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File: 1482951367195.png (178.78 KB, 640x936, IMG_7318.PNG)

No. 223291

Nobody is going to mention the fact Aly is becoming fat? Her face is chubby af

No. 223292

>full face
>chubby af

Yeah, sure, ana-chan.

No. 223293

wow she's looking a lot better actually

No. 223294

Good for her!

No. 223295

She's looking cute as fuck, go eat yourself.

No. 223296

Fat? This is how a healthy face looks like, ana-chan. Don't you have something else to do, like the puke appointment in the bathroom?

No. 223297

Her face is so much better right now.

No. 223298

File: 1482953687225.png (662.8 KB, 603x558, aly.png)

Yeah, she's finally gaining. I still remember when she was at her worst.

No. 223299

Wow I'm actually proud of her, no more of that fake recovery shit, she's doing a lot better

No. 223300

>be mad she doesn't get better
>be mad she does get better

fucking proana shit posters

No. 223301

OP is a miserable fatty-chan, she looks great

stop projecting

No. 223302

Good for her! The only issue I ever had with her was her lying about recovering. It seems like she's finally stuck to it this time and looks great!

OP sounds like they have a 32" waist.

No. 223303

She looks so much better Hope she remains at a healthy weight. good for her!

No. 223304

She still posts in the same disordered way, so I hope she can stick with it. I think her bf helps her a lot

No. 223305

go eat a sandwich, anachan.

No. 223306

She actually looks beautiful and healthy. OP is probably ana and doesn't understand why nobody likes spoopy bone aliens.

No. 223307

The topic was banned from lolcow. Even if it wasn't the thread belongs in /snow.

Anons, don't reply, report.

No. 223308

I'm honestly so happy for her I cried a little bit. I really thought she was going to die drowning in her own lies and pretending to eat. To see her looking healthy is so relieving. She took her life back.

No. 223309

Same anon, fucking same.

Let's have a little joy, a cripmas miracle.

No. 223310

kek she does look fat actually. and her skins gotten worse too from all the gross junk food. i wonder if she regrets recovering. she probably wishes she could relapse but she's too addicted to stuffing her face now rip

No. 223311


You're literally disgusting, you all were whining how she was fakino recovery now she's ACTUALLY recovering and looks glowing and healthy, not fat, get your eyes checked and go eat some food Ana chan

No. 223312

no way she did it i feel genuinely happy for her.she looks great and her smile looks real like she is actually happy

No. 223313

You are sooooooo mad.

No. 223314

She looks way cuter now.
I'm happy she's really recovering this time.

No. 223315

Take your fuckery back to My Proana, then kys.

No. 223316

Good for her! She looks so much better now.

>plz bring back Dante…

No. 223317

I hate to turn this into a hug-a-thon, but Aly looks as if she is actually getting her shit together. She looks amazing and I'm glad for her.

No. 223318

And it appears she's lost the face-hugger. That's great!

No. 223319

>chubby af
Bonelord-chan, pls.
Anyway, wow. I never thought I'd see the day Aly finally gets better. She looks so much healthier and I'm honestly happy for her. I just hope it stays that way.

No. 223320

Ana-on pls log off internets

I had forgotten about Aly for quite some time due to her lying about her recovering
But if these pics aren't shooped then holy shit, Aly
I'm so fucking proud of you!

No. 223321

She looks way better than before but her face seems bloated and that's probably because she eats a lot of junk food. I wish she would post healthier and more nutritious food, stuffing your face with chocolate and unhealthy food might still indicate an ED.

No. 223322

Hey, it's still better than no eating at all. Even more for someone in her conditions, she needs calories

No. 223383

As Aly has gained some much need pounds she has also spent countless posts complaining about lack of interest (ei: asspats) in her posts etc. Aly can't let go of IG no matter how many times she says she's leaving. It's sad really.

No. 223389


I can't find her IG. :(

Whats her username?

No. 223394

That is sad.

It does seem that even people who want to reap the benefits of recovering from their ed realise that without it, no one would care about them. ED/mental illness is the only thing that makes them special or noteworthy.

No. 223403

OP that's a shitty thread with no links, you should feel ashamed.

Anyways, she's looking healthy and cute, eat shit anachan

No. 223405

She looks so much better with a fuller, rounder face. And yeah, being an anorexic will fuck up your skin. Who knew

No. 223407

sounds like you're mad you still wear a size large

No. 223425

She looks like a normal person in this photo. She's not becoming fat, Ashley.

No. 223442

second. she looks amazing, way more youthful looking

No. 223451

Agreed. I just wish she would ditch the red lipstick. It ages her a lot. It would be great if she went with something softer. But I think she's so fucking cute. And her body is still petite and delicate.

No. 223455

You proana fucks sick as hell, you go Allie! You look so much better and not like a dying skelly. Good for you

No. 223466

we bitched about Aly when she was faking recovery (darling). we left her alone since she is actually recovering now (best she can anyway).

she should be left alone to deal with this.

No. 223473

Good for her, she looks much better now. Hope she can keep the weight on.

No. 223647

She looks pretty again. Piss off.

No. 223652

Fat or not, pretty or not, it's sad her life still consists on muh ana recovery and posting photos of herself smiling at food on Instagram. I hope that, now she's healthier bodywise, she also finds a more fulfilling hobby.

Exactly why she needs a hobby. Unless she goes munchie spoonie now kek (let's hope not)

aly_recoverylife it's in OP's picture

No. 223665

ED recovery is not about simply gaining weight. She is STILL spending her time getting people to photograph her smiling down at whatever junk food she is holding. That isn't progress, yes she has a swollen face which does not look healthy for someone who claims to be so far into "realrecovery". That level of fluid retention is alarming, she could also be bulimic now.

No. 223668

Not really. It's pretty common for anorexics to eat a cake etc for dinner rather than a proper balanced meal. In hospitals they wouldn't allow someone in recovery to eat so much junk food, it's bad for the body and does not encourage a balanced diet. There is more to recovery than meeting a bmi point, a qualified dietician would ensure she is actually nourishing herself rather than filling up on biscuits and baked goods.

No. 223682

Ok but this thread should really be deleted, like is no one gonna mention how this could possibly stunt her recovery? Like I worry she'll somehow see people calling her fat and bloated and nit picking every little aspect of her ig, like just leave her alone, she finally has weight back and looks absolutely beautiful and op and any other spiteful bitches calling her fat really make me wanna vomit, like grow the fuck up

No. 223683

to be honest her face looks unhealthily swollen, probably due to excessive sugar + carb intake and maybe even dehydration…i'm very glad for her but she says her BMI is in the 16s right now (and if you browse her insta a little you'll see that she is still relativly thin), meanwhile her face looks much bigger than that. i wish her the best, though, i'm glad she's finally at least somewhat committed to recovery

No. 223685

What did she look like pre-ana?

I think her face looks very normal and healthy, I think people here have a skewed idea of how weight "should look" on someone.
Especially with someone who has gone from extremely thin to much more normal of a weight in comparison.

Her face doesn't have bulimia bloat from what I can see. Bulimia bloat tends to look more chipmunk like with a tiny face and giant cheeks

No. 223687

She definitely has a swollen lower face, bulimia could just be one cause but fluid retention and swelling during recovery is expected and normal. However Alice has been in recovery for months, and isn't really under any treatment team who would monitor her electrolytes and risk of oedema. She only posts pics of cakes and herself smiling at them which is still disordered and shows she hasn't progressed. A normal diet and life outside of doing the exact same poses just with a different bun or pastry each day would show recovery. To not be so reliant on social media, especially the instagram edrecovery community who gets off on underweight people posing with cakes or junk food "fear challenges'

No. 223690

I don't give a fuck what her face looks like. It isn't really under her control in regards to bloating or being fat.

there is no excuse for that hair though.

No. 223811

I think we're just so used to her looking deathly thin, that being a normal weight looks like a major difference. She looks so much younger with more weight on.

No. 223816

OP needs to GTFO the internets
Aly is looking amazingly better like woah. Since her threads started I thought she'd go the route of wheelchair skelly but props to her for getting better

No. 223819

I might be over thinking this but for a bit I wondered whether she self posted hoping that people would bash her looks because she hates them herself.

No. 223862

Oh fuck off. She is nowhere near chubby.

I thought she'd deleted her account and got on with life, so I'm a bit sad she only changed the url.

Pre ana she was a good weight. Not thin but not overweight. A mighty fine figure tbh.

I struggle believing she eats so much crap and isn't weightier yet, but for once I'm happy to be proven wrong and she did do well with recovery. As much as I think she's a not so nice person, nobody deserves an eating disorder, so good for her.

No. 223869

I can't find the picture of her with her friend when she was 16 and doing karaoke at home. Looking at her face now she actually looks like the same person. When she was skele she looked like a different person, like she could be her grandma or sthing.

Sage because that was me above and went off to find the pic I can't find.

No. 223876

I wish she'd eat healthy foods and find a real hobby, I'm happy she's recovering but the on the OP she looks bloated. She still needs a dietitian to help her imo

No. 223877

does she never eat fruits?

But she looks so much better and posted a lot of videos recently

In the videos she seems quite insecure though
I think irl she is just shy?

No. 223894

She looks like a normal human being now. She used to be on death's doorstep so I congratulate her. Never though I would see her gain enough to even be remotely near a healthy weight but she just proved me wrong.

No. 223908

I think she probably sticks to a meal plan, but all that chocolate and donuts? Nope. Does constipation make your face puffy because she's going to have that problem with no fibre.

It must be a pressure on her boyfriend to not make her sperg out or end their relationship. After that other account it feels she's doing recovery for him and not herself.

No. 223978

Christ, she looks 15 years younger now.

Great job Aly, you look great and much happier.

No. 223994

She looks adorable. I'm really happy for her and I feel sorry that so many people were scrutinising her every move and calling her a liar.

No. 223999

She looks beautiful, I wish the ana chans on lolcow would fuck off back to my pro ana. People with healthy perceptions of weight don't expect everyone to look like a skeleton with hair.

No. 224844

Glad she is finally getting better. I remember checking up on her a couple months ago and she was starting to look better and she's kept it up.

No. 224861

There is a container thread for MPAtards you know

No. 224969

She is still posting pictures of candy bars with bites taken out of them and her holding food up to her face on her IG…same old shit.

No. 224973

She looks gorgeous! I'm glad she recovered

No. 225669

Yeah she's annoying as shit with that. Begging for comments and threatening to delete because not enough people replied. She seems to think everyone is on instagram all day -as she appears to be- just to give her asspats.

No. 225688

It might be a culture thing. as far as I know. it's common to eat out in Italy all the time.

Maybe her diet does include fruits and veg, but she only opts to take pictures of sweets

No. 225689

does anyone know how old Aly actually is? I've always thought she was very hard to place age wise

No. 225800

No. 226363

Thanks anon. I thought she was older

No. 226364

yeah, I didnt realize she was as young as she was. I thought maybe she was 22-23.

No. 226375

I'm happy she seems to be recovering, and she seems on the right road, but I don't think she's cured. In one of the videos you can tell she's practically gagging and taking tiny little bites trying to eat a donut.

No. 226430

She was 21 in November.

No. 234786

File: 1484434405777.jpg (1.05 MB, 1564x1564, IMG_20170114_174228.jpg)

I know there isn't much milk with Ol' Aly these days. However I couldn't help much notice lately that she's back to complaining about haters. Apparently under her last video and others she has gotten a "shit load of mean comments" yet hust like these two commenters.. I have honestly seen none. Like none. I don't lurk her as much, but the last few days I paid attention and saw nothing. Is this Aly's new thing. Pretending to be attacked again because she isnt getting as much traffic on her insta as she did when she was skelly? She freaked out the other day too because her mother skipped and fell and hit her head apparently and made it out like the end of the world for not even 24 hrs… Turns out her Her mother is fine and Aly is back to complaining about haters.

No. 234792

She also says here that she is getting a snowflake tattoo.. How fitting. kek

No. 234854

That's kind of amazing actually. It will be the first tattoo that isn't about being an ED fighter. Like, she's sort of owning her internet personality status even if unconsciously.

No. 235040

She's been reposting her "transformation" pics again and saying Insta have been deleting them for being too "scaring".

She's also complaining nobody cares to comment on her uploads, even though, as far as I know, she's never bothered to comment on anyone else's account herself.

No. 235042

Also sick of her multiple posts of posing with the same item - donut or waffle with Nutella on it. I'm not surprised her bf wants to dump her again.

No. 235581

I'm convinced she's exagerating about "mean" comments. She's become obsessed with the amount of comments she gets suddenly for some reason. Bitches a fit if 10 or more people don't leave comments in an hour or something ridiculous. When she posts about haters or something "dramatic" like her mum falling, or transofrmation pics…. she gets more comments. She's really amped it up over the last few days, so thats my theory.

No. 235582

I think she probably self posted this tbh, it's in broken English and she is probably testing to check if anyone agrees

No. 235584

Which part of the English is broken? It sounds fine to me.
The only thing I think you could possibly point out would be that writing "the fact that Aly is becoming fat" would sound more correct and complete but there're plenty of fluent English speakers that make the same, if not worse, mistakes all the time.

No. 235605

idk the wording is awkward, like "becoming fat" doesn't sound like something a native speaker would say

No. 235630

I notice she deleted the transformation pic AGAIN…i mean INSTAGRAM deleted it.

Where are her friends? Where's news about what she's doing at uni? I thought that AT LEAST she'd be posting something other than donuts at this point.

The "mean comments" are definitely a cry for attention. I haven't seen any. If she's so desperate for support, why doesn't she join some anorexia support group therapy or something. The type of anas ig attracts aren't interested in recovery.

No. 235632

What is it with ED people and fucking Disney? She bought this PLUCHE. (Wonder if she still gives English lessons).

What does she mean when she keeps writing ACCOUNT CHANGE AGAIN?

Sage because I posted above.

No. 235663


LOL Aly blocked me! What a spun bitch honestly aha on one of her million posts complaining about not getting much "feedback" all I said was "How come you expect so much support and comments from your followers and make them feel guilty for not doing so, but as far as I can tell you don't seem to comment or interact on anyone else's photos?" And that warrants being blocked I guess in Aly world haha

No. 235681

yep, aly is back to her old ways. She seriously seems to post her transformation pics nearly every day, always waxing poetic about how sick and scared she used to be and how she is a fighter living life now.

one new thing she started doing is short videos of her posing with food/taking a bite and saying something to the camera. They're kind of odd though, they always seem too long and awkward

No. 235685

Does Aly ever post or comment on any other accounts but her very own?

No. 235693

She looks like a cuter lady gaga

No. 235694

Probably not, but I really can't balme her. Most people on insta are basic and boring as shit

No. 235697

Amen. I thought this was another ashley spoopy story and it was making me so sad.

No. 235807

File: 1484612043103.png (1.12 MB, 1039x521, Untitled.png)

I saw your comment! So giving her the truth of the matter is a "hating" comment.

Aly's gained, v good and all that, but her behaviour is still so fucked. These multiple shoots in different locations with the same item of food, smiling at it, and then putting it near her nose as if she's taken a bite. This is why I really don't believe she eats all this crap. 1)She would've gained a lot more by now 2)Wouldn't all this sugar make her ill??

Not one bite was taken that day.

No. 235808

File: 1484612072774.png (1.65 MB, 1291x521, Untitled2.png)


No. 235863

Hi Ashley.

No. 235881

I'd expect that much since her entire account is built around her posting cutesy photos of her smiling with food, so I figure whatever as long as she is actually a healthy weight now. At least she's not totally full of shit now but just doing pretty standard behavior for people who are fairly "popular" on social media (spending a lot of time taking a ton of posed photos to select one and present it like a candid natural moment).

No. 235902

idg how any of this makes for cow material…

No. 235911

She's a recovered cow. This thread/that post demonstrates how she's still doing the same old OCD shit with food even though she's gained weight.

No. 236066

I've been dying to fucking say something but don't want blocking. I knew she'd have a complete OTT reaction like this.

No. 237019


Bc she's attention seeking af and has a temper tantrum any time her followers aren't showing her enough of it

No. 237040

she's a snowflake, and she's in /snow/ accordingly.

No. 237044

She blocked me aaages ago, I followed her for food inspiration and one day posted a picture of a greasy pizza and was going on about how deliciously oily it is, you know how she does.

All I said was how I don't like oily food and that it sounded yuck.

Like, excuse me for not liking shitty food.

No. 237106

She blocked me for asking if her gelato was the kind with milk or cream in it. (It obviously wasn't - most fruit-flavored and even dark chocolate gelati in Italy do not have milk or cream in them.)

That happened after I had commented helpfully and positively on other pictures for 5 months

No. 237108

I am honestly happy that she has gained weight and got back into university, however it's just annoying at this point how she thinks "No one cares for her", just because people aren't on IG 24/7???

I have to admit I wrote her a long text now and again because I felt sorry and thought to myself: Damn no one should feel this way!

Well I did it 3 or 4 times and everytime I couldn't post the fucking comment because she deleted her post again and my comment was lost! So no copy and paste and I really don't feel like rewriting something I put my thought and heart into on the same she fucking photo literally reposted 1/2 minutes later with the same sad caption.


My life would be miserable too if I cried everytime I didn't get 15 comments on my IG within 5 minutes of posting.

No. 237122

I was looking at her recent videos and thought to myself that even if I had no idea who Aly was, I would cringe just as hard at them, and determine that she was insane. Her whole account is insanity when you consider the ridiculous shit on there. I mean kudos to her on the weight gain, but nothing else on her account has changed. She's just dropped "oily" learnt to spell "strength" and now posts bizarre videos of nothing and begs for asspats. I can''t look away cause just…. WTF

No. 237129

SHE isn't deleting her posts, INSTAGRAM is deleting them. Ig thinks they're too scaring. Ig gets triggered.

I haven't looked today. Imagine my surprise if I find her posing with a Donnie and there're half a dozen pics of cutted up chocolate bars.

No. 237173

File: 1484845339263.png (1.42 MB, 1440x2461, 20170119_180000.png)

And yet she posted another 4 photos in the following 5 hours.

Aly if you don't feel like posting don't do it, just stop guilt tripping your followers.

No. 237246

Aly seems to have toned down the emoticons, which is pretty funny.

No. 238312

File: 1485102990127.png (516.57 KB, 901x488, support plix.png)

Her neediness for attention is intensifying.

I like the comments calling her out for never replying to things they've asked her in the past.

While I'm here, can someone please explain what those pants are she's wearing. They're one of the most hideous garments I've ever seen in my entire life.

No. 238858

Thank you for posting this. I can't stand her constant need for attention.
Like, get a grip who insane bitch

No. 238859

*you not who

No. 238877

why is there a vlack bar on the cookie?

No. 239160

Japanese porn laws.

But really, I'm sure it's just a mark made when they were adjusting the picture to edit it.

No. 239290

wish she would cut that crunchy ass ramen noodle hair.

No. 239419


I'm so glad other people noticed this too. I was pleasantly surprised to see how beautiful she looks, like wow, took my breath away gorgeous. But then her captions all sounded very guilt-trippy and strange, like she's grasping for whatever she can. I'm super worried she'll relapse because she might think she got more attention while underweight.

No. 239424

I also really hope she keeps eating a good amount of food and stays at a healthy weight. She is more beautiful than ever and if people are paying less attention it's only because now they see that she looks healthy, now it's time for her to truly move on and be free from these obsessions so she can just be happy.

No. 243569

File: 1486047740072.png (126.07 KB, 475x701, wp_ss_20170202_0001.png)

Aly hasn't been getting enough asspats so she's been making up stories about receiving a "thousand" hater DMs in one night. Now she's told everyone she's giving up with recovery for attention.

No. 243575

Saw this coming. Why is this girl so attention starved that she's willing to relapse so her IG is more popular? There's more going on here than just an ED.

It's a shame, she was looking and doing so good.

No. 243581

i hate how shes always whining about not getting enough support when she asks for it, like does she even ever give support to anyone else???

No. 243599

i was hoping that with recovery she would post different photos, maybe lessening control, but i log on to see the same two outfits, same doughnut, same coffee, same wrap. it seems like all she eats are chocolates. sadly there was more variety when she was super sick

No. 243660

File: 1486066018366.png (828.53 KB, 787x530, donutfun.png)


Remember when she said she was going to post more about who she was and her interests? All we got was a pic of a book and a half assed shot of a cathedral near aNHERO.

Her desperation is terrible. I sound a bitch, but I wish nobody would comment and not play into her mind games. Nope, she NEVER comments on anyone's photos.

I'm SICK of multiple shots of her holding the same damn food. Image related.

If I see another of her outside eatme&go wearing that brown sweater dress and staring at that fucking wrap and green gunk in a glass I'll go proper mental. There're SIX of those up there now and ONE video of it. Her mother's bonkers for doing it.

PS Thank you, darlings for all your wonderful comments. I had tears in my eyes. I must fight on. I am determinated.

No. 244167

I never thought about it but you're right. Why would she only post the sweets if she's "recovered"? I remember when she was looking more sick and she was posting photos of her out with her mom or whatever in front of bigger, normal meals. At least that was more believable. And I think at the hospital one time she had some kind of wrap. I wonder if they really are the only things she eats. But wouldn't she feel like shit and really weak for eating nothing but sugar?

No. 245251

>posts everyday that she's going to stop posting
>posts 12+ times a day

No. 245326

I know this is OT, but I really want someone to save her hair. it's so awful.

No. 245451

ho would one save her hair?

No. 246100

Since she's been baiting for sympathy saying she has "hater comments" I've been checking frequently to find them.

I haven't found any unless others debating what she says Is "hating". These were under a caption where she's saying get a body a boy likes, get periods and have a family. Now they're gone.

I personally think that recovering so a "boy" looks at you lustily is a great reason to recover!!1

No. 246101

File: 1486412496822.png (51.66 KB, 480x282, wp_ss_20170206_0001.png)

Dropped img

No. 246110

File: 1486413515741.jpg (75.3 KB, 685x446, Capture.JPG)

Yes, Aly. I definitely see the words "mysogynist" and "insensitive" in those comments.

No. 246512

Well for the lulz I politely told her that it's "scary" she means not "scaring" cause it was getting on my twatting nerves. That was also deleted.
She doesn't get "hate" she's pathetic and now uses "haters" for more asspats.
FYI Ali, you are a know-it-all!

No. 246520

If I hadn't had a thousand accounts blocked I'd tell her to stop saying MISTEAKEN. Christ. I love when people don't comment. Today she's got a "job interview" and nobody's wished her luck. Ha. She's way too irritating, but I love watching her being pissy almost every post.

No. 249056

She's started posting exactly 13 times per day beginning with a comparison photo, some mild personal drama that she makes OTT, followed by "haters" if not enough asspats from the previous ploys, then threats of not posting anymore and ending with how "strong" she is. Her insanity is so transparent.

No. 249104

I hadn't picked up on the 13 posts a day. Remember when she was obsessive about keeping her pic count under 1000?

I wonder what other mental illness she has, because her behaviour is more than being eating disordered. She's said she's feeling persecuted because of all the "hater comments" (that never existed). She said she's going to START blocking people (hahaha). I like that her followers appear to be getting sick of her repetitive lies about "hater" comments and they've stopped telling her she's beautiful and to ignore them.

She's still banging on about what a twat her dad is for being responsible for her anorexia. Aly, if you hate him that much MOVE INTO YOUR OWN GODDAMN PLACE and out of HIS home.

No. 249128

It honestly takes everything in me to refrain from commenting on her posts and calling her on her bullshit, but I've already been blocked from my main account so I can't afford to risk my side account hahah

Regarding the dad part though, not everyone can afford to just get their own place especially since I don't think she's made much of her own income in the last few years with being sick and what not. That's the only thing I feel bad for.

No. 249230

A few weeks ago she said she won't leave because she has to look after her brother, as in protect him from Pa C.

Unless he's a massive ogre, sounds like she won't leave because Ma C's the only constant in her life and she's making excuses to stay.

No. 249285

Jesus, what a train wreck. I was feeling guardedly optimistic when she was re-posted here because she had gained weight, but nothing has changed. No, I take that back. She has changed but not for the better, just a different kind of cow-ness. The OTT asspat begging and ~*Imu viktum*~ b.s. is so tired.

No. 249486

i just feel bad for the poor person who has to follow her to the same goddamn swing every day at snack time and film her eating.

No. 250406

File: 1486996218711.png (481.08 KB, 1440x2465, 20170213_152845.png)

So I guess I had my notifications for Aly turned on and I counted, she posted/reposted her newest "Last Recovery" post 4 times with same caption in span of ~5 minutes.
I noticed this before but why does she post-delete-post again thing with every single photo at least 2 times???
It sucks for people who try to comment and oh whoops, too bad the post is gone and your comment as well! But don't worry aly posted the exact same thing 2 minutes or less again later!

Also I am wondering if she will actually stick to not posting, but given the caption of said post I doubt it.

No. 250407

File: 1486996249711.png (502.41 KB, 1440x2464, 20170213_152901.png)

samefagging because I forgot to add the top part of the caption

No. 250479

Jesus, this is so fishing for people to lavish her with attention and posts and maybe beg her to stay. I bet she won't stay away even for a day. She always does this "taking a break" shit but then never leaves.

As for the post deletions/reposts, I think she hopes more people will see/like/comment when she posts, and if she doesn't get enough immediate responses, she deletes and reposts and hopes more people will respond that time. Pathetic.

No. 250484

Well she did say that she received a lot of hate (once again) on her latest video…

Sure Jen

No. 250497

No. 250500

File: 1487009702006.gif (809.34 KB, 450x254, sure jan.gif)

Pretty sure they meant 'Sure Jan'. Implying she's lying about getting lots of hate.

No. 250504

I don't get how her mind works with this method of attention seeking. It's so clumsy and transparent. No one believes she has photos deleted by ig, no one believes she has "tons" of insults on her photos in the space of an hour and no one believes she's taking a break.

Her boyfriend's spending 3 days with her. Poor bastard. Three days with her and her freaky family. He mustn't be too choosy about personality.

I predict a kissy kissy pic of her and him. She loves to gloat about her relationship, even though she sees him three times a year or sth.

No. 250505

OMG, I had so many hater comments in this post above (which I deleted). Tell me I'm beautiful plz.

No. 250982

Also, a lot of her posts are one or two hours apart and she starts whining she isn't getting enough asspats. Like it's been a fucking hour Aly!
I don't know how I hold back but I don't want blocking. May make another sockpuppet and get it out of my system!

No. 250998

File: 1487086557478.png (333.08 KB, 480x335, wp_ss_20170214_0001.png)

So this is her break while she spends time with her "boy". Includes two pics of them holding fries and a close up of fries. Omg ppl you gave her almost no support this morning.

Please god don't let it be Ma C taking the pictures of the so in love couple clutching their greasy snacks.

No. 251000

She'll delete and block quick. Then you'll hate her more. At one point my hatred verged on psychotic after my 7th ban.

No. 252031

No. 253238

During her Valentine's day break she only posted 9 photos per day instead of the usual 12/13. Wow. It's actually kind of sad how addicted she is to instagram.

No. 253241

Our attention starved #worrie has ran away from home…at 21. O no.

No. 253242

File: 1487336433147.png (53.68 KB, 467x279, wp_ss_20170217_0001.png)

#worrior. And dropped pic. I'm too worried about her to function.

No. 253274

He must be seriously sick to death of her. Imagine having to put up with her bullshit day in and day out.
21 year old runs away from home for attention -eyeroll-

No. 253887

File: 1487436734126.jpg (29.39 KB, 329x309, oops.JPG)

I wondered why she deletes so many of her uploads. Looks like she reuploads them a couple of weeks later. Today, SATURDAY, she forgot to change which day of the week

Notice a new thing she's doing? She makes up an anorexic character and says she died or has relapsed. She then writes "THIS DONUT AND STARBUCKS FRAP IS FOR HER!"

she posted it last time.

Well, fuck me, while I was writing that she deleted the donut dedication.

No. 253888

(forgot to change which day of the week she posted it last time*)

No. 253889

File: 1487436923149.jpg (13.99 KB, 290x66, oops2.JPG)

Someone else noticed. Insensitive cow.

No. 253943


I have an odd feeling that asta_tua is a farmer or at least lurks here - Aly isn't the only snowflake/cow I've seen them calling out like this. I though it was a stretch before but now I'm not so sure. Maybe coincidence but I've noticed them on other accounts featured here a few times. Not hating, just a speculation

No. 253976

They are. Move along.

No. 254383

File: 1487529293790.png (1.31 MB, 1080x1544, Screenshot_20170219-183241~2.p…)

>gaiz stop caring more about pancakes than you care about my super cereal dramatic terrible life that i'm now totally coping with :((

No. 254657

Christ she just gets worse!

No. 254660

seriously though, people with AN in recovery focus so much on food. part of recovery is NOT focusing on food, not thinking so much about it. like, do you think that posting your every high cal snack on ig is healthy? i don't think so.


this looks like ig of someone with binge eating disorder. i hope she recovers, i truly do, but this is just so, so saddening.

No. 256051

File: 1487792021701.png (1.78 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20170222-203138.png)

Even if the picture is kinda creepy, I'm glad to see she actually looks gealthy compared to other pictures

No. 256052

File: 1487792056507.png (690.61 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20170222-203143.png)

Also *healthy

No. 256133

File: 1487801808797.png (614.32 KB, 1350x583, attention plz.png)

She looks better physically, but her mental health is another matter.

No. 256140

I'm glad she's putting on the weight and I imagine this was probably a difficult photo for her to take and post.

But then I see >>256133 and she just can't seem to get over the attention seeking behavior. That just goes beyond needing positive affirmations.

No. 256156


These fucking 5 or 6 shot photo shoots of her with a donut or some shit are ridiculous. Posting one pic of food, or with food, is normal instagram behavior. Posting a photoset of you posing with a pastry is psychosis. She's clearly not well at all.

No. 256171

>they're persecuting me
what is going on in her head

No. 256188

When I read her "motivation" posts, I've never felt so much that someone is saying something but doesn't believe it.

Again she's said she won't be posting much because she's not going to post food any more. Strange move for a ~food blogger~

Let's see how long her no food shoot thing lasts.

No. 256217

What does she need so much support for? She went out of her way to prove to everyone she is eating normally, gained weight, "recovered". Now she's freaking out because nobody will give her attention anymore, even making things up. I was curious to see what would happen once it got to this point.

No. 256269

On a side note, anyone else miss the Fit Vegan Ginger?

No. 256494

File: 1487850514630.png (241.85 KB, 462x466, wp_ss_20170223_0001.png)

She posted food because she's finding it difficult not to - ie there's nothing else in her life.

No. 256497

No i dont think so. As a nearly recovered Ed food still IS important and will be for years. Most oft her followers are ED. They expect her to post food pics. So what? Instagram is not RL

No. 256498

Not really, both her food and herself were gross and vomit-inducing.

No. 256509

Lmao, honestly, I'd totally forgotten about her until I saw your comment.

No. 256879

To recover from an E.D mentally you really should stop being as obsessed with food, and your identity shouldn't be your E.D. This means removing yourself from anorexic communities, in the same way a recovering/recovered drug addict wouldn't hang round their old junkie friends.

Instagram quite clearly is her life

No. 256977

File: 1487941138017.jpg (75.75 KB, 307x377, aly.jpg)

So, will she only post 8 photos a day for a couple of days before going back to her usual 13? Seems like no matter what she says, she has no "Life" outside Instagram.

No. 257000

File: 1487945395169.png (499.92 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2017-02-18-11-27-08…)

Fucking Christ Aly which is it? More personal posts or no more of them?

No. 257010

I'm starting to think this bmi 16.6 is bullshit. Either way, I really don't see her ever admitting to reaching a healthy bmi because she's terrified of losing her "anorexic" status.

No. 257011


She is absolutely insufferable. All this whining and crying over how nobody comments on her stuff (even though I always see plenty of supportive comments when I look at her page), and yet I have NEVER seen her comment on anyone else's pictures. Ever. Does she? It is so incredibly entitled and arrogant to expect everyone to fawn over her while she does absolutely nothing for anyone else.

No. 257101


I agree, she looks like she's a healthy bmi in that pic and is sucking it in big time. I bet it's more like 18.5 - 19.

No. 257144

File: 1487968542689.png (45.41 KB, 478x735, wp_ss_20170224_0002.png)

Barely any attention today? Threaten Sudoku.

Agreed. That's no way under 18.

No. 257170

File: 1487972107480.png (72.86 KB, 480x361, wp_ss_20170224_0004.png)

Don't worry guys, she's safe and pigging out on chocolate. Phew.

No. 257185

I do, I miss that little goblin and her vomit inducing recipes.

No. 259780


I actually do believe that she is at a BMI of 16.6

I mean, it could be possible and she just has become skinny fat.

No. 261393

File: 1488389812773.jpg (44.84 KB, 288x406, playing dead on the floor.JPG)


Aly's having a meltdown. She's deleting almost everything she posts, says she's cutting her arm with a knife, feels suicidal and hates her weight gain. Now she's playing dead on the floor at work.

She said her therapist won't offer her anti depressants and I can't think why not. She should've been put on them years ago.

Idk how much of her ig behaviour is attention seeking from her followers, or she's being a drama queen, but there's something wrong and I feel she's about to relapse or attempt Sudoku.

Her boyfriend probably has to listen to all this. If he leaves it'll tip her over the edge.

It pisses me off how she calls people "weak" for harming or taking anti deps. It also pisses me off that she's only been ill for a few years and tells everyone to "kick it in the butt" when it doesn't work like that…and she knows it.

No. 261429

As harsh as it sounds, Alice is selfish. She only cares about her self, her instagram persona and beinf validated by others. By being anorexic, it meant the expectations others had of her were as low and meaningless as eating a pile of biscuits. Now she is getting older, and seemed to be making progress her parents are probably expecting more of her, her partner is probably wanting a proper balanced relationship and not some girl that he has to take photos of her grinning at a cake everyday.

No. 261434

Holy mother of mindfuck. Playing dead at work, seriously? Okay Alice. I'm sick of her third person talking too. She is so screwed up. She is definitely seeking attention; she has made that patently obvious in her recent "no attention baaaawwww" posts but I agree things are escalating. She can't take not being ~*super sick ana desu*~ and wants people to fawn over her like before. Sick and sad.

No. 261438

Fucking this. How does her boyfriend stand that shit? Maybe she just has a stockpile of pics that she has taken, like hundreds of shots from each of a handful of outings, and then posts them regularly as if each is a distinct event. She has been caught re-posting old pics before so this is probable. She is creepy af either way. I actually thought she was doing better, but no her psychosis is just more raw and visible now than ever before. Bitch is not okay and there is definitely more than an ED at work here.

No. 261471

I'm convinced that if she stopped getting so much attention for her anorexia, she'd develop something else.

No. 261486

File: 1488397141152.jpg (28.98 KB, 285x266, 2.JPG)

I think so. It's odd how flippant she is about she now "self harms" because she took a knife to her arm twice during a hissy fit no doubt.

She's still bleating on about being reported and her pics deleted.

9 mins ago on a "transformation" pic she's posted 100 times before
>aly_recoverylife~ As I explained in the back post (if you might have a look ?) I've been reported again early because of "too hard text" (!)? and the picture I shared this morning (right one ▶️) Well, I share it again LIKE THAT❗️

I know she's anorexic and recovering, but no way can all that crap she eats be healthy. Where are the nutrients in donuts and chocolate ffs.

No. 261487

(Anyone actually seen the TOO HARD TEXT option when reporting an ig picture? No, me neither).

No. 262029

Aly is standard BPD.
rUN AWAY ya italian fuck up
She can't handle "truth" let alone a "challenge"
Aly doesn't live in real life.
Babe your BMI is NORMAL. DEAL!

No. 262075

And its THIGHS not TIGHTS!!!
Inbred euro banned me for the correction

No. 262162

She's deleting the pics herself.
And ofc she is self harming. Bitch has "bloated" and needs attention.
I once felt bad for her. But she is such a narssisistic cunt, who cares FA about anyone but herself. She gives no fucks about her followers… only cares about Aly asspats!

No. 262190

fuck off lol just because someone seeks attention doesn't mean they have bpd. She doesn't meet enough of the criteria and I feel like she's just fucked and needy, doesn't mean she has a disorder. Good god you people are something else

No. 262192

Who's sperging up the thread now? Which spooky skeleton are you?

No. 262200

It's me, brokenbpdbabe666 on IG!!!!

No. 262230

you don't even know how to reply lol

No. 270164

File: 1489598743736.png (516.36 KB, 1252x1444, IMG_4217.PNG)

No. 270165

Aly changed her hair and "said goodbye to the old Alice" yesterday… I hardly see a difference honestly. Apparently she's been having relapses and refers to herself as a psycho a lot lately.

No. 270293


> said goodbye to the old Alice

again and again and again and again and…..never ending story

No. 270593

I am late in saying im happy the Aly thread is back! And disappointed her hair isnt as much of a change as I hoped it would be. Im glad she is looking much better but ya shes still crazy. I saw her post a while ago her dad beats her? Its probably deleted now

No. 270828

File: 1489688188656.png (318.85 KB, 1125x1378, IMG_3976.PNG)

looks like there's a bird nest growing out the side of her head.

No. 271218

Jesus Christ this picture is so fucking cringey! Ugh she pisses me off to no end.

No. 271243

File: 1489737147436.gif (1.74 MB, 300x300, thats_enough.gif)

No. 271260

She looks like she swallowed a bug.

No. 272166

Fucking kek
>Yummy mealworms

No. 275064

File: 1490196851486.jpg (1.33 MB, 1564x1564, IMG_20170322_113004.jpg)

Just a sampling of Aly's new way of obtaining asspats and comments. Every day for the last few weeks Aly has apparently been called fat and a bad example, etc by more "haterz" but I constantly scroll past her 8-12 posts a day and never see these kinds of comments. It's sad because if I really think about it, It's just Aly projecting onto.. Herself. She's clearly gained weight and it's obviously causing her alot of mental grief. She needs to stop using IG to fuel her sick need for attemtion amd validation.

No. 275095

stopped reading

No. 275117

File: 1490203652599.jpg (23.41 KB, 228x470, at the trough.jpg)

I like someone else is still taking note of Aly.

I'm sick of her:
- I'm going to post less!!!1
- Instagram delete my pictures!!!1 (Too scaring)
- Haters calling me fat!!!1
- Fucking "transformation" pictures
- Let go of your demons!!!1 (while not letting go of her own)
- "donnies"
- "when you feel downie" (does she know that's shorthand for down syndrome?)
- "insicure"
- ily all into pieces!!!1

All so people will tell her she's needed and beautiful.

I think there's something really unattractive about how she turned out. Probably crap eye make up application, but her whole eye area looks like it was unfinished developing in the womb.

She's also got to be a healthy BMI now. She doesn't look underweight at all. Saying that, I don't believe she eats all she posts which is double shitty seeing how she's having to stop therapy because her parents can't afford it but daily she spends a bomb on sickly sweet diabetes inducing crap.

She's a hideous person. Don't want to jinx her recovery (I'm not that much of a bitch) but she's going to relapse. She's fucking unhinged.

No. 275118

adding…why does she censor fucking as fuck*ng? Probably the only thing about her that raises a smirk from me these days.

No. 275124

File: 1490204527487.jpeg (659.85 KB, 1440x1872, Capture _2017-03-22-13-37-46-0…)

So apparently she isn't going to be posting at all tomorrow guys… Yeah.. We shall see about that. Gosh this girl is sad.

No. 275138


OMG I'm so glad I'm not the only one who thinks her eyes are messed up. Like yeah the shitty makeup doesn't help but even beyond that it's like she doesn't have a crease or whatever in her eye lid

No. 275150

File: 1490207559809.jpg (105.61 KB, 791x552, Capture.JPG)

Ye4s, Aly, we think that your comment about not posting tomorrow is hilariously ridiculous too.

She keeps posting the same pic of a Lindt choc bunny with the gold ripped off the ears. Bet it's the same one she used last year.

Okay, so we had 100 pics of her in the thermal bath, so I expect similar in her bathing costume (oh god).

No. 275152

PS I like that wolf thing. Is it a cushion?

I just noticed her mum's almost finished her cake and Aly hasn't even started hers. She's just…lickin the end of a straw???

No. 275171

Yes, Aly acts delusional… because she is. She's mentioned many times a psychiatrist, most likely she's on meds too. Honestly I only feel sorry for this girl and hope she will get better psychologically now that she's finally not anorexic anymore.

No. 275182

She isn't on meds. Last week/week before (?) was a drama about falling out with Ma because Aly wants to start anti deps but Ma doesn't want her to.

I honestly think psychologically she's in a worse condition than when she was spoopy and just lying about eating when she wasn't.

She's now full blown batshit.

No. 275599

Jesus, >>275182 is right, she is full blown batshit now. She has never been this fucked up before.

No. 275683

Her parents are still taking her out to cafes every day so she can get junk food to grin at,and post the "proof" on instagram, seriously? Milan is not cheap, why her parents still wasting money to appease her need to be instagram famous?

No. 275739

I still can't get over her claiming to teach English. I teach high school-level English in a European country myself and Italy isn't that much of a backwards shithole.
They don't actually allow her to teach, r-right?

No. 275742

Aly posted yet another transformation photo.. So much for not posting today.

No. 275747

Her parents (at the very least her mother) enable her behavior. It reminds me of that 600 lb life show where there's a spouse or parent that ends up sabotaging the fatty because they don't want to feel unneeded or want to lose them. Aly's mother seems to be in a similar situation except with a an ana.

I feel like when she says teach she means she was paid to tutor some kids.

No. 275808

File: 1490285308116.png (2.29 MB, 935x1804, alyyulyin.png)

She's posted 3 times in the past 5 hours.

No. 275812

she deleted her last post and reposted it. did she get "haters"?

No. 275815

To be fair, her parents seem to be in that kind of situation when your son/daughter has a mental condition and you are always walking on eggshells while talking to them because you fear that if you say the wrong thing it will hurt them/make them do something stupid. So they just coddle their child as much as possible and avoid every confrontation. It's so sad to see

No. 275880

No she reposted it to complain that she wasn't getting any support today apparently… But she really doesn't see how disordered this behaviour is. She CANNOT stay away from the asspats.

No. 275986

File: 1490302859470.jpg (448.91 KB, 1241x1487, IMG_9358.JPG)

This is a break? How many posts today? 7?8?

No. 275990

I was about to post this as well. I'm honestly that NO ONE has called her on it. She has posted close to the same amount today as any other day.
Hot tip Aly: thats not a "break"

No. 275991

**honestly surprised

No. 275998

Aly deletes her comments if they arent super positive and supportive though, so I wouldn't be surprised if someone commented on it and she deleted it.

No. 276012

Does anybody know when her next checkup at the hospital is? She posts so much I can't sift through all the crap to find it.

And did anybody catch her reposting that picture of her in a hot tub everyday and deleting everyday for two weeks? It was fucking rediculous

No. 276205

File: 1490322455410.jpg (18.85 KB, 397x662, crazy aly.jpg)


It'd take hours scrolling through her crap to find her last check up post. It seems to have been longer than 6 weeks ago though.

Still complaining about lack of "support"
> Idk how many cares about this personal stuff after the almost no support under the last post

That crappy weak colour she put on her hair which was supposed to symbolise a new Alice has washed out quickly.

All she's done today is talk about not being a number, about not caring about being fat (no anorexic thoughts but she thinks she's fat?), convincing everyone swimming isn't to burn calories (didn't even think that), then more about not being a number and being fat.

No, she's not fat but she really needs to cut down on the sugar she eats or she'll be obese in a few years or diabetic or something (if she doesn't relapse).

Nice to see she's been at aNhero! Still hold out for Dante.

No. 276207

Adding…YES THE HOT TUB PICS. That was so sad it was mildly funny. She must've had at least 6 hot tub pics taken. How could she not feel like a dick posing like that for instagram…oh yeah, it's Aly. Silly me.

No. 276247

I know this is really OT, but I miss Dante. It was an amusing saga that came to an abrupt end.

No. 276263

I honestly think of him often. He's a mystery.

No. 276265

Dante… we can dream.

No. 278377

I've never understood why she deletes and reposts the whole photo if she gets negative comments. Like.. she can just delete the comment? Why is there a need to repost the whole image, with the same caption, only to add "post ruined by h8erzz"?

No. 278599

File: 1490647880616.jpeg (713.28 KB, 1438x2092, Capture _2017-03-27-16-45-17-0…)

Even after following Aly for all this time she still writes things I cannot understand or honestly believe. This is one. Something happened today, something about a man tried to 'arm' Aly in the street.. Did she mean harm? If not what was she referring to? No one on this post asked what happened either. She is also apparently not going to be posting tomorrow because her boyfriend is visiting. Which means she'll be posting just as much today or last week when she wasn't going to be "present" on ig as well.

No. 278610

I don't think she reposts it because of negative comments. I mean she honestly doesn't get the ones she used to now that she has actually gained some weight. I think she reposts them alot of the time out of self-consciousness or because she isn't getting the amount of likes and comments that she craves. She does edit the captions alot when she reposts but she could do that without deleting the post.. So It's really hard to say,but I think she's just losing it more and more.

No. 279134

Like >>278610 said, I don't think negative comments are the reason. She deletes comments that aren't asspats. One post she began UNDER PRESSURE and someone commented "David Bowie <3", and, presumably because the comment wasn't about how beautiful or inspirational Aly was, she deleted it.

I don't think she deletes because she's self conscious though. Why delete one pic when she looks the same in the rest she posts that day?

Thanks for posting that. I missed the drama before she deleted. Yep, I don't believe this happened, just like I don't believe one of her followers spoke to her in Milan. Perhaps something pretty innocuous happened as it does in cities. I've been groped and approached by perverts and it's offensive, but it shows she's not so life savvy if she makes a massive deal of it on instagram.

I found this woman on insta https://www.instagram.com/nicola96521/
She's a recovering anorexic and was damned spoopy at her worst. Her body is now enviable through diet and exercise. The way Aly quaffs all that junk food, she's going to be a blob. She's really not helping herself. I remember people talking about Minnie Maud. Idk much about it except it seems to be along the lines of stuffing your face with high fat, high sugar, high calorie rubbish. Aly (tries) to cook, so you think she'd be more aware of nutrition. In the long run, it seems like she's going to do her body and mind damage.

No. 279138

File: 1490691123657.jpg (70.81 KB, 393x591, bin the brown top.JPG)

(PS I wish she'd wear a fucking skirt under tunic sweaters). Let's see how many kissing here "boy" pics she posts today.

No. 279143

Uhh, that's shooped, right?

No. 279168

That's the "real" Alice

No. 279181

Why is every photo posed so she is holding junk food or a drink towards her face, what a weird thing to impose on yourself. Every location from standing next to a tree or sitting alone she is grinning at food?!

No. 279194

She's already posted 3x today. Was considering leaving a comment about it, but it would most likely get deleted and blocked. It just kills me how she NEEDS to use ig daily for validation. Even when she repeatedly says she "won't be present" on there. Girl has major issues she clearly isn't addressing.

No. 279413

>a fuc*ing even, cruel and mortal illness WORTHS NOTHING compared to a real, spontaneous and normal life.

>real, spontaneous, normal life



She actually thinks her life is normal and spontaneous when, unless Ma C is there, she's taking forever to prop her phone somewhere and set it to self timer for all these gross pics of her and her "boy".

She barely gets time with him and she fannies around with her phone and instagram.

All this romance thing is bollocks. She recently boasted they've been together for 4 years. That includes when they actually weren't together for 18 month? a year? He's fucking crazy being with her. She's right though. All this is better than a "mortal" illness.

No. 280770

File: 1490890748612.jpg (386.26 KB, 1360x554, WE ALL MAKE MISTEAKS (like lea…)

I made you all a motivational poster. Print it out, laminate it and stick it on your wall.

You'll never be alone, worriers.

No. 280807

File: 1490894372840.png (3.4 MB, 1440x2392, Capture _2017-03-30-13-15-47.p…)

So Aly is really obessing over the fact that people comment more on her food pics then when she poor her broken english heart out. These are from her ig story.

No. 280808

File: 1490894457166.png (2.43 MB, 1440x2392, Capture _2017-03-30-13-15-56.p…)

This came right after the "dumb"glasses shot. There is now 9 comments on that pic instead of 3… You got what you wanted Aly. I hope it makes you.. "Happy"

No. 280872

When did she post the spex picture because it's gone now.

I wanted to do an inspirational romance poster but she's deleted some of the ones where she's slobbering over her boy.

Is this Aly being sarcastic or delusional
> I've been SO GLAD to be back with you ?? (was it noticeable? ??)

I can't tell with her.

Oh, and if I see one more #transformationpic of her spoopy on that kids horse thing…I SWEAR TO GOD…

No. 280880

File: 1490899134490.jpg (72.45 KB, 587x592, fack off.JPG)

This one in case you don't know what I mean. Her face looks odd in the recent picture. I can't put my finger on what's wrong.

Her boyfriend needs to lose the facial hair. It looks dreadful.

No. 282741

File: 1491157224508.jpeg (630.83 KB, 1440x2148, Capture _2017-04-02-13-58-47-0…)

Aly's been having yet another fit in her story and on her feed. I didnt see these comments about her "odd poses" did anyone else?

No. 282753

She is the only one who says anything about "odd poses" and "mad faces"

No. 282768

What happened to her again?

No. 282781

File: 1491164132660.jpg (19.08 KB, 289x123, f.JPG)


I think she's heavily edited the post after complaining about being "ignored". People are ass patting and talking about "haters".

She says what she thinks of herself. She must send herself DMs. Anything she complains people take the piss out of her for is what she hates about herself.

Let's all relax and blow soap bubbles.

No. 282783

(PS Holding that donut thing while she's with the boyfriend is probably the most ridiculous picture she's ever posted).

No. 282785

File: 1491164429232.jpg (776.73 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20170402_161711.jpg)

Deleted comments from todays "everyone ignores me, im gunna close my account" posts. An hour after posting her long rant about how people apparently only focus on her "poses" she posts about how she doesnt care and is going out tonight and is keeping her account (of course. Why do people keep applauding her? Do they not see how fucked up she is…?

No. 282788

Love the justan0therdr0ne comment, hah.

I'm not sure who the ones are that keep commenting. I've noticed the same names. Maybe they only just found her a few weeks ago? Maybe they feel sorry for her? They might be too mental to realise she's a prick?

Whatever, her face is increasingly punchable, and I'm not a violent person (usually).

No. 282870

what is she expecting people will write? there is not so much to say about a picture you already saw ten times already.

No. 282873

Exactly! Like she is right in a way, she is boring. She always talks about showing more of her life, but even those photos are just posed timer shots. Also I thought she got a job as a waitress or something. Guess not. Poor Aly. Forever stuck photographing doughnuts and shakes while other people finish Uni, get good full time jobs, start businesses, have kids, or just have a REAL life.

No. 283163

File: 1491221239234.jpeg (718.93 KB, 1440x2054, Capture _2017-04-03-08-01-16-0…)

So apparently that comment about likes was "yelling" at her… More proof Aly is exaggerating everything. Also shes hardly had any comments on her posts this morning and it's clearly getting to her.

No. 283293

File: 1491235302235.png (392.07 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20170403-175820.png)

No. 283294

File: 1491235356241.png (350.82 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20170403-175915.png)

No. 283296

File: 1491235488598.png (396.8 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20170403-180007.png)

I think the comments are amazingly fitting and well put, it's been 3 hours and it's still not deleted, maybe because she couldn't just delete it and block her as there is no reason.

No. 283310


Thing is though, even though this nails Aly's problem, it won't change a thing.

It's interesting that she said she became ill because she had high cholesterol (thought it was her dad's fault). Makes sense if what she's eating now is what she ate before.

Nobody cares about her now she's not posting thinspo.

No. 283330

File: 1491240200430.jpeg (158.49 KB, 1440x597, Capture _2017-04-03-13-03-39-0…)

Another, more blunt, but honest comment. She needs more of these.

No. 283341

File: 1491242032609.jpg (14.82 KB, 298x85, advise from alylol.JPG)

Oh yeah, did you see who asked Aly for help? (Pic related). It's the one from the ana threads who constantly posts pics of her legs/baggy knickers asking if she looks fat.

She's been posting a lot of food recently, so maybe she really is trying this time, but did she HAVE to post this ass shot. Jesus. https://www.instagram.com/p/BQZRXK9D3cK/?taken-by=thane_of_windhelm

OT I like that pic of Amy Winehous btw. Haven't seen it before.

No. 283373

people like you who make threads like this are the reason pretty girls like her starve theirselves, please grow up and stop taking your 60 year old micropenis man insecurities out on a pretty young girl

No. 283378

File: 1491245645783.jpg (10.57 KB, 355x236, yo.jpg)


people like you do not belong on this site also please learn punctuation full stops caps etc ily into pieces

No. 283488

I guess you haven't finished grade school yet considering you can't even use simple punctuation. Also you clearly know nothing of this site, go back to sucking Aly's ass on IG. You'll be far less offended there. Sage because no one curr

No. 283557

File: 1491257154021.jpg (28.88 KB, 261x266, it was crack after all.JPG)


That kid also has a very black and white idea of the causes of eating disorders.

Anyway, this made me laugh. I've never seen anyone confuse ED recovery with drug recovery. Wonder if she comments on how haters are spreading disinformation.

No. 284100

File: 1491301815492.jpg (64.04 KB, 603x440, conditioner.JPG)

Lol. Yeah, right.

No. 284140

She's already posted twice since that post. Try try again Aly.

No. 284151

File: 1491313282706.jpg (44.8 KB, 295x370, Capture.JPG)


Fuck's sake.

No. 284224


Dantes brother?

No. 284254

looks like Dante's really let himself go…

No. 284279

File: 1491335990388.jpeg (718.9 KB, 1440x2185, Capture _2017-04-04-15-56-33-0…)

More whining on her story because she only got two comments on the last post she made.

No. 285531

File: 1491479803411.jpg (66.43 KB, 706x399, donnie sex.JPG)

Nice pic of her boyfriend fisting a plushie donut while Aly complains about being ignored again. THis caption:

>I CAN'T STAND girls who define themselves because of the man by their side:

The point is that he's not "my oxygen", he's the person WITH WHOME I want to breathe ?? The point is that I can't stand their idea cause only when you really know what to survive on your own means, you can CHOOSE with whome you want to live.

Sounds like she's describing herself in that first sentence.

Sage because usual Aly crap.

No. 286193

File: 1491585339769.png (389.99 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20170407-191218.png)

She already deleted this post.
She seems more emotionally unstable than usual atm

No. 286206

So she insults people who feel dependent on their significant other, right after another round of her desperate emotional griping over her dependency on complete strangers giving her attention on social media.

No. 286213

File: 1491586889051.jpeg (294.99 KB, 1439x1630, Capture _2017-04-07-13-35-29-0…)

This just came up on her story. I'm convinced that these things she says people are apparently saying are almost always HER illness driven thoughts about her and not others. The odd time theres a random comment I have seen, but nothing like what she's describing. I think she's lying for more attention since ger popularity has dropped now that she looks fairly recovered. I smell a relapse soon.

No. 286290

File: 1491594845774.jpg (123.25 KB, 930x599, Capture.JPG)


Her wording makes it obvious relapse is imminent in all her captions. She looks slim now but keeps banging on about her puffy cheeks and "fat" legs and stomach.

She's never posted anything like this before, but as she's had over 100 asspats for it, expect more.

No. 287805

lolcow should be less harsh. at least she gained some weight. at least she is physically healthy now. what she did is incredible and was very difficult. if she relapses, maybe she will recover again like she has proven she can. if her mental health isn't great, at least she has shown herself she can beat a disorder. i dont think she's an amazing perfect person, but she really did recover finally. good job aly <3

No. 287813

File: 1491769349763.jpeg (345.58 KB, 1439x2054, Capture _2017-04-09-16-12-00-0…)

This was only up just now for about ten mins, but every single day it's something now. Haters apparently calling her fat etc, being grabbed in the street or something, fights with her family… Girl's train wreck whether she's recovering or not.

No. 288553

>lolcow should be less harsh


She's saying she found fake accounts. I say she's bullshining. You know how people were saying her spoopy pics are triggering? I would've thought the fact that EVERY. FUCING. CAPTION. mentions that she's got fat thighs, a big stomach, etc would be more triggering. I don't believe she's only BMI 17. Christ, I wish they'd deal with her mental problems. She's a fucking fantasist.

No. 288554

(oh, and if she's "locked out" of instagram then how come she manages to post???)

No. 288583

I honestly don't know how miserable you have to be in order to say that a recovering anorectic becoming healthier and nearing normal weight is "getting fat lmao look at the chubs!!!". I know lolcow is for catty shit like this but actually enabling a life-threatening disorder is sick.

No. 288608

I agree. Before she can gain muscle she has to get the padding to convert to it. She was like 70lbs, so obviously she had no muscle to begin with.

No. 288611

Recovery or relapse is her choice and we aren't responsible for it lmao
Like seriously, do I have to sencor my thoughts about someone because they might read it and might feel upset? Get real. (I don't condone telling her she's fat on her ig though, that's rude)

side note: posting pics of food and your body for attn isn't recovery, sooo

No. 288738

No one her called her fat except OP.

Agree with this. She's "recovered" her body weight, but her mind is totally fucked. That's why she's still comment-worthy because her mind is totally fucked. If I was a recovering anorexic, there's no way I'd want to read about how she's fat (her words) and see her picture of a NORMAL looking person and think OH GOD THAT'S FAT.

Her friends or family should tell her how fucked she is. Her fucking mother should stop enabling her ig activities by taking multiple shots of her posing with a donut.

No. 289233


exactly, she's not recovered just bc she's a healthy weight now. good for her etc etc i'm sure the gain was "scaring" but her entire fucking life still revolves around food, her appearance and getting validation from strangers. she still doesn't have any sense of self aside from the ED.

tbh i agree with everybody who thinks she will relapse soon. she clearly isn't working on her mental health at all, and she seems to be getting worse psychologically altho maybe it's just showing more since she's not underweight anymore and is just more desperate to get attention from her followers in any way she can, idk. she has basically reached the end point of an instagram ED narrative. she was visibly sick, and she gained the weight back (over the LONGEST fucking timeline ever). she's been healthy looking for awhile now and people are losing interest. at this point she should really just step away but she obviously isn't going to and it really feels like her extreme need for social media attention combined with her lack of mental recovery combined with her discomfort with her body are going to = relapse within the next few months.

(side note i still find her face SO FUCKING WEIRD these days. it looks nothing like she looked before the ED.)

No. 289422

File: 1491947238589.jpeg (619.57 KB, 1418x2204, Capture _2017-04-11-17-40-14-0…)

Same shit, different day eh Aly? I agree with >>289233 she will relapse simply out the fact that she's less "interesting" now that she's looking better. I wonder how long she'll complain about the lack of interest before she either loses it or relapses. Bets farmers?

No. 289536

She looks really good on the right. One thing she probably needs to do is stop looking at images of how she used to be. She keeps dragging herself back into the past by maintaining this obsessive account and constantly comparing her body to how it was when she was on death's doorstep (and consequently saying she is so fat now etc. when she actually looks great now). It would probably be better if she didn't run an instagram account at all because all day every day for her revolves around what food she can show on instagram, if she looks good for instagram, posing for photos for instagram, and obsessively checking likes and comments to be sure that people are praising her body and eating habits.

No. 289860

File: 1492011072878.png (1.11 MB, 640x1136, image.png)

Begging for "support" from followers again. I don't get how so many of them are still kissing her ass.

No. 289885


These are the two sides of the same thing IMO. She posts all the before/afters simply because she has noticed that's what gets her attention, also it feels as though she misses her old body even though she always carries on about how much she is glad it's gone.

Especially obvious when you think about how back a year or two ago she was not posting body pics very often or BMI when she was pretending to recover but wasn't. She always gave reasons for not posting those things and now she is splashing it all over since the attention is waning.

No. 289887

File: 1492013970447.png (616.26 KB, 471x596, photobomb.png)

pic is 2 wks old but lol @ the guy behind her. his smile makes hers look 1000x more fake. hope he and dante are friends irl

No. 289923


this photobomb made my day

No. 290163

File: 1492040413914.jpg (30.87 KB, 325x311, lel.JPG)

I missed that. That's her with the cig, right? For the love of all that is holy, learn to apply lipstick. Dear god.

I'm going to say and I'll probably get a bollocking for it, but at times her face does look better when she was fakerecovering. It's not even a weight thing because she should look better now, but she's really grown badly into her new face.

Her hair definitely looked better than the birds nest it is now.

51k followers, 9 comments. Ha.

No. 290194

File: 1492042053867.jpeg (584 KB, 1440x2162, Capture _2017-04-12-16-24-27-0…)

Okay I dont speak Italian, but I did see the other English comment mentioning that her cheeks look strange and unhealthy. I honestly agree, but this story snap madee realize just had badly Aly is reaching for haters. Like she uses certain hastags and they attract ad like accounts and this one a fitness one promoting it's page. However shes turned it into a way to say shes being hated on or told to lose weight.. Like how thirsty are you Aly. Delete the ad and move on. Hundreds of account with receive the same message, but only Aly can trun it into a negitive against her.

No. 290209

Well she's wearing awful heavy makeup, has turned her hair into a giant matted pile of crap in an attempt to make it look full and healthy, and likely has some bloating due to chugging down salt and refined carbohydrates every day instead of focusing more on actual food
I think if she just got over taking photos for social media every day which skews her idea of how she thinks she has to look, it would end up solving most of those problems and her face would look far nicer

No. 290245

The Italian one is talking about hair and eyebrows

No. 290308

who the fuck is dante sage

No. 290342

File: 1492053536064.png (2.48 MB, 1271x1537, come back dante.png)

Are you new to #realrecovery?
Dante once tried to enjoy his beer as Aly took 79 photos of a salad she wasn't about to eat. He became a farmer icon.

No. 290358

learn how to actually sage. hint: it's not about writing sage in the post but has something to do with the email field.

No. 290407

Don't spoil it, it's easier to find and report cancerous newfags this way.

No. 290425

the italian one just says that with the hair done like that her face looks more round and "puffy" instead of when she had her hair done straight.

No. 290453

I've reported so many. I guess I just thought I'd try helping them to get it. but yeah there's no point.

No. 290485

Didn't someone even write a fanfic about him?

No. 290499


agree about her face. I've spent to much time trying to figure out why it looks so odd now when she was pretty before the anorexia and even looked decent face wise when she was skel. Even then she had an even skin tone and looked put-together in her hair and makeup.

Now her skin looks sallow and uneven (maybe she used to tan and now doesn't)? and her makeup application is getting worse. The face bloating doesn't look at ALL like normal weight gain or even bulimia cheeks. More like a constant hangover or she's been crying all night and then took a pic in the morning?

Bloating is common in weight restoration but she gained REALLY slow and has been at a constant weight for months now so it makes no sense.

This is what I lie awake at night contemplating tbh

No. 290506

At least one fanfic, maybe more.
Dante fever was brief but intense.

No. 290525

Yeah I think it was posted in /g/ at the time. It was great, papa aly as a mob boss, farmers as agents, Dante as the priest who just couldn't stay away. Too bad it didn't get finished.

No. 290527

I loved that fanfic, but I still prefer my Dante alone time to involve him being a priest.

I wonder if Aly sees a nutritionist. I'm sick of her flat stomach shaming, saying "it isn't human". When you're not with an ED, a flat stomach means you eat sensibly. I'm not surprised she had a high cholesterol. How does she even shit with such lack of fibre?

I'm not a nutritionist, but I'd think at her stage she should cut down on all that chocolate, donuts and pizza and eat something nutritious. Her whole body looks like she has water retention. Yep, it's fine and normal to eat a donut but she must feel like shit.

First of all though, she needs to bin that awful brown top.

No. 290532

File: 1492102272311.png (564.27 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

This bitch. Her spelling of "mistakes" drives me crazy. She constantly preaches about how she's so "normal" when there's nothing normal about posting to insta 13 times a day. We're on post number 9 so far today.

No. 290533

File: 1492102513021.png (995.86 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

samefag, more attention-whoring.

No. 290534

Idk, my face was puffy for quite a long time in recovery too even with a stable weight, so I think it just looks more extreme when you have naturally full cheeks AND the water retention mainly gathers there too. I'd give it another few months honestly.

No. 290553

I remember on those really old pics of her before she was ill (would've been 15 or 16?) she had a full face, so maybe you're right. We don't really have any other "before" shot to compare it to.

I wonder if she's buying followers or exactly who'd want to follow her? Yup, last post -

>FUK OFF HATERS who tried to destroy this post as well. Last time I repost it. So tired of their sht.

Fuck off yerself, Aly. It's getting tired.

She doesn't want to be misteakan though. The Alyism that gets on my tits most atm is "Breaked the fast".

No. 290559

She's also always bashing exercise, healthy food, and anyone who "wants to be pretty" or however she hacks up that phrase. This type o shit is pretty typical in the #edworrier world but it's still annoying af and reeks of insecurity. If you're really "so in love with your fat" and "doing this for THE REAL ALICE" you wouldn't be wasting the mental energy let alone the instagram time to attack anyone who has different priorities than you.

Newsflash, not everyone who eats veg from time to time is anorexic. WHAT

No. 290561


god this is seriously embarrassing

like does she really think this blatant desperation is going to make people want to follow her??

she was never aspirational to many but these days she is aspirational to literally no one

No. 290576


>not everyone who eats veg from time to time is anorexic. WHAT

She's got no concept of what a "normal" diet is. I/others don't eat much junk food because I don't like sweet things too much or oily crap. I suppose she must think we're anorexic because I don't want ice cream "as big as her head".

As for exercise, I'm/others are too lazy for that but I kind of envy someone with discipline who does it for general health. I suppose because they want a healthy heart and stamina they must be anorexic.

I don't know what the "swimsuit challenge" is, but it shows she's taking notice of anything that's connected to diet and food.

She's knocking anyone down who can be slim in a healthy way. Judgemental bitch should post on lolcow ha.

No. 290588


Also great how much she's talking about "skinny girls" like she isn't still slim. No she isn't on death's door anymore but she claims her bmi is 17 or something which is definitely underweight, and even if that's a lie to hold on to the E.D. she's still slim and totally fits the size expectations for ~conventionally attractive~ or w/e which makes her bashing of "skinny girls" even more rediculous.

No. 291603

File: 1492192303412.jpg (67.73 KB, 927x604, deja vu.JPG)

Here we go again. I wonder if she's "run away from home"? So hungry for asspats.

No. 291610


I missed this, she must've deleted it soon after. I can't remember her 'running away' this frequently back when she was spoopy. I can't believe she's 21 years old and still pulling this shit.

No. 291625

File: 1492197646961.jpg (36.48 KB, 929x593, absurd.JPG)

She took it down about 10 mins after I posed it, but she's replaced it with this.

The comments on her last black screen were supportive.

No. 291628

Aaaand she deleted that.

No. 291714

Every time she begs for support, it's more annoying, because she supports NO ONE else. She begs for comments from people she doesn't follow and won't reply to. Back when she used to get tons of comments, she would delete SO MANY arbitrary shit, and not respond to people who were begging HER for support. Sometimes she even blocked people them because she didn't like the way they phrased something.

Wonder if she remembers those people now.

No. 291719

File: 1492206268049.png (672.09 KB, 799x598, dove_e_dante.png)

petty af but this caption seems so stupid. "idk how it works in other countries" yeah haven't you heard, people ONLY die of anorexia in italy. sucks 2 be u~

(also yeah seems like treatment there does suck if hers is any indication, but having someone say "it's gonna be okay" has cured exactly no one)

No. 291754

File: 1492209058363.jpeg (596.88 KB, 1440x2064, Capture _2017-04-14-18-16-56-0…)

More spazzing about comments.

No. 291756

File: 1492209111379.jpeg (468.23 KB, 1436x1752, Capture _2017-04-14-18-19-14-0…)

Samefagging but this is a comment from her most recent rant. She really is full of herself honestly.

No. 291760

I want to do a drive by scissor attack. Her hair (ends) are triggering me!!

No. 291798

I call shotgun! Let's do this anon! kek

No. 291803

There's no doubt she was spoopy, but she really exaggerates what she's been through. There are people who've been spoopy for years and years and never manage to get to grips with recovering. She talks about how she was IP on a drip feed. Lol, she was on a medical ward for two days having some electrolyte thingy put in her.

Now she wants everyone to drop everything and tell her she's amazing because she managed to gain weight.

True about her never helping others. I think she thinks her presence is a gift to us all. She follows very few people who she doesn't even comment on.

It's like she's swapped one ED for another, but idk about which one.

Remember how we used to do Aly Bingo? We could do the same thing now with different things to check off every day:
- misteaken
- black screen
- ask for your support
- got no support
- pic of donut and frap
- pic of her with chips
- how she's a phoenix rising from the flames
- how slim people are slim because society demands it
- how she's "pretty in love" with a photo shoot
- wobbly stomach
- fat thighs
- puffy face
- pic of chocoloate
- I'll explain things soon
- "crazy face"

and on and on day after day. Does she never sit down and have to write essays for uni?

No. 291804


oh, and #transformation

No. 291819

Imagine the horrifically exaggerated insta "update". Bitch would probably claim someone tried to behead her.

No. 291990


aaand this coment is gone, and so are the other comments in the same post criticizing her diet. And she's crying about "a thousand comments" from haters in one of her recent posts.

No. 292071

File: 1492269259144.jpg (32.51 KB, 335x321, donut check.JPG)

>Not gonna lie: my head is a mess.

And so is your hair, Aly. She's done "something mad", ie used one of those cheap red wash in wash out dyes again.

If we were playing Aly Bingo above, I think she's covered at least half of it already

No. 292081

She needs to cut her hair and dark it dark and deep condition. nothing about this color/style is working for her.

No. 292155

I agree. She has ramen noodle hair.

No. 292158


I think it's been about three years total since she developed the ED? Maybe 3.5 based on her alice_eleanor blog, which was normal non-ED for the first half of 2013? And she's been at least trying/pretending to recover for most of that time.

She is naturally slim and was never more than a 19 BMI. She went from like 19 set point to 12 (dipping lower but that was where she was hanging out), so even though that's obv shit, it's not necessarily any harder/worse than someone who's body naturally rests at 24 getting down to 17.

Add to the bingo list:
-Aly flipping over spam from a fitness blog and pretending it's a personal attack
-referring to herself in 3rd person
-3 or more pics in the exact same location and outfit with the same food
-deletes and reposts the same picture more than once

No. 292161

I'm pretty sure this is her natural hair texture and she used to straighten it all the time. She needs to find a product that will define her curls without making them crunchy.

No. 292166

It pisses me off that never once did she admit to lying about recovering when she was pretending to eat. She only really noticeable started gaining after she hurt her leg, sorry DESTROYED it. Idk if that made her think about life and death or w/e, but for so long she was flat out lying.

We need to do this bingo. Oh, and I notice she keeps giving a shout out thank you to some fitness recovery guru. Probably hopes it'll get her more followers.

Under that dye she's got on her nest now is a lot of bleaching. She probably didn't take care of it properly. I'd cut the bottom half off and start again because it's going to look eternally wrecked. I don't think there's a miracle product that could revive the straw.

No. 292167

Want to add that I hate how her feed is 1 pic Aly, 1 pic food, 1 pic Aly, 1 pic food, etc.

I don't think there's anything about her that doesn't piss me off.

No. 292198


olaplex lol

No. 292222

File: 1492285750781.jpg (106.39 KB, 793x588, hilarious.JPG)

She's so funny. I wish she was my friend. I'd love to be there with Aly and her mum playing with donuts.

The OCD thing is a self diagnosis. I'm not sure what she thinks is OCD behaviour. She just seems to be a person who has a limited range of things to do so repeats them.

No. 292226

Throwing a chunky belt over that top is the most Aly thing.
>hello my ED family we all need accessories

No. 292248

Just got finished reading this entire thread after posting
months ago.

Called it. She's realised no one cares about her when she's not sick, she doesn't know who she is or what value she has outside of her disorder. Without it, she has no identity.

No. 292266

"giving a big strike into ocds butt" by obsessively doing the same thing every day

No. 292276

I think she really just means perfectionism when she says "perfectionism and OCD". Being nervous about the way you appear and doing many things based around that is more an issue of self-confidence than Obsessive Compulsive Disorder which extends into all kinds of things throughout life and many small behaviors that don't "make sense", rather than just trying to seem cool and pretty all the time.

No. 292281

i have a question. how the hell is she getting her hair to do that…thing? i'm not white so humor me. how can it look crunchy, dry, sticky and wet at the same time at the ends?

No. 292287

I think it's just curly to begin with and then she douses it with a curl scrunching gel. That, and it's very bleach damaged so the texture is probably all over the place, with normal roots and gummy, stretchy ends.

No. 292472

I'm not even OCD and hate tumblrisms about OCD ISNT BLAH BLAH, but it does piss me off when people say it. Saying that maybe I've only ever seen germophobes, clutterphobes and those who have to keep rearranging things and switching lights off and on. I think we all have a tiny bit of that behaviour going on.

I wish she'd concentrate more on making her hair and cosmetics perfect. And sort out her hideous taste in clothes and accessories while she's at it.

I'm really surprised she doesn't blog. Are insta and facebook the only social media things she does? For an attention whore she's not too good at getting herself noticed on the http://www

No. 293042

File: 1492418504225.png (1.5 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170417-104000.png)

Don't know how many times she posted a progress picture with the fucking left one

No. 293043

She posts a "progress" picture every day. She's obsessed with how she used to look.

No. 293044

her fucking hair. wowie.

No. 293046

Her hair looks like canned Cheez Whiz

No. 293066

I wish she would post a picture at her current body weight with hair done by a stylist like in the first picture. She could look pretty and… less crazy, maybe. The hair is just too distracting in these kinds of comparisons.

top kek

No. 293080

Jesus Christ, now in her insta story she used the hashtag #biglegsinthighs. My ass, i used to support her so much and she even thanked me in via direct but her posts are getting really triggering and shit. I also have the feeling that she'll relapse again

No. 293213

omg amen, like how did her sense of style/makeup and hair abilities go right out the window with recovery? I totally understand if it would be something like a person not putting as much effort into their appearance because they aren't wanting to give so much attention to that as part of their healing process, but that's not the case here. She still tries really hard but is somehow failing miserably. What in sweet hell makes her think that hair colour looks at all flattering? Cheese whiz is right, I was thinking cheese puffs but either or. And her makeup wtf?!! She needs to stop with the pink eye shadow it's repulsive, and the bright red lips isn't helping with the clashing hair and eye shadow either. Just when we thought she was getting boring this girl is more of a train wreck than ever

No. 293227

I feel bad, I think she's trying to convince herself she's happy with how she looks, but she can't stop thinking about how thin she used to be.

I've been there.

No. 293241

does she wear that same red sweater dress and tights everyday or is she just posting pictures from the same day over and over again?

No. 293255

if you feel bad why are you here?lol

No. 293257

girl just needs to get off the internet like get a hobby, go to school

No. 293598


She goes to uni. Even though she's got that going on all her posts are about her weight. She ends the day with a #transformation picture. It can't be doing her any good comparing that spoopy body to the one she has now. I'm not surprised she thinks she's fat.

Predicting a week of her feeling guilty about what she's eaten this weekend, then in the same caption saying she doesn't feel guil

No. 293924


holy shit this picture would make me actively NOT want to recover if i were an #edworrier. obvioulsy she's too thin in the first pic, but in the second she looks literally insane, poorly styled, and somehow manages to look less healthy than when she was thin?

how is it possible to get SO much worse at presentation?? literally do not understand

No. 293928

File: 1492525326106.png (76.47 KB, 936x599, notsobrighten.png)

And already another "gonna delete" black post. How tf does she expect anyone to believe all her "I'm so happy" bullshit if she posts things like this every two days?

(And is there ANYONE on earth who actually believes she'll delete for real?)

No. 293998

File: 1492537008919.png (91.11 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

Jesus Christ, again???

No. 294023

File: 1492540570544.jpeg (504.35 KB, 1440x2063, Capture _2017-04-18-14-28-02-0…)

So she posted this photo about 4 days ago (there's a comment under the pic mentioning this) and i thought I'd seen these nasty old looking bites earlier this week. Falling into old ways again hm Aly?

No. 294024

File: 1492540633248.jpeg (493.7 KB, 1438x1923, Capture _2017-04-18-14-31-47-0…)

The Comments under this post are giving me life. Finally She's being called out hard. But knowing Aly she'll use this for more asspats.

No. 294031

Hell, part of the reason she keeps having meltdowns is probably because she still has this image of an ideal person that she "has" to be. Like if she's not constantly radiating perfect beautiful overjoyed health and being showered in adoration for how wonderful she has become, then somehow she's failed–which, of course, she hasn't. And feeling shitty and doubting yourself fairly often is just part of the human experience, and doesn't need to be publicized and elevated into a huge ordeal in order to get yet more assurances.

No. 294094

File: 1492546518814.png (93.86 KB, 750x1111, IMG_5003.PNG)


No. 294100

Give it an hour.

No. 294102

File: 1492547041240.jpg (73.73 KB, 471x336, attentionnho.jpg)

Her black screen lasted 23 minutes, until this comment was posted. Then she came back feeling better.

Oh, that'll definitely happen.

No. 294156

and delete….!

No. 294158

File: 1492551666225.jpg (17.66 KB, 297x95, Capture.JPG)

>Not gonna post pics of my for a while

o rly?

Waiting for the progress pic.

No. 294170

did anyone see the comment where she was "called a fake bulimic"? she mentioned this in like 5 posts today and i'm really wondering about the context.

also THREE black/X posts in one day??? that might be a record. i don't follow her, but has she put anything on her story?

No. 294179

File: 1492555347734.png (707.3 KB, 737x374, eyyyelmao.png)

What is going on with her eyes? Lately unless she's doing the bug eyed crazy look her eyes are so swollen they're almost disappearing. She never looked like this pre-ED and it doesn't look normal.

No. 294187

File: 1492556532076.jpeg (167.42 KB, 640x1069, image.jpeg)

Anddd she's back. Found this gem in the comments, no doubt it won't be there for long/she'll make another post about "haters" making her feel oh so "misteaken"

No. 294188

She's retaining water.

No. 294201

So. Predictions. What happens now?

1. She relapses. Stops posting pictures of herself scoffing sugary shit?

2. She comes back like nothing's happened and continues to give herself fuzzy heart valves?

3. She really only posts pictures of chocolate?

No. 294212

I mean, all she seems to post about is eating chocolate and junk. All that sugar can't be helping her bloat.

No. 294557

File: 1492615494807.png (780.92 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

She's posted about 5 times today. Someone commented on the length of her 'break' and she responded on her story with 'haters have no life and don't understand the meaning of "break"'. No fucking clue what that means. Also, what the fuck is up with her face on her most recent story?

No. 294561

her hair look like macaroni

No. 294567

It looks like she started smoking pot, which would explain the delusions and junk food.

Imo, her smile looks adorable here.

No. 294569

She looks so much better with a nude lip, so much younger

No. 294570

She looks really good here, her eyebrows are still a wreck but her skin looks soft and dewy, she looks pretty cute in comparison to her normally terrifying wide eyed/staged photos.

No. 294578

Christ! That eye liner. Is that what passes for the winged look in her world?

No. 294591


pot would surely explain the junk food, but i'm a stoner surrounded by stoners and i've never observed the delusional part?

No. 294599

I'm a stoner too anon, and as much as I like to defend the 'erb it is really, really bad for some people's mental health. Just because you haven't personally seen it doesn't mean it doesn't happen, but it can absolutely cause paranoia and anxiety in some users.

This is where the whole
>weed causes schizophrenia!
thing comes from. People who are not mentally healthy and who use the wrong kind of weed, which is impossible to know if you're in a country where it's illegal, have underlying issues exacerbated by their pot use. The paranoia especially is very similar to what schizophrenic people experience; they're at the centre of a grandiose conspiracy and everyone is talking about them behind their back.

Ally is pretty paranoid and delusional about what people are saying about her on instagram, she thinks people are targeting her and saying nasty things about her. Her behaviour is obsessive and erratic, she seems to have a compulsion about patterns and numbers - some anon pointed out she always makes the same number of posts a day.

She is the last person you'd want to try weed. Honestly if she's been using for a while it totally explains some of the stuff I thought was just outright lies.

No. 294606


thank you for the explanation anon. of course my claim is based on the mellow and not very potent weed found where i live. but it's not unreasonable to think that more potent and stimulating strains found elsewhere (especially europe)can trigger erratic behaviours in more disordered people.

sage for off topic.

No. 294622

File: 1492621177590.jpg (17.53 KB, 229x303, ew.JPG)

I haven't touched weed for a long, long time after my first ever paranoia thing. It triggered something that gave me regular anxiety attacks that led to agoraphobia and all kinds of shit.

Yeah, she has a persecution complex and that one time when friends were walking me around the block for fresh air I thought they were talking to each other about murdering me and dumping me in an alley.

ENOUGH OF BLOG POST I KNOW, I KNOW, but she's either smoking weed or she's legit got a mental illness that involves paranoia.

WTF is this on her latest?
>ven the most classy ladies get their fingers dirty while truely enjoying.


Can any anorexic here explain how someone who's apparently too embarrassed by her weight gain to post "personal" shoots (for, like, an hour) but she wears the tightest outfits and tunics/sweaters without a skirt? In this pic you can even see the seam of her tights.

No. 294628

OT but relevant to your comments - a study 4 years ago in my country (where cannabis is illegal) had a statistic that said 1 in 100 people who used cannabis were hospitalised for psychotic episodes. If they were using synthetic cannabis it changed to 1 in 30 hospitalisations. It was a study commissioned to check the effects of synthetic cannabis use and how harmful it was. That 1/100 and 1/30 wasn't per person, is was per usage (as in every time someone used synthetic cannabis there was a 1 out of 30 chance they would present at hospital with a psychotic break).

Given the data they could access was only for people that actually sort medical help, the incidences of someone having a psychotic episode and not presenting to a doctor means the statistics are possibly higher.

No. 294631

She's probably pulling her skin back on her face so the eye looks weird

But she looks cute in the pic, first time I can say it and mean it

someone who's apparently too embarrassed by her weight gain to post "personal" shoots (for, like, an hour) but she wears the tightest outfits

Asspats and attention. She probably needs to be assured she's still thin or something.

No. 294736

i know we've spent too much time on her shitty hair but like…i can't even imagine how weird it looks irl. in stills it looks crispy, but the style itself can almost look okay in an 80s way if you just assume a breeze is blowing it to the side. but imagine her walking down the street with ten blocks of ramen sticking off of ONE side of her head, not moving at all.

it has to read as so weird in 3D.

No. 294744

Why the fuck is she always going on about OCD lately, or "OCD and perfectionism"? She's not diagnosed and it's fucking irritating that she's started playing it up so much when it's possible that most of her "OCD" symptoms only exist in association with her anorexia. There's plenty of symptom overlap and that doesn't mean she's automatically got OCD.

"Perfectionism" isn't even a real thing, DSM-wise. Which makes it seem even dumber as she always puts the two together.

Idk, I don't generally flip shit over self-diagnosis, it's just irritating how she's suddenly tacked this on, as it just feels like a grab for attention now that she's no longer visibly anorexic.

No. 294756

An old psych teacher I had in college worked on a mental ward and he said one of their long term patients was someone who became psychotic after using pot once, and he never went back to being normal.

Her face looks a lot less bloated here. I feel like it's her hairstyle that really makes her look like shit.

No. 294765

File: 1492638796851.jpeg (629.78 KB, 1439x2088, Capture _2017-04-19-15-30-15-0…)

I think Aly is suffering from alpt of things. The way she bangs on about haters and her big thighs makes me wonder if she's self-sabotaging

No. 294774

Her hair and face look way better like this but that giant blobby droopy eyeliner has to stop

No. 294783

>I don't generally flip shit over self-diagnosis

I made a post similar to this a few days ago. I don't know if it's reading about the spoonies and their self diagnosis behaviour, but it really pisses me off. Idk about Italy but when I had my first big psych assessment here they really dig for disorders. They asked about OCD and rituals when it wasn't really relevant to my condition. I'm pretty sure a decent shrink would've given her an OCD diagnosis if she had the condition.

Fuck, just seen her post her #transformationtuesday picture. Along with this >>294765 I feel that when she sees herself now next to spoopy Aly, she's comparing herself and thinking she looks huge when she's just not spoopy, therefore not recovering mentally at all.

She'll relapse. I imagined that Magnum went straight in the bin. She said she was in bed all day with a migraine. At what point did she actually get out to the Magnum place?

Oh, maaaan. She's a train wreck more than when she was "just" spoopy lying Aly.

No. 294803


>Can any anorexic here explain how someone who's apparently too embarrassed by her weight gain to post "personal" shoots (for, like, an hour) but she wears the tightest outfits and tunics/sweaters without a skirt?

not anachan but maybe she hasn't sized up her wardrobe yet? it figures a lot of her clothing would be too tight if she recently gained weight. it doesn't seem like she's wearing anything outrageously revealing, just kind of awkward, and she hasn't figured out how to carry herself yet. who knows tho, aly is an enigma

No. 294829

She hates herself because people said "yum" about her ice cream post?

Girl…get help.

No. 294834


No. She's being narcissistic. She doesn't want people to take more notice of her food than they do of her. You're not allowed to give food pics more likes or YUM comments because the focus must be on how beautiful and inspiring she is!

No. 294868

Anyone else more tempted to spam yum comments every time she posts food now or am I just a horrible person?

No. 294873

She posted a talking video on her insta stories but its so quiet and muffled that I can't understand what she's saying. What's up Aly, don't want mommy and daddy hearing your desperate instagram cries for attention?

No. 294923

agreed, i don't think she's learnt how to dress her new figure yet, and it seems like she's still trying to wear some of the clothes from when she was much smaller. she had a particular style when she was at her thinnest (very tight jeans or leggings, and looser tops comparatively) and she seems to be still going for this, except adding random belts sometimes. things hang differently on her now that she has more shape and she either doesn't realize dressing to your shape is a thing, or she won't let herself admit/accept that she's a different shape to what she was before.

she has a great shape honestly, if she dressed to it she'd look great (and loads better)

No. 295140

Tbh I think she's borderline, and now she's not starving the BPD into submission she's become way more unstable.

No. 295147


>not starving the BPD into submission

what do you mean by that anon?

No. 295157

File: 1492688875554.png (547.67 KB, 815x590, canadian.png)

She posted this "I love my HIP DIPS" essay thirty minutes ago, wishing us all a happy Wednesday. How many fucking drafts does she have in her account? What the hell is her reasoning behind posting and reposting, or posting things that are obviously the same day over like a week? A few posts back she has yet ANOTHER pic in that red plaid shirt by the railing. She's been posting slight variations on that ~shoot~ for 4 days now.

No. 295195

Is aly fucking serious? She's already posted 5 times today - in what world is this considered a "break" ? It would be great for her mental health to put her mobile phone/social media away for at least some days

No. 295214

I wrote something on her insta about the lenght of her "break" and she mentioned me in her story, calling me a hater and that i don't understand the definition of the word break lol. Just a few minutes ago she postet a new story, crying about how no one is inspired by her posts anymore and that a magnum gets more likes than a personal post. Must be a slap in the face for her followers who still comment nice things on her lame ass posts, despite her being batshit crazy

No. 295216

>>295147 when you're malnourished your brain stops functioning so much, so some BPD symptoms lessen. Happened to a mate of mine - weight restored & BPD got 10000X worse.

No. 295218

She looks so much younger and better in this. I think that she should get back at her pre-ED style, she used to be fashionable and her makeup wasn't bad. While nowadays that birdsnest hair, poorly applied eyeliner and bright lipstick aren't doing her any favor…

No. 295265

File: 1492709450352.jpeg (627.38 KB, 1440x2158, Capture _2017-04-20-13-17-00-0…)

This is the second story in an hour moaning about people liking her foods pics more than her stupid captions and reposted outfits etc. Like holy shit. This is why social media isn't that good for people like Aly. She is officially losing it and I honestly believe this is the beginning of the end for her

No. 295270

I posted a comment under her picture, wonder if she'll delete. Let's see

No. 295275

I knew it had to be a farmer. I wonder what's the meaning of break according to her.

I don't know if any of you has a screenshot but a month ago she was constantly moaning about the lack of attention and eventually posted a series of black images telling that she was gonna relapse because apparently she was attacked in the street. I was dumb and didn't screenshot it.

No. 295281

Anon from comment above you here - and yes i also remember that phase of hers.i feel like there are more black posts about to come in the near future

No. 295293

She's still making the black posts (she did THREE in one day earlier this week, Monday I think?) It's just that now she deletes them after like an hour, sometimes to make a long attention-seeking post on an outfit repost, or sometimes to post OVER THE STARS motivation on a picture of already-biten candy.

No. 295295

>posts a dozen food pics a day
>tags them #foodblogger #foodlove
>complains that people find her food yummy

>continuously posts "something SERIOUS (!) to write off"

>puts image of herself being all smiles next to it
>wonders why not everyone under the sun realizes this is a SERIOUS (!) post

No. 295297

exactly, like what does she honestly expect people to get out of her essays?? insta is first and foremost about images and all her long captions are next to pictures she's already posted, or pictures so similar no one's going to notice the difference in their feed. and they're totally unrelated to the captions. AND the captions are so long-winded and repetitive. she's been telling the same fucking "i felt bad because X, then alice decided to be strong because of Y, add garbled analogy Z, 9000 hashtags, fin" for 2 years now. and everyone knows the first year was utter bullshit and she still posts "suicidal" and "gonna delete" shit every day or two, so why the hell would anyone believe her thousand-word "motivational" broken english diatribes?

No. 295300

Sage for non contrib but the lion and flame make me think "leo" and she's not a fucking leo. Aly stop giving leos everywhere a bad name, go back into the scorpio angst cave with Ash

No. 295302


What does she mean by "aspect"?

No. 295306


in italian, "aspetto" means "appearance" so most likely she translated literally or by guessing instead of figuring out the actual word

No. 295311

Yo, fellow Leo!

You know what's really grating my nerves? The way she uses the BACK arrow thing and the FORWARD one.

The black guy at Amsterdam Chips must think she's a lunatic. Poor dude's on more pics than her mother these days and he has to watch her model food for an hour a day. He needs a pay rise.

No. 295894

File: 1492789991045.png (234.14 KB, 750x1086, IMG_5031.PNG)

Claims her IG was banned for a couple of hours because of haters.
Today she's going on and on about triggering comments (people telling her to grow up and stop insulting your supporters) and how "puffy" she looks.
She's also obsessing how she looked last summer in every photo caption, yet claims she can't exactly remember her Bmi (yea ok).

No. 295916

has anyone actually seen the comments talking about how she looked better on her IG? there have been a few people lately say she's attention-seeking w/ all the black posts, and the farmer comment that she needed to get off IG, but i didn't see anyone actually talking shit about her body (other than that one vague comment in italian like a week ago that said her new hair made her face look rounder).

there also aren't angry stans responding to hate in the comments, which she has always left up even when she deletes the "hate."

so is she actually making this up?

is it possible she visits this thread, since some of the things she says seem really similar to things said here (but twisted to victimize her more, ie people here are just saying she's retaining a cray amount of water and that doesn't look healthy, or that her styling is worse now than before, not "lol she's fat now and should be more ana~")?

No. 295931

I think she says those things so people will tell her the opposite. She kinda does it in a 'passive' way ("my belly and thighs may be flabby/ round") so people would tell her that she isn't 'fat' or whatever. BUT she's kinda failing with that attempt because i don't see a lot of comments saying what she wants ("your thighs aren't big!" "Your stomach isn't round!"). They just say that she's beautiful but aren't reacting to her self sabotaging behaviour - that's why she's pissed etc.. i hope my text is understandable ?

No. 295936

>so is she actually making this up?

I'd place a bet on it. Sometimes she'll upload a pic and I'll read the comments and they're all stans. Next upload in 5 mins and she's saying there were "hater" comments on the one where there weren't.

>is it possible she visits this thread, since some of the things she says seem really similar to things said here

I was thinking the EXACT same thing. It's like she's reading here then saying that's how she feels about herself. It's difficult to image someone so obsessed with herself who KNOWS this thread exists not to visit. Who knows though. She's nutz.

No. 295939

>Leave me your scream for WOMEN'S FREEDOM in the back post

She thinks she's Andrea fucking Dworkin now. So much for #raisingawareness when she sees anorexia recovery as a female issue. Christ, this bitch.

AND I'm still gagging on the thought of her eating chicken wings. CHICKEN WINGS. Dirty cow.

No. 295957

File: 1492797330957.png (19.27 KB, 390x470, rofl.png)

wait are you fucking talking about bullshit astrology?

>suggests that movements of celestial bodies give any indication about earthly events

>thinks they are somehow less retarded than Aly because of her social media obsession

holy fuck kek. sage for non-contribution but fuck there are some retards on this site.

No. 295958

She will literally co-opt anything if it gets her more asspats. Holy shit, I know how much we all hate armchair dx, but her internet presence has become the most stereotypically borderline thing on the planet.

Also her strange word choices will never not be lolzy to me. "YOUR SCREAM in the back post" is not something a native speaker would ever say, and if she had spent a tenth as much time reading other people's posts as she expects them to read hers, she'd be fucking fluent by now. No shame in being a foreign language user, of course, but she's been heavily involved in a mostly English-speaking internet community for several years now and has made no improvements in her syntax and word choice. I've seen other instagrammers go from practically zero to functionally fluent in that much time.

But of course they actually read and comment on other people's shit, not just post the same shitty paragraphs over and over.

No. 295961

not the anon who made the astro post but (a) it was saged (b) p sure it wasn't that serious (c) calm tf down, alot of people think astro is fun and who cares tbh

No. 295964

no one isn't calm, holy shit. it gave me a good laugh (and I didn't see any indication of it being a joke).

I just think it's funny how many anons are cringeworthy themselves. sorry if I triggered you.

No. 295997

File: 1492801755688.jpg (45.23 KB, 449x639, suck it in.JPG)

I'd fall in a faint on the floor if I found out she read even one other ig user's account.

As for her English, it's true her English should've improved if she's reading it. I can't think of any other instance where a non native speaker of English has continued to make the same errors for, what, 2 years? They're errors a child would make (tenses) but quickly get rid of when they see it written properly.

I agree with this. I didn't take it seriously and did actually think about her trying to emulate a lion banging on about her lion's mane hair and it being the colour of fire. I don't even believe in astrology, but it just seemed that way.

Anyway, let's not argue eh. Let's be amazed at Aly's beauty (although she's way too ashamed atm to take personal shoots).


No. 296019


……so did she really have her mother stand there in the dressing room taking multiple pics of her trying to be ~sultry?

she's so clearly uncomfortable here and sucking in so hard. this screams "i need validation."

No. 296023

File: 1492803570789.jpg (21.19 KB, 344x228, Capture.JPG)


It amazes me how much time she spends with Ma C. Is this what she has to do on her lunch break from work?

How many were there of Aly in that steam bath thing? Half a dozen? More? Yup, I'm expecting several variations of this "shoot". It looks like the cover of some tacky soft core novel.

For someone who hates herself, she's always struck me as someone who's in love with herself. Very strange.

This disturbed me (very slightly) - she's wearing a skirt so far up her ass she's flashing her (fortunately tights covered) crotch area.

No. 296028

File: 1492803751437.jpg (40.14 KB, 296x475, 19412634.jpg)

(something like this, but even tackier)

No. 296059

File: 1492807817775.jpg (46.85 KB, 482x600, molez.JPG)

So, #2 of the swimsuit shoot.

BMI 17, my ass.

No. 296094

>dat camel toe

No. 296204

i will say she does look like a bmi i the range of 17-18 even though most of the weight literally just goes to her face

No. 296209

Yea she's in recovery so she has literally no muscle, I believe it.

No. 296387

All I see in this picture is her hair (if you can even call it hair at this point). It looks even worse from behind. If she ever decides to get rid of this matted bird´s nest, she will have to cut it off.
I don´t think a comb or brush could ever untangle this mess…

No. 296415

Aly is a total lolcow and a vain basketcase, but I wish we'd stay away from talking about her body size/shape/BMI. It can take over a year or longer for weight to redistribute after weight restoration. That is difficult to deal with and I don't really want to see her relapse. Her body is still thin; she just needs to learn how to dress herself a bit better and wait for the weight to redistribute. I feel bad for her because she doesn't have a lot of control over how her body restores weight.

I do wonder if she purges, but idk, weight often does go to the face first. A different hairstyle and some makeup lessons would go a long way there.

No. 296564

File: 1492866041292.jpeg (124.09 KB, 640x899, image.jpeg)

I might be reaching, but if you look at the various shots she's been posting from her last "frap" adventure, the other drink in the photo is almost empty while her food and drink is left untouched, apart from her fucking around with it and posing. If I remember right, she used to pull this shit back when she was faking recovery.

No. 296571

Looks exactly like that, also is ordering three doughnuts for presumably one person (else they would be on her mums absent tray) usual?

No. 296644

File: 1492877279814.png (525.08 KB, 686x599, hi aly.png)

okay, there is no doubt aly is reading here based on this post.

buona sera, aly! if the "hate" here bothers you so much, stop reading it. but let's be real, you love any and all attention, and you love feeling "persecuted." please consider spending less time seeking attention on the internet and more time working on REAL recovery, which isn't just weight restoration. it's getting to the point where you actually believe all the inspirational shit you post, and where you don't need strangers on the internet kissing your ass in order to have a purpose in life.

(and pro tip: if you want people to comment and care, you could try commenting on other people's accounts. maybe. because it isn't all about you.)

No. 296661

Hey Aly, how about you chop your fried noodle hair off?

No. 296662

24 out of 24 damn that's a long time

No. 296749

File: 1492889526357.png (227.54 KB, 747x1191, IMG_5037.PNG)

Claims she was blocked shortly and her photo removed.
Does she mean something else? Blocked by IG? Or she's saying she blocked someone?
Or is she just literally lying for sympathy, claiming IG removed her photo because she's so "controversial"?

No. 296824

Has anyone else ever had anything like this happen? It just sounds so fake and convenient every time she says it. Have no idea though as my Instagram is just pictures of my dog and I have no "haters"

No. 296888

I don't believe Instagram does anything to her posts. When she was uber spoopy she was reported all the time and not once was there one of those warnings replacing them.

I don't know what she means by blocked. The thousandth time she was "blocked" the other day, she said she was still blocked yet she was still posting.

I've noticed the people commenting are really young, like mid teens. Free from the knowledge of the lies she told in the past (and maybe now).

I reckon a lot of the things she says she's eating she shares with her mum or brother or whoever. She once dobbed herself in it saying that's how she used to get to eat less calories, by sharing things.

I also don't believe these randoms who apparently come up to her in cafes asking if she's Aly are really followers. None of them ever comments about it, "Hey, it was great to meet you", or anything at all. It's very Aly to pull a random into shot. I can totally imagine her doing that and then saying she's so IG famous they come up to her and give her asspats.

Aly, save some cash and buy bargain donuts and drinks then you can buy some clothes that fit.

No. 296968

tbh i believe that girl from the cafe picture did come up to her. she has alot of followers and alot of them are italian. she goes out to eat a ton in a really big city. i don't think it's impossible that somebody recognized her and wanted to get her picture taken. but i did think it was rude of aly not to link the girl's IG, unless of course the girl asked not. she can @ food brands and restaurants all day but not a fan. ok aly.

i don't believe that dutch tourist came up to get a picture with her though, unless she was acting really weird by posing with food for a stupid amount of time for a "shoot" and his friends dared him. he's european so wouldn't see her as foreign or exotic. she doesn't look that unusual either. she's cute but not a stunner, doesn't dress up glam or provocative, isn't skell anymore. she has a decent body but isn't crazy hot or anything. basically an average decent looking young woman, other than staging long photo shoots with food and crazy faces in public places, not just regular instagram-the-food-and-done. so yeah i call bullshit on that unless it was the food thing…

No. 297243

File: 1492958623114.png (1.39 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170423-162035.png)

Woe aly your ass is so thicc ?????

No. 297247

oh sweetie no

No. 297278

What happened to Aly's boyfriend?

No. 297310

File: 1492966583094.jpeg (66.12 KB, 640x992, image.jpeg)

Looks like we got another black post. She's so hungry for asspats, it's astounding. And if Aly lurks here, your ability to "inspire" people decreases when every single post you make is practically the same copy/pasted crap. Eat a vegetable and detach(e) from Instagram.

No. 297352

She made another black post saying how everyone on instagram makes her feel like a failure. What a guilttrip

No. 297366

File: 1492970804466.png (1.24 MB, 640x1136, IMG_0269.PNG)

Funny how her breakdowns only happen when her personal/motivation posts get less attention than food pics. Same shit different day. Girl needs to remove herself from social media if she truly wants to fully recover.

No. 297373

Well aly, i used to support her ALOT but this shit is getting on my nerves. She has so many god damn supporters - way more than haters yet she doesn't show any gratefulness.

No. 297389

File: 1492973332190.png (302.32 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170423-204656.png)

Oh shit, did someone of you write the top comment?

No. 297395

I hope not, whoever it is, they're just feeding her delusion

No. 297417

It's a long distance relationship, so he's out of the picture most of the time.

Mad me laugh anon. No arm meant.

The anon who wrote they didn't want to see her relapse a couple of days ago is how I felt. I still do in a human way, but as time goes on the more I see what an asshole she is with people, I really don't give a flying one what happens to her.

I think that's a legit account account and not a "fake" one. If I was still trolling her still I'd focus more on the monotony of her account than how she looks.

She said today that she only has anxiety 7/24.

No. 297422

So she succeeded at regaining a healthy amount of body fat, but I need to see her eat a real, substantial meal and get rid of the junk food. Just seeing it all makes me feel sick

No. 297430

When she posts a bland pasta dish it's a relief to see something that belongs in a usual diet. Her mouth and stomach must feel really horrible if she's surviving on chocolate and donuts. I'm not surprised she gets depressed. You'd think a nutritionist would've told her about the link between what you eat and your mood.

No. 297442

I'm sure she thinks all her talk about her big thighs, rounded stomach, and BOOTY are so ~inspiring~ and I'm sure that to her, the weight gain feels like a lot etc etc. Except she ISN'T fat and DOESN'T have a booty or any of the other things she rants about so it just makes her look like she has raging BDD and isn't at all recovered.

No. 297444

File: 1492978878643.jpg (111.63 KB, 813x598, definitelydoesntseekapproval.J…)

She talks the talk, but…

She also says she she doesn't agree with "society" saying what an ideal womanly shape is, yet she wants a big "booty". Okay. Not like that's fashionable right now or anything.

No. 297445

File: 1492978970771.png (691.93 KB, 786x596, persecuted.png)

she's added anxiety to her diagnosis grocery list now.

also, how the fuck does she think it sounds believable that she "doesn't give a shit" about haters when every second post is either a dramatic black post or a passive aggressive beg for comments? it's clear she gives EVERY shit what others think

No. 297446

lol, you posted this at the same time i posted it. and no, she definitely doesn't seek approval!

also enjoyed that swimsuit pic yesterday where the caption was something about how a woman is more than her body, and your body doesn't matter. on a pic of herself in a swimsuit top in a wannabe sexy pose. cognitive dissonance aly, look it up

No. 297447

High level cognitive dissonance. How can she not see it? I'd say Aly is one of the most mentalist people I've heard of online but she doesn't have a diagnosis for anything except the usual.

No. 298184

File: 1493066914087.png (531.33 KB, 800x598, mammamia.png)

Her English is actually getting worse. This reminds me of babblefish or something.

"I was smiling as I hit my face on the asphalt"? Ooookay.

No. 298263

>my boyfriend's harms
>my boyfriend is harms

No. 298265


She's certainly embellishing her past. Sounds like one of those books they stick in the "tragic life stories" section.

Her dad's hit her, she's cried in the bathroom wanting to die, she hurt her leg in an accident. She was on a medical ward for 2 days with an electrolyte solution up her nose. She's smoked weed and alcohol. Wow. That sounds terrible. She got the psycho part right though.

Oh yeah, she started posting on her other account a few days ago. She's tagging it #like4like. ATTENTION, PLEEEEEEASE.
Yeah, her English really is getting worse. How? At least she still has her boyfriend's harms.

No. 298267

I hope he doesn't broked his harms.

No. 298354

If he ever did, we'd totally hear about him being 'plastered'.

No. 298359

>smiling as I hit my face on the asphalt
that's ASPHALFT, anon.

No. 298755

File: 1493142793415.png (219.69 KB, 750x1177, IMG_5067.PNG)

She definitely lurks here. Literally no one on IG has criticized her for having her mom take all her photos. We have poked fun at that fact, but why would anyone on IG attack her for having mum take her photos?
Shes severely addicted to asspats.

No. 298760

>I hit my face on the asphalt when a car ran over me

So we've gone from getting hit by a car and breaking her leg, to getting hit by a car and "shattering" her leg, to getting straight up ran over. And she must not have hit the pavement very hard, since she had no facial bruises or swelling after the accident. Just a leg cast that she didn't even need for very long (which itself proved it was a minor break).

No. 298785

File: 1493148078227.jpg (33.94 KB, 274x235, evidence.JPG)

Plus she's suddenly corrected her "misteaken" error after we wrote about it here. Still needs to work on "harm" thing though. Btw, Aly, that's your WRIST, not your harm. I mean, arm.

No. 298789

Love how in this post she also said that sometimes her pics are for the "brends" she's promoting. Okay Aly, because your quasi-suicidal rants and incoherent "motivations" are exactly what random fast food places want in a promotional partner

No. 298792

I'd totally buy muffins and donuts from the brends she "promotes" if they're truly guaranteed to give me the puffy face and flabby thighs she said they've given her.

I loled at how she hopes the psychiatrist is hoping s/he's going to say she's no longer an anorexic. Weight wise, no. In the head, she screams disordered.

No. 298799

does she mean the fighter tattoo? bc she's had that since before her real real recovery and maybe even before her ed so lol

No. 298828

I don't know if that's evidence that she's lurking here, or evidence that she finally turned autocorrect on. The whole thing seems to be written a lot nicer than usual.

My harm hurts from scrolling through her Instagram.

No. 298873

No. 298902

Prediction for tomorrow. She'll be asspatting herself about her weight gain and BMI, then the day after she'll be posting black screens and having breakdowns. Oh joy.

No. 299228

File: 1493222868604.png (25.46 KB, 321x286, shut up.png)

could she be any more passive aggressive? ffs, aly.

No. 299232


She's gained only 2kg (had to convert to lbs and it's 4lbs?) in THREE MONTHS? After eating 3 or 4 chocolate bars a day, a donut a day, sugary fraps every day? Either she's lying about weight gain or she isn't eating all she says she is.

She's getting off on asspats today. Wait til that dries up and she'll start spazzing out.

Also pissed off at her making her past seem like that of someone who actually spends months on an ED ward with tubes up their noses being fed CALORIES and not electrolytes.

Of course she's ill and she was spoopy, but she's had her mother fawning to her every demands and hung around at home all day in comfort unlike many anorexics who're stuck in hospital.

One day she'll write it out as if she was given insulin shocks and cold baths for depression and her dad kept her sealed in the basement.

No. 299235

File: 1493224452582.png (45.78 KB, 307x523, boot.png)

Love how she didn't mention her new BMI, just vagued that it's "over 17" even though she's been claiming that for a while now. So you can give us decimal-place BMIs from your low weights OVER AND OVER but only be vague about it now? Because that doesn't seem like you're actually not okay with it or anything.

She has been increasingly milking her story. See pic related, she acts like nobody in the world could possibly understand what she's gone through. No doubt she's struggled but girl, you are not the only person in the world to have anorexia. Some people have it for fucking decades.

You are not special.

No. 299279

File: 1493230278702.jpg (12.56 KB, 275x236, we believe you.jpg)


YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! This! Idk, but I'd find it patronising when she bangs on and on about what a fighter she is and how she's a self-proclaimed inspiration in the "community" when she's not had to deal with a lot more shit than most anorexics. Okay, depression and anxiety, but she isn't on meds, it doesn't stop her going out every day. She thinks life was on hold for 2 years is a massive deal, when there are others with mental illnesses whose lives never get the chance to reboot.

"Boot". Fuck's sake.

Then there're the all the LIES. Like in this pic she was pretending to eat before she went on the medical ward for 2 days. She never apologised to everyone she blocked or called a liar.

Stay tuned for a weekend of her kissing her "boy" and making lonely followers feel like shit because they're not strong enough to get well so therefore nobody loves them.

No. 299281

Lol, I meant to quote this at the beginning

>See pic related, she acts like nobody in the world could possibly understand what she's gone through.

No. 299369

Skinny harms and no boot.

No. 299374

>That unfortunate ana face

No. 299379

She hasn't even been diagnosed with anxiety or depression (or OCD) though, has she? Even though she's been seeing doctors frequently for her anorexia. Frankly if she ever got therapy and worked through the mental side of her ED, it might turn out she didn't have any of those other things, and that her symptoms are side effects of the anorexia.

She has been coddled, allowed to gain weight at a fucking snail's pace, been able to get and ignore any treatment she wanted, had a supportive family, had the fund$ to gain on instagrammable sweets while eating 2-3 meals a day at restaurants in an expensive city.

Although I do feel bad for her that she didn't own any proper glasses and had to drink from that one festering plastic starbucks cup for like 8 months.

No. 299383

Her hair looks better though, you've got to admit that.

No depression or OCD diagnosis. She was the one who mentioned anti depressants to her therapists a few weeks ago. She's talked about anxiety attacks, but that's so common that to me it's like mentioning you get headaches on your profile. She only started "self arm" a couple of weeks ago. It's like she's adding ig "communities" that're going to give her fake support even though she doesn't really have a big problem with those things. To seem interesting, you know.

She rejected offers from people to buy her a real glass, but she declined. Maybe her boy will buy her one now they're back together. If he can fork out for that gold Tiffany necklace I'm sure he can buy Starbucks tat.

Oh, I meant to ask. Did anyone else pick up on the fact her boyfriend is going to be a doctor? Hahaha. There's another thing. She says they've been together for 4 years but really he left her and she was on her own for 2 years. Then she won his trust with her alice_eleanor account, which she's telling people to look at. Two aly accounts. So much to live for!

No. 299563

K I have to get this out at some point. Aly wants to be INSPIRATIONAL!!!1 so bad, and seems to think the only way to be inspirational is by recovering from anorexia. Lemme guess, people who never had an ED cannot be inspirational. Girl is like… 21? Recovering from anorexia at 21 isn't supposed to be the pinnacle of your life. Like, life isn't over after you recover and move on. She still has time to accomplish other things to be inspirational: work for charity, take up an activity and practice until she excels at it, learn languages (lol English would be a good place to start), learn sewing, computer programming, idk man. See Aly, it doesn't even have to be FITNESS related (since apparently that's pure evil). I just feel bad for her at this point and I wish she would work on something that would justify people giving her the asspats that she loves so much, instead of expecting them to fall from the sky. sage for rant

No. 299574

File: 1493275467970.jpg (572.73 KB, 1057x1463, Screenshot_20170427-163800.jpg)

Girl those dry ass hands. Drink some water while you're scarfing down another chocolate bar. The dehydration is real.

No. 299662

File: 1493303755400.png (599.08 KB, 546x447, hi mom.png)

to each her own but how fucking awk must it be to have your mom taking multiple pictures of you kissing your boyfriend in a public place while also making sure your food is on display? wow.

just LIVE YOUR LIFE, aly. jesus.

No. 299680

im excited to see her insta post about your comment lol

No. 299700

lol i know, right?

"They say I am awkward, they don't know how awkward it was when my harms were bones and I had no boot. They say my mom takes my pictures, they don't know it is a corporate representative from @burgerking who follows me around taking my shoots. They say I take too many pictures, they don't know that I [donut emoji] care what my haters think! Making out with my boyfriend in from of my mom and @burgerking representatives is sexy. My boot is sexy. Anorexia is not sexy. I am the only person in the world who ever had anorexia. You may not know this but I have anorexia. Here is a picture of me when my BMI was exactly 10.1387. Happy #transformationthursday. Leave me comments or I will kill myself. #posivibes"

No. 299705

File: 1493307457268.png (16.46 KB, 310x184, IMG_13376.png)

More Google Translate realness from Aly. "To share is to care" because a picture of Burger King food is so inspiring and aspirational?

Does she really think this is something food bloggers would post? There isnt' a Mason jar or an avocado in sight.

No. 299875

Burger King. Classy.

Can't berieve (well, I can because it's Aly) that she's doing Instagram while she's at a supposedly important meal with his parents meeting her mum for the first time. I wonder what Ma's like? She's obviously an enabler and therefore a bit nuts.

No. 299876

Don't forget, "for this special #transformationtuesday shoot here is a picture of me with my boy when I was scaring thin. Oh wait, he didn't stick around".

No. 300044

Well, shit. She sure showed us 'haters', she's only posted 8 times on insta today. Totally realrecovered.

No. 300125

File: 1493349303104.png (54.16 KB, 331x600, hi aly.png)

close enough, tbh.

No. 300279

Top fucking keks! This is perfect anon!

No. 300292

She claims she's going to stop posting transformation photos, except for "transformation days" so she doesn't trigger people.

Who wants to start bets she caves before Tuesday.

No. 300311

Her taking countless food-hovering-in-front-of-lips-but-not-biting pics has always been bizarre to me.

And now after all of those I find this pic of boyfriend-hovering-in-front-of-lips-but-not-kissing grating.

Next thing, she'll try to wash herself by taking a picture standing besides a full tub.

No. 300356

The fact that the transformation pics are the same ones over and over makes it even more unbearable. I think the person those pics are triggering most is herself tbh.

Whatever she says, she seems like she still doesn't enjoy eating. That's what I take from the thing where she never bites. I won't comment on why she doesn't want to kiss her boyfriend, but it's creepy that her mother takes those photos. I'd like to know more about him because he must be a sarnie short of a picnic to be with her.

Also note comments about her "supportive boyfriend". The one that left her when she was at her worst.

No. 300362

she's been banging on about how she's going to stop posting transformation pics for at least a week now. she always says "except for transformation days" like somehow she ~owes it to her fans~ to give them those. (are there actually even 2 transformation photo days for most of IG? i don't feel like "transformation thursday" is actually a thing…?) and in that one week she has not just posted on "transformation days" but also another one on sunday. so in the 8 days since her announcement about posting fewer of them, she's posted them on 4 different days.

good work, aly

she has to have a serious archive of skinny pics tbh.

No. 300366

File: 1493387496530.jpg (104.51 KB, 804x591, hovering kisses.JPG)

It makes me wonder if she's aware it'll keep the followers who were interested in thinspo looking at her account. Let's face it, that's what 3/4 of the followers originally signed up for.

Oh Christ. Her latest upload zzzz. Does she take her mum EVERYWHERE??

No. 300391

I think she def uses the transformation pics because they get her attention. Who knows if she's bothered to work out where the attention is coming from, she doesn't seem to think things through much. (Example: the way she tags food posts with food blog community tags, which means they go to a much broader audience than her usual ED stuff, but then she gets offended bc there are more likes on those posts. She for real does not seem to make that connection.)

IMO she probably thinks she's getting asspats for being an inspiration to the recovery community, by forcing them to "see how sick she was" and of course I'm sure the anas still follow her for that since she actually posts more skinny pics now than she did for most of the time she WAS skinny.

I think she also has an obsession with comparing her old and new body, and getting people to reassure her that she looks great or better or not fat or whatever. I mean, she also quotes haters (sometimes that she seems to make up, or get from here, so her followers would never see them) on the regular and it always feels like bait to get people to say she isn't fat or puffy or w/e.

No. 300393

can someone photoshop her old hair on her new face?

No. 300401


I'd like to see that too. I've only got Paint and I can't even use that very well.

THIS pissed me off:

> I almost cried while speaking about the psychiatric yard

She thinks that waiting in the psychiatric yard for results was traumatic. She's never even spent a DAY on a psychiatric ward. Idk how she managed to get off being admitted all that time, but she can't even deal with waiting nearby the unit. Fuck's sake. Unless her words are all for ~effect~

No. 300403

it's so weird to see how she has started playing up her illness/story when she used to play it down so much. remember how she would always say things like, "i only had to be admitted because of bloods, NOT because of anorexia/weight" or "my doctors are happy with me and they trust me, that's why i'm not in the hospital" whereas now it's all "tube fed IP2x darkness psychiatric ward"

the "double life" shit she's been posting about lately is annoying too. like it suggests she has to deceive people IRL and can't let them know about her ED, when in reality she has it on blast to the universe and everyone knows. also "double life" would suggest she has a life outside the ED, which…is debatable

she's having a checkup and then going to dinner with her boyfriend, who knows she has an ED. how tf is this a "double life" in any way?

No. 300444

File: 1493398741665.png (143.25 KB, 750x630, IMG_9591.PNG)

One of the comments on the brownie picture where she complains about "hoping to give motivation". I'm seeing this more and more; seems like her followers are finally getting sick of her complaining on every single picture that people don't tell her she's a ~major inspiration~ Every single time.

No. 300462

File: 1493400162184.png (198.1 KB, 747x840, IMG_5097.PNG)

Boyfriend's mom says she looks healthy and Ali snarks back and resentfully orders dessert.

I can picture her eating it, and just before every bite, looks at the mom square in the eyes and give her one of her stupid signature smug faces she posts 10 times a day.

No. 300476

i can hardly even understand what shes trying to say

No. 300524

"mother-in-law", do you know what this means, Aly?

i'm 100% sure her boyfriend's mom didn't mean this in a bitchy way, but aly is either still so disordered she took a compliment as an attack, or she is just out of "i was called fat" stories to feed her followers (or both)

me neither. she would probably get more compliments if she used some of her time studying english or at least using fucking spell check instead of just taking 400 pictures in the same outfit and then angsting for days over exactly how to get maximum likes out of each almost identical photo

No. 300525

Spilling the beans! I'm from Milan, been to the 'ed clinic' Aly went to, which is basically a hospital with an ed treatment team, they usually treat the cases of most severe AN, providing hospitalization when needed. The 'day hospital control' is: you go in the early morning for blood tests (must not have breakfast in the morning), weigh in, electrocardiography. You go downstairs at the hospital cafe' to have breakfast (where all her recoverywin hospital croissants came from) and you wait to be called when all your medical tests' results are ready. If anyone still wondered what was it back when she was a skelly

No. 300526

Still the italianfag here! Ask me ANYTHING you want guys!

No. 300529

black post is back

No. 300530

is it at all believable or normal that someone really underweight would be given a "meal plan" of about 1500 calories, which is what aly's seemed to be when she started her second phase of post hospital real-real recovering?

have you ever seen Aly irl?

most importantly, have you ever seen Dante irl?

No. 300531

File: 1493404738244.jpeg (58.42 KB, 640x938, image.jpeg)

Looked for the comment that says this, either she's bullshitting or she's already deleted it. Also wasn't she meant to be staying for a few days at her boyfriend's? But she's already back home.

No. 300533

Yes, the 1500 cals mealplan is true! I have seen the dietician there, and she proposed me a similar mealplan as Aly's. I think they give everyone a kind of 'standard' meal plan. I guess that giving her state, they have been doing things very very slowly to not make her freak out too much by a sudden weight gain. I think I might have crossed Aly in uni about 2 years ago. Never seen Dante though lolol

No. 300534

File: 1493405075868.jpg (266 KB, 915x597, liarliar.jpg)

#flashbackfriday to two days ago when she said that starting that afternoon, she was going to "leave this account" and take a "long break" from posting.

Bitch where?

No. 300545


Aly, as long as you continue to post blackout posts victimizing yourself, you will not convince anyone that you are recovered.

As long as you continue to beg for comments, passive aggressively guilt your followers into leaving comments ("Do I bore you?"), and complain about the number of likes you get, you will not convince anyone that you have a sense of self-worth beyond your internet presence.

As long as you continue posting only food, transformations, and incoherent "motivations" next to staged and repeated outfit shoots, you will not convince anyone that you have a life outside your ED.

As long as you post about every single thing that can be interpreted as slightly critical, even if it's not intended that way (or you made it up), you won't convince anyone that you "don't care."

Take a REAL break. Or post some pictures of yourself doing something fun with friends your own age, or that doesn't involve food and doesn't require a 10-page caption about how you "like your round stomach" when you're still self-reportedly underweight. Take an English class. Volunteer. Watch makeup tutorials. Let yourself go shopping and buy something new so we don't have to see the same three long shapeless cardigans and one jean jacket anymore. Support others on their own accounts if you expect support. Stop defining yourself by your online profile, your ED, and your clingy obsession with a boyfriend who has already left your boot once.

No. 300570

lol aly stop

No. 300627



Ha, read this after writing the above. Seems he's on a lot of minds. I've just read Milan anon's reply. I am sad.

She's going to pick up on the #secretsociety and #blithe tag the way it's going with her discovering the angsty side of IG.

I don't see why she CAN'T post about her life. A person doesn't really have to have a mad, exciting time to make a halfway interesting post. I'd like to know what she's reading for her uni course, what her essays are about, what kind of things she likes (decor, crafts, some history of the place where she lives, etc). Thing is SHE has to be the centre of attention. When she was shopping for a swimsuit, she didn't post pics of ones she liked, it was endless ones of her posing in the changing room with a bikini top on.


PS I'm sick to hell of that photo of her sat on that children's swing with a can in her hand. Reminds me of the alcoholics in the park near my flats.

No. 300639


okay i had never heard of #blithe and just searched it of course…how did this become an SH/ED hashtag?? sage for being a dumbass who clearly doesn't follow enough ana blogs

No. 300640


like i get that they chose an innocent sounding word but (a) what's the point since they all still use endless obvious ED/SH tags anyway so it's not very stealth and (b) why THAT word? all the things i can find claim it was just random but they're just ~thinkpieces~ about the ~dangers~ of social media so unlikely to be well informed lol

No. 300739

Idk how they came up with the word, but I first saw it when I was off on one and reporting self harm because they were all using the tag. IG banned #selfharm so now they use #selfharmm or #selfharmmm. It's like how they give stupid names to their problems like #cat and #deb etc. No idea who thought up blithe though.

I can feel in my urine more black posts for Aly tomorrow. It'll be the haters. Maybe instagram's going to block her again. #blithe

No. 301046

File: 1493488123284.png (1.34 MB, 640x1136, image.png)

Aly fuck off lmao

No. 301102

File: 1493494288160.jpg (60.2 KB, 470x596, oh dear.JPG)

Did anyone catch the post she deleted? She talks about how she almost went to overexercise and skip eating in later posts. Everyone must plan their day around Aly's posts and wait for cries for help and then leave her comments to show you love her into pieces.

Pic - how embarrassing.

No. 301545

File: 1493563277933.png (182.43 KB, 750x973, IMG_9598.PNG)

Boo fucking hoo Aly. She needs some sense slapped into her. She complains like 5 times a day now. I think I liked it better when she had all the stupid emojis rather than her begging for attention every two minutes.

No. 301565

File: 1493565246494.jpg (44.59 KB, 309x347, preach.JPG)

Good reply, but no notice will be taken.


No. 301567

File: 1493565276958.jpg (9.68 KB, 243x207, poor pepe.jpg)


…fried frogs though.

Gross bitch.

No. 301597

I'm really surprised Ondrei has commented as this girl is Aly's age, constantly in and out of treatment, bitches about every little thing and posts about 16 bland selfies a day. You know you're annoying when…

No. 301598

Her account's private so I can't see what that one posts. Yeah, your last sentence…aint that the truth. I take it a LOT of the followers who comment are new because one was surprised to hear her voice and another asked if that was her mother. Maybe they're young and optimisic. The old, jaded followers are sick of Aly's shit. I wish more would speak up but Aly just doesn't get it.

No. 301601

File: 1493570279054.png (677.43 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

I smell a relapse, so sad. No sympathy though.

No. 301602

V grateful for anons who ss her deletes. How many calories does she think "a walk" will burn? She said she was going for a walk the other day and referred to it as "overexercising".

I don't care what you do, Aly. I know you'll relapse or start binge/purging. I thought it didn't matter what other people think of what you do. Girl, stop spewing your fake motivation and decide wtf you're going to do because this is getting tedious. Interesting to watch, but the attention seeking needs to switch to another kind now. Thanks.

No. 301782

File: 1493594649646.png (274.22 KB, 749x1178, IMG_5129.PNG)

I knew she would post a" transformation" photo before Tuesday. She's so obsessed with how she used to look it's a little disturbing.
I don't think she believes anything she says in her motivational speeches. She's just a robot at this point.

No. 301877

Irritating caption is excused in this instance because of that snicker-worthy oh-so-natural pose.

No. 301904

She looks so much better. Now if she would just sort out her spaghetti hair and instagram/emoji addiction…

No. 301940

File: 1493618978255.png (441.66 KB, 781x371, sixcourseslunch.png)

Honestly, part of Aly's insane concept of recovery might be due to her own propensity to be OTT about everything, but some recovery program and clinics are also to blame. I went to an ED clinic where I was bundled with a bunch of 13 years old (mind you I was 21) and one of the woman in charge told us "not to use the stairs" to go either up or DOWN the building in fear we could use it with the idea of burning calories. WOW GOING DOWNSTAIRS SO EXERCISE. Also the concept that fear food = junk/sugary food so we should only eat junk and sugary food. I don't know what's the point of that besides of growing a bunch of diabetic lazy asses who don't walk or take the stairs in any direction.

Picture more on topic so that this isn't complete blogging. lmao "need help" for taking a walk as if it were a bad thing, chocolate after a "six courses lunch" as if it were a good thing, and #strongnotskinny. Girl you'll never be strong like this.

No. 301944

Well, to be fair, I've known anas going up and down stairs for fucking hours if it was the only 'work out' at their disposal. Like until total exhaustion. So, it doesn't seem that crazy to me.

No. 301946


I agree. I know friends that have been in treatment that obsessively walk around their room for hours and go up and down stairs because it's the only way they can get any amount of physical activity. Whether or not it actually burns a significant amount of calories doesn't matter to a disordered brain. I agree about the sugar fear foods though.

No. 301982

File: 1493630665012.png (1.3 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170501-105946.png)

Am i completely retarded or is alys english worse than ever

No. 302013

GAWD this error fucks me off so badly!

No. 302019

omg farmers!! there is this girl who's a german Aly's ripp-off version lol check her out @fighter.recovery! can someone do a screenshot just so everyone can see how much she writes just like Aly!!! it is insane

No. 302020

you came in hard and fast anon with no back up for milk, begging for caps. slow down there..

No. 302034

I actually like fighter.recovery - she seems to REALLY recover unlike others.. but you're right that her captions are fucking long

No. 302056

File: 1493647828560.png (725.42 KB, 804x595, the projection is real.png)

no one has ever commented that she's going to be obese, either on her posts or on here. the closest thing has been something like, "eating only sugar and junk food isn't a very good way to develop a normal relationship with food" or "it's not healthy to eat only junk food, even in recovery." this does not mean "it will make you fat," aly, and if you think it does, that's your ED showing.

also lol at "my boyfriend can pick me up, so i'm still skinny!"

she is SO fucking clingy. like she seems to derive her entire self worth on either her IG followers or the fact that she has a ~*~boyfriend~*~

No. 302058

Super long captions are a damn epidemic in the #edworrier world. It's like they've collectively missed the memo that it's an visual platform and not designed for dumping your diary next to an unrelated picture.

No. 302063

TFW Aly is normie enough to get a bf

No. 302207

File: 1493664862483.jpg (170.23 KB, 738x809, 201705011450.jpg)

She's now made at least 5 posts (didn't catch the ones she mentions deleting) today about a supposed comment about being "cheesy and obese." I'm skeptical the comment ever happened seeing as there were no white knights in her comments anywhere. Plus, the post she made in the middle of all of it (second row, right) is about how SHE was worrying about being obese and lazy.

Aly, you really don't have to make up imaginary haters to stand in for your own internal monologue. And on the off chance that there really WAS a comment, your repeated "I DON'T GIVE A SHIT" posts are totally unbelievable. People who don't give a shit don't delete comments and then make five entire essays about ONE comment that you probably twisted to sound way worse than it was even if it actually existed.

No. 302239

She posted 12 times today. 12 FUCKING TIMES. Km

No. 302245

File: 1493669456247.jpg (55.37 KB, 456x564, jfc.JPG)

A farmer noticed she always posted 13 a day!

I've been sleeping most of this festive (!) day, so missed the drama. It's so predictable innit.

She's a feminist who loves to make herself look the subservient one in the arms of a real man. Tbh, apart from her mum, that bf is all she has.

Idk why these people don't use a blog site. Wasn't the whole point of ig to be like a telegram where you let a pic tell a story and add a sentence? I never read long captions of Aly's unless it's a "breakdown" one because they can be amusing.

You read my mind. Nobody called her obese. She creates a thing to take her real feelings out on, ie, imaginary "hater".

Pic: This is getting ridiculous.

No. 302252

do you think its because she doesnt read english that well so she gets confused?

No. 302258

Not that anon, but I think it's more that she sees the word OBESE or FAT and makes it text point size 100 in bold and underlined and she panics.

Her flip flopping from "breaking down" and wanting to starve to saying she doesn't care if she's obese so long as she has her man and a donut shows how she blows little things out of proportion. Can't blame her because she's still very disordered with her thoughs.

I think she reads English very well. Better than she writes it anyway.

No. 302311

i think it's partly her shitty english but she's done it with italian comments too (i'm not italian, but i speak enough of it to know she's deliberately misreading). and yeah prob also her ED magnifying shit.

but i think a huge part (cue aly writing a post about haters calling her huge!) is just that she feels comfortable in the poor little sick girl role. it's what got her attention, and she realizes the attention is waning now that she's not visibly sick, so stirring up drama from the haters is the next best alternative along with the shit like dramatizing her past health issues, pointing out her other dx's, etc

tl;dr she's the queen of attention seeking and nothing gets attention from fangirls like imaginary haters who say you're a fatty

No. 302313


They don't use blog sites because traditional blogging isn't big in that age demographic. Instagram (and less so, tumblr) is the SM of choice for the ED community bc it's the SM of choice of their age group (teens and 20-somethings).

Also I'm practically expecting a picture of her and her bf having full-on sex at this point, with 10 different photos by Ma Casati, and 10 inspiring motivational captions about how sex is sexier than anorexia.

No. 302356

I think she's lying about mean comments, the ONLY time I've seen a troll comment she made a big deal about it and put it in her story and everything

No. 302394


>traditional blogging isn't big in that age demographic

Yeah, I thought that as I was typing it. I remember Little Sprout had a recovery blog, but I don't think many people read it and only bothered with ig. Fuck these kids nowadays - can't be arsed to read one more than sentence!

There's also the fact there're hashtags on ig, so if there're a ton (!) of anorexia tags on aly's pictures she's going to be found easily.

Those pics of her mounting her boyfriend look like she's auditioning for a Joy Of Sex book, heh. It's sad that she craves affection and attention but she's one of the last people you'd want to hang out with. I'm not surprised her "sisters" drifted. Can you imagine her conversation at this point? It's weird how she doesn't have any friends at uni because that's a hotbed of social activity and where you can meet some lifelong good friends.

She needs to visit the real world and do some real life.

No. 302397

>one more than sentence
I meant more than one sentence. Dsyxlaic.

No. 302747

File: 1493734501759.png (81.88 KB, 750x1195, IMG_9605.PNG)

"Validate me!" "Tell me I'm pretty!" "YOU HAVE TO COMMENT AND LOVE ME"

No. 302753

Oh Aly don't you know that the insta-anas who follow you only cared about your 'recovery' and 'inspirational words' when you were spoopy. Now you're just like everyone else.
Girl needs to find something else to latch onto if she wants to get as much popularity as her old posts did. Maybe foodie or travel blogging.

No. 302754

She's starting to get on my nerves with all of this 'no one comments my posts' thing! She does actually recieve way less attention now that she's not spoopy anymore and she cannot seem to accept that. I don't know if she knows a good part of her followers only followed her because she was 'omg so ana!1' and #assholegapspo..

No. 302755

File: 1493735104631.jpeg (485.19 KB, 1436x1909, Capture _2017-05-02-10-17-59-0…)

Screencapped some comments from this post before it gets deleted.

No. 302756

File: 1493735134424.jpeg (496.23 KB, 1440x1836, Capture _2017-05-02-10-21-33-0…)

No. 302763

I bet the try.until.you.cant comment will be deleted

No. 302765

The whole post will be deleted within the hour and a new post whining about the haters or faux positivity about not letting haters get you down will take its place

No. 302766

Surprise it is already gone and replaced with a food photo and a photo of Aly drinking without ingesting anything again

No. 302767

File: 1493736096922.jpg (638.65 KB, 809x1499, Screenshot_20170503-003948.jpg)

No. 302770

File: 1493736172283.jpg (1.02 MB, 810x2596, Screenshot_20170503-004013.jpg)

No. 302772

she always says that about ig deleted her posts lol like everyone knows its her doing it god shes annoying

No. 302813

yeah, she definitely gets less attention now that she looks normal. and lol bc lots of people have EDs as ~severe~ as hers but don't get as spoopy bc either they have a different ED, or they have a higher set point (like it was relatively "easier" for her to get super thin since her natural bmi before the ED was like 18). as if she would've gotten attention for her same shit had she been an average weight bulimic lol

No. 302815


Sage because myself and many other anons have pointed this out infinite times already, but how the fuck does she expect anyone to believe this type of crap when it's immediately after some bullshit blackout post where she's crying at her lack of followers? Or when yesterday she made six fucking posts about feeling obese and/or her extreme overreaction to a probably-made-up comment that she was obese? She isn't over anything and the comments on her last blackout post show that her followers know that, too.

Honestly Aly, either go the fuck to therapy like you should have been doing for years, or stop with the corny inspirational bullshit. You could probably get more attention being full-time angsty and tbh it would be more entertaining than the same posi-shit rehashed over and over that nobody reads because it's boring af.

No. 302822

Filthy boots on a public seat, tsk tsk. Uncouth behaviour.

What's this Forum RGB thing under the black? Girl can't even black screen properly.

From her latest post
> I spent my time at the hospital while looking on Instagram for girls who defeated their ED

Time at the hospital. Both days.

No. 302873

lol you're right about the fact she can't even screecap black! I've seen it in another ofc deleted black post, that it wasn't totally black. Tbh I think with her #motivational captions she tries to convince herself first

No. 302907


shut up haters, it's obvious a brend she's promoting. her black posts are #sponsored

No. 302921

File: 1493752629504.png (88.27 KB, 331x1000, jlawokaygif.png)


> aspetto = appearance, not fucking "aspect" come on now

Also she really needs to start citing this board. This caption is mostly ripping off anons above talking about how she doesn't get attention now that she doesn't look sick.


> it's not about attention

sure jan

No. 302932

why doesn't she just link this thread itll get her a lot of attention and sympathy

also aly hi, you dont look sick anymore because you gained weight like youre supposed to in recovery? and you do have to be underweight to have anorexia but i guess you could still claim ednos cus youre obviously still nuts

No. 302938

File: 1493753773258.jpg (80.71 KB, 589x601, transformation tuesday yawn.JP…)

Yes! Duh, it's so obvious now you've said because one of her fail black screens >>302873 looked like a tyre tread. She's sponsored by Ferrari! Classy as always!

> You don't have to show a thousand cuts on your arm to be suicidal

She wants to #raiseawareness about what anorexia really is, but she has no idea that self harm does not equal wanting to die.

Here she is again obsessing over how she used to look.

No. 302943

'if i fling my leg in the air and shove a french fry against my lips, that will prove just how incredibly happy i am and how recovered and comfortable i am in my body'

No. 303092

File: 1493768706495.jpg (1.12 MB, 810x2766, Screenshot_20170503-094117.jpg)

People don't ask you questions because you don't respond to them.

Literally no one believes that this isn't about the number of likes/comments and popularity for her.

No. 303118

has she ever replied to someone? shes all let me know what you think girls (not that i give a shit but please like and comment)

No. 303257

She has, but only rarely, and her replies are almost always bitchy.

No. 303265

Aly you're not recovered because you're still obsessed with food.

No. 303298

If she removed "not" from every sentence in that first paragraph, she'd actually be telling the truth for once.

No. 303380

File: 1493809653099.jpg (32.39 KB, 285x268, expert.JPG)

Bitch is off shaming people in recovery who don't stuff their face with donuts and fries.

Of course, it's society's fault, not theirs.

No. 303381

Anyone else get annoyed with her constant 'girls' bullshit? Like guys get eating disorders too and I have seen them following and commenting on her posts, meanwhile she ignores them.

No. 303383

Not sure if I commented on it before, but it's something that I noted and really dislike. She should know better considering her male cousin was apparently anorexic.

Also hating her overuse of "guys".

No. 303386


Where the fuck are all these alleged comments about "how unhealthy she eats"? She talks about this constantly but I've never seen a single one, and tbh people don't even talk about it on here that often. Also, lol @ frappuccinos being "real food" while fruit or whatever the "instagram girls" dared to post isn't.


YES. For all her attempts to sound feminist and empowered, she's one of the most gender-role-obsessed people I've ever seen on social media. Between her obsession with her "man," her obsession with her body and being "sexy," and her constant putting down of other "girls" for exercising, eating healthy, caring what they look like, whatever…it's just really unexpected from a 21-year-old.

In b4 "go back to tumblr, SJW" because I'm not expecting her to stop shaving her legs and start hating on all men. Just feel that it's an unusually old-fashioned attitude from a young woman whose entire audience is also young women and who phones in fake feminism quotes every couple of days.

No. 303387

>For all her attempts to sound feminist and empowered, she's one of the most gender-role-obsessed people I've ever seen on social media

Amen. Nah, it's not a tumblr thing. It's apparent that she plays to what a "stereotypical" female role should be. Fine if that's what how she wants to live her life, but fuck off with trying to convince us otherwise.

Also, I'm an hour behind Italy. I woke up early and looked at her comments around 8am her time. Comments were all asspats.

No. 303392

File: 1493811453645.png (87.68 KB, 302x1033, IMG_53989897.png)

>Someone told me "I look already recovered", some others "you gained only 19 kg since when you opened this profile?" and again "you're fake."

bitch where??? at this point you're not even exaggerating comments or ripping off lolcow, you're straight up making shit up. no one ever said any of this

>This is an account opened for DIALOGUE

no. it's for you to preach and other people to kiss your ass

>I've never dared to judge someone else's aspect

you judge everyone all the time, get real (!). ranting about how strangers were talking about the gym or a "swimsuit challenge" is just as judgmental as judging someone's "aspect" lol


miss me with that bullshit and take some responsibility for yourself, jfc

No. 303432

File: 1493819569792.png (231.98 KB, 1080x1186, Screenshot_20170503-094850.png)

"girls and guys", hi Aly!

"A False Evidence Apparently Real" sounds exactly like a Jaden Smith tweet.

No. 303491

File: 1493826799184.jpeg (67.44 KB, 640x1016, image.jpeg)

Another blacked out post. Aly, you're an attention-seeking, self-obsessed twat. Get off Instagram and start LIVING (!) for reals.

No. 303497

File: 1493827525367.png (452.78 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2017-05-03-12-04-29…)

Goddamn she plays y'all like a fiddle

No. 303498

Has anyone ever seen her comment on ANYONE else's pic? She gets assblasted over not getting enough support but I have not once in the last year or 2 seen her encourage anyone else on their pics

No. 303512


Aly, it's RISE up, not raise. Try harder.

My opinion is that you're a smug, attention seeking mental who doesn't have a clue. At least you got the black screen right this time. Encouraging progress. You're not "inspiring". You ate shit and was triggered into anorexia because you had high cholesterol. That can kill people. Food CAN kill people. If you eat sugar/high fat shit day after day you get diseases. Are you fucking special needs?

Inspirational. Lol.

No. 303515

I'm convinced that Aly is lying about 99.9% of these supposed hater comments. This is her new shtick since she isn't skelly anymore. It's disturbing though because I think her ED is actually worse now than last year. She is clearly projecting with each hater post. I've not seen any of these comments she refers to and anything I have seen she has twisted to make it look like she is being attacked. She says she talls to people through DM's but i have a hard time believeing that. Any bets on how long this keeps up before she relapses for attention.

No. 303530

Woah, woah, woah…this ex boyfriend she's meeting up with. Is this the one who told her to fuck off twice because of her ED? She wasn't in a relationship with him. She said they were only friends and she didn't post pictures draped all over him. If he sees that passive aggressive comment about him, I hope he tells her once more to fuck off.

She'll relapse. I'm expecting her to start playing on the OCD thing, and other self diagnosed/bullshit mental illnesses as she tries to stay relevant.

No. 303560

lol when the fuck is this comment supposed to have happened? and given taht the last time she got anything even close to hate (spam from a fitness blog that literally said "fitness is important follow for more" or something ) she put it on her story multiple times. so if any of these other comments ever happened she would 100% be screenshotting them for extra attention, not to mention there would be stans responding in her comments.

since most of the latest stuff isn't even from here, does anyone think she's on another site that talks about her? does MPA still have an aly thread? where are all the ana-chans to confirm or deny this

No. 303561

sage for double post but i couldn't even figure out what she was talking about in that post. her english has gotten noticeably worse. and since she posted it on a pic of her current bf it definitely made it sound like she meant that guy even though i'm p sure she meant somebody else. no idea what she was trying to say tbh but i guess she thought it had the potential to sound inspirational and/or dramatic since everything else in her life is so dull

No. 303563

last time someone commented on her mpa thread was december

No. 303580

no one said this lol
shes obviously going to relapse i think she probably should then at least she could go ip and get some therapy

No. 303582

File: 1493835514748.png (58.95 KB, 750x1096, IMG_9612.PNG)

New blackout post. Think she'll cheat?

No. 303626

File: 1493839879432.png (20.52 KB, 321x245, wrapitb4utapit.png)

lol at how she's trying to make such a soap opera out of this when it's probably just an old friend who wants to catch up.

also pic related, careful aly! getting preggo might make you ~puffy~

No. 303777


It IS an old friend. She didn't have any kind of relationship with him. She's trying to sound interesting. I wish I could remember his ig name. When he said he didn't want to see her any more (as a friend) because of her, I suspect, lying, she deleted all his photos.

Lol at this comment
>Yes! Focus on the amazing man you have now!

The amazing man who also left her.

Maybe she doesn't use contraception. She's Catholic.

No. 303780

File: 1493851408254.jpg (46.17 KB, 585x522, 1450662420661.jpg)

(still can't remember his name, but this is him. She used to refer to him as her "best male friend".

No. 303781

File: 1493851448820.png (547.36 KB, 1242x2208, 1450630623681.png)


No. 303836

She's just traded her anorexia weight number obsession for her instagram comment/likes number obsession.

No. 303918

what the fuck, her english really HAS gotten worse. i mean the emoji abuse was annoying but that paragraph was actually readable

also props to you anon for saving these, aly's deleting sprees will never defeat you

No. 304026

File: 1493868913471.jpg (90.63 KB, 640x640, oRhh5J2zM18.jpg)

I found this on that creep Mark Pfenning's page.

He has it backwards tho…


No. 304029

File: 1493868982676.jpg (104.96 KB, 640x640, 0qVCf3JApzg.jpg)

Isn't that her little brother?

No. 304054

No. 304244

File: 1493892125384.jpg (88.5 KB, 587x628, dante.JPG)

Wow, he's got a lot of her with those captions. Instant relapse if she saw that. I hate those fetishists on vk, so for once I feel bad again for her. Oh look who makes an appearance!

She woke up in a bad mood. It's going to be one of those days…again.

No. 304277

dante… my heart

No. 304438

Every time Aly uses the word "donnie" I die inside.

No. 304456

File: 1493914722792.jpg (22.08 KB, 305x141, Capture.JPG)

It makes me want to punch her face.

I saw this comment earlier (now deleted). Idk if it's a farmer? She asks for support and she wants to "connect" with people but never takes advice.

I'm not an ana chan, but that last pic she uploaded. How can that not be a healthy weight?

No. 304458

File: 1493914800065.jpg (40.76 KB, 325x574, underweight.JPG)

(I mean this one. That looks healthy to me. Am I becoming ana chan because she doesn't look skinny or underweight at all.

No. 304482

yeah she's definitely weight restored

No. 304492

like a month ago she was always talking about how her bmi was over 17, and then she had her "day hospital control" and had gained 2 kg, which at her height would put her up close to a full point. so based on her own math she would be over 18 by this point at a minimum, but ever since she got even more intense on this latest attention seeking kick she's been saying over and over "a bmi around 17" while also making sure to constantly bring up her lowest ever bmi (to exact decimal places. even though she was that weight for like 5 minutes.)

she's almost certainly at a bmi of 18.5 by her own sideways admission, which was her bmi before the ED, also by her own admission.

although i'm sure her lack of exercise and her shitty diet mean her body composition right now is super shitty so she prob looks larger than her bmi would suggest. but she needs to stop pretending she's still underweight if she wants her "YOU CAN BE SICK AT ANY WEIGHT" rants to make any sense.

(and no i don't think she's fat, she looks great other than her hair and makeup and complexion. just sick of her bullshit and drama)

No. 304494

yeah Aly looks close to a restored weight to me- I don't think I'm an Ana-chan. I've actually not kept an eye on this thread in along time, This picture just caught my eye. I'm surprised by how well she's done since I last saw her. The last time I focused on these threads she was pouring away ensures and posing with other people's food. She looks great now. (sage for no1curr)

…I'm assuming it'll take longer for her hair to recover though? That thing's still a weird frizzy mop.

No. 304499

I thought the same about how exact her past ~numbers~ have been and now it's "around" 17.

To me she looks around the same weight as before her ED when she was younger and looked good. I'm wondering how much is water, but she wants to hold on to be underweight for her own reasons. I can't imagine she'd admit to being weight restored because then she'd be of no interest at all really. Her #motivation is boring af as it is and it's not like she's some style role model.

She needs to cut the spaghetti hair to a bob or something. It looks okay until it gets to that over bleached fried nest.

No. 304504

She needs to just shave the whole thing and start over.

No. 304522

File: 1493919054936.jpeg (76.93 KB, 640x1032, image.jpeg)

I predict another blacked-out post if she doesn't get enough responses.

No. 304537

What a brat.

Does she know how IG works? Home pages don't show your photos always and not in chronological order.

No. 304557

File: 1493921501087.png (117.79 KB, 640x1032, strenght.png)

maybe if you didn't post 400 times a day people would bother to read a higher % of your shit and your posts would be bumped up in the algorithm????

how does she not realize how desperate she sounds? and how does she think her followers believe her stories about IG "deleting" and "hiding" her posts when this isn't even a thing?

No. 304624

Caught a h8r. She'll be talking about this comment for days. On the upside, she won't have to make hater comments up.

No. 304626

File: 1493928979684.jpg (13.88 KB, 337x72, tw.JPG)

Dropped pics ooops

No. 304669

File: 1493932142709.jpg (80.68 KB, 330x600, IMG.jpg)

lol i don't even think pic related was trying to be a hater, it looks like a genuine recovery account, but she's going to flip shit over this as well

No. 304689

Does anyone have a pic of her before anorexia? She looked so different than she does now, in the face specifically.

No. 304700

File: 1493935335751.png (755.6 KB, 798x559, 1432914589690.png)

No. 304703

File: 1493935444971.png (962.37 KB, 887x606, 1432914507155.png)

No. 304706

File: 1493935578960.jpg (375.14 KB, 612x595, 1437754648768.jpg)

There're a couple of her with dark hair, one doing karaoke at home with Denise but I cba to look for that.

There's this too. I'm guessing this is around 2012/13.

No. 304796

Fucking Dante in the background, I didn't notice him straight away, cheers for the giggle!

No. 304955

I pinched that from an old thread. Not sure I would've posted it had He not been there.

Anyway, it's 7.35am her time and no bad comments on her pics. The one saying she'd got fat was deleted by Aly at around 11-11.30pm last night. She didn't post after her #transthursday #motivation pic, so she'll probably sperg about the fat thing this morning.

No. 305105

File: 1493986300384.jpeg (60.14 KB, 640x990, image.jpeg)

Fucking Christ.

No. 305118

File: 1493989600012.jpeg (171.04 KB, 1440x1959, Capture _2017-05-05-09-00-10-0…)

This was in her story just now.

No. 305121

Team Alys Father. Bitch needs to get off her phone.
But I guess she got it back.

No. 305146

File: 1493994507608.png (18.09 KB, 293x165, 2017-05-05 16.25.35.png)

"Love is her harms". Anorexia has really eaten her brain.

No. 305150

She's a grown ass adult. If her dad is so awful, she can move out. But instead she'd rather act like a bratty, hysterical preteen. Seriously, no one over the age of 12 should ever say that they want to DIE because their parent took their phone away. She probably stomps her feet and slams doors and yells "I hate you!" and "No one understands me!" all the time.

Mama Casati was probably the one that got Aly's phone back.

Aly wouldn't be half as awful if her mom didn't constantly enable and baby her.

No. 305153

That's what I think it boils down to. Aly's mom is an enabler, dad is probably the only authority figure. So Aly grew up to be a brat and has tantrums when her dad does put his foot down.

No. 305155

File: 1493995602614.png (11.46 KB, 275x101, screenshot 16.45.15.png)

But her dad always arms her.

No. 305166

how do you mix up harm and arm

No. 305205

File: 1494003059715.png (43.89 KB, 548x604, alysperg.png)

Second blacked out post of the day. Girl needs to get some help and stop acting like a spoilt child.

No. 305206

File: 1494003078412.png (775.84 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170505-184355.png)

I wrote a comment under that picture i'm gonna post it here before it gets deleted - you'll see my account name tho

No. 305208

File: 1494003146096.png (46.48 KB, 311x280, Screen Shot 2017-05-05 at 5.50…)

She's deleted that already and has posted again saying if she doesn't get 'support' she will close, and this time she's serious! she's getting comments like this, finally. no more fake accounts!

No. 305209

File: 1494003211957.png (279.06 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170505-184947.png)

Just noticed i used the word "support" too many times oh my

No. 305210

Oh sorry i've just seen that you already posted my comment here

No. 305212

File: 1494003608052.png (137.22 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170505-185844.png)

Excuse my writing mistakes, don't know what's wrong today

No. 305216


imho when you have an account on social media and have THAT amount of followers (means reaching how many? 40k people?) you MUST expect some haters. Not everybody on earth must like you

No. 305220

charge your phone omg triggered

No. 305226


She has never responded when people call her on how she doesn't reply to people's comments. I wish people would call her out on how she literally never comments on anyone else's profile either, or follows like anyone except "brends". She literally acts like she's some celebrity.

Support works both ways, Aly.

It's also so fucking weird how she makes her hysterical begging posts and then turns around and pretends they never happened and posts pseudo inspirational shit. Liiiike can you not see how blatantly false it looks?

No. 305228

she doesn't get any comments hating on her tho only people complaining that she ignores their positive ones or just obvious trolls

No. 305229

praise dante

she looks SO much better in all these before pics, her makeup and styling have gotten much worse (and ofc her hair). lol @ how she has always had a thing for the hand-in-the-hair pose

she needs to get some sun, she looks 100% better with a tan

No. 305233

File: 1494005118203.png (445.44 KB, 458x549, nightmare.png)

Recovery: not even once

She looks fucking insane.

No. 305238

File: 1494005657793.png (677.37 KB, 957x596, Screen Shot 2017-05-05 at 18.3…)


No. 305255

File: 1494007588827.png (65.71 KB, 945x607, Screen Shot 2017-05-05 at 19.0…)

She's losing her marbles. Literally nobody has said this…

No. 305257

It worked though. She's getting the asspats she so desperately wants.

No. 305261

File: 1494008126316.png (220.66 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170505-201209.png)

No. 305262

ask her who they are like are people insulting her on their own posts? i dont get it

No. 305268

Aly needs to stop running back into her mom's harms every time her dad arms her. She needs to learn how to stand on her own two kegs.

No. 305279

File: 1494009972683.jpg (58.62 KB, 500x364, game show dolly.jpg)

"Hun", "honey" - agh.

I bet the staff at all these places she regularly has "shoots" at really take the piss out ofh er. I don't even know how she can stand there while she has half a dozen photos of her taken by her mum while she holds her food like some kind of game show dolly for bulimics showing off the prizes.

No. 305293

File: 1494011203814.png (714.58 KB, 836x610, Screen Shot 2017-05-05 at 20.0…)

And now she's back to posting… A break my arse

No. 305305

yeah. I think she'd look so much better if she put on less makeup and products in general, it's almost reaching clown territory with the red lips..
and I also wish she'd stop with the ramen textured hair.. how long has it been since she brushed through that mess?
they've been caught in a couple of her pics, looking straight at the camera too. she might have even acknowledged them in the post. they probably think she's absolutely nuts.

No. 305319

File: 1494013574605.jpg (105.42 KB, 804x591, Capture.JPG)

Latest upload:

>maybe at least one girl is still reading.. and I write for her.

Yet she complains if she doesn't receive more than half a dozen asspats.

She's still asking what she should do with her account. Why, why, why??? Imagine living with her? Team Pa Casati all the way.

No. 305320

(And what's with this pointing into the air thing she's started doing?)

No. 305328

is she in any way religious?

No. 305339

File: 1494014740990.jpg (21.49 KB, 388x303, recovery win.JPG)

Nah. She said her family are Catholic but she's a "bad Catholic". She fornicates so she obviously isn't bothered about sex before marriage. At first I thought she was doing this pose to show off her FIGHTER tattoo, but you can't even see it in this one. It's getting to be as irritating as when she wouldn't stop posing with her hand stuck in her hair nest.

I know she sees a therapist, but does she see a psychiatrist? Armchair psychology, but why hasn't a psychiatrist picked up on her borderline habits? She isn't that different from Crying Emily and all the other attention seekers. She just does it in a different way.

No. 305376

"smoothie after ice cream" i've never thought she was bulimic but christ on a cracker that's a puke worthy meal if i've ever heard one

sage for pointless

No. 305382

As if she would switch her account to private. She couldn't abuse tags anymore!!

Why is she acting like it's some grand gesture of bravery and selflessness to stay on IG? Either you think everyone hates and ignores you, or you think you're a gift to the internet. PIck a side.

Also possible blog but she looks so crazy with the red lip, and now I'm paranoid because I love a strong red lip color and now I'm afraid I look equally terrible???? Oh dear~

No. 305383

I think she's actually just twirling a small strand of hair around one finger but it's blurry so all you really see is the pointing.

No. 305386

File: 1494018045408.jpg (Spoiler Image, 13.68 KB, 192x262, tw.jpg)


>Why is she acting like it's some grand gesture of bravery and selflessness to stay on IG?

Because she's ~recovery queen~ and her girls need her. She wants to save them. She wants to encourage them to be strong so they can be like her (…)

Don't worry about the lipstick. I wear red too. You probably don't have the joker mouth she has (where it turns up at the corners like a gash when she smiles).

Eureka! That's what she's doing! Oh, I'd rather she was pointing to the heavens. It'd make her seem less shallow.

TRIGGER WARNING FOR PIC for clown phobics.

No. 305462

File: 1494023931043.png (641.52 KB, 960x607, Screen Shot 2017-05-05 at 22.5…)

She's "still deciding" aka waiting for enough people to beg her to keep her account

No. 305474

jesus christ shes looking so full in the face now, no doubt shes purging.

No. 305500

I just read through this entire thing bc i saw her picture here before recovery w/o knowing her story and all the fuck I'm left with is how in the hell is literally all her hair, from one ear to the other, entirely combed over? How does it stay like this or does she constantly have to maintain this comb over with her hand? Why?

No. 305577


honestly, I can't put my finger on it quite yet but it seems to be something much more/ different than bpd. She doesn't seem to have the emotional or intellectual depth to be capable of having borderline, if that even makes sense lol I seriously wonder if her father really has been abusive and she got hit too hard or dropped on the head and that's why she's so god damned dense in between her ears. Honestly I wish we could surround her in real life so she can't "block the haters" and be forced to listen to the facts of how fucked, ridiculous, and childish she is. Girl needs slap t the face

No. 305734

Seriously though. I used to think "bulimia cheeks" were an exaggerated myth and not that noticeable, but it's blatantly evident in Aly if you look at her pre-ED photos >>304700 Her face looked bloated DURING the ED as well, so it wasn't the weight gain. She must have purged a lot during her fake recovery phase.

No. 305855

She's finally privatised her account

No. 305914

I feel like she definitely lurks here.

You know, she'd probably get a lot of attention if she stopped posting for a day or two. -Not- posting would get you noticed when you post 12 times a day.

Just food for thought Ali, you expect all your followers to comment every hour you post on IG, and then get mad when they can't keep up. Try posting maybe 3 times a day and stop your entitled "TELL ME IM PRETTY" crap and actually thank your followers for sticking by your side. And maybe comment on -their- photos? Show your followers some support for once? You're such a manipulative brat.

No. 305957

File: 1494089593419.jpeg (193.05 KB, 640x986, image.jpeg)

Filed under: things that didn't happen.

No. 305984

The combination of Aly's shit English, compulsive lying, and blatant attention seeking is so rage inducing that I can barely stand to read this thread. Fuck.

I truly will never understand how her parents don't get her in therapy or force her to remove all social media, as it's clearly doing more harm than good.

No. 306155

I remember when Ash did that. She lasted two days.

Lol, it's 5 years now. She keeps adding a year of ~struggle~ every time she writes about it.

A kid asked why can't she have Aly's body BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. That totally happened.

Could some kind anon please keep non followers updated with the most cringe pics/captions? I had all my accounts blocked by her.

Self love is the greatest revolution. How about loving other people, or at least caring about them? Get off your ass and make a difference to the world instead of obsessing on yourself.

No. 306353

File: 1494138308070.png (295.14 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170507-082416.png)

Everything she writes is bullshit

No. 306384

>Now I have only you -my followers- to talk to.

only 51k people. poor thing.

No. 306397

Yeah, but fewer than a dozen comments on her posts.

You know how her English is pretty bad?

For a long time I've wondered if these captions are from a book. Someone else's #motivational words in Italian and she's translating it into English. It seems too concise considering her limited English.

Have a ROYAL Sunday, darlings.

Ilysm, Anon (Being woman).
[insert shitty emoji of a monkey or a ← soon one]

No. 306400

(Btw, anon >>306353
, thanks for the updates). I'm thinking of creating my 1000th profile and faking an ED recovery person. Not sure what to do about pics. Probably pinch them from some other profile. I need to see this shit from Aly.

No. 306407

You could take some pics from mpa, they have a thread where they post all their °ana° meals lol

No. 306450

Oh god i've been lurking for quite dome time on mpa now and i'm kinda shocked what bitches those girls are . Lolcow is nothing compared to these girls lmao - they dare to call people at a bmi of 18 FAT and yet still deny the fact thst they don't have an eating disorder

No. 306453

File: 1494158464427.jpg (96.27 KB, 1014x253, Screenshot_20170507-135055.jpg)

Samefag here,
Wow now she's saying that she has had body issues for her whole life?

No. 306480

File: 1494162148223.jpeg (208.35 KB, 640x975, image.jpeg)

I'm loving this "feminist" Aly. Her idea of feminism is screaming about how much better she is than women who like to look their best for their partners.
I can just imagine her boyfriend asking what her hair looks like straightened, then being subjected to her Instagram rants irl.

No. 306551

File: 1494171847779.jpeg (263.84 KB, 1440x2060, Capture _2017-05-07-11-35-55-0…)

Betcha this'll change her mind about being private. Sucks to suck eh Aly.

No. 306561

yikes, that's what, 1000 followers down in a day?

No. 306732

File: 1494189802093.jpg (46.91 KB, 325x311, NOT TO SMUG NOW.jpg)

How did that happen? Are people unfollowing her or has she triggered that ig purge of dead accounts going private? I hope this continues.

You know when she started being all pissy about not getting comments started (i think) around the time she posted that thing where she said she was on tv. I didn't watch it all, just saw her pushing a stir fry around a pan, but maybe being on tv gave her a superiority complex?

I'd like to see her face as her follower numbers dwindle, mwa ha haaa.

No. 306786


……i can't believe she's literally quoting lady macbeth??? and interpreting that famous as fuck quote to mean "being vulnerable doesn't mean being frail"???

i know this is so irrelevant but ugh. "look like th' innocent flower but be the serpent under 't" doesn't mean "aww pretty girls r strong #feminism" it means "pretend to be nice and then FUCKING MURDER THE KING"

sage for lit major sperg but come on aly keep your greasy little hands off lady macbeth, you don't deserve her

No. 306789

I just came here after noticing the same thing! I'm actually surprised. I would have expected her count to go up a little after going private since I'm sure there are lurkers who check in on her but don't follow (I'm one of them, lol).

I'm assuming she's been gradually losing and just reached the critical point where IG rounds down instead of up. Can't imagine her obnoxious begging and boring content lately hasn't been chasing people off.

No. 306790

File: 1494194182624.jpg (6.51 KB, 140x227, lady macca.jpg)


No. 306791

she's always had a superiority complex tbh, it's just before when she was thin everyone fawned all over her and fed her ego without her having to do anything other than exist on the internet. now that she looks normal she has to beg for the attention so it's more obvious, but it's always been there. she was tagging herself #beautiful #model #blonde on her old account pre ED.

No. 306794

I thought it'd go up to. I can't imagine she's been deleting people. I still don't know if people she blocks stay on her followers count, and she blocked over 1k people? She's really got nothing to offer the "ed community" because she's always so up about eating shit. Then she remember to say, oh of course I struggle. Still think most followed her because she was thinspo or people like us watching the train wreck.

She's still tagging herself #beauty on her other account!

No. 306879

Ironic considering more than half the girls on MPA are obese wannarexics. "Help I'm a 220lb anorexic and I can't stop bingeing!!!" "Just fell off the wagon and ate a whole pizza!"

No. 306910

Was she on TV already? I missed the whole thing, only remember her announcing that they'd shot her interview or something.

No. 306917

The faces she makes bother me so much and I'm not sure why. She looks so smug and I want to punch her face.

No. 306951

File: 1494206268057.jpg (18.01 KB, 272x275, jfc.jpg)

I can't even see her account to post the short clip she posted but yeah, it must've been at the end of Feb or in March. I wonder what happened to that essay about recovering she said was for a newspaper.

She's just got one of those faces. Even when she's looking normal in her really old pics there's something about her. It's like she's got a stick up her ass all the time.

MPA is an odd place. For a start, the "thinspo" thread is pictures of really healthy looking slim (not skinny) women. If that's how they want to look can't they just … change their dietary habits? Who the fuck wants an illness? Not sure how that site gets away with the blatant pro eating disorder thing.

This will always be my most hated photo of her. Oh look, I'm totally relishing this calorific ice cream while my face looks like Karen Carpenters. #proofs

No. 307006

All I see is a vulva smeared with diarrhea.

No. 307072

In my opinion skinny gossip is the worst

No. 307076

I joined that site years ago and they required you to send a selfie with a piece of paper to confirm you aren't a whale before they let you join.
Speaking of that site though I'd love a thread about it the admin and her bf were seriously creepy. Some of the users are milky as hell too. Too bad it's private.

No. 307083

This picture is enough to never want to eat ice cream again. Her fuckin smug face tho.

No. 307133

Yeah i know, it's sick. And a thread about SG would be really interesting

No. 307141

just post in the ana thread? or make a suggestion/summary in the "thread request" thread

No. 307145

File: 1494222949223.png (1.14 MB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-05-07-23-42-39…)

Have you guys seen her latest story? Its all old "pre ed" pics. What does she mean "vanish young girl?" also I can't get over how puffy she is now. She really fucked herself up

No. 307150

Probably vain-ish

No. 307161


She really wrote that she let her piercing heal? That's a tragedy. Anorexia really screwed up her life if she let a navel piercing heal over. Poor thing.

Can't someone suck in? How spoopy do you have to be?

No. 307365

File: 1494265605701.png (636.08 KB, 827x606, Screen Shot 2017-05-08 at 18.3…)

"received again the triggering comments" bitch WHERE?! Her list of diagnoses and the time she's had illnesses appear to increase with every post.

No. 307370

HOW does her english get worse by the week?! It's like she has a random english word generator and just clicks it every time she doesn't know a word. "Vanish" twice in the last day meaning something that has nothing to do with anything she might be trying to say? This one can't even be blamed on shitty translation programs, like probably happened with "day hospital control" and "aspect." This is literally just guessing words.

Maybe she doesn't use the dictionary because it's ~exercise~.

No. 307372

File: 1494266327159.png (67.31 KB, 891x245, 13145.png)

looks like her follower count has jumped back up. she went from 51k to 50.9 after she went private and is now up to 51.1. really curious what that's about.

her fake "haters" she's quoting on the latest "shoot" don't even make sense. who tf has talked about her clothes and how is that hate anyway? ugh aly stop

No. 307418

i dunno but i think the rising of the follower count also has something to do with her accepting follow requests recently? like i wasn't accepted for a couple days and i just was accepted

No. 307512

>someone implying it's bad to eat absolute crap multiple times every single day means that they just want me to have orthorexia!
She really hasn't recovered at all from her all-or-nothing disordered mindset, huh. Needing junk food every day to get by isn't being a normal healthy human being, it's just replacing one health problem with another.

No. 307698


Anyone following her for lols isn't going to risk getting blocked if her account's private. That's why I'm sure she really is making this stuff up. Unless she's going to say, oh I'm getting hater comments anyway so I might as well go public again.

I wish ig gave an accurate number so you could see if she's actually deleting these comments that're ~triggering~ her.

As for her clothes, she needs to wear a skirt. Here >>307365 she looks like a Texan hooker. She really doesn't know how dress herself, does she.

No. 307699

"accurate number so you could see if she's actually deleting these comments"

should say

an accurate number of followers so you could see if she's blocking the h8rz.

No. 307709

File: 1494291640652.jpg (76.72 KB, 957x605, 1.JPG)

^ That was me. I'm spamming, so-rry BUT I found that really old pic of pre ed Aly ( 14th May 2012). That's the guy she said was her boyfriend but was really just her friend sick of her shit.


No. 307711

File: 1494291663814.jpg (81.12 KB, 641x960, 540189_172311919562440_1485644…)


No. 307723

She actually looks super cute here. A healthy weight, no weird spaghetti hair, and she's not skeletal. Oh right, and she's not making that psychotic face either.

No. 307799

I thought her hair was naturally curly, but now I'm not so sure. Did she get a bad perm or something?

No. 307804

File: 1494298321170.jpeg (243.95 KB, 590x431, New Canvas223.jpeg)

Wtf happened??

No. 307845

File: 1494301370378.png (1.63 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170509-053545.png)

If i see this photo one more time i'm gonna jump out of the window

No. 307847

No. 307850

because god forbid she accidentally miss a #transformationtuesday now that she's only posting her before/afters on tuesdays and thursdays (and sundays). and yeah, we all believe she "won't have time" to post tomorrow, because her social life is so damn demanding.

i'm going to fly to milan and shave her head for the good of humanity. she just needs to start over. that hair is a fucking atrocity.

No. 307854

It's incredible that she could even apply her eye makeup better at the age of 16 than she does now.

Anon who asked I she'd had a shite perm, she said she used to use straighteners although a bad perm would explain a lot.

I don't know anyone whose looks are so different in a short space of time. I hope she starts to work on her cosmetics and clothes. Or don't
#feminists do that?

No. 307855

also sage for double post but why the fuck DOES she always post that same picture? she used to post tons of OOTDS back in her skinny days and tbh she looked smaller in some of them than the 3 she uses over and over for her #transformation shots. i'm assuming the ones she reuses constantly are from the 2 weeks she was at "a BMI of (numbers) 10.6) and she needs to remind herself/everyone else that she used to be that exact number but it's so repetitive and pointless. her old photos are pretty much the only entertaining thing she has going for her atm since at least her styling wasn't horrifying back then. let's get something to look at other than the same 2 jean jackets over and over with donuts plz

No. 307875

File: 1494303675184.jpg (46.44 KB, 434x584, Capture.JPG)

That ~numbers~ TW thing really fucks me off. Not just with her, but with ig anas in general. Idk, the terminology just sounds really, really childish. I get why they wouldn't want to read weights, but "numbers". Fuck off.

What Aly needs to do is get her hair dyed brown. For starters.

As for clothes I noticed Ma C posted on facebook that she'd found this hoodie thing Aly saw on holiday and she could buy it online. Aly said, oh but it's expensive and it was only something like 20 Euros if that. I reckon she's really stingy with her own cash and leeches of the parents all the time.

This pic is almost exactly 2 years after the ones posted above. I wonder why she stopped going to clubs because she's a skele in this one and it didn't stop her. She needs friends. Very tolerant, patient people.

No. 307886

File: 1494305423985.jpg (655.13 KB, 1080x1080, IMG_20170508_000600.jpg)

I just wanted to post "progress" pics of her face..how even if she ever got healthy again, she will never look as good as she did pre ED..seeing this is really eye opening.

No. 307890


I feel bad saying this, but she looked better in the middle one than she does now. I mean, if she didn't look sickly and her face was a wee bit fuller. Maybe it really is that she looks better with no make up. If she dropped that awful wing job on her eyes and the bright lipstick she'd look loads better. Oh, and that awful side parting comb-over.

Anons have said she's puffy because of recovery so it's going to be interesting to see what she finally looks like when it's settled down. Even if her face is like that because it's weight gain, she could still look pretty if she scrubbed that crap from her face (and went for a drastic hair make over).

No. 307907

90+% of her alleged ~*h8urz*~ comments are actually paraphrasing critical shit she reads here, I am sure of it. Fuck off already Aly. I agree with you >>307890 she is an overly made-up caricature now and it's disturbing as fuck.

No. 308003


The make-up definitely plays a role, if you compare this recent picture from her story >>294557 with all her other current ones.

No. 308013

yeah this comparison is unfair as fuck, every other photo of her in this thread has her face way less bloated than this. Even the other photos from the same day (same outfit) didn't look that bad. It's just a really bad picture, that she didn't take, and angle/lighting's unfortunate.


All of those pictures have Aly looking way less bloated, and way prettier. That first one from snaphat, she looks way better there than she ever did as a skele.

No. 308024

plspls have a look at this pic again, stupid!

No. 308025

thanks. Besides: after a long period of being very underweight, weight distribution needs a hell lot of time. Give her a couple of months more….

No. 308492

File: 1494365389372.jpg (608.23 KB, 1080x1080, IMG_20170509_150923.jpg)

I think it's fair. Anorexia makes you ugly. She fucked herself over. No one should do this to themselves. I was shocked a couple years ago when I saw her before pics. I had no idea how much it fucks up how you look.

Someone suggested comparing her plain face with her recent pic. Here it is next to her younger self and made up self. I agree she looks better without all the makeup.

No. 308521

She was q fair few years younger in the first picture, she might also be aging poorly in general. Neither of her parents look very youthful, but they can't be THAT old, she's only in her early 20s and she's the oldest child.

No. 308633

I think its also oedema and/or bulimia cheeks - I think the latter is more likely.

No. 308638

I always thought she'd switched to bulimia but then changed my mind and went with the water retention. That middle pic above though, her face is less puffy but her chipmunk cheeks are showing.

Is she still guilt tripping followers for making her feel "useless" on her account (ie not praising her enough)? Any more black screens? No need to ask if she's posting chocolate and donuts.

No. 308644

I dunno, if she's got chipmunk cheeks during the worst of her ED I'd go with bulimia, she could have been purging what little she ate and water etc

No. 308647

None as of yet, although I'm an hour behind Milan so may miss some out. Plenty of photos of her at these baths things she went to "with her boy" and a bunch of food photos which are making me hungry as fuck

No. 308654


>Plenty of photos of her at these baths things she went to "with her boy"

Ugh. There are advantages of not being a follower.

There's very little she posts that made me feel hungry but then I'm more for nutty/spicy/grainy snacks. Looking at the anas who're really spoopy makes me hungry. They must ~trigger~ some survival instinct idk.

No. 308660

Oh but you miss out on reading "Let me fuk off Anorexia today and all the sht she made me pass through." Also her ED is still referred to as a person and she's trying so hard to sound body positive. Totes not disordered. Neither am I usuall but I'm so high I'd eat almost anything

No. 308666


"shut her mouth off". I hate when people humanise (might've made that word up) illnesses, although I've only seen it with ED people. If someone had cancer and they said, "Oh, he's really shouting pain at me loud today" you'd think they were dicks, but it's okay to refer to anorexia as a she?

You should make a munchies stash like preppers stock up for the apocalypse.

No. 308722

Yeah I've not really seen it with anything other than EDs either. Mmm very Hazel Grace (I can't stand the fault in our stars)

You know, you're right. I'd fucking kill for some crisps right now.

No. 308840

even if she's aging poorly (which i don't doubt) she's still only like 21-22…honestly she should be at peak hotness more or less. normal people don't get LESS hot from age 16 to age 22. then again normal people also don't get worse at their makeup and styling during that age range either lol.

first set of comparison pics was definitely choosing an especially shitty pic, but tbh she looks pretty shitty in all her recent pics and v bloated. yeah weight redistribution blah blah but i strongly suspect she wouldn't be nearly so pasty and puffy right now if she were eating normal, well-balanced meals as opposed to sugar 24/7 (or 24/24 or 7/24 or whatever she said).

No. 308945

Someone posted Aly on BoredPanda in the anorexia before & after article


No. 308949

I've been offline for 2 months and have just caught up with the thread.
Her ass pat begging was in its infancy 2 months ago. It's glorious to see how she's progressed (regressed?)
Well done farmers for capturing beautifully 2 months of her creamy crazy milk!

No. 308972

Oh god, imagining her ego inflating even more when she sees that. The women who recovered have amazing bodies. As a couch potato, I'm envious of the ones who look really toned. Of course, society's made me think that…

Welcome back, anon. Yes, Aly is still milky. I'm v glad she was allowed back to the farm.

I never thought about the ageing thing with her parents (anon somewhere above) and that they mustn't be that old if she's only 21. I'd always presumed Ma was mid 50s and her dad 60ish. Yeah, early-20s is peak hotness. I remember dropping some stubborn puppy fat on my face and growing into my face for the better by 21. It's all downhill from 25 mwahaha.

If she saw that boredpanda article she'd be saying how the ones who're toned are still disordered because they're not scoffing donuts and probably going to the gym in a not disordered way. Diabetes waiting to happen.

No. 309692

to be fair it is totally different from other illnesses though, because it actually can feel like there is an entity inside your mind that's pretending to be a friend but then treats you like an enemy. While there aren't physical auditory hallucinations, it does feel like there is a voice in your head instructing you to do things or berating you

No. 309874

Yeah, but so does depression, anxiety and other mental illnesses but people don't make those become people. I know Winston Churchill had his "black dog", but as far as I know it didn't bark at him if he fucked something up.

No. 310050

It's different with AN though. Like >>309692 said, it can be like you feel as if some other entity is in your mind and you are alternatively feeling supported or being attacked by it. Personifying the ED voice in therapy often helps people distinguish between self and pathology. Negative self-talk is not the same thing.

No. 310074

Churchill spent most of his time in office drunk. Most of his original speeches were delivered whilst he was intoxicated and had be to be later re-recorded.

No. 310082

File: 1494503562187.jpg (6.23 KB, 300x168, winnie.jpg)

I'd love to hear him pissed. Self medication, eh.

I suppose these words (img) are his own take on #staystrong.

Can't agree with this being something that only affects people with an ED, but the reasoning behind the personification of it in therapy sounds helpful. Whatever works…


(sage because it isn't about Aly and she'd sperg about it)

No. 310267

File: 1494534453130.jpeg (1.34 MB, 3264x3264, image.jpeg)

Open to discussion, okay, sure you are.

No. 310351

what the fuck was the point of asking for opinions and discussion if she was literally going to publicly shame some girl for giving her opinion?? what a raging bitch

No. 310823

Seriously, way to encourage your followers to leave comments or ~support~ that you so crave if they have to fear being publicly humiliated afterwards.

No. 310918

File: 1494588289043.png (882.63 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

Crazy bitch.

No. 310924

She has already deleted that part of her insta story - doesn't change that what she did write there is shit. She's full of shit. Didn't she say she will ALWAYS continue writing, even if only one girl (not like boys can get EDs too) is reading her posts? Can't believe i used to support and like her so much

No. 310925

File: 1494590093622.png (464 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170512-134620.png)

Samefag, just wanted to leave this ~insoirational~ caption of her rounded, curvy thighs here.

No. 310932

File: 1494591132852.jpg (9.85 KB, 275x183, attractive.jpg)

Her bad English is throwing me. Is this a dig at her followers for not commenting again or did they all think her diet was unhealthy?

Mermaids don't have "no gaps" between their thighs because they're a fucking fish.

I'm sick of her skinny shaming, or rather having a pop at anyone who isn't curvaceous. BEAUTY HAS NO STANDARDS, but you'd better not be slim with a flat stomach and not a sexy round booty or else you must be eating disordered and you're totally not hot to men.

Her follower count is 50.9 again. I don't get what's going on there, and why is she still using hashtags if she's private?

No. 310968

File: 1494595372570.jpg (82.15 KB, 1000x481, Capture.JPG)

She's gone public again.

No. 310980

File: 1494596741770.jpg (59.36 KB, 930x598, attention.JPG)

Oh how I've missed this.

No. 310995

aly don't you know the first rule of fight club tho

No. 311001

Rules is different for her. She's special and the world must know about her scraps.

She's gone private again…

No. 311018

already deleted
oh aly, what a fuckup you are.

No. 311029

File: 1494601812144.jpg (52.65 KB, 348x600, aphrodite.jpg)

Aphrodite is the Greek name. Pretty funny that she's pontificating about Greek beauty and she uses the Latin name. (And she surely knows this, given that she once claimed to be teaching Latin in private lessons, and given how similar Latin is to her native language, Italian.)

This is total nonsense. Does she think there were no beauty ideals in antiquity? Please. There were plenty. She's also thinking of a later time period (think Rubenesque). Sculptures of goddesses in antiquity were strong, powerful, and more or less fit. No rolls of fat or big giant hips like the Venus of Willendorf. Some depictions give Aphrodite a slightly convex stomach, and she's clearly depicted as healthy, but she's not a fatty. Sometimes she even looks like she has been doing crunches.

No. 311057

File: 1494604772199.jpg (8.21 KB, 274x184, foot binding.jpg)


I reckon what she did was google "female beauty" or something like that and came across the shite she posted. She must get along at uni by being an excellent bullshitter with essays - pretending to know a lot but it's all straight from internets. One site. Cognitive dissonance again, using whatever suits her opinion and fucking off what doesn't.

Greeks though tiny willies were the sign of an alpha male and now (apparently) big cocks are where it's at. So, yeah, beauty standards change in art and society.

I mean, lotus feet were a sign of beauty. It's always been there in all cultures and society.

Soz this is a bit disjointed. I had my first real cig after ages vaping and the head rush is disgusting. I think they laced it with Spice, idk.

Really though, isn't she inflicting the notion that an almost Rubenesque body type should be the "norm", because she's going against what she says she hates (ie being told what she should look like).

No. 311065

She doesn't have a single original idea and she's just rehashing the same "body positive" shit that's so popular in recovery communities (pushed by NEDA, etc) and all the trendy "beauty in all sizes" shit from Dove and other ~brends~. But because she's shitty at language and also can't write a post without making it super defensive and all about her, the vague "everbody is beautiful and Marilyn Monroe was totally a size 16!" thing turns into broken English rants about ~society~ while Aly continues to ignore that if she weren't still so ED-warped, she'd know her body type is pretty fucking close to the "ideal" once she redistributes the recovery bloat.

"Society" never wanted her to look like a skeleton. "Society" actually never gave a shit, but even if it did, it 100% was not looking for a bmi of ~10.6~.

No. 311067

File: 1494606286731.png (1.05 MB, 640x1136, image.png)

She looks like a fucking idiot.

No. 311072

Agh, you didn't warn us of the ~numbers~

Oh look, half a skirt. For someone so insIcure about her body, she sure does wear some flaunt it clothes.

No. 311086

she looks fucking ridiculous, when she had her ~bmi of 10.6 of course things fitted differently/she could get away with it cos she HAD NO FIGURE. she really needs to learn how to dress to her new shape fast, I think it's a big part of how she's stuck mentally. of course she's going to feel awful if her clothes fit bad.

No. 311093

File: 1494607725100.jpg (240.7 KB, 1222x1222, Aly 3-21-2015.jpg)

Isn't this the same skirt?

Why is she so reluctant to buy new clothes?

No. 311094

What the FUCK happened to her eyebrow?

No. 311103

yeah it is, which explains why it fits so badly now

No. 311128

Why is her right eyebrow overlapping a strand of hair???

No. 311133

I see it too, but I can’t explain it? do you think she uses some kind of makeup app on her face? it surely doesn't look like it exept for the eyebrow.

No. 311268

File: 1494615994729.png (991.03 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-05-12-12-59-52…)

This stupid bitch. No one is making fun of you

No. 311322

holy fuck we're getting so close to the actual sex pic predicted last week

No. 311330


This is exactly why legit treatment programs and therapists basically force ED patients to purge (lolz) their sick clothes. Honestly if she would get rid of ALL her old shit it would be a huge (!) help in actually moving past the changes in her size.

Or else she could just keep trying to squeeze into things 5 sizes too small until eventually her skirt rips open in the middle of a shoot.

No. 311345

File: 1494619069752.jpg (66.56 KB, 1170x563, aly and thingy.jpg)

Next week, FULL FRONTAL SHOWER SEX! Who takes these pictures??

As well as her make up and clothes being brutally affected by anorexia, her lack of self awareness has been too. How can she pose like this? She IS ridiculous. The staff at Magnum must be pissing themselves.

She said she'd taken some size 0 jeans to a charity shop. She's not letting go of the rest. She must need to feel skinny and keeps telling herself she's fine so long as she can squeeze into her elasticated waist teeny tiny skirts. Shame she hasn't noticed they're now half way up her arse.

No. 311346

(photography by Ma C)

No. 311441

It isn't babe, that's just a shadow. The colors are very similar so it's an optical illusion.

No. 311485

Phew, oh man i though she'd done some uber weird shooping

No. 311947

File: 1494683518723.jpg (258.93 KB, 719x821, IMG_20170513_073903.jpg)

Wasn't she going on dates with other dudes just last year? updating her other account to seem normal so he would take her back?

No. 311948

She twists every little thing people say and turns it into criticism that's just not there. The other day when she asked for opinions on what people consider healthy, someone suggested "balance"… cue Aly sperging out for the next 5-10 posts about it, saying she had been "attacked"
Imagine having to deal with her in real life. Who the fuck would want to be friends with someone who you have to walk on eggshells around 24/7 and agree with everything they say, otherwise suffer one of their massive manipulative guilt trips.
I really can't stomach this fucking headcase. Her mother is clearly off her head too. The enabling is on another level!
I don't condone violence but I can just imagine how infuriated her father feels with her, and if him slapping her is true. Well…
She's a spoilt brat who really fancies herself.

No. 311949

Just had to mention that BMI again

No. 311954

girl you dont love yourself and now your boyfriend, who probably likes em crazy, is just a prop for your fake life

No. 311970


Confirmed again for lurking here (Hi Aly!). We pointed out several times how she just has to report her LW to the decimal place, so now she puts ~11. Bitch please. Still number-whoring.

For real. I would lose it. I suspect Ma C just gets exhausted of Aly's tantrums and it's easier to placate her. This happens in so many ED families. Entire households tiptoe around the blusterous shitstorm that swirls around people with ED's. Still, even if she was overwhelmed, fuck her for not getting Aly the help she needed.


No. 312015


From the same post Aly rewriting history

>I've opened this profile in June 2015, from the hospital, at the very beginning of my Recovery; does someone remember

I remember the profile even before you "opened" it. For maybe a full year when you looked like death and pretended to be recovering. Just because you delete a shed load of pictures doesn't mean it's erased from history.

No. 312017

File: 1494692701071.jpg (37.48 KB, 935x599, Capture.JPG)

(and I'm predicting a black screen. She posted this, but just deleted it and replaced it with a donnie (!). Probably because nobody replied because they dgaf about her "surprise").

No. 312078

File: 1494699140018.png (12.62 KB, 186x166, IMG_5210.PNG)

Profile is public again.

Seriously though, this is the face of someone who will probably murder you in your sleep. I feel uneasy.

No. 312084

The commenter you're talking about asked why Aly was making fun of her. Its all deleted now. But ever since then Aly took what they said and twisted it like they were making fun of Aly. I really hate her.

No. 312092

File: 1494700102761.jpeg (224.79 KB, 1238x1719, image.jpeg)

This one I believe

No. 312175

What's the surprise shes been talking about? Another pic in that same bikini shes been posting for days now? Is that seriously it? Or is she trying to tease?

No. 312212

She forgot to tell the "surprise" she's been banging on about. Has she gotten herself knocked up? Murdered her dad?

and that is the face of someone who looks way older than 21.

No. 312567

maybe it was the cringeworthy video she did.

No. 312571

She's very vanish when she says she's got a surprise for us or something amazing and it turns out to be a video or picture of herself.
I'm surprised she doesn't run a competition to gain followers where we hashtag her account and one lucky person wins a signed photo of her posing outside Magnum.

No. 312643

File: 1494770835045.jpeg (171.35 KB, 640x1085, image.jpeg)

I'm calling it now. Aly's gonna sperg out when she sees this comment and how they're being a "hater".

No. 312652


Ya she said the video was the first surprise. The second, was just another bikini shoot. How are these surprises?

No. 312656

File: 1494772171668.jpg (23.6 KB, 291x175, if you still care.JPG)

Aly claimed she had no idea how much weight she'd gained before her last weigh in because she never checks the scales. Since then she's spoken about how she does weigh herself.

Here she is being a pissy bitch because nobody commented on her plans to take her mum out in a boat or sthing.

No. 312666

File: 1494773402774.jpg (65.18 KB, 715x1029, IMG_20170514_084641.jpg)

aaaand here we go. She got like 10 comments on her last "personal" I guess that's the same as none

No. 312673

And the "help" she needed was comments saying a boat trip was a good idea? Fuck you, Aly.

No. 312680

File: 1494774397567.jpg (24.83 KB, 306x187, christ.JPG)

Fuck me.


No. 312736

christ on a fucking cracker. does she not realize that every time she threatens to ~stop~ posting X Y or Z it's less believable?? come the fuck on aly, it's totally obvious you literally cannot make it through the day without getting affirmation of your value in the form of strangers commenting on your instashit

No. 312764


So is she lying about her food intake or does she really just eat shit everyday? Donuts, cakes, chocolates, candy, ice cream, every single day? Does she ever post anything healthy? Is this considered "recovery", because it doesn't look like it.

No. 312775

she's totally gonna do it this time guys

No. 312788

she doesn't eat it like my favourite is when she'll post m&ms and there will be a tiny little bit missing from as if she'd taken a teemy tiny bite lol its funny cus she did thr same food posing when she was in fake recovery. she does post pasta and sushi sometimes which i always assume she must eat some of as shes obviously gained weight but i refuse to believe she eats all that crap no one could stay lookin thin like her if they did

No. 312838

File: 1494793302094.png (941.64 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

Aly shut the fuck up. It's not your weight that's the problem, it's the lipstick applied with a paint roller and the eyeliner that's 6 inches too low down on your face, not to mention the ramen noodle combover.

No. 312840

Lmfao, so done with her shit.probably only put this in her story cause she didn't get lots of asspads today. It's not like she got 50 comments under her bikini "shoot"…

No. 312858

File: 1494795062117.png (309.29 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2017-05-14-13-45-17…)

I hope this comment stays up. Aly is getting more insane. I can't even follow her for more than a day because her posts make me rage so much. I miss her posi-coffee-vibes posts because this craziness she posts now is really just insane.

No. 312872

File: 1494797294477.jpg (103.11 KB, 480x800, sure aly.jpg)

Looked better because her clothes weren't two sizes too small. It's new outfits she needs to get into, not anorexia.

She posted this caption earlier, but then she edited this bit out.

No. 312875

i really want to shave off that rat's nest on her head… it looks like a massive, stiff sculpture of hair and product sticking off of one side of her head and she literally looks insane..

No. 312887

It's nice that she's not at an unhealthy weight anymore and I wouldn't shit on her looks, but can someone explain why her hair looks like this? I have friends with curly hair, and I've never seen it with such an odd texture except for maybe when it's in the middle of air drying

No. 312891

I…I don't understand how she's okay with her hair looking so dry and damaged. She needs to cut it and use deep conditioner, stat. This is bad.

No. 312893

Curly haired anon here. Her hair literally looks like it's been over-processed by dye/bleach and she did not take any care to deep condition or moisturize it. Also, her poor diet (ana) probably means her hair got zero nutrition to look healthy.

No. 312894

The ends look like her hair just breaks off. Non curly here, but mine looked similar when I bleached the fuck out of it. Hers is bleached underneath and she used straighteners for years (if that isn't a dodgy perm), so I'd say it's >>312893

Unless she gets the really damaged part hacked off then I guess it's just going to snap off until the fucked part is all gone.

The colour's what bothers me. Cheap rinse and awful colour. I really wish I could see what she looks like through her eyes because she really thinks she's hot.

It was Mothers Day and she spent the time getting Ma to take pictures of her and fiddling with her phone. Caring daughter.

No. 312895

(Must add, the colour AND the comb over. Dear god).

No. 312900

File: 1494799804491.png (325.11 KB, 480x468, alybirbs1.png)

No. 312901

OMFG HAHAHAHA!!! I didn't see it til I clicked enlarge. It's uncanny!!!

No. 312903

Kek. This is great.

No. 312904

File: 1494800085988.jpg (371.86 KB, 1600x1066, alys hairs.JPG)

Googled "spun sugar nest" and found Aly's hair EVERYWHERE.

No. 313188

File: 1494846817305.jpeg (59.13 KB, 640x972, image.jpeg)

No. 313189

OMFG AGAIN! She is driving me batshit with these blackout drama posts! Fuck me she is under my skin…REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

No. 313193

File: 1494847659474.jpg (26.7 KB, 285x173, pissy.JPG)

I missed the black screen, but noticed she barely had any comments today. She's so needy it hurts.

No. 313198

It's 1pm here (and in Italy) most people are at work/school/uni/lunch right now jfc

No. 313199

Why isn't she at uni? She always seems to be at cafes with her mum.

Yeah, it's strange how she'll complain about lack of comments after 15 minutes like she thinks the entire world's looking at instagram 7/24 (!)

No. 313225

File: 1494853859711.png (899.15 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-05-15-07-00-39…)

shes threatening to relapse if she doesn't get enough comments right? do you think this time she might relapse? Or is this just a show?

No. 313226

This is really starting to get under my skin too. I have never seen a recovery account (or any IG account for that matter) that begs for attention and likes.. sorry 'support' , like Aly does. She's like a 13 year old who just got their first phone and spends all their time looking for approval through social media… it's not cute, not at all..

No. 313227

File: 1494854621865.png (267.93 KB, 750x1114, IMG_0115.PNG)

Come on Aly let's be honest, you love EVERY "shoot" you do. Since you post 35,000 photos of each one over the course of a week or so every time… and how does this shot look any different from any other one in that outfit? Also how classy is it to pose 40 times outside a fucking McDonald's, I wonder what passerby's think

No. 313229

She's not even asking for support or anything in that post. Just bleating on and on about self love and being happy and healthy. WTF does she expect people to say. It's her usual bullshit wall of text.

And her hair is orange, right?

No. 313231

All the shite she eats can't be helping

No. 313247


"happiness is dancing with milkshakes at mcdonald's while wearing a tight skirt"

jfc aly get it together
no it isn't

No. 313275

File: 1494861673374.png (595.83 KB, 815x594, Screen Shot 2017-05-15 at 16.1…)

Just gotta mention that BMI, but she's not proud of it you guiiiize! And claiming she's "aware of her insanity" hahahaha no.

No. 313282

I can't wait 'till all of her followers grow tired of her shit and she has a psychotic break over not getting any attention.

Quite terrible thing to write, but she has been so goddam annoying these past weeks I don't have a single fuck left.

No. 313293

File: 1494863148748.jpg (144.71 KB, 718x553, IMG_20170515_094335.jpg)

Sure Aly.

No. 313297

yes no other couples have problems aly also youre the only person to ever have anorexia

No. 313309

Well she's easy to please.

Thing is, her "new" followers don't seem to remember her fake recovery. They're newbies. For whatever reason, she'll always attract new people. Each time she'll make her life seem more and more tragic. I said the same about not giving a fuck what happened to her now. It's unbelievable her psychiatrist (does she even have one?) hasn't picked up all her issues. It's glaringly obvious she's not right, but then none of her family seem right in the head.

She thinks she's got it all sussed and fitting "other couples" into boxes. Yeah, Aly, me and my partner face "everyday issues". Nobody else has mental problems. I met mine on the psych ward 20+ years ago. Come back in two decades and let's see if you're so smug that it's "true love". Christ Almighty.

I'm pretty damn sure most couples would last if they lived 650 km from each other and saw each other half a dozen times a year. Try living in his pocket with all his irritating and disgusting habits and see how you feel about romance.

No. 313314

>tfw your bf is over 10,000 miles away

fuck off aly lol. i'd kill to be only 6 hours away.

No. 313318

Oh, hush. You might be much further away but there's no way you're as much in love as Aly is.

It's made me rage reading her caption tbh. I mean, there're people who're carers for partners who have cancer, terminal illnesses, are going through grief over the loss of a mum or dad, have a disabled child, etc etc. A few years of anorexia and she thinks she's had it the worst.

No. 313319

File: 1494865173912.png (1.44 MB, 640x1136, image.png)

Silly, silly girl.

No. 313321

Shame because the only thing I thought was nice about her was her pale skin.

No. 313324

At least its not food

No. 313327

>taking pictures
>in a tanning booth
>while it's on
>no goggles

Imagine the likes she could get if she gets eye cancer!!

No. 313330

File: 1494865764822.jpg (30.01 KB, 360x240, 240_F_126497316_ym3bUZvFf5Jn1O…)

Unless her tan is really the filling of a donut because she's started restricting and has to find ways to hide her food.

Now she can do shoots like this WOW!

The eye cancer would be society's fault because it says that tanned skin is more desirable and hot.

No. 313339

File: 1494867098724.jpg (1.01 MB, 1564x1564, IMG_20170515_183705.jpg)

Come on aly, stop shitting us ? you already are at a healthy bmi. I am weight restored and she has the same "girth" as i do - her body fat percentage may be higher, which could make her look heavier but i still think she is in the (lower) healthy bmi range

No. 313379

>"i was so "proud" of my illness"

lol you still are or why the fuck would you constantly bring up your lowest weight and post old pics of yourself when you were thin?

>"aware of my insanity"

too bad you've lost that awareness bc girl you are crazy af

her outfit looks like something a disney channel extra would wear in 2009

No. 313380

File: 1494869584212.png (1.79 MB, 1080x1348, 20170515_132926.png)

Her newest post…is it just me, or is there something going on with her neck? It doesn't look normal to me.

No. 313412

Why does she dress like she's from 2009?

No. 313423

I think if she smoothed her hair and changed her makeup, her outfits would look more current too.

(Sage for my hair is naturally the same terrible texture as hers, and smoothing it makes everything I wear look trendy and relevant, but keeping it natural makes everything look 20 years dated)

No. 313480

sure it does

No. 313496

File: 1494877342793.png (413.22 KB, 461x448, HALLELUJAH.png)


Oh come on, Anon, don't waste the best Aly quote this year so far!

No. 313522

i want an app that translates any text you input into aly-speak

No. 313571

I think she's just sucking it in reallllll hard tbh, gotta look skinny yo

No. 313572

Her natural hair color peaking through is really pretty. Why the fuck is she coloring it rusty orange? Ugh.

No. 313575

Her hair colour matches the fakeness of her "real recovery"

No. 313582

i REALLY want to give aly a full makeover a la cher horowitz. major haircut and color (back to a warm brown, close to her natural color) and get her on a moisturizing and trimming regimen. skin care routine bc she's dry af. throw out all her makeup and teach her an understated, soft style that would play up her natural features without looking like a drag queen clown that escaped from an asylum. throw out her entire wardrobe, force her to buy clothes that fit and are from this decade.

and hell, introduce some actual protein and vegetables into her diet and get her to take walks and do yoga a few times a week, maybe that will help her calm the fuck down.

also mandatory social media hiatus.

No. 313637

What kind of 30+ year old comes onto this site? lol yikes

No. 313653

File: 1494889908790.gif (922.73 KB, 500x275, qxyzg.gif)

What sites are 30+ year olds supposed to go to? Please do tell.

No. 313683

Aly strikes me as a similar kind of crazy to Nikki Graham (Big Brother UK). Only, Aly wished she was as spoopy as Nikki used to be.

>>313653 Aww look, the widdle 14 year old thought we evaporate into a cloud of pre-menopausal dust and rheumatic woes at the age of 30+

No. 313690

As annoying as Nikki was on BB, she was funny with it. 10% annoying, 90% funny, whereas with Aly it's the other way around and at least Nikki's behaviour was mostly exaggerated by her for the camera. I'd want to slap Aly when she's having a tantrum whereas Nikki was funny.

It's amusing to think what 20 something year olds imagine being 30+ is like. Probably more a reflection of the life they'll feel they have to live in their dull future more than anything.

No. 313812


the kind of 30+ year olds who (shockingly) still laugh at cows, dickhead.

No. 313920

ugh Aly is always quite rage-inducing but this entire post makes me particularly mad

my thoughts exactly. leggings under denim shorts or skirt, big belt over shirt, tank top under tshirt, this shit was popular in Italy back then. You can tell she didn't renew her wardrobe since then.

No. 313982

File: 1494938486161.jpeg (206.87 KB, 640x893, image.jpeg)

I can't understand what she's trying to say.
"Really much" "waering" "collant" "determinate". Was her English this bad when she was spoopy?

No. 313987

collant means tights.

No. 313991

so she's gone from guessing cognates to literally just not even trying to translate?

why is she even acting like things are still a ~challenge~ when she posts ~donnies~ and ~fraps~ every single day? the real challenge would be eating a normal human meal tbh

No. 313994

I guess so. IDK why she just doesn't have captions in Italian since she obviously cannot speak English well.

No. 314002

Well she calls her thighs "tights"
If she wrote tights here it would mean admitting to herself she was wrong about thighs lol

No. 314087

She keeps going on about kilos and BMI ~numbers~. Doesn't care about calories or what she weighs but repeats it over and over. Is she even aware how obsessed and disordered she's become?

No. 314105

she regularly posts about ~struggling~, ie having been tempted to restrict, so that she can still claim all those ~recovery wins~.

No. 314205

File: 1494965968506.png (318.13 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

Drama alert

No. 314206

File: 1494965991023.png (482.7 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

No. 314209

File: 1494966539018.png (97.45 KB, 1046x447, Untitled.png)


I noticed this one having a pop at someone else when Aly thought that someone else person was slagging Aly off. I thought this dentalstixx person was an Aly fangirl. I'm confused.

No. 314211

File: 1494966695903.jpg (67.91 KB, 513x495, Capture.JPG)

And she's going on about being a cis here.

No. 314224

I'm the eucalyptusleavezzz person and because I commented on her post again she blocked me. Stupidly I didn't grab screenshots cause I'm stoned and forgetful. I'll be surprised if the comment is still up.

No. 314226

File: 1494968226102.jpg (37.18 KB, 291x308, Capture.JPG)

It's all still there. I love how there's a shitstorm going on and someone comments timidly "I love your outfit".

No. 314228

Oh I'm surprised it wasn't deleted, I guess she wants proof I'm a "hater" but blocked me anyway. Im not sure how you could take my comment as abuse, but this is Aly after all.

No. 314233

File: 1494968798008.jpg (126.65 KB, 916x594, Capture.JPG)

One of the many accounts she blocked of mine (just the one!) wasn't intended to be taken in a nasty way but she thought I must've been a h8r and blocked me. Where the fuck*ng hell is her head at?

Meanwhile, you too can have a body like Aly's. Here's the #proofs.

No. 314234

her eyeliner literally looks like she drew it on with a magic marker.

also it's easy to forget in her crazed shoots bc she dresses in unflattering and ill-fitting clothes but this pic makes it so obvious that she has a great figure and totally fits into the "beauty standard" she's always "yelling" about. stfu aly, going from universally gross looking to generally "hot" is hardly revolutionary. i'm sure recovery has been hard but the way she rants about her "rounded stomach" etc makes it sound like she's seriously bucking beauty conventions.

and, you know, the whole thing that one commenter got attacked about above, ie daring to mention that EDs are generally about way more fucked up shit than wanting to be pretty or w/e.

No. 314263

Everything you say 100%. She still does look thin in that pic where she's wearing shorts. It makes me think she can't be eating so much junk because there's no cellulite. She used to drink a lot of coffee and she smokes and those alone give you cellulite.

When she first posted this I thought she'd used photoshop to draw the eyeliner on. Either that or she's got a hardcore waterproof liner. She really needs to go natural.

No. 314546

If she ate as much shit as she claimed she's be well above a recovered BMI, but she obviously doesn't want to go above a recovered BMI 1: because she is still disordered as fuck, and 2: because she wouldn't be able to claim "recovery wins" and get asspats

No. 314551

File: 1495016070776.jpg (42.21 KB, 274x321, i see.JPG)

She had a fight with her boy. That explains why she's been extra spergy. Imagine the emotional blackmail. He sees her talking about relapsing because they had an argument. Dude shoulda stayed away from the crazy.

No. 314562

A little further down she says her ~boy~ might be visiting on Saturday, but that she's not "strong enough" to have him there the whole weekend.
Sounds to me like she is indeed restricting again, because she knows she could get away with it for a day, but not the whole weekend.

No. 314566

Yeah. All the effort she went to to get him back but now she doesn't want to spend an entire weekend with him and he's travelling a distance.

At least it'll spare us a dozen less vomit inducing dry humping pics.

I didn't think that food would be the reason she wanted to be alone when I first read it, but it makes sense. I like to be alone when I feel mental, but if I saw my partner as little as Aly does I'd make the effort to tolerate him an extra day. Those urges to starve must pretty strong.

No. 314582

exactly this. like her entire instagram and internet identity is based off of 'recovery' alone and if she gets to be of normal bmi (which tbh i think she is) and admit that she's recovered/become normal, then she'll receive less support or asspats. like she would receive less likes or comments because she'll fall out of being interesting or whatever, if that makes any sense. people would be happy for her yeah but there'd be even less of a reason to check in with her periodically unless someone is a hardcore fan or something since she's already reached the point of recovery, which is kinda like her finish line/goal line.

No. 314595

File: 1495024486118.jpg (16.66 KB, 293x100, Capture.JPG)

We know you know.

No. 314605

File: 1495026240253.jpg (71.32 KB, 386x456, Screenshot_20170517-090223.jpg)

Funnily enough, we were just saying she doesn't have cellulite, but I think I see some here, in her latest post. Now, I have cellulite myself so that's not my point, it's just that she makes a point of eating the mosg unhealthy things.

No. 314618

she could stay relevant if she made herself and her recovery more aspirational. she could do it pretty easily if she reined her crazy in and went back to the things (besides her weight) that made her popular in the first place.

tbh a couple of years ago i found her life somewhat aspirational aside from her ED. she lives in an amazing city, was always out at interesting restaurants "eating" pretty food, and pulled herself together pretty well. she was able to project some degree of privilege even though her family is middle class. her city and her vacations feel exotic to the american audience she's trying to appeal to.

if she could return to and improve on that she could actually come across as #recoverygoals and retain interest even though she's weight restored. here's my easy plan for Aly Success:

-fix her look. new hair, new makeup, improved and better fitting wardrobe. she CAN look good with better styling.
-stop posting cheap junk food and start posting pretty cafes and restaurants again. donuts and milkshakes are boring but pretty pastries and nice restaurant meals make eating and recovery look glamorous instead of indulgent.
-get better at photography and start taking NICE selfies and NICE food pics so everything fits an aesthetic
-start posting more of life in milan. shopping, architecture, drinks, whatever. capitalize on living in a chic city and make it look like she has an interesting cosmopolitan life, which most of her american audience will accept easily if she moves away from looking like she has no friends except her mom and no life except awkward posing with junk food.
-improve her english and start making simpler captions that are about the cool things she's doing and make it look like she's actually living, instead of saying batshit things like "happiness is dancing with a milkshake outside of mcdonalds in a tight skirt".
-stop the attention seeking
-actually interact with followers

it seems like a lot but it's really doable, since she spends most of her time on instagram anyway. if she did this she could actually seem appealing and ~inspirational~/aspirational. she got attention because compared to the other emaciated anas on IG she had a pretty, "glamorous" life but she's lost that element. with her huge audience, she could get longevity AND maybe even move away from basing her identity on her ED if she transitioned from full-time recovery worrier to "cool 20-something living a leisurely life in a fashion capital".

i know this entire post is extra but w/e w/e

No. 314630

File: 1495029709000.jpg (576.51 KB, 800x1464, Screenshot_20170517-095832.jpg)

Clearly Miss Whiney is here. Hi, Alice! Fix your hair yet? I recommend a chop, Argan oil, and non sulfate shampoo.
Who the hell is going to buy that an "Italian feminist page" said this? She clearly came here, saw our post about cellulite, and turned it into something it's not.
Newsflash, girl, I am the one who posted that. I have cellulite. I wear shorts. I am a feminist. You should be too, but instead you're turning against thousands of your followers.
If you're going to stalk this page, take our advice, and grow some thicker skin.

No. 314636


Even Kate Moss had cellulite when she was at the height of her thinspo career. I'm only petite but I have some cellulite. I don't trust women who don't have it. Body shaming? She does enough of that herself. She shames recovery girls who eat well and she shames herself for her imagined fatness.

She's OBSESSED with BMI.

That comment she deleted didn't say she "only eats sweets". She asked to see what other foods she eats and not just the snacks (or "extras" as Aly calls them).

I look at ana chan ig pages to look for material for here, but I like to look at recovered ED accounts because I'm shit at cooking and I like to see ideas for new veggie foods I could try that are easy to make. Aly couldn't be an account like that or be a stay healthy type account. Your ideas are her best bet. I live in a main city in England, and European cities are still really interesting to me because I've never travelled.

I'd like to see her shopping for clothes at this point. She's kind of like an older male to female transsexual when they first start to live as a woman and get the clothes all wrong. She should read up on what flatters your figure and go looking for clothes to take pictures of (and wear herself, ha).

So yeah, I'm interested in Milan and seeing her do something other than donuts. She needs distraction and it seems she doesn't have any hobbies.

She also needs to stop guilt tripping followers because she mistakeans English/wants sympathy. That (and the donuts and chocolate) are what piss me off most.

Such a wasted opportunity.

No. 314640

Yes, I'm sure a feminist page posted that. How stupid does she think her followers are?

I hate the "stretch marks are warrior signs" thing and the "warrior/soldier" shit in general. I know plenty of people in the actual military (including…women!) who have served in active duty and fucking no, your "battle" with anorexia is not the same as actual warfare. Shut up.

Also the whole "everyone is beautiful" thing. Beauty is subjective and it changes with the times, but there are some things that will always be attractive and some things that never will be, because of biological and evolutionary instinct. Some people are conventionally attractive and some people are not. It's no different than how some people are naturally athletic and some are not, or some are naturally intelligent and some are not. Not everyone is beautiful and no amount of Dove campaigns and ranty captions will give ugly people the social advantages of beautiful people. It doesn't work like that.

No. 314645

File: 1495031131059.jpg (30.24 KB, 468x286, dove.jpg)

The women on Dove ads are always good looking anyway whatever their size. They never have fugly women and they're never obese. They're like UK size 16/18 but it's all in the right places. Aesthetically pleasing.

They probably get them from a plus size model agency. If they used someone with rotten teeth and really fucked up hair or sacks of porridge at the top of their legs nobody would buy their products.

I searched feminism/feminist in Italian on facebook. The main groups are pretty militant so no, they wouldn't say that. Lying bitch.

No. 314647

(oh, and they're airbrushed)

No. 314680

File: 1495035507217.png (64.67 KB, 584x398, learn english.png)

Jesus, the only time she interacts with someone is when they defend themselves. Either Aly's super snowflake sensitivity is in overdrive or she really shouldn't bother communicating in English any more if her understanding's so poor.

No. 314683

"I don't live on IG". Yeeeeah sure ok.

No. 314685

no one wants a mcdonalds throw back aly lmao she probably can't post a lot of normal dinner/lunch meals because she doesnt eat them not to assume that she eats all of the sweets she posts besides the tiny bites

No. 314687

I chuckled at that one. I counted she posted 15 times the other day. Between that and monitoring the comments to make sure no one is stepping on her fragile reputation and yelling that she doesn't have enough "support", not to mention the "shoots", she definitely lives and breathes Instagram.

No. 314695

She keeps saying "cellulitis" instead of "cellulite" and it's driving me bonkers.

Ali….Cellulitis is an infection. The word you're looking for is cellulite.

No. 314699

idk, i think she actually does eat the shit she shows? i think she pretty much only eats crap these days. she posts 1021398979 pics of every donut but if you cut out the duplicate images and assume she's eating a milkshake and donut for lunch instead of something normal, she's prob eating a pretty believably calorie amount each day.

it's just fucking horrible for you. no wonder her skin looks like shit.

No. 314720

She's def eating at least some of the food she take pics of or else she'd never gain weight.

No. 314723

just seems super immature to be involved in social media drama at that age. I'd die if my life was that lame as a grown adult that I had time and interest in this shit lol

No. 314731


cool!!!!! make a thread about old people or something and stop trying to derail

No. 314739

File: 1495043322927.png (880.23 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170517-194731.png)

Didn't she post that picture some days ago? Am i high?

No. 314743

Idk if you're high but I had that feeling earlier with the Crunchie and at other times with chocolate bars.

Looks like what she might've stuffed down her bra when she had big tits while fakerecovering.

No. 314744

File: 1495044166049.jpg (14.01 KB, 154x179, corpsearm.JPG)

Did she actually have a tanning session? Was it only on her face, because…img related.

No. 314746

I think it's a combo of what the other anons said, plus I reckon she mousses and blow dries her hair whilst scrunching it. you get a uniquely crispy texture and it all clumps together like aly's.

No. 315039

File: 1495069860822.gif (3.6 MB, 480x592, 1495066257089.gif)

No. 315064

that pose looks like she's charging up a kamehameha

No. 315071

this is truly art, thank you anon

No. 315105

i could really go for a doughnut now

No. 315506

"yaaaaas" "slay" "preach" are creeping into her comment section I've noticed. And she's really starting to latch onto the body positive bullshit just lately. Is this another tactic for asspats? I really doubt her sincerity. Perhaps she feels better about herself immersing herself in with the obese, like a lot of these so called "warriors" do but won't admit it.

No. 315513

File: 1495116041675.jpg (140.12 KB, 714x425, IMG_20170518_075244.jpg)

I can't imagine her friends told her to loose weight but didn't tell her to get a haircut.

No. 315526

ok, I really can't imagine her friends insinuating that she needs to lose weight, because she is obviously still very slim, and not ~curvy~ as she keeps insisting.

I suspect what they actually meant was that maybe she should try and dress according to her new figure, similar to what we've been saying.

No. 315528

lol this ALMOST sounds like she read my stupid "Aly Success Plan" yesterday.

>i now prefer having fried chicken in the street instead of being on a diet or "classy"

fried chicken in the street. what the fuck.

i don't understand why she's so insistent that eating food and not being emaciated also has to = acting like an idiot, not bothering to present yourself well, and being self-admittedly "lame and cheesy." she's legit going to scare away anyone who's considering recovery because marketing recovery as being trashy, poorly dressed, and embarrassing is…not a good way to sell it

like i think what she's trying to get at is that she was too obsessed with her image and seeming perfect before but she's STILL obsessed with her image at this point so as long as you're posing, spending hours on your hair, and spending your life on IG why not at least have an appealing result?

No. 315536

Her new style would look better in the bin. Nobody on earth could make what she wears look good. Why does she insist on wearing everything so tight??

I thought it was odd when she was banging on ages ago about how she wanted to be like the "other girls" and eat chips in the street. Then she ate chips not only on the street but ON THE FLOOR?

One thing I've noticed is how her #motivationalposts are well written (spelling and grammar) and the rest is shite. I think she takes chunks from books and copies it out. No way has she thought these things up herself. She's probably doing the same thing with her #newwavefeminist thing. It reads like some shit a 14 year old girl would write in a riot grrl zine the 90s.

God help us when she starts to menstruate again. I hope she doesn't start doing shoots of her holding out tampons or home made pads.

No. 315546

File: 1495119898271.png (422.39 KB, 389x833, aly.png)

where does she even find skirt/dresses this short?? are they all from the kids' section?

No. 315547

she said the skirt was from 2014, which was when she was spoopy, so… likely from the kids' section, yeah.

No. 315549

You can see the tops of her tights. Classy.

Everything she wears just looks…cheap. Market stuff. Even Primark have more style.

No. 315557

File: 1495120754281.png (807.95 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-05-18-09-15-15…)

New instagram story. Vlog style. She actually look cute imo

No. 315558

File: 1495121100445.png (123.78 KB, 750x1105, IMG_0434.PNG)

I wasn't able to hear what she was going on about, but I did get this lovely screen cap. What was she saying anyways?

No. 315559

What a difference a make up remover facial wipe does. She looks in her teens here.

No. 315560

I never get to see these stories for some reason so didn't hear it. Jesus, she looks so different for the better.

No. 315562

She looks so cute without the red lipstick

No. 315564

Wait, this is Aly??? it looks lke a totally different person.

No. 315565

I think she was talking about no make up no shame. How some guys said she looks good. That we should read her body positive post.

No. 315566

she should be ashamed of her make up, not being with out it

No. 315569

File: 1495121967185.jpg (66.48 KB, 724x346, if only.JPG)


No. 315580

she's also wearing her skirts hiked up practically to her ribcage when they're made to hit below the waistline, because they're too small on her to fit properly but she won't admit it. exhibit A: that black puffy skirt she has worn at every weight for the last two years, hiking it up higher and higher until eventually she'll be wearing it as an elizabethan ruff

No. 315858

File: 1495145437152.png (238.89 KB, 750x1158, IMG_0450.PNG)

Literally nobody said this Aly.

No. 315864


>Calories: little monsters hidden into food which work to destroy your body." Found on the net and deceiving. Ahahahahah. NOT

Always suspected she lurks at mpa.

Nah, the only dodgy comments she really does get she screen shots and posts and so far she's done that with ONE.

So sick of that pic of her spoopy on a kid's horse. I wish there was a way you could take peoples shit photos on the internets and burn them like an irl print.

No. 316374

she looks SO much better without makeup

No. 316425

>aly_recoverylifex3 REPOST yeah.

She just posted her first pic for the THIRD time because she didn't get any comments on it the first two times.

No. 316432

PLEASE STOP WEARING MAKEUP, PULLING WEIRD FACES, AND SCRUNCHING YOUR HAIR, ALY. God, she looks a million times better here than in her usual photos.

>wearing it as an Elizabethan ruff
Fucking kek.

No. 316437

File: 1495194937970.png (1.03 MB, 640x1136, IMG_0018.PNG)

Incoming relapse or breakdown?

No. 316440

He's probably sick of looking at her pushing around food on her plate for two hours during each meal by now.

No. 316441

File: 1495195803937.jpeg (69.79 KB, 640x969, image.jpeg)

No. 316442

Maybe she throws the same recovery bullshit at him just like her followers if he questions her

Or he said that she's still thin or something like that hence the "not enough recovered"

No. 316485

Probably called her out on her obsessively taking pictures of food. She's just as disordered as she's always been whilst she's continuing with all this instagram shit. Weight gain be buggered

No. 316502

>my father still believes (after 2 years) that my therapist is a idiot

Obviously her therapist's an idiot.

Her boyfriend must feel like a recovery accessory. She only uses him for shoots where she's all over him to show people that she's "successful" because she's gained weight and is in a relationship. To her, that's success. Her head's just as fucked up as it was in the beginning, but he's stupid to have got back with her. I'm calling relapse.

>You do deserve being loved unconditionally, just like anybody else

But everyone has their breaking point. She thinks everyone should put up with her bullshit. Nah.

No. 316535

File: 1495209673409.jpg (4.88 KB, 300x168, doppelganger.jpg)

i can't see it anymore since she went private again and i have zero desire to have her constant posts clogging up my IG feed, but lol at that recent post where she described herself as being
> "as pale as a storm trooper (if you have seen Star Wars you know what I mean!)"

No. 316727

I don't understand how her followers constantly dole out support to her. How do they not notice that every single post she makes is the same regurgitated bullshit that she's been spouting since the beginning of her totes realrecovery?