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No. 23296

Black khaleesi as claimed by tumblr. Claims she has an editing and promtional team.Apparently changed her name to Artemis. Ex Sugar baby.


No. 23297


she lives near me & quirky
I've thought about posting her before but I am a lazy shit
she cray cray

No. 23298

She comes off as slightly vain, also her lol I do drugz is annoying.congratulations you smoke weed, drink, and take Molly like any other college student.

No. 23299

She and her mother both have EDs, she used to be into Lolita (she looked really ita, once wore a fedora in a coord and dyed her hair a very garish, nasty-ass blond at one point) and constantly got into drama over absolutely nothing.
I think she looks better this way, but the way she acts makes me not like her.

No. 23300

Her mom doesn't have an ED and I'm sure she never dyed her hair it was simply a weave/ extensions. I do agree though the colour was shit for her skin tone.

No. 23301

All I remember is that she bleached it (or said she did) at one point. I only read that her mom had an ED on /cgl/ though, so that might not be accurate

No. 23302

why is the vid title in french is she french wahts up with that

No. 23303

File: 1428016311827.jpg (101.18 KB, 454x544, Screenshot_2015-04-02-18-22-47…)

I feel like you're confusing her with nombeezombie, they look similar and both have or had an ED but nombes mom also suffered from an ED.

I can't be the only one that found this really gross. Wouldn't be surprised if she had used condoms on the floor too. This reminds of the switch girl drama.

No. 23304

Why would anyone publically post this? do they think they deserve praise or something?

No. 23305

I am a college student and have done none of these things. I hate when people generalize about specific shit like this because a lot of people feel pressure to be "normal," end up picking up a habit and fuck their bodies up.

She's not unique for it either, but fuck.

No. 23306

They do actually. Drug use, sex work, trauma, sexual activity and any other sort of negative social activity get bragged about on tumblr and other parts of the internet because those who go on about it are so uninteresting otherwise that they have nothing else to talk about. No hobbies, interests, goals, etc.

No. 23307

She should be careful with her use of molly, a lot of drug dealers aren't truthful about what's in them and there are very few that's truly just MDMA.

No. 23308

isn't that what you hope is in molly? ?? ? ? (i'm from australia and molly = mdma here)

No. 23309

>truly JUST MDMA
here in America it's very common for dealers to mix other shit in the pills or just put a plethora of things inside them and claim it's pure MDMA. Most of the time it's just methylone and maybe other random shit.

Molly= pure MDMA or at least it's supposed to.

No. 23310

the shape of her nose is very unfortunate. also obvious circle lenses are obvious. her eyebags are even worse than mine, too…
I don't get it. Isn't the khaleesi supposed to be inhumanly beautiful? she looks haggard as fuck. Where's the comparison come from? is it self-perpetuated? this is that living doll schtick all over again…

No. 23311

File: 1428023466957.jpeg (247.19 KB, 448x769, cosplay_23678.jpeg)

There's a picture of her cosplaying as daenerys. It's ok at best.

No. 23312

if it weren't for that tree stump schnoz she'd actually look a bit like her

No. 23313

Think of it this way: By looking like you're super sexually active and into drugs and shit, you look like you have a high social life, which is often looked as the norm.

She's getting too much into detail which just sets the bullshit radar off the charts. When you have absolutely nothing to make up for, there's nothing but to look like you're too cool to have any other hobbies.

I'm not saying she should be like, drinking tea on a pure white high horse while reading obscure books but she doesn't really seem to be the kind of person that you'd have any interaction with outside of a party because she's plain and boring.

No. 23314

File: 1428073102567.jpeg (268.68 KB, 454x613, 1428072741427.jpeg)

Looking at her face tag, I'm sure she shoops some of her pictures.

No. 23315

Omg. Just fucking white face you stupid bitch this shit is awful.

No. 23316

File: 1428960355809.jpg (28.37 KB, 454x222, Screenshot_2015-04-13-17-17-09…)

Posting because I thought this was amusing.

No. 23317

File: 1428961308680.jpg (141.57 KB, 454x716, Screenshot_2015-04-13-17-17-23…)

She seems very salty about someone mentioning Google pulls results based on broswer history.

No. 23318

How could she not know this though??

No. 23319

If I curl my hair can I be the female Jon Snow

No. 23320

She's just deluded herself into thinking she's reached the pinnacle of internet fame. I'm also wondering how it never occurs to her that maybe her boyfriend is visiting her blog. Just because you funny use it didn't mean anything.

No. 23321

Ignore the typos I'm using mobile.

No. 23322

File: 1436664433785.jpg (161.74 KB, 640x826, image.jpg)

This girls ego is inflated.

No. 23323

Were you around for the cringe thread debacle on cgl yesterday? Someone linked her to basically everyone disapproving of her behavior so she came to the thread frothing at the mouth trying to justify herself.

No. 23324

Not that anon but damn, you can't post something like that and then not share a link or caps! Anything good go down?

No. 23325


No. 23326

I'm on my phone but you're in luck! The thread hasn't 404d yet. Scroll more towards the bottom and there ya go.


No. 23327

Caps in no particular order.

No. 23328

File: 1436668284644.png (617.01 KB, 535x910, IMG__201507192__102632.png)

No. 23329

No. 23330

File: 1436669594862.jpg (84.53 KB, 1280x720, 1436599888452.jpg)

I've only ever watched the first season of GoT, but I don't recall Daenerys having an actual potato for a nose.

No. 23331

I can't believe no one has posted her nudes, crazy.

No. 23332

holy shit please post

No. 23333

Wait…. This the girl who was going to let SERE of all people sponsor her visa to Japan to teach, even tho she only has one semester of college under her belt?

Kapu….lmao girl stop!

No. 23334

She looks so rough because she does drugs and stuff.

No. 23335

She's "relevant"? That's a term you use for people who, you know, do something. As far as I'm aware, she's been a drama whore in gyaru, lolita, and now cosplay. She doesn't have any talent or anything that makes her worthy of anyone's attention.

No. 23336

File: 1436715671295.png (116.64 KB, 524x372, IMG__201507192__102556.png)

No. 23337

File: 1436716105846.jpg (193.02 KB, 720x1280, tumblr_nm1at2eB0U1qk7wlro1_128…)

I find it really funny that she has a gofundme asking people to pay for a dragoncon badge yet she does shit like this and posts about buying shitty bags.

No. 23338

AHAHAHAHAH ive actually hung out with this person in real life

she's harmless and mostly inconsequential but i can see why you guys would post about her

i met her for the first time at AWA 2014 and went to her room because a friend of mine was staying with her for the con, and it seemed like every word that came out of her mouth was something negative about someone in the ga lolita community (jesus)

she's just a very unfortunate, uninteresting person in real life and i would have never imagined her reaching this hard for internet clout

No. 23339


people from the net like this usually are lmao

No. 23340

they are somewhere on her tumblr
I'll have to wade through her blog archive since it's pretty much all anons kissing her ass

No. 23341

File: 1436882009474.png (761.49 KB, 504x813, 8764365451.png)

That fucking nose takes up half her face.

Other than sub-par cosplay she seems pretty boring though. Here have an unflattering photo she took of herself to show she's just like the rest of us tee-hee.

No. 23342

No. 23343

>my body isnt vulgar
>posts provocatively/sexually to show her body

No. 23344

File: 1436883597478.png (355.03 KB, 540x720, IMG__201507195__101755.png)

I don't know why her wigs always look tangled and ratty. You would think she'd take better care of them if she wears them everyday.

No. 23345

File: 1436883670903.png (238.43 KB, 540x719, IMG__201507195__101735.png)

No. 23346

File: 1438832837908.jpg (77.5 KB, 750x349, 1438804751552.jpg)


No. 23347

Her doing 'sexy' poses doesnt technically make her body vulgar. She just looks awful though.

No. 23348

File: 1438836778356.png (245.01 KB, 309x313, nn.PNG)

she could have just had her 15 min of fame but she has such a bad personality and an inflated ego over a buzzfeed article it's all going to blow up in her face.

No. 23349

A buzzfeed article? What happened?

No. 23350

File: 1438840335382.png (742.88 KB, 665x915, hth.PNG)

No. 23351

>340 votes for FAIL

No. 23352

Plus most of the comments are negative. Buzzfeed making me proud for the first and probably last time

No. 23353

File: 1438851371556.gif (2.54 MB, 450x248, cr.gif)

The second hand embarrassment

No. 23354

>The Real-Life Version of Daenerys

Uh…what about the actual actress…

No. 23355

I remember seeing a post by a rando or by Artemis herself showing photos of the actress not in costume/on set. The post went something like, 'NOT EVEN THE REAL Daenerys looks LIKE Daenerys!!!!'

No. 23356

>comparing photoshopped selfies to unretouched film

so real, really real! deffo the mother of dragons in the flesh!
what do you mean 'editing app'??

No. 23357

No. 23358

No one can be this stupid. Of course the actress doesn't like her character without being in full costume. I believe she wears a white blonde wig because achieving that kind of hair is too damaging for a person irl.

No. 23359

Buzzfeed is almost like the onion at times, except not satire…which is worse.

No. 23360

File: 1438895649775.jpg (597.15 KB, 910x1302, Screenshot_2015-08-06-17-10-38…)

You can tell she's very full of herself. A Facebook page so you can show everyone your selfies?

No. 23361

She looks like she smells like a wet mop

No. 23362

I fucking hate how the thread died off abruptly when she made a sob story post on her fb.

If you've known her long enough it's obvious that she's making up shit and exaggerating for attention

No. 23363

She's barely out of high school. She started shit in the online gyaru comm, her make up was shit and eventually she started blocking everybody. I guess she got into cosplay after that. She's so fucking obnoxious.

No. 23364

File: 1438966940802.jpg (499.64 KB, 910x1445, Screenshot_2015-08-07-12-59-03…)

Anyone know what "projects" she's referring to? If it's still her trying to get people to pay for her dragon con badge that would be fucked up. Referring to it as a project.

No. 23365

I find it funny how she has to constantly bring up her online reputation and the meanies every chance she gets. I also laughed at her saying her cosplays were amazing because that was objectively a lie.

No. 23366

She's hitting 20 rly soon. She's been out of high school for good bit

No. 23367

Don't forget she started in lolita with her bullshit.

No. 23368


So she's been out for like, two years? Eh, that's not really a long time.

No. 23369

She fucked her own self over with that gyaru bs. She blocked people for no reason then sided with SERE of all people because Sere offered her a job.

No. 23370

"she will continue to cosplay Daenerys as long as the show remains relevant" confirmed for fake fan attention whoring

No. 23371

>irrelevant chick who makes sandwiches
Does she even have a job?
>not even daenerys looks like daenerys
as if >>23348 does without the ratty wig on

No. 23372

The bitch dropped out of school to work at Cookout

No. 23373

So then technically she's the irrelevant chick making sandwiches

No. 23374

She's probably going to straighten her hair and claim she is a nicki minaj look a like when the show ends

No. 23375

File: 1439262666211.jpg (286.16 KB, 1041x722, V5hfU33[1].jpg)


It took me a while to figure out why she looks familiar.

No. 23376

honestly I hate how attracted I am to him
sage for OT and me being a fag

No. 23377

So does this count as blacks culturally appropriating whites?

No. 23378

Cultural appropriation isn't real, so no

No. 23379

File: 1439271720600.jpg (647.87 KB, 911x1060, Screenshot_2015-08-11-01-39-49…)

I'm starting to think she actually wears wigs because she doesn't know what to do with her hair. Looking a hot mess.

No. 23380

Why does she always make that stupid sad-neutral droppy face expression? I wanna punch her.

No. 23381

it's the same face ariana grande permanently has.

No. 23382

what's going on with the top of her head? Is a wig sitting on the back of her head or..?

No. 23383

It looks like she has traction alopecia on the edges of her hair. Which could be because she glues those wigs to her head constantly. There are quite a few celebrities that suffer from this type of alopecia and it's because they're putting too much stress on their hair.

No. 23384

What the fuck is up with her eyebrows?

No. 23385

That's her real hair, she's attempting the same style as the picture above.

No. 23386

File: 1439274499172.jpg (62.3 KB, 433x466, jj.jpg)


No. 23387

File: 1439274595656.jpg (46.66 KB, 500x375, its_time_to_stop_posting.jpg)

This picture popped up while I was reading the thread. Jfc anon you scared the shit out of me.

No. 23388


No. 23389

He has the most punchable face I've seen.

No. 23390

I love you, anon

No. 23391

File: 1439296139969.jpg (148.68 KB, 746x960, image.jpg)

A reminder of her days as "kapu-channnnnn"
Bitch couldnt take any form of negativity or concrit but now she's so far up her own ass she waves it off

No. 23392

File: 1439860800163.jpg (72.84 KB, 750x283, image.jpg)

Back to school status are too triggering for her, so she decided she's going to block everyone who posted them on fb

No. 23393

File: 1439861055668.jpg (138.75 KB, 750x1091, image.jpg)

oh no, how unflattering
Better take a selfie

No. 23394

Probably because she doesn't want to admit that she dropped out after injecting too many of the marijuana's and popping Molly all day to be cool.

No. 23395

Honestly, I don't give a fuck about black Khaleesi. GoT is almost over, no one reads the damn books anymore since the show- so as soon as it ends she'll be old news… until she hops onto the next thing. I do wonder where she got her wig in >>23314 I read from somewhere on her tumblr a long time ago that she bought only bought, like, ebay tier wigs.

No. 23396

I just want her to end up like pixyteri tbh

No. 23397

Are you the stalker she keeps talking about?

She's not pixyteri teir, she's too boring to reach that level.

No. 23398

Artemis doesn't have a stalker. It was just few people from different comm that's just posting her.

No. 23399

I found this btich by accident when I was in the AV gyaru tag

No. 23400

No. 23401

File: 1440331496343.jpg (894.52 KB, 879x1416, Screenshot_2015-08-23-08-01-26…)

I don't really understand people who tag their stuff AV gyaru, it's not a subtype of gyaru. It's just a gal who's a porn star. So unless you're a porn star you're not a AV gyaru.

No. 23402

File: 1440331521934.jpg (803.04 KB, 911x1178, Screenshot_2015-08-23-08-01-36…)

No. 23403

>dat make up
what a hot mess.

No. 23404

Damn she's more like desperate obasan than gyaru in that pic.

Why does she want to be in AV so bad? I know she acknowledges what it means. She posts herself naked.

No. 23405


oh god that shoop
them disproportionate arms
that bobblehead head

No. 23406

File: 1440462761163.jpg (495.42 KB, 909x1206, https://40.media.tumblr.com/67…)

She's totally only using filters guys, no face editing/shoop here. She could become the next Berry.

No. 23407

She really needs to get another wig, or at least brush that. Holy shit.

No. 23408

File: 1440463666072.jpg (552.78 KB, 909x762, h1440463021315.jpg)

No. 23409

>AV Gyaru
This bitch is neither of those things. Why is she tagging herself that?

No. 23410

Her wig is so unkept! Ugh

No. 23411

Wow, her skin looks so bad and that huge ass nose. If her nose was smaller, she'd be a lot prettier.

No. 23412

Is that a moustache or something jeez

No. 23413

Might be shadows. I get that a lot in bad lighting.

No. 23414

oh jesus, you can see where her real hair ends and where the fake hair begins. It's like she just plopped it on to of her head. And she draws her eyebrows horribly.

No. 23415

But..but anon
I still read them :(

Seriously though this chick couldn't be khaleesi of a front lawn. It is known.

No. 23416

I can't wait until the GOT hype finally dies after the show is over. People act like it's the greatest series of literature ever written, when I guarantee they haven't ever read another series of fantasy books. I'm done with GOT. I tried reading it and couldn't get into it and the show's fanbase made it worse.

No. 23417


Way to generalise about the entire Game of Thrones fandom.

No. 23418

Oh, get over yourself

No. 23419

A very small minority of the GoT fanbase has actually read the books. It's all about the show. Other fantasy series are irrelevant, because they haven't been made into TV shows.

No. 23420


No need to be salty anon. I know many people who are GoT fans & are huge book worms and have read endless amounts of different books in fantasy literature, more than I can possibly count.

No. 23421

File: 1440800675400.jpg (113.59 KB, 540x720, image.jpg)

Artie w/o shoop

No. 23422

that colour does her no favours.

No. 23423

I'm pretty sure she is lying about having alopecia. I distinctly remember her discussing shaving her head for the sole reason of her wigs fitting better.

No. 23424

You know, she'd probably suit a shaved head.
I feel like it'd look nicer than that shitty wig.

No. 23425

File: 1440830707752.jpg (78.94 KB, 500x375, 1395771479967.jpg)

Never forget.

No. 23426

File: 1440831158440.gif (5.4 MB, 320x240, urkel.gif)

she looks like a white lady Urkel

No. 23427

She had a picture on her Tumblr of her with her real hair. It's short and fried.

No. 23428

File: 1441479686126.jpg (687.72 KB, 1280x720, https://41.media.tumblr.com/01…)

God she looks so haggard. If you're going to go through all the trouble of cosplaying and plopping that janky ass wig on your head, you might as well cover the dark circles under your eyes.

No. 23429

File: 1441488242074.jpg (79.84 KB, 456x810, tumblr_nu6q2bdjhe1qk7wlro2_540…)

This cosplay looks really bad honestly.

No. 23430


Is the woman on the right wearing a mask? I'm confused and creeped out

No. 23431


Holy shit, yeah, what's going on there?
I feel like she did something to her face to make her look more like Margaery but I can't place what

I guess the blue contacts don't exactly make her look less weird though

No. 23432

I think it's a combination of the wig, too-pale foundation and contacts. The eyebrows look like a mannequin's too. Weird shit.

No. 23433

File: 1441590608302.jpg (631.18 KB, 911x1474, Screenshot_2015-09-06-21-45-57…)

Whining because she didn't get any asspats at dragoncon and is now trying to draw it up to "because Im black"

Or maybe it's because your cosplay is honestly sloppy and cringey. So maybe they didn't want to take pictures with a bad deanery's cosplay. It also doesn't help that she got a bad attitude from her 5 seconds of tumblr fame.

No. 23434

File: 1441590762352.jpg (268.06 KB, 909x910, Screenshot_2015-09-06-21-51-19…)

Now those people are evil because they didn't want to socialize with her seriously.

No. 23435


I can't blame anyone for not wanting to pose with her, girl honestly looked bad.

No. 23436

it always embarrasses me when I see black girls behave like this. she's seriously making it harder for the rest of us.

No. 23437


Inorite? Her desperate try hard attitude and thinking she's the best Khaleesi cosplayer around; with bonus points for being of colour, is what makes her just irritating I'm mixed with really dark skin and cosplay as 'white' characters all the time & never have been treated differently at conventions. She's throwing nothing more than a blatant tantrum because she wasn't in the spotlight amongst the GoT photoshoot group. It has nothing to do with race at all.

No. 33653

No. 39641

File: 1444176554192.jpg (45.32 KB, 900x1125, FB_IMG_1444176281786.jpg)

No. 39651

Jeez, that's gluttonous and gross.

No. 39668

There are tons of non-white cosplayers at cons. Maybe it's just me?? I don't know, but I've been cosplaying for 10 years now and never had any issue being the only hispanic woman at a con or group meetup. And Dragon con is a huuuuge con in Atlanta. This bitch sounds like she's making shit up for ass pats.

No. 39676

File: 1444179839153.jpg (129.99 KB, 1137x640, FB_IMG_1444179785424.jpg)

I'm sure what happened was that she was nervous going to the photoshoot and probably half expected people to notice and gawk over her because she's soo famous. No one gave her asspasts, so she convinced herself it's because she's black. Nevermind the fact that the meetup had a large amount of people in it and not everyone is super sociable and will go out of their way to talk to people. She also left the meetup early and her cosplay was bad.

No. 39780

Yikes. I would hate to go to a meetup this huge in general.

No. 39784

I don't see not one PoC here. This would have made me feel uneasy as fuck.

No. 39802


It's full of fat Khaleesis!

No. 39834

She's friends with that asian margery , no? In the third row? The one pictured at >>23429 . But yeah, not a lot of PoC , but somehow, I find anon's reasoning here >>39676 more believable. Being the only or one of the few PoC never stopped her before.

No. 100795

File: 1457141429101.jpg (188.15 KB, 910x422, Screenshot_2016-03-04-20-23-10…)

No. 100797

File: 1457141517930.jpg (837.02 KB, 910x1411, Screenshot_2016-03-04-20-19-54…)

>Talks about people looking dumb AF, posts this picture soon after.

The pot calling the kettle black?

No. 100799

File: 1457141596932.png (271.87 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2016-03-04-20-24-29…)

Also believes Sere's done nothing wrong. When she has literally abandoned her children. How sad…

No. 100801

There's just something incredibly old/aged about her face

No. 100908

Does anyone notice that all of the attention seeker girls who pull this shit like Kate and Jillian are massive shit starters who then get mad when shit gets out of control and they can no longer handle the drama?
They want to talk shit as long as it's not about them and they want people to focus on them and when that focus is negative instead of taking a backseat they flounce and then have to denounce the entire community who have done nothing to them.

No. 101853

File: 1457351805572.jpg (491.02 KB, 904x1373, Screenshot_2016-03-07-06-54-17…)

"Wahh,no one pays attention to me because I'm actually boring under my ratty wigs and contact lenses."

No. 102054

is she no longer pretending that she is mixed

No. 102336

Pretty sure she dropped it when she started getting well known for being the Black Khaleesi. I guess she figured she'd get more of a following for being a totally unique special all black girl, than if she marketed herself as a mixed girl.

No. 102387

As soon as she was noticed as the black khaleesi she stopped trying to be ambiguous with her race and started following the black sjw train really hard.

This girls is also a liar. I've heard her tell balant lies regarding her infamous internet reputation.

Claiming that 4chan had a whole thread about her being trans, and saying things like they didn't like her because she was black which wasn't the case.

No. 102391

She's on Facebook and super annoying and high off of smelling her own shit. Is she really trans ?

No. 102395

No she's not trans, should have worded that differently. She pretty much told people cgl gad a whole thread accusing her of being trans and was giving her shit about it.

No. 102643

She got mad because on her tumblr she talked shit about Misako Aoki and then later got to do some fashion show with her, so then all of a sudden Misako was awesome and she was her unofficial translator. When people called her out on her shit she got upset and flounced. I think something similar happened with the gal comm, I don't follow it so I don't know. People on cgl hated her because she would talk about how she didn't like being compared to Khaleesi and how she had never seen GoT, then all of a sudden according to buzzfeed she's a "famous" Khalessi cosplayer. Didn't she make a gofundme?

No. 102661

She also has an account on MyProAna

No. 104058

File: 1457652564296.png (1.31 MB, 921x693, Untitled.png)

She's reaching really hard for internet attention.

"follow for my work" You mean shooped pictures of you….

No. 104459

her eyebrows are so fucking rough looking, you'd think someone would help her with this

No. 107715

File: 1458497014384.jpg (169.04 KB, 1024x600, iiiyt.jpg)

She quit her job, knowing that she had no money and rent due. Now she's asking people to give her money for rent.

I honestly feel bad for her bf, because it seems like she's constantly hopping jobs.

No. 107717

File: 1458497142638.jpg (36.74 KB, 463x385, Untitled.jpg)

There are more responsible ways of doing this. She could have talked to someone or made sure she found another job before quitting.

No. 107718

I pay for everything and I still manage to have a lot of my paycheck left. Bitch learn to save and don't waste your money.

No. 107735

Why is she famous? She looks ok but that huge nose destroys her face.

No. 107764

Lol that wig on her chair. That messy room.

No. 107765

I don't know who this girl is and I don't care enough to read the thread but all I can really say is any girl that stans hard over Khaleesi is usually a basicass trainwreck of a person.

No. 107871

what the fuck does not having enough to pay for your fucking lenses have to do with anything?

No. 107882

She put herself in this "high stress" situation. No one forced her to quit, and she didn't even try to talk to management about this harassment.

Jobs commonly have an open door policy to report harassment even from higher ups.

No. 107884

She claims to be such a grown woman but grown adults do not quit their jobs if they have no backup plan and no money saved, no matter how uncomfortable it makes them. This reeks of entitlement.

No. 107885

She was in the Lolita comm for a couple months, constantly showing her self harm scars and talking about her multiple stints in ED treatment. Couldn't take con crit. Cried about being too poor, ended up with someone buying her a dress (jfc the Lolita comm is so fucking gullible). Mistakenly understood something Misako said in an interview, going on a huge rampage about how she was an ugly frog and needed to burn in hell. Later met Misako at a con and basically licked Misako's ass, bragging about how close they were. Rage quit Lolita because couldn't take concrit and lolitas are meanies.
Next went on to gyaru, again couldn't take concrit and had a huge ego, flounced because gyaru r meanies too

No. 107896

She's been an train wreck since she sat down and logged onto a computer.

No. 107899

Why would anybody quit like this? Hand in your notice and leave properly. And why would she post this? What a way to make herself look unemployable.

No. 107955


I feel the same way anon, pretty sick of hearing about it and its hard to avoid its fucking EVERYWHERE. sage for OT

No. 107962

That is not how you sage. Go back to pull.

No. 108986

now she's licking assholes in the Dragon Age fandom, my friends follow her and I have to see her dumb shit on my dash all the time.

No. 109128

>now this bitch

Can these hos please leave the DA Fandom alone??

No. 113783

Cmon, let's be real, it's one of the easier videogame fandoms to join. You don't have to have any skill to play Dragon Age.

No. 123995

File: 1461535782538.png (608.79 KB, 821x603, rusrs.PNG)

Now she's an "activist" and a "model". Who in their right mind tags their photos as SJW?

No. 123996

wow, she's busted.
What's up with how dark her elbows are? is that normal or is it like from skin bleaching or some shit?

No. 124002


Yeah its pretty common in black chicks. She should look into bleaching her elbows if she wants to be a "model" though.

No. 124018

Everyone has darkness around their elbows no matter what race. It's only black people and Indian people have a concentration of skin there so it becomes darker. If you look at Asian and White elbows it's also slightly darker than their skin.

No. 124064

I had a dark elbow too cause I leaned on it too much, happens in every race.

No. 124129

a bit hypocritical for someone who used to claim that she was mixed, wears blonde hair all the time and only hangs out with white people

No. 124239

She's now claiming to be Native American and black.just like every other special snowflake black girl. Along with being a #model and #activists.

No. 124242

Actually the whole "yass" sassy black girl persona she puts on just seems fake as hell. Like she's trying to fit in.

No. 124454

File: 1461651508376.png (686.38 KB, 941x456, lolwut.PNG)

Native American? Really? Wow what a joke.

I guess she watches this thread because guess who suddenly got a name change.

No. 124501

File: 1461668406821.jpg (904.57 KB, 910x1281, Screenshot_2016-04-26-06-57-54…)

"I can only speak for Native Americans and black people"

Except she knows nothing about that culture and literally uses to be special.

No. 124657


>native American

Bitch. You're black. You talk so much about the "anti-blackness" bullshit but fail to see when you're apart of it. It's hilarious how every black person's great grandma was Cherokee. Let's stop with the bullshit. You're pure negro with a mix of slave masa blood. Nothing special.

No. 124675

Lmao this is cute. If she was half Native American, this wouldn't be the first time talking about it.

No. 124740

So proud of being black that you would change your name to the whitest possible sounding name you could find, buy shitty blonde lacefronts and piss off all of your black friends and followers.

What an idiot, this is why you should stay in school.

No. 126374

She's posting to FB and having her friends harass a photographer, salty that he called her out as an amateur model. She's completely unprofessional and showing agencies and photographers that you can't work with her in a business setting.

No. 126432

do you have screencaps, that's the kind of thing other photogs will want to know

No. 126653

File: 1462140668174.jpg (997.53 KB, 878x1309, Screenshot_2016-04-30-16-58-12…)

No. 126654

File: 1462140807172.jpg (969.42 KB, 910x1315, Screenshot_2016-05-01-18-04-16…)

No. 126656

File: 1462140912298.jpg (580.42 KB, 910x1432, Screenshot_2016-04-30-17-02-47…)

No. 126657

File: 1462140952867.jpg (407.64 KB, 910x1309, Screenshot_2016-04-30-16-58-56…)

No. 126658

File: 1462140972248.jpg (492.4 KB, 910x1318, Screenshot_2016-05-01-18-07-00…)

No. 126659

File: 1462141160830.jpg (454.51 KB, 910x1304, Screenshot_2016-05-01-18-07-18…)

Armada photography studio had nothing to do with this outside of renting space for the photoshoot. Now they have over a dozen one star reviews.

I believe her agency is ElbertIvory models.Anderson Smith is also a seasoned photg. This boils down to the owner beinga new businesses owner and not understanding contracts or how to communicate with business transactions

No. 134653

File: 1464317967743.jpg (103.87 KB, 532x615, Untitled.jpg)

Another mediocre cosplay. The dress and fabric chosen is horrible.

No. 134715

Wow. Her saggy skin doesn't look good.

No. 136808

her makeup is always fucking terrible

No. 151709

File: 1467783287712.jpg (327.73 KB, 961x1280, tumblr_o72i50l2ck1qcytaoo3_128…)

I used to like her until this article was made, then I realized she was a huge attention whore and an asshole. She's like a shitty discount version of this chick.

No. 160806

File: 1469644844410.jpg (81.43 KB, 898x509, tty.jpg)

>my life is so much more interesting

Dropped out of college, constantly talks about how broke she is, but somehow living an interesting life?

No. 160807

File: 1469644898687.jpg (115.9 KB, 598x755, uuo.jpg)

>I look better than them
But box braids looking fucking busted along with her horrible shoop and makeup.

No. 160851

Wow… This woman is really cute.

No. 160854

File: 1469648468513.gif (616.07 KB, 500x336, eyerollgif.gif)

Oh lord, of course she's a dumb ass BLM zombie.

No. 161423

She looks fucking ancient, like I wouldn't doubt it if she was anorexic again. Haggard as fuck and what is all the shit on their face?

How fucking stupid and childish do you have to be to give a fuck about some highschool shit?

No. 162119

File: 1469998876829.png (33.94 KB, 498x633, Capture.PNG)

i rolled my eyes so hard

No. 162122


Shut the fuck up Artemis, it is cheap as fuck to live here and maybe if you got an actual job not in food service you could afford to do something other than whine

No. 162153

>i need to be famous
>i need to be famous

wow get a fucking grip

No. 162156

She's only 20?! I seriously thought she was in her early 30s.

No. 162160

File: 1470016792662.jpg (56.71 KB, 541x215, rt.jpg)

This post is hilarious because just a few days ago she posted this. >>160807

How can you have an "interesting life" and then whine because you're so broke and "need to be famous."

Then she stays telling other people about how much a scam college is because she dropped out and has nothing to show for it.

You need to network and bust your ass in college showing up to class everyday and rolling on MDMA every fucking weekend isn't going to get you anywhere. The road ends at about 15 an hour without SOME form of higher education, it doesn't even have to be college.

No. 162168

this post is right though

No. 162266

She had that prevailed ge of going to college and fucked it up by banging middle age men and getting high on molly

No. 162484

She "needs" to be famous, but has no discernible drive or talent, she wants to do nothing but be attractive, blow money on dumbshit and hang out with pretty people. A ton of people are pretty and most people can achieve attractiveness with the right hair, clothes and makeup. That shit is fleeting. I don't understand this chic because she's broke and unhappy but wants to indulge in vapid bullshit, instead of focusing on her mental health and surrounding herself with good people, she'd rather keep up appearances and do desperate shit to be relevant.
Life isn't going to get any easier.

No. 162526


Sage because sort of off topic but this really isn't true, my fiance and I live in Kennesaw and he makes 50k a year and doesn't even have his grade 10

So no artemis, you're just a lazy bitch with no networks and no skills. It is so goddamn cheap to live in Georgia but instead of taking advantage of that you want to waste your time and money on cheap cosplay bullshit, whining on Facebook, and secretly hoping you find a man to support you while you dress up like fucking animu characters

No. 162792

File: 1470233356647.jpeg (112.26 KB, 750x399, image.jpeg)

What happened now? Did her bf leave her or smth

No. 163009

I don't know anyone who actually gave a fuck about her relationship or knew she was getting married. Wtf is she talking about?

No. 164885

File: 1470936304630.jpg (35.24 KB, 459x500, lol.JPG)

No. 165088

Don't worry anon her life is more interesting than her High School peers so it's OK. I laugh at her thinking that she will be able to live cheaply on the west coast. The problem Artie is that you just need a better paying job or take a look at your finances and make some cuts.

No. 174807

File: 1474153483598.png (946.9 KB, 1040x1403, 2016-09-17 18.58.20.png)

Apparently her mom is abusive and she has taken to posting their personal arguments on FaceBook.

No. 174808

File: 1474154066436.png (463.24 KB, 1074x1533, 2016-09-17 19.01.40.png)

No. 200620

File: 1479426813689.png (164.47 KB, 493x481, lol.PNG)

No. 200866

that bitch is mentally unstable! she didnt change at all, even after all these years of getting attention

No. 206097

I'm comvinced shes going to be miserable for the rest of her life because she doesnt even try to improve the quality of her life and cant keep a fucking job.

No. 206100

She also needs to stop being so desperate for acknowledment on FB. Over half these people dont know you personally.They dont give a shit and only want to like your selfies and sjw post. Stop basing your life off of social media.

No. 212080

File: 1481482588589.jpg (566.84 KB, 1440x2060, Screenshot_2016-12-11-13-52-39…)

At this point, this family drama is just embarrassing. Espeically seeing her latch out using tatics of "she talked behind your back".

No. 212368

If she know where she live she can come and kick her ass also i didn't expect much from her seeing how she followes a bunch of other lolcows on her fb. I mean if i was that aunt i find her a kick her ass for even putting that on fb

No. 238191

Something new about her?

No. 239172

File: 1485258036118.png (77.04 KB, 1076x466, 2017-01-24 06.38.43.png)

No. 239174

File: 1485258162050.png (106.45 KB, 1080x494, Screenshot_2017-01-24-06-36-31…)

The more she writes about her symptoms the more I'm calling bullshit. She would be extremely dehydrated with vomiting and diarrhea for two weeks.

No. 239372

I'm guessing we've got at least a couple more days until she starts a gofundme for her medical condition.

No. 239374

She'd probably be dead if she actually had those symptoms for that long a time

No. 239947

File: 1485394277680.png (1.17 MB, 1080x1533, Screenshot_2017-01-25-20-25-50…)

She's gone from speculating that she has kidney disease to now pneumonia to now asking for money for a trip back to ATL.

No. 239948

File: 1485394303552.png (182.26 KB, 1060x1124, 2017-01-25 20.27.02.png)

No. 298482

File: 1493096260057.png (385.62 KB, 517x532, Screenshot (91).png)

So recently she went after a cosplayer. Claiming the person was doing blackface.

No. 298497

File: 1493097388704.jpg (34.41 KB, 641x854, 13179432_10153454175312041_558…)

>their original skin
>picks a high contrast/exposure photo
This is the cosplayer in questions actual skintone.

No. 298500

File: 1493097622036.png (1.5 MB, 1430x658, kha.png)

No. 298516

the girl is actually half Indian wow lol

I hope that sjw feels like shit but eh wishful thinking

No. 298730

This is about the hundredth time I've seen SJWs attack non-white people for "blackface" or "cultural appropriation" when it is actually just their real skin tone or their own culture's clothing.

No. 298751

Artemis is so full of shit. Even if that cosplayer was tanning her skin for cosplay, it was none of Artemis' fucking business and only proves that sjws are just glorified bullies.
>shitty cosplays
You have no room to talk. Especially when you wear platinum blonde wigs and blue contacts… whitefacing?

No. 298772

File: 1493145531204.jpg (121.08 KB, 518x534, Screenshot (90)_20170425_14380…)

Speaking of shitty cosplays….

No. 302977

I also liked how she literally tagged that person so they could read the post. At that point she's just harassing people which is fun because she used to preach so much about being bullied online.

Now she's attempting to be a cam girl or whatever with mediocre ass naked pics. After so many years this bitch still didn't get anywhere in life after all that attention.

No. 303172

She looks like black Shay-gnar, how unfortunate.

No. 428870

sorry to bump this thread but new devopments
>called out friend for faking suicide, cancer and ed
>made a fucking google doc of screen shot between the girl and her
>makes a vid explain the situation
>claims girl has been stalking her for 7 yaers
> threatens to sue her even though she starts a witch hunt on the girl who she claim is harrasing her

No. 428872

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