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File: 1430522151980.jpg (117.01 KB, 1024x679, free__in_my_element_by_mangosi…)

No. 206903

>parents asked her to dress appropriately for grandparents anniversary dinner
>locked herself in her room for three days and liveblogged about how her parents were slutshaming her
>claims to have "chosen to become" bisexual
>complained about sexy cosplay
>now does fucktons of yuri shoots
>used Frozen as justification for breaking up with her ex-boyfriend
>makes multiple posts about what a relationship SHOULD be like (a Disney princess movie)
>made a personal army request when a con asked her to pay for a ticket to enter


No. 206904

How does someone use Frozen to justify breaking up with someone? How does that work?

No. 206905


She didn't go into detail, just that Frozen inspired her to do it and posted lyrics from Let it Go on twitter for two days straight.

No. 206906

That's so weird I feel bad for that guy. I hate when people use Disney as what a relationship should be, though

No. 206907

Does anyone have more milk? I hear a ton of cosplayers say nasty things about her despite her youtube personality. To the point where I'm afraid to meet her irl

No. 206908

I've been following her for years and there's no milk. She has a patreon where she sells tutorials and cosplay construction info, and is one of the few cosplayers who does rather than just selling sexy prints. Also most of the stuff in the OP is 3+ years old. Boring.

No. 206909

Using a Disney film to justify anything involving what a relationship should be. Oh why is this so common.

No. 206910

She gets pretty snotty on her tumblr about people sending her asks, and her and her new gf are super cringy OTT, but other than having a stick up her ass I don't think there's actual milk. Boring.

No. 206945

I'm more curious about her girlfriend tbh. She was dating Shikarius for a good 6 months and it seems like she got with Nina all of a sudden.

No. 226627

Eh, people break up all the time, but Em and Nina went from 0 to 60 pretty fast. I've been hearing through the grape vine that Nina is indeed an elitist privately/ behind people's backs. That being said, she's doing a fair amount of good for the community, considering she has a job and runs a Patreon that isn't all T&A.

No. 226631

does anybody have links or screenshots for her talking about her parents slutshaming her?

No. 226834

That incident was a few years ago at this point, but I recall one which Nina's mother asked her not to wear tanks and shorts around her(Nina's) brothers. I thought that was stupid because siblings wear swimwear together without succumbing to raping each other all the time, but idk.

No. 226916

Uh yeah that's a pretty stupid request.

"Honey, do you think you could not wear common female warm weather clothing around your brother? You know how any ounce of female flesh turns him on, even his own sibling!"

Her mom sounds fucked up, but not necessarily abusive? I don't know, I'd need more examples.

No. 230607

Oh man don't even get me started on this girl. She is so elitist and bitchy and only puts on the nice act because her minions eat it up and give her $. Her 'tutorials' are literally basic knowledge videos but she went so far as to shame other cosplay youtubers who make tutorials because shes the 'original' so everything they do is copyright of her stuff or something. Im also laughing over the recent brown-facing incident she had. Like, its very convenient she suddenly mentioned shes 1/2 Armenian when everyone started coming for her for suddenly being about 10 shades darker brown. She claimed it was tricks of lighting but again, only her minions bought that mess lol

No. 230620

> she went so far as to shame other cosplay youtubers who make tutorials because shes the 'original'
What platform did she do this on? Was this in a Youtube video or a Tumblr post?

No. 230625

Maaan she really reminds me of this girl, Chibi Mitzy. I mean I don't know this girls milk, but this is just in basic appearance and behavior

No. 230641

I knew Nina back in the day when she had her cringy IMT group with Courtoon and Solodono. Not surprised to see how little she's changed. At least Courtoon moved on.

No. 230642


Tumblr and twitter primarily but one of her friends mentioned seeing a private facebook post about it. I just find it in poor taste because she made this big public post about leaving the other parties involved alone and to not attack them, but then her and her friends were saying horrible things on twitter enticing their followers to do the opposite. Whats worse, I have a friend who messaged her about it after she publicly posted the drama was done and to leave it alone, and she proceeded to write them a full on essay about her over-blown vendetta.

No. 230680

I always thought she looked like a tranny. She has a really unfortunate, extremely masculine face.

No. 230884


Yeah I'm not surprised in the least that she went bi.

No. 230915

Shes always fueling drama then crying victim. Someone called her out for claiming her new gf was the love of her life on a convlog then proceeded to go off. Her followers also came after the girl too and while i get its a public comment/video dont complain about continuting drama when you vould have just deleted the comment from the get go.

No. 231064

>> 230607

Its not just other youtubers. iirc she tried to act shady saying a big name cosplayer copied a photo of hers. The pose and stuff I think. And it came right after yaya han released some of her batgirl pictures so it wasnt hard for people to figure out who she was accusing of copying

No. 231709

I saw her at a con once and tried to say hi and that i like her vids and she gave me this super ugly look and snubbed me. I guess shes only nice when her image calls for it. Either way it left a bad taste.

No. 231912

File: 1484228493180.png (450.49 KB, 1242x2208, IMG_4679.PNG)

She tweeted this today.. what original design has she done besides gender bends of male characters?

No. 231928

File: 1484233114376.jpg (1.38 MB, 1564x1564, IMG_20170112_085745.jpg)

Shes the queen of thinking she is the most original person in cosplay community. If she was so original she wouldnt feel copied all the time dont you think? Sorry your content is so generic ans youre so big headed.

I remember that. I think it was these pics she was referring to but she never really said. Either way to assume someone like yaya han saw her photo then deliberately went out of her way to copy it is so egotistical and ridiculous.

Again though this is the girl who claimed someone was desperate enough to copy her entire script reading personality so what do we expect lol.

No. 231944

File: 1484235743444.png (523.7 KB, 1440x1865, 20170112_094042.png)

Despite her not saying who it is her minions are already shade tweeting and going for it. Once again she obviously name drops elsewhere so her most devoted can go after them. I wonder who the victim is this time.

No. 231947


Ugh Byndo. No one cares about you except thirsty fuccbois.

I'm really curious as to what was "stolen" because I honestly don't know of any 100% self-designed cosplays she's done. They're all, from what I can recall, accurate to the source material.

No. 231958

Yeah exactly. I cant recall anything original from her save for maybe her mimikyuu but even that isnt a stretch from every other mimikyuu cosplay out there. She really has a special kind of dillusion and i feel bad for whoever theyre trying to 'blacklist'. I do love how a T&A cosplayer wants to weigh in on creativity though.

No. 231960


Yeah the Mimikyu or her gender bent FREE! Cosplays are the only "original" designs. And literally EVERYONE has done mimikyu the way she did it; there is only so much variation that can be done.

And miss "I'm boudoir Mercy because I'm in panties and a blonde unstyled ponytail wig" Byndo has no room to talk.

No. 231962

File: 1484237332586.png (2.77 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_4681.PNG)

Think this may be the "thief"? Mango said she copied wank-bank too (LOL) and this girl has a Mimikyu and a Cubone outfit.

No. 231963

File: 1484237359701.png (657.92 KB, 1440x2046, 20170112_100757.png)

"I dont like causing witchhunts." Let me just DM anyone who asks the username.

No. 231964

File: 1484237458323.png (387.6 KB, 1242x2208, IMG_4682.PNG)

Yup. It's this girl.

No. 231965

Oh wow a mimikyuu dress with a hood. Such copyright and theft. Seriously this girl used leather and burlap looking material so other than it being a hooded dress i dont see how its a copy.

No. 231967

I mean by that same token no one could make Batgirl out of the same fabric or they COPIED. Mimikyu has been done so many times there are only so many ways to make the gijinka. Yeah this chick copied Wankbanks cubone but who gives a fuck

No. 231968


This is how she operates though. She shames people and has her posse go after them until they cave in to her demands. The youtuber she was after just last month removed a few of their videos just to stop the hate comments (i follow both of their channels) and it was so stupid because while theyre similar content (cosplay, tutorials, etc) mango just blew the entire thing up. Just like she always does.

No. 231969


Was it Hatter Insanity? I remember thinking her videos had a same feel, but there's a formula to getting YouTube hits so whatever. I recall they did a Haikyuu cosplay gingerbread video B E F O R E Nina and her ~*ONE TRUE LOVE IVE ONLY DATED FOR A FEW MONTHS BUT PLAN TO MOVE IN TOGETHER ALREADY*~, but I remember seeing the Haikyuu video vanish even though I remembered watching it.

It's such a shame. Mango is talented no doubt but she is so nasty behind the scenes it seems. I'm kind of glad I unsubbed from her Patreon a while back. I don't like her attitude at all.

No. 231971

File: 1484238240990.jpg (784.88 KB, 2048x2048, 3C69904F-6D31-42C0-939F-26EAB4…)

Saying the girl on the right copied is REALLY a stretch, imo..

No. 231978

It was her. My friend talked to both mango and hatter afterwards and mango proceeded to write a book about this year long vendetta shes had against hatter. Its pretty much anything hatter did was copying her in some way per her beliefs. It was pretty long bitchfest.

All hatter replied to my friend was that she didnt want any trouble so she complied but if mango still had any issues she could email her to sort it out.

Worst part, when my friend told mango to email hatter and sort it out in a civil way mango tweeted like "looks like ill be spending my day building a case email with screenshots" which is way above and beyond necessary imo. But she was also tweeting about legal action. Im just laughing because she wanted to go that far over a black friday video and gingerbread video which, as you said, went up prior to mangos. But mango also said she was trying so hard to copy her personality because while she watched it (i.e. stalking/lurking) she thought her own video project file started playing (meaning hers wasnt even edited yet).

No. 231985


Talk about delusional jfc. Honestly I did find similarities between the way they edit their videos, but it's all cookie cutter bs. Who cares. I don't think their personalities are similar (Mango is crazy and OCD) and hatter seemed pretty chill.

This kind of crap has really turned me off from Mango and it sucks, because I did genuinely enjoy her work but now it's not really worth it to me.

No. 231988

I agree i was a fan but these leaks in her true personality have really turned me off of her. Its obvious to anyone who sees her on twitter that she scripts all of her videos and reads from that so idk how anyone can copy a script personality.

I like Hatters videos because like you said she seems pretty chill. I feel bad for her because i know on twitter mango and her gross friend nighteyes said some awful stuff. Part of the convo of NE and another cosplayer iirc was that she wanted to wear her skin, was psychotic, robotic, etc. Just stuff like that and its just really made me look down on their whole group. How can a cosplayer on instagram host a positivity challenge then on twitter be so hateful.

It looks like hatter hasnt uploaded in a while but on instagram she said she was taking a break due to some issues online and family trouble but hopefully she comes back soon and doesnt let this shitty experience keep her off.

No. 231991

Jfc I remember those comments. Don't even get me started on Night Eyes, she is such a FUCKING train wreck and I'm so over her martyrdom.

It's no wonder shark baroness and Em don't talk to her anymore, I wouldn't want to be around her either. They don't seem to talk to Nina much anymore, either. I can see why.

No. 231993

Sharkbaroness is way too chill for that kind of drama. Heybasker def contributed earlier on to the hate against hatter and chimed in this last go around as well.

I think what i hated the most was that she posted (mango) something like. 'I hope this individual continues to make videos because theyre very entertaining, creative, good at editing.. etc etc' which is clearly for her image only because how are you going to send ppl after her and bad mouth her all over twitter then post a feel good on tumblr? It was almost karma justice when she got called out for brown facing. I was hoping shed take down her gingerbread video just like she bullied hatter in to doing.

No. 231995

Yeah. I've been happy to see Shark baroness doing her own thing; I've really enjoyed it. Basker seems cunty so I don't care. But I feel like NE is so toxic and shitty I don't know why anyone hangs out with her. I get that she ended a long engagement to a shitty fiancé and she allegedly has a TON of health issues, but no one likes a fucking martyr. Stop bitching about your problems and get help and make something happen. It's always excuses with her.

I died inside when I saw the drama over her darker skin. When has mango EVER Said she is Armenian before? I know she has mentioned like russian (?) and a few other Caucasian mixes before, but BOTH of her parents are white af so there is no FUCKING way she is enough Armenian to be THAT FUCKING DARK. my fiancé is 100% Puerto Rican and I'm white as shit, and he NEVER looks as dark next to me as Mango did.

No. 231999

NE is a damn mess. She complains constantly about all her illnesses on her cosplay twitter (when she has a private one) then bitches if anyone tried to offer advice or support. She only wants your sympathy not your input.

And shes only armenian suddenly because it conveniently explains why shes 11 shades darke suddenly. Notice all her proof photos werw filtered all to hell. Like if youre really that much darker why not post a picture of you and your gf without any filter at all? Because the fact is while she may be tanmer than her gf shes not THAT dark. She fucked up and she tried to cover it up with a 'but im mixed!' Excuse.

No. 232001

Yes I'm so sick of how she bitches on her public twitter, but then RAGES at the poor souls that are just trying to help. She leave such a bad taste in my mouth but I keep watching just to see the train wreck and to feel better about my life.

No. 232004

Lol no joke there its like you cant look away from the mess. Its just a shame to see people so blindly following them and feeding in to them. I also saw mango respond to a tweet about her twitch donations. They donated enough for her to buy a serger several months back and she claimed she was still sitting on it. Tbh she probably spent on her move in fund with her true love of 3 weeks. Yet people are dumb enough to keep donating as if she uses that money for what theyre giving it to her for.

No. 232099

Cant find the tweets to cap it but just the other day she tweeted about staying up for 20 straight hours to work on cosplay.

>follower: please try and rest

>mango: just fyi guys dont police me and my sleeping habits im an adult and your commentary is not necessary or wanted

No. 232112

File: 1484257763115.jpg (886.02 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20170112_154741.jpg)

Found it. its even more lol worthy than i remembered

No. 232125

Dont think this will contribute much but I remember she had a stream on YouTube a long time ago and someone asked her is she was DC or Marvel. She says that shes all about Marvel and hates DC because of some dumb feminist bullshit.
But this hypocritically ass bitch has done mainly DC cosplay.

No. 232132


Oh my god. Every single tweet is dripping with a holier than thou attitude. My first thought if I got messages like "get some rest!" Would be appreciative… not "OMG IM AN ADULT WITH A "stressful" (LOL OK) career" IM NOT A BABY!!!

Such a brat

No. 232175

Jesus christ. This is so fucking unnecessary. 5 whiny tweets because someone expressed concern for her? All the shit that's been brought to light here have really ruined my image of her. I thought she was genuine, but from accusing people of copying her generic af costumes (I'm pissed that she caved in and gave Mango credit when she doesn't deserve it, that's not fair to her at all), to going after someone for using the same font and editing for their videos, and then this shit, it's just really gross. When watching a livestream of hers that she posted on Youtube, I got the feeling that she had a bad attitude from how much she complained about her Tumblr asks and saying that she would be ignoring chat because of her anxiety (????) but I just shrugged it off. Sad it turns out that she does actually have a shit attitude.

No. 232179

and she would also whine if everyone didn't give a shit about her. she'd whine if you said thank you in her direction.

No. 232181

I have a feeling that the people she's surrounded herself with are going to make it harder to cover this stuff up. They're all too keyboard happy to let small things slide. Best case scenario, she calms the fuck down, but people have been saying that for years.

No. 232186

File: 1484265436437.png (1.22 MB, 1440x1979, 20170112_175615.png)

My question is, this girl is always going on and on about her brand (i s2g its like she gets paid for using the word) but yet she makes videos where she looks like she just crawled out of bed. I mean, she used to put effort in to being all dolled up and pleasant/genuine but now her videos seem like just something she haa to do in her busy schedule. Pic related.

No. 232196

Her followers have a very mob-like mentality. She can do no wrong and the minute she posts that shes been wronged in any way (the copying, the babying her to get rest etc) they come charging in without even bothering to know the real details.

No. 232217

Ew, her hair is looking rough. It looks better nor that she got it touched up but it looked pretty fried. I'm willing to bet it's breaking off like crazy.

No. 232250

TBH short hair is definitely not for someone with her face shape. It looks okay from certian angles but theres a reason she works in angles and is hiding parts of her face in tagged photos. On top of that, short hair is easy as hell to style, with just a tiny bit of effort she could easily look less fried out.

No. 232259

File: 1484276416393.jpg (1.01 MB, 1564x1564, IMG_20170112_205752.jpg)

Look at this backtracking to protect her image. She gives usernames privately so people cant say she called them out. Then acts shocked when her followers go after them.

No. 232264

oh wow. i hadn't watched a lot of her but from what i watched on her channel she seemed super sweet (although a bit too tumblr-y for my taste). it's kind of weird to read these, i really don't want to support/give more exposure to a bitch.

but yes, her face is rather unfortunate, but gives me hope for myself, and makeup can help a lot.

No. 232279


Yeah makeup does wonders. What really irks me though is the random gap in her teeth. My fiancé has it sometimes if he doesn't wear his retainer. You'd imagine someone who's (zomg STRESSFUL) career is based on their image would be extra vigilant about something like that

No. 232287

For me its the fact she shaved off her eyebrows. Its like NightE did it and she thought that it would be just so much easier than dealing with her own brows. The issue is, she never draws them even remotely decently. Theyre either way to thin, uneven, or just shaped super weird. And from her previous photos prior to that move it wasnt like she had big bushy brows to deal with anyway.

No. 232296

So she basically bullied people to give her credit? Why are so many cosplayers so anal about credit even if it's something trivial?

No. 232297

lmao at least the girl on the right got the color right, mimikyu isn't fucking bright yellow

No. 232298

Exactly. Her cosplay was more accurate lol plus Mimikyu has such a simple design, she isn't the first person to come up with that design for her to act so snotty over it.

No. 232299

A big thing that never sat right with me was how she had her "Team Trash" and they acted so mighty over all the Free! cosplayers at the time. People praised their inaccurate costumes so much they acted like they were the best of each character which was absolutely false. Hate to break it to you Mango but you dont suit Haru at all and putting tacky glue in your wig made it just look crunchy and gross.

No. 232305

File: 1484281474200.png (494.59 KB, 769x434, Mi1.png)

I did a simple google search and found this pic and many others, if you google "Mimikyu gjinka" or "Mimikyu Cosplay" you'll find multiple pictures with similar costumes that were done way before Mango. Why was she whining and bitching about credit? Nothing about her cosplay was original given the design was simple as can be, she just sounds jealous and salty to be honest. Sage for shit posting.

No. 232311

Also kek at her saying this as if she owns the rights to Mimikyu.
>Goodness knows it's really hurtful to artists to have our original ideas taken without credit, especially for those of us who make a living off our art.

No. 232313

She accused another cosplayer of copying some flowers she painted on her Yona dress. It was a long time ago though. The character's time period and status warrants some decoration but god forbid anyone paint flowers because thats her copyright on a character/design that doesnt belong to her.

No. 232315

hahahah i used to be friends with this girl on livejournal like 10 years ago when she wrote gay kingdom hearts fanfiction.

then i stopped using LJ and i only ever saw her on facebook, the last i really remember she was just starting to get into cosplay.

i guess she might have removed me or changed her name but i can't find her anymore.

she probably saw this thread and got paranoid lol

No. 232318

File: 1484282349713.png (63.82 KB, 566x385, screencap.PNG)

I literally just googled her username and copying and came across this gem on her account. Shes been at this for a while because this post is dated Aug 2015

No. 232320

She sounds full of herself

No. 232331

How delusional and paranoid can she be?

No. 232826

This girl is a joke. I used to be subscribed to her patreon but after realizing the money for her goals werent actually going to her goals I left.
> Needs 1.5K a month to make cooking videos. Has made literally only 2 cooking videos in the last 10 months.
> Needs 2.8K a month to buy a full body mount for her dslr to take better 'artsy' videos.

And my favorite
> Needs 1K a month to do public free streams. Becomes a twitch partner and all streams cost money to view.

Dont get me wrong, the rewards she offers are decent compared to most on patreon who just give you pictures of themselves. But i wish shed be more upfront with the money she gets from everyone, we give it for a specific goal/purpose (twitch goals & patreon) and so far she hasnt really stuck with that.

No. 232950


Good luck with that, anon. There isn't a doubt in my mind that all her money is being shoved into moving her and her fresh-faced GF out of their ~~totally abusive~~ parent's houses. I wonder how either of them will cope in the real word on their own.

No. 232963

The abusive home thing is a joke. Shes never even come out to her parents anyway and asks victimized all the time. but for christmas she just got a new ipad she claims she briefly mentioned investing in. (Probably with that donation money anon). So wow, very abusive.

No. 232967

File: 1484409613868.png (13.05 KB, 562x171, drama-1.PNG)


This was pretty easy to find. Im amazed at how abusive her home is really, with her parents providing her a second sewing room and all. In all of her streams she sews in her room so im assuming that sewing room must be a god awful mess. Im just wondering, her twitch just donated over 1K to her for a custom streaming PC to stream new stuff like games, but she is always complaining about never having time to even play her brand new PS4 she treated herself to. So lets see how long it takes her to buy that PC if she ever does.

No. 234716

File: 1484416078173.png (1.01 MB, 940x788, C2JH91GWQAAPTQi.png)

She posted this earlier today. She wants to charge $60 per photoshoot and $25 for each additional person? If anyone in their right mind saw her pictures theyd never pay that ridiculous price. Her photos are nowhere near quality enough to charge that much. Heres her flickr if anyone wants to take a look, her photos are always full of noise, basic composition, and poorly edited.


No. 234717

Forgot to add, thats $60+ for only 30 minutes. You better come prepared with poses or youre going to get 4-7 pictures of the same thing over and over

No. 234748


I don't know anything about photography but I can tell that these photos are garbage.

No. 234749

File: 1484426497590.jpg (307.67 KB, 631x514, Untitled-1.jpg)

People never doubted the fact that she could be tanner than her GF, who is indeed pale. People were accusing her of darkening her face specifically for Lance who is Cuban. You can clearly see a difference in color from her face to her neck/hands and while she tried to blame the lighting in the video, her selfies also show the same difference. So the fact remains. She either brownfaced (even 1 shade is still on purpose girl) or shes been constantly whitewashing for her videos and selfies.

No. 234765

File: 1484431159700.png (16.23 KB, 569x127, Capture.PNG)

How dare u. Check ur facts, obviously she stepped out in to the sun to activate her super special armenian skin to instantly became brown in time to cosplay Lance duh.

No. 234769

Looks like shit contouring, coupled with her summer foundation. It was currently winter, so she'd had three months of less sun. Really no worse that what you might see at Walmart, but it's the intent that matters, in this case.

While she may be the same brightness as white people in past photos, her skin has a warm undertone. Warm undertones usually tan darker, I should know, I do, even though I'm ethnically white. She gets a pass because she ~armenian poc~ but she's pretty white passing most of the time.

No. 234770

I agree, she can pass for white but this could very well just be poor makeup skills coupled with a tan. Though shes never mentioned being any type of POC before I can see how suddenly using that now to explain could cause doubts and anger POC/the community.

No. 234771

thats clearly makeup to make her skin darker. her neck is contrasting badly with her face.

No. 234775

Her face is an entirely different color. Contouring for crossplay would make sense on the cheekbones and around the jawline but her entire face is different. You can also see if you actually watch the video that cap is from that her hands dont match her face either so while she may have a tan of some sort her foundation was absolutely a different, darker color. Also, they mentioned her blaming lighting. As her head/face moves around the difference stays the same so that excuse makes no sense.

No. 234789

File: 1484434487314.jpg (235.12 KB, 483x459, untitled.jpg)

Picture on the right - first image
Picture on the left - second upload
They tried to prove she wasnt brown facing by uploading the same image with a different filter. I guess they didnt realize that in both filters the color of her face is 100% different than the color of her hand.

No. 234793

File: 1484436135148.png (143.14 KB, 1280x720, 028C4D06-F4C8-4DE9-B617-079CEC…)


Except I am positive she is. Look at her parents. NEITHER OF THEM ARE REMOTELY DARK skinned. I mean maybe her dad could be some fraction POC but I REALLY dont believe that Mango is actually POC, esp because I vividly remember in a stream or video that she mentioned her ethnic background and NONE OF IT was POC.

No. 234794


Positive she is white** sorry

No. 234798

File: 1484436911166.png (365.13 KB, 431x353, Capture1.PNG)

If anything she is a fraction of a fraction because this grown man only has a mild tan. Even with bright lighting. And i can assure you he probably goes outside on the daily. So her POC tan makes no sense when you compare the picture of her pale mom and tan dad to her pale GF and tan self.

This picture is from the video she uploaded RIGHT before the gingerbread one where she Lance.

No. 234806

"Her POC tan" shut the fuck up. We don't care.

No. 234809


No. 234811

Nothing says "nobody cares" quite like bumping the thread with unsaged posts.

No. 234814

Thats a lot of effort for somebody who doesnt care tbh. What she did, and basically swept under the rug, was not okay. She refused to acknowledge her wrongdoings and her white knights flattered her in to thinking it was okay. Real POC cosplayers are always having to explain that they are in fact x color which is embarrassing to the community and unfair to those cosplayers. This girl used that same fight to try and make it okay.

Also, what some people dont care about others do, so dont bump the thread with your useless spam posts.

No. 234815

Brownfacing is relatively minor to some of her other issues. Like bullying people into crediting her for generic gijinka designs.

No. 234817

Bullying is her biggest blemish imo. Bullying other cosplayers and youtubers because she believes she is the most special, most original snow. She has the platform to send plenty of people after those she doesnt like and she does it in a very shady way so she thinks you cant ever point it back to her.

No. 234820


Hi Mango/Letelle/Beth

No. 234827

If we could include her friends in this this thread would max out before you could blink. Beth is just as guilty of bullying only she doesnt try to veil it. She never mentions names but she is often trash talking others on her public cosplay twitter. She turned her old public one private but yet brings all the hate to the public one because its not fun if people arent contributing or acknowledging her hatefulness. She keeps a fake image on instagram only but her twitter and tumblr are a pile of self-entitlement and negativity.

No. 234829

We would know immediately if any of them were lurking anyway because not one of them knows how to keep shit private especially not Mango and Beth. Bothered? Internet twolls hurting your precious feewings? They'd immediately be blasting their twitters about it.

No. 234833


Frankly I'm surprised they haven't seen and/or commented on this yet.

No. 234847

File: 1484444538577.png (3.3 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_4724.PNG)

I wonder how long it will be before Nina subtweets and/or bullies Hatter about cosplaying Prompto

No. 234848

It'd be extremely petty, and back on that vendetta she has against her, if she did. I follow Hatter and shes been talking about cosplaying Prompto since the day the game came out. Nina started her after. But again, with the gingerbread video drama I wouldnt be surprised if she tried.

No. 234855

I tried to lowkey ask Hatter at a con back in October what the drama had been between them and she wouldn't give any details. She actually praised Nina's cosplaying skills and her influence on the community. When i saw Nina and her friends going crazy around December it made me feel really bad for her.

No. 234937

Why are the people who are call themselves "con moms" always the most immature?

No. 235082

What the fuck?
So, I point out that lolcow is NOT tumblr and we DO NOT give a shit about your diaper rash for ~POC!!!1~ means I'm one of these dumb bitches? Nah. You're just annoying, and I'm pointing it out. Your obnoxious need to scream about brown foundation is excessive and sad.

No. 235111

Because its their delusional fans that dub them that based on their online persona when irl theyre catty and awful.

No. 235124

File: 1484501866718.jpg (111.97 KB, 1242x1125, IMG_4693.JPG)


So bashing wankbank for brown facing, fine. Bashing Mango for it, not ok?

Whatever you say

No. 235185

Please for the love of God, go make a tumblr call out post for it. You're not contributing anything here, you're just making it blatantly obvious that you've spent way too much time reading black thinkpieces on the dumblr.

No. 235187

File: 1484512506680.png (28.38 KB, 426x333, screenshot.PNG)

Getting this thread back on track, move on from the tumblr arguing guys seriously, I saw these comments on that Mimikyuu cosplayers facebook. This girl did not need to add any credit to her imo, the design is completely different as the cosplayer stated. I think she's just mad this Jinx girl's is more accurate and cuter. This backwards comment of trying to compliment and shame her at the same time after making such a huge deal on twitter is ridiculous

No. 235246


She'd better get started on her crusade on every single Mimikyu cosplayer because I guess her design is the ONLY WAY to make it.

I personally like this other girl's design more. The material and overall texture fit the Pokémon a lot more. A burlap sack sounds a lot more fitting than fleece. Mango is so entitled.

No. 235253

Thats the problem. Its basically like, now that shes done her version, every other mimikyu cosplayer better make sure they dont do the dress/hood combo or she'll cry copyright or design theft. Its so ridiculous.

No. 235267

So did she steal the Mimikyu design from other cosplayers? There's been plenty of other cosplays that looked similar to hers and were put out way before. She needs to get off her high horse.

No. 235311

I understand the girl just wanted to keep the peace but I'm pissed that she caved in and gave Mango credit when she doesn't fucking deserve it. That's her cosplay, she designed it, she made it, but now when her photos go around, it's gonna have Mango's name stapled on for no good reason. It's bullshit and the fake ass "uwu we as artists need to stick together! So happy this had a happy ending! <3 :3 " just read to me as "HAHA I got my way!"
She's like a schoolyard bully but she's regarded as some pure angel who can do no wrong in the community.

No. 235322

Thats what keeps happening. She throws a fit, her fans go after x person and then that person caves to keep the peace. The worst part is Mango always makes some kind of halfassed post or comment afterwards just like the one above. She did the same thing with the youtube drama then proceeded to try and compliment the youtuber's videography skills afterwards. It was very backhanded if i remember it right, something like the persons original content was really enjoyable but over months shed been uncomfortable because she was 100% sure they were stealing her personality, speech patterns, shit like that. But she proceeded to say that their editing was really good, that they were really talented etc.

No. 235332


I can't stand when people send their fan base on a witch hunt. She HAD to subtweet about it "because she's human and needs to vent!", but was SO QUICK to tell her minions and other popular cosplayers exactly who it was. If she had truly wanted to settle it quietly she would have said NOTHING, told NOONE who it was, and would have settled it with the cosplayer privately. The fact that she posted about it and privately ratted them out proves how much of a rat she is.

No. 235358

When the youtube drama was going down i remember reading a post wherw someone asked her why she didnt just email the other person privately and sort it out and she basically replied with "they know what they did!!" Like how do you just assume these other people youre after are following you to see your shade tweets and just instantly know its them? What kind of shit is that lol

No. 235370


Subtweeting is so immature. She acts as if she's so "above" behavior like that but she isn't fooling anyone. I used to subtweet ALL the time or "vaguebook", and I eventually grew up and saw how fucking stupid it was.

If she has beef, she should be an adult and take it to private messages, not whining on her public social media to garner the pity of her peons.

No. 235426

File: 1484537984830.png (175.17 KB, 380x604, screenshot.PNG)

Because if she didnt subtweet and actually handled it privately like a mature human being she wouldnt get to make posts like this with everyone praising her and feeling sympathy for her. Its all about the drama and public shaming tbh. Made my favorite one bigger, accusing others of policing others while their precious Mango literally just policed another cosplayer over a damn pokemon costume.

No. 235572

I can't wait for her and Lettele to move in together and subsequently crash and burn in a flaming break up.

I know they've known each other since last katsucon, but they've only dated for a few months. Moving in together so soon is NOT smart, especially for someone so immature.

No. 235586

They've seen each other face to face like what 4 times? Them knowing each other for a year means nothing and them moving in together after so little face time is such a joke. I can't find it but Mango justified moving in with Lettelle so early because dating for 8 months (by that time) would be a long time. Like… what? lol. Most couples wait YEARS to move in, especially long distance couples. Let alone 8 months. It will definitely be a train wreck waiting to happen.

No. 235603

Both seem to feed off the attention being in this relationship brings. It's also possible to be in love with the idea of a relationship, rather than the person. Either way, it was very fast and public, but both are public figures in this community, so being visible has benefits. Because muh ships.

No. 235636

They literally announced they were together seconds after it happened then tried to pretend they wanted to wait a bit to see how it would go but just couldn't because they were so crazy about one another. That just screams that they want attention. And like mentioned theyve had like 4 actual facetime encounters which were over the course of cons or weekends so less than 20 days in each others company.

No. 235640

And judging by the Christmas gift Mango got Emily, they're still very much in the honeymoon, head-over-heels, "in love" stage. What's going to happen when that starts to wear off? Jumping from a handful of face to face encounters to being with each other 24/7…it can't possibly go very well.

No. 235643

File: 1484589885929.png (495.72 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20170116-120300.png)

Theyre moving to a different state at that so its not even built for a fallback. Mango mentioned in her "please give us money so we can move" post that shed be supporting the both of them until her gf can find a job so I imagine thats not the last time her fans donation money will go to her living expenses vs. Her actual costuming. Which her patreon details that that money given by fans is strictly to produce more content for them. Or move out of state with her gf i guess lol.

No. 235648

What did they get each other?

I know people were harassing Nina and Em about Em's relationship with Shiki, but that only lasted a few months too, I believe. Em and Shiki seam to be on good terms, but I have a feeling that Shiki is too career focused for such an intense, public relationship. What does Em even do irl?

No. 235652

I know they did the YoI wedding/commitment rings but im not sure what their other gifts were. As far as i know Em works in some kind of retail or something like that. But on her vlog video (mango) where she left that long message at the end to her ~*one true love*~ someone commented like, werent you just with shiki less than a month ago? Instead of just deleting the comment and subtweeting she went off on the girl, then her fans went off on the girl, then she played victim about how everyone is just so mean and judging of her and hoe dare they assume to know their lives

No. 235666

In Mango's Christmas gift video, she said she gave Em (might be the other way around) a book or a card or something with a bunch of things she loves about her or some shit. She said it was really cute and cheesy and they read it aloud and got emotional because it was so sweet. It's just such an overly sentimental gift and they're still fresh in the relationship, so you just know it's going to die down eventually. They're planning on moving out together while they still have total heart eyes.

No. 235683

File: 1484598064483.png (72.38 KB, 483x755, screenshot.PNG)

Her aggressive response to this is down right hilarious. Why are you so defensive nina? And her gf's reply of, we've been together for 4 months (but only seen one another irl maybe 3 or 4 times fyi) so how dare you.

No. 235691


JESUS the way she writes is so condescending and cunty. KNOWING SOMEONE for two years and being romantically involved for two years are two ENTIRELY different things. It is also very different to be LDR for four months and dating and seeing each other regularly for four months.

When we were dating, my fiancé and I knew we eventually wanted to live together but we waited until we had dated a year before we pulled the trigger and, even after I stayed over EVERY WEEKEND for almost that entire year, living together was an entirely different beast.

This is going to crash and burn and I can't wait to see it happen. Nina must KNOW they're crazy for moving in so soon, which is why she's so insanely butt hurt by people calling her out on it.

No. 235700

Holy fuck, she's a bitch. In what world is 25 old? She acts like she's some ultra wise adult, but she's just as wet behind the ears as any other 20 something that thinks they know it all. I can't wait for their inevitable breakup. Maybe that will knock her down a few pegs and she'll become a little more humble. This condescending attitude is disgusting.

No. 235702

Its a pretty common theme that if youre not kissing her ass or flattering her/her ideas in some way she is goinf to respond just like in that capture. She is very rude and ugly to a lot of people but it doesnt help that right after posting that kind of thing shell make a post with screencaps of her followers having sympathy for her. Im still laughing over the pokemon credit ordeal. I mean jessica didnt contact that girl, call her out, or even seem to care. Yet nina had to make it a mission to seek and destroy.

No. 235797

File: 1484610749012.png (363.04 KB, 1440x2023, 20170116_175038.png)

As a cosplayer with a larger follower count it was so immature for her to publicly get involved in a mess that could have easily been resolved had mango just messaged that girl. Instead both she, and this girl decides to subtweet about it to the masses.

No. 235798


Byndo lives near me and I've seen her a few times outside of cons and she always has this resting bitch face. She's so fake. She doesn't have any room to talk, considering she does shitty buduoir shoots ('lol i'm totally mercy since I put on this shitty, unstyled blonde ponytail wig!'). I wish she had more drama, though. I'd love to know more dirt on her, other than how she constantly jumps around from boy to boy.

No. 235818

Wankbank swooped in after though, according to Facebook time stamps. Tbh, no one in this trainwreck is an angel, Jinxkittie definitely take heavy inspiration for her designs. However Mimikyu is so fucking generic, Mango really went overboard. Though props to her for finding an easy target.

No. 236068

File: 1484664099113.png (2.69 MB, 1440x1932, 20170117_083748.png)

These dresses have a nice concept but they look awful in these photos. Theyre so ill fitting and unflattering. I dont know why a cosplay magazine would feature this (and her friends basic galaxy makeup) over actual cosplay related tutorials. While fandom dresses make sense this is bottom of the barrel imo

No. 236571


These just look like overly long jerseys. They don't flatter anyone and certainly not people without curves like Nina. If I were looking at these magazines I would rather see some sort of armor tutorial. Not this garbage

No. 236577

Either her fingers are a foot long or she's really underweight. Look how thin and bony her arms are in 2nd and 3rd pic. She's a self proclaimed work-out-aholic but this looks excessive.

No. 236602

Dont ever mention that @ her or she will go off. Her and Beth have gone crazy on concerned followers saying things like. Are you my doctor? You dont know shit about me, my doctor says im fine, how dare you, etc. Lol. You know by now how over the top she is. But this is also the girl who had an emergency appendectomy and was walking around the house despite being told to rest because she just needs her 5 miles a day or whatever.

No. 236635


She probably is really underweight. Early in December she made an inspirational Instagram post about losing 50 pounds and being able to run. At her heaviest, she said she was weighed 155 pounds.

Did she ever mention her numerous food allergies before 2016? It seems like that and those cancerous cells she said she has during her Katsucon 2016 vid popped up around the same time. That's why she works so hard, is thin, or some bs.

No. 236637

File: 1484757116910.png (239.55 KB, 750x1334, IMG_6070.PNG)

No. 236644

Omg her and beth are the queens of extra when it comes to food allergies and bitching about them. Thry constantly complain about this food or that food and how it makes them feel so sick but, like with anything else, if a fan tries to talk to them or offer suggestions they bite their heads off. Take your medical shit elsewhere people only care about your cosplay. And that "convlog" that just had 15 minutes of them talking about all their mesical stuff with such a fake positivity was so obnoxious. Clearly your messages are countered by your bully personality and massive ego. And no one clicks on a con vlog wanting to see that. They, shockingly, want to see the con experience.

No. 236648

Holy shit this girl is fugg as hell
Plus who showcases anything sports related while wearing bargain bin sandals and ebay heels, isnt she super proud of being sporty? Just wear some cute running shoes or some shit jesus

No. 236652


But don't tell her that. Remember, she flipped out when people didn't like the new artsy direction she was taking her convlogs because what she does is art. Because, ya know, people want to see that.

No. 236656

She's definitely underweight. She walked past me at Youmacon last year and I was pretty surprised at how thin she is irl.

No. 236659

File: 1484759722709.png (514.76 KB, 576x710, mangohypocryte.png)

I used to like her, but then she tweeted some shit during the Pulse Shooting in Orlando that pissed me off. I had to go back and cap them.

She tweeted she was so sad for the community and her headspace wasn't good for streaming. However, then she tweeted later in the day that she had a headache but still did work. Really?

No. 236665


Yeah, I remember recently she mentioned wanting some Starbucks drink and people commented with how she could make substitutions to ingredients for muh allergies and she went off on them. She hates everyone's attempts to help so much she either needs to just NEVER WHINE about anything (what a concept) or learn to politely accept people's genuine attenpts to offer help instead of being a condescending twat.

No. 236668

This video was for that ugly coffee skirt simplicity offered her to make as well. If it was supposed to be a tutorial it didnt really teach anyone anything imo. It was more just stupid artsy shots of her running around with that horrible wig. But she only has mimicked sympathy because she has a follower count. If she didnt feel obligated to i doubt shed tweet anything at all.

They get annoyed because people are constantly offering suggestions or trying to help (see >>232112 for her usual reactions to it) but yet dont realize that if they werent constantly bitching and complaining people wouldnt be trying to help out somehow or send words of encouragement.

No. 236672

File: 1484762253783.jpg (1.07 MB, 1564x1564, IMG_20170118_115306.jpg)

Shes so hypocritical. Always whining about copyright, branding, original design etc. But it only counts if you arent her friend/suck up to her. She sends people after any cosplayer or youtuber who has even remotely similar content but a buddy has basically the same thumbnails and she defends them lol

No. 236675

Not to mention she says shell privately deal with it if it becomes a bigger issue like "other channel became" but last info i had was she never emailed that girl or contacted her. She just subtweeted and sent people to leave hate comments

No. 236680


What is her "brand" anyway? She talks about it, has panels (which only her Patreons can watch because money) about it, and goes ape shit when people copy it.

No. 236685

Mermaid scales and basic knowledge tutorials im assuming. I would say her graphics maybe but Beth claims to have a brand as well and she does the very least possible so that flattened that idea. Im pretty sure she thinks shes the brand for cosplay tutorials and videos in that basic pinterest style format. But if thats the case then no one can ever do lets plays because theyre copyright of pewdiepies brand. Or as beth does, monthly favorites and basic ass daily vlogs because lord knows she didnt invent those ideas herself so her 'brand' is nothing but regurgitated ideas from other channels.

No. 236813

File: 1484776635804.jpg (339 KB, 1701x1498, IMG_6072.JPG)

I don't know if it's just the angle in the second pic, but her legs look skeletal.

No. 236833

Its the shmegeh pose. I mean she's pretty thin but it's mainly the angle

No. 236891

Shes currently working on Sheik based on the fanart by Drifting by Stars. I wonder how long it will take before shes coming after another cosplayer because that 1 original bead wasn't in the fanart reference and was her addition and how dare it be stolen.

Shes also doing Prompto and got his bandana custom printed and is asking is anyone wants to buy the extras. If she referenced hers off of the official one I cant imagine how someone whos all against copyright would feel right selling knockoff prints of an official merch item she copied. (she did this for buttons for another costume in the past)

No. 237204

File: 1484851784641.png (187.84 KB, 750x1334, IMG_6073.PNG)

I wonder who pissed her off this time. Love that second tweet. She's one to talk.

No. 237220

Oh my god what is with these rants of hers? Why is she always trying to school people on how to act like shes some wise fountain of how a cosplayer should be towards others. Shes hateful to tons of other people then wanta to tell others to be respectful??

No. 237254

Did anyone else watch her newest worklog for her prompto wig? I havent checked out a video of her since the drama about channels but jfc does she always sound so horribly try-hard? The last wig styling worklog i dont think she even spoke but now it was an absolute cringe to sit through.

No. 237307


It's because she's trying to pass herself off as some cosplay mother who has been through all the trails and tribulations and is trying to teach all the poor souls who are new to cosplay…

As long as you don't dare send her an ask.

She mentioned coffee. I'm starting to wonder if her health problems stem from or are aggravated by all the coffee she consumes.

No. 237316

My main question is, it was mentioned earlier in this thread and i saw her tweets a while back but she accused someone of trying to copy her speech patterns and personality but yet she doesnt even sound like how she used to in her previous videos? So im just really confused? I mean, if she reads off a script this much (which you can tell by how painfully forced her cutesy quirks sound) how does she have the balls to threaten that someone is trying to steal that?? Its insane

No. 237348

lmao what an insufferable cunt

No. 237357

File: 1484876086713.png (24.81 KB, 573x344, Capture.PNG)

What the hell is this? Ive never sent this girl an ask before but I just went to the link and saw this message. 'Be thankful' calm your fucking ego you arent the all-knowing cosplay queen jfc.

No. 237358


I don't even know. I rewatched her old convlogs and she really is different now. Now she's all about her tumblr aesthetic, which includes her hair, room, allergies, cutesy voice overs, coffee and wine obsession, and all the fucking memes she does. Her new gf is included. She likes women more because she apparently feels ill at ease with men?

No. 237360

This girls fakeness seriously pisses me off. If she were just some other cosplay jerk it wouldnt mean much but the fact she is a manufactured fake who has the audacity to bully others for not being original just rubs me all kinds of wrong. I really wish someone would call her out in some kind of way but shed just get her trashy friend and cosplay contacts to go for blood.

But i remember her and Beth having this long sex-related convo on their cosplay twitters about how dudes just didnt do it for them and its like, 1. You preach youre here for the younger generation and to keep things PG but you wont do the same. and 2. text your friend about your sex life no one on your cosplay page gives af

No. 237362

This is really nitpicky of me, but it's extremely annoying how much she mentions coffee. I don't think there's a single video where she doesn't mention it at least once.
> "I haven't had my coffee yet!"
> "Now that I have coffee I can start working!"
> "Coffee, coffee, teehee I'm so quirky and relatable, coffee!"
It's so tryhard and obnoxious.

No. 237365

She acts like its in her veins and she literally cant function without it. Then when she mentions wine she always calls herself like mom and grandma and it makes me want to shake her. Shes 23/24 years old acting like shes been in the cosplay scene long enough that referring to herself as grandma isnt the most annoying thing. She just acts like shes been around since day one and is the total encompass of cosplay and cosplay knowledge. Even now her and her GF are doing a 'super duper secret armor build' that only her paying wanks can view and its just like, who seriously acts like that?

No. 237369

Mid-twenty-somethings who act like they're grown and wise seemingly tend to be the most immature people. She definitely acts like she is all-knowing when it comes to cosplay which adds to her condescending attitude towards noobies in the community.
In reality, she's just decent at basic wig styling, she can sew well enough, and she produces clean work. She's not at all on the level of many other cosplayers in the community who do clean, elaborate work and I don't think she's made anything that would be considered impressive or above-average in terms of difficult craftsmanship. She acts like some authority figure in the cosplay community and really needs to get her head out of her ass. There are so many other people in the community who are much stronger than her at craftsmanship that don't have an over inflated ego like she does.

No. 237372


I think it was intro to photoshoots video where she acted like she was so old and there was no internet to book photographers. Girl, you started going to cons in 2007. The internet was thing. Youtube existed, as did Facebook. Cosplay.com was not the end all be all.

Now talk to people who've been cosplaying since before 2000. Talk to people who did cons back then and further back. See how they did things.

No. 237373

File: 1484877648216.png (23.01 KB, 282x592, Capture.PNG)

Some of the people she trashes have better craftsmanship than she does, or her friends. She tried at one point going off that the girl who copied her channel copied something from her ex-maybe-friend Em's Makoto costume and Im just laughing because her Makoto was some slapped together looking disaster. I also found this gem, for anyone questioning if this girl is all that bad (see pic). One of her cosplay goals (7.5K??? seriously???) is to publish a beginners guide book. Because all the books made by Kamui and online resources just arent enough. She needs 7.5K a MONTH to somehow make a book that is basically a regurgitation of her Cosplay 101 videos (aka basic fucking knowledge)

No. 237374

But then she can't be bothered to reply to asks because Google is a thing.

Yup, she's becoming all about the money. Everything is behind a paywall at this point. I can't fault people for trying to make money for essentially free content, but she's getting outrageous. Why can't we see her past streams on Twitch without paying? Because she's a Twitch partner? If that were the case, I wouldn't be able to rewatch old streams on some of the bigger streamers I watch.

No. 237377

I think its an option once you become a twitch partner to make your old streams cost money. The only thing about this that makes me mad is that it was literally a goal on her patreon that even got her started using twitch. For 1K a month she would do public streams for the people who cant afford to pay for the stream tier on patreon (its only $5 a month but still). But then she went and made it to where you have to pay her $5/month on twitch to watch them. So what was the point of the 1K goal? All her goals are bullshit tbh. She needed 1.5K a month to make fucking cooking videos and shes made a grand total of like 2 of them. She justified the price as a need for equipment but she lives with her parents so i doubt she needed a new oven and stuff.

No. 237378


Ok. When someone else asked her, she made it sound like she had no choice because she's a Twitch partner.

No. 237379

She didnt have to even become a twitch partner if that were the case. She was striving for it to get that $$. I get she needs to do whatever she can to pay her bills but dont set something as a goal/reward if its still going to cost money to access it. Its pretty shitty of her considering people dont always have the same timezone or free time to sit around and watch her while shes Live

No. 237380

File: 1484879063068.png (17.86 KB, 948x308, twitchthing.PNG)

Just found this, it's optional.

No. 237383

Wow look at that another lie.

I think i remember her gf telling the story of how they first met. She said they approached her at a con and she called Mango by the wrong username and she was ugly to her about it so she thought she hated her.

I dont remember it word for word but remember thinking how it def makes the accounts of her being a bitch at cons that much more credible.

No. 237386

How cringe do you think her Prompto and Lettele's Noctis are going to be?

Will she be shades darker for this?

No. 237387

File: 1484880816803.jpg (26.48 KB, 278x332, C1npkHXUsAApzh-.jpg)

I'm just interested in seeing if she bullies other Prompto cosplayers. She acted nice in her wig styling video like she can 'relate to the pain' of this costume but it wont take long for her to compare herself to other Prompto's and probably talk shit behind their backs. But we wont know what hers looks like, because its super secret Patreon only until the con next month. All we have is a tiny screenshot one her suckups posted asking about her fabric choice but then mango quickly asked her to take it down because it was 'private' lol. Ive attached it.

No. 237399


OH NO, better not post that GENERIC PLAID FABRIC… seriously?

No. 237403

Private, in accurate fabric at that. Promptos fabric isnt blue and red. I think she didnt want it shared because someone may copy her original fabric choices lol. I saw yesterday/today that 4 chan was having at her in the pokemon cosplay thread due to her bullying.

No. 237409

Better send my entire fan base on a witch hunt because BITCH STOLE MUH PLAID!!! Oh except don't bully them!!! I don't want them to get bullied… BUT DONT WORRY cosplay whore friends, I'll be sure to DM you about it so you can go on their page and shit post, in addition to subtweeting on your own twitters…

Tee hee time for my second cup of coffee because I'm so quirky FAITO ^_~

No. 237411

LOL hilarious. My friend messaged her after she made that giant post of 'leave the copyright person alone. everything is all good it was sorted out' and despite making that post she continued to talk shit about them. She then goes on to say that she will contact people privately if she has problems and to never witch hunt because 'it aint cool'. But then she bitches on her twitter and sends people without every contacting people. Im sure that mimikyuu cosplayer would have responded to a message and sorted it out. But instead Mango's people, Byndo + any other cosplayers that found the connection (like we did, it wasnt hard) went after her. Its just so disgusting that people dont call her out on her shit

No. 237421

Oh they will soon enough. She's getting into cosplay mags now. She's just about big enough for people to start caring.

No. 237425

Yeah. If you DARE ago say anything all of her shitstain minions, ONE TRUE LOVE, nighteyes "I'm a martyr DONT YOU ARE TRY TO HELP ME" cosplay, byndo, and that fucking creeper "Mikey" guy that could not be further up mangos asshole, will subtweet on their accounts and Tumblr you into oblivion.

I agree with other comments here. I started following Nina back in like 2013/2014 when I was getting back into cosplay and was looking for some tutorials. She was so much more genuine then. Now she's just flat, dull, boring. Everything is read off of a script to make herself sound so adult and mature. She doesn't have any realness left in anything she does.

It's a shame. She does have talent and I really enjoyed her work, but her personality coupled with her nose dive into her cold, manufactured "brand", has really left a sour taste in my mouth.

No. 237426

Found it.

No. 237427

I can slightly believe that magazine asked her to make a tutorial. But i can bet money beth was brought in as either a space filler of just because shes nina's friend. Shes featured as a cosplay makeup artist but her makeup is medium skill at best. On top of that her tutorial is for a galaxy painted across your face based on some artwork. I didnt know you could be published by recreating someone elses design (aka, copyright).

Oh man that Mikey guy is so sad tbh. He thinks theyre friends but not once have i ever seen her tweet to him, she always just responds to his tweets at her. He buys her hundreds of dollars worth of stuff and even moderates her stream so he waits around, then stays in it the entire time to mod for free. This guy is delusional and shes totally using him.

No. 237428

Dont feel bad for him that guy is a massive shit talker on nina's behalf. When she was complaining about the youtube issue he was all up her ass with tweets belittling the other person to try and make his 'best friend' feel better. Like sorry dude, youre overseas and just a free service worker that buys her things.

No. 237430

I'm no fucking makeup pro but neither Beth or Nina are as GIFTED as makeup as they seem to think they are. It's shitty foundation with pencil thin drawn on eyebrows that make them look like Disney villains.

Mikey is pathetic and so is that one Fee501st guy or whoever it is. He is ALL OVER Byndo and Makiroll and buys them SO MUCH SHIT. Makes me want to just whore myself out with underwear pics if it means some lonely neckbeard would buy shit off my Amazon wishlist.

No. 237431

Quit honestly her cosplay makeup video is really basic stuff. You could watch any kind of makeup video and see way better application and execution. Also, her most recent one with the damn character's eyelashes drawn on as thick triangles of eyeliner is probably one of the stupidest things ive seen. As for Beth, that girl came in to her channel high and mighty that she was gonna make x tutorial and x tutorial but instead all she does is complain about her illnesses on twitter and her exhausting job at a grocery store. Shes put up none of the videos she said she would and any makeup vid she did was messy af, thats why she switched to 'i havent shaved my legs, watch me do that!' type videos lol. On top of that, mango sent her subs over to her promising shed be the one to help with makeup, so we know where her influx of subs came from and it isnt because shes entertaining or skilled.

No. 237432


Don't even get me started on her self care day video.

Beth needs her own thread.

No. 237436

I would loose the next 5 years of my life digging out the trashy tweets that girl puts out everyday. It's just always funny to look back at the 'Team Trash' days (super classy, mature, adult name you got there) and see how they thought they were all just the best of the best then they quickly fell apart. It pretty much looked like Jillian wanted fuck all to do with Beth's messy self (do you blame her tho?) and Nina chose beth's side once it was all said and done. Honestly it was the best decision Jillian could have made imo.

No. 237439

File: 1484887540792.png (391.25 KB, 581x397, Capture.PNG)

Here's one of many instances where he's jumped to her defense and run his mouth without actually being involved or knowing anything about the other party. Gotta defend that senpai who pretends im her bff.

No. 237442

Now we've got Deanna and Lettele joining in on this bs.

No. 237443

File: 1484887709063.png (145.04 KB, 750x1334, IMG_6074.PNG)

Samefag here. Whoops.

No. 237446

People arent famous, theres no such thing as cosfame.

This coming from someone who has thousands of followers. Tell me, would you be preaching this if you only had 50? I doubt it. Shes always going on about that shit this is like the 3rd time shes whined about it. If you dont want the attention delete your channel, remove yourself from your public dance group, and stop being hungry for attention. Mango always agrees with these stupid tweets and its like, youre more guilty of being fame hungry than anyone else!

No. 237454

File: 1484889104493.png (115.83 KB, 829x622, Capture.PNG)

Adding this to the thread because I will never understand why Nina didnt just delete the comment and move on. Instead she had to go after her, then allow her followers to also go after this user. Oh wait.. why would she delete it when she can tweet about her hurt feelings and cause drama?

No. 237455

Why is she so defensive? It's insane.

No. 237456

She gets super defensive when anyone questions the legitimacy of her true love. Probably because they were saying they loved one another about 1 week in to the relationship. The video this is on, with the ridiculously long sap message at the end is 2 months old, so they were barely even dating yet. That person's just saying what everyone is thinking but there are 21 replies with books of text from people criticizing them and defending nina and lettelle magical romance.

No. 237481

File: 1484898969958.png (246.28 KB, 471x551, GetOverYourself.png)

Christ, she's annoying.

No. 237502

Late to the party but honestly as far as shitty sexy pokemon gijinkas go the one on the right is far more faithful to mimikyu than Mango's version.

No. 237506

"Shipped" them? I didn't get that from the OP at all. Her whole response screams "I'm an adult now, I can adult. Don't police me!". But that's her whole new Tumblr persona.

No. 237508

Lmao armenians are white christians. anyone trying to milk the POC milk while being white as snow is despicable, no matter where your grandparents came from.

Jesus what a bitch. Just straight out say you want the "ohhh poor you stay safe my baby;;;;" treatment and not friendly advice.

A lot of cosplayers who act super sweet and nice and polite on their "official" channels (facebook and youtube) reveal their true selves on Twitter. Twitter makes it so much easier to let yourself go unscripted.

idc about Tumblr brownface wahhing but she's obviously using makeup to look tanner. Her neck is a complete different color and her face has that distinct reddish makeup shade, not a natural darker skin tone which are more yellow-hue.

lmao, You can just see her gritting her teeth while writing that "friendly and squeamish" reply while still remaining completely passive-aggressive.

This. 25 is still young as hell and you can still make stupid decisions based on lack of life experience. a 24-year old has what, 6 years as a legal adult? And probably 4 years as an actual young adult?

No. 237520

Reading this was physically painful. First, no one fucking asked if you designed it because we don't care.

The latter portion of it is DRIPPING with that condescending "DONT COPY ME" attitude. Fuck before this thread she was alright but reading all this is putting her in a new light and it's so shitty and cringey. I'm glad Shark Baroness got out when she did. She seems to be getting some success, doing some YT still, and has made some very cute and clean costumes (her Mercy at Blizzcon was adorable I saw it). Em Manface basker seems to have distanced herself too as I don't see those two talking nearly as much as they used to.

At first I was surprised Nina sided with Beth after that PUBLIC TWITTER SHITSHOW Beth and Sharkbaroness had, but now I see they're a perfect fit. They both bitch and moan about how awful their allergies and lives are and they can bully people together. A perfect shitty team.

No. 237522

They had a twitter right? I'd love to see that. :D

No. 237524

Not sure who youre asking for for twitter handles but the username for jillian is sharkbaroness.

I remember that shit show! J basically wanted space from them because they were essentially being shitty friends and Beth was being a massive bitch about it like, dont accuse me! Or something lol. They deleted the convo i think then J went out on her own and is happy with her twitch and all. I always thought it was kind of shitty that Nina joined twitch literally right after J did and jacked most of her viewers by streaming on the EXACT same nights and times. Shitty friend imo

No. 237528

Wow I never knew Nina did that. But I'm not surprised.

I remember some of the fight was also because J seemed to be struggling with some depression/something similar and would push people away, which Beth then publically attacked her about (J was on a private twitter, Beth on her public one iirc). It was a huge public shitfest and they then got mad that ppl were commenting trying to help or something. Maybe don't air all of your dirty laundry in public then you fat cunt.

No. 237533

File: 1484923472014.jpg (892.72 KB, 634x2658, pt2017_01_20_08_42_06.jpg)

You guys owe me $$ because finding this shit in the shitstorm that is her twitter was tough. Hopefully it didnt resize it weird im on mobile lol

No. 237534

File: 1484923600764.png (461.58 KB, 1440x1490, 20170120_083959.png)

Also, proof of using a public cosplay page to attention seek. Mango does this same shit. Im gonna whine but dont you dare respond.

No. 237547

Mango is insufferable but Beth is an actual train wreck. She REALLY needs a thread.

No. 237553

Make one for her im sure it wont be hard to screencap more of her mess she posts bullshit daily. Mango wont last long being drama free. Eventually her need to monitor others will get her bitching again and i doubt shes left the youtuber and cosplayers she has trouble with alone. She probably monitors them daily waiting for them to post something she doesnt agree with.

No. 237557

That's probably why she's "so busy". I can't stand that she keeps up this "I have fifty jobs and I don't have time to do a n y t h i n g!!!" when we ALL KNOW that there is no way in hell she has 16+ hours of YouTube/patreon/etc work a day. My 9-5 is hectic and busy and I STILL have plenty of time to do shit.

But I guess stalking other cosplayers that may copy muh origunal designs do not steal is a full time, 24/7 job

No. 237563

I know for sure shes monitored the youtuber for over 1 year and has built a massive file of shit she claims was stolen/copied. Its like, of you spend all youre time looking for problems youre going to invent them where they arent.

And she is always complaining about all her jobs. Her LinkedIn profile state currently she has youtube, twitch, and does freelance editing but only lists 3 projects for 4 years lol. Seriously her job is to make costumes and take pics/film it as she goes. Then decide what part of the photos and footage goes to youtube or to patreon. She paints herself as this super work driven adult who sleeps only 2 hrs because shes so so busy when really, no one forced you to make 4 new costumes in less than 2 months. Stop bitching about shit you decided for yourself.

No. 237566

File: 1484930818518.png (2.19 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_4798.PNG)

I saw Ems armor she's making for her link cosplay and idk I just think it looks awful. Even my first time working with worbla was WAY cleaner than this. This stuff looks like shit.

No. 237568

Her craftsmanship is extremely subpar. As is beths. Their follower count comes from association with nina tbh. But you can look at any of ems past costumes shes never really improved despite all the time shes been cosplaying. And i agree with the worbla mess, she is either rushing this project and not caring about the cleanliness of it or shes just unskilled. If nina wasnt so in love with her shed never do a partner cosplay with someone of her level. I mean even in convlogs you could see nina having to jump in and help her friends finish their poor quality costumes in time for their group shoots lol

No. 237570

File: 1484933198158.png (2.35 MB, 1434x1639, 20170120_112334.png)

Yeah im going to assume shes just rushing because the weathering shes been doing is awful. There are plenty of resources online including her gf that could help her improve.

No. 237575

You are so brave to shift through that pile of garbage. Omg Beth.

No. 237580

File: 1484935071239.png (2.58 MB, 1440x2239, 20170120_115447.png)

But wait, theres more! I would day sep/oct was a busy year for bitching but shes like this 24/7 so its nothing new. Once again using her public cosplay profile to complain about her health. Im no dr but im pretty sure 90% of those pills are vitamins of some kind. She cried about her therapist and herbal medicine dr (idk what theyre called) not being covered by her insurance so ppl could giver her $ at Christmas.

No. 237582

Those looks a lot like supplements to me. I see she is one who subscribes to lots of "natural" medicine, just like Nina with her hip paleo diet that she needs because her body is special and can't process anything.

No. 237583

File: 1484935998872.png (760.75 KB, 1440x2094, 20170120_121052.png)

I think im getting pretty good at this lol. Highlight the best and most hypocritical parts.

No. 237588

File: 1484936560349.png (364.55 KB, 1430x1053, 20170120_121119.png)

But i guess she can preach about being fair to cosplayers and protecting one another/avoiding drama only when it suits her. This is all that screenshots i have for right now lol. Also, the 'copied thumbnail brand' shit, please see >>236672 because apparently its ok if youre friends tho

No. 237608


Honestly I can't stand people that publically whine like this. I have a coworker that likes to just casually talk about how shitty her life is ("yeah my husband cheated on me and sleeps in another bed but now I'm pregnant oops!") and all I want to do is scream internally. If Beth doesn't want anyone to comment, here's a revolutionary thought… DONT POST IT or post it on your fucking private account jfc

No. 237614

This reminds me so much of Kim Dao and her little war over youtube thumbnail images.

No. 237617

Im not familiar with that but Mangos thumbnails are pretty generic. A white banner with text on it is pretty broad to 'copyright' so i guess if any other youtuber wants to use a white banner with text on it they need to expect her to come for them.

No. 237619


Sage for OT but I can NOT watch her for two reasons: that fucking mole and because EVERYTIME she tries to say "haul" I just hear "WHOOOOORE"

No. 237688

File: 1484956777646.jpg (349.38 KB, 418x600, Untitled-1.jpg)

I'm surprised she hasnt called filed copyright infringement on any other channels, considering her 'design' is pretty much everywhere. Yet she was threatening to file a cease and desist against one specific channel just last month. Does she plan to fight anything thats remotely similar?

No. 237695


The thing is I'm fucking certain that some of these are probably just automatically generated by some video editing programs. Idk anything about it but I would assume that there are some programs that have like default templates like this for ppl to just drop images into?

No. 237790

I wouldn't doubt that honestly. Unless the delusion is so strong that literally these people, and the countless others with similarities are all ripping off her precious channel.

Also, she just made this long ass post on her Hythe tumblr breaking down her thoughts on Voltron season 2 and reading through it was a literal nightmare. She has turned this show in to your typical gender/sexist/cliche tumblr bitch fest and it made me so mad because I really enjoy the show lol. Please leave the fandom, you complain the other fans are constantly ruining the taste of it for you but you're just as bad as they are with your crazy shit.

No. 237818

I can't help but follow Beth's train wreck. There's definitely enough on her twitter to warrant her own thread. Now that she's on meds for her ADHD/Binge eating she's been on an especially crazy bender.

No. 237913

File: 1485016720061.png (1.27 MB, 1440x2025, 20170120_235826.png)

Why does she always have to be so ugly. She couldnt just say, "thanks for sharing my photo if you could please add these credits thats be great!" Instead she has to be her backhanded self.

No. 237934


I hate how shitty and egotistical fame makes people. Some cosplayers still seem pretty down to earth but it's people like Nina that make genuine fans afraid to approach and say hi. Which is hilarious, because she and Deanna and Em always go 'WE R JUST NERDS LIKE U' but treat people like trash.

No. 237944

There have been so many cases of people saying she was ugly to them irl at a con. Shes only friendly when shes getting paid for you to approach her, like when she stood around at the simplicity booth. I always thought it was funny she wore her shadowcat but didnt even bother to make sure all her blonde real hair was tucked in to the wig lol
Super professional. I also hate how her costumes arent even that amazing yet people like her shoes like shes some top tier crafter.

No. 237975

File: 1485034166894.png (268.64 KB, 523x561, Capture1.PNG)

She didnt just respond to this comment on youtube and let her fans after her as you mentioned. She also tweeted about it calling them out so her fans there could run in to help since her youtube audience either doesnt really care, or didnt do enough damage for her tastes.

No. 237978

Didn't even censor out their name, she just sicced her fans right on them. "I don't like witch hunts, that's not my style~ uwu" my fucking ass.

No. 237981

Yeah she didnt bother to keep their names out of it. The right thing to do would be to delete the comment, and if you want to publicly bitch then censor out the name. Because you, plus 5+ of your followers writing books tearing this person down is tacky as a 'public figure'. I get the comment from the person was uncalled for an unncessary but she needed to be more mature about this. When they complained about everyone attacking them she basically said, you posted in a public place so expect public backlash. It completely contradicts her 'dont witch hunt or bully that aint cool' message shes tried to push.

No. 238026

File: 1485040973147.jpg (197.67 KB, 584x431, Untitled-1.jpg)

You'd think considering she sells PDFs of how she made these costumes she'd try a little harder not to make hers so lumpy looking. She should have attached the zipper afterwards because now it just indents the puff skirt. And the boobs are ridiculous looking

No. 238030

Wow, this is a good example of her craftsmanship level. I wasn't familiar with the source and assumed that was a romper. Her wig does balance out the boobs in the finished product, but the base is pretty rough. Why make the dress out of stretch material, when taking the time to tailor a nonstretch garment would have smoother curves and better gathers?

No. 238031

The wig was really well done, though some of her stars were smushed because she use that awful tacky shit from arda. But my thought is, if youre going to make a guide on how to make a costume then actually charge people to view it you need to make sure you follow your source material better. If you werent charging people money to see detailed shots and stuff of it with your breakdown then make it however you want really. Overall with how much she went on and on about this costume I just expected a better/more polished look.

No. 238035

Tacky shit? Thibra, Tomei clay or resin?

Her stuff is clean, definitely. Too bad she's batshit.

No. 238036

File: 1485043217365.png (135.28 KB, 535x378, Capture.PNG)

Schools someone for making a personal opinion comment regarding pokemon GO on youtube. Proceeds to tweet so all followers know of her good, unnecessary, deed.

No. 238039

She wastes no opportunity to be a condescending, self-righteous cunt. I can't believe I ever saw this girl as a genuine positive figure in the community.

No. 238041

File: 1485045027317.png (608.83 KB, 539x683, Capture.PNG)

The proof is right there on her twitter. Example, being so egotistical that she truly believes someone is trying to actually mimic her and be just like her, and then responds to a tweet with the photo showing that she is the name brand and this other person is off brand. Its unflattering and egotistical of her especially since i doubt she or her followers personally know the other party involved so to assume their personality isnt geniuine but a copy of Mango's is really something. I think this >>237439 is a part of it as well, calling the other party a knockoff and shit lol

No. 238185

She's gotta pad the boobs to make up for all the weight she's lost to her ED.

No. 238186

She seriously has some kind of eating disorder. I'm not saying that because she's thin; it's because she's literally starved herself and bragged about it. I'll look for the posts on her tumblr but about two years ago, before all these 'allergies' came up, she said she was on this special diet that she designed where she basically ate one small meal a day and then took handfuls of vitamins and supplements in order to bridge the gaps in nutrition. This was on top of her 5 mile runs and cardio. She even got some of her friends, including Courtoon, into the thing, until people who weren't fucking morons pointed out that it wasn't healthy. After that, she suddenly had a bunch of allergies, and still does excessive exercise. I can only assume she's hiding her eating habits now. It's classic behavior of a person with an eating disorder.

No. 238198

I really cringed reading this even though I didn't think it'd be cringe material. It just reads like "I'm hurting and still have issues, I'm just ruining myself in different ways now."

No. 238199

Can someone offer a picture of her real face, not this highly photoshopped stuff? It looks like she really blurs her nose and cheeks to death.

No. 238208

This bitch would probably think someone copied breathing from her because she was doing first. She's so generic it's no wonder she thinks people are trying to mimic her, she's just every basic tumblr cosplayer ever doing what other tumblr cosplayers are doing.

No. 238209

Does anyone know what her ~*super secret*~ armor build is? I'm guessing it's going to be the armor suits from Voltron

No. 238256

File: 1485088191311.png (1.19 MB, 750x1334, IMG_6080.PNG)

This is the best I could do with a closeup that didn't have her peace signing to hide her cheek.

No. 238259

At least she isn't openly smiling. Her giant gap between her front teeth triggers me.

No. 238328

File: 1485105408963.png (2.47 MB, 1440x1960, 20170122_110839.png)

She is always doing some kind of peace sign to hide her chin in photos she can control the angle or editing on, so all pics with her fans basically lol.

She mentioned she wasnt going to do voltron armor because the fandom was just so awful or some shit. Tbh it probably is the voltron armor but that 'super secret' thing her and lettelle are doing with it is so dumb. Its like back in the day when cosplayers never said who they were working on so people wouldnt do the same costume.

Ive watched a few of her videos after seeing thr shit in this thread and i literally see nothing special about them. Theyre filmed and edited just like every other pinterest girl on youtube. Her voice is the worst though because you can tell shes reading from a script, and all her little bloopers or quirks look so faked its painful. But yet shes tweeted about having to take legal action over someoen copying her. Cant help but wonder, with the pokemon shit, of she ever even emailed this person shes bitched about for a year or if she just keeps tweeting.

An ED wouls make sense. All the new-age allergies and intolerances she complains about can definitely be a result of that or shes just convinced herself she has them.

No. 238347

Honestly its not awful but jesus h christ there are dresses from MA*RS and other japanese brands that make that exact type of dress(i own one its hella cute)
Why would you make that pumpkin ass sit so low on you??? Whats with the tits??
Again the wig wasnt bad at all and made the whole thing less strange looking,
but the lookof this dress is awful, her weird physique aside she couldve made the cut of this thing so much more flattering and more true to the source material, sorry but the shape of this is honestly harrowing ech

No. 238354

The problem is the character has a looser fit with bigger curves. She made hers skin tight and used padding to make artificial curves. It wouldnt be bad but theres no blend from her actual body in to the massive boobs and lump butt of the dress so they just look like blobs sitting on her form vs actually flowing and looking somewhat natural.

No. 238357

File: 1485108095038.jpg (293.53 KB, 1114x1200, IMG_6087.JPG)

The thing that kills about this cosplay is in everything we've seen of it, she's barely smiling. I've never seen the show, but it looks like this is a cheery character.

Also sorry. On mobile.

No. 238358

God, the proportions are so reversed. The poofy midsection is supposed to be more prominent than the upper part and the curve is supposed to begin way further up. Now it just looks like she has a really lumpy hip. She could've replicated it with just curving the pattern and adding minimal darts to the hem, not making a wrinkled nightmare.

No. 238361

What the fuck? All this girl has been doing for the past few months is damn challenge videos with a ~cosplay twist~ please explain how that justifies being so heinous to another cosplay youtuber?? Seriously she made a damn video "How to draft patterns" and teaches you NOTHING about drafting patterns. She instead shows you rulers and books and tools for drafting. Its one of her more clickbait 'tutorials'. Girl needs to calm the fuck down.

It really kills me she couldnt figure out a way to pattern it so that seam across the bottom could be removed. There had to be some way to make it all one pieces and use sheet batting vs. pillow fluff to achieve the poof she wanted without the lumps.

No. 238396

I remember this girl bitching that someone copies her genderbent Haru from a group her friends did. The outfit was literally just store bought clothes that fit a theme of one of his outfits and they made a big deal out of 'Dont ask us what wigs we use if youre just going to copy us!' etc.

No. 238400

Those fabric choices, especially for the sleeves, and the makeup is just tragic.

No. 238429

File: 1485116599268.png (480.01 KB, 513x387, screenshot.PNG)

Her makeup is always tragic. She literally drew the characters eyelashes on to her eyelids in her 'tutorial'.

No. 238457

Jfc she looks like a fucking alien. Stop being lazy and just have eyebrows and color them like everyone else.

No. 238469

File: 1485120342941.jpg (159.38 KB, 542x355, copy.jpg)

Her eyebrows were fine before. She opted to shave off her naturally thin eyebrows (left) in order to draw on pencil thin ones(right). This was prompted, if i remember right, but night eyes doing the same thing.

No. 238959

Lets see how long it takes nina or her friends to start bitching and threatening again now that the other youtube channel has put up a video.

No. 238971


kek she pulled a skyleigh, same pose and everything.

also why does she look so unfortunate? makeup makes go from average to pretty decent looking, which is why cosplay can be amazing and fun, but every pic of her on google is dull and ugly. poor gal. also i feel like her having borderline ana legs doesn't do her any favors

No. 238972

Yeh I saw that Hatter is back from her YouTube break (IE: hiding from Nina and her minions). I really hope they leave her alone. She isn't remotely copying Nina and I find her a lot more genuine and pleasant to watch.

Maybe that's why Nina hates her…

No. 238979

I enjoy her as well. What bothered me the most was nin was tweeting about filing copyright against her channel and issuing a ceasr and desist. She, in her usual fashion, went way over board. But her and her friends have been piling against her for like a year now. I wish hatter would actually tell people her side of things but i think shes mainly just trying to avoid the unnecessary hate.

No. 239009

Yeah I recall her bitching off and on about this but when people asked her if she ever reached out to that person she would reply with things like, 'they know who they are/what they did' or 'a few sad tweets are all i can manage at this point im so hurt' and stuff. I cant remember what all she has accused her of but its a pretty big list that she just keeps finding stuff to add on to so who knows how thats going to end. It seems like Nina has free time on her hands to keep tabs on Hatter because when I checked Hatter's social media she doesnt follow any of them anywhere, yet somehow Nina continues to find problems with her content. Its showing that they have the free time and immaturity to keep constant tabs tbh lol

No. 239026


I wish I had that kind of free time. I can't wait to see how Nina rages over Hatters prompto cosplay because it lookes way better than Ninas

No. 239028

IIRC nina tried to say that Hatter copied an 'original design' aspect of Hey Basker's costume. I always thought that was weird because their skill levels arent even close. HB always had messy, finished in the hotel room, cosplays. The only outfit i can see that the both of them did was the splash free makoto but ive been trying to figure out the 'copy' part. We all know how much nina loves to throw that around.

No. 239031


This is just so foreign to me. If you're trying to be faithful to the character it isn't COPYING.. you just made the same fucking costume. It's one thing if you did some EXTRA COOL FLOURISH but Baskers cosplay has always been garbage tier so..

No. 239034

File: 1485228681846.png (853.88 KB, 835x539, picture.PNG)

I always assumed it was the turban since thats the only thing they both did different from the actual art of the costume. Makoto has more of a headwrap. But in one of Nina's vlogs shes actually hot gluing Baskers turban together in the hotel room. Not to mention it was a public tutorial Nina put out http://mangosirene.tumblr.com/post/87175249309/i-love-how-your-turban-came-out-for-desert-haru and Hatter gave credit on instagram for the use of said tutorial so like.. my brain is hoping that logically this isnt one of the things theyre bitching at her for but i have a feeling it is. I also think, but i cant prove since basker deleted her cosplay tumblr, that she had it linked in her FAQ.

No. 239041

Knowing how psychotic and up her own asshole she is, Nina was raging about exactly this. How DARE someone use her public tutorial?! Also lol at Nina finishing Baskers costume in the hotel. I remember a past colossal vlog she did where Beth literally finished her costume in the room halfway thru the con.. and they had to use a bed sheet for one persons "cosplay"?

No. 239043

God they really did live up to that 'team trash' name their fans gave them. Seriously I can only imagine the reason they would cause so much uproar about something like this is because Hatter's splash free makoto came out way better than Baskers. But i know there was a past post listing all the stuff they were accusing her of doing and her fans just lapped it up like poor them and how dare this person steal and copy everything about them. But then after dragging her Nina had the balls to post something like. But i hope she continues to make content because her 'original' work is so well done and enjoyable. Something like that, but it was just one of her usual backhanded comments and she deleted the post because it was pretty recent i think.

No. 239049

>terrible wig
>terrible characterization, obviously knows nothing about Moa
>wrong shade of pink of romper
>terribad romper

As an SB69 fan, this really insults me.

No. 239068

I take back my statement of the wig being decent, nOPE this whole thing is a mess.
Shit fabric choices too and its like bleach to the eyes.

No. 239070

I dont get why she did the wig like that. She bragged about it being like 2+ wigs combined (so assuming $60+) i dont even watch this show but a google search showed me shes some kind of sheep so her hair should be fluffy with a bit of movement. It looks like she glued pink cinnamon rolls all over her head, and it looks crunchy and stiff

No. 239071

File: 1485235840437.jpg (153.31 KB, 500x800, Show-by-Rock_Moa1_1.jpg)

I mean like, look at the difference in fabric and construction with this one you can buy? The overall shape, color choices.. it just makes you question her decisions with this one.

No. 239145

How can someone be so thin but still have such a big, fat face? I seriously don't get it.

No. 239159

time to go anachan

No. 239197


You could cut glass with that chin

No. 239199

File: 1485269291544.jpg (1.34 MB, 1564x1564, IMG_20170124_084605.jpg)

Something is off. Left is back when she was really fit and right is from a couple days ago.

No. 239208

Yeah she is unsettlingly thin

No. 239226

So sad! I would kill to have her abs/stomach on the left. Muscles are super sexy.

No. 239228

She used to always talk about these 5-6 mile runs she did a day hut she hasnt mentioned them in a long time. Pretty much makes you wonder if youre too busy to exercise like you used to how are you staying so thin?

No. 239231

Depending on the BMI calculator (yeah, I know) used she's somewhere between 7-10 lbs. underweight for her height, based on her Instagram >>236637. Relatively, that's not terrible based on weight alone, but parts of her attitude about food and exercise really throws up red flags. Also caffeine (looking at her dependence on coffee) is a common stimulant and appetite suppressor often abused by those with an ED.

No. 239232

Didn't she say she went to school to become a nutritionist?

No. 239243

I think she was going to go to school for it or do online classes idk but she became so 'busy' as a cosplayer/youtuber. Im sure she uses coffee as a suppression because if she ever does talk about a meal its dinner and normally its a paleo baby portion.

No. 239250

She went to school for fashion, but she apparently wants to go back for nutrition. I don't know how that would go, considering her diet and prior bad habits.

I wonder what she presents in her cosplay fitness panels. Won't know because they're filmed for patreon only.

No. 239255

You know though even looking through her patreon post based on the titles i cant really see where shes shared a panel. Unless it was a long time ago. Normally she does 'after dark' videos but judging by the one beth put on her channel they look like really boring content lol. But she has a habit of going back on the content she herself says shell do.

No. 239261

I remember someone asked in one of her vlogs if they could watch the panels online. She said they were filmed, but they wouldn't be available for free because the people who were there paid for the convention. So she said they would be available for her patreon or something

No. 239263

File: 1485284347456.png (88.38 KB, 750x750, IMG_6102.PNG)

Okay, I read that wrong. But it's still behind a pay wall.

No. 239270

File: 1485285554015.png (372.86 KB, 1020x2255, 20170124_131624.png)

Out of the ten post under bonus videos theres only one panel and its for makeup (lol). The rest are bloopers of her terrible challenge videos and the after darks. So she hasnt delivered on that content. She also had to change her 'meet the cosplayers' format because i guess the interview video she did once didnt get many views (= no $ in it for her) so now she just makes a post on patreon i think. Which again, doesnt showcase them to her full reach.

No. 239906

I dont get why cons bring this girl as a guest when theres so many accounts of her publicly snubbing people. Also im sure i saw she hosts an 18+ panel where they just fangirl over yaoi and drink wine.

No. 240471

File: 1485473983057.jpg (298.77 KB, 687x700, twitch.jpg)

I just went in to her stream where she's working on Prompto. She was ironing the patches on but she said she vectored them herself then had them commissioned in to patches but she is straight up using this girl from tumblr's vectors like nearly every other prompto cosplayer. Talk about taking copying/taking credit wtf. I also searched through the notes on the original post with these images http://hitorishin.tumblr.com/post/150542830873/since-its-hard-to-find-anything-online-for-a and she hasnt liked it or shared it at all.

No. 240474

File: 1485474768646.png (225.14 KB, 538x650, tweetsnap.PNG)

Just adding the tweet where she claimed she vectored them out herself.

No. 240501

I hate to defend her, but Nina may have been using the pic for a placement reference. She would have needed to vector the shapes off of that .png anyway. Basically there's no way to prove that she used that, when she can just claim she started from screen caps. Honestly, it would be super backwards to do that, but she can't help anyone else out for free by posting her resources, right?

No. 240512

I would agree it could be a reference for placement but you can tell by the smaller box and the indtagram story post she made they are 100% the same images. She just had them embroidered.

No. 240519

File: 1485482340149.jpg (453.28 KB, 855x651, patches.jpg)

To add. You can see they are the exact same here. The tumblr user added the wing to the ULF patch because she stated there is no clear image of the symbol. The RTN one has the exact same shape and red swirls beneath it, all things the girl from tumblr added herself due to not having clear references.

No. 240542

Someone should call her out lmao

No. 240546

She seems like the kind of person that if you did call her out shes post giving credit then instantly come at you for calling her out before she had the chance to give credit. As if she was planning to do so all along. But its crazy how this is the same girl who just went on that huge copying pity party.

No. 240835

Or she's saving the credit for her costume worklogs, which she charges for. I have one and there are third-party free-to-use tutorials under the breakdown of some pieces. Imo that's sort of gatekeeping for the original artists/creators, Nina limiting the full costume credit to people who pay her. Not to mention making money off someone else's free tutorial. She literally just links the tutorial, doesn't even write the super technical specifics of what she did, just a vague "I sewed the thing with x materials and added these other things." Not everything has a tutorial, but don't buy the tutorials expecting a comprehensive breakdown. It's about the level of an average full costume breakdown blog post.

No. 240944

Thats extremely awful of her to not credit the tutorials she uses publicly but then put them in to the breakdowns she CHARGES for. Like, if you know your should be giving credit and include it in something you're paid for then you know you should be giving public credit to the artists who's work your using. These patches >>240519 >>240471 i've seen used by other promptos who just print and iron them on but to say she vectored her own patches when thats clearly a lie? I can't understand how she thinks its okay only to credit in a limited area where only people who buy those shitty breakdowns will see it.

Truth be told when I first saw her making/selling those I was really shocked because she is very guarded with her methods of construction. This girl is constantly like 'I bought it from taobao and the seller doesnt exist anymore'. Which at this point, has to be because she just doesnt want people using the same techniques/buying the same things. Now we know her breakdowns are plain vauge crap as well and Im not surprised.

No. 241882


This is why she needs to be called out. Can someone be brave and call her out and make everyone know how much of a low piece of junk she is. Can't wait to see her write another long post after that.

No. 242177

Trying to call her out will just result in her playing victim and her white knights stroking her ego even more. Someone is more than welcome to try and corner her on her bullshit and terrible actions but she seems like the kind of person that would simply use it to gain my sympathy and attention. Her young fans are all tumblr sjw who can see no wrong in her tbh

No. 242658

I find it interesting that this girl is asking for donations for a 'moving out' fund for her and her gf but is currently making 4 new cosplays for a con. 2 of them involve armor and she mentioned the con is like a 7 hour drive on her twitter. So you have the funds to pay for travel, hotel, expenses plus 4 new costumes including armor but you want your followers to pay for you to move?

No. 242758

She has also stated that this is why Katsucon is the only non guest appearing con she's going to. I wonder if the decision to move was made after she bought all the shit for the costumes.

No. 242790

Probably after she paid for the hotel and stuff im guessing. But judging from her twitch streams and twitter shes been buying supplies for prompto and shiek recently. She put up a tweet of her worbla and stuff arriving just a couple weeks ago. I would just think, even if the con was preplanned prior to the move, that if theyre so desperate to move shed stick with costumes she already has. Not make 4 brand new ones.

No. 242817

lmao flipped through this magazine in a used book store, it was just garbage like this.
even had a whole article on ~queen of cosplay~ Nigri

No. 242842

Yeah, the whole magizine is pretty normie tier. Also Mango's top stitching on "Haru's" dress is super bad. The neck edging is curling in the article splash page image.

No. 242846

Im just wondering how many times Beth is going to do that 'galaxy' makeup before she or her audience loose interest. I swear ive seen pictures, a video, and more on her instagram with that same exact look. Then to see it published in a cosplay magazine when it A. has nothing to do with cosplay and B. isnt even a design of her own, just makes me laugh. I pretty much gathered the reason they were in the magazine is because theyre friends with the people who run it or work for it I believe.

No. 242927

I just realized I got that magazine lol. But yeah, not impressed with the construction in all the dresses. The bottom hem of the Seirin dress seems off too.

No. 242969

I feel like her sewing seen on that magazine and in her Moa costume is a testament to her skills in general. Like, there's a good chance that she'll have some aspect of her costume that goes reasonably well, but she's not exceptional. She doesn't really stand out. Everything about her is just generic. And after a decade of cosplaying and building a brand, you'd think that she'd be at least somewhat unique, if anything.

No. 242974

From what ive seen in this thread she is just like any other cosplayer. Not exceptional by any means. Her youtube videos are the same as every other pinterest/tumblr style video out there. Referencing her room tour and 'artsy' convlogs with all the bokeh overlays. But she gets attention for being average by bullying anyone else who is doing something similar but better than she herself could do.

No. 243341

File: 1485993244187.png (1.1 MB, 750x1334, IMG_6612.PNG)

Can I say I am confused by what she's wearing? Shes got a long sleeved shirt on with the mermaid blanket, but then her legs are bare underneath?

That little show of skin though lol

No. 243375


What's up with mentally ill women being obsessed with mermaids? It's like sonic with autists.

No. 243387

File: 1485995896133.png (30.96 KB, 313x156, fknleggies.PNG)

This picture is so extra i laughed. I mean the trouble of staging this whole thing just to pimp the blanket. I have to say that wig absolutely does not flatter her long face shape at all, and the photoshop on her face is so terribly done. But the best thing about it is the (picture added) info on the bottom. If your damn 'leggies' are cold put on some pants!

No. 243399

Seems like she's wearing one of those instathot onesies. long sleeves and then little shorts


No. 243402

Looking at her 'updates' video she posted today she has some kind of black shorts on. So thats definitely just a shirt. Like show leg if you wanna show leg but doing it in a post that supposed to be aimed to help save turtles? Please stop.

No. 243830

File: 1486092499519.png (13.27 KB, 537x105, tweet.PNG)

I dont know why but this tweet from her girlfriend really bothers me, just because youre a cosplayer and studied enough to do the wig it gives you the right to judge others artwork because the hair isnt drawn to your belief of how it should be? IDK maybe im over thinking it.

No. 243835

I have problems with it as well honestly. I think that part of it is that she's kind of… wrong?? Like I haven't seen that much art that got his hair wrong.
Also that wig should be pretty straight forward to style. It's something that would take me 45 minutes, tops. Unless she went the crunchy tacky glue method.

No. 243847

Sometimes 100% accurate isn't as aesthetically pleasing. She probably just wants to feel superior and is being a cunt. I think there was a follow up tweet about SnK harnesses in the same vein. I made my harness from scratch but I don't go around critiquing others' art or cosplay publicly, just to flaunt my "real fan" dick.

No. 243860

Yeah she said she could 'draw them in her sleep' because she wore them so often. So im assuming because she was such a harness expert that if anyone got it wrong she cringed at it. Same with this Noctis wig, its a definite superiority complex of looking down on someone who hasnt done x according to her own standards.

No. 244401

And the interesting thing is that a lot of cosplayers with this superiority complex is that they're usually also hypocritical. For example, I used to have a friend that didn't cosplay very often, but had these unreasonable standards that applied to everyone else except her and I. I don't know if this is the base with Letelle, but it wouldn't surprise me.
This is somewhat off topic, but I watched Mangos makeup videos (all four of them) and it's somewhat surprising to me that her makeup skills seem to have gotten worse. She seemed so much more pleasant 4-5 years ago. But I guess that's what following bullshit cosplay makeup rules does to you. Also, I'll never understand how anyone can say that Kat von D's pen liner is good.

No. 244420

KvD pen is terrible. Mango also tried to send people to Beth's channel as she is supposed to be super great at makeup, but shes actually really awful and always gave awful and basic advice on tumblr. Its unfortunate that mango's videos are basically a business to her now. She lets her patreons pick the topics and scripts the entire thing so there is no sense of herself or personality in them anymore which, while the visual quality has improved, the actual content has turned in to something really poor. Lettelle has no right to look down on anyone because her cosplays are pretty shit. The Link armor shes currently painting looks horrible and on a very beginner level and anything she wears thats semi decent quality was a bought cosplay. So she really needs to shut up.

No. 244437

Thanks for validating my observation! (no really, thanks) Again, superiority complexes often = hypocrisy. It's unfortunate.
I honestly feel really bad for anyone looking for cosplay makeup tips on youtube. Your options are asian girls with monolids and people like Mango and Beth. Either you're gonna get someone who gives tips for people with features like them or people who are terrible at makeup. And from my experience, both groups seem to put so much emphasis on these makeup rules that are complete bs.
It seems like in the cosplay cosplay youtube community, it's one of those three circle venn diagrams where you can only choose two options. You have to choose between someone who posts often, someone who has good video quality, and someone who has a lot of heart.

No. 244444

Lol no problem! Yeah I feel like the channels for cosplay i've seen all kind of repeat the same things in most of the videos. A few channels have some fun content but its all relative to if you like their personality. Mango used to be a really good source for beginner cosplayers but now shes a straight business. I mean she literally made a full video telling people to iron their seams and other little 'tips n tricks' and it was so pointless. But also knowing she bullies other cosplayers and youtubers really stain her image she tries to have of some kind of cosplay mom that loves and protects all.

No. 244927

I still can't believe that she made that tips and tricks video. Pressing your seams open is literally one of the first things you learn in home ec. I guess you could call her a cosplay mom, but in this case, she's one of those mothers that you don't bring friends over to meet because they're awful and embarrassing.

No. 245354

File: 1486315490707.jpg (183.1 KB, 527x364, design.jpg)

$100 a month for a custom drawing from a girl whos at a very low level skill set in drawing?? I can imagine her 1 supporter in that category is probably that Mikey guy who just throws his money at her for every little thing.

No. 245357

File: 1486315725543.png (177.04 KB, 1049x706, imeanreally.PNG)

I mean seriously. Just a brief check of his twitter or patreon shows how wrapped around her he is. I cant tell if its just his own desperation at thinking theyre actually friends of if shes led him on enough to keep him around and financially sustaining her.

No. 245466

She's throwing everything to the wall to see if it sticks.

I would also bet that icon for the tier is her super secret armor project.

No. 245518

He sounds like a sugar daddy that fell in love with his sugar baby.

No. 245561

iirc he bought her like a $300 Fran figure/statue just because she likes the character. Also recently he tweeted to her about ordering a calendar because he thought his was lost in the mail and then it showed up. But she could keep the money and cancel his order. Its pretty funny considering he's overseas and has never actually visited her in person. But I wonder how awkward it will be when he finally does and she actually has to hang out with the dude.

Also, she is really stretching with her merch. I checked out her store and she sells her face on magnets, pouches, buttons, and a slew of other crappy products http://www.storenvy.com/stores/572892-mango-sirene-cosplay even big cosplayers like jnigri and yaya han dont stoop to plastering their face on every type of printable merch they can.

No. 245599

Charging for costume breakdowns, wtf? Again, even other cosplayers post that shit for free on their sn accounts.

No. 245604

At this point, it's pretty clear that she's just using her gullible teenage fanbase to make money. Unfortunate.

No. 245674

He keeps hounding her about MCM London, and she said that she hadn't heard from them in awhile. I wonder if she declined the invite lol

No. 245679

Do you think a london convention would hire her? She has about 70Kish on youtube but there are tons of other cosplayers who have 100K plus on instagram where she only has around 35. Her viewership rate is low too, for someone with over 75k each video gets maybe 1 or 2K views. I dont know if theyd want to pay to bring her around when they can pay someone who will bring in the thirsty fanboys/girls instead. But even if they did I can imagine shed use the moving thing as an excuse not to go. I think i remember she was going to move in with Basker before their big falling out but the plans for that fell through long before they stopped talking.

No. 245687

File: 1486341625116.png (348.45 KB, 524x511, lolwut.png)

who the hell would pay 12$ for a shitty mirror selfie

No. 245708

The same people would would pay for a
breakdown that >>240835 described as being very terrible pretty much. Lack of actual information and just 'lol follow this tutorial' which she never credits the tutorials or creators publicly.

No. 245956

I remember someone asked her if she was going to sell her batgirl cosplay when she was doing her annual ebay cosplay sale and she got so pissy about it saying that that cosplay meant the world to her and she had so much love went into it and she wouldn't part with it for awhile and then guess what?? She ended up adding it into her eBay sale
Also I remember saying her donations were going to her editing for videos on yt iirc u could always download Final Cut Pro or adobe premier like on a torrent site so there's really no need to buy an editing software and people offer free templates or whatever, granted I really do like her editing but wtf

Also another thing I remember since I saw users talking about a sewing room, like I remember her dorm room being a total mess when she was still in college so I could imagine the disaster her sewing room is

Are her and courtoon still friends??? Like courtoon seems to be really close to solo more so now than Nina so I wonder what she thinks of her now
///super sorry for this being old news I had this copy and pasted on a memo pad and forgot to ever post on here but just some of my thoughts on Nina and stuff I've seen her do

Also what is the illness that Nina has??? Like she dropped crazy amount of weight super quick and I thought she was ana for a sec lmao

No. 245976

Her and courtoon are most likely not friends. They dont interact even when theyre at the same cons and they dont speak at all on any social media. Courtney probably got tired of all of Ninas drama and cut ties same as Shark baroness (Jillian). It seems like Beth might be the source because after they became friends is when nina started being a mega bitch towards other cosplayers.

As for premiere pro, which she uses to edit, they do a set fee for the month/year to use so its not like shes having to drop 700 on a program so thats a terrible excuse.

From pictures shes shared in the past that sewing room is a disaster. But on her streams her 'super pinterest mermaid room' is also a horrible mess. And she also will work in the basement as shes mentioned so her entire house is probably awful. She said in her last stream her parents were oot so she was painting in the damn living room and if her parents knew theyd be pissed because its so messy. Like just paint your shit outside what kind of brat are you that you need to spread out in your entire house?

As for her illness she said something in a past video about dormant cancer cells in her uterus or something like that i dont really remember or care well enough. But i do know shes used that many times to try and like guilt people who offer advice or garner sympathy as a 'struggling' cosplayer. One of her convlogs is like 13 mins of her and beth just whining about illnesses and lathering fake positivity which their fans loved.

No. 245985

Which is funny because she was claiming to be all about Marvel because of some feminist shit about DC or something. But yeah, I remember she put that up on eBay. She also have advice to someone about materials for their own batgirl cowl, which is funny because she admitted to buying hers.

It's pretty telling that she's only friends with Beth and her new girlfriend. Everyone else won't have anything to do with her

No. 245998

From what you can see her new gf is just as egotistical as she is which is hilarious because her craftsmanship is pretty terrible.

I remember Nina making a big deal about that batgirl costume and she even bitched someone out in a comment on facebook i think? For calling her the wrong character in his compliment. Id have to look for it but it was pretty much like "nice x cosplay!" And she chewed him out.

She finally sold it because its too small for her. She basically wears childs clothing now because shes shrunk down to barely there proportions. Beth also had a new instagram all about her fitness lately that she floods with messages of being your best self and being strong, etc. Etc. Which is hilariously ironic considering what a judgement asshole she is 95% of the time. I remember someone on her tumblr asking her if shes gained weight and she went off on them. Both of them are very big about getting offended and bitching ppl out when they mention their weight, illnesses, bad habits and then a fan tries to offer advice.

No. 246279

>>245998 And the thing is, with mango at least, whenever someone is concerned about her weight, she always gives the response "I'm healthy!" or "That's between me and my doctor!" I don't see how being like 10 pounds underweight and having a lot of food intolerances is healthy.

Also, I remember one time on her tumblr she went off on someone who said "It's nice to see a popular cosplayer with disabilities and chronic health issues!" She said that she doesn't really have any disabilities, but if you ask me, only being able to eat like 2 food groups would be pretty disabling.

No. 246290

File: 1486432751384.png (37.88 KB, 524x250, tweet.PNG)

I think a lot of her intolerances can be attributed to her shit paleo diet and imagination. For example, if she hasn't had milk in over a year then suddenly drinks some in her coffee and gets a stomach ache she will instantly blame her 'milk intolerance' over the fact its just foreign to her body. Theres no way she can be as healthy as she claims she is. On top of that she rarely sleeps or sleeps poor/odd hours and only goes outside to buy materials or for cons so who even knows her actual quality.

Attached a photo of a recent tweet about her oh-so special secret cosplay. She mentioned it was a custom design and I really wish someone on her patreon would just leak it to burst her bubble because i've never seen something as dumb as this. If its one of her designs/drawings its probably pretty basic just like her mimikyu was lol

No. 246328

File: 1486436735125.jpg (1.38 MB, 1564x1564, IMG_20170206_210241.jpg)

I thought this was pretty funny. Hatters tweet from 1.29 amd ninas instagram story from today 2.6 proof that ninas actions and words really arent as original as she thinks and yet she bullied for her personality being 'copied'

No. 246580

File: 1486485147142.png (1.41 MB, 750x1334, IMG_6634.PNG)

Since the topic of makeup has been brought up before, let's talk about the sloppy execution of this look.

Also, girl needs to find better poses.

No. 246695

File: 1486497263601.jpg (1.42 MB, 1564x1564, IMG_20170207_135249.jpg)

This is her go-to pose. This steep angle or peace sign on her face to hide some of that chin. Her makeup here is terrible and the fact she keeps calling this genderbent sugamama really pains me for some reason.

Like her highly filtered pics make you really think shes cute. Then you see her tagged photos and realize she over exposes herself on video for a reason.

No. 246765

Gotta hide that chin obvi

No. 247364

File: 1486574719675.png (356.34 KB, 1440x1418, 20170208_112339.png)

Wow its such a good thing patreon exists and people can pay you monthly for such innovative and quality tutorials. Keep bringing that original content mango

No. 247377

This is like a bottom of the barrel tutorial. I can easily pull up a number of the same type of tutorial with a google search. But gotta have that Pinterest Mermaid BRANDU on it.

No. 247390

All these patreon exclusives she offers are just pictures in relation to whatever her current project is. Its not anything made specifically for her patreons. The fact they pay to have access to it it hilarious

No. 247579

That's because she's obsessed with making money off every little thing she does. I would admire it, but it all seems so half assed. Maybe she should quit one of her three jobs to focus more on her brand, considering she's making 2.6k a month off patreon.

No. 247649

I honestly can't believe that it's that easy to make $2600 a month just from glorified sugar daddies.

No. 247663

Oh yeah its pretty interesting to say the least. I dont know what her income from youtube or twitch is like with twitch subs and YT views. But considering shes in her stream right now wanting to hot glue stuff together so she doesnt have to top stitch is pretty hilarious

No. 247672

Honestly, it's kinda hard to believe that she went to fashion school and supposedly had a high gpa. In my experience that sort of environment beats the "proper construction or bust" mindset into you.

No. 247733

I thought she was a fashion marketing major. Which makes her attitude and money making scheme make sense, but is simultaneously completely baffling. This is coming from a business major. Her public and (somewhat) more private behavior doesn't mesh well, PR wise, and she doesn't treat cosplay like a business, more like, oh I don't know, a HOBBY she getting paid for.

No. 247745

Yeah she was a fashion marketing major at Columbia College Chicago but her Linkedin profile is basically about how much she hates her degree.

No. 247755

I'm pretty sure she started as a construction major. Even in the first semester of that kind of major, they beat the construction thing into your brain.
But her marketing background definitely affects her attitude towards everything honestly. She doesn't seem to do much that doesn't make her money or get something for free. I remember when she first started guesting at cons and it seemed to flip a switch in her head, and all of a sudden she changed from "MCM London is one of my dream cons!" to "I'll only go to cons outside my area if I'm invited as a guest."

No. 247764

I agree with this. She went from having convention goals to 'only if they pay me'. And she tries to say its because she wants to do more on location shoots with her friends but one of her patreon tiers is a location shoot one for her +1 of her friends. So basically her fans are paying for Night Eyes or another shit friend to also get to go on a location shoot, because thats exactly what they want to see.

She treats her patreon goals like 1 time payments. If you give me 6K a month (lol what the fuck) ill do location shoots! But then she gives 1 location shoot despite still getting 3K a month. Just like someone mentioned with the cooking videos. It requires her to get like 2K a month to make cooking videos, and yet shes only made two of them. These 'goals' should be a monthly type of extra reward she offers. Something her fans can benefit from. Not, give me this consistent amount of money each month and you will get 1 video or 1 picture set every 3-4 months when i feel like it.

No. 247770

File: 1486612966539.png (35.03 KB, 529x218, capture.PNG)

Heres what I dont understand about her patreon. I know she makes money via her youtube and is a twitch partner but the majority of her income has to come from patreon. So why have a comment like this when its clearly untrue? Your patreon is funding your costumes, conventions, and moving fund with your girlfriend. At least own up to it.

No. 247777

File: 1486614022563.png (1.75 MB, 1440x2059, 20170208_221745.png)

The lady/site that embroidered ninas ripoff patches is now selling the stolen designs.

No. 247783


Its a fucking shitty Rapidash gijinka with armor a la Jessica Nigiri's group from last Katsucon. I had a picture from my friend but now she won't resend it because she "feels bad for spoiling". I'll try to find it ASAP. She's doing a whole fire pokemon armor group.

No. 247791

I hope you can find it because i really need to see this terrible idea. Like gladzy did the eevee designs that one time then every person jumped on the bandwagon with armored sexy pokemon. For someone like nina who is the most original cosplayer to exist youd think she would aim higher.

No. 247795

I know a girl who follows Nina on Patreon who I would ask but shes so far up Nina's ass trying to leech off and get some cosfame she'd never tell me.

No. 247800


Still looking, but it was so similar to the Gladzy designs that if she doesn't give her credit when its out I'm going to lose it. It was basically bikini armor with long boots and a dumb looking helm with a horn jutting awkwardly out of the center. The whole design was extremely reminiscent of the Espeon from that group but with a straight up bikini bottom instead of tiny furry shorts.

No. 247801

If she doesnt give some kind of credit for inspiration someone really needs to call her out considering how she went after that mimikyuu girl for literally the exact same thing.

This isn't cool either. If she took that girls vectors, had this shop make them for her, and neither she or the shop have given the girl credit or compensation that has to be some kind of theft right?

No. 247898

Op here.

Man, I hadn't checked lolcow in literally years, and I come back to see this.

No. 247933

And she thinks it's a good idea to wear bikini armor to Katsucon instead of Colossalcon, especially after last year with the fire alarm fiasco. I know she's cut back on cons to move in with her one true love, but that's just stupid. Don't make new cosplays.

Can't wait for when she gets called out on both the cosplay and patches and she tries to defend herself like every other shady cosplayer.

No. 247950

She complained so much about that fire drill giving her a panic attack becauae it was so cold and she was in a next to nothing costume. Apparently it made her cry and i just cant imagine how stupid she must have looked while everyone is trying to evacuate outsidr and shes standing around crying like a snowflake lol. Guess she didnt learn because shell takr another skimpy costume to a con known for snow.

Once she posts actual pictures of her prompto and rapidash if no one says anything i will make a tumblr to bring it up because it isnt okay to go after others and then do the same thing herself.

No. 247971

She's lost a lot of weight since then too it seems like. Should be interesting to see a bikini armor cosplay on a flat chested stick figure.

No. 248052

Welcome back :)

No. 248213

File: 1486683511172.png (819.04 KB, 1440x2440, 20170209_173704.png)

Why is one of the more toxic people in the cosplay community trying to give veiled advice? Like you just bullied people less than a couple weeks ago???

No. 248258

Yeah I thought the same thing. Plus is she not guilty. Of FLIPPING OUT on cosplay progress?

No. 248265

IIRC she mentioned crying in her basement while trying to make her Yuu sword from Owari no Seraph. Because she had it in her head she was so skilled she could work with acrylic to make a clear glowing blade, a material shes never used before, like less than a week before the con lol

No. 248272


YES I remember this!!! People in glass houses shouldn't throw stones, Nina. I wish someone would call her out.

No. 248279

Her tumblr doesnt allow anon ever since the voltron fandom came at her for her suddenly tan Lance cosplay. Despite her claims to not like call outs she'd blast anyone who messages her something she doesnt like and let her fans do the rest. Nina and Beth have both responded horribly to asks in the past in their natural over-the-top manner and the notes blew up. Nina then posts screencaps of all the loving and supporting messages with a sort of 'thanks guys this is so tough for me' despite her being the one that was the bitch

No. 248449

File: 1486729760764.png (296.92 KB, 750x1334, IMG_6660.PNG)

On her health issues. I find if hilarious she's promoting getting a full night sleep at cons considering she never does. It's like when she said she was "too old and jaded" to do con crunch again, and here she is a year later right back at it.

Also, flyer cancer dysplasia may or may not be cancerous. It just means she has an abnormal amount of cells seems under a microscope in tissue. They may or may not be actual cancer or lead to it.

No. 248450

File: 1486729898008.jpg (251.89 KB, 750x1334, IMG_6661.JPG)

Also why I was in there she had a post about blackfacing or just cosplaying a character from another race in general.

Gee Nina, I wonder why you're suddenly being asked about this.

No. 248478

I kind of question if anyone even really asked her about all of this or if she maybe just got 1 ask and decided to go over the top with this post like she always does.

No. 248520

File: 1486742945516.png (2.63 MB, 1440x2402, 20170210_100645.png)

Looks like she actively chose not to wear pants with that mermaid blanket pic because she just posted this. I feel like the wig either just looks bad on her or needs to be brushed or something its not sitting right.

No. 248574

It looks like she wants to speak to the manager.

No. 249012

She would look really cute here with a natural hair color

No. 249079

The top two picture choices are poor. There are a million ways to showcase a bag but instead she uses two highly similar pictures taken in a corner of a room. It basically looks like shes staring at herself lol. Andbif she had to use her real hair it would mean shed have to spend the 10 minutes to actually fix it.

No. 249080

But then she wouldn't be a quirky mermaid cosplay mom. Honestly, I bet that was the only corner of the house not full of her cosplay shit.

No. 249302

File: 1486860805348.png (976.76 KB, 1440x2449, 20170211_185136.png)

Would she be saying this if she knew about this thread though? Lol. Sorry you cant understand the actual sarcasm behind the term of 'special snowflake'. Its like it went completely over her head.

No. 249368

File: 1486871383780.jpg (963.73 KB, 2048x2048, IMG_5022.JPG)

Lettele's armor is such a shit show. She goes on about how she's such a pro she can tell everyone their Noctis wig sucks, but she slaps together this steaming pile.

No. 249373

That weathering o_o

No. 249374

File: 1486872224699.jpg (117.27 KB, 400x400, mess.jpg)

Lettelle has very little skill tbh. Just from the painting on her link hat which you can see in the photo i attached it's like she barely even tried. The fact that Mango is so judgemental towards other cosplayers just makes it hilarious that she's willing to couple cosplay with someone at Lettelles level. If you look at her previous Syaoran cosplay as well you can see more very lazy painting. Link deserves better.

No. 249543

File: 1486901026169.png (1.96 MB, 750x1334, IMG_6670.PNG)

Because this was necessary on her cosplay insta. She also did the same thing on her Black Friday video and acted all oh noes about it.

No. 249649

Even jnig and other more revealing cosplayers dont feel the need to post a panties haul. This is a new level of no one cares and doesnt need to be on your public cosplay account. Especially when she cracks down on people needing to keep things PG due having a younger audience.

No. 249679

If she's doing a skimpy Pokemon ginjika and then this, she's probably trying to diversify her fan reach. She should market to Yumi King's fans, they like 2x4s.

No. 249925

aerie stuff isn't even that high quality why does she think anyone gives a shit

No. 249952

Yeah. I get aerie shit but I don't brag about it on the internet. This post is really out of left field, esp because I definitely remember and instance where she got underwear or something like that and specifically did not show it.

No. 249954


She mentioned in her latest stream on youtube that she was going to be doing a photoshoot at Katsu that "wasn't quite appropriate" so she'd be keeping it Patreon exclusive. I wonder if she's going to be delving into budoir shoots or she just means she'll be doing THE YAOIS.

No. 249977

Probably both, but I could see the yaois being for everyone to show off her gf. If she does do boudoir, she's not better than anyone else.

No. 250047

File: 1486947769039.png (137.56 KB, 346x603, darules.PNG)

Shell probably just do topless, from the back, prompto x noctis with Lettelle. This just shows she tries to make her channel and streaming "PG" and has her mods enforce it but shes going down the path of of cosplayers who call skimpy armor and gluing things to a bra cosplay.

No. 250246

The thing that bothers me the most is the "Mango and her Mod Squad are always right" thing.

No. 250408

Her mods are all the kiss ass dudes who buy her stuff. One of them even codd her bot for free, which she named as a coffee pun wow shocking, and worked on custom emojis or something for the people who pay her subscription fee. The one guy mikey thats been mentioned is overseas and caters his day around being in her streams to mod them because theyre just the best of friends (i.e. delusional)

No. 250514

The meaning behind it is pretty normal, but that is shit wording. Works well with >>248574 tho

No. 250621

Chat is not for posting personal problems. That's because she needs all the attention on hers.

I really wish her stream would crash and burn. She's so boring to watch and everyone is so cringe.

No. 250636

Just using the new clips feature on twitch can give you a pretty good idea of how absolutely boring her streams are. She keeps taking donations but somehow her streaming hasnt improved at all where her ex friend shark baroness has just gotten better in quality and setup. While im sure she doesnt want people having pity parties in her chat to refuse to allow personal opinions is just stupid. Basically it reads like of you disagree with her youre banned.

No. 251376

I remember she got salty when someone "copied" her toothless design

No. 251389

How much do we want to bet that she goes to the crazy crowded Starbucks in the atrium at Katsu 3 times a day instead of the actual good coffee shop down the street.
For a self proclaimed "caffeine addict" she sure does drink a lot of shitty coffee.

No. 251501

Of all the things, you're complaining about where she gets her coffee? It makes sense to get coffee inside the hotel at least. So much more relavant shit to bitch about lol

No. 251781

File: 1487127269244.png (431.1 KB, 526x589, tweet.PNG)

Just a couple more days and we'll get to see their super special secret armor projects! AKA more of Lettelle's horrible paint and craft work >>249368 and Nina's gladzy knockoff bikini armor pokemon >>247783 . I also had to share this tweet because it's just a whole new level of special #relationshipgoals

No. 251785

so does nina photoshop some kind of mouth deformity out in every pic? wtf is up with the weird blur in EVERY pic she posts? Whats wrong with your faaaaaaaace?

No. 251787

File: 1487127708146.png (756.58 KB, 750x1334, IMG_6691.PNG)

A six month long distance relationship with barely seeing each other is goals. This weekend is going to be a cringe fest on their social media.

No. 251791

Its that massive chin of hers, see >>238357 >>246695 if she cant shoop it out she has to cover it with a shit peace sign. Lettelle is just as bad, every single one of her selfies has like the maximum amount of blur or overexposure possible.

No. 252815

What happened to her Team Trash group? She only seems to talk about Beth and Letelle these days.

No. 252944

File: 1487287261914.png (655.15 KB, 748x530, simplicity.PNG)

The fact Simplicity hired her is just a slap in the face to other cosplayers. Yaya Han, an actual skilled pattern drafting cosplayer who has moutains of knowledge works for Mccalls and Simplicity hires a cosplayer thats average at best. There are so many more talented cosplayers who go above and beyond with their designs and original work that would have been a better fit but instead they go with this drama queen who can really only draft the basics.

That group fell apart. Jillian left first, we assume due to Beth's shitty attitude and hatefull personality (and Nina was turning in to a shit just like Beth). I recall Beth being an asshole to Jillian on twitter when she was asking for space, and while Jillian's twitter was private Beth's was public so all her little fans could the drama (vs. using her private twitter). As for Basker she broke off from Beth as well, i think she still kind of talks to Nina but probably not much as they no longer have them linked on their tumblrs.

No. 252991

That's also a most unfortunate picture of her to use. She doesn't look comfortable either.

No. 253020

Straight on angles are terrible for her so the photoshop she did on her face is piss poor work and very overdone/obvious. I have to say this image makes me not interested in the pattern. Her blazer is ill fitted and the fact that her shirt is untucked makes me wonder whats up with the waistband. Not to mentiom the fabric choice for the skirt is terrible and doesnt allow for an accurate clean pleat. You would think she could do better being she half drafted this pattern. I gather she only edited a pre-existing one they have per her caption lol

No. 253023

File: 1487296254481.jpg (143.88 KB, 960x960, 12742587_752833838180498_90319…)

oh god don't remind me. I wonder what the fuck was going on in Shikarius's fuckin head to have as much skill as her to put up with kind of shitty mess.

No. 253024

**with this
>I'm dumb

No. 253036

I didn't want to hate on this because she was part of production, but the skirt was made to sit waaay too low on her hips. Probably due to the pleats being super shallow and to counteract her hips flaring the pleats (and that huge plaid pattern) out. I think the blazer would look better if the skirt was sitting on the natural waist rather than the hips, but the shoulder/armscye area looks a bit wide and unfitted too.

No. 253091

"Youre welcome Love Live cosplayers <3"

This backhanded shit. She has talked shit about the over saturation of Love Live cosplays in the past and even went as far as to include them in her dumb scavanger hunt video because in her opinion theyre literally everywhere. For someone who was hating on it this comment is so unnecessary to me. Shes such a lowkey bitch

No. 253098

It's funny how she hates on Love Live when she cosplays from overrated shit like Owari no Seraph, fucking hypocrite.

No. 253275

I wonder if the skirt is sitting too low for modesty. Like, she was afraid of the skirt being too short or something.

No. 253317

If that were the case she could just make it longer. Not have the waist sitting so far down. If shes pro enough to do the pattern she should know how to properly wear the garment.

No. 253475

File: 1487359602982.png (2.13 MB, 750x1334, IMG_6724.PNG)

First look at her Shriek costume.

No. 253478

File: 1487360245217.png (3.06 MB, 1440x2218, 20170217_133401.png)

Perfect costume for her tbh. Now she wont have to photoshop her face to hell and back or do her signature peace sign to cover her jaw lol.

No. 253481

All I can focus on is Lettelle's awful makeup and costume.

No. 253505

The weathering on Lettelle's armor is killing me

No. 253512

Same, the whole thing looks like somebody tried to arrange silver playdoh turds into a pattern and the wethering just gives it an even more turd like dimension

No. 253521

Considering theyre doing self designed pokemon armor I cant wait to see how terrible thats going to look. People might compliment Mangos outfit but Lettelles looks like babys first worbla project.

No. 253536

File: 1487368451511.png (4.08 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20170217-154820.png)

Idk what hurts more the terrible armor, the terrible paint on the hat or her dry cracking lips

No. 253554

bitch needs some aquaphor

No. 253563

File: 1487375091836.png (3.57 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20170217-155614.png)

There isnt enough help in the world lettelle. Sorry about it. Im just surprised egotistical mango doesnt help her improve.

No. 253564

File: 1487375412307.png (1.63 MB, 750x1334, IMG_6754.PNG)

No. 253604

File: 1487379174228.jpg (186.58 KB, 1920x1280, 16819251_1333849666681312_3078…)

She's definitely still going to attempt to photoshop, but here's one straight from the photogs page.

No. 253626

Why does she use this background every time she goes to this con? Like it doesnt suit the character in any way couldnt she try to find somewhere that flows better with the costume? She looks very dead in the eyes here.

No. 253636

File: 1487382766588.png (3.57 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20170217-194853.png)

She looks so disproportionate here. Like her arms are three inches thick but her head is a basketball.

No. 253712


She is one to talk about overdone cosplay. Fun fact, her and Courtoon cosplayed Panty and Stocking back when everyone cosplayed from the show.

No. 253714

I'm amazed how ill fitting this looks. Those arm bands! Did she make them awhile back and mess up? Or did she lose weight? For all she talks about skull, this looks like a mess.

No. 253722

I'm not 100% familiar with the designs of this Sheik and Link (ive seen them done before by other cosplayers). But she mentioned on her Insta picture the interpretations and i can only hope they didnt add their own design elements to these cosplays. I feel like if youre making something from a show/game its okay to add your own details but if its someones artwork its incredibly disrespectful to alter their design with whatever YOU like more. Maybe thats just me.

No. 253726

File: 1487392618748.jpg (1.2 MB, 1564x1564, IMG_20170217_223510.jpg)


Ninas makeup skills are pretty bad as well though so i guess theyre a good match.

No. 253737


speaking of which what ever happened between courtoon and nina? i knos she still hangs out with grayson or used to (and what about that asian girl who used to cosplay sailor mars???? hello???)


No. 253741

Courtoon and Solo are like best friends and live in California. Neither of them associate with Nina anymore. Nina hangs out with and sometimes cosplays with Berndor (i think thats how you spell it) still so I guess theyre still friends on some level. Pretty much once Nina became friends with Beth and the rest of 'team trash' courtoon and solo distanced away. I remember people bringing it up before and nina being a bitch about it like 'OMG i'm allowed to have other friends!!!1!1' or something, but obviously they arent anymore.

No. 253866

File: 1487432381102.png (1019.35 KB, 750x1334, IMG_6809.PNG)

She looks strung out here lol

No. 253894

It looks like she didnt practice his makeup at all before hand. Her freckles look like sunspots.

No. 253918

I haven't played Final Fantasy XV yet, but I'm pretty sure Prompto doesn't look like a drug addict. Also, holy shit she's so thin.

No. 253928

File: 1487443864617.png (Spoiler Image, 923.33 KB, 750x1334, IMG_6810.PNG)

Guess who's joining in on bedroom photoshoots!

No. 253937

Gross I hope these aren't shared. I don't want to see her in lingerie.

No. 253939

I love that in the comments she's all 'yeah took me a full 1.5 hours to do his makeup' even though it looks like basically all her other makeup

No. 253941


those fucking arms

No. 253948

She looks nothing like Prompto. Her jaw triggers me

No. 253952

Are those pajama bottoms from Victoria Secret, or made of the material she made someone take down for being a secret?

No. 253974

Theyre from her black friday video so she bought them somewhere.

Beth prides herself as some kind of cosplay makeup guru but she is so damn messy all the time.

No. 253987

File: 1487455874481.jpg (1.1 MB, 1564x1564, IMG_20170218_160926.jpg)

Well heres that super secret armor of theirs. The amount of blur on ninas photo is hilarious but i give with 0 breast wearing a breastplate just looks terrible, like its just hanging there. The design is awful from what we can see so far. Lettelle is a mess but what else is new.

No. 253996

Had I not read the description, I wouldn't of had a clue what the hell Emily is supposed to be. Also, this shows the difference in their skill levels.

No. 254001

File: 1487457986123.png (3.24 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20170218-164404.png)

Adding on. Heres a better look at the horn. She really should have added some shading.

No. 254112

Not important but im wondering why havent Nina and Beth taken any pics together this weekend? Im pretty sure they made the drive together but they arent rooming together or spending any of the con together it seems.

No. 254360

No one would know what these are without being told. They're absolute garbage.

No. 254432

How did she manage a semi-tutorial of painting white armor when she didnt even paint hers? She only painted the yellow/gold theres no dimension work or shadings of any kind.

No. 254451

I wonder if she's being sponsored by Arda.

No. 254491

Holy shit she looks so underweight. I swear that girl is anorexic

No. 254509

File: 1487543806386.jpg (1.32 MB, 1508x2400, Magorapidash.jpg)

Here's a pic where you can see most of the armor.
It's not /bad/ necessarily, it's made well and looks clean, but the design is super basic and there's hardly anything going on. It's boring and looks like babby's first clean armor build. She's been doing this for so long, but her costumes remain so simple. And you'd think with how much she's been hyping it up, there would be more going on.

No. 254519

Shes like best friends with the arda people, especially Malinda or whatever who works for Arda. I remember when she was friends with Basker they hung out at Arda's workshop and did a twitch stream styling wigs. So i wouldn't doubt if she gets some kind of discount of some sort. They also have her picture as the 'cosplay' clickable link photo on their website.

I agree. Shes been at this for years but she never really makes anything challenging. For a custom design I feel she could have done better. She did Panne from FE:A and that wasn't too bad and was more complex so her own original design could have been more impressive. I'm also really throw off by the red resin gems on the breastplate, theyre basically like red ruby nipples.

No. 254595

File: 1487557564642.png (4.02 MB, 2288x1258, Screen Shot 2017-02-19 at 6.24…)

it's literally on the website

No. 254724

File: 1487598722101.png (2.29 MB, 750x1334, IMG_6815.PNG)

No. 254728

Its well built from what I can see but this does not suits her extremely underweight frame in any way. The chestpiece looks like its just hanging on her vs being filled. Other than a few random elements you would never know this wad a pokemon design.

No. 254797

The leg armor looks really well done but the fucking black underwear is so distracting, I'm surprised she went so "skimpy" on this especially with how much of a prude she can be
Otherwise it doesn't really look like Rapidash unless being told so, she could've done so much more, especially with the wig and horn, cause from what I remember rapidash's horn was normal not a spiral unicorn type horn right??
But holy fuck lettels (sp?) arcanine was shit I couldn't even tell it was arcanine it's wild that mango is okay with em's less than subpar work

No. 254800

File: 1487611347322.png (59.11 KB, 260x240, IMG_6816.PNG)

You would be right. Rapidash has a normal horn, not a unicorn one.

I don't get the black panties either. She probably should have gone with white or cream colored ones. That way they wouldn't have stood out. Also find it funny how she couldn't pad herself out a little to fit the bust. She wouldn't have to do Tifa levels. Just a little something.

Also, her upper arms are getting terrifying.

No. 254809

You beat me to the photo lol. You woukd think if she is such a pokemon fan and nazi over her originality she would at least get the damn horn right. This swirled uniforn horn with no shading looks terrible. Armor like this best suits a body with a shape and her board straight frame doesnt work here. She will pad boobs and ass for moa and tifa but cant be bothered for her super special design.

Nina probably doesnt care that em is shit at craftsmanship because its true love. The least she could do is help her a bit. That scar makeup looked horrible.

No. 254823

I have to admit I love the little hooves.

Also being in the itty-bitty tittie committee I have to say that with my own boob armor cosplay, like no amount of stuffing seems to make a difference.
I don't think it's fair to judge something she can't really do anything about. Just her crappy personality.

No. 254849

Having small breasts isnt the issue its that she designed this herself for a bodytype she doesnt have. There are many options to compensate for whatever youre lacking that a character might have but to make your own design and put such emphasise on how special it is, only to look like that in the end is funny. If it were a pre-existing design there is only so much you can do but that isnt the case here.

No. 254860

If she's sponsored by Arda, aka not having to put money towards the wig, why isn't it a gradient? Two wigs spliced or even a pack of wefts sewn in would have made the wig more dimensional. I know that's within her skill set.

No. 254876

Agreeing with >>253996

Also why would Arcanine wield an axe? Lettelle could made claw gauntlets or smth

No. 254898

File: 1487620270891.jpg (1.37 MB, 1104x1534, pt2017_02_20_13_48_28.jpg)

The entire group is pretty terrible. None of these designs make sense for their pokemon. Mango designed them all and i see from a previous post you can get one of these designs for only $100/mo. What a steal!

No. 254957

I love missyeru cosplays, but god damn is that design bad

No. 255061

Actually Sirene didn't design Missyeru's costume. You'll notice she doesn't do any crediting at all back to Sirene unlike all the other girls and her costume has the most depth out of all of them.

She probably didn't like Sirene's shitty design.

No. 255102

File: 1487642033814.png (505.41 KB, 1440x2227, 20170220_194623.png)

I think we got lucky. The self proclaimed grandparents (who are like 24) were too tired for a yaoi shoot. Cant guarantee they didnt do any pics but maybe we wont have to see her underfed form trying to be sexy lol

No. 255116

Pyroar and Typhlosion are so ridiculously bad. They don't even follow their pokemons color schemes or themes, wtf.

Typhlosion looks like Big Bird cosplaying a pirate that's cosplaying gypsy wench. Why would you use feathers? It makes no sense. Such terrible designs.

No. 255138

Typhlosion? honestly? Why wouldn't she just throw some green feathers in and be Ho-Oh? God, they all look awful…

No. 255201

For someone who went to college for fashion design these designs are awful. I googled the pokemon to compare and can see literally 0 resemblance of the original pokemon and these renditions. Theres no way in hell anyone realized what they were supposed to be with how messy this group is. The quality is all over the place, theres no common factor between designs (like the eevees looked like a set), and theyre basically unrecognizable. The fact she hyped it up so much just makes it lol worthy.

No. 255212

It reminds of the whole graphic design is passion meme
Like seriously mango prides herself on being original and sooooooo creative but these ginjinka were shit
Holy fuck nigris were at least somewhat discernible and that's saying a lot and I dislike nigri
Idk something about mango being lettle is fishy to me tbh… like it almost seems fake but then again it's her one true love so who knows

No. 255222

The big issue for me about this girl is she cries about her original ideas/designs being stolen left and right. Whether its pokemon ginjinka like the mimikyuu or her youtube stuff. But if you look at anything she does its all the most basic of basics. She tries to lay claim to things like a dress with a hood or thumbnails with a white banner when those are things 100 other people have probably used or will use in the future. Its insane how creative she thinks she is when nothing she makes is new to the scene.

As for her and Lettelle, I have nothing to add that hasn't already been said in this thread other than I dont really see it lasting. LDR are one thing, hanging out for 3-4 days every few months at a con dont give you much to go on in terms of what you'll hate once you live together. Habits, pet peeves, etc will be a big shock for them.

No. 255290

Yeah I agree. 6 months isn't even a long being together. Especially when they only see each other every other time. I don't know if it's just me because I have been in a relationship with my boyfriend for 2 years now but the fact that Mango and Lettelle are calling each other true love and already making plans of moving in together this quickly into the relationship is a pretty bad move. I don't think these two understand what an actual LDR is like and almost every couple goes through LDR which usually is a hit or miss in relationships.

Kinda can't wait to see it end and then see who Mango's next "True love" is going to be.

No. 255398

iirc she went to school for fashion marketing, not design.

The designs are still awful, though. Her talents definitely don't lie in designing costumes.

No. 255437

From what ive gathered based on twitter convos shes had this is her first girlfriend. She and beth had a convo about how boy sex was gross and unsatisfying and she mentioned being single for like 3ish years. So shes probably jumping the gun. Beth was always talking about her s&m fetishes and kinks on her public cosplay twitter and how her gross fat ex fiancee was abusive etc. But he did foot the bill for her cosplay and convention travels since she went to school so theres a whole mess of drama in that pond.

No. 255445

I have to wonder if this is only her second relationship and that's why she's go into this one. I also have to wonder if she's really bi or of she's just jumping on the bandwagon like a bunch of other female cosplayers. Seems like everyone is bi in the community.

With Em, I can't help but feel this is her trying to move up in the community. Her Katsu instagram pictures are almost all her with Nina. Nina's into her because it's her first same sex relationship and Em was the first to cater to her. I always thought she and Beth were a thing though.

No. 255446

Beth talked shit about someone on twitter a while back when they asked her for advice on how to be close to a friend, like she and nina, without it leading to hurt feelings or something. I cant remember exactly but she screencapped the ask from tumblr to shit on it on twitter. In ninas hans humpty video beth is doing her open chest binding for her so its no wonder people got confused or curious. Lettelles follower count has gone up around 6k since she started dating nina so i wouldnt be surprised lol. Theyre like kids with the whole 'my gf is lettelle <3' or whatever in their profiles. But i know nina left a long sappy love note in a convlog for lettelle when theyd been together like 2 months? And lettelle had been with shiki just earlier that same yr

No. 255472

File: 1487699402427.png (2.37 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20170221-111055.png)


Jfc no ones arm should look like this.

No. 255494

Yeah that's what I'm wondering too cause it's so weird to me that all of a sudden she's dating someone of the same sex, like idk if she's ever spoke about being bi or possibly interested in girls but their whole relationship strikes me as strange and oh god seriously it's so annoying and being in the cos comm almost everyone thinks they're gay af idk I feel like people reinforce the stereotype of being gay or bi is a choice sage for personal rant I guess

Okay this pic was tripping me out for a bit cause I thought she had four fingers for a second but holy shit is she thin

No. 255569

Not in a million years would I recognize these trainwrecks as pokemon gijinkas. Jesus christ.

No. 255628

She'd spoken about being bi and somewhere on the asexual spectrum a few times before dating Letelle iirc. I seem to remember it coming up when people gave her shit for kissing her girl mates for yaoi pics. There was something about her being told that it was a privilage to be able to kiss her female friends for gay shoots for cosplay? And she was like "well I am LGBT I'm not a straight girl pissing about for page views" (paraphrased, obviously)

No. 255637

File: 1487718591706.png (221.3 KB, 750x1334, IMG_6834.PNG)

No. 255694

She says this yet theyre moving out to run away from their families vs. telling them about their relationship l9l

No. 255708

Why would anyone look up to them? Like anon said they havent even come out to their parents and plan to move away to avoid doing so. Nina hasnt used her platform in any way to actively promote support for the community (save for maybe a RT on twitter) and other than some shitty challenge videos on her channel they havent done much together.

No. 255709

I don't know how Nina's parents don't know already. She's had her gf over, they know she does youtube, and I'd bet they check it once in awhile. They must know at least something's up in regards to their daughter's sexuality.

No. 255721

I remember her telling someone that asked that same thing that her parents know of her youtube but they dont watch it. I find that hard to believe but yet she still complained about her and Em both being in abusive households that wouldnt support them (which is a load a shit Nina is hardcore spoiled). Back when i followed her on twitter, like 1 or 2 years ago she was tweeting around christmas about being drunk on wine and possibly have accidentally come out to her brother who called her disgusting. But again, no proof of this and she was drunk tweeting so who even knows.

No. 255737

File: 1487731701609.png (35.63 KB, 528x325, screen.PNG)

What is this even? She designed herself a costume she cant even walk in? She has gone on many rants before about people not trying to talk to her during x, x, or x circumstances but yet wants people to believe shes open for her fans to approach her? Coupled with the comments in this thread on in 4chan archive about her being a bitch to people who tried to say hi its confusing how others havent caught on that shes not who she pretends to be.

No. 255760

File: 1487733806965.png (50.71 KB, 597x293, notnotnormal.PNG)

I found it because I have no life.

No. 255768

Good find! She always tweets about being the drunk aunt at christmas because she just loooves wine so much. Its hard to know if this even really happened or if she wanted the attention, 34 replies to that one tweet of people probably kissing her ass.

No. 255794

File: 1487737220078.png (143.35 KB, 1168x525, racism.PNG)

Thank you! The further back you go, she's got some really good stuff. The occasional slap at social justice crusaders and such. Lots of bitching about everything. These are some of my favorites.

She also used to talk about getting pumpkin spice lattes and eating bread sticks from Olive Garden, ya know, the stuff she's deathly allergic to. Other interesting stuff, back in Oct 2011, she was followng /cgl. Apparently Courtoon's number was leaking on there. She was taking about how sad everyone was. I wouldn't doubt she knows about this thread and says nothing about it.

No. 255816

Her vocabulary is a nightmare. Its just gotten progressively worse. From using terms like 'dericious' to mock weeabos to now using terms like leggies, feetsies etc its absolutely annoying.

Her having contact with problematic flogged is hilarious, the publicly nasty cosplayers stick together I guess. I'm sure if you continue digging theres an endless supply of her bullying people for cosplay reasons and youtube, a lot of it escapes me now but it felt like it was almost a daily thing for her to be hating on someone else.

No. 255867

SJWs and their race fetish is dumb but so is a white american girl trying to cash in on being "POC" because her grandparents are Armenian (who are white european caucasian christians). jfc

No. 256054

File: 1487792889657.png (2.77 MB, 2560x1440, Screenshot_20170222-144642.png)

Sorry for the bad screen shot. WHY WOULD YOU FILM THIS CLOSE UP

No. 256078

I havent watched the video but jina recently developed a pinterest filming style in which she does panning shots and a shitload of bokeh overlays. Her watchers complained about the new style and she bitched about needing to be more creative with her work and how dare they lol. But she still films the old style since clearly no one likes this other kind.

No. 256083

Which is why her subs went down, not because of her relationship. A lot of people didn't like the new style, which is just terrible, and un subbed for that. That's why I stopped watching those videos. Actually, all of her new content just seems so lazy to me.

No. 256136

She lets her patreons vote on the cosplay 101 videos but the topics of those lately have been very subpar and boring. She lacks personality in her recent stuff and doesnt feel like shes trying to connect anymore. You can tell the minute she decides to run it like a business. What i dont get is that youtube has your biggest audience and yet you bog yourself down making 600 cosplays so you dont have time to do real videos and put up crappy challenges instead? Like no one left because youre gay nina they left because 5 minutes of you two kissing to determine chapstick flavors is boring af.

No. 256170

File: 1487806981580.jpg (313.98 KB, 1386x1732, IMG_20170222_173907.jpg)

> custom dyes silk
> hand embroiders emblem
Wears cheapass walmart shoes with a bit of gold paint on them.

No. 256192

File: 1487810840328.png (2.04 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_5174.PNG)

Oh no Missyeru made a Mimikyu hoodie better go subtweet and send all of my friends after her.

No. 256293

File: 1487820355580.jpg (57 KB, 400x810, 60b8bad5ea1ec85d98cd784a04b42e…)

The top is so ill fitting it's killing me. I had to go back and look at the fanart this is based on and it looks like the top is supposed to be skin tight.I'm not really impressed with this one.

No. 256306

entirely wrong shoes…

No. 256317

the leg wrappings aren't helping either

No. 256329

How do you sexualize a character already in a full body suit? seriously, fuck this bitch. Sheik is my favorite from OoT.

No. 256333

She's vile

No. 256372

File: 1487824619952.jpg (228.52 KB, 600x336, battle.jpg)

Seeing this other Arcanine cosplay from Katsucon just really solidifies 1. how terrible this design was, and 2. how horrible lettelles craftsmanship is

No. 256390

Mango didn't design most of them, actually. She only designed her own and the one with the awful orange lacefront.

No. 256399

If you look at the captions she design all of them except for missyeru.

No. 256406

File: 1487828339405.png (20.08 KB, 854x132, ugh.PNG)

Why is she like this? You're a millennial who manages to do photography (kinda), videography and then some yet you label yourself as a 'cosmom' or 'grandma' and complain about that super difficult selfie stick?? I just.. i dont know.

No. 256559

Because that makes her tumblr hip I guess. She thinks because she's been doing cons since 2007 that makes her old. Also, its to pander to her younger? fanbase

No. 256578

File: 1487868863075.jpg (985.97 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20170223_105319.jpg)

Using her cosplay handle to try and correct someone she doesnt even know on a post that isnt hers or even about her.

No. 256579

File: 1487869058344.png (392.39 KB, 1440x1987, 20170223_105532.png)

Samefag, adding her next response. That condescending :3 though. News flash nina you do not get to control what people say and its not your place to shame them or call them out.

No. 256580

What the fuck is she talking about??????? Like is she trying to win poc brownie points???? The person seriously did not say anything rude she's so fucking weird ….. the person is right tho the cosplayer is missing the ears cause that's a prominent feature on hylians??? I thought miss perfection about everything would get it too?? She even fucking cosplayed loz lmaooo

No. 256581

She out of line here. People are allowed to state observation. This person didnt give criticism like she accused they simply said it was a great cosplay but that they forgot a big part of the characters design. If this girl cosplaying zelda is enough of a fan to make the cosplay the ears are something you wouldn't normally forget. Mango just has to police everyone.

No. 256585

Haha I remember that "Auress" she's replying to though, she used to go by Doulyouk and made horrible cosplays yet left tons of comments around deviantart calling people fat and ugly. Used to see her discussed on cgl

No. 256590

Maybe that's why she reacted so aggressively to her maybe?? Kinda makes sense now that you said that

No. 256592

I dont think it matters if this other person is a known jerk. What makes it Mangos responsibility to come at her?

No. 256744

To promote "promote" positive commenting to cosplay; i.e: ass-kissing. No one is allowed to point out a major flaw because it's mean

Also to score those POC points. Gotta be a white savior!

No. 256752

File: 1487894153758.png (718.14 KB, 1440x2185, 20170223_175322.png)

Lol she is so petty. She didnt need to involve herself in this or even look for replies which she had to do to see this as she isn't @'d

No. 256792

Either she was constantly on their twitter looking for them to mention her or she actually searched auress and wrote her name next to it in the search bar, dang if that ain't toxic behavior idk what is

No. 256870

File: 1487915281597.png (568.66 KB, 600x431, Capture.PNG)

She really brings down the overall look of this group, and im sure the final picture results. Putting someone that looks like her in between two fairly cute girls is just wrong.

No. 256908

To be honest that auress girl is being a huge dick. I hate those "I'm just being honest, not rude teehee :33" who would flip their shit themselves if someone commented the same way on their stuff.

No. 256912

she looks like a guy in drag lmao

No. 257019

Yeah I agree they shouldnt have offered comments where it wasnt asked for. But mango didnt write this article or this tweet so to go out of her way to involve herself was unnecessary. She just needed to come off as a hero for the community who stands up for the little guy.

No. 257048

File: 1487954614211.png (1.59 MB, 1440x2056, 20170224_104211.png)

Her girlfriend isnt any better looking imo.

No. 257115

I know this is lolcow and everyone on here is hideous just because, but these two aren't that bad, relatively. Nina has a bad case of same face, girl is obviously insecure about her teeth/jaw area, so her pensive expressions look stupid with idol type characters. Em just looks like tumblr spit her out uwu.

No. 257155

File: 1487969635901.png (736.12 KB, 750x1334, IMG_6837.PNG)

And here we go! I know this is Nina's thread but I can't help it.

No. 257172

I think by relation beth is fair gane in this thread as well. They're basically the same drama and mess. Beth has enough to have her own thread for sure though but i think you can share beth here.

No. 257210

Yeah I think Emily is pretty cute when she does make herself look presentable
And I think Nina has downgraded herself physically and mentally ever since she became so close to Beth
Nina used to be cute even with her nose and teeth when she was still with IMT and co but holy shit the major weight loss and ana body type does her body no favors, especially since she's so shapeless
Also ems noct makeup looks like she was beaten up before hand and couldn't conceal the bruises, why did they make them look so like fucking druggies

No. 257306

Her face looks so different, but I guess that's not a surprise given that she overly brightens/blurs all of her pics so you can't see any defining facial features except her eyes.

No. 257719

Jesus. Why does it look like she has zombie legs here?

No. 257776

lmao trust me she does this all the time, i've known her since her early deviantart days and she hasn't changed in almost 6 years

No. 257824

I wouldnt be surprised if Ninas friends dropped her because of Beth and her influence on Nina. Beth is nasty. From her oversharing on her cosplay twitter to the way she talks shit about other people. Shes very full of herself and im sire thsts why em and jillian broke up tram trash.

No. 258066

What are the chances Mango has fake/bought subs? She has nearly 80K but her videos only get between 1-3K views a day if that. Over time the view count goes up but im not sure how it works. It just seems like the # of subs to view # is really off.

No. 258845

File: 1488147011858.png (1.53 MB, 750x1334, IMG_6847.PNG)

Further proof that Lettle is the weakest in this group and wouldn't have been there if she weren't dating Nina.

No. 258894

Nina is going to be making a 2nd youtube channel for her non cosplay related stuff. She claims her subs dislike anything she uploads that isnt cosplay related. It could just be because no one cares about the stupid challenges with her gf and beth that she does but we will see. I wonder how many subs she'll get on the 2nd one when people are stuck with just her personality and no tutorials or anything lol

No. 258898

haha Courtoon just did that. What's this about not copying?

No. 258951

Shes having her patreons vote on the name, i wonder what all the choices are. 100 bucks says its about mermaids/coffee like everything else she does.

No. 260381

Anyone who actually gives Nina your money, let us know cause I'm curious.

No. 260385

Lettelles armor kinda reminds me of cosplaying back in the early 2000 and I would have appreciated her attempt in armor making back then but as theres so much research on making armor today, hers honestly looks like fabric everywhere, so its a pretty shitty costume.

No. 260568

Someone posted Lettelles Link armor in the bad cosplay thread on 4c and so many white knights came to defend her armor saying the OP is blind, nitpicking, etc. its pretty funny

No. 261035

No mermaids/coffee references in sight. She went with 'Life with Mango' https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-aprMRM1AYyZmJJoOikRVQ

No. 261042

Anyone wanna take a guess as to how long she'll keep up with this channel? From my experience, it seems that second channels tend to get abandoned or end up being the persons main channel.

No. 261094

> Life with Mango
> Official launch

what is this some kind of netflix show? Why even share it if it has a 'launch' date. The minute she sticks ads on the videos itll be clear that her, 2nd channel for casual fun mango time, will just be another veiled source of income from the people who are dumb enough to watch whatever 'normal' vlogs she plans to do.

If its anything like her bff Beths channel were in for a real snooze fest because I watched one of Beths vlogs and it was just a lot of her whining, daily meals, and random shots in a poor attempt to be interesting.

No. 261241

I don't understand how she'll have any content for this channel. She works sooooo hard that she barely has free time, and that's boring to watch. Plus she is saving her money to move in with her gf, so it's not like she'll be wanting to spend money going to anyplace interesting.

I bet this channel is just because she'll have no cosplay content because Katsucon is over and she's only been invited to one other con as a guest. There's no good profitable reason to make new cosplay.

Also I'd bet this channel going to be about the wacky adventures of her and Beth until she moves, and then it'll be her and Emily against the world, trying to be cute and quirky cosplay moms while facing hardships in a heteronormitive world.

It should be a good watch when they inevitability break up and Emily moves on to more famous female cosplayer, and Beth no longer has Nina's coattails do ride on.

No. 261281

She is a guest fo ASTL but it doesnt really count as that con keeps her on retainer because shes friends with the coordinators. Quite frankly she wouldn't be a cosplayer id ever bring as a guest to a con because her panel topics arent suitable for most crowds. Last i saw she does a fitness panel, but im sure she doesnt tell people to just skip meals and drink tons of coffee like she does, a panel about making your own cosplay brand ans then she and beth do an 18+ where they talk about yaoi and drink wine.

No beginner cosplay panels to teach tricks or anything which is her entire 'brand'.

If this new channel is going to just be more of the challenge videos shes already done, and vlogs like her black friday video she stuck claim to and bullied a youtuber over, i doubt itll be that entertaining.

Beth can even put out 1 video a month because shes so damn boring so i cant imagine Nina who works sooo many jobs and never sleeps because shes so busy will be able to keep up.

No. 262038

So she's got the first video of her normal Katsucon vlogs up, and there's some interesting stuff:

-She didn't plan on going to the con, but did in the end
-Had not tried on the entire gijinka before the con
-Did not makeup test any of her new cosplays (which is why Prompto is a mess)

This is also the most heavily filtered video I have seen from her. It's terrible once she's filming inside the Gaylord. But that's kind of a nitpick at this point.

She's also trying to change the way she does her titling and such, I guess to be more original, but she's not. I've seen a lot of these effects used in numerous other youtuber videos.

No. 262122

File: 1488476015623.jpg (543.21 KB, 1032x1593, 20170302_112722.jpg)

I havent watched the video but i noticed she tends to think lens flares and color spots =/= artistic unique content. Her trailer for the con vlogs, which was clearly a space filler for her lack of actual content, was enough to give someone motion sickness. The film reel like transition and all the bokeh overlays were clearly used to spice up lackluster filming on her end.

I saw this on her twitter today. Shes told people a couple of times to come to her for branding help. She is not only completely delusional about how unique her style and graphics acutally are (spoiler: theyre not). And she has been a bully in the past over branding as seen in this thread. Overall shes a pretty awful person parading as a unique snowflake of positivity.

No. 262222

File: 1488487359487.png (1.9 MB, 750x1334, IMG_5656.PNG)

Well she wasn't lying when she said it was a mess. I'm not one to judge how clean someone is, but her family must be so patient to put up with this…

No. 262233

This isnt even an excusable mess. Im a cosplayer so i understand a work mode mess but this is just her having thrown stuff in to that room and forgetting about it. For someone who tried to cash in on sympathy points because she and her gf needed to move from their "abusive" homes she sure does seem spoiled. I cant imagine she pays any household bills like rent or a phone bill either. I wonder how much her parents will continue to cover once she moves to chicago since her gf will have to find a new retail job.

No. 262331

If anything, this makes her look like she belongs on Hoarders.

No. 262378

File: 1488503099650.png (457.34 KB, 694x510, whytho.PNG)

She put up another. I think shes going to slowly post them in an order where it's like shes undressing bit by bit but… why???? Im pretty sure nobody wants this.

No. 262426

God no why this looks so awful

No. 262432

Everything about this is terrible. The lighting, the wig, the makeup & her expression. This is something youd expect from a newbie cosplayer not someone who boasts themselves as a cosplay makeup guru on their youtube channel with like 11K followers

No. 262436

I just had to laugh when I realized that she had six people (including herself) staying in that hotel room, when the room's maximum occupancy is 3. She made a video years ago about con hotels and how you shouldn't cram more people into a room than allowed, and how there should be a 2:1 person to bed ration. But here she clearly broke both those rules with 3 people to a king, 2 on a pullout, and Beth on an air mattress, all in a room with a max. occupancy of 3 (as listed on the website).

No. 262448

Gross, it's surprising that she can make anything in that environment, let alone alone it to exist.

She looks like an old basketball mom who just got into cosplay.

No. 263022

No. 263035

You all need a life lol

No. 263097

Hi Beth/Nina/Emily

No. 263228

Well hello sunshine! If you're Nina/Em/Beth or a white knight, you should be pleased to see this thread. That means you're e-famous enough to get noticed.

No. 263245

File: 1488648429447.png (953.71 KB, 1080x1504, 20170304_112341.png)

Probably just a white knight. None of the girls tweeted about it and you know they would need to gain all the attention they could from being victims lol.

Looks like beths new thumbnail designs are pretty closely copied from ninas. The top colorful banner, the square slightly tilted photo and the blurry bg. Just looks like beth made hers in some cheap program like MS Paint lol.

No. 263395

File: 1488667055088.png (20.56 KB, 252x32, wtf.PNG)

Her newest twitch donation goal is 15,000$ to move with Lettelle to Chicago. She asks for this money while doing a twitch stream to plan her new cosplays.

No. 263585

File: 1488692899213.png (544.26 KB, 1080x1836, 20170304_234547.png)

Her family is just so inconsiderate of her streaming schedule no wonder she needs to move end sarcasm

No. 263724

In what WORLD will it cost her $15,000 to move??? I could see a few grand to help furnish the place and get a moving van but fifteen Fucking grand is INSANE

No. 263756

Because her fans have to help support Emily until she has a job. What is she doing anyway to help? Is she saving? Why do I get the feeling Nina is planning and paying for everything and Emily is going to take advantage of it?

Has Emily mentioned the move on any social media?

No. 263770

She has reblogged Ninas post on tumblr asking for money. But i think its mostly nina. Em works some kind of minimum wage retail job so its safe to assume nina is footing the bill and supporting her once they get there. If both of them would stop spending money on cons and costumes maybe she wouldnt be begging her fans to help. I mean she used real silk with her Sheik cosplay and complained many times about Prompto being super expensive.

No. 263793


It's incredible that two 25 year olds can't get their shit together long enough to move out of their totally abusive parent's homes without relying on the charity of other people. who is stupid enough to make the decision to move out without being able to support themself first? seriously?

No. 263803

Theyre both living rent free with their parents and can spend their free money on as much cosplay stuff and cons as they want. Em has even flown to see nina a couple of times and yet they need financial aide tp move? The fact is they dont want tp have to really work and cut our frivolous activities to save it themselves if theu can just get ninas fans to give it to her.

No. 263907

I recently moved >3000 miles across the country, shipping my car and a bunch of stuff, and I almost choked on my drink when I saw that number. Is she having people pay her entire rent and furnishing with high end stuff or what?

No. 263980

As far as I know theyre just moving to Chicago. Her p.o. box is in Novi, MI so via google its less than 300 miles. Im not sure but I dont think she has her own car so its not like shed have to move that, just both their stuff in to a new place. 15k is absolutely ridiculous considering she also asked for and received donations around xmas as well.

No. 264005

I really think this is to support Emily for a while. Or Nina thinks she can scam and pretend she's broke (despite her 3k/month patreon + multiple jobs) and get her fans to foot the bill and then some.

No. 264067

It has to be. Nina makes money from patreon, youtube, twitch + her freelancing jobs. She gets paid for being a Simplicity person i'm sure so there is no reason for her to request such a ridiculous amount. Her twitch followers have already donated over 1K for a custom built gaming PC (despite her saying she never has time to game) and several hundred for her to get a serger (which she hasn't purchased yet). Nina and Emily could easily stop these big cosplay projects and save up for their move instead of having to beg and request money from her followers who are 90% teenagers who dont even have stable jobs. Its obvious theyre like this because they have their damn amazon wishlists in their profiles.

No. 264089

Any reason why they are moving to Chicago of all places? I remember Nina saying that she was planning on moving to either LA or New York (which was before she and Em were official). I mean, Nina even mentioned a few times how much she dislikes most of the conventions in Chicago…

Unless Nina is doing all the paying for the move, finding a home in Chicago for $15,000 is fucking ridiculous and they are lucky to find a shack to live in. For someone who went to school for fashion marketing and for someone who works at a retail store, they should have better knowledge on how to manage their money they spend on conventions and plane tickets to see each other. Christ….

No. 264093

This is all true, but they're in basically a safety net of a financial situation. Who knows how much they actually have saved up on-top of their regular gigs. They can actually afford to take risks.

I doubt they mean to find a home for $15,000, that's likely either a down payment or just shooting high to get good rent money. Chicago is live-able for 2 people in a nice apartment, vs LA or NYC where'd you have to still live with other people or in mediocre neighborhoods to afford it.

No. 264103

Nina mentioned previously that her work was mostly based out of Chicago. But shes only traveled there for Arda related stuff so I cant really imagine its the real reason they chose that location.

Theyre in a safety net of mom and dad right now. If they had enough saved up they wouldnt set a 15K donation goal for twitch followers. After xmas someone asked nina if she had gotten a lot of donations and she mentioned having gotten enough to rent a moving truck for 1 hour. So unless they magically saved up a whole bunch of money since then with all the more expensive cosplaying (worbla & thibra orders, silk, custom embroidered patch sets, etc) theyve done + the costs of con travels, spending money, hotel, etc. then theyre basically banking on the generosity of Nina's followers to pay a large portion of the moving costs.

No. 264191


She is such a fucking liar. One of those trucks is like $25 per hour and I'm sure fucking Mikey alone has donated more than that. I will give her that a move out of state could probably run a few grand but she does NOT have enough furniture to justify a fucking 45' moving van. Her only furniture is the IKEA crap in her bedroom. I'm positive she could move using only a 15' Uhaul.

No. 264234

I hate how she asks for these large donations and doesn't actually show where it's all going. She never bought the machine she asked for and considering she works so much (haha) she doesn't have time for gaming. She's either sitting on all this money, wasted it on her mermaid bedroom (I still can't believe the bunk bed), or she is lying and is using this to fund her cosplay/cons/trips with friends.

No. 264249

Agreed. I'd like to know why she hasn't bought the machine people donated money for. If I had donated for that specific purpose I know I would want an explanation for why it wasn't purchased yet. It is all VERY sketchy. She states her patreon is ONLY to help fund videos etc and that it will NEVER pay for her cosplays, but I'm pretty certain that's all a lie.

No. 264259

She got a large sum for a custom gaming PC specifically to stream gaming but she has yet to buy it. And as a MAC user for her to build a PC from scratch all of a sudden is very sketchy.

Not one thing her twitch donations have been for has actually been purchased. It brings up the patreon drama of her not knowing how goals work. Goals are like - if i get x amount a month i will be able to supply patrons with x reward.

Instead she treats them, not like monthly payments, but 1 time payments with goals like - if i get x amount ill buy myself a dslr stabilizer. If i get x amount ill get to support me and a friend doing location shoots. Like your patrons arent here to fund your friends free ride.

In addition she hasnt kept up with her goal rewards. One was for more cos appetit videos which she needed like 1k for due to 'equipment' as if her parents dont have a fully stocked kitchen. And shes only made like 2 in the last 5 or 6 months, good thing ppl are paying her 1k a month for videos she never makes. Meet the cosplayers was a goal as well but when the first video she did didnt get enough views (aka $) she stopped making them despite it being a goal.

No. 264266

File: 1488818156396.png (58.35 KB, 640x1021, IMG_2595.PNG)

This looks so horrifying lmao

No. 264269

File: 1488818629707.jpg (1.11 MB, 1564x1564, IMG_20170306_104235.jpg)

She cant hide behind overexposure and filters forever

No. 264326

Just saw her patreon update. Lots of excuses for why she wasn't following through on the old goals. Why say your schedule is too busy to make a baking video but still have monthly location shoots as a goal? >_>
I also notice that she changed to saying the money would also go toward such cosplay materials.

No. 264356

Just checked her patreon. She either found this thread or someone linked her because she touched on every topic thats come up regards to her past goals and use of funds.

No. 264442

File: 1488841496632.png (1.71 MB, 1334x750, IMG_6920.PNG)

Guess who changed their big moving fund to $5000 on twitch?

No. 264458

She definitely saw this thread. She touched on her cooking videos, meet the cosplayers, twitch streams & her fund goal plus other things mentioned here lol. At least try to to be subtle or admit your faults and apologize.

No. 264500

Good job Nina. Now buy that fucking PC, sewing machine, and make more than one fucking cosappetite video a year

No. 264869

File: 1488913688176.png (389.05 KB, 750x1334, IMG_6924.PNG)

I'm glad she fessed up and admitted she set past broadcasts to subs on purpose. Girl has definitely been shown this thread.

She said she reached her DSLR stabilizer goal two weeks ago. Lets see if she buys it like promised, or if it'll end up like the other goals she reached and didn't purchase.

No. 264960

So far we know shes sitting on money for a serger, custom gaming pc, dslr stabilizer (i think the one she mentioned is around 1k iirc), and a year subscription to ffxiv. So thats quite a sum

No. 265477

Loving listening to her live stream on YT alright now… bitching about how "awful" her parents are. Yeah terrible parents that let you keep living at home despite you having enough income to live on your own.

No. 265512

Seriously?? Give more details if you can i didnt watch the stream.

Doesnt her first video come out on the new channel today?

No. 265519

I couldn't find the bit about her parents, but I did stumble to the part talking about all her poor food intolerances.

-lactaose intolerant since 4th grade. No problems before then until she drank a glass of milk and "died"
- During Katsucrunch 2k16, had an apple and a banana and puked the next day. Her friends can attest to that. Clearly the food and not the lack of it in a timely matter or sleeping isn't to blame. Or you know, the flu.
- Apparently gets new intolerances all the time.
- Blames that for why she's now underweight and claims she hates it and is trying to gain weight.
- Getting medical tests this month to find out why she can't eat anything.

I thought she was happy a few months ago with how she looks now. All of a sudden she doesn't and at the same time she changed her patreon goals and moving goal.

She also mentioned she's buying new furniture for her crafting room that she'll be taking with her. Her "abusive"parents are sure kind to her.

No. 265523

File: 1489002074091.jpg (660.46 KB, 634x1416, pt2017_03_08_13_36_19.jpg)

Yeah with the patreon updates and her talking about her weight its clear she saw the thread. Why on earth would she be buying new furniture if they need donations to even make the move?

Also, theres a trailer on her new channel and its edited like some kind of low budget indie show with 50 shades of grey music and panning shots theme lol.

No. 265529

She didn't get into detail, but someone asked if she lived on her own and she said something along the lines of:

"No, I live at home with my WONDERFUL…parents….overdramatic pause No, they aren't wonderful….."

And then later on, she mentions how her mom asked "I noticed you haven't played many video games since your Katsucon convention.. why is that?"

Idk about anyone else, but from that statement alone it sounds like her mom is actually quite caring. My mom is a precious cinnamon roll but she was never involved enough in my weeb activities to know the NAME of the convention I was going to. Granted Her mom may not have said that verbatim, but still, her mom noticed she wasn't relaxing etc and inquired. ~*so abusive*~

No. 265535

She and beth have tweeted before about her mom having paleo meals ready and waiting for them after a con. Another time nina mentioned her dad stepping in when she was crying over a project and gently talking her down. But yeah theyre awful im sure. She probably doesn't agree with them politically or something so instantly theyre terrible

No. 265579

Yeah I absolutely remember the dad stepping in when she was having an emotional breakdown over her Owari no Seraph sword for Katsucon 2016. So absuive. So hateful.

I mean, her parents even agreed to be in one of her videos. That is a lot of involvement. Shit, my parents didn't go to my orchestra concerts or parent teacher conferences in HS. I guess my parents are literally Satan then.

No. 265613

she's lying, i knew her when we were like 16 and she was chubbyish. not fat, but had baby fat and was normal.

all the 'food intolerances' came when she started cosplaying and developed an ED.

No. 265619

Hey, everyone! I know it's not really kosher to reply to anonymous threads about yourself, but considering this is starting to get super off-the-rails in terms of extrapolation and making stuff up (especially about my parents), there are a few things I want to clarify.

Firstly: I do want to say thank you for this thread. A lot of it was very eye-opening in terms of how my actions were coming across and being construed. I'm very sorry for that, and in the future, I'll improve upon that behavior.

You guys have already seen that I updated the outdated info on Patreon (which I had completely neglected amidst fulfilling rewards and creating content, so seriously, thank you for that). I've also made it a point to emphasize that if anyone is ever, ever curious about where their money is going or how it's being used, please just ask for clarification. I haven't been spending donation money or putting it towards other costs, but if me holding off on purchases until it was more convenient in terms of timing/storage was construed as such, then I should have worked harder to be more transparent about why I was postponing those purchases.

I know I've been very reactionary and defensive this past year, especially in terms of ~*copying*~, both in terms of costumes and YouTube stuff. I never intended to bully anyone, but if that’s how it read, I am truly sorry. I will be better about my reactions and try not to jump to conclusions about another person’s intentions. I’ve always been stupidly sensitive about this (even as far back as first grade when I got upset over someone copying my jungle diorama lmao), and it’s something I actively need to work on. I apologize to anyone I’ve hurt or disappointed by vague-tweeting when I was upset. Please understand: it’s never been from a place of ego or thinking I’m ~*incredible*~ at what I do; it’s usually quite the opposite. I think my thumbnails are the ugliest damn things, and if I get frustrated seeing people copying them, it’s because I want them to do better than me and succeed with their own style. I also don’t want them to be harassed; which sometimes I’ve inadvertently caused by tweeting while upset. Moving forward, I will work hard to be more mature about this. (Again, this is something I'm grateful to this thread for; looking at it from an outside perspective, yeah, I seem absolutely batshit crazy.)

I know I’ve lost quite a bit of weight. It’s not due to an ED or happening intentionally. I have a month of testing at U of M coming up to figure out why I’ve had so much trouble gaining it back despite adamantly trying (eating 1,800 calories a day, stopping cardio, focusing on weight-lifting to rebuild muscle). Right now, the specialist there thinks it’s latent food intolerances from both sides of my family that have surfaced in the past two years due to eating such a clean diet, coupled with anxiety triggering an already-sensitive digestive system. Nothing serious like stomach cancer or thyroid or issues w/ pancreas; cervical cancer cells had cleared up as of last May and haven’t returned. (And yes, as I mentioned on stream: I was really happy with my body a few months ago when I was still at a healthy weight! Absolutely. Then the weight loss kept going past that. And hasn't stopped. So that's why I'm going through all this testing to get to the bottom of it. Because where I'm at now is not a healthy weight and I'd like to figure out the medical reasoning as to why I can't eat a goddamn apple anymore.)

In lieu of the above, this is why I can get very defensive about getting health advice or recommendations from strangers on the internet. I have doctors who know my full history and I’m trusting them to figure stuff out. I do appreciate it when people try to offer suggestions! But sometimes it’s tiring because I’ve already been over it with the medical professionals, so I apologize for getting snippy on Twitter to those who made a good-hearted suggestion. If I’ve snapped over it, it’s because I’m frustrated with the situation in general, not with anyone for offering advice. I do appreciate the thought; it’s just the fact that my health is a daily struggle that frustrates me.

My parents are not abusive. They’re extremely supportive of me and this wild direction my career has taken me. Yes, sometimes we clash over silly things (as most parents and children do), and when I was younger, sometimes I’d rant about it on Tumblr (as most high schoolers and college kids do). And while I’m admittedly nervous about them supporting my romantic future, I am still utterly and overwhelmingly grateful for everything they’ve done for me that’s allowed me to reach this point in my life. I love them with all my heart. If you guys want to extrapolate my pauses and speech patterns as me thinking they're abusive, that's your choice, but no. My parents are wonderful people and I am utterly grateful for everything they've done for me.

Despite popular belief, I have one cup of coffee a day in the afternoon. Otherwise, the only caffeine I consume is a cup of chai tea in the morning. I love coffee, absolutely! A lot of people love it. But no matter how much I talk about it (which is absolutely excessive, I fully admit that), I do understand moderation.

Back when I was younger, I was absolutely an elitist bitch about cosplay. This mentality was a result of spending too much time on 4chan and negative communities on LiveJournal. I got really roped up in those toxic mentalities and let it affect how I approached the hobby. During college, I made the decision to avoid those areas of the internet, and as a result I was able to find new enjoyment in the hobby and the relationships I had within it. I also found the confidence to start challenging my skills instead of being too afraid of ending up in a “Bad Cosplay” thread; and yeah, not every project is a success. I totally mess up on stuff and hate how things turn out. But I'd like to think I've made progress from who I was back then when I got upset over others' cosplay due to the toxic sites, people, and attitudes I surrounded myself with.

When vectoring my Prompto patches, I used this post as a reference for both the designs and placement: http://hitorishin.tumblr.com/post/150542830873/ I did change a few details and, yes, I had to re-vector it all from scratch to be properly sized for my own proportions and the scale of my vest, but Hitorishin’s post was what I started with! I mentioned and linked it in the stream when we were working on the vest, but forgot to do so on my InstaStory when I posted a shot of the embroidered patches. That was absolutely my mistake; thank you for pointing it out.

Things are gucci with Jinx and Hatter. I'm looking forward to getting to know both of them better and there are no hard feelings between any of us.

That's all I can think of! Thank you for reading, and again, if there’s anything you want to talk about further, please just ask. I'm happy to chat about it!

No. 265668

Where is the serger and the custom gaming PC that patrons paid for you to get?

No. 265718

lol you are so fake

any doctor would tell you that 1800 calories is not enough to gain weight idiot. that's why i don't believe you're receiving medical treatment, or, if you are, it's not nearly as much as you're implying

you are FULL OF SHIT everywhere except literally since you hardly eat lmao

No. 265720

have you considered starting a patreon to get that jaw shaved down?

No. 265721

Hate to break it to you but nothing in this thread was made up or pulled from thin air. You yourself have bad mouthed your home and home environment/parents on social media, we didnt imagine that.

And dont get me started on the copying drama. You straight up bullied and harassed the two people weve mentioned here but who knows how many others your snowflake ego has gotten to. You knowingly tweeted about them and gave out their usernames to anyone who would ask you for it. You let your trashy friend Beth and others say some pretty shit things about people and you really want us to believe just this thread alone has helped you realize your wrong doings? I mean I was a casual follower back in the day and even I remember you harassing that other youtuber for like over a year now.

Pretty much seems like youre just trying to do image damage control but you arent actually sorry. You havent even made a public apology even hinting to your followers that you people you complained about all this time are now "gucci" with you so theyre going to keep looking at them as the copies you made them out to be.

No. 265742

File: 1489019347997.jpg (242.96 KB, 600x408, Untitled-1.jpg)

It took me 5 minutes in your tumblr archive to find stuff going back all the way to 2015. Some of the most recent being from just this past december. So basically 2 years youve bullied the other youtube and let people go after them but we're supposed to believe you had a sudden realization to be better? But like the previous post said you havent made any sort of public apology, just this post full of excuses for your awful behavior.

No. 265748

Seriously. Not to mention she'd preach "I won't name names I don't want to bully!!!" But she'd tell her goonies like Beth and byndo not five seconds after they asked her.

No. 265749

No. 265758

File: 1489020794281.jpg (477.2 KB, 700x700, Untitled-2.jpg)

Adding this one. Sorry for the samefag and big file but tell us some more lies Nina. This is just from this past december when you forced the other channel in to a break with your immaturity and self-centered egotistical nature. To accuse someone of copying your SPEECH PATTERNS? you have got to be on some kind of special drugs for all those intolerances you have to think that ever made any sense. And the fact you were going on about legal action was just a whole new level of shit. You participated in this bullying and harassment of someone you dont even know so you cant possibly expect to give excuses and shirk the blame.

No. 265765

I was 155 when I was sixteen, and on a 5'5" frame, that wasn't a healthy weight for me. Again, as I mentioned in the stream, I had no stamina, no muscular strength, no energy. I may have looked "normal" but I was not healthy. (Food intolerances are also things that can develop over time, especially with age. Yeah, once upon a time I could eat Taco Bell. Not so much anymore. I would love to eat Taco Bell again some day and am hoping to work towards that once I can digest it. :D)

Those were Twitch donations, not patron-supported. Serger has been ordered and will be arriving next week! Custom PC parts will be ordered before the end of the month; as I've mentioned, I wanted to wait until the craft room was cleaned out before ordering it so I had space to set it up.

Yep, 1800 ain't enough. But right now the goal is figuring out what's causing the intolerances so I can reintroduce more variety of food to my diet and make it easier to aim for 2000 calories a day. It's not going to happen overnight, especially since the testing itself is happening over the course of a month. (I'm getting an abdominal ultrasound, hydrogen tests for fructose and sucrose, plus a stomach scope. Huzzah!)

I never said it was imagined that I badmouthed them, but I've never made the claim they were/are abusive. I've only seen such an accusation mentioned in this thread. Like I said, we have arguments like any parent/child relationship entails. In the past I've been bad about posting reactionary things on social media. I thought nothing of it because for me it was a "heat of the moment" thing, but I should've been more aware to think that it could cause such a negative impression of my home life. And I truly do apologize for that. Because they are anything but abusive, I'm unbelievably fortunate to have such amazing parents and I'm thankful for it every damn day that I wake up to a roof over my head.

I'm not shirking the responsibility. It was my fault, no matter what my reasoning or (lack of) logic was. I do maintain that I never shared usernames publicly, but yes, it was still all-to-easy for people to figure out who I was speaking about. And I should've been more cognitive of that; just because I wasn't naming names, I should've realized that other people can, you know, put 2 and 2 together. That was all on me. I've apologized to both parties and I'm going to clean up all those old posts to remove anything that casts them in a bad light, because those situations were entirely my fault and it was wrong of me. (I did not say the bullying/etc. was not recent. I'm very aware it was recent. But yes, the realization of it actually being bullying? Happened when I saw this thread. So again: thank you guys for that. I mean it sincerely. I couldn't see those situations for what they were and this thread helped me do so. That's not who I want to be, that's not behavior I want to encourage or perpetuate.)

Again: I am not trying to make excuses, just provide explanations. I know the majority of you will hate me no matter what I do, and that's fine! But I've provided these statements to give you my perspective and something to go on rather than a lot of the assumptions and extrapolations in this thread, especially when it comes to my home life and use of finances. I will be working to rectify my behavior and make more public changes (and, yes, an apology).

I'll step out of this thread now, but please, if there's ever anything you want to talk about directly, person to person, I am happy to do so.

And once more: thank you for the wake up call. I definitely needed it, and while I don't necessarily agree with the methods of sites like this, sometimes what you guys do is needed, no matter how much the snowflake doesn't want to admit it. But this is me admitting it, and using this opportunity to do better from here on out. Because the person in this thread is not who I ever wanted to be, and I didn't realize it was how I was acting until you guys pointed it out. So yes, it's hard to read this stuff, but we all need a reality check now and then. And I definitely did.

No. 265770


It isn't just that people could figure it out. I blatantly saw a popular cosplayer (the chick married to that YouTube guy Jared or whoever idk. Heidi?) ask you who it was, and you replied "I'll DM you!" This is almost worse, because then your cosfamous goonies go immediately to the poor souls page and lambast them.

Also, do yourself a favor and stop spending time with Beth, because she is only going to drag you down. You think you can escape toxic behavior when you surround yourself with it? Think again.

No. 265777

File: 1489022676528.jpg (312.87 KB, 700x638, Untitled-3.jpg)

Here you go.

You dont want witch hunts yet your lackey mikey & byndo made comments on her black friday video and then you have this tweet where you were obviously giving out the username YOURSELF. Also, PLEASE explain this facebook post to us. Clearly you made it on your personal facebook page as a call out because what else could this mean?

No. 265780

File: 1489023260526.jpg (281.19 KB, 700x556, Untitled-4.jpg)

Sorry for all the post guys. I kind of got on a roll digging. Since Nina plans on deleting the posts as if it never happened so she doesnt have to be accountable ive been going through it more in depth.

So! To add to my previous posts >>265777
>>265758 >>265742

We cant forget Nina's trashy as hell friend Beth. I remembered these tweets but it only took a minute to find them. This level of battery is pure hate and I cant imagine the kind of messages the channel got before taking down the black friday and gingerbread videos.

No. 265783

It's all good. Someone has to do it before they all disapsar.

No. 265806

File: 1489025917504.jpg (117.48 KB, 382x433, Untitled-5.jpg)

Your followers, fueled by your hate and immaturity thought it was funny to harass her. You fed it for years and who knows what kind of anon messages they got that we havent seen.

You dont deserve to be able to just delete your posts and pretend it didnt happen. You owe a public apology so all the little minions like this one KNOW its in the past and to leave them alone.

No. 265812

(Last post, I promise, just to finish addressing this situation.)

Please go ahead and save the screencaps! Absolutely. I posted them, they're there. I regret that they're things I said and did and encouraged. Doesn't mean they didn't happen. If I delete something, it's not to cover my ass, it's to prevent any further harassment of these individuals. Hell, I am saving these screencaps to remind myself of how I can get without realizing it. I can explain why I acted that way and why I didn't realize what I was doing, but it doesn't change that I did it. Intention or outside factors or other things I was dealing with, none of that changes what I did, so it's besides the fact. It happened, and that's on me.

I did mention usernames privately to friends when asking for advice on how to handle the situation; not sicc'ing them on anyone, but if they chose to be upset and/or do so on my behalf, I didn't discourage it. Again: it was handled poorly in every way. And I am not denying that. I should never have gone after them in the first place, nor should I have allowed my followers or friends to do so. I should have stepped in and put a stop to that; it was my responsibility and I didn't take care of it as I should have. It continued on for far, far too long and I'm deeply sorry for letting it happen.

As far as a public apology goes: I do want to make one, but I'll be discussing that with this Youtuber one-on-one. If they would like me to do so, it'll absolutely happen so we can clear all this up for everyone else as well. However, I want it to be their decision; if they don't want anymore attention drawn to the situation, that's their choice, and I want to respect them by not making that choice for them. The situation was my fault in the first place, and so it should be their decision of how they want to move forward. (I understand you feel they deserve that public apology, and I feel that way, too; but I don't want to put them in that public position unless they agree to it first.)

Okay! I'll be dipping out of your space now, I promise. I did just want to reiterate that this situation is being addressed, and that if anything is deleted, it's to protect the other parties, not myself. As you've seen, some of my followers can get very defensive/go into attack mode, and I don't want one of them stumbling across something months/years after the fact and going after someone who never deserved it in the first place. Because that would be my responsibility, too.

Again, I don't know how often it is that targets of /snow actually use these opportunities for positive personal changes, but I really do mean it when I say that's what I'm viewing this as. I want to be better. There are some things I can't fix (like my glass-cuttin' jaw or ugly wrists~), but a lot of the behavior outlined in this thread is stuff I need to work on and improve, especially in how sensitive I am to "copying" (i.e. perceiving it as a threat when it absolutely… totally… isn't smh), and being extremely clear about how money is being handled. I thought I was doing the latter, but didn't realize it wasn't clear to everyone else, so more than anything I'm incredibly grateful for that lesson, along with all the other lessons you guys have taught me.

I hope you have a good night and enjoy the rest of your week. And thank you again, sincerely.

No. 265826

I know a lot of people here will probably disagree with me when I say this, but I think your responses to this thread have been actually quite reasonable when compared to other youtuber's responses to sites like gurugossip. It's honestly pretty rare to see any youtuber acknowledge that hate/criticism can be something to learn from. Now I just hope that we continue to see improvement.

No. 265849

I agree that you have been quite positive in addressing the problems and hopefully you'll fix what was clearly an issue.

Also, Beth clearly needs to be in on that apology (these caps are disgusting >>265780 ) and with luck your want to improve and do right by the other parties will rub off on her. Otherwise i suggest dropping her because shes clearly a negative influence.

No. 265860

im glad that you didn't look at this thread and immediately brush it off as lies and slander. Some of it is definitely true but some of it does get kind of over the top. I have a feeling there's a few vendetta's in here trying to instigate some rumors.

Anyways agreeing with the other anon about Beth >>265849
, she seems like a terrible influence on you. We dont know what happened to cause your Team Trash group to split up, but there's a difference between cutting out toxic people and burning bridges. I highly doubt anything Julian ever could have done would be considered toxic or abusive. I'd be more wary of being close friends with someone who likes to delete people from their lives.

No. 265944

How fake can you get. PR statement more, please.

No. 266034


Listen, don't are about any of this bullshit, just dropping in to let you know, really would like to come inside you sometime, so once you're past your ~tee hee lesbians~ phase and maybe bulked up a lil bit, get those abs back, maybe stopped the hair loss and tooth damage from purging, just let me know.

No. 266717

> I did just want to reiterate that this situation is being addressed, and that if anything is deleted, it's to protect the other parties, not myself.
Yeah, sure. While I do agree that your responses have been more mature than a bunch of other flakes and cows that have defended themselves in their respective threads, you're still offering empty apologies. Repeating "omg I know I've been so so bad, please do forgive me for I have repented for my sins!" over and over again sounds like you're trying to buy the easy way out. When your last drama was just a few month ago you don't do the "change of heart" act with syrupy statements like the one I quoted.

If you really experienced personal growth through this thread, then good for you, have a nice life. And if you're lying and dumb enough that you think people who monitor cows like you as a hobby will buy your sweet little "~I hope you have a good night uwu~" skit then that's fine too, more milk for us.

No. 267285

I'm just waiting to see if she actually posts the public apology or puts up credit for her prompto patches. Just because you put credit at the beginning of a twitch stream that NO one who isnt a sub can see after its over doesnt mean you dont need to put a public credit at least with your Prompto pics.

TBH I was planning to wait a few days then check her accounts for the things she said shed do now that shes ~*learned*~ from this thread how to suddenly be a better person.

Per the screencaps the anon put up earlier that kind of long-term behavior doesnt change overnight and i'd personally love to see what she said to Jinx and Hatter. I do find it hilarious though that she feels in 1 or 2 days everything can be "Gucci" with people she bullied so strongly and for so long.

No. 267339

Are you going to tell everyone you're lying about being poc too?
gurl you're white as fuck. I get you're trying to appeal to the tumblr crowd by being a ~poc lesbian~ but stop lying.

No. 270375

Still waiting on that public credit for the patch designs, as well as the apologies you claimed you'd be making as well Nina. Unless you plan to just ignore it so you dont have to go against your ~*super sweet*~ con mom image by admitting you bullied and harassed other cosplayers.

No. 270710

She's ~too tired~ from sitting in an airport waiting for her plane after apt hunting with her ~soulmate~

No. 272807

So judging by her twitter the last few days it pretty much seems like she has no intention of making good on what she said she'd do >>265812 has anyone reached out to either of the two girls she bullied to see if she apologized to them in some way? Because she definetely hasnt made a public one. Neither has Beth who, to me at least, said the worst shit in those screencaps. Nina was just bitching but Beth took it to a whole different level.

Nina also put up her first video on her new "life with mango" channel. Its just a nearly 20min vlog of her cleaning a craft room that looked like an absolute nightmare. I cant begin to understand how someone destroys not one, but two rooms (bedroom & craft room) to that degree. I've seen her streams before and 90% of the time her bedroom behind her is a war zone. Im also wondering how her parents never bothered to force her to clean it up with how it looked in the video, considering its their house you'd think she would have more respect for the spaces theyve given her.

No. 273381

I can't wait for her new patreon reward "Cosplay EDU" to have two posts and then ever happen again.

No. 273658

I love how she was complaining about Belles dress in the movie like shes some expert in movie quality craftsmanship. She didnt even make her Belle ballgown it was a commission. And cosplay EDU is a joke. This girl doesnt even serge her seams yet she wants to give assignments like a cosplay homeroom teacher.

No. 273681

So basically nothing changes and she thought her lip service here is enough.

No. 273683


She hasn't even SEEN it yet and she's raging about it… Almost all of the costumes in the movie were inspired by the original movie, not carbon copies, which I enjoyed. I also HIGHLY doubt professional costumers used shitty materials like Nina, but as you said, Nina didn't even MAKE her Belle gown so idk what ground she has to stand on here.

No. 273837

File: 1490048411712.png (1.02 MB, 750x1334, IMG_7043.PNG)

I had to post this because it's so funny. Glitter glue, really?

Also, Lettele posted on her instagram that she's moving darling summer. So I guess they decided on a date?

No. 273854

The golden accents on the dress are explained in the movie. And she mentioned something about them using embroidery and its like, as a 'professional' you should know the embroidery would weigh down the lightweight chiffon-like fabrics of the top layers and stunt the disney staple flowing of the dress while dancing. But i mean you are the expert Nina having made 2 Belle wigs and literally NONE of her costumes (or any ballgown for that matter).

As for the rest, it does seem like it was just nice words to try and make it seem like shes 'learned' how to be a good person from this thread. But we have no proof she even apologized to any of the girls she harassed so really it seems like she just plans on ignoring it and moving on.

No. 274024

File: 1490064193292.jpg (27.52 KB, 521x228, ugh.JPG)

She tries so damn hard to be this cool lesbian internet mom and it just comes off so ignorant.

No. 274027

File: 1490064660065.png (453.35 KB, 1242x2208, IMG_5275.PNG)


Meanwhile she and her true love of several months are raging over some of Ninas videos getting flagged for content. But ofc it must be those SATANIC HETEROS and their AGENDA

No. 274067

Actually just reading about her talk about her gingerbread video makes me mad over that copying drama again because that other youtuber took down their gingerbread video because she acted like she invented the idea. It was ugly.

The youtube restriction thing is an absolute mess, but quite frankly the videos of hers that dont show up when filtered are crap ones anyway. Sorry Nina but watching you kiss your girlfriend 15 times to guess chapstick flavors is not only boring content but has absolutely no value (not even entertainment because both are less than average to watch).

No. 274153

This is just so Tumblr of her. The movie could be a piece of shit but OMG LESBIAN!

No. 274167


Seriously, this is so stupid. It's about as shallow as a straight girl going to a movie just because a hot actor is in it.

No. 274189

She always makes ignorant comments like this. She didnt care about overwatch until someone claimed Tracer looked like her and also had a redhead gf named emily. Tracer doesnt deserve this kind of awful comparison. She made a huge post about Voltron s2 on tumblr as well and tried to make a big mess about a character being referred to a female when they are trans in her mind. Despite there being no canon info to support this she went on and on about it. She jumps on that tumblr lesbian bandwagon as much as she can

No. 275478

File: 1490233783913.jpg (34.43 KB, 526x224, LOL.JPG)


You have got to be kidding me.

No. 275766

And thus she learned nothing from her time here.

No. 275783

Did you really think she would? She's fake

No. 275900

She basically just said what she thought would end the threads watch on her. But she continues to brush off and ignore the hate she spread and started. Beth hasnt done anything along the lines of an apology either. I wonder how yhe girls she claimed to be ~*gucci*~ with feel about being thrown under the bus to her followers then having no correction made on ninas side to clear their names. All her teeny booper fans are still going to look at them in the way nina painted them.

No. 276191

File: 1490321413914.jpg (50.91 KB, 531x445, Capture.JPG)

Why is Beth thinking of making a second channel when she cant even manage the first one? I get Nina wanted to separate cosplay tutorials and stuff from just day to day vlogs but Beth's channel isnt big enough or settled by topic enough to warrant her needing two channels. Back when I followed her on twitter (and even now from just checking) all she does is bitch about her crap software and crap laptop and blames it for never uploading.

No. 276213

File: 1490323162954.png (423.95 KB, 438x580, ugh.png)

In her most recent, unnecessarily long get ready with me vid, she mentions wanting to talk more about fashion, makeup, and her ED. Mango must have shown her the comments here because she mentioned that people probably go to her channel for her 'cosplay persona', not her regular life stuff, so she wants to separate it (and make more boring content).

No. 276219

Thanks for the run down because no way I was going to sit and watch 20+ minutes of her dry and boring personality. Her makeup has never been good no matter what costume or everyday look shes going for. Quite literally its only because Nina pimped her as a cosplay makeup guru that anyone paid attention.

As for her ED. She binge eats. Im not belittling BED but she plays it up much larger than it needs to be. There are people in the cosplay community with actual real problems and disorders that dont need advice from someone who overeats and bitches people out. Looking at the screencaps of all the hateful stuff she said I dont know how she could possibly believe shes actually a good role model when shes clearly a cancerous 'friend' to those who know her.

No. 276521

>She basically just said what she thought would end the threads watch on her. But she continues to brush off and ignore the hate she spread and started. Beth hasnt done anything along the lines of an apology either. I wonder how yhe girls she claimed to be ~*gucci*~ with feel about being thrown under the bus to her followers then having no correction made on ninas side to clear their names. All her teeny booper fans are still going to look at them in the way nina painted them.

I mean real talk for a sec. I assume she doesn't change things because the legit criticisms are buried in spergy lolcowisms like making fun of her for being gay and her face. Like a bunch of people who say 'cummies' aren't in a great place to make fun of 'leggies.'

I think the legit criticisms of her character would do better if brought to other social media platform. Because there are some real ones. Gunna give them a rundown.

She always talks about being 'drama free' and yet in her cosfame timeline she's abandoned not one but two whole friend groups (IMT and Team Trash). At that point, it's not them, it's you, Nina.

She falsely accuses people of copying, but that's been pretty hammered out here.

She has really poor business practices with putting content that was once free as something to pay for. Yeah artists should make bank off work. But most yters who get famous don't just stop releasing a lot of content to their subs and start moving it to patreon, they make new types of content for patreon. And she kept her twitch stream public for long enough to make money and then closed it off.

And considering that she's always harping on how her audience is young it feels really weird that she continually does stuff like put the type of content they originally subbed for behind a paywall so they use their milk money on it or w/e.

She's really, really condescending about being 'an adult' when questioned about her not at all adult shit like her sudden move in with her gf (so glad you redid your whole room just to move out), or like her 'food sensitivities.' To an extent, I get that it's fuckin annoying to have 13 year olds clamoring to tell you about your life. But a person telling you how to make an alternative starbucks drink is not the same thing.

More on that. Some advice is legit good advice for a young adult anyways. Like the gf thing. She thinks cause she's had a lot of relationships she's super ready. But aside from the fact that living together is different and 25 isn't old-your first gay relationship sets you back to teens years in terms of honeymoon phase and hearteyes. Like, a lot of people mistake the good feelings of finally being 'out' and in a gay relationship with it being their one truest of true loves.

Also, the diet advice would be bad if she weren't claiming extreme food insensitivities and she wasn't 5'5" and weighing 105lbs. She used to have cystic acne and it cleared up around the time the 'insensitivies' started, I'd love to tell her that a side effect of some antibiotics prescribed for acne can cause temporary (few years) food intolerances that look like celiacs but aren't celiacs. It would be none of anyones business if she didn't look ill and she also didn't smack down even a suggestion of alternatives.

No. 276524

>As for her ED. She binge eats. Im not belittling BED but she plays it up much larger than it needs to be. There are people in the cosplay community with actual real problems and disorders that dont need advice from someone who overeats and bitches people out. Looking at the screencaps of all the hateful stuff she said I dont know how she could possibly believe shes actually a good role model when shes clearly a cancerous 'friend' to those who know her.

She legitimately was ana/mia, you just have to look back at her really old photos. She's mainly recovering but she still occasionally binges. I think binge disorders are as srs it's just hard to tell when they're real because so many americans are plain obese.

No. 276643

I would agree with you on lolcow not being the proper forum for people to express their problems with this girl (as primarily its more of a hate-on-them type forum) had it not been for her own posts in this thread. I think the reason people are still upset is because Mango herself posted long written apologies of sorts and acted as if this thread had shown her the light and inspired her to do better and be better for her fans sake.

However all we've seen since her posts is the same behavior from her. She acted as if pretending things never happened in some cases, then offering brief descriptions of her donation plans/patreon tiers and rewards was what this thread's goal had been. When in fact the people here, not the ones making personal attacks or attacks on her physical appearance, wanted her to wisen up as a person with a larger following consisting of a large percentage of younger/newer cosplayers. She sets an example and her petty behavior mixed with her ego has sent out bad signals and prompted negative behavior by others on her behalf and she has yet to correct it. She has also taken money from this audience and used it as she pleased when it was donated for purposes to help her provide more material for them. The more money she receives the more content she puts behind a paywall as you put it.

People followed her for cosplay tutorials and resources. Her Cosplay 101 is why she has the numbers she does and she has neglected that in order to focus more on a secondary vlog channel, live streaming games, etc.

Shes never come out as ana has she? From all i've seen (mainly a post she made with her current disorders) she has like seasonally triggered depression, BED, anxiety- the usual list. Im not saying she isnt ana or that her issues are valid but I agree its hard to trust someone to use their problems as a footing to do good and be a positive light when she acts nice on instagram and then acts hateful on her public cosplay twitter.

No. 276649

>I would agree with you on lolcow not being the proper forum for people to express their problems with this girl (as primarily its more of a hate-on-them type forum) had it not been for her own posts in this thread. I think the reason people are still upset is because Mango herself posted long written apologies of sorts and acted as if this thread had shown her the light and inspired her to do better and be better for her fans sake.

Yeah, you're right that's fair.

>Shes never come out as ana has she? From all i've seen (mainly a post she made with her current disorders) she has like seasonally triggered depression, BED, anxiety- the usual list. Im not saying she isnt ana or that her issues are valid but I agree its hard to trust someone to use their problems as a footing to do good and be a positive light when she acts nice on instagram and then acts hateful on her public cosplay twitter.

I stg I read it in a tweet or some shit but I could be wrong and that memory could be fueled by when her tumblr was vaguely pro-ana years ago and she was super thin.

Also not to get all le ableism bullshit about it, but seasonal depression is a real thing. I live somewhere cold as balls and the lack of light/daytime effects vitamins and your sleep cycle as well as just inactivity/less access to exercise actually really set a lot of peoples depression off.

No. 276978

So the toxic self-righteous dumbass continues to be a toxic self-righteous dumbass.

Call me when it all comes tumblring down tumblring down tumblring dooooown. Most likely it'll be when she realises that there's only room for one anorexic in her apartment.

No. 278874

File: 1490664313115.png (193.96 KB, 750x1334, IMG_2274.PNG)

No. 278875

Mango's response made it seem like Hatter was in wrong as well, even if that's not the case. Hatter has not said anything negative abt Mango or the bullying at all ):

It's really disappointing b/c from her response it can be assumed she isn't going to make a public apology to either Hatter or Jinxie, and her fans & cosfriends will still harbor negative connotations with these ladies

No. 279213

Hatter never posted anything about this drama and quietly took the videos down. Meanwhile, Nina tweeted about it and carried on the drama and threatened legal action, and she acts like she and Hatter were on the same level. The whole thing was stupid to begin with.

Very typical of most cows.

No. 279625



Totally agree here. I went through her twitter with the advance search around the timelines of the screencaps in those earlier posts and cant find a single tweet mentioning anything about the drama or Nina and Beth. I also tried to check her tumblr but its not very old, i remember her having it before but it looks like she deleted it around the christmas time drama and then remade it when she returned. I cant say for sure, maybe due to Nina's followers trying to come at her? She took down the specific videos Nina and Beth had been threatening over as well for the same reason im assuming. I also love how Nina is just trying to play it off like theyre bffs now, to quote her long post earlier theyre now "gucci" but Im sure if Hatter spoke up she would tell us a different story. It is just shit to see Nina basically paint it like "we're both guilty because of outside drama/stress but im just a little more guilty" when Hatter didnt say a word. And blaming outside stress and drama on all the crap we've seen in this thread thats come to light? Thats just a cop-out of having to take actual responsibility for the fact that she was so far up her own ass that she spent 2 years trying to tear down and attack another youtuber/cosplayer that, from what we can tell was completely singled out from the others that 'copy' her brand. It 100% went from being a slight problem with her to a full blown vendetta.

Don't even get me started on Beth though. That girl is a wreck in every aspect of her life. She hasn't shown any kinds of attempts at making amends on any of her profiles and she said some nasty stuff too. We should really get someone to message her and see what kind of excuse she blames her behavior on. I wouldn't put it past her to try and pin it on one of her disabilities shes always talking about vs. owning up to being just terrible.

No. 279702

File: 1490754950319.png (354.99 KB, 1080x1546, 20170328_213235.png)

I dont think we can expect much from Beth. Looks like shes just trying to gloss over her shitty self by acting as if shes some reborn space princess who is kind and loving to all. The fact her alien kick came from cosplaying oikawa and has blown up this big (and the fact she is a galaxy snowflake) is really kind of hilarious.

No. 280726


>sure Jan

The day Beth stops being a raging bitch is the day Ninas tooth gap closes.

No. 281118

Nina commented on one of Hatters prompto videos (maybe because of >>278874 ) and even tweeted @ her. Yet no public apologies or attempts to rectify her mistakes in sight.

No. 284449

File: 1491348192245.png (785.61 KB, 750x1334, IMG_7144.PNG)

It's funny how much better Beth looks with longer hair. She should go back to that look.

No. 285078

After she and her ex fiancee split she really let herself go. She developed all her disorders and intolerances after that and started being a massive koreaboo. She wants to move to korea literally based on her love for kpop only and nothing else about the culture.

She chopped off all her hair then bitched when her mom disliked it about she didnt understand or support her or something.

No. 285741

File: 1491509538527.jpg (1.08 MB, 1564x1564, IMG_20170406_151018.jpg)

Simplicity literally hired her to make patterns yaya han already made for Mcalls.

No. 285748

Lol yaya's pattern looks worse though

No. 285758

File: 1491511217330.jpg (151.02 KB, 667x1000, pokemontrainer.jpg)

I think its just the picture and packaging tbh. If you look at yayas trainer cosplay her pattern makes the exact same thing as mangos. Would make sense why mango backtracked on her copying drama now that shes pumping out the same products as someone else but for a different brand.

No. 285848

I think the fabric choice is a bit unfortunate, which doesn't really help either. The only criticism of the actual pattern that I can think of is the sleeves looking too long, but that's an easy fix.

No. 286242

The shoop on Nina' s face, my god.

No. 286439

Her new vlog on her second channel is almost headache inducing. The edits she made, especially in the beginning are way too much.

No. 286456

File: 1491605172501.png (757.35 KB, 750x1334, IMG_7269.PNG)

Just gonna leave this here.

No. 286461

Because one is edited differently kek what a stupid snowflake

No. 286478

Holy shit you are not lying. The first 20 seconds has this wannabe Casey N. vibe but all that backwards and forwards is terrible. Ive seen it done with longer clips and maybe with 1 or 2 clips in the intro but 6 or so tiny clips just jumping front to back is enough to make you wanna puke. Why doesn't she develop her own kind of vlogging style instead of just copying what literally every other vlogger does? It makes the video less unique.

Queen of washing out any features on her face tbh. I remember when she first cut her hair in to that short teal pixie, thats when she started identifying as gender fluid. Its amazing what trying to be a KPOP boy can help you discover about yourself.

No. 287064

Mind the fact that I am Korean. People like Beth are the reasons why I am starting to despise the how popular Kpop is since I find the culture to be more interesting.

I swear if Beth moves to Korea, I hope she gets a lot of shit from the people there because she's nothing but a koreaboo who probably doesn't understand that Korea is currently in a bad situation with all the political scandals that has been happening.

No. 290248

File: 1492045844818.png (779.83 KB, 800x599, dhdjgfndf.PNG)

Paid promotion? It's not poop tea, but Insta's a pretty common marketing platform for tea these days.

No. 290264

There's no way this isn't paid promo.
Maybe it slipped her mind to let her followers know.

No. 290312

Def paid promo. She makes sure to mention how much energy she has because of it, just like the tea site itself does. "Someone" suggested it to her, and she mentioned no one but the company in her post.

The sampler pack is $45.

No. 290702

She has never publicly offered suggestions like this on Instagram before. This is definitely a paid promotion that she didnt disclose. As far as I know isnt that against the rules? All youtubers & instagram users have to fully disclose if something is a paid ad.

No. 290746

File: 1492133017683.jpg (45.37 KB, 620x181, hack.JPG)

Looks like Nina's channel also got hit by the #ourmine. She said on her twitter it was her network Studio71 that got hacked and not the channel

No. 291890

File: 1492231192890.jpg (54.8 KB, 900x560, 10431515_783598608355622_28092…)

I'm pretty sure it's both against policy and illegal. Not completely sure about the illegal part, but I was just watching a video on this.

It's just weird to be a former fan of Nina to see her spiral into this weird state of petty and bitchiness tbh

No. 292096

File: 1492271362537.jpg (518.27 KB, 1113x950, 1492126829927.jpg)

I'm not sure why you would be all that surprised about this state. Someone shared this in a thread on chan recently comparing her and yaya's patterns. Its old but it just goes to show that she has literally always been like this.

People tried to defend that because this is old and she was younger what can you really expect, but this thread alone has proved she hasnt changed at all she just hides it a little bit better for 'image' sake.

No. 292261

Wow Nina.

No. 293610


Proof positive that she's alway been a bitch. I should try to dig up some of the cringy shit she did when IMT was a thing.

No. 293619

This exactly.
She needs to change the description. It's obvious this money is going to those things.

No. 294210

File: 1492559835437.png (1.05 MB, 750x1334, IMG_7377.PNG)

The bottom comment makes me lul

No. 294338

She used #ad on this one but not the first post she made about the tea. Clearly this "someone suggested it" was a big lie like everything else she does/says.

Please dig and find that mess if you can. I may dig through her tumblrs and see if i cant find some stuff myself after seeing this gem >>292096

No. 294552

Ad the person who made that 4Chan post all those years ago I can reassure you, she did the same thing in that thread as she did here.

She paid lip service, half apologized while making excuses, and said she'd leave her ego at the door. She'd grow and change for the better.

Unfortunately I approached her at a convention, anonymously as I was wearing a mask, to try to speak with her. Mind you she was mostly alone and just chilling and I wanted to change my opinion of her (egotistical and privileged) and she used the mom voice on me and treated me, with my tits pushed up, like I was one of her teeny bopper fans despite starting off with a very calm "Hey! You're Sirene, right??" And eventually wrote me off in the conversation after I tried to talk with her about Batgirl.

I wish I had caps. Look in the 4Chan archives. They might be there.

No. 294568

Can anyone please find the stuff where she got caught ghosting Colossal by the staff and she threw a fit and said they should be worried because she has 7k followers.

No. 294575

Are you blind or just retarded?

No. 294623

I've talked to her at a con too, and while she was pleasant, she assumed I was a con newbie (jokes on her, we've been going to cons for exactly the same number of years). I chalked it up to my cosplay choice+shy mannerisms = I came off as a rookie, but sounds like she just thinks she's the most oldest, wisest, supreme con mom and cosplayer ever, holy shit.

No. 296016

I was hoping for caps of the thread on 4chan dingus. She got into with the cosplay director there, made that post, and continued to get into it with him when caps got posted.

Then she realized NO ONE was on her side and made the faux apology like the one above.

The whole thing was amazing.

No. 296061

File: 1492808024607.png (294.35 KB, 750x1334, IMG_7408.PNG)

Ask and you shall receive. I'm at work so here's just a taste.

No. 296062

File: 1492808042545.png (164.57 KB, 750x1334, IMG_7409.PNG)

No. 296115

File: 1492814151003.png (418.26 KB, 750x1334, IMG_7414.PNG)

Here's the link to the thread if anyone wants a good laugh: https://archive.rebeccablacktech.com/cgl/thread/5994217

No. 296129

I absolutely love how she popped in to defend herself in that thread just like she did in this one. Its clear shes a massive bitch who is hateful to other people and thinks people are 'lesser' than her almighty con-mom self. But when people aren't on her side when her true colors show:
1. The not buying a badge post
2. the copying mimikyuu bullying
3. 2 years worth of youtube bullying

she pops in to make an- "I'm so sorry i did a bad thing. Thats not who I am at all really, i promise, im a good person." post.

No. 296148

File: 1492816998106.jpg (107.01 KB, 750x500, 9de247d6089caaf84c111968300a36…)

I wonder how much work Simplicity has to put in to fixing up her patterns. From afar her work looks okay but up close its rarely decent and she doesnt even serge her seams lol

No. 296161

File: 1492818346710.png (381.22 KB, 750x1334, IMG_7417.PNG)

It keeps going

No. 296163

File: 1492818383072.png (399.81 KB, 750x1334, IMG_7415.PNG)

No. 296164

File: 1492818543323.png (208.44 KB, 750x1334, IMG_7416.PNG)

This is just so good. And further down the just keeps digging herself in deeper. It's so funny how this all sounds exactly like what she posted here. Nothing changes.

No. 296176

File: 1492820016234.jpg (47.26 KB, 1550x229, 001.JPG)

The neutral and not attacking comment on her convlog (which isnt on her channel anymore i just looked) that caused her to make that long bitch post lol

No. 296202

File: 1492822266960.jpg (75.84 KB, 1547x249, 002.JPG)

Adding some more:

This is the owner(?) of the con I guess who "attacked" her.

No. 296203

File: 1492822316615.jpg (83.05 KB, 1560x360, 003.JPG)

And this is her response.

The comment below I left on because its hilarious that she learned absolutely nothing.

Also, I feel like her apologies in that thread are VERY similar to the half-assed apology she made in this thread.

No. 296297

I agree,the stitch work is a literal mess.

No. 296591

File: 1492870487294.png (23.43 KB, 1572x112, alaprop.PNG)

Digging around on Google is fun. This was on another /cgl thread. Someone was asking if Nina was the biggest fake "positivity" cosplayers and they said no, but then shared this gem.

So besides the whole ghosting cons she and her IMT girls used to do (lots of accusations there), she and her friends encroach on people's hotel rooms too. Oh man, she's a pro at doing cons for "cheap". No wonder she pretty much goes as only a guest nowadays.

No. 296596

File: 1492871258644.png (53.29 KB, 551x532, nothingschanged.PNG)

Also follow-up on this whole situation 2 years later. Sound familiar?

Lol, I need to stop.

No. 296619

Speaking of IMT here's their old YouTube channel. https://m.youtube.com/user/InnerMindTheater

Here's a couple choice cringe videos from when IMT was obsessed with Young Justice.



No. 296751

File: 1492889627418.jpg (1.15 MB, 1564x1564, IMG_20170422_143112.jpg)

Found this in my local walmart. Its 21.95

No. 296948

File: 1492912773902.jpg (66.59 KB, 559x650, 001.JPG)

Another thing to go against her claims of not liking to call people out or start witch hunts. This is older from her tumblr and she clearly leaves a few usernames uncensored for her followers.

No. 297018

File: 1492920474234.jpg (192.86 KB, 564x585, tea.jpg)


Not a paid promotion? Clearly she put #ad on the second instagram post she made about this tea but not the first. And this video was posted after that second post so???

No. 297166

Isn't it against youtube's policy to lie about sponsored content?

No. 297189

Yes it is. Watch her come back and say it was a joke and change her description to reflect that.

No. 297246

It's probably not a paid promotion in name only. The tea was more than likely provided free of charge or discounted, she may be receiving a cut of sales via coupon code, but she was only required to post a "fair and unbiased review". The extra promotion isn't part of the official deal, but still technically covered under promotional guidelines. She's toeing the line. Check out FEDERAL TRADE COMMISSION 16 CFR Part 255.5.

No. 297254

My thing is in regards to the badge stuff. In earlier posts she came out saying she didnt buy one because someone told her they were sold out. But then she changes it to, I didnt know I needed one! So clearly shell say whatever she feels will smooth over the situation.

No. 297288

The thing she didn't know she needed a badge for was literally a private session with the baby tiger for con promo material. During the con. That like a handful of people got to do. No one "told her she needed a badge" because she was at the con, was mildly popular, and friends with the photographer. It was kinda assumed.

Her definition of ghosting is screwed up too. I never ghosted, I just showed up at the con in costume without a badge! Uhhhhhh….that's ghosting yo.

In the original post that caused the blowup she talked about how IMT ghosted because "badges were expensive" and they were poor college kids. Like 50 bucks is too much but NOT the 400 dollar hotel room? What.

No. 297408

I will agree that during the promo stuff it wasnt her fault for knowing because she was partaking in those events offered by the con for promo material. She wasnt just hanging out petting tigers on the cons dime.

However, during the con itself she knew she needed a badge. She just figured because she wasnt going to panels what was the point in buying one? But then she tried to lie by saying they were: sold out, too expensive, didnt know she needed one, etc. and dug herself in to a deeper hole.

I think the biggest issue was, from what i can see on the archive, is that in her video she boasted about not having/needing the badge to do all the fun stuff she did. Basically informing her fanbase that they could go to this con and get to do all the stuff she did without paying for it.

Another post I saw was where she told the owner she would include "buying a badge" in her up and coming guide to conventions video. I skimmed the video and she touches on 11 things, none of them being purchasing a badge. Maybe she slips in in somewhere but its definitely not one of the highlighted items.

No. 297439

This is what I hate about these types of people. If you cannot afford the badge, do not go! Simple as that! Yeah, it sucks, but it's not life or death.

They could have volunteered at the cons or staffed them. The few years I couldn't afford a badge to my local con, I staffed it. You get time to see things, but you pay them back by working. Not hard. Don't ghost cons and then take over rooms other people paid for.

It's funny how she says she was glad this happened because it was a wake up call. Yeah, sure honey.

No. 297534

It was a "wakeup call" just like this thread was. Except she obviously hasnt changed at all.

If you're so cheap you have to ghost a can (despite having ~7000 fans) at least dont be stupid enough to brag about it in your convention vlog.

No. 297822

It WAS on the cons dime. It was even done during the con. Hence why the staff was mad. That was 3 slots for that event that could have gone to people who actually supported the con, rather than self-entitled cosplayers who threw fits over being called out.

It wasn't just Sirene but Courtoon and Solo at least had the good grace to lay low during the whole debacle. Unlike the "people who drink at cons are losers" drama. Ironic considering how they all turned out.

No. 297833

Do you mean to tell me there was a point in history that Mango wasn't everyone's zany uwu ~wine aunt~ uwu?

No. 297866


As someone from the Michigan cosplay scene who knew Nina and her gang when they were starting out? She always acted like she was hot shit. IMT getting attention for their Young Justice cosplays did not help any.

No. 297891

Please tell me theres some caps of the people who drink at cons are losers bit. Because in one of Beth's after dark videos Nina is literally drunk and cussing left and right about a BL and it is absolutely hilarious to think she used to act like such a prude to now be bragging about how much wine she consumes.

No. 297893

File: 1493007349345.jpg (28.9 KB, 841x440, Capture.JPG)

Adding this because i had to look it up and remind myself. Its Beth's KatsuCrack video. Its literally the start of the video and she bitches for the first 45 seconds and says about 50+ f-bombs. Definitely doesnt suit her con-mom mature image.

No. 297923


God I remember it blew up all over facebook but here's hoping someone has caps. Basically some kid made a dumb meme making fun of people who go to parties and drink versus cosplayers. You know that whole outcast teen edgy "you laugh because I'm different, I laugh because you're all the same" crap but with alcohol. And if you drink for fun you're a loser but dressing up is cool. Something like that. But, they used an image of IMT for the cosplayers….I wanna say Kingdom Hearts maybe? Maybe it was a cosplaysecret thing? Was that a thing?

Of course it was like viral wildfire of so many congoers going "uh, the fuck. We drink at cons ALL the time." and basically just call the meme out for BS.

Well because it was their image, IMT went beserk defending it. Basically talking about how they didn't ~need~ alcohol to have fun and people who did were losers who they didn't want to hang out with. Especially at cons.

Fast forward and drunk wine mom can't apparently go a con without getting blitzed. I believe that was my first introduction to them. Good times. I'll see if I can at least find the image.

No. 298044

Thats hilarious i hope you can find it.

Also i just watched her day two chicago trip vlog and noticed something. She had a 2k+ goal on patreon for a body mount stabilizer but she only bought a little handheld that couldnt have cost more than 1k. Whered all that extra money per month go?

No. 298061

File: 1493046085903.jpeg (67.92 KB, 552x552, image.jpeg)

No. 298169

Do we know if the IMT girls made this or if it was just their photo used?

Also, i remember a while back nina and beth having a full blown conversation on their public twitters about their lack of interest in sex with guys. As far as i know beth admits to sleeping with anyone who asked and nina was only with guys before lettelle. But to use their PG cosplay twitters where they act like everyones mentor and cosplay moms to air out all that is something else.

No. 298185

Someone else made it entirely, it wasn't them.

No. 298331

Supposedly it was just some random but considering it was anonymous who really knows.

No. 298385


I doubt some random anon would use a photo of a cosplay group that was barely anything over a photo of a more popular cosplayer. This was either one of them or someone they knew ill bet.

No. 298624

It was an anonymous, but they defended the hell out of it, saying how true it was too life or whatever.

No. 298908


I hate her 'con-mom' thing and her going from not drinking as a teen, to always drinking, to being legally able to drink and then being snotty about under aged drinking thing. But I hate it mostly in the way that I hate all early-mid twenties people who suddenly think they're wise because they've had like, the average experience of a shitty boyf and losing friends or w/e. You're not wise or old, bitch, I had more life experience by the age of goddamned 15.

No. 298949


She literally uses regular life issues to justify bad actions and behavior. Her entire apology post >>265619 is very half-hearted and full of excuses. "I bully because i hate when people copy me because they can be SO MUCH BETTER" like she wants sympathy for being an asshole.

No. 299112

Please stop reporting this thread, Nina.

No. 299639

Guess someone is butthurt we didn't believe her apologizes and discovered more of them.

No. 299713

File: 1493308215572.png (1.24 MB, 1080x1495, 20170427_104647.png)

Havent watched it yet but why would the girl who has previously admitted to not liking her username make this kind of video? How can she seriously think this series is worthwhile when she makes such basic and bottom barrel videos?

No. 299756

Some take aways from this video:
1. Don't COPY someone else cough
2. Like your handle
3. Back in her day all that existed was Coslay.com
4. Kids these days. She's still on being the mom

Also her upper arms. Yikes.

No. 299798

That thumbnail photo is so unflattering. The form of the kick is bad but the angle is just a full on crotch shot basically.

She has such an annoying way of speaking. Its like shes reading off a script and schooling you. Theres no personality to her videos anymore.

No. 300018

File: 1493338403080.jpg (43.16 KB, 757x424, arms.JPG)

I love how she basically says if you use sirene in your name people will relate you to her basically.

Also I love her "Kids these days say the darnedest things and I dont know what they mean sometimes." Wow grandma, very edgy at the rip old age of 24. Im wondering if the reason she keeps zooming in on her head shakes and shoulder shrugs is to try and be funny/personable. Because I cant say in her older videos she ever did this as much as she did in this video.

No. 300084

Does Nina actually know what she's doing at all? Watching her videos and streams and hearing about her costume breakdowns on here… it sounds like she's not all that talented. Like she knows enough to not look like shit, but she's actually not that technically talented at all…

No. 300126

Bingo. She's been dedicated (social media) and somewhat lucky (IMT and being Courtoon's friend) in the e-fame game, and it's paid off. She's about average, technique wise, but she has an attractive body that hides a lot of what's beyond her. Seamstress of 12+ years here, bust shaping is easier with less curves. Notice most of her costumes pre-ed were made of stretch knits, therefore very forgiving. See >>238026 & >>238357 for her current skills on things that aren't tubes.

No. 300135

I think people really liked Courtoon and Nina spent the most time with her during IMT. As well as being the most active on social medias. But she didnt start getting a gathering on youtube until she started spitting out Cosplay 101 which essentially are just things shes googled and regurgitated in to video form. Doing this has made her seem like shes some kind of cosplay guru and there to help everyone with every little thing.

When she used to get questions on tumblr it was all just stuff people were too lazy to google. It made her head big and she built her whole 'brand' around these little tips and tricks (pressing your seams, choose a username you like etc.)

I think my biggest issue with a lot of her videos is they either read like a wikipedia copy&paste that shes reciting from a script or they have actually no real information in them at all. Her 'How to dye fabric' video talks about all the different dyes vs. actually showing these dyes in action on different fabrics or different methods to use them. Her 'How to draft patterns' video shows you a bunch of rulers and tools but doesnt actually show her really drafting anything from scratch. Its all borderline useless.

No. 300299

I'm convinced this girl's face is paralyzed in a "inhaling a fart" expression. She looks so pinched up in every photo I see.

No. 300316

I remember I was so fucking salty when that video came out. I was still a fan and had really looked forward to some information on drafting because it was a weakness for me.

Lo and behold the video is a bunch of fucking tools and ZERO INFORMATION about HOW to use any of it.

No. 300354

Yeah I mean it really is just the basics of basic. Like her armor materials video. She gives no information on how to really go about making armor or good beginning steps to follow. She just shows you foam, plastidip, worbla etc. I guess if you want more info you have to buy one of her pdfs lol

No. 300424

Nina isn't going to be happy that fellow cosplayer JediManda is doing the same Anastasia dress.

No. 300434

Jedimanda is going to look way better. Nina has never mad a dress like that as her Belle was a commission so i wonder if she plans on buying it.

Somepne on tumblr told het she looks just like anastasia or something like that and i laughed. I also wonder which of her cosplays shes doing will eventually be a pattern now.

No. 300468

How long before she accuses her of copying her? Or would she even dare?

No. 300752

File: 1493430814802.jpg (44.03 KB, 527x345, snip.JPG)

Has Beth ever even competed in anything? As far as I remember Nina only did that one contest with Jillian in their Fire Emblem costumes. Truthfully the skit itself was boring but they had brought a video graphic and had some guy do a voice over on it so thats probably what helped them win. But is that enough to actually host a panel on competing?

No. 300766


I think much of her initial following was just that she was friends with enough people who were also good enough at cosplay and hot. Like, tbh group cos shots with uggos who are bad at costuming usually bring down the appeal of a good cosplay in photo. So I think her original fame was really just being in a clique of attractive, somewhat quality cosplayers.

No. 300777

Maybe, but I cant say anyone in IMT other than Courtoon can really be considered all that attractive.

Then she was a part of 'Team Trash' and really the only one who was nice looking in that group was Jillian so..

No. 301950

Letelle and Mango are broken up. No longer do they list each other in their IG profiles

No. 301963

lol, wheres all those moving donations gonna go then?? hope she refunds them

No. 301966

God as a long-time cosplay competitor and a judge I fucking hate it when people with no experience with competitions try to make up some bullshit "advice". It's never good and often sends the competitors on the wrong track since the advice is not based on experience but it's the most obvious and vague kind of shit. Ugh.

>Cue Mango bitching about people doubting their decision to move together after 2 months
You think she'll suddenly get herself a man and completely abandon the idea of being gay while claiming "I never said I was exclusively lesbian"? Or maybe she'll turn asexual.

No. 301967

probably, i mean when i knew her she was all about hot guys and male characters only.

i mean theres nothing wrong with being bi ffs

No. 302035

I don't think that's an opinion

No. 302042

She already considered herself as asexual, according her one of her tumblr profiles.

No. 302045

Their personal tumblrs still list each other as girlfriends. But you're right about the Instagram.

No. 302066

Lettelle has been at a con this past weekend per her instagram but she hasnt tweeted or posted in regards to Ninas grandmother dying on Saturday(?) Like not any word she has just been sharing all con stuff so im curious if they broke up.

In a stream Nina said they postponed moving due to her work obligations but letelle also didny have a job lined up so wonder if that played in to it.

No. 302159

DELICIOUS MILK. Looked over Ninas twitter and it's been at least over a week since she tweeted anything to Letelle. But THEY WERE IN LOVE. I would kill for someone to call her out on how stupid it was to move in together. Even in her recent Chicago vlogs they seemed off.

No. 302216

File: 1493666102540.png (1.63 MB, 1080x1838, 20170501_141412.png)

I wonder if she'll take down the convlog with that long "love of my life" message at the end. Plud thr challenge videos they did together.

It's easy to romanticize something when its only through texts and once a month (if that) interactions.

Also, checked Beths twitter and dear god I wish theyd stop letting her do makeup tutorials. This is poor makeup from what i can see and she looks awful.

No. 302296

I work for a publishing press for magazines and I'm just judging her article so hard with all the errors in the text and how shitty the photo quality is.

No. 302390

How does she keep getting makeup articles? It's like these magazines only care about ones views and not talent.

No. 302399

Shit around that same time she was all "I don't do guy characters cuz I don't make a good guy" now it's all "gays do crossplay I am le gay look how le gay I am with my dead fucking fish lips because I think slathering concealer on them makes me a guy cuz guys are secretly dead right? I r great at this.". I…have issues with that crossplay trend and she's spreading it like its good makeup nngggbh.

If she goes back to dating dudes is she going back to strictly lady cosplay again?

No. 302407

File: 1493683203669.png (742 KB, 1080x1820, 20170501_141427.png)

She was only about dudes until Lettelle then suddenly she was bi or whatever she labelled herself as.

Also sharing this koreaboo gem from beth

No. 302456

File: 1493685277571.jpg (599.38 KB, 720x767, Tier.jpg)

You can now give your con mom $100 or even $1,200 a month! What a great deal!

Even JNigri doesnt have tiers this high lol

No. 302457

Nah she was only about dudes until she got called out for her yaoi "we're girls pretending to be boys making out" photos because fake lesbians. Then she was all but I'm ~queer~ even though I legit never mentioned it before ever.

Just like she was actually totes technically a POC when she got called out for her shit Lance makeup when she literally never mentioned that before either.

Its a running trend I notice.

No. 302715

Her make-up is awful. Concealer lipstick is terrible 99.9% of the time and when she did that Ginko make-up tutorial and drew on eyelashes? Ugh. People are going to copy her and look just as awful.

No. 302723

Well Lettelle and Nina just tweeted each other about a date or something. Makes you wonder why they updated their IG to remove one another. Now that Lettelles followers have gone from like 12k to 20k after dating nina i guess she doesnt need the shoutout anymore lol

No. 302732

It seems kinda sudden too. No tweets to each other for a week (which maybe because of the con and Nina's grandmother), we see the lack of names on their profiles, and lo and behold theyre talking about a date on twitter.

No. 302746

Well we know ninas still in this thread because she keeps reporting it. So maybe us talking about it prompted the tweets.

No. 302759

She's only even reporting it because she thought we'd all stop instead of dredging up her past in which she had a similar attitude towards things.

Also she should know better. This isn't 4Chan where she van report for being solo'd out as her attitude bites her in her wine-mom butt.

This is what she gets for not crediting the tutorials she stole to make hers. (Such as the pokemon trainer pattern)

No. 302779

Do you think she used yayas pattern to draft and create her own? Or a different tutorial? I know she still hasnt publicly given any credit for her prompto patches. As someone said before the only time she offers a link is in the pdfs you have to pay for. Yet she throws a big fit if anyone has something similar to something shes done (mimikyuu for example) and forces/bullies them to give credit.

No. 302979

File: 1493757645902.jpg (28.07 KB, 480x360, ffc5269102f92ba955f2e68f6a3916…)

The concealer lip is sooooo popular among anime crossplayers cuz lips make one feminine or something. Except. Men have color in their lips because they are alive and it's blood that makes them have color. Slathering your lips with concealer makes you look dead not masculine. Unless you're cosplaying a vampire it looks like shit and washes you right the fuck out.

And with her establishing herself as a cosplay guru and making shitty tutorials people are gonna think this shit is good and it's like a rage button for me. Men have less full lips, not dead lips. Thin them with concealer not this shit.

This is not crossplay makeup. This is fucking shit and she charged patrons for this crap. She didn't even google other crossplay tutorials to steal. She did normal make up slightly thickened her brows and slathered concealer on her lips and called it a tutorial.

No. 303196

File: 1493779655627.png (1.43 MB, 1334x750, IMG_7550.PNG)

I'm going to appreciate Lettelle's expressions here. She had some great looks in the background with her hands on her hips. With three jump cuts, Nina seemed to take forever talking to the camera. It looks like Lettelle just wanted to go out and eat.

No. 303199

Samefag here. Just finished watching this and omg, Lettelle looks miserable every time she's on camera. It looks like she's trying to out on a smile and act like she's enjoying all of this, but she's not. I know it's Nina's birthday, but the whole day was photoshoots of the two of them. Like shit, spend some actual quality time together. Nina looked so happy to shove a camera in everyone's faces and Lettelle just wasn't into it.

No. 303419

Well really it makes you wonder. Of course Lettelle is okay with being included in convlogs and challenge videos but did she really sign on to have her constant day to day with nina vlogged?

Like they were in chicago to apartment hunt and they couldnt do anything without nina shoving her dslr in to the situation.

No. 304804

So her genderbent and gijika design panel at ASTL is called "Gotta Go Your Own Way". Talk about being shady, Nina.

No. 304913

File: 1493956244529.jpg (82.67 KB, 542x692, tweets.JPG)

I remember she and beth (maybe the other two from team trash as well) were bitching a long time ago about some girls asking where they got their genderbent Free! wigs. They were making it out like 'do your own research!' 'dont ask us just so you can get all the exact same stuff we did!'

For some reason advance search isnt working so maybe they blocked it somehow?

I did find this old gem though from their ex-friend Jillian who seemed to be on the attack as well in defense of poor Nina who is always being copied. Wonder if it was related to anything shared in this thread before or not. Either way I love how she says her and her friends are kind to not use their #s and drag this other person but also mentioned that she hasnt contacted said person because EVERYONE NEEDS TO KNOW. Yet if you dont message them how can they know theres a problem? Not everyone knows how to read vague bitch tweeting.

No. 305119

I think she stole from free available materials for almost all her simplicity patterns. Nearly every single thing she 'has a process for' has a free DevArt/Tumblr tutorial. That she never credits despite being all about receiving credit.

She doesn't mind hurting other creators or stealing from the kindness of those doing what she does (but for free) but again, she has an army of people who will tell her she did X instead of Y so it's totes different enough.

Did she even credit Kamui for the breastplate tutorial???

No. 305140


Those are some man hands. Mands. Mandosirene?

No. 305164

I dont think she credited kamui despite making the most generic and beginner style breast plate using kamuis method to the T. She never gives credit unless shes paid for it like her cosplaysky plugs.

I find it hilarious she was plugging them for her schoolgirl uniform that she says she didnt want to make when she literally made a pattern off it. Like make your own and pimp your pattern at least jesus.

Also shes working on ashe from ff and a corset now. Ill bet her next pattern is a corset or something and she again wont credit any tutorials she used for it. Because of course she knows all.

I just think a corset on her skeleton frame is going to look disgusting. Also, she tried to garner pity about not knowing why she was loosing weight and would be seeing drs in that livestream or whatever but she hasnt mentioned anything since. Wonder if she was lying.

No. 305170

What worries me is the fact she posted about how she hated her old body and how much weight she lost during the new year. I think the whole doctor talk was lip service.

No. 305308

She used to post all the time pictures of her food and exercise posts. She was an exercise fanatic and even had a panel about it. But now she doesnt mention either. Isnt it counter productive to have someone that clearly has some kind of ED holding a panel about fitness? Its either that or she just skips eating because shes 'so busy'.

No. 305405

I've followed Mango for a few years and I haven't really followed this thread too much I just know the basics of her drama.
I haven't watched her videos for a few months but damn, she looks so skinny now. I know she was working out and to me it looked healthy but she's a legit ana-chan now.

Sorry if this has been posted before I've only skimmed through the thread.

No. 305451

God nothing annoys me more than her hair. If you are so lazy and csnt be bothered to fix your dry frizz of a mess dont cut it in to something that requires work. She wears all these beanies and it just looks ridiculous.

No. 305549

>>No. 302216

>Also, checked Beths twitter and dear god I wish theyd stop letting her do makeup tutorials. This is poor makeup from what i can see and she looks awful.

I mean she'd actually have to /make/ make-up tutorials for that. Her channel is straight up just challenges and chit chats and shit instead of actual content on her alleged skillset.

No. 305586

File: 1494034402234.jpg (40.12 KB, 386x526, ok.JPG)

Beth literally picked her channel up saying she was going to do like monthly tutorials themed around specific characters like RWBY and others and that NEVER ended up happening. She also has major inconsistencies with her thumbnails because pretty much it looks like she had Nina make the earlier convlog ones and then she was in charge of the rest.

Nina tried to pimp her in her latest cosplay makeup video as the guru and go-to for all makeup questions but yet her skill is like picture related lol. She looks awful.

No. 305592

looks like a poorly shoop'd penus here.

No. 306984

Another thing that irritates me about Beth that hasn't been mentioned: how she reads the back of a book or the synopsis of an anime taken from myanimelist to tell you what it's about. That just tells me that you have no idea what it's about and just threw it into your late monthly favourites as a filler.

No. 307027

File: 1494212143129.png (664.14 KB, 600x562, mangonighteyes.png)

She often looks like an old woman, unless she heavily overexposes her photos. I'm not sure why so many people think her Ferid is exceptional, or any cosplay she does for that matter.

In this more recent example, I can't unsee her as Skyler from Breaking Bad.

No. 307052

File: 1494214477381.png (1.67 MB, 1080x1564, 20170507_222931.png)

If i remember correctly she finished that cosplay the night before in the hotel room. She used to go on huge twitter rants about her love for soowon (??) But could only manage to half ass the cosplay. Beth buys literally everything and what she does make is usually low in looks and skill. Definitely not someone people should consider the best towards any character lol.

Also, nina def checks this thread. No food posts in about 8 months then >>305308 mentions it and suddenly a food picture goes up.

No. 307060

Didn't she start that costume at the con or am I mistaking that for another costume? I know at one point (I think at Colossal last year or the year before) that happened.

No. 307073

File: 1494215849420.jpg (41.65 KB, 782x391, hotglue.JPG)

I dont know if she started it at the con or finished it, but i went back to look at the vlog and shes hot gluing something together for another cosplay with the soowon sitting next to her.

No. 307253

Ironic out of all her myriad of food intolerances….shellfish isn't on that list. It's one of the most common.

No. 307302

I'm about 99% sure she has her body in ketosis, and any "food intolerances" she has are her body reacting to high doses of carbs (which is why she has issues with wheat and fruit).

No. 307355

I agree. The most likely thing is that due to her lack of eating / lack of proper balance she developed intolerances. Im sure her doctors have tried to help but its more special to be a struggling snowflake who has to push through so much adversity.

No. 308367

Ran into her at Katsucon this year. She was just so cold. I was never a fan but now I'm definitely not interested.

No. 308376

I also don't like that she's getting the credit for designing the Fire Type group from Katsucon. Especially since Lettelle stole her design.


She modified it a bit but you can see a lot of similarities in the details.

No. 308384

If she did design them all, she did a shit job because none of them are cohesive at all.

No. 308390

Hands down the best in that group are @scarlet_cosplay, @missyeru, and @remdragon8

No. 308402

Yeah, they rushed hardcore to shit out all of those Yona costumes. They claim to be friends, but she was hellbent on competing with Dejavudea's group that they did on the same day.

No. 308475

File: 1494364175879.png (1.4 MB, 1071x1670, 20170509_160727.png)

She completely stole this design just did a way shittier version. Even the scar on the face is a rip off. She offers absolutely no form of credit for taking from this artist.

I always thought it was really weird that they had their own group for yona at the exact time dejavudea had hers. If theyre such buddies youd think theyd team up. But nina is petty so who knows the motivation.

No. 308497


from what I heard deanna tried to team up with her but nina said no and tried to outdo them. she even went out of her way to avoid them the whole con

No. 308502

Oh man thats great. I always thought it was weird they didnt appear in each other vlogs really. Where did you hear this?

Its not surprising though. Jillian went to the same con as Nina and Beth and they avoided each other as well.

No. 308878

a friend of deanna's told me after last colossalcon. apparently they were even supposed to be rooming together but she never showed and stayed with someone else instead.

No. 308913

The first of the rewards in that $100 tier isn't even a thing unless you're in an area where she's going to a con.
If someone was paying me $100 out of their pocket a month for me to play arts and crafts for a living I would sure as hell be giving them better rewards that would be worth it outside of paying to be around you and your friends. It just seems weird, like you're buying your way to a type of "friendship" club.

No. 308918

I definitely noticed it to. I have followed her for awhile and used to think of her as kind of a fitness inspa. She had muscles and looked pretty great in general.
I know she's always been into weird diets and drinks, but I'm wondering if there is something legit wrong with her health judging by her current appearance. She looks like she would break in half if she was hugged too hard. Like this is in no way a good look and if this is something she isn't controlling she needs to see a doc.

No. 308999

Yeah. In her most recent video I was legitimately creeped out by how thin she has gotten. She has to have some sort of ED at this point because she is deathly thin.

No. 309068

I seriously think shes psychologically deprived herself of foods she deemed not healthy and now they make her sick because her body doesnt have the ability to break them down properly anymore. Like to say she cant do breads, dairy, fats, literally everything other than seafood and coffee make her sick, so she says, so it has to be some kind of ED even if she doesnt recognize it as one.

They made that stupid drunk Q&A together and it was so awkward. I feel like their personalities are extremely conflicting. I mean in one of ninas videos with lettelle they went to one of deannas dance show things then stupidly dabbed behind them. Like if i had a dance group that worked to learn a routine to perform it for others id be pissed if someone lessened our show by showing up out of nowhere and dancing obnoxiously in the background. But nina has to be the center of attention.

One thing i noticed. Even when shes a guest hardlu any people take pics with her and tag her on instagram. Her last con there were only like 4 or 5 that showed up. If shes great enough to be a guest youd think there would be a better response to her presence there. I wonder what attendance to her panels is like.

No. 309529

Rumor has it she's quitting cosplay and breaking up with Lettelle. Supposedly this thread sent her over the edge so she's dropping everything and getting a dog.

No. 309584

Lol hi nina.
Do you plan to deliever on anything you said in your apology posts? Giving proper credit for the tutorials and designs you use and profit from to their actual artists?

Also, do you have any intentions to publicly apologize to the people youve attacked and used or will it just continue to be ignored like youve done thus far?

No. 309598

That's a great way to blame personal failings on others, if this is even true.

Try again.

No. 309606

Its trolling. Her twitter shows shes getting ready for ASTL. I also doubt shed give up cosplaying considering shes basically built her entire life on it and her image. This is nina or one of her sad friends attempting to be funny. Really its only funny because theyre still lurking in this thread but dont have it in them to come forward properly.

No. 309796

They probably think this is like 4chan so baseless rumors will get believed and they can keep us off of her undelivered promises and possible ED.

It's also obvious she thought allot of stuff from her past and her stealing designs would not be brought up.

Anyone know if they're still reporting the thread???

No. 309855

No clue if shes still reporting but im pretty sure its Nina >>309529

I used to follow her twitter back when she was trash from team trash and all she literally ever talked about was getting/having/loving dogs. So for that little detail to be included and the undertones of sarcasm i'm about 95% sure its her trying to be coy.

No. 310533

File: 1494555055344.png (420.98 KB, 1080x1437, 20170511_210835.png)

Beth locked her cosplay handle twitter lol. So now she has a locked 'personal' account and a locked cosplay account.

No. 310672

File: 1494564864090.png (451.63 KB, 449x598, myfavouritefilter.png)

Dang that was some weekly entertainment. I guess there's still her insta for now.

>that apt watermark

No. 310741

Sigh. Well, I guess she just won't learn.

Anyone want to take bets on her disappearing to Patreon only??

No. 310799

File: 1494571387313.jpg (43.11 KB, 1244x476, Screen Shot 2017-05-11 at 11.4…)

All the old tweets are gone..?

No. 310911

File: 1494587031419.png (655.84 KB, 750x1334, IMG_5828.PNG)


I can still see her tweets. Glad I kept following her so I could stay when she locked it.

No. 310912

Samefag never mind. She deleted everything and restarted lol

No. 310944

Tbh, I think her and Mango are taking this thread hard. I know they're going to ASTL but Mango has been slow on social media since the thread picked up traction.

We already know they've been lurking and that either them or their friends occasionally try to make the thread off topic.

Then again, both act like they don't care so much. Accusations of stealing designs (but can and had been proven) can hurt Mango's 'career', but she shouldn't have done it.

She needs to own up to it.

No. 310977

Beth deleting her twitter and starting over is her trying to erase how shitty she was/is versus owning up to it an apologizing. Nina pretended to take her shit being brought to light to heart earlier in this thread but she never publicly took responsibility outside of this thread.

There have been no apologies from either of these girls for the bullying or design theft and it seems like theyre just going to pretend none of it happened.

The thing is, with the screenshots in this thread alone theres plenty of proof of their true personalities behind those fake images theyve created for themselves. These girls are both egotistical with inflated heads who are ugly and attack others while trying to play innocent victims. Nina has clearly stolen several designs by others and used tutorials with no credit for personal profits. And despite saying she would make credit known she has continued on her same path.

No. 311170

File: 1494612403664.png (482.59 KB, 750x1334, IMG_5832.PNG)

Looks like Beth locked her account, deleted fucking everything, and then unlocked it again. Definitely trying to hide all of her shit behavior from the past year. Too bad screen caps are out there.

No. 311587

No. 309068

The awk part of the dejavudea vid was mango saying she had four jobs (again) and dea looking kind of awkward. Like lol only a privileged white girl would think supporting herself as a cosmodel/patreon user is the same as having four jobs.

Like I'm sure it's HARD, it's just not the same as having multiple jobs. Having multiple jobs is the stress of scheduling, losing a ton of time to back and forth, and working a ton but not having the bennies of a full time job anywhere.

No. 311599

especially I think dea has like 9-5 job too

No. 311629

From what I remember Dea works in like a lawyers office or something. So she has a very legit 9-5/8-5.

Nina always complains about all her 'jobs' and how she looses sleep or has very little time. Literally her LinkedIn profile lists:
- Youtuber
- Pattern Designer for Simplicity
- Twitch Partner

Thats the only current stuff she has listed. So to break it down. She films and posts videos to youtube once every 1-2 weeks. She streams on Twitch 2 times a week and she puts out 1 pattern a year (so far) with simplicity. Though she says shes done articles with Simplicity as well those cant take more than a couple hours to write.

Now Patreon is a little more full (a schedule which she has full control over) with 4 private livestreams for the month, 2 bonus videos (a panel & con after dark so those are recorded while at a con and not additional filming work), and cosplay EDU. ← thats just where she gives people assignments and they get points for doing it to use on prints. Other than that she just mails the physical rewards.

So I can see her being busy but not warranting nearly enough complaining about it as she used to do. Simplicity is the only 'job' that isnt on a schedule SHE made for herself. Doing actual work, like at a lawyers office, is not nearly the same as filming videos and sewing all day.


Also, isnt it a little weird Nina and Beth have been at ASTL this weekend, but so far neither have posted a single picture or been tagged in one? You would think a guest and her +1 would at least be tagged in a fans photo lol. Literally beth only guests and gets to write articles because shes Nina's +1

No. 311639

I think some drama went down, and that's why Beth privated her twitter and deleted all of her tweets.

We just need to find out what.

No. 311731

File: 1494648495400.jpg (258.47 KB, 500x667, Untitled1.jpg)

Nina literally works at/for ASTL so shes grandfathered in as a guest basically. But I looked and finally found a picture they were tagged in. Either her fans who ask for pics just never upload them or shes not really as big a deal in person as everyone makes her out to be online.

No. 311733

I can't tell if there are any updates on Lettelle's insta. Nothing's loading there. Just a blank screen.

Anyone else having that issue??

No. 311754

Seems like letelle deleted her insta cause I went on ninas to go through her pics where she has her tagged and nothing comes up
Hmmmm super fishy

No. 311759

Its not deleted. She said on her twitter it was some kind of Instagram glitch that other people are having as well and that she was working to get it back up. It'd be funny if it, along with all the followers she gain from being Ninas gf were lost.

No. 311934

I mean she got hyper unlucky then, since I've yet to see anyone else with it but….

It would be hilarious. Especially with all the falls modesty Nina and Lettelle have when thanking their new follower count.

No. 311940

I didn't see it mentioned on her twitter and it was working until just recently? It could be a glitch but. With nighteyes just bawleting her past it does seem odd. But that tiny Mersquad meeting on Mango's end. Daaamn. How does she keep getting these gigs??

No. 311996

File: 1494690190959.png (206.88 KB, 1080x1251, 20170513_104028.png)

Here you go. But i havent seen any mention about anyone else loosing their instagram so who knows.

Do we know how many people showed up to the meet? And she has the ASTL gig because shes on retainer by the con. Im sure it has to do with her arda connections and their invovlement with the con as well. But she did promo pictures and helped film a video promo or something in the past for them.

No. 313790

File: 1494903101208.jpg (39.99 KB, 309x281, snip.JPG)

Do we think its a coincidence she posted about how full her panels on Sunday were right after these posts were made? We know she keeps tabs on this thread. First the food picture right after its mentioned here and now shes bragging about how full her panel was right after her tiny meet-up is questioned lol.

No. 313960

I feel bad for the poor souls that went to her panels. If they're remotely as "informative" as her videos I'm sure it was 30-60 minutes of trash explanations.

No. 314016

I mean if they were only filled to a bragging point on Sunday/closing day I feel bad for her js.

No. 314045

Just by looking at the ASTL tag you can see that even simple fandom panels like a Mystuc Messenger one and Haikyuu one were pretty full. It looks like a fairly small con anyway. I wish someone here was a patreon so we could actual see if her panels are quality or not. But i do find it weird she suddenly mentioned how full the panel was right after the comments of this thread.

No. 314330

File: 1494981334212.jpg (39.86 KB, 570x393, sponsor.JPG)

Taken from the ASTL website. Shes a sponsored guest by Arda wigs. So not even someone that con goers requested. The only other 2 cosplay guests are Malinda (arda employee), Malinda's husband and just 1 cosplayer who isnt somehow involved with Arda.

No. 314635

File: 1495030386221.jpg (596.53 KB, 1582x2048, IMG_5864.JPG)

Well looks like that one anon was right. Nina is quitting "professional" cosplay and shutting down her patreon to persue other career goals.

Good thing she got thousands of dollars to put towards items SPECIFICALLY for her patreon only to never purchase them!

No. 314644

I wonder what shes quitting cosplay to do instead?

Not only did she get thousands for specific video goals she never fulfilled AND equipment she never bought (3k goal for a stabilizer anf per her chicago vlog the one she bought is like 600-800) but also thousands towards a moving fund for her and her girlfriend when it doesnt even look like theyre moving anymore.

No. 314650

We're forgetting that goals stack on top of each other. Her stabilizer goal was only $800-$1k more than the previous goal iirc, it wouldn't make sense for her to have spent $3k on one anyways. TBH I'm surprised none of us thought of that before

She also did buy everything else that was ever a Patreon goal, clearly her lighting improved and she used new software, she was serging in the most recent streams I saw… like I know we're thirsty for milk but this is something that happens all the time, you know? I've seen tons of cosplayers and streamers go off to get "real jobs" and it's something people have to consider when deciding to support them financially. There's always the chance they will choose a more stable career path at some point and for Mango it makes sense. She isn't sexy and no one wants to pay to see her skeletal ass in boudoir, there's only so long she'd have until her Patreon went defunct. To me it sounds like she realized cosplay Patreons are going in a different direction and she's getting out now before that platform collapses under softcore sellers like Byndo and StellaChuu. Probably the smartest thing she's ever done if you ask me, tutorials about sewing will never get the same consistent success as selling polaroids of yourself in VKS lmao

No. 314654

Samefag playing devils advocate, sorry

But same thing with the moving fund, if people wanted to willingly donate their money that was their choice and they had to think about plans changing. We also don't know what they're up to, clearly they're still together as per ASTL photos, they've likely just decided to go private with that stuff after this thread went after them

Idk I haven't paid attention to this thread in a month because it's been so boring, compared to all the other cosplay drama happening these days. Looking at the most recent posts it seems like there are 2-3 people in here with specific vendettas against this girl and they're starting to go around in circles bc they have nothing better to do, most of us on this site can recognize when there's no more interesting milk and don't waste our time literally sitting here guessing about why someone posted a photo of food during a once a year special occasion lol

No. 314703

Hi Nina/ Nina's friends
Either way, the fact she bought all the stuff is pretty irreverent, if she's quitting "professional cosplaying" she's the only one benefiting from the stuff. (Really she was the one benefiting from the stuff in the first place, but if people realized that, crowdfund wouldn't work.) The thread did what it's supposed to, get the snowflake to make a change But, only time will tell if she'll really change for the better. I do hope all of her sponsorships will go to more deserving people.

No. 314727

I get where you are coming from but this board exists to shit on and call people out. I don't know why you're looking for insight beyond that.

Regardless of if that money was donated, it is still shitty behavior. If I donated to some sort of cause, I expect it to be used FOR that reason. If I decided to donate to a cosplay thot for a reason I felt worthy of my money, but they wound up just pocketing it, it would tick me off. I get that it's a donation but I would just give a cosplay thot money for free - I would expect it to go towards what it was intended for.

Sage for OT

No. 314728

I'm neither, lol. Just popping back in from other threads I've cared more about lately because this one turned into vendetta central. I don't like my attention going towards obvious revenge schemes, we may be here to "enlighten" cows but idk I'm not into their enemies using us as a personal army ALL the time you know? That's what this thread has felt like lately especially after she did make changes. Just bc someone in this thread clearly wants a public apology from her doesn't mean Hatter or the other girls wanted that, Hatter was laying pretty low until recently too so if you ask me it looks like they did work things out, Hatters even been hanging out in her streams so who knows. Either way the milk has been out for a while and the few people in here have been beating a dead cow bc their vendettas haven't been satisfied

Also I'm going to be devils advocate again, other people did benefit from the equipment that went towards her videos and streams regardless if we hated her, so the people who donated seem happy with the results they got over the years. They're dumb kids for donating to a cosplayer in the first place IMHO but at least they got more than shitty polaroids?

I'm glad she's moving on, but damn there's part of me that wishes she tried to go the sexy Patreon route lmao. Then we would've had some truly lolworthy content of her trying to look sexy with her sternum bones poking out of a shitty VS bra

No. 314826

Predictions: the money from her patreon went to funding this life goal.
She lays low for a few months for this thread to die so all her stealing regarding pattern and vector and designs and her bullying goes into the ether for a while again and she comes back talking about how bullying made her quit.

No. 314845

ehhh I don't know about this. if she hasn't cried victim before now (like most lolcows do) what would be the point of obliterating all her sources of income, dropping partnerships and disappearing, only to try to return to cry victim after the community has moved on?

sage because that makes no sense at all, sorry. i know we want the milk to continue but this really does just sound like she grew the fuck up and doesn't want to make a living playing dress up anymore. if only all cosplay thots could do the same… but then again that would leave us with an empty barn of cows

No. 314885

She 100% is going to make a video about how ~*~*~the community~*~*~ made her stop enjoying cosplay as a career.

No. 314898

>No. 314885

Her twitch right now is really just her vaguely alluding to some opportunity and bemoaning how busy she was with her prof cosplay stuff that she only saw her fam for 'an hour a day.' Lol bitch do you know how grateful many people (esec in ur age range) would be to have a whole hour every day with their family?

No. 314910

I thought she didn't like her family?

No. 314913

>I don't know about this. if she hasn't cried victim before now

She has though?? She thanked her fans for supporting her special lesbian relationship while saying her being out was why she lost followers. She also blamed the Voltron fandom. She cried victim over her designs being 'copied' and made it public enough her fans hunted it down?? All covered in the thread.

The only warning she has toward her fans about her career path changing is on FB and Twitter, not Tumblr, Insta, Patreon. So that's kind of a new low for her.

>i know we want the milk to continue but this really does just sound like she grew the fuck up

So she quits cosplay without apologizing for stealing vectors and designs and that's her growing up??

Assuming this is true and not bait it sounds like she can't handle the stress rn like an adult would, especially since she made multiple posts about carrying on and how she was going forward with cosplay as a career despite her personal situations.

She probably realized the real world is more expensive than the 3k she was making a month when you factor in bills, cosplay costs, and the fact that you can barely take a week off in this sort of career path. (see any youtuber video where they fret over taking a vacation)

No. 314914

All of her complaints are just that she doesn't want to do it every day. I get it, I get it, doing what you love sucks the fun out of it. But any job is going to be worked on when you don't feel like it. In fact, most people don't get any fulfillment of their work at all.

She's clearly come from a wealthy background, the only job before this I recall her having was as a bridal consultant. She's never had a shit job like most people her age had to understand that, frankly, work kinda sucks.

No. 314917

Lol her saying she's not sure about moving to Chicago in her stream-then maybe refund the tons of people who donated for her to move? Then maybe apologize for saying it was so dire you moved from your family (who you now want more time with) for being homophobic, and Emily's family for being shitty? Because if it's not important that you move now that you took thousands to do so and made a trip just for it, that was clearly a fucking lie

No. 314918

>>No. 314913
>>No. 314845

>So she quits cosplay without apologizing for stealing vectors and designs and that's her growing up??

Also without ever making good on a lot of promises to people who literally paid her. Like…I'm not saying she's eternally indebted to some neckbeard. But she does kind of owe it to people to actually refund donations for the move that never came to fruition.

No. 314920

Omg she's saying she resents all the times she missed hanging out with friends cause she had to post on social media. Ummmm, do you know how many important events most people miss for work? Lol imagine working at Walmart/a restaurant/any 25 year old's standard job without any consistent schedule and never being able to plan hangouts around that or having to take a day off literally just to go to a barbecue.

No. 314923

That's a privileged life. Like, she's been super lucky and the fact that she is being so vapid to the idea that a real job will keep her from hanging out is just showing how childish she is.

Plan your schedule, film ahead of time, keep your business flowing on a queue like most content creators do. Jfc.

No. 314932


Wait, how does her grandmother dying lead to her getting a new career opportunity? These two things seem unconnected and it's just odd to lead with one reason to quit before switching to another.

No. 314945

>>No. 314932

The Grandma thing is really odd to me. Not because it's not legit sad, but because it's a really…normal aspect of life? Most people, just by a numbers game, have already lost their grandparents by her age or are going to soon. It's just…I can't see it really being a signal to change your life because it's such an average thing to stake a life crisis on.

No. 314948

"OH if I wanna be a youtuber I have to open boxes of stuff…awesome." She said this sarcastically. Like, jesus christ, sorry you're not fulfilled by getting free shit and opening it on camera.

You know what's actually unfulfilling? Being on your feet all day getting screamed at for shit that's not your fault.

No. 314953


She's also going to pursue her photography…like as if she wasn't a shit photag with no experience who was charging scene prices for her services because of her cosfame.

No. 314956


She keeps saying that she can't tell us abut the jo cause she was asked not to but it's about 'helping people.' Lol complete doubt.

No. 314957

Holy shit she's actually talking about memories of Courtney and Megan holy shit she's acted like they don't exit for /years/

No. 314959

She literally just updated her Patreon with the reward tiers from >>302456 where if you pay her enough you can pick her next cosplay.

As for the rewards stacking on to one another, if i remember right the tier goal was for a body mount stabilizer that was over $2,000. It was literally IN the description of the tier. Then when this thread called her out on not spending the money where its meant to be, she altered the descriptions and bought a handheld less than $1,000 stabilizer instead.

> Just bc someone in this thread clearly wants a public apology from her doesn't mean Hatter or the other girls wanted that, Hatter was laying pretty low until recently too so if you ask me it looks like they did work things out, Hatters even been hanging out in her streams so who knows.

This irks me. Just because the girls she harassed didnt stoop to her level and publicly say anything about the drama or mango's fans coming after her doesnt mean they dont deserve an apology from her for the stain she put on their names. The people shes talked to about them will always see their usernames as the Mango copycats and if she was really sorry she'd rectify that. No one should have to 'lay low' because someone with more numbers to their name has a baseless vendetta.

No. 314981

Twitch stream update - Her second channel wont continue either as she doesn't want it to be all about her and her life. If she bakes she wants it to be about what shes baking not her. She says she never wanted to be 'center stage' in any way.

No. 314983

Learn how to quote.

No. 314986

Her damn "food intolerances" are just chronic acid reflex per her doctors upsetting her stomach, not the actual 600 foods she said she was intolerant of.

No. 315005

LMAO this sounds like one person sat here and watched her stream to nitpick everything she said. i just finished watching it too and agree with the other anon, it really does sound like she's just moving on and doesn't want to be a shitty cosplay thot anymore. she probably brought up old friends because she IS closing a part of her life that involved them and someone asked about cosplay memories. it was likely more for their sake than hers.

i also can't blame her for being vague about her plans, what she's doing has nothing to do with cosplay apparently so why deal with continued attention for it if she's not participating in social media anymore.

we've gotten what we wanted, the cow realized she was shit at cosplay and had no right making tutorials or charging people for it. if her dumb fans wanted their money back they could ask for it but being in that chat made it seem like they don't care. so at this point neither do I, it's not like she has any of MY money lmao. And that there are people in this thread considering paying this bitch money to see her panels just so they have more drama fodder is funnier than the actual milk at this point

saging again, i'll see you if we start a new thread about beth since her milk will at least be relevant now that one cow is gone

No. 315008

Not saging because it's funny how you stopped replying around the time Lettelle entered her stream and now are back after it's over and ignore all the people who pointed out how invalid your previous claims were.

I give her 3 months max before she comes back 'professionally'.

No. 315013


>I am totes a separate anon from that other anon despite no one using the term "cosplay thot" until today. Also trying super hard to use the board lingo so I'm def totes one of you. Def not one of Sirene's buddies. At all.

Sure, kiddo. Sorry people think entitled rich white girl is entitled and pocketing others cash? And her excuses are piss poor and flimsy.

I do enjoy how she's leaving up her pages for another two weeks to rake in more sweet donations though. Gotta milk it.

No. 315019

not a friend of hers, and no, like i said, i was watching the stream too? which is why i posted after it ended? i didn't feel a need to sit here and liveblog it idk. sorry that my opinion is different than yours, I'm used to being in threads that are much more interesting than this one turned out to be I.e. Ones that deal with actual "cosplay thots" hence my preferred lingo

she's leaving Patreon up to finish this months rewards. if she quit it early and took all their money without finishing rewards, imho that'd be a lot worse? and when she mentioned closing her store early the chat requested she keep it open for a few weeks so all her little fans can get their last round of prints. again, their shitty money choices, and they'll at least be getting a product in return. if she was leaving prints up indefinitely that'd be hilarious but it's a "last call" that most cosplayers do when closing a print store.

overall i still think it's a win? I'm just glad i won't have to see this bitch in my YouTube recommendations day in and day out. like other anon said maybe her sponsorships will go to cosplayers who deserve them more. like Hatter or Jinx, that'd be fucking poetic lmao. and like i said i'd be more interested in a thread about beth. I think beth was the source of the milk all along. maybe that's why Mango is getting out and distancing herself.

again saging because this is all speculation

No. 315020

I think Beth probably erased all her twitter posts because she knew 98% of mango's drama could be pointed back to her and her influence. She left her tumblrs up though so its very possible theres still remnants of how utterly awful she is to other people and fans.

Mango leaving right as she gets work with simplicity and stuff though is a bit out of left field so this offer of hers for this new career path must have been a pretty amazing thing to make her suddenly 180 on a career shes spent several years building.

She mentioned in her stream multiple times about opening boxes of stuff, and i watched the video on her 2nd channel and it is extremely cringey. But that feels like a poor excuse like no one made her do that? she could make tutorials with more substance, she could make travel vlogs and further the depth of what she offers but shes spent years rinsing and repeating the same few things over and over so no wonder she got burnt out.

No. 315033

exactly. i think beth has much more awful drama lurking about, and now that Mango is out of the picture i'd rather see us figure THAT out than continue speculating and nitpicking over someone who's moving on with their life.

i do agree, it sounds like one of the projects she was working on probably developed into a better opportunity with that company, and the promise of a consistent salary was probably enough to make the jump. hell if i was in her position i know i would've taken it. consistent salary vs. relying on literal children to make donations to me? i would've jumped ship a long time ago.

with the simplicity stuff it was probably a lot more glamorous in concept than it really is, like in terms of money. one pattern a year probably isn't enough to make a living income, it wasn't like she was churning them out on a monthly basis. so again, waiting to get the occasional simplicity pattern vs. a salaried job? i'd take the job even if i wasn't burnt out of cosplay.

and the thing with her trying to mix up her content, her fans are the shittiest bottom feeders. They want the same things over and over again. from what it sounded like. she likely felt like she couldn't branch out without her audience disapproving which could affect her income so changing careers was the better option.

i'm sorry to be arguing with the general consensus. I suppose I'm jut hopeful? i've always side eyed the dumb bitches who try to make a living off cosplay because it's got MAYBE five years left before it collapses in on itself. So to see one of them realize it's time to grow up and get a real career is kind of cool to see, all past shitty behavior aside. it's at least something new lol

No. 315038


>She mentioned in her stream multiple times about opening boxes of stuff, and i watched the video on her 2nd channel and it is extremely cringey. But that feels like a poor excuse like no one made her do that? she could make tutorials with more substance, she could make travel vlogs and further the depth of what she offers but shes spent years rinsing and repeating the same few things over and over so no wonder she got burnt out.

She also mentioned how she missed fucking around with her friends in the hotel room. It's like lol girl that was what people watched you for. You literally could stop trying to be ~*artsy*~ with weird cinematic vlogs, stop trying to do challenges and recipes and whatever and just go back to the thing everyone actually followed you for. No one made you make like a million cosplays a year or anything (even yaya and j nigs only do a few a year anyways).

No. 315040


was on mobile. im old and can't work new fangled shit, sue me.

No. 315043

But that wasn't what she wanted to do anymore? It sounds like this "career" wasn't making her happy anymore because she "burnt out" of it, and the combination of a close family member dying plus working on projects she hated was enough to make her reevaluate. So she's leaving. It happens. Huzzah. Not much else to say, cosplayers move on to other jobs all the time, even the ones doing it for a living.

We could sit here and speculate but if she's not sharing anything online this thread will be defunct in a matter of days. Ding dong, the cow is dead. Line up the next one for slaughter. My vote is Beth or another friend of hers, like Dejavudea or some of the other cosplay YouTubers, there's more milk where this one came from.

No. 315048

My vote would go for Beth, but just now looking at her cosplay tumblr shes erased all the posts off of it. She definitely is running from this thread or a future thread. From memory alone she would verbally attack about 40-50% of her ask questions until she stopped asking them all together. And when anyone asked her about nina's copying drama she said some pretty ugly things. I should have grabbed screencaps, but the tweet caps posted in here are a good indication of how she was.

No. 315053


Dejavudea is sincerely sweet tho. It'd have to be Beth. Honestly even the big 'uns like Nigiri and Turney don't do a lot of dramatic shit now. And Mango tier people like Zonbi and AlchemicFox don't have the drama of hemorrhaging friends like Mango does.

No. 315055


Ik the joke of you just being a white knight/her friend is old but dude, this site is based around bashing people. You're not actually going to get people to stop doing so.

No. 315056

i've heard some shit about Deja in the Idol and Lolita communities, but you're right, Beth deserves her own thread now. Probably Byndo too, she looks like a train wreck waiting to happen. Maybe we can take down another Patreon girl lol

No. 315062

Sorry if it's coming off that way? I'm just bored, compared to how other cows leave their scene. I was hoping something exciting would happen but her leaving cosplay was kind of expected eventually, at least to me, I don't think any of these girls other than Jess and Yaya and maybe Kamui will keep it up for their whole lives. Even if she had a Patreon or took donations or whatever, leaving a job isn't that exciting. I guess keep rehashing her old drama and complaining about how stupid her fans are for giving her money if it's fun. Only was sharing my opinion on it.

Sage for useless commentary. I'm with the other anons. I'm more interested in a thread about Byndo personally but keeping an eye on Beth might pay off too, I'm sure she's bound to go off the deep end without Mango reigning her in or shielding the worst parts of her personality.

No. 315067

Sirene will be back the second she thinks this thread has died, let's be honest. There's so much evidence that she's been lurking and her friends or her have been in here that it's ridiculous.

She also still has all ways to get money still up (donations, patreon, amazon wishlist) so yeah. Still pretty shitty. She's also not quitting cosplay. Just not embracing it 'professionally' anymore, despite just changing her tiers and bragging on her success these last couple months since the thread got vicious on her.
No one can say she's grown up or out of it, she's still cosplaying. Three of her stream options were cosplay related for the 'last stream', which is why I only give her a few months of a 'professional' break.

No. 315070

>bashing Deja with rumors of Nina and Deja being on bad terms
>white knighting in lower caps reminiscent of the days IMT defended each other on 4Chan.
>sage for speculation as an old spectator in the IMT/Mango Drama


No. 315073

The "evidence" has sounded a lot more like the paranoia of the vendetta anons in here, as of late. And she's shutting everything down at the end of the month, plus if she's just attending cons as some regular shit tier cosplayer who even cares? Boring.

No. 315080

Haven't checked his thread in a while but swung by after seeing the news of her stepping away from cosplay as a job. Saging since I don't know what's funnier at this point, the people who are surprised she'd ever leave cosplay after so many months of clearly burning herself out (I'm guessing that's what caused all her health issues to get so much worse), or the people who are so desperate to cling to this cow when the milk's gone now that she left the barn.

No. 315115

Sage for OT but I would love a thread on byndo but is there even milk on her besides being a cosplay thot that hops boyfriends and falls in love after a month?

No. 315163


Why is like the same fucking person going around trying to say the drama's dead cause she quit-lol, bitch, her quitting ~is~ the milk.

Also realistically her quitting doesn't close up the issues of her acting like she's old and wizened in spite of having virtually no life experience, her ropping friends constantly, her claiming other people steal her shit, or her gluten free ed.

No. 315192

Different anon chiming in, but I feel like it's something I've seen from other cosplayers that I've followed but also known personally. They get a real job and cosplay just falls by the wayside. I agree with the previous anon, if she was planning to still make money off this hobby she wouldn't have cut off all her revenue streams and set herself up to become irrelevant. If she ever tried to come back Patreon may not even be a thing anymore and who knows what the hell is happening to YouTube revenue. And if she's not around and not making money and not throwing her ego around, what does it even matter? Right now the milk is that she's not gonna be using cosplay for income anymore, you're right, I just also agree with previous anons that this was pretty anti climactic and is gonna get stale pretty quickly

No. 315201

File: 1495083424632.jpg (96.61 KB, 438x651, backsnap.JPG)

As a going away present I found one last snippet of Mango's lovely personality. Enjoy it because Beth has wiped her tumblr and this was all I could find. Its old, but still a good one lol

No. 315207

That's definitely bad but it sounds like she got one Tumblr message too many and went off, her fans were/are so fucking cringey (especially back in 2015 during the height of the Free fandom) that I'd probably lose my temper dealing with them too if they were trying to track me down at a con I wasn't guesting at, though ive never guested so it's hard to say. She should have had more tact of course

A true gem, thank you for finding it

No. 316514

File: 1495206738363.jpg (27.7 KB, 403x333, 7a781e2d4dfff65fcec0f656ca39b9…)

No. 316574

Don't worry Beth, you'll have your own thread soon enough.

No. 316709

File: 1495221156576.jpg (9.87 KB, 270x240, crying-baby_0.jpg)

No. 316902


"Sincerely sweet?" She's an actress. And a damn good one. Unfortunately, as annoying as she is, she's not relevant enough to ever warrant her own thread.

No. 316943

I'm sure Nina appreciates the thread bump Beth. Everyone was leaving it alone to die now that shes quit but your immature ass just couldnt walk away lol.

I mean really, Nina worked so hard (even bashing herself to try and make us think it wasnt her) to get this thread ended with her cosplay exit >>315207 >>315020
>>315033 because if she really wanted us to think she was more interested in the other cosplayers thread which basically has 0 milk other than looks bashing no one bought it.

So good on you showing how great a friend you are by bumping!

No. 316957

Of course Beth is mad, Nina was her meal ticket to cosfame. No one gives a shit about Beth w/o Nina.

No. 317479

Exactly this. If it weren't for Nina Beth would not have anything REMOTELY close to the "following" she has now. If her lack of actual updates/interesting videos hadn't already turned people away, her constant raging on twitter about her "ED" would have chased off the rest.

Don't worry Beth, we will get started on you soon.

No. 317687

I went ahead and made Beth's thread, i've never made a thread befo