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File: 1485535718027.jpg (406.67 KB, 1081x1920, 1484814358404.jpg)

No. 240761

Last thread reached the bump limit. >>103206

What's happened so far

>Posted a wall of text bashing Amina in Micky's thread

>Made a tumblr blog to try and make Amina look bad

>Posted said blog on her own thread

>Got caught red handed shitting on her sister and creating the fake Amina blog in her thread when the Admin revealed which posts were hers

>Was kicked out of her mother's house when her sister told their mom about her nsfw blog

>After moving into her Grandma's broom closet her delusion of grandeur got worse

>Traded nudes for people to do her homework for her. Even though she claims to be super intelligent.

>Claimed to be dating a "super important, super handsome, super rich" guy but never posted his face

>Rich guy most likely never existed as she continued talking about other guys she was fooling around with despite him being "her man".

>Posted a picture of some random dude fingering her yeast infected vagina.

>Says her dad gave her a mansion but it turns out she's living in a rental vacation home

>Was "employed" under Simon Benson

>Filmed one AV in Japan before being booted by Simon

>Desperately seeking money to get augmentation

Other things about her

>Amina is her trigger

>tends to try and whiteknight herself or derail her threads

>backstabbing is her favorite hobby

>besties with Micky, despite Micky calling her a cheap whore

>loves to lie about any and everything

>can't type properly for shit and has abysmal spelling

>thinks creepy DD/LG shit constitutes as "cute porn"

>went bat shit when her blogs got deleted because tumblr is her life

>not beneath throwing friends and family under the bus to make herself look good.

>has been posting nudes since she was 14

>claims to have been sexually abused by her father

>claims everyone here are jealous haters, even though there's nothing to hate.

>considers everything posted here to be "made up stories"

>likes to Photoshop herself

Social Media


candygirl1997.tumblr.com/ (nsfw)





She tends to change the names of her pages often so be sure to keep an eye on this thread if you can find one of her pages

Just like Micky, Himeka likes to delete her posts to cover her tracks. Be sure to archive and screenshot everything.

No. 240856

>claims to be sexually abused by her dad

Now hold the fuck up was she going on about her dad bought a mansion in Miami, and that he's super rich.(this was over the summer)

No. 240914

they always BS the waist measurement

No. 240924

What does her dad possibly being rich have to do with him possibly being abusive?

No. 240984

File: 1485568854411.png (420.94 KB, 1440x2057, Screenshot_20170127-205521~2.p…)


 >i’ve done so many amazing things in 2016 like releasing the first ~black girl~ porn in japan (does that count as like… making history in the Jav world?) 

Pretty sure she's not the first. I don't know why she thinks that's an accomplishment either.

 >(adult entertainment, modeling, sw etc)

She has to be kidding right?

No. 241063

she can't actually think she's the first black girl to do porn in japan

like she's actually getting dumber, i swear

No. 241103

Barbie will be screaming right now.

No. 241134

I've seen JAVs with black girls. This just goes to show she really did all this shit to one up Amina's gravure debut.

No. 241146

When the image is in thumbnail mode, Angie here really looks like Lainey.

No. 241149

File: 1485605984968.png (483.87 KB, 1440x2107, Screenshot_20170128-071432~2.p…)


>i had 0 intention of doing anything aside from partying & shopping while in jpn (which i did plenty of) buuut my friend, w/o my knowledge, sent my pics to this famous producer & he showed alot of interest in me !

Pretty sure all of this is bullshit.

>you don’t need anything fancy shmancy like a manager or deep background in modeling. atleast know some Japanese & have a love for attention & the camera.

This is bad advice. Though I expected something like this from her.

No. 241225

File: 1485623411137.jpg (Spoiler Image, 211.66 KB, 800x536, divas00042pl.jpg)

>releasing the first ~black girl~ porn in japan (does that count as like… making history in the Jav world?)

I just googled "jav black girls" and found plenty of black girl porn on the first page alone lmao. I guess it has to do with Aminyan's first black jpop idol thing.

>i’m like sad right now? does anyone else have a situation similar to this? where they can be in a perfectly great place in life and still be like anxious & upset.

I imagine that happens when a person constantly tells stories about themselves they know aren't true.

>i had 0 intention of doing anything aside from partying & shopping while in jpn

Didn't Simon Benson send her to Japan before she "choose" to go back home?

No. 241226

Who is Simon, do we have a dox on him? I'm very interested now on what is this shit. I've heard about the hard rock titties he likes but never seen them.

No. 241247

There's plenty of stuff about him and the disfigured rock hard titties he prefers near the end of Himeka's previous thread. >>>/snow/103206

No. 241253

Those girls are much cuter too, tbh.

>guess it has to do with Aminyan's first black jpop idol thing.

Definitely. That and she just did that interview with Playboy Japan. I imagine that probably made Himeka super salty. Which is why she's desperately seeking out companies in America to do videos and photoshoots with her.

>Didn't Simon Benson send her to Japan before she "choose" to go back home?

Yeah he booted her right after they finished filming. Then he deleted her off his followers and friends list on FetLife. I'm assuming she was a big let down.

No. 243487

File: 1486017198838.png (38.18 KB, 1242x284, IMG_0025.PNG)

No. 243490

she deleted her fetlife fyi

she might have made a new one, but the id number doesn't change if you just change your name so it's completely gone.

No. 243561

>claims to have been sexually abused by her father
Did she really say that? I've been watching her trainwreck of an online life since the HoneyKittenMomo days, and she's always been a creep and she complained about her dad a lot (he refused to pay for her exams or something, claimed to have taken her off his will, etc) but I never saw her claim he sexually abused her.
She did once post about playing in the sprinklers to deliberately expose herself to her dad and his friends once when she was little, though. Not sure if she made that up or not, but still nasty.

No. 243859

File: 1486097601065.png (275.08 KB, 1440x1321, Screenshot_20170202-234526~2.p…)


>when i first made my first blog like a few weeks after i turned 18 i was a virgin, was scared of sex, would never do porn or escort bc “waaa so scawy im 2 shy!!

I'm calling bullshit.

>i was absent alot bc of insecure girls reporting me

>insecure girls

She shoops herself and constantly begged for money for surgery and has to flash her pussy for validation, but we're the insecure ones? Lol Yeah, OK.

No. 244074

Nah, it's still there. She deleted and reposted some pictures though.

No. 244128

File: 1486150341200.jpg (70.05 KB, 604x227, image.jpg)

>i basically didnt name myself ghettobunny so dont ask ok! i can change it in a week so excited**

She also posted a note about her opinion on raceplay (short version: she finds it disgusting). Seems like raceplay is her hard limit.

I mean, Himeka's still pretty disturbing herself, but if that's where she broke with Simon, more power to her. Guy gives me the creeps, and at the end of the day, she's still a kid.

No. 244131

lol she had a blog ever since she was 14, talked about doing slutty shit constantly, sold nudes low-key and was reported for CP a bunch of times. Fucking liar.

No. 244409

File: 1486186158033.jpg (71.51 KB, 720x405, 01.jpg)

Some screenshots from her porn and there's a video clip of it too http://www.gas-web.com/AkiraT/en/sale/sakuhin/gas-422.html

No. 244412

File: 1486186971236.jpg (Spoiler Image, 74.76 KB, 720x405, IMG_9759.JPG)

I regret everything

No. 244414

should have spoilers whoops

No. 244416


this all looks so bad jfc. her make up is literally the worst and her tits are so saggy despite not even being big

No. 244418

you still have time to delete and repost with a spoiler

No. 244419

File: 1486187845770.png (380.25 KB, 683x446, asshy.png)

Good lord, her ass is so ashy…

No. 244422

File: 1486188072862.jpg (Spoiler Image, 467.36 KB, 1440x960, IMG_9583.JPG)

REPOSTING the full covered spoilered. it's a mess

No. 244429

get some lotion girl!!!

No. 244431

File: 1486188580100.png (Spoiler Image, 122.01 KB, 309x278, 000023902.png)

She looks like someone's middle aged mom. How is this girl only 19?

No. 244432

That shit looks feral.

No. 244433

As someone with saggy breasts I am kinda jealous of her confidence. Or delusion. Lol

No. 244438

Well, she's trying to raise funds to get big implants put in them so I don't know if she's actually confident in them.

Saggy boobs happen, but her's are pretty wonky looking for her age and fullness? They aren't that big, but start high on her chest, sag low, and her areola take up most of the surface of her breasts.

No. 244605

I mean… at least that looks a lot better than Amina's… not that, that means much. Amina's was kind of..awkward?(from the clip ive seen) like this was her first time doing something like this. And Angela's been a whore since she was 10 so shes had a lot of practice. They both sucked but angela's was less awkward.

No. 244798

Himeka's body, weave and everything looks disgusting. Japanese guys like the whole virgin complex thing. It's better -not- to look like a professional whore.

If you look in himeka's eyes you can tell she's crazy as hell. The bitch isn't all there.

No. 244804

You guys underestimate just how much most guys will fap to anything, this rule applies to Japanese guys as well lol even if himeka is gross there will still be some guy out there willing to pay for her porn or pay to fuck her.

No. 245113


>whenever i talk 2 my mom on the phone these days she always makes these awful remarks regarding my life choices if u will ? like… i LUV my mom 2 death but she needs to understand im not like my sisters. i repeat im not like my sisters if i wanted to be a doctor engineer art historian etc. like them i so would. but i dont .. want 2? i get so much genuine joy out of being a slut n making cocks happi x just like how doctors get genuine joy out of taking a tumor out of someones butt & engineers get joy out of driving trains & art historians get joy out of digging up art in ppls backyards. im not doing drugs (mmk maybe a lil bit of blow here n there) im not fighting anybody im not mean to ppl. i just like to have adult fun w consenting adult human beans! im not doing sw bc im on the streets w nothing but porridge 2 eat or bc of some other struggle like reason. (no shame to those tht R in a situation like tht) im doing it only bc i want 2. no other reason. theres nothing else i want 2 do n trust me ive done lotsa soul searching trying to figure out if theres ANYTHING else i wud like 2 do. aside from being a housewife… nothing. i was in denial and ashamed of my interests for a long long time. i kept it a secret n only strangers on the net knew. now that im open & free & made my desicion tht i will go down this path, my heart feels so good & at peace? i wont drop my mom out of my life bc she doesnt support me. she’ll get over it in due time. even if it takes 5 yrs thts worth it to me. i just wish she’d stop w the “ur body is a temple!!! u dont love urself!!” nonsense but what can U rly expect from someone as conservative as my mama shrugs

Her mom probably regrets not aborting her.

No. 245135

This is so sad. Does she think normal working people can't have kinks or a sex life or something?

No. 245141

File: 1486286838038.jpg (Spoiler Image, 55.47 KB, 720x405, 04.jpg)

is that… jizz or urine…

No. 245165

Isn't her mom Nigerian? I'm surprised she hasn't disowned Himeka yet..

No. 245167

Some images need a spoiler for a spoiler. Looks like piss to me though? Either way it's nasty!

No. 245299

it's jizz.

No. 245789

She pretty much disowned her the moment she threw her out. I think she only speaks to Himeka to seem civil.

Apparently so. Someone asked her what she would do if she had to work a normal job and she said she'd start an escorting service.

No. 245863

File: 1486367199866.jpg (252.66 KB, 720x1280, tumblr_okxu6zwAai1w2bmcao1_128…)


>i love the feedbck im getting hehe ! also, i cant do porn in japan again :( theres some supa weird law tht makes it so i cant shoot again if i did porn here in america . maybe i can do gravure instead ?

No. 245994

File: 1486397130896.jpeg (117.88 KB, 739x416, image.jpeg)

>moving to JAPAN to become a gravure idol


No. 246000

That's piss kek

No. 246048

File: 1486404494956.jpg (82.5 KB, 680x680, f5753870a40ccef114a6cb88e7f485…)

oh god, the porn screencaps…how can she act like she's a ~barely legal bimbo~ when she looks like that? tbh she would be a better fit for MILF porn.

No. 246067

File: 1486408226176.gif (452.75 KB, 200x147, 1485041680987.gif)

those old pudgy guys fucking her though, I fucking can't.

I was considering buying the bullet and buying the video to upload it for keks but 60 USD for that? Hell no.

No. 246068

>you have a real cuteness in your face and something very japanese about it

who is this old man lying to her

No. 246083

> i cant do porn in japan again :( theres some supa weird law tht makes it so i cant shoot again if i did porn here in america

Anyone know if this is actually true?
I get the feeling that they just don't want to work with her again because she's too gross

No. 246097

Yeah, she's definitely trying to copy Amina. She hasn't expressed any interest until recently. Now I know why Amina's gravure video is being mentioned here again. It's like Himeka can't go one second without trying to outdo Amina. It's really sad.

It's highly likely she's lying.

No. 246108

>You have a real cuteness in your face and something very Japanese in it

No. 246109

Himeka has always had an interest in things like that..her blog has been sexual for years. Aminas cringe DVD would of come up sooner or later once ppl started talking about her again.

No. 246123

himeka has always been a whore and posting nudes though

No. 246158

Is she actually retarded? Real question.

No. 246171

Not arguing that, but she explicitly states she wants to do porn and escorting. This gravure stuff just recently started.

It really feels like she is, but that's because she's a shitty pathological liar.

No. 246212

>move and become a gravure idol

Yeah that's new for her…obvious bullshit.

No. 247874

File: 1486636496966.png (293.47 KB, 1440x1573, Screenshot_20170209-052700~2.p…)


She's going to be so embarrassed when looks at these when she's older and washed up.

No. 248995

File: 1486794342255.png (566.46 KB, 501x385, capture_001_10022017_222432.pn…)

Her new About Me. Apparently she's doing Skype shows now and charging $100 per 30mins.

No. 249559

File: 1486905570496.png (438.97 KB, 1414x2110, Screenshot_20170212-021213~2.p…)

No. 249570

>I need a man who truly has no respect for me and treats me accordingly

No. 250213

File: 1486965913582.png (264.95 KB, 1440x1273, Screenshot_20170213-010223~2.p…)

No. 250221

who the fuck would pay $100 to see her saggy mom tits?

No. 250222

God knows who. She's seriously desperate for boob job money though.

No. 250233

I swear the way this girl is going shes gonna end up on the nightly news on account of her body being found in a ditch.

No. 250258

Pardon the edge, but I think that I'd genuinely have a hard time garnering any sympathy for her if that ever were to happen. Like, sure I wouldn't wish that shit on her or anyone regardless of what a pile of shit they were, but I really can't feel that sorry for anyone who continously and delibrately endangers themselves the way that she supposedly does.

No. 250271

Yeah, I wouldn't feel much either. I wonder if her family would even care. They seemed to have moved on fine without her around.

No. 250281

It's piss. The back of the dvd cover has text over a shot of that bit that says "Japanese piss is delicious♡".

No. 250357

Its says 精子seishi which means sperm anon…

No. 250842

File: 1487058717623.jpg (269.9 KB, 1536x2048, IMG_20170214_020839.jpg)


Where are they? It looks like a coffee shop or something.

Also Himeka posted about getting tested.

No. 250849

~cho kawaii std test~

No. 250908

At least she tests at all…

No. 251181

Nah, it's good that she got tested, and I'm surprised she's being semi responsible for once. It's just ridiculous she covered the picture with ~kawaii~ stickers for the occasion.

No. 252270

File: 1487197515477.png (287.23 KB, 1440x1523, Screenshot_20170215-172358~2.p…)


>1. i’m young dumb n full of cum. i’m doing this (if i go through w/ it. i had like a mini mental breakdown not too long ago) bc i’m a slut not to make a life long career out of it.. itd b a dream to shoot for hookup hotshot (i have the biGgEsT crush on bryan gozzling) & facefuckers . not for the money or to add to some portfolio but bc i get wet thinking about it . if i can shoot once for them n neva shoot again id be 100% content !! (i’m also vry interested in more lowkey production companies that cater to my specific kinks which r less shallow than ur mainstream companies 2) if sum 1 plans on doing porn for a long time i can c how it can be difficult but if u make a niche for urself n be more than just a typical “hot” girl u can be around forever. look at Minka ! once again, not trying to do this as a longterm forever career but i’m undeniably different especially when u consider how the porn industry is for black girls. r there many blk girls specifically into ageplay and bimboification and all the other ducked? up things tht im in2? if there r pls let me kno !

2. ive been posting nudes on the net for a very long time. with my face in them. ya porn is a whole new ball game vs nudies on the net but the after math is purty much the same when friends family n jobs find out. i stopped caring a long time ago !! i have no shame abt this n if ppl want me too i literally can’t feel tht way. i have 0 shame ummm maybe i’m a sociopath !?
3. anyway ik where ur coming from n im not offended. acctually ty. but i dont think u kno me n my intentions n my real reasons for why im doing this. i hope this clears things up.

No. 252273

File: 1487197753463.png (241.03 KB, 1440x1479, Screenshot_20170215-172749~2.p…)

No. 252274

File: 1487197879433.png (431.45 KB, 1440x1898, Screenshot_20170215-173033~2.p…)

No. 252276

Bryan gozzling wouldn't shoot with her if she paid him too. his whole gimmick is girls that actually look young and with her saggy boobs and flabby body, she'd never be on hookup hotshot. Sorry but it's true. Facefuckers would take her maybe but they have no standards.

It's sad but she has the typical ''I'm young and I'll be in porn a few times and become really famous and rich! I'm so fun and slutty hehe'' mentality, not knowing or purposefully ignoring that the average rate for girls to get turned over in porn is 6 months. Not to mention, that it ruins any college or job prospects so she'll just keep having to do worse porn or escorting and I'd love to see her only try to work with ''lowkey production'' companies then.

Oh well, she's been warned a million times and I'm sure she knows better. If anything, her future breakdowns and videos will give us more milk.

No. 252282

File: 1487198498220.png (420.04 KB, 1440x2067, Screenshot_20170215-173349~2.p…)

No. 252284

File: 1487198864132.png (98.91 KB, 1440x812, Screenshot_20170215-174238~2.p…)



Totally not a cry for help though

No. 252480

>my guy

all these chicks go for the same brush off I swear

No. 253593

File: 1487378187715.png (88.69 KB, 1440x573, Screenshot_20170217-193359~2.p…)

No. 254350

File: 1487524053033.png (90.81 KB, 1440x564, Screenshot_20170219-120314~2.p…)


She could just as easily improve her diet, exercise, get 8 hours of sleep, and wear hairstyles and makeup that suit her face. It would have longer lasting effects too. I guess she rather look beaten down at 23.

No. 254356

she honestly makes me the saddest out of all the cows i mean, she's so young and she's just thrown her life away because she likes sex

like she's not the only person who likes sex. a lot of people like sex and will lead normal lives

No. 254457

File: 1487537692619.png (415.58 KB, 1440x1916, Screenshot_20170219-154902~2.p…)


A week ago she was going about being better than everybody now she's acting like she's got zero self-esteem.

I can't feel any real sympathy for her. Multiple people tried to help her but she brushed them off as "haters". Her mother want much help either. Had she did her job as a parent and just taken away Himeka's access to the Internet and cracked down on her about school she wouldn't be in this spot. Now she's gonna be washed up before she's 25 over nothing.

No. 254492



Do any of you think she's trying way too hard to be edgy?

Like, there's something so disingenuous about her tatses.

No. 254654

She's so clueless. You don't just wander in on a whim and "get plastic surgery this week". You have to go in for a consultation, set an appointment for surgery, etc. It's an entire process, not something you just wake up and get done that day because you felt like it. She's quite dumb. Though I really could see someone like Himeka get some kind of low-cost back alley cosmetic surgery done.

Also, is she actually 23 now? She always lists her age as 19, so I had just assumed that was her age. Given her "jail-bait" obsession though, it makes sense she would be older and lying.

Sounds like the plastic surgery in question is that boob job that she's been obsessing over ever since she failed at being a pet girl for Simon. I mean, after all, one of the "rewards" she was supposed to receive from completing his training was supposed to be new/bigger breasts. I guess this failure has given her some kind of a complex?

No. 254663

No. 254674

Why post that here?

No. 254681

Go away Himeka

No. 254726

No, she's 19. Her and Micky are the same age.

>I guess this failure has given her some kind of a complex?

Definitely. She doesn't even seem to care about the repercussions of doing something like that either. I have a feeling she might get some illegal ass shots done too.

No. 255771

Her response to the ask is so cringy it gave me a fucking headache.


>this is so condescending n a bad attempt at trying to b funny (if u r) 1. third graders r learning abt long division n stuff like that my guy. i literally cannot do math n i have the memory of a frog but ok 2. std tests dont test ur knowledge, they test the bacteria in ur coochie n blood but ok 3. who compares something like that ? thats such a gross n weird thing to say those 2 things shouldnt even be in the same sentance but ok. YES tea throw ALL the shade u cannot try n come for me for “playing dumb” when u actually r dumb. as heck. its not a good look.

>even tho this ask basically gave me type 2 diabetes just reading it buuut can i say something ? all the “bimbos” i kno r literal geniuses . theyre all very smart n accomplished women who could probably take over the world if they wanted. but liiiike heres the thing !!! thinking all the time n being a pant suit wearing career women is boring n lame!!! its what society expects from everyone anyway . letting urself be a dumb whore who just cares abt makeup puppies n cock is 100x more fun n interesting . there r ppl who do hypnosis to become dumber like …? obviously i dont have the brain level of a 2 yr old. like i gasp can have an intellectual conversation abt alot of things n i dont shy away from it. i dont like it tho n wud 100% rather have my Man n his friends do the talking while i’m in the kitchen with nothing but a pink frilly apron on making boxed velveeta macaroni n cheese bc thats the only thing ik how to cook. honestly. i ummm dont kno where i was going w this but um basically stop acting as if bimbos r missing all of our chromosomes and mitochondria bc we arent. thinking is just lame so we dont do it. capiche?

No. 255898

File: 1487756238084.png (151.49 KB, 1440x958, Screenshot_20170222-043551~2.p…)

No. 256567

The saddest thing about Himeka is how she pretends that she's secretly smart and worldly. Remember when she was bragging about getting into a prestigious university? Now she's sucking STD infested jap dick for a couple of yen. I just feel sorry for her tbh.

No. 256806

She still pretends that she's secretly smart and that the whole bimbo thing is a cover up. But, we all know she wasn't smart from the very beginning.

>Now she's sucking STD infested jap dick for a couple of yen.

The girl got booted from Japan. She's been trying to book shoots here to fund her boob job.

No. 257884

File: 1488048047256.png (174.23 KB, 1440x1124, Screenshot_20170225-133810~2.p…)


I wonder how much longer she's going to run with this whole boob job bs before finally dropping it.

No. 257886

File: 1488048275688.png (211.1 KB, 1440x1194, Screenshot_20170225-134202~2.p…)


I highly doubt all these people want to shoot her. Especially when she's only done one obscure ass video in Japan.

No. 258265

Pascals Sub Sluts are mostly major skanks – I can't believe Himeka is actually bragging about his being interested in shooting with her.

No. 258405

This is such an obvious bullshit excuse. She brags about having ~the best day ever~ planned with a dinner and doctor appointment and she sleeps through the entire day? Unlikely.

Didn't Simon from Petgirls bring her to London in the first place? How did she not have time on his schedule, if he wanted a shoot? Again, seems like she's just lying through her teeth at this point.

No. 258408

File: 1488092237170.png (1.02 MB, 1060x627, pascal.png)

I didn't know what/who this was, so I googled and I'm terrified. I wouldn't be very flattered by a guy who looks like this calling me "cute".

Also, >>258265 is super right, all those girls look super busted, Himeka's friend Estella has recently been featured on that site though. It seems she has latched onto that girl and is trying to follow in her foot steps.

No. 258438

I feel like she could potentially have developed decent breasts and prescind from the boobjob IF she had worn a bra. You know… an actual bra not those prepubescent girls bikini tops she wears sometimes. And I believe the whole "teehee bimbo sluts wear no underwear!" act is the major cause of her pancake titties. Just look at how permanently topless women in African tribes have flat breasts even when they are still young. Himeka, if you're reading this, put on a bra before it's too late (though it probably is).
Then again she isn't going for a boob lifting. Probably just want to get them cow udder-tier and even more sagging. smh

No. 258594

i also have big areolas but hers just…dont look right. they're so bumpy around the edges it's crazy and the nipple piercings just make her breasts look worse tbh

No. 258602

who brags about eating being taken to chili. girl that is not something your sugar daddy should be paying for, that's just sad

No. 259297

But doesn't wearing bras just make your breasts saggier? Honestly, I think her weight has more to do with it tbh.

No. 259371

Nah, that "independent french research" thing is all nonsense. Having good support when being active can definitely help reduce how much strain is being put on them, especially for larger breasted women, but there's no real evidence that shows that wearing a bra "weakens your chest muscles" or anything ridiculous like that.

Realistically, the best Himeka can do for her body as a whole is to eat better and exercise. Cutting some of the fat from her body will make her shape instantly better and if sh put on just a little muscle, she'd look healthier, more toned, and it could even make her breasts look less droopy if she trains right. We all know she can't be bothered though, she wants the easy way out of everything. I can't imagine she can actually afford the 4k for breast implants though. She's probably planning a down payment (via a sugar daddy?) and doing some kind of payment plan?

No. 259403

I think one of Himeka's issues is wanting instant gratification (which I think is why she's so obsessed with making herself into a bimbo–it doesn't take work, and she instantly gets attention from skeevy men, and why she wants an augmentation before fixing her shape with diet and lifting), so I can't see her making any long term lifestyle changes for the better… She'll just grow to look more haggard over the years.

I almost feel bad for her. She's way too young to be this washed up. 18 and you already have plans to do porn?

No. 259771

Yumi King's follower spotted.
By this logic, just stop wearing clothes and you'll have tonic skin forever

No. 260145

File: 1488274426860.png (1.21 MB, 600x704, capture_001_28022017_011320.pn…)

she posted and edited this after pissing off some guy kek

he linked her post in a "ask a black guy" group and they jumped her. i got caps but there's a lot of comments. one guy got pretty nasty.

No. 260146

File: 1488274471805.png (1.41 MB, 617x799, capture_002_28022017_011339.pn…)

No. 260148

File: 1488274615797.png (1.1 MB, 580x661, capture_006_28022017_011507.pn…)

No. 260193

Gross. Reminds me of Ninja from Die Antwoord

No. 260218

lmao himeka's inability to get a real relationship has NOTHING to do with her skin color and everything to do with the fact that she's just nasty all around. even in terms of fetish she can only get incredibly low skeezy guys like simon because everyone else actually has standards

No. 260240

Post them all. It's nice to see people not fall for Himeka's bullshit.

No. 260249

lol this, i can't believe she thinks people find her unappealing because of her race and not because she's an ugly hoe who sells her pussy for dinner at applebee's. really most of the attention she's gotten is because she's black, since it's the only remarkable thing about her. if she was just another dumpy white girl into ddlg she would never have gotten to star in a porn

No. 260274

I thought she said shes had a daddy before? Didnt she say they went to the beach together or some shit but now shes saying shes never had one lol.

And girl you don't have any type of connection with anyone because the aura around you screams insecurity, no one wants to fuck with someone whose going to catch feelings the first minute yall talk. She sucks at pretending like she knows what she wants and that she loves herself because she clearly doesn't. All she wants is positive attention all the time that doesnt derive from her body and shes mad that people only care about her because of only her body and nothing else. Thats your fault, you chose to go this route. She always complains about how tumblr is this and that but notice how she always goes back to it because she knows those are the only people thats going to kiss her ass because of her nudes. No one cares about you really, suprised it took her this long to find that out. She should listen to the anon who told her not to get into porn because her ass will clearly fall in love with one of the actors on the first act, shes so dumb.

No. 260287

Christ, if I could roll my eyes any further I'd see the back of my skull. How about instead of blaming your shortcomings on your race, you ask yourself what you could do better. Take accountability for your shitty personality and behavior for once.

No. 260293

You hit the nail right on the head, anon.

No. 262458

File: 1488516044664.jpg (Spoiler Image, 346 KB, 1280x1707, tumblr_ojryqbJB0A1w2bmcao1_128…)

No. 262478

how long is she going to keep reposting the same image??

No. 262699

Been gone for a month and thought she might have finally kicked the bucket. The nut rag lives another day.

No. 262761

till simon takes her back? idk maybe that's what she's trying

No. 262932

You think if she was trying to get back into Simon's good graces, she would ditch that awful wig. He clearly didn't like it, because she sported her real hair the whole time she was under his instruction.

No way is Himeka just "pretending" to be an idiot – she is the real deal.

No. 263879

File: 1488746042964.png (222.24 KB, 1440x1623, Screenshot_20170305-152717~2.p…)

No. 263881

File: 1488746213144.png (Spoiler Image, 1.14 MB, 1440x1444, Screenshot_20170228-083601~2.p…)

No. 263901

Looking rather rough and raggedy for someone supposedly living in the lap of luxury. What ever happened to that mansion with the Porsche in the driveway?

No. 263902

File: 1488747431284.jpg (31.96 KB, 690x449, missj.jpg)

She looks like J.Alexander…

No. 263906

why would she lie about this? like why

No. 263916

She looks pregnant…

No. 263934

OMG, totally!!!

No. 264211

Looks like she's gaining weight.

No. 264910

File: 1488919603512.png (280.32 KB, 582x164, capture_001_07032017_124238.pn…)

No. 265141

File: 1488941273007.png (236.69 KB, 1440x1638, Screenshot_20170307-213752~2.p…)


Himeka reblogs shit like kid's toys, snacks and the like, yet acts surprised when Tumblr suggest sfw blogs that do the same thing. Himeka, the weirdo in this situation is you. It's hella creepy to have shit like kid's clothes and toys mixed in with gifs of disgusting degradation porn.Even creepier is that she's willing to "model" herself wearing a childrens' nightgowns on a nsfw blog.

No. 265160

Somebody explain to me how she's going to fit into a GIRLS size 16? Is she retarded and thinks it's a woman's 16? It says on the size chart it's for a 90 pound person lmao.

No. 265186

She probably thinks she's that small.

No. 265341

but if it's tight then it's sexy right?? ugh

No. 265350

Who the fuck buys an entire cake for themselves

No. 265518

She's a fatass so I'm not surprised she wants a cake. The children's clothes are what concern me. And to think, she wants to be a kindergarten teacher.

No. 265569

When did she say that? I thought her only dream in life was to be a cumdumpster? No school would ever hire her if they found her naked pictures online.

No. 265572

Our queen did tho it was a cookie cake

No. 265699

Not too long ago, last month to be exact. A follower asked her what she wanted to do besides porn and she said be a kindergarten teacher.

No. 265746

i wouldn't let her be anywhere near children jfc

No. 266759

File: 1489132402748.png (291.49 KB, 1440x1492, Screenshot_20170310-023539~2.p…)

No. 266793

Oh god I love wynwood. Yeah this 100% didn't happen lmao.

No. 267320

File: 1489202466933.png (392.92 KB, 1440x1811, Screenshot_20170310-221839~2.p…)

No. 267394

This girl is going to end up in a ditch someday if any of her stories are true…

No. 267601

I honestly doubt any of these are true tbh

No. 267603

I feel like she just spends most her day sitting around in her dorm room trying to come up with these ridiculous stories.

No. 267616

I believe that post tbh, she seems like the type to suck some Craigslist loser off in a parking lot. Her posts about millionaire daddies taking her out for champagne and filet mignon are obvious bullshit though

No. 268654

File: 1489396161544.png (180.57 KB, 1440x1110, Screenshot_20170313-050610~2.p…)

No. 268660

She does know that being a sexworker had a short lifespan right

No. 268671

>a 9 to 5 doesn't afford that
how would she know? and don't some people basically work that in the sex industries? what does she think porn producers do for example.

>beautiful body

it's nice to have self-esteem off the charts. stops you from having to worry about anything.

No. 268804

Nope. She thinks she'll be able to do this all her life. Even though she's been generally unsuccessful for the most part.

Her focus on sex and the sex industry is so embarrassingly naïve.

No. 268815

Its only the amateur girls who say shit like this. The girls who have been in the industry for a long time don't even like it, and she makes it seem like its some heaven that makes you loads and loads of money which makes her look so naive. Once she see the downside of the industry she'll regret ever going into it. There's a lot of porn stars who ended getting STDs from the industry because alot of the producers lie about the clients test. She will get herself killed doing this shit because she thinks she knows what shes doing when its clear she doesn't. There's no reason a 19 year old should be looking this rough, if she actually cared about being 'successful' even a little bit she'd take care of her body and honestly prolong her aging for as long as she can, because once she gets older its basically your 'fans' who still consider to support you, unless you're going to hop to agency to agency into more gritty and kinky work. Which she already said she didnt like agency so shes trying to go the 'my own boss' route which means getting a stable clientele. She doesn't think about the future just the now which will be her demise and thats how so many amatures end up fucking themselves up because their stupid.

No. 269633

File: 1489516009581.jpg (511.28 KB, 1920x2560, 17-03-14-14-24-17-388_deco.jpg)



Himeka, stop it with the lies. You didn't fuck anyone in front of a crowd, otherwise you'd be in jail and embarrassed by the news.

No. 269643

i just checked out this persons tumblr and LMAO

most of the photos on her tumblr are with flattering snapchat filters, she sucks her stomach in and stands in the poses that seem slimming and gets mad when someone asks her 'creepy' aka sexual questions despite being a camgirl?? lmfao seriously


yeah sure sure you fucked someone, everyone was lookin, youre a star, ok


people who talk like this usually have a very low self esteem tbh. i feel bad for her


im laughing. god bless

No. 270035

While I don't doubt for a second that she is working as a cheap craigslist hooker, so many of her stories read like she made them up on the spot. She "basically" got fucked on a table, her wording really gives it away that she's stretching the truth. What a dumb thing to lie about. I guess she just wants to be bratgrrrl that bad.

No. 270037

"Stars" in one low budget porn in Japan, updates her bio to "porn starlet". Oh okay, Himeka.

No. 270085

File: 1489556597601.png (70.3 KB, 392x61, capture_001_14032017_224247.pn…)

she's back on Simon's good side apparently

No. 270093

She probably could never get the money for her boob job she said she was gonna go for an appointment for weeks ago kek

No. 270113

>there was a crowd n it was all over snapchat
What are public indecency laws lmao

No. 270188

Right? I don't she would get away with that in board daylight with cops walking around.

No. 270627

Wait, where is she living right now?

No. 270671

Miami, I think.

No. 273330

Oh my god reading up on her here made me want to go look up her tumblr and Fuck I need some eye bleach.. also I looked up brat-grrls tumblr and bunny had liked or renlohhed some of her stuff (makes sense their both so nasty)

No. 274137

File: 1490086288388.jpg (1.74 MB, 2705x1603, uuuggghhh.jpg)

she uploaded a bunch of photos the other night and deleted all but two

No. 274142

File: 1490088244415.png (146.92 KB, 1440x838, Screenshot_20170321-051653~2.p…)


>Health risk(getting STIs are a high possibility)

>Financial insatiability(I see plenty of sex workers begging online)

>Life is in danger(Either from the possiblity of getting HIV/AIDS or being killed by a John)

As I've said before, Himeka is super naïve and is in for a big reality check.

No. 274150

Even if you don't get killed, you could get terribly scarred. I read about a sex worker a few years ago who had a client slice her entire body up. She ended up extremely scarred, and needed to spend 2 hours covering them every morning since. It only takes one crazy fuck to mess a girl up. It's really sad, but definitely a risk.

No. 274156

Yeah. There's also the risk of being raped too. You'd think Himeka would actually take the time to consider these things before taking on something like that, but no. She just went headfirst.

No. 274643

Typical; concerned individuals are trying to warn her of the dangers of sex work, which her little easy bake oven brain translates into "hating sexworkers becuz we're bitter uggos, ermagherd!"

Pathetic skank.

No. 274646

I love how different she looks in her carefully angled/posed/filtered selfies compared to the stills from her porn. Bitch doesn't need a boob job – she needs a face transplant!

No. 275466

File: 1490233071611.png (Spoiler Image, 1.31 MB, 576x791, capture_003_22032017_162806.pn…)

more photos uploaded. guess since she's back on good terms with Simon she's breaking out the puppy play shit again.

No. 275497

I honestly don't think that this would bother her. In her mind it would be, "Oh wow FINALLY someone wants to fuck me for real!"

No. 276731

File: 1490405262198.png (240.59 KB, 1440x1085, Screenshot_20170324-211513~2.p…)


>i nvr acknowledge ur guys existance bc , shucks, u guys dont rly mean anything to me

Yet you constantly make post like this about us, and act accordingly when we mention you, but ok. Lol

>scared n intimidated by me

There's nothing scary or intimidating about you. Honestly, I'd have no problem swinging on you or laughing at you in the streets. Chickenheads are the lowest on the totem pole for me, girl.

>when i dont do anything except be cute & have ppl fall in love

Girl, you lied about how family treated you, you lied about how your friend treated you, threw your sister under the bus, and you lied about your life. You probably have some dudes STDs before this point. Forged your homework too. There's nothing good in you. Your sex game probably whack af too, otherwise you wouldn't have to keep hopping from man to man.

>p.s: stop being a playa hater p.p.s: ur dad says hi???

Nobody's hating on a crackhead. Also, you're definitely not my dad's type, he likes mature women, not bratty girls.

No. 276732

File: 1490405622533.png (294.95 KB, 1436x1487, Screenshot_20170324-213148~2.p…)


Mind you, this is the same girl that thinks we're "jealous" of her. No one is jealous of a dog fucker.

No. 276870

>not being ok with people fucking dogs makes you an sjw

No. 276872

Can you believe that Micky admires this girl?

No. 276902

Amina triggers the fuck out of her, but Bunny is great? Micky's insane.

No. 276991

File: 1490437385328.jpg (803.12 KB, 1960x2560, 17-03-25-06-21-20-403_deco.jpg)

It's fucking insane that she categorizes little girls' clothing as slutty.

No. 277012

It is slutty when it's worn by a 19-year-old thot.

No. 277146

She types like such an idiot, himeka I know you think its cute but in reality you sound like you might be actually autistic. Also my dad is elderly so.. Have at it I guess.

No. 277165


And to think for a hot minute I was actually concerned for her, back when she was in Japan and moaning about being "sad and confused". At this point I figure she deserves whatever nastiness that happens.

And where does she get the idea that she's going to make all this money? I read Jenna Jameson's book and she stressed how careful she was when she was making porn because hot chicks (which let's face it, Himeka is not) are a dime-a-dozen, disposable commodity. Even if one is a top earner, their value can so easily be lowered by doing the wrong films, or agreeing to certain acts. I don't think getting pissed on, or face fucked until she pukes, is going to increase Himeka's marketability. Plus she's no Jenna anyway.

And my father wouldn't touch Himeka with a ten foot pole – that's a fact.

No. 277171

File: 1490470401742.jpg (Spoiler Image, 339.6 KB, 1536x2048, IMG_20170325_061446.jpg)

Look at that terrible shoop on her legs. Jesus Christ, someone needs to take some graphic design classes.

Yeah, she really has no clue how much she fucks herself over by gushing about deplorable shit. Most companies wouldn't take a girl who wants to fuck dogs and eat an old man's shit. But, Himeka doesn't realize this and think porn is about being utterly disgusting all the time. She's over due for a reality check.

No. 277355

File: 1490487777906.png (912.36 KB, 511x608, capture_001_25032017_172058.pn…)

No. 277493

File: 1490505106016.png (432.78 KB, 532x277, capture_001_25032017_220953.pn…)

place your bets on how long this'll last.


i really don't think she is. i think it's just part of her "i like being degraded and humiliated" thing.

No. 277625

I know it's dumb to ask this instead of doing it myself but I'm not around all the time to jump at the chance. Can we have an edited OP in the next threads for Himeka and Micky? I'd suggest a short info to start off. Jumping in only referencing a bunch of other insufferable cows and their interactions bugs me a little. Not trying to trash OP and their work tho. Maybe I'll type up a prewritten info later today when I have time.

sage for ot and dumb

No. 277629

"trainwreck of an online attentionwhore / drama queen / aspiring sex worker (porn and escort) who's posted nudes / cp online since she was 14 and recently tried to get started in porn unsuccessfully. Edgy porn side of tumblr addict suffering from the snowflake syndrome believing she's the only and best kinky / edgy black soon to be sex worker in the U.S. (the only black hoe in Jap) and the only one who *~really luvs sex~* doing it. Has a habit of clashing with other cows / having crazy vendettas about other people and starting nasty drama with them aswell as an insecure hate boner for farmers"

This may be shit. I don't wanna take away too much from usual OP posts. Feel free to use this as inspo / edit / shorten (I'm serious, this is now CC Public Domain lol)

Also, please explain any mentions of people, who they are in a word or so


No. 277672

No. 277761

lel I've been going through the other old posts and >>>/snow/22253 I never saw she posted here

No. 277936

Okay, then just continue with the circle jerk mentions of lame cows

No. 278002


Just hide the thread if it triggers you that much.

No. 278231

I like that she's clearly wearing the wig off that empty wig stand behind her. Is that the only one she owns? I'm curious on what her real hair must look like.

No. 278235

I think she has two more. A big black curly one and a short choppy brown one.

No. 278244

I can't help but wonder if she's bald underneath that mangy wig.

No. 278269

Oh, right, the brown one from OP's pic and the porn shoot?

I'm really curious, I don't think we've ever seen her real hair before. How bad must it be for her to hide it 24/7?

No. 278294

Yeah, that's the one.

I think she's too lazy or incapable of properly styling her own hair.

No. 278298

If the brown wig is any sign, it seems like she also has a very high hairline which I can't imagine is very flattering with her face.

No. 279999

File: 1490804876636.png (237.33 KB, 1242x1243, IMG_0241.PNG)

No. 280003

This sounds like some straight up bullshit.

No. 280836


It's actually true anon. Japan has those laws so women from third world countries aren't exploited.

No. 280957

No mean to derail but I just found Amina's full gravure dvd online and I never cringed so hard

No. 280967

Already being discussed in the idol thread. Discuss it there.

No. 281004

You're clearly trying to derail posting about it here. It's not even relevant to the discussion.

No. 281058

fuck off micky

No. 281481

File: 1490948002480.png (1.31 MB, 576x792, capture_001_31032017_011156.pn…)

new photo from simon

No. 281494

She needs to contour her huge nose, and go with a gold eye shadow instead. She'll look decent then.

No. 281579

Why did he re-upload an old picture? He couldn't ask her for a new picture?

No. 281996

probably didn't have one for her. I'm wondering how long it'll be before he takes photos her being ~trained

No. 282008

She really ought to see a dermatologist.

No. 283160

File: 1491219447644.png (353.67 KB, 1440x2103, Screenshot_20170403-073436~2.p…)


She's only saying this because she can't actually afford to go back and Simon doesn't want to pay for her again.

No. 283161

File: 1491219518740.png (380.29 KB, 1440x1457, Screenshot_20170402-191344~2.p…)

No. 283408

Someone posted this on facebook and instagram. Their using her "simon worship" picture to make a point. https://www.instagram.com/p/BSZ4zWqjF6H/?taken-by=jx0nee

No. 283571

File: 1491258647442.png (Spoiler Image, 1.4 MB, 1440x1853, Screenshot_20170403-182318~2.p…)

I agree with the reposter. My worry isn't their "body count", it's their actual health and use of protection.

That aside, it's crazy to see a cow in a normie meme. Makes me wonder if Himeka knows.

No. 283575

File: 1491259388591.png (366.64 KB, 1437x1443, Screenshot_20170403-183642~2.p…)

Himeka, right now there are men shaming you on a meme post, there were men shaming you on FetLife, there were men shaming you on NND during your old lives, there were and are men shaming you on here, PULL, and SR. They don't​ like you, they only like your vagina. There is a big difference. Also, Himeka you post on here often, and you've thrown your own sister under the bus. You also used your jealousy to make multiple posts about Amina, going as far as to make an entire fake nsfw blog about her and spam it here. You can't speak on anyone when your shit stinks the worst.

No. 283576

Is it weird that I'm actually angry? I don't like Himeka, but are those people commenting really that fucking dumb that they can't tell all the names written on her body are all the SAME NAME?? They're disgusted by her sleeping with that many men when "that many men" is all the same guy

If they were ragging on her for something that was legit then I'd be all for it but to be that dumb is just alarming

No. 283577

File: 1491259516449.png (138.6 KB, 1440x779, Screenshot_20170403-184250~2.p…)

Himeka, I assure you none of those girls are the one posting in the thread and that BGAK gives zero shits about you unless your name is Amina.

No. 283579

File: 1491259732768.png (195.66 KB, 1440x748, Screenshot_20170403-184258~2.p…)

Himeka keeps pushing this lie about she doesn't come here but it's obvious she does. She comes here often, just like her friend Micky, to read what we post and post in their thinly veiled vendetta thread and then cry about it on their pages. They are fooling anybody.

Trust me, I feel you. The thing about the black community is that they rip on anyone who is "pure and virginal", and even shit like that.

No. 283592

File: 1491260706968.png (121.13 KB, 1440x999, Screenshot_20170403-190226~2.p…)


If you really had no complaints you wouldn't feel the need to get surgery done on them. You should really work on your ability to lie Himeka.

No. 283596

>national geographic savage

No. 283636

Knowing everything Himeka has done, that's likely the case. Which is pretty sad for someone who's "not bothered" by this site.

No. 284524

File: 1491355576567.png (735.93 KB, 546x459, capture_005_04042017_182438.pn…)

No. 284546

Nice bit of racism for garnish

No. 285316

File: 1491444293006.png (Spoiler Image, 1.44 MB, 1440x1946, Screenshot_20170405-220059~2.p…)

This is hilarious. If they only knew the whole story.

No. 286827

File: 1491638684972.png (353.21 KB, 1440x1441, Screenshot_20170408-035328~2.p…)

Himeka's jealousy is hilarious. The woman she posted looks like she's a model. She claims that's her competition, but if that's so, she has​ already lost.

No. 286880

File: 1491649719532.png (68.76 KB, 270x346, 16927f6b0b0.png)


>National Geographic savage

Fucking kek'd. Based Anon

No. 286948

File: 1491663705517.jpg (95.13 KB, 719x1278, IMG_20170408_103718.jpg)

I can only imagine what she looks like without all the blur.

No. 288624

File: 1491852574125.png (425.54 KB, 1436x2064, Screenshot_20170410-152156~2.p…)


This is why Himeka won't be successful in her "goal" of being a top escort. She doesn't seem to grasp that there's more to it than just being able to suck dick or have sex. If they want all that, they can easily get a regular prostitute. They're looking for someone to take out for the night and make them look good, as well as feel good. Himeka won't make good money because the ones who'd pay her more wouldn't want to be embarrassed by her stupidity and rachet behaviour. Maybe she'll​ figure that out eventually.

No. 288628

Guys who get escorts are usually well paid and want more than sex. Successful sugar babies and escorts are usually also successful in their vanilla careers and are intelligent. Unless they're some super model, most successful men don't just want some average pretty looking dumbass. They could realistically get a street hooker or backpage whore for a fraction of the price for that. Intellect some sense of conservativeness is literally what separates
'High class escorts' and Backpage prostitutes with 50 emojis in the title. Himeka is too dumb to see that rich guys want someone who can dress tasteful and talk smart but also fuck them too. Why pay 600 bucks for a loud dumb bitch with a ratty weave that dresses like an adult baby? She needs to go back to fucking getriatric guys on Craigslist for Big Macs at this point. Total lost cause.

No. 288666

you'd be surprised. some old men have no taste and too much money. especially the kind that would go for himeka in the first place. im not being racist but at my old job, i would often see old white guys come by with rachet looking 20-something year old girls who were loud and obnoxious. these guys are borderline senile at this point, i dont think they really care about intelligence, just sex stuff and (obviously) raceplay. very sad situation for her anyway

No. 288722

but even though those guys exist, himeka doesn't appeal to most because she doesn't know how to look good, even her outfits are awful (see pic, she actually went in public like this), her body is awful, with her tits sagging and everything despite being 19, her skin is awful to the point where she's aging like our queen pixyteri aka a glass of warm milk, and she's cross eyed. you add this in with her personality, where it's not "loud and obnoxious" like you mentioned but she purposefully acts like a retard.

as an escort she can't be taken places by the high class dudes that she wants to meet and know. if you showed up anywhere with her they would be humiliated. she has no chance of making it as a high-class escort

No. 289053

>fucking old men for money for years
In the first thread there are caps of her claiming to be a virgin no more than two years ago and "sucked her first weewee" one year ago. What's the truth?

No. 289058

>why would a man, no matter his status, pay a hot P.Y.T 200-800$ an hr to talk abt politics & french history ? they got male colleagues & friends for tht, no? like all these girls go on abt how intellectual & worldy & cultured they r but… who cares
What the fuck? She's way more sexist and idiotic than I thought. All that porn has rotted her brain.

No. 289162

This x10000. She has a disgustingly warped viewpoint of the world and herself to the point where I would feel sorry for her if she didn't blatantly disregard anyone that tells her this is no way to live.

No. 289212

File: 1491929874884.png (489.17 KB, 1440x2111, Screenshot_20170411-125616~2.p…)

No. 289215

File: 1491930048733.png (546.62 KB, 1440x2109, Screenshot_20170411-125956~2.p…)

No. 289221

lmao her skin is shit and rubbing CINNAMON on it is only going to make it worst good lord

No. 289234

>'dresses like a posh bully cheerleader trop circa 2004

In what world? Even by low class porno standards her outfit are shit.

No. 289243

Lol she only owns four outfits at most. And the only pair of shoes I've ever seen her wear are those same battered red new balances. Idek why she lies about such menial nonsense.

No. 289248

>men only book classy escorts who can hold a conversation because they have no other choice
I don't really follow this one… is she really this delusional or is this just part of her infantile horny bimbo persona?

No. 289249

File: 1491934209184.jpg (1.88 MB, 2560x1920, 17-04-11-14-08-55-049_deco.jpg)

So "posh" lol

No. 289279

The problem with this logic is that anyone can get a dumb, trashy bottom of the barrel girl like Himeka (but maybe more attractive) from Craigslist or their local strip club. It's not an issue of there being "no variety", she just can't handle the fact that not all successful men are attracted to stupid women who go out of their way to be walking fleshlights and dress like they're mentally stunted at 8 years old. She's so convinced that her gross bimbo fetish porn reflects reality that it's off-putting.

No. 289281

That dog looks ashamed to be in the photo.

No. 289368

File: 1491943972125.gif (414.84 KB, 123x134, 1.gif)

Please tell me that's not her dog

No. 289400

File: 1491946042618.jpg (85.47 KB, 625x937, enhanced-27592-1429190517-9.jp…)

so what's her style exactly?? "running-to-the-store-and-i-just-threw-on-whatever-core", because this is not the look that she claims she's going for.

this is the (really fuckin tragic) era that she's trying to copy and she can't even get that right jfc

No. 290298

File: 1492048827949.png (286.68 KB, 1440x1500, Screenshot_20170412-215825~2.p…)

No. 290380

Shut someone post her add!!!!

No. 290383

maybe is she typed like she graduated elementary school they'd think she was a fucking adult

No. 290420

File: 1492073036312.png (Spoiler Image, 1.3 MB, 573x790, capture_002_12042017_193252.pn…)

uploaded and deleted

No. 290436

File: 1492078175013.jpg (44.45 KB, 400x267, roast-beef-burger-sliced-pastr…)

No. 290567

File: 1492107160913.jpg (Spoiler Image, 237.76 KB, 958x1278, tumblr_oobti2NSit1w2bmcao1_128…)

No. 291414

File: 1492152430512.png (1.41 MB, 710x695, capture_002_13042017_234124.pn…)

didn't even last a month

No. 291985

File: 1492249450148.png (311.93 KB, 1440x1668, Screenshot_20170415-054107~2.p…)

No. 292057

File: 1492266574621.jpg (33.9 KB, 640x480, stupid.jpg)

Even if this was true (and I highly doubt it is) going into a classy establishment in nothing is indeed a good way to get banned from it. It's not because you're black, Himeka, it's because you're hooker trash.

No. 292171

But Himeka – you ARE a prostitute. So that's a fair cop, innit?

No. 293626

Why do you guys do this?

No. 293669

File: 1492483616911.png (301.76 KB, 1440x1471, Screenshot_20170417-224231~2.p…)


Himeka trying to start drama again with Amina.

No. 293670

File: 1492483678979.png (182.16 KB, 1330x1039, Screenshot_20170417-224245~2.p…)

Same with Micky. Honestly, Amina shouldn't even given either of them benefit of the doubt.

No. 293682

File: 1492484327345.png (353.39 KB, 1440x1701, Screenshot_20170417-225220~2.p…)

No. 293684

File: 1492484414904.png (382.16 KB, 1440x2061, Screenshot_20170417-225548~2.p…)


>Rolling in dough

>Eating at Steak n Shake

Lol Himeka, please learn how to properly lie.

No. 293704

Amina isn't gonna take the bait. Micky is a nobody and Himeka is too. With BGAK there were other black girls who came to Amina's defense about the group. It got so bad BGAK deleted their Facebook groups and made them private. And Teya had so much people in Minnesota spy on her for Amina she had proof. To my knowledge it looks like aminyan doesn't keep many people close to her and her small group of fans are like a cult who guard her and won't tell Himeka shit. She's gonna have to make shut up if she wants to ruin Amina's life IMO. And I doubt Amina will respond.

No. 293714

This girl is so dumb. She's whoring herself out for steak and shake meals and stupid shit like etsy pacifiers with cheapo rhinestones glued on them. Is that stuff really worth fucking old dudes for and leaving yourself vulnerable to stds, unwanted pregnancies, and abuse/death? I'm not 100% anti sexwork, but girls like Himeka are just too dumb to do it with any sense of safety/responsibility. Girl is going to end up dead in a ditch.

No. 293774

File: 1492494647682.png (131.53 KB, 1440x973, Screenshot_20170418-014843~2.p…)

No. 293790

Oh I definitely remember underage nudes

No. 293799

She used to sell nudes when she was 15-17 for LINE stickers. I still remember when one of her "customers" sent screenshots to Amina of her constantly asking about ami/trying to get him to shit on her. when her blogs got shut down for CP she said it was because everyone was jealous of her. LOL

No. 293803

File: 1492500141734.png (419.49 KB, 531x269, capture_001_18042017_001402.pn…)

she sending these to herself or is someone trying to make her sperg?

No. 293804

for LINE stickers… tbh that's genuinely sad

No. 293805

>I'm about to be a 20 year old women

No. 293807

What's her new tumblr URL?

No. 293813

I'm pretty sure she sent that second one herself.

No. 293814

looks like she's she's put on a little bit of weight
guess if she's not careful she could be a women instead of a woman

No. 293819

File: 1492502856305.png (74.94 KB, 1440x664, Screenshot_20170418-035643~2.p…)


She says this even though she got caught posting multiple times on here. She needs to stop acting like she's high and mighty.

No. 293878

that's actually funny

No. 293895

Yeah, if you're five years old.

No. 294004

File: 1492537622416.png (123.67 KB, 1242x717, IMG_0344.PNG)


No. 294009

Hasn't she made a bunch of posts about how much she hates race play and how it weirdos her out…???

No. 294065

Yup. Himeka is such a hypocrite.

No. 294075

Didn't she post constantly in the Amina thread?
Guess you're a loser with no self esteem too Himeka but we didn't need you posting here to know that

No. 294090

This just looks like she sent it to herself.

No. 294113


This girl needs some self love

No. 294154

either that or micky sent it

No. 294348

She doxed her, insulted her own fucking sister here, and tried to post revenge porn of Amina. Himeka is garbage

No. 294365

fuck that's garbage. she's so proud of these nasty white trash "daddies"

No. 294395

Micky likely did send it. Especially since she posted this reply under the Initial question. >>293670

No. 295134

File: 1492683002593.png (195.38 KB, 1440x1430, Screenshot_20170420-060746~2.p…)

No. 295137

File: 1492683172464.png (303.09 KB, 1440x1691, Screenshot_20170420-061027~2.p…)

No. 295150

… Is she talking about that Simon guy?

No. 295254

this makes me so fucking mad. i honestly do not get how someone who brags on and on about how she's a strong ~independent~ person would let someone degrade her like this. it's not cute, it's not sexy, it's just disgusting. and she did it for what reason? so some two-bit 40 year old british dude could fuck her.

i'm all about kinks, don't get me wrong. ykinmk and all that but willingly letting some dude call you a nigger, after making several ~black lives matter~ posts and all that bullshit.

she's fucking disgusting

sage for my feelings

No. 295272

well she did say before she'd never had a daddy and then she was ~mentored~ by Simon. pretty sure it's him.

No. 295282

Simon wasn't even her 'ex' she was a fuck doll she's delusional.

If she cleaned herself up, lost weight, got a human hair lace front, some public decency and intelligence she could actually be a successful sugar baby and find an old creepy white guy to properly be her 'daddy'. instead she rather be a dumb thot and do race play.

No. 295308

> Simon was her first
Why you lying himeka? He's not your ex. And what happened to all those other old white dudes you bragged about being your "daddy" and buying you "cvs shopping sprees" and fast food? She's so pathetic. And of course she's super against race play until a rich japanese dude asks her to do it.

No. 295360

Ugh, Simon was the one that asked her to do that racist shit? He's even more gross than I thought lmao

No. 295595

File: 1492741136466.png (Spoiler Image, 1.06 MB, 466x790, capture_006_28032017_212251.pn…)

probably, considering he drew this.

No. 295657

Dude seems like a real winner.

Himeka just idealizes Simon because he's the only dude with actual money that briefly gave her the time of day. All her other bullshit "daddies" could only afford fast food dinners and CVS shopping sprees. She had a taste and it kills her that Simon deemed her not good enough. Really makes me wonder what it is about Himeka that doesn't make the cut though, seeing some of his other "pets" his standards don't seem to be all that high.

No. 295754

What the actual fuck???

No. 295840

He's a good artist

No. 295858

File: 1492786101502.png (180.32 KB, 1242x1092, IMG_0391.PNG)

No. 295861


This bitch – everything is everyone else's fault but hers. She's warned about doing porn and selling her ass, but no! She knows exactly what she's getting into, and everyone cautioning her is just a jelly hater who "can't do what she does." But then when she gets upset or has a bad experience, it's her daddy dom's fault.

What a tard. She deserves every second of grief that comes her way.

No. 295876

Does anyone else here think that Himeka has a legitimate intellectual disability? I am not trying to troll here, this is a serious question. How can someone idolize porn, sex work, and trashy behavior and be inspired to become a prostitute right out of the gate as soon as they turn 18 (and not even a good one at that. You'd think with all the porn she reblogs she'd do a better job of having nice hair and makeup and taking care of her body and skin. If you're trying to make sex work your career would you rather look like Jenna Jameson or crackwhore Cindy?)

No. 296004

I'm torn tbh. I feel bad for her but she's making Simon out to be some supreme scumbag when in reality he seems pretty up front about what he expects from his girls, she went on endlessly about doing porn and escorting and it just seems to me like Simon was just helping her into it. I doubt he pretended they were anything serious.

No. 296008

File: 1492802229271.png (77.12 KB, 477x55, capture_001_21042017_084837.pn…)


yep and if she doesn't want to see anything from him she probably shouldn't be tumblr/fetlife friends with people who are actively involved with him.

No. 296079

He seems to me like a scumbag too. Literally messaged me on fet because of the "sadness in my eyes" or some shit.
Girls just naive and can't handle him, but clearly other wiser girls can

No. 296366

he's absolutely a scumbag with a superiority complex. The captions he puts on his petgirl pictures are sickening especially when they are written to be "funny"

No. 296376

Oh but anon, Himeka is an absolute GENIUS, don't you know?? She just pretends to be a dumb bimbo because it gets her CVS shopping sprees and fast food!!

No. 296432

It's pretty obvious what Simon is about, it's not like he doesn't have it plastered all over the place. She's just feeling bad for herself because it didn't work out in her favor and he rejected her. She's lashing out because she's not getting what she wants and she wants ass pats and attention in the very least. She was already fucking gross old married men for cheeseburgers.

No. 296844

File: 1492899627015.jpg (256.59 KB, 719x1279, tumblr_ootj88eNC91w2bmcao1_128…)

>new hair ! im a bit nervous bc um ive had the same general hairstyle since p much 2011 but i’m imagining it w/ cute mini pigtails , or half up half down, or straightened & i’m rly digging it! ? also i’m watching goofy movie & if u guys dint kno this is my favo Disney movie (next 2 lilo & stitch ofc) & im gna order junk food & im happi & not feeling gross anymoar yay ?

holy shit she's got a different wig for once

No. 296847


Suits her but yeesh, those saggy tits.

No. 296872

The way she's wearing that wig makes it look like she's balding.

No. 296884

She looks kind of stressed in this picture. Her lifestyle is really starting to show on her face.

No. 296928

i think she's looked that way for awhile but the lack of bangs is not doing her any favors

No. 297001

Her hairline is awful, while I definitely like the texture of this wig better and it appears to be a decent lace-front, she needs to wear it at least an inch lower on that massive forehead because she legit looks bald under there.

The editing to make her eyes look more animu just ended up making her look creepier. Girl needs to fix those brows too, she looks so rough/old.

No. 297016

File: 1492920247316.png (946.89 KB, 737x636, toomucheffort.png)

I tried, the amount of image shrinking to fix her hairline and saggy tits was impressive.

No. 297162

it's not a lacefront

No. 297741

File: 1492990932019.png (594.58 KB, 564x359, capture_001_23042017_164122.pn…)

No. 297825

She already has big lips though. Girl could probably use the nosejob, and a boob lift at least though. And some eyebrows…

No. 297952

I think Himeka is cute, personally. The only thing she really needs is to lose some weight and get her tits fixed.

No. 297974

LOL, no.

No. 297981

File: 1493024451316.png (1.01 MB, 454x773, 35354103.png)

No. 298039

Oh, poor dear. Her ass is as nonexistent as her self-esteem.

No. 298271

Wearing the old wig again?

No. 298622

Its an old video, she posted that a couple of months ago

No. 298990

kek she deleted it
hi himeka!

No. 299091

File: 1493188174279.png (Spoiler Image, 367.83 KB, 360x640, good girls dont think - candyg…)

lel i figured she would so i saved it.

here's a cap from one of the other videos she uploaded awhile back. oh yes himeka, your skin looks AMAZING.

No. 299093

Ah yes, back when she had that gross mystery titty wound that Simon complained to her about because it looked like she had been picking at it.

She looks so old for her age. I can't imagine how rough she's going to look in another few years of being a cheap street hooker.

No. 299095

Looks like there's a tiny dick down there…

No. 299330

File: 1493236814710.png (169.31 KB, 1440x832, Screenshot_20170426-155649~2.p…)


She spent all these years hyping up Miami and is now moving after being there less than a year. Hilarious. What's even more hilarious is that she thinks moving to Texas is going to improve her life.

No. 299343

my nigga, it's the god damn carpet.

No. 299346

how the FUCK do you use snow and still look ugly???

No. 299376

LEL I was thinking the same, snow makes everyone prettier and I mean EVERYONE but Himeka

No. 299389

She looks awful. How could she upload that with a good conscience?

No. 299548

File: 1493271015908.jpg (Spoiler Image, 93.7 KB, 500x618, tumblr_oo0abrtsV71w4q6jdo1_500…)

where in texas is she moving to? because if houston LOL at her thinking she's gonna be able to be the high class escort she wants to be. if she thought there were too many ~smart and worldy~ girls in the escort scene in miami, then idk what she thinks she's going to find in houston

also, this was reblogged on her tumblr and i sweat this is like top 10 worst fetishes, jfc.

No. 300589

So THIS is what Shay-gnar is trying to look like!

No. 300917

Jesus, I though this was her for a second then saw the lack of body acne and dirty hair

No. 301090

The girl in the meme actually has a young looking face, unlike Shay who appears to be a 40-year-old alcoholic. Also, the girl in the meme is pretty.

No. 304101

File: 1493874782601.png (612.27 KB, 562x371, 4658786503.png)

No. 304107

have fun with french immigration, they'll love you, especially if le pen wins

No. 304117

All of this is just fantasies. She will soon put herself in an actual situation like this, realize the guy is a sociopath and gives no shits for her, and of course cry for help and probably ask for PayPal donations to escape

No. 304145

She's going to get herself sold into sex slavery at this rate, except it won't be nearly as fun or as glamorous as she likes to think.

No. 304151

Fuck, what annoys me the most of her is how she keeps pointing out that she's ~so different from everyone else. "Baw no one's looking for an useless hoe, everyone in that website wants people who actually help in a farm! Hey I'm sooo NOT like other escorts, I am STUPID! I'm the only black girl to have done AV in Japan, EVER!" ffs.

No. 304344

File: 1493905353259.png (175.24 KB, 1431x906, Screenshot_20170504-093859~2.p…)


>constantly makes fun of white people

>shits on their physical appearance
>reblogs anti white posts
>"I'm totally not a racist guys!"

Sure Himeka, and I'm the Queen of England.

No. 304348

File: 1493905619586.png (200.39 KB, 1440x1203, Screenshot_20170504-094307~2.p…)


Not only did she contradict her previous post, she seems to have forgotten that she made a video calling herself a nigger and saying it was "cute".

No. 306211

I would love to see himeka get a proper job(hell even workinf at Walmart would be more respectable)and stop flaunting around on the internet like a slut but unfortunately she's going to end up a single mother.

No. 306219

what place would even consider hiring her lol

No. 306221

Is she one of those "black people cant be racist" types?

No. 306242

I think she would be better off stopping this while she's still young, deleting everything she can online and changing her name. It's not too late for her to change, but it's more likely that she will end up like momoko mitchell.

No. 306245

Simon probably got away with it because he's "ttly kawaii japonaizu daddy uwu" even though in reality he's just an ugly, old, stumpy hafu who happens to have $$$.

Had to google who she is, but wow, what a trainwreck. Kind of surprised I haven't seen her on here before, or is her's just really old milk? Her swastika titty tattoo is just a new level of sad.

No. 306249

Any logical person is

No. 306251

Omg! I've been wondering about m0mO for so long! Thanks for the last name, anon

No. 306254

Calm down, m0m0ko has been out of trouble since she got her kid back. No reason for shitting on her. And she does have some old thread here. But no new milk since she got her kid from CPS and left her fat radio host boyfriend who couldn't get over his dead wife.

(Actually I heard she let some guy she was fucking to rob their house and the dude ended up stealing not only her ex's stuff, but her PS4 too lol dumb bitch. Then she was later on crying to the cops to free him from jail while her ex made a twitter account to tel his side of story.)

sage for m0m0ko update

No. 306286

Calm down? You seem more hyped about this girl than I was/am. Damn.

No. 306413

Never gonna happen. Not trying to A-log but she'll probably get HIV at this rate. She has unprotected sex (remember those pics she posted) with high risk "daddies" aka 50 year old guys from Craigslist she's fucking for hamburgers.
I suspect she'll A) get an std B) like Delandra be a hooker who can barely make ends meet and will have to scam and pander or C) be like Tracey Barbie and dwindle down a path of fuckery

She has no real future in front of her. She's dark skin with ape like features, horrible wigs, she's short with an unpetite body and she has no intellect. She won't make any real money as an escort and will have to lower her prices to basically being a street hooker. This also puts her more at risk for getting beat, murdered, and arrested.

She also admitted to doing hard drugs as well.

Honestly you all, she's a rare gem. We're witnessing the birth of a cow of /pt/ caliber. My bets are Himeka will be 30 years old still in a sailor uniform looking like a saggy crackwhore doing bareback full sex for 50 bucks a popz.

No. 306436

File: 1494156411537.png (227.91 KB, 898x560, Screen Shot 2017-05-07 at 11.2…)

>3. i dont like being eaten out ! partly bc of trauma but it feels icky eeeee tongues r gross . i love being fingered tho a+ ?
She's saying she has trauma now. Hm.

No. 306451

>i don't think minors are as defenseless as people say…i was 9 getting my butt handed to me on gaiaonline

yeah, and it was shitty then jimena. maybe people realized that you can't actually be shitty to kids on the internet, because they're still kids. and the reason people don't want minors finding out about your sick fetish is because not everyone is comfortable with it, holy hell

>i dislike atheists

hmmm k always assumed himeka was an atheist herself with how much she needs jesus in her mess of a life

No. 306475

Said she was a Christian or Catholic before (if you can believe that). She's a dumbass so I'm not shocked

No. 306999

File: 1494210443496.png (337.29 KB, 1242x1509, IMG_0451.PNG)

No. 307054

Has she ever mentioned these things happening to her before? I've been following her threads for a while, but can't recall.

No. 307061

She might have but I'm thinking no.
This feels like she's slowly laying the groundwork to get out of the sex trade and keep the few followers she has.

>wasn't me it was the trauma!

No. 307070

This is like the fifth times shes ranted about her weird hatred for vegans lul. Did she get triggered by one telling her to put down the hamburgers she fucks old men for or what

No. 307087

File: 1494216680963.png (269.66 KB, 1440x1400, Screenshot_20170508-000807~2.p…)

No. 307117

I swear I can't recall her claiming that she's been raped or kidnapped before. She's hyped her getting choked out by some european dude she had just met one night, but she was "into it" and something about peeing herself while she was out partying, lots of crazy shit like that, but she was always posting about it like it was fun or a positive experience for her. She sounds like she may be twisting things around or maybe feeling a little guilty? Who knows, but I bet one of those exs that "poked fun" at her was Simon. I can't get over her continuously calling him her ex, like she wasn't just some failed trainee for his petgirls website. This girl is straight up delusional.

No. 307146

I've been following himeka on/off for awhile but I haven't seen her mention any rape/kidnapping happening to her previously. It seems like something she'd always bring up

No. 307147

Maybe she meant trauma as in, it gives her flash backs to terrible pussy eating out experiences?

No. 307157

she claimed that her dad sexually abused her as a child

obviously it was a one off lie because she's never mentioned it again

No. 307171

Any receipts of this? If not, how long ago and where did she say this?

None of the other claims have come up before now though, have they?

No. 307175

File: 1494230662753.png (200.66 KB, 558x480, Screen Shot 2017-05-08 at 1.00…)

dug through the old threads, found the first (maybe not) time she claimed to be abuse

if anyone can find receipts of her claiming it was by her dad though

No. 307177

I just always assumed she had been used and abused as a child because how else do you end up like this. not that that's where it leads automatically, just that himeka is pretty textbook for the subset of victims who grow up and act out. if she doesn't mention it, she probably legit doesn't see any connection to her current behaviour. sage for chin stroking and overthinking.

No. 307224

I've never seen her claim her dad did it, and I've been following her since before the first threads (or even Lolcow).
She's complained about her dad a lot, but I've never seen her once say he sexually abused her. I think someone just assumed she said that and it sounded plausible so people bought it.

No. 307330

wow simon is such an asshole. how come he doesn't have a thread already?

No. 307396

I don't feel bad for her. I don't believe in blaming the victim no matter who they are but she seriously keeps putting herself in these dumbass situations by CHOICE.

No. 307398

File: 1494268299763.png (56.72 KB, 640x413, IMG_0661.PNG)

Is she trolling? Literally 3 weeks ago she said she wanted to fuck an actual dog or horse and said people who thought it was gross were "sjws". Now rape and animals are her hard limits…

No. 307629

it's been talked about, but there's not a lot of milk for him. there is a general kinksters thread he could get posted in if anyone's willing though >>>/snow/204373

No. 307728

Probably trying to pander to Simon to "win him back" because he's tlly her ex and what they had was so real.

No. 307925

File: 1494310277715.png (421.75 KB, 561x256, 8598786505.png)

she's back at her mom's but she posted an ad on fetlife trying to find someone to let her live with them for free

No. 307928

File: 1494310500474.png (443.81 KB, 660x229, 8598786504.png)

she posted basically the same ad in two different florida groups

No. 307958

>Major plus if you have a doggo
No. You leave those dogs alone.

No. 307970

Lol Holy shit. So she lied about moving to Dallas. This is hilarious.

No. 308162

Knowing her she's probably never done any research on whoever she may be moving in with
I know it's been said but I'll be surprised if she doesn't end up dead in a ditch after being raped or some shit

No. 308361

Why is she doing this? I hate that I'm actually sort of concerned. Is her home life so shit that she'd recklessly through herself into a potentially dangerous situation like this? Fuck, I'd rather have be safe and have my mom be dissapointed in me than stay with a stranger and have god knows what happen. She's so fucking dumb.

No. 308362

throw* fuck

No. 308444

She's just super salty that her Mom isn't letting her make dumb ass decisions and telling her to get a real job.

No. 308447

File: 1494362365578.png (205.84 KB, 749x1078, IMG_7902.PNG)

>says children don't deserve the things that are meant for THEIR demographic

ok himeka.

No. 308486

>i luuuuuV how in japan liking cutesy stuff has 0 age limit/perverted connotations

umm yes it does himeka. if someone was running around like you were, doing what you were doing, and turning childish things into sexual things LIKE YOU DO (idk why she's denying this wtf) then yes, it would be weird

i know tons of people (myself included) who like cutesy stuff and don't get shit or called a pedohphile or anything like that. YOU act like a pedophile himeka (and i'm assuming angelfatigue too). YOU run around sexualising children's stuff and people call YOU on it

people in japan who do that shit get called out for it too. foh

No. 308617

Anyone got a copy of her porno? ..For science, of course

No. 309155

File: 1494428303456.png (314.38 KB, 1440x1674, Screenshot_20170510-104139~2.p…)

No. 309381

Look at that sweet little pussy <3(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 309409

hopefully her mom forces her to get a real job

No. 309413

I just threw up in my mouth a little.

No. 309543

LMAO this is hilarious
I really hope her mom makes her get her shit together

No. 311751

That ashy ass lol

No. 311855

File: 1494664985018.png (998.64 KB, 564x603, 8598786502.png)


sure you don't come on here himeka

No. 313874

Didn't she get caught talking shit about Amina on here at one point?

Also, is she seriously trying to say we're just jealous?
>sew jellybelli ovr her amazun pronstarr lyfstyle!!1!

No. 313922

File: 1494921003263.png (571.46 KB, 556x350, 8598786502.png)

simon confirmed for her "ex-daddy". he's 5'7".

yep. i'm pretty sure her and micky still post on here about her.

No. 313928

File: 1494921663739.png (856.1 KB, 623x468, 8598786503.png)

sage for samefag and not being strictly himeka, but lel the tiny fuck is a ~psychopath~. really makes me wonder if he laid out his list of expectations and she thought he wouldn't be 100% strict with her about them if she was all ~cutesy dumb baby~ or whatever.

No. 313932

I'd beleive that Simon is under 5'7" easily, some of the girls on petgirls tower over him and it's actually kind of hilarious.

How long was her fling with Simon? She makes it out like it was this real relationship when it really just seemed like an internet thing and a few week long vacation mostly in his company?

What a snowflake. I recall him laying out a pretty serious list and she didn't seem to be making much of an effort on any of it. Honestly, I think she sees escorting as a easy life, finding some sugar daddy(daddies) to pamper her while she travels the world in luxury, etc. She's absolutely deluded.

No. 313951

since it was off and on i think the total time was maybe a couple months? if that? this last time she didn't last 30 days before he kicked her off again.

and yeah, i found some kink profile of his and he listed himself as 5'7" so he's probably under that.

No. 314054


ppl not lit enough 2 b my friends so they're bitter & general jelly bellies…

TRANSLATION: They don't share Himeka's obsession with being peed upon, eating old man ass and fucking dogs.

Himeka, you are revolting and I wouldn't be friends with you if it were court ordered. No one here is "jealous" of your nasty lifestyle, but the fact that you believe this just shows how desperate you are to deny how badly you are fucking up.

But that's none of my business …

No. 322376

File: 1495836667748.png (319.11 KB, 563x193, 8598786501.png)

anyone know who she's talking about? only person i can think of is amina

No. 322437

Yeah, I'm pretty sure she's talking about Amina too.
Funnily enough, she's still much less of a flop than Himeka lmao (though I did always say they're cut from the same cloth ever since the findomme thing came to light).

No. 322438

"this is why u don't come for me" kek himeka this is sad
I'm no amina stan and the gravure dvd was definitely an idiotic decision but at least she doesn't fuck old men for walgreens makeup sprees and turn to the internet and brag about it like that's something to be proud of

No. 322441

She's definitely talking about Amina. But Himeka needs to realize that she is far more unsuccessful than Amina. Himeka is living at her mother's place with no stable income,barely any friends and desperately begging for people to pay for her services with laughable results. At least Amina has a decent job, her own place, and a decent amount of close friends. She's also been on TV and in the papers. Himeka really pales in comparison when it's all taken into consideration. She's only 19 and she's already washed up.

No. 322477

>cut from the same cloth
Hardly. At least Amina has a degree(?) and actually had somewhat of a career in Japan, has a respectable family and some white knights who seem to care about her. Even if she is kinky she didn't do full out porn like Himeka did and fuck 60 year olds on Craigslist. I never see Amina say shit about Himeka. Himeka and Micky talk constantly about her. They even came here and made fake blogs about her. That says a lot.

No. 322479

Also what does she mean "come for"? Did Amina say anything about her? Because since ami's been in Japan I've just seen Himeka onsidedly try and ruin her life.

No. 322539

I meant that they're both slutty hoodrat Tumblr weebs, anon. Of course Amina is doing better than Himeka because she has some modicum of charisma (and isn't as ugly or retarded as Himeka), but they're still similar in some ways. The whole reason the drama between them even exists is because they literally used to be friends (it's a mixture of jealousy and interpersonal shit like Ami supposedly dating Micky's ex or vice versa). I'm pretty sure Ami is going to become a sex worker or camgirl pretty soon, as well, judging by the selfies she's been posting lately. She'll probably be more successful than Himeka by virtue of not being a trashy mess, though.
I have reason to believe the fake blogs contained actual nudes of Ami's, too. I didn't save them because they were (allegedly) CP and I was initially convinced they were fake, so sadly, I can't prove shit.

No. 322559

She was outed as a sugar baby here two years ago. The nudes thing from what…like 5 years ago? I wouldn't be surprised if she was a sugar baby. My issue isn't with sex work. But she conducts herself completely differently than Himeka and Micky's nasty fat asses. I don't think a slutty bikini Instagram selfie is enough to say she'll "be a cam girl soon." I honestly think she'll just try to be an Instagram thot, maybe post "Lewds" on Patreon for money. I don't see her ever being on Himeka's level. Even as an escort she's still be way more successful (skinny average-pretty brown girl/fake deep). Either way let's stay on the topic on hand. Himeka

No. 322560

And from what I heard Amina and Himeka had a falling out because she told her to stop posting CP of herself as a minor and stop talking to creepy old guys. Either way the new ami thread was locked here so let's just keep the derailing to the aidoru stuff

No. 322576

The most annoying thing about himeka to me is that awful "babby" talk she does in her posts, Its not cute in the fucking slightest and makes me want to slap her. That and she refers to her vulva as "kitty" because, again, she thinks this is cute? Makes me want to hurl.


No. 322795

OMG this!! When she says things like "pwetty" and "bwain"' I just want to run her over with my car!!

No. 323056

Himeka is fat, dark skin, huge gorilla nose and face, mentally fucked and as dumb as a rock. Plus she dresses like a street hooker. I doubt she gets any customers as a "high class escort". She looks like one of the bitches on backpage or craigslist selling pussy for 45$ a pop. It's sad because if she had a decent weave, knew how to be eloquent and dressed like a reasonable human being she might be able to actually be an "escort" or "courtesan" but for now she just seems like the kind of bitch old white guys burn cigs into.

No. 323060

Also we should troll Himeka to appear on ghetto gaggers. I'm surprised she hasn't yet. GG is basically a facial abuse porn site where white guys beat, yell at and make ghetto looking black women gag. Some of them to the point of puking or shitting. It's absolutely horrid but most of the women look like crackheads so she'd be funny to be on there.

No. 323061

I hate how she pretends to know Japanese

No. 323070

File: 1495920256393.jpeg (80.68 KB, 640x518, image.jpeg)

>being this insecure about your life that you have to lie

Himeka is a pathological liar.

lol remember when that Japanese guy she sent nudes to for LINE stickers uploaded screenshots of their convo and how she'd constantly ask about Amina? remember how she claims Simon was "ex" when in actuality he wants nothing to do with her? Remember when she was "moving into a penthouse in Miami"? Remember when she was moving to Texas? Remember when she uploaded pics of cum in her pussy to show she had raw sex with some guy from Craigslist? Remember when anon saw her on the beach in Tampa but her "daddy" was some old fat black man? I'm beginning to think she has no ex. Just old white men she fucked in Walmart parking lots that ditched her. This pic about this Japanese guy is a total lie.

No. 323381

File: 1495957450668.png (1.13 MB, 560x702, 8598786503.png)

of course she has to post about Momo like her followers will disagree

No. 323382

File: 1495957556424.png (1 MB, 557x627, 8598786504.png)

No. 323395

Pedos use lolicon hentai literally all the time. Hell I heard of one who drew very realistic lolicon that was just traced over cp so its legal. What the fuck is she even on about -oh wait she's a pedo soo. I hate how hating pedophilia is now "sjw culture". She's such disgusting trash.

No. 323465

Kek is this about simon. I dlubt it so fucking much with the way she was pining over him. Also I've actually talked to simon a bit and for all he's a "psychopath" he's pretty articulate and charming. I cant see him being that bothered about her gross ass

No. 323479

Pretty sure I've seen Himeka reblog 4 year old junior idols and U-15 gravure models before. Is she trying to tell us something?

No. 323571

No no. Mentioned it earlier in thread he tried to recruit me as I am involved in kink circles. Was weirdly flattered but that shits extreme to me. He was pretty respectful and keen to emphasise that girls he's worked with can vouch for him. Tbh I just think himeka took it way to seriously in terms of what it was but ultimately couldn't handle it. And im not convinced thats his fault in any way. Who knows though

No. 323633

>'ughhh this guy is ttly in love with me and wants to give me a comfy life why is my life so hard!!'
Obviously fake but himeka please, that makes you look retarded not cute

No. 323772

File: 1496006792909.jpeg (120.22 KB, 499x811, image.jpeg)

Am I the only one who remembers this? Himeka was shit talking Amina to some Japanese old fuck and he leaked the chats on Twitter. Kinda old but shows how obsessed she is.

Him: Do you like singing?
Her: yep
Him: let's go to karaoke! It'll be fun.
Her: stamp.
Himeka: did you see Amina's live?
Himeka: too ugly
Himeka: this person too bad
Himeka: does she like Japanese people?(she meant "does Japanese like her"?)
Himeka: 'No' I think

Her Japanese is absolute shit so this was funny to translate. The guy apparently blocked her after this.

No. 323775

File: 1496006941323.jpeg (61.33 KB, 640x599, image.jpeg)

The guy responses with "good morning" ignoring that bullshit. She continues with
"the worse!"
"Bad to sing"
"Bad Dance"
"Bad clothes bad face"
"Everything bad"
It's obvious she hasn't let this vendetta go since she still posts about Amina.

No. 323777

File: 1496007094599.jpeg (74.21 KB, 502x813, image.jpeg)

She count even get 99cent line stickers but she ttly has a Japanese rich guy in lub with her. Also this is a different Japanese guy that exposed and leaked her.
Himeka: give gift!
Him: ? The stickers?
Himeka: Yea.
Him: lol not buying that
Her: -.-

totes rich sugar baby escort porn starlet guy

No. 323791

File: 1496007774900.jpeg (80.45 KB, 564x500, image.jpeg)

What happened to her CEO "daddy"?

No. 323792

File: 1496007822616.jpeg (80.87 KB, 359x500, image.jpeg)

reality kek

No. 324017

That's all stuff she said about Amina to jap guys and they leaked it on Twitter

No. 324019

To be honest I'm curious too, if its not just some okcupid-esque bit of profile quirk. but it was mostly just general chat about his work, hiking, japan shit my weeby self already knew and about going to london for a test shoot. I'm curious but realistically not something I'd go through with so I dropped it.

No. 324236

File: 1496037685754.jpg (8.59 KB, 426x224, 18765600_697390100445339_21128…)

Why can't she just say it's about Momokun/Mariah Mallad, it sounds creepy and stalkerish like this.

Holy shit the delusion

No. 324674

I'm surprised that Simon isn't talked about here more

No. 324739

There's not a lot to go on. He's short, he claims to be a functioning psychopath and he has a really unappealing porn business.
Milk, but served in a boring chipped mug.

No. 325100

tbh no one would really be interested in him if he hadn't gotten involved with Himeka. he's a run of the mill fetishist who happened to have good business sense, really. he's weird as hell, but as far as I can tell there's no milk for him.

No. 325374

File: 1496164605157.png (56.24 KB, 492x387, Screen Shot 2017-05-30 at 1.10…)

More info on her breast consultation. She wants to go up to a K-cup.

Sheyla Hershey, anyone?


No. 325378

File: 1496164748703.png (28.7 KB, 499x182, Screen Shot 2017-05-30 at 1.10…)

Also capped this ironic post.

No. 325522

File: 1496179489383.png (752.89 KB, 566x453, 8598786501.png)

No. 325524

Himeka is dead broke and gets almost no clients as an escort. Has anyone found her escorting ads?

No. 325539

Maybe she should use that money to put herself though English class instead.

(If she is purposely spelling shit wrong to make herself seem cute she needs a slap)

No. 325541


No. 325628

lol love how she calls simon her salt daddy who ~is a total creep~

weren't you super in to him before? also lol at her thinking a k-cup would look good on her body

No. 325920

File: 1496209440151.jpeg (133.37 KB, 634x901, image.jpeg)

She won't get ANYWHERE as an escort if she dresses like she does online. What a dumb ghetto bitch. lol @ getting banned from the hotel kek

No. 325941

File: 1496211002472.jpeg (173.84 KB, 801x1024, image4-801x1024.jpeg)

I remember her mentioning she wanted to get the procedure done by "Dr Pousti" on her FL. I googled him and some of his boobjobs look super botched, or maybe it's just that he's a specialist in XL augmentations and those look botched no matter what. Idk u judge there are pics on his website http://www.poustiplasticsurgery.com/ but they only go up to G cup. The smaller "after" cups don't look that bad. K cup sounds monstrous.

<Pic taken from his website, not from the before-after gallery or the testimonials page so not sure if it's an actual client. Advertising with a picture like that attracts people like Himeka

No. 328739

File: 1496553671439.png (680.42 KB, 557x416, 8598786502.png)

so it wasn't because he thought it was ghetto as shit, she's just horrible at it lel

No. 328762

LMAO she keeps calling Simon her daddy when he was really a fly by night porn producer. She can't even afford her own apartment in Florida how will she get a bbl? It's obvious she gets no customers as an escort bc she's always salty af and getting banned from hotels for being a hood rat

No. 328804

File: 1496566669708.png (97 KB, 640x735, IMG_0784.PNG)

she's obviously hurt as fuck that Simon didn't want her dusty ass. He dint want her and wasn't her daddy lmao.

No. 328806

She posted that she wanted to be killed and kidnapped raped and got tons of backlash and deleted it. Did anyone screenshot?

No. 328835

Guess >>328804
Oooooh anon – looks like you hit a nerve. Good job!

No. 328877

Holy shit shes so upset. She looks absolutely retarded constantly going on about simon, probably because she knows that's the only "big" opportunity she will ever get in her sad backpage hooker life

No. 328887

She's so fucking naive…

No. 328994


It's weird. Some look awesome, others not so much. I'd say 95% of them look obviously fake and a few look really nice and natural. Are they all really done by the same guy? I mean it looks like his interns took over for a few of them lol

No. 329150

File: 1496615158047.png (489.39 KB, 563x296, 8598786501.png)

she's probably already tried crawling back to him again and he told her no, bet that's why it bothers her so much.

also lol @ her not understanding you can't really block anons on tumblr. whoever you are A+

No. 329155

sage for samefagging, but she also idolizes his wife Tigerr. I'm convinced she wants back in so a) he can pay for her tits and ass and b) so she can look more like Tigerr and become as "famous" as she is in her niche of fetish.

No. 329197

Kek, Penny Underbust is apparently one of his patients. She was on an episode of Botched.

No. 331546

How many tumblr blogs did she acctually have? I noticed that she very often changes her blog url or makes a new blogs? Why does she do that?

No. 331572

probably so you can't stalk her lol

No. 333921

she mostly just changes the url because she doesn't want to lose her followers. she does have a couple accounts though.

No. 334708

File: 1497317292014.jpg (50.01 KB, 316x326, 1497144131014.jpg)

its funny how she whines about "swerf radfems" when they bring up how most prostitutes do it for survival. like… honey this is a choice for you, quit whining about the "tumblr sjws" coming to attack your trashy porn blog and lifestyle

No. 335482

Kek. So has she moved to Japan to pursue her gravure career? It's also hilarious right after Amina's DVD and playboy shit came out Himeka rushed to Tokyo to film a porn.

No. 337186

File: 1497736542491.jpg (Spoiler Image, 122.2 KB, 600x853, tumblr_orngp1uDmv1w2bmcao1_128…)

new photos?

No. 337187

File: 1497736570628.jpg (Spoiler Image, 62.17 KB, 640x377, tumblr_orng6vWJQt1w2bmcao1_128…)

No. 337207

File: 1497738899721.gif (873.13 KB, 500x281, tumblr_mr64pvMZnW1sxc21no1_500…)

No. 337237

Lol these seem like they're from the same set as that one doofy picture of her looking cockeyed sitting on the bed with rainbow socks. I guess she's just now deciding to post the rest to make it look like she's actually doing something withe herself.

No. 337436

File: 1497777082838.png (Spoiler Image, 163.52 KB, 637x839, IMG_0897.PNG)

Wait…didn't Himeka say she was scouted by a Japanese porn producer? I read the Japanese for this and it clearly says she auditioned and asked them if she could be in it. She probably even paid for the plane ticket herself. She lies so much it's pathetic. She clearly is pathologically fucked

No. 337438

File: 1497777609376.jpg (Spoiler Image, 383.15 KB, 2048x2048, FBAD4F69-CA69-42F8-A87C-886E11…)

Is this for her escorting ad? If so this is absolutely horrible. Himeka complains about race issues and wanting to be a "high class escort" but she literally dresses like a fucking street hooker. Nothing about this says high class.

About the new photos…these pictures have been photoshopped from hell to back yet she manages to have hella saggy tits and disgusting bankrolls. Backrolls like this aren't normal for a 19 y.o girl.
Next, her face.

She has very strong African features. For this style it looks absolutely fucking horrible.(don't start racebaiting). She needs to invest in a rhinoplasty on top of many things. If she played up her features and wore a classy little black dress, a decent weave and makeup that suits her, and not to look like ~a wittle girl~ she would look halfway decent.

Last. >bratz blanket
What. The. Fuck. If this is for her escorting ad(I assume it is) why the fuck is she taking this. If she's going for the ~~tehee barely legal teen~~ shtick this isn't the way to do it.
Also, does her mom know she's taking prostitute photo shoots in their family's home? I assume that's her old room because of the blanket.

No. 337454

Cheap, cheap, cheap – Himeka is even cheaper than Shaygnar.

No. 337470

>She has very strong African features. For this style it looks absolutely fucking horrible.(don't start racebaiting).
Only one racebaiting here is you, bud. Sage ya nitpicking next time.

No. 337479

Her features don't suit the "cute jailbait" look at all. There's black girls with soft features but she's 100% nails and the shit doesn't suit her. If you're going to be a triggered SJW fuck off. It's not nitpicking, she just looks twice her age and strong features don't help. She's not ugly but her features are way too strong for this style. If she did Instagram thotty makeup/contour she would look halfway decent.

No. 337484

I still want to watch this tbh

No. 338052

Why? You a masochist?

No. 338103

>Her features don't suit the "cute jailbait"
If that's what you meant why not just say that from the get go?

No. 338252

Go back to PULL if you want someone pc(sage needed, shitpost)

No. 340953

I saw the short clip of the video. She was speaking in japanese. I didn't know she could speak japanese.

No. 340964

She can't. She literally recited one line from a script. "Nihon no salaryman daisuki". It was awful kek

No. 341505

File: 1498451797048.png (Spoiler Image, 1.09 MB, 470x805, 4541309.png)

she's definitely escorting now. posted this on fetlife.

No. 341619

She's been an "escort" for a while now. However the biggest problem I've always had with Himeka is that if she wasn't to be an escort, fine – but she's an awful one. She dresses absolutely horrible for "high class" escorting.

No. 341620

I can't get over how saggy her tits are, they are about 10x longer than they are wide.

No. 341622

"Elite men" who order "high class" escorts are way less likely to get a black woman and on top of that the way Himeka dresses and conducts herself isn't in that market. She's probably on backpage or street hooking.

No. 341639

jfc why are her titties shaped like blimps

she's definitely on backpack and/or craigslist. one of her ads got taken down because people reported her as being underage for how stupid she typed

No. 341643

I know this is pretty nitpicky but I hate her nipple piercings. The barbells are so big and tacky looking. Also, her tits are almost worse than Luna's. They look like kumquats

No. 341644

If she wants to make serious money in the sex industry, especially escort, she needs to change her image. Keep the weeb Britney Spears shit seperate. If she wants to be the "barely legal girl next door" image she could do it but usually escorts show glamour, class etc. she literally will be mistaken for a motel8 street prostitute.

No. 341645

Also recently on Tumblr she complained about escorts being too open about their beliefs or complaining about work. Literally a month ago she was complaining that "all high class escorts are boring because they're smart!!!" She's an idiot and won't get far in this biz.

No. 341649

The sex crazed bimbo thing does rope in a lot of clients I'm sure, but I'm guessing anyone would prefer their escort to show up looking 'normal'/busness casual and then change into the bimbo get up in the bathroom in the bathroom of whatever room/space they got.

As someone who works at a hotel, I understand some people book prostitutes (or mistresses (super common) or sugar babies) to bang at hotels but they can't exactly be spotted right off by an untrained eye. Most hotels, at least reputable ones, have a fairly strict no obvious prossie policy. You don't want to be the that place. If a hotel has a popular night clib, they tend to make it super felt that prositutes are not welcome because it tanks their reputation.

Himeka will never make it as an escor. Her best chance is to shackle herself to a regular who wants to marry her. But based on her attitude alone, I doubt that'll happen.

No. 341656

File: 1498490854889.jpg (43.25 KB, 450x450, disgusting.jpg)

No. 341828

File: 1498514315860.png (844.79 KB, 563x511, 4541302.png)

No. 342188

File: 1498579611326.jpeg (94.65 KB, 640x1018, image.jpeg)

Found REAL picture of Himeka/Momo/Bunny/Angela in the local news. She's dressed like a total weeb and her features in general are pitiful. No wonder she has to constantly lie about her life and whore herself for LINE stickers for a bit of validation.

No. 342193

Guys that pay that much for hookers or "high class escorts" usually want someone who can hold a decent conversation. The guys who want a wham bam thank you ma'am are usually on the street hooker level. Himeka was already banned from a hotel for prostitution. She's a fucking idiot.

No. 342310

Her forehead goes on for forever, no wonder her wigs always have bangs.

Honestly she just seems really average, short, and kind of dumpy. It's no wonder she's so attracted to the bimbo life, she's clearly desperate for male approval and attention.

No. 343283

File: 1498727742492.jpeg (130.55 KB, 640x802, image.jpeg)

She definitely reads the thread here. Himeka, and I know you're reading, you won't EVER become a notable or popular "elite" escort dressing in the trash that you do. Never. Men who are hella wealthy to dish out hundreds and thousands on prostitutes don't want to be seen with trash like you. It's one thing if you dressed up and when you got in the hotel room you changed into a school uniform or some bullshit. But it's quite obvious you walk around looking like a weeb hooker 24/7. Just become a street hoe. Stop being jealous of high class escorts because they have some class.

No. 343284

She's so salty that she can't get those things. I remember the days when she would brag about how someday she was going to be making a lot of money, traveling the world, etc. and now look at how bitter she's become. The girl is so cheap she's been banned from hotel lobbies.

Good luck being a craigslist hooker for the rest of your "escorting" life, Himeka.

No. 343286

That Tumblr post is the definition of sour grapes. I almost want to feel bad that her life ended up this way, but it's completely of her own doing.
>(lingerie is butt fugly anyway do not understand the appeal)
Spoken like someone who can't afford a decent lingerie set and thinks cheap thigh highs and Milanoo schoolgirl costumes will suffice.

No. 343288

File: 1498729533013.jpeg (162.12 KB, 636x826, image.jpeg)

Plenty of men want a "barely legal young hottie!" So she's right…but they won't go to her. They'll go to a thin petite blonde girl who can handle herself around wealthy men or even a black girl if they have a certain look. As someone who has friends in that biz it's 10x harder for black girls in the first place let alone if they wanna be high class instead of a backpage street whore. I respect women who are escorts that are smart(protected), keep it under wraps and are saving for school or a business. Himeka has absolutely no life goals and she's gonna wind up murdered by some serial killer(she probably would love that.) looking like a $5 suck fuck street motel 8 hooker won't get you far at ALL.

No. 343289

>women standing next to Bentley pictures make me cringe!

Spoken like a true broke bitch. Isn't she always bragging about the billionaires and pent houses she's at? Now she's in her mom's spare attic, sneaking out at 2am so old white men can fuck her raw. Oh and we know she does it raw because she's posted pictures from after her "dates" of cum in her pussy as she's in the back of some redneck's car.

No. 343290

>lingerie is butt fugly ugh classy bitches
This is why you'll never be a high class escort and be a $5 whore for god knows how long himeka
she's so salty jesus

No. 343298

>te clients who do c me r very appreciative & always spoil me
A trip to the convenience store or a fast food meal is not being spoiled, Himeka.
>i'll prove to these cnn newscaster escorts that bein a
The fact that she obviously feels threatened and personally challenged by non-crusty, non-cheap escorts is a marvel.

No. 343317

Lol that she's talking about women in Agent Provocetauer lingerie. I bet she wears Walmart Dora the explorer briefs

No. 348248

File: 1499484595154.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 279.53 KB, 1280x1280, image.jpeg)

You all know Himeka's friend brratgirl? Why does she look like that? Her body looks like she has turned syndrome and it's bulky and disgusting. Himeka's body would be ok if she could stop stuffing bullshit in her mouth hole and didn't have gonorrhea(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 348272

some people are just bad bodied lol

No. 348546

Nobody curr(sage this)

No. 348560

There was a whole thread about her a while ago. Look through the catalog please.

No. 349688

Elite white guys get gurls who look like her all the time. The problem is her dress and attitude.
White guys are going to be her main customers cause black guys will know shes a headache.

No. 349690

There is a market for this whats going to kill it is the shooped face. Johns would want to make sure its her/a female.

No. 351165

File: 1499874932229.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 208.58 KB, 958x1278, image.jpeg)

Her tits are HORRIBLE. How is she only 19 with the chest of a 40 year old national geographic woman? How??? This is just awful.

No. 351242

shit genetics. that's why i can't fault her for wanting implants, it's the giant porny bimbo tits she wants that's fucked up.

No. 351993

Sometimes I wonder what will Himeka do when she grow old and cannot be a "high class" prostitute anymore, I mean if she can't be popular or well payed right now she's young I can't imagine what she'll do with her life a couple years from now, girl doesn't even know how to write properly does she even finished highschool?

No. 351998

Are we 100% sure she never had any kids? Those flapjack titties say otherwise.

No. 352016

Her hygiene looks especially questionable in this picture.

No. 352149

She'll have to downgrade from street corner hooker to back alley hooker.

No. 353537

File: 1500220217461.jpeg (92.32 KB, 640x570, image.jpeg)

She was a MINOR selling child porn, encouraging her sister to do the same and when people reported her they were "jealous". She also talks about girls being jealous because she was ~popular on Nico Douga~ but literally all the comments were calling her and her sister niggers, fat black pigs and sluts despite them being basically topless on cam and under aged. The fact that she thinks "jealuz girls did __ to me! Wah!" just shows how delulu this bitch is. We all remember when admins exposed her here for writing obsessive Amina posts and dissing her own sister. She's a mess. That's why she keeps changing her name.

No. 353541

File: 1500220652742.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 261.02 KB, 1280x960, image.jpeg)

Trigger warning: mare pussy

So…she brought a salt daddy to the doctors with her so he would take a slutty pic? this girl will do anything for likes on tumblr

No. 353631

Gross. Figures this nasty whore would wanna do a "sexy" (ugh) photo shoot in a gyno office setting. And actually using a speculum! Plus her vaginal area is horrifying looking. She really is a disgusting bottom feeder.

No. 353655

File: 1500236626432.gif (438.46 KB, 294x342, 874654132.gif)

just when i think she can't be any grosser she proves me wrong. what the actual fuck himeka.

No. 353659

what the fuck? does ANYONE find a gyno visit in the least bit arousing???? o m g this is fucking disturbed.

No. 353664

Forever laughing at that big gut even though she's laying down.

No. 353906

File: 1500267338491.png (1.11 MB, 640x1136, image.png)

She has unfortunate facial features

No. 353911

the generic doctor office art in the background is a nice touch lmao

No. 353924

She always looks so crazy in candids, which is a shame because I actually think her heavily photoshopped pics look kinda cute

No. 353934

Spoiler: Her salt daddy is the doctor.
Just kidding, Himeka could never land a doctor.

No. 353946

Wait.. Didn't she say her mom is a doctor? I wouldn't be shocked if she went to her mom's doctors office and took this with a tripod

No. 354163

This better not be true because if it were, you know Himeka would not have cleaned and sterilized that equipment properly afterwards. There would probably be an outbreak of all manner of venereal diseases in the client base. I mean this is gross beyond words, but can you imagine a doctor using the same speculum on you as had been in Himeka??? ((Shudder)). I think I would have to remove, burn, then bury my vagina under those circumstances.

No. 354373

>Wait.. Didn't she say her mom is a doctor?
She probably lied.

No. 354764

File: 1500403140329.jpeg (109 KB, 500x750, image.jpeg)

>dat gut

It's kind of sad how she hides her face with a LINE sticker on every pic that's not a selfie photoshopped from hell to back

No. 357515

Fuck me, this is incredible to read. Such a fucking bunch of retard sad fucksticks bieng mean to a young girl? I've more respect for her for have more balls t speak her mind than all of you fucking retards saying mean shit put together. Get cancer in your fucking balls.

No. 357525

File: 1500742518050.jpg (76.82 KB, 227x275, 1500665248947.jpg)

>aaaaaaaaaah reeeeee ur all haturz such boolys!!

No. 357552

This is the same "young girl" who made child porn of herself and lashed out at people trying to help her, compulsive liar, sexualizes kids, meets men from Craigslist having unprotected sex for a dollar tree "shopping spree", was revealed by admins to come here and dox herself pretending to be another girl…she's mentally fucked

No. 358007

>first post in four days

aw did Himeka send you here to bump her thread for her

No. 359040

I agree, this is absolutely shocking and pathetic.

Why do you care about what she's doing now though? Whatever happened in the past is done, I don't see how stalking her and perpetuating a hate forum is really going to help you get over it - you should move on. You'll be much happier.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 359060

File: 1500912803570.jpeg (114.4 KB, 640x994, image.jpeg)

Himeka opened her hooker website and it's atrocious. She made the shit on tumblr and is asking for 400 an hour. Bitch please.

No. 359062

File: 1500912867806.jpeg (119.48 KB, 640x753, image.jpeg)

because a distinguished gentleman is going to take out a woman who doesn't know the difference between then and than. It annoys me so much how stupid she is.

No. 359067

File: 1500913123596.png (222.76 KB, 1018x554, 345899.PNG)

Here's what she's charging

No. 359070

File: 1500913239734.jpeg (110.5 KB, 640x774, image.jpeg)

If this board was as organized as 4chan we could get her arrested or busted kind of easily. #OPjailbunny

No. 359081

She opens her hooker website shortly after her almost dead thread has been necromanced by "white knights", what a coincidence!

No. 359215

Honestly, we're her only audience.

No. 359265

Where can I buy the video?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 359295

Isn't a website like this kind of risky?? I mean, it seems like it would be really easy for the authorities to track her down, and the content is essentially proof of her intent. But I don't know how much attention the authorities pay to these things?

No. 359296

idk if you'll have much luck with that unless shes been very stupid. looks like her phrasing (donation, "meetup") is intended to be a cover-up.

Its selling dates vs selling sex, not that she'll get many customers with this shitty advertising, christ.

No. 359401

Why do they always assume we're unhappy. This is just a guilty pleasure. It's human nature to enjoy trainwrecks

No. 359474

Himeka has been banned from multiple hotels for looking like and acting like a whore. She's really unintelligent. She could get caught if a hotel called the cops

No. 359613

She's been white knighting herself here for years. Remember what happened last summer?

No. 359630

File: 1500951469780.jpeg (29.55 KB, 640x202, image.jpeg)

Can't spell restaurant correctly, doesn't know the difference between then and "than". Geez. I know she's trying to be a "bimbo" but this bitch is retarded. No guy that goes to high society events or nice restaurants is going to take a dumbass like her with him. Men who hire escorts want an affair, but they usually want someone they can actually talk to too. The guys who want a fast fuck will just go to a bar or a hooker street.

No. 359634

File: 1500951690473.jpeg (87.33 KB, 640x878, image.jpeg)

>no visible waist line
>huge gut
>national geographic 40year old African woman tits

I know she thinks she doesn't have to be intelligent because she's trying to market herself to men who like children or jailbait but this bitch even fails at being pedobait.

She just needs to get a black bodycon dress from Zara and change her entire aesthetic. She's a fat hobbit so it's unlikely she pull off a "model look" but she has the body of a midget stripper. I highly doubt she gets more than one or two johns a month

No. 359713

lel she abused that blur tool so much she almost wiped out her bellybutton

No. 359716

She also photoshopped her body thinner yet she's still fat

No. 359891

Her body looks normal to me. You guys pick on everything.

No. 359896

Actually no it isn't human nature to enjoy train wrecks. That's the point. Those who enjoy train wrecks are desperately, whether consciously or not, trying to feel better about themselves and lack the character to address their own issues.

No. 359898


No. 359899

These people are just bullies attacking a grown women for her own sexual choices and her race. Wtf?grow up.

No. 359901

You ana chans took over the place and go after anyone who isn't 93 pounds. Her body is average.

No. 359908

Where I am is on an abusive forum upon which I stumbled while looking for her website. What I found here is pathetic. To imply that the forum exists for this kind of abuse is, frankly, even more pathetic than if it were dedicated to her. And I thought cyber bullying was only for troubled teenagers…Look in the mirror.

No. 359912

hi himeka.we attack people for being trashy. look at the ddlg and abdl threads. all white people lmao. its not a race think. its a "yuck!" thing. go jerk it to your misogynistic pseudo child porn lmaoooooo

No. 359913

says the person looking for gross porn. like you have a moral high ground at all here tbh

No. 359914

There is no milk here. You're just nit picking at things like her being black or chubby. Nothing exciting or interesting about that.

No. 359918

nah bruh. shes a creep who lies a bunch and has delusions of grandeur, cyber bullies people, and has gross fetishes. the other anons are being so limited. why make fun of someones body which they cant change, instead of their words which they can, but dont.

No. 359919

From what I see people are just picking on her for having black features and her breasts. How is that milk?when did she lie/scam people?what proof do you have that she did that?

No. 359922

"i have a rich sugar daddy and we're gonna move into his mansion! the japanese porn producers loooovvveedd me!"

but just search the catalog and look at the older threads. there's a bunch thats easy to find on here, you just gotta look.

No. 359925

What proof do you have that she lied about that?do you have texts where she admitted it?did you hear her say it?if not then you have no proof that she lied and you're just nit picking and making assumptions.

No. 359928

No. 359932

No one sent me but you're all just nit picking. Every comment about her is saying she can't do this or that because she looks too black. It's just boring at this point, think of something more valid to post about.

No. 359933

"Gross fetishes". Like for example this thread. Don't even try to convince anyone that you're not getting off on this abuse.

No. 359935

Part of me feels like this is Micky, considering she can type properly and one of her most recent pay on her menhera blog but it's likely just Himeka pretending to be someone else.

I kinda want the admin to reveal who this is.

No. 359937

>everyone who is sick of constant racist nit picking is himeka or micky

No. 359940

Then let's have the admin reveal who you retards are also. Take away your protective anonymity.

No. 359941

You were "sent" here. Meaning, You have this page bookmarked. Meaning, you are either one of two people who usually wk her. Himeka or Micky. In which case, you don't have the right to act morally superior consider they're multiple threads containing evidence of just how terrible you are a person. Not to mention PULL had info on your drama and bs too.

No. 359943

So there are only 2 people in the world who are pisse diff by this shit? Wow. And the only way to revisit a page is bookmarking it? Technologically ill advised. Try refresh.

No. 359944

Kek I have never met himeka or micky. Give me a break. If you're going to attack them for being awful people then do that but being a black sex worker doesn't make them awful. All this is vendetta.

No. 359945

Admin only reveals cows like you. Sorry.

Oh yeah, you're definitely one of the two. There are definitely more post discussing her drama and bs more than anything. Nice try though.

No. 359947

You definitely didn't happen too stumble across this. You had this page saved. We're not dumb.

You stop pretending now.

No. 359949

You can't even show proof of when she lied or cyber bullied people. The milk is dried up and you're bringing up stuff that happened like 4 years ago and now the only think you can do is nit pick her for looking black.

No. 359951

Nigga stop playing stupid and read through the threads. All the threads contain evidence of everything she's done.

No. 359953

I'm reading through the threads and I see nothing about her lying or cyber bullying. You assuming she lied doesn't mean she actually did.

No. 359957


>Admin only reveals cows like you. Sorry.

Maybe the mods should doxx you?maybe you're an ex friend or bf with a vendetta.

No. 359959

Oh so you don't have the balls to confront me. You're too weak. To scared. To embarrassed. Classic cyber bullying. Classic troubled teen behavior. Except sadly it's probably "adults" here.

No. 359960

She looks pretty here though.

No. 359961

No. 359962

Google "bunnyspears". The link here is 4th from the top. Stumbling seems quite possible. Certainly not something to dismiss even as a possibility.

No. 359964

Me and that person are two different people kek you're probably just some self hating black girl and himeka reminds you of everything you hate about yourself.

No. 359966

No you're not. It's obvious you're the same person, you're just breaking the rules to post.

No. 359967

You can think what you want but that doesn't change the fact that you have some weird obsession with himeka. Get a life and stop spending all day ranting about stuff online that happened years ago.

No. 359969

>"ex friend with a vendetta"
Amina still doesn't give a shit about you, you know? She has better things to do than post on lolcow

No. 359971

Perhaps the admin should read the rules. There are many breaches in this thread.

No. 359972

All you do all day is sit online and talk about Amina, himeka and micky. Do you have any friends?im guessing you don't.

No. 359974

It's funny. In this thread anons can post racist comments about black women but racism posts are apparently against the rules. Hmm.

No. 359976

This thread was almost dead before you posted your white knighting. Same goes for Mickeys thread. You're fighting fire with fire here. Just let it die

No. 359977

Are you trying to say the admin is dumb? They know what the rules are for the site. You don't.

No. 359980

Except those post get reported. You'd know they if you paid attention.


No. 359982


No. 359985

Why are you creeps so worried about what someone else does with their vagina and life?

No. 359986

File: 1500996595045.gif (1 MB, 350x191, image.gif)

>gets home and gets on this thread
>sees a heap of bullshit just happened

No. 359987

>uses "a grown women" when talking about a singular WOMAN.
This has to be Himeka. You're stupid as fuck. She saw the idol thread got autosaged due to actual no milk so she's trying to stir controversy to get this thread autosaged too. I'm reporting this bitch to admin for evading her ban.

No. 359989

Not everyone against cyber bullying and no milk are himeka or micky.

No. 359990

>no milk
The admins accurately revealed her to dox her OWN fucking school here, have people attack her sister, make multiple blogs about Amina featuring CP, same fag a ton. This was all confirmed by admins who can see IP. Not to mention she's illegally a prostitute, fucks 60 year old men raw and posts pictures of cum in her disease infested snatch. Lies constantly about multi millionaires, is actually disgusting looking, looks like a midget tranny, and absolutely disgusting. Just fucking end it Himeka or bunny or whatever fuckshit you change your name to next month. I hope your mom is proud of you Angela. Don't rely on getting a rich sugar daddy because you've never even had a real "daddy" before because they all pump and dump you.

No. 359991

The first half of stuff is milk but that all happened years ago. What milk does she have recently?and being a sex worker isn't milk since most girls who are weeaboos do that now. She's an adult, she has the freedom to do what she wants with her body. Being unattractive and black isn't milk.

No. 359992

Wow. I guess the greater the tirade, the greater the self loathing.

No. 359993

Being black has nothing to do with it Himeka. You're ugly as fuck with a horrible attitude and absolutely no tact. You are a toxic volitrile human being and you're trying to cause thread infighting to get it saged because you saw it with the idol thread. I know what the fuck you're doing. It's hilarious all the two guys who Google you will find this website before your own escorting one.

Nobody cares that you're a sex worker. The way you go about it is absolutely cringe worthy and we love laughing at it. I'm not engaging with you anymore though. I'm reporting these posts so admin can see your IP. Remember what happened last time?

Oh, and racism isn't breaking the rules? Racebaiting IS but this is a chan site not a "safe space" you stupid fucking worthless whore.

No. 359996

Oh fuck off

No. 359998

It's funny seeing you get so triggered under the assumption that I'm himeka. If himeka had so much milk then she would be in pt, there's a reason her thread was moved to snow. There's nothing interesting about her besides the fact that she's a hooker and you know this is true because you can only bring up stuff she did years ago. This thread has turned into nothing but nit picking on her looks.

No. 359999

>you're trying to cause thread infighting to get it saged because you saw it with the idol thread
To be honest, I doubt she's even smart enough to do that. She probably just sent a friend here to WK, or she's throwing a tantrum.

No. 360000

That's every thread here you stupid brainless cunt

No. 360002

She's here because she's boring and has no milk.

No. 360004

The timing is too perfect. The idol thread was autosaged last week for literal no milk and infighting and an anon made a new one but that one was also autosaged. Plus
Every Amina thread gets locked by the admins because they're all same fagging.

We all know how much Amina triggers her. She even tried to one up her with her ashy AV "debut"

I honestly think she's attempting to get this thread nuked too.she came here stirring shit up before so admins know her IP and area.

No. 360005

Many girls do av you guys just pick on everything she's does and that's messed up.

No. 360007

Man, it's not even good bullshit. Just some thirsty sperg if not Himeka herself.

No. 360008

I'm going to write fake bad reviews for Himeka's or Bunny or momo or shithead's escort service because I hate her and I want her to do bad kek lmao

No. 360009

Let's be clear. This is a public thread, as evidenced by (1) I was able to find it, and (2) I was able to post here. Being public, and trying to respect the rules, I feel as entitled as anyone to post opinions. I don't like that it's supposed to be anonymous as I believe that facilitates cyber bullying, but my opinion is that the entire thread is distasteful and vindictive. As such, it's likely that there's a reason for that vindictiveness, whether it be a spurned lover, an envy of the attention being given to someone other than yourselves, or whatever. Under the veil of anonymity it's pure speculation. That said, I stand by my last comment, i.e., "oh fuck off".

No. 360011

>I want to see her do bad
Maybe if you focused as much energy into your own life instead of being jealous and vindictive, you'd be a better person.

No. 360014

My life is pretty ace. My man ate me out this morning, gave me a hundred bucks to get a new outfit, have an amazing puppy and paid off house. Shit is so cash

No. 360015

I can understand laughing at cows but genuinely hating them and having a vendetta is just pathetic. Also, 100 dollars is nothing to brag about, that couldn't even buy you a whole outfit at forever 21.

No. 360016

File: 1500999396942.jpeg (88.77 KB, 640x864, image.jpeg)

Wow it just so happens that the very same day Himeka gets anon hate that triggers her and the idol thread gets autosaged for legitimate infighting that a wild wk randomly appears to save her by stirring up infighting to get an autosaged.

No. 360017

>shops at forever21
Be gone broke bitch

No. 360018

Omg why do you spend all day watching her posts?thats creepy!

No. 360019

>brags about getting 100$

Take your own advice.

No. 360025

Remember Himeka's sperg chan meltdown a summer or so ago ? >>>/snow/21481
It's obvious the wk is her. The wk claims they "just so happened" to stumble here but also says "if she has milk she would be in /pt/" which means they obviously know the website layout.

No. 360027

>couldn't even buy you a whole outfit at forever 21.

Um yeah you can buy a whole outfit with that much.

No. 360029

Kek just stop stalking people you psycho. You can't attack consenting adults for their sexual choices. Anyone's would have a break down if someone has been stalking them since they were under aged.

No. 360032

Idk how it is where other people live but where I live forever 21 has risen their prices so high. A pair of over alls I'd like 40$, they're almost on the same scale as urban outfitters as far a clothes pieces go.

No. 360037

File: 1501000913621.jpeg (218.32 KB, 687x951, image.jpeg)

Is that why you threw your 15 year old sis under the bus for your CP producing and bullshit on lolcow?

No. 360038

It's super creepy that you have images and posts saved from two years ago. You're obsessed with this chick.

No. 360051

Himeka you can stop talking in third person. Also I just went to the thread from last year, not three years ago where you sperg out like right now

No. 360055

Shopping online is usually better since they're always having a sale.

What's funny is that she said she was reading through the threads yet she can't recognize a pic from the last thread.

No. 360056

That milk is a year old. Nothing new?shes an adult and she can do sex work if she wants. None of this is milk it's vendetta.

No. 360159

File: 1501012009397.png (61.44 KB, 1440x497, Screenshot_20170725-154416~2.p…)


Lol Is she serious? Girl, your Japanese was as bad as your English. Stop the madness.

No. 360226

begging strangers for line stickers in awkward, disjointed hiragana and copypasted google translate =/= speaking japanese

No. 360252

I wish I knew why she is so convinced her Japanese was good.

No. 360261

She probably wishes she had 1 skill other than her willingness to spread her legs for crusty old perverts. She can't even manage to look hot after 10 filters and 5 hours in Photoshop.

No. 360288

Bans handed out, responding to WK will only keep them coming back, try to ignore them please.

No. 360358

File: 1501023337604.gif (950.08 KB, 320x234, IMG_3676.GIF)

Awwwww man! I was hoping Admin would come in and sticky all Angela's posts. It woulda been ShingleGate all over again

No. 360421

Thank you farmhand!

Legit this. It's another reason she's so incredibly bitter over those high class escorts. A lot of those women are well educated and speak multiple languages. She clearly can't compete while she obviously has difficulty stringing together a basic, coherent sentence in English.

No. 360436

And she has the audacity to charge 400 to 2400 for guys to spend time with her. She's playing herself.

No. 360440

And her jealousy is so goddamn blatant. I remember her making some ridiculously passive-aggressive jab at a post some girl on Twitter made about a bunch of nice stuff her boyfriend got her (a bunch of makeup, lingerie, I think, and some other stuff.) Iirc she said something along the lines of "they probably got it out from the trash" or something. What a hateful, conceited little cunt.

No. 360460

How is this milk?this is just nit picking at this point. Learning a new language is not milk. Everyone starts off bad at a new language.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 360473

Everyone does fucked up shit in the past. The "milk" you have on her is over 2 years old. There is nothing here, this is all vendetta. Grow up.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 360521

She could barely speak one sentence of Japanese for her AV. Bitch doesn't even know the difference between then and than on her professional website. What a fucking dumbass

No. 360555

Huh everyone starts off with a poor grasp of a language. You can't expect a person to be fluent over night.

No. 360561


People with actual talent like musicians or artists don't even charge that much. At most, one weekend at a gig or a really high attendance convention can make around $3000.

She really has no grasp of money at all.

No. 360565

Albeit escorts in cities like NY or LA that look thin, young and not a drug addict can ask for $300 an hour which is "highclass" but the fact that she's so niche( one she's black, two weird ddlg, three "bimbo") and thinks she can make $400 she's ducking retarded.

No. 360583

Lol this site is so pathetic, the mods ban people for such innocuous shit. You people need to get ddosed by 4chan or something(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 360596

High class escorts charge 1000-3000 a night so himekas prices are actually reasonable.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 360602

I'm not very familiar with prostitution outside of various lolcows, but I thought $400 an hour was for more middle to upper class escorts? We're not talking 1k an hour, sleeping with politician level escorts, but generally slightly higher end/classy than your average street hooker.

I'd say Himeka is street hooker tier as far as escorts go. I can't imagine her charging anything more than $100-$150 an hour considering she used to fuck for CVS shopping sprees and fast food…

No. 360603

I wouldn't consider himeka a street hooker because she's healthy, young and kind of cute. She's just stupid but she's not some drugged out street whore. Go in backpahe ornother escort sites and you'll see higher class escorts charge way more than that.

No. 360604

Backpage or any other

No. 360642

If she dressed for her weight and normal clothes she would look like a midrange hooker. Black women that are "elite" usually have to work extra hard and charge less than other high class escorts. If Himeka had a normal job and was charging this much and did escorting as a hobby that would be one thing. But it's obvious she's using this for her main income. She dresses like a street whore and can't tell the difference between then and than. If a guy with a spare 400 was gonna spend it, he could get a thin young Russian legal Loli girl for the same price and probably half the attitude

No. 360643

Nobody on backpage is high class retard.

No. 360645

Exactly this. I just can't imagine someone choosing her when they clearly have much better options available at $400 an hour. She's rather gross looking, trashy, and you are right about her attitude too.

Maybe she'll get lucky and she'll get a couple desperate dudes new to hookers drop $400 on her, but I can't imagine she'll have many, if any return customers at $400 A pop when they see her in person, unedited and unfiltered.

No. 360671

even that bratgrrl chick doesn't charge that much (250ish/hr from what i remember) and she's willing to cater to the weird dudes. himeka doesn't even take care of herself, no way guys are gonna spend that on her.

No. 360686

That girl is as gross and trashy as himeka, but I'd argue that she has a cuter face at the very least. Maybe Himeka could pull $200-$250 if she's doing the weird hardcore shit that bratgrrrrl does. Honestly she's desperate and gross enough to allow it given some of her other recent posts about being choked out and pissing in public.

No. 360804

Lol I can't believe they think Backpage is high class. Honestly though, Himeka would fit right in on Backpage. Nothing but trashiness there.

No. 360833

Himeka for sure has a cuter face. She has amazing skin. You guys are only saying bratgirl is more attractive because she's white.

No. 360844

>She has amazing skin
Nah son

No. 360847

Having dark skin isn a skin flaw. Based on what I've seen it looks smooth and acneless. Brat girl just looks like a freak head.

No. 360848

*crack head

No. 360852

>Having dark skin isn't a skin flaw.
Nobody's saying that, bud.

No. 360856

Ok what's wrong with her skin then?

No. 360885

File: 1501081144777.png (Spoiler Image, 766.39 KB, 809x608, Screen Shot 2017-07-26 at 2.58…)

>it looks smooth and acneless

No. 360889

That's not acne those are freckles. Most people have them.

No. 360904

Friendly reminder to avoid engaging with the white knight. Farm hand said they are ban evading and just to ignore/report them.

No. 360911

Pointing out facts is not white knighting.

No. 360919


They're razor bumps and a burn scar. The rest of her skin isn't much better.


She doesn't know her audience at all. Most men who are into that dd/lg shit aren't going to switch it up and take her to fancy restaurants around town.

Her usual clientele of rednecks and neckbeards won't pay for her either when they can get a skinny Russian or south east asian to fuck for less.

No. 360925

Those are not razor bumps, they look nothing like that. No one has completely spotless skin because that's impossible and why do you guys keep saying she can't do this and that because she's black?there are plenty of guys who would pay for her if she got emotionally stable and changed her look but I personally think himeka deserves better than being some whore.

No. 360928

Yeah, she's expecting waaaaay too much for what she's offering. They'd go for a street hooker before going to her. Better pricing.

No. 360930

I agree but that's unlikely. Street hookers usually are older and there's a bigger chance of getting hiv. Most people who go to escorts no better to stay far away from them.

No. 360934

Do you even know what razor bumps look like?that's not what they look like.

No. 360943

The whiteknight poster has been banned.

No. 360950

Right?these people are bullies and this site is nothing but hate speech(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 360959

I'm 100% sure the wk is Himeka. Her and her sister ALWAYS use the race card as soon as someone calls out their bullshit. That or ~you're jelly~

No. 360961

I'm not himeka or her sister, I'm just sick of the constant race baiting and nit picking that goes on in this thread.

No. 360962

Also im not the only person in this thread who defended her so it isn't just me who is pissed off about this.

No. 360987

Himeka is a small girl and would look better with small breasts. Her breasts are too big for her body. Other than that she has a pretty nice figure.

No. 361015

Nah she's fat.

No. 361016

>anyone over 110 is fat

Why do all of you have such delusional standards?

No. 361085

>Himeka is a small girl
lol, good one anon

No. 361361

It looks like she took it down already.

No. 361503

LMAO she came here to wk herself then took down her website. She also lies about being verified on Eros(a website for prostitutes to advertise that's more legit than backpage).

No. 361504

Guess Himeka is back to backpage

No. 361767

Pretty sure people here reported it, why would she take it down

No. 361913

Why would they report it lol

No. 361968

Yeah, I think some people dont like that shes black and trying to be an av idol. I think some of them are black themselves. Jealous of a bum.
**I think she can get 400-600 an hour because she has a av tape, submissive, and nasty. After a few clients at this price point she wont want to do this anymore. Its not what she thinks. It wont be a meeting of equals. She should join a dungeon(sp) and move on. She is trying to be like a famous hooker but that lady played the game better and still burned out. The bunny ranch would hire her and teach her. Or a regular dungeon the price would be like $300hr because of the av tape but no sex unless a hj/bj. There arent too many subs more doms. But she is bringing her value down with all these pics.
I do non intercourse sex work and I think she was on our forum asking questions. The person didnt seem to want too her the bad.
Also she is collecting the money wrong. Never in your hand. They should leave it on a table, bathroom, in a book, anywhere but your hands. If her website is too bad I will contact her. Lol.
She will be in jail soon. Some guy will get mad and snitch.

No. 362089

>went to Japan and illegally made one low budget AV

yeah ok

No. 362098

Learn how to grammar and how to sage properly, newfag anon. Trying to read this post was a headache.

Any client who isn't completely new or clueless when it comes to hookers isn't going to be dropping anything near $400 on a girl like Himeka. She's really not that cute, she's rather dumpy if anything, her only porn is a low budget censored AV in Japan (as if an American audience will be drawn in by this?), and she literally dresses like a street hooker to the point where she's been banned from various hotels. Really, just take a peek at backpage and you'll see plenty of better options for the same price, if not possibly cheaper. Girl needs to work on herself before asking for $400 an hour.

No. 362137

Part of being an escort is knowing how to market yourself to a variety of clients. If Himeka wasn't a total dumbass she would market herself wearing clothes suited to her body type and some dignity. She needs to keep her personal fetishes to herself and focus on making actual money but she's an idiot. She should save the bimbo ddlg bullshit for tumblr tbh. She's stupid as fuck

No. 362177

File: 1501239749135.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 233.51 KB, 1242x1316, image.jpeg)

Imagine abusing Meitu this much and still being ugly as fuck with deflated tits

No. 362278

I don't know what the fuck is wrong with you all. I'd love to slide into that and give her a hot load. Her tits look great to me. Only way to improve how they look is with my cock sliding between them unloading nutfulls of spooge on her.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 362318

Please, at least sage your sexual fantasies my friend.

No. 362326

As if there's any restraint being shown on here…

No. 362349

What a compliment!

No. 362743

File: 1501302974496.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 107.31 KB, 640x836, image.jpeg)

So her and her friends illegally take nude pictures outside and this bitch thinks she's high class enough to charge $400 as an escort??? Both of them look disgusting. No wonder Himeka's dumbass has gotten banned from multiple hotels.

No. 362759

#classygirl #richdaddiesonly

No. 363009

This looks like an ad on Backpage lol

No. 363024

Lol, you're probably giving her ideas. Hi Angela!!

No. 364641

File: 1501604168207.jpeg (52.34 KB, 640x599, image.jpeg)

Kek she finally stops lying to herself and to her tumblr zombie followed that Simon played her and wasn't her bf, daddy or Sd.

Plenty of cam girls and erotic workers have bfs so I hope she can reflect and realize it's her awful attitude that's keeping her from getting a man lmao

No. 364690

You know, I get the whole "2 dumb bimbo shit" but this shit is just incomprehensible! Every time I try to read her shit, the fucking grammar gets worse and worse.

No. 364775

She puts on a huge front but she actually has hella low self esteem tbh probably why she needs to pry her legs open to get any attention whatsover

No. 365085

File: 1501661565271.png (1.18 MB, 793x521, 4541307.png)

apparently she took down the other site so she could open this one https://www.meetbunny.net/

No. 365086

Looks even worse. It'll be down by next week when she gets zero johns

No. 365497

File: 1501715646476.png (458.58 KB, 1440x2301, Screenshot_20170802-190932~2.p…)

She increased her prices. Lol >>359067

No. 365589

The whole thing is a bit wut but you can tell she's never been hired for an event, overnight or weekend.
It's practically sex worker Tumblr RP at this point.

No. 365830

wew she must've done that right after i took the screenshot of her welcome thing because it was still the $400

and all that is just standard shit, she's charging extra for fetishes.

No. 365863

Her rates are hilarious. For those prices a guy could get an actually attractive girl with a decent body. Why in the world would a guy spend half a gran for an hour for a girl who is as beat looking as many street hookers? She's delusional.

No. 365930

She doesn't really think her trash ass is worth that much, does she? This is a funny late April Fools joke.

No. 367064

File: 1501954114099.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 96.23 KB, 640x820, image.jpeg)

This bitch is a fucking mess. She's so fucking high class that she takes Johns on the beach in the back of cars. nobody is gonna pay $500 for this gonorrhea juice pussy

No. 367066

File: 1501954493007.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 68.39 KB, 640x604, image.jpeg)

She's so fucking gross

No. 367156

You can actually SEE the fucking lumps in her cottage cheese puss juice. I'm gonna vomit.

No. 367176

But anon! It's totally just sand! :)))

No. 367250

>Tfw you can't see your own pussy bc your fat FUPA overhang is obscuring it

Gotta love how she let a John finger her gross ingrown hair covered gonorrhoea pussy at the beach, while his bloated Shrek hands were still covered in sand.

I propose we call her sandy flaps from now on.

No. 368965

Why does this thread keep getting saged? Is it in autosaged?

No. 368972

nope, you just bumped it. we've been sageing because >>367066 is old

No. 368988

File: 1502225891426.jpg (10.85 KB, 225x225, images.jpg)

I don't know about 400 an hour, maybe 300-350 if she capitalized on the nastiness factor. Some johns are disgusting and will pay more for chicks willing to degrade themselves; Nasty shit like piss play, human toilet, being slapped around, giving rimjobs, maybe even racially based slave play (Hey, there's a market for it) I don't think this little girl, dumb bimbo thing is really working for her. Her whole bit seems inspired by Max Hardcore (Spit upon his name, disgusting pig), minus the whole anorexic child body thing; That shit is waaayy too niche and I'm pretty sure people only watch it for the 'holy shit that's fucking fucked' factor rather than arousal.
On a slightly unrelated, I hope that slimy bastard is dead soon.
Pic related, most worksafe image I could find.

No. 369048

$350? You can get a drug addicted street hooker to degrade herself and do all that shit for $100 or less.

No. 369195

$400/hr just for the usual stuff. she charges extra for the nasty degrading shit. and yeah she's a big fan of max hardcore.

No. 371857

File: 1502641396291.jpeg (91.45 KB, 640x591, image.jpeg)

Yet she willingly and gleefully objects herself with race play/slave play. She's so fucking annoying. Stop with the race baiting Angela and actually put some effort in how you look.

No. 371859

Am I the only one annoyed with Angela calling herself "teeny tiny" just because she isn't Micky level obese, she still is pretty fat. Bunnyspears / Himeka or whatever has no visible waist line and her FUPA hangs over pretty severely.

No. 371878

I'm laughing at how she put down that she's 110 lbs and a size 2 on her escort site.

No. 371946

She's short so 110 isn't that thin for her height but she's at least 130 kek

No. 371990


Damn she didn't even censor her friend's face.


If she wasn't so damn trashy and awkward she'd probably feel less out of place. From what I've heard the kink scene is pretty welcoming for the most part.

No. 372123

lel she wasn't trying to censor her own face she just uses the stickers when she doesn't like how she looks

No. 379750

File: 1503705908652.jpg (72.26 KB, 456x810, IMG_1637.JPG)

She looks terrible. This bitch has a five head, no eyebrows, grown man gut, huge nose… what the fuck are you doing babe

No. 379762

File: 1503706698463.png (55.96 KB, 640x349, IMG_1638.PNG)

She's disgusting and problematic. She advertises herself as a "little girl" that you can hire. Real children are being sold everyday you bitch

No. 379765

That massive forehead, those unblended ratty extensions, her disturbing lack of eyebrows, and absolute non existent hips. Even the heavy blurry beauty filters can't save this mess.

No. 379772

I didn't know it was humanly possible for someone's eyes to be that far apart from one another

No. 379846


Boi her forehead is way too big for that style she chose. Bitch looks like a really bad blow up doll.

No. 379850

Haha very funny guys, nice shoop job on her forehead. Now show us the normal picture cause there is no way a person can have a ten head.

No. 379866

File: 1503715349654.png (177.61 KB, 1125x1439, IMG_3708.PNG)

Gorilla cookies.

No. 379893

She looks like she has downs and shits herself

No. 379918

>[404 error edges not found]

No. 379920

i'm sorry for samefagging but i can't get over the fact that she looks like a cadbury egg

No. 379998

File: 1503729919191.png (685.79 KB, 677x345, 75460000012.png)

>cadbury egg
all my keks

she hasn't been very active on fetlife lately, mostly just adding friends, but posted this today.

No. 380003

File: 1503730372990.jpg (185.86 KB, 600x523, 1501260698019.jpg)

her nipples look like pancakes

No. 380965

File: 1503857106255.png (Spoiler Image, 1.05 MB, 456x805, 75420000003.png)

$450/hr for this jfc

No. 380967

File: 1503857169469.png (Spoiler Image, 1.07 MB, 460x809, 75420000007.png)

No. 380972

File: 1503857309981.png (Spoiler Image, 1.06 MB, 459x802, 75420000006.png)

No. 381105

>using extreme Korean photoshop apps instead of professional glamour shots
>charging 450.

I'm 100% sure this bitch gets zero to no serious clients. She never posts about it on twitter, tumblr or her side tumblr and we all know she loves bragging and exaggerating. She would make way more as a street hooker. Just saying.

No. 381168

i really hope she manages to find an actual photographer just to see the difference between them. it's gonna be hilariously terrible.

No. 381186

I remember Simon posted a candid of her once and the difference without all the beauty filters was pretty jarring. It might still exist in one of her old threads somewhere.

Honestly, she could probably be an average kind of cute with a bit of work. More flattering make-up and eyebrows, sort out her awful hairline and wigs, dress for her body type and age, lose a little weight to balance her slim hips, etc. Her boobs are pretty awful and could use a lift, but I don't think an augmentation is really necessary.

Really, the only improvement she's made so far in her life is that she scammed Simon into getting her braces. I wonder if she can even afford the appointments for them anymore though? Or if she's just keeping them on as a accessory for her weird, creepy "teeny" obsession.

No. 381204

File: 1503882780888.jpg (1.14 MB, 1920x2560, IMG_1655.JPG)

I wonder if her $400 an hour johns would be ok with knowing she pursues beastiality

No. 381207

File: 1503883040541.jpg (28.88 KB, 445x160, rice-sock-heat-pack.jpg)

No. 381277

File: 1503889545264.png (81.81 KB, 640x789, IMG_1659.PNG)

Even with those hashtags she barely gets attention on Twitter. The only reason she gets anything on Tumblr is because she's a ~sex worker~ Poc ~ and fat. Tumblr loves underdogs but in the real world like getting actual clients–bitch is doomed.

No. 381278

File: 1503889622135.jpg (52.1 KB, 456x810, IMG_1657.JPG)

She classifies herself as …"Slim" damn she needs to hold back or she's getting pretty close to Micky's obese ass.

No. 382221

File: 1503983560062.png (33.46 KB, 640x393, IMG_1756.PNG)

So I caught Himeka in a few lies. On her side blog bunnyspears.tumblr.com she sent herself fake Japanese asks. She uses the term "の?" for a question in the ask. This is almost exclusively feminine speak and if some guy is asking her to fuck he wouldn't have used it.

No. 382225

File: 1503983734553.png (56.73 KB, 640x631, IMG_1753.PNG)

I also went to the blog of her "Japanese fan". There's no likes, no posts. The only person he follows is her. This blog was only made to send her asks "he" could've did anonymously. If this was some Internet idol fapping neckbeard who asks girls to fuck via tumblr he would be at least following
some other blogs or liked some photos. She really is desperate to appear important when in reality nobody gives a flying fuck about her. If you go to this fake as blog you'll see it was created exclusively to send her asks. She can barely get 30 likes on twitter from her Japanese "fans".

No. 382227

File: 1503983979773.png (76.32 KB, 640x879, IMG_1664.PNG)

Lie #2
I happened to search backpage and Craigslist for her area, Miami, and after a few pages I found a posting resembling her. Bingo. She's lying about her prices and advertising way cheaper to johns on other websites. It really shows how depraved she is. tried looking for the post again tonight but it seems like it was taken down so I'm glad I got screenshots. Her phone number was in the description as welll…

No. 382230

File: 1503984141458.png (113.23 KB, 640x918, IMG_1665.PNG)

Checked her website meetbunny.net and the phone number matches this. She's basically asking for street worker prices of 75 for half and half (I think that's hooker lingo for blow job and fuck) but on her website 400 an hour for I think unprotected fucking. She's so elite kek

No. 382235

File: 1503984756189.gif (920.54 KB, 300x206, 9DC3eZL.gif)

well done finding that

No. 382251

could you link? i can't find it for whatever reason (unless she nuked her ad or whatever)

No. 382252

$25?!?!?!??! Oh my god. I dont even know what to say. That's…

What is she seriously thinking? Does she think anyone that got her for $25-70 will take her seriously enough to "book" her later on for higher prices or something?? Does she not realize how dirty and literally cheap she is??

No. 382253

Craigslist probably killed it. Most men there hate "pro" ads and flag/have them deleted within an hour or so

No. 382255

It's not there anymore. I saw a first one posted with different pictures and a slightly different description. That one disappeared and the one I got screenshots of popped up. I took shots but can't find a link so I think CG deleted it.

No. 382288

why does she says this?
>i've never been to greece & i'm not keen on going so please don't ask me about that Mediterranean country!

No. 382321

it's a reference to anal sex. but then her other ad suggests sodomizing her so this is probably all for show.

No. 382473

She just made a post on tumblr that said "sodomize me" and references anal sex all the time.

No. 382823

File: 1504044937075.png (109.06 KB, 507x297, 87654.PNG)

No. 382837

File: 1504048429683.png (125.22 KB, 640x901, IMG_1777.PNG)

She's going to next to no money and shut it down by next month because of embarrassment of no patrons. Garunteed

No. 382838

File: 1504048619841.png (92.92 KB, 640x986, IMG_1778.PNG)

"Raffle to meet bunny"
Lmao bishhhh. You ?? Aren't ?? Famous ?? She seriously has delusions of grandeur. Bad. She has one patron and her goal is 50. She didn't put money on there because she knows she won't get any. Also…HD videos? Her pictures are taken on a potato ? and hella blurry. Take some HD pictures first bitch.

No. 382848

this is honestly just sad. she's 20 years old and this is the life she's living. like she talks down about girls who have regular jobs or actual high class escorts/prostitutes and things like this but she is the bottom of the barrel for prostitutes

like she genuinely can not be happy with her life, because this is just sad

No. 382952

$25 for both oral/reg sex!? Himeka what in the world are you doing. She must be really desperate to do anything for those prices. Kind of sad really.

No. 382986

Thanks anon. Yeah I'm not very familiar with sex jargon but at first it rang a bell that it had something to do with anal, then I discarded it like "nah can't be I'm sure I've heard Himeka asking to be fucked in the ass before".
I wouldn't be surprised if she doesn't know what sodomize exactly means. It's a big word and being dumb is her thing so

No. 382998

I'm surprised no one has made a thread for Amina the "sex worker" now

No. 383054

Doesn't patreon have a "no porn" rule?

No. 383111

she just does porn, different thing, just as trashy

No. 383128

I think so. Someone should report her page.

No. 383215

Amina's one cringe non nude no gentian gravure video isn't "porn". Do we really need a thread here for everyone vaguely involved with sex? Every thread of hers turned to be vendetta or filled with wk and the admins locked or nuked it.

No. 383218

This is the Himeka thread.

No. 383221

File: 1504112430110.png (48.96 KB, 640x484, IMG_1796.PNG)

What a fancy way of saying "none at all"

No. 383280

I don't think that's the "sex work" she's talking about, according to her tumblr, Amina is a sugar baby and is into "nymphette"shit, whatever the fuck that's supposed to mean.

No. 383347

Amina has her own thread. Stop posting unsaged OT.

No. 383435

>Himeka / Bunny produces patreon and Craigslist cringe gold
>derails to stale Amina milk(her sugar baby shit was discovered 2 years ago nobody cares).

No. 383561

File: 1504156350728.png (97.68 KB, 640x634, IMG_1804.PNG)

OT but Amina's boyfriend is a real fucking winner.
He supposedly sends her money too…
(I think he's the one on the left but there's very few pics of him online). I wonder if Himeka will find a "daddy" any time soon. kek I'm pretty sure Amina is into ddlg low key.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 383572

Please stop derailing. This is not an Amina thread. This is a Himeka thread. No more posts about Amina, please. We got good milk on Bunny, we should be focusing on that. I'm sure farmhands would agree.

No. 383599

it's either micky or himeka, they always try to derail with amina.

No. 384136

File: 1504994945030.png (680.36 KB, 561x413, 112617001.png)

No. 384140

File: 1504995410162.png (1.08 MB, 549x685, 112617002.png)

No. 384144

File: 1504995823726.jpg (64.46 KB, 486x810, tumblr_ovmhsy5MRv1w2bmcao1_540…)

No. 384151

File: 1504997635780.jpg (319.54 KB, 1400x746, great aesthetic choice.jpg)

>>384144 impressive.

No. 384158

it's a hurricane……so she went to stay on the beach

c+p for those who find it hard tor read:
> becoz of the storm all bookings & inquiries will be put on hold? i’m actually leaving the area early in the morning tmrw. currently praying for all the islanders & floridians & others who will potentially be affected by this. stay safe everybunny???!!

xoxo, bunny spears

>>update: sooo i’m away from miami!!! i’m actually at my mom’s house wich is on the beach but umm…. we shud b ok!!! alotta my frendz R staying in miami wich is rite where the eye of the canes gna be but thts floridians for u!!!? sorry 4 being inactive (on twiitter n everything…) skool is takin up so mch time ! & now this hurricane… yikes :-( !!!

No. 384159

File: 1504998493790.png (111.4 KB, 456x561, Screen Shot 2017-09-09 at 4.06…)

dropped the image whoops

No. 384176

Fucking topkek anon, thank you for this

No. 384182

She looks like a white girl in a blackface Nicki Minaj costume.

No. 384279

Abuse of line camera and the snow app…typical

No. 385097

File: 1505164677744.png (89.92 KB, 581x261, 67854.PNG)

No. 385118

No. 385178

sage comments that don't have anything to add to the topic.

She's so delusional! "first class only" and then $4,000 for 12 hours like jesus, she must think her pussy is made of gold and diamonds. Instead it's infected. Kek when will she realize her prices (on top of her behaviour and appearance) is OTT and insane.

No. 385281

Sexworker anon here
Half n half is usually hand job and blow job. Now the question is what does she mean by full.
With these prices and her being into japan stuff I bet half n half is massage with hj and full is her nude and maybe a blow. She could also try the upsell route.
Whatever it is I bet its a misdirect and thats why she wants old white guys who may know the deal. Young guys will get mad. Her wording is funny when her other post have been clear.
This is how girls get hit. I hope she figures a way to let them know whats up. Some girls say "well $70 to low" but some guys arent so cool. Not every white guy is rich. Wasting time with lowballs is an art.

No. 385298

damn, ya'll teach me something new every time i pop up in here
thanks for the insight sexworker anon

No. 389276

File: 1505800586182.png (1.07 MB, 568x655, 317642001.png)

welcome to prostitution, angela.

No. 389277

File: 1505800672443.png (1.21 MB, 550x765, 317642002.png)

No. 389346

File: 1505824752757.png (96.25 KB, 640x712, IMG_2238.PNG)

I saw this too. Supposedly something ~traumatic~ happened to her. I won't blogpost but my good friend is a SW. There's always a risk of course but if you're screening clients properly and charging $400 an hour I'm not sure how you could have any problems. My friend is black and young just like Himeka yet she's never had any of these problems. I think she's not screening her clients because she's happy to get anyone and I also think she probably has an attitude where she's always a victim. In this post she's shitting on other girls. Plenty of high class escorts probably don't take HER serious because she dresses like a street hooker but charges $400.

No. 389347

File: 1505824868134.png (142.99 KB, 640x906, IMG_2239.PNG)

So I'm going to armchair pysch eval here but I think a lot of her craziness comes from being bullied as a very dark, chubby African girl in an all white town. She literally wants to be white. She's obsessed with Britney Spears and she's always starting drama with other black girls.

No. 389349

She also has zero self awareness. I remember when 4chan raided her videos and people got her cp blogs shut down when she was a minor and her saying how everyone was jealous because she was "making money" aka selling nudes for LINE stickers.

No. 392170

File: 1506302293011.jpg (94.78 KB, 498x810, tumblr_owq0d1PkHN1uo172bo6_540…)


Nothing about that face she's making is cute. She looks like she has down syndrome.

No. 392183


Spoilers please. This picture is nsfw/nsfl.

Legit cow udders jfc

No. 392195

wonder what happened to those plans of hers to get a boob job

No. 392204

You know this heifer is so broke that she couldn't even afford to buy water.

No. 392271

File: 1506321019068.png (Spoiler Image, 1.31 MB, 569x804, 3176331005.png)

has to wait until she gets a new sugar daddy probably. we all know she thought simon was gonna pay for them.

No. 392272

File: 1506321245467.png (Spoiler Image, 1.06 MB, 477x777, 31188131005.png)

>5ever wishing it was socially acceptable to wear shirts this cropped in public

she looks like a retarded child, which i'm sure is what she was going for.

No. 392305


The hell isn't she supposed to be young how do her tits… what

Also another proof that crop tops only look sort of ok on actually skinny people and everyone else looks like a, well, a retarded toddler with a shirt that got severely shrunk in the washing machine.

No. 392919

File: 1506442165638.png (254.36 KB, 1123x1027, Screenshot_20170926-120325~2.p…)

Here's what her current rates look like

No. 392928

her nipples are in the underboob zone, that's a really sad par of titties

No. 393343

>ice cream graphic covers text
Great design

No. 393398

Eww I almost vomited, she needs to lotion those ashy nipples.

No. 393400

lmao i'm crying at her weekends. asking for 10k is waaay too much for someone her level

No. 393447

Her prices sound like they come from a child who doesn't know the value of a dollar. Like a little kid thinking a new toy must have cost like a hundred thousand dollars when it really cost like no more than $20. She really amazes me with how ridiculous she is…

No. 393531

everything up to 2 hours seems decent/pretty realistic. I personally think she's gross but even ugly chicks shouldn't charge less than like $300 an hour at the very least, unless you're working on the streets.

but everything else? lolll I would be surprised if she books anything longer than an hour or two. not just bc of the prices but bc I just doubt many men will want long bookings with her

No. 393835

She's not remotely worth any of the prices she has listed on her site.

No. 394067

she may not be working the streets but she got caught cheaping out her rates already. personally i think her site is fake so she can seem like a ~legit tumblr escort~ like her friends while she's trolling craigslist for clients.

No. 395248

File: 1506786566990.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.14 MB, 720x489, ee44595040da030f3125ccf706fc15…)

She has a new Japanese porn movie

No. 395299


It’s freaking hilarious how different Angela looks in her selfies than in pics she can’t edit herself. I wonder how many of her Johns nope the fuck out when she shows up irl?

No. 395321

Is this a foreign BBW fetish film because lol

No. 395325

Wow, that fat white girl actually makes Angela look good in comparison

No. 395338

File: 1506794270891.png (Spoiler Image, 984.48 KB, 556x603, 337647004.png)

she filmed it awhile back and reblogged some screenshots from it on her tumblr

No. 395340

File: 1506794343322.png (Spoiler Image, 873.97 KB, 568x524, 337647003.png)

No. 395390

lmao honestly i was thinking the opposite.

No. 395471

I honestly think she can look really cute but the way she handles herself and the way she refuses to upgrade her photos (or choose decent fucking poses/facial expressions) or wear anything but kids clothing is blah.

Also lmao at her trying to get into online sexwork. I'll be surprised if she ever makes it to setting up a cam account.

No. 395601

Why is the company called Gas? Fuck lmao

No. 395613

Agreed, at least the fat white girl has an okay face lmao christ

No. 400563

File: 1507496863403.jpeg (95.49 KB, 637x516, 1ECB42A7-8B5A-41B8-9040-A52B08…)

HEY Himeka/Bunny
Whatever happened to becoming a porn ~starlet~(you’re not a star if you’ve only been in one unknown feature lol), what happened to moving to Texas? Or England? Or Japan? Or that Miami Penthouse? Also what happened to Patreon? Did you guys see she’s joining an escort agency/ ring now because she couldn’t get any appointments on her own website?

No. 400971

File: 1507564944161.jpg (Spoiler Image, 55.41 KB, 639x1150, IMG_20171009_114325.jpg)

She is shaped like a fridge. Dear lord. It wouldn't be so bad if she was thin.

No. 400977

her eyes are freaking me out

No. 401018

File: 1507573835001.jpg (98.9 KB, 720x1200, IMG_20171009_115421.jpg)

Pics are all creepy and annoying.

Her face looks like a 40 yr old suburban soccer mom. Ew.

No. 401020

File: 1507574316123.png (Spoiler Image, 880.27 KB, 410x731, 5590005.png)

dear god no wonder she abuses filters

No. 401524

File: 1507651777288.jpg (82.77 KB, 639x1150, IMG_2424.JPG)

she abuses filters and Meitu nothing can help her besides getting rhinoplasty to be honest. if she's going for the whole "baby girl slutty babysitter" thing she needs to hold back the mcdonalds and burgers… honestly she's shaped HORRIBLY and has the nerve to talk shit. she needs to lose at least 25-30 lbs to go for the fetish she's trying. she's already going for something extremely niche on top of being a dark skin black girl which isn't bad but it's harder in the sex industry on top of being incredibly short on top of having a shitty attitude. She should just try stripping and instead of a tit job, get lipo and her huge nose reduced.

No. 401526

she always hides her nose via putting her glasses on it or a Line sticker. this bitch is a whole fraud

No. 402415

File: 1507792931216.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 66.09 KB, 540x810, 4EF9BCF0-2FDA-4F4B-A93C-C7F344…)

She joined an escort agency and even with the extra shoop she looks awful or like a low grade world star hip hop twerker at the very best and nothing like the ~teen baby sitter jailbait ~ that she wants to. Whenever other people take pictures of her she looks awful.

No. 402416

Also they made her way too light. She went from Wesley snipes to like amina’s Real skin tone(without the Japanese shoop shit). She’s going to fool guys

No. 402439

Compared to the selfies she was using before. This is a million times better, even if it is false advertising.

No. 402467

The selfies with no makeup is horrid but these pictures don’t do her justice either. Her weave looks stupid lol

No. 402588


sage for rehash but I just DON'T understand…she could actually look v cute if she didn't look like she slathered a vaseline face mask on 24/7 and wore a bra

No. 402771

File: 1507854885738.jpg (Spoiler Image, 80.87 KB, 675x1200, DL4SHXzXkAEuoVh.jpg)

No. 402778

Are these girls chosen for being unfortunate looking? It's gotta be some kind of degrading fetish for sleeping with unfortunate women, they both just look so bad.

No. 402796

Without makeup she looks like she has zero eyelashes and eyebrows, it's almost as unsettling to look at as her floppy, banana shaped titties. Unfortunate.

No. 403714

File: 1508002901955.png (28.31 KB, 565x213, 786543.PNG)

No. 403765

She needs to mainstream herself, and stop talking shit on mainstream “elite” escorts. Because honestly the whole Lolita teen thing is a niche not to mention she’s black which makes it a double niche. She just needs to mainstream herself and dress her age and she might do ok. black sex workers already have a hard time but she’s an idiot to think that she, a dark skin black girl, would do ok as a super super niche category and charge insane prices at that.

No. 403766

File: 1508010085179.jpeg (58.82 KB, 640x522, 92E6C332-393E-4F9B-AD06-C49894…)

She also comes here 100%. This was posted a few days ago.
just lose some weight like 50 pounds girl, start stripping (stripping is better for black girls than escorting IMO) save up for a breast lift and nose job. You’ll thank me later.

No. 403768

She thinks it makes her look younger and she’s trying to look like a child

No. 404148


Gas mainly produces BBW features, honestly most of the Japanese girls have unfortunate faces too. But I feel like even in regular porn most girls generally aren't that good looking, there's only a handful of really attractive ones. She's really not that much worse than the others if at all.

No. 404167

Men will jack off to anything as long as it has tits and ass. I’ve seen porn hub videos with actual crackheads get tons of views

No. 406004

File: 1508443592046.png (231.02 KB, 1440x1398, Screenshot_20171019-160038~2.p…)

No. 406325

File: 1508507226944.png (135.27 KB, 1432x969, Screenshot_20171019-160206~2.p…)

Why is she still begging for money? Isn't she suppose to be rich from having so many clients?

No. 406368

LOL and she was just bragging about how some supposedly wealthy German client of her's was asking her what sort of gifts she liked on Tumblr. Why not just get him to pay for it?

No. 406369

gdi forgot to sage, 'scuse me.

No. 406911

Probably because he doesn't exist. Lmao

No. 406917

File: 1508595029283.png (274.4 KB, 1440x1349, Screenshot_20171021-100609~2.p…)


Oh Himeka, we know it's because neither you and your clients can afford luxury brands. Lol

No. 407089

File: 1508614991638.png (746.19 KB, 1421x1277, Screenshot_2017-10-21-14-37-52…)

If I was kitty I would run… Hopefully,kitty would teach Angela
how to dress herself.

No. 407514

File: 1508677050733.png (75.57 KB, 1440x586, Screenshot_2017-10-22-08-56-39…)


No. 407638

She used to be one of those Jpop aidoru girls too and dresses the same as Himeka.

No. 407639

So sad but this bitch is crazy as hell so I’m not shocked

No. 407696

File: 1508699038786.png (211.14 KB, 1440x1502, Screenshot_20171022-124347~2.p…)


Something tells me that she's trying to imitate Micky because she saw all the attention and asspats she got for her "attempted suicide".

No. 407753

File: 1508704464169.jpeg (117.01 KB, 640x691, 0ADAC89E-7CCC-4B9B-81B9-2BF132…)

Himeka deadass talked about fucking a dog before. Why is she acting brand new? Remember when she said she wanted a dog to mount her? Does anyone have the screenshots?

No. 407759

Who is replying to? There's context missing but yes, I definitely remember her posting about her beasitiality fantasies.

No. 407762

File: 1508705321262.png (59.87 KB, 615x365, Untitled.png)


she's replying to whitney wisconsin

No. 407765

SOme girl was complaining about not being being tumblr famous and she said that lmao

No. 410849

File: 1509195797703.png (283.88 KB, 1440x1418, Screenshot_20171028-085828~2.p…)

No. 410851

File: 1509196017113.png (282.63 KB, 1440x1566, Screenshot_20171028-085804~2.p…)

Living a life that includes a stable job and money with healthy relationships isn't cringy, Himeka. What's cringy is being a washed up failed hooker at the age of 20 with no friends, no boyfriend, no income, no education, and begging people online for money. Not to mention you're aging terribly.

No. 410887

she always calls people with nice things cringe. its obv she's jealous af

No. 410917


lol she needs to give it up. putting on this front wont hide the fact that she knows she's failing. she basically just exposed herself

No. 410964

Even though she says it's cringy I bet she lowkey wishes her life was like that.

No. 410982

Definitely. I remember when she talked about not liking refined, well traveled, high-class escorts because they're "boring," and when she hated on some random girl on Twitter who got a bunch of nice gifts from her bf and said that they were probably out of the trash. She's just a salty cunt who can't feel anything but malice towards anyone who has what she wants. This is 100% why she wouldn't shut up about Amina for the longest time when she was still wanting to be an idoru or whatever. Serves her right to be as miserable as she is now.

No. 411035

File: 1509222630463.png (32.15 KB, 640x327, IMG_2477.PNG)

turns out the ~luxury POC agency~ Himeka was going to join rejected her after it came out she was unprofessional. She wrote more about it on twitter. she should honestly just do porn. she pretty much ruined her prospects at a real job because her face and shitty history is all over the internet…

No. 411050

I’m sorry but, is anyone’s life actually like that? I don’t know anyone like that, even for sorority girls.

It feels like she’s just lashing out because her life is lacking. I missed out on a lot of teenage/early 20s experiences because of family abuse and stuff and when I look at my friends who have had very normal experiences, I feel jealous of them. But the thing is that no one has had a perfect life and you just have to make the best with what you’re dealt. She seems like she’s projecting all of her bitterness about being a failed hooker on people who actually accomplish things with their lives.

She’s way too lazy and self serving to go to college anyway.

No. 411083

>She wrote more about it on twitter.
On her private Twitter? Because it's nowhere on her public one. Also please posts caps. Lol

No. 411625

Forgot but it was on her Twitter she talked about a black agency and the woman being slow. They must’ve dropped her she was shit talking them… I gotta fish for it on twitter

No. 412025

File: 1509390787322.png (134.22 KB, 1440x1101, Screenshot_20171030-150900~2.p…)


Someone should report her to the Feds already. That would be the greatest.

No. 412665

She can still get a regular job. White people think black people look alike. Just say she is from another state. She needs to quit reading lolcow and following amina. She is a follower with a lot of regrets. Seems kinda slow cause she cant follow directions. Stop posting all your problems online. None of these people are going to be your friend. If you going to be a hoe be one and stop talking to women online. She says whatever she has to say to get a reaction. Just stop. Its hard to make money in florida cause of all the cheap hispanic women! She can do it but all of these stupid post with a million pictures arent helping.
And why are the black farmers so pathetic. You guys are jealous of a underachieving prostitute.

No. 412671

Other anon right about jealousy. Black workers dont have to mainstream to your standards. A lot of blackgirls make a killing doung the young thing. I guess it is more an "african american" niche. Anyway you sound just as sad as himeka.
Im not the last anon but all bw sex workers cant do no nonsense. Some clients want subs. Quit projecting. This thread is sad with a bunch of tranny's.

No. 412717

Speak English.

No. 412938

File: 1509545552408.png (84.87 KB, 1440x868, Screenshot_20171101-100719~2.p…)


I have a good feeling the costume never existed in the first place and she's been lying the whole time. I bet her mom told her she couldn't go out and she had to stay in for Halloween.

You know Himeka can't do that. Lol

No. 413054

she was a thot, mystery solve

No. 413324

File: 1509596656445.jpeg (97.62 KB, 1125x547, 0F47FF09-A8E7-4107-90EB-1E8D19…)

She is honestly so disgusting and trashy like why walk around like that, her face is already hideous enough just add on walking around with some old guy’s ancient nut on your face in public like what are you achieving?

No. 413340

This sounds so unbelievably fake. If this was real, there'd be a pic or video online already.

No. 413377

I'm not her.
honestly I don't believe anything she says. I wouldn't believe she was a hooker but she has a porn tape out. I think she gets a few clients and the rest is just her roleplaying. most of her pictures are probably old.

No. 413387

This bitch is always at Walmart. TBH I don’t think she makes anything from escorting. She might get that one off odd John a month so I would put her at 300 a month. We all know she’s incapable of a real job and from her social media it’s obvious she doesn’t save money at all since every other month she has a “super emergency!” And she’s begging followers to donate. I remember a few years back she committed fraud to some cosplay store or something. It’s honestly hilarious she likes to pretend she’s wealthy when it’s obvious she’s broke as hell.

No. 413388

I’ve always thought that too. 400 per hour isn’t unheard of but most escorts that offer incredibly niche things like Himeka does still don’t make it their main thing. Professional subs are a thing just like doninatrix are a thing but Himeka is cornering herself into an incredibly niche hole. I think she gets the one or two Johns a month and the rest is really pretending. You can tell she barely makes enough to get by because every month she’s begging for money(that’s not cute girl), or she’s complaining about more successful girls.

No. 413398

File: 1509618811570.jpeg (112.03 KB, 640x845, 8BDD8072-1EEA-408D-8791-AEE5EF…)

She redid her website and it looks a hell of a lot better. She’s a still not worth 400 an hour considering she has zero review and zero professional photos. Not to mention she can’t spell basic words like “pursue” correctly. I’m also not sure why she keeps claiming she’s fluent in Japanese. Is she hoping her tricks thinks she’s half Japanese? We all saw her “speak” Japanese in that porn and she could barely formulate a sentence.

No. 413401

Also bought a bunch of twitter followers ice makes me think she’s merely roleplaying hooker than actually doing any work. Last month she had less than a thousand followers now she has 10k but the number keeps going down. If you buy follows from a shitty website they’ll unfollow you after a few days so she keeps buying them again. Plus she barely gets 1-2 likes a tweet. Most of the accounts following her are eggs or spam. It’s sad how she has such delusions of grandiosity.

No. 415949

>currently attending a prestigious university located in South Florida

she goes to community college

No. 416163

Me just waiting until the day she stops lying out her ass but I’ll be dead by then. Idk why she keeps it up if we all know she is lying about like 98% of the shit she does.

No. 416247

File: 1509994819405.png (42.65 KB, 262x188, Screen Shot 2017-11-06 at 10.5…)

himeka, who knows nothing about anything, and thinks tsa is the one who makes airlfight safer (and doesn't know that flying actually is safer, but it wasn't done by tsa) offers her opinion on gun control

>tbh if someone tried to kill me ima try n kill em back . like why not!? dont go around trying to kill people n u wont get got. i really don’t understand the people who are like “omg stricter gun laws r pointless!!!! people will always find a way” like umm ok so like, we shouldn’t have changed TSA rules at the airport after 9/11 than..? bc ppl will always find a way…?

No. 416249

she also got a snapchat - bunnypofu, who's gonna add her for the culture

No. 418245

File: 1510117082687.png (1.1 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_1568.PNG)

Shes going by 'daisy' now for some reason

No. 418248

File: 1510117125881.png (2.26 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_1569.PNG)

And i dont think anyone has posted this

No. 418265

File: 1510117832609.png (17.67 KB, 509x138, 7865.PNG)

She wanted a serious name for upscale escorting.

No. 418565

File: 1510150724910.png (597.34 KB, 931x583, Screen Shot 2017-11-08 at 6.16…)

No. 418866

File: 1510174094838.jpeg (72 KB, 564x222, D3A46C07-B880-449E-AF19-91B95F…)

She had time to photoshop herself from hell and back but didn’t have time to put her lashes on her actual fucking eyeball. What a fucking joke lol

No. 418867

How the hell is “Daisy” a more ~serious~ name.

No. 418869

Angela has gone by: Bunny Spears, Momo, Momoko, Himeka… It’s hilarious she keeps changing her name and identity but the internet keeps catching back up with her. She changed it because the first thing that pops up when mentioned is this website and her future johns(if any) can see her history of lying and scamming. She’ll change it again within a year.

No. 419638

Nothing says "I'm desperate to look young" more than pigtails like that
Plus they look greasy and messy. Why.

No. 419648

File: 1510253983709.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 95.96 KB, 640x933, 5C4F4181-39E7-4775-BD5D-D80D5A…)

Her new links:
She lowered her prices significantly and tried to type coherently. She’s literally becoming or trying to become the ~high class escort~ she talked shit about months
ago. She’s even doing some dominatrix shit now which she said she would never do. Also why does she keep calling herself a “tiny girl”. You’re short and overweight. Go for the BBW category “daisy”

No. 419650

File: 1510254171307.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 71.28 KB, 640x885, 5ED69F87-8E50-4131-AB2A-4D04A1…)

Aminyan’s neckbeard boyfriend is 30 something, English and possibly paying her and I’m pretty sure they do ddlg shit. I wonder if Daisy Baby(kek) has noticed

No. 419743

for fuck sake, stop bringing up Amina in the threads. She's irrelevant.

No. 419861

dem torpedo tits

No. 419862

File: 1510270179937.png (24.35 KB, 487x215, Screen Shot 2017-11-09 at 3.26…)

lol himeka lying on her website. there's literally evidence of her letting craigslist splenda daddy's cum inside of her––and her bragging about it

No. 419872

File: 1510271074595.png (23.34 KB, 297x418, Screen Shot 2017-11-09 at 3.43…)

also another lie, just two months ago she was claiming she had "never been to greece and wasn't keen on going" >>382288

No. 419882

To be fair she could have wised up. I think it’s good that’s she’s being safer personally.

She could have been to another Mediterranean country and just wants an excuse to visit Greece. Still don’t think she’s lying, but obviously still wants to go.

No. 419884

isn't that just code for anal?

No. 419887

gross. something tells me she's not exactly the type to do such a good job at keeping up with her personal hygiene.

No. 419889

also yeah, >>382321 it is.

No. 419890

kek anon Greece is code for anal

No. 419897

I guess the "twist" is she's claiming to never have done it.

No. 420020

Holy hog body, Batman!

No. 420099

File: 1510291696246.jpg (1.21 MB, 1125x1500, 1300577941_britney-photoshoot-…)

this bitch wants to be brittany spears so bad LOL
literally earlier in this thread i cant believe she even has her as her messaging background.
its funny because the brittany she is obsessed with (the young cute one) is the exact opposite of her, she was a seemingly pure pop singer who japan drooled over (they literally begged her YEARS to make the photoshoot of pic related) and she was a smaller white blonde girl. himeka is a literal hooker cheap porn actor that only desperate porn agencies in japan would take after being a failed pop star and is built like a log.
i think she would be much less cringy if she just accepted she is a thicker black girl and not some kawaii uguu 90s brittany look alike

No. 420207

>no sage

No. 420581

File: 1510346848036.png (361.1 KB, 1440x1752, Screenshot_20171110-154427~2.p…)

No. 420589

File: 1510347080625.png (171.65 KB, 1440x1305, Screenshot_20171110-154806~2.p…)

No. 420766

i can understand them being separate. ddlg is a power dynamic. incest is role play, which doesn't even fall under dom/sub. am i being autistic?

No. 420879

Girl what. No that did not happen. If she had her hands on a rich ass doctor she'd do legit anything he told her to.

No. 420896

he must have not been that rich i think.

No. 420909

She’s a habitual liar. She also claimed to be in Tokyo in october …that was a lie

No. 420927

This. Her goal in life has always been to have rich dude take care of her. She would have dressed up as god damn Morgan freeman in a second if a rich la doctor wanted her to live in his "mansion" bc he had a Morgan freeman kink.

No. 422509

She warped her right arm super wide trying to make her waist look smaller. It's so obvious with the difference between both arms…

No. 425219

File: 1510808910639.png (143.98 KB, 1440x1015, Screenshot_20171116-000230~2.p…)

No. 425229

Did she actually go to a corn field at all? Will she post pictures? Will she continue lying about frivolous shit on the internet? Find out on next week's episode of Dragon Thot Z!

No. 426812

File: 1510969180952.jpg (134.72 KB, 801x1200, DO3yYceXcAUxMdl.jpg)

Her corn field photoshoot.

No. 426816

File: 1510969400603.jpg (66.72 KB, 552x783, IMG_3094.JPG)

No. 426833

Man thats tragic.

No. 426948

how long has she not had a top lip??

No. 426956

When a cow actually looks like a cow.

No. 426996

her dinner plate nipples are so huge her bikini couldnt cover them if she tried to

No. 427008

Don't think her boobs actually look bad here, and her nipples are fine despite the nitpick. But wow is she getting chunky. quite a difference from the body she portrays on her other pics

No. 427013

File: 1510995374708.jpg (230.98 KB, 958x1278, tumblr_ozitvjbWKN1uo172bo1_128…)

She's always been on the pudgy side, but it really does look like she's getting bigger. But it's totally fine though 'cause she's """skinny thick,""" or whatever nonsense it was that she had on her escorting site.

No. 427019

File: 1510995731945.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 81.65 KB, 675x1200, DOzVlnhW0AAbEYQ.jpeg)

Fuck, repost since my dumbass forgot to spoiler. My bad.

No. 427020

File: 1510995758669.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 84.08 KB, 675x1200, DOzVlniXkAAPZGF.jpeg)

No. 427028

holy fuck her tits are saggy

No. 427038

It's like they're trying to escape her body.

No. 427042


Bitch please

No. 427047

File: 1511001284855.jpeg (47.43 KB, 640x793, 44BE611D-C7A4-47EF-B69E-70B603…)

Her new blog link…
I’m not sure why she keeps sending herself unnatural asks in Japanese. It’s pretty obvious a native speaker didn’t write the questions.

No. 427049

The second one literally says “Anata wa gravure moderu desuka?” “Are you a gravure model?”
She did a porn so why would anyone ask that? Shouldn’t they ask if she’s a porn star? The Japanese asks never include anything above a 2nd grade writing level. I really don’t understand the point of roleplaying that you have Japanese followers. I know she only sent that AV company an email asking to shoot with them after Aminyan did her gravure dvd, like it was immediately after. But if she’s trying to be a porn star/escort what’s the point of pretending to be an aidoru in Nippon?

No. 427179

Jesus Christ those boobs are unfortunate. How old is she again - 19, 20? She looks like a 35 year old African tribal woman mother of 5. How can she think this looks cute?!

No. 427339

Why is she replying in English? I thought she could speak Japanese..

No. 428840

File: 1511224684571.png (121.44 KB, 1440x881, Screenshot_20171120-193037~2.p…)

She's supposedly making so much money as an escort but she's spending her Thanksgiving at Boston Market and selling her clothes on Depop. Lmao

No. 428863

>When your own family doesn't want you around for the holidays

No. 428959

I think her rates are good because of the porn, age, and willingness. she seems to be with an agency know. atleast I hope and not "a guy". she seems to be with a female owned agent at that. I wonder how the split is. maybe she just paid them for a website but I doubt it. going with an agency is a smart move but she needs to beware this time. she wasn't aware with simon and fucked herself up.

don't give the agent all your info. like they don't need to know your passwords or where you bank. take pictures but not too many. which is a problem she has. a lot of internet escort say pay for pictures all the time but they just want to portray the lifestyle. if you want to take porn pics get paid. himeka has so many pictures she can use her old stash. I would say they don't need your id on file but himeka whole life is on the internet. lastly her photoshopping is so weird. I get the Japanese thing but >>427020 she shopped those boobs. why. put on a shirt. hopefully now she will see this isn't the life for her and get a real job.

No. 428980

File: 1511234789497.png (26.58 KB, 596x234, 56789.PNG)

No. 429002

Idk why she's acting surprised when all she ever does is talk about sex.

No. 429097

lol i would love it if she moved to l.a. she would get eaten alive by actual high-class escorts here. she is literally on par with the street-walkers in hollywood

No. 429415

This would have been a great opportunity for her to take some real photos. But she wore that tacky bikini top instead. I think this picture would have looked better if she wore a crop top.

No. 430915

File: 1511478633675.png (90.34 KB, 1440x442, Screenshot_20171123-101812~2.p…)

This is absolutely pitiful. Lol

No. 430919

She fucked the agency gig up in less than a week. She was probably rude and toxic as always. She posted about it and the lady making her leave.

No. 431241

God, the Japanese is so bad in this, she even messes up putting basic kanji for N5 level Japanese. So cringe.

No. 432247

File: 1511718377584.png (44.91 KB, 584x450, 92654.PNG)

Says the girl who has mostly fake followers are fake and get about 5 to 10 likes on her tweets.

No. 432271

lol using 'ugly' as an insult toward other women in the name of feminism

No. 432417

She's so transparent, good god. Does this sound like something a person who's self-assured and confident in their own worth and abilities would say?

No. 432888

File: 1511810675835.png (116.54 KB, 1034x428, 23456087654.PNG)

No. 432927

Alright, so when she ends becoming a crackwhore living in the slums of L.A. she can't say no one tried to warn her.

No. 432990

Isn’t this her “official” work twitter? Isn’t she supposed to be a ~high class~ escort now? Why is she giving a knee jerk reaction? It’s obvious by the way she responded that she’s not making any money at all and like Delandra she’s pulling the race card…Theres plenty of dark skin black successful high class escorts and some of them are Plussized like Himeka/Daisy/Bunny is. Her problem is that she has no idea how to present herself nor how to run a business.

No. 433020

I'm convinced that they're just egging her on to do stupid shit so that they can laugh when she fails.

No. 433129

File: 1511820824039.jpeg (66.23 KB, 640x493, 3728B570-6E1F-40FF-98B6-5A50D4…)

So now she’s openly admitting she’s crazy as hell

No. 433132

Wasn't exactly a guarded secret before

No. 433136

I'm shocked she hasn't tried to find a daddy yet lol

No. 433192

>brain sick

Bitch, you're just lazy as fuck.

No. 433225

This explains why her weight has ballooned out of control. She needs to stop blaming a Miami/being black and see that nobody wants to spend $400 on a bitch who doesn’t take care of herself lol.

No. 433355

She sounds like that bratgrl person lol

No. 433394

File: 1511837832655.png (283.14 KB, 1440x1751, Screenshot_20171127-183201~2.p…)

No. 433528

>My cute tight teen bod
>Tight teen bod
bitch your tits are so saggy it looks like shit from the discovery channel

No. 433589

how can she be such an inorant dumbass?

No. 433630

File: 1511884482101.jpeg (235.62 KB, 660x746, FDFA53F2-62EE-47B8-9E7B-17A50E…)

“You’re so small!”
Said no man ever. She’s short which isn’t considered attractive for women, but she’s short and fat. If she’s going for the jailbait thing she could’ve at least tried short and thin.

She over shoops her face and body yet she still looks Donkey from Shrek. Angela isn’t successful because she’s black or because she lives in Miami, it’s purely because she’s lazy. If she were serious she would put the burgers down and head to the gym. Stop doing tacky photo shoots (the bitch looks like a botched Apple Jack from MLP).

“Tight teen bod”
Bitch…where lol

No. 433633

Here’s her social media links everyone:

Escort website
Twitter @xodaisybaby
Her other porn tumblr is same as before too.

No. 433690

File: 1511890365808.png (84.4 KB, 701x341, Screen Shot 2017-11-28 at 9.29…)

> was born with them, concealer doesn’t hide them completely, and they’re hideously ugly. without them i age regress like 5 years. (yes, maybe i want to go from looking 12 to looking 8 don’t judge me)

>i also want lip fillers despite already having natural betty boop lips.

she literally doesn't have an upper lip, but "natural betty boop lips"

No. 433726


>being short isn’t attractive for women

Huh? I thought most guys liked short girls. Of course for modeling, you have to be tall, and being tall makes you look slimmer because your fat is distributed more evenly. But I’m pretty sure being short isn’t an automatically unattractive trait for women.

>inb4 reeeee get out womanlet

No. 433769

No it’s not automatically unattractive but tall (not Wendy Williams tall) and slender is generally considered attractive by most of society. Men don’t want women shorter than them but most don’t consider overweight oompa loompa’s hot.

Most of the men who like the whole barely legal jailbait thing focus less on height and more on being slender/fit with a young face. Himeka thinks being a midget makes her in this niche but in actuality she looks more like a frumpy hotel maid than a “cute uwu teen stepdaughter”

No. 433792

>men don’t want women shorter than them

I really think you’re just talking out of your asshole at this point.

No. 433796

Sage for OT derail but what society do you live in? Most guys I know love short girls, and any girl over 5’8” has definitely been teased for being “manly” or been told by guys that they’d never date a tall girl. Sounds like you personally have a thing against guys liking short girls lmao

No. 434142


How many men do you know that want their woman to tower over them? Most find that emasculating.

And how many "tall" girls are going to go after guys that are shorter than them, for that matter?

Where is this logic coming from?

No. 434201

I meant to say men want women shorter than them, but not too short. outside of weeb comms I don’t know men who ~love~ girls who are 4’11-5feet. The most preferred height for women is probably 5’4-5’8”. Anything taller unless she’s super skinny is a Wendy Williams type, and anything shorter is frumpy unless skinny.

No. 434211

First off, sage your shit. You sound like a pulltarded newfag anyway, but off topic comments like this need to be saged.

Short does not automatically equal fat or frumpy. Gaining five pounds looks more obvious on a short frame than a tall one, but that doesn’t mean that all women under 5’10” are fat.

Also, where are you getting your “facts” from? You sound like you’re about 15 years old. Most men like short women. Even women who are 5 feet tall are considered attractive to men, because guys want to feel big and powerful next to a woman.

Tall women are beautiful and short women are beautiful. Just please stop projecting your dumb ideas about the correlation between attractiveness and height for women. You seem extremely misinformed.

No. 434258

Sage for blogpost but I’m 4’10” and had guys dating me specifically because of my height so I don’t get your logic. I have friends one foot taller than me and they can’t find a boyfriend because they called “too tall” or manly, and I’m not the only one here proving you wrong.

Is not because Himeka is such a lazy ass that all short girls will be. Plenty of short girls in bodybuilding for example. You gotta stop looking at runway models as if they’re the ultimate beauty standards. Do you even realize that industry is run by gay guys mostly?

Also sage your shit.

No. 434343

Men who are secure in themselves don’t go after specifically girls who are 5 feet. Why are your jimmies rustled so much?

No. 434383

I feel like you’re deliberately missing my point. I’m rustled because you’re mentally retarded.

No. 434970

File: 1512059737044.png (27.71 KB, 482x46, Screen Shot 2017-11-30 at 4.29…)

"is there a particular reason as to why blk men hate blk women so much…??? like…?? white men hate me less than ya’ll do. and pays more than u dumb niggers do."
Yet she complains about racism on twitter all the time.

No. 434971

File: 1512059769090.png (26.96 KB, 245x96, Screen Shot 2017-11-30 at 4.32…)

No. 436622

It sounds a lot like she's self-loathing because of her race. It's sad. It's not like she deserves pity, but if she accepted that she doesn't and won't ever look like Britney Spears in 1998, she might be happier.
Sage for this point probably being made a million times.

No. 437338

File: 1512352157080.jpg (Spoiler Image, 263.55 KB, 1080x1920, 74ed3758-3fee-46b8-a5ca-f4571e…)

She looks like somebody's grandma.

No. 437840

File: 1512429326778.png (44.81 KB, 974x234, 7865423.PNG)

No. 437846

File: 1512429452740.png (36.63 KB, 983x195, 78654.PNG)

No. 437953

>hes pimpin me out

No. 438121

it was only a matter of time

No. 438169

File: 1512478407180.png (46.53 KB, 297x226, Screen Shot 2017-12-05 at 12.5…)

Hard to read but she has a new domme and she's saying it's like when she met Simon Benson kek. Cant wait for the shit show

No. 438171

That weave is so fucking dry. and as usual even with a ton of photoshop she looks awful. I thought she was a ~rich teen escort~

No. 438172

File: 1512479314861.png (63.29 KB, 513x191, Screen Shot 2017-12-05 at 1.03…)

A story lol. Apparently the dom rejected her and she's even trying to lose weight.

"im dumb bored n like rill sad bc im 1000% sure i alredy failed this training n im sad bc im tired / bored of bein a stray n ummmm ya ?? whos Up interact wit me plz"
"i want to live 4 sum1"
"currently crying in my room bc all i want is someone to live 4???"
She's depressed as hell. Maybe if she tried to stay in shape and didn't have such a shitty personality she could find some kinky guy who wouldn't care that she's a sex worker but she basically destroyed all chances of that with her craziness. She always blames it on being black too…
Someone else told her maybe she should find someone she has personality traits in common with and can talk to normally and she replied with something sarcastic. Then wonders why she's failing as an escort and can't find a guy that doesn't just want to pump and dump her…smh

No. 438194

Honestly it sounds like she's struggling even just to find guys who will pump her and dump her. Why else would she be posting ads with bargain basement prices on Craigslist? Being 20 years old and charging $75 for a fuck isn't much of a life.

No. 438279

she needs to just wrap it up and move on and try to get out of this before she ends up murdered because that's what's going to happen

No. 438296

File: 1512498055406.png (Spoiler Image, 993.33 KB, 561x603, 6765465236695.png)

Updated fetishes from her fetlife profile.

"Being made into a trophy wife" oh honey that's never going to happen.

No. 438297

File: 1512498108393.png (Spoiler Image, 1.06 MB, 458x806, 6765465236695004.png)

She also uploaded this.

No. 438299

why can't this bitch buy an under ee concealer and do her make up instead of abusing snow filters, it would look 900x better

No. 438340

At least she ditched those barbell piercings. No need to call e