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File: 1425995589001.jpg (55.64 KB, 500x383, tumblr_ni904rFTye1qgj9ilo1_500…)

No. 26392

Can we have a thread for those tumblr "trans"boys that post j-fashion shit? The crazy sjw type?

No. 26393

File: 1425995687579.jpg (566.25 KB, 734x1280, tumblr_nir6w9v11o1qzfh3ao2_128…)

No. 26394

File: 1425995758138.jpg (305.3 KB, 711x1264, tumblr_nkuz57CduQ1u8r1qwo2_128…)

No. 26395

Cried wolves (person in op pic) is a huge offender of the sjw stuff. People ask him what clothes they should wear and he just replies with "wear whatever you want!do what makes you happy" which isn't bad, it's just generic and unhelpful

No. 26396

What's his tumblr/some other sjw garbage blog?

No. 26397

His tumblr is criedwolves.tumblr.com

No. 26398

I legit hate how much I'm attracted to people who look like that though. They're so often the worst people too.

No. 26399

File: 1426001246609.jpg (82.05 KB, 500x500, totes a boy.jpg)

fucking wreckitronnie

No. 26400

Oompa Loompa?


No. 26401

File: 1426001811789.jpg (133.18 KB, 640x852, tumblr_nkx8opZkx91qzfh3ao1_128…)

Man, I still remember causeallidoisdance when she was bat shit over her exgirlfriend. Jacky would never post about their relationship on her own blog(s) but it was always nicky posting it on hers en masse and then getting upset when people told her that her constant shit posting about how much she LOOOVED jacky was annoying everyone. Glad to see she's still acting like a crazy cunt, and ass-kissing criedwolves. She was talking about needing money to transition even though she hasn't even talked to her parents about it yet. Seeing her is bringing back horrible memories about the once-ler fandom though haha.

No. 26402

File: 1426001893825.jpg (41.44 KB, 250x333, tumblr_n661c8Cosk1qzfh3ao2_250…)

No. 26403

Same here.

No. 26404

So are these guys actually trannies? Or are they just doing it because it is one of the popular things to do on tumblr?

No. 26405

Well knowing harry Benjamin syndrome only affects an incredibly small part of the population, it's impossible that thousands of "trans" boys on tumblr are actually suffering from harry benjamin syndrome. I think it's just the fact that these girls are young and are going through a "tom boy" phase (as some young people have rebellious phases and want to be considered "not the norm", hence tumblr being a breeding ground for this), but, the only thing I can make out of this is that since they're young, they're impressionable so they're just doing what the "popular" kids are doing. My only hope is that their wishes to transition die out with this tumblr fad, because if they do and experience needing to de-transition once they hit 30 and their maternal instincts kick in it's going to be a fucking nightmare for them.
Sorry about the long post, just wanted to add my two cents.

No. 26406

You guys should look up "detransitioning", it's usually tumblr ftms like this who go half way then change their minds. I saw one on tumblr who actually had her boobs cut off and had been on testosterone for a while (which permanently lowers the voice) who decided to start living as a girl again.

That's why you need to have therapy before you can transition, but apparently some people are manipulative enough to get the go ahead even when they're not actually transgender.

No. 26407

File: 1426007900027.jpg (584.37 KB, 720x960, tumblr_nj08a26jey1rg40jko2_128…)

>tfw my "type" is lesbian tomboys

Oh my god they make my heart flutter every time.
I know this is a bash thread but I'll dump some from my own folder ;__;

No. 26408

File: 1426007962180.jpg (53.22 KB, 558x556, c.jpg)

doki doki

I found her on OKC and was too shy to message her…

No. 26409

>That's why you need to have therapy before you can transition, but apparently some people are manipulative enough to get the go ahead even when they're not actually transgender.

This is what kills me. The rigorous therapy periods you need to go through before you can even be qualified for transitioning physically, i.e. hormone treatment and SR surgeries, are there because of your own well-being. This is exactly because of the detransitioning risk, you're altering your body forever and if halfway through you realize that this isn't what you wanted it's not going to be pretty. You're going to be left with a mangled body with permanent effects from the hormone treatment. That's why post-op transgender suicide rates are somewhat notable.

Yet the tumblr kids blame "transphobia" for not being able to transition at the very moment they "realize" they're "transgendered". I've even seen people on Tumblr share tips on how to cheat your therapist to seem more dysphoric than you really are to advance in the transitioning process. When confronted about how sick this is and transitioning is not the same as piercing your ears or getting a new haircut, they go on a rant about "transphobic doctors being the gatekeepers of our health".

It's really dangerous when young people blame their depression and self-hate on their biological sex, especially on an echo chamber such as Tumblr that constantly feeds to their self-diagnosed beliefs. All those "You don't feel comfortable in a dress despite being born a female? You're nonbinary/transgender and a beautiful person for it, have a cookie!" posts that have tens of thousands of notes are horrifying. I've always been a tomboy and even I fell for Tumblr's recurring spoon-feeding of body dysmorphia romanticizing and seriously thought about transitioning for a very long time because I felt I wasn't good enough as a woman. At some point I even cried daily because I hated my feminine body so much. But after speaking with actual transgenders and educating myself on the whole subject I realized that it was a defense mechanism to cope with personal issues. Places like Tumblr are fucking dangerous.

No. 26410


I completely agree. Thanks to tumblr I have friends who constantly tell me that I'm "genderqueer" or "genderfluid" because I don't like wearing dresses. When I tell them I'm not and remind them that I know who I am, we get into arguments over how transphobic I am or that I "don't realize it yet". Fuck tumblr and this retarded trans fad going on.

I have to watch some of my friends "transition" and I fear some of them will change their mind when it's too late.

The cunts mentioned in this thread will probably change their minds when the trend is dead and thanks to their popularity, many who follow them will be regretting it too.

No. 26411

yep reminds me of this girl I used to follow when I still used tumblr.. she all of a sudden cut all her hair off and started screaming about being a boy, changed her name, insisted on pronouns, etc etc well this was like a year or 2 ago, and now she's all like I AM AGENDER I AM NOT BINARY I DONT HAVE A GENDER BUT CALL ME HE etc etc even though she presents as a stereotypical female 100% of the time now, like wears makeup and has long hair and wears dresses n shit. but ok yeah you don't have a gender you fuckin snowflake you're right

transgender is the new bicurious and it's really shitty for people with actual disphoria

No. 26412

File: 1426011652076.jpg (542.47 KB, 1277x1920, tumblr_nkylbx4nSw1sgxifdo1_128…)

No. 26413

Came in for Gutterface fakes and found this. I've struggled with that when I was a teen/young adult and I'm glad to be older than the Tumblr kids because I think that would mess me up.

It's bad enough thinking you're not a normal girl but to be told you're automatically a boy because of it? No thanks.

No. 26414

I'm so attracted to butch/masculine lookin women, but man, everyone on tumblr is either trans or not trans. There is no damn in between there.

No. 26415

I meant trans or straight *

I miss real butch women.

No. 26416

>wanted a girlfriend like this forever
We can hug each other and cry together, lesbian anons.

No. 26417

I'm so glad tumblr wasn't a thing when I was 13. I was a proper tomboy and was convinced I was going to get a sex change and be a guy. If I had been on tumblr I probably wouldve been convinced to go through transition therapy. Now I'm a perfectly happy female lesbian.

No. 26418

I'm glad I never went on tumblr younger bc I (bisexual female) almost convinved myself I wanted to be a boy (wearing 'boy' clothes, cut hair) bc I wanted to dissociate from being a female. Tumblr would have fucked me up

No. 26419

>proper tomboy who wanted a sex change
Tomboys dont want sex changes. Tomboys are just super qt masculine acting girls. I was one too. I still act masculine but identify as my biological sex (female.)

No. 26420


Same. I don't see why I have to be a trans to act masculine. Or anyone for that matter.

No. 26421

Tumblr has single handedly ruined future gens of good butch/masculine women. I truly hate tumblr.

No. 26422

I cut my hair short and dressed like a boy as well as liking girls, I thought I was meant to be a boy but thankfully realised around the age of 15 that I was just a lesbian that liked boys clothes. I'm pretty sure if I had grown up with tumblr I'd of gone through with ftm transition just because of how impressionable I would've been.

No. 26423

Glad you didn't have to go through tumblr at a young age. I was born in the late 80s, so I got to skip that shit as it didn't exist. Gratefully so.

I just wish parents would monitor their teens (esp super young ones) and see how much damage tumblr actually does with so, so much false info!

No. 26424

Get Nikk out of this thread

No. 26425

File: 1426025155536.jpg (84.59 KB, 540x720, hakuuu.jpg)

we forgot this snowflake

No. 26426

Oh god I thought I was the only one. I'm glad I'm not alone in this.
It's a shame about all these girls though. I know I wish I could have used the years wanting to be a boy learning to be more feminine, these girls are going to be dressed like shit when they realize they don't want to get sex changes.

No. 26427

I know this snowflake irl. She goes to school near my job. It's so embarrassing.

No. 26428

You dont have to be feminine to be a girl, anon. Just be you. Just dont be a fake bitch like so many of these tumblrtards.

No. 26429

ME TOO!!!!! I despised being a girl since I grew up with a traditional Mexican family. My mom's dream for me was to be barefoot and pregnant. My dad didn't let me stand in certain room with a bunch of men and literally told me I belonged in the kitchen with the rest of the women. I shit you not. This is zero sarcasm. Mexican women all talking at the dinner table while "the men" are outside drinking Bud Light. I thought being a woman meant you couldn't do all the things I liked so I hated the gender instead of the shitty upbringing.

THANK GOD TUMBLR DIDN'T EXIST. Claims of the evil male suppressor while trying to claim transgendered. I'm not even a lesbian nor do I have any problem with being female. I was only jealous of my brother's freedom and the obvious perks of how he was treated. That combined with typical teenage self pity would have made me run around tumblr like the biggest moron in history.

No. 26430

deets please?

i unfollowed them on ig after being pissed that i couldn't tell if they were a girl or a boy (that lifeless expression tho), but mostly because i hate ig cosplayers with a passion, especially the ones who put their gender/sexuality in their bio.

No. 26431

Damn. Sounds like your culture is what's bullshit. I hope you got away from that non-sense. That's disgusting stuff, anon. /hug

No. 26432

Met them back in 2011 and thought they were pretty cool, so I followed them on FB. We met up more times at cons and they are pretty 'cosplay famous' especially in foreign countries. I don't think haku is a bad person, but lies constantly about their ethnicity. They're either white or mixed, but not full blood asian. A lot of their fans are batshit insane and call haku 'THE BEST {Insert character here} !' and will hiss at anyone else cosplayign the same character as them at the same anime con.

They post a lot for sympathy points about 'oooh i cant afford anything. I'm so miserable' but then gets expensive ass cosplay wigs straight from Japan and other new clothing. Where is this money coming from? As far as I know they work a part time job and go to school full time, but somehow manage to live in NYC and still attend 2-3 cons a year. I bet their parents are rich because haku is under 23 years old and already had top surgery and name change and lots of other expensive trans stuff. Not sure if they got hormones though.

No. 26433

the main tumblr demographic are teens and people in their early 20s right? It's no wonder it became the breeding ground for this bs. Not only do people want to put a label on everything because they want to fit in to a group and be accepted by said group in this vulnerable stage in their lives, but they also want praise, meaning they want others to think they're right. Rather than questioning themselves when you tell them you've never thought as yourself as trans or genderqueer, they tell you you're wrong, not only as if they were your therapist, but as if they had any qualifications at all to be analyzing you this way. It's so fucked up.

I've always been extremely critical of anything I come across on tumblr, mainly because I've come across many people like the two of you who have endured a lot of pain because of the influence the number of notes supporting the posts have on them (not saying that this was what influenced both of you).

No. 26434

Yeah, mostly people 21 and under. There's a ton of people 15-18 that believe ANYTHING tumblr says. Then there's the whole sad set of people in their early to mid 20s who still go on tumblr to spread ignorance and bullshit.

No. 26435


I'm the 59804 anon, people on tumblr seem to think that just because "trans" people they look up to are doing it, it must mean anyone who is the slightest bit similar must also be a trans on the inside.

It's come to the point where I'm growing strong dislike for the word "trans" when my friends mention or link trans posts.

This fad is just as dangerous as the self-diagnosing one.

No. 26436

> my name is oliver
> i’m a boy
> yes i know i dress like a girl sometimes
> i’m still a boy

Except she doesn't ever seem to dress like a boy? Even when she's trying to be a tomboy she's still wearing makeup and women's jeans. And cosplaying in a skinny but ill fitting suit is such a cliché and everyone knows you're a girl.

If your idea of "masculine" is looking like an an androgynous 16 year old then surely you shouldn't transition as women can pull off that look much better than men?

No. 26437

Who are you quoting, Anon?

No. 26438

Ain't your mom or he'd have used a bolder typeface

No. 26439

is that at! whatever who claimed to be half japanese and a jrocker and couldn't speak a word?

No. 26440


It's from the blog of the picture in OP.


No. 26441

sorry i posted to early. meant to include this https://www.youtube.com/user/AtJap13

No. 26442

No, it's haku aoki. They actually can speak fluent Japanese though.

No. 26443


Have they really claimed to be Asian? Just curious! I started following them a couple years back, but gained more of an interest in them recently but I've never remembered them to be claiming to be anything besides white. Apparently they have a new name now, and just use Haku since it's what most people know them as. I think they are p well off, didn't they say they went to a private school once too?

Before they deactivated their facebook they did identify as female. How do you know that they had top surgery? I saw the photo they posted proving their actual name was Haku Aoki on their passport, and since it's from when they were before 18, I thought their parents actually named them that since I thought you couldn't get a name change before 18. I don't think they've gotten hormones, their voice still sounds pretty female. I met them a couple of times recently.

I know they got mad at someone else I knew since they suddenly jumped on the "i'm AGENDER" bandwagon despite being pretty confident in their curves and womanly features so it didn't seem believable (and I still think it's the bad tumblr mentality getting to them), but everything's apparently a-ok now? I still follow them on a lot of social media, but haven't added their new fb even though we have mutual friends on it since I'm not particularly close to them.

No. 26444

You mean Nikki? This is a thread for fake trans boys, she stays.

No. 26445

File: 1426035038171.png (1.94 MB, 960x1280, tumblr_nd3jxiiyMD1qeu613o9_128…)

No. 26446

File: 1426035278289.jpg (40.71 KB, 500x333, tumblr_nbgbz4CjnL1qbjzj5o1_500…)

There are photos of him in undershirts with no binder present and I've seen him many times in person. He's definitely got top surgery. I'm pretty damn envious myself.

He's about 22 and got a name change when they were under 18 apparently.

No. 26447

How come fake boys always seem to do this pose and have that dumb look on their face?

No. 26448

Because that's a pose girls do.

No. 26449

This so much. I was just a confused teen that struggled with faling in love with girls and being boyish and while i am still tomboyish in behaviour i now love wearing make-up and feminine clothes and found out i am just bisexual. Tumblr would have been so dangerous for me with their "Your not a feminine girl? You must be trans!"

I think this trend is more dangerous then the bisexual fad that was a thing years ago (and that already makes me pissed as it made people believe that bisexuality is just a hype/a way to not have to admit you are gay)

No. 26450

anon you sound exactly like me, thank god tumblr wasnt aroun when i went through my boy phase.

I even used to wear a binder and shave my head because I worked nights and coming home from work was less scary when drunken men would think I'm a guy and not harrass me.

I was never trans though,and since I learned self defence I'm not scared to look feminine.

Some of these girls make me so sad, especially when they take the blatant attention whore -route

No. 26451

It kinda saddens me too. Especially teens who are already outcasts in real life don't need Tumblrs toxic vibes that promote self diagnosing. These kids are desperate to fit in in a society and so they conform to Tumblrs standards that being boyish = being trans. Being sad sometimes = depression. I like Tumblr for my fandoms (luckily mine arent full of shitlords like Welcome to Nightvale and Homestuck are) but it can also be a very toxic enviroment if you are easy to manipulate. I almost lost a friend too Tumblr once. She started acting all crazy SJW genderqueer selfdiagnosed depressed. Thankfully she came to her senses.

No. 26452

File: 1426071956963.jpg (69.03 KB, 400x533, tumblr_nj7z9oYVGC1qm9g2zo1_400…)

>tfw actual tranny
>wear mens j-fashion and normalfag fashion
>not stereotypical butch manly man dude bro frat boy
>pass in public to older strangers but not younger, more tumblr-knowledgeable people
>these people are ruining fashion for me

mahouprince is the worst in my opinion.

No. 26453

fucking disgusting

No. 26454

Yeah, when I was 15 I used to do this too. I even pretended to be a guy online and dated girls, haha (they even fought over me so I guess I had a good run)… but now I look feminine and I'm glad I didn't take it further tbh.

(Nothing against trans people, it's just not the right answer for a lot of people)

This trend is so toxic.

No. 26455

I know a girl who's starting her physical transition after somehow getting a diagnosis and she's precisely the prototype of a "trans" tumblrite. She's had bad experiences with her gender during her teenage years, is a tomboy, was led to the SJW crowd and spent years in a circle jerking group and isolation. She's been diagnosed with severe depression and gets medication for it, which is why she's been previously denied the transition treatment. She's very emotionally unstable and aggressive, has abused substances and clearly her issues have to do more with trying to escape her problems than actually having dysphoria. Now that she somehow managed to get a diagnosis, I'm afraid that she'll turn into a bitter detransitioner because getting her tits removed and hormones replaced didn't magically make her love herself and other people.

When you spend all your time in front of your computer browsing Tumblr, you start to forget about the real world and create a warped version of reality which you live by. Like you get so sucked up into the SJW stuff because it offers you validation and promises you that you'll be a good person if you agree with us that cis people = the devil, so a lot of young people who want to be accepted and part of the group just go with it and start seeing things that are not there. Like "I don't use makeup or wear dresses, I must be trans!", ironically only enforcing shallow gender roles into society. Because non-cis people are automatically good and pure, the peer pressure easily gets to a young person who's still extremely impressionable.

These kids rarely realize what transition actually means and that you won't be a kawaii emo boi on tumblr for 60 years. You can't just flip the switch and return to being female when you get tired of it.

No. 26456

I know sooooo many stories like that. One of my best friends was in a similar position and she even started binding once and a while (she also got sucked into the "ace" trend too, but that's a different story) and I am so glad that she trusted me and all because I finally got her to realize how so many of her self-hatred problems related to her breasts&such were because of her parents' constant insistence that sex is Evil and Bad. It's just such an absolute fucking mess on that website and I don't think it's going to end anytime soon as there are Real Life Adults with Real Life Jobs and Real Life Degrees who believe in this crap as well (my university actually hired one. As a professor. To teach others. I read some of his papers and they're all part of this nonsense)

No. 26457

wtf why they look like ugly girls

No. 26458

Man, all these feels in here. I've been there, wishing to be a boy because the grass seemed greener. I don't care much for attention and being female doesn't help that. You don't even have to be all that attractive, you just need boobs and boom you have the male gaze. I honestly wanted to get them chopped off, I felt gross having them (they aren't even big). But I dunno, I guess enough time passed and I kinda grew into myself, thankfully.

Enough about me though, I have to say I hate how Tumblrites enforce gender roles. I find it to be bizarre. I thought the point was trying to lessen what we think is male and female and not to label everything and everyone. Wearing a dress should just be an article of clothing and not a symbol of what parts you have/feel you have. I guess its hard to do that since its so embedded in our society, like how things are marketed, but even the people "helping", really aren't.

"Well you, a 'straight white cis male', like wearing a dress? Well why are you CHOOSING to be cis? Become trans, since obviously this means you're a lady!" (or the opposite). I miss the times of "Don't label me you conformist" where is was all about avoiding labels. Now people can't get enough of them. That and CHOOSING to be gay, straight, trans, w/e. It isn't a choice, and its been a long and hard fight to get people to understand that. Even still people don't seem to get it and Tumblr isn't helping.

Anyways pardon this venty, mishmash of thoughts.

No. 26459


see the fucked up thing is they HATE people who believe that being trans isn't a choice and it's based on gender disphoria. like no one is telling you to conform to gender roles, just that just BC you wanna present yourself as masculine doesn't make you trans. like if you have literally no desire to transition then you are not fucking trans ok and it's fucked up to be perpetuating that shit on a website full of people who's brains literally haven't finished developing yet

No. 26460

I'm well aware of the hatred towards, as they call them, 'truscum'. People should dress how they want. I believe people should have some discretion and be mindful of how they present themselves (this goes with speech as well), and its no fair to have people just lump you in a group and assume they know you better than yourself.

Also, I feel for these young kids on Tumblr, who will have all sorts of guilt and self hatred because they aren't totally PC, are cis or because they're white. They're young, they'll make mistakes, but on Tumblr one mistake can make you out to be some kinda monster. It's funny, for a community so hellbent on being Special Snowflakes, you sure have to fit the cookie cutter.

No. 26461

As a small child I always thought I was a boy, no matter who told me other wise. However I didn't start hating myself until puberty. Before that I wasn't aware of my body. Once I started getting bitch tits in middle school that is when I started to right away bind. However I kept to myself. Because of constant fear and being flat fuckin broke I never had the chance to transition yet. Just wearing shitty "male" clothing is horrible since I look like trash. Not really suffering. I can live as I am now sure, but I will never be happy. That is the key.

Glamorizing mental illnesses, being trans, diseases… no, tumblr is a cesspool of people trying to be trendy for the sake of notes. I was only on tumblr for 2 months before I got sick of it

No. 26462


wait wait… they hate people who think being trans isn't a choice?! How the… WHAT THE FUCK?! Being gay isn't a choice! Like fuck man! I wish I was "normal" it must be nice. Not getting your ass beaten for being a weird queer tranny or getting stalked by perverted old men wanting to know what is between your pants. Oh no they CHOOSE this. Yuh hua. Right. I can rant about how that pisses me off but I'm just going to go leave this be.

No. 26463

Oh and that's not even the full extent of Tumblr's fuckery. The newest craze is shitting on "monosexuals" (heterosexuals and homosexuals) for "being boring" and "only caring about genitals." They try to tell gay people that THEY are oppressing bi/"pan" people and that they should "evaluate their sexuality and be more accepting."

Rebranded homophobia AND transphobia from these people who think they're so progressive. It's embarrassing and it can be really harmful to people who are trans, GNC, or gay.

No. 26464


They only talk this way when on the computer. Bet cha 100 bucks they don't have the balls to tell a gay person to be more accepting or bash them about being more progressive.
They honestly sound like they have no idea how a real trans person feels. I know me and my friend Cullen (Now Catty) cried together often thinking how our lives would be if we didn't have these feelings of wanting to switch our bodies. The humiliation of being shunned by your family and getting kicked out because they couldn't handle you "being in drag"
That wtf moment you had when you were a kid when you held an empty toilet paper roll to your bits just so you can pee standing up like the other boys in your class. Yuh I know it's weird, but it wasn't a choice. I can't explain this strange need to want to be a boy. I honestly cannot.

And I'm obviously not manly to over compensate for the dick I don't have. I just try to act as "normal" as possible. I don't want to announce being trans, I just wanna blend in. Nicely cut hair, a good button down shirt, pants, no make up (who the fudge has time for make up?) People think I'm male now thank god even though I haven't transitioned yet. But I don't date because I will freak if my partner sees my naked body. So I try to find asexual fuckers but it always turns out "asexual" people wanna fuck too. Whoa, I ranted about a whole lot of nothing.

No. 26465

I was going to bring up Mahou prince. i thought she was pretty cute, but then she went the whole "I want to be they/them/he/ pronouns" but wears nothing but fairy kei and lolita dress stuff. I seriously dont get it. Just be a cute girl, bitch.

No. 26466

Holy shit, people who think being gay or trans is an actual choice make me sick. Are you serious? Yes, I completely choose to be an outcast in society and have bible thumpers tell me how gross and unnatural I am and how I'm going to their magical hell. Sure, this is a choice i made when I was born gay.

No. 26467

OT, but the "asexual" influx on tumblr really jades me. It's gotten to a point where the only other internet persona who I trust is asexual is David Jay.

No. 26468


Is Mahou Prince also eikkibunny? Cause I swear it's the exact same thing with them.

No. 26469

Same. It's supposed to be 1% of the population yet it's like, 30% of Tumblr. Most people experience at least SOME aversion to sex or abstain for whatever reason. Just because you deviate from hypersexualized media doesn't make you ace FFS.

No. 26470

Nope, not the same person. I get wanting gender neutral pronouns but when you CLEARLY present as a woman, can you honestly get THAT outraged if people use she/her pronouns for you? They get so angry and expect people to automatically know.

No. 26471

See, this is one thing I thank Tumblr for, and it's informing me that asexuality is a thing. Growing up I wasn't ever able to join my friends in talking about crushes because I never felt that way towards people and I would feel like an outcast.
(and I still don't. I have dated, yes, but I just don't feel sexually attracted to people)

No. 26472

Yup. My friend is transitioning to female and boy is she so fucking happy. She was seriously bitter and unhappy as a male and now the transition seemed to open her up. She's also lost most of her family and they won't talk to her anymore. She tried her entire life to be "the perfect son" and got serious depression over it. This isn't a fucking choice.

No. 26473

heh. I used "boy" ironically there. : /

No. 26474


Eikibunny's boyfriend/girlfriend/whatever did the same thing. Someone called eikibunny a female and all hell broke loose.

I saw it here: http://prettyuglylittleliar.freeforums.org/rianna-srcircusdoll-eikkibunny-t4202.html

It got bad in the last few pages. Over what fucking pronouns.

Advice from my trans friends is that you have to have really thick skin cause you'll be taking a lot of heat. Losing your fucking mind over a pronoun tends to separate the real trans people from the fakes.

No. 26475

Well, I've seen plenty of "ASEXUALS CAN EXPERIENCE SEXUAL ATTRACTION AND DESIRES HURR HURR STOP POLICING MY IDENTITY" posts reblogged by all the "aces" on my dashboard. Tumblr basically twists and bends the definitions for different sexual orientations and gender identities. For example, you don't need to be dysphoric to be trans CUZ BEING TRANS IS TTLY A CHOICE and you can have sex and experience sexual attraction despite being asexual etc. They just want a snowflake badge to collect more oppression points.

No. 26476

Ugh, yes. And that whole "ace spectrum" thing is beyond annoying. My actual ace friend gets absolutely livid every time she sees that because "demisexuals" wanna lump themselves in with asexuals and it's just so fucking stupid. Sexual preferences =/= orientations.

This is just that yaoi boy trend all over again, except with special labels and specific pronouns. I'm sure 90% of these Tumblr kids will get over this in a couple of years and hopefully they're embarrassed by it.

No. 26477

oh god that yaoi boy shit? You mean when all the girls said they are totally kawaii uke? But just pretended to be "innocent" horny sluts? The thirst were strong in them, they pounced on any gay or bisexual dude.

They are a strong breed of obvious fake boi who still roam sites like yaoi otaku or any yaoi site really. They are just… soooo embarrassing.

I met a few and they are easy to spot. They will remind you every five minutes they are a boy while acting more girly than your average chick. They try to out uke each other and will constantly attack each other. More lulz will happen when you webcam with them. 80 percent are over weight weebs who are too lazy to cover their titts.

I met 3 fake bois like this who started crying and sobbing when they obviously stole pics of a guy or you told them they were obviously female. "Some guys have a high voice!!! Oh you know that? You're talking about my titts and how my face don't match my profile pic?…. Sobs and starts screaming I'm an uke on the inside! Don't tell me what I am! I know what I am you fucking shit! You raped me! Closes web cam"

You can also find the yaoi boy types on vampire freaks and gaia online

No. 26478

same poster. That was actually meant for

being a dumb ass today

No. 26479

Man those last few pages were tough to read through. This bitch dresses like a girl, looks like a girl and is suddenly like "Please call me they and he" stop. So many fake boys and fake trans. This is embarrassing.

No. 26480

Skinny waif leaning forward in a baggy shirt? That really doesn't prove anything.

No. 26481


Whoo boy, I just had a /cgl/flashback, haha! Whatvhas that clown bitch been up to?? Last I heard she somehow got a transition letter out of the blue amd was gonna transition to stay relevant by begging for money from her followers and selling bundles of yard trash tied in black ribbon.

No. 26482

kekekeke Gutterface now has a business making jewellery out of dead animals. Surprisingly no scamming yet!

No. 26483

Didn't they use money they got for transitioning to get some stupid horns installed? I haven't read up on them for a while thought tbh.

No. 26484

It's entirely possible, after all when her mom died she asked her fans for donations to help with funeral costs, then proceeded to buy a bunch of new shit and mentioned planning a trip to New Orleans.

No. 26485


Yet. Gutter used to be into BJDs and had a faceup service and scammed the shit out of people- some people didn't even get their dolls back, Or if tjey did they were broken and/or dirty. One girl only got her doll back after threatening to sue, and even then Gutter wouldn't even fess up to it. Gutterface was immediately permabanned from Den of Angels, which is the largest English speaking BJD forum there is.

No. 26486

File: 1426172394680.png (79.97 KB, 500x500, tumblr_nkglgiplmh1tdq1lio1_500…)

Holy shit, the art criedwolves gets hahahah

No. 26487

I am aware. I remember when the ~decoden~ business was still a thing and loads of people didn't get their stuff, then the art commissions I think it was? I dunno.

I have them added on fb, it's their birthday today and the lead-up for it was all "wahh my mum can't be here 4 my bday and we're broooooke )):"

No. 26488

File: 1426179984048.jpg (45.74 KB, 584x504, totestrans.jpg)

I would enjoy a thread dedicated to this lolcow. She's got a shitty personality and writes a lot about how she appreciates her fans, but then does a big sale wanting all her awesome fans to buy her used garbage for barely a discount from the regular price. Not to mention, she's constantly going "You dont have to lke my cosplays" while advertising them and literally writing tweets about being pissy because she didnt get as many notes on tumblr as she wanted. boo hoo. Her priorities as being trans is getting make up remover. Because cold cream doesnt cost like $2 from cvs or anything.

No. 26489

File: 1426180231342.jpg (62.15 KB, 588x585, srsly.jpg)

Probably gonna get their fangirls sent after me

No. 26490

Does anyone else have phillipino or south asian friends who cosplay/do j fashion and have pixie cuts and act gender special? like, is that just me, or is do other people get that too?

No. 26491

Some weird entitlement here.

No. 26492

That's what happens when tumlr transtrenders spend years onlIne convincIng ppl they're a gay hafu Japanesu visual kei boy desu, they get swarmed with attentio and it goes to their head.

Didn't this Haku go by the name krhaku? because if so bitch ain't under 18, bitch is like 26 and last I know of was working at kinokuniya Japanese book store. It liiks like her, same shitty makeup and creepy wide mouth.

No. 26493

File: 1426194902461.jpg (73.77 KB, 500x667, tumblr_nierro0vmB1qbjzj5o1_500…)

Yeah, same person I think. Creeping through their /tagged/personal, I found them in their work apron.

No. 26494

god i hate super weeb yaoi fangirls

No. 26495

please link us to this, jfc just reading this pisses me off, I wanna rage when reading it from the horses post

No. 26496

Holy fucking weeb, Batman.

But yeah since this is the same chick that anon was talking about earlier ITT she's not under 18, she's in her mid 20's on the far side of 25. It wouldn't surpriseme at all to learn she started lying about her age, she already clamed to be half Japanese and back in the day I think she even tried to pull an Akiwarumono and claim to be cismale.

No. 26497


I saw an Asian girl on one of those thisisnotkorea blogs shitting on some white girl for tagging her pics ulzzang, I checked out her bio and she had a list of mental illnesses, a lits of fandoms, a list of her oppas, a list of her triggers and a list of her "privileges" that included heterosexual, monogamous, American, Access to medical care, access to education, access to internet, middle class privilege, cisgender privilege, and an entire list of like 15 other perfectly normal things. Tumblr is literally social cancer.

No. 26498

Sorry, not to make the the thread too ot, but I definitely experience sexual arousal, though not really when I think of people? More like just sex itself. Though the weird thing is that it's limited to just the thoughts, I don't actually feel an urge to want to do anything with someone else. Like porn or well written smutty fanfics turn me on even though they have people in them, but irl I don't care for it. Does this mean I'm asexual or not?

No. 26499

I'd say you're reacting to mental and visual stimulation and you could be sexual if you wanted to with the right person. But even if
you do find that right person and still don't experience attraction or arousal than you may be.
Is she living in Japan?

No. 26500

Nah, she lives in NYC. She used to claim she did and was a sugoi visuak kei singer in Japan though.

No. 26501

Haha, holy shit, I've been rung up by her before.

No. 26502

Shit he's so pretty tho all my jelly i want that body…
But more seriously without wanting to sound like THAT tumblr SJW i think you guys should refer to him as "he" because it's a true transgender and not transtrender and i'm just kinda pointy on respecting this since i am one myself (still have to wait months til the opeeation for a dong yass)

No. 26503

Hope it goes well for you, it's an extremely big operation so I wish you a speedy recovery when you get it done x

No. 26504

On their profile, they say they/he is okay for pronouns.
Here's their about/Tumblr link so you guys can look for yourself. (srsly. I came across it by chance. Someone I follow reblogged that Mello cosplay a couple days ago.. I'm just glad they tag their stuff so I didn't have to dig through a ton of things)

No. 26505

To be completely honest I have zero respect for any tumblr famous tranny weebs, so I call them she since their desiRe to transition is based solely on being a kawaii yaoi for other tumblr girls. Tell me I'm wrong. None of them do this shit IRL, Haku hasn't had chest surgery, she's always been skinny and flat as fuck and just binds or tapes her already small tits. Also changing your name to a basic unisex Japanese name is just sad.

No. 26506

File: 1426203740901.png (26.94 KB, 527x271, kek.png)

jkkk not srs lol

No. 26507

OT but I got transcum for refusing to respect an ex-friend's (very) sudden declaration that they were agender. tumblr needs to chill, I do it out of hatred and knowing that my ex-friend is probably bullshitting out of her ass. I have no issue with respecting actual transpeople jfc

No. 26508

yeah, krhaku was their old name. Now it's 04haku or something. They're about 22/23 years old now.

No. 26509

So have I. I was taken back by seeing her in person. Her face is CAKED in make up. It's crazy. You wanna be male, but you wear soooo much make up?

No. 26510

Uggggh, haku is such an obnoxious person. They are always begging for hand outs, knowing their fanbase might actually do it. Someone on their tumblr was like "I bought you curtains from your amazing wishlist and my brother was like 'lol why are u buying curtains for someone living across the state?' " Come on now. I bet they're gonna beg for someone to pay for them to go to otakon too since they just recently raised their prices.

No. 26511

I want a separate thread for haku. They do say a lot of shit that pisses a lot of people off. and their fanbase is ridiculous. So many weebs.

No. 26512

they forgot to add being alive is a privilege

No. 26513

omg gross i thought haku was a biological male now she just grosses me out

No. 26514

Haku is def trans, but they got a lot of privileged. Always asking for hand outs and making a lot of sympathy posts on their social media. Pretty sure their parents are rich.

No. 26515


Exactly what about that face made you think she was male? I don't get how anyone falls for this stuff, it's literally just makeup, binding and selective poses.

No. 26516

Haku is flat, so they dont actually bind, and i'll say that their face is kind of androgynous. However seeing them in person, you can tell more.

No. 26517


his parents are wealthy enough to have sent him to worcester academy. ctrl+f kohaku aoki:


check out the tuition cost

so I don't understand why he's always talking about having student debt and being broke all while taking trips to japan/cosplaying/etc and putting up an amazon wishlist

I used to support him before he started making jokes about people buying him things, its kind of…not funny?

like I get that he has a part time job, which I respect, but c'mon. you can buy your own cleaning supplies. stop soliciting freebies from your undoubtedly less well off followers

No. 26518

yeah, they go to Japan at least 3-4 times a year. wtf

No. 26519

The parents are smart, they pay for school and rent but don't give that spoiled brat unlimited spending money like some wealthy parents do. If Haku has a job and no spendIg monwy, it's probably because of poor budgeting and impulse shopping, buying things you want instead of things you need.

>begging followers for cleaning suppplies

That is just shameful and pathetic.

No. 26520

Wow. Just wow.

No. 26521

They spent all their money on aot/Levi figures rofl. Bitch needs to be an adult and buy her own shit.

No. 26522

My college doesn't even cost that must per year. wtf!

No. 26523

File: 1426215071653.png (53.96 KB, 535x384, Screenshot 2015-03-12 22.23.53…)


one isn't enough u guys, buy him the other curtain rod asap

No. 26524

What an obnoxious bag of dicks.
>Buy me stuff pls!!
Go to dollar tree. Even target, you can get all this shit for under $20.

And I love how haku always whines about not wanting people to ask about their weight but goes "i need to lose weight"
What weight? I saw them in person at NYCC and they are pretty much a stick.

No. 26525


Yeah I don't think any of these girls come close to passing nor are they even trying. Makeup, women's haircuts, women's clothes, etc. Plus I assume the pics they post online are meant to be their best angles so they must look even more feminine in real life.

I feel like there must be some kind of age escapism involved because why would anyone want to pretend to be a 15 year old boy well into their 20s? These girls are pretty clearly trying to be "boys" rather than "men".

No. 26526

Pretty much this.

No. 26527

File: 1426218204895.jpg (19.97 KB, 615x237, notanED.jpg)

Another weight related post.

No. 26528

If shes flat she doesnt have small tits

No. 26529

"Flat" is used to describe small tits too. It's kind of a bitchy insult, used almost exclusively by females.

No. 26530

I dont know if flat is an insult, esp if you're trying to be trans. Not even trans, but I'd be damn happy to be flat because it's just less fucking hassle in general.

No. 26531

File: 1426221962180.gif (426.21 KB, 380x254, 1738220.gif)

I'm surprised she got no backlash for this

No. 26532

Haku gets opression points for being "Asian", "trans" and "gay", plus she's damn popular on tumblr so nobody would ever call her out on it. If you're popular, you can get away with anything.

No. 26533

This. Their popularity protects them from any actual criticism. Haku can just send their fans after the offenders, and say whatever they want on Twitter.

No. 26534

Thing is, if she had never found Tumblr all she would be is a rich white bitch, nothing special. I think the chicks who can pass for skinny asian gay boys on Tumblr only do it so they can be 'above' all the other users who don't have as many oppression points because they can't fake it nearly as well. Same thing with Gutterface, she was popular because she had lots of edgy gothic shit, claimed to be half Japanese and is so ugly she can pass for a man in the face, but once her retarded fanbase (and herself) started getting old enough to make their own life and health decisions, it became very clear who was doing it for real and who was just playing pretend to be popular. God knows no therapist worth a shit would look at her and think "my, you seem to have a very level head on your shoulders, take good care of yourself and have no obvious signs of mental or emotional issues, have a transition letter!". That bitch is a trainwreck, a compulsive liar whi has never had to take care of herself, never been in a real functioning relationship (inb4 Brian, that was dysfunctional as fuck), and has a looong history of emotional problems, inability to handle responsibilities, lack of compassion for others, sexual dysfunction, and attention seeking behavior. She would have to hunt down one shady fuck of a shrink to give her that letter.

No. 26535


Haku and Gutterface each need their own threads.

No. 26536

Slightly OT but did they really change their last name without being married etc.? I thought you could only change your first name when you're trans. What kind of parents would let their underage kid take another family name…

No. 26537

You can legally change your full name to wjatever you want as long as you aren't doing it to avoid anything like a warrant or something. Also, Haku is not underaged.

No. 26538


Like >>26537 already said, you can change your names (both) to whatever you want as long as you're not avoiding arrest or a felony.

No. 26539

Haku is 23 years old, mate. And not everyone cares about their family name.

No. 26540

I said "underage" because she supposedly changed her name when she was under 18…

No. 26541

Can we stay on topic? More posting about transboys less drama

No. 26542

It kind of freaks me out a little how most of the "trans men" on tumblr are actually teenage weeb girls jumping on the I'm So Speshul Yaoi Kun bandwagon.

Actual dysphoria is hell and it's not some package deal of tumblr fame and amazon wishlists lol.

Trans women are out here getting murdered and teenage cis girls are collecting their SJW agender demisexual pangirl magical boy bullshit to put in their bios right next to their FAQ links that, to boot, are bound to have a link to their paypal donate button.

I'm not really bothered by haku other than the weird ethnicity thing….like um……….but that's just me. I can totally see why it pisses people off.

No. 26543

True. I'm cis but do a lot of ftm crossdressing for show and pass most of the time, so I instantly recognize a fellow crossdresser when I see one, especially when they're not doing it very well. They have a very feminine face they don't contour to accent more masculine features, they strike feminine poses and expressions, and have a very feminine build and bearing. Even if you're a skinny male you still don't have a body of a skinny girl like these people do. And even the prettiest men very rarely have such delicate facial features. The chin and eyes are always a dead giveaway.

My guess is that their fans know either consciously or subconsciously that they're not actually male, but they want to see them as the approachable, kawaii yaoi men they're longing for. It's like a man, but as a more non-threatening version of a male.

No. 26544

I don't think it's age escapism as much as it's the "easiest" look to pull off.

No. 26545

Totes trans

No. 26546

File: 1426279816847.png (222.96 KB, 480x602, Screenshot_2015-03-13-16-45-40…)

Forgot image. On my mobile

No. 26547

I don't think Haku is really trans, I think she's "Tumblr trans" that means that so long as she's youthful and beautiful she'll continue to do her blogging and her feminine cosplay shoots in order to receive asspats.

Once she's a bit older and begins nearing her 30's and her looks start fading she won't actually get a chest reduction or start HRT or anything, she's probably just grow her hair out and revert to being female because fighting to remain a "pretty male" will be too inconvenient for her.

No. 26548

You basically said it. They use the pretty boy excuse to gain more fans. It's the same bullshit a lot of users on Gaia online did to get more items as gifts by pretending to be a pretty boy. (Sith Lord Ali anyone?) Haku is fake trans, but her followers will defend it to the ground.

No. 26549

This person is claiming to be trans?? Are you serious?

No. 26550

made a haku thread.

No. 26551

haku said they were trans/"not female" before tumblr tho, so calling them tumblr trans is a lil.. eh. the transtrenders started coming around maybe 3 years ago, but i knew about haku from other sites long before that.
also this is a cosplay, it's got nothing to do with how they usually dress or put on makeup.

No. 26552

She changed it as soon as she turned 18 and just pretended she did it earlier.

No. 26553

Saying you're trans doesn't make you trans, anymore than saying you're half Japanese makes you half Japanese.

No. 26554

>also this is a cosplay, it's got nothing to do with how they usually dress or put on makeup.

On that note, you can always tell a Tumblrtrans by how hilariously insecure and conflicted they get when it comes to cosplaying any character that isn't male.
>I wanna cosplay Yoko but im FTM, im comfortable wih my female body in cosplay because in cosplay im becoming someone else and not myself, and cosplaying a female wont make me any less trans*, but im worried because if i cosplay a female character and im not on T yet/havent had chest surgery how will people know im not actually a girl and just cosplaying one? I dont want to be misgendered all day at the con, is there some kind of badge or button i could wear?

Easiest way to spot em. "I want to dress in a way that makes me look like a girl but I still want people to know im not a girl!" fucking hilarious.

No. 26555

no, it doesn't, but it was directed towards the term tumblr trans. they may not be a "true" trans, but they didn't jump the tumblr bandwagon either. (maybe most probably the vk wagon)
yeah. like, ofc people are gonna see you as a girl when you're not on T while you're cosplaying as a girl, they shouldn't even consider cosplaying a girl if they're not ready to handle that.
i am a bit on the "if you've got the body for it, why not" side, so it doesn't really annoy me when ftm cosplays female characters or the other way around (or make me think of them as tumblrtrans), i just don't think they have the right to whine about being misgendered and make a big deal out of it. (felt like i went a little bit off topic here but..)

No. 26556

Both of these. If you are biologically female, realtrans or faketrans, and you want to dress in a feminine way you better not start whining about people "she/her"ing you. They aren't misgendering you, because you look and are dressed like a fucking girl.

No. 26557

Basically this. If I'm dressed like a girl/in lolita, and you call me a girl, whatever, that's on me and I got no right to complain.

But when I'm wearing a binder and dressing like a guy, it kind of sucks. Though at the same time, I know that I'm tiny and I have a high-pitched voice, so I'm pretty fucked either way.

No. 26558

File: 1426410840560.gif (974 KB, 400x225, tumblr_inline_nl7srghvko1qzdsu…)

http://nikk-elli.tumblr.com/post/113656717729 Sure, Nikki. I'll believe you when you actually have redeeming male features and don't kiss criedwolve's ass every five minutes. Lmao.

No. 26559

This reminds me of a girl I know that throws a fit when called a girl or with she/her pronouns because according to her she's genderless so people shouldn't place her in any of the binary genders. Funnily enough she never gets mad when mistaken for a boy, instead she pretty much gloats it and uses an exclusively male name to identify herself with. She still uses dresses from time to time. Fuck these people.

what the fuck

No. 26560

lol gurl pls.

No. 26561

Well at least not until she gets over her "I want to be an outcast" phase.

No. 26562

Has anybody seen coolben94?

No. 26563


This gif is so edgy my eyes are now bleeding ffs

No. 26564

She has a really pretty face, IMO. If she didn't dye her hair stupid colours, she'd be beautiful.

It fucking sucks that all lesbians are feminists now, so if they feel more tomboy-ish, they'll just say they're men. I'm extremely attracted to them, but I can't justify getting into a relationship with one when I completely invalidate something they care about.

No. 26565

thoughts on v0nvamp on tumblr?

shoops herself like a cis guy (particularly in the face/thighs) and claims to be agender

No. 26566

File: 1426436354226.jpg (43.48 KB, 500x333, image.jpg)

No. 26567

File: 1426436750377.jpg (391.75 KB, 1280x853, tumblr_ng2gve5XwX1qaj8doo4_128…)


I don't think he deserves to be in this thread, he is legit trans and is currently collecting funds for top surgery.

No. 26568

Please make a thread for this person

No. 26569


No. 26570

he's a good looking guy, transitioned great

No. 26571

So 90's kek

No. 26572

> i'm asexual! i enjoy sex tho!!
do you even realize how stupid you sound? go look up the definition of asexual. on a website that isn't tumblr.
dumb cunt.

No. 26573

Allow me to cite from the dictionary:

Line breaks: asex|ual
Pronunciation: /eɪˈsɛkʃʊəl/
A person who has no sexual feelings or desires.

You're still affected by sexuality and experience sexual arousal. You're not asexual. Asexuality doesn't mean that you don't think about other people when you're aroused or that you're not comfortable with the thought of sex with other people, it means you are not affected by sexual thoughts and don't experience sexual arousal. There's a fucking reason its' frequency is at around 1%, it's fucking rare because humans are naturally sexual beings. Tumblr has just turned it into another minority badge to pin on your profile because pansexuality apparently got too mainstream.

No. 26574


I'm laughing so hard. She's so upset.

No. 26575

No. 26576

okay fuck whoever snitched us to her. The last thing we need is more tumblrites shitting up the board.

No. 26577

o pls this is perfect.
prepare for the willfully ignorant whiteknights.

No. 26578

OT but can someone tell me the difference between bisexuality and pansexuality? I keep seeing all these tumbltards going "I thought I was bisexual but I think I might actually be pansexual!!!"

No. 26579

Well, at least she didn't go for the old 'I don't care about da haters' bullshit. Damn.

Yeah, no. The whiteknights might be amusing at first, but they get old fast and are bound to leak into other threads.

No. 26580

It's a bunch of bullshit but in a nutshell: Bisexuals are only attracted to the two genders (female and male), and pansexuals are attracted to all the snowflake genders tumblr has made up.

No. 26581

>Yeah, no. The whiteknights might be amusing at first, but they get old fast and are bound to leak into other threads.

This. They will continue to browse the board and start fucking up all the other threads with their SJW and tumblr hugbox shit. That's what killed halfcan's /cgl/.

No. 26582

>theyre all ~~~transphobic~~~

im a faggy-ass tranny who likes the colour pink but i'm still (wait for it) presenting obviously male, passing, and medically transitioning despite my love of pink and leopard print

get rekt transtrender cunt (^:

No. 26583

Oh kek this Nikk chick is 7 levels of mad.

No. 26584

Nikk says we're butthurt but sbes the one whos butthurt and mad.
I cant wakt fkr the trans trend to die already.
All those fake trans are pathetic

No. 26585

Can we talk about someone else or is this just a nikk thread now.

No. 26586

"They're just butthurt, so I'm going to go on a tangent about how buttmad I am."

You're just giving us more ammo, Nikki.

And as someone with several actually transgender friends(not just for tumblr trends), fuck you in your angry, flaming asshole.

No. 26587

>>26585 Nikki thread. Fuck this transtrender cunt.

No. 26588

File: 1426451984968.jpg (161.21 KB, 1153x625, g4HjM23.jpg)

She doesn't look like a guy tho. Like each time i look at her there's no masculine qualities to her face. Is it just me?

No. 26589

Whoever went and linked it to her: Are you happy now? You've just invited a horde of 15-year old tumblr fucktards in here to shit all over the place.

No. 26590


Can you get a letter to transition even if you don't act like the gender you claim to be?

Like if some guy went to a therapist and said he wanted to transition to female but spoke like a typical guy and had male mannerisms would the therapist take him seriously? Because Nikki is basically doing the female version of that in this video.


I'd say she at least looks a 16 year old boy which is more that can be said for others posted in this thread. But is a 16 year old boy masculine? Adults would definitely say no but other teenagers would probably say yes (which would be why Tumblrinas are so easily tricked by all the fake boys).

No. 26591


No. 26592

File: 1426455836186.png (490.09 KB, 449x401, Girls.png)

>Nikki's 21 and still living at home

No. 26593


Careful, she'll say you're athomeaphobic.

No. 26594

nope living with 3 other girls in an expensive apartment complex

No. 26595

>Begs for money for her transition
>Goes to conventions
>Comes out with new cosplays every month
>Constantly dyes her hair
>Doesn't make any effort to look like a man

Sure you're a "he", Nikki. Sure.

No. 26596

like….i don't understand why people have to 'look' like their gender that they identify with?
Did you write the law on 'men wear pants and t-shirts and have stubble'?
what childish losers you all are.

No. 26597

Did you forget that men and women have different sex characteristics, that's why people transition in the first place, you fucking twat.

No. 26598

^^this right here

If gender characteristics aren't important, why the fuck would you pay those ludicrous amounts of money for transitioning?

No. 26599

hahha awwww
Did your mommy teach you big words like 'cunt'? So cute.
People can be and look like whatever they WANT. It's none of your concern at all. You people sound like big butthurt babies.

No. 26600

To me, it really defeats the purpose if you're a female and say you identify as male yet still act/look very feminine and wear feminine clothing. In what way do you identify as male then? What are these people attempting to achieve? It's like a useless statement so they can feel ~*~so speshul~*~ imo. I have nothing against crossdressing, but it really defeats the purpose when youre ~*~crossdressing~*~ as your actual gender, while attempting to present yourself as the opposite.

No. 26601

And you're clearly new to the internet. Get out.

No. 26602


someone who wants to transition into the opposite sex and suffers from dysphoria would want to look as much like that sex as possible. wearing dresses and makeup on a daily basis and generally making no effort to look like their 'desired sex' defeats the purpose, even if they understand the ludicrous gender roles we've all been given. talk to actual trans people rather than trans trenders on tumblr.

No. 26603

It's obvious you're one of Nikki's followers that's hell bent on sucking her clit, great job on hiding that. People can look however they want, but it's their fault when people misgender them for looking like fucking girls.

No. 26604

But what i really want to know is…
why does it matter?
Does it bother you SOOOOO much that you can't sleep at night?
You identify internally. Something that you people do not understand.

No. 26605

Actually not even acquainted with Nikk so….
you're a moron :)

No. 26606

is this a troll or a really weeby tumblr retard

2/5 made me reply

No. 26607

No, it doesn't bother us that we can't sleep at night. What bothers us is girls on tumblr being transtrenders and acting like they have a medical condition when they're following a fucking bandwagon that reduce gender dysphoria to a fucking cross dressing fad, fuck off, fakeboi.

No. 26608

Nice weeb username by the way.

No. 26609

You identify with what your brain sex is, if your brain is the correct sex as your genitals then you're not trans, thats where dysphoria comes from, because the brain isn't matched up with the correct sex characteristics. it has nothing to do with feeling a gender

No. 26610

Wow. This has been totally fun.
Time for you kids to go home and cry about your lives now. Shoo~
Did I make you mad? :C
I'm so sorry.
Ouch. The name calling hurts my soul.

No. 26611

I like how you avoided the valid point >>26607 made.

No. 26612


did you actually put your email in lmfao

No. 26613

>People can be and look like whatever they WANT

Online, yes they can. It's when you start taking your pretend gender offline and into the real world and start mocking a very real condition that kills nearly half of the people who have it by saying you're one of them despite having absolutely none of the dysphoria, that makes you a lying little shitlord.

Just because you're too ugly to be a pretty girl and daddy didn't give you enough hugs doesn't mean you're a gay trannyboy. You're just sad little girl in drag whose entire self worth is based on a lie that only exists on Tumblr.

No. 26614

Anon needs to learn how to properly anon.

If you're going to insult people saikaicamui, at least do it right.

No. 26615

Someone find their tumblr and post it

No. 26616

>you kids

>enters their email address

>uses smiley faces
>clearly can't work out how to quote posts properly
>retarded arguments about other people not being able to sleep at night

Ok then.

No. 26617


lol dis bitch is so 13 it almost hurts hahaha tell me, if you're all ~real tranny bois~ then why can you only act like girls? I mean have you ever been aroung actual boilogical guys your own age? Cuz uhh they damn sure don't talk like that.

No. 26618

File: 1426458852189.png (79.88 KB, 163x196, 1380501458681.png)

No. 26619

What's the point of defending your fakeboi idols? It's not like you're going to get to date them or anything, you're probably just one of those people that's going to message criedwolves or nikki and tell them what you did in hopes that they'll appreciate you. You're really pathetic.

No. 26620

you can use that email all you want :>

No. 26621

Im acc gonna cry at this child, the way they type is like those 14 year old homestuck dangan ronpa fans on tumblr who fake having bpd.

No. 26622


No. 26623

She types, as she desperately and frantically changes her tumblr email address

No. 26624

File: 1426459735407.jpg (33.08 KB, 400x267, two-girls-laughing-white-backg…)

Oh man, that's unfortunate.

No. 26625

Its sick how this has become a battle to make everybody hate each other the fastest. Who knows? Maybe i starve myself? Maybe im suicidal? Maybe you're now a murderer by default. You make me sick, because its people like you that make me scared to live the way i really want to.

No. 26626


Way to play the victim.

No. 26627

And what have i done to deserve otherwise?

No. 26628

Who the fuck are you talking to?

No. 26629

File: 1426460073981.jpg (258.74 KB, 960x960, tumblr_nl2yk0jXL51qzfh3ao2_128…)

D-did they glue pubes to their face?

No. 26630

You have to be trolling. I refuse to believe anyone is this fucking dumb, even Tumblrinas.

No. 26631

Nikki, you're a stuck up, transtrending cunt who has shitty cosplays and makes the same expression in every photo. You have nothing to be afraid of because you're average and that's all you're ever going to be.

No. 26632

still looks like a 12-year old girl

No. 26633

>waaah i came here on my own when i could have totally ignored the place but i WANTED to wallow in TRANSPHOBICSHITLORDH8TERZZZ and now you guys murdered meeeeeee

No. 26634

File: 1426460241517.jpg (86.22 KB, 480x360, terror-taxi.jpg)

Most glorious beard!

No. 26635

She deleted this, did someone get screencaps?

No. 26636

I can recap, basically it was her breaking down everything we were saying so that it looked like we were being "Transphobic" even though she had said she "skimmed it"

No. 26637

File: 1426460472319.jpg (100.56 KB, 500x670, tumblr_n5s5ndk3Xn1qzfh3ao1_500…)

>"I-I'm not an attention whore guys! Waaaah, you guys are just bullies! I-I'm totally not thirsty for notes-D-DON'T CALL ME A GIRL TRANSPHOBES!??@13!!!"

No. 26638

well tbh her cosplays are shitty closet casual tier so I'd imagine she'd only have to drop around $20 on a new wig every month. But the con passes and hair products are not cheap so stop fucking buying those and save up for the transition so you don't have to beg on the internet damnit.

No. 26639

you guys are idiots.

No. 26640

genderspecial detected

No. 26641

Yeah but if you're someone who wants to be seen as a cis male and you dress like a girl don't be fucking surprised that someone calls you a girl. We've said this several times. Maybe if you idiots stopped jumping in without reading anything anyone's said you'd know that and not post another dumbass comment. Fuck off.

No. 26642


No. 26643

Yeah. Like I'd want to read all of your "dumbass comments". It's to be expected to get called a female but usually we have to correct those people and be like "hey, im a guy". I will glady fuck off so you can keep trash talking people who have way better sense than you.

No. 26644

>me: chillin
>me: do you need to sit down? drink some water? want to talk a little? are you okay? who hurt you? im so sorry.

Seeing as Nikki needed to make a text post about it, I'd say she's still lurking and is bothered. Great job guys!

No. 26645


Aka "I am a fan of selective reading".

No. 26646

If Nikki or Criedwolves had better sense than us, they'd both realize that they have a long way to go with their transition. They're nowhere near where masculine, they just look like tomboys, and no, if you're actually trans, you'll do everything you can so you don't have to "usually" correct people every single day, and then dress like a fucking girl. Dumbass. And thank you, no one needs you here anyway fakeboi.

No. 26647

File: 1426462081286.jpg (373.63 KB, 1280x1288, tumblr_njncezD34S1qgj9ilo2_128…)

Suuure they're a boy…

No. 26648

File: 1426462338825.jpg (20.59 KB, 450x473, tumblr_nl86ycS3Ex1upfw9yo1_500…)


>"How do people do that? How can you just sit there and constantly hate on people that you don’t even know? The one that really pissed me off was, “I know that girl. She goes to the school down from my work. Its so embarrassing.” Are you fucking serious? First of all, you know she’s a kid, but you’re going to sit there and talk shit. Secondly, how is it embarrassing you? Is she a huge part of your life? Do you associate with her? God, that site is fucking bullshit. They all need to go look in the mirror and contemplate what life decisions they made to get to this point in their life. KEEP YOUR HEAD UP NICK FUCK THEM ASSHATS."

hahaha this nigga really thinks nikki's a kid and not a 21 y/o still living with her parents. Glad to see Nikki still exclusively hangs out with lesbians.

No. 26649

File: 1426462371531.png (622.51 KB, 1098x3460, nikkplz.png)

youre welcome

No. 26650

why does she type like she can't speak english?

No. 26651

>I'm going to argue with you cos Tumblr told me you guys are bad!!
>not cos I actually read and considered your arguments

No. 26652

File: 1426462495810.jpg (55.52 KB, 504x509, trans.jpg)

Isn't this person supposed trans? Seem them around on tumblr

No. 26653

Haha, one of my responses is on there. I'm honored. (Laughing so hard right now.)

No. 26654

File: 1426463293545.png (1.83 MB, 1280x798, tumblr_nl0za4TY2y1s3u0h4o7_128…)

How could you forget Asch?

No. 26655

File: 1426463371816.jpg (36.34 KB, 500x333, tumblr_nhz0kafCwG1rrqe5qo1_500…)

sassy-sparklez on tumblr biggest laugh i've had in awhile she thinks she's a boy

No. 26656

File: 1426463475013.jpg (13.9 KB, 483x418, smug-obama.jpg)

100% platinum mad

No. 26657

File: 1426463622880.png (176.36 KB, 332x306, 1423500642853.png)

Damn dat delicious mad

No. 26658




oh man this is too good lmfao

No. 26659

File: 1426463844005.jpg (23.8 KB, 460x288, 5ba.jpg)

No. 26660


>Nikki didn't get her letter

>Nikki doesn't get to go on testosterone

No. 26661

I could barely get through that video. Why were they making food/pouring a drink while filming? Wait a minute to eat, you fat cow.

No. 26662

Well this takes me back.

Why would you not just sit down and take the video while you're not moving around? I mean really, you can comfort eat first and then film, no-one was dying for your update.

No. 26663

Why are trans males always so fat?

No. 26664

I get how people here can be seen as rude, but I can see why everyone is offended by the tumblr trans.

The thing is if you haven't "begun your journey" to becoming that gender, you are seen as still living in your biological gender. Those who fail therapy are denied because they are not trans. But they still want to use whatever pronouns they came up with just to seem special. Yes, thousands of trans people are not actually trans… get over it. They are not licensed therapists so they can't tell who actually is trans and who isn't. There are plenty of tumblr trans boys who were denied by therapists but are too embarrassed to tell their followers so they make up these sob stories as to why they can't transition.

Also shame on those who try to trick therapists so you can get a surgery done that cannot be undone. And more shame on the people who tell others what to tell therapists so they can get shit done. What is so bad about telling the therapist your thoughts? Fuck man.

No. 26665

You guys do realize they are in fact male? He has stated that he's pretty femme but is actually a male. A lot of people mistake them for trans.

No. 26666

Is he on hormones? Has he had top surgery? No. Okay then.

No. 26667

I wonder why haku hasn't started hormones yet? lol

No. 26668

On their old (now deactivated) fb, they referred to themselves as 'she'. They admitted they are not comfortable in their body because of their biological gender. While I have no issues with Haku identifying as male and referring to them as so, but biologically, they are female. They've somehow taken the steps to changing their sex on (I assume their IDs and stuff) to male, but that's not their biological sex.

No. 26669

Pretty much. If they truly want to say they are trans, they need to at least be in therapy and transitioning. Not just saying "I'm a boy. call me by my boy name"

No. 26670

how jealous and sad yall be?????

No. 26671



>she actually put in her email

O lawd.

No. 26672


No. 26673


Is this your first time using the internet welcome

No. 26674

File: 1426478756779.jpg (22.43 KB, 526x294, heyguise.jpg)

>putting in your email

haha oh wooowwwww

No. 26675

lmfao is that all you can come up with way to ignore my original question ya sad sack of faggots

No. 26676

email me i fucking dare you baby

No. 26677


calling a group of people faggots while defending "Trans" boys. I call troll. That or you're a fan who has no idea what they are talking about and doesn't really give a shit about defending the GBLT community but the ego of whoever feelings we hurt. Leave, you disgust me like the rest of tumblr does.

No. 26678

File: 1426480670572.jpg (201.56 KB, 1142x827, asdsa.jpg)

No. 26679

Jealous of what? Being so insecure and unloved that the only way to get attention is to jump on a bandwagon and pretend to be all edgy and cool and say I'm a gender that I'm clearly not? Am I supposed to feel sad and jealous of these people? Like what about them is supposed to even be jealous of?

No. 26680

I sort of wish I had hoards of fans to buy me free make up remover and toiletries, but whatever. I think it's sad to pretend to be trans just to be tumblr cool like all these fakebois do.

No. 26681

>They've somehow taken the steps to changing their sex on (I assume their IDs and stuff) to male, but that's not their biological sex.

A name change doesn't change your gender. Girls sometimes have non unisex male names and it doesn't make them FTM.

Precisely this. Once you reach age 18 the only reason you have not to get off your ass and start taking control of your life like an adult and transitioning is because yoi don't actually want any of the less than kawaii side effects that come from T and chest surgery like body hair, weight gain, wonky nipples, obvious red chest scars, and facial changes.

No. 26682

More than I name change, I was referring to the tweet where they said

>i identify, list myself, and say i am male because i am male. my IDs list me as male. what steps i have taken in terms of my body to

No. 26683

>boohoo I'm so afraid that the mean anons will bully me and call me a fake woe is me feel sorry for me

Doesn't work here. This isn't your Tumblr hugbox. Go to a fucking professional therapist who sorts out this stuff for a living with a legitimate degree instead of consulting the internet. You wouldn't just go on a board to say "hi anons, I have chest pains sometimes and it bothers me and sometimes I have trouble breathing, do I have lung cancer????" and expect someone to give you an answer other than "go to a doctor and find out".

God I'm so sick of these types. It's the bisexual craze all over again. I remember the hordes of "um I like boys but sometimes I could think a girl is really pretty, does this make me a bisexual???? I want to be special too!" queries back then.

No. 26684

>You wouldn't just go on a board to say "hi anons, I have chest pains sometimes and it bothers me and sometimes I have trouble breathing, do I have lung cancer????" and expect someone to give you an answer other than "go to a doctor and find out".

Fucking YES!

No. 26685

oh wow. That's hemorrhoid level butthurt.

>LIKE WOW THEY R SO MEAN????????????WOW!????IM SO SHOCKED LIKE THEY R SO TRANSPHOBIC????????LIKE WOW???????????RESPECT US WE ARE NOT FAKE LMAO LIKE fUCK YOU?????????wow they are so rude and selfish like????????? rude lmao

I love how she completely erased the story that the reply >>26455 was referring to and took it out of context. Apparently she didn't take any of the points discussed here in and refused to have her opinions challenged. It's exactly as the post described, you spend too much time in your echo chamber you become unable to face anything that would make you question your identity you weren't sure about in the first place. She could've written something explaining her situation and thoughts thoroughly and addressed all the criticism in a mature manner but instead she went all out with the LMAO U RUDE TRANSPHOBES LIKE WOW????????? tumblr routine.

It's fascinating, really. I'm glad she'll never get an admission for transitioning because most likely she would end up being a bitter detransitioner or quit the process after she learned that transitioning isn't a magical pill you take and turn into a cute young man for a while.

And if Nikki, or any other fakeboy, is still lurking, I was sure I was trans when I was 18-23. I'm 25 now and looking back I see it was a phase to cope with different issues. Talk to post-op transgenders outside of Tumblr, talk to therapists who treat transgender patients, read about the treatment and experiences with it and for the love of god, also read the stories of detransitioners. Even if it doesn't feel nice to have someone tell you that transitioning might not be what you're looking for.

No. 26686


Exactly this. Do you know how many actual transexuals are here? How many are offended by the stupid transtrend shit on tumblr? Know how insulting you all are to real transexuals?

If you really wanted to be a transexual, you'd go see a therapist and take the REAL steps to make it happen. Making a fucking tumblr post is not a step.

It ain't all unicorns and rainbow colors, you little shits. Transexuals have to ACTIVELY go out and fight to be themselves while hoping and praying that they don't get killed for it.

If you want to be a real transexual then get off your ass and do what you need to do.

No. 26687


I forgot to mention, fuck your rainbow hair

No. 26688


Fair enough, and I am going to a "Professional fucking therapist" so theres that.

No. 26689


Then consult with your fucking therapist.

No. 26690

This was insightful

No. 26691

question - would you be willing to be bald? lose your hair? have a beer gut? be smothered in body hair, yet have a pube-beard? get polycythaemia? ovarian/cervical/uterine cancer?

No. 26692

File: 1426498199011.png (657.08 KB, 740x746, Screen Shot 2015-03-16 at 09.2…)

How has no-one posted this yet? Dem brows. No wonder you're so mad.

No. 26693

Someone needs to tell them to fix their shit lmaooo

No. 26694

Oh I see. It's this thing >>26654

No. 26695


Balding doesnt run in my family and i dont particularly like alcohol but yeah, i mean im down with the effects of aging and consequences of not taking care of my body, we all die ugly.

No. 26696

i hope you don't get your letter to transition faggot

No. 26697



No. 26698

I mean, okay… you can wish all you want, even if i dont get my letter i'll find some way to cope

No. 26699

File: 1426499008441.png (187.75 KB, 281x454, Screen Shot 2015-03-16 at 09.3…)

Haha, her FL is a goldmine of ugly Tumblr-types.
I won't fuck the thread with them but goddamn I can't get past this nose.

No. 26700

>implying you can predict balding and beer guts are caused by beer
>implying you can get cancer and polycythaemia by "not looking after yourself"
confirmed for retard

No. 26701


by "not looking after yourself" i meant beer guts. Actually you fucking bitch, you can predict balding, no one in my family has gone bald, so how could the trait for balding just fucking appear.

If anyone is the dumbass here its you.>>26700

No. 26702

Actually you dumb, angry shit, thinning hair/hair loss is a side effect of taking T. The fact that you don't kow even the most basic things about the most basic step of transition tells me you are full of shit and starved for attention for being ~different and speshul~.

Stop lying to your therapist about the source of your "dysphoria" so you can get your actual problems taken care of.

No. 26703


Testosterone changes the way your body distributes and stores fat, usually moving it from the thighs to the belly. Not only that, T makes your appetite ferocious and makes it easier to gain weight (as well as muscle) so unless you maintain a strict diet and exercise plan, gaining weight will happen. I've seen kids as skinny as Haku just blow the fuck up and get soo fat.

Also it's worth mentioning that even with transition, you aren't going to look like some kawaii yaoi boy. You will look like a more feminine version of your male relatives.

No. 26704

>>26703 Yeah, i know about fat redistribution, so i probably should have thought of that.
Besides, i dont wanna look like a "kawaii yaoi boy" i just wanna be me, ya know?

>>26702 i do know about "the most basic things about the most basic step of transition" you said bald, not thinning/hair loss

No. 26705

If you transition bc you think youre gonna be cute forever, you shouldnt be allowed to transition. Look at your father, uncle, grandfather whatever, thats a good sign on what you might look like. You wont always look like or might not even look like a ~super kawaii anime yaoi emo scene boi~

No. 26706

Alright, you fucking daft fakeboi, seeing as you're not listening to anybody, for fucks sake get out of the thread.

No. 26707

In many cases T also causes explosive acne. I know a lot of FTMs who have never had skin problems yet with T get a painful acne problem they need to take medication for. Just look at pictures of post-T FTMs, they have their facial skin full of acne or acne scars.

And lol @ "baldness doesn't run in my family". It doesn't have anything to do with your genetics. T also permanently lowers your voice and starts hair growth while your lost scalp hair doesn't return.

wtf did you forget to drop your name or something or are you just a sloppy troll? What's with the change of attitude?

No. 26708


No. 26709

File: 1426501167017.jpg (159.98 KB, 852x640, tumblr_nk0yzgytvo1qzfh3ao1_128…)

God why do they make this face in every photo. Does she have fetal alcohol syndrome?

No. 26710

File: 1426501387079.jpg (38.96 KB, 480x800, 11040216_1619591544939853_1195…)


No. 26711

File: 1426501825998.png (882.06 KB, 708x828, Screen Shot 2015-03-16 at 09.2…)

pls wash ur face

No. 26712

this has to be a troll or a joke

No. 26713

Most of them are just sticking to what tumblr glorifies, which is either being part of a minority, having a mental illness, or being anything that isn't straight.

A lot of these girls are into this kind of shit because tumblr cums all over it, so they get an ego boost for acting like they're going against *~gender roles~* while giving tumblr what they want.

No. 26714

>wonky nipples and red scars
I'm thinking top surgery has gotten a lot better in the last decade though.

No. 26715

It really depends on the shape and size of your breasts. If you're an A cup or a small B, top surgery can be very easy and leave only small scarring. If you're bigger than that, mastectomy requires additional correcting surgeries to make it look natural because you have sagging sacks of skin on your chest and nipples that have originally existed on large breasts. Post-mastectomy can look pretty weird if you have big areolas.

No. 26716

I hate fake trans

No. 26717

I'm not even trans, but this makes my blood boil. I would love foe these cunts to declare they're a boy seriously in a work place looking like that.

No. 26718

Exactly, meanwhile real gays and trans struggle with being accepted and not murdered by assholes irl. Fake gays/trans really disgust me. They seriously have no idea what it's like. I get the constant "you haven't met the right guy yet" from straight men even though I am engaged to be married.

No. 26719

Another despicable snowflake, what can be said? She's easy to troll though.

No. 26720

Yeah. That's why I'm doing push ups and a lot of chest exercises to help with that. Surgery has evolved so much. It's fascinating.

No. 26721

I noticed these types are usually uh, morbidly afraid to associate with actual cis gay males, much to my hilarity. Worth noting. Most of these women just want to be 13 year old boys from some stupid yaoi manga, which is actually creepy as hell when you really think about it.

No. 26722

Can anyone tell me wtf happened to the haku thread? Or am I just retarded?

Probs the latter

No. 26723

Your assumption was correct.

No. 26724

It's still around. Just slow now since their whiteknights came in.

No. 26725

how do one even become a famous fakeboi on tumblr anywzy?

No. 26726

camwhore with a healthy dose of "tumblr aesthetic"

No. 26727


So that's it? Nikki's getting her letter to go on testosterone as soon as she finds her doctor? It's that easy now? Holy shit, what happened to people needing to go through years of therapy?

No. 26728

File: 1426525757840.jpg (209.06 KB, 1152x666, tumblr_nl9u06hVyZ1qzfh3ao2_500…)

>I’ve been getting “You look like Lee Pace” // flattered

No…? No you don't??? Lee Pace doesn't look like a girl.

No. 26729


Oh god I'm dying. She doesn't look like Lee Pace at all. Someone was ass-kissing her hard

No. 26730

Maybe it was herself.

No. 26731

I'm more distracted by that mass of fried hair.

No. 26732

Therapy can be shortened if you tell the therapist you have been living as that gender for years now (living as in "I have told people on tumblr I have been living as a man for years now)"

No. 26733

That doesn't make it any more right. You're need dysphoria to transition.

No. 26734

I feel like that's absolute garbage. Whether you're actually trans or not, it's such a huuuge change to transition that I feel therapy is needed regardless. Not just to weed out fakebois, but to also make sure these people know what they're getting into and won't feel like shit once they've only have transitioned before realizing it wasn't what they wanted. Bullshit if you tell a therapist that you've been living as that gender for years. If I say I've been living as an god otherkin for like half my life, does it make me one??? no

No. 26735


Tumblr actually has guides now to help snowflake fakebois manipulate their therapists into givimg them T and a surgery letter. What to say, body language, etc.

Personally I think it's funny as hell, when all the obviously not trans kids try transitioning and the start feeling very real dysphoria and realize they made a horrible mistake. It has happened before and it will keep happening as long as these retards keep thinking they know better than trained specialists.

No. 26736

>Tumblr actually has guides now to help snowflake fakebois manipulate their therapists into givimg them T and a surgery letter. What to say, body language, etc.

That's really fucking disgusting and I think I need to step away from the internet for the rest of the night.

No. 26737

Part of me wishes that they get it and then look back and realized all the irreversible damage they've done to themselves and wants to laugh at them for it, but part of me wants them to just stop. It's so fucking stupid. Tumblr is so fucking stupid. Just please stop.

No. 26738

They've got a very fucked up and malicious population of people on there. My friend who has a Tumblr only to collect pretty pictures showed me links, so fucking many, of Tumblrtards making suicide notes right after that transgirl killed herself like a month or two ago and posted hers. These people were doing it in droves and weren't even going to kill themselves. It was all to get attention once they realized that girl's story hit so many media outlets.

No. 26739

Yeah… sometimes I feel like I'm agender thanks to Tumblr, but then I take a step back and go nah, I just like making myself look a bit more masculine from time to time. I like my boobs too much to identify as anything other than female. I feel like this is what some of these people are going through… minus the boob part, probably.
(though if I ever had the need to transition because of dysphoria, I could keep my name because yay unisex names! my parents were also cool with me being a tomboy when I was really young and even bought me the occasional boys clothing. I remember really liking this guy's Space Jam outfit he wore toe preschool and my mom let me get a similar one from the boys department in WalMart.)

No. 26740

Tumblr is the special Olympics of the internet, where all the attention starved dysfunctional nrats go to compete for the most pity and attention from total strangers they will never meet or speak to.

No. 26741

That's terrible, but you know what?? Let them! Let them fuck up their body for the rest of their god damn lives and then when they realize their kawaii boi phase is over in their 30s, they're going to freak out and try to detransition and it will be hilarious.

No. 26742

Then when they detransition into a butchtastic mamgled mess and realize they wasted more than a decade of their lives trying to be some pretend character they invented for attention, and they have a supreme emotional breakdown.
does anyone have any pics of pre transition/post transition/detransition pics?

No. 26743

It's just mind boggling for me because where the fuck were these people before Tumblr existed?

No. 26744

Livejournal and Gaia, thinking they were speshul because they were bi~ and then pan~ and now trans~ is the thing.

No. 26745

My best friend came out as genderfluid a while back, and while I feel like it's just like many others here who just use it to slap a label on themselves, she thankfully doesn't let it define her as much as these snowflakes do and is really chill about it. Thank god it didn't come out worse. It made me question if I was genderfluid but ultimately, who gives a shit tho. Thank u pt for this thread and allowing me to not make an ass of myself bc I'm still just a tomboy at heart.

Also, a friend of mine came back from a date once and told us the girl he went out with said, "Y'know, I'm genderfluid. If you date me you have to be genderfluid too." and it was just a huge tHIS IS NOT SOMETHING YOU JUST DECIDE OUT OF NOWHERE??? It was just a really stupid and hilarious.

No. 26746

Tumblr created them as we know them now, but many of the older ones like Haku that have been at it since before Tumblr came from Gaia and Livejournal.

No. 26747

What the fuck is genderfluid?

Also how are we not talking about how painfully ugly the kid's shirt in OPs pic is??

No. 26748

Damn, really? I used LJ and Gaia for years and never ran into any of these people except for around 2011 on Gaia because that's when being pan and trans became the cool thing to be, along with fucking Homestuck. I hate that Homestuck always has some association with goddamned pans and trans bullshit.

Also, sorry if anyone hates Gaia, I just really liked dressing up an avatar with cute shit and making princesses.

No. 26749

Gaia's gone down the shitter. They sent a cease and desist to the guy that owns TekTek to take the site down. :|
I loved the avatars, but jesus the economy is fucking terrible now.

No. 26750

Special term for people who dont fit any gender role.

(We all tried to ignore it.)

No. 26751

>Cease and desisst for tektek
oh, fuck Gaia. I heard Lanzer left years ago?

No. 26752

Oh, I'm aware. My friend and I left right when the new CEO was pulling that bullshit in the very beginning. I was there for ten years, just trying to make princesses and happily collecting those Mariko eyes I had such a weakness for and the lovely Rosamund items. Prism was gifted, man.

..Thank you for helping me, one of Quirky's unfortunate friends identifies as that and I had a hard time figuring out what the fuck she was. She's a single mother, lol.


No. 26753

APPARENTLY, it's when you sometimes feel like a girl and sometimes feel like a boy. My favorite photo is of asphyxion dressing completely in boy clothes, and then cross dressing and pulling off a really equally attractive girl (but I can't find it rn :()

I feel like it's super questionable. Like… are you SURE that maybe you just aren't a tomboy or some shit?

I've noticed most of these snowflakes are girls too. Why do you all hate your tittes??? Asphy's the only one I follow who is biologically male and genderfluid.

No. 26754

Yeah, it's under new management and all they want is to make money and release cash shop items like every day. I've been there since 2005 (in fact, I think my "gaiaversary" was a few days ago) but I haven't been active daily since about 2010-2011.
Seriously. items are in the TRILLIONS of gold. It's fucking ridiculous.

No. 26755

Well THAT is retarded.

Do you know how many people don't fit perfectly into gender roles? A majority of them, actually, because what nearly everyone thinks of when they think "gender roles" is outdated bullshit from ages ago that haven't caught up with modern times.

So basically "genderfluid" means "im special because I don't fit an archaic stereotype". That is just dumb, I'm sorry.

No. 26756

One of the big ones from LJ is Andrew Blake who was big in the Harry Potter/Lord of the Rings fandoms. He's got a Tumblr too, most people don't know he's trans (biologically female) and I think he claims that he's got a hormone deficiency or something which makes him look like a girl (PFFFFFFF).
Any way if you google him a bunch of posts show up exposing him as a manipulative scammer. There's also a real legit book about the scam he ran in the LotR fandom, he hurt a lot of people back then.
(I think his birth name might be Victoria).

Anyway folks like him indirectly paved the way for the tumbltrans crowd.

No. 26757

So it's an entire identity based on stereotypes

No. 26758

Nah, did you never see the GD back in the day? Every single 'reg' was bi, plus a load of fakebois. This was like 2006-9 maybe?

No. 26759

Never posted in GD. I was in LI and LD and god, LD was fucking Tumblr before Tumblr even existed. That place had so many damaged fuckers and still does have a bunch of losers who pride themselves on being "regs" and still sticking around because how dare others grow the fuck up, get lives, and realize that Gaia's time is done.

No. 26760

Can't say I did… I was more of a GCDer or ATer. The GD also tended to scare me because I was more-or-less a sheltered teen.

No. 26761

This. The only people who usually get hypersensitive about gender roles and stereotypes are actual trans people because it's sadly all they can do.

I love both tomboy clothes, comfort ass sweat pants and baggy sweaters AND dresses/skirt. I think most people do fit the whole non gender role looking now a days because it's fun to do both without having to validate "OMG I'm totes this special snowflake title."

No. 26762

Male variants of this genderfluid thing seem like they're going to take it a LOT harder when they hit age 30 than the girls here.

I'm 29 and an aging former pretty boy. I have some moments now and then (I actually felt creeped out when someone thought I was a high schooler), but yeah, the ride is pretty much over.

No. 26763

Trillions? Nice to meet you, fellow veteran. Been there since 2003 Julyish and it's crazy how long the ride was, but I stopped around 2008/2009 and still check back in from time to time. My only regret is not being able to sell my items for real money. haha

No. 26764

Hey, since so many of you wound up being chill and fellow oldfags of Gaia, can I make a thread where we talk about Gaia drama/faggotry?

No. 26765

Someone should make a Gaia thread on /b/. Not because it's OT necessarily, but because I really miss that shit and want to reminisce. I still miss the friends I made on a stupid-ass Gorillaz thread of all things.

No. 26766

No. 26767

… you mean >>>/b/3365

No. 26768

Yep, I'm a retard.

No. 26769

My favorite one is 'demiboy/demigirl'. I kept seeing it thrown around but when I finally looked it up one of the definitions I found was something along the lines of "feeling 60% of x gender, while feeling 40% of opposite gender" or some shit like that. The percentages are probably off from the definition, but I can't seem to find it again oops.

Serious, maybe obvious, question, but do trans people feel dysphoria from a very young age or can it come at any period in their life?

No. 26770

No. 26771

>prefers they/them
>they probably purposely misgendered me!

How can people be this fucking stupid and entitled?

No. 26772

The bitrenders go back to the 90s at least and "bisexuals" were already a joke by the early 00s. I remember a girl "coming out" as bi in class in like 2003 and literally nobody gave a crap. Even on early MySpace it was such a cliché for girls to set their orientation to bisexual.

I think there's actually less tomboys and pretty boys now than there used to be. The recession increased dimorphism and brought back beards and dresses, whereas most of the 00s was an indie/rock/metal/emo boom that was full of tomboys and guys in makeup while society as a whole was fully in the metrosexual fad.

Tumblr and similar sites are the perfect examples of the expression "teenagers always think they've invented [sex/politics/etc]".

No. 26773

Ok guys i have something to tell you.
I want to make a stupid troll out of it and pose as a fakeboi and shit and try to get those people mad by idk.
I am a tomboyish girl,average/slim size,short emo hair,considered cute apparently? ,androgynous,…i'll maybe post pics later on the troll tumblr if you guys are interested in that.
First i need a hilariously stupid fakeboi-ish url and description with a dash of weaboo (remember ginsengteacat?) then i need to get known (not supah famous,just known) but i have no idea how to.

No. 26774

basically i'll just pretend that i'm totes doing it for the yaoiz and want to be a real life uke and that i'm yaoikin or whatever and shit just to see how far their acceptance goes.

No. 26775

Because tumblr

No. 26776

You sound like an obnoxious cunt. Just don't do it. We already have so many fake bois running around the internet.

No. 26777

would you be posting your face? cause if so i dunno it might not be the best idea. you dont wanna be known as crazy yaoi lady around the internet ya know?

No. 26778

>abdsjbf obnoxious cunt
wowowow calm your tiddies anon i was just suggesting to see how far their acceptance goes and how stupid can they get

if i post it it'll be heavily shooped to add more "lulz" and bc i don't really want my private life to be mixed with a stupid troll account

No. 26779

You would not be the first, the last, or the best. Seriously, it never works, don't do it. If you want attention so badly that you would be willing to pander to Tumblr scum, go right ahead but don't expect help or praise from us.

No. 26780

Don't need any attention or "praise" anon,just wanted to experiment how stupid they can get and entertain ye but eh whatever guess i won't do it then

No. 26781

Yes, you arent an attention whore at all.

No. 26782

I suppose I'm one of these "tumblr transboys" who post "japanese trash" but before you judge me and the others of the transgender community I will give you two cents to think about.
Tumblr had become the home for the outcast, those who recover and tries to find somewhere to go to.
I knew I was trans before joining tumblr and my bro was into Japan so that happened.
But these beautiful people who are trans have not done anything wrong. Criedwolves are in fact the sweetest sweetpea you'll meet and are a real cool and rad guy if you follow and listen what he says.
For many trans can be a phase, but it doesn't make their feelings less valid, why would we risk our home life, school and everything around us for a site? For calling and claiming what we are?
Man, 1 of 12 of us get killed being trans, while you cis guys are safe from that shit. Yes there might be a lot of alternative trans people. But who truly cares? Does it really matter? Because if it does, you should reconsider your values.

No. 26783

1. Phases aren't valid. A kid's stupid goth phase is gonna get called a phase just like tumblr's trans phase.
2. Why are you assuming everyone here is cis just because we disagree with you? I'm nonbinary actually.
3. You aren't risking anything, most tumblr "trans" kids present as their birth assigned gender irl so they… really aren't.. risking a damn thing
just quit bruh.

No. 26784

I'm a bisexual, interracial girl. Do I count or does Tumblr also say I'm not good enough?

No. 26785

Their validity exists while their feelings is real, for now they identify as transmales or other identities, then for now they are.
Oh why? Because the must clueless ones are often cis, but I guess there is still trumscums around.
If you even followed one of them you would now, even me who are rather masculine risks my home life then by then even if I deny it to my parents, but it didn't stop then for harassing me. And damm just handful of cluelessness you got.well I answered some of your questions, answer mine.
Why the fuck do you care? Is it that important to bash transboys, if you're trans yourself you should use that brain of yours, don't be stupid.

No. 26786

>assuming people here are cis guys

No. 26787


see this is what you and others from tumblr don't understand at all and we here have to keep repeating ourselves.
being trans is most certainly not a phase or something you choose like many of you assume. Most of you do have identity issues that can be solved or you grow out of the PHASE. Most trans have been conflicted since early childhood and never grow out of this discomfort. Stop calling it a phase, stop calling it a choice, it fucking isn't a choice.

Being trans is not a disorder, but you are born with it, just like how gay people are born gay. You don't realize you're gay or trans from early childhood. Why? Because sexuality isn't a concern. You just act out what you think is right. However the behaviors are there. Like a little boy who is confused when people don't call him a girl is one huge fucking hint. There are countless other examples as well. Or a gay kid who pretends to be straight because that is what he is told is right even though he is still secretly sexually attracted to men. We know deep down what we are as we slowly become adults and become self aware of who we are.

No. 26788

Trumscums still exists, sadly.
Well bye I'm bored with this thread.

No. 26789

>Nobody is giving me pity and saying they're sorry waahhhh!!1!1!1!!!

Now go blog about about it. We all know you will.

No. 26790

They're writing a tumblr blog as we speak, I bet.

No. 26791

No thanks.

No. 26792

How is that sad?Honestly, I thank god there's truscum still trying to bring this shitty movement down. And nice, putting your email in the thread retard.

No. 26793

Ooh what is the worse you can do? Email me?
I stand for my opinions and not behind a silly anonymous shit you bring at least

No. 26794

Retard, do you not realize that /baphomet/ lurks this board now and has been going after the cows posted here without any provocation from any of us? It isn't that difficult for someone to use your fucking email to dox you. We don't dox people, but there are others who will. You act like we're trying to fucking scare you when this is the reality.


>being this cringe

You sound really fucking stupid, try hard, and gross. Also, you may want to delete that because it constitutes as a threat which your ass could get in trouble for.

No. 26795

I dont think Im special, if thats what you think. but it was kinda normal thing to do you know, not being a fucking anon.

No. 26796

>i'm gonna leave this thread!!!
>jk im not bc i like attention

Honestly, you aren't going to change our opinions. Go whine on tumblr about your fake oppression because no one here honestly cares. The only people who care are you hugbox. You're speaking into an abyss here.

No. 26797

>if we say we are trans, we are trans!

You're a bunch of autistic losers playing pretend because you're too ugly and awkward to be popular and pretty girls.

The reason youvare so hated isn't because of what you are, but hecause you're mocking everything any transperson has had to go through by appropriating their struggle for opression cool points and something to bitch and whine about.

Actual transpeople get off their asses and change, do what they have to, they work fod it. You twats on the other hand just sit on your computers hugboxing over pretend bullshit that makes you feel pretend-depressed and taking carefully staged selfies. You sit on your lazy asses pretending to be affected by something and claiming it as a part of you, yet never act on it. Time goes by and transpeople transition, and you still sit there playing pretend so you can feel better about your wasted life, about wasting all the time you could have been using to better youraelf in the real world and finding your actual self.

And one day you're gonna wake up, realize you spent your youth on absolutely nothing, and you aren't gonna know what to do, where to go, or who you even are anymore.

No. 26798

This is what I hate about tumblr and it's the fact that with you retards you're having it so easy if you're white, straight, and cis, when in fact it's far from it you idiot. And I am part of the *~minorities~* you love to jack yourselves off to.

Something went wrong with tumblr, really wrong, that it's become a breeding point for highly manipulative, mentally unstable people who think the ideals breeding on tumblr apply to the real world.

That place isn't full of outcasts, it's full of toxic motherfuckers who think anyone who doesn't fit into the qualifications I mentioned earlier can do no wrong.

Also fuck your truscum bullshit. There's a reason why bitches can't just go to the hospital to get their dicks chopped off or to get their vaginas turned into penises.

You saying that it doesn't matter if being trans is just a phase is really fucking ignorant and really, reeally offensive to all the people who have to go through this kind of shit but get invalidated because of assholes like you.

Also your fucking ~*bravery~* for standing up to us meenies by not being anon can get you fucking doxed, congratulations for carving more into your retardation

>inb4 that's ableist

you know damn well what i meant
10/10 mad

No. 26799

Butch dyke reporting in.

Robin can go fuck herself. She doesn't know what the fuck she's talking about.

>"Hurghhh everybody that disagrees with me is just cis!"

And you're a deluded, ugly fakeboi. And probably fat too.

No. 26800

lol wtf is a trumscum?

Is this a new word they invented to try and offend people who were fortunate to be born into a physical body that is free from aberration?

That is something I never understood, trans kids and fakebois tossing around the word "cis" like it's offensive and shitting on cis people all the time.

Shouldn't they be pleased that there are people comfortable with their bodies with which they don't have to experience what they're going through? Well really ofc not because none of these people are actually legit trans.

Sure they'll cut their hair short and start binding, and they'll make their little Gofundme's for their T and use the money to buy trash from Etsy, but once they actually get older they won't want to deal with the complications that actual testosterone causes, they'll go straight back to being femme women as if nothing ever happened.

No. 26801


Truscum applies to people who believe that in order to be trans you need to have gender dysphoria and that you need to be formally diagnosed with it.

You know because thinking you're trans should be enough to open up all the doors from hospitals to get you to surgery right away.

No. 26802


Retarded people like that can get so many hospitals into legal trouble. And of course they don't care cause "muh opreshun"

No. 26803


What does it stand for?

No. 26804

It's literally "true scum", as opposed to the trenders who believe you can choose to become trans who refer to themselves as "tucute", "too cute". Thank tumblr user idislikecispeople for that one.

No. 26805

File: 1426580594995.png (252.11 KB, 522x347, Screen Shot 2015-03-17 at 08.2…)

>even me who are rather masculine
Top kek.

No. 26806

an interesting thing here is that you all act like you're a doorkeeper for who is trans and not, who gave you the right to bash these kids in the first place?

No. 26807

because some of us are actually dysphoric trans people and youre making it harder for us to get treatment. the system and the way transsexualism is treated is bad enough as it is without you all coming in, lying about having dysphoria and babbling about how you're so speshil and don follow gendur rholls so ur toooootally tranzzzzz**.

No. 26808

well sorry if we do not post and post about dysphoria cuz we get down just writing about it, we try to look at ourselves and be proud and not look down on ourselves because somebody put an image how a ''man'' should act, look like and be like.
We are who we are, if cismen can be feminine, why should't we get the chance to explore who we are, and everybodies experience is different, you will never know how their inner feelings are like when you are not the person yourself, many of these guys suffer too, but doesn't put that image and tries to put a positive to show that being trans is not only suicide and self harm, but also happiness.

No. 26809

plus you confuse us with transtrenders, and transtrenders are stupid. look after them, not feminine transguys who likes their faces.

No. 26810

Tell them xir!
All these cis shitlords want to convince me that I am not a godkin.
But how can these mere mortals know?

No. 26811

If you're a troll (which I assume you are by the way you speak) stop. Otherkins identify mostly because of religion or different reasons, but as a human being myself we don't know so much about otherkins, it's like with transgenders at first, what happened to us guys? murder, called sick, demons ect ect, same for people who had blue eyes and left righted.
We live in a society where we have the possibility to understand each others. If somebody is otherkin, that's fine, but we shouldn't belittle them either. Because we know so little about them, and if we have no knowledge about something we shouldn't speak, only fools speaks if so.

No. 26812

File: 1426591510161.gif (940.78 KB, 300x221, 1379421914401.gif)

> if cismen can be feminine, why should't we get the chance to explore who we are

wow you're dumb. you're just… so fucking stupid.

feminine man =/= woman. one of the things you have to sacrifice as a trans person is wearing dresses and skirts and shit. im >>26582 and yeah, i like girly shit, but i am aware that wearing that shit will often exacerbate dysphoria, get me called the wrong pronouns, and make people think im a girl. so i don't. i err on the side of butch if i'm not sure because i'd rather look a bit different to how i would like, than be called a girl.

also cis men are freq


No. 26813

aw :( I'm a cisgirl but I wore a shirt from the boy section today, does that make me a boy? :((
Am I not cis enough for you now? Is there some rules how to be cis enough?
'Cause apparently transppl have rules for that???

No. 26814

One question.
Are you in your teens?

No. 26815

Otherkins are actually retarded. Lol

No. 26816

Meet few otherkins, some were othertrenders, some were actually nice, who answered my questions and very informative, smart and decent beings.

No. 26817

Don't encourage them. We are human beings, not wolves.

No. 26818

that is not our concern is it?
there all kind of people in this world, personally I could't care less if somebody was otherkin or not, just neatly respect because you know, decently not altering my perception about their personality because of labels, because that would be stupid, ey?

No. 26819

how can you honestly be a lolcow poster but defend otherkin

otherkin are the complete holy grail of fucking retarded

No. 26820

please respect me, i am godkin
do everything i say and don't question anything i do
please dont hurt my feelings

No. 26821

Because they are literally retarded. Probably spacekin or some other bullshit.

No. 26822

The only people i could respect being actual otherkin or two-spirit is indians, because that's their religion, not some white transtrender on theinternet.

No. 26823

They would not call themselves 'otherkin' though

No. 26824

Isn't otherkin basically just the same as when kids used to insist they were vampires or witches?

No. 26825


They're probably a whiteknight from tumblr not a regular.

A flood of stupid arrived over the past few days.

No. 26826

>not altering my perception about their personality because of labels, because that would be stupid, ey?
alter your "perception about their" intellect then kek because let me tell you people from certain 'groups' tend to be retarded.

I have yet to meet an interesting, sane or non-self centered otherkin. I'm sure there's one out there, but I have yet to meet one.

No. 26827

I think it's from an anon going around linking cows their threads. The cows themselves almost never come here, but their knights sure do and then they stay amongst us and shit up the place.

No. 26828

Haku's whiteknights keep linking this thread and their thread.

No. 26829

File: 1426618002707.png (20.13 KB, 599x232, notaguy.png)

No. 26830

THEN FUCKIN DONT. fucking dress like a boy all you want, stop pretending to be something you're not and enjoy your life and fashion choices. no one's going to hate you for just wanting to dress like a boy and still identify as female.

No. 26831

File: 1426618770143.png (298.14 KB, 467x358, he-him.png)

No. 26832

They're fucking idiots and it sickens me how they are trans as a trend. I dress like a boy all I want, but still identify as female biologically. There's nothing wrong with that, but so many people on tumblr think short hair + pants = TRANS!!


No. 26833


No. 26834


Same. And when you tell the fuckers that you're a girl, they suggest becoming a FtM or imply that you're genderfluid. What the fuck is a genderfluid?

I don't need to be a tumblr term to be a tomboy.

No. 26835

This. But tumblr insists you have to be one or the other. You can't just be a qt tomboy.

No. 26836

File: 1426620983832.png (301.28 KB, 553x341, totesaboykek.png)

same person
she claims to be a 'boy' while dressing as a girl and whines about how hard is her teenage life

No. 26837

Bitch needs to stop. This is embarrassing.

No. 26838

I just can't grasp why the concept of gender roles can't be enough, like, i dress feminine, my hair is long and i wear makeup but I wouldn't call my personality "gendered" in any particular way other than certain feelings of sisterhood with my fellow ladies. It's gender roles that are fucking us over, gender in it self is down right irrelevant when you remove the socio economic aspects of it. What I'm trying to say is if you're born in a female body, enjoy presenting femininity outwardly but feel like your personality crashes with that YOU ARE NOT TRANS, you are only conflicted by the assumed "role" of your gender. Transsexuality is something to be respected and treated for what it is, snowflaking and collecting labels is just damaging. They are literally making the lives of actual transgendered people.

No. 26839

No. 26840

Tumblr view is that if you don't think constantly TEE HEE I'M A FEMALE DOING FEMALE THINGS FEMALLY you're not your gender, i.e. truly a special cinnamon roll too beautiful for this world, too pure.

No. 26841

Making the life of transgendered people harder was what i meant to write.

No. 26842


If I were to tell you I was a kettlekin, in order words I believed my spirit once belonged to that of a kettle, used to boil water, would you respect that?

My new pronounces are Ker, Ket and Key.

No. 26843

You're comparing pears to apples.
Feminine cismen are still men, you retard.

So you're telling me
you're seriously telling me
that we shouldn't judge other human beings for thinking they're plants?
Are you seriously giving me this shit right now?

And you comparing otherkin to transgenderism is the cherry on top of the cake. Just go.

No. 26844

Remember sithlordali? My BFF was obsessed with 'him'. Those were the days…

No. 26845


take a look at this bitch though.

No. 26846

We need a qt tomboy movement

No. 26847


No. 26848

Are there any pics left of that crazy fake boi? She was one of the first fake bois online before tumblr existed. She was always so active on ED. Man, Gaia online.. Those were the days.

No. 26849

god tumblr trans actually made me feel so horribly shitty. i remember when i came out as trans at 11. now that im 17 i actually go om tumblr, and its horrible seeing people act to be trans when its obvious they arent. crieswolves used go be bigender, but changed over???? wtf that makes no sense. you dont just 'change' like that.

No. 26850

like okay my parents were horribly cruel and uptight w/ religion and gender roles. so i never got to cut my hair or go by any other name or pronouns and it made my dysphoria evern worse. one time when i was at my friends house, i cut my hair all off and had my first accomplimish moment. i went to school the next day and i was asked if i was an 'edgy tumblr feminist'. i hated tumblr. so fucking much. its made it hard for people to take me seriously when i come out to them.

No. 26851

File: 1426667945713.gif (1.34 MB, 450x254, jan.gif)

>came out as trans at 11
>17 now and on tumblr

No. 26852

i dont think that you realise can stop hating things. kinda why the word hated is in past tense.

No. 26853

if we're counting """genderqueer""" folk my my MY do i have some people. one of them is going by "Hawke" from Dragon Age or w/e now 'cause they literally identify as a fictional character (I think). these folk are not particularly lolcow worthy but i got into the spn fandom before all of this stuff and i'm still following the same people and just… oh dear. oh dear oh dear oh dear this fandom is hell someone save me

No. 26854

oh god can we bring up the people who identify as plants and fictional characters. and claim their genders are shit like that too.
tbh all their pronouns should be trash/trashs/trashself

No. 26855

File: 1426672214144.jpg (42.3 KB, 603x340, 1420234216992.jpg)

sure is tumblr in here

No. 26856

same anon as: >>26853

this person did the "shit supernatural fans say" video (I think that's the one he did oh wait they did) they used to be a gay man now they are an agender… something.
also not a boy but I went to college with this person and when i met them they were a gay man now they are a lesbian woman: http://zoeyandpenguins.tumblr.com/ BLOG MAY BE NSFW. there is definitely a pic of her grabbing her dick while she's wearing panties in there.
this is the one that identifies as Hawke.
(sorry if any of this is OT I just. Really need to get these people off my chest. Especially fucking Zoey I had to put up with some much shit from her)

No. 26857

forgot the link to the second one: http://wuqs.tumblr.com

No. 26858

then theres the sjw who claim that you can 'change when presented with new knowledge'. thats not how it works. youd probably feel off & investigate if you actually were.

No. 26859

No. 26860

File: 1426674844100.gif (1.03 MB, 500x280, http://31.media.tumblr.com/237…)

No. 26861

File: 1426674905721.jpg (115.92 KB, 640x638, http://36.media.tumblr.com/4e3…)


No. 26862

File: 1426675006374.jpg (56.07 KB, 782x513, http://40.media.tumblr.com/tum…)

No. 26863

File: 1426675104588.png (114.03 KB, 371x373, http://40.media.tumblr.com/cbb…)

You're not a real transman unless you look like this. I think we all can agree on this.

No. 26864

are they any more of these transboy sjw that we should know about,,

No. 26865

File: 1426675157572.jpg (75.43 KB, 1024x614, IMG_20150126_041417.jpg)

No. 26866

i agree 100%

No. 26867

File: 1426675245002.jpg (9.26 KB, 132x189, http://40.media.tumblr.com/078…)

No. 26868

question: why do all these people cosplay and where dumb shirts w/ random japanese words????

No. 26869

This reminds me of one time I took a shit.

But when I looked at it, it was just… shit was so yellow and liquid I really don't think it was shit. It wasn't piss either. I am so fucking disgusted by fake shit.

Anyone else found lulz fake shit like this in their lifetimes?

No. 26870

everyone on tumblr.

No. 26871

dear god i found another one

No. 26872


I know this person. Their birth name is Ayato. some people know them as Black Rabbit. They have some real quarrel rivalry drama shit going on with a sibling (older sister I think?) and it's so lulzworthy. last time I heard of them they were in a gang, so. there you have it

No. 26873

File: 1426676502990.gif (679.69 KB, 303x280, jdhtdh.gif)

No. 26874

File: 1426676606133.gif (36.02 KB, 200x146, hugbox.gif)

>this thread in general

No. 26875

File: 1426676730611.png (613.65 KB, 1280x1862, tumblr_nlbtqoOFiB1s3u0h4o6_128…)

No. 26876

No. 26877

they all act look the same and its horrible.

No. 26878

No. 26879

can somebody just give me an explanation on why if it was a guy– y'know, with a cock and shit, dressing "as a girl" and when called a girl told you "haha, I'm actually a guy" y'all would actually start calling him a guy n shit but as soon as it's an uh, biologically female person doin it, y'all lose your shit

no it's just, I'm legit wondering. anyone explain?

No. 26880

please learn to quote or something. it looks like you're blogging.

No. 26881

because if they were actually trans, they would be super dysphoric about being mistaken for a girl ect ect. sorry but im huge truscum. plus its the whole cliche??? like maybe if this wasnt a huge tumblr thing people wouldnt care. but theres this huge group of people who wear the same clothes (they even all source the same brands), wear the same make up, act the same, and claim the whole deal.

No. 26882

its just like a whole transtrenders things who switch their genders on and off.

No. 26883

lol ya really think none of them feels dysphoria
all of them
single one
of them
none feels dysphoria

I'm fine– well I'm not fine but I understand people callin me a girl upon first seein me considering I crossdress a lot but what's the point of still doin it after I tell you I'm actually a guy like– that just has no point man I don't understand

look buddy I understand that there are indeed some peeps going through a fad that's ridiculous and obnoxious as FUCK and personally it's kinda half worrying to me but
there some peeps that don't deserve to be in this thread regardless they look feminine or not or wear the same fuckin brand of clothes or not, you feel?

I'm kind of worried for you guys tbh, honestly speaking this is sad. no sarcasm, no joke, I really worry about how sad you look man…. just sayin

No. 26884

this whole thread is fucked up. seriously. so what if the people want to where feminine clothes or wear makeup?? and jusy bc SOME people on tumblr end up with this just being a phase, that doesnt mean everyone is. heck- i used to think i was mtf bc of tumblr!! but i wasnt. does that change anything?? does that mean i can speak for anyone else?? no. it doesnt. and you cant either.

No. 26885

Yeah lol I'm trans and this is the first time I've mentioned it in any thread on lolcow. Reading these comments don't upset me or make me feel particularly inclined to ragepost.

See, that's the thing about REALLY being trans–you learn to deal with that shit. Bawing to randoms on a blogging site so they'll blow smoke up your ass isn't a defense against the things an actual trans person deals with in real life.

I'm seeing all sorts of ~edgy tranny h8~ up in here and I haven't whined about it because who tf cares this is fucking lolcow.

If you consider yourself trans but can't handle the fact that your entire identity revolves around whether people deem you worthy of passing or not, I don't know what the hell you're transitioning for. You're going to get made fun of. You are going to spend your entire life known as "that tranny." Buck up boo.

No. 26886


Fuck off back to your hugbox. We don't take kindly to your type here.

No. 26887

>she/her/hers/herself ► use with permission only; if you need to use these for accessibility reasons, i need to know first.
>i am chinese-canadian
>please don’t refer to me as asian-canadian or as asian
is this person retarded or what?

No. 26888

yanno she's actually really smart just unfortunately she got sucked into the confirmation bias hugbox echo chamber that is the Tumblr sjw community.

That doesn't excuse the fae self bullshit. And I know she's legit too and not a troll. I saw the transformation.

lol@the Chinese thing like if you can find pictures of her on her blog (they're there if you dig) she looks Vague Asian/Filipino. I had no idea she was Chinese.

No. 26889

I'm not even gonna dignify the sparkle/sparkler/sparkleself people with a comment tbh.

But jfc you people are giving me the exact same headache tumblr does on a regular basis. The amount of hypocrisy on both sides is just painful. A feminine cisman is still a man, no matter what he wears so why is that different than a transman? Are they not "real" men to you? That's some serious bullshit right there.

You (rightfully) shit on tumblr for enforcing bullshit gender stereotypes and the thought that your clothes define your gender, yet turn around and do the exact same thing? You correctly point out that not liking girl clothes does not make you a man, yet if a (trans)man does like girl clothes he should just be a girl already? Fucking really? I completely get that feminine behaviour can worsen dysphoria for FtM, but just because it works that way for some (most, probably), does not mean it works that way for all.

Now don't get me wrong. A lot of these people are absolutely special snowflakes wanting attention yadda yadda yadda. I'm not defending these in particular. (I don't actually know any of them well tbh.) But that's no reason to shit on actual transgender people who do not fit the gender stereotypes that you claim are outdated anyway.

If someone who looks feminine to you is more comfortable being called "him" (and doesn't flip the fuck out when people get it wrong on accident, obviously, that's just being an attention whore and pisses me off to no end) then who the fuck cares?

No. 26890


No. 26891

tl;dr either

what's ur point lol

No. 26892

did u even read the thread or

No. 26893

>"So wet now. But I have to do lots of reading and such. Gahh. #help me please #sit on my face? #horny text post"
>check tagged/me
>she still has male sexual organs

No. 26894

The sad thing is that fakebois literally do do that and then magically go back to being a girl when it stops being "cute", as opposed to actual transmen who go through this shit and actually suffer the social repercussions and discrimination from family and friends.

No. 26895

>Their birth name is Ayato.
Right, and I'm a dolphin with human legs.

No. 26896

Shit, sorry to hear that. How'd that happen if you don't mind me asking? Do you prefer living on the surface or on the sea? :/ Sorry, bud…

No. 26897

I'm in. I'm a frequent transvestite as in I enjoy dressing up as a man because it's a fun role I like to take and have fun with. But that's what it is - a role, a fictional person. In reality I'm a cis woman and enjoy it as well. Yet tumblrites always think I'm transgendered or genderfluid or some shit like that and it's really fucking demeaning to those with legitimate dysphoria.

My actual post-op transgender friends hate these twerps because they make things harder for those who have fought for years to have gender dysphoria recognized as a biological disorder, not a mental illness. Even medical researchers have found that people with strong dysphoria have a brain pattern different to the usual one found within their biological gender. They're born with it and it's usually evident in their early childhood, either obviously or recognizable with some kind of behavioral problems due to frustration. And now we have these tumblr bastards wrecking it all with their LMAO IT'S A CHOICE YOU TRUSCUM ASSHOLES shit. It's horrible.

>Tumblr actually has guides now to help snowflake fakebois manipulate their therapists into givimg them T and a surgery letter. What to say, body language, etc.

I've seen this too and it's so fucked up there are no words. Actual advice how to cheat the therapists because you weren't born with a disorder that qualifies you to change your body permanently at age 20. The surgeries can be potentially life-threatening and the hormone treatment isn't very healthy either, it's a very exhausting process and requires you to be absolutely sure and mentally strong enough to go through with it.

The other thing that's really shitty are the constant "hi my name is special snowflake and I'm 15 and trans and my parents are threatening to throw me out because of my transgenderism/I have to afford transition treatment, GIVE ME MONEY" posts. There is no solid proof that any of it is true. After that one kid killed himself (herself?) because of his bible-thumping parents, I saw attention-starving transtrenders faking pretentious "suicide messages" with the "MY DEATH NEEDS TO MEAN SOMETHING!!!!!!!!!!!!" like in that kid's suicide note. Not surprisingly none of them actually killed themselves but I sure as hell hope they got a kick out of all the "signal boost" reblogs they received for being a fucking insensitive dumbass.

No. 26898

But why does that give you the "right" to scream "FAKEBOI" at every single young kid that looks feminine? Have you tried actually questioning them, see how they actually feel before you do shit that might damage peeps?

The thing here is that as soon as you see a kid, trans, and has a tumblr profile or whatever social media's trendy, you invalidate their entire background and giggle at them with your circle like those stereotypical japanese ganguro bullies going "eeehhh~ kiimooooo~~~~"

"I'm just doing it for fun!" That's really sad, y'know? You could do a lot of other things that are far more fun if that's the problem here, bud.

Forreal, y'all sound like a buncha middle schoolers… This isn't even lulzworthy, it's full of shit, man. Clogged up. Call a plumber.

No. 26899

>The thing here is that as soon as you see a kid, trans, and has a tumblr profile or whatever social media's trendy, you invalidate their entire background and giggle at them with your circle like those stereotypical japanese ganguro bullies going "eeehhh~ kiimooooo~~~~"

Get the fuck out and go back to your hugbox.

No. 26900

File: 1426697309950.jpg (16.11 KB, 500x382, IMG_20141129_211256.jpg)

If only, Anon. If only I had one…

N-ne… W-will you be my hugbox, Anon-kun…?

No. 26901

No one does this. Like, legit no one does this. Go back to tumblr.

No. 26902




No. 26903

God, thank you. This is going on three days now with this fucking shit.

No. 26904

>those stereotypical japanese ganguro bullies


No. 26905

Nah, gossiping is fine, whatever, your business. But you call leaking people's information and putting them at risk just some harmless gossiping? Rrright…

Ya never seen them?? Hmm, might be just me… Ganguro, prep, bitches, hoes, whatever, it's the stereotypical bullies in anime and manga, usually blonde hair, tan skin, wear a load of makeup, phone charms… That kinda mental image.
Yeah, forget it.

No. 26906

yeah she found the thread. no surprises
have fun trying to whiteknight yourself bitch

No. 26907


She's doing a bad job at it

No. 26908

I think you're talking about yankees, not ganguro.

No. 26909

> it's the stereotypical bullies in anime and manga

Holy shit, are you really such an autistic fuck that you use anime stereotypes when talking about actual people?

No. 26910

Not that anon, but I've read manga and watched anime where a ganguro was a bully.

No. 26911

Yeah, those are fucking stereotypes.

No. 26912

no one cares

transboizzzz on tumblr are generally confused, sad, fat girls that feel insecure with their bodies, so they give into the tumblr trend of having gender dysphoria (as if it's impossible to just feel insecure w ur body type, or w/e), and start whining to people about how much they need top surgery "gimme monies ple im sad as a girl :((((((("

why dont you take up a more worthy cause?

the majority of these girls are not trans - sorry, and EVEN if they are, i'm so fucking tired of LGBT or race issues being the only fucking topic up for discussion

there are MORE PRESSING PROBLEMS ON THE TABLE that need to be discussed - not this fucking gender conversation

no one gives a shit if they're actually trans

no one cares, and being called a 'she' when you're a chick that wants a pee-pee isn't the worst thing ever. people need to get fucking real. go read the news or something, because this isn't some real shit

tumblr is not the real world, and a gossip website probably isn't going to be sympathetic to this overhyped, self involved, garbage

No. 26913

No shit sherlock.

No. 26914


Fucking thaaaank yoooouuu

No. 26915

Well then what's wrong with letting them fuck up the first 20 years of their lives and letting the decide from there on? They're the ones who are gonna have to deal with the embarrassment of telling people "lol jk i was a girl all along!" and the real trans people will transition. End of story. I don't get why everyone's getting mad over this, it isn't your life they're fucking up.

No. 26916

Because their bullshit makes actual trans people look like they're just pretending, which obviously makes it harder for them to be taken seriously socially.
These people need to find something else to create trends on.

No. 26917

Because if they go on hormones they have already permanently changed their bodies and it outs them at risk for sooooo many things. If that's what necessary for their dysphoria (aka actually trans) that's the risk they take but it's absolutely needless and dumb as fuck to go on something as life changing as T for a phase.

No. 26918

This. People don't seem to get that when crackheads like these pull this sort of shit it winds up invalidating the real ones who actually need help. This has happened with fake bisexuals tarnishing the image of real ones, leading everyone to think that bi people are just attention seeking shits. This has happened with self harm when blatant attention whores paraded their "injuries" up and down while the ones who needed help hid in shame and even more so because they knew that now nobody would listen.

>it isn't your life

Except that they inadvertently fuck up other's lives in the process, which you don't seem to realize. This is a lot more common than you think and all thanks to these edgeshit fuckers trivializing legitimate issues.

No. 26919

What leaked information? The fact that someone calls herself Ayato irl? Because that's the only thing you can call "leaking information" so far ITT.

People putting up their emails on the name field and posting their real life information for everyone else to see is their fault, booboo.
Because it invalidates their situation by being discarded as just a phase. Transitioning isn't something that you can just say is a choice; it's not something you can dabble with while you're in your early teens and then completely forget about it. It's a conflict of identity. Sure, these people might go on with their lives after they realize it was just a phase, but what about the others who are really struggling with dysphoria? What if professionals find out these posts telling people how to manipulate the therapist to look like they really do have dysphoria? The only thing they're causing is setting the bar even higher for people who really are trans. This is not a joke and shouldn't be shrugged off with "but who cares xD"

No. 26920

get your TG shit outta here

No. 26921


Damnmit I'm attracted to them.
kill me softly plz ;-;.

No. 26922

shes a girl and u can go kill urself anytime

No. 26923

File: 1426721046987.png (426.11 KB, 1800x410, truscum.png)

>we don't dox people
>i was threaten

Anything to be a victim.

No. 26924

W-will u help me Anon-chan

No. 26925

Lol, that's my post.
I didn't realize that informing someone that a board of oldfags lurks this place regularly now and has been picking cows they feel like going after was a threat.
But, okay.
Wonder what the fuck it's like to not know how to read.

No. 26926


What's her Tumblr?

No. 26927

Whoa…something about this seems like it's a straight up fetish for them. The countless lingerie pics and the obvious dick exposure combined with equating bras with 'being female' with hardly the mention of anything else 'feminine' other than the sexual aspects…Idk..I can't articulate it but this seems really off and weird to me.

No. 26928

File: 1426728625345.jpg (237.52 KB, 1280x960, tumblr_nl0j6sO89P1tvq8ibo1_128…)

At first I was mad, because why whould they be doorkeepers of who aren’t trans and not? but then I got really down, their words ate me up.

That I am not trans enough for who? yes I might be quite feminine for a guy, and quite masculine for ‘‘women’‘ personality wise, per say.

But it just let me hanging there, because wasn’t my progress enough for coming out to my classmates, on the internet and soon my family members? wasn’t it enough that I felt suicidal because I could’t live with being called a women, a lesbien (i’m not even straight for that matter) and all these words.

Was my scars not enough to tell others that I suffered with being seen, looking like a woman?

Are my emotions not enough to tell that I am male, is my experience not enough to tell you that people’s ways of telling if they’re trans or not so different and vibrant in different colours, that you can’t put all the ways how we discover ourselves?

Tumblr let me express that, I was trans before and I aimed to be hecka cute before seeing these cuties of tumblr boys all over my dash.

Don’t belittle us, just because we don’t care of being masculine or not, don’t belittle our feelings because we can change, or what we are is not ‘’valid’’.

Because you can be the damn reason for why a little transboy or transkid commit suicide, because they could’t furfill an image you put on us.

That was my feelings after I talked with them, but when they put my pictures in the plot too, it got kinda personal tbh. It would and should.

Okay, you got my pictures, woho, you got my email and an old nickname I had for years.

What are you going to do? post it on your little american flag and post it all internet and say this person is this and that ect.

Newsflash guys, nobody gives a damn what you have to say, it’s all garbage.

You are just humiliating yourself, even if you’re not anon.

You humiliate the trans community, yourself (mostly I must say) and just the human race if I would extend your deeds.

I must sound pretty nutty, tired, angry or something else that would explain a tumblr teenager.

But I am a tired and angry teenager, kinda tired because I could’t get sleep by this shit forum you made and angry, well for many things.

But mostly putting innocent transboys on a site and belittle them without knowing.

No. 26929

No. 26930


No. 26931

It must be sad to be you. To have no sense of reading comprehension and being unable to digest the totally valid points and concerns some people here have made.

>post it on your little american flag and post it all internet and say this person is this and that ect

What the fuck does that mean?

also why are you typing like this?

with small sentences





Do you think it sounds like artistic or poetic or some shit?

No. 26932

what the fuck is even going on anymore

No. 26933


Busted out laughing after that long dramatic post thanks to yours.

Whiny bitches, man.

No. 26934

"dont make fun of meeeee :("
>deliberately tries to look as much like a fucking clown as possible and wonders why people think he's a psycho
people aren't going to listen to what you have to say when you look like a goddamn failed science experiment. for the most part people are very conservative, and will require slow acclimation in order to accept more progressive, tolerant ideas

No. 26935

>Was my scars not enough to tell others that I suffered with being seen, looking like a woman?
Is that what that picture is supposed to be? Her "scars"?
That shit straight up looks like she smeared magenta lipstick all over herself.

No. 26936

lmfao, it really does. it has to be.

No. 26937

Teenage girl MySpace angst.

No. 26938

File: 1426732762468.gif (2.72 MB, 400x202, ocelotlaugh.gif)

that is fucking asherbee/luvmonkeys level scar makeup topkek

No. 26939

>mgs3 ocelot
You're awesome, anon.

No. 26940


This is so cringe worthy.

No. 26941


No. 26942

It's probably been said before,I din't want to wade through the whole thread but i feellike a lot of this who scene is just teenage hormones/puberty combined with trying to fit in and define a role for themselves while gaining attention. It's a huge fad like the emo/scene thing a lot of people went through.

It's like they're looking for some individuality by fitting into this strange niche but it's become so popular at the same time. I don't even know anymore.

No. 26943


No. 26944

> That I am not trans enough for who?

It's not a fucking sliding scale. Do you have dysphoria relating to your reproductive system or secondary sex characteristics? If so, you're trans. If not, you're cis.

> I might be quite feminine for a guy, and quite masculine for ‘‘women’‘ personality wise

Good job enforcing gender stereotypes, you stupid cunt. I wear pants and vote, but I also have a vagina. Am I trans? Of course not, fucktard.

I'm sure you hate people that say "Girls must act this way" or "Boys must act that way." But what you're saying isn't much different. You say "Girls must act this way, and, if they don't, they're not girls," and "Boys must act that way, and, if they don't, they're not boys."

>Because you can be the damn reason for why a little transboy or transkid commit suicide, because they could’t furfill an image you put on us.

"Waaaaah, these internet strangers don't like I appropriate and redefine a term so I can be a special snowflake, and then exclude actual trans people and call them 'gatekeepers' and 'truscum' when they call me out on my bullshit, waaaaaaah!!!"

No. 26945

My sides are in orbit, anon.

No. 26946

You've said bye 10 times now, just go already

No. 26947

>per say
top kek. Reminds me of foreverkaytylin…"chaynell"

No. 26948

is that a turd

No. 26949

English isn't his first language omg don't oppress other cultures anon!!1

No. 26950

File: 1426768953162.png (467.81 KB, 538x820, Screen Shot 2015-03-19 at 12.3…)

idk petra
you seem pretty new to the internet, you tell me

No. 26951

It's not mine either lol

No. 26952

File: 1426776871050.png (141.16 KB, 997x639, ss (2015-03-19 at 02.37.44).pn…)

Petra or Peter bb?


No. 26953

>15 år
>dricker: hembränt


No. 26954

File: 1426778684038.gif (685.38 KB, 320x180, prettygood.gif)

And you're pretty good, anon

> tfw can't wait to play QT cowboy ocelot in MGO3

No. 26955

That's what I suspect to be honest. I know by say on their blog that they haven't started transitioning but as far as I know they don't WANT to transition. Hormones maybe but they don't want to not have a dick.

The worst is that they actually run/founded a chapter of GLSEN which is an all around LGBT activism group. Like they do a lot of advocated on campus and got gender neutral bathrooms. However Zoey's attitude is just embarrassing and disgusting. The school she's at is like the gay liberal arts beacon in Kentucky and 90% of the lgbt folks on campus me included don't associate with the Pride group because of Zoey.

And most people don't know about the tumblr. Apparently they've got a private one with no0dz.

(can someone please troll them.)

No. 26956


I don't understand how this girl (or any of them, really) can take selfies like this, look at them, and think "I look like a boy". Have they never seen an actual male their own age? At best even the most androgynous fakebois could only pass for prepubescent boys. Even the older ones like Haku and Gutterface, nothing about their faces is masculine, yet their fans rave about how "omg I wouldn't have ever known you were not cismale if I didn't read your blog!".

No. 26957

Well, they kind of look like hipster boys I see in Brooklyn from time to time. But for the most part, they just look like tomboy girls.

No. 26958

Yes, definitely!

No. 26959

>people who like The Pretty reckless unironically

No. 26960

That is hands down the shittiest list of liked bands I have ever seen in my life.

No. 26961

I mean just in the face, not the clothes.

No. 26962

File: 1426802120286.jpg (109.47 KB, 486x498, no.jpg)

I just came across this on my dashboard.
>Don't take hormones from third party sellers without a prescription
>Instead take hormones from Amazon without a prescription uwu

And then they wonder why people get fucking mad.

No. 26963

There is no reason these little shits cannot wait and be properly assessed by a doctor to be prescribed hormone treatments and given the approval for surgery and such.

>I need to transition NOW!!!!!!!!

like, get over yourself you fucking shits. I hope they have a terrible reaction to those hormones they buy off amazon. Stupid shits deserve it.

No. 26964

That is the most dangerous thing I've read in a long time. Can someone report this post?

No. 26965

I clicked on the url to report it but she deleted the post.
However this doesn't mean the post will get completely deleted as it's still circulating.

No. 26966

I hope no one buys that shit. Fake trans or whatever, that will fuck your body chemistry up. Tumblr is insane.

No. 26967

File: 1426803284825.jpg (768.05 KB, 1751x2500, oh boy oh boy.jpg)

They think real boys actually look like their yaoi doujinshis.

No. 26968

Riddle me this- why is it only the girls that cosplay and watch anime that are pretending to be boys now?

It doesn't take a fucking psychologist to tell they spent too long in a short wig and binding and too long reading yaoi that they honestly believe being a boy is the cool thing to be.cause hey- effeminate yaois are cool and every weeaboo bitch on the block gets off on it so why not? Its a fetish to these people. They want to be boys for the visual appearance and kawaii yaoi points, but certainly not because theres been a strong obvious feeling in their gut that knows they are truly male. This shit must take incredible amounts of emptiness and narcissism to truly convince themselves they are "pretty boys". Just be a tomboy or crossdresser and stop spraying textual diarrhea on the internet, stop scamming poor stupid losers into donating money to a transition fund you want for superficial reasons. Its embarrassing and disrespectful, and we all see whats really going on. I cant believe an entire movement of self absorbed liars are shitting on the most open chance to really bring trans issues to light.

No. 26969


No. 26970


I bet the stuff she's linking to is actually only allowed OTC in tiny quantities. Even stuff like paracetamol you're meant to have a prescription to buy more than like two boxes at a time.

So she's really just advocating the exact same thing as she's complaining about. I bet even on the boxes they say to go to a doctor if you use them for more than a couple of weeks.

No. 26971

This. They're literally just teenage genderbent versions of that sissy bullshit.

No. 26972


Self posting again to say that the reason they're suggesting Amazon is that you can easily use Amazon to bypass limits. For example if the OTC limit on something is like 15g then you can just buy 15g from ten different third party sellers on Amazon and Amazon does nothing to block it. It's easier than driving around going from pharmacy to pharmacy and having to explain your symptoms to ten different real life pharmacists.

No. 26973

I can provide some clarification here.

Some hardcore internet trans do try to buy their perscription grade hormones online, some actually manage to and self medicate. Doinf this with the kind of hormones administered during transition with only a height/weight chart and without professional guidance is not only illegal, but reckless and dangerous as fuck. Even something as "simple" as hormones can destroy your body irreparably.

To counter this, many Tumblr trans are now circulating OTC "hormone suppliments" from online pharmacies hoping to discourage the former. When you think about it, it's a great idea because those suppliments are designed to work with the cisfemale (estrogen) and cismale (testosterone boosters) bodies to boost the natural production levels bak to a normal range for people who feel that their levels are too low. Thing is, because they're OTC suppliments/boosters they don't actually contain hormones, and it would be extremely difficult to take enough of them to damage your health. Some people may see some limited effects, but the bottom line is that they aren't going to to for transpeople whatvthe actual perscription hormones can, or else nobody would go to a doctor to get them, they would just go to Amazon and we would have way more kids on Tumblr "on HRT".

No. 26974

there's a chick sayng that when she puts the eyeliner in a certain way it means she identify as boy, when she puts it in another way she identify as agender. but in fact she's always putting a lot of makeup and being all cute.

No. 26975

Is there even a point to that?

No. 26976

there really should be a thread about this kid
theyre so problematic

No. 26977


who is that?

No. 26978


No. 26979

>get to know trans woman (mtf post-op, she looks pretty good actually)
>mom: "She doesn't have much friends because people here aren't very open-minded, could you spend some time with her?"
>me: sure, never met a trans woman before
>tfw I tried to befriend her but she turns out to be a spoiled bitch
>tfw her transgenderness isn't the reason people don't like her, it's her rotten personality
>find out later her entire progress from mtf only took 4 months while this usually takes years but her parents have a lot of money
>tfw she is a member of the conservative party
>tfw she is quick to judge jobless people while she lives of her parents' money
>tfw she makes posts that we shouldn't complain about having to work longer while she hasn't worked a day in her life

No. 26980

Well, yeah. Trans women can be awful, just as a woman can be awful, just as a man can be awful.

To act like we're all speshul magic unicornz is just as weird as hating every single one of us, imo.

No. 26981

what if people weren't treated differently based on their assumed reproductive capacity and genital shape in non-sexual contexts. what if these girls could be treated like normal human beings and have truly egalitarian relationships with males instead of feeling like society will always see them as female first and people after and feeling like guys will only respect them if they're also male

No. 26982

Yeah but like when are theoreticals ever relevant

No. 26983

when people are convinced that "gender" should be a socially relevant thing still.
>inb4 "muh brainsex!!!"
even if females and males have intrinsically different brain structes that make girls like wearing dresses and boys like being ceos, so what? there's still enough exceptions and differences in cultural expectations of gender to make treating people differently based on their assumed genitals pointless.

No. 26984

I know that but I can't imagine it ever happening.

No. 26985

but it is happening, anon. mostly in europe; sweden's gender neutral daycare was a well-publicized example of people trying to work towards a future where gender doesn't have to be a thing. unfortunately, liberal activists in those countries are pishing transsexual ideology which holds that gender is an innate and unchangeable and part of the mind/soul, which might prove a setback.

No. 26986

I know and in the meantime I met a different transwoman and she's a great person.
It's just that she thinks people don't like her just because she's a transwoman and that she went quite lightly over something very serious.
Also, she thinks kids should have the right to change their sex too. I think this is all kinds of wrong, children can't make descisions such as these. I was a tomboy in my childhood but that doesn't mean I'm not happy to be a woman today.

No. 26987

Hm, I suppose I was just thinking of america's current status.
>murrican here

No. 26988

same, actually! unfortunately, there isn't much international organization with thes kinds of things, and groups that focus on it usually exist within radical feminist circles that can be inhospitable to people who aren't super into that kind of thing

No. 26989

http://jinkxalicious.tumblr.com/ can we talk about this bitch lol

No. 26990

what a stupid fuck


>dresses like a chick 80% of the time
this tumblr shit is so fucking regressive, it's not even funny

why can't girls just have short hair and wear pants??? what the fuck is this?

all they're doing is reinforcing gender constructs by dressing "like boys" and calling themselvevs boys whenever they decide to dress "like" a boy


and the cuts on her arm

all these fat shits are so depressed the only thing they can conveniently do is upload selfies

they can't try to pick up skills, but they can spend hours on end fixing their faces/outfits, and subsequently post photos of themselves all over their profiles

No. 26991

lmao today is trans day of visibility or some shit so theres alot of these kind of fucks on my dashboard

No. 26992

File: 1427811514785.png (1.67 KB, 594x140, sas.png)

No. 26993

I follow 'Benji/Bambil/jinxalicious' on twitter and tumblr and I always see this chick talking to her.


Can't escape the fakebois.

No. 26994

File: 1427813767032.png (428.13 KB, 335x667, ITS NOT A PHASE, MOM.png)

No. 26995

lol tumblr is hilarious, I'mma check out that tag today

No. 26996

File: 1427815222405.png (1.9 MB, 2202x678, ohdumblr.png)

oh dumblr, never change

No. 26997

they all look the same
i've spent the last 30 minutes going through the tags and it looks like they're aaalll following some kind of ,,how to be trans XDD'' tutorial or something.

No. 26998

i am so finished

No. 26999

I feel you anon. I'm done with them too. So many girls all'I hate being a girl lololo' I'll just be a man! But uh…what? I don't get it. they harp that gender isn't about gender normal roles and stereotypes but they don't want to be women because 'they're so different from the typical girl omg111!'

No. 27000

I wish this non binary fad would die already. Being non binary is not trans! Frankly I think its disgusting that there are girls out there blatantly grabbing oppression points and invading a day that isn't about them.

No. 27001

just checked the tag, my eyes are on fire because of rolling them so much

No. 27002

Btw, if you check the tag you'll see 99% of people are ftm or bigender/genderfluid/agender chicks. I've only found or 6 mtf at the moment, what the fuckity fuck

No. 27003

*5 or 6

No. 27004

underrated post.

No. 27005

File: 1427821854061.png (710.46 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2015-03-31-13-03-56…)

I'm on my phone so it's a bunch of mobile screenshots… anyways…

this girl literally never dresses in anything except skirts and pink shit, her entire tumblr and Instagram is ~curated~ so that it's literally completely pastel pink, BUT DON'T YOU DARE USE A FEMALE PRONOUN TO ADDRESS HER

No. 27006

File: 1427821944054.png (624.5 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2015-03-31-12-58-25…)

also she posts shit like this and then spergs out over being objectified after she gets the attention she was seeking

No. 27007

File: 1427822042742.png (532.08 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2015-03-31-12-58-06…)

"here look at this picture of my ass but don't tell me you like it, that picture was for my boyfriend I just decided to post it to my public Instagram instead of just sending it to him"

No. 27008

File: 1427823505251.jpg (824.33 KB, 807x827, can_u_spot_tyler.jpg)

This is basically trans day of visibility, a huge bunch of white girls that look like Tyler Oakley.

Let's play! There's actually a picture of Tyler Oakley in the collage, can you spot him in less than 15 seconds? kek

No. 27009

Why do they all look the same?

No. 27010

To be fair, wearing a skirt or short shorts does not mean a woman deserves to be objectified. sorry.

No. 27011

They actually do look like the same 2-3 people. wth

No. 27012

It's not that she's wearing a skirt, it's that she's literally posting her ass with a suggestive comment and then getting angry when the thirsty fucks come out of the woodwork. If it was just for her boyfriend, why not send it to him?
If you behave sexually, what kind of response do you think it will warrant? When people start touching you or invading your space IRL it's a different story, obviously, but online…Nah.

No. 27013


you're right, how dare people comment on a sexually suggestive photo that someone deliberately put on the internet for the whole world to see

No. 27014

File: 1427824777695.gif (995.37 KB, 500x212, giphy.gif)

>congrats on the god tier booty
>god tier booty
>god tier

No. 27015

No. 27016

I couldn't find tyler lol, I lost

No. 27017

god tier booty? haha, looks like a fat ass and thunder thighs to me, but what do i know?

No. 27018

context anon, 1 person doing x thing being an idiot doesn't mean everyone doing x thing is an idiot

No. 27019


I swear I seem demon-possessed right now because of my eye rolling with this tag. Now my dash is filled with bullshit. Time to blacklist

No. 27020

File: 1427832071066.jpg (23.71 KB, 569x294, what.jpg)

So just saying you're trans makes you trans.

No. 27021


That logic is undeniable.

Just saying "I'm rich" magically puts money in my bank account.

No. 27022

No, you're not trans unless you are on hormones and actually living your life as the said gender. wtf.

No. 27023

Of course. Just like how Mahou prince can say they're a transman but dress like a female 90% of the time.

No. 27024

It's trans visibility day. It's going to be a shitfest on tumblr.

No. 27025

What about the folks that can't actually afford any kind of transition or aren't legal yet for it, though? I'm not saying you're wrong or I'm not tryna defend these folks, I don't really care about them. I just want to hear your POV (and other people too, if you'd like to pitch in). You just keep calling them a girl n stuff? That sounds kinda… Wrong, I guess. But then again, I want to hear your POV. Thanks!

No. 27026

Wearing a skirt or short shorts does not mean a woman deserves to be objectified only when the woman is in a setting where the comments and objectification is uncalled for.

Uploading a picture that supposedly is only for your boyfriend on a public domain [I assume her instagram is public] is going to make people comment on it.

She might as well send it to her boyfriend privately and then she wouldn't need to worry about muh objectifikashun.

No. 27027

Personally, my feelings are really torn on people like this… Because I'm ftm myself, and fucking love feminine, cutesy clothes.

I don't wear them to school anymore though, and I don't wear makeup. Why? No matter how much I like feminine clothing, I know no one will take me seriously as wanting to be addressed as male if I dress that way. Around my very close friends and online (like on tumblr, as much as I hate 90% of that site) I can dress how I like and also be respected for my identity. I mean, I don't wear dresses on the daily, or have long hair, but I do like colorful, OTT jfashion that's almost always seen as feminine.

I plan on transitioning as soon as I can, because my body makes me so uncomfortable I feel ungodly self conscious when I walk with my back straight without my binder on, because I'm terrified of drawing attention to my chest. It might take me a while to actually do so because of my financial situation though, which sucks ass.

That's why I get so upset at these transtrenders who treat it like a badge of honor or some shit. It's not fun, it SUCKS.Being uncomfortable with your body to the point of dissociation and the urge to self-harm isn't cute, or quirky, or anything. It isn't a badge on your blog description you can take off at the end of the day. I don't like calling NB people trans either, unless they experience dysphoria and plan on transitioning (not going to be a dick if they can't for some reason, but still). I'm going to call everyone by their preferred name/pronouns though, unless it's some tumblr bunself shit.

Just my two cents I guess.

No. 27028


Sounds like tumblr.

No. 27029

If you like makeup and cutesy girl clothes, what makes you trans? You don't like your breasts? So does almost every girl at some point. Unfortunately breast dysphoria is often seen as synonymous with gender dysphoria which isn't the case at all.

No. 27030

I'd be crucified by tumblr for this opinion, so watch out:

I'm not going to refer to you as a woman if you look like a man. Now, i don't mean the very unfortunate mtf that are tall, lanky, adam apple's, etc. I mean if you put no effort to look feminine ie hair, nails, clothing, make up clean shaven, then no, I'm not going to pretend you're a girl. My brother is mtf and he doesn't try at all to look feminine and guess what I'm not going to treat him like a chick when he looks like a dude.

For these fakebois it's a little different because all you have to do is cut your hair and bind, ta-da you can now claim to use he/him pronouns. If you don't try and look masculine in public, you're a fakeboi little shit. You recognize that you can get your e-penis stroked by tumblr retards but also know that looking masculine in public will probably be embarrassing or stressful. You can fuck off straight to hell, tbh. The reason these fakebois gravitate to specific fashions/androgyny is to purposefully avoid this shit in real life, because they don't WANT to be men, they want to be demi moore looking androngynous women.

inb4 cisscum, etc. I'd argue this is how much normies think. Although they probably don't see you has androgynous, just super dykey.

No. 27031

to add to this, actual for reals trans people recgonize they have to go above and beyond what cis gender people have to do to look a certain gender. mtf have to go over the top feminine because they are aware they look like men. Same goes for ftm. The difference with tumblr transtrenders is they don't try at all and still think the world should just bow to them. Nope.

No. 27032

Tyler Oakley is in the 3rd row second from the left with the mint hair sitting in the car.

No. 27033

Mahou prince is the worst kind of trans. they are 100% in make up at all times with huge eyelashes and pastel bs and skirts, but they're totes a man.

No. 27034


I am extemely uncomfortable with all feminine aspects of my body, that was just an example that actually comes up on the daily. And I am a million times more comfortable when I'm passing as male as well - it's right, even if my body isn't yet. It's honestly really fucking hard to describe what it's like to be trans I guess. I don't like going on woe is me tangents, but that's how it feels a lot of the time I suppose.

>says I hate that dumb tumblr shit
>sounds like tumblr

You know crossdressing cis men exist, right? I'm not saying I expect people to recognize me as male when I'm dressed in a feminine manner. I know they probably won't, which is why I only dress that way around people I KNOW will. I don't wear makeup/skirts/dresses/etc… 99.99% of the time.

No. 27035

Goddd I knew TDOV would make me cringe. I see actual trans people on my dash, living their lives and sending out messages of hope to trans kids and adults who are struggling. That's great. That's honestly a fantastic message to send. And then I see these god damn fake boiz and "bigender" and "genderqueer" kids cluttering up my dash and just…ugh. I don't have a problem with NB people since some of my friends buy into that shit, but nobody on this god damn earth is oppressed for being "NB" and honestly nobody fits perfectly into the binary anyway unless they're a robot or a stepford wife.

No. 27036

File: 1427846284891.jpeg (6.15 KB, 225x225, Unknown.jpeg)

lets not forgot able captain jack sparkle

No. 27037

File: 1427846442830.jpg (13.3 KB, 306x306, 11055543_790616071024736_13188…)

he's cute thats about it

No. 27038

People on 4chan would love him.

No. 27039

Watch hjernevask and learn how all of the research the Nordic countries base this on is fraudulent at best, and completely fabricated at worst. The documentary series launched an inquiry into the Norwegian gender studies institution that resulted in it being shut down.

No. 27040

criedwolves posted this: http://wolfprince.co.vu/post/115155959374/timeline don't even want to hate on him but it shows what the right lightening, hair dye and contouring does. his newer selfies look nothing like his old highschool-self. Even the old tumblr selfies look very different. he's got a completely new nose.

No. 27041

He's actually really cute with that short black hair cut.

No. 27042

File: 1427935602887.png (474.88 KB, 634x640, boy lesbian.png)

Has anyone here heard of lesbianlolita? I just recently found out about her through a mutual friend and was curious if there was any drama with her, the same mutual told me that just recently she argued with one of said friend's friend on facebook

No. 27043

She wasnt identifying as a boy when she liked my IG photos a few months ago. wth

No. 27044

>It's honestly really fucking hard to describe what it's like to be trans I guess.

Err that's not what I asked tho.

But anyway, you're trans because you want to look and dress like a girl but don't want female sexual characterisics? Transgender is "I'm male trapped in a female body" not "I just don't like my boobs or my hips but I love looking cute and girly!"

body dyphoria =/= gender dysphoria

Just because you don't like certain part of your body doesn't mean you're in the wrong one. Everybody dislikes things about their bodies to varying degrees. I don't ean his as an attack on you personally, but the prevalence of "I wanna be a kowai gay boy in skirts and makeup teehee~!" makes me cynical as fuck as a gender studies student. If all the fakebois on Tumlr took even One semester of gender studies they would realize how full of shit they are and how many problems they're represing/misinterpreting as "gender issues".

No. 27045

I fucking hate April 1st.

No. 27046


"I am a B O Y!!! :3" is back on trend now, especially on IG. It's liKe all the pastel vomit cutesy fakebois all missed The tumblr fakeboi boom so they're creating one on IG so they can have some popularity too despite being late as fuck to the party.

No. 27047

I dunno, I thought that was pretty funny.

No. 27048

This is fucking hilarious. It's like they're actually treating transgenderism as an alternative fashion or shit. Just replace the word "trans" as "goth" and "nb trans" as "emo" and you get what I mean.

>honestly nobody fits perfectly into the binary anyway unless they're a robot or a stepford wife.

Fuck, this. I actually hate when Tumblr fakebois actually propagate the idea of strict gender roles with their "I don't like makeup, shopping and starbucks takeaway coffee, I MUST BE A MAN" bullshit. I once stumbled across a fakeboi who made this generic "comparison drawing" in which there was a very stereotypical long-haired woman dressed up in pink next to her and a text saying something along the lines of "THIS IS A WOMAN I AM NOT A WOMAN". She got backlash for the stereotypical assumption of all women but retorted with a "lol it's just a drawing of course it's exaggerated". No you fuckwit, it only shows your own shallow internalization of the female gender role.

>The reason these fakebois gravitate to specific fashions/androgyny is to purposefully avoid this shit in real life, because they don't WANT to be men, they want to be demi moore looking androngynous women.

Exactly. It's like those perverted trasvestite men who dress up in a terrible, sexualized fashion without having to put any effort into passing because to them, dressing up as a woman is only a sexual fetish. Same applies to the sexually frustrated tumblr fakebois, they create this male persona for the sake of roleplaying.

>Justin Bieber hair
>Drawn on cartoonishly thick eyebrows
>Septum piercing
>Myspace angle
>>Leather jacket
>Tacky print shirt

Why the fuck do they all look the same? It's like I said, they treat transgenderism like a fashion.

No. 27049

I love my leather jackets, but man.. I don't get the septum piercing trend with 90% of them.

No. 27050

I read somewhere a while ago that it's supposed to be some kind of antifashion statement that isn't supposed to be pretty or whatever like nose rings or lip rings, like it's supposed to be ugly because fuck societyand beauty standards or whatever.

No. 27051

Never claimed to be asexual, I was asking because other people were relaying their own experiences and because I've been wondering for years, wanted to know if they've felt the same. I didn't just have a revelation after I happened to come across a tumblr post, wtf?

I said I experience sexual arousal, but not when I think of people. I also do not want to be sexual with anyone, which I mentioned as well. I do not enjoy sex, I never even said that.

You're so fucking retarded it's disgusting, I hope you set yourself on fire one day.

No. 27052

so many tumblr fakebois try to look like anime characters or have obsession with anime, been looking at too much yaoi imo. So unrealistic,

No. 27053

omfg thank fuck other people agree over how annoying that cunt is, jfc. You're a chick, you dress like a chick, you are a chick. Just because you're dating another chick and you call yourself a 'prince' doesn't mean you're trans you absolute fucking retard.

No. 27054

*you look like a chick
whoops anger issues

No. 27055


>try to look like anime characters or have obsession with anime

>septum/duckface/myspace/leatherjacket/tacky shirt/drawn eyebrows
>that entire picture collage

I'm honestly surprised no one has posted a friend of mine yet. I guess she's not super well-known so that makes sense. I think she's always had an interest in "gender-fluidity" or whatever you want to call it; she used to say she wanted to be a trap. She also had/has a lot of emotional issues, which I'm imagining a lot of these people do.

She fell in love with a sort of-lolcow a few years back, and from then on really started integrating with IRL trans, agender, and fakeboi circlejerks (think Kaden). She started adopting their style, began wearing fake thick-rimmed glasses, shaved her head, started smoking, got a septum, and started using "they/them" pronouns and referring to herself as a "shota."She also is a huge fan of yaoi, though maybe not to weeaboo levels.

This is right after years of carefully styling her hair and makeup for hours, adding sparkles to her face and crafting every eyelash and outfit. It was quite sudden (a few months at most?), and though I know people don't always express their inner desires, I think it was jarring how quick it happened. My first thought when it all began was that she was heavily influenced by her tumblr/lolcow friends.

I have no hard feelings towards her, and I care about her, but I really hope she doesn't spiral into a worse situation. She caused her mom a lot of distress over the years and when she "came out" (lived at home at the time) her mom was just kind of stunned and tired, I think. I peek at her tumblr/insta occasionally to track her progress.

No. 27056


I actually know a tumblrina who fits the description. She poked herself into a roleplaying group I was in spewing about her "Genderqueer" identity and shit nobody cared about. Then anons got at her for being a little brat about her speshul identity and she deactivated. She also doxed people who would send her hate it was funny. My boyfriend once told her to be more responsible when it comes to having sex cause she ended up going to planned pregnancy, and she made some tl;dr rant about being slut shamed.

No. 27057

Reminds me of my ex friends Emi and Gabe. Hell Emi didn't even change her female name and just says "I'm a boy! I'm just a beautiful boy and I don't need therapy!"
Gabe (aka Gabby) has huge titts that she thinks she does not have to bind. These two also own a whole lot of yaoi rp threads and read it religiously every day. I dunno, I think therapists should be aware of yaoi and just ask
"So how is your thoughts on gravitation? I love it"
if they fan girl all over the place they should make note they are just obsessed fan girls

No. 27058

Gravitation is so outdated. Might only work for the 25 and up crowd.

No. 27059


It was only an example…. I honestly don't know of any other yaoi. My friends have shown me comics but honestly they are all the same to me.
Oh god I do remember boco no pico though but no one likes that shit

No. 27060

>You're so fucking retarded it's disgusting, I hope you set yourself on fire one day.

Your tumblr is showing, anon.

No. 27061

I'm late to this but I can't stand all these "ftms" that post pics of them dressed girly with text that says "in drag lol" and it's weird because I never have seen a mtf dress as a guy and go "haha in drag so cute" it is usually just ftms. It's weird because they must want people to be like "WOW can't believe YOU are a GUY" and it's just really dumb and strange to me

No. 27062

I also forgot to add that it kind of reminds me of aki making people guess her gender

No. 27063

They get off on this weird "I'm a guy, but look how feminine I look!" high. I do not get it. A lot of FTM dress in skirts still or cosplay girls and get mad when people don't understand they're trans. Especially when they're not on T or hormones.

No. 27064


No. 27065

Ofc cried wolves has a donation set up for his top surgery. That seems like such a shitty thing to do.

No. 27066

Same with Cain

No. 27067

Watch haku be next!

No. 27068

Haku has actually expressed he's uncomfortable with people paying for that sort of thing and it's something he wants to do himself, actually

No. 27069


Oh? It must suck watching everyone else's fans paying off their surgeries.

No. 27070

This >>27069 Haku might give in sooner or later and release a donate page.

No. 27071

I'm so tired of every trans person, even those who aren't e-famous, starting gofundmes for surgery.

No. 27072

File: 1430246537068.png (8.35 MB, 3581x1689, 1427068849400.png)

People have been asking for a Fellowship thread but since there's not enough stuff for them on their own for their own thread, I decided to just pull stuff from the Haku thread onto here so you can all go crazy with it. Their not all fakeboiis but it's enough to put them on the thread.

Usernames in order are vongeist, circuitbird, hiwamu, shmegeh, takohai, v0nvamp, rizes, dirukari, daulizm, nelum, phenrirr, arahiroyazi, sanator1um

No. 27073

nelum is kinda hot, but oh my god that chin

No. 27074

I'm surprised no one's been bringing prince-kel/m1kahel up. Is it because they aren't in that group? They're more well known than a lot of those people.
Looks like they're going into sex work now.

No. 27075

Well this is just the Haku fellowship aka people who are either his close friends or interact with him a lot on social media. Though prince-kel on his own deserves his own thread since he has a ton of shitty stuff he's done.

No. 27076

Half Of these people aren't even trans. They're cis girls. You guys suck at bringing in the milk. They shouldn't even be on this list…….

No. 27077

I don't know if anyone's heard of jigaix, but they are a real piece of work.

No. 27078

This! Half or more of those people identify as female and Von is legit FtM trans and on T. I don't have a clue who some of the people are but posting just this photo is misleading considering how many cis females are on it.

No. 27079

jigaix? that person who had skin parasites?

No. 27080

I don't think they are. Haku doesn't like them. They were talking about prince-kel with someone else on their twitter a while back.

No. 27081

I think I saw that. It was v0nvamp or rizes vagueing about them right? They have histories with prince-kel and haku talks to both of them. I think almost everyone on tumblr has a history with prince-kel though, they love picking fights.

No. 27082

I think so, the one who thinks they are super sly irl izaya orihara

No. 27083

Nelum photoshops the living shit out of herself. There isn't a single photograph of her around that isn't shot in potato quality with 50 filters covering her real appearance.

No. 27084


Jigaix is the one who had skin parasites, yes (and proudly made posts about them, wtf?!). She also had beef with Cain - Jigaix is mad jealous of Cain's popularity. She also edits her voice deeper in videos, probably trying to make people believe she's a cis guy.

Cain posted screenshots a few months ago of Jigaix texting people, spreading lies and claiming certain people had been shittalking Cain but these allegations were proven to be false, just part of Jigaix trying to be more popular than Cain and turn people against them.

No. 27085

chris isnt even part of the fellowship

No. 27086

Turns out that wasn't an isolated incident either. She does it to lots of people. She has really bad issues with reality and thinks she's actually izaya orihara lulz

No. 27087

There's enough shit about her to earn herself her very own thread, but I wouldn't make one because it would literally be a dream come true for her.

No. 27088

Prince kel isn't part of the fellowship.

No. 27089

No shit. Someone asked if they haven't been posted here because of that

No. 27090

M1kahel is the most obnoxious bitch I've ever had the displeasure of knowing

No. 27091

I've been following Prince-kel on tumblr for a few years and had the pleasure of watching her turn into an a obnoxious narsisitic brat. Plus she has so much drama with all her exes it's ridiculous.

No. 27092

pls tell. I only saw Haku and whoever else vaguetweeting about them and no one in the Haku thread really elaborated in depth. I wanna know more about this cow.

No. 27093

I'm on mobile so I can't really put together a bunch of stuff Kel has done… But Kel is basically your typical NB-Tumblr-edgy-SJW.
One instance that particularly sticks out is her breakup with another NB Tumblr user animeadult. All I vaguely remember is that it involved a lot of sensitivity and some underage drinking. She also later posted a confession directed to all her exes that she was aromantic and used them all to furfill her need for attention. I'll try to find the text post when I have more time.

No. 27094

lol nvm I just discovered they deleted their past blog with all the past drama on it. Probably because they were also getting shit from the SJW community.

No. 27095

M1kahel posts so much pictures of herself like "god, I'm so perfect. My makeup is flawless, so don't ever think you can mock me"
it's like, there's confidence and then there's being a piece of shit.

No. 27096

IIRC once they got in a fight online and called someone racist for calling them white. recently they called out a post that was mocking their gender expression through eyeliner and lipstick as "transphobic"

No. 27097

Just want to clarify, animeadult is a trans man. He's been on T for half a year now, I believe.

No. 27098

File: 1430327964161.jpg (50.56 KB, 500x334, tumblr_nnipgj5FHV1unrygfo1_500…)


that visual kei girl that tried to convince everyone that she was a boy on her old blog. Thankfully she's done with that phase now. But that cow is still ugly as fuck

her blog: http://akinyann.tumblr.com/

No. 27099

Now I really want a meetup with all the lesbians on here.

No. 27100

I would love a lesbian meetup as a fellow lesbian. haha

No. 27101

I wouldn't lol.

No. 27102

>> 90651
It's always been pretty obvious that she's a girl. I don't know how she thought she could fool anyone, have you heard her talk? Her voice is incredibly high.
But even though Aki is depressing and sad as fuck she's still kinda cute.

No. 27103

I think she deleted her first blog after someone leaked her nudes. Just took a loot at her new blog. is she really japanese?

No. 27104

Hahahaha someone leaked this bitch's nudes? Her nose is too huge and her face is too ugly for her to be japanese

No. 27105

>>27102 What does her voice sound like?

No. 27106

>>27103 I've seen her at Kinokuniya before she's really tiny and her voice really is high. Aki is a huge slut who'll hand out nudes to anyone who asks.

No. 27107

KEK this is kaden posting here in the threads again isn't it. "Look at how disgusting they are, they dropped me just bc I (insert list of things that Kaden has done here)!"

No. 27108

No. 27109

What's it say? Most of us can't read jp lol

No. 27110

>>27109 I'm assuming it's a nude photo but it says
person: Thank you!
aki: You're welcome -nude photo-
aki: What's wrong? -stupid sticker-
person: You surprised me!
aki: -stupid sticker- sorry
person: no no! lol
aki: I wonder how it is lol
person: It's pretty

No. 27111

Thank you
You are welcome
You surprised me

Whats that for a conversation

No. 27112

Oh shut up. People in the Kaden thread asked for a repost but we agreed no one cared. Drop it.

No. 27113

Definitely a nude.

No. 27114

File: 1430349081062.jpg (17.9 KB, 240x240, http://40.media.tumblr.com/471…)

No. 27115

>>27113 She posted stuff like this frequently on her old blog. She's fucking disgusting and all she does is cry how people take advantage of her. Like why are you even crying? Your a slut hun. You get what you deserve.

No. 27116

>>27115 I hate her all she does is whine about dating troubles, her abusive parents, and all of these guys that she fucks arounds with. Like shut up seriously…

No. 27117

>>27106 I met Aki at the Harajuku Fashion Walk. Yes she is really small and her voice is a little high but she's not that bad it's jus that she just has no friends. You can sense the loneliness from her

No. 27118

File: 1430354735729.jpg (123.11 KB, 948x640, tumblr_njqvlri9mc1unrygfo1_128…)

>>27115 you mean stuff like this?

No. 27119

File: 1430354769324.jpg (102.01 KB, 962x640, tumblr_njqvlri9mc1unrygfo2_128…)

and this

No. 27120

Does she work there or just frequent there to shop? I assume you mean the one in NYC.

No. 27121

She looks so ugly in that photo with Akira. Why do people worship that model anyway?

No. 27122

She doesnt work there.

No. 27123

>>27120 I've seen her a lot, she doesn't work there (NYC Kinokuniya) She's always by herself it's pretty sad. One time she was looking at a girl's magazine and I bumped into her and she started apologizing profusely. I told her it was fine and it was my bad but she just kept apologizing and wouldn't make eye contact with me and then walked away. She's very quiet and timid irl but online she's the opposite. Kinda weird.

No. 27124


What the hell did she post now… does anybody have her line account?

No. 27125

whoa, that is weird.


No. 27126

>>27124 I had her as a friend on Line but she blocked me. Her ID is akikun1019. She's somewhat "line-famous" for being a whore.

No. 27127

basically she showed more nudes and the person was like "you shouldn't show people this" but she still kept going on and the person she was talking to was just replying "pretty" and "sexy" every time she did

No. 27128

>>27127 If you look at the kaomoji they sent her they were pretty happy to get the pics. And the person she was talking to also said "It's really cold over here. If we slept together it would be warm wouldn't it" Then she sent them a red face kaomoji. I wonder if she does this with everyone on line.
And who is the "27 year old black haired bandman" she's talking about?

No. 27129

Implying that Japanese people can't be ugly?

No. 27130

Googled that id + nudes..ugh my eyes

No. 27131

Anon has never seen their typical japanese person before with horrible crooked teeth and leathery skin.

No. 27132

I googled akikun1019 nudes and got nothing.

No. 27133

I don't feel like she's Japanese for real, but maybe that's just me.

No. 27134

>>27128 I think she's talking about this ugly fucker right here http://akinyann.tumblr.com/post/110868908331/looking-at-these-photos-makes-me-happy-and-i-keep

>>27131 ugly japanese guy with gross skin, face, and teeth

No. 27135

>>27132 her tits are tiny

No. 27136

>>27134 Damn he's ugly as fuck. Does she have a crush on him or something?

No. 27137

That tumblr that reblogged her nudes says she's Korean.

No. 27138

I went to school with this hoe. Her full name is Akiko Mochida. Her family is Japanese but her extended family is all mixed up.

No. 27139

>>27138 the fuck? So she's a mutt?

No. 27140

Isn't her name Vivian Lee?

No. 27141

I don't care what she is or what her name is the point is she's fucking ugly and not a fakeboi so can we stop talking about her? This is a Boy Thread not a crazy asian slut thread.

No. 27142

Is there enough milk for a thread?

No. 27143

>>27142 Let's just make her a thread

No. 27144

Who's Chris?

No. 27145

Only 10 mentions of cross dressing?

Has this term gone out of fashion or something?
I've never heard a tumblrite use it.

No. 27146

You shouldn't call it cross-dressing because clothes have no gender!! (((:

No. 27147

Story Time!
When I was younger I used to follow this one artist of my same age named Ami.
She was a shy, sweet Mexican girl, even if her skills weren't the best, her drawings were cute.
She always claimed to be Bi, and she even had a boyfriend. Pretty normal for a 17-year-old. It was like the 2012-2013 era of Tumblr, when the sjw's were slowly taking over. Welp, one day, she made a drawing that created a large fanbase…
Uuuh, story too long from this point so here are link explaining all from the rise to the catastrophic fall
Ok so, when the fame monster took over her, people started to complain that her url was offensive (She used to be Livethefaggotry on tumblr) So they started to say she was, omg, so homophobic and that she HAD to change it. She just laugh it off and continued with her life.
Well, months passed, the Project got a Kickstarted begging for money and Tumblr was shittier than ever, they started to attack her spreading rumors about her being transphobic, homophobic, misogynistic, racist and all the buzzwords, at this point, Ami had already changed her url on her art blog (Leamonteaflower, the actual one). Then she started to tell people that her Boyfriend was now a Girlfriend, that she had helped him figure it out and now he was taking a hormone therapy. Oh and she wasn't bi anymore, she was Demisexual. Because that was the trend that year. Of course, the classic comeback "How can I be homophobic/transphobic if I am Demisexual and I have a very TRANS girlfriend?"

I'm very sorry, this is long.

No. 27148

(Sorry for my shitty grammar, too tired to think properly in English)
Anyway, fast forward to a couple of months later. The Project had died thanks to the controversy, and Ami reached her Breaking Point.
After the girlfriend "outed" to her parents, they have kicked her out and now she was living with Ami full time. Ami complained about money because, surprise, hormones are expensive! And she was broke, and her parents who little they know about her daughter's antics didn't help much.
She stopped drawing for a while and all she ever did was bitching about how all this experience had teach her that while people and Americans were evil and that she blame every one of her misfortune and her crippling anxiety/paranoia.
A while after that she started to post shit about asexuality and that she was totally one now. She started to beg people to treat her my "They/Them" pronouns because she was agender too.
The girlfriend stopped doing hormones and told Ami that all that was bullcrap, that she needed to stop whining like that. Hell, all her friends told her the same. She went nuts, accused her Darling of being abusive and practically raping her at one point and kicked her out. And dedicated the rest of the year to ruining what was left of the poor boy's reputation. She started to block everyone who told her how shitty she was or tried to help her without all the ass kissing. Including the majority of her online friends basically, isolating herself on her echo chamber, away from everyone.
Last thing I heard from her was that her parents have evolved from Caring Cool parents to "Transphobic bastards" because they didn't understand her sudden change of pronouns, or her claiming to be trans but not really and dressing like a boy binding her chest. She flipped her shit when mom told her to love herself a little more and get an actual job to stop this bullshit.
She's 20 now, a fakeboi genderqueer who doesn't even know how to explain to you what the hell that is. And she still blames the whites, her fans, her anxiety, her parents and her ex girlfriend of all her misery and misfortune.
I used to be a good friend of her. But her inability to move on and being something in life was fucking me up. And she told me to fuck off and blocked me when I called her out.
Idk to this day, I feel like I could have done something to help her. But it's too late. I want to pity her, you know, being empathic. But her attitude is FUCKING GROSS.
Almost forgot…
Art Blog:http://lemonteaflower.tumblr.com/
Compare old her drawings/posts with her most recent ones and you'll see.
Sorry, this ended being longer that I expected.

No. 27149

This should be a fucking life lesson in how SJWs ruin lives and run like a cult. It's horrifying.

No. 27150

if it’s something i did over a year ago please realize im not that person anymore and that i went through a 6 yr long sexually and emotionally abusive relationship that did nothing but teach me rude stuff which i regret now, and it also screwed me a lot to the point of getting ptsd.


No. 27151

Hahah, yeah.
A lot of people were telling her to stop blaming on others her shit life choices and past mistakes, that she needed to just accept it and learn from that.
Yep. It was one year ago…
She still blames her poor ex bf of all her shit, when she basically forced him to take hormones and then ditched him.

No. 27152

Bruh, badmouthing your parents on Tumblr and making a comic out of it?
That's a new level of low.
And she's still living with them…

No. 27153

holy shit, I remember that drama-llama! It was everywhere on tumblr a few years back, but I never got too much into it.
Poor girl tho, I can't help but feel sympathetic towards her. But reading her blog… Ugh, seriously

No. 27154

Her art style is so painfully generic tumblr that I can't take it seriously.

No. 27155

Ugh. It's not like her parents are throwing her out to the streets or forcing her to a conservative psychiatrist to "heal" or threatening her with physical violence, but she still makes posts like "MY PARENTS ARE SO TRANSPHOBIC UGH!!!!". Uhhhhh… how come? Because you don't understand your snowflake gender?

Gah, browsing her Tumblr she seems so self-centered and entitled.

No. 27156

File: 1430929844326.png (161.04 KB, 300x308, 1430399092533.png)

Oh, now she's trans?
I thought she said on her faq that she was agender. She isn't even trying anymore.
Also found this:
I tried to follow her, but I'm blocked… I've never talked to her before wtf

No. 27157

Last year this girl sended a message to a friend of mine almost begging him to unfollow her personal blog because she didn't want white American on her followers list. That it triggered her something-something disorder, offended her Mexican nationality and that he HAS to respect that or else.

No. 27158

These special k brand of snowflakes that seriously expect their mom to just understand what being trans is with ZERO explanation or actually discussion. So many fakebois. I cant wait until they understand what real discrimination is, not these petty problems.

No. 27159

Ikr? Is like watching a scene kid trying to explain their parents how "it's not a phase"
>Explain to me what this whole Scene Mumbo-Jumbo is exactly!

No. 27160

Has maddieatsbrains been discussed here yet? Thoughts?

No. 27161

Who? Deets plz

No. 27162

Being a bitch as always.
She changed her name to Renton…

No. 27163

Maddi/Renton is probably THE biggest trend hopper on tumblr. It's funny and sad and almost unbelievable at the same time.

No. 27164

Damn, her smug attitude makes me want to kick her in the no-dick…
Seriously what the hell is wrong with these people

No. 27165

Just go to a gay bar, plenty of 'em there. Be happy you're not like me, I'm heavily into big Amazon-looking tall Viking princesses and most people are either too femme or too butch.

No. 27166

Same, but my parents were actually pretty cool and supportive. The caveat was that I lived in a pretty backwater place in Eastern Europe and everyone else acted like women are the devil (even though we're ahead of the US in terms of gender equality) and need to be mocked and made fun of at any opportunity because otherwise they'd 'become conceited'.

No. 27167

>you just need boobs and boom you have the male gaze
doesn't seem to work for me… :(

No. 27168

Seriously, emo kids and goths were so much better.
I fucking loved goths.

No. 27169

File: 1431057402261.jpg (106.1 KB, 421x750, tumblr_nbno13DTMY1rp5taoo3_500…)

Can we please talk about Kel? He used to go by prince-kel on Tumblr but now goes by Mikahel. Even just googling him turns out a whole clusterfuck of his bullshit.


No. 27170

tbh I know a lot of weebs and former weebs who lied about being half Japanese at one point, it's hardly a big deal

No. 27171

Please. Im sick of seeing everyone milking dry cows when no one's put any effort into talking about this mess.

No. 27172

were they seriously sending shit to people cosplaying from the same series they do? whats all the talk about sex work?

No. 27173

It baffles me that Haku and some other snowflakes would actually go and change their legal name. Wtf.

I changed mine as soon as I turned 18 (my parents had given me a really, really ugly ethnic name and on top of that I had plans to move abroad so I changed it to a really universal, bland international name) and it's a huge cost and a big hassle. Also, you can't tell ANYONE you've done it otherwise they either think you're a criminal or a crazy person, and I have it easy because I'm pretty much a girl version of Bob Smith now but imagine these people who change it to something like Haku Aoki.

I mean someone had to look at it and approve of that name up there in the government. Wut.

No. 27174

Eh, he changed it when he was a really young teenager though apparently so that's more on the parents than him. He's now in his early twenties so he at least wised up and got a name more consistent with his actual ethnic background. Haku is a nickname he still goes by though.
Anyway, he's at least a legit trans dude, so I don't think he belongs on the fakeboi thread.

No. 27175

IIRC he changed his name to that because it had no gender and his parents wanted to foster his career potentially working in Japan, but that's just some of what he wrote about on his blog when he was apologizing and coming out as trans publicly.
I've actually heard him speaking Japanese at Kinokuniya pretty fluently, plus he changed his name back to something white and masculine when he came to his senses and started transitioning.

What baffles me is when weeaboos can't even speak the language to back it up. Or when fakebois come out and immediately go change their name and all without giving time to think it over.

No. 27176


Ok so it looks like Kel is going into sex work once theyre legal and theyre talking about getting popular with clients with androgyny kinks. Its hard to look through their blog with all the selfies and drama

No. 27177

Why do she keep calling herself a slut?

No. 27178

Both Haku and mikhail are equally stupid names. Dumb ass should of at least changed his name to Michael, even if it's generic as fuck.

No. 27179

Legal? Is she not even 21 yet?

No. 27180

Really? I thought Mikhail was a fairly common name. I've heard it before like "mick-ail" where I live. I don't think it's anything worth bitching over at this point but whatever. To each their own I guess.

No. 27181

16 last time I checked.

No. 27182

Mikhail is a fine name if you're of Russian nationality or living in Russia. Haku is a white bitch who thinks she's russian and thought it would be less offensive than having a Japanese name.

No. 27183

Seriously?! What a crazy conceited bitch. So glad tumblr never existed when I was 16.

No. 27184

IIRC Haku has mentioned having slav family for years. There's no point in him lying. Do you have any idea how conflicts and poverty in Russia and Eastern Europe displaced and mixed up families? It's a mess, it happened to the family of my friend too. It's no surprise he doesn't know all the specifics especially if there's US emigration and adoption involved. I don't want to defend him like this anymore so I'll stop after this but it bothers me that you keep saying his name isn't white enough for you. I don't see a problem with it. It's a white name for a white guy that has to do with his family, and he's actually trans.

No. 27185

File: 1431069168463.jpg (3.77 KB, 200x194, 1430716094596.jpg)


>Amy Diamond

>A Day To Remember
>All Time Low
>Avril Lavigne
>Black Veil Brides
>Blood On The Dance Floor
>Five Finger Death Punch
>Jeffree Star
>Papa Roach
>Simple Plan
>Sleeping With Sirens
>Hollywood Undead
>Falling In Reverse
>Fall Out Boy
>Asking Alexandria
>Avenged Sevenfold
>Linkin Park

No. 27186

And… Russians aren't white?
Also please go tell that to Andrej Pejic and all the other Australians/Americans/Canadians of Slavic origin. Stop being a dumb yank.

No. 27187

Mikhail is fairly common in Europe, not even just in Eastern Europe.

No. 27188

Andreja Pejić was born in Bosnia and lived in Serbia for some time so she knows the language and all that. Haku/Mikahil is American, born and raised in America. I find it idiotic when some Americans cling to their European bloodline as if they just came to America fresh from the boat. Majority of American (except for the Natives) have European bloodline because American settlers were Europeans, but that happened long time ago and in the meantime America developed it's own culture. If you are born and raised in US you are American, your parents can be from Mars or Jupiter but you will always be from America. I don't find it offensive that Haku calls himself Mikhail, but it's irritating how he tries to sound exotic by claiming his Russian heritage. Besides, I don't know what's the view of Eastern Europeans (Russians,Ukrainians…) towards transgender people, but here in the south east people are generally homophobic/transphobic and I have a feeling that situation on the east isn't much different…

No. 27189

Russians are considered white, anon. Nothing makes them special or different from other whites.

No. 27190

I don't think he uses it to sound exotic or else he'd be flaunting it around more. He barely mentions it online unless answering questions. There are people that go around bragging themselves as Nordic or "Russian American" when they've been here their whole life and in his case he says he's from the US. I'd agree with you if he was obnoxious about it but I don't get that feeling, in this case it's just his name which I also don't have a problem with.
I think he's studying Russian anyways.

No. 27191

I've heard this name a number of times here in the good old USA. Sounds like Me-Kale. I see no point in bitching over his name.
Still not sure why Haku is being discussed in this thread though, he's not a fakeboi. Haku has his own thread but I think we're pretty clear with what's going on with his name/transition so I don't see any milk.

No. 27192

>I find it idiotic when some Americans cling to their European bloodline as if they just came to America fresh from the boat.
Okay yeah it's a bit cringy but it's not THAT bad. And names have nothing to do with that, mostly behaviour.
> I don't find it offensive that Haku calls himself Mikhail, but it's irritating how he tries to sound exotic by claiming his Russian heritage.
Russian heritage or any heritage at all isn't really that exotic. A lot people of Slavic origin try to hide their heritage when they move to Western Europe because they get bullied for it. I got bullied for it. Nobody sees it as exotic, people just see you as poor, uneducated and stupid.
>Besides, I don't know what's the view of Eastern Europeans (Russians,Ukrainians…) towards transgender people, but here in the south east people are generally homophobic/transphobic and I have a feeling that situation on the east isn't much different
People aren't as homophobic here as the media makes them out to be (maybe in Russia) but it is seen as weird. If you're transgender you'll get told you have a mental illness, which I agree with. However, a lot of people won't care and most will pretend they don't notice anything, which I also agree with and the two are not mutually exclusive.

As for the name - you don't know what it's like here. Many people have emigrated due to economic hardships (I'm a Serb, which is why I listed Andreja Pejić) and we've been having troubles for a long time so there's ethnic Serbs and Bosnians etc who have emigrated a long, long time ago and are by and large native Americans and Australians etc etc. Many of them still speak our language and many still give their children native names, there's absolutely nothing wrong with that. Many also DON'T speak our language and have never been here but they have foreign names and acknowledge where they came from, and there's nothing wrong with that either. You sound like you're trying to pull the whole 'cultural appropriation' schtick, to which I can just respond with "fuck off back to tumblr and stop being offended for other people".

You also sound dumb as shit because as >>27187 pointed out, Mikhail is a really common name across all of Europe. We have Mikhails here, there's Mikhails all the way up in Belgium even. Slavs are not an endangered indigenous culture for you to protect. If the kid wants to name himself Mikhail, good for him, I'm glad more people find Slavic culture cool, I do too. Culture is to be shared with others, you don't need a special set of genes to name your kid something.

No. 27193

I don't think he's trying to sound exotic either, it only comes up when he's asked about it, and when he made his big long post in response to his thread, he seems to have used it as clarification on his heritage. He calls himself white and American, at least now he does.
Also he lives in NYC, this is not the kind of thing that people in New York care about so he actually doesn't stand out much in person where he lives so much as he may seem to online considering where others are from, but that's just a side thought.

No. 27194

Couldn't agree with you more. Our farmers haven't brought in any new fakeboi milk in a long time.

No. 27195

Actually there's a lot differentiating the average true scot from a ukrainian or a german. You should look into genetics and genetic migration in europe, it's super interesting.

Don't let the blacks and SJWs bully you into thinking that whites are all the same, have no culture and that any attempts at white national pride are racist.

No. 27196

That isn't race, it's ethnicity. Just like there's differences between Koreans and Chinese but they're both Asian.

And nobody is saying whites are all the same and have no culture, but that Caucasian people, genetics aside, all share similar physical traits just like all black people do. Please direct yourself back to /pol/.

No. 27197

can some kind soul summon the information on prince kel? why is a 16 year old planning to become a sex worker?

and can everyone please shut up about haku? everything said here has been discussed several times in the haku thread. the people still bitching about him a more lol-worthy than haku himself.

No. 27198

I agree. No one has to suddenly like Haku but there's nothing worth milking anymore and it's fucking annoying reading through it over and over like there aren't any other fakebois to talk about. I wanna hear more about Kel too.

No. 27199

why go into sex work if theyre so "gifted"?? im sure they could land a decent job easily wth

No. 27200


No. 27201

they used to complain about how smart and gifted they were all the time

No. 27202

File: 1431195442224.jpg (124.76 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg)

and i thought their dream job was sex work?

No. 27203

Their dream job … is chain store retail?
Someone PLEASE give me a rundown of this person.

No. 27204

I hope she's not from Montreal.
Also, she's working part-time at a dream job…. woops.

No. 27205


Fuck…I think so. I had a feeling that they were based on how they wrote but shit - do not want. If by some weird chance I run into them I may sneak a pic.

No. 27206

Same! Although, if she's not deep in the city, and lives on the outskirts like laval and such, I would just forget it. But there are two on St-Catherine street.
I would never EVER work in H&M dt, especially in summer, those people are fucking savages.
A tad OT, but I never knew farmers lived in the same city as I do!

No. 27207

1- the reason I'm trans is because I feel that my genitals are the wrong ones
2- there is no surgery that gives afab people a functional penis (afaik)
3- only choices are a) being "pretty" and female-looking or b) being ugly, hairy, scarred, weird-voiced and female-looking (bc I would never pass)

I hate fake trans tumblrfags, but not all those who don't transition are fake

No. 27208

As far as being "scarred, ugly, hairy, and weird voiced" you should be aware that everyone's bodies take testosterone differently. Do a little research before you say that every trans man is some hideous monster. I know at least one or two very good looking trans guys. They pass, work out, and take care of how they look. Don't perpetuate a stereotype to justify wanting to look "pretty."

No. 27209

>(bc I would never pass)
only talking about myself (and people in the same boat) here, not about people who look good or pass as ftm

No. 27210

There's one of these fakebois on MFC now: http://profiles.myfreecams.com/foxpet

I literally had no idea that they were "trans" until I opened their profile. There is absolutely nothing trans about them and they act feminine.

No. 27211

theyre not on anymore. damn.

No. 27212


Jesus I went through her blog and art tag and damn. Can be summen up in this one comic.



Fucking hell. I'm about her age, and I know her fear. But this much self pity and unwillingness to grow the fuck up and take some responsibility for your life ist just pathetic.
Yeah, growing up sucks. But either you grow up or go see a therapist, but why should you do that if you can just have a tumblr and get notes and pity points??

No. 27213

File: 1431813628145.jpg (88.58 KB, 895x895, 11267742_1753191424907845_2057…)

in other news from lyzzie
aka hiwamu
or most recently discovered on fb as 'nico rodman' ???

No. 27214


Oh my god my heart.
She's perfect.

No. 27215

wow, i've actually seen haku working at kinokinuya a bunch of times, before i knew who they were. they didn't pass as male to me (although i don't know if they're trying), and they were wearing a lot of make up/foundation.
i'm actually going there this week, so i can keep you guys updated if i see them, but i don't know if there's much to be said.

No. 27216

There was a Haku thread made here earlier. TL;DR He had a meltdown on twitter apologizing for everything, came out as trans, revealed that he started hormones, and recorded a video. If you want to check his tumblr it's a pretty good read but old news by now. His voice, makeup, face, and weird stick arms seem different from before (if you ask me) but did you go recently?

No. 27217

Why do all the fakebois get this haircut?

No. 27218

Idk, but it's cute imo. I'd actually like to get one like it but I'm mildly afraid of the fakeboi stigma attached to it.

No. 27219

File: 1431825570425.jpg (239.39 KB, 719x1280, tumblr_noe7m9A1Hm1u8r1qwo1_128…)

I checked this m1kahel/kel person's blog again and found this. Good god.

No. 27220

Oh that one is old… you can tell because she used to draw breast on herself, and talk about college, now everything is about MUH GENDERQUEER, MUH TRANSMISOGINISTIC BOOGEYMAN.
Take a look at her personal blog, it's worse.
Oh, and I found her guro blog
Yeah, she loves the word "anxiety"…

No. 27221

Nico rodman sounds like a drag name. Haha and god damn it- always that hair cut with these fakebois.

No. 27222

If you're not presenting yourself as a fakeboi, you wont be mistaken for one. Just do it. It's actually a nice hair cut. Just like i wont let sjws ruin blue and pink hair for me.

No. 27223

I have it, no stigma attached to it though I get hit on a lot more by gay/bisexual men and lesbian women.

No. 27224

lowkey sad that this thread seems to have gone into hibernation, surely there must be more fakebois shitting up the world to make fun of

No. 27225

File: 1432741600153.jpg (171 KB, 960x1280, tumblr_nmhb4k2iyL1rx87j9o1_128…)

Phoenix Okazaki. (Obviously not her real name)

She's 20-something years old and studying in nipponland for a year.

Ugliest person I have ever laid eyes on. Insists she's genderqueer and prefers he/him pronouns. Actively calls people out and gets super defensive if anyone uses female pronouns.

She mostly hangs around with other ugly fakebois.

Acts elitist towards anyone who doesn't have as many followers as her, is insanely jealous of anyone with more followers than her.

Has the nastiest man-face yet still tries to pull off a sweet child-like pastel fashion.

Is vegan and loves to lecture others about why they're so disgusting for not being vegan.

Idk her personally but I know a lot of people irl who can't stand her and her whiny brat complaining and hideous face. She's based in London.

OH! Also she makes ridiculously embarrassing youtube videos about life in nipponland.



No. 27226


Here's one of her weebtastic videos

No. 27227

if ed miliband and tilda swinton had a love child, it'd be this heinous winged gargoyle of the night

No. 27228

I gotta admit, apart from the ~omg japanese tree~ thing it actually seems like she worked hard for it, and she doesn't sound weebish to me. On the other hand I would love to give her a thorough makeover. I loved piercings when i was younger, but why people insist on wearing pink or red ones I never understood. It looks like pimples tbh.

No. 27229

Jelly hating PULLtard jelly of someone who worked hard for their trip to Japan?

No. 27230

This is getting old, you are probably just as much as a weeb with special snowflake syndrome as her.

No. 27231

I've never been the same when I browsed his or her blog…its…so…cringy…

No. 27232

File: 1432749335794.gif (689.28 KB, 500x282, giphy.gif)

>heinous winged gargoyle of the night

No. 27233

i also hate the whole trend because for them that's all it is- a phase.
you know how adults nowadays tell their kids that being gay, bi, etc is a phase? that's what these kids will be doing in the future. they'll never experience real dysphoria, and they probably don't know anyone who has either. they just do it because they want to be unique. when the time comes for trans people to get their rights, the former fakebois will be the ones against it because "they went through that phase once, too".

No. 27234

yep he became A+ in my book
his tweets seems happier and more genuine, rather than trying to be some kind of persona

No. 27235

their theme was so difficult to navigate, holy shit. I couldn't make it past the first line of "READ THIS FIRST"

Someone tell this kid nobody cares that much

No. 27236

Sort of related.
My brother is a huge tumblrwumblr fucknut. It started about three years ago (when he started college) he started getting more into feminism, saying all men are rapists, white people are racists…
Then it went a step further and he said he was ACTUALLY TRANS@!!!@!@ (despite not showing any of the actual symptoms during childhood that real trans people show).
Basically he used it as a crutch to win any argument because calling him a stupid fuck is transphobic! Misogynistic!!!
Started wearing dresses and bras (ew) to contain his mantits (he's like 300 pounds?) and putting on ugly as fuck makeup and complaining about depression and anxiety.
Funny thing is that he went to a therapist for all of the above (paid for by my mom) and at first he praised his therapist to the sky for being a Queer Woman of Color™ (black lesbian) but then after a few months she said she wouldn't okay transition because (SHOCKER!!) he wasn't actually trans. He called her a gatekeeper, transphobic bitch and stopped going while keeping the prescription for depression somehow.
I moved out a year ago, but am going back to visit for fourth of july (he still lives with my parents) and I'm not really sure if I should go with mockery or ignoring him. Both piss him off.
He also claimed to be grey-raped (got high, guy offered to suck his dick he said no, guy backed off) and raped by a girlfriend (had sex, didn't want to, said absolutely nothing and also participated…), but claims what he did to me when I was 10-15 was not harassment of any sort because I "didn't set any boundaries" and "was unclear about what I wanted". Yeah, I'm sorry I told you repeatedly I didn't want to see your nasty af dick and have you masturbate in front of me and say "thinking of incest helps you come faster" and told me to do the same then slammed my head into the floor multiple times when I said no and continued this for five fucking years. Sorry I wasn't clear on that even though I fucking was and got beat for it.
In short I've disowned my brother and plan to leave the country to get as far away from his as possible, but for now I check in on his blog (tumblr) once every few months to see what fuckery he's up to now.

Also when I said I didn't identify as feminist but rather as egalitarian when he was in the room he jumped on me (figuratively) and said I was a misogynist and I just "didn't know I needed feminism" and I had internalized soggy knees and shit.

No. 27237

File: 1432875863102.jpg (30.78 KB, 500x331, 6853056047_2ae45c8a41_o.jpg)

Well that got dark quickly…

He sounds way worse than most SJWs, because most SJWs have some degree of compassion for other people, even if it's extremely tribalistic - whereas your brother is just riding the SJW train for the endless asspats and lack of personal responsibility. Based on what he did to you, and his habit of accusing non-rapists of rape, he seems to give zero fucks about the well-being of others.

I'm sorry your brother is such a cunt, anon. Here's a picture of a kitten.

No. 27238

That Dr. Who necklace is photoshopped on.

No. 27239

Actual trans man here. I believe tumblr's term for me is truscum because I believe in the medical stuff. Happily started transitioning at age 20 after five years of making damn sure it was right, did a lot of bad shit to my body because of how much I hated it. Recently accomplished getting sex on ID changed to male, cried out of happiness. I'd known since I was 13 for sure, but I spent a long time sticking it out through school and just making extra sure it's what I needed to do, just in case it was a phase. Had mostly supportive friends and a super supportive mother, brother as well. Dad? Well. He didn't catch on for a while but now he accepts it.

I wouldn't trade the shit I went through for years for anything, I've been attacked physically and molested because of who I am. I did not and still do not air it around, I'm stealth and happily so. People think I was born male and I like to keep it that way.

When I see people like this on tumblr I want to go on a rampage. You don't wake up one day and go "I think I might be the other gender". They're glorifying something that's super fucking rough and difficult, using it to appear unique and special. And, at the same time, making fools out of trans people for the world to see.

I know not every experience is the same, and a lot of trans folks are okay with letting people know, that's perfectly fine! But people who wear it like a badge of honor, or use it as some sort of defense make me angry. These kids haven't gone through the real, physical dangers and hurt that comes with being trans. But they boast their pride and take 100+ pictures of themselves and the bodies they're (supposedly) not okay with. I don't know where I was going with this, I know I don't and never have had it very bad, this isn't a sob story. But the reality is that most of us don't take selfies and get tumblr famous and worshipped online and called cute or whatever. Instead it's easier to hide it for the most part, for your safety. Even if people don't know you're trans, if you look butch enough, they'll still do shit to you.

But these kids, well. They're just making light of it all.

No. 27240

I'd destroy his Tumblr reputation by calling him out as a rapist. It doesn't solve much, but scum like that don't deserve to have a safe space to latch onto and use to feel superior to others.

No. 27241

Wow! that is a crazy manface. I've seen her posted on tumblr before from Mahou Prince. They're both delusional.

No. 27242

Same here. Back when I was 13, I would bind my chest and cut my hair very short. I really hated my female body. I even remember searching videos on how to make my voice lower. I was a closeted lesbian, and I felt really guilty for liking girls. Right now I'm almost 20, I have a girlfriend I dress pretty femenine myself.
I'm really fucking glad that tumblr didn't exist back then, because I would had convinced myself to transition. And that would had turn out pretty badly.

No. 27243

File: 1432920926561.png (169.16 KB, 500x302, Screenshot (43).png)

Why is it that so many fakebois claim to be a prince or princess? Excuse me while I post a perfect example of yaoi obsession gone wrong

No. 27244

File: 1432921010602.png (163.91 KB, 450x300, Screenshot (44).png)


Trying way to hard

No. 27245

File: 1432921301783.jpg (57.93 KB, 350x452, 49374263.jpg)


Last one for now. Claims to naturally look like this. Maybe they had their face in a yaoi manga for too long. I wont give links to them since besides the cringy "Nya! I'm an elf prince desu!" stuff and drama with everyone they date I don't know if they are cow worthy. Besides the fact that they make up funny stories about living with two other gay men like a bad yaoi comedy. This may be a case of warped reality

No. 27246

I thought this was an anime screenshot at first.

No. 27247


Nope just a lot of photoshop and filters. The first pic is the closest thing to how she looks. But it is from a weird angle and brightened to where you can't really see her face

No. 27248

ngl, i wish i could make my eye makeup look like this without shoop. it reminds me of bjds.

No. 27249

It's just blending. Only think is using that kind of pink/redish color near your eyes can make you look ill.

No. 27250

It's just red eyeshadow and thick eyeliner? It's not that evenly-applied in this photo.

No. 27251

Sorry that shit happened to you, anon. People like him are the worst. I'm glad to know you are getting away from him, but I'm surprised he hasn't made a waahmbulance posts in regards to how you trigger and neglect him as most tumblrite sjws do now a days to anyone they feel has wronged them.

No. 27252


But that picture is heavily photoshopped. So we don't know how anything actually looks in this picture. If the pointy knife chin and narrow head didn't tell you that already, the amounts of blur and saturation should have told you

No. 27253

That's sort of what I find the funniest about it. Going by his tumblr postings you'd only think he has two sisters instead of three because he's never once mentioned me (positive or negative). I have no idea why, but he complains about the stupidest shit my others sisters do. But me? I can say intentionally inflammatory shit, basically anything and I'm never once brought up. He mentions everybody else in the family but he's intent on not mentioning me, perhaps because he knows if I find his blog and see him shit talking me I'll out him (not that I would, I don't really care).

I wouldn't worry about it. I haven't become an emotional wreck (which I'm very proud of myself for) and I'm pretty much fine at this point. Just pretty bitter, and people touching me in casual context makes me uncomfortable (while drunk it turns into panic attacks). Luckily with my bf, I'm perfectly fine.
See, I would do that except 1) It could get him fired if his work found out and then he'd just leech off of my parents even more 2) My parents don't know (mom is really harsh on people who take advantage of children because her brother did something similar) and I don't want to completely fuck the family up and 3) It'd turn into a huge shitstorm. I'm completely confident he'll ruin himself. He already has no friends and his relationships don't last. He's not really abusive anymore (just annoying) and both my sisters know because they have kids.
Watching him crash and burn without my help is pretty entertaining.
Fun fact: He told one of his friends that all men are evil and they should admit they're "trash" and they have to admit that (they were a trans man, a legit one) and being trans doesn't change that and they still had privilege and the friend almost immediately dropped all contact and he cried about how it wasn't his fault.

No. 27254

A lot of transtrenders don't even claim to have dysphoria. They don't cleanly fit into a gender stereotype, therefore they're trans (even though almost NOBODY fits cleanly into a gender stereotype). It's like a white person claiming they're black because they like rap. It's fucking retarded.

And it feeds into the misconception that trans people are just confused, feminine men or masculine women, rather than people with real dysphoria.

This is why it's so important that people get long term psychiatric evaluations before getting surgery. Sex reassignment is the most effective solution for dysphoria, which is caused by mental illness. People can want surgery for a wide variety of reasons, and a whole lot of them want it for really awful reasons. It needs to be made sure that the people getting the surgery actually need it.

And let me make this clear - There is NOTHING wrong with being mentally ill. You don't choose to be that way. It's nothing to be ashamed of. It really sucks that some people think so lowly of mental illness that they refuse to even consider that maybe being trans should be seen that way, and maybe sex reassignment surgery should be seen as a medical treatment.

No. 27255

You speak the truth

No. 27256

why hasn't anybody made a thread about prince-kel or what the fuck ever they go by now. they're complete trash and lolcow worthy

No. 27257

Kurovoid is kind of a living parody and she pleases me for proving my points just by existing.

No. 27258

Every time I look at Kahel's blog it's ALWAYS her being angry at people. Like, that's her entire blog. How does anyone like her? Also, isn't she a hooker or something now?

No. 27259

File: 1433065733599.png (352.86 KB, 621x460, uns.png)


"Genderfluid - Grey-romantic - He / Him - ♉ - Formerly youranimeprince."

All that aside, kid really needs to lay off the nose contour. She's probably trying to copy Asian cosplayers who contour their nose, but that's because Asians have larger/flatter noses which look taller/sharper with the contour. This just looks… Unfortunate is one way to put it.

No. 27260

I thought those pictures were drawings at first. Maybe that's why they use such severe contouring?

No. 27261

Possibly, but that shit desperately needs to be blended. I can't imagine anyone wearing makeup like this out in public on a daily basis, but that's what every one of her selfies looks like

No. 27262

File: 1433688077563.png (79.84 KB, 272x199, 1419319244818.png)

No. 27263

Nescafes: Germany | They, Them | Hayden/Hebah
I love emo boys, tits and aph Germany
2015 is the year I crash and burn back into the hetalia fandom, I'm so sorry
/sorry i cant put a pic, my internet is very slow rn

No. 27264

Hes really cute.

No. 27265

File: 1433694939396.gif (987.87 KB, 500x400, 1422911989918.gif)

No. 27266

Zell got into a spat with some gay dude over Boueibu, saying the latter was insensitive to girls who looked up to magical girl anime and males appropriating the genre. That's all I have.

Also, as a sort of "general" thing, most of these people who claim to be gay and like dudes just end up with other people like you see in this thread.

No. 27267

File: 1433864922544.jpg (386.17 KB, 1080x1436, tumblr_np9njtHzQa1r27i7ro1_128…)

I see this chick hasn't been posted here yet but goddamn they're a mess.
I randomly stumbled across her on Tumblr like a week ago and listen to this shit:

>please don’t bother following if;

>you’re anti-otherkin (this is incredibly important)

>you defend ableism/ the “right” to make ableist remarks
>you’re transphobic/ racist/ anti-feminism
>you’re a terf
>you’re anti-nonbinary identities
>you’re truscum

>don’t refer to me with they/them pronouns please use only it/it’s

>don’t tell me im “cute” or “beautiful”
>don’t vague or namedrop me if we’re mutuals


She even has a page listing her "illnesses".


This might be the most Tumblr thing I've ever encountered.

No. 27268


Her "trigger" list:


>french (these two are very imporant)
>game of thrones
>the hunger games
>panic! at the disco
>personality test
>animal abuse

No. 27269

File: 1433865890060.jpg (108.54 KB, 516x917, 587322039.jpg)

Why does this…person have so many injuries? Make-up, clumsy, or ass kicking?

Also, keking at this stupid leg pose. Do all "boys" do this or something. Kaden keeps posing this way too.

Please tell me this is a troll.

No. 27270


It's all makeup apart from the SI on her upper arm.

Apparently looking like you've been a scrap is like the new Tumblr aesthetic, which is funny because you can see on the rest of her photos she's a fat piece of shit who couldn't punch her way out of a soggy paper bag.

No. 27271

im curious on why France and French is needed.

No. 27272

No attention seeking disorder in list of illness?

No. 27273

File: 1433875510391.jpg (30.76 KB, 540x192, 245.jpg)

It's there, just the usual crap.

No. 27274

>don't namedrop me if we're mutuals

i am so confused by so many things here.

and i'm so fucking sick of this "DON'T CALL ME CUTE OR BEAUTIFUL I'LL GET VERY UPSET" bullshit

No. 27275

File: 1433910656507.gif (1.85 MB, 340x205, keanu.gif)

>that arm

No. 27276


I mean I know that depression is somewhat different for everyone but it bugs me that they all "have severe depression".

When I was at my worst I definitely couldn't spend all day on tumblr, there's not a single picture (especially no selfie) from that whole time period and my hygiene and overall well-being was really bad. I lost friends/ my grades sucked/ etc.

And I wouldn't call that severe. Ugh.

No. 27277

I have noticed by now that if someone on tumblr has the word "prince" in their name, they're more than likely a shitty fake boi/transtrender/non-binary tumblr-kin.

Just avoid anyone who has "prince" in their name.

No. 27278

I know. I can't even muster the energy to make a fucking text post on Tumblr, nonetheless reblog anything, nonetheless make myself look like I didn't just crawl out of a hole to snap a million selfies.
I don't know how anyone has the energy to do that, nonetheless someone who is 'depressed.'
All I can do is surf anonymous imageboards and occasionally produce the odd ramble.

No. 27279


man, i made my account in 2010(?) and it still was the same "someshit ouji" shitty url. weeb fuckery and all, but already changed because of that. don't want people thinking that i'm some part of these "special snowflakes" thing

No. 27280

You know, people with actual ptsd/anxiety have only a few triggers and it doesn't necessarily mean a full blown cry on tumblr panic attack. Usually like hearing people screaming or a single place where something bad happened. For military veterans it's usually loud noises or weapon sounds. Regardless, most who suffer from triggers want to move on and live normal lives so instead of bitching other people out they just try to cope. Making other people walk on eggshells around you is an incredibly selfish and pretentious thing to do. These people didn't suffer a traumatic experience so keep your bullshit to yourself. No one cares if you're pretending to be afraid of buzzfeed quizes. Stfu

No. 27281


Me too! I was in a downswing for two years straight, I took maybe one selfie for my SO every three months at best. One year when I gained a ton of weight and stopped showering altogether, I didn't take any. I especially didn't socialize with people or even get out of bed. I was a huge mess, and so was my room. It was so bad.

Proud to say I'm a normal weight again and take much better care of myself. Scared it'll happen again, but until it does I have a life to live. Fuck depression!

No. 27282

Uh, how? Transmen are not lesbians. They're not even women.

Butch lesbians still exist. Stop acting like every transman is a dead lesbian and you'll have nothing to worry about.

No. 27283

I don't mean to be a shit, but as a real transman, it makes me cringe that you girls are all calling everyone in this thread "she".

I mean, yes there are transtrenders, but how can you be 100% sure that all these people aren't serious about it, and will stay that way?

Just rubs me the wrong way. It's also offensive to see lesbians drooling over guys like me. I know you can't help it, but ugh.

No. 27284

god, this one follows me and she's one of those self-hating white people who constantly kiss up to anyone who's not white, and expect asspats for it.

No. 27285

this pose is supposed to be when you want to show off your outfit or something, not sure what exactly "he" wants to show though, with that ratty hoodie and plain af everything else

No. 27286

Because, Lolcows are attempting to be politically correct. Yet crap on any other minority. Hypocrisy, is grand here, ignorance dominates.

No. 27287

Because they're fucking fakebois, not transmen. Fuck off with your tumblr mentality and stop taking everything personally.

>I mean, yes there are transtrenders, but how can you be 100% sure that all these people aren't serious about it, and will stay that way?

Yes, I'm sure the 17-year old sexually insecure k-pop roleplayers who figured they're "trans" 6 months after joining tumblr are legitimate transmen.

No. 27288

Pretty much this. I don't take selfies or post them online because I think I'm disgusting. On my worst depression periods I've stopped showering, brushing my teeth, taking care of my personal hygiene in general, refused to eat and didn't spend any time on any social media because I was overwhelmed by even the tiniest effort and didn't see the point in anything. But these people still have the energy to put on a coordinated outfit, change their hairstyle, put on makeup, spend all day replying to people etc. I'm kind of jealous of all the energy they have despite being "severely depressed".

No. 27289


You know, when this started becoming a thing on tumblr I thought it was just me at first. Like, was I the only one who thought "is this trans thing becoming like a fad?"

Good to know I'm not the only one who thought it was. Pleased that other people can see how shitty it is.

No. 27290


Everyone on tumblr has fucking depression. If it's not depression then it's some kind of disability or other illness.

Bunch of attention seeking fuckers. Btw if any of you actually SUFFER, properly suffer or are going through anything then this doesn't apply to you ofc. It's just the tumblrfags.

No. 27291

Is there a reason why the majority of trans people on tumblr are ftm?

No. 27292


This is my opinion, but because on average girls are bigger attention whores and needs to be special. A pretty girl is nothing new and is boring. But a pretty uke boy IRL is rare.

No. 27293

It's basically the bisexuality of the 2010's. For any of those too young to remember, in the early 2000's EVERY teenage girl was bisexual and threw it around like their calling card, much like the transtrenders of Tumblr today. They'd make out with other girls to attract guys and/or to feel ~special~. Because of that fad bisexuals are still considered fakers in the LGBT community and heterosexuals think it's a phase. The same is eventually going to happen to transgenders since the fakebois are burning bridges with the community with their "buh buh truscums are oppressing us" whining.

No. 27294

> ITT cis women and lesbians judge who is trans or not
> F-fuck off with your tumblr mentality, shitlord!

lol kay

Just saying, you don't know with 100% certainty who is a faker or not. And no, wearing girls clothes does not invalidate trans status. But I'm sure you're all experts, right?

You're basically just as retarded as any fakebois out there.

gb2 high school, ladies.

No. 27295

Most of them are shifting over to ~genderqueer~ or ~genderfluid~ or shit like that now because "choosing to be a man [because this shit is a choice to trenders] is inherently misogynistic" but the reason most trans people are DFAB (designated female at birth/biologically female) is because
1. Legitimate internalized misogyny. They don't want to be like the other girls.

2. The fact that there are more bio-females on Tumblr than bio-males. If you go to 4chan's LGBT, you'll see a large influx of MtF's and gay men, because 4chan's userbase is largely biomales.

3. Because girls find it necessary to fit in and become popular and attention whorey more than most boys do.

No. 27296

Yep, just like emo cutters from the early 2000s.

No. 27297

In short is like, the ultimate "I'm not like other guurrls~" bullshit
Damn, hope this fad dies soon.
Transgender people don't deserve to become a mockery or "just a phase".

No. 27298

I know this chick!
Get away from her now, bitch is fucking nuts. She seriously tries to hop on every bandwagon she can, it's freaky.

No. 27299

File: 1435104994910.png (62.28 KB, 552x431, be nice to me u guys.png)

yeah, seriously

No. 27300

File: 1435112559523.png (176.72 KB, 500x500, tumblr_nn52mgQsgB1r15lebo1_500…)

i like her gorillaz fanart tho it's cute. the rest is shit.

No. 27301

Using Tumblr logic she's being very triggering ableist and a shitty person for calling someone a failed abortion, holy shit

No. 27302

File: 1436075583841.jpg (167.54 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg)

"great and popular model"

No. 27303

>t-shirt tucked into boxer shorts
>cute outfit

No. 27304

kek what the hell
girl needs to get her head out of her ass

No. 27305

File: 1436118303227.jpg (53.72 KB, 640x547, image.jpg)

cant tell if shes either being sarcastic or supporting underage sex/pornography

well, i wouldnt be surpirsed if she did kekk

No. 27306

ya'll are either reaching or lack the ability to detect humor, whether it's funny to you or not. like damn, there has to be something actually lolcow worthy than people not understanding a joke

No. 27307


Jesus, are you twelve? It's a damn joke. C'mon summer lolcow… do better.

No. 27308

Why do all fakebois on tumblr have ridiculously thick, drawn on eyebrows, a dyke haircut and an oversized sweater? Possibly thick-rimmed glasses are thrown into the mix as well. They're too easy to spot, whenever someone uses he/him pronouns and lists their gender as male and fills at least two of these criterias with all of the selfies taken from this angle >>26394
with pouting lips, it's bound to be a fakeboi.

It's like they treat transgenderism as a fashion. Oh wait, they do.

No. 27309

looks like someone's boyfriend got mad that they were posting pictures of their ass…

No. 27310

arent they the chick that wanted to be a prostitute when they were legal? correct me if im wrong

No. 27311

File: 1436122541315.jpg (419.82 KB, 1600x1065, longform-original-31699-143109…)

>what he did to me when I was 10-15 was not harassment of any sort because I "didn't set any boundaries" and "was unclear about what I wanted"
That's disgusting how he tried to blame you. You'd think he'd understand that it's common sense that siblings have a no-sexual-contact "boundary". Interesting how a lot of these super-feminist white-people-hating men end up having committed sexual assault themselves. Here's some baby geese.

No. 27312

>But they boast their pride and take 100+ pictures of themselves and the bodies they're (supposedly) not okay with.

Fucking this. I hate my body and the reasons that keep me from transitioning is the stress it would put on my relationships, the possibility of never finding a significant other who would accept me, the constant dependency on the hormone medication etc. a lot of things that come with it, something that the tumblr transtrenders have never even considered. They most likely think it'd be like taking a magic pill who will transform you to a kawaii hipster guy and when you get tired of it, you'll just go back. But my point being that I've hated my body since childhood due to gender-related dysphoria and that's the reason I don't post photos of myself online, so seeing these fakebois just plastering their tumblr with photos of their face and body make a joke out of the whole thing.

No. 27313

File: 1436128054799.png (875.36 KB, 900x1280, Screen Shot (32).png)

>supposedly hates the way she looks but takes a million selfies

No. 27314

> Making other people walk on eggshells around you is an incredibly selfish and pretentious thing to do
This ^10

Case in point #scopophobia
come on man wtf is that, really ?
If your triggers are that bad you are better off getting off the internet. You can't expect of TW Before clicking every damn thing

No. 27315

Is it fucked up to create a narrative based on someone's triggers
because I'm trying to put the pieces together

No. 27316


Tumblr makes it all seem so easy, like everyone will instantly accept you as wonderful if you come out as trans. A friend of mine, of whom I met while she was living as a female (and I didn't realise she had been born male as she had been transitioning a while before I met her) still doesn't have her name or her gender recognised by our university or her family, they called her by her male birth name even after she changed it on the register and asked if they would use her chosen name, eventually she came to me in tears wondering if it was really all worth her while to be happy if everyone around her seemed to be rubbing her gender in her face. She has since chosen to pause her transition until she can move on to a better place in her life with her partner. It's still really devastating to see someone you know well and someone who is a talented,kind and intelligent person be chastised daily for trying to live the way they always felt they should live, now to see her stuck with half female and half male body she's so unhappy. It's not easy and it's not pretty.

No. 27317

On tumblr, most people are afraid to call out the fakebois because they would be labeled as transphobic. You just can't question people's choice~ Same goes with people who use those fancy pronouns.

No. 27318

No. 27319

i get the impression that all these people want to be shotas? 16 year old girls wanting to look like 12 year old boys… so they can attract a 20-something year old "daddy"?

No. 27320

i checked out this person's blog and the photo OP posted is very flattering, if you check out his self tag he's really nothing to write home about

No. 27321

That's why it's easy to deceive people on that site.

No. 27322

File: 1436616822572.jpg (170.7 KB, 640x1136, 1436600271631.jpg)

Apparrently, a popular tumblr trans Alex Yrigoyen (tumblr handle: zubat) who run the Leelah project has been exposed for being a scammer. The charity project is supposed to give packages for trans who are in need off basic stuff like control brief, clothing and such, but the packages never came, and the website has been closed. The amount scammed is said to be about 15k.



No. 27323

non-binary, not trans

He also claimed to be be Native American. How predictable.

No. 27324

That is the most tumblr thing transboi I've ever seen.

No. 27325

Knew this girl, she went genderspecial awhile back. Always had an unfortunate nose and couldn't fucking iron the fabric in her costumes.
Started dating Asch, Asch used her for costumes because she's a closet cosplayer.
Also has a pants pissing fetish

No. 27326

File: 1436845081892.jpg (37.89 KB, 468x286, 0E1ED38D00.jpg)

I felt like I wanted to be a kawaii uke after I went on a month long yaoi manga bender.

No. 27327

>non-binary, not trans
that only makes it more fake

No. 27328

i love this post

No. 27329

Off topic but reading that gave me gave me a sad kinda comfort knowing I'm not alone, what you just said could have been said by me. I don't know if we'll ever be happy but hey, at least we aren't gonna force our friends and family to use bunny-kin pronouns.

No. 27330

Do they live in the US? I'm 21 and post op… I didn't get it covered by the government (I wanted a surgeon out of province… so I did some slightly grey-area things with loans to afford it…) but I could have got it covered, with a waitlist of only like 18 mo. So if they're somewhere they could get it covered, maybe they could have put themself on a waitlist at like 18 or 19 and gotten surgery pretty young that way…?

No. 27331

We don't really have waitlists in the US, usually if you need surgery you can get it immediately, it's just expensive

No. 27332

I do the 15-year-old-boy thing because it gets me work. I know that's kind of gross, but if you have a niche, you might as well exploit it.

No. 27333

File: 1440462152247.jpg (30.13 KB, 480x813, 11226905_1453110868352034_3512…)

sorry for bumping this
but can we agree that any "trans" guy who has a donation page but hasn't transitioned in years is just a rich woman in a poor womans body? Cuz I feel like this is all that is going on

No. 27334

Fuck off

No. 27335

rofl. I love this person

No. 27336

Are those cuts on her arm real? she needs to seek help. That is fucking disgusting.

No. 27337

hes hot

No. 27338

theres nothing wrong with that tbh

No. 27339

You got a hunks of random flesh non functioning penis or a constantly trying to heal wound vagina now?

>tfw these tumblr threads show most of the farmers would be bigger cows than the cows if they posted their drama online

No. 27340

high school doesnt talk about retarded shit like trans including fakeboys

No. 27341

As they shouldn't. Haha

No. 27342

This chick pisses me off. I swear I've seen her post pics of her boyfriend eating her out and similar stuff of the two of them.

No. 27343

She's gorgeous, i agree. But too bad she's a fakeboi and part of the fellowship of fakebois. I just wish these stupid bitches would admit they don't want to be girly girls. You can be a cis woman and be masculine or boyish. Nothing wrong with that. My poor lesbian heart is so attracted to boyish women, but there's so many fakebois around now that I doubt I'd meet an actual non-trans woman anymore.

No. 27344

But Anon, it they were to be just tomboys without any type of oppression label or tag in them, how could they get all the attention and (in some cases) the money from their followers without looking like the lazy manipulative brats they are??

No. 27345

I… Oh God, I seriously didn't need that mental image. I feel sick.

No. 27346

Hahaha, that's true. Even though the gay population is only 3.5 percent and trans is even less at 0.3, they still wanna be special snowflakes.

I miss actual tomboy women. They're such cuties.

No. 27347

I agree
Give me all the tomboyish cuties

No. 27348


>those yellow teeth

>dramatic sharpie eyebrows without plucking
>purple animu eyes
>flaking skin on nose

Please get help.

No. 27349


shmegeh isn't trans

No. 27350


It pisses me off. At my worst point I couldn't do anything. No photos, no socializing, nothing was on my mind or in my life but my depression.

What makes me the most upset is how Tumblr glorifies depression and SH. Do you think being in the hospital for suicide is fun? Do you think it's quirky? Do you think all the people in the mental hospital will be a bunch of *~lovelies*~?

No. Your family and friends will never treat you the same. The doctors and nurses will treat you like you're insane. The other patients will not pity you, because they're probably going through worse. So shut the fuck up and get some help.

No. 27351

And no one here ever said she was. Ever.

No. 27352

does anyone know whats current happening with her?

No. 27353

It weirds me out how one of my friends with depression still seems to romanticize her own depression. Like, you would assume that someone who really suffers would realize how bullshit tumblr really is and how glorifying it is the worst thing because there is NOTHING glorious about it.

No. 27354

I dissociate really badly, then worry about shit like this

No. 27355

She posted on her tumblr about a month ago responding to an ASK about 'how to not pull out your hair.'

Nothing else since then and none of the fellowship talk about her. They seem to have dropped her like they did Kaden.

No. 27356

What's the "ace" trend?

No. 27357

Not sexually attracted to people.

No. 27358

Isn't she on T right now? I bet she's gonna regret it in time.

No. 27359

I think that's incorrect. I'm pretty sure proper people who are pansexual are attracted to male and female, but also people who are intersex or people who have transitioned. Basically what is in-between someone else's legs or head doesn't matter to them? Correct me if I'm wrong.

No. 27360

This is the definition of a few years ago, it's "love for your heart, not your parts". But it has taken a new meaning as the majority of "pan" people actually do care what their partner looks like. It's basically the new bisexual meme.

No. 27361

Hi Nikki.

No. 27362

>Tumblr and similar sites are the perfect examples of the expression "teenagers always think they've invented [sex/politics/etc]".

I'm glad I'm not crazy.

No. 27363

This is fucking terrifying.

No. 27364

No. 27365

lol asphyxion isn't biologically male. total genderfluid transtrender

No. 27366

really nice body though

No. 27367


>i like dresses, make-up, heels and put no effort into actually looking masculine/less feminine beyond cutting my hair short and wearing flannel every now and then

>but i really am a boy
>because i feel like i am

this trend really needs to hit the rocks. fast.
this is literally tantrum-tier shite.

No. 27368

These bitches are so dumb. If you want to be perceived as a guy, then make yourself look like one instead of whining on your tumblr like the stereotypical girl you are. They just want attention for being a tranny without actually having to do anything

No. 27369

Wonder how she'll feel about this post in another ten years.

No. 27370

So…she doesn't like gender roles and expectations. That sounds more like being a feminist than being transgender.

Also…those scars. I wonder if those were for attention too.

No. 27371

Why are all these weirdo tumblry fucks always the awkward "i leik unicornz" ppl in person? Notice?

No. 27372


I thought that, probably never had weight on in their life.

No. 27373


Call me mean, it's sad to say that I've just stopped believing people like this. I generally just do not believe them. This "cry" for help. It's been done so many times… I mean when Leah died I felt… I dunno to be honest, it was sad and I hope they're at peace now. But seeing this shit… nah.

No. 27374

I would delete that if I were you. The girl has stated that she's only 15 years old.

Is it possible to report things on Tumblr? Just having that in your browser history can get you arrested.

No. 27375


and yet they're 15 and posting that shit on their dumblr? that website really is crawling with fucking idiots and they do know better.

No. 27376

Lmao someone reported it and it's gone now.

No. 27377

File: 1441478089146.png (9.87 KB, 1095x179, b&.PNG)

lol. It was me. They were fucking quick too, they took action less than five minutes after I sent the report.

Good grief. Now I'm waiting for her to write a long and whiny blog post about how transphobic Tumblr's policies are.

No. 27378

Well shit.
How is the original posters blog still up after distributing pornographic images of a child?
Apparently being happy to have tits and vagina and wear dresses and makeup and shit and be trans is "empowering" and "breaking gender roles". I want to die when I read shit like this.

As far as I can tell, she stopped with the "I'M A BOY" stuff because it was messing up her modelling career.

No. 27379

I went on her blog and she was talking about her daddy buying her some new toys. And she's like 15 eurhhh gag me with a spoon.

No. 27380

She also included her full name, mother's full name, and their location on her gofundme page. So basically posting underage nudes as well as handing out information for people to stalk her.

Get this kid some help.

No. 27381

the aftermath:

No. 27382

Fucking hell.

People should have to be 18 years old and pass a screening test before they get access to the internet.

No. 27383

Or at least force parents to monitor what their children are doing online.

I'm sure if her parents found out she was posting nudes and talking about sex on a public blog, they'd take her internet away. But sadly they're not wise enough to do that even though she CLEARLY has mental issues.

No. 27384

Where is the gofundme?
I have to contact her parents, this is very dangerous behaviour.
It's not "empowering", she's going to get herself killed or threatened or something.
Teenagers often think they are invincible online and know what we are doing, and that people outside of the circles they are aware of don't see what happens. But it's so wrong…

No. 27385

It's linked to at the top of her Tumblr and says "FTM surgery fund" under a bunch of other bullshit.

Just be careful about mentioning the nude photos because it's generally a bad idea to admit to seeing child porn.

No. 27386

Can I actually get in trouble for that if I am also underaged?

No. 27387

Wait… it says her mom is running the gofundmepage… even though on her tumblr she says her parents don't support her.
This doesn't add up.

No. 27388

Probably not. Still, it's a sensitive subject with parents.

No. 27389

Yeah then it's probably best to not say anything. Her parents are clearly idiots and are likely the type to get really defensive and deny their child's faults.

You being a teenager yourself might add fuel to the fire.

No. 27390

You obviously don't just wanna be 'you' if you want to pollute your body with testosterone.

No. 27391


this whole post, i just cant

>I think I’m going to go back in the closet. I can’t do this anymore,

baww bawww my emotionally manipulative child porn back fired on me life is so haaarrrddddd :(((((((

>I’m not sure people realise how much effort being trans is?????

>implying she's speaking from experience

>I try so hard every day but the only person who’s ever seen me as a boy is my boyfriend and even he misgenders me when we fuck - which is a really uncomfortable situation to be in, incase you didn’t realise.

yeah guys dont u realise how hard it is to be with a guy who doesnt realise you have a phantom penis?

No. 27392

I thought it was more like furries or pretending you're a book character or some shit.

No. 27393

i thought it was more like they insist they are a specific character or set of characters.
like "i AM lestat" not "i am a vampire"

which to me just seems unoriginal and uncreative. if you're going to be batshit and insist you're something you're not, at least use your imagination. don't taint someone else's creation.

No. 27394

this bitch camwhores on /soc/ all the time i hate this thing so much

No. 27395

What the hell does "go back into the closet" even mean here? Like is she going to stop being trans? Or like stop calling herself a boy? What? I'm so confused.

No. 27396

lmao how does someone get misgendered during sex? does she insist he put it in the butt because she is A Real Boy or something?

No. 27397

Kids knew they were pretending. Kids grow up. These are grown ass fucking adults wanting to be recognized in public and irl as dragons and galaxy stars. They deserve to be put away in a nuthouse.