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File: 1432047771593.jpg (38.71 KB, 500x375, 9cdc8d7daf08f6d8ae435123ebfaa1…)

No. 297535

Anyone else remember this gem from Tumblr?

No. 297536

ah yes

the scam artist

No. 297537

I used to be so obsessed with her. To me she was the ultimate "air castle" -I'm not sure what the saying is in English, but she was the idea of perfection, and when shit went down I honestly have to admit i was relieved. The girl is all smoke and mirrors.

No. 297538

Www.shitpowerrrr.tumblr.com has all her shit archived, as in all her fuck ups

No. 297539

Ot, but are you Swedish?

No. 297540

Norwegian, but I realized as I googled for the translation that it's probably a more common expression in swedish. Might have something to do with stieg larsson, hehe.

No. 297541

Yeah haha I was like…i've read this somewhere….

No. 297542

File: 1432052464192.jpg (91.66 KB, 629x656, image.jpg)

This is probably the most recent photo of her, taken after sara (pampleemousse) took her back for the millionth time, this time after tiffany stole from saras father.

Admittedly she looks a lot healthier now, and her hair looks better when it's not teased as if her life depended on it

No. 297543

Can someone provide backstory? The link doesn't work…

No. 297544

Same, I used to think she was super cool, apart from all the fake RL Snow White Disney princess BS, which she did admit to. But then she started to go all weird when she started dating that gross crustpunk guy and eventually the whole scamming/stealing thing happened. I'm kind of annoyed she had me fooled, tbh.

She actually looks really cute here, I don't think I would have recognised her though, she looks way different to all her selfies.

On another note, holy shit, Sarah needs to lay off the self tan and fix her eyebrows.

No. 297545

She used to post in an LJ comm I was in as well but no one there was e-celeb savvy enough to catch her on her bs before she flounced lol. Can't remember why she left the comm though.

No. 297546

I dare to hope but does the phrase "go away ron" mean anything to you?

I remember when the LJ comm I used to go in practically licked her asshole every time she posted a new picture. Then all of the sudden, everyone just turned on her. Kinda hilarious, tbh. She had all of those shitty "copycats" too, aka anyone who wore polka dots and had black hair was obvi a copy.

No. 297547

There actually were a lot of legit copycats though. I think a couple girls even copied her exact tattoos. Creepy as fuck.

No. 297548

eh, her style wasn't that unique. it was pretty rockabilly and "modcloth vintage" inspired. lots of high-waisted shorts and sweetheart bodices.

who else copied her tattoos? i know her on-off bff sara did but that whole situation was weird from the beginning.

No. 297549

Seconding this, I never heard of her. Why is she a lolcow?

No. 297550


Well known scammer, hated anti-feminist and racist

No. 297551

LOOOOL YES. Hello fellow off wut/s_c anon

No. 297552

aayyy bb! too bad off_wut went down in flames. all that drama was sweet. i got kicked out of s_c for lurking but that shit was boring.

No. 297553

Apparently she was in a rating community and used to leave really nasty comments on people's outfit pics

Haha, the funny thing is she is a trained (or in training?) dermatologist and now she's working at a tanning salon, gurl you know that shit gives you the cancer

No. 297554

She was pretty ~tumblr famous~ a few years back, started pretty normal but gradually started acting crazier and crazier. She dumped her long term boyfriend and supposedly slept around with a bunch of random bar dudes. Which normally wouldn't be a huge deal, but she'd spent ages curating a sweet innocent Disney princess persona that was reasonably convincing so it seemed kind of shocking and out of character. Then she started dating a really gross rockabilly/punk type guy and gave herself a personality overhaul to be more "edgy" or w/e, he was a douchebag and eventually leaked nudes of her on tumblr. A bit later she scammed a load of people by selling clothing and never sending it and supposedly stole money from her "BFF's" dad. Then she vanished from the internet and is apparently married now.

Also her entire friendship group have the maturity of seven year olds and constantly go from publicly despising each other to being "bff's" and getting matching tattoos and then going back to hating each other again. All of which they'd put all over the Internet, so that was always fun to watch.

No. 297555

Started in LJ bitching about other girls being uglier than her, got into pokemon and met some guy named adam, she claims he was abusive -through him he met sara, and a thirty-something named matt.
She started dating matt lnstead and started a lot of shit online about sara copying her tattoos and style, cheated on and broke up with matt, (he drunkenly trashed her perfect persona on tumblr and some ask site)
She then moved in with sara, refused to pay rent or do dishes, got kicked out, got together with some hillbilly named dave who she also cheated on and used for a place to live (all his friends hated her) Dave then leaked her nudes, tiffany started posting a lot of porn and asspics, something something moved back with sara something something open a store envy, get monies, didn't send shit out, sara defended her but snapped when tiff didn't want to pay people back, and got kicked out again (apparently she owed saras dad a lot of money as well)
Today she lives in south carolina with some 20yr old she married and is scared of the internet.

No. 297556

I was to busy word vomiting to notice your arguably more well written synopsis, woops

No. 297557

File: 1432065152121.jpg (89.24 KB, 624x783, image.jpg)

No. 297558

Nah! You covered a bunch of things I didn't. I was going to write about Sarah's creepy copying of her and all the other boyfriend/friend drama but thought I'd already written too much lol.

No. 297559

Hehe, we make a great team anon.

I kinda miss her internet presence though, the milk was flowing strong with this one. She did remake a "secret" tumblr though, used it for lurking I suppose. She ended up blowing her cover by contacting a fan blog, got a shit ton of backlash ala where's my money man?? And bahleeted yet again. That blog was basically 90% fuck womens rights and 10% MTG. Eh.

No. 297560

File: 1432066827399.jpg (132.75 KB, 640x1045, image.jpg)

This was the message tiffany sent to the shitpowerrr message after she outed herself, her only acknowledgement of the whole scam thing ever.

No. 297561

File: 1432066884269.jpg (168.59 KB, 640x1029, image.jpg)

According to shitpowerrr they never received a third part

No. 297562

File: 1432071786388.png (144.6 KB, 500x387, tumblr_m4c93bnj1g1rr8hjgo3_500…)

she also lied about having an eating disorder when she was pretending to be a perfect disney princess who ate whatever she wanted and stayed thin.

No. 297563

File: 1432071824146.jpg (181.43 KB, 1280x554, tumblr_m4c93bnj1g1rr8hjgo1_128…)

after she ditched the cute persona she came clean about it.

No. 297564

File: 1432071841166.jpg (181.35 KB, 1280x563, tumblr_m4c93bnj1g1rr8hjgo2_128…)

No. 297565

File: 1432155918058.jpg (112.12 KB, 480x640, tumblr_mn61y5TsFP1sqlahuo1_500…)

She was really cute before she started dating Dave

No. 297566

Yeah, her styling wasn't that special. I do think she was/is cute, though I wonder if she ever fixed the scam issue?

And, quite frankly, if we are going to discuss her we need to address the more interesting lolcow she spawned, sniper_nyan.

No. 297567

nope, she never sent anything (refunds or the clothes) to any of the people who bought her stuff

No. 297568


Whatever happened to that tryhard?

No. 297569

She's on tumblr and copying a new girl now. She's generally kept her edginess private now though.

No. 297570

what's her new URL? her selfies were amazing at making her look good but occassionally candids of her would leak where her face wasn't tilted to the side and she'd be smiling with her messed up teeth … lmfao.

No. 297571

Starpowerrr or the copycat?

No. 297572

both! i want her new account and the person she's copying lmao

No. 297573

Her nose bridge is so wide. Its so weird.

No. 297574

Tiffany (starpowerrr) has no known online presence at the moment. Like it was said further up the thread, she ran off after the scamming debacle. She wasn't really copying anyone, as far as I know. I think that anon was talking about sniper_nyan, who used to copy Tiffany.

No. 297575

After tireless stalking I found sniper_nyan's instagram:


No. 297576

No. 297577

thank you for the info, anon.
even in her recent pics she looks so much like 2011 tiff

No. 297578

File: 1433009332459.png (71.31 KB, 779x823, rrtertertwq.png)

tiffany's half-assed apology/explanation(whatever you'd call this) regarding the unsent packages and lack of refunds

No. 297579

So basically she's never refunding them as it happened like two years ago. It's okay, though because she used the money for her bills.

The entitlement is real.

No. 297580

Pretty much. Also the ending was so sincere, "So, whatever." Beautiful.

No. 297581

File: 1433345869264.jpg (74.59 KB, 1322x333, anonib.JPG)

I forgot I had these screenies, so might as well post them. This was on the anon-ib board around the time she and Dave broke up. Her ass pics and masturbation pic were posted so people were asking for info on her.

No. 297582

File: 1433345890712.jpg (53.3 KB, 1284x253, anonib2.JPG)

No. 297583

File: 1433345964463.jpg (27.04 KB, 1273x68, anonib3.JPG)

No. 297584

This chick is the embodiment of what wizardchan thinks all women are like.

No. 297585

File: 1433361298185.png (581.12 KB, 1638x2906, LOLOLOLtiffmatt.png)

When she broke up with Matt and he outted her on tumblr while drunk. Good times.

No. 297586

File: 1433361381917.png (63.95 KB, 632x957, LOLOLOLtiffmatt2.png)

>>297585 part 2

No. 297587

File: 1433361864241.gif (Spoiler Image, 36.99 KB, 250x185, tumblr_mvdhogDNlH1qzfxtno1_250…)

the n00ds leaked by Dave, easily found on tumblr

No. 297588

Even though she turned into a shitty a person, she does have a great body. It was low of Dave to leak her nudes tho

No. 297589

it was wrong of him yeah but i always see this as a two way thing before people hop on the "she can du wot she wunts" train, people take photos like this and when they get exploited they get upset. again not saying we should or its right but what do you expect, yeah trust and shit but what do you really expect

no sympathy either

No. 297590

spoilers pls

No. 297591

post a bigger one pls?

No. 297592

Sorry, my SFW friend. I believe a mod fixed it.
I'm sorry, but I couldn't find a better picture. Shitpowerrr tumblr covers most of her past internet life.

No. 297593

File: 1433388019127.jpg (Spoiler Image, 30.41 KB, 600x450, tumblr_n2yld4O5GZ1ryjyifo1_128…)

=_= Nevermind, I found 'em.

No. 297594

File: 1433388136752.gif (Spoiler Image, 164 KB, 600x444, tumblr_mlp0glIY2q1sp2v8go1_128…)

No. 297595

Did dave post this one too, or a different ex?

No. 297596

K shut up

Btw isnt revenge porn illegal to post?

No. 297597

anyone have pics of these various boyfriends she had. Kinda curious…

No. 297598

No. 297599

Aw man was hoping to see a pic of this crust punk who released her nudes

Just had photos of Matt

No. 297600

File: 1433647046408.jpg (116.82 KB, 540x540, tumblr_lo8s6yvKdD1qz8yqfo1_540…)

No. 297601

File: 1433647160330.jpg (28.77 KB, 500x375, tumblr_inline_mxa1w1YnWm1r8dap…)

No. 297602

File: 1433651656828.jpg (37.57 KB, 500x375, tumblr_m3spiqciCU1r8dap6.jpg)

Adam, the one who came up with her starpowerrr username

No. 297603

File: 1433651730955.jpg (24.01 KB, 448x336, tumblr_m3spptN9cL1r8dap6.jpg)

Matt, the one she was with for quite awhile, apparently she cheated on him with multiple guys according to sara, and he 'caused' her ed.

No. 297604

File: 1433651801845.jpg (100.01 KB, 720x960, tumblr_nlvhhitDQl1rr8hjgo1_128…)

Dave was already posted, so here's 'grey' her husband

No. 297605

File: 1433769456079.jpg (502 KB, 500x830, tumblr_mmwnb5EHSB1sqlahuo1_128…)

One of her handmade clothing items

No. 297606

You can tell it's handmade for sure. Sloppy stitching and lines everywhere. The different patterns don't even compliment each other.

No. 297607

Lol, she didn't make that. It's from the etsy store imyourpresent that she was constantly shilling. It's where her sweetheart earrings are from too.

She did make her own clothes for a while and they looked even shittier. I can't find any photos but they were all just blatant poorly made imyourpresent rip offs.

I remember one dress she made literally looked like it was made from children's bed sheets.

No. 297608

Jfc, that almost makes it worse. Who would pay for this atrocity?

No. 297609

File: 1433776989332.jpg (22.61 KB, 500x375, tmp_29362-tumblr_m3ru5q9s5b1r8…)

Never mind, I found a pic. It looks even worse than I remember.

No. 297610

File: 1433779845067.jpg (78.59 KB, 333x750, tumblr_m3ri831M381rvdm8io1_500…)

i don't know if she made these or not, but still…yikes.

No. 297611

ngl it looks cute for fairy kei

No. 297612

It's ugly, and the fabric choice is horrible.

No. 297613

File: 1434252021238.jpg (377.69 KB, 1074x1088, image.jpg)

Another response in regards to her eating disorder

No. 297614

although it works for fairy kei, it's still ugly.

No. 297615


When was she racist? I've seen her do some shit but I've never seen her make any racist comments.

No. 297616


shitpowerrr here. You pretty much hit the nail on the head.

If anybody wants to know more details and screenshots of what happened it's all on


Shit gets weird.

No. 297617

Hey shitpowerrr, I'm the anon who wrote the post. Just wanted to say I already follow your blog and appreciate your sense of humor!

No. 297618

So does she have another IG again? I wanna see what she looks like as of recent.

No. 297619


Sup. Thanks for following!


I haven't seen her back on instagram. She deleted her ch3rrycr3ams0da one on which the storenvy thing first broke out in the comments.
You can see what she looks like now on her fb. Her name is now tiffany rubin since she got married.

No. 297620

File: 1438339074381.jpg (33.85 KB, 540x540, FB_IMG_1438338724887.jpg)

This is what she looks like now. There were some photos on her Facebook of her and her husband at some military event.
Somebody else was taking the pictures so obviously Tiffany did not end up looking like she would want to sunce she couldnt do her break-neck angles and thinspo posing. They were up on her fb for a little while (I guess to satisfy family) then she took them down or untagged herself.

No. 297621

Pretty girl tbh

No. 297622

does anyone else find this frightening

No. 297623

the way she applies her mascara is gross. just buy some falsies.

No. 297624


Her skeletor face or cake-ass mascara?

No. 297625

lol airforce
trying to get the BHA

No. 297626

File: 1442612098809.jpg (94.69 KB, 640x635, image.jpg)

When that sniper_nyan copied her

No. 297627

File: 1442619966245.png (646.71 KB, 935x604, sniper.png)

>implying she's not still

No. 297628

Yup, she is. Sniper didn't used to pack on the mascara before and she does now.

No. 297629

you can tell how cute she thinks she is

No. 297630

she looks pretty cute imo

No. 297631

File: 1443948675610.jpg (356.96 KB, 1536x2048, image.jpg)

Haha, this chick. It's so obvious how desperate she is to be 2010 era starpowerrr. Idk why exactly, but it's so weird to me that she just took her style, isn't even subtle about it, and is still running with it five years later. Like the original Tiffany died and she's been wearing her skin ever since lol.

She's gotten a lot better at selfies recently though, I will give her that. She actually looks cute in her newer ones, rather than just a weird, ersatz Tiffany (pic related).

Anyway, I think Tiffany's new Instagram is andpuppycat, for anyone that's interested. It's private though.

No. 297632



Oooooh. I remember when she used to troll sf_drama as lost_kite back in the day. And that awesome call out post in getoffegl. You can tell she's come a long way in dressing herself.


No. 297633

File: 1443954035225.jpg (32.12 KB, 342x512, image.jpg)

Oh man, so nostalgic, I forgot just how much of a goldmine she used to be. She was/is completely batshit.

No. 297634

She's a lot quieter now but you can still tell, occasionally, that she's an egotistical bitch.

No. 297635

Oh my


This is a flash from the past. She's been stalking tiffany since tiffs livejournal days.

No. 297636

Why do these names mean something to me?? I vaguely remember wuchan and sniper_nyan but I can't remember for the life of me who they are or why I know them?

No. 297637

File: 1444427565997.jpg (85.91 KB, 540x540, tumblr_nvz0poJ3QN1s34hs2o1_540…)

Looks like she's following starpowerrs ED phase. She has literal stick thin chicken legs now.

No. 297638

What's strange is how disproportional they are.
I also really hope she doesn't go to work like that but I get the feeling that she does.

No. 297639

it's weird how she's an obvious attention whore and extremely vain but isn't active on much social media

No. 297640

She posts on her tumblr regularly, but it is a shame she keeps all her stupid opinions to herself now, she was entertaining.

No. 297641

Livejournal troll. She used to troll a ton of communities including whatiworetoday2

No. 297642

Haha, probably can't get that kawaii tumblr fame by being such a jackass

No. 297643

She doesn't get any attention anymore. She doesn't talk about herself that much because she likely knows she'd anger tumblr with her edgy and "unique" opinions, and her selfies aren't that special so they don't get reblogged much.

I really wish she'd bring the crazy though.

No. 297644

File: 1446105716996.png (888.04 KB, 927x521, Capture.PNG)

So this happened. (khaleesiofkhal is Sara and andpuppycat is Tiffany. Sara now lives in Florida and Tiffany lives in California latched onto her military husband like a kawaii leech. She hasn't made a peep about paying back her customers.)

If I had had my money stolen by this entitled brat I would be pretty pissed at this.

No. 297645

so annoying

No. 297646

It's a box of cereal. $5, maybe? So big monies.

No. 297647

What customers?

No. 297648

tiffany opened a storeenvy selling her old clothes and shoes, people payed up front but never got their items. tried contacting her, sara and everyone they could link to her in hopes of figuring out what happened. At first sara was defending her, saying tiffany was too kind hearted to do such a thing, but when she realized it was true, and confronted her (T) about it drama broke loose. this coupled with tiffany owing sara and her family money, which she also refused to repay, caused the last split between them. i think tiffany might have payed saras family back, but not a single dime has been payed to all the girls she scammed. Tiffany and sara are friends again and everyone is pretending nothing happened.
except for third-wheeler nikkol who says she doesn't want to get involved and hints at "legal action" as an explanation as to why she doesn't want to talk about it.

No. 297649

she's building her alibi. "i'm so broke, i can't even buy cereal -that's why i can't pay people back"

No. 297650

yeah she scammed me out of 10 bucks but i got a refund from paypal.

No. 297651

>I was asking him to spend his own money cause I am poor but still.

Nice to see that, five years later, she's still a broke ass leech sponging off whoever she's currently screwing. Not kawaii, sort your life out Tiff.

No. 297652

newfag here but can't she get into trouble for scamming people? like legal trouble?

No. 297653

She just needs to gain a few pounds and then she can be a full blown dependapotamus.

No. 297654


felice fawn got away with it so i doubt theres anything you can do now

No. 297655

It's kind of sad actually. She's always seemed like she never really had a personality and just became a copy of whoever she was dating.

No. 297656

Yeah, "hardcore" Tiffany when she was dating Dave was definitley a downgrade from nerdy Disney princess when she was dating Matt.

No. 297657

File: 1446350298730.jpg (74.47 KB, 500x379, tumblr_m5thq5sqf71ryjyifo1_500…)

No. 297658

>"it'd get stale by the time it got to you"

lmao either her husband is really dumb or he thinks Tiffany is really dumb.

No. 297659

No. 297660

I'm not surprised she turned into a cheap cam girl. At all.

No. 297661

that's not her, just someone with the same username

No. 297662


No. 297663

sorry to bump this old ass thread but i'm strangely entertained by her so i wanted to check if anyone has any news/new pics/anything? i don't suppose anyone is following her current ig??

her current ig seems to be tiffany.ru, but obvi it's private and the profile pic isn't even of her so idek what she looks like now.

No. 297664

I think it's unlikely. All her shit seems to be locked down pretty tightly and I doubt she adds anyone she doesn't know IRL anymore. I'm pretty curious too, tbh.

No. 297665

File: 1469403044782.jpeg (57.44 KB, 640x640, image.jpeg)

Apparently she got married last year, according to her Facebook.

No. 297666

File: 1469403122833.jpeg (84.19 KB, 640x640, image.jpeg)

No. 297667

File: 1469403911618.jpeg (112.83 KB, 540x960, image.jpeg)

No. 297668

File: 1469405331182.jpeg (272.08 KB, 960x720, image.jpeg)

Last I could find

No. 297669

Btw these photos are from 2015 and 2016.

No. 297670

Man she got fat again

No. 297671

Where did you find these, anon? I miss Tiffany drama so bad.

No. 297672

On her Facebook.

No. 297673

File: 1469977733045.jpg (91.74 KB, 500x474, tumblr_m0sg0t1n4K1qzfscso1_500…)

If she married a military guy then she's just following the logical course and becoming a dependa

No. 297674

Is this a thing? What benefits are there to snagging a dude that's never home, who's probably gonna die or get ptsd?

No. 297675


Never having to work yourself

No. 297676


No. 297677

There's a reason welfare warriors always get married right before leaving because their wife gets free gubmint money.

No. 297678

The government doesn't pay the wife directly though. A lot of dependas talk their boots into giving them power of attorney over everything including bank accounts when they're deployed. Then the boot gets back and realizes all that extra money he earned when he"s deployed is gone cause the dependa spent it on stupid shit. It's gotten so bad that at the pre-deployment briefings leadership warns boots only to have a limited POA just to cover bills and whatnot.

No. 297679

Is she actually eating now? It looks like she gained some weight in her legs. I mean that in a good way though. During her starrrpower days, she lied about being able to eat anything without gaining a pound. when in reality he was starving herself. I definitely don't think she is ugly by any means but she does know how to work angles and wear the right clothes and makeup. Also she should get braces by now because her teeth are not in good shape. I understand her parents couldn't afford to get her teeth taken care of when she was a child. Now she can get loans for that and still hasn't.

No. 297680

Yeah her weight has gone up and down but she's pretty thin from what I can see recently. I wonder if the girl still has ednos problems going on.

I think her teeth are cute actually.-hides-

No. 297681

This girl is not a cow and she's not ugly. Her weight is not milk. Willing to bet she's prettier than OP. This entire shit thread reads like a vendetta talking to themselves. No one cares about this thread, it belongs in manure.

This sounds like the same person who made the Josephine Nicole thread. Stop fucking bumping this stupid thread.

No. 297682

Are you her or what? No one has bumped this for 5 days and you didn't sage, stop lying you fucking retard

No. 297683

>"No one cares about this thread! Stop bumping it! It doesn't belong here!"
>bumps thread

No. 297684

>>297670 kys ana-chan

No. 297685

This girl is one of the cowiest cows here, she's just not an active cow. But rest assured, if she ever comes back to the internet, milk shall spilleth over.

No. 297686

Then wait for her to potentially come back, and please stop bumping a dead thread. If you really feel the need to post, then sage.

No. 297687

ill just leave this here

No. 297688

I don't get it.

No. 297689

its her ig

No. 297690

File: 1491419301799.jpg (156.98 KB, 1206x729, tumblr_mz0kymEJ4A1rr8hjgo1_128…)

I almost got ripped off by her. Thank god I didn't buy that dress. I'm surprised by how many clones she has.

No. 297691

File: 1491422753812.jpg (96.05 KB, 704x704, IMG_5229.JPG)

She's not looking too bad lately.

No. 297692

Did anyone see Lovely Lor's video mentioning her? A little cringey, honestly. I admit I thought Tiffany was adorable in the off_wut/wiwt days but I don't think I'd openly admit to something like this.

The chocolate brown suits her much better than the straight up black.

No. 297693

I feel like the number of people who claim she *~scammed~* them is greatly exaggerated. I purchased a flannel from her store envy(of course I never received it) but I contacted her after two weeks and was issued a full refund.

No. 297694


i never got my money, but it was only 10 bucks so i just left it at that. I really wanted the sweater tho.

No. 297695

Her hair is really very pretty. The minimal makeup look suits her. But her eyes still scream 'crazy.'

No. 297696


She needs eyeliner to balance out her drawn in brows. Her hair looks nice though.

No. 297697

she looks lovely

No. 297698

i think some eye makeup would look great on her, but she's still very pretty

No. 297699

i remember seeing her all over rating communities like fuckballs and tinyrockets and she was not nice. whenever she gets a new boyfriend, her look changes completely. i guess her disney/cute thing was the only thing i can think of that was her own but even then who really knows maybe her ex liked kids

No. 297700


in all fairness everyone on tinyrockets was a huge dick

No. 297701

File: 1492979085702.jpg (46.88 KB, 722x722, 17796651_1783098118672484_2218…)

She's still on Facebook, but it's mostly locked down.

Can't decide if this look is an improvement.

No. 299973



No. 299983


No. 299986

I really wonder how much she regrets all those cutesy Disney tattoos. They were all for an aesthetic she no longer has. (And so many people copied them too, oop)

No. 299989

All tattoos are regrettable

No. 299991

I'm not a big tattoo fan, but I genuinely think her chest piece is cool. Not a fan of the others though. And I wouldn't want any of it myself. If anything, her bff Sara should be the one regretting it since she copied Tiffany. Or maybe they both do, especially when they weren't friends anymore.

No. 300026

Terrible eyebrows

No. 300036

bad eyebrows but at least she doesn't have those tragic lashes anymore.

she's honestly like one of the hottest tumblr famous people tbh. i miss her.

No. 300040

She should use eyebrow mascara or get them tinted. It would look more natural that way.

No. 300092

holy shit, she's in san antonio now? i wonder if i'll ever run into her at a mtg thing

No. 300337

Can't find her attractive anymore. Her upper lip is bothersome, always look like she's smelling it.

No. 331726

File: 1496980477132.jpg (71.91 KB, 540x960, IMG_2447.JPG)

No. 342186

Wtf are you doing, namefagging and posting in another cows thread? Lurk more.

No. 406405

File: 1508516974689.jpg (57.85 KB, 750x750, tiff.jpg)

Her latest Facebook picture. She apparently lives in San Antonio now and is still married to that guy.

No. 406406

File: 1508517021966.png (1.05 MB, 1938x1114, ig.png)

Her current Instagram. She's back to doing art, I guess.

No. 410745


good for her, better than scamming

No. 410789

As far as we know she never refunded those people, right?

I wonder if she ever misses her internet presence

No. 411239

i don't remember ever reading about her refunding anyone

and i wonder this too but i doubt it because her personal life got blown all over tumblr back during her glory days and that masterbating photo of her getting leaked i think she enjoys being a "nobody" when it comes to the internet

No. 468699

File: 1515800759181.png (1.69 MB, 750x1334, 86089F8A-A7D7-4F84-924B-8E6004…)

decided to check her Facebook and I didn’t even think this was her at first but it…is!

She looks cute, just doesn’t look like the starpowerrr we once knew

No. 468700

File: 1515800815452.png (2.65 MB, 750x1334, 3F42AFF9-70A9-4431-AF79-807A8C…)

same Facebook

No. 471112

but did she get her teeth fixed? no hate but they look way better than they used to in her tumblr days

No. 472465

Thought the same thing! good for her tbh

No. 659487

File: 1533739108587.jpeg (162.37 KB, 750x1188, 7F4702B8-9C4B-4B31-A165-0D60E9…)

dunno if anybody ever checks this thread anymore but i just remembered tiffany the other day and wound up finding this. interesting. it seems like she might have actually done what a lot of cows should do, which is get the hell off the internet for a while and get their shit together. hopefully that's true. good for her.

No. 661478

Agreed. I’m happy for her.

No. 667982

File: 1534644532068.png (275.93 KB, 1536x1491, IMG_0047.PNG)


2018, still trying to skinwalk apparently

No. 669134

Man how long has her obsession been going for? That is dedication. I actually think she was the better lolcow overall though.

No. 669526


Ha, what happened to her Sailor Neptune phase? We should have a thread on this bitch. I remember her claiming to have a fiancee but her selfies are still taken in her crappy looking parental home. bedroom.

Back on topic, I wish Tiffany would return and do something milky. She was one of my favorites. All of the kawaii girls have been replaced by thots.

No. 669527


*home's bedroom
Sorry guys, I hate typos.

No. 669825

That's creepy. Aren't they both from NH? I could definitely see that girl trying to stalk Tiffany at work or something. I wonder if Tiff has ever noticed her. If she has, I bet she was glad to move further away from her. Lol

No. 669922

I mean, as far as anyone knows, she never refunded any of the people she screwed over with that storenvy fiasco. That was like 3-4 years ago though, I have no idea how she'd be able to give anyone their money back unless she kept track of those transactions. (Doubt it.)

I wonder if she will ever acknowledge that again…or just kinda awkwardly shuffle past that and hope nobody remembers that part of her starpowerrr days.

No. 671565

Back on Sniper/Patty/whatever's old blog she said they met and hung out or something. I think Tiffany is no longer in NH though.

A thread would be great as she used to be one of the best cows but at this point she keeps most of her craziness to herself (other than her typical copying Tiffany). I am curious what her living situation is though since you're right about the bedroom thing.

No. 671568

File: 1535058977828.jpg (70.52 KB, 500x461, wuchan.jpg)

Is she still really living at home? I remember on her aestheticlolita blog, she bragged about being an engineer or something $$$.

P sure they follow each other on instagram as well and ran in the same circles from the wiwt/off_wut LJ days.

No. 672875

File: 1535202961826.jpg (134.36 KB, 640x959, IMG_0209.JPG)

Iirc, they had plans to meet up at some point but never did.

Patty (Patti?) went into programming because her entire family does computer stuff. When she was in college she used to say she'd make tons of money while criticizing anyone who was going into the arts or any other low-paying field. I very much doubt she makes much money, though.

More recently, she went back to school for graphic design as part of her ~Sailor Neptune I am an artist~ thing, but I don't know if she kept up with that considering her lack of artistic talent and experience.

She was engaged and had a pic of her ring on instagram. Dunno what happened with that because she deleted the photo, doesn't appear to wear the ring anymore, and still seems to be living at home yet is still dating her ex-fiancé?

Pic related is her bf/fiancé and what her makeup looks like without filters.

No. 672877

File: 1535203235641.png (130.39 KB, 1272x1757, IMG_0051.PNG)


Example of her "art."

No. 672879

File: 1535203391392.png (128.08 KB, 1262x1144, IMG_0052.PNG)


Her art account, now private, although you can see from the user pic that like Tiffany her "art" was just drawing of girls that look like her. Or in Patti's case, what she thinks/wishes she looked like.

No. 672980

File: 1535215061134.jpeg (208.74 KB, 750x1222, 0A20B2C4-8B77-44CB-8C80-83314E…)

Here's Tiffany's latest art stuff she's been posting! It seems like she moved on from making cutesy self-portraits to just drawing superhero/comic/anime characters now. She's pretty good! Though it seems like she never actually finishes a piece. I wish she would post something more detailed.

No. 672991

File: 1535216057852.jpeg (210.12 KB, 750x1042, F163E0EE-83EE-45B5-9565-875A07…)

also, i always generally liked tiffany's style/makeup even if it was a bit overdone at times, and i think she looks good now, but those eyebrows girl…why. it looks like she drew one long unibrow and then wiped a small spot in the middle off to separate them.

No. 673207

I always thought the quality of her art was good, it was just odd to see her drawing nothing but basically cartoon versions of herself. It's nice to see she's expanded her subject matter.

Idk about those brows, but I'll give Tiff this much - speaking purely style-wise, she really rocked her look. None of her clones could pull it off anywhere near as well.

No. 673387

it's good i guess but that girl in the drawing looks like she has a mental disability.

No. 681851

Lol looks like she got cowtipped. Both her and her bf's ig are now private. She must lurk here despite trying to convince everyone she's an innocent Disney princess.

No. 732632

On her instagram she seems to have deleted all photos and comments about her hubby and has been posting selfies missing her wedding ring…

No. 740104

Are you talking about Tiffany or Patty?

No. 741841


just checker her insta and yeah, that anon must have been talking about tiff cos no wedding ring

No. 741940


I checked her fb and she's not friends with her husband anymore either. I double checked to make sure he didn't deactivate.

No. 742278

classic tiffany

No. 754313

She seems to be seeing someone new, she has posted some cuddly pictures with some guy

No. 754339

File: 1545861288417.png (96.99 KB, 1974x728, divorce.png)

Yeah, she's getting a divorce for sure.

No. 754395


So post the pics. This is an image board.

No. 754545

Who's Madison?

No. 754640

Obviously her (soon to be ex) husband…

No. 754643

Obviously her (soon to be ex) husband…

No. 754654

File: 1545934305016.jpg (148.07 KB, 720x720, 1.jpg)

Yeah, he goes by his middle name (Gray).

Here's the new dude.

No. 755040

Wow, so I wonder if she'll eventually move back home, or what. Looking at her ig, it kind of seems like she's generally doing the same ol' thing she's been doing since her starpowerrr days. Taking heaps of selfies, working retail, showing off fandom merchandise? Hopping from relationship to relationship? Not much else going for her…? Classic Tiffany for sure.

No. 755127

Not much else she can do with her life now, considering she got a DUI.

No. 755133

Lmao wut
This girls only talent was having an eating disorder, a Disney style, and showing it all on tumblr when it was a thing. I wouldn’t care to even remember her for anything if it wasn’t for her contradictory vulgar behavior. Plenty of people have from-home hustles, she doesn’t have an excuse to do fuck all

No. 760184

Leave my son alone!!!ill kill you(namefagging)

No. 760189

Anyone see the Haunting of Hill House? It's on Netflix. Holy Shit, right?(namefagging)

No. 776601

File: 1549770762947.png (239.43 KB, 386x545, Screen Shot 2019-02-09 at 10.5…)

You can view her instagram through the cache. She is around 35 and still photoshops her legs to be thin, lives in her parents' house and dresses like a 16 year old girl.

No. 776636

Can you expand on how to do this I wanna lurk but don’t know what you mean

No. 776644

Was this chick a member of indiefucks?

I know I recognize her from LJ days, but I wasn't active in wiwt…

No. 776695

File: 1549807326299.png (36.26 KB, 668x108, Screen Shot 2019-02-10 at 9.00…)

Click on the arrow to see the most recent instagram before it went private. There might be a way to see the rest, but I'm too lazy atm.

No. 776973

Yes, and off_wiwt and off_wut in they’re hay day

No. 847322

File: 1564698512381.jpeg (155.73 KB, 828x716, 0128B733-EAAE-4DAC-8D0A-97B2AB…)

AND I THOUGHT HER EYEBROWS LOOKED SO GOOD. What the fuck did she so to herself. Crack?

No. 847325

File: 1564698671587.jpeg (137.51 KB, 828x548, 5F7FD309-2971-494E-85D5-3A4B4E…)

Girl… oh no… what are you doing.

No. 847345

Sad, because other than the eyebrows she looks nicer and healthier than ever

No. 847371


No. 847759

did you guys seriously necro this thread for an eyebrow nitpick?? jesus christ
while the thread is up may as well update it: she's living a normal life, keeping her head down and working on art. I know because I've had her on social media for a year or two and she's genuinely chill. but go off
saging this because I know I'm being a white knight faggot but honestly, there's milk elsewhere tiffany aint it

No. 848038

I mean, they are shockingly bad eyebrows anon

No. 849413

100% bad

No. 849459

File: 1565075482652.jpeg (1.18 MB, 1242x1833, 958EBF1C-A698-4176-BB01-DA29A7…)

No. 849792

Idk who this is but I am literally wiping tears from my eyes. Those eyebrows are worthy of a necro.

No. 932943

File: 1581913298961.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 26.26 KB, 320x240, IMG_3011.jpeg)

Clout chasing and posing at it's best

No. 932947

File: 1581913539127.png (Spoiler Image, 97.64 KB, 240x267, Screenshot_20200216-232330.png)

Well, Sara's gone down the shitter….

No. 932948

And apparently hasn't followed any of Tiff's "Disney Princess" diet tips.(FILE REMOVED, BAN EVASION)

No. 932950

This is the same person? What’d she do?

No. 932953

File: 1581914558167.png (87.87 KB, 720x763, Screenshot_20200216-232355.png)

No. 932957

-Assault on an officer
-Drug possession

From what I read in the report she was under the influence of drugs and or alcohol and crashed her car.

The website says she doesn't have any charges anymore, but I'm sure she had her Daddy bail her out of it just like she probably had him pay for Tiff to rip everyone off.

No. 932959

File: 1581915496611.png (62.88 KB, 496x842, Screenshot_20200216-235727.png)

No. 932987

I followed tiff pretty intently back in the day, when was this picture leaked?

No. 932993

Not to sure.

No. 932994

Found more on Sara then Tiff as of recently, to be honest. The whole clout chasing and coping is pretty insane. I mean Sara literally tried being a copy of her. Is there any info you can give me about this Sara girl?

No. 933888

Hey there guys. That happened to Sara when she tried to drive herself home from a surgery post cancer after her boyfriend who also lost his thyroid promised to pick her up. He didn't, and she tried to drive herself home. The "drugs" were what she internally was given at the hospital…I'm sure her I'm sure her Dad did bail her out, but wasn't Tiffany arrested for a DUI and that's why she doesn't have drive anymore? The girls are both shit shows honestly.

No. 933959

Sure. Lol

No. 939164


No. 939168

No. 939171

No. 939175


No. 939989

well she has great tits!! woah!(male)

No. 940003

All but one of those look like they're from when she was really tan? Anyone wanna claim the faceless dick hahahaha

No. 940040

File: 1583195544626.jpg (Spoiler Image, 36.7 KB, 400x299, tumblr_ml4bmobm5N1r2y10zo1_400…)

No. 940054

why do i get the feeling you think that's tiffany when it's sarah

No. 940064

They look totally different? I don't know why you'd think I think it's Tiffany- I have always thought Sara was the hotter one

No. 940065

Ya sara might have tried to ~be tiffany~ when they were younger….but after the ED, and dave talking about how he got two STDs from tiffany after matt from Pokemon said she cheated on him a bunch. At least sara has always had a job and seems like she has her shit together except when she is hanging out with tiffany hah

No. 940165

There's a lot Sara tries to keep quiet. She tries to put on a perfect imagine; but she's done and does a lot of questionable things.

No. 940167

did you miss her fighting cancer and being super open about how crappy she feels about things? I know I wouldn't want anyone only highlighting the less than ~*~kawaii princess love~*~ moments lol you say does like you are either an ex (prob the op of those photos) or are in her irl friend circle.

No. 940432

I think cancer or not, selling yourself for drugs is pretty low. And using everyone around you for money, as well as abusing anything you're prescribed, that's gotta be the definition of a trainwreck/hot mess.

No. 940486

Yah so we aren’t your personal army and don’t need you digging up a thread on Tiffany to trash Sara just because you’re some butthurt ex. Go lick your wounds and get over yourself like a normal person.
Oh and congrats on posting a girl’s nudes. Hope she’s of age in those since they’re so old! Necro for days man.(ban evasion)

No. 941101

File: 1583372007838.jpg (Spoiler Image, 38.55 KB, 400x300, tumblr_mkk1788b0I1r2y10zo1_400…)

No. 941112

File: 1583372273624.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.37 MB, 3264x2448, IMG_3440.jpg)

when she doesn't edit her stomach to look flat as a board. i don't know why she bothers editing- she's not an ugly girl at the weight she is post ED. i also wish she would go back to doing her eyebrows like she wasn't trying to be the red headed frida kahlo. it worked for frida but not tiff!(ban evasion)

No. 942130

Did you date either one of them or something? Where tf are all these coming from years later

Also, as an update, Tiffany has been struggling with her mental illness(es?), is back in NH, also her and Sara haven't been friends/talking to each other for quite some time now I think. They're both hot messes but at this point considering what they each deal with we have somewhat of an explanation as to why

No. 942200

Seems like both of there girls are really easy to hate and are good at manipulating a decent amount into thinking they're decent and sweet people. Some of the stuff that's been posted on other pages is pretty intense. That's what lead me here; and from what I've seen and read here, wow.

No. 942407

nice necro faggot, sage next time.

No. 960859

does anyone have her tiffs insta or does she not have one?

ive followed her since the lj days and every time she pops back up on social media im curious but i cant find her anymore

No. 961546


No. 968967

What other pages? I’m curious and would like to read.

No. 1014809

File: 1596125341652.png (1.06 MB, 1080x1475, Screenshot_20200729-133311~2.p…)

New Instagram and look like she going for 'nerdy redhead' now and look like she trapped another guy into her 'sweet and innocent' bs. Might be schizophrenic or might be another self diagnoses. Still look gross and desperate to me and they eyebrows are insane >.<(emailfag >.<)

No. 1015130

Her ig isn’t “new” it’s been around for awhile now.

She did say once she might be schizo or bipolar in her ig stories. Yes, she’s mooching off of yet another man—it’s what she does.

Her eyebrows are godawful horrific and I don’t understand why she thinks they look good. She’d look quite pretty otherwise imo.

No. 1016108

I wonder how long it will take for her to cheat one this one? Looks like he's a cuck so maybe she'll get away with her cheating.

No. 1016135

she's literally doing nothing out of the ordinary, just living her life. I'll cop a wk ban for this any day because she's really unproblematic. working on her art, trying to live and grow. whoever vendettachan is needs to relax.

you specifically. learn to sage or show some receipts

No. 1016150

You obviously don't know her full story, she's still a thief and has multiple problems in her life. I've talked to her people close to her and she's still a terrible person.

No. 1016172


Do share?

No. 1016322

learn to sage if you're going to bump without milk. and yes do divulge all your secret info, this is an imageboard. hearsay doesn't mean shit unless you post receipts.
sage for mini-modding but fucks sake can someone fucking integrate on this thread please

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