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File: 1442119525834.jpg (63.06 KB, 600x600, so-russian-much-haffu.jpg)

No. 24966

.. Or is it Mikhail? Bitch can't make up their mind.

>had breakdown on twitter

>gathered the fellowship
>has been on T for less than a year
>still clearly has an ED
>begs people for plane tickets to anime cons and even curtains on amazon wishlist
>lies constantly and hides real ethnicity
>has a part time job yet manages to live in NYC while full time in fashion design career
>still goes to 10 cons a year even though they're so, so poor.
>sells tattered clothing and shoes for almost full price

Putting this thread on snow because it clearly won't survive in /pt

No. 25031

File: 1442150050738.jpg (23.02 KB, 574x257, Clipboard01.jpg)

he's getting surgery

No. 28791

Glad to know mommy gets to pay for it. Sheesh… what the hell. When are we going to stop giving trans people surgery instead of medication?

No. 28793

Poor bb has to choose between top surgery and anime cons. Dont worry haku, you'll be up and about and con whoring again soon enough.

No. 28810

No. 30070

Thanks for making a thread!

I posted this in the other thread but realised it was OT - also sage for that reason


Haku is just a Russiaphile, yeah. I actually found this thread (I'm a lurker, posting on mobile is hard lol) because I was hoping someone addressed this shit. I was annoyed enough with the Japanese appropriation but when he wrote up that big fucking textwall apologising for it then goes BUT NOW I HAVE A RUSSIAN NAME BUT IT'S OKAY BECAUSE MY SKIN IS WHITE I was just so done. No, no it's not okay, it's the exact same thing as your stupid Japanese shit.

I'm a little biased as a Russian with immigrant family living in North America, I'll admit, but that's just fucked up and I know people will let it slide because his skin is white. My culture and language was a big part of my upbringing, and I spent a chunk of my younger years being ashamed of my name because it was different. Bitch is just trying to be ~exotic~ and it makes me so mad that everyone on tumblr just accepted this bullshit.

No. 30098

I understand why you'd be upset, anon. Why do you think haku is a Russianphile anyway? I don't think there is a legit explanation for his obsession. He even got russian tattoos a few years ago.

No. 30103

1. Is this m1kahel/melloficient?
2. Is this also the Haku who was with Shmegeh?

I read the m1kahel receipts blogs every once in a while and if it's the same person, oh boy the milk is plentiful.

No. 30104


He is the Haku who was with Shmegeh but I don't think he's m1kahel.

Here are his tumblr/insta


No. 30106

I miss Shmegeh's drama. I hope she's off the internet and getting treatment or doing something with her life. She hasn't updated tumblr or her instagram in a long time, at least.

No. 30120

Isn't Haku legit Russian mixed though?

No. 30122


What even happened to Shmegeh anyway?

No. 30123

According to his coming out post, Russian mixed Polish and Lithuanian. He always said he was part slav. Some of his family was adopted or removed so it sounds like he doesn't know everything.

No. 30125

In a drunken rampage, she beat the crap of out Mena, moved out and kind of fell off the internet.

No. 30126

That's possible. I too am Polish and Romanian, recently found out I was also part Russian as well Ashkenazi Jewish. It's amazing what you can find out with a DNA test.

No. 30130

She was an alcoholic who abused her girlfriend, so everyone abandoned her and now she's back in Virginia I think or couch surfing?

No. 30131

She said her grandfather or great, great grandfather was Russian, but she's just obsessing because she's boring and has to latch onto something. People called her out on the japanese thing, so this is the next best thing.

No. 30133

I don't remember him saying that, anon. Sauce?

No. 30140

File: 1442339707420.jpg (61.39 KB, 720x534, alexyrigoyen.jpg)

Haku's dad's half native american

No. 30141

That is such an unfortunate photo

No. 30144

Trying to find it by typing in keywords, but all their shit is cosplay photos and it was probably in a long comment section that I can't seem to find. My apologies.

No. 30145

Haku never speaks about his dad

No. 30146

File: 1442340709080.jpg (72.01 KB, 338x448, c0cf1fd616e398ab30a7e264ce5c22…)

His mom whos just white

No. 30148

Haku said on his ask.fm that her dad didnt know his native american dad

No. 30150

File: 1442341319847.jpg (17.95 KB, 1017x505, yeah-okay.jpg)

haku would be such a qt girl. Too bad she's mentally ill and trans.

also, nevermind, their attention whore cosplay persona ruins any actual waifu material.

No. 30151

How did you get all this info, anon? I'm grateful

No. 30155


Oh yh I totally knew about all that stuff, I mean I'm confused as to why she's stopped updating all of her social media accounts considering the attention pretty much served as her lifeforce.

Even if she an alcoholic abusive piece of shit she still has thousands of pro-ana asslickers.

No. 30341


No. 30344

File: 1442344300484.png (120.02 KB, 346x378, Screenshot (3116).png)

Haku going into detail about his ethnicity

No. 30345

He remade a lot of his accounts because of lolcow. Haha

Wow. Thank you!

No. 30347

So, he's part Native american but not Russian?

No. 30350

I didn't get any more caps and don't remember any questions about his russian ancestry

No. 30355

So if his dad's dad abandon him, Haku could just get a DNA and she would be able to find out exactly what percentages he is of everything.

No. 30356

True. They could do that instead of making up their ethnicity.

No. 30361

so he's just a bunch of whites and not even a quarter native american

No. 30366

My parents did theirs through Ancestry DNA for $99. You swab your cheek and mail in the sample. It tells you exact percentages of whar you are and even breaks down the regions.

No. 30367


No. 30368

I'd assume so. It says on his profile he's a white american and in that ask too. But this is why I wonder where people are pulling the ~exotic russian~ attitude from. IMO if his family has history in Russia and it's just his name, I don't see where the drama is if he's not trying to use it for brownie points.

No. 30371

its not like russians aren't white too but he did pull his russian ancestry out of nowhere after he gave up his Aoki Haku identity

No. 30372

Really? I remember he mentioned it first when he was still friends with shmegeh. He always avoided directly answering anything about Japanese but I clearly remember the Russian.

No. 30373

Or Slavic. Whatever.

No. 30374

I missed that then.I don't see why'd anyone would be upset about him pretending to be russian though at least he's not trying to pass off as japanese anymore

No. 30377

Same here, anon. I don't feel like he's lying either. Maybe yeah, if he was pretending and saying he was 100% russian or that he comes from there but that's obv not the case

No. 33395

holy fucking shit she looks like those rock people in frozen

No. 33396

What a hideous family

No. 33397

oh yes, "I absolutely loathe myself but let's get naked in front of a camera and post a pic for the whole world to see"

No. 33407

lol of course. haku is creepy and thinks he is the embodiment of Kaneki though, so it's okay

No. 33556

She popped up on some girl's insta in a few pics a while back. She tried to court some seventeen year old she met at her mall job, then gave her the cold shoulder. It looks like the pics are deleted now, but the girl was strongheartweakbody on Instagram. Her tumblr is oopsibrokemyownheart.

No. 33629

all her friends are fucking creeps: marissa, von, cain, ari, yujin, zak, emre, oliver, nelum, takohai(stupidfuckingname), etc
but aren't all of her friends trans trending self hating white girls with emotional and mental problems as well as ED and are huge fucking weebs.

No. 33656


No. 33664

No. 33678

god bless their poor hearts

No. 33679

some real shit right here

No. 33746

Marissa is okay, she seems pretty nice to me. People seem to like von but personally I think there's something weird about him, can't quite put my finger on it though.
Cain, ari, ash (takohai) and Lizzie (hiwamu) get on my nerves.

No. 33753

Lizzie is such a shit fakeboi. I don't know why she's sucking haku's fake cock so hard and wants to be just like him.

No. 33755

Marissa seems the only okay one out of the bunch. Von isn't a fakeboi, but something about him urks me.

No. 33760

if you've ever seen her in real life then you'll know that they're a fakeboi too. it's all makeup

No. 33789

Von doesn't wear much makeup, I've seen him a few times around the city without it. Pretty sure he's on T too.

No. 33833

Ash does too. When she first came out as trans or agender or whatever even Haku saw through that shit. I guess it's okay now, since she gave a sob story about being raped (it was actually consensual sex from what I heard- she was fucking devastated when the guy didn't like her back).

No. 33839

He's been on T for more than a year now though and is probably the only non fakeboi in the group.

No. 33840

I keep forgetting which one Ash is.

No. 33844

Really? I heard Von started T after Haku. Either way, I don't think either of them are fakebois at this point IMO.

No. 33850

File: 1442641854729.jpg (67.87 KB, 640x640, ash.jpg)

They all look the same, I don't blame you.

No. 33853

She comes off nice enough but she also seems kind of snobby.

No. 33854

Von started way before haku. I believe they were still dating and one of the reasons Von broke it off with haku was because he probably didn't think haku was really trans and trendy. Who knows? Going out with haku was probably fucking boring anyway. I also know it was because Von is a quiet and private person and haku kept dragging him into the spotlight (cosplay fame bullshit) which made him really uncomfortable. They also based a lot of their relationship irl on Levi/Eren and Uta/Kaneki, which is cringy as fuck.

No. 33855

>dat photoshop

No. 33856

The only reason haku is on T now is because he had a breakdown after first ending up on lolcow.

No. 33861

That's all just gossip, anon. I knew some of ~the fellowship~ once, can confirm that Haku did indeed start T before Von and before his thread on here. I don't wanna give myself away so I can't give too many deets, but I can say their break up really was mutual and that's why they're still friends. If you ask me I think they realized their relationship was fucked up and stopped.

No. 33882

It's cool anon. I wouldn't want you to give away your identity either, but if you can also provide some more deets, that's cool too.

I would still respect Von more than haku tbh. Haku is still is a whiny self entitled bitch who needs to drop anime cons and focus on a real career that their parents paid for.

No. 33896

Gotcha. I'll confirm what I can.
For starters, Haku was already out as trans at work and getting a legal gender change from being on hormones by the time his thread happened. He was mentioning transition way before that and von supported it. His meltdown on twitter was probably from his past coming to bite him in the ass LOL plus he was still fucking whiny back then. Von only started T after he did and according to dumblr he's still on a low dose.
Their relationship always creeped me out too, I think I can also safely confirm that all of the cosplay fame bullshit was suuuuper mutual. By now they both regret it so much it's rly funny and they act like it never happened. But like I said before, I'm pretty sure they're still good friends.

Tbh I want to agree with you, but AFAIK he's cutting off cons except for like two or three next year. He keeps talking about working being priority. The rest of the fellowship is still con crazy, except for maybe Marissa. Speaking of, I'd say more than half the people in that list up there don't even talk to him regularly or at all.

If there's anything else you want to know I'll do what I can, so far most of this is up on facebook etc etc etc anyhow. I'm not close to the fellowship rn but it's easy to look into. Unfortunately, most of it is indeed boring as fuck.

No. 33942

fucking disgusting
she really is trash

No. 33945

Whenever I think of her rape assumption, I always remember the posts where she talked about how she enjoyed taking it from behind the best, or how she wanted him to cum on her face. Yeah I'm totally sure that it was "rape" and you just "went along with it."

It was mentioned on the old thread that she talked a lot of shit behind Haku's back but now they're super close. I wouldn't put it past her that she started shaving off and drawing in her eyebrows because Haku did it too. Now that he's no longer doing that, I wonder if she'll follow suit and use her natural eyebrows again.

No. 33946

wow… she's full of herself and a slut

No. 33963

ash seems more interesting than haku

No. 33971

let's make her a thread

No. 33976

But is there milk? I'm talking screencaps etc. Haku is a lot more boring now, but Ash seems average-tier. Maybe we should make a new fakeboi general thread so we can talk about more of them? It looks like the other one will max out soon.

No. 34811

File: 1442773108111.jpg (46.62 KB, 599x799, CPC1mYGWUAENsXa.jpg)

can i talk about how fucking much i hate lyzzie/lizzie however she spells her name. she used to go by nico (nico nico nii anyone), but now her name is adrian. don't forget he/they pronouns pls!!!

i swear to god she has an animal hoarding problem, she has 2 cats and like 5 snakes, and constantly whines about wanting and buying more. she works 3 days a week, but still affords starbucks every single day and is able to buy cosplays, go to cons and go to nyc one a week or more/also get therapy but all while complaining about how hxc abusive her parents are and how they don't support her. while she, yknow, still lives at fucking home and does nothing. also, she screams and cries about being a boI!!! but? if you're really male why the fuck do you always cosplay girls with your titties out. she literally always cosplays the most revealing and boobie showing womyn and then cries and bitches about her apparent dysphoria. it's so infuriating. but i am clearly not a qurrrl, pls dont call me gurl.

No. 34820


idk who this girl is but she's p. hot.

sry :(

No. 34826

how is she hot
she looks like a gremlin without 30lb of makeup lel

No. 34829


I don't think she's wearing that much makeup.
I like her look, and she obviously has a good bone structure.

Can I have a link to her shit? I can't find her online.

No. 34954

she's semi attractive, but ruins it with her shit personality. She's a spoiled brat and she barely works. every tweet is her talking about her snakes or gaming and lies around the house doing nothing

yeah, she's fucking annoying

No. 34955

She would be such a hot woman if she stopped this fakeboi shit. I honestly think she has an attractive face and body, but she's on haku's fake cock, trying to replicate him.

No. 34957

You're golden anon. I appreciate the extra deets about Von and haku. Yes, it's so funny how they pretended they weren't milking the cosplay fame bullshit by cosplaying really popular couples, like Eren and Levi especially. I was so sick of seeing their Eren /Levi at most cons I attended on the east coast. Von isn't even that attractive and haku is made of makeup.

No. 34959

She cosplays girls A LOT. Didn't she do a bikini costume at Colossalcon?

>B–but don't misgender me.

Shut up, lizzie

No. 34964

She does & from her other posts, she's planning more. I mean, if you are so dysphoric and feel awful about your body, why wear a revealing cosplay? If I was a transmale, I would noooot want to wear a bikini to show my boobs or flaunt my lack of dick.

No. 34973

she doesn't have dysphoria. she just wants attention and to be tumbr famous. and in order to be tumblr famous you have to be a self hating white girl that transtrends

No. 35019

Which one is Von? I confuse them all

No. 35021


No. 35190

File: 1442862029952.jpg (54 KB, 932x595, 01.jpg)

He used to date haku a few years ago. Not much milk on von because he actually does keep to himself and is transitioning. He isn't an attention whore like haku who likes to put on maid dresses and be girly, but oh no, dont call me a girl. haku is trash

No. 35197

all she ever does is whine like a bitch

No. 35199


Eh, to me she's only kind of attractive from certain angles. There's just something really… off about her nose and mouth area. I can't quite pinpoint what it is, but it kind of ruins her whole face.

No. 35203


I wish I could confirm this but now the original poster is deliberately not posting links out of spite because I said she was cute kek

No. 35205

her tumblr is hiwamu i think

No. 35218

File: 1442868041051.jpg (68.82 KB, 640x640, 10475068_424151064437784_51864…)


ty god bless

Also this confirms that I think they are p. cute.

No. 35226

I think hiwamu is pretty cute as well but I don't know anything about their personality

No. 35237

File: 1442870441316.jpeg (93.83 KB, 640x910, image.jpeg)

Everyone who becomes friends with haku becomes a fakeboi, haku is causing an epidemic

No. 35243

I legit thought this was haku. What a creepy ass clone.

No. 35245

haku is super privileged money and wealth wise, with parents that pay for his schools, surgeries, etc, and still wants to cry for more people to love him and kiss his ass. I would love to speak to him in person one day and find out how much bullshit he spews from his chapped lips.

Can't wait for that stupid bitch to regret their transitioning once life gets harder in their 30s

No. 35246

Zeal isn't a fakeboi. She's a girl, that's just a dumb caption.

No. 35248

haku has a serious victim/martyr complex where he always wants more and doesn't see how much he has. I've lived alone since i was 20 years old and no one is paying for my rent and my schooling. haku works two days a week, if at all and still manages to attend 10 anime cons a year, buy expensive brand clothing and live in NYC.

No. 35250

Oh my gosh I went to school with her. She's not a fakeboi though, she just likes to be androgynous. Zeal is genuinely attractive with or without makeup though.

No. 35331

How many of you guys know haku is lurking this thread?

No. 35343

Lyzzi is, too. She deleted some of her accounts, especially her cosplay Facebook after some posts on here. Coincidence?

No. 35344

I've followed her for a while, she is so gorgeous imo and her cosplays are great lol

No. 35352

Damn. Bitches want cosplay fame and attention, but once they're talked about on lolcow, they want to run with their tails between their legs.

maybe i'll check her out then.

No. 35354

What's funny is people talk shit on here and look at gossip on here, but as soon as someone they know is talked about. They go running to tell them. Whiteknighting gets on my knees. It's funny when it's obvious the person reads here and throws a fit about someone having a negative opinion of their drama.

No. 35355

*nerves not knees lol

No. 35356

Whiteknights get on my nerves as well. I mean, did haku and co. think that getting e-fame would only have asskissing and 'omg you're so pretty! you're so gorgeous!' comments on instagram and fb?

No, you stupid bitches, you gotta take the good and the bad if you wanna be so well known online, but haku and crew can't handle it. They only want the underaged fandom of girls to suck their e-cocks. They're all under 25, right? They're grow up soon, hopefully, but for now, they're a bunch of whiny and privileged rich kids.

No. 35366

I wouldn't be surprised if all of the snowflakes/lolcows mentioned in this thread are lurking, TBH.

No. 35425

I'm not on haku's facebook, but I'm sure he's sending his whiteknights over here to keep him updating while he hides behind his wall of asskissing fans.

No. 35474


she has "good bone structure" because she starves herself into skin and bones

No. 35476

She deleted all of the female cosplays on her instagram, too. Top kek

No. 35697

Lmfao forreal?
I wouldn't dislike her so much if she didn't cosplay very sexual & obvious girls then whine about dysphoria.
Or make it so obvious she read her and had herself a breakdown.
She could be cool if she just chilled the hell out.

No. 35703


yh but she's still cute.

No. 35727

Partially. She has actually good facial features though. I mean, i've seen people who starve themselves too and don't have a straight nose and high cheekbones like that.

No. 35728

Damn! Did anyone save them?

No. 35775

How do people have a fetish for fakebois?

No. 35813

The same way people have fetishes for dragqueens, most likely.

No. 35824


No. 35825

Different anon here (haven't posted in this thread yet) - I hate to admit it but I do find a lot of the "fakebois" really attractive. I don't know why and I wish it wasn't the case but…yeah.

No. 35826

I find them gross as hell because they're just attention hungry. But, I do enjoy dragqueens because at least they're funny. To each his own, but I feel like that fuels the fakeboiness.

No. 35828

Yeah, I only think they look attractive (sometimes) - their personalities are often completely repulsive.

No. 35830

This. And it always feels like a waste. A perfectly cute woman who wastes her damn time pretending to be a boi online for attention. People like Oliver /criedwolves and hiwamu/lyzzie are attractive, but their attention whore personality ruins that shit completely for me.

No. 35842

I also find them attractive (just not their personalities). I've always been attracted to really androgynous people though

No. 35846

The attention whoring wouldn't even be as repulsive if it weren't coupled with an insane mental breakdown the second a stranger on the internet doesn't hop on their edick-sucking bandwagon.
They don't even seem to realize that their totally overblown response to not every single person on earth worshipping them for their looks/genderspecial identity proves that its just for attention. Their ENTIRE identities are created based on what people on the internet think is cool/attractive at the time and if a single anonymous person on a random forum disagrees, all hell breaks loose.

No. 35849

You forget she photoshops her face. That's a factor, too.

No. 35870

I used to like him (her) because I thought it was a guy and I liked the facial bone structure and the platinum hair, then I went to /snow/ and saw this lol

No. 35976

It's pretty sad about the meltdown. Why do you have to delete everything in a rage because you're so upset?
Did it strike such a nerve since it is true?
Anyways, this is a funny snowflake in the process, I want more milk.

No. 35979

Stupid question, but are you guys referring to Haku or this Hiwamu person having a meltdown?

No. 35985

Hiwamu, Haku's been chill recently

No. 35992

Ah OK. I know there was some "Haku meltdown on Twitter" deal a while back, but I haven't been keeping up on my trans/fakeboi dramu apparently. Hiwamu is new to me.

No. 35998

Haku did once he was dragged for being fake around 5/6 months ago? Sometime around there.
We talked about Hiwamu once and she freaked out, deleted all of her girl cosplay, twitter and her Facebook cosplay page.
What I wanna know is how she found this new thread kek
Anyways, fakibois are funny to me, their drama is fun to read.

No. 36021

Yeah, hiwamu right now. Haku has been trying his hardest to ignore this thread even though he knows it exists.

No. 36022

fakeboi drama and the suzy thread are my favorite stuff right now. Did hiwamu delete their entire cosplay fb? what a dumb bitch. I dont know why they wanna freak out so much.

And no idea how they found out unless their followers lurk here or are always googling their names?

No. 36024

You lurk the Suzy thread, too? That's my other favorite! I love watching her fuck up and cover it by being Grame Grumpsu waifu. She's so dumb omfg.

But yes, Lyzzi deleted her entire Facebook. She didn't delete her instagram tho, can't lose those precious followers.

No. 36028

I do! Snoozy is best drama whore.

Damn, I wish I would've saved all those bikini hiwamu pics. She's got a cute body tbh. Oh well. You're right, she deleted all her girly cosplay from all her social media accounts.

No. 36029

Just google 'hiwamu' and in google images it's still there.

No. 36035

Thanks fellow anon.

No. 36143

Haha, I was thinking the same thing. No way she would delete her instagram and lose followers.

No. 36144

I'm sure she found the thread because she's obsessed with Haku, same as his other copycat followers.

No. 36328

I don't know much about this haku fellow. But I know some who friends with him/her.

She's gone down the fucking fakeboi path too. Preferring those stupid they/them pronouns.. its like everyone close to haku is some wannabe ftm..

They all have such a skewed view of masculinity too from being in their bubble created by their obsession with visual kei and anime..

Im fairly certain these fakebois like haku wouldn't really be able to connect with other men like real men do

What a load of shit.

No. 36508

Yeah, even though haku is now doing T/hormones, I doubt he'd be able to connect with actual guys outside of his school or their close knit friends circle. Like real men though.

No. 36515

I'm cisguy… gay.. but whatever.. I happen to some of these people through connections… And they seem so remote to me.. Like they don't seem like men to me at all… which isn't the purpose of transitioning in the first place? but whatever.

I say lets watch them all (fakeboi crew/feloowship), haku included crash and burn. They are all mental ill. Some will die, the others will revert, and maybe only one or two actually trans.

No. 36531

I'd say Von is probably legit trans and the rest will probably revert back. Lyzzie is a fake bitch and haku will probably revert unless he stays in the fashion industry forever because no one other job will take his trans-self seriously.

No. 36538

Sage for (related) personal blog entry shit. I'm super high to try to numb the being sensation of existing inside my physical body, being totally alone with this IRL, and more hopeless than I've ever been in my life right now, and so fuck yeah I'm going to post this shit on here. Seems like a good idea, right?

Anyway, I cringe away from labeling myself as anything with regards to gender and sexuality, but, in the past few months, I've been struggling to come to terms with the fact that I guess I really am "trans." I can only associate that word with these Tumblr-tards, though, and it's so embarrassing to think of applying it to myself. I've been trying to deny and ignore what I knew about myself for at least 16 years at this point, but the crippling dysphoria only continues to worsen. Since I tried to "wish the trans away," I, of course, told no one anything was wrong, so I never received any help or offers to transition or anything. And here I am, 27 years old and absolutely fucking pathetic.

I 100% believe being trans is a medical condition/mental illness/defect (exposure to hormones in the womb and/or environment growing up in and/or other external conditions), that it's abnormal. I wish with all my heart that I wasn't like this. It would be ideal if this problem could be treated in some easy and safe manner. However, we're not at that point. And yes, I've been on just about every medication that exists for anxiety and depression and mood regulation, and none of them have alleviated these feelings.

It sounds melodramatic, but I'm honestly just trying to avoid killing myself as I wait for a consult with someone who may be able to help me, probably in many months or even years.. However, I know change (Jesus fucking Christ do I want top surgery ASAP and I can't wait to start T) isn't coming any time soon, and I don't know if I can make it until whenever this shit gets better (if it ever does - starting to seem unlikely). I'm crawling out of my skin in a body that doesn't even feel like it belongs to me (not just mentally, but physically - I touch my arms and legs and shit and they don't feel like they're mine), and I hate myself for being too much of a coward to do anything about it for over 11 years. 11 fucking years, and these fakebois decide they're trans overnight, don't experience any dysphoria, and treat it as nothing but an ~aesthetic~ thing. I want to fucking strangle them, especially the ones who start T quickly and at a young age and can easily fund shit like top surgery. I won't deny that I'm jealous and bitter as fuck.

I'd love to transition and start my life completely over, as a man, not a visual kei "guy"/anime prettyboy/"prince"/fakeboi or "guy" who wears lolita and doesn't even make any attempt to look like anything other than their birth sex. And, oh, right, no dysphoria. Slap in the fucking face. Fuck them. Yeah, I mad. I've always socialized almost exclusively with boys/men (sadly not with Boyz II Men), been that "girl" who was treated as "one of the guys" (never dated, of course), etc. but my main thing is this intolerable fucking dysphoria. Lately it's become so unbearable that I just feel like I was shoved into someone else's body and I can't fucking stand it. HOW THE FUCK CAN YOU BE TRANS IF YOU DON'T HAVE DYSPHORIA????? I DO NOT UNDERSTAND.

Sorry, sidetracked. Right now, I've moved back in with my parents, I have no job, I pretty much never leave this one room except to go to the bathroom, etc. I can hardly even bring myself to shower at this point because my naked body actually makes me nauseated to the point of sometimes vomiting. Pathetic. Could this all get better? I don't know. I hope so. I hope it can't get any worse, at least. I've been looking (JUST LOOKING NSA, JUST LOOKING) at all these sites where you can, without a valid prescription, buy testosterone in various forms like gel. Sketchy as fuck, but I'm so, so desperate here. I've been working out like mad to try to increase my muscle:fat ratio (I'm underweight, but somewhat skinnyfat, so not a hamplanet or anything).

TL;DR: I guess I'm fucking ~trans~ though I hate to admit it, and these fakebois make me SO ANGRY. They've (well, the idea of being associated with them and thought of as a "special snowflake") prevented me from seeking help for a hell of a long time. Grr.

Dear god, this post is WAY too long, and you know I'm going to submit it because I have no impulse control right now. I apologize in advance.

inb4 "tranny" - yes, that is me
inb4 "not ur personal blog" - yep, just scroll past it
inb4 who cares - only me!
inb4 "go back to Tumblr" - I don't have one
inb4 trans doesn't real - that's just, like, your opinion, man

No. 36546

>Slap in the fucking face. Fuck them. Yeah, I mad. I've always socialized almost exclusively with boys/men (sadly not with Boyz II Men)

It sounds like you're legit trans, anon and I honestly wish people like you the best with dealing with it. I agree that it pisses me off so many of these fakebois want to popular and trendy and they're all under 25 (most are 19/20yrs old) and hop on this trendy to get instagram likes and youtube views. They usually come from a really rich or well off family too, such as haku or hiwamu does. It really sucks when I see these trendy bitches

I truly hope everything works out for you, anon.

No. 36549

Sorry for double post. I also wanted to say I'm 28 myself and I can understand not feeling right your whole life. For me, that was being a lesbian and also a very masculine lesbian (not trans, but still i hate traditionally feminine stuff.)
Also want to say I laughed really hard at the Boyz II Men comment. Stay awesome.

No. 36566

Thank you anon, I appreciate it.

No. 38756

File: 1443922454875.jpg (66.43 KB, 540x720, tumblr_nvntyhimKC1sugyzwo1_540…)

edgelord updated

No. 38764


she definitely lurks
"LOOK! i AM masculine! i AM a boy!!"

No. 38801

>fake overdrawn brows
>undercut with greasy hair pulled back into Man Bun
>douche tank top

totes a Real Man

No. 38829

She's got such nice features. She should just be a hot woman instead. Bitch, you're never gonna be a man. not trying to be a fakeboi. Trans people are mentally unstable and that shit isn't cute. People like haku are toxic.

No. 38832

If she is "mentally unstable," she can't just "stop" being that way by snapping her fingers. I'm so sick of all of this constant trans-bashing. It's ignorant and mean-spirited as fuck.

No. 38841

I feel like Haku is the least problematic of them all. Even though he's considered the "ringleader" and everyone likes to flock to him, I think he's gotten better over time and realizes he needs to mentally get better. I feel like it's mostly everyone else who's really toxic and basks in their mental illness, and even if they don't mean to, pretty much glorify it on their blogs to seem special and shit.

No. 38924

it isn't trans bashing you fuckwad. it's bashing of fakebois who PRETEND to be transgender because they want attention, none of them have dysphoria or really desire to transition minus haku/von. so what if it's ignorant or mean spirited? it's lolcow you stupid shit. but whiteknight again harder next time. try talking whenever you feel how shitty it is to have these stupid attention whores mock a serious medical disorder.

No. 39026

I wonder what it says that so many cis gay guys are starting to mock them and watch with popcorn in hand.

Which is ok with me. I'm a gay guy as well and I can't help but think this is all almost a mockery of people like us in the long run. Can't wait to see how they all take turning 30+ years old, to boot, and they can't remotely pretend to be kawaii little bishounen from anime anymore.

No. 39028

Same gay guy as last post. I hope you find peace and get what you want with regards to your body.

I'd date you, you sound like my type in personality if it makes you feel better.

No. 39080


>reconsidering gettin chest surgery because it might interfere with an anime convention (that happens every year)

Mhm, so legit trans, much dysphoria.

I swear, her parents must do nothing but throw money at whatever she points and and says "I want that".


Holy shit, I always knew she shopped the fuck out of her face but I didn't know how much. Daaaaamn.

No. 39086

Yeah, seeing haku in person without all the shoop is quite jarring. I see him every now and again when I drop by Kinokuniya on a weekend to grab a drink.

No. 39087

Haku must enjoy being a rich spoiled little shit.

No. 39110

haku made another post about "Aw, i can't attend any cons until next year…because money and surgery" and wha whaa. Please, bitch.

No. 39167

>nice features

maybe if you cover everything below the eyes.

No. 39192

Why does she whine about money so much? Everyone knows she's rich and doesn't have to pay for shit except cons and weeaboo bullshit. Her parents pay for literally everything else. What a twat.

No. 39269

Don't know where you're actually getting this information? Pretty sure Haku's mentioned several times that he has an assload of student loans.

No. 39281

Yeah, he's pretty far from rich. Sounds more like he's just finally getting wiser with how he spends whatever money he has.

No. 39292

I don't have the screencap, but on the first haku thread, someone was able to find out he went to a really pricy private school. He's originally from Boston but lives in NYC to go to fashion college, but still hasnt done anything with the degree. Instead he's going to 4-6 anime cons a year , buys weeb shits, works in a weeb store and lives in an apartment in brooklyn- all on 'part-time' income. No, his parents are basically rich, especially his mom who probably is the one paying for her daughter's delusions.

No. 39306

Ok I really hate to play devil's advocate but if you're going to drag someone you should probably get your facts straight. Haku's mentioned having several roommates - if you look at pictures he's posted of his room, it's fucking tiny. If he was really being funded by his parents don't you think he'd live somewhere a little more decent? Also one glimpse at his Facebook will show you that he's basically sold off all his anime merch and whatnot and has drastically scaled down the number of cons he's attending.

Again, drag all you want but like? There's no point if you have no actual milk and are just making stuff up.

No. 39338

>drag all you want but like? There's no point if you have no actual milk and are just making stuff up.

Are you saying someone who is considering not getting top surgery so they can go to an anime convention isn't milky enough for you? Because to me it speaks volumes about a person's priorities in life.

No. 39341

File: 1444100205870.png (8.31 KB, 448x84, um.PNG)

He literally said anime conventions are the lowest priority compared to his chest surgery. Get actual milk.

No. 39347

Thank you. If Haku said something shitty, believe me, I want to be the first to know about it!

But give me screenshots, not someone paraphrasing an assumption based of a rumor based off of some misinterpretation of something Haku may or may not have said.

No. 39350

Not the anon you're arguing with, but the screenshot of what Haku posted (before he went all "omg fuck cons surgery ftw!) is literally in the first 5 posts ITT and was even linked to.

No. 39352

Yeah, don't get me wrong, I'd be annoyed a fuck if he had a ton of money and complained about not getting everything he wanted but I've lurked on his FB for a long ass time and gathered his parents are middle class at best but his schooling isn't anything loans and scholarships couldn't pay for. You're right, his living situation wouldn't make any sense with all the roommates and his ridiculously tiny room if his parents had all that money to throw at him.
Can also confirm he sold pretty much all his anime stuff by the posts he's made.

No. 39353

Feels like reaching? A lot? It doesn't seem so much that he's prioritizing cons, he's being pretty realistic and having everyone come to terms with him possibly not being able to go. Which, if cons are a social activity for him and he has people he wants to meet up with, makes sense.

No. 39360

That wasn't the case a few months ago when she was like "I need to figure out if i can attend all the anime cons this year" - look at the first post >>25031

No. 39361

Screencaps? He's still all his weeb shit? Will he actually focus on getting a real job then?

No. 39362

um, yea? are we reading this the same way? "I need to figure out if I can go to anime cons because surgery is the priority" not "I need to figure out if I can get surgery because cons are the priority"

I really don't know what you're struggling to comprehend here.

No. 39364


I don't know if the Facebook albums are still up or if they've been deleted but he sold almost all of his figures, a decent chunk of his clothes and costumes, even some books I believe.

No. 39367

File: 1444104773444.jpg (74.19 KB, 842x495, sticks-mcgee.jpg)

I hope haku begins to gain some weight because his body freaks me out for real. I saw him at a con this year and it was kind of surprising to see how thin he is in person.

No. 39370

Just tried to find the posts but I think he deletes them after things get sold. He had a ton of things up for sale though. I don't even think he owns a single weeb figure anymore. Maybe one, tops.

No. 39382

Yeah. I tried going into the old photos, but all the 'FOR SALE' items are gone.

No. 39383

Bitch legit looks like Jack Skelington

No. 39402

Is that seriously haku in the center there? Ew.

No. 39412


Kinda looks like he's a very fragile old person and the other two are helping him stand upright.

No. 39419

Comparatively, Lizzie is a lot more obnoxious imo

No. 39425

Haha, he does. His legs and arms are just so thin. I don't know if it's the jacket/coat, but his waist is also creepily small.

No. 39551

Was at that TG photoshoot, can confirm Haku is a skinny runt. With how stick thin he is and how big his head is, you wonder how he doesn't fall over like a bobblehead when he tries to walk.

Really fem voice, too. But this must of been before T or something.

No. 39565

He did indeed start T around mid-January so I can confirm that TG shoot was somewhere around 3-4 weeks of him starting. Wasn't enough time for the effects of T to show at the time. Lately he's noticeably broader and his voice definitely changed.

No. 39575

He looks like a fucking puppet, I can almost hear him say "I'm a real boi!" In Pinocchio's voice lmfao

No. 39578

I know a lot of people who feel uncomfortable with the idea of being "women" end up with eating disorders because being very thin with low body fat kind of cancels out a lot of your female traits. I don't know if that's what's going on in this case, though.

No. 39606

Yeah, his head really is huge compared to his body

Like all fakebois (even though haku isnt a fakeboi anymore) - they like to starve themselves to get a kawaii uke boy body since female bodies are evil to them. Pfft. Haku dodged the eating disorder questions before and I don't have the screen caps since he deleted his old twitter, but he made a lot of posts about only drinking royal milk tea and coffee and not liking to eat.

No. 39619

No. 39627

Yap, that's true. Actually, women with serious EDs stop getting their periods and start growing hair everywhere.

No. 48184

Because he's not Russian? Simple as that. You're just going to accept a person who said he was some part Japanese for the last several years magically deciding he's Russian? It doesn't matter if he is some fraction of Russian Ukrainian Polish Scottish Whateverthefuck, it means he's the same as every other white American. You don't get to wake up one morning and decide you're someone else's culture/race.

He wasn't raised with anything to do with being Russian. He doesn't speak the language, he didn't grow up with the culture, nothing. Yet in his recently posted concepts in his portfolio, he signs his name - that he only started using less than a year ago - in cyrillic? lol no honey that's not how it works.

He's exoticizing other cultures in his attempts to be ANYTHING but a white American. He's doing the same shit as he did with being Japanese but it's okay with tumblr because Russians have white skin, I guess.

No. 48190


It's like Erika and how she said she was German. Her grandmother was German, sure, but Erika is second generation. Born and bred in the US and all that. She even put on an accent and claimed it was because she was mute as a child. Yeah, ok.

No. 48193

I'm surprised Ash still kisses up to him despite this.

No. 48205

It's actually pretty common for people in the arts (in his case, fashion) to use other languages in their work. At least he's actually making an attempt to learn the languages he uses. Anyway, he's always said he was slavic even back in the ultra-weeb phase and that he's white/american ever since his first breakdown so this kind of stuff hasn't really bothered me since that happened.

No. 48247

lmao most of the time it's the bitches themselves who lurk this board and notice they were talked about here and tell all kinds of lies about how they "were told by a friend about this thread" and other bullshit.

No. 48252


Oh my god that's hot…

No. 60159

How old is he?

No. 60222

23 iirc

No. 60320

this! lizzy is fucking pretty and slim… be a girl plz
where did all this trans shit even come from idgi

No. 66341

this person looks like the Instagram user angryjaegar. I think she's a boy now but who knows. I typically stop paying attention when people announce that stuff

No. 86822

I don't even think this person is calling themselves haku anymore. Is there anymore drama surrounding them and the so called "fellowship"?

No. 86835

nah they all moved on, I guess everyone is expecting to see Haku, Misha or whatever ruin his ""bishounen"" face with T and stop cosplaying Kaneki.
And get a real job.

No. 86836

Haku's "real face" is wide and round as fuck, the Haku we all see online has literally almost his entire jaw shaved off in PS. Also he's tan as fuck because he's half native.

No. 86838


No. 86839

ok but tan???? are u serious
did you saw him in real life?

No. 86841

I'm so attracted to Haku, even after seeing his ""real face""

>Wat do

No. 86842

I call this bullshit, we all know that she is a fucking albino or at least tries really hard to look like one

No. 86843

I agree, how can she manipulate her skin tone when she takes pics with others?

No. 86844

ive seen him irl at kinokuniya.
he's not tan but definitely not ghost white as his pics. he must put on at least 3 layers of powder

No. 86845

Haku isn't tan or half native
he lies about his ethnicity
his part native dad is your usual 1/16 "naive american"

No. 86846

File: 1454012879639.png (621.89 KB, 750x1334, image.png)


No. 86848

hakus' dad doesn't look white to me, but idk man I'm not use to see gringos or eurofags in a daily basis

No. 86850

let's face it, he is becoming attractive

No. 86852

His dad looks 100 percent white with a ponytail

No. 86854

File: 1454013552642.jpg (114.27 KB, 596x648, 72898ac5e7278354becdf92f23e108…)

No. 86856

I actually adore this pic this isn't helping

No. 86860

I'm sorry, that five head and nose…he was better before

No. 86869

File: 1454015524915.jpg (27.61 KB, 500x333, x9GoGMl3l88.jpg)

right, when he looked dead and was starving himself. biurifur

No. 86872

He still is starving and looking dead, what's your point?

No. 86873

Maybe they're into teenagers

No. 86894

He has been gaining weight lately, you can tell by his cheeks, and muscle.

No. 86895

File: 1454019228023.jpeg (80.94 KB, 400x600, image.jpeg)

She's been looking hysterically ugly ever since she ditched the fake-Japanese persona for the fake-Russian one. I actually burst out laughing when this one came on my feed.

I've noticed her selfies are getting barely any notes compared to the old ones.

No. 86896

Can we at least call him by the correct pronouns? He's clearly serious about his gender and is on T and probably (or already has) gonna get surgery. I don't like him but he's not a woman.

No. 86897

Huh? He lists his ethnicity just as white and American everywhere. Yeah he used to have the fake jap shit and it was cringeworthy at the time but I think he realized he was being a dumbass and honestly I can't say he's obsessed over any ethnicity since ditching the Japanese thing

No. 86899

I'm curious, what's his relationship with this girl? They interact a lot on twitter.

No. 86903

I've only intermittently followed her but this shit is trash compared to her old andro selfies. Transitioning has been a mistake.

No. 86910

People who are serious about transitioning don't do it to get pretty though. I don't care either way about his appearance but at the VERY least he's really started to get his shit together since starting his transition and ditched his previous infantile behavior so honestly I think if that's what he needed to do then he made the right choice

No. 86924

he has stated that they are like brother and sister, with a deep friendship. just that, and to be honest I don't think there is more

No. 86958

How do these bitches remain popular on IG when they're so boring?

No. 86960

She's doing the cut in eyebrow trend?? I bet haku can't fight for shit.

No. 86975

transitioning will always be a mistake since having the mindset of a trans person should be considered a mental disorder similar to anorexia and other body harm/body issue disorders.I have no idea why they can't get therapy and consuling instead of doctors who give hormones and botched surgeries. You cannot change your chromosomes and genitalia. You can't put on a dress and say you're a woman. You'll never be a woman. Same with girls who wear pants and say they're dudes. it doesn't work that way. Biology is how it is. I feel sorry for some of these trannies, but they'll never be happy or accepted because they're fucked in the head.

No. 86986

I used to be brainwashed by the sjw, but now I can only see it in this way. An the media worships this crap. Terrible stuff

No. 87037

Yeah, not even 3 years ago, I was all pro-trans, but even though I don't want trans people to be murdered just for thinking this way, I don't support them getting surgery and hormones because it's really fucked up to say that a pair of tits and long hair makes a woman and trousers and a dress shirt make a man.It's just a mental disorder and it should be labeled as such. No idea why this is okay to do, but having a severe eating disorder is actually treated like a disorder, when both should be classified as body harming issues.

No. 87047

Why she got cat scratches like she's black in 2009?

No. 87060

Actually just came into this thread by chance and learnt this.
I never followed them but when I kept track of smegeh I always thought haku was the most beautifully androgynous boy, how disappointing. Hope that they transition smoothly so I can feel that way again.

No. 87112


Scroll up, an unshooped pic of Haku and his dad is like, one of the first 20 posts. And his dad is actually half which makes Haku 1/4.

He's not albino, he cakes on makeup and abuses skin whitening soap. When he was still pretending to be hafu he wore yellow foundation. People who have seen him t cons confirmed he cakes it on hardcore.

No. 87122

Yeah but if you read his father is definitely not half, he just said goes back to that side, right? My guess is he's probably 1/8 or some shit but I never saw him talking about how much other than that he was part.
Anyways lmao rite thank fucking god he stopped wearing so much makeup.

No. 87165

lmao right?

No. 87399

I remember that he said its a childhood scar (ironically) from a cat

No. 88586

You kidding? Now he is on a russian kick.

No. 89175

File: 1454531146755.gif (757.6 KB, 275x155, 1446390643623.gif)

No. 89189

Wow, some of the posts in here are really embarrassing.

No. 89577

It is considered a disorder, and usually trans people have to go through a shit ton of therapy to get hormones/surgery. I agree that it shouldn't just be handed out, but I challenge you to find one person that has been "cured" with therapy. It can't be done.
There's a really long post above that pretty well describes dysphoria, and how therapy and anti-depressive medication doesn't help. The closest thing there is to a "cure" is modifying the body to reflect the brain.

No. 89590

>I can't say he's obsessed over any ethnicity since ditching the Japanese thing
he claims to have random european roots (like most americans) and still hops on the russian dick

No. 93385

File: 1455576324087.jpeg (168.01 KB, 750x992, image.jpeg)

Haku has really changed a lot

No. 93402

He looked really thin in his videos

No. 93481

in what way? he looks the same

No. 93535

God damn, she looks like she put on at least 30 lbs. I'm amazed how she looks uglier and uglier each time she posts a picture.

No. 93548

Jfc is this recent? Is Haku the one with the white hair?

No. 93549


Hm, looks like she chose the anime convention over the chest surgery huh?

No. 93550

Yeah haku is the one on the right, it was taken today

No. 93562

Wow, damn. I got $50 on Haku de transitioning once the weight and hair start piling on.

No. 93588

He had it already.

No. 93618

i hope you realise that's a wig

No. 93626

But an eating disorder would kill you while getting botched surgery might be painful but not life-threatening (except for the typical risks of surgery which also applies to nose- and boob-jobs).
I'd treat being trans like any other forms of body-modification. Plastic surgery, piercings, tattoos. If they want a different body they have to be of age and need to pay for it. Just like getting bigger tits or your labia modified.
If every one who does that is sick in the head plastic surgery in general should be for forbidden.
I don’t know much about the risks of hormones so I don’t have an opinion regarding this part of transitioning.

No. 93628

forgot to sage, apologies.

not sure if they really gained this outfit seems to be really unflattering and the picture has been taken from a weird angle.
a couple of months ago everybody here was complaining about their eating disorder now they seem to have gained and people are making fun of that.

girl/guy in the background looks great.

No. 93630

Botched surgery can be life threatening….

No. 93635

botched boob job can be life threatening as well.
I'm pretty sure more anorexics die from their illness than trans-people from surgery but I don't have stats to back it up.

No. 93659

If you saw him in person recently you'd be able to tell it's definitely the cos adding bulk in combination with a bad angle in that particular pic, anything with armor will make you look heavier no matter what but TBH I actually do think this cos looks pretty good in some of the other photos that were posted

Well he hasn't been doing many conventions and he had surgery months ago, IIRC it was around September

Yeah this is how I see it and why I don't have a problem with it, many people get plastic surgery and way more extreme mods than a trans person
They at least still identify with their species, it's not like they're the lizard man who modifies because of a furry fetish gone too far or the women with creepy doll obsessions who want to turn themselves into one… or those bullshit "transracial" people who modify their features to resemble another ethnicity

No. 93676

but why is a trans person getting a corrective surgery they need so wrong?
obviously not those goddamn transtrenders who're like LEWL I LIKE MAKEUP BUT THEY/THEIR PRONOUNS PLes
i mean, a serious transsexual
idk how it can be compared to some extreme cosmetic surgery like a breast job or lip injections, a rhinoplasty, etc

sage because OT maybe

No. 93718

me and >>93659 didn't say it's wrong.

How can you think lip injections are more extreme than getting a dick chopped off/sewed on?

It’s true, plastic surgery can also lead lead to identity issues. I had a nose job myself and I gathered a lot of information beforehand. There are people who don’t recognize themselves afterwards and have issues for the rest of their life. On the other hand, there a people who can’t live with the nose they were born with and their depression and social anxiety vanishes after they get surgery. Why give them anti depressants and interfere with their brain chemistry if the can buy happiness via surgery?
I think it’s very comparable.

Trans in the sense of wanting to be the other sex/gender doesn’t make sense from any point of view.

If you believe in gender and sex you never can truly be the other sex.

If you believe gender and sex are social constructs à la Judith Butler wanting to be the „other“ gender doesn’t even make sense because said gender doesn’t exist.

In the end it’s an identity issue and a question of aesthetical preferences just like being born with a-cups or potato nose.

No. 101019

Dude. Most people here and in the chan/weeb scene know theres a difference between real trans people and fake trans people.

Outside of reactionaries like pol there arent ppl who think all trans are fakers.

And normies dont really know of fake trans boys/transtenders

No. 101022

>outside of reactionaries like pol there arent ppl who think all trans are fakers.
Lol, no. Try talking to people in real life sometime. Outside of your high school LGBT club.

No. 101023

Well certainly pretty butch

No. 101025

Im a fourth year college student and dont go to an LGBT club. What the fuck are you on.

Where the fuck do you see the popular perception that all trans are fake (as opposed to "mental illness") or denying their trans ness (this is different than 'all trans are tucute')

No. 101027

You're a fourth year college student? I hope for your sake that you're lying, because you write like a 13 year old. Anyway, I'm not the person you were talking to before. I'm just pointing out that transgender acceptance is really not mainstream outside of a few subcultures (and thank God for that). Being skeptical of the trans movement is not limited to /pol/tards.

No. 101033

Theres white people in small midwestern towns who still speak German though. That culture doesnt die out quickly

No. 101034

Geez you are surprised someone on an imageboard isn't typing in an academic manner?

Also that's not that i said. I said most people know that tucute isnt most trans and normies dont even know about transtender.

Whats up your (and other anons) butts

No. 101036

No. 101068

Everyone who disagrees with you is pol? Ok.

No. 113675

File: 1459457158804.png (598.49 KB, 535x809, y.png)

No. 113678

What a result! Good for him

No. 113679

File: 1459457393951.png (69.67 KB, 533x397, tt.png)

No. 113681

cant hate him

No. 113683

Awesome. Good to see progress. No qualms.

No. 113687

i agree! i just thought i'd post. he looks really good!

No. 113751

She hasen´t have chest operation, like normal people ask in her instagram. SHe´s flat and she didn´t need the surgery

No. 113777

There is pretty obvious scarring around his nipples. Not seeing scarring elsewhere, but definitely looks like there was a nipple reduction/reshaping.

No. 113791

I am that level of flat chested and no matter what would still need surgery for those nipples/a small bit of pubertal fat around the area for it to look like those pics

Trust me, haku is not just 'naturally that flat' kek. It's not possible without surgery or photoshop

No. 113797

The nipple placement is terrible and she looks like shit. She always says she hates her body but has no problem taking naked photos for internet fame and a pathetic sense of accomplishment.

No. 113800


>it's not possible to be that flat naturally

Er, yes it is.

No. 113801

Damn she got fat as fuck

No. 113803


Anon stop. You're embarrassing yourself.

No. 113805

ana go.

No. 113806

…. that lack of breasts, yes. I just stated I myself am that flat. Those nipples? No. Basic female atonomy after hitting puberty would show that

They've had surgery, get over it

No. 113807


Phone typo

No. 113892


i could bake a baguette in youre yeasty vagina.

No. 113900


you're such a hamplanet

No. 113906

beautiful facial hair u sjwish hamconstellation self-poster. alien-fingered samefag

No. 113907

she's a childish hamwhale

fukking cow.

No. 113908

i detest this amerifat.

disgusting awful europoor.

No. 113914


keep eating

No. 113919

nice wrinkles u self obsessed goddamn troglodyte

No. 114336

i hate this girl.

whore. rotten an chan

No. 114344

acist chan

No. 114345

er crows feet...!!!

No. 114433

No. 114740

If you're talking about the long slanted horizontal scar under the pectoral muscle, that's another method used that Haku, being so flat already, didn't need.

There are two surgical methods of FTM chest surgery:

>keyhole method

>double incision method

The keyhole method is the more sought after method but is only doable if the patient's breads are small and perky (which, in the case of most FTMs, they usually aren't). All they do is cut and remove the nipple, remove the breast tissue through the hole, resize the nipple and sew it back on.

The double incision method is used on patients who have very saggy or large breasts, usually anything bigger than a full B/small C cup. The nipple is removed and the breast tissue is removed the same way, but the amount of skin left is too much to just leave there so the surgeon cuts the excess skin and pulls it to lay flat, resizes the nipple and sews it back on. The long scar is where the skin was pulled.

No. 114788

Haku's the biggest attention whore and she'll do anything for internet fame

No. 114811

>is on T
>has had top surgery

just stop

No. 114827

Dear jesus, how… Are you really that stupid? He hated his body, as most trans people do, BEFORE he went on T & had surgery. It's like when a person hides a nose they hate from photos, but shows it off after surgery jfc.

No. 114831

>has a vagina and XX chromosomes and was raised as a woman

lol no

No. 114847

>chromosomes meme
lol no

i am not attempting to defend anyone here but you're wrong


No. 114913

you're a moron. the existence of rare chromosomal disorders doesn't negate the fact that xx = female and xy = male holds true for the vast majority of the population. trying to argue against that is like saying that "dogs have four legs" is completely inaccurate and untrue because some dogs are born with missing legs or get amputations. you're technically correct, but you're being disingenuous, and you would never bother to argue about it if you didn't have an ulterior motive.

No. 114994

it's 2016, time to move on with your dated ideals don't ya think

No. 114996

Are you salty because he's cute

No. 114999

is your cunt host to a swarm of cicadas

No. 115003

who turned lolcow simulator on again?

No. 115007

so? they're much more common than you think they are. i wasn't trying to sway your opinion and i was never trying to suggest /haku/ was intersex, rather that it's fucking stupid for you to try and karyotype other people. sex is a phenotype, it's neither genotype nor chromosomes.

No. 115010

i realize that you feel very smart because you read a wikipedia article once, and i don't mean to take that away from you, but what you're saying is irrelevant for the vast majority of people and especially irrelevant in regards to a shit post on an imageboard. it just makes you look like you're desperate for anything to back up your viewpoint

No. 115013

File: 1459804612190.jpg (33.03 KB, 500x500, Dildo attached to a Buzz Light…)

No. 115015

check out /meta/, admin mentioned something about implementing a lolcow simulator bot at random.

No. 115017

No. 115034

Not that Anon, but attractiveness is subjective. I don't find Haku cute, but some people obviously do.

No. 115356

Different anon but if you read the article other anon posted, it's going beyond intersex people with ambiguous or both genitals. On another note, people seem to forget that being transgender is still VERY VERY VERY RARE. Yeah we see a lot of dumb cunts on tumblr transtrending who actually aren't at all, and yeah, those who are truly trans are more visible thanks to technology and the trend of greater LGBT acceptance, but even with those who are visible and seen, it's still insanely rare to actually be transgender. So I don't think other anon was arguing that it was a common thing, just that it was a thing among those who are trans.

No. 115374

i want to believe

No. 115857

File: 1459920911249.jpeg (365.11 KB, 1200x800, image.jpeg)

She got really fat

No. 115858

Her eyes have gotten so sagged and ugly.
Usually people look better as time goes by but she's turning out to be an absolute trainwreck.

No. 115860

It's like she thinks just because she's Haku people are automatically going to love her cosplay even though this is the absolute worst I've seen from her yet.

No. 115861

This isn't Haku's best, but it's a great Griffith cosplay compared to what I've seen

No. 115863

You know she does that dead eyed look on purpose right?

No. 115962

Her eyes are disgusting

No. 116222

These all sound so same-faggy. It's really unusual for there to be several one-line insults like that in a row here. The people who post tend to be more clever than that.

No. 116247

Yeah, that's samefagging for sure. There's a few parts of this thread that sound like this person like someone trying to force some (unfunny, unnoteworthy) shit and it's always kinda awkward to read

No. 116248

My money's on Kaden

No. 116301

That's been happening in other threads as well, someone visits the thread and makes 2-6 one lined posts about ~Ew how gross~ without even really trying to space it out. I've seen it happen in /g/ as well. Pretty boring.

No. 116396

I know before Kaden got busted he used to post shit about Haku here ages ago but as cringe-worthy as Kaden is, I actually don't think it's him. Maybe a Kaden stan but more likely someone else who's just butthurt lol probably just another cringe-worthy pro-ana cunt who Haku dropped considering how fucking retarded it is to call someone like Haku of all fucking people fat. Like I don't care what anyone thinks of Haku overall but you've gotta be brain damaged if you look at his build and think "what a fatty"

No. 117027

I really hate this girl, she is so fake and rude when someone mistake her gender. All her friends are trans. What a coincidence when trans topic start been more accept it in the world.

No. 117028

lmao i wonder why she's rude to you

No. 117031

Whats with that photo about Haku and her dad. She looks so bad!!! And now she photoshop her breast so everyone thinks that she have gone to top surgery when back in years she didn´t take any shit out!

No. 117032

Maybe because she wants everyone to believe all her bullshit story?

No. 117034

>Photoshop her breast


No. 117035

No. 117036

>All her friends are trans. What a coincidence when trans topic start been more accept it in the world.
This isn't a "coincidence". The more accepted something is the more likely people are to admit to it. If the world isn't accepting, they're not gonna be telling everybody, are they?

No. 117061

whats with this person, really. What´s this thread about? about supporting Haku or making fun of her

No. 117107

File: 1460281023693.jpg (116.01 KB, 500x737, _F1A8508.jpg)

He's not photoshopping his breasts. The scarring is obvious.

No. 117715

It's like she basically gave up on herself. Haku is a perfect example of someone getting uglier and uglier as the years go by. What a shame…

No. 117720

That hair is FUCKED.

No. 117724

Just curious, do you deny the existence of transpeople or do you have like some ultimate criteria they need to meet before you accept them? He is on HRT and got top surgery, one would think that would be enough.

I mean, sorry for going on a tangent here, but it's not like people are trying to force you to call those "my gender is a plant" fuckers "plantself" or whatever, but I mean, come on. Being trans isn't that controversial of a subject.

No. 117741


Not that anon but they didn't say anything about trans people. They just said that they got uglier, which is true - trans or not. Look for something else to be offended by.

No. 117750

I saw her at Kinokuniya recently and yeah her hair is fucked up pretty bad. It's funny tho how she dropped the whole "Kohaku Aoki" bullshit yet she still clings onto her beloved white hair. Always saying that she's changed and a good person but it's all really just her doing her own PR. Haku's still pretty trashy.

No. 117770

No doubt his hair is fried, but the styling for this shoot isn't really helping.


No. 117772

he needs to stick to straight on shots, his profile is awful

No. 117774


I don't get fashion.

No. 117775

I get that this is a shoot with styling but all I see is someone who is almost certainly going to detransition in the future.

No. 117780

File: 1460432564014.jpeg (125.49 KB, 750x1251, image.jpeg)

She looks like a gremlin. This shoot is so painfully awkward and you can practically see her naked in one of the photos.

No. 117781

File: 1460432665561.jpeg (125 KB, 750x1255, image.jpeg)

How is this even "modeling"? All she's doing is standing there with a smug bitch look on her face.

No. 117782

File: 1460432679511.jpeg (205.99 KB, 750x1255, image.jpeg)

No. 117790

Not that anon, but it's a legit mental illness, but there's no fairy dust to turn a female into a male or vice versa. Lopping your tits off =/= a male and inverting your dick =/= female. Haku will always be female, mental illness or no. Same for every other transgender.

No. 117796

Not this photo but in another one from that set you can see her camel toe. Yuck.

No. 117798

Exactly this. If you've heard her talk recently she sounds like a pre pubescent boy and you just get so much secondhand embarrassment for her…

No. 117813

File: 1460438430571.jpeg (173.6 KB, 750x1125, image.jpeg)


No. 117823

Except for the fact that they called him "she" which clearly shows they're against transgender……

No. 117831

Wow, we /pol/ in here huh

No. 117897

Yeah that was my point too. Idk why the other anon thought I was offended, talk about projecting. I clearly stated I was curious, not cryraging about my feelings, lol.

No. 117978

Maybe that Anon just doesn't like Haku. Haku does not represent the entire trans community.

No. 117984

You must be really sheltered if you think not being pro-trans is a "/pol/" opinion. It's more of an "everyone besides a handful of 20 year old hipsters and internet weirdos" opinion

No. 118374

Seriously Haku's digging her own grave with this exotic white boy bullshit. Watch her detransition in a year.

No. 118414

>>117823 does it really matter lol we aren't on here to coddle her and make sure we don't hurt her special little feelings

No. 118477

Is this real? She just looks like a flat chested woman now. Her face is bloated.

No. 118478

Is it just me or even after hormones and surgery, she somehow looks even more like a woman?
>them thighs
>that face pudge

No. 119240

It's not just you, we're all thinking it.

No. 119416

It's funny how she said she couldn't afford top surgery and begged everyone for pity. But out of thin air she chops her boobs off. I really can't stand how she constantly lies over and over about her wealth. It's disgusting…

No. 119423

It's just like when she begged for money and free plane tickets. She knows how incredibly stupid her fans are, stupid enough to buy a rich lazy racist bitch curtains. As if Haku can't afford curtains and cleaning supplies. She's never going to change. She just tries harder now to make herself as pc and super nice as possible by completely changing her writing style.

No. 119467

I want to smack the person who was in charge of the lighting + the person who styled him, what the fuck

No. 119474

Agreed. Her thighs and legs in general don't look masculine at all.

No. 119687

She gained a lot of weight, that's why.

No. 119806

She really did gain a noticeable amount of weight. I had to go back and look and her ass is bigger now and so are the thighs.

No. 119851


Well, yeah, that's a common side-effect of taking testosterone. It can cause water retention and/or weight gain.

The other thing is that if he's finally happy enough with himself that he can kick the anorexia, this can also cause water retention (i.e., the puffy face) and bloating at first. It's why a lot of people with that try to recover, freak out, and relapse. :/

Not sure if he lurks here but if he does, all bro's gotta do is eat sensibly and exercise and all will be well.

No. 119866

She's trying to act like she's so happy with her transition but chopping her boobs off only to end up with something worse along with the weight gain must be crushing her on the inside.

No. 119867

Her griffith cosplay photos compared to her Eren photos are fucking terrible. The very least she could do is to contour her fat fuckface.

No. 119926

File: 1460729237601.png (434.59 KB, 480x640, tumblr_ms638relhw1qbjzj5o1_500…)

I honestly have felt bad even though I don't like Haku as a person or whatever because I've been thinking about how he really somehow looks bad/less healthy to me, now? I miss how he used to look, but I know it's none of my business.

This is the Haku that I started following back in the day and tbh I'm embarrassed to say so but I was kind of obsessed with him (like in love with his face) & how beautiful his Eren was. He's since scrubbed his Tumblr of all his old non-white haired edgelord cosplay and I just. :(

Eren… so cute…

No. 119950

he was weirdly obsessed with eren, even identifying as him.
also getting von into cosplaying levi and it was all just… weird

No. 119951

the face pudge might be because of gaining weight fairly quickly after a long period of restricting.
he posted his fridge once and it contained only eggs white, nonfat yogurt, and energy drinks.

No. 119952

what is this birdnest atop his head. he should shave and start over…

No. 120254

I dunno if I am the minority or not, but haku looked better a few years ago. All this surgery, hormone crap just makes haku looked wrecked. Like aged badly wrecked. I can't believe she's only 25 or so.

No. 120255

I think that's why their relationship failed ultimately because haku based their interactions off Eren/levi and Kaneki/Uta. It was really…strange. Von seemed more mature and noped out of it as soon as he could.

No. 120281

Honestly she looks like a AA cup fat woman now compared to before. She can try to lie to herself with her chopped off tits and hormones but she's just getting worse and worse.

No. 120463


All these points are why I love it when e-famous FTMs/fakebois start taking T. They think they'll get a smooth, sexy voice, a nice angular manly jaw and muscle definition, but what actually happens is they gain hella weight & bloat (because T), their voices crack and squeak (because puberty, essentially), and they end up this haggard looking fuckednup squeaky mess because they don't fully realize that testosterone is not intended to make you look like a BOY. It is intended to make you look like a hairy MAN with a man voice and man bulk. All that baby fat and feminine fat distribution on the androgynous female faces they thought looked soooo legit male before are never gonna be like that again.

That's probably why Gutterface dropped off the map so suddenly after bragging about being on T for 3 months. She trains her voice to sound lower (something most fakebois/Tumblrtrans don't bother with, doesn't even require T) so everyone was raving about how manly her voice was after only 3 months without any squeaking or cracking. My guess is when the shit really started kicking in she got even fatter, panicked and dropped off the radar.

No. 120506

He probably saved up for it.

No. 120733


Joji actually posted a short vid on their IG where you can hear them talk, and tbh their voice doesn't really sound any deeper/lower at what they claim is 9 months on T than it did at 3 months on T. I know it can only do so much with voices up to a point, maybe Joji hit the point already.

No. 121300

Or how about the fact that pumping a woman with XX chromosomes and estrogen full of something intended for men only will fuck them up bad? Trans people are seriously mentally ill and every single of them has yet to prove they aren't batshit crazy and/or massive attention whores and martyrs. Haku looks bad, like really bad. I can't even imagine what she'll look like in about 5-6 years.

No. 122177

I think she looks fatter and uglier and looks more woman than before xD

No. 122178

Fucking shit, I didn´t notice how ugly are Haku´s feet!!!!

No. 122190

They look really discolored or am I imagining it?

No. 122214

Her feet look like that creature from the LOTR. I guess there's a reason she never showed off her feet.

No. 122479


It's probably a combination of the lighting, and aftereffects of anorexia. He had an eating disorder for quite a while and that does seriously fuck with your circulation.

No. 122483

Honestly, I generally find Haku pretty attractive, even with the recent weight gain. However, that photoshoot is incredibly unflattering. It's not even the lack of editing, but the lighting is awful, the lack of posing, etc.

No. 124177

I can't help but wonder where Haku got such level-headed friends, like circuitbird? I absolutely adore her.

No. 124369

The real question is why would anyone like circuitbird stay with a nutcase like Haku. I would've dropped her ass by now.

No. 124409

Not just a nut case but an 100% white girl from Leicester, Massachusetts that lived a lie for over 11 years as a Japanese fakeboi.

No. 124412

Holy fuck that town is the epitome of snobby white elitist trash.

No. 124645

Circuitbird is pretty weird herself. She still lives with her family, doesn't do any real work because she's oh so sad, and obsesses over fucking pigeons. Which is absolutely disgusting because pigeon shit is riddled with disease.

No. 124664

Oh come on. Marisa lives at home because of her mental illness, which is getting better. She has a degree in environmental bio/science and is very much aware that pidgeons are a pest. You sound like a grumpy teenager.

No. 124666

pretty much everyone that posted in this thread during the last two weeks sounds like a grumpy teenager.

No. 124979

Marisa was born into privilege, a fact that she readily acknowledges – and there isn't a single thing wrong with being born to affluent parents in an affluent area. She has the resources and support to live her lifestyle comfortably and let her recover from her mental illness at her own pace. She's incredibly lucky, and very level-headed for someone in her position.

There's nothing noble in suffering, and she's gone a long way since she was part of the pity-me fakeboi weeb crew. I don't think that she should be a topic of discussion at all.

No. 125314

Yeah I have no complaints about Marisa. She seems very intelligent and looks like she deals with her issues in as healthy a way as she possibly can. She isn't an attention whore and is actually very polite.

No. 133395

File: 1463973188497.png (858.04 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

obviously photoshopped her fat chipmunk face

No. 133397

Haku just stop. No matter how you style your hair, you still ugly and should go back to your old aesthetic, at least it suited you more

No. 133416

I havent seen a photo of haku in a long time, but fuck they got real ugly.

No. 133434

Dude needs to let go of that hair. Shit looks like its suffering.

No. 133668

Now that she's trying so damn hard to not be "Kohaku Aoki" anymore it's almost as if she completely gave up on herself.

Same dead fucking fish face in every fucking photo. Bitch only has two poses with the same lifeless look.

Like come on Haku.

No. 133675

My find it really disturbing that you
keep calling him "her".
I'm not usually one to get sjw on people but this seems really unnecessarily spiteful.
He's been on T for a long time and has had top surgery and is living like a guy.
What more is he supposed to do?

No. 133676


No. 134351

I can´t believe how ugly she looks now. Her hair looks so damn awefull, her face looks so ugly, uglyer than a year or two years, and her attitude has been even worst than before.
Please someone tell her that she´s on the wrong way of life. Changing her name, going on T, and top surgery dosent seem enough to her to be happy. She´s a privilage person and despite that she keeps her ugly and awefull gaze that she dosent care about anything, only change more things to look more masculine

No. 134404

Has haku's hair ever been healthy? It always looks like a fried mess, in all the photos I've seen and even in person.

No. 134413

>>She´s a privilage person

No. 134418

My god, the more she tries to be masculine, she sees far worst. She was better before going on t and top surgery.
She's never satisfied with anything, if she's going to put a penis now??

No. 134421

haku is one of the biggest lolcows in my opinion.
not in the sense that he is a bad person or anything, but having his name LEGALLY changed to kohaku, being obsessed with japan, anime, then totally flipping identities as a russian just because of distant eastern european 'roots' ??

No. 134443

yeah okay >>30140

No. 134447

I'd still hit him up tbh

No. 134449

im 12 and what is this

No. 134466

did he really change it to kohaku? i tought it was mikhail or something

No. 134475

Yes, when she was 13-14 her parents literally let her change her legal name to Kohaku Aoki because she convinced them it would help her get a Japanese translating job in Japan easier. Her diploma even had that name on it.

No. 134493

first it was kohaku
now its legally mikhail though his social media says 'misha'

No. 134497

misha is a nickname for mikhail in russia

i dont even follow this person but thats just common knowledge

at least i thought it was

No. 134514

is that why s/he has that white mop? Because Russians almost always have white hair in animes?

No. 134531

Her birth name was Arianna, she got into the whole Kohaku Aoki/cosplay/weeb shit when her grandma married a Japanese guy. She also used that when she was claiming to be part Japanese as "proof" but they're not biologically related.

Nah it's a leftover from the weeb era. Haku had a thing for white haired animu bishies.

No. 134532

Yup. idiotic parents let her change her name legally to a Japanese DA-tier name… It's really pathetic.

No. 134583

Yeah well rich people are often shitty at parenting. Just look at Charms' mom and how she lets her live. Eugh.

On topic though, Haku looks like shit on T and it keeps blowing my mind over and over again.

No. 134599

True, true. I agree, haku looks busted. At least when she was a skinny chick she has an interesting look to her.

No. 134634

The androgynous waif girlyboy look really worked for her, even with that heinous jaw shoop that made her look like a wide mouth bass.

No. 134917

To me she'll always be Arianna no matter how many times she tries to reinvent herself. I wonder what her classmates thought of her when she changed her name to Mikhail. Like, how the fuck do you expect anyone to take you seriously Arianna?

Even on your fucking website it says that you've had your filthy trash clothes on display at the MET. But like if anyone were to look for it they wouldn't be able to find it and you'll have to explain to your employers (if you even get a real job) that you were a psycho fake Japanese girl named Kohaku Aoki.

If I was going to hire someone and they had to explain to me that they lived a lie as a Japanese ever since they were 12 when they're full white, I would spit in their face and toss their resume in the shredder.

No. 134934

She's not full white, if you see pics of her un shooped she's kinda tan and has a super round face and a wide nose. I think she's mixed native, her dad's half IIRC?

No. 134940

Do you treat all trans dudes this way, genuinely curious.

No. 134946

Wait I understand the whole changing your name 3 times thing but this is a little too dramatic don't you think

No. 134952

Haku being trans isn't the problem. The problem is Haku's shit personality.

No. 134953

What's his personality like?

No. 134964

im pretty sure no one took him seriously. (im just gonna use he/him bc i feel bad for his existence)
back in the day he used to get hate messages from classmates saying he smells bad lol

No. 134965

ive seen him irl and he's not tan. no he's not as pale as his face makeup/shoop (which is basically ghost white) but hes not tan

No. 134990

Arianna always makes excuses for everything. I'm poor, sad, etc. Always taking advantage of everyone else in the worst of ways.

No. 134991

She's not tan at all and cakes layers of powder on her face like crazy. It's pretty funny tho, how she used to use Asian makeup exclusively, even foundation, but now it's all Western brands.

No. 134995

I wonder what would happen if someone were to call her by her real name straight to her face at work hmm…

No. 135023

That's pretty vague

No. 135026

She's probably have a meltdown on facebook or twitter again.

No. 135027

You're right, Haku did still have their japanese name back then. That's really fucking embarrassing. How will they get a job?

No. 135029

She still works part time at Kinokuniya I believe, and her parents pay for school + she loves with several other people in a small flat so I don't see her getting a real job any time soon. Her name change to Mikhail or whatever version of Michael she chose was fairly recent.

No. 135091

I talked to her about music a while back and I brought up Ariana Grande and she fucking flinched. It's pretty damn funny.

No. 135114

That sounds like it totally happened, anon

No. 135131

Way back when she was still Haku, one of her "friends" told me about her past. What a shitty friend right? The grandma marrying a Japanese, her name change and real name, her ethnicity, even high school Haku.

In the messages she sent, she mentioned that she's told this over and over to anyone that asks and whenever anyone would ask her about Haku.

No. 135222

this just sounds like pure salt. you sound like an idiot.

No. 135323

Is she actually Russian? Why didn't she just change it to Michael?

No. 135375

omg that would be too cruel to flat out say it. but just imagine introducing yourself as ariana lmao
"whats wrong? did i say something wrong?"

No. 135390

She's probably about as much Russian as she ever was Japanese. But for some reason Russiaboos are becoming a thing on tumblr and Haku was trying to move away from the Haku personality and make it less "I'm pretending to be half Japanese even after being exposed" so she latched onto Russia.

>Why didn't she just change it to Michael?

Not speshul and younique enough. This is a top level tumblrite you're talking about, here.

No. 135393

Arianna would probably run away and go cry in the bathroom then have a meltdown on fb and twitter.

No. 135394

She's not Russian but before she changed her "about me" She went out of her way to make herself sound like the most special and unique European god as possible.

No. 135396

Buy me anime figurines, expensive jp brand clothes and band merch, plane tickets, curtains, and cleaning supplies. Because I'm obviously oh so poor and can't afford any of this myself.

No. 135406

Also didnt haku have a big vk fanbase? Doesnt vk obsess over spoopy skinny goth people?

No. 135416

She did but then she turned into a russianphile/europhile. She has to remind everyone that she is oh so russian every fucking second. She should've just stayed as a fake Japanese because at least she knows some Japanese. Her russian is atrocious.

No. 135527

exactly. its to cater to vk

No. 135528

that anon means vk.com (its like russian facebook) not visual kei

No. 135571

She's actually fluent in Japanese. Hence her working at Kinokuniya, you have to speak Japanese to work there. Her parents, in addition to letting her change her name at 13, also got her a professional language tutor.

No. 135620

> you have to speak Japanese to work there

and no, she went to school with japanese people and probably sat in her room watching shittons of anime

No. 135636

Arianna's from Leicester, one of the whitest fucking towns in Massachusetts. But yeah, she would constantly whine and be a little bitch. Also Kyo hair.

No. 135656

>you have to speak Japanese to work there
If you're talking about US stores Kinokuniya and Book-Off have employees that can't read or speak Japanese, I've been to them plenty enough times to notice.

No. 135658

can we just rename this thread "Arianna thread" instead of "Haku thread"? All of us know her real name already.

No. 135663

You probably only need to know a small amount of Japanese for some of the merch. You do NOT need to know how to speak it to be a cashier or work at the cafe Zaiya upstairs.

No. 135777

I don't really have anything to add about their gender and don't really care about that but, I was really really offended and disappointed when I found out the truth about Haku faking their ethnicity. They said flat out to my face they were a quarter Japanese - because I'm half Japanese and they were trying to bond with me. I believed them and they had mentioned it was their one grandfather who was Japanese. They even said some bullshit about how much he influenced them so they felt really connected with their family's Japanese roots. I remember once they backpeddled to others more recently and mentioned that grandfather who was Japanese wasn't even blood related to them - meaning they were 0% Japanese. I blocked them from everything and ignored them in person.

No. 135787

Mhm yeah, that really is crappy. Sorry you got lied to :/

No. 135905

Arianna told me that same shit too. She doesn't give a fuck about respecting anyone or their culture. I really will never understand tho, how so many people can be influenced by her and jump on the fake japanese bandwagon. It's a slap in the face.

No. 135906

File: 1464664766249.jpeg (245.11 KB, 750x950, image.jpeg)

No. 135907

File: 1464664790901.jpeg (214.97 KB, 750x952, image.jpeg)

No. 135908

She always has to sound like a pretentious fuck 24/7

No. 135920

the shit that has been brought up in the past few days is so OLD though and the above posts on their blog(?) are admitting that the old behavior was shit. yeah, it was, it was absolute shit, but dude if you have to stretch in to the past to talk about them on here, save it and come back when something new that's noteworthy comes up. no one fucking cares about old shit that has been covered a hundred times over. people are fucking dumb sometimes and Haku's dumb shit back then was childish, self-centered, and inexcusable, but I personally think they've come a long way from that and if you're going to reach well over a year back into their past into things that have (snooze) once again been covered you just sound like some stupid salty cunt with a personal vendetta. every time this thread gets revived it sounds like the same fucking chick, I swear to god

No. 135921

IDK, the way this was written is sort of pretentious but it seems genuine and way more honest than most cows. it really seem like time to move on

No. 135944


Agreed. It's probably fucking Kaden/RJ/whomever posting all this vendetta crap because he's jealous that Mikhail is successfully transitioning or something. Urgh.

No. 135950

Kind of makes sense since not long ago we made fun of Kaden's real name and now someone's shitting up the Haku thread with this Arianna hurr-durr bullshit. Pathetic.

No. 135982

There is literally no proof of this Arianna stuff either. Receipts or get the fuck out.

No. 135983

Sorry samefag here, but at least with Kaden there's proof of the legal name that someone posted. The Arianna thing needs some kind of proof or just shut the fuck up.

No. 135984

she went to boarding school ya fool

No. 135985

boarding school are full of asians because their mommies and daddies go off getting rich somewhere

No. 135990

All of those jfashion lovers treat her like a god

No. 136008

yeah the constant rehashing of dumb shit from the past is kind of making this thread /manure/ tier

No. 145952

File: 1466457184740.jpeg (158.78 KB, 750x1207, image.jpeg)

She looks fucking terrible

No. 145953

It literally looks like she just rolled out of bed. 0 effort whatsoever.

No. 145954

Tbh, he looks fine to me, especially for being sick?

No. 145968

Did she get a perm?
She looks like a grandma I'm cracking up.

No. 145977

he is a man, he isn't going for cute or pretty. let it go guys

No. 145979


looks like your typical college dude tbh.

No. 146003

Seriously, fuck off you bitter weirdo. You keep bumping this thread and it's so obvious. No one gives a fuck.

No. 146280

Oh lord, its ugly.

No. 146281

File: 1466540996357.jpg (38.4 KB, 450x450, c43.jpg)

>he is a man

No. 147373

this is such an ugly griffu, good lord

No. 147723

I'm actually impressed with the lack of jaw shoop. I mean I know it's still shooped but at least it doesn't look as bad as her old jaw shoops where her mouth looks pasted onto a face that's far too small for it.

No. 147773

File: 1466810508732.jpeg (161.52 KB, 750x1203, image.jpeg)

No. 147774

File: 1466810524642.jpeg (148.35 KB, 734x1193, image.jpeg)

No. 147775

File: 1466810542299.jpeg (139.04 KB, 723x1202, image.jpeg)

No. 147776


She finally looks as bad as she smells ??????

No. 147806

Why does haku/mikhail/whatever always look so dead in their eyes?? they're so boring and soulless.

No. 147807

That white-blonde hair does not look for her/his jaundice skin tone. Yikes.

No. 147816

I've seen misha in person and he has an extremely narrow jaw/face. He looks a lot better in person, I think his features look a bit distorted in pictures. He has a really tiny/delicate bone structure.

No. 147838

No. 147866

Stop trying to defend her with your bullshit. I've seen her countless times too and she's turned into a fat fuck. You're just making yourself even dumber than you already are.

No. 147867

She wants to be so kakkoii desu ? When in reality her dead expression turns everyone off.

No. 147872

Shut the fuck up takohai

No. 147956

Your samefagging is pretty obvious with these failed emoji attempts.

No. 147998

anachan pls go

No. 150860

File: 1467700293598.png (675.9 KB, 695x493, sdfsfs.png)

I really don´t know who is worst, the Inuyasha or Haku´s awefull face. I mean, what a horrible Sesshomaru cosplay she make, not to mention Inuyasha´s cosplayer.

She´s becoming worst and worst with the days. She looks so damn bad and horrible.

No. 150861

The way you type is atrocious, fix that before posting again

No. 150934

>He has a really tiny/delicate bone structure.

Probably early on-set osteoporosis due to their eating disorder.

No. 150935

Yikes, that Sesshomaru cosplay looks odd. Especially the makeup.

No. 150962

idk haku tries to be too spooky ghost gothgoth and fucks everything up

No. 151023

Your samefagging in this thread is so petty and obvious because you still mix up ` and '. Please stop, it's embarrassing.

No. 151064

whats haku even done as of late

No. 151167

I will post whenever I want you dumbhead. English is not my mother tonge for you may know.
And you understand me anyway

No. 151710

The fact you refer to him as only a nickname he lets close friends use is just outing yourself

This thread has enough people reaching, sad to see his so called friends are lurking here

No. 151854


Nothing lately but it's nice to watch the effects of the testosterone take hold and ruin the skinny waif girlyboy persona she used to gain popularity and act like an asshole for so long. And knowing how T works on female bodies, it's only gonna get worse. I'm just here to watch.

No. 151859

Exactly what does testosterone do if you're female to male trans? I'd imagine you'd grow body hair and gain muscle easier.

No. 151865

Grow body hair, probably get fat due to increase appetite, and haku already has an ED.

I mean, look how gross their body is here: >>117813

I can't imagine it's good for the brain either.

No. 151866

It's like going through a male puberty. Voice gets deeper, grow more hair, redeposits fat, muscle builds differently, sometimes it can cause balding. It's known to make people have a higher sex drive, have angry mood swings, and a big appetite too.

It won't make you fat if you take care of yourself. And no, it doesn't do anything to your brain. The most that will happen is mood swings temporarily while your body adjusts to a new balance of hormones. Same shit with estrogen levels.

No. 151872

And people say trans aren't mentally ill. Look at the proof. Doctors are willing to pump these loons full of hormones and send them out into the world like they're harmless.

No. 151943

It forces you through male puberty basically. With squeaky voice cracks and peach fuzz moustaches and all that shit. Except after you've been on it long enough and your body adjusts to it you stop looking like an effeminate girlyboy and start looking like an old lesbian unless you go super stereotypically masculine with your clothes and hair. Like this twinky fashionista arteest persona Haku has now isn't gonna have the same appeal to tumblr after about another year on T. I used to be a fakeboi way back in the day on Gaia and I even joined a FTM guild, before the site basically died I got to see at least half a dozen guild members get top surgery and transition over the span of like 4 years. Exactly none of them came out of it looking cute.

No. 151983

Probably bait, but the mood swings aren't anything more than what most teens have going through puberty. I'm indifferent to whether it's a mental illness or not, but you're really reaching by trying to say transexuals pose a huge danger via hormone treatments. There are mental illnesses that pose way more danger to other people that aren't being handled properly. The ratio of trans offenders is really nothing notable.

No. 152436

Actually, I read in one of her old posts that she lives at home bc shit is expensive. A lot of people still live with their parents or move back in with them bc of cost efficiency.
She's mentioned she has horrible agoraphobia and used to be in a dual treatment center.

No. 152883


To me it just looks like he's finally started being comfortable enough in his own skin to stop restricting what he eats so much. I'd imagine that anorexia is pretty attractive to FtM people before they transition- it gets rid of periods, breasts, hips, etc.

If he hits the gym and eats sensibly (which can be especially hard for somebody recovering from anorexia), he should have no problem.

And lastly, that one bitter-samefag-who's-probably-Kaden in this thread is getting on my nerves. Dude, shut up and move on with your life. #teamHaku

No. 153066

I think Haku didn´t get enough information about taking t. She is so worried about her body that taking T will make her fat, and makes her sitty face looks even ore fat.
One of the things T does is you gain weigh, something Haku don´t want, don´t know why.
All that shitty of ED, Mostly all Haku´s friends have ed, why could that be.
Is like fashion to have ED, to be trans.

No. 153069

Does it make you really gain weight or does it just increase appetite? because if you eat the same and take t, then I don't see how it's possible to gain. Usually it takes excess calories to gain weight,

No. 153217

Thermodynamic laws remain in tact lol.
The relationship between hormones, appetite regulation, and metabolism are exceedingly complex.
Basically, the fat distribution changes to be in the belly from the hips and thighs, bones can thicken, and metabolism revs up but so does appetite. Lean muscle increases more easily. Also, and this is likely what we see with Haku, water is retained e first few months that creates some ugly bloating.

Can read more at if you really care to

No. 155693

All of her friends are goth ftm trans with eating disorders. She's been packing on the pounds and looking like hell but she'll eventually give up and quit T in order to save fragments of her girlyboi kawaii persona.

No. 156633

You know I wonder when she was still fake Japanese if she checked off "mixed" on all of her official documents…

No. 157291

From what I can tell all of these FtM types went to be effeminate teenage gay bishounen IRL, except time is not on their side and biology will haunt them as the years go by.

Seeing the fakebois detransition, or possibly worse, will be hilarious and I look forward to seeing the psych misery pile on.

No. 157309

if anyone on here honestly thinks this is "fat", you're fucked up.

No. 157312

k haku

No. 157436

Ignore ana-chans.

No. 157438

do anyone else think it's funny that takohai cosplayed howl's moving castle but then as soon as Haku decided to cosplay howl also, she gave up her cosplay to be photographer to haku?

No. 157608

lol yep, I mean takohai is constantly sucking on haku's ass, this is literally no surprise. Most likely because takohai idolizes haku to hell and back.

No. 157830

She's obsessed with her to a point where it creeps everyone around her the fuck out.

No. 158018

I swear to god takohai mastrubates to the pics she takes later on while she edits the fuck out of haku's face

No. 161513

File: 1469800859773.jpeg (179.54 KB, 750x1045, image.jpeg)

Ashley's photoshop of Haku's face is fucking terrible.

No. 161516

ruining my husbando

No. 161519

File: 1469802532603.jpg (494.16 KB, 500x245, JXs71iZ.jpg)

Looks like Carly Simon.

No. 161623

Haku's worse

No. 161974

doesn't haku edit her own photos? lol

No. 161986

Ash and Ashley are two different people, but they're both Haku ass-kissing goth bitches. Ash is actually on the heavier side for a friend of Haku's, from what I can tell.

No. 162082

File: 1469986049735.jpeg (145.01 KB, 734x1037, image.jpeg)

She edits her own photos but still looks like shit lol

Her redone nips look fucking AWFUL. Embarrassing that she take naked photos of herself and still looks like a butch. So awkward to look at.

No. 162083

Even Carly Simon is better than this dyke

No. 162094

Her fucking titties are lopsided

No. 162131

File: 1470008656103.png (80.43 KB, 240x240, tumblr_o2nmssbdb51v2xjl7o9_250…)

No. 162154

holyshit, this looks awful.

No. 162155

File: 1470014287962.gif (459.06 KB, 256x144, 1430279386869.gif)

Why do the 'burn scars' look like crystallized jizz?

No. 162279

takohai/ash is pretty skinny though… unless you consider anything more than a pile of bones on the heavier side

No. 162293

What's "Ash"'s real name?

No. 162364

Isn't it Ashley?

No. 162378

I don't think it matters that much, as long as she isn't trying to pull some ethnic snowflake bullshit like "Haku" or "Mikhail" lol

No. 162540

But as soon as Haku stopped shaving her eyebrows "Ash" stopped as well. She also put russian bullshit on her ig profile.

No. 162546

Mikhail is a white name moron

No. 162547

But Ash is actually Russian unlike Haku, no?

No. 162599

It's a more "exotic" and "ethnic" name. Haku didn't want a plain white American name. She grew up having all the privilege of her mommy and daddy paying everything for her when she threw a temper tantrum. Typical racist upperclass white bitch. She refuses to accept that she's not exotic as she wants to be.

No. 162602

File: 1470163250807.jpg (25.94 KB, 600x375, 1461601294940.jpg)

>considers Russian exotic

No. 162606

Guess if she started to write her name Михаил it would add to the "exotic" appeal. Are Russian names considered that unusual in the states?

No. 163362

File: 1470421742653.png (678.07 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2016-08-05-14-35-27…)

Can please, somebody tell her that taking photos like that is awefull. Even her makeup in her chest is bad

No. 163368

I can understand his want to finally reveal their chest after surgery. Finally their moobies are gone.

As for the Mello cosplay I find them to be one of the more decent ones. Usually Mello cosplays are full on disasters. They did alright. Aaah but I understand that this site nitpicks.

No. 163374

It's kinda true though, for some Americans. Russia is as exotic and interesting to them as Japan.

No. 163378

A lot of people do? Like. Most Americans? And Japanese people too, based on their Russian model fetish and the stereotypical blonde ballerinas in anime.

No. 163387

Wow, you can see the chest and bacne the T brought on. Yikes. Benzoyl Peroxide girl, it's magical.

No. 163876

She's smiling in the photo cuz she loves to show off her butch chest. She should get another reconstructive surgery to fix her nips, it's been months already and she still looks like shit.

No. 163882

I really don't see anything wrong with these

This thread reeks of vendetta tbh

No. 163885

same. he looks fine. sure he's not the most handsome guy now and his body isn't amazing but he's not half as bad as what people are trying to make out

No. 163935


dat filename

No. 163954

Its a shame that she deleates photos of her, for example, the one she upload in her instagram after her top surgery showing everyone and now she deleate them when the photos are posts in here

No. 164206

can you learn some god damn english before you shit up this entire thread with your retarded vendetta you stupid monkey? also pretty sure haku qualifies as a guy now after being on T and getting reconstructive surgery so continuing to use "she" as if he's a fakeboi doesn't really make you look any less of a vendettafag

No. 164310

At least you understand me.
Im dont care what do you think, I came here to read all your tjings and makes fun of that

No. 164311

I feel pitty of her

No. 164382

Lopping your tits off and injecting hormones doesn't change your sex anymore than an inverted dick can become a vagina. Changing your sex is impossible.

No. 164396

even if that is true what is the big fucking deal with just calling him a dude? you call him haku for fucks sake that's not his real name either but for some reason that doesn't seem to bother your retarded ass much. at least stay consistent when you insist on calling people for what they "really" are

great so on top of having to learn english you also have to learn how to use imageboards. leave, you obvious third world cockroach

No. 164399

God damn your salt is rising my arterial pressure.
Just calm down is not like the ugly bitch is going to read these and feel offended.

No. 164565

don't know if this has been brought up at any point, but there was some kind of drama involving haku and a nobody a while ago that was being accused of copying haku's forearm tattoos and cosplays too. dude claimed the tattoo wasn't his and people messaged haku about it but he quickly dismissed everyone and was just like "let him live lol". again, this was while ago though

No. 164570

I'd imagine removing the sexual organs that make you a woman kind of makes you not sexually a woman anymore? Medically it's very much so possible to remove breasts, as well as female reproductive organs. I'm not saying this makes the said person medically a man at that point, but you can absolutely de-sex yourself.

No. 164571

Breasts are not a sex organ, you disgusting transtrender

No. 164572

File: 1470833892367.jpg (6.88 KB, 200x200, 936.jpg)

No. 164645

Is it dirukari?

No. 164646

Haha dirukari copied Haku so much for so long, then she moved onto copying sad ghost with the whole creepy babydoll stuff. Then she got into the same aesthetic as Nicole Dollanganger and all of her minions. Now she's in some shit punk band and leeching off shoppingcartfullofpinkturd / Yuta Sakakibara. Not an original bone in her body

No. 164671

File: 1470860890418.jpeg (153.15 KB, 750x1100, image.jpeg)

Ooo do tell more, the only tatt I know dirukari has is this one but she got it fairly recent

No. 164727

I don't see the problem with the nips though. Stop nip-picking.

No. 164745

not dirukari, someone else. they had the EXACT same tattoo, written in cyrillic and everything. it was taken down fairly quickly so i don't have any screencaps or anything

No. 164811

Dont have time to search for your comment asshole

I use to like haku before all this trans thing. Also Von start taking t and all of her friends

No. 166359


Is it just me or did Von and Haku's clique become more bitchy after Haku's and Von's transitions ? I don't have any caps but that's the general vibe I get from them.

No. 166360


Samefag here but I know how sketchy 'that's the vibe I get' can sound, but honestly- that's the only way I can describe it?

No. 166751

I haven't seen Haku much with the usual fellowship lately. The person he seems to see the most out of any of them is probably Marisa? Marisa always seemed fine to me and she still seems like a reasonable person. Von dropped off the radar for a while and doesn't seem to be hanging out with the usual fellowship. Therewas one pic of Haku and Von on their instas out somewhere like a week ago which is the first I've seen in a while of the two of them but not even they seem to hang out much with each other anymore. Maybe none of them are that close anymore.

No. 166785

They're probably all busy, imo. I don't know about Von but Haku and Marisa are both working adults, aren't they?

No. 166852

Yeah, von's fulltime and works late a lot. and I think they all live in different boroughs so its probably just hard for them to see each other

No. 166859


If they seem "more bitchy", it's probably because they're trying to protect Von and Haku from assholes like the vendettachan in this thread who want to still go around calling them "she" and saying rude shit about them.

If someone did that to one of my trans friends, best believe I'd get "bitchy" too.

No. 166863

Haku's clan strikes me as hardcore androngynous rather than legit trans, I can't imagine them going further than T and mastectomies. I don't know why, but a few of his friends seem like a few years down the line would consider retransitioning. That in itself is a scary prospect, but he seems more or less content where he is and doesn't seem to be digging himself into a hol he can't get out of, but still, there's no need to deliberately use female pronouns.

No. 167177

When will people learn that changing your genitals does not make you a man or a woman. Its all about how people feel and their attitude. Some men can be very feminine and some women can be very masculine. I am a woman but I act like a man in the sense that I talk raunchy. There are so many times where I wished I acted more lady like. I get jealous around other girl because they are more feminine then I am. My guy friends treat me like one of the guys. I am a woman and wish I could be treated like a flower. These fake boys want to be men. They will never understand what it is like to be a woman that is treated like a man or to really know what what it is like to feel disconnected from your body.(blogpost)

No. 167206

Pretty sure your chromosomes dictate if you're a man or a woman.

No. 167210


what the fuck kind of blogpost did I just read

No. 167225

Well anon, I think ur a flower

No. 167232


Oh wow that's actually a good point- I didn't think of that. So I guess it'll only be natural that his attitude changes towards everyone I guess.

No. 167295

No. 167411

Pretty sure none of them are arguing against what chromosomes do which uh is the whole reason they're putting themselves through this shit which can't be all that pleasant but all chromosomes ultimately determine re. sex is if you're going to carry sperms or eggs. It doesn't dictate how a person can present. If trans ppl want to get rid of their tits/dick/ovaries I don't see a problem to b honest, not that far removed from other forms of plastic surgery where people want to change what genetics gave them
Can't tell if this thread is more anti-haku or anti-trans but not all of us here are anti-trans

flower anon sounds like the samefag that keeps reactivating this thread and tbh sounds like a cow herself.

No. 167415

I completely understood all the Haku hate when he was a fakeboi, pretending to be Japanese. But now he's obviously matured, he's taken all the steps into becoming a real transman, he's dropped the weaboo shit, he keeps himself to himself most of the time. Some of y'all need to drop it. He's not a cow any more. And purposely using female pronouns is immature as fuck when he's clearly not female. Save it for the fakeboi thread, post some new fakebois? Stop trying to milk this shriveled up old cow.

No. 167969

I know what it is. Her philtrum is too far forward. She has an overbite that she's hiding by sucking her cheeks in for the photo. That's why it looks weird

No. 173586

She still have oppai

No. 206746

File: 1480530947783.png (996.87 KB, 1130x1130, CEE91521-5E1F-4AB4-9CD5-BCA985…)

Just gonna leave this here…

No. 206749

File: 1480531393630.png (128.23 KB, 321x347, 1480321943179.png)

Old news, anon.

No. 206755

She's still a lying piece of shit though ^_^

No. 206952

File: 1480559106346.jpg (29 KB, 600x393, a.jpg)

I miss them

No. 207011

I liked her better when she was a lying sack of shit. I think we all miss the cooler haku

No. 207048

What does it take for you to aknowlege gender? He's both in hrt and had surgery. Don't be such a dick.

No. 207124

File: 1480613884854.jpg (120.99 KB, 500x667, 1391640504644.jpg)

No. 207150

I like him actually as a person except for these name things, it's so weird how he's american but trying to be more interesting by changing his name first into a japanese name and then russian.
Like it's just weird, especially since I live near Russia and I'm slavic that some american guy just changes their name into something that has nothing to do with them..

No. 207153

What is Von up to anyway? Never had anything against him. Seemed like a chill person.

No. 207190

Haku can never be just American don't you know? Haku has to be "oh so special" and "godly" with her fake japanese and Russian power

No. 207205

I feel you, anon.
I live in one of Russia's border countries, have name that's perceived as typically russian and know that I would be treated like Slavic Thrash by many Americans, especially taking into account my strong accent. Funny that someone would try to make themselves more interesting in that way.

No. 207322

Yep… Has he ever even visited here like lmao I just don’t get it

No. 207324

I don't even mind Mikhail since it's not a rare name all around but changing your surname into a russian one even though you have nothing to do with the country…. why…

Wonder how he came up with Svetov.
Honestly not even hating, shit's just weird.

No. 207331

File: 1480639618686.png (106.86 KB, 362x626, 1426367488841.png)

No. 207340

shes not a man.

No. 207343

Can we not shit up the thread with this argument every time?

No. 207370

File: 1480646207714.jpg (151.5 KB, 540x810, 1445993647172.jpg)

No. 207377

She looked better like this. Also that shinji is the creepiest shinji eve.

No. 207406

File: 1480651314683.gif (961.76 KB, 500x288, 7ea6212060e58801c4589afe2e1000…)

Same, he was in his prime around this time.

No. 207415

This site includes haku's passport photo along with the rest of the pass they tried to delete. It's like watching a train wreck, such a disappointment honestly.


No. 207431

I thought maybe the lighting was off but her skin is literally yellow wtf

No. 207439

White balance on the photo

No. 207551

File: 1480693507773.png (59.78 KB, 500x373, 0785267C-E0C2-4726-AC32-D5D1CA…)

No. 207557

I miss this Haku so much

No. 207574

Are there any people right now that look like old style Haku? I miss that style a lot…

No. 207576

File: 1480700069895.gif (958.52 KB, 360x240, tumblr_o120vdsOF21ueeea0o1_400…)

No. 207607

File: 1480708234567.jpeg (110.74 KB, 640x853, E_gJmzN6Kws.jpeg)

It's just visual kei style, like a more casual version of the stuff that Akira from Disacode models in Kera. Out of all the Western people doing this style tho, I liked Haku the best. They genuinely had a really androgynous/pretty boy look that worked so well for that style whereas most Western people trying it are just mannish/ugly girls trying to look like guys trying to look pretty…idk it just doesn't work

No. 207724

File: 1480724670747.png (1.16 MB, 1076x685, 1DD5FFB8-0930-4AFF-9B6C-3445FF…)


No. 208004

Is this from a video? Does anyone have old vids saved? Curious and want to watch.

No. 208037

Go on shemgeh's tumblr and look up the "haku" tag. She has a lot of haku's "secret past" on there

No. 208414

Checked it out but don't see the videos, if any anon can help out?

No. 208455

No. 210545

Anyone have more, like when haku dated von?

No. 210749

File: 1481247786250.jpg (46.92 KB, 500x357, large.jpg)

I don't think there is many videos of them sadly I actually miss them as a couple they looked good together.

No. 413901

to me it looks like he had "keyhole" top surgery which essentially means that the nipple is cut almost completely off, the titty is removed through that hole, then the titty is closed up essentially like a drawstring laundry bag and the nipple is stitched back on. it's only recommended for trans guys with REALLY flat chests, like, so flat that even I as a trans person would question why they would want to put themselves through any kind of surgery.

it's bad for basically everybody else – if you have big titties, low nipples, saggy titties, non-elastic skin, keyhole will straight-up look like shit. that's why so many trans guys, even those with small titties (I for one had small titties but I had been binding so long they became drooping-ass pancakes), opt for double incision instead. it leaves two big scars on your chest, yes, but it leaves a more even and flat chest and you're not left looking like Haku does now – with these 11-year-old kid starting puberty nipples and a chest that still looks like small titties. I had my surgery six years ago and the scars have faded so much that they're barely noticeable. I don't know why people opt for keyhole at all, honestly. it always ends up looking like this: lumpy, pouchy, puckered, still-titty-looking chest bumps.

No. 414586

Since this thread was revived anyways, does somebody have the (new) tumblrs or whatever accounts from Von, Haku,von vamp etc.?
Like are they still around?

No. 414664

Haku's new Insta is here https://www.instagram.com/mikhxii/
Dunno about the others

No. 415996

haku's new tumblr is same as above, mikhxii.tumblr

von geist seems to still have vongeist as all his urls. he actually, idk, looks like a nerdy adult who knows what growing up means though. it's pretty clear he's on T and not that super-low-dose "I still want to look like a prettyboy but also not have my period anymore" shit haku's on.

v0nvamp is now jagvuar.tumblr and his Instagram is https://www.instagram.com/jagvuars/. it looks like he's retired altogether from the constant selfie-taking fakeboi shit and it's living life rocking the dad bod and shit. he's definitely on T and not starving himself. I'm impressed because he was one of the most annoying ones to me.

No. 416832

Didn't one flee tumblr because of stealing money

No. 416933

tbh I liked jagvuar because even thou he wore makeup, he looked manly. I don't know if that was shooping or just his face, but comparing him to fakebois nowadays, he was at least trying.
I miss that edgy phase, but I guess he's at better place now
sorry for offtop

No. 561273

jagvuars deleted his instagram, I'm guessing. I'm sad 'cause I loved his edgy phase and he was nicely masculine IMO. his twitter is the same name though.

No. 1241422

Von is now a woman. I don´t understand this people…(Necro)

No. 1241465

I'm glad these girls are detransing. It's obvious it was social contagion and they wanted to larp as IRL yaoi. It was funny back in the day when every normal girl that hang with Haku would troon out a few weeks later kek

No. 1241468


No. 1241495

damn Fletcher Shears looks rough these day

No. 1241858

Can you post their current socials? All the links and names in thread are dead

No. 1241924

> Their

No. 1241928

There is like multiple people being spoken about in this thread anon

No. 1241968

It’s not that deep nonnie, before SJWs ruined pronouns, they/them was used to indicate multiple people

No. 1241989

isn't she an enby now?

No. 1241993

jagvuars new ig: https://www.instagram.com/cethsain/
jagvuars new twit: https://twitter.com/cethsain
mongreul's new twit if anyone cares: https://twitter.com/ENillus
mongreul's new insta: https://www.instagram.com/wilkmantis/

give me a couple of minutes and i'll find haku too. dunno about the other ones.

No. 1241998


"misha's"/haku's new twitter: https://twitter.com/rodelwort
and her carrd with all her other socials: https://rodelwort.carrd.co/


No. 1242219

Thank you I would’ve never found any of them LMAO

No. 1527102

File: 1652397287430.png (68.87 KB, 244x275, 7582AD1B-29D0-40B9-92C1-CE0907…)

Does anyone know the person on the right? I know they were friends with “Haku” but I can’t remember their name. I just remember them trying to copy(necro)

No. 1527746

Not sure, try a reverse image search.
Nice to see others still checkin in on this thread lmao I also recently had the urge to out of nostalgia of the early 2010s and I watched Haku's (er, Mischa's?) twitch yesterday.
I miss his shorter, straightened "j-rock esque" hair with the bangs and makeup. The wavy messy hair looks odd.

No. 1716445

Lmao that's Laura/Kei. Her ig is

No. 1722514

Are there any updates on the fellowship?
New IGs and socials? I heard Von detransitioned, but no one posted her links.

No. 1722711

File: 1670552466909.png (22.96 KB, 646x356, autisticgirltoftmpipeline.png)


still https://www.instagram.com/vongeist/ & https://twitter.com/vongeist_/

claims to be autistic now. the autistic yaoi fangirl to ftm pipeline is real.

No. 1722822

not surprised, tbh. a lot of people who id as nb and trans seem to be autistic.

No. 1733947

Does anyone know what happened with misha/haku and burgundygreif? Did they break up?

No. 1736944

does anybody knows where all they now? their social media?

No. 1737980

New handle is @mysericor

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