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File: 1427702832905.jpg (398.44 KB, 789x600, lol.jpg)

No. 21084

Victoria Campbell.

Tumblr: http://theproserpina.tumblr.com/
Instagram: https://instagram.com/theproserpina/
Etsy: https://www.etsy.com/shop/theoccultemporium

Bitch photoshops herself to hell and back, has a sleeve of portraits of serial killers on her arms so everyone is reminded that she has quirky interests, makes shitty jewelry and sells it to idiots for $40+ and is generally obnoxious. She lives in a cottage by herself that her parents pay for, has no job, is receiving a disability pension for her "mental health issues" and posts online about how sad and depressed she is all of the time.

No. 21085

File: 1427702932581.jpg (104.6 KB, 640x640, tumblr_nigi1pQv3l1tktmygo1_128…)

She photoshops her massive chin shorter.

No. 21086

File: 1427703077899.jpg (240.24 KB, 618x419, wow.jpg)

photoshops her ass off for some reason

No. 21087

File: 1427703134900.jpg (146.59 KB, 530x312, heffer.jpg)

She had gastric lap-band surgery, photo on the left is her before surgery.

No. 21088

File: 1427703203129.jpg (350.75 KB, 1280x960, tumblr_nkz7o6mMSw1qce8rpo1_128…)

She looks like a drag queen.

No. 21089

File: 1427703243175.jpg (70.62 KB, 500x498, tumblr_mjfq2y5XOv1rsnhiko1_500…)

one of very edgy tattoos.

No. 21090

File: 1427703287566.jpg (53.73 KB, 500x500, tumblr_mozo4la9U91rsnhiko1_500…)

Imagine have this monstrosity on your arm for the rest of your life and having to explain it to anyone that sees it.

No. 21091

File: 1427703350231.jpg (392.5 KB, 384x596, tattoos.jpg)

Her reason for getting a whole bunch of serial killers on her body.

No. 21092

File: 1427703412978.jpg (102.08 KB, 341x538, tumblr_nktyrynasz1tktmygo2_400…)

She photoshops candids with other people and gets them all to upload her photoshopped version.

No. 21093

She's built like a midget.

No. 21094

Those lips are a joke.

No. 21095

File: 1427703772537.jpg (716.12 KB, 1280x1139, tumblr_nl3f9yvaiC1qce8rpo1_128…)

Girl is such a mess.

No. 21096

Is she wearing flesh coloured granny panties?

No. 21097

>"people go out and get fucking roses on them. skulls. fairies. love hearts. even names of their boyfriends who they'll be split from in a month or two. i didn't want that shit."
>implying the faces of serial killers are in so much better taste

No. 21098

Why would you tattoo 2 ugly ass white dudes on yourself? Fuck what they did, they just look hideous.

No. 21099

So she was a fat spoiled porker and now she's just a fat spoiled skid mark. Cute.

No. 21100

File: 1427705111580.jpg (60.35 KB, 500x500, shittytattoos.jpg)

i agree, even if they were well-done it's still just a bunch of gross old dudes on her arm.

No. 21101

This is so fucking stupid I can't even. Not only are the tattoos themselves of ugly guy, but who would ever take her seriously with a bunch of serial killers on her goddamn arm? Her rationale for getting them makes no sense either, why not just get a bunch of books? At least that isn't offensive to people.

Bitches who get off to serial killers and try to act edgy by liking them really annoy me. Any serial killer stuff on tumblr is full of girls who try to look hardcore by pretending to want to fuck serial killers who have been dead for decades now. It's ridiculously pathetic.

No. 21102

manson is still alive, but yeah. she's an annoying, fat cunt.

No. 21103

I love true crime, but can't understand why you'd want a rogues gallery inked on your skin. She's going to get sick of staring at those when the novelty wears off.

No. 21104

File: 1427729121359.jpg (62.04 KB, 500x667, jfc.jpg)

her friends must hate her to not tell her how shitty her make up looks

No. 21105

At that point it no longer looks like contour, it looks like fucking war paint.

No. 21106

She could have prevented both of these issues by buying shorts that actually fit.

No. 21107

Fat girls who get surgery to lose weight and then become insufferable cunts. It's hilarious.

No. 21108

I'm not one to wish bad things on people, but how crazy would it be if this bitch got caught up in something bad and ended up being a victim to the things she glorifies so much?

Honestly, i have no sympathy for someone to incredibly disrespectful for the people who suffered because of these vile pieces of shit.

No. 21109

How the fuck did she get approved for bariatric surgery at that weight at her age? That's for like 400+ people. She couldn't have been much over 200. 6 months of diet and exercise would've fixed that. Too much work I guess.

No. 21110

Thats exactly what I was wondering. The other day my mom was telling me how her friend has a daughter who was 250 so she got the lap band surgery. I was so confused and wondered if she was diagnosed as having an actual addiction to food and if it involved obsessive compulsive behaviors towards eating so they decided to intervene early on before she got any fatter. If you can't control your eating habits for whatever reason and don't/can't exercise I see why this may be necessary, but other wise I can't excuse not exercising or having invasive surgery like this.

No. 21111

That's how I feel.

Maybe she was already presenting with health issues? I find it strange too, supposedly they aren't supposed to do it for people who are merely overweight or slightly obese, which she looked to be. I think they are starting to do it more often to try to curb obesity rates but even then, she was so young it seems strange to me. Then again I think if her parents were willing to pony up the money maybe she was allowed?

No. 21112

No. 21113

i read that she gained the weight really quickly and she said, "i was on my way to dying if i didn't get the surgery". i'm trying to find the screenshot now. she weighed 106kg at her highest weight

No. 21114

i hate how she posts all the compliments she gets publicly. she has anonymous comments turned off because she apparently used to get a lot of anon hate, so she posts every generic thing in her inbox publicly instead of replying privately. it makes no sense, because she receives so many, "i love ur hair, omg for get about the haters you're beautiful the way u are!!!!!!!" messages, they all lose their meaning. she obviously still hates herself and compliments from strangers about your appearance or the way you act online are so empty and don't mean anything.

No. 21115

She looks kinda cute without make-up. It's insane how much she piles onto her face.

No. 21116

>Then again I think if her parents were willing to pony up the money maybe she was allowed?
In general, if you can afford to pay the price, you can find a doctor who will do the procedure as long as it's not completely illegal. Most of the rules for lapband surgery are in regards to whether or not insurance will pay for it and yeah, a good doctor is supposed to advise against it for someone who isn't morbidly obese, but there are ways to work around rules like that.

No. 21117


That's actually a style called "deathrock". You should google it. I'm not defending her at all but the makeup is explainable. Hahahaha.

No. 21118

But, anon, they're serial killers!! Don't you see how cool and edgy and punkgothsatanist it makes her??

No. 21119

File: 1427927173001.jpg (96.8 KB, 493x165, bawwwwww.jpg)


No. 21120

Haha. This just made my day. What an insufferable cunt.

No. 21121

Wow what a poor lifestyle decision.

No. 21122

I live in Queensland and frequently go near where she lives because she is near Nimbin (weed country in New South Wales). I'm pretty sure I know where her property is and I'm pretty sure it has a main house where her parents live.. I'm going there in 2 weeks I'll try and suss it out.

Also, I work in private health and pretty much anyone with $$$ who is 'obese' can get a gastric bypass. It's about $25 000 total (in a private hospital) without health insurance. It's free if you are on the public list if you meet the category 1 or 2 severity.

No. 21123

if i remember correctly she found the house she's currently living in on gumtree. it belongs to an older lady, and victoria explained her current situation (she's living with "mental health issues" and on a pension so isn't able to work, wah wah wah) to the lady and she let her live there?

No. 21124

File: 1427930703240.jpg (45.48 KB, 494x92, yourhairsux.jpg)

you think after spending three hours curling your hair it might look semi-okay.

No. 21125

File: 1427930986170.jpg (82.1 KB, 496x146, yeahokay.jpg)

it's very cool and trendy to have a personality disorder, but boy, three personality disorders? this girl must be like a shiny pokemon or something, so unique, so special.

No. 21126

new drinking game: every time victoria replies to an ask with the words "magnificent", "wonderful", "lovely", "sweet pea", "no you are" take a shot

No. 21127

Add "little dove" to that list bc apparently being just like cersei lannister is a good thing?

No. 21128

thats not what she's going for at all though

she looks like she's trying to make her face slimmer with contouring and doesn't know how to blend, kinda like Belinda

No. 21129

As someone who is extremely interested with serial killers, this kinda shit always baffles me. Like this shit is just 5edgym3 bruh.

No. 21130

she wants to be a criminologist as well. can you imagine working in that sort of career with those tattoos on your body? she would be the absolute laughing stock of her colleagues. "you have tattoos that are glorified portraits of serial killers on your arm. hmmm yes, okay you got the job!"

No. 21131

She would never, ever get hired with that shit on her arm. Plus I think girls like that tend to drop out pretty quickly once they realized criminology isn't all about being edgy and praising long dead serial killers.

No. 21132

I highly doubt any job would hire her with those tattoos. They'd probably want to give her a psych test.

No. 21133

I'm dying.
God people can be fucking dumb.

No. 21134


I doubt her knowledge goes beyond the 3 BBC documentaries she saw on youtube.

No. 21135

LOL did anyone watch the three videos she uploaded addressed to "her haters". haha such a myspace 2006 thing to do.

No. 21136

Her tumblr is like a shrine to herself with every single compliment being posted publicly, all complete with the exact same cloned reply, "no you are, you magnificent little dove angel!". Does anyone else think that's a super narcissistic thing to do?

No. 21137

File: 1427973064428.jpg (196.45 KB, 500x667, bkhb.jpg)

No. 21138

File: 1427973118283.jpg (212.89 KB, 500x734, JmlImNg.jpg)

Homegirl could benefit from photoshop lessons

No. 21139

she admits to photoshopping her pictures, so i don't get why everyone kisses her ass, telling her how perfect and gorgeous she is? people even defend her, "omg so what if you photoshop yourself? people are just jealous!" essentially they're complimenting someone completely made up and fake, and she's lapping it up. it makes no sense at all. girl is so deranged and her follows are as vapid and boring as she is.

No. 21140

>bpd, hpd, and apb

Borderline, histrionic, and antisocial? Those certainly fit…

No. 21141


For a while I thought it stood for avoidant personality disorder and was like oh well that's not too bad but now oh lol… How old is this bitch again? 21?? For real??? Who the hell would even proudly say that they're antisocial???????? Sorry to use such a weeb term but that's chuuni as fuck. Is being this edgy actually acceptable on tumblr? Jesus…

No. 21142

She didn't even get anybody cool like Gary Gilmore or Tim McVeigh. It's all just losers.

No. 21143

As if she knows who these two are….

I get the Gein tattoo, I even get the Manson, but why Dahmer, that corpse fucking faggot? Like how does a straight girl identify with him?

No. 21144

Eh not defending this girl but I openly state I'm antisocial.

Not to be 2edgy5u, but so people understand that when I'm refusing to spend time/have long convos with them it's not because I dislike them.

I just hate socializing, couldn't tell you why. Always feels like I'm wasting my time, I'd rather sit alone watching paint dry.

Not to say this girl isn't just using it for edgelord status, I just don't think its so weird to tell people.

No. 21145

Sorry, realized you may have meant it as in "why would you proudly state you have antisocial personality disorder", which is obviously a bit different.

you can disregard my post, im a total derp

No. 21146

uh…anti social personality disorder doesn't mean you don't want to socialize. it means you are a sociopath LOL

No. 21147

Do girls who overly do their lip makeup like that get acne around their mouth? Serious question I see the way some girls like her do that and I cant help but wonder if it clogs the pores around there.

No. 21148

they're all trash

No. 21149

No. 21150

File: 1428034546248.jpg (66.95 KB, 500x143, wawhwahwahwah.jpg)

no one's saying you should die, just that your tattoos and personality suck and you're not a special snowflake because you have depression masked as three personality disorders.

No. 21151

File: 1428034670493.jpg (103.21 KB, 400x595, tumblr_nm6ullIBco1tktmygo1_400…)

juny-business posted this photo and i'm stealing it to put here. victoria posted a series of videos to "her haters" claiming she looks exactly the same in her videos as her pictures and doesn't photoshop herself "that much" LOL

No. 21152

File: 1428034795942.jpg (368.7 KB, 1280x1280, tumblr_nm6xa0xfTX1tktmygo3_128…)

her lips look so bad. photo on the left is from her video to her ~*~HATERS*~*~*

No. 21153

If you go back in her archive she posts about wanting to be promoted so she gets more followers and constantly re-blogs her selfies so that they receive more notes. Now that she has so many followers she's so much more obsessed with herself and has to keep up this stupid facade of being a magical satanic "weird" girl; getting dressed up to take photos of herself. She was waaaaaaaaay more obnoxious back in the day and treated her followers like shit. I love how she has this huge victim complex now. Like she's saying she didn't ask for this popularity, she's just living her online fantasy life. Girl, you wanted this fame and with internet fame comes people scrutinizing your terrible personality and bad photoshops. Deal with it.

No. 21154

Thank you, it seems like a good 99.99% of people online think it means you like to stay home reading rather than being the center of attention at a party

No. 21155

Those moterfucking thunder thighs. Holy shit. You'd think she'd have an ass with all that thickness in her stumpy legs.

No. 21156

she does look a lot like her pictures though

No. 21157

she photoshops her eyes bigger and her chin smaller and photoshops her body to make herself look thinner.

No. 21158

File: 1428036056323.jpg (95.82 KB, 500x631, lmao.jpg)

old photo.

No. 21159

File: 1428036179099.webm (2.02 MB, 360x640, theproserpinatumblrcompost1152…)

I didn't say exactly, but in comparison to the majority of the other cows here, she looks the most like her shoops

No. 21160

>implying anyone would make an entire forum dedicated to her

anyways, calling her fake isn't bullying, that's just the truth. she photoshops herself anorexic, she slathers on ten pounds of makeup for every selfie, she's self-diagnosed with three different special snowflake mental disorders, her fashion sense is a bad hodgepodge of every goff tumblr-trend she can glom onto…

when I look at this girl, all I can see is a desperate big and beautiful chick who probably thirsted for attention from her peers for years.
But rather than shed the weight through actual effort, she opted for surgery like the weak-willed basic bitch she is.
now that she's got their attention–oh, but only with the aid of photoshop, war paint, ~edgy~ costumes and extensions–she thinks she's the new and improved Felice Fawn, deserving all the adulation that her 14-year-old fanbase can muster. Her ego could be compared to an enormous soap bubble, fragile enough to be popped with the most miniscule effort despite its improbable size.

vicky, little dove, I'm sure you'll read this at some point: you're nobody special. just another plain jane shrieking for attention.

if you weren't such a tryhard, you wouldn't even have a thread here. but you probably secretly love this, don't you? an entire gossipy mob you get to listen in on, a conversation revolving around ~you~. plus, even better!! you get to brag about it for sympathy points. I bet even now, some gullible babybat is writing you an message along the lines of: 'gosh how terrible! what bullies! you poor brave martyred sensitive soul'
and you eat that kind of shit up like it's a substitute for the calorie-laden treats that made you a whale in the first place.

what the hell does this girl do to even live off of? is she a welfare leech? does she mooch off a boyfriend or something? spoon-feed me, I have no desire to waste my time researching this insufferable cunt.

No. 21161

she really looks so much prettier without shooping

i wouldnt even shoop if i was her, her body isnt that bad and her face looks super pretty there (w/o makeup, not so much)

she can avoid all this namecalling

No. 21162

File: 1428036429311.webm (6.93 MB, 360x640, theproserpinatumblrcompost1152…)

No. 21163

she live by herself in a rented cottage that her parents pay for. she's living off a disability pension for her "debilitating mental issues" RE: depression. if she got a job i'm sure her life would improve 200%. seriously, all she does is sit online and whine about how sad she is and how no one loves her and wah wah wah. she's not contributing anything to society, she's so obsessed with herself and attacks anyone who gives her advice on bettering her situation.

No. 21164

i think she is quite pretty, needs to lay off on that terrible contouring but her personality is honestly so disgusting. i'm so sick of people whining about how much their life sucks to their followers online and getting praised for doing absolutely nothing except for taking photos of herself.

No. 21165

File: 1428038655409.jpg (173.79 KB, 447x750, formal.jpg)

No. 21166

no1 notices

No. 21167

Ugh… I would stick this finger right in her stinky shithole.

No. 21168

File: 1428041668429.jpg (36.09 KB, 443x89, mytaxesarepayingforthisbitch.j…)

No. 21169

File: 1428041758809.jpg (101.92 KB, 500x667, tumblr_inline_muwe39SO9O1r9w1k…)

No. 21170

File: 1428043079376.jpeg (6.66 KB, 300x300, pic.php.jpeg)

No. 21171

ew ew

No. 21172

She's so unattractive. Wow.

No. 21173

top kek

No. 21174

The word you're looking for is "asocial."

No. 21175

File: 1428050602426.jpg (80.03 KB, 502x132, ocd.jpg)

Wow, her blog is a goldmine.

No. 21176

kek this is so myspace

No. 21177

File: 1428055612302.jpg (40.72 KB, 469x63, compliments.jpg)

No. 21178

File: 1428055680041.jpg (37.03 KB, 382x58, complimentssuck.jpg)

No. 21179

File: 1428055751904.jpg (51.49 KB, 505x111, centrelink.jpg)

No. 21180

File: 1428055962851.jpg (274.89 KB, 505x327, yesokay.jpg)

contradicting her other reply for getting serial killers tattooed on herself. tbh i think she got them tattooed on her because she wanted to be edgy. once everyone told her fucked it up was, she started regretting her decision and began grasping at straws to try and find any sort of reason to justify getting such a shit thing tattooed on her body.

No. 21181

File: 1428056023822.jpg (110.48 KB, 513x155, whatagoodidea.jpg)

No. 21182

File: 1428056578915.jpg (69.83 KB, 502x94, givememoney.jpg)

she has a gofundme page set up six months ago, asking for money so she could go on some holiday to europe. this is what she posted:

"Hi guys,
So… i’ve set up a gofundme page for my trip to Europe.
Obviously it is totally up to you whether you want to donate.
I don’t mind whether you do or you don’t… I’m not forcing anyone nor do i expect anyone. This is purely a “fuck it, i may aswell try” kind of thing…
I understand there are so many other people in the world who deserve your money more than i do. Trust me, i understand.

And before you judge me, maybe open your minds and read what i have to say.

I’m adding the link to my description and i’m posting it here.
If i end up raising enough, i will be going to Sweden, Norway and over to London (plus other places around). But predominantly Sweden… as its my dream place and i really am visiting to decide whether to move there or not.

anyway, i’m ranting… "

she ended up raising $69 before she cashed the cheque and hasn't posted anything about wanting to go to europe since.

No. 21183

We're not better than serial killers because everyone bullies in real life. Ooookay.

No. 21184

Shit, some 20 year old was going to marry him (Yes, him, serial killer Charles Manson) last year. I don't have any deets but it was on the news

No. 21185



No. 21186

Oh my god. What. So she's comparing Albert Fish raping and chopping up little children and eating them and then sending letters to their parents describing how delicious their children's buttocks were.. to sitting on the internet?

This girl is a literal piece of shit. Oh my god.

No. 21187

lol so edgy

No. 21188

oh my god she is so insufferable ugh everybody knows about the original little red riding hood being dark

No. 21189

No. 21190

File: 1428077627275.jpg (110.91 KB, 638x678, image.jpg)

>hundreds of enemies

No. 21191

maybe if you have hundreds of enemies and people who hate you, you should start examining your own behavior more critically…
Hundreds of people are not going to single out and persecute an individual for no fucking reason. that's a red flag signifying that she ought to start reconsidering her behavior.

'I can't change myself' is different from 'I refuse to change myself', and the fact that she doesn't see a difference just shows what a self-indulgent brat she is. if you're fucking twenty-one, you're an adult. you don't have an excuse to act like a whiny teenager anymore.

No. 21192

To be honest, I agree with this. She shouldnt change if she doesnt want to and is of no physical harm to herself or others. Yeah, the shit she's spewing is immature but so is 99% of tumblr. Who gives a shit if she photoshops or got skinny via surgery.

People like ashley are deserving of a thread, if only so we're able to get her help. People like scamanda are deserving of a thread, because her tard antics have let her get away with scamming. Even someone like kiki is fairly lolcow justified.

this girl is just any other tumblr girl. Nothing extra specially lolcow. I wouldn't be surprised if this thread was being fueled largely by one or two anons, considering the oddly fast posting rate compared to the norm for this board or other threads.

honestly, despite that they're much more extreme, at least cow comes up with consistent, usually lol worthy milk. This board recently has been nothing but grasping at straws.

Pt has been overtaken by a bunch of catty teenagers, not catty bitches. We need to stop supporting this shittier content and promote the real lols, even if it leaves us a bit dry from time to time.

No. 21193

can we stop with all of this lolcow prophet bullshit??? people will post and bitch about who and what they want. just because some people don't think it's 'lolcow worthy' doesn't mean it's not. is there a specific set of criteria one must fit to be a lolcow? no? then please do everyone a favor and just hide the threads you don't like or don't agree with because no one caaaares

No. 21194

If she loves serial killers so much, she should just go out and become a victim of one.

No. 21195

I could never see this girl irl. I would beat her face in.

No. 21196

Are you Victoria? This bitch has serial killers tattooed on her arm and is trying to justify it. Fuck off.

No. 21197

>Why do people hate me?
So many reasons.

No. 21198

Yeah, so she's 2edgy5u, so is the rest of tumbles. I don't see how she's any better or worse than most of tumblr. Why give her, her own thread? There's not enough good content. She might as well be in the tumblr general threads.

You're one of the faggots whose been samefagging this thread

No. 21199

most of tumblr isn't this fucking ridiculous

(and if they are, they're in the tumblr-thread already)

idk if you've never browsed the site before or if you're just used to following attention whores, but stop trying to excuse her behavior with 'but everybody does it!'
this cow's given me some hearty lulz, if it's not the same for you then spend your time in a different thread.

No. 21200

jokes on you, Ive only lurked this thread until now. I just get severely annoyed anytime I see someone cry 'this person isnt a lolcow!!#!#' becace honestly who the fuck are you to decide??? I don't even care about victoria, I come here mostly for the Kota thread, but my god i can't stand you pretentious fucks who wanna decide who is a lolcow or isn't

No. 21201

File: 1428088109420.jpg (16.46 KB, 236x284, e4c6a202efb6bb4b48e1bff276abbb…)

No. 21202

If you don't like this thread. Hide it.

No. 21203

I like how you can literally see the wrinkles in her forehead behind that giant tacky jewelry piece from tensing her brows so hard.

I think that's the only reason she wears that stupid thing, just to hide her smizing lines.
She's going to age so hard.

No. 21204


No. 21205

She's quite ugly. Even in her videos. She would make a pretty transvestitie I guess. I keep forgetting she's a girl though.

No. 21206

It's her features. She has a harsh face and it often looks tranvestite-y with so McGee makeup.

The video is not playing for me! :( does anyone where or how can I watch it?

No. 21207

God she's a whiny brat.

No. 21208

File: 1430108998295.jpg (243.37 KB, 750x1144, image.jpg)

Terrible shopping skills

No. 21209

wowzers. I don't know much about Manson, but Jeffery Dahmer killed black guys and had sex with their dead bodies, and Ed Gein iirc only killed 1-2 people, but stole corpses from graveyards and made house decorations out of their body parts. I can't fathom how a girl going through a rough time in high school would feel like these people "represent a section of who she is".

No. 21210


the Albert Fish tattoos are indefensible, imo

No. 21211

They're all inexcusable. She thinks she's being edgy, but she's a piece of trash.
(indenfensible isn't a word, mate)

No. 21212


"indenfensible"? Yes, I agree that "indenfensible" isn't a word, mate.

No. 21213

Well, you got me there! haha

No. 21214

Didn't even see the Albert Fish one lmao. Child cannibal, jfc. I remember when I had a phase where I was fascinated by serial killers, I watched documentaries on loads of them, and I think Albert Fish was only 1 of 3 that actually made me feel physically sick.

Idk who this bitch is, I'm just passing by, but she looks and sounds like Felice on crack and overdrive.

No. 21215

What the fuck was that

No. 21216

she looks like a wannabe Jeffrey Star

No. 21217

File: 1430172844556.gif (52.42 KB, 320x240, 1427610520850.gif)

Who the FUCK dresses like that in public?!

No. 21218

You've never been to walmart have you?

No. 21219

She isn't fat, but she's definitely out of shape. Why even wear clothes that obviously don't fit you??

No. 21220

Of course two skeevy dudes are talking to her.

No. 21221

pretty sure she did marry him, I remember seeing it in the news. Suppose, it's a way for her to be sensational in the news but never have to deal with her husband as he's in jail permanently

No. 21222

Deathrock is kinda an entire substyle of post-punk/trad goth, not just a makeup style but she is pulling the Jonny Slut contour to try to be edgy and skinny

No. 21223

This reminds me of the guys that obsess over criminals and write to them (who are in jail), post the letters on tumblr and feel special and edgy-evil. There's a whole term for this phenomena (true crime something), could be a good source for milk.

No. 21224

Those lips are straight out of Innsmouth, Jesus christ.

No. 21225

hahaha i love how her real hair is ony like 3 inches long and the rest is just shitty 36 inch extensions

i wonder how much that ratty weave cost her. $450?
fat, crazy cunt.

No. 21226

her ass is so flat haha

No. 21227

her contour makes her look like she's anorexic lmao

No. 21228

thats not ocd…what the fuck

No. 21229

What annoys me most about her is the fact that she's got notorious American serial killers tattooed all over her. If she's not looking for attention how about she get a lesser known killer tattooed on her or a female like Aileen, rather than ones the general public can name off the top of their heads. Plus since she lives in AU there's probably not nearly as many people who know who these guys are immediately based on an image vs here in the U.S. She basically doesn't have to deal with the weight of her tattoos at least in the real physical world because there's that geographical disconnect. Why can't she get some AU killers tattooed on her, or are they not known enough on the internet ha

No. 21230

>contouring your small tits

No. 21231

nah australians know who they are and are just as disgusted that she'd get them tattoed on her

No. 21232

what breed of horse is this

No. 21233

Equus atencion whoricus

No. 21234

I understand the interest in serial killers. I am facinated by the human psyche and especially when it comes too those that are dangers to society. But why tattoo those guys. I mean having an interest is fine, but this is just plain edgy. Besides those tattoo are ugly as hell.

No. 21235

File: 1431957243626.jpg (50.94 KB, 640x408, image.jpg)

She's so edgy she'll start tattooing natural disasters

No. 21236

File: 1431957279863.jpg (161.9 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg)

This shit, also. 13 year old mentality.

No. 21237

File: 1431959936451.jpg (7.18 KB, 198x255, chickafila.jpg)

Pleb tier. Bet she doesn't even know what Charlie was.
Ed Gein is only interesting because of the letters to the parents,and the needles in his groin.
Chikatilo would obv be the best tattoo.

No. 21238

Whoops, confused Gein with Fish. Ed Gein wasn't even that neat.

No. 21239

Gein is interesting to me since he had huge mommy issues and robbed corpses before he became a killer. No wonder he is an inspiration to horror makers. Would never tattoo his ugly mug though

No. 21240

Did anyone see her most recent photo on tumblr? It's lulzy

No. 21241

Anon, this is an image board. Tht means when you see something you want to share with us, you save the picture and post it here. I have no idea what pic you are talking about now.

No. 21242

File: 1436167800383.jpg (102.04 KB, 621x821, image.jpg)

Has anyone been able to see how trashed her hair is in person ? And not her extensions but her actual hair!

No. 21243

File: 1436169347010.jpg (97.87 KB, 640x897, image.jpg)

Her natural hair is quite short and clearly very damaged. She's so infatuated with long hair she surely would grow it longer if she could.

No. 21244

She also made a boo woe is me post not terribly long enough crying over how boys don't like her because she's ugly and has short hair etc.

No. 21245

That's smthg I used to go on about when I was 14 and cut my hair into a bob

No. 21246

shes never gonna grow her hair long if she keeps bleaching it and wearing heavy, thick extensions. you can clearly see where her real hair ends in a lot of her recent selfies. the way she styles it (middle part, straight and gross but sort of wavey toward the bottom) makes the damaged ends of her real hair really stick out.

No. 21247

No. 21248

christ she looks so much better here than the terrifying shit she shoops herself into

No. 21249

File: 1436502712723.jpg (193.07 KB, 750x1136, image.jpg)

Her parents got her a new car today

No. 21250

File: 1436502739911.jpg (115.91 KB, 639x819, image.jpg)

doesn't work because depression. (Not sure) gets government money Bc depression.

Her old car needed 5k for a fix. Daddy just spent a lot more than that on a brand new car.

Bitch. I couldn't even drive Bc of my depression/anxiety. FFS

No. 21251

I didn't know she could drive S: or had a license

No. 21252

Haha same time post

No. 21253

IMHO if you receive a disability pension due to mental illness, you shouldn't be driving that's not safe… Assuming your mental illness is so bad, since you need government money :)

No. 21254

How is she allowed to get benefits when her parents take care of her and she makes cash income with her jewelry? She lives a wealthy lifestyle better than people who are employed and functional and the government still gives her money?

No. 21255


what do you guys make of this account she has..? Is it her or someone else? Because I see tons of photos on there that she doesn't post to tumblr (but I dont have instagram so theres also that)

No. 21256

Pity she's still a fatty after the lapband. I wonder if she does anything but take selfies and eat?

No. 21257

I'm so sorry for your parents burden. You're an idiot.

No. 21258

… Was that aimed at me (anon)? I mean, my mother suffers from war neurosis because our country went to a militant dictatorship and she has to live all her life with panic attacks… She's 55 and never was considerate "mentally unstable" enough to receive government support. So yes, I do believe this bitch shouldn't be driving if shes oh-so depressed/anxious/mentally disordered etc

No. 21259

Your mother and her anxiety issues are not everyone. Making a generalization like 'nobody on a disability pension should be allowed to drive' is fucking stupid.

No. 21260

Oh wow that's an extremely dick way of thinking. I feel sorry for your mother. Bit of a cunt aren't ya, mate?

No. 21261

Yeah… I'm a huge cunt for not enabling self-pitying and leeching off tax money.

No. 21262

what does receiving govt. benefits for mental illness have to do with your ability to drive?? Why would it be unsafe for her to drive? I have depression, but I can drive just fine, so can many others.

she isn't living off her jewellery funds, its just a tiny little etsy store that wouldn't even be making $100 a week. and she'd be earning under the tax threshold.

No. 21263

You pretty much nailed it. I live on a dsp for pdd-nos, BPD and gad, I can drive if I'm not panicking or over-stimulated. I'm also not a leech for requiring financial assistance while I'm working on becoming as functional and employable as possible.
Tl;dr yes you're a cunt. Go apologize to your mother for it.

No. 21264

nice way to prove that you're once again a stupid twat. your mother should have aborted you.

No. 21265

It's not an account. It is a public fan page made by someone else.

No. 21266

It probably would have saved her a lot of that crippling stress OP thinks is a self-pitying, money-leeching act.

No. 21267

File: 1436828054983.jpg (55.42 KB, 412x604, viico.jpg)

Pretty sure Victoria knows how to spell her own last name…. "cambell"? LOL. this is just some dumb fan collecting all of the photos she's ever uploaded to the internet, it's been up for ages.

No. 21268

> "Should've aborted you"
So edgy, I think I let this shock effect sentence on 7th grade. But nice try.

Keep on, feel sorry for the girl who have a bunch of shit handed to her and can do everything a non-mentally ill person can with wealthy parents can. Except for (apparently) dieting and getting a job.

No. 21269

File: 1436829230514.jpg (184.62 KB, 813x1147, boom.jpg)

The problem with theproserpina is that she has almost ZERO life experience and still wallows in self-pity all day. I understand mental illness is hard but she hasn't even TRIED to take part on normal functioning society. she's never lived in a share house or had a job like most people her age. she hasn't even given it a shot. she just mooches off her parents since highschool with the excuse that she is "running a business" - her tacky ass pastel goth jewellery business. she is working towards an empty and lonely future.

No. 21270

Are you actually legitimately retarded OP?
Nobody feels sorry for Victoria's doughy, cellulite riddled ass.
People are calling you a dick and some 2edgy4u tool said the abortion thing to you because you started making generalizations about mentally ill people like some redpill-gobbling lord of the fucknuts. I'm completely serious here every time I tell you to apologise to your mother, you're a ducking embarrassment.

No. 21271

Definitely an edgelord

No. 21272

File: 1436931623325.jpg (52.69 KB, 250x355, holyphotoshop.jpg)

can someone explain how she goes from looking like a twig in her selfies, yet that photo of her in the nightclub she is a big chunky girl, thick ass thighs, big booty, the dress is super duper tight around her hips and butt and she obviously has no 'thigh gap'. I mean i know she uses photo shop but i cannot get over how different her body looks from candid photos to the ones she takes and edits herself!

No. 21273

you just said it yourself, she edits them, whats there to be so shocked about in 2015?

No. 21274

She's a desperate fatty who couldn't even get thin with a lapband so she shoops herself to look like less of a manly manatee.

No. 21275

Well the lighting in the club photo is really not helping her at all (I gonna asume youre talking about the thread photo). I'm really tiny but if the lighting in a picture is off I will look a lot chunkier than I actually am. Then again Vic is actually still large but its confusing how she has a thigh gap or makes it seem like she has one. She probably is just leaning reallly far forward and turning in her knees. She thins the photo afterwards. She always hides her knees so I'm going to assume thats why.

No. 21276

I'd say she uses a Peter-pan stance and then smooths her thighs as much as possible

No. 21277

Goddamn this girl is so boring. The same doofy-faced, PSed-to-hell photos, day in and day out. Felice Fawn's most ridiculous phase pales in comparison to Victoria's self-obsession.

Girl needs to find a hobby not involving selfies. And is there something wrong with her mouth? The way she purses her lips makes her look retarded.

No. 21278

File: 1437006306341.jpg (60.78 KB, 453x604, deargod.jpg)

Hey Loops look like a fucking joke. if I saw her in person I think I would genuinely burst out laughing, she looks beyond ridiculous. She needs to get out of the house, make some friends in real life and stop acting like a bratty narcissistic MySpace teenager. But that will never happen….her selfies make me cringe, same pose, same obvious PS use.. Keep the lols coming victoria!

No. 21279

File: 1437367297169.jpg (73.37 KB, 540x709, tumblr_nroidoLCva1rsnhiko1_540…)

She tried her best to keep the dress in the picture and her knees out of it lol

No. 21280

what the fuck is this weird makeup thing where the eye makeup is so heavy that it nearly looks like the person has no eyes?? i see it a lot on IMVU characters and aussie chicks

No. 21281

File: 1437373313636.jpg (25.09 KB, 418x336, image.jpg)

No. 21282

>IMVU characters
Spot on.
I think it's supposed to give the illusion of like, 'sultry' deep set, Jessica Rabbit type eyes, kind of like what Angelina Jolie or Megan Fox have.

No. 21283

I saw a picture of Emma stone with something similar in a magazine a couple of weeks ago. What confused me was that it was in an article about making your eyes look bigger

No. 21284

does she crouch down to take her photos or something? very much avoiding showing her knees in every single selfie she takes… also, dat make up.

No. 21285

File: 1437432300812.jpg (6.88 KB, 252x200, image1.jpg)

No. 21286

Her make up is sooo Gold Coast/Brisbane. All the girls up there look like her, pretty ridiculous. She's just the pastel goth version of the normal OTT Queensland chick

No. 21287

exactly, ugh hate when people just slap themselves with labels.
I had a professor who was an ex-crack addict, did a decade, and is really antisocial. Hysterically enough he taught psych.

I don't understand people who openly flash their disorders in others face. To justify bad behavior? Through careful documenting of symptoms (keep daily journal to self, note mood swings, things that trigger, what rapid thoughts keep recurring) it is easy to find patterns of ones highs and lows, and hopefully come up with ways to avoid, or healthy coping skills for said problems.
Worked for me, but I don't plan on sitting on the internet, wah wah can't hold a job because I'm [insert flake here]. I feel shame personally, but every mental health illness is a personal struggle (just some people don't seem to struggle for the healthier lifestyle).

No. 21288

For real? First time my fiance and I got together I had a completely shaved head, and his gorgeous dark brown curls were at the bottom of his shoulder blades. Oh jesus he had gorgeous hair. Granted he's known me for seven years as a friend, and was incredibly respectful not to push boundaries or anything before that. Patience is a virtue.

If she is serious about having histrionic personality, I can see why she would have a hard time getting a partner, or same-sex friends. They want to be center of attention, uncomfortable if not. In relationships they fall into roles of victim or princess, lots of emotional manipulation. Quick to kick a person to the curb for excitement of new relationships. There's also a serious need for instant gratification (hence probably gorged on junk food for emotional comfort, and opted for gastric instead of working out.)

Needs to try olaplex to repair her hair, since it seems her disability goes mostly to makeup and hair care.

They normally ask if anyone else pays any of your bills, but some people do lie about this. You can make under so much money and still collect disability (in USA, don't know about AUS). I doubt her shop makes over that in a year.

No. 21289

File: 1438577512851.png (674.68 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2015-08-02-21-47-38…)

She just posted this and a looooong #love yourself type speech on instagram. I screencapped it if anyone is still interested in her. she also kinda sorta admits to shooping, which is odd considering her response to accusations in the past.

No. 21290

She normally admits to it now which is why shes kind of dead. I remember when I started following her 3 years ago. She was such a narcissistic cunt. She still is but it has definitely toned down. I think shes naturally pretty and could benefit to some regular cardio.

No. 21291

When she was with her ex she would always post on her Instagram that he treated her badly and cheated all the time etc etc

No. 21292

What a dumb bitch. Who cares if boys dont like you cuz your hair is short. Your hairstyle shouldnt revolve about 'boys' anyway and if you want to date boys, that's sad. Date men. They honestly dont give a shit what kind of length of hair you have.

No. 21293

People who get a surgery to lose weight ALWAYS gain it back because you need to change your overall lifestyle to lose weight properly and they are too lazy to do so. They don't know how to handle it after surgery and eat their feelings again like the fatties they are.

No. 21294

she bases all her self worth on how many boys have crushes on her. she is CONSTANTLY whining about wanting someone to love her, wanting sex, wanting a boyfriend. shes like a horny 17 yr old. she's stuck in her pathetic highschool mentality because she never did anything after she graduated. while everyone else around her grew up, developed emotionally, etc she was too busy begging for promos on tumblr, so desperate and thirsty for followers. i remember when she first started her blog years ago and she was always asking for promos and shit! Anyway, i hate how she is always bitching about 'ohh i wish someone loved me, wha wha, i want a boy to have cuddles with". it's like lady, youre fucking 21, stop expecting the love of your life to come out of no where and get on with your fucking life. maybe if you stopped whinging online to 70K+ followers about being lonely, and actually left the house you'd meet someone. jesus.

No. 21295

File: 1438749444020.png (3.67 KB, 313x111, image1.PNG)

such a teenage mentality… "if you don't like what i'm doing you MUST be jealous of me!!!!111" No, people are just calling you out on abusing centrelink and government benefits while your parents pay for your life. girl is gonna get one hell of a shock if and when she ever enters the real world.

No. 21296

File: 1438749489443.png (2.18 KB, 300x75, image2.PNG)

LOL. might as well just say 'i wish my parents could pay for my rent and food for the rest of my life" thats her idea of 'gypsy' hahah

No. 21297

File: 1439849013212.jpg (226.64 KB, 782x976, tumblr_nsue3vOdrK1rsnhiko1_128…)

No. 21298

>nothing more that I hate than girls wishing they were me
Oh god the lies chubberpina!
Its all she lives for.

No. 21299


forever a 14 year old edgelord

No. 21300

Baphomet(?) looks like that wiggly psychiatrist cartoon to me. They just shake and wiggle the entire clip. I'd be crying for laser removal if some scratcher put that on my body.

No. 21301

Because playing videogames means you want to kill people irl.
makes sense right
its not like we play videogames for the story or w/e

No. 21302

her contour makes her face look anorexic.
it annoys me so much

No. 21303

I actually really like the tattoo. But if she ever gets preggerz it's completely fucked.

No. 21304

I'm so happy this thread was created. I've been following this girl forever now and always found her irritating, but she's entertaining. She's always complaining on her blog about how she can't find someone who'll love her- oh, I wonder if it's your tattoos of killers???

She has admitted on her blog many times that she photoshops herself, but I can't remember her saying anything besides "I do it because it's my body, mind your own business, haterz" etc

No. 21305

File: 1441017918063.jpg (245.64 KB, 952x1280, tumblr_ntxilpgyUk1rsnhiko1_128…)

This thread could possibly move to snow… Anyways, what is this

No. 21306

The fun part is those guys would have probably raped, tortured and killed them if given the opportunity. Literally, how one can be this retarded and clueless?

No. 21307

lol she look like those ugly lechateau ball jointed dolls

No. 21308

She looks like a 40 year old after two pregnancies.

No. 21309

File: 1441028827341.jpg (60.62 KB, 528x695, dollchateau.jpg)

Fuck you faggot. Dollchateau's are skinny and cute as fuck.

No. 21310

She posted visible nip on instagram and I reported it, obviously get histrionics over having that account deleted would be popcorn-worthy. Instantly blocked. She's definitely using one of those apps that lets you see who unfollows, reports, etc. She's psycho obsessed with her social media.

No. 21311

*the histrionics, not get histrionics. Samefag, fuck autocorrect.

No. 22734

File: 1441353692951.jpg (105.6 KB, 640x907, image.jpg)

She's so excited to show everyone her…completed tattoo!

That contour makes her look like she can unhinge her jaw.

No. 22739

The tattoo is actually kinda cool.

Did she even blend her contour…????

No. 22741

I wonder if she'll regret that when she grows out of being an 'edgel0rd'

No. 22777

>>22739 the concept is cool but its wayyy too big for the placement. You can see in other pics that it ends literally in her bellybutton. The scale jusr doesn't seem right for the piece on her body. All that black, too. It's weird how there's no variation in shading at all, it's going to look patchy as it greys out, and she will never be able to do a coverup.

No. 22784

It's bad enough using that insane amount of contour, but why the fuck is she using a grey colour??? Seriously, what the fuck.
That shit has to look foolish as fuck from the side.

No. 22793

That contour is 100% shoop. Along with the rest of her face. Her unshopped pics look NOTHING like her shopped ones.

No. 22800

File: 1441392968673.jpg (384.91 KB, 800x1219, Gothic-Christmas-1_1.jpg)

>>22793 Yup.

Here's a whole gallery of what it looks like when someone else professionally shoots and retouches her. She looks - gasp - human! A lil chub, not necessarily in a bad way, and she's got a nice face.


No. 22861

I think shes probably gorgeous without the weird ass make up. I like her unshooped stuff way better

No. 23689

Damn, I just saw her stomach tattoo photos again on tumblr and her boobs seem to have pretty bad stretch marks. That must suck

No. 28984

File: 1442266857200.jpg (100.29 KB, 609x841, image.jpg)

Is there ANYTHING this bitch won't complain about? If she hates doing basic homework that much maybe she should just submit a selfie instead of her assignment. They should test her out of this section for that. She doesn't need to know this, because no one is ever going to hire her.

No. 30047

She's only been in school for like, a month and she's already complaining about the work load

No. 30053

File: 1442302458022.jpg (155.68 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg)

She doesnt give a fuuuk

No. 30056

NOW we know the truth about why she's such a cunt. Pun fully intended. She probably hasn't had an orgasm in three years. If ever.

No. 30076

She has really bad stretch marks on her stomach too, she posted a pic of it on Instagram ages ago. Not sure if it's still there or someone capped it? That's why she blurs her skin in to oblivion.

No. 30478

couldn't give 2 shits about her stretch marks. I'm just here to laugh at her 14-year old edgelord mind set. she's gonna regret these edgy "satanic" tattoos, give her like 3 years I reckon.

No. 32589

File: 1442388756285.jpg (66.86 KB, 522x751, Capture.JPG)


Yeah, it's really weird that she edited her stomach smooth to the point of anatomical absurdity, but left the stretch marks on her breasts. I really don't understand this girl's thought process.

No. 32590

File: 1442388889627.jpg (56.31 KB, 733x486, vic.JPG)

Sage for samefag, here's a screencap of the pic you mentioned.

No. 32762


Holy shit that sun damage!!!! 21 and already aging like a brown banana

No. 32771

Doubt it's sun damage, she doesn't seem to go out much. I think she just has splotchy bad skin naturally.

No. 32773

why the fuck does she always look so… grimy and unwashed? every picture seems like she hasn't showered in a solid week and just reapplies her makeup over top of yesterday's unwashed leftovers.

No. 32887

holy shit her hair is burnt to a crisp :\

No. 32888

Blegh my stomach is like this cause I had a huge weightloss, Idk what'd fix it besides a tummy tuck

Willing to try laser shit tho

No. 32928

She spends so much money on stupid crap and complains so much about her appearance. I don't know why she doesn't just save up for cosmetic surgery.

No. 32932

I actually don't see why she doesn't ask for that, it's an understandable reason to get money for and maybe she'd shoop less.

Tons of people get their jaw shaved down

No. 32944

Right? Some lipo, tummy tuck, jaw shave, nose job, and lip fillers, and she'd start to actually look like her pictures.

No. 32948

File: 1442465515426.jpg (132.65 KB, 640x757, image.jpg)

Just a picture of her (hideous) heels, not at all an inelegant reference to her vagina or anything.

No. 32950

They're supposed to be ugly, they're iron fist.
I used to street team for them, they're actually pretty nice.

No. 32966

Those are pretty cute. It depends on your style I guess. I hate open toe though, they make your toes look weird. Mine at least.

No. 32991

I can't wear peep toes because I have long toes lol

No. 33008

blonde person is a woman anon. they are wearing flats.

No. 33023

I always thought that was her and her mom talking to someone working

No. 33265

File: 1442517603690.jpg (148.7 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg)

> im sad so buy my shit

No. 33295

Jesus! Felice was more subtle than this - she would at least wait a few minutes after tweeting about health problems/low mood to "remind" her followers about her shop. This bitch here has no shame.

No. 33312

I don't understand how she sells anything. It's all so overpriced and cheaply made.

No. 33379

ngl I really dig these shoes

No. 33598

She looks really pretty here. That dark contoring thing she does to her cheeks in other pics looks hella weird.

No. 33602

I think it's less the contour, and more the fact you can see her eyes normally.

If I was her I'd slowly stop editing stuff crazy amounts, but keep using dodge and burn (but only for rear touch ups) and no liquify at all.
Tumblr users wouldn't pick that shit up, and she'd have less work to do on her selfies

No. 33603

Samefag, real corrected to rear

No. 33607

Yes, like doesnt she realise how strange she looks in her shopped pics? I get the impression (maybe wrong) she does that to look more thinner than strange, but she looks so good in that xmas pic its a pity she doesnt stick to that look.

No. 34760

File: 1442750154999.jpg (97.65 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg)

Strange? Noway, just white girl wasted

No. 35029

She insists that her friends all day she looks just like her pics, kek.

No. 35030

*say not day, sage for samefag correction

No. 35036

Jesus, she looks fourty years old! Can't imagine why she thinks this is a good look.

No. 35038

Okay, annoyance aside. Is her hair real? It doesn't look in great shape, but I sort of legit love how she curls it in those little ringlettes or whatever they'd be called.

No. 35040

They're 30" extensions from Zala, her real hair is super short and looks like trash (pic related).

No. 35045

File: 1442833398324.jpg (96.12 KB, 640x578, image.jpg)

Ugh forgot the pic, sage.

No. 35048


Ah, shit. That's rough af.

I should've known it'd be fake.

Thank you.

No. 35050

File: 1442834583158.jpg (95.62 KB, 640x926, image.jpg)

This looks like shit.

No. 35077

File: 1442843305614.png (73.13 KB, 196x146, viccam.png)

How can she even make a video saying "this is for people who think I don't look the same as I do in pictures"……

Uhm. Uhm. UcoughHUHUM!!

No. 35078

>>35077 Cheeks uneven, pointy ass chin bordline Witherspoon, if her eyes are pretty even how is this convincing?….

No. 35081

Whoa, at first I thought she was wearing a white shirt or something in this picture because her skin is so uneven and different coloured and it seems so unnaturally textured. Yikes.

No. 35365

Her tattoos make me so angry

No. 35595

(Posted by Kristen. Click for more info.)

She's going to look so dumb once her wanna-be satanic witch phase runs out and is no longer as cool as she thinks it is.

No. 35715

I HATE the super pointy nail craze. They are even uglier than the fan shaped nails.

No. 35726

I scratch my eyes a lot, and i all I can think of is poking myself badly.

No. 36944

File: 1443318596807.gif (1.57 MB, 900x768, wall.gif)

good lord, she's still photoshopping her head bigger

No. 36945

File: 1443318665325.gif (1.53 MB, 900x768, wa.gif)

No. 37166

What is it with all the wannabe goth edgelord tumblrinas? Are they legit or does this stem from felice fawn and how her drama made her internet famous?

No. 37439

While Felice basically ripped her entire style (down to boots/poses etc.) from some lesser known Tumblr chick who wasn't the lolcow Felice was, a lot of the wannabe goth edgelords did appear soon after Felice became well-known on Tumblr. They copied/copy Felice purely because of how well-known she was for just taking photoshopped selfies and gifs of herself and trying to make money off of it by starting stores and creating wishlists and the like. All of these Tumblrinas followed suit. Felice was the poster child for being internet famous and loved by thousands of EDed teens despite doing nothing all day except post ~edgy~ tweets and pics of herself online. I mean who wouldn't want hundreds of asks everyday kissing your ass saying how brilliant you are even though you do literally nothing?

No. 37516

Felice ripped someone's style? I've never heard that, but then again I was late to that whole thing.

No. 37532

File: 1443495236063.gif (425.28 KB, 300x254, Felice_fawn_traces.gif)

oh yeah, felice would always rip off other people's looks/artwork/style/writing.

here's some links to back my claim:




there's more evidence to confirm what i am saying but i'm sort of drunk right now and cant dig anymore

No. 37557

I know she's dropped off of the face of earth, but can we have a Felice thread I miss her dramuu

No. 37559

There's one here >>>/pt/4413 but it's also kind of a general for thinspo girls.

No. 37566

I honestly miss her too. i was there in the last year and a half of her drama. This Victoria cunt doesn't give me the drama I loved from Felice.

No. 37588

The last anyone heard, Felice was living in a trailer in the country with Rich, and it's been about a year since any real info surfaced. Short of someone who knows her IRL deciding to dish some dirt, I don't think anyone is going to find out anything new. Then again, it's hard to imagine her giving up her internet life altogether, and there are some resourceful farmers out there. Maybe someone can find something current on her.

No. 37602

Jesus. I hate her eyebrows. Too thick and archy. Really horrible.

No. 37604

At least Felice wasn't boring. I don't think she's as aesthetically pleasing as Felice either /: Plus I miss her cute pets!

No. 37671

Felice wasn't aesthetically pleasing, but she was entertaining, albeit unintentionally.

No. 38417

Fuck this photo. It was teh first photo of her I saw on Tumblr and I first thought "damn her hair is so nice and that dress is so cute I wanna look like that" then I saw it again because she reblogs herself so much and I saw all the shoop. I guess I only glanced at it at first and liked it.

No. 38445

They look like the kind of eyebrows a drag queen would draw on

No. 38483

love that comment lol

No. 40144

No fucking way https://instagram.com/p/7OJQ86CAhp/

It's well done but damn.

No. 40166

Is she a lesbian?

Also why does this pic make me thing "ostrich"

No. 40192

She pretends to be ~bi~ or ~pansexual~ or some shit like that, but she only ever actually goes after guys.

No. 40238

No she's extra thirsty and constantly talks about how lonely and horny she is but when she meets up with people IRL and realize she doesn't look anything like her pictures and more like a fat hag they run for the hills. She figured she might as well double the dating pool since she can't get anyone to stay past seeing her flabby ass naked.

No. 40311

she look like she on rupauls drag race i bet her pussy stink

No. 40552

Sashay! Shanty! Rupaul would send her ass away.

No. 40621

File: 1444415186833.png (35.73 KB, 570x300, f.png)

>>your hands are to large for how skinny you photoshop yourself

No. 41031

File: 1444517379849.png (406.03 KB, 600x471, 1.png)

No. 41034

File: 1444517640697.png (436.23 KB, 918x477, 1.png)

Wow, wouldya just look at those sad tits.

No. 41053

she shouldn't have asked mummy and daddy for a gastric band instead of exercising and eating better huh

No. 41091

bitch get real, stop acting like all women have perfect tits, the majority of us have sad titties, small titties, lop sided, uneven, etc.

fuck you must being fucking retarded

No. 41093

They don't look so much sad and saggy as just positioned really low down on her torso, like OC's.
It's shooped though so hard to tell really.

No. 41094

File: 1444541517115.png (795.39 KB, 1080x1138, Screenshot_2015-10-11-01-30-26…)

you two obviously didn't see HER version of the "sneak peak from today's photoshoot" picture lol

No. 41095

Her tits literally drop between shots lol

No. 47623

So there is this post which is gaining notes through many different kinds of tumblr, not just e-drama tumblrs but all sorts. Many people who don't know of her as a lolcow are completely disgusted with her.

Now I was aware that victoria had tattoo's of criminals on here, but admit i dont know anything about them. After reading this detailed lowdown on the sick bastards she had tattooed on her i am completely disgusted with her too


I dont think the people reblogging that post know she has her own tumblr though.

No. 48805

File: 1445744387101.jpg (237.3 KB, 1226x494, tumblr_n3o8nmrCPf1sfezg7o1_400…)

I dont think thats victoria, it looks like another tumblrite called dyspnoeic who is known for copying other "popular" tumblrites, and she does it pretty well tbh-her felice copies made me look twice.

No. 48806

I didnt even know who Felice was until I started following dyspnoeic. Even so I really likr her despite people calling her a "copy cat". I find her to be nicer than the other famous tumblrinas. I also think shes gorgeous. Im so jealous shes so damn tall.

No. 48807

No that is 100% Victoria.

No. 48808

Lol chill. I remember someone sent a message similar to this saying shes perfect and she doesn't photoshop to one of those e-blogs right after they got a message saying she copies felice, although funnily enough didn't make any accusation of her photoshopping.

My bad, but when I looked up that pic its tagged dyspnoeic and she is very good with make up so I thought it may be her.

No. 48812


fuck and i thought ember was bad with this.

No. 48834

What why do I have to chil?? Whats wrong with me liking her S:

No. 48890

Just want to say I'm LOVING the backlash she's getting for her fucking tattoos. Makes me kek to high heavens.

No. 49294

The two pics on the left are dyspnoeic. One on the right is victoria

No. 49331

No. 49334

For those who don't know

"Woke up to this massive hate post about my tattoos. It’s like, I don’t even speak about them publicly anymore so that people aren’t hurt by them yet haters dig up old photos and info on them just so they can convince people to hop on the hate bandwagon. Like… This website is so fucking toxic and full of so many horrible people.

But yes, im the worst one of them all, obviously."

How can anyone be so stupid to think having serial killers tattoo'ed on you would not be controversial?

No. 49344

>>49334 i bet by now she wishes she hadn't gotten them lol. I wonder if anyone irl has said anything about them?

No. 49358

File: 1445835296936.png (959.86 KB, 1080x1348, Screenshot_2015-10-24-23-37-00…)

This post annoyed me because why does it have to be drawings of her? Why can't her followers just draw her cool photos and send them to her for her wall?

No. 49362

File: 1445835796073.gif (876.13 KB, 500x282, giphy.gif)

Hmmm I'm the kind of person to ask about strange looking tattoos but who knows if she has ever been questions about them though I'm sure, she has since she has so damn many.

Though I bet she recieves a lot of reactions similar to the gif I attached. At least from the people who can recognize the disgusting men she has inked into her skin, I hope.

No. 49372

Because no one is attacking her, or you for liking her and your comment is irrelevant to this thread about victoria and completely OTT. All I know about this girl is whenever anyone mentions she copied felice they sperg out and act as if shes being accused of some serious crime. I am sure she isnt a lolcow, but the serious white knighting that goes on around this girl is super spoopy. And given this site shes lucky thats all thats said about her.

I may be wrong but it seems more likely they would be covered up with jackets etc when shes out. Like I have seen offensive tattoos but i really dont understand those at all. I know people get meaningless tattoos done on them but even an interest in criminology doesn't explain it. Many people are fascinated with real crime and even dedicate their lives to studying and writing about killers but they dont get their faces etched into their skin.

I assume it may be a way to see how popular she is?

I kinda assume people who have shocking tattoos want people to react to them. And the stuff on her tumblr screams LOOK AT ME I'M SO EDGY so I am surprised at her reaction to other peoples reaction of her tattoos. Like honey if you gonna talk the talk you better walk the walk. I think its fairly conclusive now shes a huge try-hard.

No. 51168

File: 1445904616775.gif (2.49 MB, 1280x1703, tumblr_nwt4005OYu1rsnhiko2_.gi…)

I just don't understand why she does this. I mean, I totally understand editing your pictures like removing blemishes/zits, playing with the dodge/burn tool, adjusting the exposure/contrast but why is she liquefying her body?

Why is she doing that while while using a tripod with a fixed background behind her that will make any sort of liquefying she does to her body extremely obvious?

Just w h y?

No. 51169

I don't even think she is using a tripod. I'm fairly certain it's just the back of her phone?
Who knows though. Not a liquify/facetune friendly background. No continuity with multiple images

No. 51191

Same anon as before

Ok I don't know if Vic lurks this thread but if you are here, please let me give you a tip.

I know you know how to use photoshop, so here's a tip. When you take images like this: take at least one image of the background without you in it.

You know what… I was going to try to explain it but I am just going to make a video instead, showing you how to photoshop your images without having this ridiculous wobbly background every time.

I'll try to post it within the hour.

No. 51202

(Posted by Kristen. Click for more info.)

Uhm you have too much time on your hands….

No. 51205


sounds cool anon, thanks.

No. 51206

Meh some of us enjoy spending our free time differently

No. 51207

Why help her when it's so much funnier to watch her make basic mistakes over and over again?

No. 51208

Seriously. Way to be a fucking suck ass

No. 51213

File: 1445912042177.png (334.3 KB, 842x524, cleannn.png)

Okay I got a lil high while shooping and the ending turned out a bit different than I expected

The video is buffering now.

No. 51214

is that an older version of Photoshop?

No. 51215

CS2. It's free.

No. 51220

File: 1445913001589.png (1.49 MB, 1058x796, tumblr_nwt4005OYu1rsnhiko2_128…)

No. 51221

I did such a shit job lol

No. 51249

Why are you encouraging this girl to use photoshop? Like I dont see the point and I'm with the other anons, you have too much time on you hands.

No. 51251


Tbh I think Victoria just uses the iPhone app Facetune.

No. 51359

File: 1445966074824.gif (251.05 KB, 395x500, anigif_enhanced-buzz-28091-134…)

>>encouraging this girl to use photoshop

… There is nothing wrong with using photoshop?

There is something wrong with making yourself look 30lbs skinnier while saying you are recovering from Anorexia (Anybody else remember Felice Fawn? KeK) but c'mon, I use photosghop on every single image I post online, even pictures of my baby brother.

I just genuinely enjoy photoshopping stuff, I've been doing since since I was 14 (over 20 now). The whole "you have too much free time" insult is ridiculous too. Did you see how long that video was? I sped it up but still, it took me around 10 minutes to edit her pictures and it honestly took longer for the video to process/buffer than the amount of time I spent working on it.

No. 51452

Yup. As a professional photographer, I use lightroom and photoshop for ever image I take/post. Photoshop has become this awful symbol where people think anything that looks good is faked..blah blah.
Just because an image is photoshopped doesn't mean it's wrong.
Photoshopping an image is one thing. Editing an image to look emaciated or unlike yourself is another.
There isn't anything wrong with photoshop. There is something wrong with the user.

No. 51453

kek really wish victoria would post more videos

No. 51629

Is there a reason why you're name fagging?

No. 51835

…she's covering her bedroom wall in fan art of herself? wow

No. 52079

because >>51608 is a pull newfag who thinks it's lelele so kewl y not hehe

No. 52081

>is it a problem?
good job embarrassing yourself, newfag. kill yourself you minge

No. 52094

Oh fuck, is this Liana Judd?

No. 52115

File: 1446126183697.png (476.53 KB, 560x500, laughingwhores.png)

>I think telling people to kill themselves for that is a huge over reaction tho.
Well, hi there newfriend!

No. 52118

You must be new to the idea of our board culture. Generally, it's looked down upon for your to give yourself a name, because it's seen as being an attention whore. On anonymous image boards, the content of your post is what is important, not the name. That, combined with not knowing the "kill urself" meme ect., makes you seem like a newfag who has never been on an imageboard before. Which is generally looked down upon.

I'm just going to advise you to drop the name and perhaps lurk a bit more before getting up in arms about something that you don't understand.


No. 52183

I have taken the info-i didnt know that because i had seen others use names and I went on the townhall chat under that name so didnt think it was much of a big deal. i'm not up in arms about anything though? Just didnt realise it was bad which was why i asked "is it a problem?" I know now and have done whats been said.

Hello to you too. Yes its apparent I am not familiar with that specific meme.

No. 52234

Hi there!
You seem to have made a bit of a mistake in your post. Luckily, the users of lolcow are always willing to help you clear this problem right up! You appear to have used a name when posting, but your identity has nothing at all to do with the conversation! Whoops! You should always remember to stop using your name when the thread it was used for is gone, unless another one is started! Posting with a name when it isn't necessary is poor form. You should always try to post anonymously, unless your identity is absolutely vital to the post that you're making!
Now, there's no need to thank me - I'm just doing my bait to help you get used to the anonymous image-board culture!

No. 52252

No problem, I have deleted the posts and have taken the advice of anons to stop posting from this point on and lurk more.

No. 52822

File: 1446324318309.jpg (125.96 KB, 640x1091, image.jpg)

She looks so…greasy.

No. 52824

That hair and makeup is disgusting. She looks like a clown.

Glad we could help you out!

No. 52825


she looks like she's about to star in a tranny dominatrix porn. jesus.

No. 52830

What the heck is she thinking with this hair? I noticed she immediately said it was "temporary" when she first posted a pic of it and it looks like they sent her extensions for free. I love the idea that maybe she's so desperate to keep getting free shit she's stuck with this washed out cotton candy mess for a while, because she didn't pick the colors?

No. 52832

File: 1446328525379.png (871.99 KB, 581x1102, Screenshot_2015-10-31-17-53-47…)

those colors don't look good on anyone

No. 52839

Her "aesthetic" is a mess right now. She almost had a coherent thing going when she was platinum blonde, but now she just looks confused.

No. 53206

yeah im so confused why she chose those colours??? why would that company send her extensions that she had to change her hair for

No. 53266

Idk but I think they were probably chosen for her, or she had a few to choose from and these offended her least. I checked out the insta for the company that sent them, and they're all bright rainbow or pastel colors. I just highly doubt this is a custom order. Instagram.com/lizzislox, if anyone cares.

No. 53454

File: 1446490139968.jpg (13.98 KB, 150x150, 201503_1009_dcece_sm.jpg)

Please stop being an overdramatic cunt and derailing the thread.

WTF did you delete your victoria screencaps? No one told you to delete those. If you have anything like that post it.

No. 53613

File: 1446514698950.png (53.71 KB, 869x401, 92834905467.png)


No. 53626


Hahahaha we don't edit anything Victoria

No. 53723

Technically PhotoShopchan did edit her pictures but it was a service to Victoria since her edits are shit.

I am following this girl to see how her tattoos pan out for her. Truly fascinating stuff. She's gonna laser away or get a black out. I'd also settle for her realizing it was a huge mistake but I'm sure she already knows it.

No. 53724

She's gotta realize on some level that her entire life is a series of attention-seeking mistakes.

No. 53737

that would require her to be introspective though and we all know that will never happen

No. 53740

Victoria is going overboard with her edgelord persona to get the attention she never got during her blunder years. Just like Felice. They both were fat and did the same thing.

Victoria has got to leave her hair alone… it is so damaged and the extensions are probably damaging it even more. I would just shave it all if I were her.

No. 53764

She's got broken off pieces around her face that don't grow more than an inch or so. She must look so awful without her extensions.

No. 55603

File: 1446976889395.jpg (129.49 KB, 640x852, image.jpg)

What is going on with the color of her skin?

No. 55607

Looks like she tried to Photoshop extra colour on her hair and went off track

No. 55616


Guys, that's obviously a tanline lol

No. 55620

Can't believe this >>21243 is the same person as this >>55603

No. 58838

File: 1447478906131.jpeg (200.38 KB, 1242x815, image.jpeg)

@ IMATS today. She said earlier "no photos tho cause I'll probably look gross"
So, I'm curious if any fans will still ask or take any from afar

No. 58839

She'd fit right in on the set of RuPaul's Drag Race.

No. 58841

I was so distracted by Vic's face that I didn't even realize the other girls were making derp faces too

No. 58842

Does she sunbathe in shoulder pads???

No. 58843

Both of those colors are so pretty and if only she would just choose one, she wouldn't look like such a fucking clown.

No. 58844

File: 1447479702062.png (1.33 MB, 1080x1684, Screenshot_2015-11-14-00-36-01…)

making this my home screen background

No. 58851

Oh my fuck hah. I also didn't realize everyone else was derpy. She sticks out so much. I really think she should go all pink hair! It's lovely with her skin

No. 59506

File: 1447592116146.png (19.04 KB, 575x415, haha.png)

god, she is just hilarious

No. 59842

I feel like she damaged my last relationship. He used to look at her Instagram in bed next to me and I know they still like/comment on each others shit. I'm so heart broken. Clearly not her fault, but I resented him for being a fucking idiot, and I guess he resented me for not looking like her enough? I miss him.

No. 59847

If he dumped you because you didn't look like Victoria I'd say you dodged a massive bullet there

Close your eyes and throw a rock in any random direction at wal mart and you'd find someone with better tastes.

No. 59894

THIS. You dodged a massive bullet there. I would laugh in my boyfriend's face if he actually thought she was real and attractive.

No. 59903


Awww, anon. He's in for a shock if he thinks she actually looks like that. Hang in there. You can do much better than someone like that.

No. 60039

He met her irl, I don't know how or when, didn't tell me til after, then all he said was 'she looks wayyyy different in person'

He didn't dump me because of her, I just think he's impossible to please. I'm much better looking than her, that doesn't bother me at all. He was gorgeous though!

No. 60157

It looks like she has a rash or some discoloration near her collarbone

No. 60402


had an ex like that with an asian model fetish (bc they're "so exotic" lmao. i'm white?), and mistakenly stayed with him for a months only to find out his homelife was extremely dysfunctional/abusive, he had a drug problem he hid, and he made a couple comments about liking underage girls. the guy did you a favor by leaving, there's probably a ton of things he was hiding from you about his problems. cherish that.

dudes that like "impossible" (photoshopped) women are miserable and have the weirdest complexes. Don't insult yourself by missing him or make it about you and how you look they're not related.

No. 60446

As a mixed race asian/white all the guys i have come across which have an asian girl fetish (or what they would call, "preference") are seriously creepy and have wierd ideas about asian girls and asia in general.

You totally deserve better then that and glad you left him. I cant stand creeps like that. weeaboos are the worst for that i have found.

No. 60545

He sounds dumb . If she looked diff or worse irl why would he still like her?

No. 60695

Coincidently, he stopped connecting with me before we broke up because he fell in love with a Korean lesbian
No, but he said she's 'really nice'

No. 61039

File: 1448089278357.jpg (164.33 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg)

~~Buy my over priced shit~~~

No. 61194

File: 1448144504035.gif (1.2 MB, 1242x1406, trynabesneakyvic.gif)

Tryna be sneaky with the teeny edit, but it was noticable enough for me to see.
Stop editing pics other people take and post..

No. 64341

File: 1448475857061.jpg (61.4 KB, 932x583, Capture.JPG)

What the fuck is this shit? $35 for what just looks like plastic beads shoved into some turds.

Double points for the seven month old finger tattoos that look seven years ol.

Triple points for those. nasty. nails.

No. 64424

that looks like doodoo

No. 64816

It looks like the cheap craft store foam clay that hardens by itself kek

No. 64818

She should've perked up the girls

No. 64843

I noticed the same thing. Those look pretty sad.

No. 64864

I don't understand why she's messing around with this veterinary course. She can't get hired, with her appearance. She needs to go learn real retouching, since clearly that's how she enjoys spending her time, and I know she enjoys drawing and the like.

No. 64904

File: 1448638232533.jpg (372.65 KB, 960x1280, tumblr_n8wan0SZw81rsnhiko1_128…)

Without all of the edgy bullshit on she looks incredibly plain. If she really wants to get hired somewhere it's not like she can't just dye her hair a "normal" color, wear less makeup and throw on a long-sleeved blouse to cover her serial killer tattoos.

No. 64908

she's actually cute without makeup on, but when she cakes that shit onto her face she's just emphasizing her less flattering features.

No. 64910

If she just ditched the contour, lipstick, and harsh brows and just kept doing her eyes like that it would be cute. She clearly likes the big lash look and I honestly think that's a cool thing idk and it could be much nicer if she kept it cleaner looking everywhere else.

No. 64923

Even heavy makeup would look good if she just knew a single thing about how to make it work for her.

No. 64937

why are her real brows so short and sparse?
also betting that she's cropping the forehead because she doesn't want to show off the lines that appear when she raises her brows that high. she's going to age like milk if she keeps all this facial tensing up…

No. 65164

She has occult hand tattoos, can't cover those up. And she'll never tone down her appearance because she has histrionic personality disorder, BPD, and parents that are perfectly content to do nothing to make her grow up or deal with adulthood.

No. 65175

I agree. She may be doughy and whatever but I don't think she looks bad? I was actually really surprised at how pretty she looked without her clown makeup.

No. 65228

That fucking contour kills my soul.

No. 65263

oh man why does she ruin herself? she looks nice without the drag makeup. she just needs to fill in and shape her eyebrows a little and she'll look great.

No. 65622

Because she can't be "normal"

No. 66525

File: 1448955373711.jpg (124.69 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg)

>inb4 she asks for money again
Just got a new iphone

No. 68175

She goes back and forth between posting splurges on hundreds of dollars of makeup, clothes, jewelry, and complaining and begging for money. Her parents pay for her living situation, she doesn't have to do anything but string some jewelry together for pocket money, and somehow she still manages to be financially inept.

No. 68440

The artwork on her phone reminds me of those women who paint with their menstrual blood.

No. 70174

File: 1449837087463.png (784.36 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2015-12-11-07-27-23…)

Her hair just gets worse and worse

No. 70177

ok ew

No. 70179

i remember wheni got scammed by Wylona who promised to promote my store and i reached out to Vic cuz they seemed friendly on social media, and Vic outright said thats it my own fault for getting scammed lol

No. 70185

I'll bet money she shaved the side of her head because she couldn't get that pink dye out of her fried porous hair and tried to bleach it and it turned into mush.

No. 70196

All that makeup makes her look dirty.

No. 70197

I am positive that's what happened
She's an idiot.

No. 70215


Not to be that person, but… the side-shave is so 5 years ago. There's enough photos by now to prove that it's not flattering on anyone.

It really brings out her manly features.

No. 71519

She needs to just shave her head and start all over, and let a professional with some goddamn Olaplex (and taste) do her color from now on, if she's gonna change it every five minutes.

No. 71589

Shame she can't shave her skin off and start over too.

No. 71714

File: 1449991724185.jpg (70.6 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg)

Oh god, what has she done to herself? She got a tattoo on the shaved side of her head.

No. 71728

holy shit, what the fuck

No. 71729


i loathe the side shave trend, and now this new shitty mandala-on-shave-side-faux-edgy bullshit. it's absolutely played out and lame, and yeah tattoos always have at least a component of being vain, but these are entirely empty.

like you clearly saw that shit on instagram and slapped it on (permanently) as fast as you could for edge points. bitch you got a lap band instead of working for it, you're the definition of lame.

No. 71730


oh god i was reluctant to zoom in but now i have to add, it's not even a remotely quality tattoo and she had to blur her extension bonds to show it off- what's going to happen in real life?

she needs to shave her whole head.

No. 71731

but it's at least a fake tattoo, right? …RIGHT?!

No. 71732

File: 1449998352454.png (632.08 KB, 640x960, image.png)

No. 71733


Holy shit this is too good the tattoo grazes the side of her face so it'll be obvious, even after her hair grows out.

Good luck with that one girl; really compliments your serial killer tattoos.

No. 71741


Nothing compliments you more than getting a mandala with something that's probably and most likely an Evil Dead symbol in the middle. On your head. Might just bin the degree right now. Graah.

No. 71742

Why are her parents paying for her to take a veterinary course? Literally every single thing she keeps doing permanently to her body move her further away from ever having a normal career.

Why the heck are they continuing to pay for her housing and schooling, and probably many other things, when she is retardedly making any sort of self-sufficiency impossible? She is so. spoiled.

No. 71747

File: 1450004674279.jpeg (79.66 KB, 750x603, image.jpeg)

Urgh look how badly made this choker is, all those jagged edges and it's wonky. She's charging $35 (bonus points for how freckley she is and how much she must smooth her skin out)

No. 71752


I bet she doesn't even cover the bottom parts of those spikes with anything to avoid them being on direct contact with skin.

No. 71755

File: 1450006336128.jpg (151.72 KB, 537x914, IMG_20151213_053125.jpg)

WTF is wrong with her ear

No. 71787

File: 1450021878721.jpg (43.19 KB, 640x279, image.jpg)

Apparently the tattoo artist is a rapist? Comment under vic's pic where she's laying down getting that tattoo done. Yikes.

No. 71789

Oh my god. How fucking ugly. What is she doing to herself???

No. 71853

File: 1450033755683.png (978.53 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

Unedited Vic is my favorite Vic

No. 71875

This grace neutral mandala trend needs to die

No. 71880

When I was getting my last tattoo I was chatting the artist about the current handpoke trend and she mentioned that loads of Grace Neutral's stuff heals blown out and shit.

No. 71903

Oh really ? That somehow doesn't surprise me. There's caps of grace tatting some girls forehead at her messy house. That's hilarious though.

No. 71912

what happened to her being dirt poor and begging for people to buy her cheap jewellery!? she was literally JUST whining about how poor she was! this tat would've got a couple hundred.

No. 71947


that's not artwork on her phone tho, it's a picture of the phone in the packaging lol
the real phone is on the left

No. 71954

ikr, i mean, tattoos, hair dyes, all that make-up, iphones… and even after being able to get all that, says she's poor?
sounds like donald trump when he made that "i daven't had it easy, got a SMALL loan of million dollars from my dad…"

No. 72012

Necronomicon sigil. If she actually believes in the necronomicon it's even funnier because of what that symbol entails.

Seems it's just a stripe cut off and with the spikes. The borders are rough so you bet that crap is bad quality.

No. 72154

That clumpy eyelash glue and that blush/contour and ugh ugh ugh.
No wonder she edits herself to fucking oblivion.

No. 72177

hahaha wow holy shit this is the epitome of "just fuck my shit up"

if she has any sanity left in that thick head of hers, she's going to regret that

No. 72279

I think her sanity left years ago when she decided to get jeffrey fucking dahmer tattooed on herself.

No. 72512

File: 1450151570146.png (2.25 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20151215-144749.png)

Because having mummy and daddy pay rent for her and buy her a new car already isn't quite just enough.

No. 72514

Is her back really saggy or.. Is it just me??

No. 72520

She has the worst skin I've ever seen. How old is she again?

No. 72521

Is this a legit tattoo? because she is dumber than ever. holy shit.

….That's awful. Why am I not surprised she's getting tattooed by rapists? ..i'm sick at the thought she probably gets off to it.

No. 72522

Hahaha, dear lord. So many crooked and uneven lines. This dude is a hack artist.

No. 72569

I know it's minor shit, but wearing those big earrings while getting a head tattoo is also pretty dumb. They're going to be in the way and get bumped/knocked/ripped the whole time. C'mon, Vic.

No. 72572


Or she just, you know, takes them out for the duration of the tattoo and puts them in her purse? Not that hard to do

(coming from a fellow headtattoofag)

No. 72899

File: 1450239505731.jpg (115.04 KB, 720x720, _20151215_231700.JPG)

She literally just looks like some fucking creature now

No. 72900

I can't imagine how itchy the healing process must be

No. 72901

She's so ugly. I mean genuinely ugly.

No. 72935

I love how the tattoo look like it's tucked behind her ear. wtf. plus, has vic ever thought of the fact how much it draws attention to her fucked up and fried real hair? that shit looks horrible.

No. 72949

How is she gonna cover the other side of her body when she takes selfies now?

No. 73010

Her eyebrows are sooo fucking disgusting. I mean, her contour is terrible but those FUCKING eyebrows man.

No. 73015


I'm waiting for her to change her hair now that it'd be even more stupid-er to smear bleach over that tattoo.

I'm bad with culture and had no idea what it is. Thanks for clearing that out.

No. 73479

File: 1450409422703.png (892.17 KB, 750x1334, image.png)


No. 73480

File: 1450409447993.png (208.18 KB, 750x1334, image.png)


No. 73493

"Please come to my party, I'm so cool, and I'm also a shady and pretentious fuck so I may rent a toilet and if not pee in the trees. Lololol."¿?¿?
What a kind hostess.

No. 73510

Legit thought this was an artsy vagina and puckered asshole drawing before expanding the pic.

No. 73613

I sort of hoped shed be Felice 2.0 but nope shes sooo boring

No. 73632

File: 1450461526760.jpeg (312.73 KB, 1274x1443, image.jpeg)

Kek, someone's feeling a little sassy, not a shock that no one actually wants to attend.

No. 73634

Lol she's such a bitch. Who the fuck even goes to this shit anyway. No one's gonna show up and she's gonna delete this lel

No. 73640

Someone please go and report back.

No. 73663

Wait til she gets drunk and snatch her weave

No. 73784

File: 1450507061559.jpg (117.25 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg)

Top kek @ the people saying she looks great without makeup

No. 73787

still fucking amazed how she actually goes out with those serial killer tattoos visible. unreal

No. 73788

Shes still wearing make up; soft eyeliner, contour, foundation (maybe concealer), and eyeshadow lmao

No. 73789


like how the fuck has she not gotten punched in the face yet for those

No. 73790

Welp I was right. She deleted it

No. 73795

someone should call her out for using stolen/uncredited art as the background in that flyer. artwork belongs to http://bluecohosh.tumblr.com/post/133084624946

sidecuts looks good on soooo few people. she is obviously not one of them.

the head tattoo is so dumb. does she not have anything else to spend her money on besides try-hard occult tattoos in unfortunate places on her unfortunate body?

perhaps aussies aren't familiar with the serial killers depicted in her sleeve? AFAIK, they're all or mostly american, which may explain why Australians aren't exceptionally familiar with them.

No. 73799

File: 1450520150290.jpg (169.96 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg)

God she's so whiny despite how well of she is

No. 73807

File: 1450525798235.png (731.3 KB, 640x960, image.png)


No. 73808

There's a chance that people know the serial killers but not their faces. If you don't have an interest and you've only heard of them in passing, you're probably not going to recognise some ugly tattoos on somebody's arm.

No. 73809

I hope she actually knows this girl. Otherwise this is creepy af

No. 73826

File: 1450539228946.png (766.17 KB, 928x603, image.png)

Think they do know each other - well online, at least.

No. 73848

I'm not sure why girls who do this aren't different to how guys are? I had a lesbian girl obsess over me and it made me uncomfortable and she wouldn't back off despite me saying no several clear times.

No. 73850


Bruh she's hot here and thick. Too bad she's a dumbass

No. 73867

This is me, i had heard of dahmer mostly because he gets name dropped in quite a few songs, but i didnt know those were serial killers on her arm till i came here.

No. 73892


yeah except she looks nothing like this, this ~METAL OR NOTHING~ chick is going to be so disappointed she will have to photoshop all their selfies for the trip to be worth it :( :( :(

rly hope this happens.

No. 73900

She could have been the new Felice but her hair is like stale cotton candy. Also about the sugar baby thing no way. Idk bout you guys but I go on the dirty sometimes (lolcow but for escort/sugarbabies) and trust me she would not land an old gross rich dude. They hate tattoos and alt girls and just want bimbos. She just ruined her body imo. Also if she's graduating in 2016 why would she be so desperate

No. 73981

File: 1450623275506.png (496.37 KB, 640x960, image.png)

so edgy

No. 73983

Why does every tryhard bitch have to own a motorcycle?

No. 74085

she'll do one lesson then get bored and move onto a new edgy fad

No. 74111

Old comment, but I just had to reply anyway. Jeffrey Dahmer drilled a hole into a few of his victims skulls and WHILE THEY WERE STILL ALIVE, poured fucking acid on to their brains. That is something no one short of a psychopath would celebrate with a tattoo tribute. I hope she dies horribly and suffers for a long time before succumbing for glorifying these lower than feces human beings.

No. 74140

File: 1450673004616.jpg (304.49 KB, 1264x868, tumblr_n7m1w2TM0p1rsnhiko1_128…)

I'd go as far to call this girl's photoshopping 'art' to quite an extent, bar the wobbly background syndrome she has going on here.

No. 74159

God she looked better here. Yeah it's photoshopped but she progressively got worse at makeup and doing her hair. What happened.

No. 74170

Theres always camming/suicide girls was pretty popular for 'niche' markets i.e. Alt/ tattooed girls… But her tats are fucking hideos so not a shot. No one wants to wank to a girl covered in ugly mens pictures

No. 74259

Not to mention that Suicide Girls are assholes to work for apparently

No. 74262

I really hate when people post something on social media before they even buy it. That's just solid proof that you're getting it to show off. The better and more effective thing to do if you want to fool people that you're cool, is to get the license, get the motorcycle, and THEN post a photo of it. But she can't even do that. Fucking tryhards.

No. 74269

Posted to her tumblr:

the other night a boy (i met on Tinder, yes laugh all you want), came over and we had drinks and hung out. he was a scorpio and i’m a pisces, we clicked, we just clicked like crazy and it was an amazing night. i had so much fun. the next day he hung for a bit, then we said our goodbye’s, he said “lets hang again soon”… but i’d heard that before… many times before. so my expectations from that point on were low.

but the thing is, i get attached quick and easy. i’m a sucker. i’m a crazy motherfucker. but i get attached. so i didn’t text him all that day, and he didn’t text me. i let it go.

the next day i checked my phone relentlessly, and eventually gave up, sending him a quick “hope you have a good day” text… didn’t hear back.

i had been through this so many times before that i started to panic. i eventually convinced myself i had just been fucked over once again, and i let it make me super super stressed out and depressed.

so the NEXT day i planned to get drunk and drink my sorrows away… which i did. i sat there all night contemplating texting him and asking straight up if i was just a one night stand, 3 vodkas later i did just that.

“was i a one night stand?”

didn’t hear back. that sucked. felt like shit. got trashed. still felt shit but felt slightly better.

next morning i wake up to a text from him of screenshots of messages he had been trying to send me for days and days, all super sweet and friendly, but they never came through, soo… while i had been assuming he was just another fuckboy and that i’m an ugly piece of shit that no one will ever like, he had actually been attempting to contact me and be a decent human being…


moral of the story; NOT ALL MEN ARE THE SAME.
note to self; NOT ALL MEN ARE THE SAME.

No. 74279

OK what? She's so weird. She won't even let people use her bathroom when hosting a party but she lets guys on Tinder fuck her at her place on the first date? Also just because a guy is sending her nice stuff doesn't mean he genuinely likes her. I mean it could, but she seems so easy and manipulated

Not even gonna touch on the stupid horoscope shit

No. 74288

she's talks about boys the way a 14 year old girl would. This reads like a 16 year olds diary. Texting a dude desperately like that is weird for someone her age. this is like highschool shit, sounds like she is so insecure she is incapable of holding normal relationships with people - especially boys.

No. 74289

If it's Tinder then it's going to be a one night stand 99% of the time unless you meet crazy

No. 74307

She was planning to "drown her sorrows" after a couple of days of radio silence from somebody she barely knows? Jesus Christ.

No. 74315

I don't know, I'm no fan of hers but her reaction doesn't seem that unreasonable, apart from the ~drowning my sorrows~ part.

Must suck to live in bumfuck nowhere and not get texts.

No. 74355

>is obviously wearing makeup
Why are people so stupid?

I honestly don't know.

No. 74357

Yeah, how bad is her service that txts take days to go through?

No. 74382

I bet he got quite a shock when he seen her in person hahaha

No. 74413

File: 1450773126850.png (784.09 KB, 640x960, image.png)

ew :/

No. 74414

Holy shit, her cuticles are so fuckin jacked up. It looks like she tore them off with pliers.

No. 74419

Another comment about her blown out/faded finger tattoos,and also why the fuck is her thumb nail not straight? I hate how these girls get compliments for shitty work and just plain ugly things just because of who they are.

No. 74425

File: 1450785444766.jpeg (188.79 KB, 750x1334, image.jpeg)

Dat hairy knuckle

No. 74428


No. 74433

File: 1450791720319.jpg (Spoiler Image, 469.07 KB, 2565x2493, dermatpo.jpg)

why is the skin around her nails so disgusting? Does she have dermatophagia??

No. 74446

Looks more like skin peeling from overly dry hands. She needs some good moisturizer.

No. 74450

Yo I get that some of you enjoy taking the piss out of Vic but I just wanna say that there's nothing fucking wrong with having body hair.

>used to shave their hand hair out of shame until they realized it's just hair and no one cares except cunts

No. 74451

Back to tumblr with ya

No. 74482

Are you kidding me? Everyone has that knuckle hair shit. Seriously, now you're just being nitpicky.

Good on you. Shaving knuckle hair is like shaving your forehead.

No. 74485

Nitpicking doesn't exist when it comes to lolcows/snowflakes. Everything they do is stupid.

No. 74522

No, everyone doesn't have knuckle hair. I've never had hair on my hands. My significant other doesn't either.
Hairy hands are gross anyways tbh

No. 77739

File: 1451945137335.png (443.21 KB, 514x896, lffg.png)

Her stomach tattoo isn't on her stomach, oh no. Not at all.

No. 77742


holy shit her "sternum" area is long AS FUCK and the distance between her belly button and crotch is freakishly small?? like if she ate a burrito she'd be bloated and look like she had a fupa wtf

No. 77743

Nah she's just arching her back for those ana angles while she sucks in her stomach.

No. 77745

Gotta pretend her fatfuck surgery wasn't a waste.

No. 77753

I agree it's nitpicky but not everyone has knuckle hair.

No. 87141

File: 1454053287872.jpeg (133.84 KB, 750x1292, image.jpeg)

She got a job but has yet to say what kind ( and i wonder, with her tattoos and makeup skills what kind of a job would she be allowed to do)

No. 87146

She looks so different there and better than her short-face photoshop self. That awful contouring needs to stop though.

No. 87468

i'm gobsmacked she thinks this is attractive

No. 87509

This looks like a guy in makeup. And I'm not throwing shade – it's just the truth.

No. 87513

I've been staring at that picture for hours and wondering why her face looksso familiar and it's because it looks like bad drag makeup.

I've become so jaded by good drag makeup that I forget shit jobs exist.

No. 92785

File: 1455429031479.png (1 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2016-02-14-00-44-32…)

Homegirl needs to learn how cleavage works before she goes shop crazy

No. 92825

That dress is so illfitted for her.

No. 92873

You don't get the context; she's aiming for first time drag queen cleavage.

No. 92958

File: 1455473548102.png (315.26 KB, 568x481, ehh.png)

Her forearm is huge compared to her bicep? Actually, the more I look at it, her arm doesn't make any fucking sense.

No. 93043

I don't get why she thinks this is attractive. I mean, she can look pretty – mostly when she's toned down the makeup/isn't looking so desperately outrageous – but this just looks weird.

No. 93227

File: 1455539559251.jpg (29.63 KB, 225x400, neck dildo.jpg)

Are her "fans" dumb enough to buy this for $35? Its so fucking ugly and stupid lol I was gonna ask how does she even think this is nice but she has proved time and again to have terrible taste in most things.

No. 93228

Is that.. a dildo on a choker

No. 93230

Why does this look like some beastiality sex toy

No. 93251

So because a regular spiked choker isn't edgy enough, she went ahead and added a pink dildo to it so everyone knew the wearer was the ultimate edgelord? You'd have to lack a severe amount of self-awareness to walk around wearing this in public. It says a lot about what she thinks of her followers if she believes they will buy this.

No. 93256

She facetunes her hair bigger so I bet that's what is going on with her arm

No. 93257

What is this supposed to be…. A pink turd/log or…

No. 93272

It's supposed to be a unicorn horn facepalm.

No. 93275

When people think there is a pink turd or a dildo on the choker you made before thinking of a unicorn horn, maybe it would be best to re-think the design a smidge.

Like did she get any feedback from anyone IRL before advertising this for sale online to thousands of people? If she did and they didn't tell her what it looked like, she has really shitty friends.

No. 93295

I assumed it was a poorly shaped plastic crystal wow, would have never guessed unicorn horn..

No. 93340

File: 1455570386809.jpg (27.08 KB, 225x400, unicorn dildo horn.jpg)


As >>93272 pointed out its supposed to be a unicorn horn as there is a trend now for unicorn head bands.

however this being mrs serial killer chearleader thats not catchy enough-so she sticks it on a collar to be super SUPER edgy because nothing says "look at me im queen of edge ville" like putting a supposedly sweet unicorn horn on a BDSM pedo collar, or at least thats what she was hoping for as many of you have pointed out it really doesnt look like a unicorn horn at all it just looks like a plastic shit and even if it did it makes no sense to put it on a friggin collar

i honestly thought she could not be anymore stupid but she has amazingly surprised me. bravo victoria!

No. 93342

Also that should be cheerleader. im not too great on the spelling front.

No. 93371

I'm all up for DIY and kinky aesthetics, but that shit looks like a leash with a wonky Aliexpress quality like dildo hot glued onto it. And I'm one hundred percent sure you could stab someone with it.

Not only that, the quality of the leash is mediocre. At least if it was nicely painted white and you removed the killer-pink-penetrator and the tacky hearts (which are, by the way, horribly placed and tilted to different sides messily) you could save it with a 4$ price [free shipping].

She is dumb or just not trying tbh.

No. 93374

she could easily get any job with her tats/hair in a clothing store or hippie shop

No. 93379

>easily get any job

With three murderers tattooed con her arm and Satan all over her stomach?
If she improved her makeup skills a fuck ton, that is.

No. 93382

well no one can see her stomach at work and i doubt anyone would recognise her arm tats. Tattoos in the work place aren't a big deal in Australia. i dont know if it's different where you're from but honestly, she wouldn't have trouble getting employed in retail here with her tats. as shitty as they are.

No. 93387

Is there a chance you live in Vancouver? Because here basically everyone has piercings, funky hair and tattoos. It's not such a big deal anymore. As long as you don't look trashy you can work about anywhere.

No. 93388

no I live in australia. Sydney.

No. 94061

File: 1455741396361.png (206.8 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

She's at it again

No. 94263

i dont get why these tumblr queenz feel the need to spread their medical history all over the internet. everything to do with mental illness, any physical ailments, they're always listed in their about-mes or through sympathy-garnering mega posts like this. If i have 70K+ followers I just wouldn't be sharing that shit so publicly. its just weird.

No. 94304


Are you serious? I too live in Australia, and i know for a fact that people can tell what her shitty tattoos are (Manson and Dahmer at the least) and will in fact make it harder for her to obtain a respectable job.

No. 94308

Because they think they won't look like a bunch of lazy vain assholes if people feel bad for them and think their life is so hard.

No. 94325

Victoria said once that she was on the disability pension which is $700 a fortnight, I don't think she's even able to work more than 15 hours a week without losing her payments.

No. 94356

File: 1455786244324.png (878.87 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

Her selfie before work proves you wrong, and omg am I laughing hard right now.
you can totally see her stomach

No. 94359

File: 1455786619805.jpeg (149.54 KB, 750x1334, image.jpeg)

She posted this before the latest selfie to "show it better" and then quickly deleted it when every comment pointed out how much it resembled a dildo, amazing

No. 94381

File: 1455798906310.png (653.13 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2016-02-18-07-33-16…)


No. 94388

That picture in the bottom corner of this…. Was this before Vic shaved her head and slapped that tattoo on there? Was she inspired by this fan art?

No. 94397

tbh I think she shaved and tatooed it because ahe seems to be into a bald chick whose head is tattooed too. She always writes creepy hit about her like "someone convince her to come live with me, shes so beautiful" etc

No. 94398

I wanna know where she works that she can just roll up looking like this so badly. What's the bet she scrubs all that shit off and changes into a KFC uniform for the daily grind?

Ya gurl's clearly studied at the Felice Fawn School For Kids Who Want To Get Internet Famous And Do Other Scammy Stuff Good Too
>'muh illnesses!!!'
>'buy my shit!!!!'

No. 94401

Nice, I have a vibrating butt plug that looks just like that.

No. 94994

dat ikea mirror

No. 95042

File: 1455949913444.png (2.14 MB, 1440x1090, Screenshot_2016-02-19-22-29-09…)

Wtf is this outfit. She looks like a tranny sfm.

No. 95179

Just out of curiosity, how do people learn to photoshop their bodies well (like kooter)?

No. 95185

She's been posting her outfits online for years and couldn't see before posting this that the choice of skirt and the showing off of her stomach tattoo melts into the background so she looks like a floating torso and head. ~spoopy~

No. 96696

File: 1456096345945.png (156.73 KB, 960x641, ohman.PNG)

she's looking for a close connection with another human being. not something you're ever gonna find doing instagram shout outs… quite sad.

No. 96701

this just SCREAMS insecurity. poor girl. sounds like her social skills are shit. this isn't how normal adults make friends. and no one wants to be friends with someone who makes a post begging for friends on IG like this whole thing is weird to me.

No. 96705

her make up makes her look so old

No. 96745

i predict a handful of perfectly nice girls meeting the requirements offering to be her pal, but victoria turns them all down because they aren't pretty by her standards or cool enough.

No. 96749

Or she makes some awful comment like SHUT THE FUCK UP AND ONLY COMMENT IF UR NEAR ME

No. 98275

File: 1456447109249.png (41.4 KB, 316x642, whinewhinewhine.png)

years worth of text posts from Vic compiled into one big fat reason no one wants to be friends with this girl. Can you imaging having to be around this shit!? This is why no one wants to hang out with you or date you. Because you're a self-absorbed whiny child with a victim complex who loves to wallow in her own self-pity all over the internet. She has nothing interesting to say, nothing to contribute, just complaints about how she hates everyone and how lonely she is. She sounds like an incredibly painful person.

No. 98276

Desperation is a highly unattractive trait

No. 98280

Holy shit.. This sounds like stuff I wrote in my diary when I was 14. How is is this bitch?

No. 98281

Mullum is full of stoned inbred hippie dirt children, she should move out of that shithole if she wants to make the kind of cool/pretty friends she wants. Also I highly doubt her vampy make up and self absorbed, high maintenance attitude sits well with the scene there, probably why nobody wants to go to the movies or a waterfall with her :( :(

No. 98296

she's 21. Mentally stuck at 14 though.

No. 98298

"why am i so fucking hard to love"

ahh maybe because you're an adult woman who constantly posts online about how much you hate yourself and everyone around you? desperation and fishing for compliments isn't a good look on you, Vic. I get that depression is a thing, but something about publicising it like this makes me feel like she's down with romanticising her own illness for attention. only to be followed by a link to her shop…

No. 98299

File: 1456453041581.jpg (123.19 KB, 900x1200, ouch.jpg)


No. 98302

>all dat sun damage

No. 98573

File: 1456572320913.png (18.95 KB, 410x123, image.png)

tha'ts right Victoria, it's everyone else who is shit! nothing to do with the fact that youre a whiney 21 year old stuck with the mentality of an emo 13 year old girl. Who wouldn't want to be friends with an adult who spends her days whinging to her teenage followers about how hard her life is online? People are such flakey wits. i don't get why everyone isn't clambering to be vics BFF /s

No. 98574

Those are some pretty noticeable stretchmarks

No. 99023

File: 1456704950127.png (213.43 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

Haven't followed her for a while but She finally got a job?

No. 99026

>talks about being a decent human being
>has tattoos of rapists and serial killers on her body

I wish this cunt would fuck right off.

No. 99088

File: 1456722761876.jpeg (97.08 KB, 750x828, image.jpeg)

Vic has a housemate? I had no idea.

No. 99090

File: 1456723042524.jpeg (285.72 KB, 1242x1768, image.jpeg)

Hmmm. What happened to not supporting Limecrime, Vic?

No. 99155

Not even trying to whiteknight here but I have a bottle of Salem from a year ago and it's still in my makeup bag. I only use that shit rarely if I need a brown and red mix.

No. 99169

Her caption was that she bought far too much and she tagged them also. So obviously it isn't an old bottle

No. 99197

to be fair, I hear 1 in 3 Australians will get skin cancer or some shit like that.
I don't even know if that's true or not, but I do know Australia is sunny/hot af.

No. 99254

File: 1456776442645.gif (1.56 MB, 320x165, 1416557638134.gif)

Then that's a mistake on my part for not having read what's on the image. Lesson learned.

No. 99267

It's not that it's hot. It's that people don't use sunscreen. That is what causes sun damage.

No. 99278

Her titties are one big stretch mark

No. 99310

There's a hole in the ozone over us, so UV gets insane. I'm only 23 and I'm pretty are there's precancerous moles on my hip and jaw.

No. 99315

Vic got a flatmates and a job recent. she is yet to mention the flatmate, we only know because her flatmate posted about moving in with Vic. She won't tell anyone what her job is either.

No. 99320

Maybe someone let her sweep up their edgelord hair salon or headshop?

I doubt even Coles would want to hire a checkout chick who looks like that.

No. 99631

i reckon she's working at some dominatrix-y looking lingerei store or somewhere like wheels and doll baby. some tacky pin-up clothing or undies store.

No. 99811

UV levels here are wild and we're very lax lifestyle wise; Australians love being outside and are massively irresponsible about basically everything.

wheels & dollbaby only has one store in Sydney and is very much on the high end of the retail spectrum, they'd never employ her. And I don't think even honey birdette would take someone like vic, and they'll take just about anyone who's happy to talk about dildos. she's probably working somewhere like happy high herbs, there's shit like that all over byron isn't there?

No. 99812

Maybe she's working the counter for a sex shop. I can picture her selling dildoes and bongs

No. 100059

definitely not happy high herbs. Vic is one of those SUPER DUPER ANTI DRUGS WEED WILL RUIN YOUR LIFE types of people. $10 she's working at a tacky clothing or jewellery store that sell cheap belly chains and fake septum rings.

No. 100080

>anti drugs
>constantly asking for people to get drunk with her

makes sense vicky

No. 100097

She needs to smoker a joint or something kek

No. 100108

File: 1456987230838.jpeg (58.7 KB, 750x350, image.jpeg)

She's getting a vag tattoo? Oh boy

No. 100115

The vagina internal. Is she literally getting tatted up inside? She probably means the pubic mound or labia, I can see why people asked. Classy placement btw!

No. 100117

I'd guess that she meant her pubic mount specifically, I'd also refer to that as "getting my vagina tattooed" to be entirely fair. I feel like it's at least reasonably obvious that she doesn't mean she's getting a tattoo gun shoved up her faff.

No. 100126

Imagining VC with a portrait of Ted Bundy on her vag.

Never change Vic.

No. 100127

I hope it's hideous so if she ever gets to the point where someone considers fucking her, they might have second thoughts.

No. 100290

If the satan and serial killer tats don't scare people away I doubt anything she gets on her vag will.

No. 100292

You vagina autists kill me. The whole genital area is commonly referred to as vagina. What is she supposed to say? I'm getting a tattoo on my pubic mound extending a bit on my labia majora.

No. 100321

The word you're looking for is crotch, or groin. Maybe 'genital area'. Not vagina.

No. 100384

File: 1457069508372.jpeg (146.39 KB, 1242x1663, image.jpeg)

Where is she getting all this money? 450 dollars for 1ml of filler. Wtf

No. 100385

At least not she won't edit fish asshole lips on her.

No. 100386

>I'm getting a tattoo on my lady junk.

No. 100389

And she still even edits this photo, check out the massive curve on the left.

No. 100390


No. 100522

File: 1457079432498.jpg (69.14 KB, 960x915, FB_IMG_1454410253270.jpg)

Found pics from her Big Brother audition.

No. 100523

File: 1457079460270.jpg (58.27 KB, 489x795, FB_IMG_1454410260877.jpg)

And another.

No. 100524

She most likely works at Tree of Life or some other overpriced hippie palace. She lives near Byron/Nimbin and that whole area is 50% hippie shops and weed. You see much worse alt trainwrecks working in these stores.

No. 100544

File: 1457090974249.jpg (305.07 KB, 1536x2048, image.jpg)

It's worse than imagined

No. 100545

File: 1457090996921.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 182.73 KB, 1273x1459, image.jpeg)

No. 100552

wow 3edge5u
she is permanently stuck in the MySpace scene Lord days jfc what a tool

No. 100616

I study medival books and let me tell you only the chaep ones were scribbly looking (usualy personal things or academic books later on)

No. 100630


Well, at least she has an actually warning message for "You're about to stick your dick in crazy".

No. 100631

Looks like you got your wish anon!


No. 100633

Lol why is it so wobbly? Did her tattoo artist looks conciousness half-way trhough from her muff stank?

No. 100634

Damn, I meant lose* lol

No. 100640

Agreed, this is perfectly appropriate for her!

No. 100645

She says she wanted it "scribbly"
More like she got a shit tattoo from a crappy artist

No. 100676

i'm almost convinced this is just sharpie over her stretchmarks and razor burn.

No. 100689

File: 1457120618082.png (Spoiler Image, 395.21 KB, 1440x1537, Screenshot_2016-03-04-10-53-03…)

Shes just so petty and unlikable.

No. 100690

Shit didnt mean to spoiler, sorry. Im tired

No. 100692

Why is she so fucking insecure about her chin, of all things? I think her face is quite pretty when she loses the goffick makeup. I'd be more concerned with her flabby, saggy body and her totally fucking wrecked skin. Probably too late for the latter but she could hit the gym at least and tone up. And instead of wasting money on getting her jaw shaved she should get some of those stretchmarks removed or something.

No. 100755

The worst things about her appearance are the things she did to herself, like the shitty photoshop, dirty makeup and the ugly tattoos. It's kinda sad that she picks on normal stuff about herself rather than just accept the edgy persona isn't working for her

No. 101688

"please don't comment on my obviously edited chin on a picture of me that I shared on social media" ???? its just embarrassing and sad seeing her insecurities shine through in every photo of her. I never look at pic of her and think she is beautiful, i see a pretty girl who is lathered in make up and edited within half an inch of her life, i see insecurity and a girl who craves attention. if she has to edit every photo of her face before it goes online I think she should be seeing some sort of therapist. that is incredibly unhealthy and pedantic behaviour. she can do what she wants but I'll always think people who edit every picture of themselves should leave get off social media, she's obviously letting the internet rule her life and her image. she needs some time away from the computer. i'd actually really like to see her come back down to earth and post candid photos of her smiling but all we see is this fake, overly edited, chin-less version of a girl covered in common tattoos and cheap dresses from dollskill… sigh

No. 101693

>I edit my chin because I'm waiting to get surgery to put my lips on my jawline

No. 101822

File: 1457345833624.gif (658.42 KB, 500x280, gif-kim-kardashian-tragic-make…)

Oh my fuckin Christ I hate seeing work like this so fucking much

She clearly gives no fucks about her body, but you'd think this area would be maybe more priority for RIGHTFULLY splurging on a great artist and even traveling for the work. She needed to find someone who's actually skilled with script and have them design something very specific not only to her shape and curvature of the surface but to her damn scar tissue. That's an ugly typeface.

The lines on the symbol are garbage, whatever. low hanging fruit.

Really fucking dumb bc there are sooooo many amazing tattooists in Australia and isn't she rich/spoilt?

No. 101837

No. 101838

File: 1457349602508.jpg (5.61 KB, 239x133, yessss.jpg)


Oh my god, it's glorious. This has made my day.

No. 101839

The best part about this is how she defends how fucking bad she knows it looks. It's like she got it done and instantly regrets it but is trying to cover up how disgustingly shit it is. Oh Vic. Never change.

No. 101850

ooooohhhh noooooooo why the fuck girl that shit's there FOREVER. What is it with cows/snowflakes and fucking terrible tattoos?

No. 101851


Seriously, if you have to immediatelh post excuses for why your tattoo looks like shit, before anyone even asks (!), it's a bad fucking tattoo.

No. 101852


No. 102188

File: 1457403825679.png (27.15 KB, 264x333, Capture.PNG)

Vic works in a call centre in byron. can confirm, Aussie call centres are chill as fuck. i help manage one and we have heaps of people with bright pink hair and tats and piercings. it's aweasome

No. 102201

I have no fucking idea why this girl shoops so much, but won't clean up a pic to make a tat look better

No. 104217

File: 1457706425684.jpg (121.55 KB, 933x594, mantra.JPG)

Putting 2 and 2 together…her new roommate got her the call center job, and it's at a place called Mantra.

No. 104515

She writes reviews for this webiste about Lime Crime ….

No. 104550

I love how she glowingly reviews all the positive changes Lime Crime has made at the beginning of her review, and then for the rest of it she just makes excuses for why things aren't true-to-shade, etc.

No. 105701

File: 1458008222297.png (868.47 KB, 631x1133, 20160314_221512.png)

So many questions

No. 105727

I'm crying!!!

No. 105731

Mantra are the most annoying company. Go to any chain hotel in Australia and Mantra will call you for years and years afterwards about joining the silver or gold club for ____ hotel.

No. 105736

what part of her told her that this photo looked even remotely realistic or okay?
those proportions doe…

No. 105738

Tfw your head is bigger than your waist

The dark hair looks good though

No. 105773


What the fuck kind of bobble head shit is this?? Girl has lost her damn mind!

No. 105809

Only posting bc her thread has been bumped and I know (hope) she will see this. VIC!! the reason you r contouring looks so fucking hideous is bc you contour your face before you photoshop the fuck out of it. Which is cool; we get that for some unknown reason you hate your jaw; but before you put on any type of makeup, you should analyze your photoshopped face and go from there. Don't use your natural features bc your photoshopped face is far from natural. And not only that, those horrible fucking fish lips look even more stupid bc you apply your makeup pre photoshop. So please analyze your face pre photoshop (which is way more beautiful than this skinned catfish face you shop) then apply the photoshop. That is all.

No. 105834

Am I going crazy or is there a straight up solid brush stroke between her ear and cheekbone?

No. 105840

I wish she would stop doing… Whatever she's doing with her lips. It makes her look stupid.

No. 105900

she got injections

No. 105981

>bc you apply your makeup pre photoshop

are you suggesting she should apply it…post-photoshop?
now have the mental picture of victoria printing out her own picture and then scribbling over it with her lime crime lipsticks like they're crayons.
this post is incomprehensible gibberish, by the way.

No. 105996

I think anon is saying that the makeup she does is to suit her actual face and not the photoshop version. She hasn't adjusted her makeup style to take her editing into account, so it looks even stranger once it's edited.

For example, she photoshops her chin shorter and that makes the cheekbone contour look too low on her face whereas it probably looks more balanced with her natural chin.

No. 106214

File: 1458089960173.jpg (352.38 KB, 540x928, lol.jpg)

No. 106994

File: 1458289889698.png (51.52 KB, 212x197, Screenshot_2016-03-18-02-28-08…)

What… what the fuck is happening here?!

No. 107076

She actually contours her nose bigger.

And her ear is like, free floating off her shaved down jaw

No. 107082

If Victoria zoomed in to leave out her forehead when she shooped, she might realize how small she's making her jaw

No. 107336

File: 1458386595130.jpeg (73.56 KB, 750x1133, image.jpeg)

No. 107337

File: 1458386663122.jpeg (200.54 KB, 750x1178, image.jpeg)

Can't wait for a professional to tell her both the price and that it's impossible to shave your jaw down to half an inch from your bottom lip.

No. 107358

She's so blurry, I can't believe that people seriously believe that this is her real face. Girl's gotta learn some anatomy.

No. 107374

File: 1458400581157.png (15.35 KB, 743x126, Screenshot (88).png)

"When I see my chin I feel so much hate for myself. I want to tear my skin off and scream. I hate it so much and i know I shouldn’t, but I blame my parents in a fucked up way, my father mostly for giving me his masculinity. I fucking hate it and I know I would be totally happy with myself if I had a different jawline/chin altogether… But I don’t so I hate myself"

It's like she's just making up things to cry about now.

No. 107986

File: 1458539683546.png (32.9 KB, 521x172, Screenshot (90).png)

No. 107990

Can you blame them? Under all
That makeup and photoshop lies a monster.

No. 108671

This fucking bitch.
She needs to be sent to Africa and see the poorest of poor. Sick of her whiney little rich kid ass.

No. 108683

She could've gotten a surgery if she did really hate it sooo much but nope zhe rather spends her money on useless edgy crap

No. 108695

Her actual chin is far more attractive than the jawless look she gives herself when she edits her photos.

I feel bad for her because she seems like one of those people who can't tell when it's casual or a relationship. She always posts about wanting someone and getting ditched or whatever. If she wants casual sex, then she should go for it. If she doesn't want casual sex, she needs to stop fucking guys that don't give a shit about her. They're not gonna change their minds after she's fucked them and suddenly realise that she's their soulmate. If it's enough for her to whine about it online, why does she even let it happen? It's gonna fuck with her self esteem even more.

No. 108879

I think her chin is actually nice too

eyy took the words right out of my mouth

No. 108918

I think she just has beyond bad self esteem from this weird feedback loop of being on the internet and trying to be internet famous for so long. Look at people like Kiki and Felice. I think her jaw is more attractive too, and she needs to work on her personality because that's what scares people away.

I agree with the hooking up thing too. Even if she wants to distract herself with sex, cool, but realistically no guy is going to wake up and hold your hand while he tells you he doesn't want something serious etc., and that would probably make her try to talk him out of it.

I hate seeing women being this powerless. Like it's your fucking pussy, don't allow it unless he's entirely just sex. Don't do that to yourself.

No. 109292

Yeah Vic is a prime example of what internet fame does to a person. she needs to get off the internet, go outside, stop over analysing her physical appearance. its so sad,theres so much more to life than photoshopping images of yourself and posting them online… poor girl. so obsessed with herself its literally driving her mad.

No. 109295

File: 1458692358264.png (139.58 KB, 384x162, haha.png)

dat jaw doe

No. 109358

She just needs to contour higher, which she knows but won't do because she wants those fake cheekbones

No. 109426

File: 1458702378445.jpg (1.26 MB, 2560x1600, olivia-wilde-4572-2560x1600.jp…)

Olivia Wilde has a fucking gorgeous jaw, I have no idea why she hates her jaw and chin, she's such a fucking idiot.

If anything she needs filler on her cheekbones, which is massively cheaper and much easier to recover from obviously.

No. 109427

File: 1458702533426.jpg (12.91 KB, 301x203, AngelinaJolieBeforeAfter.jpg)

Angelina Jolie has a chin implant and it changed her entire career.

I'm not saying Vic can look like either one of these women, or that people with smaller jaws and chins (Hi, me) aren't beautiful, but why in the world would hate on your natural features when they're like classically beautiful?

They are "strong" features though, and she's not exactly an Angelina Jolie type whose personality makes her radiate beauty.

No. 109432

File: 1458703784324.jpg (7.59 KB, 219x231, images.jpg)

Uh…here's another picture from her teenage years. She's always had a prominent chin, but she also had a lot of baby fat that made it less distinguishable.

No. 109434

File: 1458704330581.jpg (68.83 KB, 640x360, 640_vid_angelina_jolie_130214.…)

And one more.

Strong jaws are usually the symbol of western beauty. I can understand Dakota trying to hide hers but edgy instagram selfies work better with bold features.

No. 109438

Olivia Wilde has such a punchable face, ugh. also her brother is an insufferable twat who looks exactly like her

No. 109471

Admin seems to think these derailed topics are ok. Bans people who are on topic.

No. 109869

insecurity is her most unattractive trait. I can't imagine having to edit every photo of myself before letting people see it. i don't think I am amazingly good looking but you work with that you've got… what a miserable existence Vic :( so deeply concerned with her physical appearance that it is ruling her whole life!

No. 109997

it doesn't matter what she does to her face, she's still going to hate herself because at the end of the day her self worth is rock bottom. case in point; >>107986
i wouldn't be surprised if the extent to which she photoshops herself has completely warped her own sense of self image, she looks at photos of herself that are completely different to what she sees in the mirror and that's gonna fuck you up eventually.

tl;dr vic there's nothing wrong with your natural chin, just switch up the harsh contouring and do your makeup in a way that softens your face instead of elongates and hardens it.

No. 110009

oh my god, the way she put this and the whole "won't ditch or third wheel me" stuff already reveals how much of a sociopath this girl really is. she reminds me of a former friend of mine whose new friends always ended up being "awful to her" or "disappointing her" in some way or another. but in reality, her lack of social skills and jealousy constantly made her to get mad about the most normal, random things. like, her friends hanging out with or talking to other people that were not her ("third-wheeling her") or disagreeing with her about something trivial ("being dramatic") or just generally having more fun or being less insecure than her.

this is exactly what i imagine victoria to be like as a friend. she's always the victim, with the self-awareness of a 14-year-old. no wonder she doesn't have any friends.

No. 110608

File: 1458939998692.png (520.81 KB, 935x541, vic.png)

Surprised this hasn't been posted yet.

There aren't enough candid shots of this bitch. Need moar.

No. 110609

File: 1458940556575.png (572.52 KB, 1293x641, vic.png)

wow i'm shocked to find out she still has these videos of her available lmfao


No. 110610

No. 110611

File: 1458940801069.png (789.58 KB, 942x554, vic.png)

It all makes sense now, thank you.

No. 110612

She always does the chest-forward duckbutt way back for a thigh gap pose… So obvious Victoria

No. 110666

File: 1458941374598.gif (127.41 KB, 333x295, vic.gif)

These two images were taken the same day, first one is a video still from this video https://www.facebook.com/victoriashaunting/videos/807501839304778/

and second is an image vic posted to her blog

No. 110700

She seriously looks so much better in candids; actually quite pretty, not all awkward and alien-like. I wish she could get a bit of self esteem.

No. 110701

Her terrible shoops aren't even what makes her so fucking horrendous. It's her personality, interests, attitude, and just the way she goes about life. She's just a gross girl, straight to the bone.

No. 111188

File: 1459063425524.jpg (48.91 KB, 681x684, healed.JPG)

This is HEALED? Oh god, she didn't need that tattoo. The out of control inflammation and ingrown hairs alone would be enough to keep out even the most desperate human.

No. 111189

Yikes. That's an argument for a 70s bush if I ever saw one.

No. 111191

Thats a big ass belly button. She has so much razor burn, she couldn't have at least photoshopped them out?? And I'm not sure if thats the angle of the photo but is her tattoo crooked?

No. 111193

It must really fuck you up to have people constantly compliment you on a face that isn't real. I feel like trying this hard to be popular on the internet would be totally exhausting.

No. 111210

Leigh_tattoos can't do very good tattoos if this is healed
It's crooked and the ends nearest the vag? One is so much thicker than the other
Is Leigh a trainee? I can't imagine OP paying much for this otherwise

No. 111212

I want to pop that ingrown hair to the left of the v bit so bad.
The worst part is that she actually blurred over it and it's still terrible.

No. 111333

The angle of this photo is soooooooo unfortunate.

No. 111366

Vic said she wanted her vag tat wonky, so it'll look as if it came from an old book or some shit. I can't recall exactly what she said, so don't quote me, just wanted to say that she has made some kind of statement about why that tattoo looks so shitty lmao.

No. 111378

she's begging her followers for free or discounted flights on tumblr. too lazy to screencap.

No. 111388

…and yet she posts massive makeup and clothing hauls every other week. She even has a job now. What is wrong with her?

No. 111395

Poor money management skills.

No. 111396

File: 1459136267480.png (868.59 KB, 1987x1560, PhotoGrid_1459136195401-1.png)

No. 111405

>begs for free or half off plane tickets from strangers
>is questioned by a stranger why she is doing this when she has money for other things
>calls the person jealous

wtf this is making me cringe, what 20+ year old acts like this?.. and what does she mean, saving up for a dress is easier than saving up for a plane ticket?.. all it takes is time.. no effort at all.

No. 111407

>I can't stop spending my money on dumb shit u.u please feel bad for me and flower me with plane tickets

No. 111420

The For Love and Lemons dress she just bought was 315 dollars. Plus shipping to Australia. An international ticket from Australia is approx 1150. If she can get tattoos, Botox, and a 300+ dollar dress, the bitch can get a flight.

No. 111452


Well the cow better start saving up then- airline employees can only use their discounts on themselves and immediate family. Sorry bitch!

No. 111485

some airlines give you buddy passes that you can give to anyone BUT you have to physically be with that person. So if she's trying to fly to meet someone, some sorry bastard has to tag along and be a third wheel lmao.

Some people are so stupid with money its mindblowing. This girl can definitely make enough money for a round trip ticket within a month. It's really not that hard.

No. 111508

Just when I was starting to feel some sympathy for her, she pulls this shit. Fuck off Vic.

No. 111511

She blamed the economy holy fucking shit this is unbelievable. How the fuck would it take 12 months to save for?? does she count clothing as essential ? ?

No. 111513

>>And I don't want to wait 12-24 months to be able to see the girl I like, just because of money.

And that's your problem. Not everyone else's. Everyone else has loved ones they want to visit across the world and they don't go begging strangers for free airline tickets to make that happen. Take up another job or stop buying so many ridiculous edgy dresses that you can only wear once for a "photo shoot". Actually, save yourself money by not buying the dresses and learning how to photo shop the dresses onto your body: your followers are oblivious to the chin shoop, I doubt they'd notice the dress shoop too. There: problem solved!

No. 111528

this is some real buullshit. fucking hell
>'i work for my money'
>'but give me free shit because you follow my blog!!!'

No. 111876

if this dumb cunt didn't tattoo her fucking head, get three foot long extensions and a million articles of clothing every month, she could afford that plane ticket in a WEEK.

No. 111908

oh my god how childish! calling that person jealous for pointing out hypocrisy. STOP BEGGING FOR FREE SHIT ON THE INTERNET VICTORIA!!! It's not a good look. work hard, save up for a fucking plane ticket like literally every other person on the planet has to. if she went a month without tattoos/botox/hair extensions/nails/not buying any new dresses she could probably get a place ticket in no time. UGH! she is so frustrating and arrogant. why should anyone fund her bullshit?

No. 111913

Why were you feeling sympathy for her? I'm curious, genuinely.

No. 111963

Honestly, because I'm kind of a dumb ass who was reading some of her words and ascribing my past experiences to her situation. I was thinking how all she really needs is to realize happiness/love has to be found within.

But then I read shit like >>111396 and I realize her real problem is that she's an entitled cunt who not only wants everything handed to her, but expects it. And that just pisses me off unreasonably.

No. 111980

File: 1459221556497.jpg (90.14 KB, 736x1121, cand.jpg)

No. 111984

File: 1459222395572.jpg (60.04 KB, 458x599, auUM_vOa2dg.jpg)

No. 111986

File: 1459222425430.jpg (61.58 KB, 453x604, OF5J4JYEQDM.jpg)

No. 111987

File: 1459222436020.jpg (61.46 KB, 419x604, VPAVwQ5W_ck.jpg)

No. 112092

what a disgusting cunt. fuck her.

No. 112205

File: 1459255590741.jpg (474.9 KB, 1280x1687, tumblr_o483yz7P011rsnhiko1_128…)

Vic needs to stop using Tumblr and Instagram. She says that she doesn't have facebook or anything else because its stupid or whatever but it's probably really damaging to her mental health. She has this weird distorted sense of what she really looks like and who she is. Instagram and Tumblr are honestly (well I don't know about insta but I know how tumblr is) just photo sites where people are constantly sucking each others dicks. Not that it doesn't happen on facebook but it's a bit different. Posting on facebook makes you think about what you say before doing anything because honestly its way more "personal" in a sense. On a blog you could fake whoever you want to be, hence half the cows here. She also probably just wants people to talk to, but people sucking up to you constantly really screws with you. Possibly making Vic think shes way better than most people.

I wanna keep going but brain is dead. sorry if that didn't make sense I have no sleep.

No. 112210

I'm late to the party but I truly don't understand how someone could post that and think they look good, let alone think they could fool anyone with it. It's bordering on mentally ill, or at least mentally retarded

No. 112240


For real – Vic has photoshopped herself to the point that she looks like she has FAS or some similar physical birth defect. She looks much better in >>111980

No. 112251

You're right, and it's sad that she feels the need to do more and more extreme edits to her photos to appeal to what's popular online. In reality she's far from ugly so getting away from those circles of the internet would probably help her mental health and self image a lot.

No. 112544

File: 1459293755149.jpeg (270.15 KB, 1268x1485, image.jpeg)

Although I'm completely turned off by the dead animal posts as well, I have to wonder how many rude commentors accounts she went through before she found an account like this that she could bitch about I swear to God this girl needs to get off the Internet already.

No. 112546

Why not just tattoo him on your arm

No. 112549

i can't remember if it was posted about on here but a while ago vicky once had a "relationship" with some super skeevy guy who slaughtered animals for funsies, and blocked anyone who called her out when she gushed over how great he was on ig. he was into some pretty sick shit but he was blonde with face tattoos, sooooo…….

No. 112550

No. 112551

Any caps floating around? Her Tumblr sucks I hate searching it

No. 112552

and BOOM goes the dynamite

No. 112555

isntagram is really just about the photos, as on tumblr you can make other posts that are not picture based.

I think she is scared to have stuff like facebook because it is more personal. She has no irl friends and seems to burn through people she meets online. She could make a public fan page though, but I do think she is self aware enough to know it is a bad idea, even just from backlash of previous attention whoring attempts.

No. 112556


She deleted my comment about how her idols done much worse & most likely killed animals from a very young age.

No. 112877

she just looks like she's got two fat lips from being punched in the mouth for being an insufferable cunt.

No. 113187

But her serial killer husbandos were never mean to her, unlike this guy. Obviously a person leaving you mean internet comments is a billion times worse than a person murdering a bunch of people and animals you don't even know.

No. 113395

fucking lol. so many excuses, and this is why i don't feel bad for her "mental problems". there's nothing wrong with being financially privileged, and even asking your followers to help you, but she's clearly aware of how much of a greedy useless brat she's being if it's enough to make her this guilty and self conscious. tumblr has created a pissing contest between upper/middle classed people that want to deny their financial privilege for edge points and it's so fucking tired.

you get handouts, that's dope, own it. i don't understand her obsession with sympathy points.

No. 113414

I find her fascinating because she is so quick to jump on individual trends, and push them to the point of absolute caricature, but at no point in her adult life does she seem to question it. Everyone searches for their identity and she's clearly desperate to find herself, but now she's just a collection of things that don't fit together and now as she ages just make her look psychotic. Like the lips, the awful dollskill style, the extensions, contacts, gastric surgery, etc, it's like everything to the extreme with nothing beneath it to account for her experiences. I wish she was more forthcoming about her desperation and self esteem issues because she is such an extreme case of it and sort of the poster girl for tumblr girls. Even excluding Felice, because I think Felice was coherent enough to have limits about her look and what she jumped on.

No. 113795

File: 1459485031745.jpeg (176.23 KB, 750x1061, image.jpeg)

I just can't fathom how self centred she is? I mean she's probably never seen another girl with a body like hers because she doesn't spend time with any other females, but damn.

No. 113802

I don't think she understands what 'child bearing hips' are……

No. 113809

I'm too busy laughing at the first year drag queen boob contouring.

Also hips compared to thighs is stupid. if anything you want to compare it to rib cage since comparing bone - flesh is idiotic. P much every ana-chan has hips bigger than their thighs

No. 113811

cackling because shes back at it again with the fucking eyeshadow cleavage oh my god

No. 113817

I-isn't this a roll of fat caused by the pulled up underwear. She wants to be curvy so bad but she's shaped like a fridge and delusional.

No. 113820

She has a hip dip, but it's also the pose

No. 114117

File: 1459560108978.jpg (490.24 KB, 2572x2856, Female-skeleton-Anterior-and-p…)


No. 114118


hook nosed cum trough

No. 114204

blatantly plastic nose tbh.

No. 114223

File: 1459605543876.jpg (53.82 KB, 713x378, tmp_9761-Shark_Tale_Lola848232…)

go back to reddit, tbh.

No. 114396

File: 1459665041608.png (194.82 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

Im laughing so hard rn

No. 114397

File: 1459665299149.png (232.16 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

She's literally bragging about how much she earns but cant save up for travelling?

No. 114400

after a quick google, $440 is just over a third of the cost of return flights from sydney to london (that's where she wanted to go right?) if she's earning that much in two days if she worked a 5 day week she'd be $100 away from the full cost of those return flights. i understand that obviously there's living costs that would be taken out of her wage, but if she was sensible with her money she could save for a holiday in no time but instead she's dropping $300+ on dresses and begging. it's fucking infuriating to watch.

No. 114429

That is….assuming she actually made that much and isn't lying.

No. 114430

Most flights, anything decent is minimum AUD$1800. You can go through China with long stopovers for very cheap though.

No. 114432

I'm not saying that price difference is a big deal though, just an Ausfag.

No. 114434

I don't think she should brag about how easy it is to set up an online store, you still need a marketable product and I doubt the unicorn dildo chokers are a hot seller.

No. 114733

>up all naight craaaaaaaiiiiing bc awful horrible no good very bad ABUSE and CYBERBULLY

i was the one who posted about her just owning the fact that she wants handouts, and to just ignore everyone giving her shit because there are people out there who for whatever reason do want to give her shit. if you have the balls to make it, own it or people will see through it and tear you apart. and if you're that weak that you post about it out of thinly veiled guilt, you look even worse. i really think she gets off on wallowing in self pity but that's been p obvious for a while. it just never stops being surprising how far it goes.

No. 114816

File: 1459764438907.png (98.4 KB, 758x341, Screen shot 2016-04-04 at 7.33…)

this was the price i was referring to. yeah it's probably gonna be shit but if you're that desperate to travel that you have to try and beg strangers on the internet for money or discounts then you'd be stupid to pass up a bargain like this, especially if she's earning as much as she said she is.
(for anyone unfamiliar with Student Fligths: you don't have to be a student to book this price, just under 26 so Vic still qualifies)

No. 114823

File: 1459767523411.jpeg (593.75 KB, 2592x2592, image.jpeg)

I think she looks absolutely gorgeous in the first photo, and I she just looks unrealistic in the second. Plus, I don't understand why she has to lie? First photo taken from the photographers Instagram, and the second is from her Instagram account.

No. 115046

File: 1459810335974.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 178.6 KB, 750x1162, image.jpeg)

Jesus she really has been shopping her lower body heavily, nice fupa there

No. 115056

Would love to see the original of this. The edited jaw, ass and legs must be crazy

No. 115069

The contouring kills me when you see her real chin AND the end of the blush's line

No. 115083

Still looks like a beached whale after all the shoop. Sad.

No. 115088

Even with the shoop it looks surreal to me. She really tries to make it seem like she's more waifish than anything and she's got a really thick lower half with short stubby legs. It doesn't even look like it goes with her upper body.

No. 115090

how tall is she? she looks so freaking short

No. 115092

I love this photo of her, no fucking lie. I need MOAR.

No. 115097

Ikr she looks like a legal midget

No. 115104

this makes me so sad. She has such lovely features she doesnt even need to shoop herself into oblivion. Why is it always the pretty ones that do this?

No. 115145

The photo isn't too bad. There is def a lot of shoop going on but it's not as bad as it could be. Pulling up your underwear that high tho is so unattractive. I feel like that makes her look even stumpier. Why do people keep doing this.

She's 5'1 or 5 something like that.

No. 115197

Couldnt she have shooped her stomach to be less bulgy? She looks short, stubby and a bit overweight even after the shoop. Honestly it looks like pregnancy. Vic pls.

No. 115205

underrated post. this is a very clear way of putting it.

No. 115789

This post hit the nail on the fucking head. I
m fascinated with her too. she is insecure yet self-obsessed. also the fact that she has only just got her first job at age 21 and has spent the past 3 years at home, alone, taking photos of herself and uploading them to the internet in an attempt to be instagram famous. and she did it. but it's like where to now. She has the maturity of a 14 year old girl, still uses phrases like 'fuck the haters' and 'drama-free'. she is painfully insecure, sad but blasts it all over the internet for sympathy points. she lacks all self awareness and seems to have no idea how she comes off. she is so deeply concerned with her looks because she has made that the only interesting thing about her! she's never travelled or experienced life outside of QLD. it's just sad, really sad, her perspective on the world is based around tumblr, instagram and photoshopping her chin. fascinating.

No. 115852

She's always talking about how she has such big hips but is always doing that stupid pose where she has them pushed back/away from the camera to make them smaller

No. 115876


No. 115924

File: 1459950340639.jpeg (166.59 KB, 741x1104, image.jpeg)

begging for money from followers, followed by buying a motorcycle and plans to mod it a few days later. this girl is a trainwreck again and again and again.

No. 116163

wanna take bets on how long she's going to keep up with his fad before she ditches it for something "cooler"?

No. 116173

Oh my
God I hope she tries to pretend she's a coffin cheater or something.

No. 116190

Wasn't she just complaining about needing money for a plane ticket….?

No. 116195

Are you kidding me

Is she gonna drive through the ocean

No. 116242

yeah… somehow between buying new ridiculously expensive tacky clothing, getting lip fillers, multiple large new tattoos, endless makeup and now a motorcycle (and licence) she found time to beg followers for plane fare money, because she's desperate to visit someone and it's absurd to think that she could save it on her own.

just thinking about her makes my blood boil.

No. 116298

File: 1460031689206.png (511.2 KB, 811x543, prosperono.PNG)

Maybe stop sleeping with people on the first date if you're after something more serious? Relationships can come from one night stands but it's obviously not working for her

No. 116342

Yeah, she's not too great at sticking with the poor girl story.

No. 116361

God she's pathetic. I want to feel bad for her, because clearly she has no idea of how to go about pursuing a relationship, but she's such a self-absorbed cunt it's impossible.

No. 116375

No one should feel sorry for this cunt; she doesn't want the truth. She pulls all this "BAWWWWW what is wrong with me?" drama, then if anyone dares to suggest she's maybe a bit too self-absorbed, shallow and/or entitled she goes livid and calls them haters.

What she wants is for people to tell her she's "too real" and that potential lovers are intimidated by her perfection. Fuck her.

No. 116457

i would never date someone who posts that many selfies. it's like a red-flag for me. she is so image-based, nothing about her is interesting apart from her looks - which she focuses on heavily. she is insecure and sad, constantly complains about how she hates the way she looks yet posts endless selfies. classic attention seeking behaviour. Imagine dating someone like that, it was be so fucking painful! plus have you heard her voice?! i swear she has the most whiney annoying dumb bitch voice i have ever heard. she talks like an air head. she has no perspective on the world and thinks she deserves free hand-outs. all round an unlikeable person with no attractive traits.

No. 116464

"I started the natural process of introspection so I got this book to feed me ego boosting phrases"

No. 116551

File: 1460118797333.png (36.3 KB, 553x416, lol.PNG)

Huge modeling jobs. Sure

No. 116554

because no company ever uses photoshop on the photoshoot pictures, ever.
lets hope she really gets the surgery and perhaps stops shooping so much

No. 116555

Yeah Vic, it's you're big old chin that keeps you from modeling. But your big old butt is just fine!

Taking bets on how long after the chin augmentation is complete that she starts begging for lipo funds. What a fuck up.

No. 116560

If those supposedly huge brands actually asked her to model then her chin is fine just how it is. I hope she's too broke for surgery, she's going to turn herself into the cat lady otherwise.

No. 116595

>"i told my father recently and he became abusive"

he probably said "for fuck's sake victoria i'm not giving you the money for more plastic surgery, your chin is fine"

No. 116777

Nah, it means her chin is fine to them the way it is in her heavily Photoshopped photos. She just knows that they'd laugh her out of the building when her unedited face showed up for the shoot.

No. 116796

File: 1460209074447.jpeg (301.45 KB, 1242x1571, image.jpeg)

no idea why I screenshot this last night, but I noticed she deleted it after changing the caption a few times.

No. 116797

>thigh-brow'd and proud
I should have known she was one of those idiots that thought the "thigh brow" came from having curves and not from having basic human anatomy

No. 116805

so many things going on in that photo. why is her head/face so damn blurry? why is her left thigh like twice the size of her right one?
wonder if she edited the photo after it was sent to her - if i was the photographer i'd be pissed b/c that's not a representation of my work.

No. 116820

She's definitely editing them after. What's bad is after the photog posted the original, the next photo of Vic she posted was a repost from victoria. Guess it was way too different from her original version.
As a photographer, I would be livid that someone else was ruining my photos.

No. 116833

Because she tried to shave down the jaw and do the same spoopy ugly face shoop she does to all of her pictures. I'm sure she attempted to make the thighs smaller too but she sucks. The photographer seems pretty talented, Vic is just an insecure dipshit as always

No. 116840

>those wildly different sized thighs

No. 116879

Idk if this is an unpopular opinion or not but I actually like her natural chin. The one she photoshops makes it look like she's missing her lower jaw.

No. 116890

You were wrong.

No. 116933

God damn it girls like her fuck it up so hard for actual grown women who have their own sex lives. Yes it's possible to just want to sleep with someone, and considering she chose to sleep with those men (and even women! gasp! so edgy!) i don't understand why she's heartbroken? Like you don't just keep putting your fucking hand on a stove expecting a different result, and for some people sex is just sex and women shouldn't have this standard of purity put on them to the point that afterwards you feel obligated to attempt a relationship to show you're "still good".

On one hand I fucking hate her bitching about men that "did her dirty" and hate how she self-indulgently goes into a self hating place so publicly; and on the other hand I do wonder what these partner's were feeding her beforehand, and if they went way overboard on the promises.

And then I remember that she photoshops herself into a completely different person, and no matter how not-shallow you are you can't trust someone like that.

And then I remember she has a fucking sleeve of serial killers….. Waiting for her to Monami Frost that shit because that will fuck her up for life.

No. 116934

>I told my father recently and he became abusive

No. 117010

I like it too and when she photoshops it out she just looks like a fish. Her candid pics are much better.

Yep-maybe shes hoping people will put it down to the tattoo making her leg look slimmer as opposed to, well you know ;)

No. 117338

ok i dont like hear either but the thigh on the left hand side is obviously bigger because its being squished from her leaning on it, and the other thigh looks slimmer because she isnt resting on it…

No. 117406

File: 1460345131022.png (346.48 KB, 600x601, Screen shot 2016-04-11 at 12.5…)

she spelled imbecile wrong, the irony is too much.

No. 117426

wtf? Hey Victoria, GET FUCKED!!! begging for money so she can go see her *~*DrEaM GiRl~* while parading around the internet talking about plastic surgery, motorcycles, endless new clothing make-up, botox and tattoos. what a selfish cunt!! why does she deserve a free trip to America? she could save up for that in like a few months if she just stopped buying shit. her parents pay her rent AND bought her a new car. she is an adult!! fucking dumb bitch has never worked for anything in her life! no wonder she is mentally still 14 years old.

No. 117435

She's such a mess. It's like she hasn't figured out that she doesn't have to spread her legs the moment someone's nice to her.

Then again, she's probably too awful to have a successful relationship, period; if she doesn't put out immediately, she'll never get laid.

No. 117479

File: 1460350373074.jpg (26.72 KB, 316x421, Bogans-Aussies-Overseas.jpg)




No. 117529

this is all i can think of

No. 117553

Oh god she's whitegirling on tumblr "i’m just lucky that my mums aboriginal genes made it to my hips and waist"
except aboriginal women are usually apple body shapes? They're not African

No. 117677

i don't understand what the problem is? a bin is a bin. unless she means shit literally, which i doubt, this is so not a big deal.

No. 117713

I don't know how it works anywhere else but down here having someone else fill your wheelie bin up is actually pretty annoying because they're quite small and it means all your shit has to hang around for another week.

No. 117714

In America, you have to pay for trash services which only run once a week so if I caught someone putting their trash bags in my trash can, I would get pretty upset since 1) they're causing it to fill up faster than it normally would and 2) basically stealing $$$ from me since they're making me pay to haul off their trash.

It's also against the law and those caught are fined $500. Blah blah blah, there's legitimate reasons to get pissed about it but Vic always has to overdo everything.

No. 117900

File: 1460452603552.png (39.13 KB, 687x378, f.png)

Go to bed, Vic. You're drunk.

No. 117901

File: 1460452889427.png (223.45 KB, 1750x869, vic.png)

No. 117903

File: 1460455878041.jpg (95.01 KB, 400x400, 13528499085.jpg)

Lol, what a dumb bitch. Wtf is she even trying to say with this?
>Women are only useful for sex! Much better being a stripper than a scientist! So empowering!

So feminist kek

No. 117905

>in this day and age women are making most of their money from being cam girls or strippers or porn stars
Nah, that's just you and every other talentless idiot who has nothing of genuine value to contribute to society.

No. 117912

That's it – abuse/alienate the people who define your whole fucking existence. Way to go Vic!

No. 117936

File: 1460467247371.png (187.8 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

She's so desperate

No. 118300

this is really sad :( friendships are built up over time through human connection… not instagram shout outs. she wants instant gratification, she wants a robot friend who she can program. why would you be mad if a friend brought a boyfriend along? how old are you, 15? must not be dramatic… victoria, you are the most dramatic chick ive come across!! especially for your age! grow up, go outside, make some real friends through experiences and normal social interactions. you wont find what youre looking for on instagram.

No. 118313

the funny thing is a lot of people say "oh i'll be your friend! i live at xyz" at these posts and victoria never follows them up on that because they have small follow counts and they're not pretty or alternative or successful. so until she stops being such a cunt with an attitude i won't feel sorry for her feeling lonely.

No. 118339

File: 1460510707536.jpg (74.25 KB, 921x527, whiny.JPG)

12 hours later she posts the same thing again with a different acaption

No. 118360

File: 1460514896043.jpeg (398.32 KB, 1936x1936, image.jpeg)

An hour later that post is deleted and this is uploaded. Jesus H. She's insufferable.

No. 118373

File: 1460516953111.jpg (69.03 KB, 489x600, 1459076886454.jpg)

>The internet is good for my health
…can this girl be on /pt/? She's so dumb it's amazing.

No. 118381

>like im the meanest person when I'm mentally ill.

It is annoying when anyone blames mental illness for their bitchy behavior.

>i know i'm being a bitch but i'm mentally ill.

Almost never a valid excuse. Mental illness might be hard to cope with, but the bitchiness is all on you baby.

No. 118409

She is just preparing for when she gets fat again after her instagram model days and it stretches

No. 118419

File: 1460534458798.png (58.48 KB, 656x261, Capture d’écran 2016-04-13 à…)

Lmao it's so sad.

No. 118421

Yeah this annoys me, because firstly if you are mentally ill its a constant state its not something that comes and goes. And a lot of people try and say they are mentally ill when they exhibit shitty behaviour because its easily to blame it on that and its makes it hard for people who are mentally ill and are not assholes.

No. 118423

She's such a cunt to literally everyone and has been for ages. Cmon Vic, with all your bullshit hippy talk shouldn't you know that "karma is a real bitch." I also love that people are calling her on being a whiny twat and she either calls them cunts, deletes their comments, or let's her fan girls take care of it.

No. 118434

If you have good enough judgment to know you're acting like a bitch, then you can't use mental illness as an excuse. Mentally ill people don't have that kind of insight.

No. 118441

That's kind of an overarching statement.

No. 118463

She has a gastric band so she probably wont get fat again lol

No. 118470

Maybe that old guy was flirting with her or just giving her a compliment since she's so insecure. Wasn't she complaining last week or so that she's been with lots of guys. So plenty of guys did want to be with her, never longer than a night the way she told it.

No. 118492

Loads of people with gastric bands regain all the weight.

No. 118499


I was listening to a local radio's morning show - the question they asked was "Why did you ghost someone?"

A guy called in and talked about a girl he met on Tinder. He went out with her for drinks then back to her place. After her pants came off he noticed that she had a tattoo of Jeffrey Dahmer on her thigh. I guess he totally freaked, quickly banged her, snuck out before she woke up and then blocked/deleted her on all social media/communication platforms.

Maybe all of the tattoos she has as an ode to murders knocks her out of the running for a girl-you-can-take-home-to-mom position and just solidifies her as a one night stand for most normal people? Yet again she plays the victim for something that is nobody's fault but her own.

No. 118504

or become alchos

No. 118529

I was just making a joke lol, like once she is done her tumblr model goth days she won't need to keep her "hot bod" anymore and will let herself go. Its funny to think about

No. 118557

he wasn't that freaked out if he still banged her tho

No. 119458

No. 119465

Are you retarded?

She's got plenty of randos that want to be with her… for one night. That's what she's whining about. Funnily enough, she seems to have misinterpreted what her boss said. "You're pretty so lots of dudes must be attracted to you" ≠ "You're pretty so lots of dudes must want to be in a long-term relationship with you."

No. 119688


I think it's her own fault for only being one-night hookup material though - easy to hump and dump someone like that. I can't imagine trying to introduce a new boyfriend/girlfriend to my friends and family if they had a sleeve like hers. There's absolutely no way I'd see them as anything more than a carefree hookup - so I can see why she's in this situation. Her own damn fault.

No. 119717

If I had met a girl that I really liked and had a great personality etc (not saying Vic here does) and she had a tattoo of killers I would ghost her no regrets. Even fruity, badly done satanic tattoos are fine and I'd be okay with bringing her to meet my family or whatever. Who in their right mind does expansive, oddly-themed tattoos (never minding the awful quality) on a clearly mentally unstable person?? How does her mental health team (which I assume she has Bc she is on state finical assistance) not try to talk her out of these rash, self-destructive impulses? Wtf @aus mental health/disability services

No. 119749

Because she's got a pretentious fake-deep made up reason accompanying it so its ~ART~

No. 119769

tbh I would ghost anyone with any tattoos for a serious relationship. They’re a huge red flag.

No. 119770

File: 1460677622985.jpg (10 KB, 275x173, image.jpg)

No. 119777

damn gramps that's cold - but probably best for everyone that people have different preferences. this super weird older man used to come in and creep on me and my coworker until he found out we both had tattoos. haha thank goodness we ruined his ideal

that's an interesting point, wonder if she had to search to find someone willing to do these tattoos. they seem large enough that she would have to save up for them and not be able to just walk in and get one. but it's even sadder to think that they were legitimately planned out in some form or fashion. from what i've seen on here of her she just seems like she hates herself =[ and what better way to express that self hate than by tattoos of a bunch of well known well hated people

No. 119847

I can't handle that, seriously has she ever seen an indigenous woman? She's built like a white girl just accept it.

No. 119848

File: 1460692758901.png (20.35 KB, 881x112, Screen shot 2016-04-15 at 1.26…)

but who's gonna pay for all your stuff? is this because he told her she didn't need chin surgery?

No. 119849

File: 1460692835693.png (54.89 KB, 776x211, Screen shot 2016-04-15 at 1.28…)

she's really been on a roll the last week with the lulzy posts, come on vic getting popular online is all you've ever been trying to do!

No. 119852

Except if you go to the beginning of her blog when she was a fat nobody she was constantly begging for promos and followers

No. 119853

File: 1460693579153.png (21.83 KB, 733x128, Screen shot 2016-04-15 at 1.41…)

>people might think i'm mental
but she still went and got an arm full of tattoos of serial killers. i'm never going to understand this girl.

No. 120750

File: 1460842243478.jpg (148.16 KB, 628x876, tumblr_m21lkaa0mu1rsnhiko1_128…)


checking out her archive…..yikes.

No. 120754

File: 1460842305983.png (647.83 KB, 600x800, tumblr_m4oqthb1Oh1rsnhiko1_128…)

like wtf

No. 121388

No. 121390

File: 1460941615076.jpg (50.14 KB, 460x604, 4WvYN1JDfpk.jpg)

lol, you can tell she jumps from trend to trend, she has no individuality, just copies whatever is in on tumblr at the time. what a loser. no identity.

No. 121391

File: 1460941649944.jpg (54.05 KB, 453x604, topkek.jpg)

those eyebrows |:

No. 121407

File: 1460942431023.png (28.51 KB, 254x405, lol.PNG)


how the fuck is this girl 21. this is some livejournal/myspace level of edgy

No. 121429

Very despair. So depress. Much suffer.

No. 121442

File: 1460948544066.jpeg (43.41 KB, 275x275, image.jpeg)

No. 121455


>Some of us get married and have kids and pay bills and buy houses and then we die and that's just the most miserable fucking life i could ever imagine.

There are plenty people who don't want a life like that and that's just fine, but it's kind of funny she seems to think that begging people to hang out with her and be her friend via Instagram is a better way to live your life than, gasp, working to pay your bills like literally every functioning adult ever, getting married and having kids.

>And the rest of us are working our asses off just to go on one holiday or buy ourselves an item of clothing and then we go back to being broke

It wouldn't have to be that way if she didn't fuck up her chances of getting a job with a higher salary with those shitty serial killer tattoos and spend all the money she makes on tacky, overpriced Dolls Kill clothes.

No. 121464

ia. honestly those are the best people for her too, especially her mental health.

the type of friend she's looking for with a style/follower count will only be using her then ditch her. i don't feel bad because she attracts exactly what she deserves.

No. 121485

she is SO BITTER and SAD!!

"uhg, fuck people who meet their soul mate and fall in love and get married.. how boring. having beautiful children together and building a lovely family? ugh, so mainstream. getting a job that makes you happy and successful? ew, only plebs and mainstream losers are successful. I'd rather have my parents pay my rent, live alone and beg for friends on Instagram thanks. that's what k00l goth girls do"

No. 121486

She had potential without the shit tattoos. You can fix bad makeup and rainbow hair, but she's beyond help now.

No. 121500

File: 1460962642720.png (193.06 KB, 500x281, S2e5_edgy_on_purpose.png)

seriously the only hope for her is some serious laser or a full blackwork sleeve.
>pic related is all i see when i look at her

No. 123228

File: 1461387818167.jpg (199.03 KB, 500x676, PWKK97i.jpg)

man she just looks ridiculous posing for stupid photos like this

No. 123230

File: 1461388259366.jpg (22.36 KB, 500x373, large.jpg)

the extend to which she photoshops her body is astounding. girl is built like a short chubby midget yet photoshops herself to look like a waif.

No. 123239

Her head looks disproportionately huge. Is she leaning forward or shooping her head bigger to make her body look smaller? Both?

No. 123359

Her extensions always look so ratty.

No. 123752

she's leaning forward a lot, practically bending in half for this pic. taking photos like this just makes her look so desperate. surely she's got something better to do with her time. i guess not. all she wants is validation for 14 years olds on the internet, at least shes got that… sad :/

No. 123765

File: 1461492686472.jpg (235.38 KB, 800x521, butthole lips.jpg)

she's bending at the waist, i used to do it when i didn't have a tripod so i had to set my camera up at an awkward height to take myspace photos. these photos are pretty old though, she's updated her selfie set up since.

she could really felice a run for her money when it comes to her photoshopping. she makes her lips so huge that he chin disappears and they look like a prolapsed butthole. she looks SO much nicer in her photos from the beach; she's got quite a striking face under the piles of photoshop.

No. 123766

She looks extremly pretty on the right, what the fuck is wrong with her to photoshop herself into a drag queen

No. 123768

when she photoshops a pic of herself (which is every pic) she makes her jaw like 1cm long, looks ridiculous.

No. 123769

File: 1461493212371.png (506.67 KB, 927x525, Screen Shot 2016-04-24 at 8.18…)

>when u so lonely u have to upload pix of u flirtin with random gross dudes to prove to ur online followers that people desire u

No. 123771

If I only saw her shoops I would be scared of what she was hiding behind all that but she's actually quite attractive. It's a shame she can't realize it. Why would you want to look like some bratz doll/witchy sea hag hybrid?!

No. 123774

lookin like a sex doll with a manufacturing error

No. 123775

When I saw her pics and obvious photoshop I was expecting the ugliest real face but her real face > photoshopped face. I quite like her strong features and think they suit her face.

No. 123777

holy shit she's gorgeous, how weird that she shoops herself

No. 124393

I know! her natural face is so nice, why she photoshops her self to look like a cartoon sex doll is beyond me.

No. 128083

File: 1462497559868.png (7.76 KB, 263x138, 36587353565.PNG)

"I can't stand to see my own photograph"
>reblogs photos of herself constantly and t has a page full of photos of just her

I'll never understand. is she obsessed with herself or does she hate herself? Because The people I know who genuinely hate the way they look don't spend all day taking selfies. have you seen her tagged/me?! she is really full of herself and i feel like the whole 'woe is me im so ugly' schtick is just for sympathy sometimes. idk. if i thought i was so ugly to the point i wanted a jaw reconstruction i wouldn't have that many selfies on the internet y'know?

No. 128096

Tumblr girl attention seeking 101

No. 128103

all her shit is photoshopped so… it kinda does fit

No. 128104

… She's photoshopped in that picture…

No. 128106

I feel like she could be naturally gorgeous and possibly better looking in real life. But her rotten attitude makes her ugly.

No. 128820

File: 1462763364996.jpg (Spoiler Image, 40.36 KB, 604x604, ISRkc59LS7o.jpg)

No. 128824

File: 1462763632066.jpg (63.35 KB, 604x604, 52NHy6fOn4o.jpg)

this is her before she started photoshopping (i think) this is her natural chin

No. 128825

WTF is going on between the person behind her's legs? Are those balls and a dick? What is the context for this picture?

No. 128829

She legit looks like a drag queen, yikes.

No. 128842

she posted it ages ago on her IG. you never seen a dude do this with his dick and balls before?

No. 128844

File: 1462769615152.jpg (74.45 KB, 604x604, cIWReOrtUbQ.jpg)

this is from a while ago, she used to date the guy in the pic. right now shes telling everyone he is a psycho on her blog.

No. 128846

She looks like a dude trying to be a girl and he looks like a girl trying to be a dude.

No. 128850

I thought it was a woman, and maybe she was in a public women's bathroom (and if it was a tranny why would there be a tranny walking around pantsless behind her?) Still, what posessed her to take this picture with her pantsless bf in the background and post it on social media?

No. 128860

And not a good one either.

No. 128861

You gotta admit that guy has a very womanly shape. Before I noticed the dick and balls I thought it was a girl.

No. 128871

she's not attractive or nice tbh, you just think that cause compared to her ass shop and terrible makeup she looks less fucking weird..
still she's not at all attractive she looks like a man

No. 128987

because it's edgy as fuck. gives her more edge points

No. 129030

File: 1462850625327.jpg (60.38 KB, 424x604, E_Mrb8tdxB8.jpg)

i know it's old but holy shit those brows are bad

No. 129068

File: 1462861997513.png (2.12 MB, 1436x756, 858585.png)

here's a pretty accurate comparison of real life VS what she wants people to think she looks like

No. 129082

Does she want to be tan or does she want to be pale?

No. 129086

She still does have nice features. Didn't she get lip fillers or something?

No. 129120

Here she looks better in the real, I think she just doesn't look better in the real life ones when she makes her make-up too harsh. Exaggerates her strong features.

No. 129437

I don't think she was in charge of make-up or editing because it was a professional shoot for tragic beautiful

No. 129444

Someone needs to shoop the pic on the left with some side bangs and a smoky eye and a nude lip, I think she'd be really pretty.

No. 130872

i'm gonna laugh when she gets the jaw surgery and realizes she looks like someone with birth defect. and every stranger IRL passing her will think to themselves "i wonder what happened to them.. poor girl"

like seriously, having no jaw is usually the thing people go get fixed

No. 130925

No. 130927

File: 1463360875688.jpg (258.41 KB, 832x1200, E2bpsWG.jpg)

She sounds like a fucking fedora wearing nice guy "they always go for the assholes and jocks!! no one can handle how I love so passionately so its EVERYONE ELSES fault! it couldn't possibly be a problem with me!" ahh vic, take some time to reflect on yourself. only experiencing 2 very extreme emotions isn't a positive trait. its not something people want in a relationship. dating her would be horrible. she sounds like a clingy, needy, self-absorbed asshole who needs constant reassurance.

No. 130929

No. 130930

File: 1463360963648.png (16.54 KB, 248x265, niceguy.PNG)

No. 130931

They are probably turned off by her narcissism. As anyone would be

No. 130932

Because all women are exactly the same and want the same thing.

She sounds like she's the needy overly dependent type and that's usually a turn off to anyone who isn't looking for a victim.

No. 130945

She always says how she cares too much for the people she dates, when really she is just crazy clingy and is desperate for someone to be with her.

No. 130956

File: 1463370669623.jpg (29.6 KB, 494x352, cantreadgood.jpg)

No. 130959

thats just the size of font on victoria's blog

No. 130996


Left Pic is also shooped as hell, her chin is waaaaay huger than this.

No. 131315

File: 1463458323395.png (237.28 KB, 316x301, 89327457326.PNG)

well yeah…

No. 131398

HOly shit, that dark ass makeup and horrible contour ages her like 20 years. Her chin should b the least of her concerns

No. 131815

her chin is fine. shes a real pretty girl. sadly desperation looks bad on everyone

No. 131835

File: 1463549198591.png (350.04 KB, 419x395, 0.png)

The fact that she over contours her cheeks and doesn't contour her chin properly really just makes it look 100x worse.

No. 131844

this is something she's going to look back on when she's older and wish she put her anger into being a better person/developing a skill set to better her life/contributing something to the world instead of being psychotically obsessed with herself and a shallow outward expression

if she was doing more and trying to adapt to being borderline i could respect her but if she has all this money to get surgery why can't she just afford mental health treatments so that she does't associate her worth with her fucking chin size. especially since she probably is this way from classic middle class family neglect, you would think her family would feel some guilt

No. 131901

File: 1463578004587.jpg (297.06 KB, 898x1198, tumblr_nc12bnrWso1rsnhiko1_128…)


honestly all she has to do is wash her trashy makeup off and she looks 1000 times better

No. 131917

There's no doubt she's a beautiful girl. She just has a horrible alt trashy style, makeup that ages her horribly, bad photoshop, and a shit attitude.
what a waste of a nice face.

No. 132076

goddam she looks good without all the make up!! her style makes me cringe, it just screams 'I AM INSECURE! LOOK AT ME!". her make up makes her look so old

No. 132825

File: 1463794976280.png (1.2 MB, 1072x961, 20160521_113822.png)

What the fuck is going on here

No. 132859

She's trying to contour her chin and jaw line smaller, it's not working.

No. 133674

Aside from the train wreck of a makeup video this is, she oddly looks better with yellow hair. If only she didn't contour above her cheekbone (where her highlight should be) and draw horrid eyebrows on.

No. 133679

Omg that thumbnail

No. 133694

Holy hell, I just wanna smack the duck face off of her!!!

No. 133695

lol at her sucking in her cheeks and duckfacing for the whole video. Must be uncomfortable.

No. 133705


Right? Nobody's lips just naturally rest like that all the time, doing that for the entire video looks so forced.

No. 133727

god she looks so much better without the photoshop!!! wth and she looks awesome with the yellow hair too. but yeah cringe at her trying to duck face throughout a make up tutorial. she's prettier than i thought, if only she had self confidence

No. 133732

The weird duckface lips are awful. I wish she'd draw her brows lifter and more close to a normal size. She's so pretty with her natural brows.

No. 133737

She really needs to take a break from all that make-up anyway or at the very least get a better skincare regimen. She has a beautiful face despite making that dumb expression the whole video, her makeup makes her chin look huge when really, it's actually proportional.

No. 133749

she's had two rounds of lip fillers recently so i think she's got a bit of a trout pout happening.

No. 133844

Can't believe this is the jaw she hates… But yup that pout needs to go

No. 133847

wow she actually looks super pretty, especially her eyes, way better than in her pictures and without make up.

No. 133889

shes so naturally beautiful. Sad to see how much contour and photoshop she uses

No. 133900

File: 1464123547424.png (207.16 KB, 518x315, vc.png)

Her makeup ruins how pretty she is. Her eye makeup makes her pretty eyes look small and squinty and her contour and highlight hides what nice features she has. I didn't even realise how nice her bone structure was because she always hid it with bad contour and photoshop. If she just did minimal makeup, she'd look lovely.

No. 133906

She could still do heavier make-up styles and not make herself look so awful. She just needs to learn how to apply make-up for her actual face-shape. Cut way back on the unnecessary and hideous contour that makes her look like a man and makes her jawline and chin look bigger than it actually is. Stop with the over-sized lips, too-narrow nose, eyemakeup so heavy her eyes look tiny. She applies make-up like a spoopy drag-queen when she's actually a really pretty girl.

No. 133921

Same, I don't get what her obsession with her chin is. Maybe she has BDD?

No. 133959

i reckon she's got a touch of the ol' body dimorphism from losing a huge amount of weight at such a young age

No. 134008

omg why won't she BLEND

No. 134047

Her jaw isn't even that bad. Now I'm so annoyed with her for being a fucking pansy.

No. 134168

I'm always surprised how pretty she is without the filters, Photoshop and ghastly makeup. But Vicky is just never going to be happy with the way she looks – it won't matter how much plastic surgery she gets. She needs self-esteem, not a surgeon.

No. 134235

It's almost funny if you consider so many of the cows here aren't very good looking, yet are cocky/arrogant af. This girl has her own issues, but she'd actually beautiful. Her personality isn't even the worst, I think if she could manage some of her self confidence issues she might be alright.

No. 134236

My english went to shit, sorry.

No. 134318

Oh wow her lip shape is beautiful. Not sure if real shape or fillers, if these are her filler lips she needs to stop right there. No more. But we all know she'll keep pumping them up as long as she lives

No. 134336

Bruh, I've been thinking the exact same thing. She has some weird dysmorphic disorder or something. She probably lost most of her confidence when she was fat then once she lost most of the weight she probably still thought she looked bad. The photoshopping doesnt help her either. Shooping yourself constantly can really fuck with your head.

No. 134576

oh my god i am so with you. she is actually beautiful naturally, i think having lost such a large amount of weight so young and seeing such a dramatic change on your appearance has left her constantly wanting to improve her appearance, that she will never be enough for herself, she will continually want to tweak things about herself but it'll never be right in her mind. fascinating!

No. 134694

Her eyes still have leftover product on them, I'm surprised she hasn't gotten a stye

No. 135024

What irks me most is that she's caking on makeup when you can see, before she starts,that she hasn't washed it off from the previous day. THere's mascara smudges clearly visible around her eyes.

Also, girl needs to learn to BLEND. Your contour shouldn't be a harsh line, it looks awful.

No. 135030

Anyone gonna mention that she posted a pic on instagram implying she had what looks like a pretty unpleasant car accident then just never explained what happened and went back to normal posting the next day? So strange to me!

No. 135073

I think Vic even looks good with the heavy alt makeup as long as she's not shooping it up and altering it.
Like at the end of her tutorial video, it was a dramatic look, but still looked very pretty because it was still her real face with no alterations. She has an amazing natural beauty that she would also look absolutely stunning with "natural" makeup on too.

No. 135075

Hoooooooooly fucking shit. I never would have guessed she looked that pretty, she looks like shit in her pictures. That fucking part with the bronzer pissed me off. Blend that shit out or use less, I mean fuck.

No. 135343

File: 1464510939605.png (18.62 KB, 248x456, attention.png)

Attention attention attention

No. 135371

She looks good without the drag makeup.

No. 135407

the people who try to insist that they'd 'be there' for everybody else and therefore they deserve the sympathy and attention they feel that they're currently lacking
a) clearly have no idea how hard it is to 'be there' for someone who's legitimately struggling with mental issues or depression
b) usually never actually follow through with 'being there' for anyone when the time comes.

No. 135581

File: 1464564137023.png (819.45 KB, 988x604, Capture.PNG)

she crashed the car mummy and daddy bought her not even a year ago… they will likely just buy her a new one. Meanwhile, she is on tumblr right now complaining about her parents lack of support.

No. 135582

File: 1464564192593.png (27.74 KB, 641x215, uh.PNG)

"dad's gonna be mad at me because he's gonna be buying his adult daughter her second car for the year"

No. 135673

Really a damn shame she wasn't injured.

No. 135679

Okay, this just takes the prize for spoiled brat cuntiness. She's all: Oh fuck my life – now I have to listen to my father bitch at me. I wish I was DEAD!

Her melodrama is so exhausting. No wonder she can't keep friends; I bet her parents wonder what they did to deserve such an ungrateful bitch.

No. 135707

To be fair people who are like this are this way because their parents couldn't iron out their spoilt shitbag children in earlier life, so honestly it's their fault. If they give her a new car, i'll fucking laugh.

No. 136338


Her life is soooo hard. sigh

No. 136719

this is bullshit because if her first thought was 'my dad is going to kill me' it's an admission of guilt and she probably did something stupid while driving. if it's not your fault, you would be instinctually scared for your life, not focused on the consequences of fucking something up.

i feel like she doesn't change because her parents wouldn't actually care either way and she doesn't love herself enough to do it for her, so she just repeatedly has to prove how damaged she is.

that's why it's so interesting to watch these tumblr personalities grow up, because they all seem to be results of the same type of parenting and financial situation.

No. 141303

No. 141393

shit dawg. Nice find.

No. 141415

File: 1466201244211.jpg (54 KB, 600x1042, d0TXVzt.jpg)

My word

No. 141446

File: 1466210921545.jpg (16.44 KB, 217x319, myspace-vic.jpg)

sooooo when did she get fat enough for surgery?

No. 141484

that was like at age 16 when she was popular at school, 17/18-19 she stopped going to school and being 'depressed' and got big enough for surgery.

No. 141491

File: 1466228185485.jpg (60.47 KB, 600x856, full.jpg)

So she had lip fillers?

No. 141507

Yeah she got some recently. Before, she face tuned the tuck out of her lips.
She's had two rounds of fillers, I believe

No. 141521

the way vic obsesses over this other chick with the headtattoo on instagram is so stalky and weird? I mean, the othwr girl posted about her too, but she shouts out more people and… god, vic sounds do desperate.

No. 144550

argh this is a fucking gold mine! Christmas has come early

No. 144551

File: 1466391468575.jpg (39.39 KB, 600x905, full.jpg)

haha this is amazing.

No. 145678

File: 1466405386689.jpeg (114.11 KB, 720x960, image.jpeg)

No. 145679

File: 1466405449065.jpeg (124.18 KB, 720x960, image.jpeg)

No. 145680

File: 1466405545433.jpeg (130.92 KB, 960x720, image.jpeg)

No. 145681

File: 1466405751891.jpeg (100.4 KB, 960x720, image.jpeg)

No. 145682

File: 1466405812378.jpeg (117.69 KB, 720x960, image.jpeg)

No. 145685

File: 1466406455969.jpeg (121.88 KB, 960x720, image.jpeg)

No. 145686

File: 1466406728224.jpeg (152.33 KB, 913x702, image.jpeg)

No. 145687

File: 1466406753793.jpeg (240.79 KB, 1077x1400, image.jpeg)

No. 145696

Hold up, is this long-haired idiot the turd who cheated on her/her only long term relationship? I wonder if the serial killer thing was actually his obsession, and she picked it up to impress him? That would fit with her desperate personality. She did admit that she got her head tattoo because she was so "inspired" by the bald chick she's currently obsessed with.

No. 145702

she looks like a completely different person wow. so she didn't pick up the 3edgy image until after she dropped all the weight?

No. 145723

No. 146253


self harm marks on her arm

No. 146254


would make sense

No. 146394

holy shit this brodie guy is one of the biggest tools around!! i have him on facebook, he's in his early 20s and still uses the word faggot and calls girls sluts, always makes pathetic fb statuses saying "like this 4 a like" "would love a GF right now" "wish i had a GF to cuddle" "lms if u love sex" "what would u do if i was there right now like my status and tell me" - he is JUST LIKE VICTORIA in the same desperate for attention and love kinda way. no wonder they dated lol

basically he's an immature loser and tbh anyone who is stupid enough to date him must already be pretty fucking stupid themselves. He's never been anything but fuckwit and im not surprised victoria dated him theyre both immature and self centred as fuck

No. 146399

File: 1466567391772.jpg (45.24 KB, 576x432, a5aa95d69101.jpg)

No. 150643

File: 1467666700321.jpg (432.26 KB, 854x1280, tumblr_o9dlruA0Da1rsnhiko1_128…)

Besides the hair and the unblended contour or whatever I really like this look on her

No. 150680

that's a good look for her, if she just toned the contour/blush down. she's so fucking heavy handed with it.

No. 151001

yeah sameeeee she llooks really good. minus the fare-y wig

No. 151002


No. 151086

It helps to have a chin, too.

No. 151095

Her and charms need to go out for the ultimate shit show holy fuck

No. 151739

Only found this feed today but on the tattoos I followed her years ago until I worked out how fake she is, I (and others when she had anon on) asked her about how she would feel if she was a family member of a victim of a serial killer and and was like I wouldn't mind I'd respect them to changing it to that's why she has American killers so she'll never meet them so it doesn't matter.
She use to answer about how the victims family would feel about her tattoos all the time and change the answers all the time.

No. 151788

this looks like an entirely different person what the actual fuck is there one part of this that isn't edited

No. 151790

I could respect her if she just said "Fuck you I wanted them" instead of going into some defensive bullshit story.

No. 151906

ikr… She has said so many different reasons for getting them, the real reason was because she needed to get edge points.

No. 169614

File: 1472506292800.jpg (52.78 KB, 540x354, FTT-VC-lies.jpg)

Recent twitter update from Vic says she NEVER drank Flat Tummy tea and REFUSES to drink it

No. 169615

File: 1472506336338.jpg (552.63 KB, 800x1246, blatant-advertising.jpg)

Just a 2 minute scroll through her IG says otherwise.

No. 169623

File: 1472509584265.jpg (271.12 KB, 800x573, hmm.jpg)

No. 169664

None of those photos actually prove she did drink it, though. If she was getting paid as some kind of promoter then of course she's going to post photos of the products as if she loves them. Plenty of shady promoters do that and never actually touch the shit they get sent.

No. 169723

check out the rant her (now ex) crush from insta, metalornothing aka the girl she stole her ugly ass head tattoo from, posted about her. it's gold. http://charli3qu.tumblr.com/post/149660885919/victoriacampbell

No. 169731

Fuck she's crazy!! I was wondering why they deleted the photos of each other

No. 169733

File: 1472547686146.png (22.41 KB, 540x163, tumblr_ocp1u5cULf1vnf1obo2_540…)

No. 169738

File: 1472548354070.png (74.09 KB, 1062x192, tumblr_.png)

No. 169739

i really hope this backfires and that brand made her sign terms that she now violated by claiming she never actually drank it while still happily taking the money. the not liking it is one thing, but i'm sure her deal included her ACTUALLY testing it.

like, it's obvious that none of these promotions are ever genuine and it's transparent as fuck. people looking at this should be smart enough so i'm not even saying it's ~omg so unethical~ of her to even do it. but she could have at least PRETENDED she actually did drink and like the stuff. it's baffling how she's too stupid to even do shitty instagram promotions right. you either do it, take the money and pretend your review/promotion is honest. or you DON'T do it and don't take the money and say whatever the fuck you want.

how can she honestly expect that her followers will ever believe anything she says or endorses in the future? her minions will probably praise her for being "so real and honest" and she'll do the whole "i've made a mistake and admitted it so it doesn't count!!!!" thing. people are so stupid, seriously.

No. 169750

I remember seeing all these and wondering how/why she would be using these after she's had weight loss surgery

No. 169809

Because even with the surgery she manages to be fat as shit

No. 170037

File: 1472627057123.png (108.28 KB, 564x456, vico.PNG)

No. 170060

Why is she posting these messages?

No. 170062

File: 1472644962728.jpeg (249.03 KB, 750x1107, image.jpeg)

No. 170066

File: 1472646454645.jpg (358.91 KB, 1024x1280, tumblr_ocr2b3Fk1a1rsnhiko1_128…)

This shit is getting so interesting.

On another note I like this photo of her kind of

No. 170067

I don't want to defend her, but she was well within her right to contact all these people. The girl was threatening suicide and begging for help. Her life is more important than her career.

No. 170074

I actually like her face when it's not shopped into a jawless fish head.

Agreed tbh. If your friend is threatening suicide and there's no way for you to get to them, why wouldn't you call somebody?

No. 170075

Obviously they're both fucking unstable but it honestly sounds like Vic did her best in a scary situation, especially for not even being in the country. This Charlie cunt should be grateful that someone gave half a fuck about her borderline ass. I sincerely doubt Vic was being malicious when she called her job trying to get her help. She still works for them anyway so no harm no foul.

honestly like as much of a bitch Vic is, Charlie seems literally no better, if not worse except by virtue of having a job. She's a pathetic addict who immediately jumped on tumblr to smear someone who genuinely tried to help her during a fucking suicide attempt because she could've lost the only thing she had going in her life - go to fucking rehab then, you fucking mess. That's not Vic's fault.

No. 170076

I think the problem was that Vic called her workplace instead of the police/am ambulance?

But both are fucked up

No. 170077

According to Vic, she did call the police, but she needed to call DK to find out where Charlie was staying, since DK was providing her accomodation. She needed the address to know where to send the police.

No. 170078

This is one of the very few situations where I think victoria handled it well tbh. She's usually a bratty moron but this was pretty mature of her if it happened like she said in >>170062

No. 170349

That Charlie girl is going fucking nuts on her tumblr. She's gone between FITE ME ON SOCIAL MEDIA VIC!!! to "omg pls leave me alone ok I KNOW THE TRUTH………I'm not replying anymore!!!" She's also backtracking and saying she isn't mad at Vic for calling her job, when she said in her original post and messages to Vic that she was.

No wonder they were attracted to each other, they're both equally mental.

No. 170394

No. 170395

File: 1472687978213.png (14.09 KB, 732x246, vc.PNG)

these are two adult women who have never met, fighting over tumblr. how embarassing

No. 170397

File: 1472688075213.png (16 KB, 717x233, cch.PNG)

No. 170400

god i dont even know who this bitch even is but those tattoos are stupider than getting i'm a dumb attention whore tattooed on your forehead. Like seriously you cant justify getting a bunch deranged assholes permanently engraved on your skin. these ugly fucks ruined lives along with taking them. fuck i hope someone calls her out on her shit

No. 170401

Agreed, Vic may be an idiot sometimes but if the situation happened as she described it then she did exactly what she should have done.

No. 170404

How she gonna fight her when they don't even live in the same country lmao

No. 170407

Ahahaha seriously, dunno what she means by "now that I have no vices" either because she'd just admitted that she was a struggling alcoholic and literally just tried to OD on benzos. Bitch might be crazier than Vic tbh.

No. 170409

File: 1472691871513.jpeg (187.84 KB, 750x1098, image.jpeg)

She's apparently gonna delete everything

No. 170420

ngl I kinda feel for Vic in this case. That chick is crazy as shit.

No. 170434

>i deleted everything

No. 170541

>she's all like 'yeeeeahh sooo like there's not really any point in us being exclusive until we actually meet, you know what I mean?' And I was disappointed but I got it… Like we hadn't met I couldn't expect her to wanna only be with me


Schrodinger's relationship.

No. 170543

Tattoo update

No. 170544

File: 1472744269609.png (1.33 MB, 640x1136, image.png)

Oops, pic attached this time

No. 170548

Can she not bring more attention to her fucking horrid tattoos pls

No. 170557

It doesn't even look good or well done. What a fucking idiot

No. 170561

Is it just me or does it seem like the additions are to try and tone down the tattoos…? Like, making them into images of newspaper headlines, they become tattoos about the media, or something. Obviously they're still serial killer tattoos, but I think the hate she gets for them has gotten to her, and she's trying to 'soften' them with the added background. Maybe not, but that's the impression I get.

No. 170563

She seriously just needed to get them covered. Or black work done. Tragic. The portraits aren't even that great, either

No. 170566


That's not the finished product, though. Hence it's in blue/purple. It's just to see where the artist is going to tattoo.

I though the same stuff haha. TBH I Think it's kind of a clever move, at least a bit more clever than just leaving the portraits as they are. Cause with just the faces of the killers, seems like they are their idols or something, making it like a newspaper article make it looks more like a forensic interest indeed. Maybe she grew a bit.

No. 170567

Still dumb. Everyone knows that media reporting about serial killers just perpetuates even more crime like that. It's no different than those tumblr freaks hanging up news clippings of James Holmes in their rooms. If the media didn't cover these fools the world would be a better place.

Vic needs a new arm. Period. I would literally rip the skin off my arm if I had those tats. Horrible

No. 170675

File: 1472777327896.png (2 MB, 1536x2048, image.png)

she also posted this saying poor Aileen.
not sure if she genuinely feels sorry for her or if she just likes taking the side of serial killers. because I can definitely see sympathizing for Aileen because she clearly was insane and totured, to a degree. but I have a feeling she just wants to be 3edgy