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File: 1440815134393.jpg (29.01 KB, 320x320, cowface.jpg)

No. 20290

Discuss people from your life who have lolcow potential

No. 20291

i met girl online who spends hundreds of dollars on online games each month and claims to not have enough money for food. despite this, she's still fat. her only friend is some black guy who seems to be using her just for sex. she also thought the official language of India was Indian. and she is a koreaboo who thinks she has a good grasp on the language just from watching K-dramas.

would i be too bad to post a picture?

No. 20292

File: 1440820728185.png (165.22 KB, 504x590, vegan.png)

I went to high school with this girl who was two grades below me. Radical vegan lolita, part of the
VHEMT. Believes in social Darwinism for humans but not animals, thinks the meat and dairy industry are the same as human genocide. Man was I glad come graduation.

No. 20294

File: 1440822794595.jpg (619.32 KB, 1008x1166, Screen Shot 2015-08-29 at 2.23…)

so I have this friend who's some vegan/weeaboo loudmouth tumblrtard but she has an EVEN WORSE friend who's annoying af and holy shit. I just checked her facebook and I can't even believe the shit she posts on it.
pic related

No. 20296

File: 1440822888005.png (53.31 KB, 988x160, Screen Shot 2015-08-29 at 2.32…)


No. 20297

File: 1440823440775.png (1.13 MB, 1012x1530, Screen Shot 2015-08-29 at 2.40…)

holy shit sorry for spamming but there's just so much dumbassery.

>b-but syria & jordan!

yeah, because australia needs to become more like two of the shittiest countries in the world.

No. 20299

File: 1440825271529.jpg (53.85 KB, 480x480, why.jpg)

i met this girl at the airport i work at, she was squirrelly and really annoying because she would always say inappropriate shit. then, my best friend decided to play 'lets be friends' and it unleashed the whole other person.

she hides under the facade of being 'im tiny and sweet because im small and skinny and my parents abuse me!' but she's literally a lying, manipulative, deceitful slut with no fashion sense.

she takes no responsibility for anything and all she talks about is how she can't get a job. she's literally my own pixy teri, she also cannot take criticism and she sluts it up with every guy she's ever been with.

she annoyingly shares everything on facebook, EVERYTHING. she somehow has money, even tho her parents abuse her(which they dont) and is always buying new clothes. she has leeched on everyone she's ever known(including my best friend.)

No. 20301

File: 1440826031873.jpg (50.99 KB, 540x720, gross.jpg)

since i have her photo i might as well upload it. she claims to love wigs but takes such bad care of them.

No. 20302

what does being poly have to be against "cishet dudes"? tons of cishet guys are really into poly. i can't imagine this person having a stable personal life. or maybe she hooks up with a bunch of non-feminist guys like a bunch of super feminist girls ive met.

please give me more deets.

No. 20303

let's see, she fat-shames people for their size, she has been caught in so many lies by so many people it's ridiculous. (i caught her lying about her abuse, pretty big deal.) she has all these 'thirsty' men on facebook nagging her constantly about how hot she is, but she's really not that attractive..

she pretends to be into video games, she preys on nerd guys because they are easy to manipulate. she accused someone of raping her on facebook(also, a lie.)

she has such bad hygeine that getting near her makes you want to vomit or gag. she sleeps in her clothing for days on end without washing, im not sure she washes often.

she's claimed more than once to be a nationality that she isn't, lol.

No. 20306

File: 1440826904607.jpg (44.19 KB, 576x960, no.jpg)


i dislike her so much and i've literally tried to help her in so many ways better herself, but she doesn't listen. she recently had a friend die(someone she claimed she was close with but he said otherwise) and he committed suicide.

she said she was crying for days, but it was definitely not genuine. her emotions come off as completely fake. when she heard, she was saying that the family needs to hurry up and bury him because he's rotting. she is so dumb that she could not understand that people are preserved.

i mean, she made a big hub bub about him for 3 weeks, she ended up missing his funeral because she woke up late. (if someone meant so much to you, you would have been there.) she also complained that had they had the funeral 3 weeks prior that she probably could have made it on time.

i've never met someone so narcissistic and selfish before, but i enjoy watching her constantly go through the same troubles. 'job, boys, thirsty guys, being tiny, how she's a great person' and more.

it took me forever to find her pics because she shares 99% of everything on fb, everyday.

No. 20308

File: 1440828029294.jpg (164.45 KB, 1365x1365, 11754709_10153459680962020_425…)

I don't know her personally, but her fb says she's in an open relationship with this guy (who I thought looked like an ftm but he's got topless pics)

Bu yeah her fb is just full of her bitching about everything
Might post more lulzy caps as I come across them.

No. 20310

File: 1440829069838.png (617.67 KB, 1002x1368, Screen Shot 2015-08-29 at 4.14…)

here's a charming (screencap of) video of them touching butts.

No. 20311

File: 1440829271269.png (350.55 KB, 1002x1554, Screen Shot 2015-08-29 at 3.00…)

3 in a row.
this bitch is like a walking udder.

No. 20319

File: 1440837354053.png (15.29 KB, 585x182, collegecow.png)

She sure complains about white people a lot. Is she not white?

Reminds me of another lolcow I know of. He's got the characteristics of a typical neckbeard, fat, unshaven, wears graphic tees and cargo shorts most of the time, thinks he's the smartest/funniest person in the room, etc., except he isn't a conservative MRA, he's a feminist occasional crossdresser. All he did in class was make self-deprecating jokes about being a white male and pretend to pack his bags whenever he heard something he disagreed with. One day someone called him on his shit and he stormed out red-faced. We had a class meeting after which I find really funny because everyone in the class is an adult. It felt like middle school. Crazy shit.

I haven't really told anyone about out of fear that no one would believe me, but the seasoned farmers here may know that people like this actually exist.

No. 20329

She's most definitely white.

No. 20347


Typical hypocritical feminist, a dime a dozen. It's just more frustrating knowing her IRL and knowing how much of a shitkid she is despite her semi Insta fame. It's strange to think that tumblr feminism has reached the inbred northwest of England.

No. 20384

ranked 48th? how many countries does she think there are? 48/190+ isn't really that bad

No. 21340

File: 1441201381751.jpg (28.72 KB, 225x400, tumblr_ntr6cfG9F21te4y4to1_250…)

this person is the admin of some game site i play. their existence seems to revolve around being pansexual, but who's going to fuck you when you look like a clown?

sorry it just bothers me personally

No. 21341

ewww i met a person on okcupid exactly like this. a neckbeard is still a neckbeard whether you think you're so feminist or not.

No. 22493


oh dear god there is something so fucking unsettling about this image. I think it's the eyes.

No. 22518

I'm on my way to art school. There's bound to be some potential lolcows (or maybe even just snowflakes) there. I will keep you updated. Orientation starts tomorrow

No. 22519

He could of had top surgery via keyhole method. It leave almost no scarring

No. 22522

as for why she looks like she's dressed like a grandma:

>That's just part of my style ^^ I have a thing for pastel, semiformal things and vintage things.

No. 22562

I have never given enough thought to the official language of India and have always just assumed it must be Indian.
Thank you.
Learn something new everyday.

No. 22568

there are over a dozen official languages. i think overall people in government and business use English, and when i went i could read almost everything in English. people in north India mostly speak Hindi, while people in south India can't speak it at all.

No. 22675

Tell me I'm not going crazy. There are more "beautiful" selfies like >>21340 and people are legit saying:

> We're all super cute x'D

> We're just a site of attractive people omfg.
> The entire site is unreasonably attractive >.>

Is this what people actually find attractive?

Ok I know I can be really critical of people's appearances sometime, but why are they saying this? I am so confused.

I tried to make a collage in paint

No. 22676

File: 1441317986372.png (879.93 KB, 800x800, Untitled 6.png)

Oops, here's the collage

No. 22679

The girl on the bottom right is attractive imo. She just needs to take advantage of her nice features.

No. 22683

Wow, bottom left has the most unfortunate face, yikes.

No. 22684

the actually attractive people don't post their faces.
a) we get validation at every bar we visit, we don't need an internet forum to tell us we're purty
b) there are ways for us to make money off our faces
c) lolcow just gonna nitpick if they actually respond, who needs that?

No. 22685

these are people from an internet game i play. they don't have anything to do with lolcow, and i doubt they know about the existence of the site. i hope they don't either.

i just don't understand how they can look at each other and go "yay, attractive!" unlike what some people on lolcow believe, physical attractiveness isn't everything. but at that point, when you look like that, i don't understand why you should bother trying to place importance on physical attractiveness. you should think about "inner beauty" instead of deluding yourself to think your face is beautiful.

or i'm wondering if people really, genuinely have those feelings? are their brains different than ours? or have they been around ugly people for so long they don't know any better? at best, i could imagine that people who look like that think they are average or so (at least without makeup). i just don't get it.

No. 22686

No one actually finds these people attractive (well bottom right is fine like someone else said), they're just trying to make each other feel better about being hideous.

No. 22689

File: 1441325653406.png (1.12 MB, 1000x1000, collage.png)

Here's the rest. I spent way too much time on this.

And the comment…

>Oh my god. I am not remotely photogenic but there are so many amazingly attractive people on this site. XD

No. 22698

Blondie is pretty attractive imo. Nice features. Long haired asian is also cute.

No. 22699


They're all presumably friends and they like each other. People have a tendency to amplify the looks of people they are fond of, and vice versa.

It's also a gaming site as you said, so every person there probably expected every other person to be a 100% shebeast, and were pleasantly surprised that they're somewhat presentable people.

No. 22700

you can tell the blonde bitch thinks she's hot shit

No. 22702

File: 1441331662716.png (1.69 MB, 1090x905, ScreenShot298.png)

i posted this girl in the last personal lolcow thread, but holy shit. it bothers me that no one understands this isn't how people look? lol plus the photoshop is pretty bad.

No. 22704

File: 1441331772068.png (1.67 MB, 1119x907, ScreenShot299.png)

and one more

No. 22705

It's this "everyone is so beautiful" trend. You could be a total Quasimodo and you'll still get all these comments about how beautiful you are. Especially is you are fat, non white, use neo-pronouns or are an asexual polygendered nonbinary gemkin. Bonus points for poorly dyed multicolored hair, cats eye glasses and neon makeup.

Not everyone is beautiful. That's just the way it is. I wish that people would stop showering every bad selfie with "OMG you are soooo gorgeous!"

Agreed. It's a total self validation circlejerk.

Not all of the girls shown are fug. A few are are. But when everyone is "so beautiful" the meaning is lost.

No. 22706

The Asian girls are pretty cute, though.

No. 22723

Except you can most definitely be racist to white people and sexist to men. Why does tumblr spew such backwards and non-progressive trash?

No. 22725

I feel bad for refugees, however taking in millions of people and destroying your own economy doesn't help ANYONE. I think Syria needs to fix their own country before anything can get better. People deserve happiness and a decent way of life, but fleeing to other countries near by and fucking things up for them isn't how it works.

No. 22726

Those are definitely two girls. And also, ugh, who shows that publically on facebook??

No. 22727

Bottom right is actually pretty cute and can do a lot with proper hair and makeup. There's no saving the others.

No. 39872

The ones on the right are both kind of cute, they just need to put a little more work into hair/makeup respectively.

No. 39875

Except for clown girl and hippy mom, none of these people are that unattractive. Even the weeb-looking girl has a nice face.

No. 39894

Girl who was in my class for a while before getting kicked out. I keep her on facebook mainly for this shit. She's moved to london and gone.. well, like this. She's also got BPD apparently. Tough it makes sense as she was fucking mental. She's also taken to documenting her drug trips via facebook status.

I think she makes a very good point here.. but one that's kind of invalidated by the fact she isn't wearing anything really.

No. 39897


She legit does look like someone's grandma. Do you have any idea how old she is?

No. 39898

File: 1444239356887.jpg (291.28 KB, 1648x932, crly.jpg)

No. 40518

File: 1444388266564.jpeg (204.32 KB, 576x1024, image.jpeg)

Pathological liar, rude, land whale who swears she exercizes and eats well(seen her consume enough food to feed a small family in 10min or less), swears up and down she isn't white and is some sort of Asian Latino mix. Says she's lesbian, watched her hook up with dudes. Is feminist, but then shames other women and puts them down for their life choices. Is fucking bonkers.

No. 40521

Sounds like all fat women tbh.
Except maybe the race part.
Wonder when she last saw her toes?

No. 40523

>walks out wearing tape and bandaids
>I want to be respected
>posts on social media
>not attention seeking

No. 40524

File: 1444393070980.jpg (161.76 KB, 1280x960, https://41.media.tumblr.com/f2…)

Emily uses duct tape so it must be cool SMH

No. 40534

File: 1444398198319.gif (501.39 KB, 500x253, Hidden Laugh.gif)

No. 40536

For fucks sake if you're going to call yourself some weird gender thing at least try to look like it

No. 41023

Another self post kek

No. 42836

File: 1444824088102.jpg (117.3 KB, 600x800, 318.jpg)

Oh god I have one who could have her own reality show. We used to be best friends until she got all butthurt about me dating one of her "friends." Girl is INSANE about other men's attention and will do anything to be the "girl everyone wants to fuck." Has an incestuous relationship with her brother and even posts pics on her IG with captions like "Siblings or lovers?!" She is so infatuated with him that she only dates his friends, and actually a few years ago married one of them. He happens to be one of the ugliest trolls on the planet, but he's an investment banker so she saw the dollar signs and the association to her bro and went running. She USED to be a teacher but she quit her job to move to NYC with her troll husband and "travel." All she does now is watch RHONY and get drunk. Also, if I haven't mentioned, she has an MA in reading and literacy and the girl cannot spell or write at all. It's embarrassing on many levels, not only for her, but for the sad educational system that allowed her to be deemed competent enough to teach children how to be as shitty as she is.

No. 42845

i think shes kinda pretty kek

No. 42846

File: 1444825657632.jpg (31.52 KB, 370x656, TNA1.jpg)

She thinks she's pretty too. I forgot to mention whenever any other woman is viewed as a threat to her attractiveness (AKA almost all women) she has to state, "I am so much prettier than her." It doesn't matter if it's a real-life person or a celebrity, I have never once heard her say someone is pretty without having to make that remark as well.

No. 42849

>Here's the rest. I spent way too much time on this.
bitch you spent like 3 minutes in paint and then proceeded to go on about how you just - can - not - understand why they call eachother pretty

No. 43063


I gotta admit I think she's quite pretty too, but she sounds like a steaming pile of shit

Total crazy eyes going on in >>42836 pic too

No. 43089

File: 1444863361167.jpg (67.53 KB, 640x640, 11380959_431340153712827_79559…)


Crazy eyes is right. She might be pretty, until she smiles. My intense dislike for her blinds me to any attractiveness as well. She really is a steaming pile of shit. I don't have any pictures of her from within the last few months but she has put on maybe 20 lbs. I wish I could like you to some of her lulzy writing without giving out her info. Jesus Christ it's terrible.

No. 44668

Could you screen cap it and edit out people and places from it?

No. 58497

File: 1447452432904.jpeg (115.57 KB, 960x960, image.jpeg)

This kid:


>extremely autistic

>really bad cosplays made of stuff he has around the house
>party city wigs
>shitty fan art that looks like a 5-year-old drew
>only 11 likes on his page but he still acts proud

I used to be friends with him on Facebook until his posts started to get annoying. Always whining about nobody liking/caring about him, and then threatens to block people when they try telling him it's not true. He takes pictures of himself crying and uses them as his profile pictures. Also, he's STILL obsessed with Bitstrips, you know that retarded app where you make avatars of yourself and your friends to put in comics that got old 3 years ago? and after everyone got annoyed and asked him to stop putting them in his comics, he started making ones with only him in them. He would post like 12 a day and a lot of them were just of his avatar crying. I bet he still does it.

Pic related, it's supposed to be Dark Link. He's also got a couple whiteknights on his page who keep cheering him on. It's embarrassing.

No. 58840

In middle school I was friends with this girl who was emo. She diagnosed herself with literally every mental illness possible and would slit her wrists and legs then post pictures online.

She'd also try way too hard to seem edgy so she would tell people she grew up in the ghetto, lost her virginity at 9 and sold drugs at 5 years old.

Needless to say, we were friends for a very, very short amount of time.

No. 58845

She looks like an average skinnyfat white girl, dunno what those other anons see in her.

No. 60332

Why do people like to romanticize mental illnesses? Schizophrenia isn't something you want

No. 67053

File: 1449104318811.jpg (95.05 KB, 720x960, am.jpg)

This chick would post whiny, narcissistic woe-is-me blog entries on a website that is meant for plastic surgery reviews.

>wahh these days I'm forced to only date Ivy-league men

>wahh I used to look like Audrey Hepburn but after my third nose job I'm now deformed
>not even Mexicans will look at me now, I'm treated like a second class citizen

She kept flooding the "recent review" page with this bullshit, and I was getting annoyed, so with a little digging I managed to dox her and she deleted all her photos and stopped posting reviews.

Technically, I don't know her IRL but she doesn't warrant a dedicated thread so idunno where else to post this.

No. 67055

File: 1449104406365.png (33.79 KB, 734x266, am2.png)

And a screenshot of one of her "reviews"

No. 67057

Almost sounds like a female Elliot Rodger. That bitterness and entitlement…

No. 67177

Why did she have a second nose job if the first one produced such wonderful results? And why is she so focused on her nose when she could improve her looks exponentially by just plucking that unibrow??? She looks like a friggin' werewolf!

No. 67182

File: 1449111527737.png (46.99 KB, 724x399, 3.png)

I think she has a case of BDD mixed with narcissism. She would find something wrong with her appearance no matter what.

No. 67187

File: 1449114079603.jpeg (46.49 KB, 730x409, image.jpeg)

>ex-weeb who used to fetishize Japanese men
>now tumblr kid who fetishizes Korean men
>changed Facebook name to Pastel but wants to change legal name to Pastel too
>i'M SOrrYy SomETINE A i g ET PANic aTTA cks nand I jUST CAN t.,.
>self-dx'd with depression, anxiety, and BPD
>had a video of her literally crying over how she messed up an eyebrow
>calls self kawaii hoe and weeb trash
>most of her friends are over 25 despite that she's not 18 yet

No. 67327

The boss at my previous job was lulzy in unusual ways.
She owned a "magic" bookshop and I was helping her part-time. She's in her thirties, pretty much average but considers herself a greek goddess and also thinks she's the smartest and above everyone else (except one person, will explain later) but she is annoying af. Sad thing, lots of people (mostly old ladies though) used to flock to her in awe and she would tell their fortune and read tarots. Which would be okay I guess, but she took their money and talked shit about everyone as soon as they left the shop. She mostly criticized other women (including myself) for being: not feminine enough, too skinny, looking tired/sad/depressed, not being able to control their life (in her opinion) etc. Like it was mandatory to look perfect and happy everyday. And of course she sold overpriced, tacky shit. She also spammed everyone with this self-help guru who held meetings etc in town and basically believed he is like a god and he's always right and if you don't do what he says you're basically fucked. Eventually I found another job but I'm still baffled by her delusions and how people basically adore her and said guru.

No. 67388

Haha this reminds me of most of my coworkers when I worked at a magic shop too. Delusional, catty, screwing people out of their money. Funny in retrospect, but toxic when you're actually in it.

No. 67398

Did she say she was Cleopatra in a previous life? Sounds like that sort.

No. 67433

Why is this such a common thing?

No. 67444


Spoiled brats who grow up unable to face reality so they delude themselves into believing they're special, unique little snowflakes who are above everyone else as a coping mechanism.

No. 67455

Haha, they're ALWAYS Cleopatra or Anne Boleyn and not some random who shovelled shit for a living. Lots of lolcows in the psychic community.

No. 67460

Funny they conveniently don't see the other hundreds of "psychics" claiming they were also Cleopatra in a past life.

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