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File: 1487023855481.jpg (161.3 KB, 1200x777, 587882a2f17d8.image.jpg)

No. 250586

Not sure if this counts as an actual snowflake, but there is some serious drama happening with Shay Carl.

If you don't know, Shay Carl is a vlogger on youtube and is popular for doing daily vlogs for years. He has five kids, and a wife Colette. His family is Mormom and he's known as being a family man.

Recently a cam girl by the name of Aria Nina posted sexts he sent her, saying how he wants to eat her out, fuck her, etc etc (posting texts after this). He then blocked her after she told him his kids are adorable, so she posted the caps on twitter and tagged him and his wife. before he blocked her he sent a picture of himself to prove it was him.

After the caps got leaked, Shay made a response saying how is dealing with alcohol abuse and will be going to rehab. he doesn't mention the sexts outright.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/shaycarl
Vlogs: https://www.youtube.com/user/SHAYTARDS
Aria's twitter: https://twitter.com/AriaNina_

No. 250587

File: 1487023885841.jpg (247.24 KB, 1200x1200, C4c8I-eUkAAXTHb.jpg)

No. 250589

File: 1487023983305.jpg (94.88 KB, 675x1200, C4c5ikVUcAAEkdV.jpg)

No. 250590

File: 1487024075342.jpg (94.22 KB, 675x1200, C4fcQQ1VMAAswiB.jpg)

No. 250606

''get it really soft and anxious'' ugh ew. can't say i'm surprised at this whole situation, though, as funny as it is. and is >>250590 really proof? he didn't post that picture anywhere before? you'd think he would send a picture of just his face and not a car…

No. 250630

I wanted to make a thread like this after the story broke yesterday. I never watched him and his bullshit family, but I feel so bad for his poor wife. She gave him 5 kids, hopeless devotion, and is still absolutely gorgeous. And this is what she gets in return? He pulled a Mel Gibson with the whole "alcoholic bla blah" shit. I hope she takes full custody of the kids and gets as much alimony their state will pay. NEVER stay with a "man" like this. What a fucking loser. RIP their blogging career. Absolutely disgusting.

No. 250633

Samefag but what a disturbing display of "sexting". This isn't normal, it's like reading the manifesto of a serial killer. This dude is fucked in the head.

No. 250642

Aria Nina is a straight savage for exposing him like this, lmao.
His poor wife, what a piece of shit.

No. 250648

The best part is that she exposed him because she made a comment like "your kids are so cute!" He then called her disgusting and blocked her.

Men aint shit.

No. 250655

this guy is mentally derganged.. i dont understand how anyone can send messages like that or even think about wanting to cheat on his woman knowing he has such a great wife and kids and a great career from youtube like why would you do that to yourself lmao all for the pussy right some guys have no control

No. 250660

A few years ago when I was a young teen and dealing with an abusive father and parents who always fought, I would watch their vlogs and imagine having a happy, loving family like that so this is shocking tbh holy shit (Sorry 4 blog)
I hope his family supports Collette rather than him as they all seemed super close, and I really hope she leaves him. Five kids later and she's still hot af she can do way better than that disgusting fatass!!

No. 250664

No. 250666

I feel so bad for his wife but her face looks like a foot and I can't stop laughing

No. 250667

His wife has been with him since he was morbidly obese, birthed 5 of his kids, supported him through all of youtube and stayed by his side.

He's fucking disgusting, I want her to divorce him, take the kids and all his money, but they're Mormons so idk if that will changed how they go about cheating in a marriage.

People attacking Aria and saying she's humiliated Colette and his kids, when he's the one that humiliated them, he also chose to put his whole life on display for the Internet, so it can't be surprising when he gets exposed on the Internet as well.

No. 250671

Anyone ever notice that when crazy dudes sext its always a huge ramble on what they'd do to you and how you'd react without letting you reply?

No. 250673

She says in the Keemstar interview that she fell asleep and he just kept going writing all of that lol

No. 250686

>Has created a successful youtube channel just about him being a dad and shit
>Has a loving wife and kids
>Woe to me I can't stop drinking this is why I cheated on my wife

The sxephil video on him also kinda pissed me off. He was unbiased as he could be, and he did warn that due to his personal friendship this would be harder to cover but geeze. Could have been a bit harsher.

But seriously. Fuck this guy holy shit. I hope she divorces him and takes everything

No. 250691

File: 1487032114943.jpg (63.73 KB, 640x1136, C4ieOnsVUAERDOf.jpg)

I went to the cam girl's Twitter and it seems that she has tweeted him for attention before, and that she decided to spill everything because he called her disgusting. If Shaycarl has respect for himself and his family, he should have just blocked her from the beginning and shouldn't have entertained her flirting at all.

No. 250695

I feel bad for his kids, honestly. I think Aria should have contacted Colette in private.

No. 250735

A lot of people are saying this, and my question is: why? She's a cam girl. I bet half the clients of Aria are married/in relationships. Yeah, he sexted with this woman, but no physical cheating occurred (he is still a scumbag). Aria might have thought she was was just doing her job entertaining a potential client through text.

No. 250740

How is he going to claim to be an alcoholic when Mormons don't drink?

No. 250743


She's a camgirl, thats why. As you said half her clients are probably married, and if she can out this guy, she probably has those other clients on edge too.

IMO she's shot herself in the foot for some internet drama. But I guess she also got her name out there on a large scale and will be able to attract new clients so..

No. 250747

I'm so disappointed in seeing this. I used to be a huge ShayTards fan.

And the sickening bit is that he cheated with a woman who has the same name as his eldest daughter.

No. 250749

How the fuck you gonna be mad at her when he spammed her tongue emojis and talking about how he wants her to choke him while she humps his tongue lmao

No. 250750

samefag but shit…what a fall from grace.

From the patriarch of "Youtube's First Family" to alcoholic adulterous creep.

LOL do you guys think the Mormon church will excommunicate him?

No. 250797

His daughter's name is Avia not Aria but the entire thing is still so disgusting.

I wonder how much the kids know. Gavin is what 13 now and Avia's 10 or 11? This is gonna fuck them up so bad

No. 250818

That's why I said I wish she would have contacted Colette in private, if only to keep their kids from being bullied over this.

No. 250819

The camgirl was sending public messages like >>250691 before he sexted her. She's clearly in it for the attention.

No. 250822

I'll be shocked if Colette leaves. She's a good little Mormon wife and no matter what daddy shay does she's going to stand by him. I bet she probably thinks it's her fault he strayed in the first place; Mormon wives are under a huge amount of pressure to "stay hot." I feel bad for her though.

I'm not shocked Shay did this though. He's a hypersexual retard and he's probably done it before.

No. 250825

They're Twitter dms and you can see it's the verified Shay. What is he gonna say, that he was hacked? That one of the kids did it? This shit went on for months. That said he probably just posted half his face for plausible deniability or s/t.

No. 250832

I find this so heartbreaking actually. I loved watching his vlogs for years, they were like the model of the best happy family. I thought shay was such a fun and wholesome father figure. It's deeply disappointing to find this out. I feel so bad for their kids.. to have this perfect image of their dad crushed. I guess I feel particularly connected because I watched them grow up. fuck you shay..

No. 250844

I give it a solid 4-8 hours until onision creams in his pants and makes a video about this saying he was "right all along!!" or some shit. this is so disappointing.

sage for onion prediction sperg

No. 250845

Holy shit. I was thinking about them a few days ago. Noticed how distant Shay was to the whole vlog thing. I feel so bad for Colette. She's like the sweetest thing to ever grace the earth.

Shay is scummy.

No. 250853

I haven't thought about Shay Carl in ages. Dude's never really been my cup of tea, always thought he was a little annoying, but wow this is pretty wild. I never thought I'd see this caliber of fuckery from him.

No. 250860

This level of brutality, I can't take it. (Sage for samefagging)

No. 250883

They are Mormon. There is no way in hell she'll leave him, seriously. That is a one way ticket to being turned on by your entire church and family and if that's all she has, then fuck that. She's never going to leave. They won't side with her. They'll side with him.

No. 250975

I read somewhere that Colette lost her mom at a really young age and since then has put a lot of her into the church. Plus she is super close with Shay's family too, which I'm sure they would side with their son if she did leave.

However her sister left the church recently and her and Colette and still really close. So even if she did leave Shay, she has support.

No. 250987

Is divorce really that serious with Mormons? He's a drunk and a cheater but if his wife leaves she is rejected by the church? That's really depressing to think about, jeez. I feel bad for the kids.

I can never understand cheaters. He's got a great house, a fat ass bank account, 5 beautiful kids, and a gorgeous wife (who may know the location of the fountain of youth). Is some insta thot really worth it? Alcoholism is not a valid excuse, from one to another. I wonder how many other affairs he's had and how far they've gotten.

No. 250988

I think that divorce would be warranted in this situation. The LDS church does not tolerate drinking even COFFEE let alone alcohol so alcoholism was the dumbest excuse to use.

No. 250995

Addiction can make good people make really bad choices, but this has been going on for months and months. Aria posted a video proving the DMs were legit, and one was Shay simply asking her who she wanted to win at the Superbowl. It wasn't just simply "I'm gonna send this bitch some tongue emojis and make her wet while I jerk it!" he was clearly trying to build some sort of friendship/ relationship.

No. 251003

I used to watch these guys everyday in 2014-ish before they started to become money hungry. Collette is a saint and I hope she does what's best for those kids. She is an amazing person and never, EVER, deserved someone like Shay and this just takes the cake. I would have never have thought Shay would go this far but holy hell, this guy is fuuuckkkeeeddddd.

No. 251049

File: 1487089681647.png (47.07 KB, 606x163, Screen Shot 2017-02-14 at 11.2…)

No. 251052

File: 1487089762015.png (244.82 KB, 638x460, Screen Shot 2017-02-14 at 11.2…)

No. 251054

File: 1487089808170.jpg (64.4 KB, 675x1200, C4ovLviUcAEXMFz.jpg)

No. 251060

File: 1487089963940.jpg (62.11 KB, 675x1200, C4ovLvfVMAAcl4W.jpg)


Aria lied about Shay calling her disgusting or a whore. It's fucked up what he did, but he cut things off quite cleanly (if that word is even applicable to this situation) and she just took the opportunity to post the screenshots.

If that was a lie, I wonder what else she lied about too.

No. 251079

Both of them are in the wrong here. Even if she is fame hungry it's doesn't remove the fact Shay said this to her, if he said it to her he could have said it to anyone and possibly acted on it if he had the chance to.
I wish this girl just took it privately to Colette, His kids are old enough to get really messed up by this if they do get a divorce or something. I know Collette will make the right choice either way but it's just so fucked.

No. 251105

So, she KNEW who he was, and I have a feeling she kinda led him on, tbh. That's scummy of him to reply and sext and shit her but if she knew he was married with kids, why the fuck is she messaging him?

No. 251125

Yep she seems just a pissed off side ho surprised when he is done with play time and goes back to reality. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned…

I would have stopped talking to her, too. She seemed to be taking it way more seriously than him and he obviously felt uncomfortable with her acting motherly/stalkerish when his kids already have a mother.

What terrible people.

No. 251134

Not trying to defend Shay here but she was pretty creepy… who tells someone they want to take their child from them? This lady definitely isn't innocent here either, she's milking this for all it's worth.

Also she said in her cam show last night that Shay said something that eluded to him not loving Colette anymore. :( That poor, poor woman. Married him when he was fat and a nobody, is a wonderful mother to his five children, and he goes and does this. I know she won't divorce him but damnit she really should.

No. 251135

She's a camgirl what do you mean? She's being a businesswoman, of course she encouraged him and is now riding on his names fame. Replying to famous people could help her get further and it's paying off rn. Most of her viewers who interact with her probably have gfs and wives and kids anyway, like other anons have already said. Don't try to blame this shit on her when she's not the married mf, he is. He fucked up, he's the one with the family he betrayed.
Lol she's not just some butthurt chick she's a camgirl, she wants to get a bit of buck off this because she recognized the attention the dramu could draw. Both are acting immature but I'm glad she's talking about it publicly because like other anons have predicted even if she had messaged Colette privately Colette may have never done anything about it. Now Shay's outed for the fuck up he is publicly even if Colette decides to be a doormat. For all we know Colette's caught his ass cheating before and kept quiet.

No. 251149


Yeah, she admitted that she knew who he was in her interview for Keemstar but didn't like the fact that he was just using her to get off and not getting to know her.

No. 251153


His kids are going to grow up and see their father in such a way.

It's a damn shame.

No. 251163

the farmer in me is thrilled she posted it. but the actual reasonable part of me is annoyed she didn't do it privately. gavin and ava are old enough to be using the internet, they'll find all of this out easily and it must be devastating

No. 251165

Eh, its shaddy of her but thats how she makes her money is by talking to guys like that. It was pretty fame hungry of her to release the DMs, and I'm not quoite sure why she got so pissed when he cut things off with her.

No. 251168

sage for fantard, but they got married when they were both very young and shay hadn't gained any weight.

No. 251177

Yeah if I recall, Shay and Colette have been together since HS or college and he was a bean pole back then.

No. 251370

File: 1487101700293.png (180.15 KB, 898x564, 444047089.png)

more like your brain is sick.

likely this wasn't the first time he did something like this (be it sober or drunk).

No. 251510

I am pissed he is using his alcoholism as a way to direct the attention away from him being a cheating piece of shit. Alcoholism doesn't make you sext camgirls, being a cheater does. Not questioning his alcohol abuse, I just don't belive he actually cares about quitting drinking, he just want pity points and to not be called out for cheating.

No. 251554

Didn't his brother have problems with alcohol as well? I remember the brothers and gramps (Shay's father) went on a hunting trip and it was for Casey's recovery?

Either way, both parties are in the wrong. The only victims are Collette and the kids.

I wish I could find more screenshots. Apparently she has a video of shay moaning that she released for someone tipping her $500.

No. 251773

What I know so far about this situation he sext her for 3 months same amount of time he's been "drinking" she was getting bored of it he wanted to meet up with her in LA he sent her at least 1 video of him masturbating on his deck that's connected to his master bedroom looking at the moonlight and apparently getting off by how beautiful it was(lol) she sent him nudes, he apparently spilled his guts to her saying he's doesn't love his wife and hates himself for it. Also during her can show last she let everyone hear his spank video it's definitely him she also felt no responsibility to keep his secret because he wasn't a paying customer and insulted her and made her feel like scum, apparently he wanted to have a threesome with her and Colette but he would have to talk her into it.

My personal opinion it's a good thing she exposed because if you've ever watched any videos Colette worship him and would have let him get away with it also his family will be on his side no matter what so Colette would be f* if I was her get full custody of the kids the the voice of his ass take her half of the 50 million split fine herself a real man.

No. 251784

Ex-Mormonfag here (even been through the temple) and no, she would not be abandoned by other church members, excommunicated, shunned, or any other such nonsense. She would probably be councled by her bishop to try and work on the marriage, by if she doesn't want to stay, believe me, most wards I've been to would be very understanding and supportive (except maaaybe in Utah, those people are a little weird ). If anything Shay faces excommunication because he holds the bishopric as a male. Anon, don't try to pretend to know what you don't understand.

No. 251789


She admitted on cam last night she was a huge Shaytard fan

However correct me of I am wrong, didn't she say Shay DMed her after she liked her Tweet about Laci Green? He reached out to her, and he is a married man, kinda sketch but that is just me.

No. 251793


His Tweet about Laci Green, sorry can't type.

No. 251804

Ex-Mormonfag here again. I meant that Shay would be the only one shunned and possibly excommunicated because he holds the Priesthood, not necessarily the Bishopric. Although he might be part of the Bishopric who knows. And again, Colette won't be shunned for getting a divorce if she decides to you ninny.

No. 251806

Tried to sage for samefag and it wouldn't let me. I shouldn't be allwed to internet. I am sorry for my retardation.

No. 251867

You only write 'sage' in the email field, nothing else. Writing something else along with it cancels out the whole… saging aspect.

No. 252012

lol he has turned off comments on every video now, typical.

No. 252030

I know that the cam girl seems/is pretty creepy and being an attention whore for leaking the dms but really - her crime is not nearly as terrible as Shay's. He's married with 5 kids and supposedly devoutly Mormon, yet he cheated on Colette, his kids (at least the older ones) are all privy to this knowledge thanks to him raising them on the internet, not to mention he's a fat alcoholic.

I pray he goes down in flames. Colette deserves better.

No. 252052

Yup. I can't fucking stand people trying to put the blame on her. Maybe it wasn't the best moral choice, but she is also a single woman and Shay is a married man with 5 fucking kids. Its not a simple "You hot as fuck DM", this has been going on months and he clearly had feelings for her.

The savage in me wants her to release the masturbating video.

No. 252076

I'm very curious tbh but then again i don't want to see his chubby dick

No. 252117

So your logic is that if a woman is single and she willingly tries to sleep with a married man/chases him, she's just an innocent bystander? I don't buy that. It takes two to tango here. Both parties are gross.

Most normal people with decency don't flirt with married men (especially who are e-famous and have a really transparent marriage). She had an agenda here and we're not getting the whole story / all the texts.

No. 252122


She's a camwhore, she wanted his money and e-fame.

No. 252142

Honestly, who cares about her agenda? Her wanting fame and attention doesn't change the fact that he cheated. Even if she pursued him, he still chose to cheat.

No. 252150

no one is saying its okay for someone to do that, especially if the guy is clearly not about it. but its ridiculous to put all the blame on the woman when its the guy who is in the committed relationship and who is cheating. she didn't put a gun to his head and told him he had to spam her DMs with tongue emojis and talking about how he wanted to lick her from her clit to the small of her back

No. 252161

Yep. Not saying that homewreckers aren't real - a person who makes a conscious choice to pursue a relationship with a married man is a bad person. (This is different from sex workers, who are usually paid to fuck and nothing else, it's not a relationship.) I'm not sure I understand the camgirl's motives here - they pursued this sexual relationship for months, there seemed to be no exchange of money, and she was obviously invested in him/whatever nature of relationship they had, but whether it was to expose him in the end or revenge for him spurning her, idk. She didn't conduct herself in a way that suggests "oh I'm just a prostitute caught in the crossfire."

No. 252177

She had to have liked in him some sort of way for her to continue the messages when he wasn't paying her anything. She even sent him nudes, inb4 camwhore who cares. But the fact she's a sex worker and sent him "freebies" says a lot to whatever feelings she had.

I think she was pissed he called it quits over something she thought was silly and exposed his ass.

No. 252258

This went beyond "sex worker" territory when he started talking about her being his second wife. She is at fault just as much as Shay is. She was definitely encouraging a relationship, even going as far as talking about a threesome with Collette.

No. 252268

I thought Shay wanted the threesome, not Aria?

No. 252287

agreed, except I bet Colette's blaming Aria for this. you know, homewrecker cam whore tempted my poor husband blah blah blah

No. 252292

I don't even think it was "sex worker territory" at all bc Shay wasn't a paying customer. he was trying to get her services for free, cheap bastard.

No. 252353

I wish I had saved the screen capture, she probably deleted the tweet, but there was a tweet of her saying she wanted to have a threesome with them in like 2014.

No. 252355


Not that anon but I think Aria mentioned in a tweet previously that she wanted one with him and his wife.

No. 252356

No. 252559

This is honestly so sad anon ;-;

No. 252575

I don't think the camgirl's response was warranted to him wanting to end things, and I get the impression she pursued him in the first place with that threesome comment.

It's not up to her to destroy a family and air someone's dirty laundry. She should have contacted his wife somehow instead of humiliating their entire family on the internet just to further her own agenda.

They're both dirtbags in my opinion and have bad moral character. I can forgive the camgirl because she's probably young and naive, but that was a shitty thing for her to do.

He needs to sort his shit out. I feel sorry for his family.

No. 252579


Yep I'm an exmormon. In this situation, because Shay is the man and therefore "holds the priesthood" no one will have sympathy (or at least dare show it) for Colette. It'll all be "poor poor Shay being tempted by alcohol and pornography!"

Oh and divorce? Hahaha no way, a wife would NEVER. She would be absolutely shunned by the community. Especially being from Utah.

Also re: someone's comment "I thought Mormons don't drink alcohol". So many members break rules like that!

No. 252625

The most fucked up thing I've heard is that they'll probably get counseling, and the church will probably be involved with that too. I'd need some outside unbiased perspective on this shit.

No. 252675

My one hope is that Colette's sister may talk some sense into her.

But I don't think she'll be leaving either. It sucks because Youtube has literally become their career, I don't think either of them have any sort of post HS education or anything. Shay is a fucking idiot for fucking this up, he literally had to do nothing everyday but record and edit. Now thats probably dead.

No. 252678

I just hope no one's going to blame her for his cheating, like what happened with that quiverfull Duggar creep. Husband and father is caught trolling for pussy online and had at least one physical sexual encounter with a porn star/prostitute but not only does the wife get zero sympathy, her husband's family starts posting passive-agressive public posts about how wives need to be "joyously available" to their husbands 24/7. If the husband cheats it's the wife's fault for not being constantly attached to his dick, apparently.

No. 253015

Obviously anon, you have been in some fucking shitty wards. No ward I've ever been in would have sympathy for shay. Quite the contrary, because he is a priesthood holder he would be held to a higher standard. You happen to be from Utah, perhaps?

No. 253064

Yes, Utah, where they live. Utah Mormons are different to other Mormons. Sage for blog post.

No. 253065

Lol it sent through before I could correct spelling sage but yeah to reiterate there is a LOT of sympathy for "worthy children of god" who are "tempted by satan" for porn, alcohol etc

No. 253076

Hope his wife leaves him tbh he seems fucking demented

No. 253179

Her religion teaches her to be a dutiful wife, not take contraception and breed. That is literally her role, she's had so many kids with this twat, and gave up her career and her identity for him and Utah mormonism.

She has a sister who sang, she was completely different as in she had a personality and a spark in her eyes.

No. 253201

I'm sure they live in Idaho

No. 253231

Shay and his family live in Oregon now, actually. He did used to live in Utah though.

No. 253393

I really don't think they follow Utah Mormonism. I know they lived in Idaho for s long time before YouTube snd moved back and forth between there and LA for awhile. I don't think they're super strict with it because I remember watching a video years ago where they basically told the kids they can believe whatever they want, but that they're being raised as Mormons.

No. 253406

Doubt they would be supportive if one of their kids was gay, especially a son. Shay and his family are very strict about gender norms.

No. 253424

Probably but that's typical for most white conservatites tbh, not just exclusive to Mormons.

No. 253436

Pretty sure they live in Idaho

No. 253492

I have been a mormon in utah and in oregon (i went through temple in oregon). I will tell you in oregon collette will get support from her ward (congregation). No fucking way in Utah. I quit the church when i lived in utah because i couldn't stand the people.

Sage for blog post.

No. 253496

Sorry for the samefaggotry but i went through my divorce in oregon because of infidelity and i had full support (though i was counciled to work on it). In utah i was a pariah

Sage for blog post again

No. 253988

We all know she isn't going to leave him anyway. Chick has been with him her entire adult life, has 5 kids with him, and as no skills outside of being a mom. I'd be scared shitless to leave my husband if I was in her situation tbh

No. 254003

Pssst, "sage" means entering the word "sage" in the email field. Otherwise you're still bumping the thread.

No. 914042

AriaNina has been taking coke - she’s been jumping off cam to take it and you can see her asking if anyone wants any off cam. She’s now complaining about people taking her money as they call her a coke head…(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 914086

File: 1578275850384.png (986.6 KB, 750x1334, 415432B1-EFA9-413C-8BD9-88F09B…)

She’s getting ready

No. 914087

File: 1578275926055.png (178.6 KB, 750x1334, 7C3F1F87-4A3C-4B9A-A039-4B0D65…)

And a hilarious reference to this old story. Her “stepbrother has left her and is accusing her of being a druggy.

No. 914097

does this stream hav anything to do with shay carl, or?

No. 914123

No- I messed up soz - where do I put this?

No. 914189


new thread if she is milky. if it has to do with shay continue but it appears to be off topic.

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