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No. 208060

Alright, so I've seen this story mentioned a few times in The Hartley Hooligan's thread.

Having never heard about the case of Jaxon and his parents, I decided to look into this story. Whilst Gwen is delusional and misguided at best, the Buell's exploitation of their vegetative son is repulsive.

because me-not-speak-a de english so good, I'm just gonna post links and invite anons to contribute their opinion. I'm not a great journalistic writer, so I'd like to open up a discussion on the matter and hope someone here will take a cue and offer their 2-cents on the matter.

tl;dr for people who are also new to the case: two redneck american kids exploit their potato son (who appears to have NO quality of life) to buy jetskis, holidays and luxury lifestyle, all while under the guise (see: tax-evasive) of being a charitable foundation. I'm not even kidding;


FB page asking all the right questions:


Again, apologies if this has already discussed, but apparently I've been living under a rock.

No. 208068

File: 1480807117606.jpg (18.84 KB, 319x215, znn3mt.jpg)

>the lights are on, but nobody's home

I never heard of this anon but oh my god that article on steemit broke my heart. This makes Gwen heartley look like mother theresa. more ppl need to know about this

No. 208097

I've always felt like there was something fishy about them, but I'm always suspicious of parents with disabled children who try to force themselves into the spotlight. I know it can benefit the child and research for their condition, but then there are the parents just looking to profit…

No. 208107

Sage bc not contributing but I'm reading on these guys and I'm wondering if you guys know of any other families like this? They're interesting to read about

No. 208109

Jesus, now I suddenly don't feel so harsh about the Hartleys. Gwen is totally deluded and lies about the girls but she doesn't do it for financial gain. These people are the pits.

No. 208115

Not even a moralfag, but nothing makes my blood boil more than people who exploit their kids for their own selfish wants. Fucking gross.

No. 208131

and what better way than to exploit a child that will never have the capability to say no? His condition isn't even going to get better so these shitheads have at least 15 years to shovel around their little miracle and ask for money. It's disgusting but seems fool proof.

No. 208132

>>208107 >>208115
I've been itching to post a youtube family. Woman has self diagnosed her son with autism, OCD, anxiety, you name it. Has binge eating disorder. Her husband seems to have fun upsetting and controlling the little boy.

No. 208166


I'd be into hearing about this more. Link?

No. 208209

These are a pair of sadistic fucks, being egged on by 100000+ other sadistic fucks. I think Gwen at least has a mother's love for her two potatoes.

This video allegedly shows this poor child "excited and playing". If you experiment with turning the sound off to watch it's obvious he's having seizures. https://www.facebook.com/WeAreJaxonStrong/videos/384470238411750/

No. 208233

These people are sick
And as >>208209 pointed out they have hundreds of sick people following them. I even seen a comment about his brain adapting…huh? The poor thing doesn't even have a fucking brain. Couldn't even watch the whole thing. Seizures do not feel good at all. Imagine your life being nothing but an endless void of pain with no meaning. At the very least Gwen may be delusional but she isn't on gofundme asking for donations. These two are gonna milk their gravy train-I mean son- until he dies and probably even in his grave in the name of "science"

No. 208234

God, this poor thing. I feel terrible for him. For some reason the hartley girls makes me feel outright disgusted and revolted, but this poor little guy is in so much pain and this whole thing is so sick

No. 208241

They'll keep milking him to pay for those Tiffany sunglasses and vacations, yes. I gotta stop reading about these assholes. It's a can of worms.

No. 208242

He looks like a doll with those big blue eyes, and like a doll, he can't fight back.

No. 208249

I'm interested too. Post in the Munchausen thread? >>>/snow/201162

No. 208278


apparently the mom puts make-up on him to make him more 'adorable' and 'less retarded'

No. 208287

This is so unbelievably fucked, I don't even know where to begin…fuck these pathetic excuses for parents!

No. 208298

There is a family in Italy, I think, who had a daughter named Vitoria who was born with anecephaly, among other problems. Her problems were acute but the parents are deeply religious and did their best to raise their daughter with joy while showing the dreadful nature of her affliction: http://belovedvitoria.blogspot.com

They treated her with respect and honored her dignity. She wasn't dressed like a dog, her poop wasn't smeared all over the Internet. And though she had even less brain than the Hartleys, she was clearly sentient and had a relationship with her parents. She smiled and could interact with them. There are some pictures of her laying on her father's chest when she was ill as he comforted her and his interaction was so different than that of Scott or Jaxon's dad. No slickness, no jokes at her expense, no forced jollity. Just a father comforting his baby.

It's one of the few blogs where the child is treated like a human being. Vitoria died before she was three.

No. 208299

>less brain than hartleys

Ummm choose one. You can't have both.

No. 208304

Lola is a triffid tbh.

No. 208311

Oh shit, I knew I recognized that potato. They're brazilian, I watched this go down a few years ago before I knew what's what. I remember finding the whole thing extremely creepy but now that you mention it, the girl did seem more aware than the hooligans. Wonder how that's even possible…

No. 208318

She just had a really small, underdeveloped brain / head. The Hartley girls have a disorder that makes their brains not work too well, and get slowly more damaged over time.

No. 208322

"Autism meltdown"

Later in the video, where they seem to be teasing him:
I think it's telling how he says bosses can hurt you and punch you, and then says his mom isn't his boss. His dad then asks him who is your boss and he says "you"

Another video where the father is teasing him. This is what they call an "OCD meltdown":

I think it's pretty normal to not want to be alone in a fucking elevator at that age. But this is their proof of "meltdowns"

No. 208324

File: 1480859289434.png (155.07 KB, 1350x582, Screen Shot 2016-12-04 at 8.46…)

Last post and I'm not derailing the thread anymore. If someone wants to take this family and make a thread go for it. I think there's ample milk

No. 208328

I find it so unfair that out of the three families the ones that genuinely seemed to love their child lost her.

No. 208350

I agree that these people are disgusting (can kids with his condition take meds for seizures?). But seizures aren't painful. I have them sometimes. You're just really tired afterwards. Not saying his parents aren't fucked up, but he doesn't feel the seizures at least.

No. 208366

File: 1480871423141.jpg (32.26 KB, 615x409, Jaxon-Strong.jpg)

His eyes are always super dilated, I read somewhere that they dose him up with heavy opiates

No. 208381

Does not look like a normal kid :/

No. 208469

Perhaps the most disturbing video of "Jaxxxinnnnn" I've watched has to be this one. Nothing holds his limbs back from jerking around in spastic motions. Additionally, if you look closely when he opens his mouth, he has a hole in the roof, which explains the terrifying wheezing-gurgling noises he makes often.

He is alive on borrowed time. Recent videos feature him in constant seizures, so he is rapidly deteriorating and is practically mute from the cocktail of medications they've given him judging from his pupils and lack of screeching vocalizations.

His "squeals of excitement" are mostly hisses of air, but nonetheless do I despise his parents for publicizing his suffering and their drone followers just eating it up like nothing is wrong.

The channel that posted this may or may not be related to the Jaxon Strong Reality Exposed facebook page (aka the Anti-Buells FB). Since the Buells run a strict censorship on their page. Some of these have the music removed with the original audio, for even further exposure of the Buells' sham.

No. 208473

She talks terrifyingly like Gwen. I didn't even speak to my daughter in that sort of voice when she was a baby. It's so dehumanizing and mocking. She sounds like a middle school bully. "Do you like swirlies? Do you liiiiike it? Say you like it!" #triggered

No. 208474

Oh sweet jesus. That poor thing :( I actually feel bad for him tbh, his existence is probably a nightmare

On the side note, what the fuck is going on in that channel's descriptions and comments…
"The Creature", "I'd like to see it put into a bathtub on a Friday afternoon and leave for the weekend." like whaaaaaaat

No. 208476

Oh wow yeah, pinned eyes = opiates. Really sad

No. 208530

Here's another sham of a video they tried to pass off as peachy-keen. No clue how people fall for this but they do. These cunty parents will say "good job" just for breathing.

I can only hope their little cash cow passes away in his sleep so he won't be tormented by them anymore living as their revenue toy.

No. 208549

PS. This channel is sort of an edgelord club (the comments can be excruciating) and the Jaxon Strong Reality Exposed facebook page does not accept posting of links to it, so no, they aren't affiliated.

No. 208550

I read a theory (somewhere in that fb page) that his vocal noises are seizure-related, where air is getting pushed across his vocal cords i.e. not voluntary.

No. 208551

looks like he was doing a lot better then that he is now.

No. 208555

I can't fucking watch this. People make me sick. This is just beyond selfish. Would they want to live like that? Fuck no they wouldn't, so why force it upon this poor soul

No. 208557

Everything about this. Mom's voice. That he could so easily get tangled up and hurt the way they've got him in that thing. The weird new agey background music. It's all so disturbing. Honestly tho i'm gonna be hearing that background music in my nightmares.

Most normal people don't even talk to their young, stupid 8 week old puppies and kittens that they just brought home from the shelter with this voice.

No. 208634

I can't remember the episode, but Penn & Teller's Bullshit did a segment on a fam in Mexico that had a severely retarded/vegetable/something daughter, and were milking it like the poor shitwipes they were. Some kind of oily film was starting to develop on everything in the room (there was a completely scientific explanation for this, but I can't remember lol) and the family started scraping it off and selling it in baggies as angel tears or some shit??? They were also charging admission for people to come in and pray for her. (Paraphrasing a lot of that, it's been a while since I watch BS)

I DEF remember this part tho: The producers tried to reach the familia for comment, and they sent a baggy of the angel grease instead and some tacky as hell promotional flyer. Penn presented with no humor, no jokes, just disappointment.

No. 208763

The Buells have also written a book for Jaxon, and of course, all the funds go to the foundation named after him (aka their bank account). https://www.amazon.com/Dont-Blink-Little-Expected-Teaching/dp/149641652X
It's essentially the same exploitation as the dad who wrote Heaven Is For Real, but probably tons more fiction and an equal amount of religious malarkey for the bible nuts.

No. 210593

The parents responses ffs, they are sadistics fucks. I actually feel sad for the potato.

Also, I think there is another facebook page of another child with the same disease. It was something like "thoughts and prayers for (name of the tator)"
sage for offtopic

No. 212269

>Heaven is for real

No. 212490

File: 1481534097199.jpg (87.1 KB, 308x320, Baby_in_Highchair.jpg)

No. 223695

File: 1483023232161.jpg (92.23 KB, 528x960, 13346874_390864311105676_65574…)


It's so obvious in this latest video that he's constantly having seizures

No. 223704

These people fucking disgust me. Have you seen the comments on the latest video? A lady who has a son with constant seizures and works with other special needs children that also have seizures is being ripped apart for just saying that Jaxon looked to be seizing in the video and they might want to show it to their neurologist.

No. 223708

The exploitation of these poor people is one of the sickest things to come out of social media. You know damn well that without Facebook to gather attention, they wouldn't put forth the effort that goes into taking care of individuals with these disabilities. They are simply doing this for the money and attention, so much so that it's diluted their sense of reality imo.

No logical parent would look at their child like this and think they're doing the right thing. You must be on a completely fucked up level of self-righteousness to believe that, "Oh, all of God's creations are beautiful! God sure is great!" and have your child seizuring and living a life of pain.

And what's with that fucking music? The soft ambient music doesn't change the fact your child is a fucking shell of pain.

Yeah, I feel like that channel and anyone associated with it are their own lolcow. To have that much hate (even if it's just trolling) for someone put in that situation is pathetic imo.

No. 223720


Yeah, the descriptions of these vids only serve to draw attention to how saintly his parents are. I wouldn't be surprised to learn that the Bluells themselves are posing as an evil, mean and nasty internet troll.

Anyway, in this video the seizures are disguised by frantic shaking on ma Bluell

No. 224089

They are always vids of him seizing with these fucked up, sadistic narrativises about hat a good time he's having. This one again I notic she quickly pulls back when the worst seizure happens, otherwise we'd see his eyes and face twitching. Poor Jaxon is essentially a 'real doll' whose existence is to make money for his parents.

No. 224090

Typos, sorry

No. 224163

The constant seizing and brain damage posturing is immaterial to these parents who have quite their jobs and gained a half million dollars from 'fundraiser' donations based on this being's suffering.

People like this need to be run out from civilized society, and the people who fund them severely shamed.

No. 224198

The screeching and projecting of the people who obsess over this child is so disturbing.

No. 227305

This makes me so sad.

Those aren't word's he's forming, they are in fact shrieks of pain from seizures/brain damage

No. 227306

No. 227307


It's blatantly a forceful cry that prevents him from breathing.

No. 227316

Wow, the comments on the videos are savage! Apt, but beautifully savage.
>>Oh yes, what a beautiful moment. An all but brainless baby shrieking in misery, while his trashy mother forces gross, slobbery kisses on him

>>why is it beat red and screaming "i love you " ??? Oh yeah cause a brain dead flesh blob cannot talk..these only sound like words they want to hear, pathetic parents..keep on pimping out your suffering mistake..

>>Many are saying that Jaxon is "mimicking" what he hears and not really expressing thought. But the pesky facts keep getting in the way. Jaxon is not mimicking anything. Jaxon is not hearing anything. Jaxon has vocal cords, lungs, a mouth and a brain stem. The areas of the brain that allow for hearing are simply non existent. The area of the brain responsible for thought are non existent. In fact, he has NO brain, just a "….thin white line.." as the Neurologists describe what surrounds the brain stem. The brain stem allows for reflexive mouth movements. The lungs allow air to be moved past the vocal cords and the result is the same, repetitive mouth movements that cause similar sounding noise. Has anyone ever noticed that after he makes that same sound, his mouth will continue to move, repetitively, but with his vocal cords engaging? Think about it; He has no brain. Like I said before, remove the hard-drive from a computer and the computer is worthless. You could sit at the keyboard all day, typing away and you'll end up with nothing but sore fingers. Jaxon is the computer without a hard-drive. A parrot has more intelligence than does Jaxon. Now I'll put away my soap box and bow out!!

>>he doesn't really sleep, when the neurons pitter out, he goes into a comatose state, in order to "wake" them up again, one must apply a sharp pain to get them going, which means he can feel pain and they do apply it

>>delusional! He says "please euthanize me!"

No. 227321

I hate to say it, but giving birth to babies with defects this severe is straight up cruel.

No. 227325

On the Jaxon Strong Reality page I've seen a few epilepsy sufferers talk about a certain way of seizing where air is forced across the vocal cords, making these sounds come out. The case of this boy is very sad, he doesn't seem to get a moment of peace nor any basic comfort from his parents.

No. 227333

You're right. And people have the audacity to think that this is less cruel than abortion. It makes me sick. This poor kid will never experience any semblance of joy in life.

No. 227336

Quoted from JS:RE fb, on just how *~inspirational~* their story is

"A tragedy is usually not considered to be an inspirational event to most people, that is, if you understand the definition of the word in ordinary English usage. Those who insist that it IS inspirational are either lying or, to be generous, maybe are simply at a loss for words and are just trying to be kind, as in trying to rationalize something they know in their heart of hearts is obviously not an inspiration. And if that’s the case, why the need to rationalize?

If someone lost all cognitive function and had to live the rest of his/her life in a state of non-awareness and total dependence, daily vomiting, daily seizing, possible ongoing pain, never being able to walk, talk, read, write, sit up, eat, drink, go to school, work, process vision and hearing, if vision and hearing are even possible…why would you consider that bodily shell of an existence “inspirational”? Is that a state you would like to be in yourself? Your children? Your spouse? And, just because that absence of function originated in utero instead of after birth, then why is that different, and inspirational?

Inspiration, by definition, is the state of being motivated to do something oneself towards change or create something from that inspiration.

So, with that in mind, how does someone else being born without the very seat of “self” (that is, the brain, the very thing that makes a human an autonomous person) literally “inspire” others? What have these inspired people been inspired to do specifically, or even just feel, if that’s all it is? What is the feeling? Gratitude you’re not in that person’s shoes? Gratitude for your better fortune? Is it a tacit way to express one's political or religious views–that is, it's not really inspirational at all, but rather,it's the "proper" religious and/or political stance to take.

What is the actual outcome, the fruits, of this inspiration? What is it about this tragedy of others that makes such a tragedy a POSITIVE thing for those not experiencing the tragedy themselves? Nobody has ever been specific about that.

So to those inspired folks, some of whom we know read this page, please be specific as to this inspiration of yours. What have you been inspired to do by a child being born without a brain. It’s been asked before, but not a single person who’s been asked previously has answered, much less even acknowledged the question. That suggests to me there is no answer—that is, there is no inspiration in such a tragedy at all—quite the contrary—and they know it. But, I’m giving the benefit of the doubt. Please explain this amazing inspiration over a neural tube defect that leaves a child without the very thing that gives all of us our very “self.”

What is it, literally, about a child’s brainless existence that inspires you in a positive way and inspires you to…what exactly?"

No. 227899

Are you a doctor and have you examined him? Do you live with him and watch his growth? You don't know unless you know him. None of us can make claims that he's in pain or comfortable because we aren't there. Life and death aren't our decisions. If he isn't meant to live he won't.

No. 227900

Gtfo with this shit

No. 227901

Are you for real? There is no "meant to live". He's alive because of frankenstein levels of medical intervention. If anything he was "meant" to die.

No. 227902

I swear it sounded like he said "I love you"…

No. 227908

The facts he looks redder than in most videos make me wonder how many time his parents shook Jaxon waiting for the random screams to make sense by pure chance. It's like the infinite monkey theorem.

Also, this one comment hasn't been mentioned in >>227316 but explains my point better:

> I have noticed something…he has three videos of him "talking," all of which appear to have happened in the EARLIER part of his life. In all three of these videos, he is crying both before and after the "words;" he has never done it while sitting calmly or while not in the middle of a seizure. The sounds he makes at rest sound VERY similar to those of an anencephalic newborn dying in the delivery room.

> Theoretically, he should be "talking" more and more with age, because as children age, their crying instincts diminish as they begin to communicate with sounds and gestures. Since he seems to be speaking LESS with age, I think it is more than reasonable to assume that these were just crying sounds that resembled words, and the fact that he doesn't do it anymore means that they were more related to instinctive/unlearned crying rather than cognitive/learned communication.

No. 227919

Sage for samefag and answering a one month question but I just caught up with this thread. And possibly OT since the girl does not have microencephaly but trichothiodystrophy (a rare illness that causes premature aging), but the story is too insane not to share.
In response to
Not sure what you mean by "families like this" but if you mean "parents who exploit actually sick kid for profit", I saw this in the local press very recently
Old interview (srry only Spanish but I will sum it up):

In sum: father of 11 yo girl with rare disease raised fraudulently around €1 million.
Things he has claimed to spend the money on (while constantly claiming the girl was "about to die")
> recruited the "best team of geneticists in the world"
> send letter to Al Gore to seek help, Al Gore phoned back in person and called him "a hero"
> the last specialist in his list (recommended by Nobel prize NASA Dr) was a mysterious scientist that lives in a cave in Afghanistan
> went to Afghanistan in the middle of a war
> epicly carries daughter on his arms "under bombings and shooting"
> end up in refugee camp and by chance meet THE MOTHER of the scientist who lead them to the man in question
> last thing he claimed to need funds for a genetic manipulation that is prohibited in Spain" involving "three holes in the back of the neck to reset the brain" and that is only performed by ONE surgeon in the world

Obv turns out there was zero evidence about any of this and he's been jailed lol. How tf his fairytale like interview were even published in the newspaper of record and how the lie lived for so many years are beyond me.

No. 230360


latest video showing how happy he is, and how his motor-skills are improving

No. 230363

Take a shot every time you hear "wow" "great job" and "buuuuddy" in one of their videos

No. 230364

“He’s back to smiling at us, always so happy in the morning after he wakes up and takes turns looking at both Mommy’s and Daddy’s face, seemingly as if he is so excited to start another day.” He says “mama” and “dada”, scoots along the floor, and his mom and dad believe that if he can get through the irritable stage he will have a lot more life ahead of him."

No. 230451


after watching this video, I noticed he howls and screams in pain when he's not seizing. Towards the end, everytime his neck/head jerks up it makes him wail like a banshee.

This means that his entire life is a constant cycle of involuntary jerks and unimaginable pain :(

makes me so fucking angry

No. 231703

This latest video really takes the cake. I swear it looks like they purposely induced a seizure in him and then used his shaking hands to claim he was working on playing the piano. The commenters are as moronic as the parents,saying things like " His gross motor skills progress is VERY evident. You could see how hard he was working to control his arms so he could touch the piano keys." Hey idiot.. It is biologically, physiologically impossible for him to do what the parents are claiming he does. You cannot play a piano, not even a toy version of one, when all you have is a brain stem…the brain and body do not work that way!
<iframe src="https://www.facebook.com/plugins/video.php?href=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.facebook.com%2FWeAreJaxonStrong%2Fvideos%2F481211845404255%2F&show_text=0&width=400" width="400" height="400" style="border:none;overflow:hidden" scrolling="no" frameborder="0" allowTransparency="true" allowFullScreen="true"></iframe>

No. 231711

The video link didn't come out quite right…trying again, if it doesn't work this time and you're curious to see it, just go to the jaxon strong facebook page and take a look at the latest video where his parents talk about them all hanging out in his room while he works on his piano playing skills.

<iframe src="https://www.facebook.com/plugins/video.php?href=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.facebook.com%2FWeAreJaxonStrong%2Fvideos%2F481211845404255%2F&show_text=0&width=400" width="400" height="400" style="border:none;overflow:hidden" scrolling="no" frameborder="0" allowTransparency="true" allowFullScreen="true"></iframe>

No. 231772

how can all these people commenting be so stupid and so blind to basic science? it's as if they're the ones lacking a brain.

No. 231827

Looking at comments on their videos and photos, the majority seem to come from middle-aged Facebook users. If you've any firsthand experience with older relatives on Facebook you might be familiar with something I've noticed, which is the gullibility of this specific age group. A good chunk of these people seem to mention God a lot. That probably has something to do with it, I've noticed a link there, but I'm not sure how to put it aptly. They may just be your typical not exactly well educated parent on Facebook coming across a fairly tragic life story of a toddler and letting their emotions win over their logic. More simply, they could just be dumb.

No. 232378

sorry to necro this thread, but I am seriously thinking about contacting the CPS. How would I go about that?

No. 232393

Well they're not abusing the spud, so why would you? CPS has enough wasted time with malicious claim calls as it is.

No. 232399

Alcohol poisoning guaranteed

No. 232416


I beg to differ:

Flashing lights can induce seizures, and they do nothing to comfort or reassure him while he seizes, and they try to pass it off as 'playing'. He looks absolutely done-in and is basically being exploited and tortured.

I feel very strongly that this would constitute abuse

No. 232420

CPS would probably think nothing, even if these things seem cruel to us. He is not being physically abused, has no marks or bruises, basically nothing that CPS could use against the parents and since he can't talk or show emotions they have even less evidence. Flashing lights etc. are probably not considered abuse, but if anyone can collect enough evidence about purposely inducing seizures they might do something? I don't know how these things go in USA. The kid is definitely suffering just trying to be alive, but CPS has no actual evidence to grab on. Might be a waste of time.

No. 232435


At the very least they may investigate whether these specific lights could induce seizures and if so make them go to parenting classes or counseling to educate them on having a child with special needs. They def wont take him out of the home but they may step in and be able to stop some of these things from happening.

No. 232902

They've been in the spotlight enough in the last two and a half years that there's a good chance that CPS has been called already. But even if someone did call them before or does it now, I honestly doubt that they'd do anything after the initial visit. CPS workers are usually always so swamped with cases that unless there is clear evidence of neglect or abuse, they won't take any action. And I know watching him seizing while his parents cheer and pretend that he's "having so much fun!" definitely looks like abuse to many of us, but the Buells have fooled many people into thinking they are amazing parents with a miracle child. Even news reporters wind up buying their claptrap. They'd likely give the same story to a CPS worker that came by that they give to the rest of the world. They'd say that Jaxon isn't having horrible seizures, oh no, he's just working against his muscle spasms because he's trying so hard to hit the piano key or press the lights on his turtle or play with his rattle, etc. We know that all that is BS and that he lacks the brain to be able to do carry out any purposeful tasks, but a harried, overworked cps agent isn't going to know that. So no, i'm afraid they're not going to put them in parenting classes or send them to counseling They'll visit the Buell's home, and if its relatively clean and orderly and Jaxon doesn't have bruises or other signs of physical abuse, they'll thank the parents for their time and close out the case.

No. 232910


glad you did though I missed a pile of new posts. I can't look away. but they really are torturing him

No. 234837

One thing that actually shocked me about the FB page is that there are actually people openly criticizing what they are doing on there and it's not being deleted.

No. 234853

They let the rabid crew of bible bashers on there take care of some of the comments ("doctors dont know anything!! he's a miracle baby!! oh those big blue eyes!!"). But according to those who watch the comment counts, they do delete a lot as well. They tend to delete reasonable questions.

No. 237342

Most of the critical posts are gone. I think Jaxon's parents were just away from the page for a few days.

No. 237467

on another holiday wasn't it?

No. 238084

I actually want to physically torture these monster parents- they fucking know he's seizing constantly FFS
I'd like to take to them with a potato peeler and then roll them in salt after a good sprinkling with vinegar

No. 238219

I wouldn't doubt it. They're living the life of Riley with the funds that people donated for their son's care. You know I follow the thread about Gwen Hartely and her microcephalic daughters and I find the things she does repugnant, such as posting pictures of the girls on a couch half naked or pics of Lola on her father's lap with Lola's shit on both of them.
But as bad as she is, and she's pretty damn bad, whenever I read about Jaxon's parents and the way that they constantly torture him, ignore his health issues, video his seizures while pretending that he's playing with a toy, somehow Gwen doesn't seem that awful by comparison.

No. 238224

You could cut them with that edge.

No. 238230

Not trying to be edgy, they're just flat out cunts.
They actually the Hartley Hooligans look like good people.

No. 238231

*make the Hartley's

No. 238238

I was terrified of elevators at that age. A lot of kids are. Some don't like the fact that the door closes and the car moves and you can't get out. Sometimes the lights flicker. A kid being afraid of an elevator is pretty normal. I think they saw all the news about autism and decided to get some brownie points for exploiting a kid they diagnosed themselves.

Most toddlers have meltdowns. It can be over the silliest of things. I'm wondering if they ever took this kid to a professional at all.

I remember an article about this poor kid. but I had no idea the parents were exploiting him. He's constantly having seizures and there his parents are laughing at him and trying to get him to perform for the camera like a trained poodle. That's really sad.

I can't believe they still have brainwashed followers who think that they are a legit charity foundation at this point.

No. 238262

Two years with neither parent working, promises that their "foundation" will donate to causes but never follow through, and numerous holidays and media appearances.

No. 238319

I don't think anon was being edgy…Sometimes people are so extremely awful that they provoke extreme reactions. I also despise the Buells…I hate how they exploit their son for money and attention. I hate how they don't take care of him properly. I hate how they try to portray themselves as wonderful, adoring parents. I hate how they have become mouthpieces for the anti choice movement even though they considered abortion themselves…I could go on, but you get the picture. That's not being edgy, it's being honest.

No. 248414

Had to evade a ban just for bringing this up, and whilst I’ve seen a few mentions of the case of Jaxon Strong in the Hartley Hooligans thread. As previously concluded, the parents of this profoundly disabled boy, well once you read through some of the details I didn’t hate Gwen quite so much. Jaxon is so disabled that he only ever experiences constant pain, fear and discomfort or,he has the pinned, half-lidded eyes and and slack-mouthed drool associated with heavy opioid sedation.
If he is not screaming in pain and turning beet-red, he is seizing in convulsive shakes whilst his parents record and narrate “how much fun are ya haaavin, buddy? You’re so haaaappy!” in sing-songy/sarcastic patronising tone.

Anyway, I just wanted to bump this because the buells recently spoke out at a pro-life-con and used their son as an example that “every child is precious”.


At 1hr:32:00s in the video, Britney joins Brandon on-stage carrying a rather twitchy Jaxon. Flash photography is known to trigger epileptic fits, and we immediately see him react to the strobe-like effect of the camera flashes. With two large convolutions that brandon dismisses as “Cute baby sneezes” the audience chuckles. Then Jaxon goes into a full, sustained, repetitive fit and ma Buell tries to restrain it by grabbing jaxon’s arms and locking them into place against him. ugh

No. 248418


Yeah Gwen Hartley is silly and misguided in what she does, but I think she does what she thinks is best.

The Buell's however seem sinister. I'd love to know how they treat Jaxon when they're not on camera.

No. 248445

>Showing off a solid case of genetic mutation of a child that is needlessly suffering

…I'm sorry but he seems like the sort of poster child for why you should be pro-choice. This is just way too sad.

No. 248465

Notice the fluffy hair - they don't like his head to really be seen as it is.

Gwen is complexity unhinged but she shows maternal love for her girls. What I notice about Jaxon's parents is they just manage him and prop him. The warm touch is not there, the protective gestures are not there.

No. 248468


They know he has seizures and have no problem letting people flash their cameras in his face. They literally don't care, they know he's a vegetable, it's all a show.

No. 248477

Putting it that way makes me feel physically ill.

No. 248479

That's because they only care about all the pro-life bux that can be thrown at them for being ~heroes for prolonging his suffering existence.

No. 248485

Holy shit, it's so disturbing watching the mother trying to pin down Jaxon's arms and cover him with the blanket in an attempt to hide the seizure, all whilst continuing to smile.

No. 248497

turn the sound off on any of the videos of them with him and you can see it all. he's there to earn them money because they feel so hard done by that they had a disabled baby.

No. 249097

Ugh, this is hearbreaking. It is beyond belief that they would allow him to be exposed to all those photographic flashes. You can see it trigger him. And the way Brandon nervesley defends the situation, buy pointing out that there were ‘cute baby sneezes!’ and the way she restrains Jaxon’s hands and locks him down without any kind of compassion or benevolence.

She is a fucking cold hearted witch. In some of her news appearances she is very wide-eyed and almost scarey looking. Like evil is exuded from her person like heart-rot. Look at this video where she tries to disguise Jaxon’s seizure by rapidly bouncing up and down in response to his convulsions. There’s that little moment after cessation of the fit, and before the searing white-hot pain, fear and confusion kicks in. That few seconds inbetween gives him a welcome break before he scrunches his face up to start crying again.

His life is simply a terrifying cycle of pain, involuntary ticks, seizures and feeling trapped in a completely isolated place where there are no other beings whatsoever and when he’s beet red and screaming he actually summoning any ounce of free-will to communicate ‘I AM SCARED I AM LONELY’ but there’s no one in his world around to hear his desperate plea for the cycle to stop.

No. 249654

This baby inspires me to have even more faith in God. It has inspired me to write this comment in the hopes to reassure that positive can come out of something that doesn't seem ideal. They are loving that baby, and he is loving them.

In the end, it's God's will.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 249932

I honestly do not believe a child with a severe brain deformity such as Jaxon's could possibly withstand seizures of the likes I saw in that video

No. 249939

>They are loving that baby, and he is loving them

Just fucking what. How to do get that from this fucked up situation. They feel they are owed money from their plight having a retarded baby. They are loving that cash fam, and the baby is a potato. If it has any lucid thought at all, it isn't "gee I love these assholes" it's "end this, kill me plz"

Gtfo of here lol

No. 249962

The only thing that came out of this, is money for his parents. He's in agony every single day of his life, how the fuck is that positive?

No. 250379

gtfo out back to their facebook page.

No. 250380

seizures aren't deadly in and of themselves. he has them because he has almost no brain.

No. 250508

Jaxon is such a beautiful little boy. I love his curls, his eyes, and his sweet little smile. Brit and Brandon both are such wonderful parents.you should thank them for sharing him with us.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 250520

Weak bait

No. 250541

Beak wait.

No. 255388

While this person was an obvious troll, there are scores of people on Jaxons facebook page that adore him almost to the point of worship. It reaches disturbing levels how they go on his curly hair, blue eyes etc. This is a being with almost no cerebral cortex, which means he's missing what makes the rest of us human, yet these people act like he's the second coming.

They also believe everything his parents say regarding all the "milestones" he's reaching, even though it's obvious that the poor thing is capable of little more than breathing.

In the latest video he's on his father is reading a story while Jaxon slumps on his lap, barely moving. He looked like he was dying. All he could do was stare blankly, blink and occasionally let out a shudder, yet some commenters stated how engaged Jaxon was with what his father was reading to him. One of them even wrote they could see his lips moving along with the words.

It's scary how delusional people can be when they want desperately enough to believe something. It wouldn't be so much of a problem if the parents didn't shamelessly exploit this tragically damaged child for money and fame.

No. 255393

Kids with Harlequin Ichthyosis are actually worth the insane amount of effort and money to keep alive because they're just people with a skin disorder. But this is just like hooking a corpse up to life support. Wasteful and disturbing.

No. 255430



>people are grateful that their own children are healthy and not monstrous

No. 255473

Yes, people with HI can go on to lead productive lives. One of the oldest survivors became the first person with the disorder to ever have a baby a few years ago.
Jaxon on the other hand can do nothing on his own, not even eat. But he does appear to have part of his limbic system, so he probably can feel pain…lucky him.

No. 255484

they aren't deadly unless the patient goes into Epileptic Status (seizure lasting more than 5 minutes) but they sure as hell are unpleasant. I tried to work in the neuro ward and one of the things that made me quit was seeing babies and little kids suffering from excessive seizures.

if these parents had any compassion at all they'd stop doing things that are clearly over stimulating what little of a brain he has.

like damn he may be practically a vegetable but to make his existence so much discomfort and pain… yikes.

No. 257073

I managed to see the recent fb video off of the edgy club anti-buells youtube channel. It may just be the potato quality of the video, but I swear I saw him with really frothy drool forming towards the last 20 seconds of the video. He's not even really moving or anything. He used to scrunch up his face and cry, but he's really deteriorated even in the reactive seizure department. Nobody's home.

No. 262968

Yes, that was drool bubbling on his mouth. He lacks the ability to swallow so someone either has to wipe his mouth or he has to be in a position where gravity will let it drip off of him. If not, it'll just keep building up on and around his mouth and get foamy like it did in the video.

No. 285422

It makes me sad that this kid is being used as a puppet for the pro-life agenda. Yeah, I'm sort of impressed that he's still breathing, heart is still pumping and close to 3 years old. But whenever I see a video of him - I truly don't understand how someone can look at that kid's "life" and say it is a precious miracle. He's my own personal poster child for mandatory abortions for brainless babies. I would never choose to let a baby suffer and live like that.
Those parents are sick, evil and beyond twisted. So are all of their Facebook fans who kiss their asses.

No. 303576

Necroing this thread, because Jaxon Strong has reached another inchstone in recently turning 3.

He's loosing that baby-face and, without sounding like one of those clueless religious nuts, he's losing that signature (but VERY marketable) blue eyes-blond haired angel-face.

Also, I can't fathom why more people arent trying to put a stop to what is clearly child abuse.

No. 303705

His birthday isn't til August

No. 320742

Just wanted do bump this thread, because there's a really interesting write-up on the JS:RE face-book page. It's a direct addressal to Brandon and Britney that they appear not to have responded to.

There have been no NEW pictures/videos/mentions of Jaxon for quite some time.

If you feel the same way I do, I hope he's actually finally passed away and found the peace and dignity he's always deserved.

No. 320959


No. 321022

No. 321462

It would appear to me that Brittney and Brandon have split up. She is heavily involved in a pyramid scheme; her rabid facebook postings on "thrive" and the absence of posts about Jaxon and/or her husband are very un-christian.

No. 321465

The footage of brandon speaking at the pro-life convention is very disturbing. The whole thing about exposing Jaxon to flash-photography and triggering a seizure whilst trying to lock-down his twitching arms/body is just awful:
If you skip to roughly 7.25 in you can see it for yourself.

No. 322969

File: 1495910953807.jpg (52.49 KB, 540x960, 17992295_525638040961635_21951…)

This thread deserves more attention. These parents are monsters.

No. 323597

File: 1495989809918.jpg (9.12 KB, 320x158, images.jpg)


This video is one of the worst examples of cruelty I've ever seen. The way the mum pushes that stiff plastic turtle with FLASHING(seizure warning) lights into his twitching body.

He is clearly very uncomfortable in this clip, and his mother's frenzied exclamations on what a fabulous time JAAAAXON is having (great job buuuuudy! you're having so much fun!) make it all the more disturbing.

I don't know why these two haven't had more attention from this image-board. The only other place that acknowledges how despicable these two are is JS:RE on facebook. I wish more people would call them out. As long as this thread remains pretty active, it will eventually be the first listing on google when you search for 'Jaxon Strong'.

How can you not see this situation for what it is: CHILD ABUSE/EXPLOITATION.

Add that to the fact that they use him to push their own sick agenda of pro-life is utterly gob-smacking. Jaxon Buell is an example of a child that ought to have been aborted.

No. 323607

File: 1495991151574.jpg (80.52 KB, 960x529, 18622565_802354329939752_21602…)


They have repeatedly said that Jaxon suffers from 'startle seizures', that are triggered by loud noises.

Especially when, Brittney claims, she takes him out with her to run errands. She said that the sound of a motorcycle speeding by will usually be enough to trigger a seizure.

My question is this; just how much FUN can this poor, mindless, sick little boy have when he's strapped onto a Jetski?

I can only hope that he lacks any kind of self-awareness or sense-of-self to realize the very torture he is being subjected to is at the hands of his parents.

Sound-sensitive epileptic potato-child gets just what he needs with wild and noisy jetski rides.


No. 323618


Could you stop samefagging pls?

How about you start your own "help Jaxon"-project? I´m serious.
Because bumping this thread is not going to change a fucking thing.

No. 323623

File: 1495993795692.jpg (89.24 KB, 980x490, landscape-1464891563-jaxon.jpg)


I am involved in a project with a huge emphasis on raising awareness of microhydranencephaly. It's honest and informative not just about the condition itself, but of the sufferer's capabilities. The exact opposite of the picture we're painted by the 'Jaxon Strong Foundation'.

Where I live (in the UK) there is a female journalist who's received a lot of negative attention based throw-away comments regarding Jaxon's brainless state. Katie Hopkins she's called. The Buells sent their rabid fans after her for even DARING to say that a child with Jaxon's condition should be left to die, not cruelly kept alive (thus prolonging his suffering)

The Buell's lies and fraudelent donation soliciting is there for everyone to see.

I just feel that since the Hartley Hooligans are usually a widely commented on subject around here, that others ought to turn their attention to something that (I believe) is far more heinous.

No. 324418

File: 1496069125500.jpg (23.85 KB, 512x409, 15088618 (1).jpg)


Why is the room around that little boy so messy? What is wrong with the parents? At the time that video was taken both parents stayed at home, unemployed - why don´t they clean up the surrounding of their immunocompromised child? And what is the use of fixating Jaxon that much in his seat? He looks so very much unwell (and uncombed) - is the table pressing against his J-tube? Does he feel pain because of that? Why is his mother repeatedly pushing the stiff plastic turtle against his chest?

so many questions.

Anyway, pic related is a publicity shot for their book. Notice how they've photoshopped jaxon with eyelashes, and even turned up the corners of his face to emulate a smile.


No. 324472


If the Buells are to be covered in the UK it would be better not to have Katie Hopkins do it. Then people would automatically think she was just doing it to stir shit because she is an abhorrent cunt at the best of times. I don't know what she said of the Buells and she was probably right but in general she is just a nasty piece of shit and shouldn't be given any credence.

No. 324590

File: 1496082948232.jpg (29.63 KB, 535x462, 1457351720923.jpg)


If an animal was born with this condition people would be screaming for it to be euthanized because keeping it alive in such a condition would be animal cruelty. Why is it so different when it's a human? Isn't it just as cruel if not more so?

No. 324615

Of fucking course they would be friends with Gwen Heartless. I'm sure it's a nice little network they got going on. Trading interviews to news outlets and the like.

No. 324671


I also wasn't aware she had mentioned the Buells, but I completely agree that she would not be the best person to lead a confrontation against them, especially in light of her recent comments regarding the "final solution". Bitch is crazy.

This is a common argument for euthanasia. I completely agree that it's cruel to keep someone alive purely because you can, with no discernible benefit for them.

No. 325139

>>The current definition of life is that an organism is capable of maintaining homeostasis, is composed of cells, undergoes metabolism, can grow, adapt to its environment, respond to stimuli, and is able to reproduce

That baby could barely manage half of those things. How the hell could you virtue signal your prolife beliefs with something that doesn't even pass the basic criteria for a living thing?

No. 325246

Their convenient photographing is something that really bothers me about them. You just know that none of his facial expressions are deliberate, but they take advantage of his constantly twitching features to get photos of him 'smiling' and then their followers eat that shit right up. It's super creepy.
And then in videos the way they describe his seizures as him deliberately moving his limbs is disgusting. I saw a comment thread in which someone who was just being concerned was saying that they didn't think he was 'trying to undo the strap' (on his stander thing) and was instead having a seizure. This woman was a parent to a disabled kid and knew plenty other disabled kid and knew what seizures looked like and was just concerned and the Buell fans ripped her apart! It was really horrible.

No. 325785

They're the hateful sort of "Christians". Jesus loves you but he loves me more. The Facebook fans are even more evil and mean spirited.

No. 326765

File: 1496301789311.jpg (65.69 KB, 525x612, jaxon-10-e1471620303995.jpg)

These well to do, virtue signaling, yuppie cocksucker parents parading their sick children around for profit like it's an old 19th century freak show, thinking their fucking heroes. I know this type of scum existed before Facebook and Youtube, but they were not nearly this numerous. Would it kill these parents to maybe consider that their child, if he could form cohesive thoughts, would like some privacy and would prefer not to be in the limelight constantly?

No. 326773

They aren't yuppies. Their material success has been derived from exploiting their child and his fans. read before you sperg.

No. 326778

I visit that page for updates sometimes but I have to say, they are the ultimate white knights. As if the Buells would read this long-winded missive.

No. 326784

File: 1496304625192.jpg (12.13 KB, 220x175, d9139e_d87aa3e635c94654966d729…)

…no functions, he won't even move beyond some involuntary wriggling. No brain, only a brain stem to keep things ticking along, but nothing more…all the other functions of the human body like sight, hearing, movement, thought, speech, sight, etc, are controlled in various areas of the BRAIN, all the brain stem does is basic automatic functions like heartbeat and breathing and blinking.
God must have a warped sense of humor if this is a "miracle"…

No. 326793

File: 1496305643835.jpg (194.13 KB, 1168x504, image.jpg)

This is not the ideal place for you (and neither is Kiwifarms if you are posting there). I recommend stick with the Facebook group.

No. 327519

Just a bystander, but what makes you say that? Is this discussion too hadcore?
I prefer the blatant honesty. I like how everyones anonymity contributes to it.
However, I agree with the anon up there who complained about samefagging.
Say something new if you want to contribute. I don't care that this discussion has been bumped so many times; it is far more interesting than most of the snowflakes in this entire category.

No. 327693

File: 1496422901261.jpg (64.74 KB, 540x960, jaxon5.jpg)



No. 327765

This is exactly why euthanasia should be legal. These children should be given a mercy killing.

No. 328035

So sad.

No. 328066

See on his scan? What is the lumpy bit at the back of his skull? That always confuses me. Am I just being stupid and is it just hair? Although I didn't think that showed up on this sort of thing.

Sorry I have noooo idea when it comes to the scanning area of medical shite.

No. 328233

I'm with you. I don't think hair shows up on MRIs. I've always wondered what that antenna looking thing on the back of his head is. Is it a shard of bone?? He just has big rolls of skin on his head with all that room left die to the absence of a skullcap.
I really hope someone knows what that is because I've been curious for a long time.

No. 331628

The Buells say that their son is "normal" for a child his age. But he is two-and-a-half and most two-and-a-half year olds can walk and talk and are learning how to go to the bathroom by themselves. Can Jaxon Buell do any of those things? I don't think so.

And it looks like his appearance is getting worse. The Hartley sisters have gone from being cute to freaks in the 11 and 15 1/2 years of their lives. So I can't imagine what Jaxon will look like in his teens (if he ever makes it that far). I just hope he doesn't live that long as he's suffered enough as it is.

No. 331664

It's the occipital bun.

No. 333328

Usually the occipital bun is a big chunk of skull. What re your thoughts on his shard-like antennae??

No. 333330

I mean: you know what I'm talking about, right? There's the occipital bun. And then there is that strange, little pointy thing that sticks straight out from the back. Like a little shard.

No. 337566

I saw a news segment about a local high school football and cheerleading squad raising money for him and he cried a lot. His crying sounded even more unbearable than a normal kid's crying. It's a shame that that high schoolers couldn't raise money for people at a food bank or a homeless shelter but instead raised it for this wailing, seizing brainless vegetable who will probably be dead within a few years.

No. 337591

I'm with you anon.

Yeah, if the occipital bun is the rounded bit at the base of the back of the skull, what is the antennae-esque spike among the knobbly white
stuff towards the back of the skull? That's what I was referring to when I first asked. It's like the back top of his head is all folded or something. I'm not very good at explaining exactly what I mean though.

No. 341780

The only online parents who I can think of that are worse than Brittany and Brandon are the parents from the YouTube channel DaddyOFive and they abused their kids in every which way possible. And guess what? The kids were taken away from them. So I hope the Buells don't become so abusive, but they're getting there.

No. 341844

W0W This is really…disturbing how can anyone say that there is a happy bouncing baby in that video…do these people not know what distress looks like? I mean he has no brain and distress is caused by outside stimuli so he can feel I guess?

No. 341965

I think that he has enough brain power and vision to sense light and I think that light is very painful for him. It triggers his seizures and makes him upset. But his parents still think he's having a good time when he's clearly in pain.

No. 341971

I think it's emptiness. The skin is folded up there and it's literally just air.

No. 342063

On the 'JSRE' page I saw someone float a pretty good theory that there's a crossover with people who like lifelike dolls. He's like the perfect baby doll: giant blue eyes, blond curls, can't move or fight back. He's completely blank as a personality so the audience feverishly projects a persona onto him, aided by his parents who resent having him and want to make sure that a) other parents have to keep these children and b) that they be as financially compensated as possible.

No. 342171

Is there a Hartley Hooligans part 4 thread? I looked all through the boards, but can't seem to find one. I just don't wanna create a new thread if there's already an existing one that isn't closed.

No. 342196


forever baby

No. 342265

The third one's closed and there is not a fourth one. I think people got bored with posting about them.

No. 342280

I can't see anything doll like either, he is missing a skull cap and its pretty obvious he has some physical abnormalities as well (bulging eyes)

No. 342282


Never understood this whole fascination so many of these types have with miracle veggie children. Like, are we supposed to feel sorry for them? And of course it's all wonderous and Christian or whatever, to keep basically a husk alive so that they can have groupie sessions on FB. People are strange.

No. 342600

Ah. Thank you for letting me know!

No. 342836

The fans are so naïve. They don't seem to be aware that she is right and that Jaxon really was having a seizure. That's the problem with commenting in a comment's section. You have to agree with majority opinion because if you don't you get a lot of vitriol, even if your viewpoint is right.

No. 343565

People are obsessed with the disabled kids because they want to see them survive and break a record for the longest living kids with their disorders. This doesn't mean that the kids want to break that record. They're only surviving, not thriving.

No. 343636

I think the parents caught on quickly to the fact that flashes of light will cause some sort of reaction (and in his case, any sort of reaction that he has on his own is good enough) so they've used it to the fullest extent. You'll notice in their very last video (where daddy is reading to him) there are flashes of light here and there. But the kid is so doped up, all he does is drool and yawn.
In the earlier videos the parents took advantage of his pressure points in order to fool their audience. It is blatantly obvious in quite a few videos. This was at their peak of "Jaxploitation" and their idiot fans just ate it up. I doubt we will ever see another video ever again. My guess is that the infantile spasms back in October really did him in and he has been steadily declining ever since.
A few weeks ago, the mother posted on her personal Facebook page asking for prayers because Jaxon couldn't handle his feeds.
When babies are dying, they'll eat less because their bodies are gradually shutting down and they don't need anymore fuel. Then they'll usually experience "end of life seizures" where they'll stiffen up for minutes at a time. Once that happens, they will pass away within 3 days.
Some people think Jaxon has already kicked the bucket. I always wondered if the Buells would attempt a final Go Fund Me collection for burial expenses (one final attempt to cash in on their "miracle"). I also guessed that the press would be all over the story. I'm sure the Grandparents won't be able to keep quiet either.
Only time will tell.

No. 343655

Good point. She hasn't posted anything in three weeks.

No. 343703

Why does only one of his eyes have eyelashes here? He usually has such long and thick lashes on BOTH eyes….

No. 344272

He looks so uncomfortable…that screeching is not even human he is just BEGGING to die

No. 344427

If it's the fundraiser I'm thinking of it was actually instigated by the grandfather of Jaxon.

A man who just so happens to be a super conservative, fire and brimstone teacher who insists on including biblical elements in the classroom.

No. 344429

These people are just vile- they know full well that Jaxon is almost constantly seizing and they have no problem with exposing him to triggering situations as it can make him seem more aware than he really is.

So when he isn't doped up to the eyeballs they explain his movements away with saying how he's excited or whatever (like with the keyboard video).

And because the way he vocalises during his seizures sounds like words (I love you etc) they also claim he is talking and people seriously eat that shit right up.

So having him seizing and so on works in their favour.

But, unlike the Hartley's (who are a fucking mess too) these people aren't delusional, they <i>know</i> the kid is a veggie who can only basically experience pain and discomfort and they don't give a shit because they've pulled in <i>easily</i> well over $100,000 in donations.

At least the Hartley's, as crazy as they are, seem to have legitimate warmth towards their kids and interact with them etc.

I have a feeling that Jaxon is just propped up in that chair against a wall somewhere when he's not on camera and ignored until his parents want to buy some new gadget.
Then he gets rolled out again… fucking pathetic really.

The cherry on the top? Even though the parents considered abortion, they went ahead with the pregnancy anyway and now tour the "pro life" circuit touting Jaxon as a miracle baby and pulling in even more bucks.

sage for incandescent rage

No. 344442

File: 1498911809733.jpg (25.26 KB, 384x552, 19420438_336224740143024_85422…)

He has a pretty nasty looking stye on that eye, probably related to that.

Apparently Brittany is selling her rings on an FB group. Did they burn through all the cash they raked in? Are the Buells splitting? Who knows

No. 344759

Is it just me or is her posturing? Looks like decorticate rigidity.

Just pull the plug on that fucking kid ffs.

No. 349830

I heard about Jaxon like I did the Hartleys - they popped up on my recommended Instagram feeds page.

The difference is stark. I've worked with kids like Lola and Claire before - they are very disabled, but they get a kick out of sensory play and interaction; but I've never met a child as disabled as Jaxon. I can tell seizures apart from spasms and movements, and this poor kid is having them all the damn time. His parents have no conscience.

No. 350253

I know that a lot of couples with disabled kids have strain on their relationships because of the stress of parenting such debilitated children so their relationships fail. So maybe the Buells are cracking under that stress too.

No. 351839

Even the news reporters claimed that he was normal. They fell for him saying "I love you" even though it was obvious that he was just making weird noises.

No. 352823

I read about the survivor of HI who gave birth. Her name was Stephanie Marie Turner, and she had two children. Unfortunately, she died in March of this year.

No. 353294

He's been dying ever since he was born, despite the fact that his parents have been telling the media that he's been making progress. The media goes along with their delusions, even though most people know that he only knows how to scream and seize. When Jaxon finally does die, his parents will be so disappointed because they lived on the false hope that their son would survive.

No. 354562

kek they have no delusions of him living. Which is why they're trying to exploit him as much as they can while he's still alive. It's all part of the con.

No. 354570

i was going to post this in the thread requests thread, but feel like it belongs more here since it's pretty specific and relates to jaxon and the hartleys. has anyone seen this youtube channel?

I've binge watched the videos and if you want a spell of eugenics-induced anger similar to what you get from looking at jaxon, some of these are really on par. link is to the first video of his i watched, i also feel bad but cant help getting a strange vibe from him

No. 355596

I have mixed feelings on the guy's channel. On one hand, you have videos like this https://youtu.be/T61CO5p534Q which seem like important advocacy for a group that is sometimes treated badly for no reason despite being fairly capable.

On the other hand, you have situations like this https://youtu.be/Ayt465ueRgM that are absolutely sickening. I'm surprised they didn't moderate the comments, because not all of the viewers are buying this fake uplifting crap. Anyone willing to go to these lengths to prove 'every child is a miracle and abortion is always wrong always' is a disgusting excuse for a human being.

No. 357920

File: 1500780528494.png (64.82 KB, 750x1334, IMG_6142.PNG)

does anyone know what happened to the jaxon strong: reality exposed Facebook? it seems to have been taken down

No. 357940

The Buell's did begin legal steps, cease and desist I think, a letter threatening legal action in the future. Perhaps that has eventuated.

No. 358174

I also get a weird vibe from this guy, I think it's the way he speaks and acts like he's kind of soulless sometimes, and I have a feeling he might be doing this as some kind of anti-abortion propaganda

No. 358224

i've met the guy before at a fundraiser/walk for the cure type deal. he's extremely kind, and doesn't speak like that in person. part of the reason, i assume, is because the children he's talking to are hard of hearing/special needs in some way. The Buell's and that other family (with the two girls) are using their social media to make their kids out to be normal, functioning humans. the guy who does "special books for special kids" is literally just trying to make the kids FEEL normal.

No. 358506

I can tell this girl is a human by her autonomy, emotion and speech, so despite her appearance she doesn't disgust me like the HH sisters and Buell do. But yeah, this guy is weird

No. 358766

yeah, the guy seems really genuine and after watching some of the videos i find it hard to dislike him. at first i found him purely unsettling but past the cheesiness of his videos he's honestly kinda sweet. there's also quite a few videos he's done with people who are high-functioning, or simply have physical deformities, and have good quality of life. he did one with this kid who has a brain tumor as well as one for a guy with PTSD. so not all of it is shitty "every life is valuable even if theyre a genetic fuckup basically dead and suffering" kinda bullshit. while a lot of the videos were honestly kinda sweet, a few of them made me support eugenics (when it comes to severe disability) even more than i already do.

a lot of the kids on the channel seem really sweet and i do feel bad for a lot of them because they're actually human. fucked up brain or not, at least they have one. i find it hard to feel this same kind of sympathy for jaxon or the hh sisters just because they aren't even alive. if anything, watching some of the videos made me feel more sympathy for the kids who actually need help. the "donations" to jaxon strong should have gone to researching or treating disorders like in vid related. people just overlook that in favor of SPESHUL MIRACLE BABBY THAT DOCTORS TOLD ME TO ABORT.

No. 361774

yeah, some of them I actually really like but then there's ones like this…

No. 362078

Who is he & what happened? What caused the tbi? Who was he before that happened? Can he use that eagle eye program the hartley hooligans got? Seems like he can move his eyes.

No. 362116

The poor bugger has no brain to speak of except for the basic limbic system (correct term?) which keeps his heart beating and his lungs drawing in and expelling air etc but he's not capable of anything more than that.

He definitely can't see, the only reason he appears to be looking around and interacting with his environment is because he is seizing almost continuously and that causes his eyes, face and body to move.

He has no ability to retain information, form memories, communicate, feel safe/unsafe, loved or comforted or anything really.

He can't interact with the outside world because it doesn't exist for him in any way.

Unfortunately it appears that the poor creature does experience pain… How's that for a bum hand

Imagine, a constant stream of pain with no point of reference, no beginning that only ends when he finally dies.

And all the while his pos parents smile and coo at him as he seizes, literally laughing at his pain and pretending that he is expressing happiness so they can continue with their disgusting charade.

Ignoring his immediate needs is essential because documenting his pain is what allows them to make bank.

The thought that these fucktards legit wait to film jaxon until he's in the depths of a severe seizure- because it's when he's most animated- blows my fucking mind.
But intentionally allowing their child to suffer needlessly is the surest way to mislead others into believing that his involuntary sounds and movements are him exhibiting progress because ~muh miracle babby~

And that means lots of gullible bucks for them.

Saged for needless rant, but these people really make my blood boil

No. 362447

>>362116 Informative post about Jaxon! My questions were about the Garett guy in the above video, sorry about the confusion!

No. 362468

Whoops haha
Sorry, I just don't think straight with these fuckers, all I can do is froth madly at the mouth and now they've cost me the ability to grasp basic context and subject matter
Does their evil know no bounds?!

Sage for being a hurr durr

No. 362670

It's not stated explicitly, but from the video it seems like he had a brain injury that essentially prevents him from moving consciously? So unlike Jaxon he wasn't born that way. I guess he must've been in an accident or something- pretty sad :/

No. 363470

I believe the boy in this video died a few days ago.

No. 366399

Garett is still alive.

No. 369224

Yay! Good to hear. Where did you get info on Garett? There weren't any links on the video.

No. 369228

sage your derailing. this thread is about the Buells.

No. 370361


One positive thing I will say about Garrett is that he isn't afraid to get close to severely disabled or disfigured people. I have a friend with Crouzon's and have literally seen people go out of their way to avoid her. It makes me so angry.

No. 370362


My bad, got names mixed up. Garrett is the disabled guy in the last video, I meant the one going around meeting all the disabled kids.

No. 372061

Chris Ulmer AKA Malibu Ken

No. 376354

Jaxon turns 3 next Sunday: 8/27
Does anyone know if he's still alive or not?
Considering how media-hungry the parents were when he was born - I can't imagine they would turn down the chance to draw some more attention (i.e. Lots of $$$) since this is quite a milestone. 3 years of living like an iguana!! Blinking, breathing, occasionally opening the mouth and sticking his tongue out to catch a bug…

No. 376389

no posts since June, and the 'reality exposed' community is still not around that I can see and I can't find any news items. it looks like his parents have complete control of the narrative now. he hasn't been seen in public or on facebook for a long time so I'd guess he's doing badly.

No. 378887

Iguanas are worlds beyond Jaxon.

No. 379024

>>376389 My best guess are the buells are splitting & quibbling on how to divide the $$ they already made rather than post new videos for new pity bucks. Once they agree on how to divide the potato cash we'll see more updates.

No. 379107

agree. didn't she post her ring set for sale? it's a shame the jsre page is gone, I saw it there.

No. 380413

No. 380602


His third birthday is Sunday the 27th. If they don't make a celebratory FB post…

No. 381219

File: 1503883688112.png (1.01 MB, 800x1045, Screenshot_2017-08-27-18-26-28…)

No. 381231

he's not sucking on that dummy, his mouth is hanging open. shoving props into him when they are not shoving him into braces and chairs.

No. 381243

Everytime I see this poor kid's face it makes my temples throb. It's not his fault for existing, but god. How miserable.

No. 382822

This guy has evangelical nutjob written all over him. It's fucking disgusting and exploitative. Sure, disabled kids who can actually communicate (and want to!) should be given a platform but this is something else and you can smell the agenda a mile away.

No. 382839

Okay, I know who this kid is. I'm part of a facebook group the mom is in. She runs a blog and talks about her and her son's experience. The kid is named Samuel and has a fatal form of dwarfism that very, very few children actually survive.

Anyways, the mom is a bit of a hardcore Christian, so it's not surprising.

No. 382921

Nah this guy is a special ed teacher who supports disability, mental illness, and LGBT kids. Not a creepy fundamentalist Christian at all… but yeah he totally comes across as a high on god's love type

No. 382924

This dude is a genuinely nice guy, he just tries to see the good in bad situations which is something you can't fault him for.

No. 382948


This dude is creepy as fuck. I don't know WHAT his deal is, but it isn't honest. Just look at those creepy blue contacts and fake ass teeth.

No. 382969

Anon, those are just blue eyes, lmao.
There are far better reasons to find him creepy. One example is when he was talking to a kid that was otherwise normal, but was physically impaired. He asked if he had the same urges as 'any other 16 year old'?
It was awkward.

No. 383047

This guy clearly has an anti-abortion agenda whether he's a fundamentalist or not. If he doesn't he's profoundly naive for giving all these fundie parents a platform to parade their little bundles of suffering.

No. 383113

Something about the way he talks and laughs is so creepy. I'm sure he's doing some kind of technique that helps him better interact with disabled kids but it sounds so weird and soulless. And yeah, definitely an anti-abortion vibe. If it wasn't they wouldn't have included the parts about refusing an abortion

No. 383139

He just tries really hard to seem completely at ease around these horribly disabled kids when he clearly isn't. I'm not saying he should be treading on eggshells but trying to treat a severely mentally disabled child like any other child is frankly ridiculous.

No. 383251

Sadly, if there was less easy money to be had either as parents receiving government handouts or people who bogusly try to work with these severely stunted children, a lot more people would be supportive of abortion.
It's true that many people only help severely handicapped and impaired children for money.
It's also true that many will resort to keeping the children alive as long as possible, even against their best interests, for money.

This man strikes me as disingenuous, and ultimately self-serving.
It's like I appreciate the (intended) exposure of having these children's voices being heard >>358766 when they're evidently conscious and feeling.
Yet there's videos like >>361774 and the one he did with the Hooligans where all he's doing is projecting emotions onto the children in order to manipulate the viewers.

I don't believe someone who advocates for the quality of life of children would ever compare the state of the Hooligan girls to girls like Lauren >>354570, and say there's no difference when there is.

No. 383261


his face looks bloated to me. i wonder if his kidneys are functioning well? that second, blurry picture of him is really disturbing; his eyes are going in two different directions.

if there is a god, this kid will die painlessly in his sleep. this is beyond cruel. you can see that he would have been a cute kid. it's just depressing as shit.

No. 383410

All the meds I'm sure he needs to survive will have done a number on his kidneys by now.
And if there's a god I'm sure he is having a good laugh.

No. 385152

Do you think once the Buells start hitting the media again Jaxon will do an interview with Chris Ulmer? How do you think that'll play out?

No. 388750

Wouldn't that be special?
"Hi Jaxon! Right there is a camera. The whole world can see you!"

Twitch, twitch. Gurgle.

"What's something you'd like to tell people about you? You're very special, Jaxon."


No. 392707

Then Jaxons parents will insist on putting Jaxon in the stander & turning on the rave lights. Jaxon will seizure and flop about like a dying fish. Ulmer will marvel at Jaxons dancing then adorn Jaxon with glow sticks so he's a shimmying Christmas Tree. Then Ulmer turns on some music & starts grooving. Ulmer will declare them "best dance buds 5-ever" then Ulmer will grin ear to ear and stare sentimentally into the camera for 2.5 minutes while mustering up a single tear for the grand finally.

No. 598085

Jaxon is currently staying at a children’s hospital. I wonder if his separated parents are paying for his medical bills.

No. 598153

I know that has been rumoured in the KF thread recently, but has any proof come forward?

It seems logical that's where he'd be as I can't see either of them bothering to care for him out of love, and they have dissolved the nonprofit.

No. 598230

Fucking obviously. Did you miss the part where he has nothing more than some brain stem?

No. 598236

He has no concept of love. He has no idea he's alive.

No. 598333

Ok but why are you arguing with year-old, banned users?

No. 954095

File: 1586002924520.jpg (158.29 KB, 984x1252, jaxon.jpg)

No. 972232

File: 1589191024464.png (916.68 KB, 590x562, js pic by aunt mar 24 2020.PNG)

Almost all obit posts and News reports showed the more flattering earlier pics of him than his current ones.

No. 972288

God, he looks neglected.

No. 972311

File: 1589205998573.png (658.33 KB, 544x1560, mar 24 post.png)

Found the original post. Apparently he also had pneumonia. Probably got it after DNR.
I just can't believe his death is so recent, just a month ago it happened. I assumed he died a long time ago. Heck even Lola's death feels like a distant memory. What pissed me off is that media in it's reporting of his death keeps calling him a miracle child with milestones and inspiration. Plus they presented Brandon's post about Jaxon dying in his arm. What a farce. Shame that the other side of the story remains obscure and could be found only here and on Kiwifarms.

No. 972315

File: 1589206795504.png (244.42 KB, 542x350, 2017 vs 2019.png)

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