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File: 1490811741758.jpg (340.74 KB, 1536x2048, IMG_20170329_140508.jpg)

No. 280059

Stinky is a fujoshi on Twitter going by the handle @todokaras, unemployed and back to living with her parents.

- Ships incestual brothers on the internet, revealing she now has ABDL fetish, into beastiality, probable pedophile
- Dated a 17 year old (homoeboy/kiwi) who made a (now deleted) twitter about real beastiality and how to "safely" fuck dogs
- Admitted she wants a service dog so she can be mounted by the dog and fucked
- Masturbated a cat, made brother's dog lick her vagina, sent videos to friends
- begs for donations, fakes infections and injuries for handouts from her following of broke highschool and college aged followers.
- Rented an apartment with two other fictional incest lovers, proceeded to trash the apartment and leave after not paying rent
- Had also tried to convince a mutual to let her pay rent through blowjobs
- Left their 17 year old girlfriend for a Karamatsu roleplayer so she can pretend shes todomatsu and live out incestual fantasies with them.
- Tried to convince their followers that beastiality is A-Okay
- Takes aforementioned donations, uses them for sex toys and anime figurines
- Said they'd fuck a relative for $500
- Constantly making disgusting tweets about hygiene, shitting, pissing, beastiality, etc.
- Talked about faking suicide to get sympathy.

Unlocked twitter: https://twitter.com/pyukumuku?s=09
main twitter: https://twitter.com/cutiephiliac
Tumblr: http://edroy.tumblr.com/
ABDL zine twitter: https://ABDLzine

The rest are locked.
If I am missing anything, feel free to add more. This cow is full of milk, currently locked her accounts in order to hide from the backlash.

No. 280068

>Left their 17 year old girlfriend for a Karamatsu roleplayer so she can pretend shes todomatsu and live out incestual fantasies with them
Fucking kek, how delusional

These people shouldn't be allowed in the internet

No. 280070

File: 1490812632321.jpg (91.65 KB, 743x436, IMG_6413.JPG)

from her private account

No. 280071

File: 1490812663618.png (633.02 KB, 750x1334, IMG_6529.PNG)

Forgot this account

No. 280072

>said they'd fuck a relative for $500
If they're that addicted to incest pr0n and fiction, you'd think they'd do it for free

No. 280073

File: 1490812692565.jpg (143.91 KB, 750x836, IMG_6649.jpg)

Refuses to just admit people hate her for being a sick fuck

No. 280074

Gotta have money for anime figures and sex toys, anon, the thing needs your cash

No. 280075

that's exactly what I was thinking too.

No. 280076

Any dogfucker should be put down

No. 280077

File: 1490813054649.png (28.62 KB, 579x217, urHuDZ6.png)

some of the dogfuckery

No. 280078

File: 1490813090249.png (30.17 KB, 588x217, l9bI97Z.png)

No. 280080

File: 1490813166843.png (37.52 KB, 595x220, gr4Z4XV.png)

Literally who says shit like this, I don't understand. These are all old tweets, btw, before they changed to Cutiephiliac to hide from backlash.

No. 280081

File: 1490813217404.jpg (135.12 KB, 1331x799, lweQu6g.jpg)

Also performs sexual acts on cam, its body looks like a caterpillar so I dont know who the fuck would ever pay for this

No. 280083

A very fat caterpillar

No. 280084

File: 1490813522369.jpg (61.21 KB, 1200x612, CpDLCweUMAAXo58.jpg)

Absolutely disgusting

No. 280085

File: 1490813553187.png (81.55 KB, 592x517, lOcsRCQ.png)


No. 280086

File: 1490813600224.jpg (45.54 KB, 432x576, ocgs9RR.jpg)

I used a more recent image for the thread, but this was I believe during the summer.

No. 280087

File: 1490813634401.jpg (Spoiler Image, 36.82 KB, 432x576, fAEJUBz.jpg)

trigger warning for EXTREME body horror

No. 280089

Confirmed Horrorcow

No. 280090

They are a biological female, correct? I am so confused.

No. 280091

absolutely, the dogfucking shouldve been proof enough of a horrorcow

No. 280092

Yes, I am struggling to keep referring to her as female because it doesnt even resemble a human anymore.

No. 280097

This is legitimately confusing to me. I've never seen those kinds of shapes on any human body before. It's like she's a composite of all these separate unwatching layers piled on top of one another haphazardly.

No. 280098

Yes ofc! I just meant the costume kek.
Bestiality is horrible. I hope someone around it / the relatives figure what Stinky is doing and call authorities

No. 280100

She's seriously shaped like a pregnant sow.

No. 280104

I really do wonder what her family knows about all of this, surely someones aware?

No. 280111

File: 1490817199405.jpg (68.48 KB, 736x810, 510a49f31d2563165a18fb036abf75…)

Why disgusting bitches like her (dog and cat fuckers vomits) wanna dress up as cute cows will forever be beyond me

No. 280174

File: 1490824185448.jpg (Spoiler Image, 94.52 KB, 788x1024, C5svBRFU8AADe4n.jpg)

This is genuinely such a sad body

No. 280177

File: 1490825025232.png (25.27 KB, 588x214, yikes.png)

"big things in small holes" is this an allusion to bestiality???? jfc i'm triggered

No. 280182

File: 1490825749252.png (32.09 KB, 744x192, Screen Shot 2017-03-29 at 4.13…)

Her caption on her Amazon wishlist combined with the fact that it's filled with literally nothing but weeb garbage enrages me.

Why do her nip piercings look so wonky? They look like they're almost pierced through the areola or something.

Holy christ, what a degenerate.

No. 280184

File: 1490825897256.jpg (Spoiler Image, 83.25 KB, 645x1024, C5svmbLXMAAfWFx.jpg)

>They look like they're almost pierced through the areola or something.
I'm pretty sure they are, actually

No. 280187

File: 1490826338895.png (190.77 KB, 1866x344, Screen Shot 2017-03-29 at 4.23…)

I'm cringing so hard just thinking about that, ouch. Like did she even bother going to a professional?? Or did she just order a cheap piercing kit off amazon and pierce her nips blindfolded? Because that don't look right.

No. 280190

File: 1490826599397.jpeg (16.51 KB, 400x400, Q1YiDGNp_400x400.jpeg)

>dog/human porn
Literally just go to 8chan's zoophilia board, there has been a constant dog/human thread for months with a shit ton of gifs and webms.

The fact that she obviously hasn't found it tells me that she's lying out of her ass about masturbating to this stuff, and just saying random shit until she gets her attention. I don't think that's really surprising for a cow though.

No. 280201

Maybe she felt insecure about her giant mutant caterpillar micro-tits body and did it herself.

(In other news, I feel v pleased /w my body after that shitshow)

No. 280211

I didn't know that but then it really strikes me as odd she refers to these finds as a rare occasion. If it's not just on the deep web…
Then again, I can believe she is a sick degenerate

No. 280218

Jfc I'm not even sure what's worse: someone getting off to that shit unironically, or just faking it for the edge points.

No. 280266

HOLY SHIT ITS HER I WAS GOING TO MAKE A THREAD ABOUT HER A WHILE BACK!! She used to put bugs inside herself on cam for money (from her tweets).

No. 280272

File: 1490833582146.png (148.2 KB, 392x439, blockedt.png.png)

she used to get really mad if you sent her this pic btw (she blocked me)

No. 280324

File: 1490836661039.jpg (31.1 KB, 250x311, Rubens05.jpg)

Reminds me of Ruben painted women's bodies without the artistry

No. 280325

Reminds me of how*

No. 280333

File: 1490837069493.jpg (133.49 KB, 937x1551, photo2.jpg)


No. 280356

Add the kiwifarms thread to this as well, they've been documenting her for longer and have plenty of caps and archived links.


No. 280358

I posted the last cap, I actually got it from kiwifarms, after hearing even Null commented on this now

No. 280365

No. 280373

File: 1490841673526.jpg (30.41 KB, 640x480, tumblr_nyb4owilfT1t95gelo1_128…)

No. 280374

File: 1490841747724.jpg (23.45 KB, 373x619, ymiIcZx.jpg)

God, this shit is tragic
she used to look normal

No. 280375

File: 1490841751435.png (1.04 MB, 805x1550, tumblr_nyb0kvJvGR1t95gelo2_128…)

No. 280376

File: 1490841820255.png (1.02 MB, 852x1354, tumblr_nyb0kvJvGR1t95gelo1_128…)

No. 280383

Workout lines on point.

No. 280394

Jesus christ she looks like a fuckin larvae..her body its so weirdly shaped wow

No. 280410

of course. what do you think knots means

No. 280427

Lainey looks like a scientologist, not larvae.

No. 280493

I can imagine using tor & proxies (both of which are probably beyond her) to look for it if it's illegal in your country/state, which makes me wonder - where does she live? I didn't see anything listed first thing on her social media accounts on the OP.

If she's in an area where bestiality is illegal, then lmao. Pedophilia and bestiality can go hand-in-hand so if you have the latter, police will take your computer and search for the former. Especially considering she dated a 17yo? That would be gold if someone compiled her creepy shit and sent a report.

No. 280520

Funny, considering his models were men and he made them fat so they would look like women

No. 280521

In the kiwi thread its talked about she might have even dated a 13 year old while she (stinky) was 17

No. 280523

File: 1490856139250.png (37.62 KB, 570x235, DsjSFWc.png)

No. 280525

Fr you can even find that shit on tumblr

No. 280536

File: 1490857969123.png (68.26 KB, 1080x433, cQZfqpD.png)

No. 280547

>Masturbated a cat, made brother's dog lick her vagina, sent videos to friends

this is fucking repulsive. the animal cant fucking consent to any of this shit and i'm sure any fucking animal doesn't want this beast's filthy, disgusting hands on it.

No. 280559

Holy shit, I remember this sicko from cringematsu and her battle with the antis. And I'm not even into osomatsu but she was posted everywhere.
I didn't know she seriously fucked animals though, this goes from absolutely disgusting to asylum patient

No. 280686

Wow she was pretty

No. 280809

Every time I see this girl all I can see is a fatter version of Lainey lol

No. 280813

Her accounts are all locked now, I want to see what the hell excuse she has for this shit, now her friends are disowning her

No. 280843

Why does the spider not crawl off in disgust. I have Stinkyphobia

No. 280844

File: 1490897897285.jpg (85.59 KB, 577x1024, IMG_20170330_141535.jpg)


STINKY UNLOCKED HER ACCOUNT and moved back to @todokaras,
>admits there really was a video of her vagina being licked by a dog and she's "no longer the same",
>people and kiwifarms admin calling her out
>her gf having a meltdown on twitter

No. 280852

it was a few months ago guys pls feel bad for me I'm a completely changed person now ablooabloo

No. 280854

"i didnt MEAN to fuck the dog!!!"

No. 280862

Her girlfriend now deactivated

No. 280866

File: 1490898826328.png (465.78 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170330-142935.png)

aaaand Stinky is gone too now

No. 280869

This reminds me of pedophiles. Hey! That was a long time ago. I know I fucked a child, but I didn't actually mean to. It was a long time ago. Let it go. I'm different. Yeah, I fucked a child. But time yo.

Fuck this girl. She's just as bad as a pedophile. Why? They're sneaky, master manipulators who prey on working their way into situations they know they can take advantage of. These people don't change. They're psychopaths.

No. 280873

File: 1490898940935.jpg (74.6 KB, 874x634, IMG_20170330_143414.jpg)

No. 280874

File: 1490899003364.jpg (26.65 KB, 689x373, IMG_20170330_143421.jpg)

Stinkys a fucking moron if she thinks she can ever return to the internet with this trail of dogfuckery

No. 280876

I like how she thinks a few months is a long time.

No. 280878

apparently not even a month ago on her locked account she had done and said she thinks about animal pussy still

No. 280884

Pathetic. She enjoyed doing it.

No. 280885

what an absolute piece of trash on the side of the road

No. 280888

File: 1490899325057.jpg (38.93 KB, 1023x283, IMG_rsl9ht.jpg)


No. 280897

idec about the incest shipping. because have 15yo waifus and grown women slap their pussies to the 16yo boys in sports anime

i DO fucking care about some sick freak abusing defenseless animals in real life and pretending they didn't know that shit was wrong

No. 280898

thanks for the blog freak

No. 280901

Hope this bit.. I mean bestiality caterpillar goes through with her stunt and accidentally offs herself.

What's with her armpit in OP pic looks like she washes herself with poop.

This isn't even tasty milk, just gross and tragic

No. 280903

This is like that meme "I'm not who I was 5 minutes ago" or sth like this

No. 280905

How can someone be so absolutely disgusting… piss, feces, incest, children, animals?! Fucking hell see a god damn therapist this is all frowned upon for a REASON. If you wanna piss and shit yourself fine but don't bring other innocent lives into your sick perverted twisted fantasies. I hate pedophiles and people who fuck animals. This bitch is vile.

No. 280910

Shit apparently she deactivated because someone has the video and is planning to release it to police??

No. 280911

File: 1490902012723.jpg (104.12 KB, 639x868, IMG_1434.JPG)

No. 280913

File: 1490902236263.gif (4.67 MB, 512x283, popcorn.gif)

Good, I wanna see this nasty bitch taken down so badly

No. 280915

Makes you feel for investigators who have to look at illegal porn

No. 280920

God. That would probably be the worst job I could ever imagine.

No. 280925

She'd probably take that as a compliment.

No. 280929

It's like the face of Lainey and the body of Terryberry. Disturbing

No. 281033

File: 1490910603142.png (365.13 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170330-174823.png)

So Stinky's girlfriend is also pedo, trying to groom a young "ichimatsu" boy into a sexual relationship

No. 281034

File: 1490910669668.png (242.21 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170330-174833.png)

More caps

No. 281035

File: 1490910784284.png (313.31 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170330-174843.png)

The kiwifarms thread is digging more into Stinky's friends and current girlfriend, I feel the need to try and keep up and make sure this thread is up to date as well, although there's so much milk with this cow, its really hard to keep up. It's like someone keeps popping open bags of soured milk.

No. 281054

OT but it is! Investigators who have to view (potentially) illegal porn are usually overworked and also psychologically damaged because of it. They have to view way too much material at once, too. Generally they are also frustrated with their jobs because perps don't get punished adequately and hard enough. I want to send all of them flowers and bake giant cakes for them tbh.

More reason why the hammer needs to come down on this abomination and waste of space hard.

No. 281143

Why has no one called animal control on this bitch and showed them the video evidence? She'd get banned from owning animals the sick fuck.

No. 281155

Looks like Shay Gnarr gained a few pounds

No. 281158

Is… Is this a 12 year old boy, anon?

No. 281187

Somebody already alerted the police and has an appointment to talk with them today/tomorrow. Reading comprehension, anon.

No. 281198

File: 1490921876181.jpg (298.31 KB, 1080x1537, IMG_-atgvhp.jpg)


No. 281199

File: 1490921905064.jpg (222.1 KB, 1080x1196, IMG_-wyn49s.jpg)

A little more

No. 281203

File: 1490921983421.jpg (217.47 KB, 1078x1194, IMG_l24yxg.jpg)

Also, this is from their Ex, who is still a minor. Do not contact her, she wants to be left alone, however she wants these caps to be spread so people know how fucked up Stinky is.

No. 281204

File: 1490922016842.jpg (76.87 KB, 1080x419, IMG_d3ua56.jpg)

This is actually sad.

No. 281206

File: 1490922052604.jpg (262.61 KB, 1078x1532, IMG_ize8bs.jpg)

Tots also travelled to have sex with this minor.

No. 281207

File: 1490922096678.jpg (272.33 KB, 1063x1448, IMG_-jz979e.jpg)

Confirmed sent sexually explicit content to the minor as well.

No. 281214

Wow this is so messed up wtf. Best thread weve had on snow in a while.
Let me go get the popcorn ready. Seriously people who do this fucked up shit to animals deserve to rot.

No. 281216

I don't see what's wrong about a 17 year old traveling to have sex with a 16 year old. They're both underage. Also the rest of the stuff is kind of fucked up but if they were both underage then being a minor doesn't have much to do with it. If she had sent them to a 14 year old maybe things would be different. Is there something I'm missing?

No. 281236

No. 281237

No. 281242

I'm trying to keep it updated. I'm the one who contacted her ex - and posted the screenshots here. This is moving pretty fast, its hard to keep this thread updated while going about my normal activities.

This is currently ongoing drama.

No. 281243

Stinky is 19.

No. 281255

The kiwi thread has been around for awhile, however this is all current drama.
im glad this is on lolcow now, despite it being a little more fucked up than a usual lolcow thread.
Kiwi has more horrorcows and fucked up people, I could see why people would be upset about it being on here.

No. 281257

Thank you for the thread anon, the more attention that is brought to this the better.

No. 281271

whoever manages to get her ass swatted the shit outta her shit is gonna get a beer from this anon

No. 281324

File: 1490928456442.jpg (193.67 KB, 600x900, tumblr_nt5ibf2sST1rlv3tqo3_128…)

That's not illegal still. I think age of consent isn't considered if the older party is within 4 years of the other one as Romeo & Juliet laws.

The BIG issue though is someone was pressured into doing something sexual they didn't entirely want to.

No. 281334

I wish I could just give her a hug tbh. If you're still in contact with her, tell her there are a ton of people on her side and looking out for her.

No. 281654

jesus I haven't seen a horrorcow on lolcow like this in a while. someone on kiwifarm is legit trying to get her arrested as well, please don't let this terrifying milk run dry.

No. 281689

I'm trying to keep it updated as much as I can, but I'm afraid being busy in my personal life may cause this to run dry. I'm updating as bigger things happen, however as it stands:

Stinky is currently in hiding, only one of her accounts @P1SSFUCK is confirmed active, where she's blocking and following people from. The video cannot be obtained since her @zoophilia account is deactivated, but police are being contacted today. Someone has found the location of her family's campgrounds and I imagine are going to contact her family too.

No. 281796

No. 281840

>"people dont even know her"
>only met her once at a con

No. 281884

she ended up locking lol

No. 283017

Any updates on this nutjob?

No. 283121

Unfortunately, nothing as of yet.

No. 285368

I mean zoophillia is sexy I guess

No. 285386

Her face is a hell of a lot prettier than Taylor's. She has a classically beautiful face imo, shame it's wasted on a fat trashy crazy bitch like her.

No. 285389

Beautiful is a bit of a reach, but she does have a surprisingly nice face for being such a nasty, disgusting blob.

No. 285391

The fuck why was angel posting in this thread? What a nut job.

No. 287433

I'm reading just now that theres a police investigation going on right now in the kf thread. Please lord, put this dogfucker in jail.

No. 287449

Her face is average……

No. 287917

The FARMS also has screens of a known associate of hers that traveled from US to Poland to fuck a minor. That whole group is cancer.

No. 395121

File: 1506744860180.jpg (83.35 KB, 1440x830, IMG_20170930_141253.jpg)

She's back.

No. 395346

no tots no one will ever accept you for your zoophilia and pedophilia.

No. 395427

Maybe she has sex with dogs because nobody would touch that body

No. 395457

http://megamllk.tumblr.com/ Her NSFW tumblr account

No. 395934

File: 1506883775188.jpg (35.4 KB, 443x732, black irish.jpg)

remember when todokaras claimed to be half black

No. 395998

It's possible for half black-half white people to either look mixed, look completely black, or look completely white. I'll take her word for it until it's disproven. She's still a piece of shit though.

Also can people stop calling her an it? Not only is it disrespectful to people as a whole, but it's exactly what she wants.

No. 396018

You are an idiot if you believe she is half black. Do you know how many tumblr liars (Exactly like her, she is a liar.) Claim to be half black or 1/16th native or jewish etc etc to get oppression points?

No. 396162

As someone who is actually comes from a dark South American father and a white mother I look pretty white but I have very dark hair/dark eyes and most people never guess that I'm of South American descent. So I get it, but I have to agree with >>396018 as Stinky looks white as ever. Not to mention she has light orange freckles and red/light brown eyebrows which implies she's most likely a red head, something that is biologically impossible if you are half African/American, even if you are a lighter skinned African American.

Sage for biology talk

No. 396340

>red/light brown eyebrows
nigga are you blind? you've never seen red or light brown eyebrows, have you. her brows are straight dark brown almost black. you can see her hair colour earlier in the thread which is dark brown/almost black. by the way, people can tell you aren't white, theyre not just outright going to say it to you lmao. and yes, african americans CAN have red hair, but usually don't because thats an extremely rare genetic defect within their race.

mixed people dont get blue eyes, and no, they don't ever look full white. she's not half black.

No. 396441

half white mixed people can get blue eyes, it's just rare.

this bitch obviously isn't mixed though.

No. 396615

I don't really care about gender shit, it's whatever man, but like.. this is clearly a white person. Come on now, even Mariah Carey and Halsey looks blacker than this nasty bitch.

No. 673180

Yo anything new about her?(necro)

No. 853806

File: 1565933854418.png (337.71 KB, 1044x470, sens.png)

yo so i know this bitch. goes by he pronouns now and calls himself "Senbei" (lit. "cracker"). hes white and he lived with me for a couple months before deciding to lie to my family and mutual friends about the nature of our relationship - basically told them i was assaulting and otherwise intimidating him throughout his time rooming with me. recently left to go to Anime Fest 2019 in Dallas to meet up with his new boyfriend AND girlfriend (twitters @nanoarms and @irlkat) and will be moving to Coburg, Oregon with the boyfriend afterward. good fuckin riddance to this freak, had no idea til today that the internet had this much shit on him. literally had him home alone with my 6 y/o niece and various pets. im horrified yall.

No. 853918

File: 1565967089679.jpeg (419.41 KB, 1536x2048, 9CE49222-63B0-446F-986A-D131E1…)

anon what the fuck lmao…… do you have proof because any of this persons photos.. uh, don’t look like stinky to me?

No. 855068

thanks for necro'ing this. tots is a personal nostalgiacow. her KF thread has always been a better source of milk though.

No. 856011

bro i just gotta say this is weird as hell question bc u know that like u can post pics of ppl other than urself right. thats a (now ex) friend of his.
stinkys whole deal is pretending to be a cis dude but bc he aint (and he'll get noticed immediately by ppl aware of his old bullshit) he never posted selfies on his new twitters. like above anon said, check the KF thread.(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 856450

we dont use the term cis around here because trannies arent real men/real women. we arent your personal army either. provide proof or gtfo normie.

No. 1732334

File: 1672085479684.png (4.74 MB, 4796x2716, DmKBFXI.png)

I think @creeping_crow may be her new account. I found the artstyle too suspicious alongside all the fandom interests combined
no selfies, claims to be black


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