do that job that it's actually scary

No. 2012631

Clearly struggles with what, exactly? Being absolutely painfully insufferable? Playing the victim complex? Being, well, herself? kek

No. 2012643

File: 1720458443713.jpeg (982.52 KB, 1179x2018, IMG_2414.jpeg)

Somebody gave her options but of course she didn’t reply. She only replies to people who suck up to her or to people she wants to argue with

No. 2012780

File: 1720488924772.jpeg (509.78 KB, 1170x1600, IMG_9745.jpeg)

No. 2012875

i wasnt following this cow during her med student period but i cant imagine how intolerable she would have been as a student too, just based on how ridiculously comfortable she obviously is with overstepping the boundaries of her position
kek she will seethe about this, this twitter user dares call a vulnerable malnourished 26 yr old minor an adult

No. 2012883

On what planet is may a skeleton kek bet she sent this to herself

No. 2012896

File: 1720524288878.png (1.95 MB, 1080x2269, 1000010085.png)

Fucking hell. She's clearly pissed off someone crazy.

No. 2012900

File: 1720525318765.jpeg (824.74 KB, 1170x2059, IMG_9757.jpeg)

Oh no not the abuse

No. 2012901

pics of the trashed house? I dont believe it

No. 2012902

Omg nonnie thought the same kek

No. 2012904

Who cleaned it all up, her support workers? The hospital should put her in restraints the minute she walks in since she's guaranteed to waste the staff's time.

No. 2012906

My mum making me clean up after myself is aboose

No. 2012907

File: 1720525835927.jpeg (1.44 MB, 1170x2083, IMG_9761.jpeg)

No. 2012908

I hardly believe her mother just threw out the toilet brush and made her clean it by hand, that makes absolutely no sense. Also since she is an adult with free will and money she could've gone to buy a new one. Help out a little around the house, since she insists on staying there.

No. 2012910

My heart bleeds for poor May and her severely abused life…. 26 years old being made to clean, how has she coped this long kek. ‘Bare hands’ to her probably means rubber gloves. Fuck me she pisses me off

No. 2012911

I'm pretty sure she did this herself during some episode. If someone ransacked her house why did they not tip over those clothing shelves to write above and behind them? Those clothes are awfully neatly stacked still. No pictures of the mess other than writing? Smells like bullshit.

No. 2012913

Exactly, I picked up a toilet brush for 1.75 in Dunelm. Lazy spoiled woman!

No. 2012914

Agreed. Her mum probably got rid of the toilet brush as it was done for and May just didn't buy another one despite living in the house. She's such a cunt.

No. 2012975

what makes me doubt it was her is the tag style writing. has she spoken about doing graffiti before?

No. 2012981

I definitely don't think it was her.

No. 2012983

where was she picked up from if not her home, the hospital?

No. 2013006


She said in a Tell response that she was travelling at the time, so I'm assuming she was picked up from an airport or train station etc.

No. 2013028

She must have some idea on who this was? How many people has she pissed off? And were they used tampons found in her bin or brought with them?

No. 2013037

This is the worst she can come up with? Look, not to minimise what actual victims go through because yes in a different context that COULD be part of abuse, but as this is May we’re talking about it’s actually laughable when you consider what she must be like to live with. “Forced me to get rid of food” erm, you have a bedroom? And as for the last part, everyone says shit in frustration. She probably WAS easier to live with given she was too busy furiously documenting how very much she wasn’t eating!1!! on social media. Fucking ridiculous. As if she hasn’t done worse, her mum isn’t even allowed to talk to a friend without May throwing a tantrum (THAT could be seen as abusive, though…)

No. 2013150

is the sentimental jewelry her hospital bracelets

No. 2013191

Kek probably

No. 2013200

This is a complete tinfoil, but why does this feel like something that crazy lostallsanityx cow would do.
Like I can imagine Enara trying to buddy up (she follows lasx) and then setting off the phycho kek.

Definitely annoyed some crazy cunt. If it wasn't done herself, it seems like a personal attack.

No. 2013239

I think she might be in a different state? But the idiocy of leaving behind piss and used tampons full of DNA sounds like someone who wants to go to gaol.

No. 2013251

Watch this actually be her mum asking "May, are you actually going to eat this, otherwise I don't understand why you're spending so much money on food that they're just leaving to go off?"

No. 2013281

This is all very vague tagging and nothing is written that would suggest they know anything about her. It's shit you'd see on any public wall with the exception of "hope you die" which could still be written about literally anyone. I agree that it's also super weird that they just wrote around the racks and didn't rip anything off the walls.

No. 2013288

almost certainly fake and gay but there really are some low iq psychos living in fnq so there is a slight possiblity she pissed off some retard in ip

No. 2013291

As a britfag, Aus just seems absolutely wild

No. 2013299

File: 1720618926453.jpeg (267.64 KB, 1170x649, IMG_9785.jpeg)

It’s been over ten years shut up

No. 2013375

It's kind of sad and pathetic that she still holds onto this

No. 2013385

File: 1720642009647.jpeg (871.53 KB, 1170x1916, IMG_8749.jpeg)

I can’t stress enough that May does not need supported living Jfc

No. 2013388

how on earth does she need help cooking? She makes all those soups, fancy coffee drinks, bakes stuff, etc, and obviously does it often enough to piss off her mom

No. 2013445

so she’s basically saying she doesn’t need help (not, as she says, in crisis, in need of hospital, or struggling with a disability), doesn’t have any desire to work on herself to any degree (doesn’t want to have to meet with someone, etc), but would like a free personal assistant and home chef. she’s ‘in between’ aka perfectly capable of taking care of all of these responsibilities but simply…doesn’t want to…? it’s insane how many people are out there thinking they’re special and in need of extra help simply because they can’t be arsed to do anything for themselves.

No. 2013468

Is it not an option to put recurring bills on auto-pay over there?

No. 2013471

I think May's account is always empty because she's buying children's forks and expensive coffee machines and whatever instead of budgeting

No. 2013505

She didn’t put any subtitles on her recent video stories but may is claiming she was homeless last year around the time she did one day of day program. Her mum should just kick her out for good and let may figure out how to live in the real world

No. 2013510

File: 1720673137884.png (428.77 KB, 750x1334, IMG_6574.png)

Oh, May. You fragile ana butterfly. No one finds it easy to apply for jobs, you fucking idiot, they do it because they have to sleep somewhere. This bitch keeps whining about how she has to make changes and then goes and says the quiet part out loud that she’s giving up because it’s too hard uwu i’m just so fwagile

No. 2013512

yet she has no trouble applying for volunteer roles

No. 2013528

“I don’t want to share specifics sorry”. That’s because there’s nothing to share May, you’re just a fucking liar. She could literally sit in a room full of actual abuse victims and would still make out she’s the most severely abused and neglected person in there

No. 2013532

Holy fuck my first thought was lostallsanityx too kek

No. 2013543

Absolutely is possible to set up either a standing order or direct debit (don't ask me the difference between the two, I genuinely do not know).

Exactly this. We know she's capable of cooking/baking and leaving the kitchen in a mess, failing to build in time to clean up before she goes out and goes out anyway. Therefore she can cook - you can't possibly make that level of mess simply reheating a tin of soup?
Behaving like that in a houseshare is a speedrun to making your housemates hate you to the point they ask the landlord to tell you to leave.

She literally would as well. And I say this as someone who has been subject to coercive control/financial abuse in the past. Cannot say more as I'll dox myself.(blog)

No. 2013574

File: 1720700055047.jpeg (224.25 KB, 1170x1334, IMG_8752.jpeg)

kek Enara at no point ever did you act out in silence

No. 2013580

Would silent recovery also result in death then

No. 2013636

Kek thought the same nonnie.

No. 2014211

I miss her getting posted she was so milky kek

No. 2014219

>they trashed everything
>posters and decorations still perfectly placed on wall, big metal shelves intact
>doesn't post any other trashed areas except small corner
I don't want to be a cunt but… I'm doubtful

No. 2014385

File: 1720891602025.jpeg (1.81 MB, 1170x2114, IMG_9805.jpeg)

May your mum wanted to have people over at HER HOUSE. Shut up and grow up. She doesn’t have to tell you anything

No. 2014392

Given that she spends hours wandering around London anyway, can't she just … go out?

No. 2014406

File: 1720896578779.jpeg (322.13 KB, 1179x2036, IMG_2592.jpeg)

The more questions May answers, the less it proves how “abusive” her mother really is

No. 2014430

At some point I stop feeling bad for her mom though because she created this entitled twat and continues to enable it. Kick her out and teach her the world doesn’t revolved around her BPD. If May was so miserable there she would get up and leave despite how challenging it might be for her fake autism.

No. 2014459

I don't know why her mum doesn't kick her out. She is intolerable beyond belief. I can't even imagine living with her. The fucking audacity of May truly believing her mum should give her advance notice of having friends over. Unbelievable.

No. 2014548

File: 1720931745867.jpeg (708.66 KB, 1170x2078, IMG_9806.jpeg)

No. 2014562

kek imagining her posing for this selfie in front of her mum to be extra passive aggressive absolute lol

No. 2014581

Kind of similar to you then May, the clearly not having autism and/or social anxiety part kek.

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