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File: 1481427951423.jpg (28.55 KB, 250x333, 488984040.jpg)

No. 211822


>obsession with teens, incest and britney spears

>posts porn that looks as much like cp as possible, i'm talking disgusting, gonzo porn
>"""""sex worker"""""
>awful, rude attitude
>awful, tacky clothes
>smarmy meltdowns every other week
>in that tumblr clique with other degenerates, like prettylittlevictim,tiny doll baby-pig etc
>(and somebody seriously needs to make a thread for them, the milk is flowing thoroughly)
>(oh and himeka probably wants to wear her skin for some reason)

No. 211823

File: 1481428321611.png (Spoiler Image, 1.83 MB, 1440x2453, 20161210_195024.png)

if it wasn't for the nipple piercing I would have thought this was a fat 10 year old by the figure and clothing. Gross.

No. 211827

She has such an unfortunate body type. No butt, no boobs. Fat. Unattractive face. How do all these ugly girls get into sexwork

No. 211828

Because she caters to pedophilic men and those guys arent picky.

No. 211836

File: 1481431043805.jpg (29.54 KB, 480x490, 1476284472606.jpg)

this pretty much. and shes p small so she wears kid underwear and brags about it….
says she hates pedophiles but her whole gimmick is appealing to them…

No. 211846

She legit looks like she's got some kind of developmental disorder. Her features have that coarse look. The body is just tragic tbh.Like someone overstuffed a sausage then slapped some grotty kids knickers on it.

I don't get what's meant to be sexy about dressig and trying to look like a child.

No. 211853

Well you're not a pedophile or an ugly girl pathetically desperate for male approval.

No. 211863

isn't this the selfposting girl who brags about how she weighs 80 pounds and gets mistaken for a middle schooler?

No. 211865

Some people will fuck anything even a flabby grub like this. Plus it's not hard to lay down and spread 'em.

No. 211884

she looks like she's 4'11 or some shit

No. 211919

She has the body of a chubby ten year old boy

No. 211924

Which is why she caters to the pedo market

No. 211940

Yeah that's her kek

No. 211990

FAS alert!!

No. 212008

File: 1481469716152.jpg (560.27 KB, 1280x1920, bratgrl.jpg)

hell no

No. 212017


80 pounds? What is she 3 feet tall? She's got to be at least 120 even if she's short. She's huge.

No. 212025

god she's fucking disgusting

No. 212038

From OPs pic she looks like she weighs 130-140. She is chunky.

No. 212136

ugh her page seriously makes me want to vomit. wtf is wrong with men that they want their porn stars to look like sixteen year olds????? and fuck her for enabling them!

No. 212143

File: 1481490939515.jpg (236.93 KB, 1440x1883, Screenshot_2016-12-11-17-08-51…)

She tries to look young and cute, but she always has awful crack-head makeup that makes her look like a 40 year old hag and those eyebrows are just awful..

No. 212259

File: 1481502975085.png (Spoiler Image, 433.63 KB, 460x709, blurghgrrrl.png)

No. 212265

She looks like a 'cool mom' in this pic. Like a 43 year old who squeezed out kids every three years from the age of 17 and just wants her sons friends to think she's sexy and fun. The kind of woman you see ordering shots and grinding on 20 year olds on a Wednesday night at the local pub.

No. 212268

File: 1481504132189.jpg (Spoiler Image, 147.87 KB, 1439x1465, Screenshot_2016-12-11-17-12-32…)


No. 212273

What the fuck is up with her areolas?
They look normal in the other pics…did she draw around them with pink marker or something?

No. 212276

She looks like 40

No. 212293

Maybe. I mean, there's a pig-tail buttplug on the ground behind her too. Kind of appropriate really.

No. 212298

This bitch is repugnant. A few tumblr accounts back she was glorifying "baby groupies" like Lori Maddox and Sable Starr who were fucking dudes at age 14. She legit supports child molestation.

No. 212299

Well, she does openly brag about getting into sex work when she was only 12 on her tumblr. Though that could very well be bullshit given how she's pandering hard to the pedos.

No. 212308

She's lying. Any "sex work" done at age 12 is by definition human trafficking, and pretty much everyone on Tumblr who brags about or says they're "not ashamed" of sex work as a child is flat out lying. It's something that destroys lives, not makes careers or is anything to brag about. It ruins people.

No. 212311

Oh my god… I honestly thought she has nude underwear on in this pic, but she just has permanent lines from wearing underwear that's too small, and a weird pooch of fat on her stomach that looks like it's hanging over something…

No. 212319

How old is she anyway? She looks like mid 30s white trash.

No. 212322

File: 1481506987879.png (13.95 KB, 489x119, lol.png)

>posts every detail of her personal life online
>gets upset when other people do it

No. 212325


She won't tell anybody her age as far as I know, her BF is 44 tho…

No. 212329

I didn't catch her escort name, but she acknowledges that her real name is Lydia. Pretty sure she's anywhere from 28-32, but it's kind of hard to gauge.

No. 212333

File: 1481507847004.jpg (23.13 KB, 489x160, skinheads what.jpg)

uhh am I reading this correctly? She likes skinheads?

No. 212334

She says is 21… so, lol.

No. 212335

File: 1481508020964.png (25.67 KB, 540x152, Screen Shot 2016-12-11 at 23.1…)

dropped my pic

No. 212338

File: 1481508370107.png (101.45 KB, 500x261, pp.png)

She's bullshitting for sure. My guess is she lies and says she's been in sex work since she was twelve so she can say she's been at it for 10+ years. Realistically, she's probably in her late 20's at least.

Poking around her tumblr, she also brags about her bf's time in prison, plays up claims that she can't spell (drop out?), said she can't travel due to being bi-polar, claims she can't eat a full portion meal (yeah, okay), etc.

Oh, and she drinks her own pee. (Bonus, her ridiculous eyebrows are all ~natural~)

No. 212340


Bitch looks like she is in her late 30's, almost 40's.

No. 212341

Assuming that she's not lying about being in sex work for 10+ years, and she started when she was actually legal (and not a minor like she claims because bullshiiiit), that'd make her at least 28. Early or mid 30s would make sense.

No. 212342

She's 5'4" according to her tumblr, so there's no way she's 80lbs

No. 212344

File: 1481509145527.png (48.97 KB, 247x656, hmm.png)

It's amazing how much this girl lies. This story is Ginger level bullshit. Also, I feel like she's slipping up and revealing her age here a bit, she's easily 28 given the age she's alluding to in the story. Also, the dramatic ending of "never seeing her family again".

Hilarious, she's definitely 140+ if she's 5'4".

No. 212345

File: 1481509180193.png (450.57 KB, 442x497, r11.PNG)

There's something so quintessentially British about her face. You look at that and you can just see the centuries of inbreeding. And hear the trashy chav accent.

No. 212347

File: 1481509284017.png (193.57 KB, 542x497, daddy.png)

she claims to HATE the whole dd/lg thing irl and online, but she reblogs/posts this stuff: (pic related)

No. 212355

File: 1481509846357.png (4.46 KB, 248x69, 001.png)

According to her tumblr, she's known her bf for 7 years now. She started doing sex work at 12, she's 21 now. So she met him when she was 14? And he was 38?

No. 212357

Calling it: watch her claim he was a repeat "client".

No. 212359

File: 1481510328372.png (12.45 KB, 679x234, gross.PNG)


No. 212360

>always eating
>only eats a handfun of food

Gross. She hates pedophilia, but if that's true her boyfriend sounds like some creepy sexual grooming predator

No. 212364


No. 212365

Her face is much more unfortunate imo. She looks like an old hag, especially when she wears red lipstick. And she she has that weird small upturned nose that looks like a pig snout. It really doesn't go well with her whole prepubescent age play look she has going on.

No. 212409

Excess sugar in the urine is a sign of diabetes.

No. 212420

This girl's always got some tall tales to tell, which is why i follow her. She's good for a cheap laugh. Like, how she kicked the shit out of one of her clients who turned out to be a pedo??? Or how her boyfriend rode a bike through a snowy blizzard to bring her breakfast??? It's funny but kind of sad. She lives a nasty, filthy life, so she has to spin some kind of delusional fantasy yarn in order to deal with it (imo).

No. 212421

Shes a brit or euro fag. saw her self post on another fetish tumblr. Something school something. Dude that runs the thing is in NY.

No. 212435

File: 1481522432341.jpg (Spoiler Image, 288.87 KB, 960x1280, tumblr_of0fgkw7Qt1v1tktso1_128…)

Her tumblr is a goldmine of horror.

No. 212436

File: 1481522450270.jpg (Spoiler Image, 38.65 KB, 500x281, tumblr_inline_ofblapTVot1tj2ql…)

No. 212438

Oh my god she literally looks like a fat child. somebody please kill me.

No. 212439

File: 1481522757891.jpg (57.64 KB, 500x327, chunkgrrrl.jpg)

She looks like Chunk from the Goonies.

No. 212443

she looks like vicky pollard

No. 212450

So glad this thread is active. She's fucking delusional.

No. 212457

File: 1481525588697.jpg (Spoiler Image, 259.52 KB, 1280x960, 853d50cc-bc7a-4583-b61d-aa15b9…)


No. 212459

She's 20 or 21. Can't find the post rn but she's mentioned getting rid of a social worker after her birthday.

No. 212468

File: 1481528705022.jpg (290.82 KB, 1440x2287, Screenshot_2016-12-12-03-42-07…)

#fatspo kek

Also "mashed potatoes" theres like 8 pounds of various food on that plate.

No. 212474

okay are we just not gonna talk about the dog dick dildo….?

blogging but her vag looks just like mine, i finally found my twin.

No. 212475

well at least her vagina is ok looking

No. 212476

anon why would you even point that out you gross retard

No. 212478


No. 212480

File: 1481531471611.png (39.1 KB, 640x522, IMG_0519.PNG)

she literally stated that she's 150 pounds where did you guys get the 80 lbs thing?

No. 212485

File: 1481532898848.jpg (426.29 KB, 1440x2261, Screenshot_2016-12-12-04-53-48…)

What the fuck did I just read

No. 212493

Well, there's mashed potatoes on her fork

No. 212495

A story from someone glorifying unhealthy relationships.

No. 212504

What is this disgusting bullshit and why does it have 375 notes?
Oh right, sexual abuse is so ~romantic~ uwu

No. 212505

How the fuck is she 5'4? She looks like a midget. She must be massive IRL.

No. 212658

This girl is such a trainwreck, she actually makes me cringe more than Megan and that's saying something..

No. 212675

File: 1481567898991.png (Spoiler Image, 68.17 KB, 640x718, IMG_3123.PNG)

"I think I'd just turned 18"

No. 212679

Look like bbq sauce

No. 212686

I actually quite liked her untill she went on a self riteous tangent about how people on benefits are all useless scroungers, and she's proud that she earns her own money. It just came off a bit holier-than-thou and judgemental as fucc. What gives her the right to judge how others live, when she literally pretends to be a child and gets fucked by perverts for money? It's a common theme with sex workers, though. They always look down on people who don't/can't work. Like, hurr durr i let strangers cum in me for money, but at least i have a job.

No. 212691

Yeah, but not all skinheads are Nazis. I find it hilarious that she said, "ew get out of our youth subculture".

No. 212695

She said no skinheads 40+ but isn't she dating a 40 year old rn???? Also lol bc skinheads have been around much longer than this girl has been alive but she wants the 40 years old dudes out of the subculture?

No. 212700

When i open her blog I feel like I need to clean my browser history after or the fbi is going to come get me because of the amount of (insinuated or not) cp. even just her talking.. i need a shower. my eyes need a shower.

No. 212708

File: 1481575372873.jpg (1.04 MB, 2048x2048, 1481571601046.jpg)

Also she always brags about being soooo~~ high class and an expensive lay, but wears the tackiest cheap hooker looking clothing/shoes and buys cheap drug store makeup. She apparently makes $2500 in 10 hours(or.. a week?) But she always buys dollar store lookin shit and her house is empty af looking in her pictures. Is she lying about how quickly she makes that money, is she saving up for something? Does she just have really shitty taste?

No. 212710

she probably charges $250 an hour (multiplied it by 10 to compare to the person) which isn't bad but not like super high class escort good.

also in my experience, guys never take an hour even when they're paying for it.

No. 212717

Can't tell if that's self-harm or just stretch marks on her thigh.

No. 212737

Self harm.

No. 212767

Definitely self-harm. The placing is off for stretch marks and they're typically not that visible on low quality shots like that.

No. 212771

File: 1481581457592.jpg (323.63 KB, 1440x2274, Screenshot_2016-12-12-18-23-21…)

Dear lord

No. 212825

"2000 a week isnt that much"
lmao sure if you're a hot stripper lmao. She'd be lucky to sell two dances a night.

No. 212945

She takes a photo like that and description like that with a child's photo in the frame behind her. Ew. Probably the guys kid. I feel all kinds of wrong thinking about it. She has no shame.

Is this shit legal where she is? Because where I am prostitution is illegal and can't imagine someone advertising it all over

No. 212950

File: 1481607935011.png (Spoiler Image, 93.41 KB, 640x724, IMG_0522.PNG)

No. 212951

why so many notes wtf

No. 212954


her look is cute here but looks like a cheap 50s halloween costume. plus "my prison bf ❣️" is cringey but the tumblrinas love it

No. 212964

All letters are screened at prisons, pretty sure pictures like this wouldn't be allowed through to the inmate. Best part is that's an outfit she got specifically for one of her johns per request. i wonder if prison bf traded them off for cigs or a handy if they did make it as far as him.

No. 213051

It's so stupid I'm envious of how nice her labia looks but I am

No. 213157


What an unfortunate goblin body. Yikes.

No. 214976

Its sad she has to make stuff up all the time because of how boring and gross her life must be tbh. Does she really think her stories are believable?

No. 215103

File: 1481905956128.jpg (293.47 KB, 4000x3000, brat4.jpg)

sorry for shitty quality pic

No. 215136

she looks like luna slater pre-heroin

No. 215196

Luna would probably take that as a compliment this bitch is v much her aesthetic minus the heroin

No. 215202

Tbh, even though Luna is a hag, she has a cuter face than this girl. Her body is a wreck though, so bratgrrrl wins that round despite having the build of a fat preteen boy.

No. 215204

Also Luna follows this chick and reblogs from her often

No. 215691

Brat-grrrrl2's real name is Lydia and her escort name is Penny Pocket. Her fetlife name is Butcherbaby and it says that she's a 21 yr old girl from Manchester/Yorkshire.


No. 215695

>From Manchester

Aren't they always.

No. 215724

I really enjoy her story about being a child prostitute. kek

No. 215727

Copy/paste pls? Can't open this at work n I'm bored

No. 215730

She talks about it a lot, there's not just one post and her story changes everytime. But she's said that she had a pimp when she was a kid, she dropped out of school in fifth grade, and her dad or mom (I don't remember which) got remarried at some point and that stepmom abused her too. She started going to hardcore shows when she was a kid and that's where she met her boyfriend and "fake dad". It reminds me of Soren's stories.

No. 215763

File: 1481949315184.png (Spoiler Image, 81.3 KB, 640x699, IMG_0523.PNG)

dog dildo

No. 215769


now i feel like i have rub some hand sanitizer on my life.

No. 215781

I like how she has to use so many filters that it causes her to actually glow. Still not enough to hide the ugly.

No. 215797


you wish. bimbos are supposed to be hot

No. 216050

you guys seriously have no life… Why is some strangers life so important to you that you spend so much time commenting on it and reading her blog? Like people keep saying she's so uninteresting and disgusting? Why don't you just stop look at her and ignore her existence and focus on your own life? Such a sad bunch.

No. 216055

How's your prison bf?

No. 216056

i know this girl irl, she is such a wreck
she always brags about her "glamorous" childhood and being raped/trafficked/molested etc
and her bf has wife & kids
she had an abortion
and her real real name isn't lydia jayne, it's lydia stainton-shortt, google it

No. 216059

I don't have a prison bf? lol

No. 216073

Ah that old classic..

Entertainment. You know the reason anyone goes online. Pretty sure this doesn't indicate that none of us have lives.

No one is saying she's unineresting. Her bullshit is great.

No. 216076


No. 216077


How is talking shit about someone entertaining? You have low self esteem issues and have to boost it by picking on somebody else? People who have lifes don't focus on others lol

No. 216079

That's such a massive generlisation. Why are you on here if you don't understand the concept of a lolcow? Personally I'm not picking anyone apart. I mostly lurk. I wouldn't be for any of this but its mostly pretty warranted. Yes, if this girl claims all this shit then yes I find that entertaining. Child prostitute indeed..

No. 216080

>People who have lifes don't focus on others lol
But you're focusing on anon's life now? So you have no life by your own definition.

No. 216082

I think its actually lydia taing the nice pitying way of reacting to this.

Honestly I don't agree with ripping peoples bodies apart either, but the childish posts aren't all there is to this place. Andd to say we all have low self esteem is reaching.

No. 216083


Concept of lolcow is pretty messed up tbh. I don't know why any of you guys feel the need to stalk people if you can do a lot more interesting things to do. Normal people who are happy with their own life usually don't give a shit about strangers online. I just came here because someone sent me a link and I'm truly disgusted by you all. But yeah I won't reply any more so bye. Get a life and do something more wonderful with it than stalking random people you don't even know lol

No. 216084

I wonder which one of the posted people ITT you are lol

No. 216085

implying that going on a website is my entire life and not a couple of hours before bed. ANd looking at some crazy peoples social media is stalking. geez

No. 216121

Dude, going through someones blog and finding their personal information is stalking and that's what some people here are doing haha why do you even care about her? I don't like her either, find her kinks disgusting etc but I have my own life and I don't go on her blog and don't waste my time looking at updates and commenting about her. I was really curious whats the whole fuss on tumblr is about and to be honest? I regret looking here. You're all so so sad. I feel sorry for your boring lives lel

No. 216128

kek, says the person who has now replied twice on this site.

No. 216132

this bratgrrl person posted on her tumblr abt this thread and her neckbeard whiteknights have come to defend

No. 216135

No ones going through anything. I just see her posts in my newsfeed sometimes. I don't dislike her. I don't care either way about her kinks. plz. get over yourself

No. 216136


why do you consume any media ever? wow you must have a boring life

No. 216143

Most people here do though XD some even took time to find her personal information. This whole website is about looking at peoples blogs and other social media and whine about how stupid they're. Stop denying.

No. 216179


Bitch putting a dog dildo in your mouth, not even balls deep, is NOT knotting. Stupid cunt.

No. 216185

What are you, the expert on fucking dogs?

No. 216217

I may regret this but wtf is 'knotting'

No. 216223

Grotty bitches who weren't loved enough by their parents who are now sexually attracted to either dogs or how degrading it must be to have a kink for dog cock.

No. 216379

Something a dog dick does when it's inside you. Like a big bump forms

I hate that I know this cuz of Whitney Wisconsin drama

No. 216520

H-how are you supposed accurately simulate this then

No. 216548

No skinhead lad worth his salt would go out with her. At least not seriously. She's pretty much the polar opposite to what they generally go for (obvs there are exceptions to the rule as in any case). Most want a working class lass who can have a brew and good time, not some infantile hot mess who acts like a kid on the sly.
I'm curious in case I come across this bird IRL as we seem fairly local. Would be typical that she's from the NW, more specifically Manchester.

Sage because semi-blog post.

No. 216560

Girls a mess, but by the sounds of her escort reviews she puts a lot of effort into it

No. 216566

You people need to see this!


and then


Yes, it's her. Lydia Stainton-Shortt. She goes by the name Lydia Jayne now, to cover it up.
She talks about being kidnapped and shit, but she was clearly selling her body of her accord when she was underage lmao.

Can't believe she wasted valuable police time like this, what a stupid cunt.

No. 216572

Pfffttthahaha. That is brilliant. I mean, it's fucking shite that she wasted police time and services but wow. What a complete idiot. Reading up on it, apparently she went missing a year before and was eventually found in London. This girl is just looking for trouble it would seem!

No. 216586

it's always the fat ugly girls seeking validation who get into the fetish-based sex work

No. 216588

>£150 for an hour
who the fuck would pay that? she looks like the kind of hoe who would sell her pussy for some mcdonalds.

No. 216592

Tbh that seems pretty cheap, not much more than your average street hooker. She's gross but she's still fairly young and probably a lot cheaper than much cuter girls her age. Also she doesn't seem to have much in the way of hard limits.

No. 216601

That's pretty fucking sad, actually. No one does this shit just for fun when they're 13.

No. 216664

To be fair, she has said that she used to be a skinhead - she had a heather cut or whatever, the whole look, and went to all the shows and got into the scene. She constantly talks about all the bands she's friends with like Sheer Terror. Her being a skinhead chick is one thing I can actually believe.

No. 216666


Maybe it's just me but those stories show a very troubled child and I'm not sure that making fun of that is something to be proud of

No. 216672

No I agree. I like lolcow drama as much as any of us. But I really don't agree with half the posts on this website. They same like sad little girls who are trying to bring people down just for the sake of it.

No. 216690


Agreed. If you want to laugh at somebody then go ahead but to laugh at somebody for their clearly poor childhood is a little below the belt in anybody's case.

No. 216713

shes not ugly or fat oh my godddddd. she looks alright imo

No. 216757


Lmao she has a gut and gynecomastia-looking breasts

No. 216758

hi american fatty

No. 216760

What's the standard you're measuring against? The cast of Roseanne?

No. 216770

This comment is the best. And I mean, >>216713, look at her stomach here >>212259. On her escorting site, it says her dress size is size 12 which is average compared to the fat majority but she's in no way skinny.

No. 216803

File: 1482102739018.png (1.14 MB, 750x1334, IMG_0994.PNG)

In Luna's likes, she loves her of course and this entirely true story about her actual life.,

No. 216805

it's sad that fatties think you have to be morbidly obese to be considered fat. nah son

so punk~~ quirky X X X \m/ edgy

No. 216817

Some of you are really harsh about this girls looks, tbh. She's not traditionally pretty or classically beautiful or anything, and nobody would mistake her for a supermodel, but she's cute and attractive.

No. 216820

i used to find her attractive in that ~typical british slag~ kinda way, but her conceitedness and arrogance just turned me off. like, i know she thinks that being bratty is her unique selling point, but god, a little humility would do her the world of good. i only follow her now to creep on her outfits, which i cant help but find gorgeously trashy!

No. 216826

I admire her pussy, her color coordinating skills and her confidence. The rest of her is homely at best (sorrynotsorry). She definately makes the most of what she's got, which is pretty cool.

No. 216829

Whiteknight somewhere else. Nobody cares that you have no standards when it comes to looks and find this dog fucking troll doll cute.

>>216805 the way Americans are starting to think that only 500lb+ is entering overweight territory is frightening as shit. I can't believe anyone can see a persons spare tire hanging around their gut and still call them skinny just because they aren't as fat as the monsters all over lifestyle channels and Walmart scooters.

No. 216837

i'm gonna go out on a limb and say that she reminds me of felice fawn, personality-wise. they both have that insufferable/over confident/ know it all british girl thing going on. lol i know it sounds crazy because physically they couldn't be more un-alike, but they act almost exactly the same. if only dear bratty would develop an acute eating disoder, maybe then the Felice shaped void in my life could be filled.

No. 216840

Lydia will never develop an ED because even as an ' ugly fatty' her selfies get more notes than yours could ever dream of. Hmmmm maybe that's why there are so many salty bitches up in hurrr.

No. 216845

So are you just fat or are you Lydia?
Why are you so upset about people pointing out how obviously overweight she is?

No. 216854

I'm neither, but go ahead and think of me as a fattychan if it makes you feel better. I just find it equal parts sad and fucking hilarious the lengths you assholes will go to to tear this obviously VERY ATTRACTIVE and WELL LOVED girl apart to feel better about your own pitiful attempt at life. Like it or not, girl is getting PAID, laughing all the way to the bank, and looking fabulous while doing it. You are sat here, tearing her apart, bitching about how fat she is, and making fun of her sketchy past (as a very underage girl, might i add). Like, how pathetic are you?!!! Does it grind your gears that a CHUBBY WHORE could easily have your boyfriend with a single wink of the eye?

No. 216855

Yes, you're Lydia.

No. 216856

>laughing all the way to the bank
more like crying all the way to her therapists chair before finally succumbing to suicide at age 30, like all whores :'(

No. 216864

So you're Lydia.
Lydia, you're fat as hell. Get over it, and stop stuffing your face. You'll sell more and be able to keep feeding the 'I wanna fuck 22 year old girls' community for longer. God knows you need them to stay interested. I can't imagine that buying dog dildos and trying to make preteens seem sexy didn't leave you with any real world skills, plus nobody's gonna employ someone who publicly brags about animal cocks.

No. 216866

12 not 22. I'm assuming anybody who dresses like they're older than 14 is too old for the tumblr pedophile club.

No. 216867

Judge me all you want but her and Himeka make me want to gain a load of weight, become a trashy bimbo and take up escorting. They just make it seem like so much fun. And i'm currently an ana-chan, but no man would pay decent money to fuck me :( It's very beneficial to be thicc these days.

No. 216868

Huge difference between thick and overweight and flabby. This chick is definitely just flabby.

No. 216874

What decent man would be ok with his barely legal gf being an actual hooker?

No. 216875

>married with kids
>just out of jail
>fucking around with lydia since before she was even legal

No. 216879

Oh yes. This just makes me even sadder for her, tbh. She'll learn soon enough exactly the kind of man she's dealing with.

No. 216881

i'm not one to advocate breast enlargement

but jesus fuck how are my tits bigger than hers and she probably weighs at least 70 more pounds than me?? those things are sad.

No. 216882

Her lack of tits merely add to her prepubescent charm.

No. 216884

kek when you google her the first result is a missing childs report

No. 216885

kek when you google her the first result is a missing childs report on the find madeleine forums

No. 216887

She's not fat as hell, you idiot. She's a cute, chubby shortstack with pretty good rates and absolutely no limits. Men love that shit, and lets face it, thats all that counts when you're a prossie. It doesn't hurt that she literally looks 12.

No. 216890

shit like this reaffirms my hatred of men. nasty scum, all of them. they'd happily fuck 12 year old girls if they could get away with it.

No. 216903

I'm on mobile so I can't make a proper post at the moment but some of my other crazy tumblr whores include katy-no-more, rapekittn + rapepuppy, owlmansdead, thehornyhijabi, persianprincess90, tinydoll + inferior-cunt + sadisticwhitedom + foraster (the craziest tumblr family/crew/cult).

I'm so glad this thread exists and we can all discuss the crazy.

No. 216904

like i get that you guys are all elitist cunts who feel like bc they work a desk job are inherently better than someone doing sex work, but even in that case is it justifiable to imply that a 13 year old child is in the wrong for the dangerous situations they were put in? do you think any neurotypical 13 year old with a good family/social life would think "hey, full service sex work seems like a good idea." like yall dont even take the time to consider that she was a CHILD who CLEARLY experienced traumatic shit. like go ahead. hate her. think shes gross or ugly. poorly assume you know what she's actually like as a person based off of what she makes the conscious decision to share with tens of thousands of strangers online. your opinion doesnt change anything at the end of the day. she's still happy and doing what she wants to do. but maybe you could try giving what you have to say 5 seconds of thought before letting that bullshit pass through your lips, or maybe take a moment to think about how totally repulsive it is to blame a literal child for experiencing traumatic events and dealing with it in the way they thought was best. i mean thats not even to mention you all thought it was a great idea to share her full name AND work information. not like you guys could seriously raise the chances of her getting attacked or something at work while shes already choosing to work a higher risk job. i cant believe how shit yalls morals are lmao its tragic & practically subhuman

No. 216906

Lydia, you make it very obvious that you're talking about yourself. If you're really so ~confident~, then stop coming on here and caring about what we think of you. And if you're one of her obsessed creepy fans, she's an adult woman and doesn't need attack dogs to embarrassingly defend her. This thread isn't going away, deal with it.

No. 216909

Lmao wow if you think a roll of excess fat hanging over her panties even standing isn't fat I feel bad for you fam. You must be stuck in some terrible place where someone's only considered fat once they're immobile or the beetus has rotted off their feet.

Also, getting dudes to fuck her isn't an achievement or indicator of good looks; She's a prostitute.getting cock is her job. It's not like putting out makes someone cute, Jesus Christ.

i get it, it's probably hard to tell what fat is when you're surrounded by disgusting Americans, the majority of whom are dangerously fat. Relatively, she could be considered smaller than average but it's not a good thing when the average is dying of fatness before age 50.

No. 216911

why are all the threads I check lately full of whiteknights and the subjects of the threads, has there been some sort of breach?

No. 216913

we dont share the same typing style at all but okay lmao & i literally just said its 100% fine if you lowlife fucks wanna shit on her for her looks/job/whatever makes your dick hard to talk about (bc like you said, she can deal with that considering shes an adult) but you guys are literally subhuman shitstains if you wanna think that a child is in the wrong for trying to cope with traumatic events in the way they think is best

No. 216916


Lmao whatever you say Lydia

No. 216920

File: 1482113875766.png (Spoiler Image, 81.52 KB, 408x181, what is this anon.png)

No. 216921

even if i was lydia (spoiler: im not) youre blatantly ignoring the point im making. do you blame children for experiencing tramatic events? hypothetically lets say the math teacher at your kids school got a little too handsy with your daughter. she does drugs or cuts herself or something like that. you gonna shit on her for doing dumb shit while trying to cope with it?

No. 216922

like how disgusting are you really? genuinely curious. seeing you now id half guess YOURE the math teacher in this scenario considering how little you care for childrens well being lmao

No. 216924

Stop. Nobody blamed her for anything. There's only been like two posts discussing her childhood. You don't need to make ridiculous hypotheticals to prove your ridiculous point. This thread isn't going away, those posts aren't going away. You're not doing anything by spamming the thread with this. (By the way, you do type exactly like Lydia and there's nothing that proves you aren't her.)

No. 216928

stop? hm. hard pass on that. honestly WHY should i stop? i thought you guys had no problem trying to be edgy or saying fucked up shit? isnt that the whole point of this """community"""? i dont care if this thread goes away, im just amazed at how literally repulsive you people are & the fact you think half of the comments youve made are acceptable. and please we can all guess what happened to lydia. do you really think shes going to talk about CSA like that

No. 216929

Wow touched a nerve here hey. Were you s prostitot too?

No. 216934

More like, why should you continue? You get nothing out of this. You're not going to stop people from coming into this thread and talking about her. And this thread isn't a collective hivemind, there's multiple people in this thread - you're addressing no in particular.

>please we can all guess what happened to lydia

You're the one bringing it up and making assumptions about what happened to her. I wonder if she'd appreciate you saying that, if you aren't her, at least.

No. 216936

whats your reading comprehension these days? 3rd grade? maybe thats why youd make such a shit assumption based of of what i said. and no, considering im not looking to break the law or increase my chance of being murdered by like 100% im not a "prostitot"

No. 216937

same reason you are? entertainment? is that literally not the point of this shitshow? ive said like twice now i do not care if youre talking about her. while her blog brought me here i commented solely because i couldnt believe people like you have this mentality. plus considering im not here to kiss lydias ass im not too concerned with making a wrong assumption

No. 216940

Prostitot refers to child sexual workers, since you think everyone's laughing about Lydia saying she was a child trafficking victim. You can't choose to be one fucknuts.

You're an idiot. Why are you so hurt just because other people are pointing out obvious facts like her being a fatty and attention whoring?

No. 216942

Entertainment? You're not here to kiss her ass? Then give us some of her milk. I'm guessing you follow her so you probably know about her lying and all, so come and give us her milk instead of uselessly crying about what anonymous people on an imageboard say. Or, better yet, you could give us your blog and give us some of your own milk - you're already dripping here.

No. 216945

and here i was thinking you simply couldnt spell for shit. sorry to hear you guys talk about child sex workers so often youve made up your own lingo for them. and i literally cannot think of a way to make this more clear but -im not hurt- and -i do not care if you shit on other people for something like weight or attitude- ive said this 3 times now. ill say it AGAIN but i commented in the first place because i was completely blown away by the way of thinking of half the people commenting on here about how shes to blame for her past & practically making fun of her as a child

No. 216948

Lmao the term is ancient. I first heard it in the 90's. Link all these posts laughing about child sex trafficking though plz. Otherwise fuck off and stop white knighting ugly dog fuckers with a fetish for puberty.

No. 216949

File: 1482116034391.png (9.98 KB, 497x131, bratdrugs.png)

>>216945 You're boring and filling up the thread with nothing. If you don't have anything to say except "omg you guyz are so bad and mean wah wah", then you can leave. Nobody cares about how repulsed or "blown away" you are.

So, let's get back to the topic at hand. I archived some of brat-grrrrl2's post during her last breakdown - which you can see here http://archive.is/brat-grrrrl2.tumblr.com.

Including such gems as this and her talking about her boyfriend trying to break up with her and her being in the hospital and all. Her breakdown posting is always entertaining, it's a shame she baleets everything.

No. 216950

have i once defended her for something that shes done since becoming legal? my entire point is focused around what you were saying about her as a literal child. it wouldnt have to be lydia or any one person in particular for me to be completely astounded at the fact you guys think its totally acceptable to shit on kids dealing with traumatic events. and like even if i cared enough to take the time out of my day to ponder if shes lying… why would i care even MORE to go on a website other than tumblr to complain about it? like i do not understand why you guys care so much about other people that you have this whole site dedicated to just talking about them. its totally mindblowing. why do you guys have so little going on in your own lives that you dedicate actual time and energy into looking into & shitting on strangers? like even if its -just on your down time- what fucked up experience did YOU go through that you decided stalking social media and making fun of the people behinf it was fun lmao

No. 216952

not leaving but thanks for the suggestion !

No. 217021

If she were still underage, obviously it would be wrong to put the entire blame on her. However, she is now in her 20's and straight up glorifies the abuse of children. If she really were trafficked and capable of getting out of it and the cycle of abuse, she would, but she seems to be there out of her own accord. I have no pity for this girl, though it's pretty obvious she's some kind of mentally ill.

No. 217031

i don't understand why you want to keep defending her ~childhood. we get it. your point was already made before >>216601
some anons say dumb things but you keep bringing it up when they're not even arguing with you about it??? you're just being overly butthurt, it was only a few posts when ppl were "shitting on kids dealing with traumatic events"

and for someone who cares about the welfare of children oh so much you seem to have no problem calling her out for appealing to pedos, oh but let me guess, it's a ~harmless fetish~ and ~her coping method~

No. 217056

That's a er…lot of drugs for a 12 year old. I wonder if she might be embellishing the truth just a little?

No. 217089

According to the missing persons police report, she's 5'6. So while she's built like a midget, she's actually on the taller side.

No. 217145

lol is is sad that i know everyone you're talking about?
i honestly would not be surprised if tinydoll got accidentally choked to death by them or something. i seriously worry about the girls involved with dudes with kinks like that.
and i hope that owlmansdead steps on a lego every single day.

No. 217148

honestly i feel bad for her because she has bipolar and i've done some stupid shit during manic episodes too. but… tolerating/promoting pedophilia/borderline cp? that's not okay. i hope she gets the help she needs tbh.

No. 217179

I seriously doubt a shrink would prescribe benzos to someone with a history of abusing them. The risk of relapse or redirecting is way too high, especially if they had been using at young age. Drug use during developmental years fucks with brain development.

No. 217191

Her stories tend to change with each retelling. She also likes to go back and forth between her childhood being incredibly abusive, and her childhood being treated like a spoiled princess. I guess she can't decide which one better fits her tumblr aesthetic?

While I do think this girl obviously has mental issues, I don't see her entirely as a helpless victim. She wanted this life, and she is only promoting this lifestyle to other young girls via her tumblr. She doesn't want out.

No. 217208


here's another. same interests, but double the edge, and triple the cunt-y attitude. both her and her sister are into, like, rape porn and teenagers and knives and i think they fuck? wouldn't be surprised if they went that far for their shitty aesthetics tbh. even her own shitty, fucked up followers have called her out on reblogging CP/borderline CP several times. she continues to do it and they continue to ride her dick because she's a white girl with a halfway-decent body.

No. 217210


I agree that this stuck up cunt has a holier than thou attitude which needs to be brought down a few notches. It must be hard being a privileged white girl living at home with your parents and spending all day online posting the same shit nudes thinking you're not only ~edgier~ than everybody but better than everybody in general. Also isn't it funny how she claims to be into all these kinks but so far I haven't seen her with any actual partner except her considerably better looking sister although they only pose for photos for attention and to increase the ~edge.

No. 217234

Red lipstick reaaaly doesn't suit her damn

No. 217250

wow, these girls actually aren't ugly. she looks like a potato sack compared to her sister tho

No. 217253


Her background is actually REAL! I don't believe everything she puts in her blog obviously, but for one, her age matches!

This is practically unprecedented! Her life has to have been bad for her to become a prostitute at such a young age. There's probably some pretty gnarly stuff that has happened to her before and after she ran away.

Up until today I was sure she made most of the stuff up. A lot of her 'recollections' are too good to be true, they read more like fantasies.

No. 217268

Don't get ahead of yourself, not much has been confirmed besides her running away/going missing when she was a preteen. Like >>217191 said, she changes how her childhood is viewed all the time - being a spoiled rich kid and being a poor prostitute csa victim. Who even knows the truth with her.

No. 217298

What's with this 'fake dad' she often talks about? Is he a client or what?

No. 217303

I initially thought that, but i don't see why she'd make something like that up. Other details of her life are fantastical at best, but her childhood drug abuse is pretty believable. I'm from a pretty rough area in northern england, and the amount of kids with shit parents staying out all night, taking hard drugs and shagging full grown men is alarming.

No. 217305

She really stuck a pacifier up her snatch and took pics of it. These people are fucking weird and disturbed is2g.

No. 217308

shitty grammar and "&" symbol

keep whiteknighting yourself, Lydia

No. 217313

These ugly little girls are such a bad example. I don't care what anyone says, they glamorize a horrible, horrible way of life and make it seem like something positive and aspirational to their idiotic teenage followers. Just a cute and fun way to make easy money. Ugh. There's absolutely nothing cute about being a hooker, or taking pictures of pacifiers in your snatch for the whole world to see.

No. 217325

You must be new to that side of Tumblr then.

A lot of people on there claiming to have been trafficked as kids are flat out lying. People on there use it like a badge, representing who is the most damaged uwu. She's a classic example. Child prostitution is heavily traumatizing. It's not something you turn into a career to be proud of. Her behavior demonstrate no shame, a critical element of PTSD for CSA and trafficking victims. That combined with the obvious over embellishing and overly harsh responses to criticism points to her lying. I try not to doubt many trafficking survivors but her I cannot in good conscience believe. She's just way too giddy about being in sex work.

No. 217374

Look up Ria Pratt if you want to see a real victim of child sex trafficking. No way in hell someone who went through something as traumatic as that would choose a career in exploiting themselves like that.

I really wouldn't mind all the sex positivity on tumblr if it wasn't infested with people like these girls. Why is it that all of them are victims of rape or CSA? Why do they all have at least one mental disorder? It's seriously glamourized in not only the sex worker realm of tumblr, but all of tumblr as well. You get cool points for being a rape victim or being fucked in the head. And you get to use it as an excuse to post grody shit like the age play porn because it's "therapeutic" right?

No. 217381

and the pedos enable it, encourage them and eat it all up. it's sickening

No. 217477

File: 1482183204491.jpg (Spoiler Image, 151.52 KB, 960x1038, f24feac4-5980-411e-9622-0ab9d9…)

The amount of filters she put on this pic almost wiped out her asshole completely

No. 217494

This looks like a ghost ass. Haunted butthole.

No. 217513

That's a heavily filtered asshole.

Also, i know pussies come in all shapes and sizes but that's a pretty large fuckhole

No. 217529

She can blur and filter that… but can't fix the dark color around her asshole? That woulda made it look 10000x better.

No. 217551

That asshole is gonnna haunt my dreams wow

No. 217559

There's sooo many "softening" and "whitening" filters on this.. Also why do her labia always look pasted together

No. 217560

Let us not forget soren and the whole narrative with that

No. 217567

Kek. Underrated post.

No. 217577

File: 1482194443839.jpg (36.53 KB, 562x437, 11665763_10205738826524864_904…)

No. 217578

No. 217586

She's quite adorable, tbh.

No. 217595

Hi, Lydia. Nice of you to join us again. Please regale us with more thrilling tales of your unbelievably gritty childhood. I had a good chuckle when i found out you were a 12 year old junkie.

No. 217597

Dude! I. AM. NOT. HER! We really need to stop pointing the finger because its becoming really tedious. I just think shes cute.

No. 217600

So you're a pedo then I'm assuming.

No. 217603

Wait so are you saying every time we assume it's Lydia it's you?? That's a lil finger pointy at yourself maybe huh?

No. 217726

he's her "caretaker" but she always says it's "not in a sexual way". bet she fucks him tho lmao
(according to lydia herself she lives in his house and he pays her bills.)

No. 217729

I thought she was calling her prison bf her daddy at one point. How confusing.

No. 217737

i love how he didn't respond to this

def a pedo

No. 217750

Yeah, it's all on her faq, the whole fucking fairytale. Fake dad and her boyfriend have known each other for years, and isn't it so lovely that her boyfriend doesn't mind the fact that she is basically the live in fuckdoll to some old creep. Oh, but of course, it's totally non sexual. He just lets her live in his house and cooks her meals and spends his life doting on her every need for absolutely nothing in return. I'm calling bullshit on this saga. I wouldn't be surprised if fake dad has his way with her whenever the mood takes him, and passes her around to all his friends. She's selling lies and fantasies.

No. 217762

The fact that she boasts so much about every area of her life tells me all i need to know. Truly happy and secure people don't really feel the need to be quite so braggartly.

No. 217768

Honestly i'm 100% sure that her bf doesn't even care. They've been together for almost a year and he still lives with his wife, probably lies that he's not cheating anymore and lies to Lydia that he TOTALLY isn't fucking his wife anymore because he loooooves her(easy pussy).
Fake dad is probably a friend of his that gets to fuck his sidepiece too, and that's about it.

No. 217771

Man he's just her live in sugar daddy. Bet 10 bucks he's an old fart that pays her bills so she'll suck his flaccid dick whenever.

No. 217779

She's so ugly lmao… Her body is unafortunate(fatty, no tits no butt), her face is the face of an inbred britfag(ugly af brows and all over wonky features) and on top of that bitch is a delusional cheap whore. I feel so sorry for her but her stories/fantasies are top kek worthy.

No. 217816

Ria Pratt is one of the 'alters' of the artist Kim Noble who has (actual diagnosed) DID.

No. 217997

something is wrong with her hair but i cant point out exactly what

No. 217999

She claims to hate pedos on her tumblr, but literally caters to them to get money?? wtf
Also she's not actually that ugly, but her style is sooooo unflattering. She looks really good in more "mature" clothing.

No. 218000

K but when are y'all gonna make the thread for tinydoll, inferior-cunt, sadisticwhitedom etc? they're even more fucked up and are all friends with Lydia.

No. 218002

tinydoll, inferior-cunt and girls like them definetely are the literal definition of kinkster girls with low self esteem. NOBODY with normal self esteem would let themselves be treated like garbage by some middle aged men like they do. (Also wasn't baby-pig the girl that literally shoved a knife up her pussy for her "dom"?)

No. 218005

I actually believe her story. THink about it. A spoiled brat that got sexually abused as a kid and ran away a few times. Got pimped out and did lots of drugs, got involved with a lot of illegal stuff, put in detention centers, etc, eventually came back home but was so fucked up in the head already that she thought that keep fucking old pedos for money is the right thing to do. Parents obviously didn't want that around their house so they kicked her out on her ass. Found some old guy willing to take her in, she gets a home, he gets a fucktoy. Meet his married friend who got bored of his old wife and tells her he loves her to fuck young pussy and have some fun, tells her he's gonna leave his wife but never does(classic). It's all pretty believable if you take out her absurd, delusional romanticizing out of everything.

No. 218006


Honestly tinydoll has toned things down and keeps herself to herself recently. She's definitely not the most problematic kink girl on there right now. What about http://cuntzillaa.tumblr.com who posts videos of her head being shaved and her being punched in the face?

No. 218008


It's clear you have a grudge against tiny-doll but she's not relevant these days. Maybe Try taking it up with her rather than continue to try to make her more interesting than she is here. She's boring these days and completely irrelevant to the entire tumblr kink community in my opinion

No. 218010


Lmfao lets herself get cut up and beaten up on camera for a man who's married and will never really want to be with her. Cuntzillaa (Penny I think her name is) is the epitome of kinksters with low self esteem. Just look through her blog for 10 minutes and see what she's promoting and claiming it's ok because her mum encouraged her to be kinky aged 14 wtf?!

No. 218011

>>218008 I agree. Boring now and old news. Irrelevant but still clinging on to the last shred of attention she can get. She's not one of the popular girls anymore and she knows it. Shylittlebaby, rapekittn, shay-gnar are all taking over as tumblrs favorite pathetic idiots.


What the actual fuck is this girl

No. 218012

File: 1482244290163.png (101.16 KB, 750x1015, IMG_2576.PNG)

What the fuck?

No. 218036

File: 1482251833188.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.03 MB, 1440x2437, Screenshot_20161220-083151.jpg)

Why do people reblog this shit? It's so corny they didn't even bother picking a nice looking font lmao.

I've seen this head shaving humiliation thing done in japapnese porn (don't ask) and it's really… pathetic and funny? Who gets off to this?

No. 218050


I was just going to post about her! Her and Sid and the whole RBA "Rape Bait Academy" thing is/was messed up and blew up a few months ago and everyone was calling it out, even brat grrrrl. What a fucked up mess.>>218006

No. 218051

More info on the RBA? scrolling through her blog I saw that's how they met but I've never heard of it

No. 218054

lol I'm new to this thread/this girl so forgive me if it's been discussed to death already but she's suuuch a liar.

like really? you were addicted to methadone (and all those other drugs) at 12? ya ok. I know kids can get into drugs early, of course and it happens every day. but she's such a bullshitter

No. 218058

File: 1482254389256.jpg (38.93 KB, 225x400, rba.jpg)

I actually don't know that much about it but basically, these girls became members of RBA and submitted pictures of themselves doing horrible things to themselves and fucked up stories about their life - I remember one girl went into explicit detail about being raped by her father and cousin when she was a kid and a bunch of gross men were reblogging it and calling it hot.

There was also a "Fucktoy Fitness Program" where girls had to lose weight and being degraded for being fat and all. These girls would meet up with the guys (I don't know how many girls did) and basically get beaten up and fucked by them.

I don't remember the names of who was in it except Sid and a few girls, but he's posted videos of it on his blog (degenerate-cowboy3) and you can still find posts about it…



I don't remember the details of it blowing up but a bunch of popular bloggers called it out and there was some backlash for a while and urls got changed and all. It's a mess.

Also, this. I don't remember Jason's personal url (or if he had one but I think he did) and I'm pretty sure he was the ringleader and ran the official RBA blog. He got the brunt of the backlash.

No. 218059


The girls were encouraged to make up stories about being raped in order to get the men off. If they were deemed good enough they got the ~pleasure~ of degenerate-cowboy-3 or somebody going to meet them to ~rape~ them so that they can take pictures to get the other members off. All very sketchy. Encouraging girls to post disgusting pictures along with personal information, begging to be raped. The main dude was named Jason Glado. It was only when popular blogs started calling him out on his bullshit that he actually disappeared but I think he's back under http://rapefantasyclub.tumblr.com

No. 218061

Sid (degenerate-cowboy) encouraged girls to take self-harm pictures and submit them to him. For his birthday a while back, girls sent submissions of his name carved onto their bodies. Stranglely, he has a supposedly vanilla wife who is fine with it.

No. 218062


No. 218065


I also heard that once the girls were in RBA, they were forced by Jason and Sid to do things like self harm and were threatened by them with their nudes and personal info if they refused.

No. 218070

You can't remove her romanticizing, embellishing and complete lack of shame though. Emotional reactions to recounting trauma experienced is a critical component in recognizing fact from fiction. Her emotional reactions and the fact that she can't keep her story straight, including adding details that make no logical sense, make it impossible for me to believe it.

Think about it. What trafficker would give a kid access to that many drugs for free? Some here and there, sure, to keep them dependent and coming back so they can keep the trafficking going. But traffickers are driven by control, power and greed. You don't just hand out mass quantities of goods that they can otherwise sell for a /lot/ of money. A 12 year old in child prostitution also definitely wouldn't have the cash to buy the drugs themselves because traffickers wouldn't give it to them. It's not like adults where you have to give them at least some spending money. Finally, that much on a regular basis would have resulted in at least one OD for a child that young. And I can't see where a 12 year old gets access to methadone. But I don't know how clinics are regulated in the UK.

No. 218071

The shaving thing makes me always think they have lice or something like gum in their hair and that it's the only way to get rid of the problem.

No. 218074

I would be ready to believe she has tried various drugs as an early teen and they made such an influence on her that she keeps on talking about them even if she hasn't done them since.

No. 218078

Trying is very different from abused though. She claims to have been addicted, which requires frequent and hardcore use. If she was talking about trying the stuff? Yeah maybe I could buy that. But when she claims to have been addicted to half a dozen different drugs at 12, including ones she likely wouldn't have had that much access to (heroin is a huge profit driver, traffickers don't just hand out a lot of that shit for free that'd be economic suicide), it becomes clear she's lying for pity points.

No. 218079


I just spat out my coffee hahaha

No. 218102

Well, yeah. A 13 year old doesn't get into that kind of business without someone giving her the idea first and then being her pimp. She was taken advantage of, I get it. Her blog is still gross though. It's not a 'coping mechanism'; its just embarrassing.

No. 218128

Yeah I legitimately feel gross after reading some of this stuff and I clicked on that rapebaitacademy website and thank god the website is having technical issues or something and didn't load bc I can only do so much sinning 4 one day.

No. 218148

For real I'm gonna light my computer on fire

No. 218150

Ugh yeah I feel gross after clicking around, the tumblr even has a tag to help the "rapists" with tips

No. 218171

She said people posted her sex work name on some other blogs. Anyone catch it? I want to see her escort ads

No. 218175

Stop being lazy it's right up in this thread jfc

No. 218222

did anyone screenshot her bitching about stalkers yesterday? why every girl ever thinks lolcow is a "stalker website" lmao calm your fatty 10yr old boy tits we're just laughing at your stupidity a lil bit. not our fault you like to expose LITERALLY YOUR ENTIRE LIFE on the internet.

No. 218224

She always baleets her meltdowns afterwards, which is awful because it's all really funny. I'm pretty sure it's all fake though, who the fuck attempts suicide and posts about it on tumblr 30min after while still in the hospital?

No. 218228

I think this one counts. She likes to do the cutesy "sexy baby-gurl pothead" thing.

No. 218231


She has never worked a day in her life. Standard privileged white girl who expects everybody to throw money at her because she posts poor quality nudes. Completely full of herself and is rude to others. Has recently started claiming she was raped to justify her behavior but is probably lying.

No. 218232


I think she already has her own thread here.

No. 218236

"Stadard privileged white girl" Jfc. Why is there one of you in every thread on here or are you just the same obnoxious person

No. 218237


Also sounds like a standard privileged white girl

No. 218246

File: 1482287120149.jpg (89.49 KB, 569x571, 12391911_1666132203635437_4378…)

why. the. fuck? why does these tumblr girls love gifs of men beating up women? sure i get the bdsm thing, but this is just terrible. not even the same ballpark

No. 218250


edgelord points & to attract creeps that will give them money

No. 218254

9/10 times it's a "standard privileged white girl" who feels the need to call out people on their white privilege. Or just a standard privileged person in general so… no one cares. Also I'm mixed btw but nice try I guess?

No. 218263


Yeah she's cleary doing it to be edgy, I doubt she can actually bring herself to get off to that kind of stuff. Slapping is one thing but seeing dudes throw full on punches on women is just weird and sad. How is that level of abuse seen as sexual to someone who isn't a complete degenerate.

No. 218289

i dont see whats wrong w this, she just seems like a typical camwhore. theres none of that stupid pacifier/diaper shit.

No. 218320

I miss the days of decency, morals and self respect. If only those things could become glamorized and romanticized again. This thread makes me feel sad.

No. 218346

Lydia hasn't been active in a few days. I wonder if everything's ok…

No. 218406

File: 1482299888305.jpg (Spoiler Image, 334.72 KB, 956x1280, tumblr_oi0jftvfVG1vn7q6mo2_128…)

>white stoner girl
>loves pacifiers
>hard into ddlg

meh, she creeps me out a bit but not as much as some others i've seen on tumblr so far.
This side is weird.
sage forgot to spoiler

No. 218419

yes, i get bad feels. her line of work can be dangerous, plus she doesnt seem to hang round with the most savoury of characters, and she is mentally ill. she's probably just 'workng' really hard though.

No. 218420

i hate how this thread has made me give a shit about these gutter whores.

No. 218424

this is what she chooses to do, a firefighter knows that they have to run into burning buildings and shit, a hooker knows that they will meet with shady people. its an inherent risk and she keeps going there.

No. 218787

It's the low self esteem anon. That is, if she ACTUALLY gets off to this shit and doesn't just do this for edge points.

No. 218788

Someone also leaked her true name/work name on here along with her profile and all, if anything this raises chances of her being attacked at work

No. 219809

I mean, I doubt the average lolcow browser or her whiteknights would do anything to her
If someone was looking to mess up a swer they'd just do it. I doubt it matter much to those types of men who it is.

No. 219883

You really think anybody at lolcow would do shit to her? We're catty and mean, not actual criminals. jfc

No. 219884

Well they can now just look up her url on google to know all her personal information so this def raises the chances

No. 219888

calm your tits >>219884 she probably is just having yet another meltdown

No. 219953

She dead

No. 219954

bitch doesn't post on tumblr for 4 days and you assume the worst

No. 220638

File: 1482532102522.png (207.02 KB, 723x567, bc.png)

I just found something pretty fucked.


Talks about incest a lot and posted a beastilaity fantasy, but her "daddy" is what's giving me really bad vibes. There's so many posts on her blog talking about how much she hates herself and how mean he is to her when she doesn't want him to be. And to top it all off, she just got raped and this was his reaction…How horrifying.

No. 220731

Can somebody actually make a thread about sadisticwhitedom? Could be interesting.

No. 220778

wow this girl needs therapy. i need therapy after reading that.

No. 220800

She needs therapy, of course, but at the same time I'm like… BITCH, WTF? How do you let a filthy guy like that say such things to you after you were raped? What's wrong with you? Fuck you. Fuck him too.

My self esteem is really low tbh but fuck this shit. Most of these girls seem to be beyond any help, unfortunately.
Sometimes idk if it's just for money, attention or whatever. Girls inserting knife blades in her vaginas (not sure if that was here or in the camwhore thread), allowing guys to shove their heads in the toilet and whatnot. jfc.

Sage cuz I didn't really contribute/rant

No. 220815

its called retraumatization.its actually a symptom of ptsd & other trauma caused disorders

its like the person feels the need to go through their traumatic experience again or similar ones (sexual abuse, or "consensual sexual abuse" in this girls case) as self-harm/self-punishment, because they think its all their good for, because they might have forced themselves to learn to enjoy it, because it is "consensual" and "play" now they feel like regaining some sense of control over their trauma etc

hell, most of these girls are even fully aware of this too, just in denial about it

i understand where your first paragraph is coming from if you didnt know this but yea being aware of it just makes it worse because you cant even feel angry at them anymore just really sad & hopeless & fucking livid at the men who use this situation in their favour

No. 220836

>you cant even feel angry at them anymore just really sad & hopeless & fucking livid at the men who use this situation in their favour

this is why this "scene" is fucking vile. it's emotionally/sexually traumatized mentally ill girls coping with what happened to them and guys sweeping in like vultures claiming them as their personal sex toys. that's not what bdsm is. that's not what a kink is. there's nothing healthy about what they're doing. it's a horrifying cesspool that draws girls with similar traumas into wildly selfdestructive coping mechanisms and inviting perfectly normal underaged girls to engage under the guise that it's normal and healthy. it normalizes abusive behavior from guys and it normalizes pedophilia to the point where these girls are deluded enough into thinking they're feminists for it. meanwhile their autist pencil neck "daddies" are probably laughing on reddit about how easy to take manipulate they are while jacking it in their parent's basement. these girls attract the lowest of the low. the only thing they're doing is providing a breeding ground for pedophilia, abuse, the normalization and encouragement of extreme power imbalances between men and women, and worst of all the normalization of grown men in their 30s seeking out relationships with teenage girls.

No. 220846

(im the person you replied to)

thank you for writing this. thank you

ddlg and cg/l (with kink elements, because caregiver/little can be just age regression without sexual elements) is vile.
one of the most heartbreaking parts of it is that there are so many csa & incest survivors who fell into this trap for "comfort" & now came out of it worse than they went in

honestly one of the worst parts is that people in a more general scale (& not only in the internet) are actually associating innate children things as sexual & kinky (especially affecting girls)

age regression, which by itself is a nonsexual coping technique by childhood abuse survivors & anyone else who feels comforted by it, but its important to highlight it is made by & for survivors by default, has become so associated with kink, that age regressors using it to cope with their trauma dont have a safe space anywhere anymore either. like, even on the age regressing internet communities, they keep having to find new & new tags & terms to refer to themselves to distance from kink & explicitly state dont interact if dd/lg nsfw kink etc & yet their communities still get fucking infiltrated (when their blogs are literally just fucking child & baby clothes, toys, food, etc, "regular" children things are literally interpreted as sexual by these disgusting pieces of shit)

i am beyond doubt sure (actual) pedophilia is going to be on the rise these next years & i will never fucking forgive these people for their massive contributing to this

No. 220974

>meanwhile their autist pencil neck "daddies" are probably laughing on reddit about how easy to take manipulate they are while jacking it in their parent's basement.

That reminds me of this one TRP post I read a while ago where the guy was doing exactly what you described, bragging about how easy it is to treat a girl like shit under the guise of BDSM. And he said that it's funny because if you leave them, you'll have the satisfaction of knowing you already hurt them. Gross.

No. 221018

Yo, brat girl ain't dead, she posted some selfies tonight.

No. 221059

File: 1482611939810.jpg (253.54 KB, 1280x960, tumblr_oinl3pxDw91v1tktso1_128…)

If you're going to make a post about it, you could at least include the pictures…

No. 221060

File: 1482611953955.jpg (241.35 KB, 1280x960, tumblr_oinlsbPKPP1v1tktso1_128…)

No. 221562

Say whatever you want but she looks so cute here. ?

No. 221570

I actually agree, but her eyebrows need to be toned down a notch

No. 221573

She looks average at the very most tf are you talking about

No. 221576

she does have a pretty cute face. it is a shame she won't fix her eyebrows and hair.

I know she is chubbs but I like chubby girls and a bit of belly fat tbh.
the problem with her is her personality, gross childish wardrobe and lack of boobs.

No. 221577


Well i dont mind them. Im not expert in fashion but she is inspired by the fashion from times when these kind of eyebrows were fashionable tbh. I dont like them either though.

To me she looks very attractive here. She actually looks her age and doesnt do that fake smile. To each their own i guess.

No. 221578


Id say her attitude is the only problem in my opinion. Everyone have their own style so it doesnt matter and you cant choose the size of your boobs. But lol youre right she would be cuter with better hair and eyebrows haha

No. 221580

anyone can look good with 3/4 profile and soft light.

No. 221590

kek ikr, these horny ass men are so easy to impress. prob think she's barely wearing makeup too

No. 221591


Ohhhh no. thats a lie.

No. 221592


It was coming from a gay man so im deffinetely not horny for her hahhah

No. 221603

Don't use emojis here please…

No. 221678

Why not? ??????????☺????????????????

No. 221685


Someone's new and probably underage

No. 221687

Lol ???????????your funy fam ?????????✔✔??????

No. 221689

Brat grrrrl2 stan (or herself) confirmed for being the moron in /sty/

No. 221690


No. 221692


No. 221706

I'm sorry, farmhand. i deleted my post (wrong thread) but before doing that i reported it.

No. 225212

I have a personal cow who I think may fit into this thread named Cailey Root.

>relatively well known in the Toronto kink scene

>started several facebook nude sharing kink groups which devolved into drama when she refused to be held accountable for adding rapey people
>held a contest on one of her nude sharing groups, with prizes, announced winners, never actually gave any of them the prizes
>is totally tryhard when it comes to kink, boner for dd/lg and ageplay
>has a fetlife account she pushes in everyones face, uses it like an instagram for her floppy tits
>says she's poly, but can't deal with her partners seeing other people, totally obsessive and jealous
>regularly complains about her partners, tells everyone about how terrible and abusive they are (spoiler : they're not)
>claims that she has been raped by several different people, yet is still friends with them
>constantly crying about harassment online, and tells everyone that social media and internet is going to cause her to kill herself
>in spite of these claims, still uses every available form of social media, daily
>started a gofundme campaign for people to help her pay her phonebill because "muh chronic illnesses, muh miscarriage, no monies!" (spoiler : no chronic illness, and the only thing that bothered her about her miscarriage was that she wanted to know who the baby daddy was)
>somehow able to start her own online business selling shit tier sex toys even though she was SO BROKE she couldn't pay a phone bill
>goes to ER all the time for "being suicidal", yet will post pictures of herself the whole time she is there, along with statuses telling everyone about her ~*ER suicide emergency journey*~
>has "gone missing" on at least two seperate occasions, leading people to become super worried and look all over for her, only to be found the next day, drunk at a friends house. knows that people are looking for her but refuses to respond to anyone because she loves the attention
>thinks she's a "celebrity" because she did an interview with the local newspaper about a nude beach she went to, makes herself sound like a prude in said interview even though she's ~*so kinky u guies*~
>claimed after the interview that she regretted it because they used her real name without her permission, which they apparently promised they wouldn't do
>claims she is recovered from an eating disorder and that's why she's fat, but has always been fat (posted photos where she claimed to be "underweight", was just slightly less fat)

I have caps of her Gofundme, as well as her fetlife, and some of her overdramatic rant posts if anyone is interested.

No. 225356

Links loser

No. 225366

No. 225373

Looks p boring

No. 225396

File: 1483232498713.jpg (498.31 KB, 1080x1473, 20161231_194159.jpg)


No. 225398

File: 1483232532927.jpg (659.67 KB, 1079x1687, 20161231_194233.jpg)

2/2 with all her kinks listed.

No. 225696


Are you talking about that weird ~Daddychan~ creepo on 4Chan from last year, b/c he definitely gave off a TRPy vibe.

No. 225954


>Crawls IRC for dick

>Crawls Reddit for dick
>Made a fake Reddit account to troll her own posts with to make people feel sorry for her
>Talks in a baby voice at all times

No. 225978

Really? She honestly makes fake accounts to harass herself? I don't even get why she'd spend the time making accounts to do that. Surely it can't be worth the sympathy asspats she gets.

No. 226128

Shit tier SJW that goes out of her way to yell at someone for posting fat girl and how people shouldn't be made fun of at all then on the same board makes fun of people for their own personal choices.

No. 226138

Well of course she'd sperg out about making fun of fat people. She's fat with sad tits. Have you fucking seen her fetlife? Makes me want to puke in my mouth.

No. 226139

Nah, it was an actual post on TRP but I know what daddychan guy you're talking about and I think he was even worse.

No. 226153

I fucking did sadly I've been ill for 5 days now.

No. 226178

File: 1483327661594.jpg (374.19 KB, 1078x914, 20170101_215108.jpg)

No. 227148

File: 1483507299148.png (17.5 KB, 417x220, lolololololol.png)

trolling irc for depressed dick. I honestly thought you were joking. lol.

No. 227984

File: 1483637916912.jpg (119.17 KB, 551x949, y3Om3yh.jpg)

what the actual fuck????

No. 227992

That's fucking disgusting. that poor hairdresser that has to touch her. fucking grosss is that not a health hazard?

No. 227994

this is fucking wild i can only hope she at least tipped that hairdresser an astounding amount but i know in my heart she doesnt give a fuck

No. 228003

Why would that be a health hazard? And im pretty sure she's friends with the hairdresser so she probably doesn't mind. If she did she wouldny see her tbh

No. 228010

Anon…do you seriously think it's Ok to touch some guy's dried up spunk? Is that something you would not mind doing? Even if they were friends I doubt the hairdresser would be very happy about it, unless she was also into this disgusting kink. Also, you have no idea just how clean this guys is. He could be riddled with STI's, that's why it's a health hazard. Since she's so concerned with getting it of her hair I doubt the hairdresser is aware she'd be handling spunk.

No. 228018

not that it's pleasant, but it IS JUST spunk… right? hairdressers wear gloves esp during washing (i hope)

tho in my mind i automatically assume that the hair lady is just as gross as Penny Pocket or whatever her real name is so it all cancels out?

No. 228036

>And im pretty sure she's friends with the hairdresser so she probably doesn't mind.
You would touch your friend's hair knowing it's full of her bf's cum in it like it was normal? What the

No. 228188

I thought this was averyconfusingcouple didn't know bratgrrrl was a different person

No. 228224

Up until now i've really liked her blog, her attitude and her chubbiness. But I honestly have no idea why you would go from talking about how a guy came 6 times in your hair and you didnt wash it out and went straight to the hairdressers (fine, fits with her general aesthetic) and then saying a 5 year old girl helped wash your hair (super not fine). It seems really fucking sick to include a child in that story to me.

No. 228230

Im hoping its not true and she just made up the story for pedos to jack it to or sth

No. 228262

File: 1483662592854.png (56.9 KB, 1014x256, Screen Shot 2017-01-05 at 18.2…)

No. 228294

File: 1483666667219.png (Spoiler Image, 402.6 KB, 541x574, emily1.png)

No, that's someone completely different. Averyconfusingcouple's second account is thats-disgusting-emily and both are run by Emily and Michael. They used to have a dynamic where Michael was the little and sub and Emily was a dominatrix (professionaly too). Emily used to have headmates and had blogs for them, some of which were underage and had porn on their blogs. Emily is crazy as well, I know she has BPD and there's was recent drama with her posting a bunch of gifs of Michael punching her and people attacking them for it. Also, this.

No. 228295

File: 1483666731312.png (Spoiler Image, 20.66 KB, 525x475, emily2.png)

No. 228298

Omg no horrifying

No. 228532

It was on another day though wasn't it?

No. 228533

I wouldn't. But if she knows about it agrees to it and carry on being her friend it means she doesn't mind so what's the difference.

No. 228534

I'm pretty sure she said she checks the clients before bookings. From what she said shes quite careful about it so probably they don't.

No. 228552

No, it was yesterday. She said her regular came 6 times in her hair and she didnt wash it and that she wasnt wearing a top at the hairdressers, where a 5 year old washed her jizzy hair. I like her stories but completely fucked to bring a 5 year old into them.

No. 230455

LOL, she says it's "TRUE LOVE"

http://brat-grrrrl2.tumblr.com/post/155632276467/true-love (video of face slapping)

No. 230468

She literally looks like a retarded fat 13 year old.

No. 231253

File: 1484125898287.png (525.57 KB, 956x645, tumblr_o6t5gvcAOX1v1tktso1_128…)

Do you know what? I actually fucking love this bitch.

She's feisty, cheeky and girlfriend has bags of moxie.

It's like imagine the musical 'Oliver Twist' was updated from Victorian Pick-pocketing, to 21st century Sex Workers and Social Injustice she would make an adorable Artful Dodger.

She can play the naive bimbo all she wants, but she's got the gift of the gab and if you read her posts in a cockney/London accent she's got that working-class, spunky, scrappy attitude that exudes confidence and street-smart.

No. 231266

Yeah, who doesn't love a girl who glorifies child molestation and prostitution? And her stories about children washing cum out of her hair, what fun!

No. 231303

fuck is wrong with you

No. 231410

I don't mind this girl tbth. But you need to take a good hard look at what you posted there.

No. 231411

I always wonder how these girls don't get herpes or HPV given they never test for those here and ocndoms don't seem to make a lot of difference either.

No. 231623

File: 1484185094432.png (Spoiler Image, 1009.73 KB, 1060x959, Clown.png)

is now http://littlesativabug.tumblr.com

forreal hate the way Lydia does her lipstick. pic related.

No. 231626

Looks like she's blowing a wookie.

No. 231633


No. 231636

File: 1484186517627.jpg (Spoiler Image, 312.98 KB, 1280x960, IMG_1866.JPG)

Why do ddlg bitches always get together with nasty dudes (appearance wise duh)
Just looking at him makes me wanna take a bath

No. 231639

that is fucking atrocious

No. 231648

Her body is literally like a huge baby's. Which makes this picture and the whole sex work thing even more disturbing. I can't stop picturing these creepy old men getting off to a huge baby.

No. 231672

Extremely low standards that go hand in hand with their multiple levels of severe insecurities that lead them into the ddlg lifestyle to begin with. I'm not big on kink shaming, but the people who glorify or live it as a lifestyle make me cringe hardcore.

No. 231713

shit taste in kink, shit taste in men

No. 231800


Well she looks gross herself, so its not like they don't match.

No. 237908

this is so embarrassing i cant stop laughing but at the same time i feel sick this is literally the worst it literally doesnt get worse than this i need an aspirin

No. 274838


I just spun off into a hundred different tumblrs and I cannot believe this shit. Women getting punched in the head, girls getting choked out, I feel disgusted and depressed, like all of a sudden I legit feel like guys are all fucked in the head.

sage for blog

No. 284242

JFC I just found this thread and omfg this is the worst of the worst, I've always wanted someone to call her out. She's disgusting beyond belief. Along with all these other nasty rape/pedo blogs. They all should jump off a bridge. Thank you OP

No. 284273


same I'm gonna vom

No. 290484

Just found this thread and Jesus. What is wrong with people like this, sex work and etc is completely fine but this fucking kink! I almost threw up. I'm a CSA survivor and I just cant understand this shit. Found these pictures and have lost all hope for the world, linking because I don't want to save this shit on my phone.


No. 366225


The woman getting punched in the head is cuntzillaa/Penny and she's still at the same tumblr address as earlier in the thread. She left Sid/degenerate-cowboy of rapebait academy because she found out about his wife and his child.

Which made me feel a bit sick to type. That this sickfuck has a kid. I wonder why Penny didn't leave him for hitting her repeatedly in the temple for likes, but I guess the wife and kid got to her.

FWIW, I think Penny is mentally ill.

These are the only cows that I actively follow; I'd like to shoot the guys in the nuts, but I can't look at the blogs too closely. They are some of the worst things I've ever seen and I'm always beyond disturbed that any kid on tumblr can click wrong and see them.

No. 372508

Certain her tumblr has been deleted again since nothing comes up.

No. 372529

her tumblr is still up
It's two 'rr' not three.

No. 372575


updated link
I know what you mean anon
why would someone sexualize this shit? even potty training? you'd think women who have had pedophile encounters/sold into pedo sex trafficking, if that's actually true, WOULDN'T be the one sexualizing it and encouraging it

plus didn't she meet her boyfriend at 14 and run away with him?

but say all this child sex trafficking is true, she needs help instead of enabling pedophiles and sexualizing child molestation

No. 376078

Eww these 'littles' make me so nauseous. Good if some pedo gets satisfied enough with them though to keep their hands away from real kids. Brat-grrrrl reminds me of Trisha Paytas.

No. 376134

yeah when they get into potty training they're really fucking over the littles who insist it's just about liking cutesy innocent fun stuff and not about being like a literal child

No. 822230

File: 1560536229258.jpg (57.41 KB, 720x720, 10.-Wojciech-Wasilewski-Lewis-…)

this thread is dead, but i found something fucking hilarious. found lydia in an article from 2015. she's not a skinhead, she's a bonehead. she's a fan of white power rock bands.

"i'm a right because this is the uk." cool. uk has far right politics with neo/nazis. it ain't any different from the us, so people aren't far off to say she's possibly a neo-nazi.


No. 823468


I’ve been wondering what Brat-Grrl was up to.

No. 826312

File: 1561446704466.png (137.6 KB, 1440x1190, Screenshot_2019-06-25-00-07-06…)

checked her blog and someone's trying to cow tip.

don't do that.

No. 826317

File: 1561447598176.png (183.73 KB, 1402x1520, Image_2019-06-25-00-22-45.png)

confirmed they met when she was 14. can't find anything about running away because the porn blog ban caused the search function to break on those specific blogs.

No. 826320

some of the things that have happened

> got a sugar daddy who happened to be a doctor

> doctor fell in love with her
>she wasn't interested in having a romantic relationship
>doctor sad
>doctor calls her over to his place, called the cops on her and tried to frame her claiming she wss trying to break into his home
>cops arrive, get an explanation from her, then let her go

the guy was acting pretty psychotic. happened back in 2017.

last year
>fake dad gets jealous she dressed slutty/in some kid outfit
>locks her in the house
>was locked in her room?
>won't let her leave
>she snuck out the window of her bedroom like some teenager

this month
>father's day comes
>doesn't leave bed around time
>her real dad sexually/abused & assaulted her when she was a kid

explains why she ran away as a kid. being sex trafficked as a minor was better than enduring home abuse (somehow). she didn't escape from child abuse either way, doesn't make sense.

No. 826328

File: 1561449531270.png (276.73 KB, 1440x1853, Screenshot_2019-06-25-00-49-19…)

happened july 1st.

No. 826330

File: 1561449740453.png (1.99 MB, 1440x2249, Screenshot_2019-06-25-00-46-51…)

but first, let me take a selfie before breaking out

who the fuck dresses like that for a hike? oh, right, duh. she's goes out walking in mini skirts and torn jeans during winter.

No. 826336

File: 1561449992806.png (311.36 KB, 1440x2154, Screenshot_2019-06-25-00-50-12…)

No. 826337

File: 1561450104408.png (291.97 KB, 1440x2109, Screenshot_2019-06-25-00-50-28…)

No. 826338

File: 1561450259405.png (307.86 KB, 1440x2240, Screenshot_2019-06-25-00-54-19…)

No. 826339

File: 1561450389105.png (65.26 KB, 1440x683, Screenshot_2019-06-25-00-52-37…)

No. 826362

she sent those herself

No. 834371

File: 1562695538686.jpg (610.82 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190709-120346_Tum…)

No. 834372

File: 1562695579594.jpg (Spoiler Image, 843.98 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190709-120312_Tum…)

aforementioned burned up leg

No. 834378

I really don't get how this is milk. it's just sad mental illness shit. I feel bad that she's struggling right now, not really a "lol look at this cow" moment

No. 834391

File: 1562697460852.jpg (Spoiler Image, 508.74 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190709-123659_Tum…)

maybe its because shes posting nipless nudes at the same time but i also dont really feel bad for people who self harm

No. 834402

Did…she Facetune her cuts…wtf?

No. 834597

the sausage in lingerie pic has a lower angle and you don't see cuts.

No. 837189


it looks she like has facetuned at least the top of her left leg. there's a red patch, it's blurred and inwards you can see more reddening. not to WK but she still works online and probably needed some updates, harmed or not. agreed not something i'd call cow material. a mentally ill girl not glamorizing it but promoting her trying to get better

No. 838722

nothing milky about this sort of stuff. not to wk, anything involving trauma, self-harm, and mental illness, isn't "entertaining" or milky. i take back talking about anything involving her trauma. this stuff is messed up to be honest.

only interested in her hyprocrisy and contradictions.

No. 838824


jesus that's disturbing. looks really painful

No. 875070

Does she still have a Tumblr? I want to make fun of her lmao(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 894314

She hasn't posted on Tumblr or her work Twitter in over a month(necro)

No. 895338


That is genuinely horrifying, I gasped when I saw that. I've seen people cut before but i've never seen anything that severe before, wtf!

No. 895962

As weird as this is to say, it's not as bad as it looks really, Doesn't look actually burned, there's a few slightly deep cuts and a few shallow looking ones. It just looks like she rubbed the blood all over to make it worse and it's starting to clot/dry? Definitely seems like she's trying to make the wounds both sound and look worse than they actually are. Still sorta fucked tho of course.

No. 916169

Can confirm her tumblr is down because she's in hospital long term after a suicide attempt(necro)

No. 916187

how do you know this?

No. 916231


No. 920302

can't pull screenshots right now. she hasn't been on any media and her last login from work was 21/12/2019.(necro)

No. 921074

That’s not proof of a hospital stay it’s just proof she finally logged the fuck off

No. 926386

Why would she log off her work site which is her entire source of income?

No. 949524

Can anybody confirm she's alive?(necro)

No. 988978

I've checked her work site a couple of times since she's been offline and both times she (or someone?) had logged in relatively recently.(necro)

No. 989625

Her twitter is @PennyPocket_xo

No. 1348052

Necro, but according to her mother’s twitter she had brain injury and spent 6 months in the hospital. She’s living with her parents now and well, she’s disabled now.

No. 1348062

pls link your source ive been so curious about this cow

No. 1348064

File: 1634280189005.jpeg (371.32 KB, 1125x1599, 3AB83BD3-4F21-4181-A6CC-0EE011…)

No. 1348095

hoooly shit, i wonder if it was the result of something to do with sw?

No. 1348174

I wonder if the brain injury is the result of the weird old scrote who went to jail or whatever, that always seemed really sketchy. Thanks for the update anon, this is a real blast from the past.

No. 1348175

The date of those tweets are from last year. Whereas her real name is Lydia, how do you know it is her family member? There is nothing that connects her to brat grrrl other than the name.The age's wrong as well. I am not asking you to dox the possible parent. Most of her sex work pages and profiles have been removed. It could be she decided to leave sex work and that identity behind. But she had also severe mental health issues with periods of being very self destructive (I remember how she put up photos of her self-harming) and her 'daddy' was a man who had been to prison. Hopefully she just turned a new page in her life and that she didn't get brain damaged.

No. 1348181

The location also seems accurate too.
That’s what I’m going off

No. 1348184


Another anon, I looked into it and the person tweeting has the same last name as her. I remember her last name from an article when she ran away I think around 2008.

No. 1348191

That seems to be about the right age for her now, doesn't it? I thought she was of a similar age to Tuna

No. 1348235

last name on the twitter account matches one of hers and her birthday is in september 1995 so she would have been 24 when that was posted. i'm kind of relieved to know she's still alive, when she went dark i thought she an hero'd or possibly got killed by a john. hopefully she's recovering well

No. 1348271

No. 1348377

how did you find/know of her mums twitter? do you know her irl?

No. 1348392


Honestly, I assumed she might have gone to jail or prison. She posted about her assault, possession and arson (?) charges on her Tumblr before she dissipated. I guessed she got caught with her jail 'daddy' in a stolen car they tried burning down. Her substance abuse was pretty severe, so at the time it wasn't a big surprise she'd get in severe legal trouble after all her ASBOs.

Hopefully she'll heal if she is brain damaged. Or is having a more stable life if she isn't.

No. 1348469

Nta but it’s pretty easy to find from just this thread. This post >>216566 has her full name in it, google search that and you can find her mom’s name if you do some digging.

No. 1348680

Honestly wouldn't be surprised if the brain injury is from a botched suicide attempt or accidental overdose.

No. 1349518


It's definitely her Mum. I searched the name attached to the Twitter on Facebook and she has photos of her and Lydia on her account. Yikes. I wonder what happened.

No. 1349531

File: 1634485474330.jpg (726.6 KB, 1080x2179, Screenshot_20211017-164051_Sam…)


This is old milk but does that mean this is about her https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.somersetlive.co.uk/news/somerset-news/woman-set-fire-floor-ruh-3257562.amp ?

She changed her name by deed poll to Lydia Jayne, it's the name on her drivers licence.

No. 1349532

File: 1634485533289.jpg (50.75 KB, 1080x810, FB_IMG_1634485488996.jpg)

No. 1349646

If that was her that's fucking insane, wow

No. 1350693

Not all that surprising, really. She was quite open that she is bipolar, with wild mood swings if she didn’t keep on her meds.

No. 1386210

Holy shit, i didn't expect things to get that bad with her. I wonder if being charged >>1349531 caused her to do a botched suicide attempt? I think this means we will no longer see or hear about her on the internet. Her family also sounds kinda weird though, i hope she's okay.

No. 1503152

yep this is 10000% true lol. I know her mom and the profile pic blurred is also her pic on Facebook. I’m confused tho, how disabled is she???(necro)

No. 1503251

Do you know how she sustained her brain injury?

No. 1503279

Oh my god, I know her. I saw this thread a couple of times and thought "she looks familiar", but assumed she just looked like a generic person. However reading this >>1349531 (albeit old milk) article it clicked. I'm the same age as her and went to University near where she lived and I often saw her around the place. Where she lived was a big neo-nazi area (judging by the address in that article, it was a weird new build part of the city two/three streets away from squats, about 15-20 minutes from where I studied), and I'd often see her walking with old bald guys near the campus of my university and it stuck in my head. I once went to a pub and went to use the bathroom and she was there taking coke on the sink and offered me some. I went again later and she was smashing her head on the bathroom mirror and I immediately left. That was my only interaction with her but I'd keep seeing her in the street/ shops after that until I moved to a different city.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1546854

What was the necro?

No. 1547021

Someone shared her sister’s (private) TikTok

No. 1675767

Sad stuff :((necro)

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