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File: 1480129847916.jpg (145.57 KB, 500x333, jess.jpg)

No. 204019

Jessica Celebra aka Jessica Rosa is a narcissistic 20-something-year-old rich white girl who is well-known on Tumblr for her sad babydoll nymphet photography & clothing, and reselling used clothing originally bought at thrift stores for $50 each; also notorious for throwing paranoid fits and deleting her blog every 2 months & coming back a week later with a new name and persona (but never fails to come off as holier-than-thou).

She thinks anyone who takes photos of pink things & buildings with a film camera and posts them to Tumblr is copying her & has thrown several fits about it; at one point she (a grown woman) publicly bullied a 16-year-old girl (with aspergers syndrome, no less) for such.

Originally known in around 2012 for her blogspot, The Tragic Sense, and her Lookbook (both no longer accessible) where she posted her faded film photography and outfits.

Jess moved to tumblr in ~2013 and gained popularity under her first url, dollgraves, assumed a sweet fragile nymphet uwu persona, and deleted her blog in (I think) 2014.
Remade her blog under the url ghostbabygirl not long after, but threw a fit because everyone was copying her and only she can take faded film photos of her masturbating in a tutu and bloody panties :(
Deleted again in 2015, came back as Jess Woods (url jess-woods); photography consisted of more greenery but was mostly the same.
Deleted once again mid-2016.

Jess's current blog is moonprincessjess.tumblr.com where she now assumes the name Jessica Rosa & posts photos of city buildings, chandeliers, and vegan fairy DIY rose baths and lavender teas.

Links -
Blogspot: thetragicsense.blogspot.com (now defunct & inaccessible)
First Tumblr: https://web.archive.org/web/20130625122916/http://dollgraves.tumblr.com
Second Tumblr: ghostbabygirl.tumblr.com (unable to find an archived version but it was essentially the same as her first)
Third Tumblr: https://web.archive.org/web/20160522200520/http://jess-woods.tumblr.com/
Current Tumblr: moonprincessjess.tumblr.com
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/moonprincessjess/ (very obviously buys likes and followers)
Website: http://jessica-rosa.com/
Store: http://jessicarosa.storenvy.com/
Other links: http://moonprincessjess.tumblr.com/links
There are several posts about Jess and her past personas here: >>>/snow/198225 (ctrl+f/command+f jess or jessica celebre)

I hope this isn't too long or if I got any of the timeline incorrect (a lot of this is from memory), please correct me!

No. 204020

ty for this thread op

No. 204023

her new photography really doesn't suit her. i really loved her jess woods phase but now all she does is take photos of her baths. i wonder if she really thinks this stuff is better than what she used to do, i'd venture that most of her followers can't relate to her current "aesthetic" at all

No. 204025

ty for posting this lmao. did anyone see her amazon wishlist? it's filled with a ton of super expensive chandeliers worth 1000s of dollars. yet she can only donate a "portion of profits to charity".

No. 204026

File: 1480130526640.png (997.96 KB, 600x975, anorexia.png)

She's got an impressively big, fat pussy for such a small lass.
>tfw you still don't really know what her face actually looks like. so annoying ugh

No. 204027

File: 1480130626940.jpg (22.98 KB, 500x372, 7d532b1cc21c6bb55c881e43f017de…)

No. 204028


Those extensions.

No. 204031

look at my thigh gap!! teehee!!

No. 204032

I mean, this picture's several years old. She's aged and lost weight since then.

No. 204033

For someone that claims to be a photgrapher has she actually done gone to school for it?

Toronto (which is where I assume she is currently, seeing as she has photo's of places in TO) has lots of photography programs. She should look into it because her work screams amateur and inexperienced.

Not to mention how hard it is to become a professional photographer without making contacts, and doing a few years of shit work (weddings, school photos etc).

No. 204036

dude i don't think she's done anything past highschool. i remember her saying school wasn't for everybody. she said she didn't need it.

No. 204037

wait this is the same person holy shit

No. 204038

I'm not a photographer btw. Just have had acquaintances actually go to school for it.

From my point of view, her stuff would probably get a lot of reblogs on tumblr, but it would never be featured in a magazine or professional website.

It's just boring and repetitive to me. Like I assume photo series are supposed to tell a story or have a theme, but hers don't seem to. Where are the little blurbs on her website talking about her process or focus for each series? Where's the part of her site that explains how much experience she has and what mediums she's worked with?

Like. That just seems like something basic you would add to a professional website showcasing your work.


In my opinion if you want to work in a career that focuses on creativity y'all need to suck it up and go to school or take classes at some point to really get ahead. Depending on the school you can do so many more things you can never do on your own (without a lot of luck), work experience with companies, collaborations with various artists, exposure to so many different mediums and work processes, etc.

Though all of the above requires you to put in a lot of money and work effort.

I think what probably bothers the most in the world is lazy artists who don't want to go to school or work with other people or break outside their bubble. If she lives in Toronto she's really wasting a lot of potential.

No. 204040

like, it's tumblr. no photographer on there with a following knows what they're doing. chill

No. 204041

Did you miss the link to her ~professional photography~ website?

She's literally gotten paid to take these types of photo's.

No. 204042

she didn't say she "didn't need it". there's enough milk on her without having to make shit up

No. 204043

File: 1480132573598.jpg (55.4 KB, 560x434, 1534942_look6.jpg)

No. 204044

`omg that look in her face did the devil take her soul then try to give it back?

No. 204045

No. 204046

she probably switched to whatever she's doing now so she would be a special snowflake again, since everyone ~copied~ her previous style of photography

No. 204049

i mean she's obviously fake n shit but like..

where's the milk? this girl is so vanilla

No. 204050

did anyone else notice all the anons on her blog are in the exact same format?

Anonymous asked: Hey Jess ? I'm in the process of switching to vegan and I was wondering what's on your usual grocery list as I have no idea what to pick up. Love u ?

Anonymous asked: Hey Jess ? when making your own beauty products, what do you recommend to always have on hand? Love this blog so glad your back ?

Anonymous asked: Hey jess! I was wondering what foundation you use and other basic make up bits love you princess ??

Anonymous asked: Hi Jess ? I think it'd be really cool if you could do a self care routine! I don't know if that's something your interested in but I think it could be helpful to many ?

then the first thing she posts on her blog is hi everyone. it’s jess ✨ i’m back! blah blah finishing with love ?

No. 204053

oh my god LMAO she does have a mean-looking face, i can see why she hides it, especially during her baby nymphet phase

No. 204054

Idk her new aesthetic really screams tumblr circa 2012. This is nothing special lol.

No. 204064

Google jessica celebre. Literally the first image that comes up is her current face. She actually looks pretty cute now imo, so it baffles me why she insists on hiding.
Yes! Her current style is so basic and so obviously inspired by ariana grande.

No. 204069

lol at the wonky flooring

No. 204072

I think a lot of people who preach about positivity, love, veganism and spirituality end up being crazy or full of drama behind the scenes. xD(xD)

No. 204155

I have the suspicion that this and the preceding calf thread were started by those undesirables to begin with, to be honest.

No. 204169

I'm from PULL not Tumblr(pls go back)

No. 204176

jess viciously attacked alice snow who started doing well for herself and called her a copycat. she herself sent alice a ton of nasty asks about it and tried to bully her off tumblr. then she would ask herself anons about it and answer like miss congeniality. it was very weird behavior. especially since alice snow is lots more talented than her. at least alice runs her own honest business and works hard on her art.

No. 204178

That's almost worse.

No. 204183

that explains it rofl

No. 204185

Just went through all of Jess' new tumblr and she's a honey consuming vegan. What a precious good hearted little fake.

No. 204188


it's cruelty free honey my moon child ❣

No. 204191

i follow alice snow and i love her artwork i ordered a print from her i think last year? shes a sweet girl and i can tell she puts effort into her artwork the packaging she sent was really cute and thought out

No. 204201

Her legs look quite thick in the other pictures though? She looks like she's a size M, but does certain angles to look a size XS.

No. 204207

She's definately an xs! are you crazy??

No. 204210

yeah back when she was fat. those pics are from 2012

No. 204211

alice snow is NOT more talented. jess's old pictures were great. alice's photography has never been great. she edits her photos to the point that they look nothing like the original photo

No. 204213

Hi Jess

No. 204218

Jess edits the shit out of her pictures too. She just lies about it. At least Alice is honest.

No. 204220

Their photos literally look the same. They're both dull and "vintage-looking" with low contrast, with very similar subject matter and themes. Repetitive as fuck. Lonesnow's art is kind of nasty to look at, too. Not in the cute/creepy way she's going for either, just…ugly. It's hard to describe.

No. 204221

Anyone else notice how since the original thread Jess doesn't get nearly as many anons? She went from 10 a day to 1 every few days. I think she caught on to the fact that people were suspicious that she sent them to herself. How many times can you get the same message calling you a tiny fairy using the same emoji combinations before it becomes obvious?

No. 204222

File: 1480182630949.png (579.36 KB, 550x519, tumblr_oexy4eYGsd1vi3jr6o1_r12…)

There is definitely some blurring/distortion going on between her legs in this selfie. The 'noise' in this area is not uniform as it is throughout the rest of the photo. Perhaps she has lost some weight since all the photos that come up when you google Jessica Celebre, but I'm pretty sure she Photoshops/uses editing apps too.

No. 204231

Its sociopathic of her to edit her pictures so she's skinnier knowing she's been posted on so many pro Ana forums, gets messages about her triggering people with eating disorders and promotes an 800 calorie a day diet…

No. 204232

she also had another tumblr 'woods-baby' somewhere between 'dollgraves' and 'jess-woods'. that means she's now on her fifth blog. i cant get over how many times she's deleted and remade!?

No. 204233

it's also easy to see that the floor on the right side of the picture doesn't match up to the rest, it's been warped so much that looks like it's on an angle

and if she were really that thin, she would have more definition in her legs

No. 204235

jess woods and alice snow are both boring. i prefer the photography of freakscircus

No. 204240

I wish her old what I eat in a day post was up. It was something like a smoothie, a cookie, some carrots and zucchini, and a little bit of pasta. It was kind of fucked up she was calling it healthy and energizing. I hope she gets help if she's sick but I can't help but wonder how her young followers think that's how they can be as skinny as her.

No. 204244

I don't get this whining about her"anorexic bodday" and "poor girls getting eating disorders just from looking at her", she's normal weight and skinnyfat. Samefag much?

No. 204247


isn't she like 5'0? if so, all she needs is like 200 more calories a day and she'd be healthy. that's like, a small bag of chips or a vegan starbucks drink.

No. 204248

So, the same thing, but with less filters?

No. 204250

I remember her saying this went along with working out and doing cardio

No. 204251


hmm, that's a bit low then. Figured she was just a skinnyfat

No. 204254

skinny fat average?? Have you seen her latest pictures? She's super underweight and posted on multiple thinspo forums

No. 204258

they're similar but she's seemed to me the authentic version of what jesswoods does

No. 204259

Don't know if Jess's lack of authenticity comes from anything in her photography, but the way her personality comes across. If her photography was anonymous i'd think it was perfectly authentic.

No. 204262

stuff like "feeling luxurious + sensuous in my vegan rose petal lush bath, so in touch with my leo sign and in tune with nature" and "your teeny tiny pole fairy". it was funny and not mean spirited at all. and now she talks exactly like the parody blog. she's shockingly unaware of how idiotic she sounds

No. 204265

better photography i guess

No. 204270

If you want to debate whether or not Jess's photography is better or worse than all the other photographers on Tumblr that take pictures of the exact same thing, do it somewhere else and don't clog up this thread.

No. 204275

she reposts the same old shit from when she was anorexic over and over again.

like shit from years ago that was popular.

wtf is wrong with you?

No. 204276

lol cute double post jess

No. 204277


ik this girl was off

No. 204282

The two things that I always found really off about Jess is how her anons truly sound like she sent them to herself and how she refers to HERSELF as tiny, fairy, princess etc. It's pretty cringeworthy.

No. 204284

File: 1480190915345.jpg (44.79 KB, 564x383, weseeyoujess.jpg)

Jess absolutely does edit her photos, BTW. She took this years old photo and tried to pass it off as something new recently on her blog here (https://68.media.tumblr.com/870ed0e2cf60aafbcd076cf7a3b3b205/tumblr_oggdu00fiS1vi3jr6o1_r3_540.jpg). It's obviously the same photo with color editing, she also (not very convincingly) shopped herself out. The pool picture on her blog was also color edited. She posted it in February/March this year and the tile was brown colored. She's running out of ideas and material. I wish she would just stop because her current blog is fug.

No. 204285

ikr, "moonprincessjess" is so cringeworthy. she refers to her anons (fake or not) as "doll" and "kitten", and herself as "baby Jess". it's gross tbh

No. 204320


does she actually? jesus

No. 204451

wait there's a parody blog? link?

No. 204666

It's gone now. Basically what happened was, when Jess 'remade', the first thing she remade was Instagram under the username moonprincessjess. She hadn't remade Tumblr yet so someone got their before her and got the username moonprincessjess and started posting funny shit pretending to be her. But then she cried to Tumblr and they gave her the account.

No. 204844

LOL yikesss this is so cringeworthy

No. 204857

it seems like the main goal in all of her online identities is to make people jealous of her. she screams insecure.

No. 204998

Didn't she have a columbine fanblog?

No. 205398

that was nicole, jess was never like that really except for some photos of graveyards here and there

No. 205656


she also used to take photos of notes her boyfriend would write her / she would write to her boyfriend about the intimate details of their sex life

No. 205671

ew i wanna see this

No. 205709

seconding this. anyone got these or know where to find them?

No. 205829

i saw these on her jess-woods blog. they were super explicit sex letters. it looked like they were sent from prison or something. it was about BDSM and some guy choking her. she photographed them with flowers and dolls?

No. 205836

No. 205893


That was vile and cringey as shit. Seems like these girls always go through an overty horny phase where they have to let everyone know about their business of getting fucked.

No. 205906

her latest post sounds like patrick bateman from american psycho

i use this one with non-nano zinc oxide (only use NON-nano zinc oxide products), and nourishing oils. i try to keep it simple with short ingredient lists i can trust. too much sun exposure is one of the main causes of premature aging! get a good routine going, it might take some trial and error but once you’ve got it down you will see major improvements. my morning routine is: cleanse (with Gressa’s Balancing Cleanser), spritz with rose water, apply Mad Hippie Vitamin C Serum, daily moisturizer (Vanishing Cream by Lush), sunscreen, makeup. i give my skin time to absorb every product before applying the next.

at night i cleanse/remove makeup & gently exfoliate with my clarisonic (you should def exfoliate if not physically, then with a chemical exfoliating cream or serum- lots of people swear by including a BHA or AHA in their routines, they’ll often recommend Paula’s Choice. could also include a glycolic or mandelic acid, Makeup Artist’s Choice sells them but i’m not into putting alcohol on my face, big fan of Garden of Wisdom who makes them without. could also look into getting a retin-a/tretinoin prescription from your derm), apply Mad Hippie’s Vitamin A Serum or Gressa’s Night Repair Elixir, and moisturize with Lush’s Full of Grace. i also make my own anti-age serum with carrot seed oil, rosehip seed oil, geranium oil, frankincense, and vitamin e, which i will use in place of my other serums if i want to save money. don’t forget about your makeup! only use high quality makeup on your skin. i love Zuii’s Certified Organic Flora Colour Corrective Primer & Gressa’s Minimalist Corrective Serum Foundation. i’ve been making a real effort to switch over to products with more natural ingredients!

some tips in general- don’t rub or pull your skin and be gentle with the skin around your eyes, especially when you remove your makeup. wear sunglasses with UV protection. and don’t neglect your lips! use a lip balm with spf. sun damage discolours lips and creates fine lines around the mouth. don’t forget the neck, décolletage, and hands. they’re often neglected but some of the first places to show signs of aging. i use a good hyaluronic acid cream on my hands and neck/décolletage & finish with Lush’s Sympathy for the Skin every day after showering.

No. 205907


screenshot next time please

No. 205915

Adderall is one hell of a drug

No. 206048

Probably sent this to herself too

No. 206049

No. 206069

Does she honestly not realize All of her self care tips involve spending a fortune?

No. 206152

yikes, i used to kinda like jess but could never really get into her but now i see how truly contrived her personality is.

seriously, its a shame people are gonna look up to this shit, thinking they need to use tons of products and spend a fortune. i hope nobody listens to her.

No. 206167

why is she calling herself baby jess now

No. 206170

Who is she kidding with these skincare, fitness and self care anons? They're obviously her so she can have an excuse to talk about that stuff. She is so transparently trying to transition her blog away from the photography that got her noticed and into beauty guru realm. She's sending herself anons now to hype up her YouTube channel. I hope YouTube leaves her by the wayside with <5k followers and 300 views per video, because that's the most she's going to get from her blog. People follow her for her photography.

No. 206174


No. 206177

she recommends $500 worth of skincare products to prevent aging then finishes it with "don’t freak out too much about aging!"

No. 206180

What even happened to her "charity donations"?

No. 206198

her skincare routine stuff is weird because IRL lady has awful skin. tons of foundation over acne, acne scars and huge pours

No. 206209

Do you know her in person? I never understoodvwhy so many people asked someone who never posts pictures of her skin for skincare advice.
It's so typical for 27 year old Jess to refer to herself as baby, tiny, princess and fairy lol

No. 206264

i can see why this chick hides her face

sad lol

No. 206331

I wonder how she lost all that weight. Has she mentioned her diet before?

No. 206334

Alice was 15, not 16.

No. 206351

kek, "pours"

No. 206437


yes. she's very rude.

No. 206453

i read this in christian bale's voice thank you

No. 206536

how did jess bully her?

No. 206592

she has mentioned developing anorexia nervosa, she gained maybe 5lbs and said she was recovered but doubtfully so

No. 206601

Wow how do you know her? How is she rude? Go under cover and befriend her for us an report back

No. 206649

Jess was 25, Alice was 15. Jess publicly called out Alice on her blog with thousands of followers for "copying her photography" and prompted her followers to send Alice mean messages about it. It was really immature and uncalled for.

No. 206650

She doesn't even mention anorexia anymore. She just says she's had her ups and downs with weight..

No. 206664

When did she do that?

No. 206665

2 years ago

No. 207012

File: 1480573231675.jpg (57.21 KB, 400x600, original.jpg)

she looks like she wants to kill someone

No. 207228

Wait so Jess is 27? Lort. lmao

No. 207373

she's in her late 20s

No. 207400

She's probably as far from being a cow as one can get and actually possesses some sort of talent. Super nice to talk to as well. Still don't understand how she ended up in this big tumblr dolly circle jerk.

No. 207405

File: 1480651259238.png (1.39 KB, 115x91, ho.png)

because she has the eyebrows of an angry stick figure.

No. 207411

I noticed that. I think the person above was right that she wants people to think her life is perfect and be as jealous of her as possible. I think having an ED doesn't fit into that narrative. And I think she wants people to think she's super skinny naturally and this old Jessica Celebre phase never existed.

No. 207414

I'm pretty sure any tumblrina within this niche would take that remark as a stroke to their quirky ego.

No. 207419

She's not really into the murderer side of things. She refers to herself as tiny forest fairy, princess, dolly, domestic goddess. Her whole blog is about Gardening and mixing vegan rose petal soaps. She's committed to making people jealous of her but crime doesn't reflect that.

No. 207468

so embarrassing people like this exist. like how far up your own ass do you have to be? "princess/fairy/goddess/doll"? how narcissistic

No. 210175

File: 1481153760572.png (198.16 KB, 640x1001, IMG_5670.PNG)

People with eating disorders shouldn't recommend what they eat to young girls. This is 700 cals max. And who the fuck eats flowers or dandelions? She has no protein or anything. There's like, half a cup of pasta here..

No. 210181

File: 1481154119775.jpg (49.34 KB, 500x813, b240cd9979fc8a002aee1cc925a687…)

her workout routine with a 700 calorie diet

strength training at the gym 3x a week (i try to follow a lifting program or a variation of one. i like Strong Curves by bret contreras & kellie davis, fun mix of compound/accessory movements & i like the pretty feminine shape it creates), yoga class 3x a week, pilates and ballet barre once a week ?

look at between her thighs in this picture, the floor is much more grainier and blurrier.

she pisses me off so much. she calls her teenage followers "tiny angels" and promotes weight loss products to them.

No. 210182

Yo did she really set the plates on grass to take those pictures??

No. 210183

Yes and she made a salad with weeds…… Yikes @ white girls(racebaiting)

No. 210199

>Yikes @ white girls
go back to tumblr

No. 210205

Lots of people eat dandelions you uncultured fuck. Just because all you eat is hotpockets doesn't mean that's all the world eats.

Also top kek at you thinking that breakfast is negligible. It's not a lot of food but it's fine if you're sedentary and want to be skinny.

No. 210212

She could have stopped with the greens but she ended up throwing some wilted ass dandelions on top of it. lort.

No. 210229

Ok Jess

No. 210231

She's not sedentary, she works out for an hour a day. Have fun eating dandelions, flowers and smoothie bowls for sustenance during intensive cardio.

No. 210244

This actually looks like a decent amount of food. I don't see an issue here.

No. 210469

dandelions are really healthy & make a good tea, they're just unreasonably bitter so not many people eat them
sage b/c who actually cares (i really love dandelions sorry)

No. 211111

Maybe if you were sedentary (aka did nothing all day), but according to jess she works out every single day meaning she should be eating like double this or more, seeing as she is supposedly expending a lot of energy which the food pictured would not healthily sustain.

No. 211138


same, but I guess depends on what you do

No. 211238

dude edible flowers are a thing albeit theyre mostly found in tea but still you can eat that shit

>Lots of people eat dandelions you uncultured fuck. Just because all you eat is hotpockets doesn't mean that's all the world eats.
savage as fuck rofl

No. 211638

27? Are you for real? I've been low-key following her since her early days on jess-woods, and I would swear she said at some point or had it in her FAQ that she was 23

No. 211643

Also on the school thing, she did say she has been in college but dropped out. I quote "college is not for everyone". Don't know what exactly she studied in college though

No. 211733

File: 1481412769320.png (625.17 KB, 891x596, tumblr_m4uli6sfrB1rohf10o1_128…)

she has a job or something? like what 24+ has the time to set the plates of ALL her meals on the fucking grass!

btw i hate the way she corrects the color in her photos so dull

No. 211941

>>211733 She works in a library and has been working in that field for a couple of years. She had some sort of promotion recently, or started working at a better/more important library; something like that.

Tbh personally I'm guessing that 'what I eat today' is staged af. It's just a post to keep her 'vegan organic one-with-nature-fairy' image up. (Also who the fuck has time to cut out star shapes and dip them in chocolate?)

She either lies about what and how much she eats, how much she works out or both.

No. 211965

…she doesn't look like she does Strong Curves…

No. 211967

I work in a library and the backend work is very physical - you're wheeling heavy trolleys of books and shelving all day. If she's eating 700 cals, doing library and that much exercise, no wonder she's so little.

No. 211983

>you're wheeling heavy trolleys of books and shelving all day.
you make it sound like that's actual heavy labor LMAO. i work in a library too and we've got an fat diabetic woman doing that work and she hasn't lost any weight. and we've already established jess photoshops herself smaller and most certainly does not eat a 700 cal vegan fairy diet.

No. 211991

Has she ever given a specific reason for posting so little photography nowadays? She used to come across as extremely passionate about it.

No. 211994

Her photos are so incredibly boring now I literally have to double take because I can't remember if it's already been posted before or not! Eagerly awaiting this YouTube channel of hers that's supposed to be coming in early December (even though it's approaching mid-December now…) I'm curious as to whether she's going to show her face in her videos or not?

No. 212053

she's a beauty lifestyle blogger now!

No. 212058

Too bad… really liked a lot of her jess-woods phase photography. (The non sad-babydoll typish pics anyway) I always thought she would go places with her photography.

No. 212060

how many pictures can she take of a pink tea and pink flowers on a bed

No. 212062

i think she thought people actually give a shit about her as an internet personality so she ditched the photography people cared about. the irony is that her personality is narcissistic and off-putting and the more she highlights it the more negative the response is (this thread for example).

she's like kayla in a way with the reinventions. watch her internet popularity take a nosedive

No. 212103

How is it narcissistic? I mean I completely understand how you her personality off-putting, she kinda comes across as fakish to me. But narcissistic?

No. 212104

It's literally one person who keeps saying that daily and posting in this thread because they're obsessed with her milquetoast, disingenuous ass. They also used the "Nicole Dollanganger calves" thread to post random Tumblr users they dislike.

No. 212106

Ah I haven't seen that Nicole calves thread

No. 212129

take off your tinfoil hat. i may have a vendetta against jess (though not enough to make this thread) but i have no idea who the dumbasses in the nicole dollanganger calf thread are other than the ones that ACTUALLY follow nicole

>says i'm obsessed

>says this exact thing in every other thread

No. 212203

If she sends herself all those weird and obsessively admiring anons (which looks like it's the case) that comes off as weirdly narcissistic

No. 212501

If you say so.

No. 212517

Her website says she's 24. How do we know she's 27?

No. 212586

She's been 24 for years

No. 212682

pretty sure she said she was in her mid-20s in 2014

No. 212687

Why has she abandoned her instagram for nearly 2 months??? Girl needs to learn some consistency

No. 212752


Look at the last 2 outfits she posted, both say 'from around this time last year' A couple of the other photo's too are old jess-woods content. She's not (actively) photographing anymore so running out of content. Besides the fact that she disappears from social media all the time. The countless times she has removed her tumblr..

No. 212754

The teacups photo says; Goodness over 1000 people followed me overnight (!!!!!) hello new friends! ❤️✨

Sure Jess..

No. 212761

Why is every anonymous message she gets written in the same format and why do they all use the same emojis? That she uses in her personal text posts (like the one above?) So transparent.

No. 212782

File: 1481582700901.png (1.11 MB, 800x880, IMG_5219_original.png)

What's strange is, she put this outfit pic on one of her store listings here:
So she is clearly taking at least some new outfit pics, so why is she not posting them anywhere??? Her posting habits are so strange I agree she needs more consistency and needs to stop reposting old content. Even her new content looks exactly like some old stuff (i.e. the billion photos of tea cups on pink fabric like idk what is even new or old any more and I don't care to find out bc boring)

No. 212820

She's been photographing the same old Agent Provocateur box for like a year now. Like we get it Jess…

No. 212837

she's fucking delusional if she doesn't think that's noticeable lmao

No. 212853

she was actually talented what the fuck happened to her

No. 212855

File: 1481591724238.png (104.91 KB, 240x187, jessthigh.png)

oh my god look at her thighs here. so blatantly edited.

No. 213033

I wonder if it's taking her so long to get her YouTube Channel up because she has to edit her thighs in every single fragment

No. 213049

No. 213142

her youtube account?

looks like the thumbnail is a new self-portrait actually showing her face. and she has a playlist titled 'recovery'


No. 213151

File: 1481647699500.png (64.41 KB, 425x473, Untitled.png)

tell me again how she doesn't have an eating disorder

No. 213158

File: 1481648053086.png (141.46 KB, 1014x456, Screen Shot 2016-12-13 at 16.3…)

samefagging but here's a screenie just for future reference (i feel she'll probably private those playlists)

No. 213230

Heh, is she going by Jessica Celebre again now?

No. 213234

Btw I don't think she looks bad in that pic. It was just those hideously overdrawn eyebrows that made her look like the devil. With more natural looking make-up she seems to be actually pretty cute (from what I can tell anyway)

No. 213240

File: 1481654799164.jpg (57.97 KB, 900x900, photo.jpg)

Again another photo she's taken of herself and not posted anywhere. I wonder how many ~photoshoots~ she does with herself and then decides never to post any of the photos lmao.. I couldn't pull a better resolution version of the photo from the YouTube page source, if anyone else wants to have a try?

No. 213255

File: 1481655894771.jpg (61.45 KB, 468x466, 20140820_095317.jpg)

Is this new? I pulled it from her google+

No. 213256

In this picture you can kind of see the former fat girl.

No. 213258

What's that supposed to mean, she looks skinny af

No. 213259

Idk man. Just looks like she's got fat girl hair, know what i mean? Like, if you squint you can imagine her being chunky. (please ignore me im high af)

No. 213262

i have heard of 'fat girl bangs' being a thing.

No. 213266


Those are old images I think. Somehow managed to pull an url that downloaded those 2 pics as a file. The first one says last date modified 20-3-2015 and the other 20-8-2014

No. 213269

>fat girl hair

No. 213273

Old Jess doesn't so much have 'fat girl bangs'. I'd describe them more as 'crime against humanity bangs'. They are fucking awful. Makes her eyes look squinty and close together, and her nose look huge. I really just hate bangs like that.

No. 213301

That pictures been around

No. 213302

I think she's truthfully 24, not 27. On various websites where she's been featured during 2012 (She had her blogspot up around that time) it says she's a 20 y/o photographer. Do the math, 4 years later makes her 24 indeed. I also recall she said at some point on jess-woods that she was 23, like a year ago. So I'm pretty sure that's her actual age.

No. 213353

ah, my bad

No. 213475

Is that you Jess

No. 213923

Lol no
I mean I can see how you would think that. I acknowledge the milk on her, but honestly? I don't hate her. I've followed her for like a year and a half during her jess-woods blog and the rumor that she's 27 didn't seem right to me. But if you can provide actual proof that she's 27 I'm more than willing to believe you.

No. 213977

Does anyone have screencaps from when she was bullying Alice(? That was Alice right)

No. 215059

File: 1481897706853.jpg (31.52 KB, 450x603, haircut1.jpg)

fat girl hair is a thing, but it's not this

see pic for general fat girl hair

No. 215070

hmm she's randomly gone pretty inactive, hope we haven't scared her off..? i wanted to see this youtube channel!

No. 215117

Surprisingly, her recovery playlist is still up.

I wonder if she's working on her channel behind the scenes? Vanishing for a couple of days/weeks and then come back with a fully prepared yt channel wouldn't be completely out of character.

No. 215140

File: 1481912504962.jpg (55.55 KB, 900x506, fat_girl___intro_by_mattbrewer…)

honestly I see a lot of fat girls with jess's hair
as if the thicc straight bangs were going to hide their insecurities or something lmfao

No. 215142

except that's a photoshopped picture of zooey deschanel, who is not fat. good job proving your point anon

No. 215147

I sense you have this hair

No. 215193

File: 1481920908868.jpg (73.95 KB, 540x360, jessica-celebre3.jpg)

She looks so different without bangs!

No. 215199

I don't think this is Jess

No. 215222

Oh my bad! I found it on some website that listed her work so I just kind of assumed it was her

No. 215682

it's definitely styled like her photographs. I'm pretty sure that's a different girl though.

No. 215683

Yeah this is one of her friends or someone willing to model for her, it's a pretty old photo, I remember reading something a long time ago and seeing this photo and Jess was all like "yea but I prefer just taking ~self portraits only~ now coz only I know what it's supposed to look like"

No. 215694

She unfollowed her own sister on Instagram

No. 215735

I think she wants to make her following as exclusive as possible. Jess Woods can't follow just anybody. Not even her own sister makes the cut.

No. 215737

i don't know why she bothered unfollowing half of the people she used to follow on instagram. she doesn't use it anyway

No. 215744

File: 1481945808933.png (231.5 KB, 866x352, sister.png)

jess's sister spent forever drawing a portrait of her and jess repaid her by unfollowing lol

No. 215847

Oh wow, that painting is amazing! Her sister is talented! On my phonescreen I had mistaken it for a photo before reading.

No. 215850

Oh wow! That painting is amazing, her sister is talented! I had mistaken it for a photo before reading the caption

No. 215864

My guess is she's trying to build a 'brand' for herself, which would tie into the 'exclusive following'-theory from >>215735

She might even be working on that now she's inactive on all social media.

No. 215870

wtf the people who she kept following are so random too… like people you would never expect her to be interested in??>>215737

No. 215895

wtf the people who she kept following are so random too… like people you would never expect her to be interested in??

No. 215910

are you having a stroke?

No. 215966

Lol, I repeatedly tried to post the same message when it didn't post, seems like it did post a couple of hours later after all..

No. 215967

Lol she's following Jenner… why's she even interested in the Kardashians and the Jenners? I would think that our ~~organic nature peaceful fairy queen~~ wouldn't be interested in the likes of them

No. 216024

I thought that while looking at her Pinterest? Like her ‘winter’ board is like the opposite of her aesthetic (pinterest.com/tinyfairyjess/winter). It seems like she’s forcing herself to be something she’s not and trying to distance herself from her original aesthetic because now so many other girls are doing it and she’s not special enough :'( but this new shit isn’t gonna work for her, it’s not what people originally liked her for (her photography).

No. 216048

That's her new aesthetic. She made a post dragging all of the "pink pale nymphette" blogs for being boring and unoriginal even though that's how she got her fandom. Now shes reinventing herself as a rich white girl. She recently bragged about getting a trip to Paris and a new MacBook/DSLR within the last couple months.She doesn't care about how that lifestyle is inaccessible to 99% of people. She just wants people to idolize her. All she follows is models, socialites and celebrities.

No. 216140

Ah I am really disappointed to see who she has unfollowed on Instagram.. When she first came back she was all like “If anyone has a photography blog like mine or Insta let me know and I will follow you tehe uwu” (it was generally all girls with her 'old' aesthetic) and then she followed them for a month or so and then quietly unfollowed them all. Nice.

No. 216158

File: 1482019585476.png (154.55 KB, 407x538, jess.png)

holy shit. look at this picture of jess on her sister's instagram. she looks SO different!!!

No. 216165

The caption "Jessica u can get mad at me for posting this"

Says enough

No. 216169

I don't understand why she's re-inventing herself on the verge of starting her YT Channel? Her fans want and expect to see cute organic nature fairy, not a rich, white city girl.

Also why the hell would she get mad at others for 'stealing' her style and then go for the rich, white city girl aesthetic like a trillion of others girls out there? It's not unique or that interesting OR whatsoever.

No. 216245

Jess's sister is a shady bitch. Wonder if she's seen this thread and is out for revenge

No. 216257

You can totally eat dandelion leaves and it's really common where I live. I mean mint is a weed and people use it for cooking all the time…?
That food looks delicious, I'm so sad it's being wasted on someone who's probably gonna throw it back up within an hour

No. 216269

File: 1482028292034.png (45.63 KB, 256x268, jess.png)

dear lord

No. 216270

how is she shady? they don't seem close, the only post on her instagram is exposing jess for being ugly. :/

No. 216335

Fuck, my nose looks just like her's shape-wise but doesn't stick out so much. Kms.

No. 216340


why are you so obsessed with dandelions

No. 216358

Her nose looks good. I like it. Good for her for having a big one. To me personally, small, straight noses always look like they're gonna collapse lol

No. 216372

She looks like pepper from AHS

No. 216375

Maybe do a side by side comparison cuz I don't see it

No. 216389

What are you talking about? It's my first post in the thread and I haven't been on lolcow in weeks?

No. 216409

is that a super jew nose? i feel like it is. i can't hate tho i prefer prominent hooked noses over tiny pointy ones.

No. 216452

She seems so perfect and knowledgable about stuff. I don't get it.

No. 216473

i can't believe she's getting dragged like lmao i never wouldve expected her to be who she is

No. 216475

thats exactly what she's doing

No. 216499

No. 216500

File: 1482058484806.png (634.62 KB, 925x572, Screen Shot 2016-12-18 at 10.5…)

And this one looks like Jess too??

No. 216501

Plz Jess's sister if you read this, post moar. I'm curious

No. 216502

I don't think she looks that different? Sure the nose is a little unexpected but she always hid it behind her hair in sideview pics. Sweep the hair over her shoulders and take away the awkward smile and ta-da: Jess like we've known her in the staged pics she shows us.

No. 216516

Any theories on why she has vanished from social media again?

No. 216562

well someone did go crying to her about this thread so…

No. 216582

welcome back jess

No. 216615


I doubt she's been reading here recently, if she did her recovery playlist would have been gone by now. The damn thing is still up

No. 216623

File: 1482084198607.png (71.86 KB, 688x239, Screen Shot 2016-12-18 at 18.0…)

I think they were referring to this ask she got on Tumblr. However, it may have been about PULL, because Jess literally then went and made an account on PULL and posted in her own thread and basically told them to take it down. They didn't. Lmao.

No. 216634

nah son that was definitely about this thread, she got the ask around the same time millie doll and patience were tipped off about the thread. love how no one came running here to defend her

No. 216755

In this pic you can kind of see the bad skin that >>206198 mentioned

No. 216774

oh my god i just went and had a look on PULL and that is one cringey fucking thread!! the OP of the thread is so far up jess's ass and removed all the info from the first post and replaced it with 'thread to be taken down as requested by jess' or some shit, but then the mods were like ummm nope. so its still just there. and jess's fucking essays. its so awkward for them now because they cant really post in that thread any more because shes just there?! i feel like someone should go there and fuck shit up lol -


No. 216810

if jess is so keen on having a safe space for young girls, why does she photoshop her thighs smaller? she's been made aware people post her pictures on thinspo forums, yet she photoshops herself to look tiny. people starving themselves to attain an unrealistic ideal isn't a "safe space for young girls". she's absolutely bonkers.

No. 216919

No one in that thread even said anything negative? Why did she go out of her way to ask to have it taken down when everyone was basically eating her ass?

Anyway, I don't trust people who put on a front of how perfect and balanced their life is. Those are the ones you have to watch out for the most because they always have something to hide…

No. 216923

right?????? everyone in the thread is praising her and she wrote an essay asking them to remove it because she was paranoid about the thread going south. she clearly has a ton of stuff to hide if she's that worried about it.

No. 216941


she freaked over that thread and the funny parody blog. i wonder how she feels about this thread. it's way harsher.

No. 216943

she'll delete again over it very soon. i can feel it

No. 216953

this girl is so fugly

no wonder she never posts her face

No. 217019

File: 1482119412701.jpg (98.67 KB, 566x848, jesswoods.jpg)

If any of you had any doubts over whether she photoshops her photos, the top one is the shooped version she posted on tumblr. The original is on the bottom. She not only edited her side profile and body to make herself slimmer, she took the window on the side of the building out as well. I distinctly remember her saying she doesn't edit any of her film photos. What a fraud.

No. 217023

she reconstructed her entire face

No. 217059

>dat nose
superjew strikes again

No. 217080

Hahah holy fuck, she shooped her whole nose off. Looks so dumb.

No. 217086


wow, do you have more of her old pictures?

No. 217091

Her shoop makes her look like the little girl from the Exorcist.

No. 217108

this is hilarious wow
i hope that theres more of these

No. 217109

search "jess woods" on pinterest

No. 217125

Did she used to sell handmade vegan products?

No. 217183

I thought it was kind of weird how Jess's photos have a lot of notes despite her being back for only a month or two. So I looked at the notes and there's a lot of self promotion and comments from people on Tumblr that aren't even the usual babydoll nymphet side of Tumblr that her old fanbase was based in, especially on the pictures with thousands of notes (like the picture of the roses in the sink). I wonder if she uses a like for like app or a Tumblr promo app. I think she does for Instagram because of the weird amount of extremely positive comments she has from people who don't even follow her.

No. 217186

Yeah, she has sold some handmade herbal products on her storenvy. I don't know if they where all vegan though, she mentioned using/eating honey on her blog before

No. 217187

Lmao who's stupid enough to upload a photo, remove it and then upload an edited version of it anyway. Hope there are more of these. She looks like she does in the edited version in all of her self-portrait photo's from Jess-woods. I suspect nearly all of those are edited.

No. 217223

File: 1482148488661.png (271.54 KB, 663x182, 942577e133b1767a353ebc5d739d06…)

further proof she edits her thighs thinner. the differences are subtle but look at the distortion of the door on right. it extends towards her thigh. in the first two pictures, it looks round. in the last picture, it's straight.

No. 217225

File: 1482148642556.png (1006.25 KB, 1014x530, 5be1998dacd51406fab4cccd0f2d68…)

i suspect she started using this awkward pose in her new selfies to hide the distorted door frame lol

No. 217228

Daaaaaaaaaamn that is some hardcore editing though!!! Like you cannot trust a person who can edit an entire window out of a building to not Photoshop all their selfies, she is clearly experienced at this. She even got rid of the gap in her fringe, made her ponytail fuller and sit higher, made her arms slimmer, plus the already mentioned slimming of the entire body and reconstructing her entire face. That's insane.

No. 217232

she also gave herself cheekbones :/

No. 217237

File: 1482150602636.jpg (17.07 KB, 564x391, 5cf69a4c84c0bd7657e8622b3200da…)

Can anyone find an original to this? Same pose so I expect she gave it the exact same treatment, as with all the photos where she's looking away. I think what we can take from this is that she's very insecure about her body and especially her nose. I also am fairly certain now that she wears hair extensions?

No. 217242

File: 1482151579903.jpg (27.29 KB, 564x377, 538b1c7e3b2e6033b0f6f3b93698ba…)

Bet this one is edited to hell and back with a chopped off nose too

No. 217243

Where was that original originally posted? On her Tumblr? I don't recall ever seeing it

No. 217244

And here I was always thinking she Just turned her head in an awkward position in photo's.. turns out she just shoops herself to the hell and back

No. 217246

To be fair, this could be ANYONE. Is these even really photos of her?

No. 217251

File: 1482153157811.jpg (24.24 KB, 500x375, 1479339325248.jpg)

her original bloody panties uwu

No. 217252

Ew that's disgusting. I like a lot of her photography but never saw the appeal in that, gross

No. 217257

She made her skin way lighter to appeal to the pale bloggers.

No. 217259

Sorry this was an old post but where was it said she was going to Paris??

No. 217282

She pretends to be body positive but is so full of shit. Look at her "models" pinterest board. They all look like they've survived years of famine and genocide. I remember someone sent her an ask about selling clothes in her shop of different sizes and she gave some clearly bs response about going shopping for items to accommodate people of ~*diverse*~ sizes but all of the shit are XS dresses either meant for children or dolls. At least come forward and say you hate fat people like everyone else.

No. 217284

it's on her website

No. 217290

File: 1482163712471.png (15.52 KB, 860x120, pull.png)

this is particularly funny to me now. sob story about the "impressionable young girls" and then she goes and photoshops her entire body into an unrealistic standard so that all the young girls that follow her will think she's inhumanly perfect and feel inferior

No. 217295

She literally buys kids clothes

No. 217297

Oh wow that's the most pretentious thing I've ever read

No. 217299

That whole board is literally thinspo.

No. 217307


No. 217318

What did that post say?

No. 217321

It was asking about the Tumblr user childoflamb and said she was also "nagging about people copying her". There was a picture of some girl's face, it was probably her but I'm too lazy to check.

No. 217335

I saw that too! Yes that was her 'childoflamb'. Her name is Maja. She was posted in the Nicole Dollanganger thread too with people saying that she is what they expected Jess to look like

No. 217338

Tbh Maja has enough milk on her to deserve her own thread if you ask me

No. 217341

Ohh do tell?

No. 217347


I'm sorry but the difference in volume between the ponytail pic in this and the other ponytail picture is crazy. She claims she doesn't have extensions and this hair is all genes, but this seems unrealistic. These pictures are only a year apart, who has hair that grows like that?

No. 217360

I always thought she wore a wig

No. 217361

same, like i think she probably does have the same hair style in real life just not as long and thick, i think she wears a wig (or a ton of extensions) for her *~self portraits~*

No. 217370

god she's gross. talking up her genetics to REALLY drive the point home that she's superior. i remember being irked every time she'd answer a question about her hair because she'd be like "if you don't have the right genes your hair will never grow :sadface:". and then it turns out she's been using extensions and photoshop this whole time. cow

No. 217378

Hm, she's not entirely wrong. It's true hair can't grow past a certain lenght that's set at a different length for everyone.

No. 217385

yeah i know. but to claim your hair is that thick and long due to genetics and then turn around and tell other people their genes would possibly prevent that kind of growth is really not cool. when hers also stopped growing at a certain length so she uses extensions and possibly wigs. idk just my 2 cents

No. 217387

Its disturbing she says this

'i just wanted to say that i respect each and every one of you, and i appreciate the heart of what you do here, which i think is to draw awareness to the many truths that are obscured by social media, especially when it affects the wellbeing of many impressionable young people (especially girls!) who idolize that which is not real.'

She's well aware she negatively affects the wellbeing of many young girls by creating an unrealistic image, yet brags about how she's creating a safe space for everyone who visits her blog? Wtf.

No. 217389

"when all i would like is to stick to my little corner of the internet if you will so kindly allow me to do so."

Err her "little corner of the internet" has thousands of impressionable young girls following her..

No. 217400

pls jess delete again. come back and be yourself

No. 217405

Yes. It really seems like her whole persona is just an act and for someone who likes to portray their life as being peachy keen and show non of the bad stuff, she still comes across as quite unhappy from all of this, like she has to create this character to be interesting because she herself may not be enough. Like she says 'everything on the internet is a performance' which is pretty telling. I wish she would just show herself flaws and all, rather than this 'created world', because the real Jess could be great, we'll never know. I think everything she does now is probably staged, heck, her 'home made' stuff is probably just cheap store bought creams shoved into cute little pots.

No. 217409

> her 'home made' stuff is probably just cheap store bought creams shoved into cute little pots.

Hm no, I don't think so. I have a personal interest in herbalism (not that weird ass witchy stuff) so from what I know personally I can tell she really seems to know what she talks about. She even has all these herbalism books on her goodreads read-list. I doubt she would be able to write recipes and offer advice on herbal beauty making but not actually (be able to) make those creams herself. (It's not that hard, just costs a lot of time and money especially of which she seems to have enough)

Other than that agree with you

No. 217410

As someone who has spoken with her privately, even her personal messages are written in the same tone as that PULL essay and her blog posts. It makes me sad, like she doesn't trust anyone and has too keep her guard up. I hope she knows that no one in this thread wishes anything bad upon her, it's just no one responds well to anyone falsifying their entire existence. See also Dakota Ostrenga and anyone else on this board

No. 217414


Ahh well perhaps haha, I was just kind of making a point that I don't really know what to believe about her life any more if you know what I mean?


Hmm that's sad :( I agree, I don't wish anything bad on her at all, I just wish one day she will feel comfortable with being more genuine in her portrayal of herself. Yeah I actually did briefly think of Dakota when I saw that drastically edited disappearing nose picture of Jess's hahah.

No. 217415

Talking to her felt like I was in school..

No. 217434

Yes!! I probably shouldn't have responded to that in all seriousness, sorry :P

Any screencaps/milk to share on the conversations?

I can somewhat understand why she's keeping her guard up. The internet roasts everything it doesn't like, this website thrives on that

No. 217464

Nothing milky. She never let her guard down with me enough to talk about anything other than her photography.

I disagree. Ironically for Jess, the internet roasts anyone who doesn't come across as authentic, or makes a big show out of being unique. This website thrives on exposing dishonesty. It amuses me she was self aware to realize that on PULL, then it ended up biting her in the ass.

No. 217471

File: 1482181999312.png (1011.35 KB, 930x591, 336c5ae6a2bfdcf802cb519b194c4c…)

so much for being vegetarian jess

No. 217482

she's definitely not a vegan. no vegan would need meditation hypnosis for overeating. what would there be to overeat? legumes?

No. 217492

I'm astonished by how fake she is. She said she got 1000 followers over night but her followers have stayed the same for over 2 months. Also, all of her pictures have a ton of self promotional material to instagrams and youtube..? None of the pictures before had that. Every aspect of her life is fake. It's incredible, really. She must have some kind of problem.

No. 217506

reverse ginger bronson disorder

No. 217545

Damn, she must've smelled this exposure from a mile away. Why else would she freak out over a bunch of nice comments on PULL? She knew this was coming.

No. 217585

Anonymous asked: jess :( please don't go away again! i'm so excited for your youtube channel, i hope you're just away working on that. i know people are saying rude things about you on a certain site, but please don't let it get to you. i love you still regardless of what i have seen being said and i'm sure so many others feel the same so please please don't let it get to you, just keep doing what you do <3

ah no sorry my absence has nothing to do with whatever is going on, i don’t allow things like that in my space but i have been getting messages about it. i think i will disable anons going forward. the level of spite has been rather confusing, given the overall uncontroversial and relatively unknown nature of my blog and content, but what one chooses to expend their time and energy on is none of my business. anyway i’ve been quite busy irl & active on snap and ig stories. just taking some time to reflect on the last year and what i would like to accomplish in 2017. i’ve not been motivated to take photographs for quite a long time, if it wasn’t obvious by my lack of new work. when i left in august i meant to take a much longer hiatus, but i felt some pressure to return and ignored my own intuition about it. i feel as if the timing of these incidents may be the push i need to be more decisive about what i want to do. thank you for the kind words.

No. 217630

>relatively unknown nature of my blog and content
girlfriend literally buys likes. she wants to be an internet celebrity. she's only "lil old me" when it suits her.

No. 217842

I don't think she's really vegan either. I think it's an easy label that works with the rich sweet baby nymphet city girl thing. The argument about honey is pretty obvious. Very few vegans eat honey. She probably has been restricting calories for a loooong time, and due to that has a binge eating problem… it's not out of the realm of possibility. Eating disorders are hell and I feel bad for her, but I feel appalled by someone who would pretend to be vegan for cool internet pointz.

No. 217906

At least she finally admitted to not being as motivated to take photographs lately.

No. 217931

I found this site with some old pictures of her and her face

No. 217981

Hmm interesting and a little sad? She always seemed so passionate about her photography in the jess-woods days and before. I'm hoping she'll go back to her old style, as much as some people dislike some aspects of that aesthetic, she was probably the best at it in all honesty. I think all people here want from Jess is genuineness.

No. 217992

tbh i think jessica is quite pretty, resting bitch face and all

No. 218001

me too, i dont think she look bad, i think it's just the initial shock because it's not quite what i think most people expected her to look like

No. 218034

so is she gonna not address anything relevant mentioned here? like how she photoshops herself to make herself skinnier while talking herself up as a good role model for young girls? seems to me like she's just going to ignore it and deflect by playing victim. pity because it would make her infinitely more likable and human to own up to it

No. 218044

and reveal her to the tens or hundreds of young girls who aspire to be like her? I doubt she will ever own up to it.

Jess: if you read this, it would make you so much more relateable if you where just honest

No. 218140

Haha since when has her blog been lowkey? Didn't she say multiple people recognized her in public? Who remembers that post she made saying it's hard for her to be friends with people on tumblr because they all idolize her..
"Uncontroversial" err Jess, photoshopping your pictures skinnier so young girls starve themselves to look like you is controversial. I know people who didn't eat to look like Jess in her fake photoshopped thinspo pictures.

No. 218142

jessica rosa woods whatever doesn't want to be relatable. she wants you to think she's better than you. the longer she continues on that path, the more backlash she'll get. we were all secretly thinking this stuff about her long before this thread. she either needs to give it up or just accept that this is what everyone thinks about her persona and that everyone who comes across her online in the future is going to think it too.

No. 218170

Yeah I remember

She says she wants to be an inspiration, healthy influence for impressionable young girls blah blah but in the meanwhile photoshops her pictures that end op on a certain high-traffic proana website. Hypocrite much.

I wonder if she's even aware of the damage she's doing

No. 218192

She definitely reads this thread because her sister privatised her instagram account

No. 218242

she's not responsible for how proana twats respond to her pictures, whether she photoshops them or not.

what she is responsible for though is the supposed young girls who come to her for advice online and at her job (99% sure at least half of them are just her sending herself asks or making shit up) and she smothers them with her forced narcissistic syrupy version of what she thinks is being kind and nurturing.

I wish she'd just shut up and post pictures again. I was a huge fan of The Tragic Sense and subsequent projects. She used to write then too and it wasn't very good, it was mostly naive musings on feminism etc. but she seemed really smart, just young. it's been really rough watching her spiral into this trainwreck of uwu vegan moon goddess baby nymph.

No. 218328

feminism really? and now she's a rich girl taking pole dancing classes for fun

No. 218519

She remover that ask from yesterday + 2 new photo's

No. 218596

posting on instagram again too

No. 218610

christmas came early this year with this thread. it was just petty in the beginning, was not expecting the exposé

No. 218648

"Any longtime vegans know what might cause persistent coldness? I eat well/enough, weight is healthy, I eat lots of fat from whole foods, I take vitamin b12, but I’m always always cold in this uncomfortable way. I suppose it could be an iron deficiency but I don’t have any other symptoms, no fatigue, dizziness, heartbeat irregularity….. frustrating! Anyone have experience with this?"

lol forever. maybe because you weigh like 80 lbs and have the dietary habits of a rabbit? just a guess.

No. 218651

Not to mention frolicking around in american apparel tennis skirts year round lmao

No. 218653

Lol. There's no way she eats enough and is a heathy weight. It's pretty universally known that people who undereat/are anorexic are much more susceptible to cold. Good thing for her, real winter in Canada hasn't even started yet.

No. 218662

She turned anon off :|

What do you guys think of the new photographs? I've got mixed feelings

No. 218666

i think she also disabled replies from people who don't follow her.

i dislike them. they're boring.

No. 218670

they're not new but still ew. truly anyone can take a picture in a swank hotel. the hotel is already decorated beautifully. it's doing all the work for her.

No. 218671

samefag but not just anyone i guess, rich ppl only, like jessica. kek.

No. 218676

Anyone can take pictures of art galleries also. How is photographing other people's art in a gallery original?

No. 218699

Pretty sure the photographs of the art gallery on her IG are just snapshots really, not artwork so to say.

The photographs on her tumblr on the otherhand… they are mehh. I hope she's just experimenting.

No. 218728

yeah i dont think she treats her insta pics as her ~photography~, also why has someone commented an angry emoji on one of the new insta pictures lol?

No. 218782

I think Jess needs to get help for herself. It's easy to become lonely and put too much pressure on yourself when you're trying to be perfect and I think maybe she needs to breathe a bit more. Some of the comments here are pretty harsh, though. I honestly think she just needs some guidance. Overall, even with her flaws, I think she really means well. Am I the only one who thinks that way? Or is everyone posting here just desperate to find things to hate on? Lol

No. 218786

She was very kind when I messaged her. I don't think she's a bad person, just cringy. I only wish she'd stop with her fake act and be more genuine.

No. 218793

look through >>198225 to see all the times jess proved herself to be a nasty racist cunt while trying to defend herself lmao. that's basically the only reason she got enough attention to get her own thread.

No. 218796


No. 218798

I don't think she means well, or genuinely cares about anyone but herself. I think all she's trying to do here is boost her ego. She strikes me as someone who doesn't have many friends.

No. 218818

she's lied about being a vegan, she's lied about her workout, she's lied about photoshopping, she's lied about her lifestyle, etc. she's a compulsive liar and her angelic persona is nothing more than a front. it's exactly what kiki kannibal did. vegan earth mother preaching about antibullying, meanwhile she was posting mutilated genitals and sperging out on this board tearing some girl she was jealous of apart. jess's sister being spiteful enough to post pictures of her honky jew face knowing jess has done nothing but hide her face for years really reflects the nature of her family especially since they're obviously close, and clearly they're not these otherworldly fairies. they're normal people. jess is a classic internet narcissist who likes lying and attention. anyone with eyes can see through it.

No. 218822

damn. well said. to add to jess's sister being shady, before she set her instagram to private i noticed that the photo before the nose one of jess was a selfie with the caption "nose for days". they were posted on the same day. if that's not shady i don't know what is

No. 218866

she promotes weight loss products to her following of primary teenage girls. she also recommends they eat 800-1000 calorie diets. while photoshopping her thighs thinner. i would say she is responsible for encouraging the "vulnerable young girls" she claims to protect to get eating disorders.

No. 218884

her photo posts are getting a lot less notes. coincidence?

No. 219866

no the new ones are just bland or reposts so it's not surprising

also i think she alienates huge portions of her audience each time she does the personality switch, and her newest stuff isn't good enough to bring in a substantial audience of new fans who won't catch on to her bullshit after she starts dithering on about astrology or some shit. that's why she sends herself so many asks–she's not appealing enough to have a real fanbase anymore.

No. 219872

Wth she removed her answered asks AGAIN. What's up with that?

No. 219877

Because she probably did send them to herself. Now that she's turned anon off, I'd be surprised if she got hardly any. Also, I feel like she's super sensitive and must believe she's doing nothing questionable in general. I'm sure she'll delete soon and the YouTube thing would never happen. Ironic, considering some youtubers get a lot of hate, and she can't even handle this.

No. 219896

Can you really call it a personality switch if all she does is change her ~aesthetic~

No. 219928

It definitely won't happen. She seems to hate her face so much since she's always hiding it in photographs or shopping the hell out of it. How could she handle exposing it in a video focused precisely on it, moving and talking? That's what being a beauty vlogger is like. Unless she goes full Dakota with the editing

No. 219951

No. 219956


oh my god :/ ghostbabygirl is one of her old tumblrs right? so she wrote:

'i said "i want to have a thigh gap." he said, "i want to be the only thing between your thighs."


No. 219983

insert corn emoji here

What is the big fucking deal with thigh gaps anyway? I never noticed such a thing until I started using tumblr. Like thigh gaps are fine and dandy if that's how your body is, but I think larger, toned thighs are more appealing to look at. Like lana del rey's thighs for example. Her legs are the only thing I like about her tbh… they're just really nice ideal legs imo.

No. 219993

yeah toned athletic legs are the ideal imo, no thigh gap necessary. even though jess's thighs are thin (although no one knows how thin exactly bc shoop) they look skinnyfat as hell

No. 220026

What's skinnyfat?

No. 220039

I'm guessing anon means the little amount of leg meat Jess has is flabby and has no muscle

No. 220072

Could she potentially make YouTube videos without showing her face? Is there anyone else who does this that anyone knows of? Even so, if she's going down the beauty route, I guess for it to really work people would need to see what you look like ha

No. 220076

File: 1482438837558.png (110.75 KB, 756x458, Screen Shot 2016-12-22 at 20.3…)


tumblr user 'recreationalwitchcraft' accusing jess of ~stealing spells~ lmao

No. 220091

I have actually sent her 3 asks recently and she responds privately each time. And in the past I have sent her anons and after a few days or a week she deletes them if they aren't cohesive with the theme of her blog. At least, that's what I've seen and what I think she does.

No. 220108

Lol so Jess admits to stealing her witchy recipes from other people and reposting them as her own with no credit

No. 220128

She made her reply way bitchier. In addition, I've never seen her promote that site ever. Hasn't she claimed that she made her own formulas?

No. 220150

yes she has, or at least, she's never made it clear they weren't hers. so lying by omission.

why is this drama so hilarious to me. witchy nature fairy blogs fighting over who stole content first. i feel like this thread has unhinged her

No. 220188

I do recall her referencing several websites where she gets recipes for a bunch of stuff, plus other websites for ingredients

No. 220193

What up Jess

No. 220201

nah it's definitely a personality switch. i've followed her pretty closely since The Tragic Sense because i've liked some of her phases and a lot of her aesthetics, but recently she's just grating. her aesthetic changes some too but she went from a young pseudointellectual feminist to a kind of spooky/mysterious thing to this like fairy gardener quaint girl to a nymphet schoolgirl broken doll thing to this saccharine fake vegan moon princess bs and it's been seeming like she's trying to channel snooty rich girls lately. she seems so fake and gross and shady now. and she changes how she talks to people and carries herself each time. the last two ~personalities~ are just bad.

No. 220203

thats an on point analysis

No. 220209

Naaahh pretty sure it's just an aesthetic switch lol

No. 220218

You seem oddly defensive

No. 220250

You're right! I'm jess! U caught me! wigles eyebrown

No. 220292

Lmao that recrenationalwitchcratblog though…. Asking a blog it has no ties to or whatsoever to remove a post for the sake of another blog it has no ties to. Like you don't have to interfere or play police here… Just having a good laugh over that sense of entitlement.

No. 220293

Oh laughs, actually got that wrong. Not another blog but het own blog. Still hilarious she feels the need to call someone out for stealing when she stole the recipe herself. No credits in that post.

'I really hate hate hate it when people steal from other blogs' loooooool

No. 220294

lol right that blog literally copy and pasted the recipe

No. 220377

> I think neither of us included formal citation because we meant for our posts to be entertaining first and foremost

yeaaaahh…. I think u mean 'I didn't included formal citation because I wanted to take credit and make it look like I came up with the recipe like the awesome ~~herbal fairy~~ I am'

No. 220378

What's up with that fake-ass tumblr witchcraft anyway? All they do is take herbalism recipes and add rituals and spells and that somehow makes it 'witchcraft' or 'magic'. Like lmao I hope they don't believe that their made-up rituals and spells actually DO something right?

Sure hope Jess isn't heading that way

No. 220400

she seems like she's super easily impressionable. the tumblr witch thing probably sounded appealing and got her attention from young admirers, so she was quick to adopt it.

No. 220575

Hm she removed most of the stuff from her insta bio. She removed 'photographer/35mm, wanderer' and removed her snapchat and tumblr links?

No. 220599

I feel like she's distancing herself from photography?

No. 220608

Gah I hope not, to be honest, even though I don't agree with everything she's done and think she's a fake ass bitch, I miss her old photography! I wish she would just go back to her jess-woods style because tbh her ootds were cute even if photoshopped to hell and back. I feel like her photos were more interesting when she photographed herself more frequently and kind of set up the shot, rather than just taking pics of random rooms that required no effort or action on her part to create? Comparing her old pics to her current stuff make her new photos seem even more boring. I just liked the kind of abandoned/americana vibes to the older stuff I guess

No. 220633

deleted a lot of photos too

No. 220724

Anyone knowof any photo blogs like jess's old style? I know lonesnow

No. 220825

the girls on graceandgirlhood have a similar style

No. 221407

File: 1482675110533.png (446.56 KB, 482x601, ssanna.PNG)

i really like Susanna Cole King on instagram. Her color palette is richer than Jess's but a lot of her outfits are similar and she has the abandoned vibe with some Americana and her still lifes/staged photos have the feeling that it seems like Jess was grasping for at one time but never quite seemed to get on target.

No. 221472

Nothing screams spoiled rich white princess like instagram photos of your stays at the fucking Ritz.

No. 221475

Awwww :'( Does it make you mad?

No. 221486

She prob just walked into the lobby and took a photo lmao

No. 221532

What's up with all that salt towards her being a 'rich' white girl? a) wtf does her race have to do with anything? b) she works a job and has been for years, probably full-time, doesn't have college debt or kids to pay for; so yes of course she's going to have more money to spent than the average 24 y/o. But she works for it, so it's not undeserved or whatever. + she works a fucking library job, she's not a bankeer or real estate investor. Guess that depends on your definition of 'rich' but in my books that makes her the average middle-class, not rich. She's not trying to flaunt her 'riches'; just a sad attempt at her '2016 photography style change'.

Hate on her all her want, but hating on her for being rich and white is just grasping at loose straws and makes this thread look patethic.

No. 221536

Her parents are rich or at the very least upper middle class. Have you seen the pictures from her tragic sense days that are taken in her doorway? She also mentioned a lake house her family owns. Jess doesn't make shit on her own. She was working as a library page who probably made whatever the minimum wage is in Canada.

No. 221537

Race has a whole fuck lot to do with class, asshole.

No. 221549

No I have not seen those pics. But by all means post it if you can find it.

Hating on her just for being born in a supposedly rich family in a white skin doesn't make you any less of an asshole.

Even if Jess is rich? So what? Rich and white is not milk. Shooping your pics, lying about your work-out routine and what you eat is.

No. 221569

Tbh I'm just sick of going on a lot of these threads and seeing the "rich white girl" thing being thrown around. Like no shit she's well off, but being rich or a white girl doesn't necessarily makes you a bad person lmao. If that's all you have against someone, then you really don't have much dirt on them. It just ends up coming off as bitter and turns the topic boring real quick…

Y'all race baiters need to go back to tumblr is2g.

No. 221574

at least to me, it's pretty obvious she's not extremely wealthy. she's exaggerating her living circumstances to appeal to the likes of the jenners and the hadids. she's reposting year old snapchat stories from hotels and acting like they're brand new. her whole being is fabricating an inaccessible lifestyle. in her sister's instagram story, they lived in a middle class suburban house, not a mansion. her whole life is fake; including how much money she has.

No. 221734

she lives at home so she most likely does not have to pay for food or shelter, which fyi is probably what the lower classes spend the MOST on, kids or no, college or no. she blows her money on fancy hotel stays and a new wardrobe regularly. these are not things someone making even slightly above minimum wage can have.

you sound extremely sheltered and underage and shouldn't really speak on these matters. but i agree with >>221574, she is exaggerating her wealth. which makes her seem more gross than if she actually had it tbh.

No. 224602

jessica has deleted all of her posts on tumblr

No. 224610

She's quitting the interwebz for now. I'm sure she'll be back when this thread fades into obscurity. So much for her YouTube plans, selling overpriced prints and sharing magikal faerie spells. Or, do you think she'll be back sooner than later?

No. 224612

File: 1483148028997.png (16 KB, 539x229, jessica.png)

No. 224620

File: 1483148570657.png (606.18 KB, 452x758, Screen Shot 2016-12-30 at 7.40…)

It really depends from person to person. I love Lana to death but I don't like her legs, they look manly imo.

I think you can be thin and not be skinnyfat- my sister is thin, never works out, but she doesn't look skinnyfat at all. But it's definitely hard to tell in pictures, especially when all of them are shooped.

Most people don't even notice thigh gaps anyway. No one I know actually cares about them.

No. 225646

I am SO done with this girl. She has a fanbase of loving, adoring young girls but she keeps on disappointing them: constantly disappearing without warning, for unknown extended periods of time. for months at a time, deleting all of her content every time she goes (never considered your fans might at least want to access your content Jess??) and for no good reason ("On a hiatus to work on the things I love", didn't you do that last summer Jess?). She seems to be gone more often than not now. Doesn't own up to promises; that youtube channel she promised to be up mid December, she doesn't even update on it's status anymore or answers questions about it, and where are those prints she has been promising for two years now? Even her content inbetween this and last summer's hiatus was shortcoming.

Catering towards a fanbase means delivering content on a regular basis, but she's the least reliable e-'celeb' (for lack of a better word) I have ever seen.

I highly doubt even her most loyal fans will put up with her constantly disappearing. But hey, I guess that's what you want right, Jess? Having absolutely no fans left :)

No. 225657

I agree! Jess if you're reading PLEASE when you return just stick to your jess-woods style. You built something strong and people could relate to your work, why change :(

No. 225673

maybe she can come back with therapy

No. 225674


Im getting tired already of the peace and love new year ugu bullshittery that people are throwing out on the web. Its just another year? What is so fucking special about New Year. 2017 will be as overloaded with cunts as it was last year.

No. 225686

i mean it's not like this time she's disappearing for no reason. she's aware of this thread. but instead of being an adult and maybe addressing some of the points brought up here she wants to be a victim and run away from it.

No. 225691


I'm mad she keeps deleting herbalism stuff, it's all I cared about.

No. 225700

I find it really sad because it must take a certain amount of planning and effort to do her DIY posts for her to then just delete it all?? It's like pure self-destruction

No. 225728

she has deleted all comments on her instagram photos and unfollowed everyone? also her pinterest is now babyfairyjess instead of tinyfairyjess..

No. 225738

it's a tradition to welcome the new year with positive affirmation and well wishes you grumpy fuck.
of all the things to get your panties in a twist over.

No. 225750

Is it just me or is her way of handling things just not the best.. strategic move? I think she was at her best so far at jess-woods. She posted photography that was very popular and appealed to a wide amount of people, and added a lovely personal touch to her blog through pics of her unique clothing style and interest in herbalism. Through that she did very well on selling vintage clothing, handmade herball stuff (not kidding, a lot oaf things she sold in her shop sold out in minutes) and she could definitely pulled of selling prints (I'm sure with those vast amount of teens in her fanbase who have money to spent would have totaly bought those 25 dollar prints). Add to that a youtube channel which in my mind could have grown to something really nice if she pulls of quality video's. Like, with jess-woods she could have expanded and built a 'brand' around herself. She could have easily taken things to the 'next level'. I imagine that if she worked hard and stuck to the things that appealed to a lot of people (aka her jess-woods phase) she would have even eventually be able to make a decent (partial) living through running her etsy/storenvy shop and youtube channel.

But instead she just keeps doing things that discourages people from following her. I know making money/running something large-ish/internet popularity is not everyone's jam, but I can't help feeling she's throwing away so much?

I wish she hadn't deleted jess-woods, I would have loved seeing how that blog would have grown over time.

No. 225766

What lulz has she done though? Im a bit confused guys.

No. 225791

THIS! It's a waste and a real shame

No. 225811

read the thread

No. 225829

she's kind of stupid for impulsively deleting all of her accounts with thousands of followers. she didn't even keep any connections with popular people to rebuild her following. everyone she followed was way out of her league and didn't even follow her back.

No. 226117

I have read everything here but to be honest I don`t think she is that bad… I am surprised she photoshopped her pictures (she didn`t seem like someone who does that to me) and it would probably be best to be honest with things like that when you are admired by so many but yeah… I still can´t see her as that awful person although maybe she should had made a few things clear. The youtube channel sounded interesting, it´s a pity it is probably not happening now.

No. 226442

Agree…. she's selling herself short. It's a shame to watch really

No. 226694

I agree, I don't think she's bad. Extremely insecure, yeah. But some people just enjoy to tear others up into pieces because they're bored. I mean, this is pretty much a hate forum for "e-celebs." Some people here are honestly kind of obsessed with her lol. I just feel kinda bad for her, but then again I don't know her so I can't say much.

No. 230948

i remember when she was dollgraves/ghostbabygirl a girl messaged her asking her opinion on having sex at 15 and jess (a 20 something y/o) replied something about supporting young girls doing whatever they wanted with their bodies and encouraging the girl to go for it

No. 231156

i could see her saying this. she promoted pole dancing as a fun exercise to her teenage followers, after all

No. 231302

But poledancing is (/can be) a fun excersise! Maybe it's different everywhere but here the taboo on poledancing is long gone.

No. 231537

All her accounts are basically deleted again now, Tumblr just says 'bye'. I do hope Jess knows no one wishes anything bad upon her here, and I kind of hope this 'jessica rosa' period was just a phase and she comes back with her jess-woods style like others have said

No. 231689

I can't see it happening. She's said as much that she's not interested in that style anymore; in fact, she thinks it's unoriginal.

I wonder how long it will take for her to remake her blog again. If she wants followers so bad (enough to buy them), she must realize that every time she deletes less and less people will re-follow?

No. 231853

Maybe she just absolutely can't make her mind. I Imagine her like this:

-This blog is gonna be IT, I'll make a good start and buy followers!

(Weeks/months later)

-Fuck it! I'm gonna delete because I'm done with this style/like a different style/image better now

(A While later)

-Shiiiiit I should not have deleted! Goes out and buys followers

No. 232024

It's odd because although there were more people joining her original aesthetic, it was still quite a niche style in which she was widely considered to be one of the first people (whether true or not i know a lot of people thought that), but then she started trying to be all fancy rich city girl which is literally the WHOLE of instagram right now aka. a thousand times more unoriginal and bland. Like idk why she turned to that style if originality was an issue because surely you'd just blend in with piles and piles of other people…

No. 232517

holy shit. she recommends weightloss products to her teenage followers while editing her pictures to look like a 9 year old, told her underage followers to have sex and got her fans to attack alice who was 8 years younger than her. but then she regularly talks about how she's a wonderful mentor for vulnerable young girls and they often come to her for advice? this bitch is crazy. she needs to stay away from teenage girls.

No. 232520

the rich city girl fad is INCREDIBLY common. there are millions of instagram accounts exclusively dedicated to being a rich city girl with a perfect life. why does she think her doing that is a new concept?

No. 235085

What was her pinterest account name? She's not in my follow list anymore.

No. 235094

it was tinyfairyjess, guess she deleted it lol

No. 236142

Wth why would she delete her pinterest? Because we saw her thin models board?

No. 237068

File: 1484818413599.jpg (215.5 KB, 1296x972, DSC030641.jpg)

Thas's her right? Found this photo on the vaughan Library website.

No. 237084

No. 237117

Wtf? She's small but she's nowhere near the tiny, fragile, petite, nymphet angel that she pretends to be. She's built like a regular short girl…

No. 237175

She's just…. a normal girl? Not some ethereal otherworldly forest nymph. Honestly I wouldn't look twice if I saw her in the street although she doesn't look bad or anything just normal. Her whole internet persona is just that - a persona, an act, a caricature (although I do find her online persona interesting and am interested to see what she does next lol). Glad to see she grew her bangs out to cover her brows too haha.

No. 237417

Honestly I think she cute

No. 237424

She's pretty cute and small. I'd think she was pretty if I saw her irl tbh but I wouldn't be blown away or anything

No. 237504

Were you actually expecting her to be a real life forest nymph? It's more worrying that a handful of ppl on this thread seem so naive that it's come as a genuine betrayal to them.

No. 237561

She's pretty cute actually.


Uhm, yeah? Did you believe her Photoshoped pictures and persona?

No. 237651

Uhm, no? Was just pointing put how fake it all is and how average she actually is. Stating the obvious I guess, sorry

No. 237689

She's pretty cute looking tbh… maybe the fact that she's really the only attractive person in that photo and she works with a bunch of blubbery homely looking women makes her stand out as well lmao

No. 237703

File: 1484959458335.png (159.04 KB, 159x479, j3ss.png)

Be gone, cheerleader effect.

No. 237712

The leg of the man behind her probably doesn't help but her legs looks very thick compared to the rest of her body.

No. 237732

knowing how much she photoshops she's probably lost very little weight since her >>204027 days. probably made up her eating disorder too for attention from her sadbbydoll groupies

No. 237735

the 'tumblr snowflake with a donate button and a ddlg fetish' hairstyle

No. 237868

I don't remember her exact words but she has always said her blog is just that, that there's much more to her life than just the small bits and pieces she shows on her blog.

No. 237869


anyone know the password? Btw I didn't think/know her website would be tumblr hosted

No. 237910

Exactly and tbh I'm not sure whether half of what she posted was even 'parts of her life' at all, as in i think it was all just staged photos/props etc.

No. 237914

ok jess

No. 237924

she's well aware of the adverse effects that lying on the internet has on young girls. she stated that on the PULL thread. she's just a selfish attention whore.

No. 238017

lmao i love jessica's sister so much, please post more of our smoothie drinking pole dancing fairy goddess!!

No. 238078

Her personality is fake af, but curating which parts of your life you showcase for the sake of blogging/social media isn't "fake." If I had a blog about cooking, or travel, or fashion, I wouldn't talk about irrelevant real life things like my job, or how messy my house is, or that fender bender I got in last Tuesday. That doesn't mean that those things don't exist or that I'm "hiding" them or that my life is "fake" because everything isn't detailed.

No. 238257

Ok Jess

No. 238285

this really does sound exactly like jess tho. "curating" is a dead giveaway

No. 238779

You can go down the "ok Jess" road again, but I'm just repeating what she's said over and over on her blog and if you've even remotely followed her blog(s) you should know that.

No. 238780

dude don't even give the 'ok jess' dweebs the satisfaction just ignore em

No. 238823

come down from up her ass then because photoshopping your body to make yourself look anorexic is not the same as curating parts of your life to share on social media

No. 238874


I posted >>237868 and >>238779 but not >>238078
(aka I'm not the anon talking about curating)

No. 238891

is her hair even real??? she use to brag about her long 'princess' hair yet it looks like extensions, like a weird amount of hair on her head.

No. 238905

it's possible that she just has really lucky hair genetics, but if she is/was eating disordered i'd expect her hair to look a lot worse…so i'm betting on extensions

No. 239245

She photoshopped her ponytail to include more hair

No. 239391

File: 1485303850849.jpeg (211.22 KB, 500x349, 20160415205523_yXFxQ.jpeg)

This is an old photo but I think her hair looks like she really wears extensions.


No. 239395



These two ponytail pictures are supposed to be about a year apart so I would guess extensions

No. 240255

i hope the bitch never comes back

No. 241501

word tbh

No. 241602

For sure, you can clearly see the difference in the hair texture and where the layer of real hair ends! In more recent pictures her hair length changes lengths so drastically too. Can we all agree that we've established she wears extensions now lol

No. 241670

Ding dong the witch is dead

No. 242050

I hope she returns as a more honest version of herself.

No. 243446

Me too. I actually enjoy her blogs lol. I miss her old aesthetic though.

No. 243453

For posterity, a comprehensive list of Jessica's lies:
>lied about hair length
>lied about making her own herbalism recipes
>lied about being a vegan/vegetarian
>lied about her weight - photoshopped her pictures to make herself thinner
>lied about editing her photography
>sent herself fake anons - not "lying" but it's dishonest

This thread is on the first page when you search her. If she ever comes back I hope she will address these things for the sake of the young girls that follow her. She owes them that much.

No. 243465

I feel bad if that's her real name, because her boss or anyone she knows can google it and this is the first result.

No. 243699

Yeah… I hadn't thought of that. Any way of fixing that now? Lol

No. 243714

it's not her fault dumb impressionable girls can't figure shit out for themselves. she doesn't owe anyone anything.

No. 243725

Jess pls

No. 244005

I think it'll take her a long time to come back this time, even when she came back as jessica rosa didn't she say she wanted to be gone for much longer or something but felt 'pressured' to come back? And now with all the negative feedback she's getting this time round I don't think we'll be seeing her until probably summer or later, maybe not even this year? Opinions?

No. 244485

I predict fall, just after she harvested fresh herbs and can post new recipes and 'reflect on things'

But let's be honest her fanbase Will be as good as gone by that time

No. 244486

Pretty sure her real name is Jessica Rosa Celebre

No. 244625

good thing she has plenty of $$$ to buy more followers with

No. 244720

Yeah but buying followers doesn't equal an actual fanbase (I think her fanbase peaked during her jess-woods phase?)

No. 244772

she has a job already, who cares

No. 245244


No. 245817

How does she buy her fanbase?

No. 245912

Seriously who are these idiots who regularly bump this thread to make low quality posts? Are they Jess herself or some jelly hateboner spergs? It's a boring thread, she's barely even a cow, I don't get it.

She should just immediately restart and re-post all of her successful old content, but focus more on her photography/edits and less on making it about herself.
Regardless of how shooped or contrived her work is, it's aesthetically pleasing and people eat it up. She should just make that the focus and stop trying to present herself as the product. She doesn't need to lie, shopping itself is a respectable enough field when you admit it. With a successful following she could get some ad revenue or do promos.
She could make some serious bank on Patreon if she held onto her teen tumblr fanbase rather than baleeting every time it's proven she doesn't actually live on a diet of raw daffodils. Heck, she could even make 'behind the scenes' content for her higher patrons showing the angles she used, styling (extensions) and how she edited the composition of shots.

What's even holding her back? Creepyeha managed to move her bedroom lingerie posing into a business, so should she.

No. 248254

She needs to come back as solely an artist and not try to be an internet personality. I don't give a shit if she photoshops herself to look thinner, it was the "muh anorexia. muh recovery. muh health advice." that made it shady. i don't give a shit if she wears extensions as long as she isn't like "muh hair. muh hair advice." i love her food shots but she needs to not pull the "muh veganism." don't even get me started on "muh young girls tho." jess, just shut up and post pictures. the praise will flow in and the hate will subside.

No. 250635

She can't buy a fanbase but she does buy followers on social media which is somewhat faking a fanbase

(I don't understand why she's does that when she keeps deleting anyway)

No. 252639

is there proof she's bought followers?

No. 253279

it's pretty obvious. she just got 1000 overnight and then her followers stayed the same for like 3 months. she also had a ton of super nice comments from random people who didnt even follow her.

No. 276230

anyone heard a peep from jess recently? is she somewhere on social media with a new persona yet?

No. 276557

I haven't yet, I have a feeling she'll be gone for a while this time though. Didn't she mention something about starting a library course or something? Maybe she'll come back after she finishes that

No. 282782

happened across her tumblr today and noticed she changed it from just

>leaving for a while! thank you all for your sharing your light with me ♡

and added

>i won't be responding to messages here so if you need to get in touch, please email me at jessrosaphoto(at)gmail.com. i do not have any other social media.

so she is clearly checking back on there still. not gonna lie im interested to know what shes plotting next. but anyway what i was wondering is - whats the longest shes left tumblr for before this?

No. 283691

She reminds me of Tiffany Mays/starpowerrr

No. 285728

found an archive of one of her old blogs that op didnt include! think this one was the one just before jess-woods


interesting anon ask on there about girls ~*copying jess*~

No. 290474

I wonder why her ideas on copying did a whole 360 since that ask

No. 292153

woah she had a phase where she actually talked like an average girl

No. 292240

tbh she probably sent that ask to herself too, but when she was woods-baby she was trying to be more of a sweet supportive older sister helping the unfortunates uwu

No. 292331

do you know when was the time period where she was doing all the bullying and stuff (as some have said) regarding alice snow? sounds milky but i never saw any of that

No. 299666

I never saw that either.. did that really happen? I never saw Alice Snow talking about it either (tho I don't follow her closely)

No. 301183

She would make vagueposts back when her url was dollgraves or woods-baby about someone plagarizing her and complaining that she had to block them and she would write paragraphs of catty stuff but never name Alice. (But anyone who knew both of them knew exactly who she was talking about, she was hardly subtle). Then a bunch of people sent Alice hate and Jess acted all surprised people would do that even though she was using words like "plagarism" and "idea theft" and talking about not taking pictures anymore because she was so "discouraged" by this. Alice was so embarrassed she never talked about it. Lots of catty teenage drama queen stuff. Even back then it rubbed me the wrong way. Glad Alice came into her own while Jess' fake queen bee act backfired.

No. 305895

Jess, Oct 2016: i suppose i’ve learned it’s better to be here and in control of the circulation of my images, rather than leaving that in the hands of strangers.

Jess, Dec 2016: taking a hiatus in the new year to focus on doing the things i love

She wasn't even back for 3 months! It's like she doesn't learn, like what would she do if another imitation blog popped up

No. 306067

why does she talk like that. her word choice is so obnoxious she sounds like an idiot

No. 306440

I would love to se a imitation blog pop up now, I'm sure she will come back again only to turn it down.

No. 308086

I know some of you think she's lying about her age, but I was going through her lookbook on Waybackmachine and noticed that her page said 19 y/o in 2012. Which means she would be 24-25 (depending on her BD idk when that is) rn and that matches up with what she's been saying.


No. 308985

yeah i never doubted her on how old she was tbh. it all seemed to add up to me so im not sure where people were getting that from. but damn im looking at her lookbook now and still cant get over what she actually looks like!!!

No. 310069

she's really stunning imo. I miss her outfit shots before she decided she was a ~broken doll~ and started actually putting her shitty personality online instead of just pretty pictures.

No. 310072

oh i agree, i was just surprised because i expected her to look so different! she looked nice with a healthier figure before she started editing herself to look all skinny and childlike. she has very sharp and mature features too, which would be lovely if she worked with them, but i guess that doesn't fit her babydoll uwu aesthetic..

No. 311241

Her new account is @woodlandangeljess I think

No. 311530

you made this account, didn't you? not even remotely believable. have to say though following proana accounts was a nice touch

No. 311533

Yup. As though prim and proper fairy Jess Woods would ever follow an account called "xdead_as_fuckx" or "sad.orexic"

Real Jess will probably be mailing you a cease and desist later any day now

No. 350181

has she re-surfaced yet?

No. 361059

not that i know of! and i just realised it was her birthday on the 23rd of july (she's 25 now) and i was thinking she might come back for her bday but nope! if she's doing a one year librarian course or whatever it was she said she was doing before she left, maybe she's gonna take a break for the whole year to focus on that?

No. 367766

I wasn't aware she was doing something like that.. but honestly at this point I have little hope of her returning :(

No. 367807

I'm really disappointed by how Jessica turned out. In her tragicsense days she came off as articulate, opinionated and intelligent, and then she just got more vapid for every new tumblr-persona. Initially I didn't care because she still seemed like a sweet girl. But damn, she's been feeding her teenage followers piss about ~body positivity~ for years while posting shooped pictures of her own body and that is so fucking wrong. If she ever comes back I hope she'll be righteous enough to apologize.

No. 370925

I could see her apologizing, blaming it on a "confusing and hard time for me" then continuing to do it, but less sloppy and more sneaky

No. 384884

I found an account on instagram that looks like her!, there is no posts yet but the profile picture is a never seen before picture of her! the account is jesscelebre

No. 385839

shes plotting her comback. you can see her face and shes got abs now. shes totally trying to milk instagram now

No. 385891

Interesting that she doesn't see the point in hiding her face and her real name now, I would assume because she was already exposed in this thread. I wonder what her new aesthetic and brand will be.

No. 385922

good find! i checked to see if this username was on tumblr too and found this:
it has the heart symbol that she uses all the time so i'm betting this'll be her new tumblr

No. 386085

File: 1505325334103.jpg (4.82 KB, 150x150, 21224176_228819697644614_59445…)

She's back with Celebre now? I'm quite surprised to see her re-use her oldest name.

She looks good in that profile picture though, if that's not edited then good for her.

No. 386086

File: 1505325651700.jpg (12.6 KB, 320x320, 21224176_228819697644614_59445…)

No. 386087

is that a toilet in the background lol

No. 386107

Still wearing extensions I see. How long before she releases a recipe for a hair rinse that's supposed to give you long thick hair like "hers" lol

No. 386108

There are generally toilets in bathrooms yes

No. 386163

genuine question: what is she wearing on her bottom half.. granny panties? interesting to see her showing her face now, wonder if she'll start posting full on face selfies. she looks different from the tragic sense days. like, is she pulling a weird face with her mouth because something looks off with her cheek area, like hamster cheeks? curious to see what she has lined up this time

No. 386177


No. 386265


im more into the ugly towel

No. 386774

how did you find this?

No. 387055

maybe they just randomly typed in/searched for Jess' name in hopes of finding a new account of hers.

No. 387535

Actually a fan account of her followed me and I just typed jessica celebre on instagram et voilà

No. 390001

She deleted her youtube channel, the one with the ED-esque video playlist. Definitely reads here.

No. 391872

She removed her picture from her Instagram account, do you think she reads here still? She needs to be careful now that she's using her real name and showing her face - definitely can't return to her dolly nymphet aesthetic now, imagine her employers looking up her name and finding recent pictures of her as a 25 year old woman with pigtails and dolly clothes and bloody frilly panties lmao. She just can't. I think her new ~aesthetic~ will be something more 'mature' and boring as fuck like her Jessica Rosa phase.. Interested to see if she will still be posting film photography, seeing as she said she was lacking in inspiration last year.

No. 391901

Absolutely. She has read here before, what holds her back to checking up here at least once in a while? (If not constantly) When that PULL thread about her was up she was on it really fast too.

I find it strange she hasn't started to use her new accounts yet, that insta almost looks wiped.

No. 391927

File: 1506272010145.jpg (131.11 KB, 640x1096, IMG_2222.JPG)

Yeah it's strange, she is gradually following more people though so I think she's gearing up for something. Maybe an October comeback so she can be an ~uwu fall fairy~ (also when I search her account on Insta it comes up with 'Followed by alyssaunfortunately' which is her sister so it's defo Jess, just saying bc I had doubts)

No. 399196

son todos unos putos de mierda aca, por que no se matan? trogloditas(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 407474

File: 1508664967398.jpg (197.49 KB, 500x500, brucewayneface.jpg)

I once briefly dated a girl with the same narcissistic moon fairy vegan bullshit internet persona who even ran a popular blog of a similar nature. The girl was a compulsive liar/faker both on the internet and in real life. The only thing girls like them care about is how others perceive them. Integrity and principles are a completely foreign concepts to them. It must be absolute torture for her, reading through a thread like this. It's no wonder she's unpersoned herself. It's kind of ironic to crave adoration and admiration so much that one is driven to behave in ways that inspire the complete opposite.

No. 407680

i like you anon

No. 408133

File: 1508759311387.png (69.29 KB, 1263x398, Screen Shot 2017-10-23 at 12.4…)

she updated her moonprincessjess tumblr and spelt foreseeable wrong lmao. i guess we were wrong about her plotting another comeback?! maybe she'll just come back to instagram seeing as her blog content/photography was going downhill anyways

No. 408145

"i do not have any other social media."

anyway. way to kill your fanbase and brand.

No. 409359

So she definitely reads here often then. making her instagram anonymous and posting this as soon as someone suspects she's making a comeback.. hmm

No. 409652

she removed her IG profile pic too. I wonder if she was planning a comeback but decided to abandon plan as soon we posted about it here.

Regardless I wish she would come back, I really liked her Jess-woods photography.

No. 409725

I'm pretty sure that's what happened too. If she just made a post adressing the whole Alice Snow-thing and the photoshopping this thread would die so fast because she really doesn't provide much milk.
I also want her to return, but I want her to apologize properly first.

No. 409780

I'm really interested if there is a shift in aesthetic.
I liked her twee phase most.

No. 411351

does anyone have that picture that she posted on her BD of herself showing her face? she was wearing black frames glasses I think. maybe 2/3 years ago

No. 411385

yeah man, i want her photography and her older outfits. she was great before she decided to have an online persona

No. 412353

BD? (Sorry if I'm being an idiot right now lol)

No. 412468


No. 412474

File: 1509468207967.jpg (20.69 KB, 500x375, 028887f9ca6ec6b0e1ef85b0874e22…)

Ohhh man I really was being stupid haha, sorry! Was it this one?

No. 412946

Yes, Thanks!

No. 421648

File: 1510497014249.jpg (56.38 KB, 750x562, heathers3.jpg)

damn those brows are gonna haunt me at night

No. 421670

sage your shit if you have no milk dickhead

No. 422748

Those brows are hot damn sexy

No. 422787

sage for ot but does anyone have source on that dress ?

No. 422874

It's thrifted

No. 423043

Nope I actually remember finding that dress when I actually liked Jess on some cheap Chinese site, I think it was AliExpress? I will try to find it again when I have time!

No. 423139

File: 1510611524057.jpg (81.5 KB, 564x564, 8bf759d387266b389165ab1bd30523…)

found it on pinterest originally from aliexpress but the link is dead so i think its unavailable now: https://www.pinterest.co.uk/pin/87257311509276078/

she always used to sell secondhand dresses in her shop for like $40 when you could buy them brand new from sites like this and ebay from chinese sellers, i remember it being posted about on the first nicole dollanganger's calves thread as she did it

No. 423156

this whole look is great except for those atrocious bowl bangs oh my god

No. 423226

Thank you !!

No. 426651

File: 1510953202333.jpg (23.26 KB, 736x561, RbEjxrn.jpg)

I get that we're all burnt over how Jess lies, but it's really harmful to accuse someone of not being anorexic.

Especially someone in Jess's position, and especially for the people who look up to her. I used to frequent those "pro-ana" forums and I posted her pics because I was sick.

One of the things that you don't do to someone who has an ED or is recovered is talk about how healthy they're looking, even if you mean well. Talking about how her "legs look rather thick" these days, or how she didn't ever look SICK ENOUGH to be anorexic is fucked up, and if she frequents these forums, triggering.

No. 426682

File: 1510955433532.jpeg (168.71 KB, 1200x800, EAF9548E-DDD1-4C4E-B9BA-A6B62B…)

At least try to assimilate.

No. 426695


I mean the namefag is right, but, when have we ever cared about feelings on this website? It's lolcow. Go bitch or go home.

No. 427034

>>426651 go back to pull

No. 436103

File: 1512188655598.jpg (26.44 KB, 268x306, triggered.jpg)

>and if she frequents these forums, triggering.
We can only hope

No. 436117

Sage your shit. I saw this thread active and thought she was back.

No. 436395

She had an actual website to showcase her work at some point during jess-woods, does anyone remember the url?

No. 436809

Her first tumblr was not dollgraves, it was jessicacelebre. She had it during the tragic sense days.


'One of my photos is currently up on display in American Apparel stores internationally.'

who knew?

No. 436815

File: 1512305324520.jpg (93.22 KB, 478x640, tumblr_mgl775PNsX1qmiv1wo1_500…)

No. 437481

No. 437806

No. 437946

That's pretty cool actually.

No. 438183

When will this bitch return

No. 438289

It's kind of sad to see how she went from someone who had apparantly a large enough following online to be noticed by American Apparel to a pole dancing nymph fairy to having completely vanished

No. 438983

Does anyone have her email?

No. 438992


maybe january because that will make it 1 year?

yeah she really screwed herself over really, her fanbase will have dwindled so much now

No. 439090


Yeah, she'll never get her fanbase back with all of the social media name changes and deleting/making new ones. It's her fault though.

No. 441607

yikes people in this thread actually admit to liking her but this bitch can't be bothered to return

No. 442228

I don't think she'll come back ever.

No. 480210

did she always have a password on jessicacelebre or is that a recent change?

No. 480294

still a password

No. 677915

sage for obvious reasons

is @jessicacelebre a fan account or hers? Cuz it has a (different) picture now but it's a super old (unflattering) one

No. 678634

oh man tho i hope she comes back as this, i loved this era

No. 1023404

File: 1597510759284.jpg (133.78 KB, 800x414, jessicacelebre4.jpg)

I was looking at her old blog through waybackmachine (www.jessicacelebre.blogspot.com, not listed in op) and found this, make of it what you will

No. 1023406

File: 1597510797668.jpg (233.2 KB, 800x631, jessicacelebre2.jpg)

No. 1023591

does she have any social media now?

No. 1056287

Not as far as I know. If she does she hasn't linked to it on any of her old social media. It's been three years since she left tumblr and she's in her late twenties now, she probably has different priorities and/or interests. I don't think we'll see her come back. It's a shame because I'd still like to see her make a comeback.

No. 1109954

File: 1608324537920.png (531.49 KB, 498x665, moderpublic.png)

Just leaving this here because I think this is unseen and I guess I want to preserve it

No. 1117768

all her hard work, wasted. she could have posted shitty blurry vlogs and recipes, no face or body required, and her fans would have eaten it up.

No. 1134164

File: 1610910053660.jpg (372.78 KB, 1944x1452, 42998136_1863012923768577_3981…)

The last I saw of her.. taken from the Vaughan library facebook

No. 1134169

Wish scrotes would stop bumping old threads cause they have a chronic need to share their jerk-off material.

No. 1147305

She looks so normal in that picture, I wonder if she simply outgrew her 'moonprincess' phase.

No. 1240364

I miss her I wish these vendettachans didn’t run her off the internet.

No. 1248332

i miss her too. i always looked forward to her posts/photos/life updates. people are very cruel

No. 1248806

Don't bump the fucking thread. If you miss her, email her. She still has it up on her blog.

I'm glad she hasn't come back with her photoshopped thinspo. I loved her photos but her persona was harmful. I think her relationship with Tumblr was very unhealthy and she realized this, independent of this thread. Don't forget that her own lies were what made her flee the internet.

No. 1259599

>people are very cruel
You know where you are, right? I liked a lot of her content too but she was undeniably flakey.

No. 1407006

Does anyone have screenshots or archives of jessica-rosa.com? Webarchive has archived it only once (when jess owned the domain) but it's broken. I know she uploaded at least 1 or 2 blogs before she took it down and I'd like to see them again.

No. 1411390

Can I have some proof that she did this stuff bc this seems kind of mean to me,,, like idk but can I have a screenie or sum that she actually threw a fit(sage your shit)

No. 1411459


she's got a nice butt. I wish she'd come back to the internet, I've always found her cute and I liked her herbalism stuff

No. 1412719

File: 1641729733950.png (116.85 KB, 1370x680, jwa.png)

What do you mean, from when she alledgedly bullied Alice? I've never seen proof but I didn't follow Alice. You could try going through archives of Alice's blog.

The only archived instances of her adressing the subject of people copying her style that I could find are in picrel (links at the bottom if you want to check the archives out). The consequitive row of asks on the right suggests there may have been more regarding the subject but it's at the very bottom of the archived page and there's nothing about it on the first different archived page directly before it. If there was anything it was't archived on webarchive. Personally I don't see much wrong with picrel.


No. 1424433

Jesus Christ why does this thread keep bumping? Get the fuck off my feed

No. 1424483

You can hide threads you know. Click the [-] button

No. 1443472

and you can chomp my box, you know(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1450948


No. 1450949

she honestly did have beautiful photos

No. 1450961

Me too, anon. But why do you keep bumping her thread? There’s no milk and she has been gone for many years now. What is the point of posting here every few days

No. 1451790

well its the first thing that comes up on google and this thread should probably be removed. she doesnt deserve to be remembered this way(ban evasion)

No. 1452234

This is obviously some obsessive stalker scrote who wants to keep fucking with her and ruin her reputation. Scrotes acting vengeful and obsessive is half the reason I think most "cows" are underserving of threads.

No. 1452506

exactly this is weird and unessasary jess takes amazing photos and her style is perfect she is a huge part of tumblr and literally hasent done anything this thread should be removed because it honestly just make you all look pathetic(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1460688

Would you fuck off already. I liked her photos 10 years ago when I was a tumblr pro ana retard too but she's gone move on dumbass

No. 1468423

Delete this thread abusing her dumbass(unsaged dumbass)

No. 1468492

>>1468423 stop bumping this fucking thread loser

No. 1468860

If this is what you think abuse is, you need some real shit to happen in your life. Pathetic.

No. 1469106


No. 1469302

So considering this is bumped by someone every day, who else is tinfoiling it's Jess herself trying to annoy the farmhands into deletion?

No. 1469418

Threads that get locked are still in the archive and still readable, so your bumping efforts are pointless. thread doesn't even need to be closed. nobody posts here for literal years, there's nothing to post cause that girl disappeared from the net.
>>I thought it was funny
what is funny? you changing VPNs just to get noticed by farmhands? no one's even pissed anymore seeing it bumped but good luck with your "diversionary operations" kek

No. 1469456

File: 1647399099529.jpg (22.16 KB, 369x705, 32aeb4fcd392c10428608f972b6f97…)

Stfu retard nobody thinks you're funny(stop replying to the moid)

No. 1469629

its a guy who admitted he does it to girls threads who he thinks are sexy because he thinks it annoys us more that its girls he finds attractive?

No. 1469847

Someone said that their goal is to get this autosaged. Either way, either mods are not ip banning or he/she keeps finding different ip addresses.
That's funny because it won't ever be deleted, it will stay on the internet forever.

No. 1471412

i will bump this thread forever(turbo autism)

No. 1481323

Yeah this is clearly Jess trying to sabotage it. Maybe the farmhands should mark her posts on lolcow, for the lulz.

No. 1483587

Either that or lock the thread for good, there won't be any more milk about her anyways.

No. 1697067

Yall this is dumb. Jess didnt do anything you act like shes some mass murderer its just tumblr relax.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT FOR LIFE)

No. 1697085

congrats on bumping a 5 year old ass thread that nobody cares about anymore

No. 1705293

A few anons are waiting for her return so we can laugh at her some more.

No. 1761491

I'm lightly surprised she hasn't made a comeback in light of analog photography's resurgence since covid. Not gonna lie, I occasionally check on this thread to see if she made a comeback because I did genuinely like her pics despite some minor cow behaviour.

No. 1876448


No. 1901619

Jess woods is a skinny icon ily(namefag, necro, newfag)

No. 1905616

I don't know if anyone is interested but I found her LinkedIn, she's still working at the library for the past 10 years now and seems to have a normal life, so different from her old persona. She's in some social media posts of the library too, she looks so different, in a good normal way.

No. 1905626

It's an imageboard. Post some pics or at least post a link to the library account. I think there were some old library photos posted before in the thread if i recall correctly, but if there are new ones you're welcome to post. obviously there won't be any milk from her as she grew out of her "tumblr star" era, but for nostalgia's sake.
Anyways i always thought she's damned lucky to have this job. Was she ever studying? I don't recall. In my country, to even have any chance at working there you have to get a master in library science (1,5 to 2 years studying).

No. 1905631

File: 1695884898997.jpeg (171.79 KB, 800x800, 1637878727771.jpeg)

No. 1905632

File: 1695885211078.jpeg (145.19 KB, 1080x1107, Screenshot_20230928-031055-01.…)

No. 1905633

File: 1695885304523.png (2.56 MB, 1080x2172, Screenshot_20230928-025226.png)

No. 1905657

She’s sort of gorgeous. Also why bump?

No. 1905801

Idk what i expected but wow, she looks normal. Like an adult doing her own thing and having fun i guess. She looks good, it's just a bit of a surprising contrast to see because i was so used to her self-obsessed, juvenile Tumblr ~~uwu sadbbydoll pale princess~ phase. Good for her i guess. Wonder what are her interests these days.

No. 1905963

I always thought she had that sexy librarian energy about her and I wish she'd come back to post her aesthetic pictures tbh

No. 1906169

I never had a tumblr nymphet phase, but i like these pale washout photos tbh. They're nothing special but they were pleasing to an eye. All these photos of nature, buildings, even occasional "uwu sweet bbdoll standing with her back to the camera among snow" or something. If she came back to post her photography, fashion or even post about books and herbology if she's still interested, i wouldn't mind either. Would be milky if she did, but I really don't think she'd go attention seeker photoshop queen ana cow route again.

No. 1908098

Don't know where you are, but it's not an aspirational job. It's for 16 year olds in high school and pays often less than minimum wage. She's not making a lot of money and still has her parents supporting her for sure. To pay for a degree to get paid like 20-50k in Canada and the USA would be dumb and it's not necessary. You can't even live off 50k anymore with how much everything has inflated. She's kind of a loser. She seems lazy and spoiled.

No. 1908115

I'm from Poland, everyday studying is free in my country, you only pay for weekend studies (it was about 750+ in dollars per semester where i studied). It's a good for people who want quiet job/like books, but frankly it's hard to find job propositions bc there's librarians working for years in one place already. Maybe in big cities in big ass libraries. Wage varies, isn't much but isn't tragic either.
Studying costs in America are crazy though, that makes sense librarian is a job for teens/ppl with no degree. Jessica though, does she have any degree? Didn't she study photography? Also aren't her family rich, I always thought you must be rich to get all these hauls of expensive organic cosmetics and stuff

No. 1908484

actual librarian jobs pay reasonably well in the US; the lowest-level library assistant jobs are what pay crap

No. 1918281

Was the LinkedIn deleted or is it because I'm not logged in? I don't have an account to check.

No. 1929824

Jess woods is a skinny icon ily librarian angel(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1929825

Ur so jealous lolol

No. 1929944

You also need at least a bachelor's degree to be an actual librarian. They pay decently, don't get fired often and are usually closed on major holidays. It's a a cushy job to have tbh. Unless you live in an area with a lot of homeless people.

No. 1931263

Not true especially when you factor in degree costs. The pay is extremely low and it's either for losers or people who have enough of mommy and daddy's money to go into a fuckton of debt just to make 13 bucks an hour. Shit job for extreme academia lovers only or dumbasses with no skills. A lot of people romanticize working in a library when in reality it's shit and a low rung on respectable jobs within society.

No. 1934811

Seems like you have alot of anger maybe ur the spoilt brat… go for a walk outside fatty(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1945360

does anyone kno what her goodreads or Pinterest accounts are? i remember she had them linked on her blog at one point. i honestly love her i lit dont even care about the photoshop/pro ana drama i just want her influence again(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1948081

If there were linked on her blog, you can find them by yourself by looking through the archives. The links are literally in the OP.

No. 1972675

Jess woods is iconic even years later(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 2002717

Tbh jess is and always will be iconic……..(necroing namefag)

No. 2002742

Kek, for a second I though the thread had been bumped because Jess had come back. How disappointing.

No. 2002946

Kek same, always disappointed to see it’s just the thread schizo bumping the thread every other week.

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