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File: 1493285083144.jpg (277.08 KB, 761x500, pearwaii.jpg)

No. 299602

Most recent developments (pls add in the replies if I missed anything)

-Max started going back to his roots, making disgusting vids. He is currently in Hawaii with Ian and the pear
-Chad is slowly but surely drifting far and away from the crew.
- Ian is officially the new King Cuck, going back to bad unboxing videos, looking grease as fuck, some say he might do a content cop on faxman aka onionsun due to the recent drama but not likely. Currently in hawaii with max and the pear. Seems miserable as fuck. Seems happier with fans than he is with pear.
-Anisa is still hanging and possibly flirting with edups 2.0 aka chris, they took many candid shots together. She is still trying so hard to take cute selfies with ian but failing miserably, claiming she has an eating disorder for attention. Still one of the guyzz. wearing the same shorts (still)
-Chris (edups 2.0) may not be part of the cancer crew but he is playing an important part of the recent events so he's included.

Misaki did some fucked up shit to one of his employees (he is from samurai buyer the company ian advertises a lot on his vids) also some clients have said they get mysterious charges and/or their product never arrives. full story on the Misaki incident: http://www.twitlonger.com/show/n_1spqglj

their social media


their instagrams

Other edgelord ~alt-youtubers~ like pewdiepie, h3h3, jontron etc. are allowed to be discussed here and are not considered to be off topic.

No. 299613

File: 1493288511658.png (545.2 KB, 758x498, spiceypear.png)

The OP picture is a masterpiece but I wanted to make my own rendition.

No. 299615

Damn, Girl-Max is hot.

No. 299616

An annoying orange character to represent Anisa. Truly beautiful.

No. 299635

Amazing picture OP, you are a gift to all of us.
Also I love the fresh Misaki milk. It's just so smart and he played him like a fiddle with his stupid wapanese with poor english skills act.

No. 299640

File: 1493298945981.jpg (35.78 KB, 639x330, milksaki.JPG)


No. 299642

File: 1493299306395.jpg (37.85 KB, 590x491, wat.jpg)

this adds nothing but i can't believe no one commented on this beautiful shoop anisa posted of her watching ian kiss max

how does her mouth constantly looks like it's full of marbles that are threatening to fall out

No. 299643

I didn't even notice omg that's weird!!

No. 299648

File: 1493301952008.jpg (564.83 KB, 1067x1678, Screenshot_20170427-100339.jpg)

I just think this looks weird.

No. 299652


She's two posts away from some "life & love" quote typed over a sunset

basic ass bitch

No. 299654

Holy fuck those are some disgusting looking nails, Ian get a grip.

No. 299660

File: 1493303119086.png (78.74 KB, 608x405, joji.png)

Meanwhile, Joji is STILL trending on YouTube (#18) and he even got a description LMFAO

"The Japanese-Australian comedic rapper, best known as Filthy Frank, goes serious on this new single."

No. 299661

This is so fucking cringy. I can't believe Ian agreed to it. It's definitely not COOL and EDGY like he normally portrays himself with Anisa.

No. 299708

I was thinking the exact same thing. He probably did it because max did it but omg the cringe. I bet Kat was the kind of girl who worshipped horses as a kid. Goddamn

No. 299714

It's only their hands, yet Ian and Anisa still feel so damn awkward. They can't do anything properly.

No. 299718

>I bet Kat was the kind of girl who worshipped horses as a kid.

No. 299719

Eww those disgusting bitten nails

No. 299722

You never had that girl in elementary school that would always talk about horses and gallop like one too???

No. 299724

At least he keeps them short for the ladies unlike joj over there with them long ass coke nails kek

No. 299733

I kniw exactly what youre talking about. Horse shirt and horse pencil topper too. Omfg.

>>299648 she has sone big fucking hands.


No. 299735

that is one sad shoop, even a 12 year old could do a better job than this. She could have at least blended the fucking image with the background of her glasses. If she was a beginner I wouldn't say shit but let me remind you, that this squirrel brain of a girl has an art degree (or went to art school at least) and in all degrees they teach you how to properly use photoshop, since most photographers, artists and designers use it in the first semesters. So Anisa dear next time you want to boast about your "fancy art degree" you should at least show that you actually learned something and not just let your parents waste their good money on you.

No. 299752

It's just a pic of hands but Ian and Anisa still look awkward lmao

and holy shit Kat is so pale

No. 299788

Ian's cuticles, clearly chewed nails, and that half missing thumbnail. How old is this guy again? Does he have some kind of anxiety problem?

No. 299848

Oh, fuck, that girl. We had one who didn't grow out of it, she was "the horse girl" all throughout middle school and high school. Hell, probably still is that girl.
The most basic form of basic bitch.

She can't even brag about a fancy art degree, anon, she never graduated. She just brags about classes she took, like "that time I took a kinesiology class" and "that time I took a criminal justice course". Wow, Anisa, how impressive.

I've taken a CPR and First Aid course, guess that makes me a fucking doctor in Anisa-world, better go set up a YouTube channel and dole out medical advice. You there! You have a prolapsed anus. I just know, I took a CPR and First Aid class in college, trust me.

No. 299849

By the way, that anon who gave lolcow a shout out on Anisa's IG: don't fucking do that and, for fucks sake, if for any reason you HAVE to do that, don't smash out a poorly written jumble of idiocy with poor spelling and grammar, you make everybody here look like a barely literate 13 year old by association.

No. 299852

Just look at the guy, he reminds me of a neurotic chihuahua with insecurity issues, shaking and pissing whenever people get too close, there's no way he doesn't have anxiety issues. It's probably what held him back from fucking a real life pussy* until he was in his late 20's.

*It's likely Ian used some kind of contraption, like a Fifi (http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=fifi), in the pre-Anisa days.

No. 299862

Honestly really unfortunate. I feel like he's the type to not address his anxiety even though its really fucking bad. His nail biting is so bad it reminds me of someone I knew in the fucking first grade with a nailbiting problem. Like c'mon dude.

No. 299865

File: 1493324749825.jpg (43.38 KB, 240x240, don't do this.jpg)

That's exactly the sort of person who'd give lolcow a shoutout. Lesson is never learned until their profile pic becomes a meme.
Pic related.

No. 299881

all and all lets just take this lightly, I checked their profile, seems they are a troll or something. Sure the person who did that is most likely a retarded 13 year old for posting that with such poor grammar and lack of sentence structure, but on the bright side we now can confirm Anisa knows of this place. So let's just ignore this petty incident, we got bigger cows to milk boiz.

No. 299883

Bless you OP this is beautiful

No. 299902

did anisa delete it? I can't find any mention of this thread

No. 299933

Nah it's still there. In the previous thread anon showed what picture its under.
If I was Anisa I would sure as fuck delete it. Her fans will be able to find her mentions in threads and either retaliate or find out how retarded she actually is.

No. 299935

Hahahahahahaha you are giving them waaaaaay too much credit here. I got a bad vibe the second I saw her. And from there I just google searched. Plus, when you search her name, lolcow is the first thing that pops up

No. 299970

File: 1493336252464.png (131.39 KB, 750x849, IMG_9439.PNG)

Odd when I think Ian looks the most well put together in a picture. (He looks nice in a thirty year old dad kind of way.)

No. 299974

Tbh they're all kind of ugly.
Also Anisa's head is fat af.

No. 299987

Yeah, my eyes just darted from face to face thinking "No, nope, nah, nope."

While he's still by no means attractive, props to Ian for FINALLY abandoning the absolutely horrible mustache that slithered onto his face, getting a haircut and, apparently, bothering to shower. Katt looks, y'know, cute. She's alright, nothing special. Anisa looks like a fucking anthropomorphic potato instead of a pear, this time. Max just looks like some random dude I'd never give a second glance.

The Unfuckable Four! Fighting crime by drying up even the sloppiest pussies known to man! Huzzah!

No. 299988

looks like a cartoon character

No. 299995

So happy for Joji!

No. 299996

Kat's face is so weird, specially when she's smiles, that crooked tooth isn't helping either. She looks like she could be the fourth witch in Hocus Pocus.

No. 300002

Ian needs to shave that 'stache' but seriously.. Ian may be greaselord number 5, but Anisa is really unattractive. holyshit.

No. 300007

Ian only cleaned up for Max. He'll go back to looking like a swamp creature once he's back in the states with Miss Pear.

No. 300010

samefag, just realized they're in Hawaii, which is in US. Lol ignore that.

No. 300023


No. 300035

She's okay to me, but, again, is nothing special. She looks suuuuper Irish to me, I'd expect an Irish accent to come out of that mouth and I kinda wince knowing it'd be a nasally Australian one, instead.

No. 300038

Anisa looks like their mom who took them on vacation

No. 300039

>Max and Katt shift uncomfortable and share furtive glances, wondering why the fuck Ian is dating this thing.

No. 300045

Ian asks himself the same thing every day.

No. 300051

Look how much she's straining her neck to make her collar bones show.

No. 300053

samefag, you can see her giving the peace sign at the bottom too.

No. 300059

I would LOVE to be a fly on the wall to see how these four interact. I need a video. I have a feeling Anisa tries to fit in by saying "cunt" every 5 seconds and makes very cringy jokes.

No. 300060

I was about to be like "Meh, nah, those are average collar bones…", but then I looked at the tendons in her neck and, holy shit, she really is giving it her all to make those collar bones pop. It actually says more about her that they're still pretty average looking despite straining that hard.

Ew, at myself, for totally being one of those girls who cares about visible collar bones, too. Oh, leftover anorexia bullshit.

No. 300062

Oh god the peace sign at the very bottom, w h y

No. 300063

"Hey, Max, pass me my water, CUNT, hahahahaha"
"Hey, our tour guide is so ugly, I bet she's a feminist tranny, hahahaha, that cunt, hahahahaha"
"One time Ian and I were fucking and–oh, by the way, we, like, fuck all the time. If you guys weren't here, we'd definitely be fucking. Right, babe? glares at every nearby female to make sure they understand she has marked Ian as her own with her pussy juice"
"Hey, did everybody see that JonTron video? You didn't? Fucking cunt, hahahaha"
"pretends to dryheave, looks at Ian to see if he's laughing, does it again"

No. 300104

File: 1493347705272.png (484.89 KB, 932x548, YoungLove.png)

Ian, the guy staring at Anisa like "Goodness, stop fucking taking my picture, bang-maid, I've already indulged your absurd, petty fancies enough for one day. Back into your kennel with you."

No. 300145

Tbh this is probably he longest she's seen Ian awake or being forced to interact with her. This is probably a miracle for her

No. 300494

Here's everything that I could rescue from the Misaki drama. (before someone says "ree use the imgur url thing" "ree learn how to imgboard" I can't since both of them are big posts with multiple images)

the whole story with multiple screen caps

a conversation merry(the person that got robbed by misaki) had with a "reporter" (who was working with the same misaki himself"

No. 300549

damn good job anon

No. 300577

here's more info on that


No. 300806

File: 1493437553264.jpg (234.43 KB, 1860x893, p8bium9.jpg)

Even when she's posting a "shirtless" selfie to show her "body" she's padding. This bitch will never not be fake.

I just don't understand how it's possible to be so fake. If anything, it's actually impressive. I look forward to her blog/vlogs in 10 (20?) years when she looks back and tells the truth behind all the fake.

No. 300820

why does she always sit her tops so damn close to her nips like you can see her areolas so much it really bothers me

No. 300839

Bcuz it gives the illusion of a bigger bust

No. 300841

She a hoe. She wants you to see her areolas.

…but never the nips b/c lewds b4 nudes!

No. 300851

lol more like


No. 300869

>Ian's a smart lad. He'll do the right thing. It'll be interesting though to see how he handles real world cunty behavior.

Uh-huh. He's handling it responsibly, and doing the right thing.
By zip-lining in Hawaii.

No. 301027

Once you realize her areolas are peeking out, you get an idea of how much is tit meat and how much is padding and the padding on that bikini top is crazy. It's seriously half padding, she's a B at most. I don't know why she would even bother with that "Wahhh, muh BDD, I hate muh HYOOGE TITTIES, so sad…" bullshit, it's almost insane. I mean, literally insane, as in mentally ill. The kind of person who'd lie about having body dysmorphia due to big tits that are so easily proven to be on the small side of average would have to be pretty bizarre.

It'd be whatever if she expressed insecurity about NOT having big tits, which is clearly what's actually going on with her, but this whole BDD-please-pity-me-and-my-overwhelmingly-huge-tits shtick is just…god, I wanna say unhinged. She's combined humblebragging, attention seeking and sympathy seeking all with one lie. That's not normal, she definitely has something wrong with her and it's kind of creeping me out.

No. 301054


She only has a tiny amount of skin left to push up before you can see her whole nipple, needs to be careful.

No. 301084

The song is pretty bad, but I'm sure someone will remind me why we worship Joji for doing half assed work.

No. 301085

Not only that, but look at the gap between the bikini and her actual boob. The spacing either suggests fake breasts (which we all know she doesn't have) and serious padding.

No. 301086

Agreed. His music is boring. I don't get the hype whatsoever

No. 301114

I wonder if any part of Ian thinks "Oh my god, she's crazy. She's fucking crazy. My girlfriend is batshit" when he sees her IG posts bawwing about her tits/titty related BDD and prancing around on the beach with these bikini tops that are so heavily padded, it's like she has prosthetic titties when the dude has seen her naked and is very familiar with her tits by now.

I'm sure the first few times they hooked up and she dropped her bra to the ground, he was too amped about having sex to care, but he has to have stopped and been like "Wait a second…" by now.

I wonder if she even keeps up the pretense with him, like, she puts her bra back on in the morning, makes eye contact with him, scowls at him with crazy eyes and says "I have huge tits" and he replies warily "…Y-you have huge tits. Yes."
Probably would stab him if he ever pointed out the obvious truth.

No. 301127

Nah. He's just stoked someone wants to fuck him that he'll forgive anything.
She's trash and I doubt he'll realise that unless she stops giving up ass, which doesn't seem likely because she can't lose her only source of income.

No. 301131

But you're probably right about the bra thing. She seems like she's so insecure that she'll wear a shirt during sex.

No. 301132

File: 1493498425738.jpg (96.45 KB, 1037x391, Screenshot_20170429-163820.jpg)

The cows have come home.

Where are the bikin pics of her and Katts Disney swimsuits? She seems like she would get upset if someone else took a pic of her because her selfies are the only thing that thin out her fat head.

No. 301134

They were probably all too unflattering to post because they weren't taken in the classic Anisa selfie style.

No. 301146

Imagine the shitfit she would have over Ian or Max taking a candid shot of her and Katt hanging out on the beach or playing in the surf and she can't take the time to do her contortionist act first so they can only get her at flattering angles.

Or, god, I can so easily see her telling Ian to take 70 photos, but she scrolls through them and ends up spending the rest of the day fucking hysterical and requiring constant, hardcore reassurance from Ian that she's not a big headed or boxy and he's like "You're fine" because he hasn't spent enough time with insecure women to know "You're fine"="You're barely getting by" in their minds, so she just flings herself across their hotel room, flops onto the bed and sobs into a pillow like a dramatic teenager.

What a fun vacation. Whooo.

No. 301152

The funny thing is that with the way Ian talks and interacts with people, he would probably 100% say just "you're fine" and fuck her insecure self up even more.

No. 301161

how is it half-assed. Like I get not liking it but I don't get why you think it's half-assed.

No. 301201

The twitlonger link doesn't work anymore.

No. 301204

No. 301210

>do not call joji's work half ass, baka srsbsnss.jpg

why does this place worship Joji like he was the fricking pope? do you guys want to secretly fuck Joji? I've seen it in past threads whenever someone says something slightly negative of Joji, you guys go all "reee don't insult Joji" "reee jojii is god"

No. 301217

I don't really have an opinion on George and I don't this this person was coming across this way at all? They just asked why they thought it was half-assed.

No. 301224

I don't like the song either, not my style of music at all and I don't have any strong opinion on him in general. But out of curiosity what lead you to believe that he didn't put work into/doesn't care about the song? Honest question

No. 301248

Yeah I was just curious lol, I didn't think it sounded lazy or anything production-wise. I wasn't sure what was half-assed about it.

No. 301253


Misaki asked me to send him pictures of me in my underwear after we started talking after only one day. He is a total weirdo creep

No. 301264


I don't know why we worship him either. He seems like a complete fuckboy and his song is souncloud-tier shit.

No. 301272


No. 301276

this whole situation is sketchy tbh. On top of Merry deleting all the tweets, why did he think it was just ok to up and leave and go back to Tokyo? Without seeming to notify anyone? It probably looked like he abandoned his job.

I totally believe Misaki is a sketchball but there's probably more to what Merry did than he's letting on.

No. 301311

Her last tweet was 5hours ago. Maybe Ian finally did it. Maybe he finally killed her

No. 301324

they posted like no pics. and hardly talked about it.

something didnt quite go right lol

No. 301331


Seriously. I'm curious if something happened on the trip. Hawaii is supposed to be one of those things you sperg about, esp as youtubers. Who do you think fucked up??

No. 301339

Anisa or Ian probably. Something about that "I'm really unselfaware" tweet that Anisa made on the trip makes me believe that a drunk Max might have flipped out on her about her being annoying or something though. And then he would realize he messed up and use the excuse that he's mean when he's drunk, awkward rest of the trip.

No. 301348

This is true, especially for Anisa. When she went on her two little dates with Ian 2.0 they took an abundance of pictures of each other, posting them and then tweeting about/tweeting each other about it. Seemed a lot more positive than going to Hawaii, where she posted incredibly awkward pictures with just Katt (the kind of awkward picture where you stop smiling as soon as the picture is taken.)

No. 301350

tbh I never liked him or his music that much, but I think that people on this thread praise him b/c he's distancing himself from the crew and their drama and pursuing his (soundcloud tier) music goals

No. 301388

File: 1493531865041.jpg (61.88 KB, 810x378, IMG_20170430_075715.jpg)


No. 301390


Here we go again!

No. 301391

Yeah. It's probably because he seems better in comparison to the rest of the cancer crew. I still think it's kind of fucked up that it appears that he has been straight up ghosting his friends, the friends that helped boost his popularity enough to make becoming a muscian a viable option. Yeah, yeah, I know; "Joji had the drive! He would have become a star without them! They weren't even his original crew!" I'm not thick enough to be unable to identify the upcoming counterarguments; I'm just sayin', it makes Joji seem a bit prententious, like he believes himself to be 'too good' to associate with his crew numero two anymore.

No. 301392

>shouldn't of
Anisa pls

No. 301398

omg i hope this means they are breaking up and she realises she has no way to make a living.

hahahahhahahaha this is so good. even if they havent broken up her streaming again isnt a good sign for them. i bet ian gave her shit on vacation about paying for all of it, he seems the type that would.

No. 301404

I agree completely with this, though we don't know for sure if the crew have been talking in private, it does seem from the outside that he has just left them. I do hope his music works out for him though, it seems to mean a lot for him

No. 301410

I sort of doubt they've been talking in private, with Max, Ian and (maybe?) Chad vying for his attention on social media. I don't care who they are; Ignoring them like that is cruel. I mean, throw them a bone, give them some sort of closure.

No. 301411

>Coming back not as Raihnbow but as Anisa…

Except she will have her extra padded tits out and act the same?

No. 301412

I really doubt thay means they're breaking up.
Anisa going back to streaming means she realized all the fuss she made about her YouTube dreams are over.
She failed at making her dreams come true and instead of getting a normal job and stop leeching, shes going to crawl back to the one thung shes mildly good at. Shoving her tits in a camera and basically begging for money. I have no hate left for her, all I feel is shame.

No. 301413

I apologize for typos.
Sage because its freezing and it's making me a sloppy mess.

No. 301420

Maybe we'll see Ian slap her again lol

No. 301422

File: 1493538212481.png (732.96 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

Trouble in paradise ? Very weird to comment something so petty about your SO on Instagram for everyone to see. Especially right after coming back from a vacation that HE paid for. Something totally went down and i bet they've got the shits with each other rn.

No. 301423

Nothing more disheartening :( Thank you for sharing your story, Anisa.

No. 301427

A real tragedy. I don't know how Anisa stays so strong through all these hardships. I'm praying for her.

No. 301429

She's literally takin pics of trash to get sympathy on instagram

No. 301430


No. 301432

i'm in tears omg everything about this is so pathetic

No. 301446

naaah it's not being petty, it's just her attempts to show how quirky they are and Ian is such a 'meanieee uguu~ >w<'
The funny part is when you realize she literally took a picture of their trash

No. 301474

I hope that's recycling bc that's all recyclable shit but they both seem retarded enough to ignore that.

No. 301482

omg yeah I've noticed this as well, I personally think he is a bit stuck up. He does seem like the most mature one of the bunch but at the same time it's pretty shitty to just ghost people specially people that you made a bunch of videos with that set your popularity in motion. I guess he just doesn't want to be associated with them anymore. kek maybe he feels like the Beyonce of the group and feels too good for them. But yeah he should be a bit more humble and remember where he came from, from being a kid who posted videos on his dorm room about filthy shit.

No. 301484

>Nothing more disheartening

Really, bitch? Boo drinking your fucking Martinelli's is heartbreaking, but not him smacking you on camera, calling you a cunt/stupid, making an effort not to be associated with you, not helping your YT channel thrive, persuading you not to follow up on a legit opportunity because he thinks Zoie's a whore and he's more worried about his own brand than you doing well, not the fact that he can't be fucked to even pretend that he's happy to take a picture with you?


No. 301489

File: 1493554023802.png (357.49 KB, 584x625, IT'S_A_TRAVESTY.png)

She didn't just post a picture of #TheGreatMartinellisTragedyOf2017 on Instagram, she tweeted about this shit, too.

If they really had a fight, I honestly feel like this should be a red flag for Ian. If she's willing to throw your ass under the bus over a spat and try to paint a picture of you on social media as the selfish, asshole boyfriend after drinking her fucking sparkling apple cider, then…I dunno. I have a feeling she's going to take to the internet if he ever dumps her and she's going to really cry and wail about how mistreated she was by him.

She has a compulsive need to be seen as the hapless victim in every situation, if you dumped her, my god, just imagine.

I'd never try to imply that my boyfriend treats me poorly on twitter or IG, I wouldn't air our dirty laundry, even if it was small. Not just because it's private, but because most people are embarrassed by problems in their relationship. The vast majority of people would prefer to pretend everything's perfectly normal than to take to social media to let everyone know their boyfriend is an asshole. Even when you break up, normal people will maybe make some vague "I'm sad" posts and leave the crying to private conversations with friends.

But Anisa isn't normal. Her need for attention and sympathy trumps her need for dignity.

No. 301508

I was worried too. She must have seen your post because she added to her caption on >>301489

No. 301550

Bye bye Youtube!

No. 301556

This is probably a big mistake on her part. If they were not already arguing, Ian is going to get pissed and yell at her for trying to "expose" him about something so childish.

No. 301559

I think you are all reaching a bit. This was prob just meant to be funny, not expose him as a great big lying thief to get pity points.

No. 301560


Wish I had something witty to say, but I just about gave myself a migraine from the intense facial expression and quick cackle this forced upon me.

You shouldn't have taken a lot of things for granted Anisa. Bet you sit up at night whiffing in Ian's foul musk, listening to gurgling breaths from his gaping, drooling mouth as you take side glances at him sprawled on his back taking up 85% of the bed with a picture of Max tenderly laying against his chest and just sigh as you try to push memories of Akaadian and your old life out of your mind and stop the what ifs from buzzing around you like angry hornets. What if I didn't cheat to be with Ian and still had a loving, supportive partner in my life? What if I didn't turn my back on other titty streamers who wanted to work with me and help boost my popularity doing the *one* thing I actually know how to do? What if I didn't have to desperately try to convince everyone that I'm smart and talented and worthy of dating a big YouTube celeb?…What if I left Ian for Chris? Would that reset everything?

Oh yes Anisa, perhaps Hawaii has done it, and it's finally dawning on you how many horrible mistakes you've made.


Looks like it's happening boiz! Remember how so many of us said that in the end she would try to gain sympathy and then turn it all on Ian as the asshole who abused her? This looks like the downhill, this is DEFINITELY how it would start. Subtle manipulation of the fans to show how Ian is…not sure nice to her. This cow is about ready to milk.

No. 301562

I agree that she probably meant it to be funny, but she's also totally fishing for pity points.

No. 301564

I dunno. If it was meant to be funny, then, goddamn, she's fucking terrible at comedy. It just comes across as a whiny girl being a fucking baby about her boyfriend drinking her sweet, sweet sparkling apple cider without telling her, harumphing her way across social media, trying to collect as many sympathy ass pats as humanly possible as she goes and pointing her finger at Ian like "That's him, officer, THAT'S the man who did this to me!"

No. 301568


Come on guys, Anisa is very transparent she wanted to be sort of funny in a melodramatic way, but she's also still legitimately bitching and fishing for sympathy. A CLEAR joke would be like the shit she does with Chris, calling him an asshole of some sorts, using edgy memes, or some reference to faggots. This is a clear. "Woe is me, haha, but really tho…"

No. 301658

File: 1493581091501.png (4.38 KB, 261x107, twtr.png)

Well guess she's gonna have to cange her twitter bio then….

No. 301694

"The sneaky snake of YouTube AND Twitch (totally not a titty streamer, though. Like, at all)."

No. 301697

Why does she assume she's anything of youtube? She is irrelevant.

No. 301702

she is the beard of some edgy virgin who used to be kinda popular on youtube for like 4 months before everyone lost interest in his repetitve and overly edgy content.

of youtube.

No. 301715

i can't wait to see what zoie, celestia, and sky will have to say about this lmao

No. 301718

I feel like they'll scoff, roll their eyes and move on without deigning to even dignify her return to Twitch with any kind of real comment. She's somehow even more irrelevant than she was before. Dating Ian was somehow a step backwards for her. Great instincts for business opportunities, that one.

No. 301769

File: 1493593617029.png (922.52 KB, 750x1334, IMG_3229.PNG)


No. 301773

crop out your profile picture

No. 301777

Thats so pathetic. Anisa, since you're lurking here: saying this kind of things just proves further that the only affirmation of your sad relationship comes from the outside lol

No. 301781


yikes she's so fucking cringe.

No. 301795

File: 1493595739377.jpg (661.69 KB, 1680x1932, anisa-bingo.jpg)

she makes it too easy

No. 301798

Her caption is a complete response to us.
Hey, Anisa,how's it going in paradise? :)

No. 301801

I agree, it must be disheartening to see how many people notice how unhappy and annoyed Ian looks in pictures with you :( Also, you're painting looks like shit.

No. 301802

Pearnisa dear, since we know you're lurking here you should buy yourself a new pair of shorts, also it's really petty that you actually care what a bunch of strangers say about you it really shows your character weakness, how much you crave the attention and the pity points. Since Ian pretty much just uses you as his fucktoy but once he gets tired of you he will dump you. As ugly as disgusting as Ian is, he could get anyone because 1) he is a semi famous youtuber 2) attention whores (like yourself) seeking fame would want to jump that dick for 15 mins of that delicious fame.

No. 301809

I think N2 and A3 fit too since she's all insecure about how fucking strangers on the internet view their relationship

No. 301813

Cheer up Anisa, at least we didn't drink up your martinellis treat.

No. 301816



No. 301843

Officially the comment that has killed me. YES, ANON.

No. 301858

File: 1493605568940.jpg (309.83 KB, 1019x984, Screenshot_20170430-222235.jpg)

Here are the two responses to that shit heap of a comment someone from here left.
Tbh, it reads really jumbled amd idiotic. Kind of like an anisa. Also Ill point out that her "fans" dont know her either. They probably refuse to acknowledge all of the shitty things she's done. I get want to be positive, but Anisa's heart is empty towards you unless you fill it with attention and praise.

No. 301907

did she just learn the word "disheartening" bc she's putting it into everything she posts

No. 301914

Maybe Ian got her one those word of the day toilet papers.

No. 301919

Miss Pear, honey, spend less time worrying about us and worry more about your grammar.

No. 301923

on a side note i follow ian's cousin on instagram and she just came back from a vacation in mexico. i wonder why she didn't go to hawaii with them instead. she likes some of anisa's pictures and i'm guessing they met during christmas.

No. 301925

Ian reminds me of my selfish man child ex. I actually feel bad for the pear. Sage for blog post.

No. 301939

Holy fucking run on sentence.

Honestly, yeah, I would say something to a friend if they were embarrassing themselves in public, self diagnosing themselves with mental illnesses and using said mental illnesses just in an attempt to reap sympathy and compliments. All of that behavior is unhealthy, weird and tasteless. As a friend, you gotta sometimes pull people to the side to give them some real talk for their own benefit. Not like Onision's BROOTAL HONESTY, but you do need to confront people from time to time because, otherwise, you're fucking enabling their shitty behavior.

Secondly, Anisa's not our fucking friend, we dislike the bitch, so why would they even pose the question "Would you say this to your friend?"
I'd make sure to avoid being overly harsh to a friend, but Anisa's a fucking lolcow. She's earned this level of scorn.

>She's not an attention whore, you fuck

Oh, honey, no…

No. 301969

Yeah I think one of them got all triggered that the OP included joji in one of the pictures they did a few threads ago, they were like "leave joji out of this" "joji is not even part of the drama anymore, he is too good for that" "joji is an amazing guy" this place fancies joji waaay too much, I bet they all want to give him the succ.

No. 301972

The fact they refer to him as "George" means they have some sort of respect for him. The guy isn't as great as everyone deems him to be. Sure he is kinda funny but he comes off as smug and has that "I'm too good for you" vibe. Like someone here said, he could use some humbleness in his life.


No. 301981

The fuck is wrong with you? They asked you a question, don't get triggered because you can't answer it.

No. 301985

looks like the joji white knight army has finally arrived! :^) btw I wasn't the one that said it was "half assed" I just stated that many people here seem to want to suck joji's d and worshiped him as if he was a god, thank you for proving that even further, also learn to sage you mongoloid.

No. 301986

File: 1493631479317.jpg (66.81 KB, 1184x282, answrlc.jpg)


I mean when I talked bad about his music here, the natural response from his diehard fans is that I'm clearly a "Hater"….

No. 301988

I call him George because I feel weird calling him by the name he goes by in Japan when I'm not Japanese myself. Obviously it's his stage name now so that whole line of reasoning is irrelevant but it's a leftover habit from before he started releasing music as "joji".

No. 301990

Can you guys imagine if we appeared on the next content cop. I can just imagine edups saying

"You see here ladies and gentlemen, these "women" are clearly a bunch of bitter crazies who fight amongst themselves, stalk my girlfriend and secretly want to fuck George, you know what I like to do to such individuals"

>gets a bunch of porcelain cows

>grabs a hammer and destroys the cows
>takes off cop uniform
>puts a pink suit on
>gets a bottle of milk and pours it all over himself and the cows while saying "here's your precious milk"
>puts uniform back on
>continues to show pictures of the site while making snarky comments about it

kek I apologize in advance for the mental retardation this post has

No. 301992

i can actually see this happening.

No. 302004

You were right tho. His music is mediocre even by meme rap standards. His fanbase only eats it up because they're 14.

Like he's not even cute, y'all need to get a better husbandu. Ugly god is better/10

No. 302010

lol, lovely, you nailed it

He'd also grow back his pedo stache and keep zooming on it throughout the video

No. 302043


For some fucking reason every anon in here is having a really difficult time having anything other than a black or white opinion on this. Most of this leave Joji out stuff started because he's actually not doing anything lolcow worthy. I'm pretty sure some of his fans have slipped in. Personally I watch FF content sparingly because it tends to be a little too stupid for me, I prefer the ranting stuff or comment reading stuff. BUT Joji does seem to be a decent guy who is playing a character unlike the others. There's a lot of evidence that he's a progressive, down-to-earth person though we can't really know because as recently stated it is pretty shitty for him to apparently start ghosting his friends for his image. Even if we think they're shit they've still been his friends so maybe he's a fuckboi. Maybe he's pretentious. Maybe he's a good guy. Maybe he's a fucking normal person who has a mixture of good and bad personality traits. The point remains that he doesn't produce milk. All he's doing is making music. I don't fucking like it, but he's doing things outside of the bullshit the rest of the crew is doing.

This is an 18+ board right? So can we be fucking adults and acknowledge that some, perhaps a good percentage of us, just recognize that in relation to the rest of his crew Joji isn't lolcow worthy thus not we're interested in discussing him unless it's to hammer home points about the absolutely shit quality of stuff the others are doing in relation. You know, it's not about frothing for his fucking dick for everyone?

Really the only people sounding triggered are all the ones getting pissy because someone randomly says "good on Joji". Either way, this infighting over Joji is getting stupid. If anything just ban discussion of him unless he produces milk.

No. 302109

File: 1493656786693.gif (1.15 MB, 320x180, 1PFSUHM.gif)

Just ignore either side, there's no reason to even make a blog post about it, nobody cares. Let's continue to what it's actually relevant which is talking to what it's actually going on between Ian and Anisa. Possibly the whole Misaki thing since those things have relevancy in this whole thing, just ignore either side.

No. 302114

Realising posting 'why did someone praise george reeeeeeeeeeeeee' five times in a row is shitting up the board makes me a white knight? I mean you could just tell us why you dislike him or his content instead of sperging out and spamming everytime he is mentioned.

No. 302118

oi can we all just shut the fuck up about this joji shite it really isn't getting us anywhere, there's a saying that goes "do not feed the trolls" so you brining up something someone said earlier in this thread isn't contributing to anything.

No. 302231

Lot of people (me included) agreed with you in the last thread, dipshit.
And even the anon praising it said that they might like his music a lot just because they have a soft spot for lofi, not because it's that great.
Did you get this butthurt because not everyone had the same opinion as you?
Cry more.

No. 302251


This whole
>Lullllz you said something positive about Joji? FUCKING STAN.
shit is beyond tired. We've already covered the fact that some people like him, some people don't, that's life, fucking move on. It was boring in previous threads, what changes that now? If dude started producing some milk and being a legit cow rather than the peripheral character he's become, I'd say fucking go for it, but the reason a lot of anons react to George in a positive manner is because he's managed to not become a cow, he's managed to come across as a well-adjusted adult who's handled this e-fame shit pretty well despite hanging with a crowd of dudes who are such attention whores. He looks good in comparison for just being normal.

Inb4 some "You're triggered over your precious Joji" shit. I enjoy FF rants, I like how he seems to be a really creative, imaginative guy, but I'm not crazy about his music. Some people are. So it goes.

No. 302253

File: 1493670171815.jpg (195.84 KB, 1052x1007, Screenshot_20170501-162034.jpg)

Everyone can shut the fuck up about Joji now,
One of our cows is going to make her second coming on twitch.

No. 302261

Is somebody down to record it? Or do y'all think it's not even necessary? I think it could produce some lulz, Anisa trying to appeal to her old audience of neckbeards who're there for the padded tits while drilling home how she's absolutely not a titty streamer, you guise, she's above that, fuck Zoie Burgher.

No. 302264

If it goes terribly you know shes going to delete it.

No. 302284


Yeah, if someone could record it that'd be great. Mostly interested in seeing her babble on trying to mostly convince herself that she's still relevant and her switching back isn't admitting that she can't do anything other than get neckbeards interested in her.

No. 302285

You didn't really need to sage this. It's pretty relevant and the thread hasn't been bumped in hours…

so, bump

No. 302287

I hope someone records it for some milk reciepts, I just wanna see how many times she indirectly brings up Ian.

No. 302293

I didnt mean to, I have it saved to always sage.
I apologise and thank you.

No. 302297

File: 1493674282655.png (163.92 KB, 750x1091, IMG_0737.PNG)

Will pearnisa be able to make a grand return to twitch or will their supposedly shitty internet fail her? Kek

Seconded. In case she doesn't flake out it would be much appreciated if any anon could record her return to titty streaming.

No. 302300

Another thing I hate is how people with commentary channels suck Anisa's dick just because she's Ian's girlfriend. Sad.

No. 302301

I just wanted to make a statement( + with that reply).
I don't get butthurt over this. It's lolcow ffs.
But thanks for agreeing with me.

No. 302305

As expected he didn't addressed the Misaki drama.

No. 302319

Yeah, but those commentary channels are the exact same people she's pandering to: naive betas who actually fall for that #notlikeothergirls bullshit. Only difference is that they make some shitty videos.

No. 302320

I cannot believe how boring this is.

No. 302328

At least he showered and cleaned up that nasty haircut tbh

Also, the opening made me laugh, can't lie

No. 302329

Tbh I have a feeling Anisa is gonna end up flaking out of the stream thing and she will blame it on "the internet guy" not being able to fix shit with their internet

No. 302331

I wish we could ask what she's planning on wearing? Maybe that areolakini?

No. 302334

He looks…clean? Boring and depressed, but clean.

No. 302345

Dull and not funny. 3/10.

I'd bet money Ian's not even working on a Content Cop. 90% of his audience is subscribed and sticking around because they're looking forward to the next CC, they sit around barfing Idubbbz memes online, speculating as to who's getting roasted next, but I'm almost certain that he hasn't even started it. Hell, he probably doesn't even want to think about it, it's probably a stressful endeavor with all that pressure to outdo the previous one. He's probably like "I wonder how many more Bad Unboxings I can shit out before I have to make a new Content Cop. Fuck."

Avoidance issues, huzzah.

No. 302360

Somewhere around an hour from now, miss pearnisa will make her full return as a titty streamer!

No. 302381

File: 1493681347745.png (134.73 KB, 640x1136, IMG_5183.PNG)

"Me and Ian's house"

No. 302389

its super disheartening to not have the internet you want

No. 302392

File: 1493682063428.jpg (96.46 KB, 596x628, 1446118068254.jpg)

No. 302395


It's so disheartening when you claim to own a car and a house with your boyfriend, but it's actually just his shit and you can't even afford first month's rent on an apartment.

No. 302396

Honestly, if she talks like this irl, Ian should've ran. I mean, if he considers himself an "intellectual."

No. 302447

I am doubting Anisa will do her so called "return to twitch" schtick it's already 5.20 in California. ballocks! I am staying up for nothing.

No. 302448

File: 1493684907416.png (14.94 KB, 578x100, Screenshot 2017-05-01 at 8.27.…)

Sad day for raihnbowtitz :( sorry neckbeards, you'll have to settle for porn tonight.

No. 302450

Your strength is admirable. Go to sleep, anon. Anisa has let us all down.

No. 302459

I am so disheartened as Anisa was when Ian drank her apple cider. There will be no milk for tonight boiz, I was all ready to record everything. goodnight mes amis!

No. 302496

He does seem to think quite highly of himself and he did come across as decently intelligent in the past, how is he ok with dating a girl who can't even spell plagiarism despite having studied art.

On another note, could it be that Anisas return to her previous occupation has anything to do with yts fucked up ad system? As in Ian isn't getting much revenue these days so after spending a load of his money on their Hawaii trip and "Me and Ian's house" she finally has to start making some income?

No. 302533

Still trying to figure out how this site works but I'm loving the content. It's so amusing (or should I say disheartening?) to see the pear fucking up her already fucked relationship lmao

No. 302546

File: 1493694617001.gif (56.2 KB, 444x200, 200_s.gif)

>Pic related
This is how I imagine you, anon

No. 302555

i got bored and i watched some of her videos (procrastinating) and she mentioned her old channel from 9 or so years ago. video related i guess you can see her debilitating struggle with anorexia (she's so thin!!! to be expected of a growing girl on a 300 calorie diet) and she's eating in that video too!! crazy! what an inspiration to conquer BDD and be able to be filmed in that mental state!

i also didn't realize how pearshaped her head is. she works her angles quite a bit but she's slacked on it recently. i'm guessing that's how she got popular on twitch, she looks cute in https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VFXgVisfMxk it also helps how she's fairly far away from the camera, it helps hide the teeth.

No. 302556

sage for samefagging but this comment on the recent-ish video i linked.

No. 302557

File: 1493695773579.png (6.35 KB, 432x83, YLMWJQM.png)

sage again im a fucking moron


No. 302627

omg the cringe. she didn't even say anything????

No. 302631

These videos have convinced me that this is where Anisa gets all her bad karma. Yikes.

No. 302650

Oh god, I can't even bring myself to watch it now, I feel like I won't be able to take the cringe.

No. 302654


She's like a fat Ellen Page

No. 302656

File: 1493709359028.png (77.62 KB, 593x427, Wannarexia.png)

Before, I had these doubts that she only crash dieted for a summer, I didn't want to be a dick in regards to somebody possibly having had suffered from an ED, but I've only seen one picture of her looking skinny from her teen years and multiple videos from said teen years where she's either a bit chubs or average and it's getting to the point where my doubts are being washed away.

Just discovered the term "Wannarexia" and this Urban Dictionary definition almost knocked me over: the fake ED, the attention seeking, the Starbucks, contorting themselves in mirror selfies, holy shit…if Wannarexia were a diagnosis in the DSM-V, Anisa would be textbook.

No. 302658


Wanna know how I know your a tumblr cancer crew fangirl?

No. 302661

Idk anon the tumblr cancer crew fangirls seem to unanimously adore Anisa.

No. 302673

what the fuck is wrong with her

No. 302676

Why do all streams look so cancerous? A thousand things on screen, disorganised, chat moving a thousand miles a minute, pandering to highest bidders. I've tried and tried again to get into watching twitch streams and they all look like this, it's awful.

No. 302678

i actually find her more tolerable like this.

like i know she wants to be taken seriously as a cool YTer who doesnt have to resort to showing off her body but shes got nothing interesting to talk about.

and even though she has a 5/10 body she's good at pandering to neckbeards and showing off that (lack of) body. it comes naturally to her, you can tell, being like that. she shouldve just stuck with it, the bimbo. but i'm glad she took a break and is going back to it, tail between her legs, it's funnier for us.

being a titty streamer isn't the worst thing in the world. it's just hilarious because it's anisa and she's fucking retarded in so many ways.

No. 302679

i forgot to mention a 5/10 face as well, and that's including the camera angle that i'm sure she spends ages perfecting.

No. 302683

No. 302687

That "Women can't be funny, not in comparison to men" jab. Pander, pander, pander. The pear has no shame.

No. 302691

Is it even their house? I'm kinda confused.

No. 302704

god, shes one to talk. listening to her almost makes me agree with that statement.

women aren't expected to be as funny as men because we're valued pretty much entirely on appearances. another thing that she perpetrates by having her tits out and pandering to a bunch of twitch tards.

No. 302705

you're watching the wrong ones then. there are plenty of decent streamers that have a tidy layout, decent viewership, and, surprisingly, don't have the camera zoomed on their tits with a minimized gameplay stream. and yes, i know girls who stream for the gameplay vs titty streamers, too.

No. 302710

I know you meant tidy, but because of the conversation I read it as tiddy.

No. 302727


>being a titty streamer isn't the worst thing in the world.

It's not, and I would have respected her and never even shown up here had she been honest about who she is, what she's capable of, and what she does. A bitch that can say "I'm a slut, deal with it" is cool af to me. Bitches like Anisa are the worst. They do all the same low-tier slutty bs but try to act above it all, like they're smarter than the rest, and just are overall in denial about themselves. Some people would still hate her of course, but I don't think she would have her very own thread and have as many people here talking about her if she were more like someone like Celestia who just owns the bimbo thing.

No. 302729

I hate that streotype sooo much.
Again, like I said before, I wish more people would realize that this stereotype is mostly American and isn't based on truth at all.
No one in my family has ever heard of it before.
Tbh I hope that it won't spread because of the internet.

Pearnisa pissed me off so much when she said that. Her streams were overall pathetic.
I almost feel sorry for her.

Also, she looks way worse than in her YT videos. What are those eyebags? She looks like a middle-aged lady.

And the way she behaves shows that she has zero self-esteem.

Sage for my OT butthurt

No. 302734

I mean, it's definitely spread across the internet already, at least the english speaking part. It's such a bizarre stereotype. The only things dudes accomplish by repeating that shit is proving they've barely spoken to any women IRL and haven't put any effort into finding good comedians. The only thing women accomplish by repeating that shit is looking like an asshole who panders to the the aforementioned dudes and everybody knows they're pandering because they have garbage self esteem and the beta dudes are so desperate, they're seen as easy pickings and will treat the substandard bitches like queens.

So, all in all, both genders end up looking like complete fucking fools.

No. 302739

the comments on that tips to date me vid oh lawd

No. 302740

How can she even be a titty streamer with that brick body

No. 302750

Anyone have the video of Anisa getting smacked by our guy Ian?

No. 302773

Guhh. It's been posted, like, once in each thread, just go back and look.

Anisa's body makes me feel like a straight up babe in comparison, it's great for one's self esteem.

Also, wouldja check out those HYOOJ TITTEEZ. Did she forget the specially made padded bra with cutlets glued to the inside for that stream? God, there's so much evidence she doesn't have the C or D cups she's trying to pretend she has, why does she even bother?

No. 302777

File: 1493736597333.png (2.15 MB, 2212x984, 404 Ass not found.png)

How her non-existent ass goes from her back straight to her thighs is so disheartening.

No. 302778


I'm not, but I'd like to know why you think so

No. 302802


I guess one of the reasons why ? quit her booby streaming is that she can't really compete with these girls. Celestia's body is really fucking banging, as a straight woman I have never seen such perky well formed breasts. I just imagine oh wait NONONO DONT IMAGINE THAT.

But these blatant esluts all have something. Some have boob jobs, some have a huge booty, some have hot tiddies, and some are just facially attractive. Pearnisa literally has none of that. Which is probably one of the main reasons why she didn't join Zoie's crew.

No. 302821

File: 1493741381542.jpg (149.06 KB, 752x1536, aiming too high.jpg)

I agree. She tried desperately to suck up to Zoie and Celestia at one point, but they didn't pay any attention to her and didn't respond (pic related).

Then less than a month later, she denied that she ever did @ Zoie.

I don't think she ever realized how much out of her league they are and that she never had a chance with them, just like how she never realized she's never had a chance of becoming a Youtube commentator.

Anisa, the queen of aiming too high.

No. 302824


That's her confidence issue then. I wandered into some other /snow/ posts because there was no milk here and there are cam girls and whatnot that look like straight up ass to me, yet they still do their thing and still have men clambering to hand over their paychecks to them. I would say Anisa looks better than a lot of these girls. She just has shit self-esteem and is always trying to be someone she isn't. She's not a troll, she has some nice features, but they get overshadowed by her "muh huge boobs" bullshit.

No. 302825

Damn you ripped her a new one here. Jesus. You kept those receipts

No. 302826

>Anisa, the queen of aiming too high.
and sinking so low.

No. 302827


Fucking samefag, just had to add. Just not a troll, but yeah, like >>302821 said. She damn sure isn't at THAT level. Anisa is a weirdly stupid mix of self-esteem devoid and delusional about herself.

No. 302834

tbf I can't think of someone except Onision but he just wants it

No. 302844

I actually would appreciate it if Ian made an Onision Content Cop. There's so. much. fucking. shit to cover and nobody wants to give him the attention he so desperately craves, so it'll likely never happen, but Content Cop is a career killer the majority of the time and it would make up for him being a power abusing prick who lashed out at Tana just because a few tweets from her hurt his fee fees.

It would return a bit of charm to his channel, Onision actually deserves to get chased off of YouTube and if Ian managed to do that, I'd give him props. Onision's audience always ignores anybody who tells them how fucked up their idol is, but they lost their shit on Gerg when he insulted his audience for watching Ian. There's a big chance they actually would listen to him, they seem to love Ian even more than Gerg.

But, again, it'll likely never happen.

No. 302855

That and she actually was threatened to be kicked out by her father when he found out she was titty streaming. He's very religious - Muslim and her and her mother kept it a secret from him.
I think if that never happened, she'd still be a titty streamer, it's where she got all her attention. Lord knows she isn't getting much as a YouTuber or even as Ian's gf no matter how much she name drops him

No. 302954

Imagine being a 21+ year old woman with the bedroom of an 8 year old

No. 303007


I agree, I don't think she's butt ugly or anything. But these inspirational walls of text about wanting to remove her ribs or hating her body needs to stop. It's probably inspiring to young girls but I'm sure most of her fanbase consists of teenage boys from her booby streaming and from Ian.

I don't follow the other titty streamers too closely although I skimmed a video of Celestia's. She talked about not fitting in as a kid and moving schools and trying to starve herself to fit in. That came as pretty authentic to me, and I see Celestia as very forced at times. Especially when she does her "esluts" schtick. But that's just one video and what do we have from Anisa… Essays and essays…

No. 303010

Kinda random, but I lol at Anisa failing at her Fitness Chronicles series on YT after only week 2. I knew she wasn't going to keep it up.

No. 303047

Onision is boring and already hated, a content cop would be redundant.

I honestly was hoping Jessica Nigri would have the first female Content cop, there is so much fresh milk on her, a lot that hasn't been exposed on a large scale at least.

No. 303057

Her views are around the 200k mark, and for a channel with roughly a million subs… eh. Making a content cop on her would give her more attention & relevancy than it would hurt her.
Sage because somewhat OT

No. 303065

Tbh I didn't even really know about Tanna until the content cop, at the time did she have more followers? She seems way more irrelevant compared to nigri

No. 303132

File: 1493772382985.png (44.58 KB, 585x351, Screenshot 2017-05-02 at 8.43.…)

>aw look… ian's fans- wait i mean MY fans suck up to me on tumblr for fan points uwu ily guys <3 i'm sure you're all dying to see another anisa jomha vid <3

Oh look, Anisa is stepping up her game, guys. I'm sure we'll be seeing some top quality content from here on out.

No. 303134


What is this wedding/party theme shit about. Oh god…is that happening?

No. 303140

File: 1493773322313.jpg (290.62 KB, 1019x1267, Screenshot_20170502-205943.jpg)

Top tier ian copy cat trash possibly coming

No. 303141

Ah yes, I look back fondly on my Anything But Clothes-themed wedding.

No. 303144

Do you live under some sort of cyber rock, anon? She was so popular last year, she might've been the biggest storytime YouTuber. Usually got 1-3 million views per video and had a super dedicated and annoying fanbase of Teenz™.

Meanwhile, no one actually gives a shit about Nigiri or her papercut lips. Maybe he'll do one on ricegum since he's running out of options.

No. 303157


Knowing Ian is such trash he probably doesn't own any formal clothes anyways, this really would be perfect.

No. 303165

Wait what's the tea on Jessica?

No. 303173

>Using emojis on lolcow
Kill yourself newfag

No. 303175

Not the same anon, but just because someone has 1 million views doesn't mean a majority of people are going to know who they are. I personally dont like story time content. Also "teenz" explains itself.

No. 303176

Different anon but it was one emoji.
Dont be such a territoral cunt about a fucking image board.

No. 303181

not that same anon but learn the culture here. it's not for you to decide that emojis are suddenly the norm.

No. 303191

Same anon it was one emoji. No one said it was the norm. Calm down.
Your "muh safe space" is fine.

No. 303229

shiver me triggered lass!
you sure are acting like an ass
if you had some class
you wouldn't call a single emoji the norm oh so fast.

No. 303251

File: 1493786430775.jpg (317.97 KB, 500x672, backtodapear.jpg)

In honor of our dear pear going back to the twitch streams I made this

No. 303259

i simultaneously hate and love this thread oh god

No. 303270

holy shit anon. Marty McPear.

No. 303275

the stem on her head LOL

No. 303307


No. 303313

and the body

No. 303318

It amazes me to think how much all that stuff people sent him likely totals to.

People can spend their money how they like, I just can't imagine feeling any satisfaction over seeing the thing you sent in one of these videos. Can you imagine being the person who sent him the play doh set? (Which costs £17.) "Ah, cool. I saw him. With the play doh……………. cool." And this is one of the items he actually spent some time on, nevermind the shit he opens, says the name of, and moves on from. What's the point? He's genuinely apathetic about it these days - beyond the pretending to be too cool for this act. He obviously just doesn't care.

No. 303322

someone on the subreddit posted a pic of a little bust they made of Ian in his Tingle costume that he was going to send in, and people were saying "if you send that to him he'll just smash it" and the guy that made it was like "it'd be an honor!!" like would it? Would it be an honor for some 26 year old dude to break some shit that you made on camera for the entertainment of a bunch of kids?

No. 303329

Ian is cunty enough to do that kind of shit. I remember that I was going to send him in a drawing back before all the younger fans came in but decided against it in case he tore it up.

No. 303407

No. 303415

This comment is from 1 day ago though..
Didn't she already say she's streaming again here >>301388 ?

No. 303558

Eww. God, that person needs to reevaluate their lives. They'd feel fucking honored? If Ian didn't smash it, he'd just insult and sneer at the guy and I'm sure the "honor" from that would make him jizz his pants so hard he'd pass out. Ian stans are the fucking worst.

Blogpost, but I'd tweeted at Ian about the Misaki shit when it first happened, something about how he's an idiot for clearly not looking into Samurai Buyer whatsofuckingever before pushing a sketchy company onto his audience and some stan came out of the Twitter wasteland to berate me for being so cruel to his idol. The guy's bio was 80% Idubbbz references and he was attacking a tweet that wasn't a reply to something Ian said, he'd found it by just searching "Idubbbz" on Twitter and reading everything related to Ian. Like, what the fuck is it with his fans?

When I was still a fan, I'd have been so sad if I'd sent him something I'd drawn and watched him tear it up 4 teh lulz. I remember having to train myself not to care when I'd give friends drawings as gifts and discover they left them around on their floors, letting their cats pee on them and shit, but if I'd sent artwork to someone I was a fan of and watched them nonchalantly destroy it…oof. I get that part of Ian's "charm" is how disrespectful and dick-ish he is to his audience, but I can't figure out what is so appealing about watching an entertainer you enjoy destroy something you worked hard on. Ugh.

No. 303767

First Hawaii vlog posted. Pretty boring tbh (the title describes the entire video contents 100%) and you can barely hear any Anisa talking in the background at all, though we do hear a lot of Katt at the end.

No. 303779

Tbh I coukd do without the dhit commentary, but I like watching the chickens.

No. 303788

He put Ian and Katt in the videos, but no Anisa. I wouldnt want her in my videos either. Or maybe she wouldnt let Anyone film her because she knows she looks terrible unless she's filming.

No. 303804


Yikes… Gotta love it when the best entertainment you can think of is literally killing animals. Their sense of humor is so insanely juvenile it makes me cringe

No. 303810

That's what I was thinking the entire time too. Do they not realize that the mother hen and chicks are gonna drop dead because of all the food that they definitely should not be eating?

No. 303824


maxmoefoe? the guy whose main channel is him stuffing his face with all sorts of nastiness until he projectile vomits?

idubbbz? the guy that ate hair cake, glue, literal moldy trash from a can, etc?


No. 303844


Speaking of all that, it really shows just how desperate for fame Pearnisa has to be to date Ian, let alone have any kind of intimate contact with him and proceed to BRAG about it. shudder

No. 303865

I can almost get that part. Seeing someone your admire receive something you sent in is what people want and his demographic is lame edgelords who see him the same children look up to their teenaged older brother, and think even being slapped and teased by him is great cause at least he's letting you hang out with him.

It's the apathy about it all that gets me. The us boxing videos are so phoned in you can see it from space. Beyond his holier than thou fake attitude he just completely couldn't care any less about this shit people send in. He probably tore though at least £50 of items in the video linked here by fans simply because it was his fancy one day that people do that.. then he burps, opens it, says the name and throws it off the table. Done. Whatever. Cough over the dough Adsense.

All the shit people say about Anisa really is so transferable to him.

How long before Ian sets up his own twitch stream, with a thousand items on screen, sits there visibly sagging into the chair, eating random shit for tips online? He could even sit next to Anisa and they could combine their comehoring efforts.
Or has he done this already? As soon as I wrote this it sounds too much like something that he'd have already done.

No. 304079

So she just confirmed that George and Ian do have filming scheduled for vidcon this year. So guess he's still relevant in this group after all?

She's also dropped a ton of personal info like that they've been seeing an immigration lawyer, she has her own room in the house, etc.

No. 304082

>her own room

lolwut. ian doesn't even want her in his bed. classic

No. 304083

Did she mean own room for filming or to sleep??

No. 304087


No. 304089

LMAO she's talking about lolcow right now she admits to reading it

No. 304091

Hahahaha. Hello Miss Pear.

No. 304092

she's back to streaming full time she said

No. 304093

Nah, he only did that stream with Anisa where he shit all over her, but he made an active effort to dissuade people from throwing money Anisa's way just because he was there. I'm guessing he was trying to make it clear to her that she wasn't going to get rich off of his name, but, anyway, yeah, I could absolutely see him doing that in about 2-3 months. Anisa will probably see your post, feel inspired, pitch it to him as her idea and boom: fuckery occurs.

To be fair, I have couple friends who have their own rooms. They have 'em to avoid feeling like they're living on top of one another, like they'll sleep together the majority of the time, but if they ever feel like they want their own space, like they want to do something by themselves in quiet or they're angry or whatever, they'll go to their own room. However, this is usually in smaller apartments; it's done in an attempt to not kill each other living in a cramped space and Ian has a fucking house.

No. 304098

someone mentioned cheating on akadiaan again and she said it's an "aggressive" accusation. she excused it by saying akaadian and her's relationship wasn't a relationship for months and she said ian and matt both knew what was going on….whatever that means

No. 304100

File: 1493874782082.png (54.09 KB, 626x261, Screen Shot 2017-05-04 at 1.09…)

Yeah, sounds like Matt knew what was going on. (tweeted same day Anisa posted the very first picture of her and Ian on her instagram).

No. 304102

File: 1493874799583.png (65.29 KB, 620x328, Screen Shot 2017-05-04 at 1.12…)

Samefag, Also

No. 304104

That's so fucked up.
Seriously, made me unsubscribe. Not sure why I was subbed in the first place. Max's content is shit.

No. 304106

I got banned y'all

No. 304109

>Aggressive accusations are so disheartening

I'm pretty sure Ian's bought her a word of the day calendar in an attempt to battle her fucking shit vocabulary. It's probably at a 6th grade level.

You're such a cunt, Anisa. Just because Matt knew you were being a sketchy bitch and cheating doesn't negate the fucking fact you cheated. Telling your boyfriend you've set up a backburner relationship or simply making it obvious you were doing so still makes you an awful person. There's really no way you can spin this shit ("Oh, we broke up first" "No you didn't" "Okay, but he knew…") to make yourself look good, a decent person would just acknowledge they did something wrong and be contrite, not keep trying to paint themselves as an innocent party when there's so much evidence that proves otherwise. Fucking asshole.

No. 304120

Of course this ho likes never shout never

No. 304124

Anisa, pathetic edgy cunt, get a haircut that suits your face, your body is unfortunate, your eyebrows are insanely awful and are reminiscent of plainey's eyebrows, buy some new pairs of shorts and your bf sucks at being a bf hope u know that xx

No. 304129

no1curr faggot, stay b&

No. 304133

lmao she said the Chris stayed over at her and Ian's house when they went on their safari date. Ian really is a cuck.

No. 304139

she looks like she could be posted to r/transpassing


No. 304141

I asked that one! But he is currently watching as well. We're about 3.5 hours in

No. 304149

Just took a look at her stream and someone donated for "healthcare" (regarding her teeth?)
Is she finally fixing that horror show mouth of hers or is it actually about toothache I wonder.

No. 304177

File: 1493882568842.png (1.44 MB, 1920x1080, Screenshot_20170504-031756.png)

She said its her room but its also ians prop room.
he just throws all his trash in one spot i guess. Also she just opemed his prop box.

No. 304191

Holy shit…does she just have the shortest torso known to man or is that just her boxy-as-fuck-frame looking even stumpier than usual because she hiked up her shorts? What the fuck? Honestly, she should stop wearing the super padded wonderbras, "big" tiddies just make her look…I don't know, the only word coming to mind is "blumpy-er".

No. 304194

Samefag, but that room somehow has even less personality than Gerg's mcmansion. Beige walls, beige carpets, an empty closet with the saddest two coathangers I've ever seen, random shit stuffed in a corner. He gave her a walk in closet as a "room". Like, you're streaming Anisa, this is your "entertainer" workspace, could you not buy some christmas lights from a 99 cent store first or something? You couldn't move the plastic bins out of sight? Wow, great eye for aesthetics, 10/10.

No. 304207

anything else interesting said??
she looked awful

No. 304249

i didn't see the stream, but I heard Ian joined if anyone knows anything about that.

No. 304258

Genuinely surprised that George is even going to Vidcon. Especially if a main reason is to film with the crew.

No. 304307

She discussed her bikini she got with Kat (said her hips were too fat or something)
Talked about how she didn't like how half the questions were about Ian.
Discussed a few tips about anorexia.
Listened to animal sounds for 20 hours.
Nothing super juicy. She kept supposedly blocking people but had a tangent about how she doesn't block people and believes in freedom of speech.
Chris Ray Gun joined, said hello, and left. But little pear got upset because he left after 2 seconds.
Her" thigh gap" dissappeared in this video.
She discussed her huge Titties.
Talked about how she didn't cheat on Akaadin
Talked about her sparkling cider

Idk it was super boring

No. 304329

You're forgetting the flirtation and 20 or so minute conversation with chris about eating ass.
She like aggrrssively stated that chris wants to fuck laci green a couple of times, then got a little awkward when he agreed. Just suck his dick already.

No. 304426

File: 1493911654703.jpg (857.14 KB, 1166x848, 2PiSH2M.jpg)

Saw this in another thread but fits here because Chad said it.

No. 304429

and after the fact H3H3 proclaimed they were done with YouTube. I honestly love Hila, she's creative she should branch out from Ethan because she is creative and focus on moving onto mainstream media.

No. 304446

Bitch, please. She wishes her hips were too fat, she's got dude-hips.

That's honestly pretty milky. How are you gonna cry about people accusing you of cheating on Akaadian and then flutter your eyelashes at Chris in the same stream? Who the fuck discusses eating ass with their buddy? Also, fucking lol at her getting awkward when he agreed, she probably was hoping he'd just say "NO WAY, I'D PICK YOU AS A SENTIENT WET HOLE OVER LACI GREEN ANY DAY EVEN IF YOUR TIDDIES ARE 3/4 PADDING U R TEH BEATIFUL SEXY LADY YES" and then she'd fake blush and bitch at anybody who suggests they're inches away from fucking.

No. 304491

Anorexia tips? Could you elaborate?

And it's common knowledge that she cheated on Akaadian. I don't know him but I was in a discord channel with a few streamers (not pros) and when someone brought anisa up, it sparked a big anti-anisa circlejerk

Not that I kind, she a bitch. It's kind of incredible how much she's disliked, I guess it's the whole cheating thing. I can't name any other egirl that has such a huge vendetta against her.

No. 304533


She's also burned a lot of bridges all on her own: Brittany Venti, Grossgore, Emmahdorable, Sky williams, Celestial Vega, Zoie Burgher… And these are just the ones that were kinda friendly with her at one point, who knows how many more enemy she's made.

No. 304544

Someone asked for tips for people whom are struggling with anorexia and she just muttered off some typical bullshit. She had an ED for "YEARS." Realize it's not necessary. "Love yourself" kinda bs she doesn't even believe in.

No. 304549

File: 1493921099465.jpg (38.55 KB, 600x525, ios_large_1473928021_image.jpg)

Can someone confirm here that Ian's PO box still exists/is open
Is it PO box 2001 Vista, CA 92085 United States

I'm fuzzy on the story behind why he closed it, I imagine he may have gotten in trouble with the law with some of the messages written on the boxes and especially the contents.
Did something bad happen?

No. 304550

File: 1493921104424.png (503.5 KB, 640x1136, IMG_5193.PNG)

First date goals.

No. 304558

Still open. I think he closed it because he had a pretty big backlog of stuff and he was quitting Bad Unboxing for a while. He never got in trouble with the law, the post just withheld his packages for a bit.

No. 304559

I wonder who this could be

No. 304561

lel because she clearly loves herself so much

No. 304575



No. 304576

File: 1493924318218.png (717.1 KB, 1071x592, 202f902.png)

Found on reddit.

No. 304577

No. 304614

No. 304623

I actually liked this episode

No. 304649

Thing is, when Ian actually puts effort in his content is really enjoyable… I guess because it actually has content. Wish he wouldn't bother with the unboxing stuff or put that on another channel. Or do it on a twitch stream or something so he can mega monetise that and I can ignore that stupid shit. Win/win.

No. 304654

I find the unboxings mildly entertaining. But they've definitely not been a hype recently.

No. 304655

Also, he seems to be becoming more active on his channel now. I think he was gonna release a video tomorrow as well.

No. 304667

I wrote the first post (>>304109), but I'm not the same anon who wrote the others. I'm not entirely sure why you'd even think they were written by the same person, they have different styles/tones. I'm also not even sure who you're implying wrote them.

No. 304727

I wouldn't worry about it, anons like to be cunty and wear tin foil like its a fashion statement.

No. 304760

Call it the gay in me, but I was oddly charmed by her personality?

No. 304765

first of all sage your shit and girl she has no personality whatsoever if by her "personality" you mean her "tits" ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
But tbh Anisa has the personality of a table.

No. 304777

I guess they were talking privately despite never interacting publicly? Interesting.

No. 304792

Could you be any more of an obvious Ian fan? Why fucking bother?

No. 304793

File: 1493943322536.jpg (40.68 KB, 500x277, 3665443_1434842412170.58res_50…)

I was trying to remember what anisas lips reminded me of and I figured it out.

No. 304809

I'm not an Ian or Anisa fan. Actually I watched to redicule. But I guess the promise of tits and I prefer thicker women. Just simply the case of genitals controlling the mind I guess

And I saged this time so chill your tits man.

No. 304810

Wow this is horrible. It reminds me of onion with the "poop" on his face and running around like a spastic.

No. 304817

Why are you guys so bent on getting upset over anyone having a slightly different opinion? The topic is open for discussion and that was a point made. That's why this shit's anonymous. Obviously enough people find her physically attractive and enough find her a piece of shit. Intertwining of the two opinions is possible.

No. 304827

File: 1493946133646.png (743.53 KB, 800x795, Untitled.png)

>quits raihnbowkidz name
>doesnt change her twitch offline image

yo is this kid fucking retarded

No. 304830

Heard about all the others but can someone tell me what happened with her and Brittany Venti?

No. 304833


I was looking through her twitch and this level of boob enhancement just looks downright painful.

I wonder if it bothers her that she can't go full tiddy streamer anymore so has to settle with a more mediocre and boxy looking form

No. 304839

She kind of discussed it last night. She said that that culture kind of died. But before that, outlined her heavily padded breasts to show that they're still "yooj."

No. 304854

>that that culture kind of died
>kind of died

KEK! Anisa how brainless can you be? as long as there are horny young males online that culture will never "die" all males want to see breasts and pootang, didn't you learn that at marketing? (most "fancy art degrees" offer marketing in their programs) sex sells you idiot! you shouldn't had left what you were somewhat "successful" (not really) at.

No. 304920

File: 1493956492542.png (22.28 KB, 336x379, 8AbZW3U.png)

do people actually ask if her tits are real? and is she actually looking to finish art school.. somehow i really doubt that.

i noticed this vod https://www.twitch.tv/videos/9371129

i don't really care about titty streamers, they aren't my thang but if that's what you want, go ahead. but i hate what anisa does. she tries to act as if she is/was above every other booby streamer, pretending she was doing everything "ironically." go fuck yourself anisa, no wonder zoie and celestia didn't let her join her ho squad.

No. 304921

File: 1493956508608.png (68.54 KB, 610x531, 5eQOhmE.png)

Sage for relevant pic

No. 304935

Oh god, just fucking kill yourself, Pearnisa. Who the hell are you trying to convince? You're a shallow, boring attention whore. Just admit it already.

No. 304947

no way man she's kaceytron2.0

No. 304959

Can someone PLEASE tell her it is would HAVE not would of?? Please??

No. 304967

youd think shed learn since she lurks here and we keep correcting her. she must just be retarded

No. 304972

i dont get how she manages to look kinda cute in pictures but like a downright troll in youtube vids/on actual stream

does she just take 2000 pictures til she gets the perfect angle

No. 305053

>I wasn't REALLY an ewhore guise, it was just a social experiment!

No. 305066

who are you even referring to? Learn how to sage newfag

No. 305198

New Idubbbztv2 vid. Very different from what he usually does and probably won't be a series, but I enjoyed it much more than his regular content surprisingly.

No. 305252

lol anyone notice he says something along the lines of "I kept those receipts" in the video. probably just a coincidence

No. 305265

It's a way of saying that you have proof of something.

No. 305270

File: 1494009451682.jpg (1.12 MB, 1920x1080, Screenshot_2017-05-05-14-32-48…)

Is that Anisa he was fake screaming at near the beginning? Bc yikes.

No. 305292

Pretty sure its Max screaming and Ian just adding "bertos" at the end. If it is Ian screaming that is slightly terrifying, though.

No. 305298

I'm pretty sure it's Ian. Max's Aussie accent is very apparent when he yells and I hear none of it here.

No. 305370

I actually liked this yeah it's more creative and not as braindead as the unboxing vids.

No. 305377


Yeah I thought it was kinda funny tbh. I thought for a bit he was gonna sperg out and throw the burrito innards around etc and I'm glad he didn't.

No. 305392

For a topic I have never thought about or cared about, I found myself very entertained whilst hearing the backstory of the two brothers.

No. 305448


Same, that's definitely Ian. Doubt he's yelling at anyone in particular. Video wasn't bad. MAybe he's getting over his depression?

No. 305480

File: 1494025321799.png (154.33 KB, 1440x836, Screenshot_2017-05-05-17-00-29…)

S.. Six hours a day? Wtf

No. 305510


At least it's a full time job effort.

No. 305511

Who tf has time to watch that shit???

No. 305612

Yeah I enjoyed his burrito video too. Maybe he'll get back to his roots? I enjoyed the kickstarter crap: where are they now video too, but could have done without the stupid caveman skit at the end

No. 305624

way better than what he usually does, its almost sad that he thinks it needs to go on his side channel because he knows his normal audience wont like his content without all the extreme autism and gross out humor

No. 305636

Even the caption of the video mentioned that he knew the video was a little "strange" (though its much more normal and effortful than a regular Idubbbz vid) but he wanted to try a new thing. Again, he even wrote the caption all in Spanish so his general audience couldn't read it. I think he has a huge fear of letting the Content Cop fans down.

No. 305670

Who the hell would watch this pathetic pear for six hours. Actually, people would… and that's what makes it sad.

No. 305781


what the fuck is this grammar

> just so everyone knows to clarify

go back to fucking school, anisa. you're a gormless bint.

No. 305917

Oh my fucking god. You stupid cunt, who the fuck falls for that? "You guize, it was one part performance art, one part social experiment, I did it for teh lulz, I-I'm not REALLY a half retarded ass who sees her own boxy, blumpy body as nothing more than currency one can trade with neckbeards in exchange for attention, heh heh…heh…"

The sad thing is, her audience will nod and eat that shit up. The only people dumber than Anisa are babies with microcephaly and her fans.

>Be who I am because that's what makes me happy
Correction: Be who I think people want me to be because I'm fucking miserable and empty inside, I have no idea what "me" is, I'm simply a blank sheet of paper for your personality to be projected upon, oh god, love me, please.

No. 305956

Holy fuck this girl was probably lobotomized at birth. Tbh even if Ian is a beta cuck asshole I think he can do much better than this cheating boobless atention whore.

No. 305968


>beta cuck asshole

He's literally JUST an asshole. He's not a beta or a cuck. He's a douche with a huge ego.

No. 305987

I personally think hes a cuck

No. 306022

Wasn't Chris, the guy who Anisa regularly flirts with on Twitter, actually staying in their house or something while they were on vacation?

No. 306058

She's live. She said she actually dm-ed keem to cohost the new baited bc she thinks she's "decently well spoken" and he just replied "LOL". Said it made her feel like shit kek.

No. 306071

i pointed out ian's been doxxed before'cause she's talking about doing vlogs/filming in public and she said it's all wrong/old info

No. 306074

In a world where I would respond the same way as Keemstar.

No. 306075

She said that she won't be going to Vidcon with Ian because she wants to give him his "guy time" with the gang.

No. 306076


AKA Ian doesn't want to be seen with her in front of his fans

No. 306077

but she is one of the guys!!!! she's not a regular gf, she's a cool gf

No. 306080

there's proof of the info being true though, at least the name and family stuff.

lol I bet she wanted to go and Ian wouldn't let her or at least strongly implied he'd rather go alone. Now she doesn't get to meet her ~idol~ franku.

No. 306082

File: 1494104694239.png (978.9 KB, 1065x1678, 20170506_170302.png)

Anisa took his John Cena Carboard cutout for her stream and keeps saying, "I should put it back before he notices." Almost like she was scared. Their relationship is odd.

No. 306085

wow that still does her face no favors

No. 306086

Omg she's saying that she didn't know who Ian was and her fans were sending her his videos. She's legit saying he started following her and watching her videos first. Bitch, you admitted you were a huge fan before you got together.
I dont understand why she lies abiut the littlest details. Maybe so she…doesnt sound like the fame hungry cow that she is?

No. 306088

File: 1494105168662.png (1.73 MB, 1920x1080, Screenshot_20170506-170953.png)

Here's a better one just for you, bb.
In this still she was saying that the current commentator community on YouTube is extremely whiny and going downhill, which is is why she doesn't want to be a part of it.

No. 306091

thanks bae,

>extremely whiny

>going downhill
shouldn't she feel right at home, then?

No. 306096

you should see the part where she pulled her hair back to show the "growth" on the side of her face from getting wisdom teeth surgery and there was literally no difference lol

No. 306098


Also she still hasn't done anything to make her stream setup look the least bit appealing, I mean couldn't she at least close the closet door or something?

No. 306102

>Growth of what?

No. 306103

File: 1494106240845.png (1.76 MB, 1920x1080, Screenshot_20170506-172504.png)

Someone said, "youre the reason grossgore got banned"
And she basically said it was a good thing.
Then someone mentioned Grossgore is going to be a father so now she's screencapping grossgores video where he announced hes going to be a dad and watching it with her fans.
Shes trashing him basically.
Here's her quote: "too bad that nose job wont transfer to the child."

Shes trash.

No. 306105

Filthy Frank is her favorite youtuber, there is a very small chance that she didn't know who Ian was.

No. 306106

im not even remotely a fan of Grossgore but why does she care so much. She already used him and put on a big show where she cried and made him out to be the bad guy. Now she's milking his situation for attention.
She is so gross.

No. 306107


she's only 23 and yet so aged. like a middle-aged soccer mom trying to stay relevant and "hip"

No. 306108

She said in one of her AMAs that she was a huge fan of his.

No. 306124

a fan of Ian or of Frank?

No. 306132

Grossgore had a crush, she lead him on, she shut him down, he made a video about it without even mentioning her name and she ran to her little fucking neckbeard army and had them fight her fucking battles for her and attack the dude–even though everybody still knows she was the asshole in that situation–and now she wants to shit on the dude's looks and his baby.

The fuck is wrong with you, Anisa? There's so. much. shit. wrong with you.

You're also one to talk when you fucking look like that. I'm sorry, your little beta clitriders have no standards, you are a 6, 6.5 on a good day, with your bullshit chicken cutlet titties, chipmunk cheeked pear head, shitty sperm-brows and, to top it all off, you reek of desperation. Maybe you're pissed because he could afford plastic surgery and Ian won't throw any money your way, maybe you're pissed because you know NOBODY will ever want to stuff your stankhole with babies and you'll die alone, I'm not sure, but either which way, you come out looking like a piece of shit. Trashbeast.

No. 306133

I don't follow many streams, but is it normal to have your webcam window take the full screen while the gaming window is cut down in a corner? What's the point if your viewers can't see how you pl…
…Ah… Titty streamers.

No. 306147

She seems to be delusional. She hopes her love story is like in anime / manga

No. 306152


>too bad that nose job won't transfer to the child

Uh huh. And how exactly is she gonna manage to squeeze HER baby's pear shaped head out of her vagina when she has a baby? Assuming that someone will want to procreate with her which I seriously doubt. Also assuming she doesn't have to get C-section because the babies worm lips will get stuck to the womb. Or hey! Maybe it'll be just like Juno seeing as she looks like a fat version of Ellen Page!

Seriously, who the fuck does she think she is making fun of OTHER people's appearances? She's probably going on an ego trips and feels sexy now that she's been reunited with her old neckbeard Twitch fanbase. How pathetic.

No. 306153

those were her words, i guess she was referring to the swelling in your cheeks you get when you get your wisdom teeth removed except their wasn't much of a difference from her usual pear shape

No. 306166


Make me feel bad for him. I think he wants to put effort in, but is pigeonholed into CC. But really, man up and do what you want, Ian. Being miserable forcing this shit isn't worth pandering to an audience that's waiting to ditch you like they did Leafy.

Anyone think he might be slightly growing out of/becoming less interested in the edgy stuff as well?

No. 306167


I'm dying to see the three of them interact together. I can't imagine the cringe. Literally would pay money to see Chris, Anisa, and Ian on a couch with Anisa in the middle and them just interacting without knowing anyone is watching. Could you imagine the cringe?

No. 306168


I'd bet my house this was in no way shape or forum her fucking idea.

No. 306172

I asked her if the reason she changed Rainbowkidz to Anisa was because it was bad for Ian's brand, she said that Ian had something to do with it because it was cancerous.

No. 306173

Anisa said in her last live stream that he does talk like that (his videos) in person.
It could be maturing mentally with age but he made references to his old jokes in his last bad unboxing

No. 306189


she is not in game, she is in the lobby and is also in the "IRL" category which means In real life, aka you can stream anything including just talking.

No. 306205

Joji is going to be there. Honestly, how well do you think he would receive her? Plus, I think that Anisa has probably lost her vidcon rights since last year.

No. 306241

I mean, I think all of us have been in one of those situations where you're with two of your friends, but they don't know each other and you're playing mediator, you're hoping they'll get along and like one another, but the only thing they have in common is you. That's a painfully awkward situation.

Now make a little change to it, make it your boyfriend and the guy you make fuck-me-eyes at over the internet everyday. God, that would be horrible.

I feel more for Ian and Chris, though; Ian because he has to sit there and humor his dunce of a girlfriend, acting like he doesn't know what the fuck is happening and play friendly host. Chris because he knows he'd bang this dude's girlfriend the second she gave the go ahead, but he's a guest in said dude's home and has to pretend he hasn't jerked it to her faux-titties a million times before.

I'd also be really irritated if I were Ian. Chris is making a living off of copying Ian's shtick, it's as if he's plagiarizing Ian's very fucking essence. Of all the asshole edgelords on the internet, his girlfriend wants to fuck the dude doing an impersonation of him (like, goddamn) and he has to sit there and smile at this dude and hand her some spending money so they can go giggle and sneak furtive glances at each other over coffee. Fuck thaaat.

No. 306250

Slighly OT but I was watching some of her twitch streams from a few years ago and DAMN has her attractiveness gone downhill. She just looks so much more manly nowadays and even her voice is deeper.

No. 306258

Thats the price you pay for being one of the boyz.

No. 306260

I can tell 100% that Joji is not going to be a big fan of her. If he knows of her already, he purposely doesn't follow her on any social media, doesn't want to interact with her, etc. And she's also the type of person he constantly makes fun of; the relatable gamer gurl who is just one of the guyz!1!!1

No. 306262

Yeah, I notice that my voice gets deeper around men so maybe because she has to keep up that sort of masculinity, she kinda got stuck that way

No. 306271

I don't mind her voice that much but it sounds like she forces it lower and she's always fucking YELLING.

No. 306274

For anyone who watched todays stream: did she really stream for 6 hours and no sign of Ian? What could he be doing……..

No. 306276

Probably hiding and rethinking his life choices

No. 306279

Really? Most of my friends growing up were guys and I still catch myself making my voice higher when talking to men. Studies actually show that A LOT of women raise their voices about an octave when talking to guys, probably in an unconscious attempt to fit into social ideals we've been taught since we were young (being non-threatening, demure, etc).

I can't imagine why a chick would DEEPEN their voice in an attempt to seem hot (unless they had a creepy baby voice, but even then you see a lot of guys who like that for SOME reason). It would make sense if she wanted men to take her seriously and see her as an equal rather than as a fuck-toy, but she just uses "one of teh guyz!!1!!" as part of her shtick to make men think she's sexually appealing. She's trying to tap into this male fantasy of finding a girl who likes "guy stuff", but will also cook your dinner and then blow you while you eat it. She's not very interested in being taken seriously by men–the "one of teh guyz!!1!!" act seems that way initially, but it isn't–so the idea that she would deepen her voice to discourage them from thinking she's just a warm hole doesn't really line up with her priorities, she lives to be jerkbait. I dunno, I need to mull this over.

No. 306296

boring and shit

No. 306297

bitch looks like a fridge
have some taste anon

No. 306299

lmao based

No. 306318

…Who the fuck told her she was "decently well spoken"? Did she come to that conclusion on her own? Like, Anisa, we make fun of your HORRIBLE grasp of the english language all of the time for a fucking reason, even Ian made fun of you for sounding like an idiot in the stream you did together. She even fucks up basic sentence syntax when writing tweets, then reads it back to herself and thinks "Yeah, sounds good".

What was she thinking, believing she should co-host Baited? She's a nobody. It's not like you need to be big, Tommy C or Chad do not have huge channels, but she's literally just "Some guy's girlfriend who used to titty stream". If she offered to guest/co-host a smaller podcast first and proved she could be engaging, entertaining and provide interesting commentary, then sure, but she thinks she's qualified to co-host one of the biggest YouTube podcasts because…why? Did she even think that through?

"Dating Idubbbz" doesn't count as a skill, Anisa, people don't automatically care about your opinion just because you suck off a popular YouTuber. Talent isn't siphoned out of your partner's dick, I hope you understand that.

No. 306321

Damn gurl!! now that's some mighty fine roasting there you did of the pear, would you like to add some caramelized apple cider with a pinch of disheartenment to your roasted pear miss?

No. 306391

I always deepen my voice around everyone. Maybe if you have a deep voice by default (or are a part of the Asian culture that loves the cutesy stuff), you might want to make it higher but otherwise I don't get why. If you google it, deep voices are perceived as more trust worthy, calm the person down and overall have an advantage over higher voices. When you think 'sexy voice' you think of a deep smooth voice.

Sage for OT

No. 306414

Lol isn't it Keem's huge victory though? Gf of a guy that made a CC on him and roasted his ass to the ashes, begs him for a job… Truly pathetic

No. 306418

Huh. Yeah, I actually do have a naturally deep voice. While I totally agree that, yeah, deeper voices are perceived as more trustworthy, calm, confident, etc., I stand by what I said before about her not really interested in being perceived as an somebody men should take seriously. She really seems to love playing the role of Betty Homemaker; making him din dins, doing his laundry, rubbing his feet…I get that some women simply enjoy a more traditional role, but I get the feeling she thinks "This is what I have to do to be loved", she almost seems to think you reel them in by being one of the guys and then keep them by being submissive, agreeing with all of their opinions, demands, what have you.

She's trying to appeal to the betas she attract's fantasies…that's the key part of sex work, which is what she's essentially doing, you're a canvas for them to project their fantasies onto. Maybe her having a deeper voice plays into the "one of teh guyz!!1!!" fantasies because a higher pitched, airy voice would make the kind of guy she attracts think of the Stacy who laughed at them when they asked her out in high school. Once again, she plays up how she's the COOL BUDDY who's NOT LIKE THOSE OTHER GIRLS, but then switches it up by stroking their egos to make them feel in charge and powerful. God, she probably goes back and forth between "Cool Juno girl buddy" and "Sexxxy baby kitten" voice modes all the time. Ugh. Ew.

Sage for tinfoiling/armchairing.

No. 306420

I was wondering how she got it into her head that she should ask Keem for this opportunity and, I imagine, she'd have to have talked it over with Ian first…did he SERIOUSLY tell her that would be a good idea, that Keem would be down to have her, that Keem wouldn't be even a little butthurt after the CC? Anisa, if he told you that, he's just feeding you bullshit to keep you happy and quiet, he's not actually interested in helping you.

No. 306474


The queen of aiming too high and falling so low does it again!

Can't wait to see what out-of-her-league stuff she tries and fails at next, then cries sour grapes

No. 306492

hate to break it to ya, but that's actually grammatically correct.

No. 306496

Honestly, I thought the anon was commenting on how Anisa's laying claim to shit that isn't hers again. She doesn't even share ownership with Ian, it's JUST Ian's. Like, yes, he bought the house and his car before she came into the picture, but it's still not hers and I can't stand when there's a person in a relationship not really pulling their weight, but calling their partner's shit "mine" or "ours". No, bitch, it's just his.

No. 306537

I don't think it's grammatically correct, but the correct form is awkward, so it's common to say it like that.

No. 306540

It's syntactically correct from a linguistic standpoint.

It's just incorrect from the standpoint of stuffy grammar rules arbitrarily made by elitist academics some hundreds of years ago. Similar to things like "no splitting infinitives" or "don't end a sentence with a proposition".

Informal grammar != incorrect grammar.

Sage for grammar.

No. 306548

No, because you should always be able to remove one of the people from the sentence and make it have sense. Therefore it should be "My and Ian's house."


Deleted before bc I forgot my sage.

No. 306557

In informal English it is perfectly acceptable to consider the compound subject "Me and Ian" despite the first person pronoun being in the wrong case. Unless English speakers around the world saw that construction and reacted in the same way as reading "I got haven't a clue grammar about" then it's syntactically sound. As I said, it's informal/colloquial nature does not make it inherently incorrect. And it's perfectly acceptable grammar for a lame IG post. Your example is formally correct, so if one desires more formally correct grammar, "My and Ian's house" would be preferable. ("Ian's and my house"? The most formal requires the 1st person to be second to anything else).

No. 306585


Bad Unboxing is pandering to his fans though. It seems it finds it to be safe, easy content unlike this burrito thing he's trying.

No. 306588


I started off feeling bad, but by the end your scenario made me switch. It becomes a race for biggest idiot then. There is nothing about Anisa that should leave these two men in such a stupid fucking limbo.

No. 306589

Doesn't Chris already have a gf? Idk what they're like but Anisa's just cucking herself at this point, ignoring her actual bf with a guy she clearly has better chemistry with but can't actually get (if he's not a scumbag cheater idk).

No. 306592

In the stream yesterday she said he recently got out of a relationship

No. 306596


Except it's fucking not? The noun needs to make sense independently. You don't say "Me house". My and Ian's house is grammatically correct.

No. 306608


This is bullshit to me. It's like finding a verbose way to say, "yeah it's wrong but really it's not". What she said isn't grammatically correct. That's the point that was made, and it remains true. Cut the strawman shit. No one said it wasn't understandable. Most of what she said is completely understandable, but grammatically incorrect, which is the entire point.

No. 306610

No. 306614


Yeah, anon. I also took linguistics in college. Here's the thing, we're not talking about the vast array of linguistic understanding. We're talking about basic grammar rules. Plopping down a wiki page doesn't change the fact that what she said is grammatically incorrect despite the other fact that it's completely understandable or "has a common usage". Which is the same fucking point I made before. So if this is the dead end of your IAmVerySmart linguistics lecture, can you fuck off with it now? We get it, her incorrect grammar is completely understandable in casual speech. The point is, she's an idiot and likely can't even comprehend this. We're here to make fun of her for her varied displays of idiocy alongside her claims of superior intellect. No one cares about linguistics here. Go back to class.

No. 306682

Did you hear Ian yelling in the Mexican taco shops and burritos video??

No. 306686

Yep. Also, you don't even need to be an english major who's taken a linguistics course to know that something like "ain't", for instance, is commonly used and we all know what a person means when they say it, but it's still grammatically incorrect. The "Me and Ian's house" example, even if it was grammatically correct, doesn't erase the mountain of evidence that proves she's a functioning illiterate mule.

Absolutely, Anisa is one of those girls who somehow has two or more guys wrapped around her finger and you just scratch your head in confusion as you watch the those dummies box for her affection. Really? Her? Usually, you see that shit with much younger guys, but I guess if you've never been much of a ladies man, you wouldn't have learned by their age that there are far prettier, nicer, smarter women out there who won't lead you on for months while dating a guy who's paying her bills. Those two need to move to a city with a bigger dating pool and realize they've been putting up with a New York City 5 or 6.

No. 306702

Yeah, I get what you mean now. That's interesting.

No. 306751

File: 1494191522746.png (562.32 KB, 640x1136, IMG_5208.PNG)

In other news… pearnisa posted this on twitter

No. 306752

File: 1494191651022.png (64.52 KB, 640x465, IMG_5209.PNG)

As well as "art school dropout " needs you to design for her.

No. 306754

And most likely will be paid for in the form of "exposure".

No. 306756

I will bet money she dicks over any artist naive enough to work for her and refuses to pay them, a la Leafy, but Ian keeps his head in the sand and refuses to see how he's somehow ended up with the kind of person he'd roast in a Content Cop. She's such a shady bitch, I could absolutely see her tweeting "So-and-so is attacking me for no reason, all lies, oh my god, my dudes, this is so disheartening, what did I do to deserve this, it's triggered muh BDD, halp!" in a week despite this >>306751 bullshit.

No. 306759

She's live. She just said: "there's nothing wrong with being gay and there's nothing wrong with being straight. I think when you start to mix the two that's selfish. That's just a lot to ask of somebody"
Damn Anisa I know you wanna be all not like other girls alt-right and shit but wow

No. 306767

No. 306769

what the fuck does that even mean

No. 306770


I thought I couldn't hate her any more than I already did.

Bitch…you are just hungry for my ire, aren't you? Anisa, I know you can't be fucked to read, but can you do the bare fucking minimum and research Bisexuality before spouting off fucking uninformed, bullshit opinions? You fucking hateful cunt.

No. 306771

Ian just yelled at her from the other room and she seemed really upset. Anyone catch what he said?

No. 306777

She believes us Bisexuals choose our sexuality, that we're selfish, greedy little pigs for not just "choosing" to be gay or straight and that it's selfish of us to demand our partners put up with our, in Anisa's mind, selfish decisions.

That's the most biphobia/bi erasure I've ever seen one person barf out in one single sentence. Fuuuck.

No. 306781

Yeah I couldn't catch it either but she left and said she was "gonna go hit a bitch". She put on music to hide their convo so I thought they'd be fighting but a few minutes later you could hear them giggling and she came back.

No. 306782

Wow sorry Anisa, everyone who is attracted to both sexes should just turn off one of them right? Because that makes TOTAL sense. This fucking bitch.

No. 306787

Is she baiting us by saying fucked up shit while Ian cruises the thread, lol'ing at our outrage and frustration? Oh, god, I'm going mad, I'm getting paranoid.

No. 306807

Someone donated $305 on her twitch

No. 306810


i guarantee you that she said that because she hates bi girls and thinks they are all attention whores. her hatred for other girls is so sad.

also "theres nothing wrong with being straight"? who the fuck has ever said such a thing? there are gay people being tortured for their sexuality right now and this bitch is acting like straight people are suffering the same discrimination. please anisa, show me the religions/entire countries that are against straight people, i want in. such a dumb bitch.

No. 306817

I legitimately don't understand what she means here. by "somebody" she means the partner of a bi person, right? I just…what? How is that a lot to ask? Is it not a lot to ask that she not fucking cheat on her ex boyfriends?

No. 306831

>How is that a lot to ask? Is it not a lot to ask that she not fucking cheat on her ex boyfriends?
Fucking seriously. Blogposting: I'm bi, but I've never cheated on anybody in my life and I've been dating the same dude for 5 years now. My sexuality has never been an issue in my relationships because I'm a typical monogamous human being, it's not like I wistfully stare at the ceiling and daydream about pussy whenever I have sex with my boyfriend.

Meanwhile, she ditched Akaadian to go off on a sketchy ass date with Ian while at VidCon and has something going on with Chris. Being a chronic cheater and opportunistic dick hopper is 1000 times more selfish…it's kind of the epitome of selfish…and I'd have a hard time getting into a relationship with somebody who had a history as sketchy as hers. If someone like Anisa demanded I trust her, THAT would be a lot to ask.

No. 306852

File: 1494197795810.jpg (443.14 KB, 1200x1200, roastedpearnisa.jpg)

Here's your roasted pear platter miss, bathed in a disheartening sparkling apple and grape cider glaze.

No. 306854


Oh god. That's so pathetic. Keem is so based.

No. 306856

>gay people being tortured for their sexuality
C'mon with these anons taking it so personally lol. She just has retarded opinions. She has no power over you and your desicions in life.

No. 306858

…Yeah, nobody is suggesting Anisa actually influences our lives in any way. We're just marveling at how fucking dumb and shitty she is.

Glad to know you think LGBT people being murdered in concentration camps in Chechnya is lulzy, though, kudos.

No. 306859

She looks constipated af

No. 306861

Right now she's roasting this yt-er named Hunter Avallone and she mentioned that Chris showed him to her because he thought that he was copying his mannerisms. It's really funny that he says this while he copies Ian's entire essence.

No. 306864

Really makes you hate the "don't interact with the cow" rule.

No. 306869

She's probably also picking on the kid because Blaire and Shoe used to constantly pick on him. Considering the fact that he said he wanted to do a content cop thing on Shoe for picking on him, I hope he decides to do one on Anisa for this.

No. 306876

Can someone tell me what she was saying? The comments were all religion related. Her laugh is so ugly and I couldn't read her lips.

No. 306881

I'm really happy she's gone back to streaming. There's so much more potential for new milk now.

No. 306884


>copying his mannerisms

He's just some dumb kid repeating what he hears all the other alt-right fags say. Not Chris in specific. Someone should call CHRIS out for copying /v/: The Musical, as reddit as it was.

No. 306887

File: 1494201220500.png (919.86 KB, 640x1136, IMG_5210.PNG)

These lumpy ass tits.

No. 306891


His name sounded familiar, but I had to look him up and, holy shit, that kid suuuucks. The thing is, to me, he's a little fucking asshole for shitting on trans people and bitching about feminism, he's a typical alt-right teen, so…who are you to bitch about him, Anisa? With your "women are incapable of being funny" bullshit and insisting bi people choose their sexuality? Chris says some fucking idiotic shit, too, and now he wants to start beef with some fucking sixteen year old boy because he's "stealing" the mannerisms that Chris jacked from Ian in the first place?

Congrats, Anisa, Chris, Hunter, Shoe, Blaire: you're all trash, you all deserve one another.

No. 306902

jesus they're literally pushed up to her neck

No. 306913

It always looks painful when girls push them together and up this hard.

No. 306915

Watch her breathe. It's like her lungs can't expand enough and she occasionally take deeeeep breaths. I'm sure it's uncomfortable.

No. 306921

How does her audience see those "yooj" tits when she's wearing a wonderbra today and then these >>302777 way smaller tits FIVE days ago and, yet, never put it together that the reason her cup size is all over the place is because her "boobs" are actually padding?

There was that Anisa stan who angrily responded "She's not an attention whore!" to the anon who commented on her IG (I imagine she has a lot of similar sad fucks throwing cash at her) but they don't notice her using black magic to create the illusion of sooper yooj, hawt tiddies while ebegging and digging for compliments on Twitch? How do they reconcile their belief that she's some cool "one of the guys" girl with all of this evidence that posits she is indeed suffering from severe GOTIS?

No. 306922

That's literally 'little African orphans'-tier. We're talking about America, where being gay is celebrated in most bigger cities.

No. 306930


This is simply comical. I would love for this to circulate right next to that bikini pic where she's flat as a board with the caption "if it's not plastic surgery…"

No. 306931

But you quoted an anon who is referencing the human rights violations occurring in Chechnya (>>306810), sooo…? You do get that that's what they were talking about when they said
>there are gay people being tortured for their sexuality right now
And you quoted them, right? But now you wanna argue over something they were never insisting in the first place?

You also come across as sheltered for thinking LGBT rights have reached their zenith in first world countries, that queer people no longer face any prejudice or danger by being out in public. It's like you're insisting anti-LGBT violence and discrimination doesn't happen anymore just because you, personally, haven't experienced it. That's a pretty silly worldview. I'm sure you can think of one or two things that you've personally experienced that I haven't, I can't tell YOU said experiences never happen, I wouldn't know better.

Sage for being pretty goddamn OT

No. 306932


I mean they're being killed in Russia and such so the other Anon is half right.


She looks like she can't breathe.


I'm embarrassed for her. She's like that weird girl in highschool who tries to latch on to the popular chicks JFC

At this point she should convince Ian to pay for her tit job or something because her magically disappearing and reappearing breasts are ridiculous.

No. 306940

No ass and machine gun titties lol nice push up bra anisa

No. 306952

No Anon. It was funny how mad it made you and some other farmers. Lmao

No. 306956

Oh, I won't deny it, she does make me angry. She frustrates me, the topic she was discussing isn't a difficult concept to grasp, but she can't be fucked to educate herself first before deciding to talk about it, especially when she's talking about it with so much authority. It's not even just a social issues thing, she can't be fucked to educate herself in general and it gets to this point where I want to jab her in the fucking throat as she's eating.

No. 306957

File: 1494206864743.jpg (Spoiler Image,67.91 KB, 600x599, IMG_20170507_221923.jpg)

No. 306986

>good stream
>my internet cut out through most of it

so it was good because it wasn't playing

No. 306991

I'm pretty sure Shoe has said that she's bi. Anisa adores her so much that she copies her style, yet she's SELFISH for being bisexual, right Anisa? That makes a lot of sense?

Besides her lord and hero Shoe, i'm sure she (i mean, Ian) has fans/viewers who are bi. What kind of shit is that "huhhurr bi people are selfish"

No. 307007

I'm mad I didn't capture the part of the stream where she was biphobic. She (conveniently) doesn't seem to have VOD turned on for this stream so I can't go get it. If we had the vid it would def make her tumblr fanbase drop her like a burning coal.

No. 307102

Don't worry, bb, it has already started.

No. 307106

File: 1494217347003.png (325.22 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170508-001533.png)

Well fuck me I deleted it.

No. 307119

wait wait, I'm not into this whole thing, but isn't this being a bit hypocritical ? Isn't Ian 100% more worse in the whole x-phobic places (by tumblr's standards ofc)

No. 307124

I personally dont recall Ian saying anything against any sexuality.
Just terms like, "faggot", or "what are you fucking gay?" I dont think he meant harm. Anisa straight up said bi sexuality is selfish.
Theyre both retards either way and I think Ian gets a pass because they want to fuck him. Anisa, however, not so much, so they can easily throw her away like trash.

No. 307127

lol that of all those things, THIS was where that person draws the line. jfc. and i'm saying that as a bi person.

i'm not in the least surprised that anisa has some dumb-as-shit concepts of sexuality. she probably has plenty more. she probably doesn't understand what it's like to have standards and actually care about what your partner is like, though, so it makes sense in her little squirrel-brained world that bi people are "greedy" - because she is already greedy, and goes about relationships in completely the wrong way and for the wrong reasons.

also, journalism major and needed to say "me and ian's" is nowhere near acceptable grammar, EVEN in casual conversation, unless you are speaking with literal children (elementary school or below). it's not like how many people can sometimes misuse "___ and i" in place of "___ and me" and vice-versa. speaking of which, you always put yourself last when listing other people, but that's more of the "don't end a sentence with a preposition" type rule, since it will still make logical sense. it just sounds childish as fuck, because children put themselves first when talking due to being selfish at young ages.
tl;dr: everyone who's over the age of 18 should definitely know it would be "ian's and my house" (though "ian's house" would be more accurate). that isn't some esoteric super-proper way of speaking. it's outright standard and i honestly doubt the age of anyone who thinks "me and ian's house" is grammatically correct.

tbh i am kind of surprised at someone who cares about fatphobia (and uses that term) being a fan of Ian, come to think of it.
i mean in ian's words "it's all ok or none of it's ok" righttttt
the cognitive dissonance is strong in them. they probably only care when something directly relates to them. shitty people posing as not shitty, really.

sage for sagey as fuck

No. 307136


Well from what I've seen from Ian/cancer crew fans on tumblr, they're okay with Ian doing things like saying faggot or using racial slurs because they know he's 100% joking and isn't seriously insulting someone when he does it.

Anisa on the other hand is saying something extremely bigoted and is 100% serious about it. so I can see someone is more upset about one than the other.

Plus, there's the fact they actually LIKE Ian. Fangirls only pay attention to Anisa because of her association with him. As soon as she does something problematic, they have no problem dropping her because it's not like they were invested in her anyways. Most of them have already disowned Chad.

and like >>307127 said, they probably only care about an issue when it relates to them, tumblr tends to pick and choose what they'll cry over

No. 307137


Yeah, Anisa basically just broke Ian's golden rule: "CONTEXT MATTERS!!!"

Ian uses slurs (I don't like it and I don't agree with his weak ass justification of it, but…welp) in a "comedic" context, he's not directly attacking gay men and spouting off homophobic rhetoric in his videos, he just screams "FAGGOT" and calls shit "gay" because dude has serious arrested development/thinks saying slurs for the sake of saying them is funny.

Meanwhile, Anisa just admitted she thinks being bi is wrong/selfish and she apparently believes people choose to be bi which then implies she doesn't even think bisexuality is real. Like, if she was playing biphobia/bi erasure bingo, she'd have won, she barfed out 3-4 common negative stereotypes in one sentence.

If context is everything, then there's really no way for her to explain this away as acceptable, but Ian's not gonna do shit about it. Dude probably agrees with her.

No. 307139

Samefag. I forgot: Her "It's a lot to ask of somebody" comment implies she thinks it's selfish and demanding to expect your partner to accept your bisexuality because she thinks bisexuals are unhappy unless they have a dick AND a pussy in their lives and, thus, fucking suck at monogamy. That's the common myth, so I'm assuming that's what she meant, that she buys into that bullshit. So there's the 4th biphobic thing she managed to cram into one sentence.

God, I wonder if she thinks people choose to be gay? If you assume gay and straight people only end up being bisexual because they're confused and choose to do so, wouldn't that mean she thinks people choose "alternative lifestyles" in general? Or does her rotting brain think it only applies to bisexuals?

No. 307230

>i'm not in the least surprised that anisa has some dumb-as-shit concepts of sexuality.

No wonder she does, she grew up in a very religious household. It would be surprising if her views on sexuality weren't fucked up in some way.

No. 307326

Honestly it all just comes off as them justifying what would be cognitive dissonance so they can actually enjoy stuff that conflicts with tumblr's impossibly high standards, because they actually just fucking like it (god forbid!). But yeah, then comes a short blurb from Anisa spouting some ignorance of bisexuality, and it's time to "burn the witch"!!! Like, ok lol.

Blog: used to use Tumblr for a while years ago and am so glad I left it. Everything posted felt like walking on eggshells. Like I said, impossibly high standards. Now I'm just doin' me and not giving a fuck and not having to justify or explain shit.
Honestly they are doormats to their own community.
And yeah, they probably just want to fuck him. He's an awkward nerdy dude who used to look somewhat presentable.

What was the context (ha) of Anisa's biphobic comment anyway? Really curious what brought that shit out of her mouth. Though considering her case of verbal diarrhea, it would be believable for there to be no context at all.

No. 307347

For whatever reason she was talking about whether traps were gay or not and then she said that.

No. 307380

Lol so, being bi and being transgender is the same, or all trans people ar bi? Not offended by much other than her stupidity, but fucking LOL anisa, wow.

No. 307394

People just love having something to bitch about. Every time I see someone slinging out a bunch of -phobic terms my brain shuts down. There are way better reasons to dislike Anisa.

No. 307404

Yeah, like, literally everything else about her.
I checked that Tumblr page though and I guess she has always had ill feelings towards our pear, so shes just using this as a means to justify her hatred.

No. 307478

I don't expect every anon to swoon over her saying this shit, especially if they're straight, but this is actually pretty fucked up in my eyes. I also get how irritating the hypersensitive people shrieking about privilege 24/7 are when you're online, it's why I abandoned my old tumblr, but this isn't like Anisa said "I dunno, I don't think obesity is just genetics, I think anybody can exercise and eat right and lose weight" and anons are bawwing over her "fatphobia" and "thin privilege".

She said an entire sexual orientation is inherently wrong. She has young fans and, undoubtedly, SOME of those kids are questioning their sexuality and coming to terms with who they are. Imagine how hard that would be for some 14 year old bisexual kid to hear from someone they look up to. It also encourages the more easily influenced kids to go out and parrot her idiotic opinion.

She's shitting on an entire community of people simply for who they are. It's bigotry. Again, I get how any anti-discrimination stance is considered cringey these days because it's so strongly associated with asshole Tumblrinas and their outrage addictions, but, plain and simple, what she said was intolerant and fucked up.

I think a chick who loves to play "Inspirational, feel good, love-yourself therapist" one second but then barfs out casual prejudice the next deserves some hatred. If you wanna prioritize hating her for her padded titties, desperate pandering, shitty grammar and whatnot, then go for it, but I also think the anons who are bisexual and were offended have every right to feel that way.

No. 307479

File: 1494273041093.jpg (17.7 KB, 610x101, eeee.jpg)

Pewds under Ian's Crystal Wash Balls vid trying to be 'cool', but ending up pretty pathetic imo.
ew dude, gtfo and take your ~edge~ with you.

No. 307518

I don't disagree with you, but I do think she's a terrible role model without this incident even in consideration. Take a look at her flaunting of ED/BDD and using her "boobs" as her only "talent" and compulsive cheating…
If kids are looking up to her, it's kinda their own damn fault in a way, and they would be influenced negatively one way or another.

Also, what she said is just a singular remark. She's not going Onision-mode and making 10 videos preaching about …whatever. She's just an idiot who doesn't pay attention to anything she says, ever.

I won't deny what she said was shitty, but there are more important reasons to dislike her, Tumblr be damned. Excusing cheating on people but then being hurt because of an unoriginal stereotypical biphobic remark… is just shitty. It's people only caring about stuff when it affects them, as stated. Do they give a shit about Akaadian? (I have no idea so I'm seriously wondering lol)

But it's really, as I said, a stereotype that we bisexuals encounter fairly often from the ignorant. We KNOW we're not greedy.
Growing up in a strictly religious and homophobic environment does WAY more damage to people's views of LGBT.

> If you wanna prioritize hating her for her padded titties, desperate pandering, shitty grammar and whatnot, then go for it, but I also think the anons who are bisexual and were offended have every right to feel that way

Lol, this isn't why we hate her, and I'm a bisexual anon. We just pick on her for being a shitty person as well as fake and an idiot. She's been shitty for a long time, and she is still shitty. I'm not trying to minimize the biphobia but in the big picture, shit like her social-climbing, friend-losing, dick-hopping talentless self is going to be the reason she fails and falls in public eye, not because she said one casually unoriginal biphobic sentence that one time.

No. 307569

File: 1494278485529.png (108.78 KB, 624x664, Screen Shot 2017-05-08 at 12.4…)

kek the pear replied to the the retarded anon.

No. 307577

>Do they give a shit about Akaadian?
Actually, yeah, it's a pretty popular topic. I actually referenced him and her history of infidelity when I first saw the quote.

Also, I realized
>If you wanna prioritize hating her for her padded titties, desperate pandering, shitty grammar and whatnot, then go for it, but I also think the anons who are bisexual and were offended have every right to feel that way
Came across as though I was saying it with attitude when I was being sincere. My bad. I genuinely don't care if somebody prefers to focus on her other flaws, even if it's just the annoying, dumb ones, instead of being pissed off by her saying this. I just feel like a lot of people these days roll their eyes and scoff at others for feeling offended just because they personally don't feel offended.

I was discussing this with a friend a little while ago, how people are allowed to feel upset and that, just because what upsets them doesn't personally upset you, that doesn't mean their feelings are now invalid. There's so much "Don't be hypersensitive" sentiment these days because of Tumblrinas losing their shit over the tiniest microaggression at the drop of a hat. "Offended" is synonymous with "triggered" now, there's a certain amount of pressure to keep it to yourself if you are offended because bringing it up it will just end with you being ridiculed and labeled as an SJW, even if somebody else said something legitimately fucked up. I suppose I just wanted to defend people's right to be insulted by this because, I mean, it was insulting.

Just hearing that kind of shit pisses me off to no end. It's more frustration than anything. I'm so fucking tired of these stupid bi stereotypes and assholes like her not even bothering to read a wikipedia article before thinking "All bisexuals=cheating sluts. Yeah, I'm 100% certain of that, no doubt in my mind whatsoever, sounds right." Like, it takes minimal effort to acknowledge you don't understand something and do a bit of light reading, but no. I know I'm not selfish or greedy, but it's so exasperating seeing dumb cunts encouraging that kind of thinking.

I totally agree that she has a SLEW of other godawful traits and habits, she's a complete asshole, I suppose I was just like, whoa, I guess Anisa wants to take being a piece of shit to a whole new level. I'll think that this is as shitty as she can get and then she somehow surprises me. Oof, my muscle relaxer is kicking in.

No. 307596

That actually makes sense as an (albeit stupid) joke and is less baffling in that context.

No. 307601

Geez, she's such an ineloquent bitch. She should completely stop trying be edgy and to joke about these things.

No. 307602

Agreed anon. However, the biphobic statement is easy to be upset about because it's clear. I assume most Ian tumblr stans don't know shit about Anisa's past or even watch much of her videos (prob only QnA's in hopes of Ian references)
I didn't know any of the shit Anisa has done until lolcow- I didn't know much about her before. I had no reason to dislike her until this thread. I figure Tumblrinas are in that same spot, which is why this s the first thing that alarms them

No. 307605

A page straight out of her boyfriend's book.

No. 307609

Honestly, "context matters" and "it was a joke" only works if she had made it obvious she was joking / saying it in a joking or sarcastic manner / had set up some sort of punchline.
Otherwise, "it was a joke" looks like damage control and falls flat as an excuse.
And if it was a "joke" why did she delete the VOD hm….
Anyone have a video of it? I would like to make a judgement myself

No. 307614

Please correct me if I'm wrong but i'm under the impression that traps are transwomen or very feminine looking men that dress in women's clothes and still have intact male parts. Why would a person who is into traps want their partner to have "both parts"?? Unless she's talking about guys who are into post-op transwomen which I think is a different fetish all together. I'm probs putting way more thought into this than she did.
Also, I was at the stream and while she was talking about traps at the time the way she said the comment reeally did not sound like a joke in the slightest.
I also recall someone in her chat saying "As a Bi person I am triggered by that comment" She read it out loud, shrugged it off and moved on to the next one. That was probs what contributed to her decision not to enable the VOD.

No. 307616

She picked up the worst from Ian.

>barging into someone's event and yelling racial slurs is totally ok! Because it was just a joke!

>titty streaming is not whoring! Because it was just a joke! (>>304921)
>expressing biphobia is totally ok! Because it was just a joke!

Go ahead, do or say anything no matter how retarded, damaging or morally wrong it is, you can always backpedal with this one simple get-out-of-jail-free card: "it's just a joke".

It's the newer, cooler version of "it's just a prank bro". Ian made a content cop bashing prank channels last year, then made a content cop justifying his own personal type of prank later.

Now… now we get this shit as a result. Eugh. They're all moronic, Ian, Anisa, but most of all their fans.

No. 307630

Ian liked a photo of Joji w/ Rich Chigga on Twitter

Also, Joji uploaded a picture of him with Post Malone, and Post Malone is in LA right? That means that Joji is already in LA. He is going to give a small concert there and probably stay for Vidcon

No. 307642

I don't believe he would know who Rich Chigga is (he may follow him though) so maybe he's trying to warm back up to George since Vidcon is coming up, if George is even going

No. 307653

George is going to Vidcon. It was confirmed on Anisa's stream

No. 307666

Shit, are we gonna get some George and Anisa milk of her trying to hop off one dick to another.

No. 307668

Anisa isn't going to Vidcon. She said she's letting him go alone to give him his "guy time" with the gang.

No. 307669

No, Anisa is not going.

If you read what has been said before on this thread, you would know a lot o things lmao

No. 307677

I'm curious to see how Ian, Joji, and Max will interact, I hope they post vlogs.

No. 307678

LMAO me too

No. 307683

Samefag. Vidcon is in little more than a month from now, I'm really looking forward to see what happens

No. 307690

File: 1494290034618.jpg (29.89 KB, 534x252, j.jpg)

Sorry this is kinda unrelated

LMAO it's just funny to see George hang out with someone like Ian and the ideologies we know he has and defends

Ian also keeps liking Jontron tweets

No. 307692

I've seen him liking a lot of Jon's tweets even after all that gross drama with him. Even George unfollowed Jon, having some sort of mind.

No. 307693

Why, what do you expect?

It's just gona be acquaintances meeting. Boring af.

Maybe chatting up on camera, maybe having a night out and filming it. Still boring.

Sage for your retardation

No. 307697

Lol, boring in your opinion. Idk, I'm just curious to see how it goes

No. 307701

OH MY GOD - it just occurred to me.

Is Jontron going to Vidcon as well?

No. 307721

It's boring in my late grandma's opinion too.

No. 307726

Lmao, interesting because I anticipate to see how they interact- aka will we be able to confirm what we've been saying, that they've grown apart etc? We're curious.
I could give less of shit for the "entertainment" part of it (spoiler alert: there is none), I never was a fan of the Cancer Crew, never really liked them at all. Not everyone in this thread are ex-stans, lol.

No. 307747

This is a masterpiece. Bless.

No. 307776

Starting posts in defence of your retardation with "lol" and "lmao" does not absolve you from your retardation anymore than "it's just a joke" absolves Anisa and Ian from theirs.

No. 307790

We're not even the same person in those posts.

And what the hell is your problem? If you're not even slightly interested in what happens in the Cancer Crew then you might as well just leave this lolcow thread

No. 307792

Hila is too good for Ethan tbh. I wish her the best.

No. 307794

why are we infighting over the stupidest fucking shit? stop the derail.

No. 307797

Being interested in the Cancer Crew's interaction while keeping up with the Cancer Crew thread on lolcow
= retardation
…..um ok

Sage for dumb infighting, why the fuck is this even a question

No. 307801

File: 1494298011645.png (26.17 KB, 603x212, Screenshot 2017-05-08 at 10.42…)

Aren't we all just THRILLED? What's bound to spout from her mouth this time??? Homophobia? Transphobia? Racism? Spin the wheel, roll the dice, take a guess!

No. 307803

If you think the Cancer Crew, as people, are boring why are you keeping up with this thread, discussing them, keeping tabs on them and criticizing them?

No. 307818


so she can't write for shit. and she can't speak either. her wording was really strange, i don't think that anyone got that she was joking about traps. even in her response she still has the most confusing way of explaining herself.

that's why her youtube videos never got popular. she was playing the "le rationall xd" part when its obvious that's she an idiot. legit Dunning–Kruger effect in action. how can Ian stand her?

anyways, "immolateyourself" was being extra too. "biphobic" lol. everyone involved with this titty streamer is a mess.

No. 307819

File: 1494299769574.png (651.07 KB, 1067x800, VNyk86k.png)


not that anon, but where do you think we are? i don't like anyone in the cancer crew but i keep up with this threads for the drama and to talk shit. its kinda the point of /snow/… kek at you thinking that this was a place for cancer crew fans.

No. 307820

But if you are interested in the drama and talking shit, then maybe you should keep up with eventual vlogs & whatnot? That's where their interactions will be seen. Just saying

No. 307867

How late is dinner?? I have morning classes….

No. 307868

Maybe the placement of her breasts determines how high or low her voice is?

No. 307914

Her and Keem are talking in the stream rn

No. 307919

File: 1494309917187.jpg (584.35 KB, 1012x1585, Screenshot_20170509-020119.jpg)

"Im not a titty streamer"

Also she had a big discussion with keem about people who just say shit because they want to sound smart or how they lie for attention. She's trying really hard to sound more eloquent now that keem is watching.

No. 307930

Dem nasolabial folds

No. 307957

File: 1494313961254.png (788.63 KB, 1108x553, R7TlRIf.png)


No. 308001

Why did she have to display her unfinished painting?

And her stream is not interesting. Can not she take on a friendly and cheerful characteristic?

No. 308030

>anyways, "immolateyourself" was being extra too. "biphobic" lol

…How was it not biphobic? She said bisexuality is wrong, she implied that she doesn't even think it's real because she seems to believe you CHOOSE to be bisexual. If you heard somebody say that it's wrong to be gay and that people choose to be gay, you'd know that was a homophobic statement. There'd be no doubt. So why is it suddenly ridiculous if you switch out "gay" with "bi"?

I don't agree with immolateyourself commenting on her IG, I feel like they're probably an anon and it's cowtipping, but of all the things they said, describing Anisa's comment as "biphobic" is the least extra. This is from the Wikipedia page on Biphobia:
>It can take the form of denial that bisexuality is a genuine sexual orientation, or of negative stereotypes about people who are bisexual (such the belief that they are promiscuous, or dishonest).
Like, Anisa's comment was textbook biphobia.

She's full of shit, like >>307614 pointed out. Her "joke" explanation makes no sense, it just seems like she made a shitty comment re bisexuality because she's a shitty person and now she wants to excuse her shitty behavior with a shitty lie.

No. 308042

Of course. I fucking despise Ian and dislike Max, I've never been a fan, not before this thread and not now. But I am interested in potential vlogs because I'm interested in their drama, looking for potential milk. That's the point I'm trying to make

No. 308049

I agree with you, I haven't been here in a week or two and nothing has happened. It's just people circlejerking over some opinion that their next door neighbour probably shares. The keem thing is funny though.

No. 308051

>"im not a titty streamer"
>bends over so everyone can stare at her pushed up tits at the perfect angle

No. 308364

Live again. She said that in order to apply for the visa she wants, she just has to prove that she's an above average twitch streamer.

No. 308389

I wonder what the metrics for that are.

No. 308413

File: 1494360547665.png (1.64 MB, 750x1334, IMG_0746.PNG)

She posted a selfie along with her twitch link and I just cannot take this. Unflattering photo anisa. You should at least use some other filters next time

No. 308465

Her teeth look good here, why does she look like the annoying orange normally?

No. 308490

How did I not realize that this is the main reason for her going back to twitch streaming?

No. 308494

Yeah I don't really see what's so bad about this pic, other than her necklace looking weird especially where it meets her chin.. looks like some weird accidental stroke in a graphics program (pen stroke, not the other kind of stroke, but that's possible too with her I guess).
I'm sure the full photo of her face looks bad, but this crop (with her hair positioning) hides her pear-shape.

Wtf is with "lady of the night stream" and "Victorious Secret"? What a horrible thing to name your stream if you're "NOT A TITTY STREAMER GUIZE" like she isn't even pretending to play games now lmao pathetic.

I'm pissed that it might come off like I'm defending her in any way, shape, or form, but
> She said bisexuality is wrong
No, she didn't. She had verbal diarrhea as usual and said shit that sounded like a tired biphobic stereotype. But it's totes ok because she was actually being transphobic! (maybe? idk) She never said the word "bisexual".
> Her "joke" explanation makes no sense, it just seems like she made a shitty comment re bisexuality because she's a shitty person and now she wants to excuse her shitty behavior with a shitty lie.
Reeeally sounds like you'd be ok with her bashing trans people, as long as she isn't bashing bisexuals.
Anyone who knows anything about Anisa knows that she is absolute shit at saying anything, so she could have meant to joke about literally anything and had it come out like that. Do I think she hates bisexuals? No.
But I do think she dislikes women in general because her perspective of life is distorted and she has a squirrel brain.

Goes to you too.

I'm bisexual and realize how important it is to CHOOSE YOUR BATTLES (something Tumblr does not understand except in the sense that they tend to not care about things that are inconvenient for them).

Harping on something she said and labeling her as biphobic is taking focus away from the more important details.

>I was discussing this with a friend a little while ago, how people are allowed to feel upset and that, just because what upsets them doesn't personally upset you, that doesn't mean their feelings are now invalid. There's so much "Don't be hypersensitive" sentiment these days because of Tumblrinas losing their shit over the tiniest microaggression at the drop of a hat. "Offended" is synonymous with "triggered" now, there's a certain amount of pressure to keep it to yourself if you are offended because bringing it up it will just end with you being ridiculed and labeled as an SJW, even if somebody else said something legitimately fucked up. I suppose I just wanted to defend people's right to be insulted by this because, I mean, it was insulting.

Honestly this gives me the "Go back to Tumblr" vibe. I think bisexuals can defend themselves just fine without someone white knighting for us. Personally, I don't care for reasons I've stated (I really don't think she meant it the way it sounded, yeah that doesn't excuse it being a shitty thing to say, especially if she was still picking on some facet of LGBT). If another bisexual is upset, that's still valid for them.
But just
> microaggression
cmon anon, you know what site this is. The point is to insult, not be insulted.

No. 308496

samefag but shit I had no idea my post was so long, sorry.

No. 308515

sorry for a possibly stupid question, but how do anons in this thread feel about filthy frank? i dont know too much about all these youtubers, but i know frank has done a few videos with max and idubz

No. 308517

Lurk more.
Also there is no general consensus.

Even just reading this thread alone would give you a decent idea.

No. 308553

if you look at this thread and other threads in the past you will see that almost 99.9% percent of the people in this thread want to suck some joji dick and god forbid if you insult their franku god. Prepare for a massive "REEEEE LEAVE GEORGE ALONE REE"

No. 308562

I dunno. I think she's just so poorly educated when it comes to gender identity and sexual orientations that she somehow made the mental leap from "Discussing whether or not 'traps' are gay" (like…I need context, that sentence is confusing the shit out of me) to "discussing sexualities".

Anisa is quoted as saying:
>there's nothing wrong with being gay and there's nothing wrong with being straight. I think when you start to mix the two that's selfish. That's just a lot to ask of somebody.

How is that not about bisexuality? How is that about trans people? I'm genuinely curious, I'm having a hard time reading that and seeing where trans people fit in, thus why I think she just kinda jumped from the one topic to "bisexuals".

Unless she thinks being a pre-op trans person means…I have no idea. She just comes across as so, so poorly informed about LGBT people in general. She really should read up on gender ID, sexuality, etc. before attempting to discuss it during a stream again, she just sounds so fucking dumb.

>Reeeally sounds like you'd be ok with her bashing trans people, as long as she isn't bashing bisexuals.

Nope. You're jumping to conclusions. I just don't see how that particular quote addresses trans people. I don't know what she said during the "traps" discussion right before that comment, so I dunno if she barfed out any casual transphobia, but I also wouldn't be surprised if she had and, if it did happen, then it just makes me hate her that much more. All I know is that she was "discussing whether or not traps are gay" (WHAT DOES THAT EVEN MEAN? Obviously SOME trans people are gay. Who even says "traps" and isn't a 13 year old /b/tard? Guhh), that's all the anon who watched the stream said.

No. 308566

Can you not? Do we really need to have a fucking argument with some people saying "You wanna suck Joji's dick!" and some people saying "I like him, so what?" every. fucking. thread? What does that achieve? It always ends with somebody saying "Some people like George, some people don't, stop derailing", what do you expect will happen this time?

No. 308575


Does this have a snowballs chance in hell of working? It's an internet job. One she can and has done from home. Why would they give her a visa to do work she doesn't need to be doing here? Like MAYBE YouTube would make sense if she showed that her videos are LA specific, which they're not. Don't get the angle she's going for. She's not PDP, her income wouldn't be an aid to our economy or anything. How would this work?

No. 308579


Stop getting fucking baited into starting infighting. JFC people.

No. 308581

was searching for frank, didn't no "joji" was something to look for. my bad

No. 308583

*know, jesus christ

No. 308587

It doesn't, it's a terrible idea. The only way she could get anything more than a tourist visa is by marrying Ian or by returning to Canada, finding work in America, reapplying for a work visa, being approved and moving back in with Ian. She doesn't seem interested in the latter and, granted, it would be far more complicated and take a lot of time, but that's the thing with gaining legal residence in another country: it's complicated and takes time. She also probably has jack shit in the way of work experience, she's been streaming/doing YT for a long time now, so I can't see her finding work in the US too easily. This plan is fucking garbage. It's just going to end with them either breaking up because it's too much of a pain in the ass or she'll go back to Canada and try to return ASAP.

She could literally return to Canada, turn right around and cross the border, there's no required waiting period between tourist visas, but customs would probably raise an eyebrow and shut down her attempt because it would be clear she's trying to live in the states without working or getting married. That probably won't work out. I suppose they could end up getting married, but I also…I just don't see it happening.

No. 308589

I don't get why she doesn't just enroll in college here and extend her university visa. That HAS to be easier than proving her worth as an "entertainer" here lol. ????

No. 308608

because then she can't stream for 6 hours a day. priorities!

No. 308738

His real name is George but he goes by Joji as well.

Fuck off, I'm >>308517 and deliberately made my response neutral.
You're the one who's triggered by even the mention of him jfc.

You have to remember we're talking about Anisa who is as dumb as a sack of bricks.
She is the last person anyone should take seriously.
Other anons mentioned the trans stuff.
Anisa-speak is like reading hieroglyphics.
> She just comes across as so, so poorly informed about LGBT people in general
> She really should read
You can stop your sentence there and it would be the best advice.

I'd rather her not think she's some sex educator expert or anything of that sort, though. But yeah, if she's going to be ignorant, she should keep it to herself. Regardless of what she's talking about.

No. 308883

The past streams from Monday and today are now available for viewing. Anybody know where it is ian screams at her from the other room/where she talks about keem?

No. 308964

File: 1494406911518.jpg (83.36 KB, 800x770, 16789086543000.jpg)

>anon asks legitimate question
>anon responds with literally no argument beyond "waaaaahhhhhh why does everyone like Joji????!!!!"

Stay mad.

No. 308971

hahaha she is going for an entertainment visa, omg

No. 308994

The part where Ian yells at Anisa from the other room is in the same stream as the (maybe) biphobic comment, which isn't available for viewing. The part where she talks about keem/joining baited is in her Saturday stream around 54 mins in.

No. 309261

learn to sage and stop responding to derailing posts almost 2 weeks old. your post is worse than the one you responded to.
just lurk please.

No. 309376


her explanation kinda makes sense to me. if she was referring to traps, then she's saying it's "a lot to ask" to expect your partner to accept the fact you look like a woman but have the genitalia of a man, or vice versa. i guess she sees that as "mixing" the lines between gay and straight???

however, the whole "it's selfish, you need to choose one sexuality or another, blah blah" mess definitely came across as offensive, she was better off keeping her mouth shut whether it was a joke or not

No. 309440

File: 1494446512511.jpg (159.13 KB, 600x619, trainnpink.jpg)

I agree with >>309261
it's pointless to bring shit that is two weeks old just to derail the thread. Also using an anime character as part of your reply is fucking retarded.

No. 309472

File: 1494447603536.png (66.8 KB, 629x604, lol4.png)

Sky really needs to take a break from the "lol I'm so anti-pc xD, why are you offended??''?" community.

No. 309475

File: 1494447727221.png (71.63 KB, 634x628, lol5.png)

Samefag. The replies he got.

No. 309633

File: 1494458783858.png (357.63 KB, 592x613, pear.png)

>looks off in the distance
>pearnisa's greasy lips on his equally greasy face
>"if only… if only i could… if i could… just.. break away…"

No. 309635

"Enjoying my day off of streaming! Happy hump day!"

No. 309636

Oops we posted at the same time.

No. 309657

Not trying to be fan girly. But I actually think Ian looks decent here… lmao he's actually kind of handsome when he washes/cuts his hair and shaves his awful pedo mustache.

No. 309664

Agreed. Don't want to praise him but I guess he looks nice since he's had a disgusting greasy mop of hair on his head for months beforehand.

No. 309666

from a psychology point of view if you look at his eyes you can really tell he isn't happy, he has that "I regret the choices in my life" kind of face as he gazes in to the distance. In other news guess he is growing the pedo stache again.

No. 309668

Kek. Just imagine the pear holding a gun to his back to get a nice couple's photo woth him.

No. 309670

or "if you dont take a pic with me I am not gonna suck your dick tonight"

No. 309673

dem satan trips!

No. 309675


>that mom haircut

No. 309680

He also kinda has that "smile for the photo" smile on. The one where your smile awkwardly drops as soon as the photo is taken, which is what most people do, but its kinda awkward during moments where you're supposed to be genuinely happy.

No. 309729

taking psych 101 doesn't mean you can read into someone's soul through their eyes anon

No. 309736

different anon but you can tell he's not genuinely happy in this photo

No. 309740

Forced smile, "Omg stop kissing me mum!"

No. 309777

Why are you following her?

No. 309797

Different Anon, but she's big topic of discussion, so it makes sense to follow her. Personally I just wait for other people to update on her, but it seems easier to get updates on twitter from her than to stalk her page constantly like a pyscho.

No. 309799

actually it does, I am not that anon, but actually psychology studies behavior, such as movement, mannerism and certain aspects in a person. You really don't need to be a psych to know he isn't happy tho, it's clear here it's forced, specially looking at how these two interact in the past.

No. 309875

I'm following her so I can see her tweets so I can keep with up with what she's doing and post her shit in the threads. Following doesn't mean I like her, it's just easier for me to see her dumbass tweets on my timeline and then bring them to lol cow rather than check her Twitter obsessively for new milk

No. 309887

I mean… he has the pedo stashe though. Or one of a teenage boy who doesn't realize it's time to start shaving.

I agree with this, and have taken a fair bit of psych courses. I've never heard anything about interpreting a photo such as this, especially on its own. Eyes can be screwed up for a slew of reasons (medications, drugs, lighting, allergies, etc).

Also Ian doesn't seem a very smiley guy. Smiles for photos, in general, are often forced if they aren't candid (which it obviously isn't).

But from what we know, I do think it's safe to say he isn't happy. We've known that for a while now.

The only thing that is worth noting about this photo, imo, is the fact that Ian could look the damn same if she was completely removed from the photo, and he'd probably look better.

Perhaps I'm just a bit autistic and can't read people's faces as well as others, though.

lmao thank you. I wanted to include something in my post ( >>309261 )about the anime pic, but calling it "cancer" in this particular thread would probably be a compliment, so I just let it slide. Glad I'm in good company though.

Also re: Sky, dammit. Can he just stfu and stick to dragging Anisa and shit? Does he not understand what people want at all?

No. 310003

I don't understand the idea that they aren't happy together? Maybe he really is THAT dumb and actually is happy with her. I can't imagine why else he'd be letting her live at his house rent free, taking her on vacations to Hawaii, and paying for her lawyers to keep her in this country? Like surely he must actually love her to put up with her bullshit opinions and cringe personality.

No. 310016

how old are you, anon?

No. 310018

File: 1494491091946.jpg (23.61 KB, 247x247, 1484135207764.jpg)

>from a psychology point of view
>psychology point of view

No. 310022

True anon, as much as it made me lose all respect for him I think he genuinely likes her. How else would he be able to put up with her insecure uneducated self on a daily basis. She looks like shit and I bet shes as insufferable irl as she is online so why would he go through all the trouble to keep her if not out of love.

No. 310024

this has been discussed to death. there is reason to believe he has no serious past relationship history, so he could be insecure or he could be closeted or he could be not that interested in relationships for anything more than getting his rocks off.

also, admitting he fucked up so massively with her would backfire and dent his armor of a reputation. she would also probably cause a shit storm.

like lurk more? idk

No. 310165


Even though I hate Ian and Anisa, as someone holding a meager bach in psych I have no fucking clue what the "psychology" POV you're talking about here is supposed to be. Care to elaborate?

No. 310173


I think he likes her in a first real girlfriend, doesn't quite know what to expect of women, doesn't truly know what he wants in a relationship way. She has some glaring flaws I'm sure he sees but puts on the back burner of his mind because of sex/companionship. Relationship wise, Ian is on par with a 15 year old boy. Can't see many well-adjusted, experienced men in their mid twenties wasting their time with a train wreck like Anisa.

No. 310196

This. This is probably it

No. 310208

Y'all are wrong, and probably fangirls.

Ian is just a shitty person like Anisa. If there was ever any doubt, the way he handled the Misaki situation confirmed it.

They're two of a kind and they deserve each other.

No. 310230


I'm >>310173 how in the fuck can saying he's socially retarded and stunted be conceived as fangirling? The fact that he's a shitty person has absolutely nothing to do with the original conversation where >>310003 noticed that it's not logical for a guy who truly despises his gf like everyone seems to want to believe, to buy everything for her, let her live with him rent free, take her on vacations to meet one of his close friends, and even bother to placate her with the shitty publicity selfies. He has to like her to some degree. Stop trying to derail with the everyone is a fangirl bullshit.

No. 310266

what retard uses anime icons to reply tho?

No. 310270

so much truth in this

No. 310279

>the way he handled the Misaki situation
didn't he just ignore it? he didn't defend the guy or anything iirc

No. 310290

I agree. I wouldn't say he's stunted or anything but he definitely seems behind when it comes to relationships.

>anime icons
>not understanding imageboards

Please fuck off back to Reddit if you can't figure out how it works here.

No. 310295

File: 1494537812402.jpeg (104.41 KB, 613x533, pooh_icon.jpeg)

No. 310615

File: 1494559624831.png (944.06 KB, 1080x1654, 20170511_232504.png)

Anisa is live and wearing cut off booty shorts, but she has the flatest ass.
Late night snacks with our favourite fridge.

No. 310624

She just said some weird shit abiut dating advice.
Anisa said its weird for her dating Ian because he makes more. Shes used to making more or equal to her partner and giving them money.

No. 310629

that is a sad ass.

No. 310634

Christ. Blog but I'm nearing 30 and am skinnyfat basically and still have way better looking legs and especially ass than Anisa. …Who claims to be some fitness guru or some shit.

Also some people need to learn to sage in here.

No. 310644

i always feel like a 10 when this kind of shit is posted. thanks anisa!

No. 310660

File: 1494563585118.png (1.86 MB, 1920x1006, 20170512_002919.png)

I cant with this girl. She pulled those shitty shorts up so high. Lmaoooo

No. 310661

I wonder if she'd say "omg I'm not a titty streamer it's just hot in here" if someone called her out. Wearing loose clothing is way more comfortable than wearing tight denim when it's hot.

No. 310667

that's super fucking gross and not sexy at all but of course her horny beta orbiters dont know the real damage happening between those legs in this moment. fucking jeans too, yikes. hope she enjoys her incoming yeast infection.

No. 310668

for what reason would you do this to yourself

No. 310692

Tbh I brought it up a couple of times in her chat and she wont answer, bb.


Attention obviously. Also Chris is watching. ♡

You guys shes been giving out dating advice. "Ive been cheated on so many times" its a real shit show and the autism is cranked up high in the chat tonight. I cant watch anymore tho, it's too much trash.

No. 310695

she's meeting with Chris tomorrow to talk about their podcast. Her voice is so grating I don't wanna hear it on a podcast.

No. 310760

Her ex is a league player, who definitely made more than her, and she's dated hockey players before streaming. This is another sad attempt to cover up the gold digging

No. 310957

code for "my parents are well off and i'm used to giving men money or gifts so they'd stick around because i don't have any other qualities that would make a guy want me"

>Late night snacks with our favourite fridge.

No. 311047

File: 1494603955931.jpg (51.81 KB, 597x585, goodlifechoices.JPG)

sage because it's not real milk but i want everyone to know this is a thing.

No. 311115

File: 1494608875845.png (542.35 KB, 1366x639, reddit.png)

LMAO and Max retweeted it

On other news, it seems like George may be ending The Filthy Frank Show soon.


No. 311451


If he feels like it's time to end it/he's not happy doing FF anymore, then it's probably the right thing to do.

However, if he's just ending it to focus on his music, then that's dumb. Imo, the only reason his music had any success was because FF was so popular and most of his fans were willing to buy it. I know music is his #1 passion, but why can't he do both? Idk, leaving a successful channel to do something that MIGHT be successful doesn't seem smart

No. 311470

Then again, he doesn't upload frequently on FF anyway. If he wants to focus on music (which I feel he's already doing), I feel like he shouldn't end FF all together, because like you said, it's what got his popularity in the first place. Maybe just upload much less frequently/less time (not lowering the quality, just less uploads), and do music as a main thing.

Sage for no new info

No. 311487

dumb move tbh. his music is average as fuck and people are buying it just because he's an internet celebrity. He will be forgotten in a few months if he stops FF

No. 311510

I kind of agree with y'all, but Idk… it's still very uncertain whether he will actually do it

No. 311551

In the little bit I caught of her stream yesterday anisa, while giving relationship advice, said she's into "innocent guys" aka virgins. Adds a bit to the theory that Ian was a virgin before they met.

No. 311563

She also said that shes always been the breadwinner in all of her relationships. Everything she says is just for attention.

No. 311593


she probably likes "innocent" guys because in her mind they're more likely to worship her/treat her like she's the hottest girl ever, even though she's average at best.

combined with the whole 'breadwinner' thing (she claimed before ian she used to make more than/equal the amount of money as her partners and would give them money?) it sounds like she wants control in a relationship

No. 311608

But that was a lie??
She wants control, but in a more manipulative sense.

No. 311747

File: 1494649031540.png (1.85 MB, 1920x1080, Screenshot_20170513-001247.png)

She's live.
Thw first 15 minutes was staring at a chair becaise she had to go get Ian to help her get rice out of her gross ass tooth hole. Now its just her dressing up a banana. Shes just a boring girl, man. I cant even watch this shit.

No. 311748

Sage for spelling mistakes caused by sleepy eyes.

Im just over her.

No. 311783

Yep. A lot of girls with absolutely shit self esteem/self worth go for inexperienced, sometimes younger, naive dudes because it makes them feel like a goddess.

Blogpost, but I dated a dude who'd only had two one night stands, no serious relationships in his past and was in his mid 20's. He acted like I was the best thing since sliced bread, he seemed grateful that I'd even consider dating him and was FUCKING THRILLED by little things no experienced dude would bat an eye at, i.e. seeing me walking around in the nude post-coitus, being even SLIGHTLY sexually adventurous in bed, etc.

It was pretty hard not to let it go to my head, but you have to keep in mind that it's not actually YOU. These guys would be all moon-eyed and giddy over ANY girl who's willing to sleep with/date them.

I hope Anisa knows inexperienced dweebs like Ian drooling over her isn't irrefutable proof that she's a super-babe. I mean, I hope some part of her understands that she's simply hooked on the high their adoration provides, but she…she's not exactly known for her self awareness. #SquirrelBrain

It's the same kind of mentality that older guys who chase underage/barely legal girls have. Our resident lolcow Onision is the fucking king of taking advantage of easily impressed, innocent girls and their low standards.

It's one thing to meet and date someone who happens to be inexperienced, it's another thing entirely when your type is innocent, inexperienced types and you repeatedly pursue them because your shitty ego craves it.

No. 311933

Nobody cares about your boyfriend. At least put sage if you're going to talk about his ass

No. 311935

??? that anon did sage their post? why didn't you sage yours, retard?

No. 311973

She needs to fucking stop with those shorts!!

No. 311975

File: 1494687678142.jpg (10.26 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

holyfuckingshit. Is that a real tattoo?? Because even out of context, it looks like shit. Max looks like Rocky Balboa after his fight with Apollo.

No. 311977

Exactly what I was thinking, the tattoo looks like shit.

No. 311979

Do any of you guys know whether Jontron will be on Vidcon? That would be awkward

No. 312030

max looks more like joji than frank does. 10/10.

No. 312068

Her hair looks a bit better in this screen imo. Falls over her pear cheeks.

No. 312099

rip gooch

No. 312226

new idoops vid.

No. 312229

The orange outfit is so fucking creepy

No. 312232

Working on new CCs and NVAs? What are NVAs? I might just be deaf there's a huge storm here.

No. 312245

terrible and unfunny as usual

No. 312246

Are you retarded? Read the post bitch

No. 312251

To sage you put sage on the email field, not on the post newfag.

No. 312262

These are getting really hard to watch. His dislike of doing these is really seeping through.

No. 312266

lol. calm down and learn2sage, newfuck

No. 312277


Here's a hint: The posts with blue anonymous are saged. The posts with green anonymous are not. Guess which one you are, and which one they were? Be less fucking retarded when you're a snarky asshole. This ain't Uno, you don't need to yell out your sage to do it.

No. 312282

What a fucking uninteresting conversation about saging. Can you guys shut the fuck up about it already?

No. 312284

He truly looks dead inside. Wow.

No. 312301

lolcow, where sometimes farmers suffer an identity crisis from milk withdrawal.

sage your shit and stop derailing.

No. 312308

File: 1494719425214.png (36.2 KB, 285x384, Y9FB6aj.png)

No. 312317

No. 312319

File: 1494720448752.png (321.89 KB, 598x512, 64646.png)

Seriously, I feel so awkward and uncomfortable watching these now. The tension from his annoyance and dislike for Bad Unboxing videos could literally be cut with a knife.

No. 312343

No. 312347

Uh, it definitely does look padded

No. 312363

File: 1494727079026.jpg (687.61 KB, 1080x1774, 20170513_215700.jpg)

Please actually read the description.
It says padded.

No. 312375

File: 1494728875466.png (671.83 KB, 555x574, GhGdEbl.png)

what is this pose and the awkward arm outstretched as far as possible so her arm fat looks as thin as it can at a 90 degree angle

No. 312376

Her mom cut looks so fucking gross in this pic. It makes her huge ass head look even bigger.

No. 312380

Ian is qt, ngl.

No. 312396

He looks pretty alright when he covers up that awful hairline and isn't making a stupid face.

No. 312399

Her face looks so bad in this pic, ugh.

No. 312402

File: 1494731792594.png (626.58 KB, 551x527, zSTT3qF.png)


are you people not saging on purpose

anyway i'm pretty convinced anisa is poot lovato

>actually had an eating disorder
>is an incredibly talented singer
>(imo) attractive pear shaped body
>square shaped face, nice cheekbones
>cute nose
>got famous due to her voice (and shitty acting)
>obtained cute straight teeth through fixing her gap

>lies about having an eating disorder
>amateur level art school dropout
>square (rectangle) body
>pear shaped head, no cheekbones
>jew nose
>gained recognition through leading on a popular streamer then "breaking his heart" (in his words) by rejecting him after she said she liked him, by dating a pro player then cheating on him with a more popular YouTuber.
>annoying orange teeth

No. 312406

File: 1494732004157.png (46.46 KB, 580x218, Screenshot 2017-05-13 at 11.18…)

No. 312410

You are so right.

Someone, please make an edit with Poot and Anisa for the pic for our next thread. It would make my day. Thank you in advance.

No. 312415


Keemstar just called Chris an Ian clone and people are agreeing, kek

No. 312441

>podcast with chris ray gun
>implying keemstar "lowkey likes" anisa
She just said he mocks her, what's wrong with her

No. 312449

Is this what she's putting her precious entertainment visa on?

only Anisa, goes for the visa she wishes instead of the one she's most likely to get. gotta hand it to her, she's a big dreamer.

No. 312480

Did something happen? I tuned back in and Anisa looks super done with the "podcast" with christ

No. 312503

her interactions with Chris are so annoying, it's like this weird childish flirtation where she just mocks all his opinions.

No. 312553

File: 1494755366275.jpg (25.97 KB, 322x339, lazy.JPG)

whatcha lookin at

No. 312617

The podcast video is up.
Im at about 30 minites in out of 6 fucking hours. The first conversation was some youtube shit, but then Anisa brought up Lacie Green. Basically shes saying lacie is a Redpill and changing her ideas for attention and getting super frustrated that chris is telling her shes wrong. It seems like anisas opinion is based on jealousy.

No. 312637

apparently from a 'psychology point of view' you can discern everyone's thoughts through a photo. He looks a bit awkward and shy, but not devastatingly trapped. Not whiteknighting, just think a lot of posters need to stop overreacting and thinking they're sherlock.

No. 312659

Wasn't lacie green a huge sjw feminist? when did she get red pilled?

No. 312676

just go read about it and watch videos on it

No. 312681

Sounds like she's right tbh, but there's no way that's not just her bitterness towards other women speaking.

No. 312700


>lacie is a Redpill and changing her ideas for attention

Oh the irony of it all.

No. 312785

Just watched some of her podcast with Chris. She's honestly more 'bearable' on her own ??? I mean she's cringe either way, but WITH Chris it's 10x worse.

No. 312802

OK I went and did that and it's just /pol/tards thinking anyone who lightly engages them is "redpilled".

No. 312832

I honestly agree with Anisa, the other day she said that she equates it to "swapping jerseys", and the fact that Lacie keeps talking about SJWs and "red pills" shows that she's just doing it for attention. Even if she really did change her morals it makes her seem fickle and pandering to automatically start going "huhuh I took teh red pill". That being said I'm sure jealousy has something to do with Anisa's opinion as well.

She seriously just makes fun of him all the time like a middle schooler trying to make sure no one knows she has a crush.

No. 312851

The whole thing is that a big part of it probably is for attention and her opinion is probably mostly based on jealousy, but Anisa's whole existence is pandering to her male audience and putting other women down while denying accusations and scolding other women who do the same. So, her opinion on the matter loses it's validity imho.

No. 312896

If this keeps going, there could be a Laci thread, but I watched the video Laci made and it's basically her spouting common fucking sense and the commenters jizzing uncontrollably that Laci is explaining that she has skepticism and that thinking is important etc. She does use the red pill analogy in her video but it doesn't play a huge part, and she doesn't say she IS red pilled. Unless she's said that on twitter or something idk. She said that in the future, her channel will have her "debating" with anti-feminist types. But red pill in itself, as she describes it, should just be not taking everything at face value or following a herd (which even many anti-fems do). She talked about having conversations with anti-SJWs and getting along and them being nice and so forth.

It's really not a big fuckin deal and it is WAY too soon to determine if she is faking or not. The vid was literally just a "future of my channel" kind of thing.

Anisa is just hating on women and 1000% projecting.

But people praising Laci already and acting like she's suddenly the second coming of Christ need to change their damn pants honestly. It's flakey as hell to go from despising someone to fawning over them just because they make a vague video spouting things no one in their right mind would disagree with. But then again, that describes Anisa's audience completely (anti-SJWs who want to see their opinions spouted from a girl, any girl), so yeah~

sage for long and semi-ot

No. 313540

Why is Anisa's bio still "the sneaky snake of youtube" when she went back to streaming on twitch

No. 313746

File: 1494897781129.png (2.04 MB, 1920x1011, 20170515_212125.png)

I went to go check out Anisa's stream and the tits are back out and she's upset that someone thinks she looks fat. "I worked really hard with Insanity so it kind of hurts to hear that."

No. 313752

Also Chris doesn't have a girlfriend. Everyone in chat is asking if lacie and chris are fuck and she said, "I have no idea but I have a girl I want him to date so I cant ship it."

No. 313753

HAHAHAHAHA grow a spine, Anisa. Do you think Akaadian liked finding out you cheated on him? Do you think Gross Gore was ecstatic to hear that after you guys admitted mutual affection for another you only said that for exposure? Moron.

No. 313756

"I have a girl I want him to date" girl stfu you don't know other women.

No. 313760

if she doesn't want to look fat she should work on her posture. she's not an absolute lardass but she sure looks like one here.

No. 313763

File: 1494899903215.jpg (763.6 KB, 1040x1060, Screenshot_20170515-215634.jpg)

Tbh I can't fathom why she always posts her constipated looking facing thinking it's cute.
It's not a flattering photo at all, she's done way better.

No. 313780

chin up, pearchap. you're not fat; you're just really unattractive

No. 313794

>i have a girl i want him to date

you mean yourself, anisa?

No. 313817

File: 1494907015724.png (154.43 KB, 750x1334, IMG_3550.PNG)

I wonder if this is a dig at ian or max
Sage for tinfoil hatting

No. 313819

It could just be what it is, you know. That's how he feels about shit.

No. 314036

So disheartening :(

No. 314060

What an unflattering shirt. It looks like something my grandma would wear. I'm really sick of the tops Anisa wears, I don't really care about the cut (i think she looks stocky and bad in either) it's just her sleeves always make her arms look huge. In turn, her whole body looks wider which is something I think she should avoid.

No. 314086

it doesn't help that she wears things that are too small for her

No. 314208

I think the shirt is very cute actually but like you said, she really does not need to be wearing cap sleeves. That and the slouching really don't help her look less boxy.

No. 314242

File: 1494969825814.jpg (1.01 MB, 1069x1524, Screenshot_20170516-172305.jpg)

No. 314299

Holy shit she looks so big, i mean, she doesn't look fat just big as shit. She's competing with Moretz for linebacker of the year.

No. 314301

She looks really big next to Katt especially, who I imagine rarely exercises and is just naturally tiny rip Pearhead

No. 314336

that stomach rofl

No. 314354

That fucking animal print dress. Fucking hideous.

No. 314382

yeah, that's what stands out (literally) to me lol

but as much as i hate anisa, one reason she looks like a larger person here is her posture vs kat's. kat is angling her body to the side and her legs are crossing/overlapping.
PLUS kat is pulling her dress fabric, which emphasize how it's much larger than she is.
meanwhile anisa is facing the camera head-on all she-hulk not trying to pose at all. she's not cute, and her tight clothes give a visual illusion of making her look even larger/blockier than she already is, as other anons have stated.

guess she can't pose without the bathroom mirror.

No. 314389

>naturally tiny
nah look at her arm. pearhead's is thinner. it's just like >>314382 said, anisa doesn't know how to pose and her posture is shit lel

No. 314455

kind of surprised no one has brought up the irony of anisa trying to get an entertainment visa via streaming on twitch now, when she basically gave that up and didn't hang out with zoie because of ian, yet zoie and her team are now living in a really decent house in L.A.
i feel like had anisa not been an idiot, she could have probably snaked her way in and would be in a much more comfortable situation/definitely have a better chance at being considered an "entertainer."

No. 314477

jeez did they wear those masks the whole time, every picture of just kat and anisa has those damn masks. probably to cover pears face

No. 314550

File: 1495015488086.png (1.01 MB, 1108x796, kattt.PNG)

Katt is kinda thick herself. She might have lost some weight though.

Btw is it me or is Max getting ugly lately? This is a bit older pretty cringy picture (still not that long go though) but he looks better and younger than in his recent videos or pics. Now he looks like a smelly slob with bad skin, teeth and messy greasy hair.

No. 314603

I think he's doing an ian and not caring when he's not around another guy

No. 314734

I think in this position he looks cute. I'm by no means whiteknighting but Max wasn't that attractive before either. The way his brow bone sticks out and his eyebrows being so long in the center of his face makes him look like a caveman imo. Plus that hair is frizzy af. But the angle makes his arms look nice.

Side note, does Max's hands gross anyone else out? For whatever reason they gross the fuck out of me.

Sage for blog

No. 314737

Why his hands?

No. 314850

His hands look like he's 200-250 lbs and he looks like he's 140-150. It's just fuckin weird

No. 314921

She isn't thick she's just sitting on him so it seems like she is, her thighs are spreading basically

No. 314987

I'd say she still relatively curvy though, I'm Anisa-shaped and my thighs don't spread out much when I sit because I've got a narrow waist.

No. 314995

Thighs spreading out like that when you sit but looking not as big when you stand is bc of a lot of fat on your thighs.

She's likely just skinny fat with a good fat distribution.

No. 315375

File: 1495092892911.png (1.57 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20170518-123323.png)

here ya go Anisa ?

No. 316157

File: 1495171343378.png (863.51 KB, 1920x1080, Screenshot_20170519-012137.png)

No. 316236


No. 316296

Why does her face always look like it's melting?

No. 316317

She got a 'new' haircut and 'new' clothes and looks exactly the same lmfao

No. 316398


No. 316443

That hair looks terrible.

No. 316447

File: 1495196696542.jpg (624.9 KB, 1056x1664, Screenshot_20170519-082358.jpg)

No. 316448

that style is 40 year old soccer mom trying to regain her youth

No. 316449


Is her style "hot soccer mom"

No. 316451

That's not even a style, it's an amalgamation of current trends

No. 316488

Well, I guess she at least managed to take a selfie without using her only, uh I mean favourite pair of shorts.

No. 316493

How does she not have any muscle on her stomach? No definition whatsoever. I thought she did some hardcore sports a while back and she still goes on about how she excerscises.
Tbh if I had such a soft and fatty looking stomach, I would avoid crop tops. Looks bad on her and she wears is all the time.

Also her drawing is so shit I'm starting to doubt that she really went to an art school. She doesn't even know how to construct a face properly.

No. 316494

Just want to add that I don't mean that she looks fat. She just looks like she doesn't ​excerscise, like a skinnyfat person.

No. 316521

File: 1495208082461.jpg (133.24 KB, 600x999, IMG_20170519_113107.jpg)


No. 316527


Genuinely not sure what she's trying to say here…It reads complimentary, but also really sarcastic. Plus, uh, this is your friend right Anisa? Anisa is like a plain high school girl who somehow scored a popular guy, wants it to work for all the notoriety, but fucking knows she has way better chemistry and feelings for her dorky, less popular "friend". So to assuage her disquiet she constantly tries to be mean towards him to show she totally isn't and would *never be into him even though it comes off as anything but. Basically, grow up Anisa. Just break up with Ian and go out with someone better for you. If you weren't a fame hungry loser you could have been dating Chris while working with other booby streamers getting way more popular doing shit you can actually do. Stop with the sunk cost shit you're probably feeling and move on already, damn.

No. 316550

Honestly, you're right. she mocks him constantly to keep his attention from Lacie and to hide her feelings for him. Most girls do shit like this. Im guilty of it, but no where near the same scale as this idiot. She's just kind of sad. She has to post selfies constantly with long ass paragraphs about who she is as a person and fishes for compliments all the time. Her art isn't terrible, it's mediocre at best. She's holding onto a relationship she only got into because she saw it as a way out of her shit situation. Not to mention she has no real personality of her own. Everyone takes bits of stuff they like from everyone else, but Anisa does it to please other. She's a sad, sad girl that has a lot of growing up to do.

No. 316561

She said this is artwork for the podcast. So does that mean lacie is going to be on there? Lacie might be an idiot sometimes, but she's really good and explaining her thoughts and opinions imo and you know what happens when Anisa is confronted about anything. 10 bucks says lacie makes Anisa cry.

No. 316571

Tiniest nipples ever!

They look like pinpricks. His belly button is twice their size.

No. 316624

if she's being serious, this dude has literally nothing going for him except low body fat lmao. he's not even fit. i'm embarrassed for him this picture exists.

No. 316702

File: 1495220468888.png (208.48 KB, 744x1167, IMG_3384.PNG)

Her hair is like lord Farquaad from shrek.

No. 316703


She looks like a camel. Fucking gross.

No. 316705

Can't she at least wipe that mirror down? She spends hours in there every day, it only takes a minute…

No. 316719

New game, take a shot each time you see a picture of her in that bathroom while scrolling down her feed

No. 316741

Why does Anisa even have this picture lmao their "friendship" is so fucking weird

No. 316761

inb4 she makes a pathetic shriek joke to save face

No. 316823

File: 1495232135238.jpg (21.82 KB, 262x193, IMG_20170519_180949.jpg)

No. 316829

She posted a pic on instagram at the hair salon saying she was getting dark brown highlights so it doesnt look like a blob.
It still looks like a fucking blob.

No. 316852

This is an imageboard, post the screenshot

No. 316876

File: 1495235523586.jpg (654.64 KB, 1060x1543, Screenshot_20170519-191027.jpg)

Whoops. Here you go.
Also she said "emo" not "blob", but I stand by my opinion that it looks like a blob.

No. 316884


No. 316885

File: 1495236526787.jpg (214.19 KB, 1280x800, IMG_20170519_181526.jpg)

Who wore it better?

No. 316901

Why does she just keep cutting her hair shorter and shorter? It honestly doesn't make her look any better, at this point she's just a fucking idiot and doesn't realize maybe long hair is what will look good instead of mom cuts to match her mom bod

No. 316909

Nah, the first cut she got, when she had it done with some light curls/waves really did suit her, I think she looks better like that than with long hair, but I hope she stops getting it cut before it's all gone.

No. 317098

i hope she got her money back on those highlights. you can't even see them

No. 317100

Her art IS terrible.

No. 317113

she always talks about getting new clothes but she's always wearing the same shorts jfc

No. 317150

it's sad how she always captions selfies with

"I hope you guys like it!! do you guys like it?? what do u guys think????? GUYS PLEASE PLEASE ACCEPT ME AND VALIDATE ME PLEASE I WILL WEAR WHATEVER YOU SAY JUST PLEASE PLEASE LOVE ME"

like dude chill

No. 317166

File: 1495276145257.png (105.59 KB, 234x179, specimen01.png)

First off Anisa, we can't see the fucking shirt. Stand up straight and move your arms out of the way if the only reason you took this shitty pic is because of it. Secondly, what the fuck is that face? Who pulls that ugly mug when you have thousands of people viewing your pics?

No. 317192

File: 1495281702611.png (57.17 KB, 143x144, NXzXdWr.png)

>mfw reading this thread

No. 317262

She looks like she's high

No. 317299

joji's live performance at the boiler room was posted.

No. 317310

What do you guys think? He's better at singing live that I actually thought he'd be, even though he's sick apparently.

No. 317311

>What's good, Boiler Room?
>First performance ever
>We got Joji

>20 minute Drake tribute act you hired for your cousin's birthday party

No. 317340

The "unblock me bitch" outbursts made me cringe every time. Who tf hurt him? Also…to the left, to the left

No. 317407

I feel like that was him trying to pull the "humor" he does with pink guy/frank because he was nervous, but it fell flat because the place wasn't filled with cringey stans. If he wants to seperate his characters it might be beneficial to stick to it.

No. 317439

Well he's not very comfortable when he has to act like himself on stage, and not being his character FF.
His set sounded horrible, which was not his fault, but his music sounds …boring?
I couldn't watch it til the end, it's like easy listening.

No. 317474

Pretty sure he mentioned once that he's shy or has social anxiety.

This was kind of weird music for the Boiler Room. It's good music to chill too, but doing it live just felt awkward as hell.

No. 317478

sounds like shit honestly

No. 317489

I heard the crowd was completely dead for him (makes sense bc of his type of music) but the jokes thing is right. The silence of the crowd looked like it made him even more nervous, and he kind of looked like he was seeking approval from all his LA friends. At the very end he performed Wonderwall (what) and he looked at the sidelines and was like "Yo….yall fuck with Wonderwall??" No response from his friends.

No. 317501

Mm…I don't think I'm into it (I feel kinda bad saying this.)

No. 317511

Damn hahaha

He's just a basic, Spotify, trap musician. Really boring and not very original or creative either, quite disappointed honestly.

No. 317516

yeah i had to skip through a lot of this. his music just isn't high energy enough to play live.

No. 317526

well, not only high energy music is played live. It's just people weren't into it, I would say that's not what they came for. If you have a loyal crowd, you can play any music really.
I almost pity him lol and the comments on yt are like if he was a kid singing first time on some school event. Embarrassing

No. 317539

I could not handle the wonderwall performance, I was cringe-laughing.

No. 317542

dude sounds awful but his fantards in the comments are blaming the sound crew

No. 317546

Jesus he sounds like he's fucking losing it when he sings Wonderwall. He sounds bad overall but I don't know enough shit about sound to say if it's him or the techs did him dirty.

No. 317548

File: 1495315280576.png (437.62 KB, 551x556, maybeIguess.png)

When I was younger, my friends and I all had this thing where we were kinda addicted to switching up our hair with cuts and dyeing, so we'd all eventually get bored with one cut and go shorter and shorter and shorter until, bam, you end up with a pixie cut you regret and have to suffer months of the awkward-growing-out phase.

I have a feeling that's what she's doing. She's giving into boredom and antsy-ness regarding her looks without giving much thought to "Would this cut actually work with my features?"

She has a bottom heavy face, common sense dictates that having your hairline end at the widest point in your face will just emphasize said wideness. It's the worst cut she could go for. She needs to get it into her flighty, squirrel brain that the patience and discipline of growing out your hair pays off when a longer length is far more flattering for your face shape.

It would create the illusion of a longer, less stumpy face and, once she achieved something like shoulder length hair, she should have it shaped with layering so there's more volume, especially around the crown. Plus a bit of piece-y layering to frame her face.

Drag queens will always tell you: the bigger your hair, the smaller your face will look. That's how they counteract having big, manly heads. This current cut only serves to emphasize her big, manly head. Like, for the love of god, Anisa, create a "Haircuts" album on Pinterest, search for "Hairstyles best suited for inverted triangle/pear shaped faces" and then collect pics that appeal to you for that album. Once you've grown it out a bit, take 2-3 of your favorite options to the stylist and discuss which one they think is best for you. How To Be A Girl 101.

Despite the model pictured not sharing Anisa's pear-jaw, I think this would work for her.

No. 317552

The worst song imo was the one that started with "latEly ivE triEd" his voice sounds like shit, so nasally

No. 317555

I mean, while it's not the style of music I enjoy, it's decent for what it is. He's still new, as a serious musician, and he can't fall back on acting like a retard to cover up his insecurities and appeal to his stans. Putting yourself out there after always falling back on an absurd persona like FF has to make you feel vulnerable as fuck, like, I don't envy the kid. But, FWIW, I think it's alright. The sound crew definitely didn't do him any favors, that sound quality is fuuuucked. I'd say: give him some time, he might turn out to be pretty good after he figures out how to develop his own sound and gains some confidence.

InB4 "Lulz looks who wants to suck Joji's dick, you fucking stan, kys"

No. 317557

I did like the "ballad" song. Would like a non-live version of it.

No. 317562

It sounds alright. I feel the music is drowning out his voice. For the type of music he does, his voice should be the 'center' while the music should be a background enhancement. I do feel like he wavered towards the end a of his performance a bit though. He needs to find a good balance between his vocals and the music. Also he needs to get used to performing for a legit crowd who doesn't know him and doesn't care. He needs to get used to performing for an actual crowd that isn't going to eat up and be at awe at every single little thing he does like his 'stan fans'of FF. Once he becomes comfortable with that, I think his confidence will boost and his overall shows will improve.

No. 317600

File: 1495319808419.png (801.54 KB, 937x601, sadnip.png)

I don't even know what she's trying to do here.
>that sad nipple on the lower left corner.

No. 317601

File: 1495319994692.gif (226.86 KB, 600x600, 729.gif)

Literally looks like a tranny now with that stupid as fuck haircut.

No. 317608

>you look like teresa from the mentalist

These stupid ass fans must be blind

No. 317622


Why in the hell would she post a pic that makes her right tit look like she has been breastfeeding for six months?

No. 317624

Because if it weren't for that detail, you'd think it's a picture of a man.

No. 317634


Oh god I can't stop cackling. This is almost the exact same face she's making in >>316702 but she's just looking into the camera this time. Did she JUST discover the whole vacant-face-slight-open-mouth pose?? Teenage girls have been doing this for years, can she chill? The fact she thinks those pictures were decent, or "model worthy" is laughable. Also, the fact that she literally sits in her bathtub fully clothed to take photos of herself is even worse.

She looks retarded.


No. 317656

this is so cringy. and she literally has no bone structure lolll

No. 317657


She's so man-faced.

No. 317660

She was probably taking sad nudes for Ian, and it's funny that she's finally changed from using the bathroom mirror to just sitting in the bathroom tub

No. 317693

She was taking them for Chris actually.

No. 317743

Please put a warning before posting an image like this. This picture is now haunting me

No. 317808

she reminds me of a female version of leafy, except..somehow..manages to look more masculine than he does? especially from this angle.

No. 317847

We're going to see that pose a lot in the next few months until her hair grows out… It helps obscure her pearchin which she managed to highlight with her farquad haircut.

Gross, who sends nudes to their housebound boyfriend when they live together? Don't they fuck?

Leafy isn't masculine looking. He has no chin.

No. 317850

File: 1495337285602.jpg (813.11 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2017-05-20-23-22-56…)

She's live.

No. 317869

I can't get over how bad her hair looks. You have to either have ultra feminine features or be really sweet-looking like Carey Mulligan to pull off short hair.

No. 317887

lord pearquad, im counting down until she makes a long instagram post whining about her short hair

No. 317952

I came here hoping to see her on stream with that hair and this picture is so much better than I imagined. So glad she found her ~style~ what a major babe.

No. 317953

samefag, I just went to her stream to check out her clips, so telling what they all are: https://clips.twitch.tv/OutstandingColorfulEggplantMau5

No. 317993

The ripped usurper short jean shorts isn't a flattering look on most people, Anisa included. I don't understand why she's clinging so hard to it? We all get stuck in our ruts of thinking this is what we look good in but it's just not a good look for her in the slightest.

I feel like she'd suit dresses much more. She can wear the shorts underneath if she feels the need to!

No. 318031

Anyone have a backup link?

No. 318079

No. 318119

He should stick to FF

No. 318125

i know ff is just an act but he needs to lay down that hard pink guy trap, if he makes that into real shit it'd be fire.

No. 318126


Agreed. I like the sound he has with Pink Guy. With serious lyrics I'd be really into it. His "himself" stuff sounds like he's desperate to get laid all the time.

No. 318134


How is she so ugly?

No. 318534

File: 1495415156477.png (168.39 KB, 1527x573, IMG_5680.PNG)

Old but found it funny that she is the poster child for livestream fails

No. 318555

Didn't Anisa claim that she didn't know Ian before they actually met in real life or something? I just looked one of these up and there's a part where shes dumbly laughing hysterically at an idubbbz reference someone made and then goes on to say that he is one of the few men she'd have a one night stand with? so she clearly didn't know him before they met right?

No. 318600

It was brought up before yeah. In one of her recent streams she claimed she didnt know who he was and that he approached her and followed her. I personally think that was to cover her greedy ass.

No. 318633

Can you link the video in question that you looked up?

No. 318678

did…. did she really fucking go to a salon and pay money to have patchy-ass roots put on? on purpose? she didn't add fucking highlights, she just made it look like her hair is growing out! come the fuck on, ogrelips

No. 318714

…did she claim to have big lips while over-lining them?

or is her lip shape just fucked up

No. 318722

No. 318731

Not cool, anon.

No. 318766

Here's the vid.

No. 318770

is there any milk on howtobasic?

No. 318774

I don't think so, he's not even that secretive

No. 318782

File: 1495453362786.jpg (78.02 KB, 813x623, maxresdefault.jpg)

>Dat tight bra strap cutting through the arm flab bulge.

No. 318790

Lmaoooo I fucking knew that hefer was lying about him being the one to start it. Also, she was a lot thinner before she officially met
Ian. She's getting him into shape and she's just gaining weight. Tragic.

No. 318860

Her hair looks awful. I don't get it. Didn't she just get it done?

No. 318866

Why doesn't she ever buy shirts and bottoms that fit her??

No. 318867

Did she legit pay money for a shirt she could have ripped up herself?? that's some h&m/urban outfitters type bullshit.

No. 318879

This is boring easy listening shit. Oh wow. Does he think he's going somewhere with this?

No. 318935

Okay I looked back at the stream where she said she hadn't heard of him and she said she first heard of him when her viewers sent her the Super Trash Bros video, which is the one she's laughing about in this clip. She's basically telling the truth but attempting to underplay it lol, she's trying to sound like she wasn't already a fan of him but pretty much every idubbbz fan discovered him by someone sending them an idubbbz video, ESPECIALLY the Cancer Crew collabs.

No. 319010

Classy, Anisa.

No. 319329

No. 319389


Grown to find Ethan to be so annoying. Like it never seems as if he's genuinely friends with any of these people, but more so wants to flaunt how many "important" people he knows. He just comes off so fake. He'll start a sentence about how shitty everything is with his lawsuit/ads and whatever saying they're teetering on homelessness then finish the sentence with a humblebrag about his Papa blessed life. Really tired of seeing him and his schtick that involves being a minority when it suits him and a white guy when it doesn't.

No. 319398

File: 1495502557931.png (699.81 KB, 640x1136, IMG_5273.PNG)

No. 319404

I feel disappointed knowing that people sat through this whole thing. I skipped to the part where George came in and listened to maybe 30 minutes of them talking about pedophiles and aliens before I got bored.

No. 319492

why can't she just wear pants instead of pulling that pose?
also, is this something you'd post on social media? seems a bit too intimate imo

No. 319510


She looks so fat.

No. 319551

I really enjoyed it. I like post, and he helps balance out ethan. I personally don't have an issue with ethan at all, he just needs to learn to take a step back once in a while, listen more. I do like how he makes sure everyone has a drink and is an observant host. Also, I feel like you got to see a more relaxed real side of joji, which was nice. Weird that he believes in demons and loves baby showers, lol. Might go out and get me some seeds now.
>inb4 reee get out stan
A lot of people have been pissing on H3 lately, felt like balancing the scales a bit.

No. 319581


Most interesting thing to happen on her stream.

That look of anger and disgust on her face is great. How are they still together?

No. 319592

I'm dying at the disrespect omg and of course she has to wear her new shirt "hope yu guyzz enjoy my new outfit!!!!"

No. 319615

File: 1495522774666.png (3.33 MB, 1910x997, Untitled.png)

The moment he hits her with his lighting equipment, now THATS A SPICY MEATBALL

No. 319616

Does it annoy anyone else that she always has this forced laugh whenever there on camera together? He won't even be doing/saying anything funny and she forces herself to laugh like hes pulling off a hilarious filth crew moment.

No. 319641

Ethan's all about the money now. I've been following their twitch streams and God, he's slick AF. A couple weeks ago Hila and Ethan talk about how they love Amazon Prime and what a great value it is. Like, they're literally advertising for the Prime membership.

Next thing you know, they're asking everyone watching the latest podcast to use their free subscription option (you're able to subscribe to ONE streamer and donate $5 every month for free if you connect your Prime account to twitch) on THEIR channel, because you know, it's "free money". I've never seen another streamer explicitly ask for this.

He's smooth, I'll give him that. But the dollar signs are showing through his eyeballs more than ever. They're trying to milk their fans ASAP before they become irrelevant.

No. 319651

yeah it sounded like she was actually sobbing, what a terrible cover
she'd be better off just rolling her eyes

No. 319656

sounded like she had finally enough and was going to burst into tears but managed to get a grip and made the crying into a creepy laughter. dear jezuz

No. 319660

Unless they say it's a sponsored video from Amazon it is probably not sponsored. If they did get sponsored and neglect to put that info they can be punished by law for deceptive advertisement.

You're right though, just a couple weeks ago it was WE'RE QUITTING YOUTUBE BECAUSE WE'RE NOT DISNEY ENOUGH and there he is still uploading on his other channels. Hates youtube but loves money, fuck pride

No. 319671

omggg that haircut is just highlighting her weird head shape and huge lower face

it's horrible lmao. i love it

No. 319673

people make the lord farquad jokes about every single girl with this damn haircut but Anisa 100% is lord farquad. They are fucking unfortunate twins. It kills me

No. 319674


she's got no chin. idubbbz is LITERALLY dating someone with no chin!

No. 319684

Who the fuck even is Post Malone and why is Ethan never further than an arm she length away from him these days? Do I have it right that he's some flash in the pan rapper and now Ethan is a loyal (aka see if he gives a damn when the money runs out) member of his ~~posse~~ while the fun lasts?

Post Malone seems like a nice guy but also doesn't seem to have anything to contribute to conversations. For his sake, it's not even a wise move to align himself with a bunch of youtubers, they're too prone to ridiculous scandal and career ruining drama.

No. 319702

This cracked me the fuck up. I get major resentment vibes from both of them.

No. 319708

I would force laugh too if the only reason I get more than 40 views on a twitch clip is because of my boyfriend.
Tbh I wonder what honestly goes through her head. I would probably cry non-stop if I finally put my tits away and the only reason the majority of fans have stayed was to ask about my boyfriend or watch in hopes that he shows up.

No. 319778

File: 1495552945338.jpg (190.55 KB, 1057x1065, Screenshot_20170523-112121.jpg)


No. 319784


But without a cam her followers will be able to tell how bad she is at the game.

No. 319802

File: 1495555231131.jpg (10.45 KB, 300x168, 6464564.jpg)

When do you think she's going to finally accept that no one gives a fuck about her other than as a titty streamer?

No. 319809

Oh my god she looks terrible!

No. 319820

wow she legit got the "can i speak with a manager" mom cut. and highlights where?

No. 319838

It looks like she has a major Neanderthal type underbite.
She's just got a lot of ugly angles

No. 319914


Yeah, she's starting to look more like Ian's aunt.

No. 320094

wow i almost feel a little bad for her. almost…

No. 320168

Does anyone have a different link?

No. 320192

wow that haircut really aged her by decades, not to mention there's a bit too much going on face-wise. Seems like all her features are clashing (too much eye makeup, dramatic brows, over-drawn lips)

That laugh was definitely more of a sob; she seemed so upset when Ian hit her with the stand.

No. 320225

File: 1495587469545.png (347.64 KB, 591x547, Screenshot 2017-05-23 at 8.56.…)

Well, Ian, seems like you're happy that your girlfriend ~isn't like those other girls~.

No. 320241

Honestly, and how sarcastically he said "Hope you enjoy your stream!" They almost seem like enemies

No. 320247

i dont see whats wrong with the hat. its much more subtle than the other generic sayings the internet uses.

imagine being ian and having the personality of a basement dweller who thinks in nothing but terms of memes and whatever embarrassing shit the 4chan and reddit dudebros spout.

No. 320248

her head looks like a meatball.

No. 320251

the "raise boys and girls the same way" shirt isn't bad either imo.

No. 320253

>girls can do anything


No. 320254

I actually own that shirt myself. Most youtube edge people like Idubbbz always say that they dislike "feminism" because its been taken by sjws but they stand by the actual definition. Definitely not the worst feminist shirt he could've taken a pic of, I see so many nowadays

No. 320257

I wonder how many times Ian pulls this hitting Anisa/being generally annoying to her thing in real life considering how he did it in their first stream together and has done it twice recently.

No. 320264

He seems to find her dumbstruck reactions hilarious, so I'm guessing this happens often. idubbbbbz with all the slick moves and charm of a kindergarten student.

No. 320359


god, grow up dude. people who are this upset about feminists existing are always weirdos. i wouldn't get caught dead wearing that first shirt, but i also wouldn't blink twice if i saw it in a store. boo fucking hoo.

No. 320368

if you look at >>316876 it LOOKS like she might have highlights done but went to shit salon that only did the top half of her hair

No. 320375

Right after it happened anisa said it happens at least once a day ad she is never prepared for it.

No. 320389

>when ICE comes to take anisa away

No. 320401

she looked super done when he entered the room in the first place. so in love guise

No. 320410

She's honestly such a try hard and it1s cringey how she mocks him over lacie non stop.


No. 320459

why are her eyes always in opposite directions? her fat face looks like chris chrisley's bulgy meat package face

No. 320472

wow in between the fake laughs her face turned so serious for a moment. She's seriously butthurt over Chris and Lacie lol

No. 320475

What in the world is this?

Anisa isn't even trying to be "subtle" about her crush for Chris anymore. She is full on jealous.

Also that forced fake laugh, again. Jeez.

No. 320479

saged + sorry in advance if this question derails the thread but what's going on between chris and laci? this is laci green on yt right?

No. 320485

I swear if I had closed my eyes I would have thought she was a prepubescent boy on the brink of reaching puberty.

No. 320502

I don't think it's jealousy towards him, I think it's envy towards her. The Pocahontas allegory is really telling.

She tries so hard to be valuable in men's eyes, going so far as to compromise everything she is and believes in.

This manifests in different forms: her being in a male lacrosse team, her being a boobie streamer, her adopting the opinions of certain men, etc.

But here she is, confronted with the reality of a woman being desirable to a man by just being herself, without having put any effort to it.

She is MAD. How can they like her when she didn't suck up to them?! They're like from two different worlds! She tried so hard to become part of their world…

No. 320510

Wtf of course she's jealous of lacie, why would she be jealous of him? Also,
>a woman being desirable to a man by just being herself, without having put any effort to it
lol. do you even know who this bitch is?

No. 320542

Does anyone else feel pity for Ian? Or am I the only one?

Compared to Anisa, he's obviously pretty innocent romantically/sexually and it's pretty obvious that this is his first relationship. And Anisa - who's obviously pretty fucking experienced - does nothing to help him with working through their relationship when she has ALL of the experience to do so.

Yeah, he's done shitty things and he's not a very good bf, but I did really shitty things to my bf when my relationship first started because it was the first time I'd ever been with anyone and everything was totally new, so I didn't know how to be a good girlfriend yet. Luckily my boyfriend knew how to handle me when I was being shitty and cared enough to do so, so things got better.

But I feel like Ian doesn't have that with Anisa. Half of the time, I get this weird vibe like she -wants- to be in control and wants to guide Ian through the first relationship stuff (not for the right reasons of course, she's a pretty blatant fame whore), but doesn't have the intelligence or will to actually be able to guide him. And the other half, it's just like she doesn't care at all about making things better because she's only in it for her and not forever, so she puts up with the little annoyances like the mic-hitting incident and the burger eating thing because they're things she can tolerate until she gets what she wants. But it still very clearly annoys her.

So it just manifests in this weird, passive-aggressive hate for Ian because she puts up with the shittiness because some part of her thinks she'll either, a.) be able to fix his bad behavior because she's amazing and experienced and has Ian under her thumb, even though it's not fucking working because of her own flaws, or b.) just have to suffer through these things in order to get what she wants.

But Ian doesn't realize it. I get the feeling he's trying in his own way, like when he takes selfies she clearly asks for - even the hand picture Katt posted to her insta - and he wouldn't be a completely shitty bf if someone cared enough to care about him and correct his bad behavior. Maybe he'd still be annoying, because that's his personality, but Anisa is just reinforcing bad behavior because she either doesn't know how to be in control or doesn't care enough to do so. Like, look at that video of him slapping her. Ian's naive and stupid and probably legitimately autistic and so, he didn't realize what was wrong with that. A good girlfriend would have talked to him, but instead she just immediately reacted with her signature ugly anger/disgust, and then later posted that, "ROFL EVERYTHING'S GOOD GUISE" comment, which… Fucking why?

So Ian's in this horrible first relationship, and his experiences are just being totally ruined because he's got this cunt who doesn't care about him at all or is just too fucking retarded to figure shit out and make things better. Ian's not going to know how to do it because he's never been in a relationship before.

It's just sad and I genuinely pity him because I see this happen to guys and girls in first relationships all the time. And the thing is, you don't even have to be experienced to work toward a good, healthy relationship. You just have to have two mildly self-aware people who care enough about each other to make things work. And I just look at this couple and see a huge fucking mess. I mean, Anisa's been in enough relationships for this to not really affect her when it inevitably ends, but Ian hasn't been. I just feel bad, idk.

No. 320664

File: 1495643172615.jpg (71.01 KB, 1241x1114, IMG_20170508_144208.jpg)

>this level of projection
>over a 25 yr/o man

No. 320699

I've stopped posting here because I just feel like shit ever since Anisa mentioned this site. They are just random people who aren't even that bad, or wouldn't be if we couldn't see every single thing they do anyway. The rest of the people on here are actually fucked, this is just petty.

No. 320737

Nice blogpost faggot

No. 320777

You're posting now though?
Get off your fucking high horse.
Just because anisa said something doesnt mean you need to be scared.
She's manipulative trash and you know, I'm sure she has good qualities too, but that doesnt negate the garbage part of her.
If you want to be a prominent figure on the internet don't do gross shit.
All of the trash parts of me arent projected to the world. No one hets a free pass. Somethings said on here are ugly and petty because people are reaching for milk, but that doesnt mean she's never done anything wrong.

No. 320783

Jackfilms made a song and it's got a bunch of different youtubers in it.
H3H3, Idubbbz, jenna marbles, etc.
It's kind of cute to see them just being normal people.


No. 320799

put youtube links in the youtube bar so it becomes a video

No. 320802

No. 320837


Yeah, but you still obviously lurk here enough to jump right on responding to this. This hasn't been said for awhile, but hey, Anisa. Stfu and stop posting here AND reading here so you can stop raping your moral purity in the stink of us petty hell denizens.

No. 320864

no, i feel bad for him too. it must be embarrassing introducing your cheating tittystreamer gf to people when everyone knows she's the town bicycle for nerdy internet guys. and she's not even hot. probably why he doesn't talk about her or show her to anyone lmao, he's embarrassed of her. at least he's getting to throw his hotdog down her very empty and cavernous hall?

No. 320870

you don't have to close your eyes to think that anon.

No. 320937

yea i'm sure you would be better for him anon. now gtfo, ew

No. 321075

Kek @ this fucking essay, over Ian of all people. Jesus, anon.

No. 321088

can't tell if it's really dedicated bait, but i'm impressed

No. 321102

File: 1495677688077.jpg (283.66 KB, 1200x1200, ada-lovelace-20825279-1-402.jp…)

>"Girls can do anything"
You don't need to wear a fucking shirt that says that,
and no girls can't do anything neither can boys without the education, money, security etc. most people can't do "anything".

It's a retarded shirt designed to ilicit a vapid, generic response from most women. I've certainly seen worse but shit like this makes me depressed that people have to have meaningless platitudinous shit on their rags that keep them warm.

If you want to alleviate "issues" with women e.g the lack of representation of women in STEM; be the change don't wear a pointless t-shirt.

Excuse the OT but this threads been shrouded in dumbfucks who would actually wear shit like this.

No. 321108

I completely agree.

No. 321119

>Excuse the OT but this threads been shrouded in dumbfucks who actually get triggered over shit like this and can't fight the urge to blog about it, such as myself.

No. 321144

Holy fuck she definitely was barely pulling herself together before bursting into that fake, fake sob laughter. Wow. A++

No. 321146

Lmfao, that's what I was thinking. I personally wouldn't wear any of that shit myself and I scoff when I see it at the store but who gives a fuck if others want to wear it.

Cringe. No one cares about you blogging your opinion. You're pretentious and tryhard and desperately need to take that cucumber out of your ass.

No. 321148


I get the stupid shirt shit but otherwise the point I brought up is a serious issue that's greatly effecting women and you write it off as teh blogpost lul, and "your just saying it to impress men" catty bitchery.

Kill yourselves.

No. 321151

File: 1495682419869.jpg (30.06 KB, 620x413, 1426766931-151.jpg.gallery.jpg)

No. 321156

>kill yourselves.
great argument. what happened to your wits? maybe you should learn to read because no one said anything about you trying to impress men. nice projecting over there, little miss holier-than-thou. i bet you're the same retard bragging in ot about her 5,000 clothing.

No. 321157


i hate people who don't know the difference between effect and affect.

No. 321159

>Women who disagree with me should kill themselves!
You're surely the change we need. Thank you for advocating for us here on the farm.

No. 321163

oh shit, dont point that out or shell have to remind you that she is smarter than all of us and she makes real change

No. 321191

What makes you think that 'Girls can do anything' implies 'Girls can do anything without putting any effort into it'?
It can precisely mean 'Girls can do anything, including getting a STEM degree'.

>Don't wear this T-shirt, be the change and go to STEM

What makes you think that girls wearing this T-shirt don't go to STEM? Or are not the change?

It's pretty dumb having it in a shirt but how is it vapid or rage-inducing?

No. 321196

A lot of the big name streamers were talking about how you can easily make multiple prime accounts to give out subs for free when it started.

I know Kripp got a hundred or so from just one guy making tons of fake accounts.

No. 321222

If that's the best red pills have to offer, I'll gladly turn to beta libtard cucks

No. 321263

stop the infighting and derailing, you ain't gonna convert anybody to your opinions here.

No. 321302

lol @ his fucking ribs poking out

No. 321326

sup Anisa?

No. 321342

Lol at you getting your panties on a twist over a fucking tshirt.

No. 321361

Overdramatic AND spelling errors? You're making me think you're Miss Pear. Not a good look.

No. 321371

this lmao

was my first thought

No. 321377

honestly trying to figure out what ian gets out of this relationship. i used to think he was an intelligent guy like joji, but ever since he started dating anisa, he legit looks like one of his 12 year old fanboys who would fall over themselves just to touch a boobie.

is it the sex? he doesn't respect her and she's not smart enough for him to want her around for intelligent conversation, so it's not her personality. but sex doesn't make sense because she's not even good looking and his e-fame would give him a good selection of better looking and less fat fame whores.

i'd say she's for real his beard like some people think, but given that he tries to hide her, that doesn't make sense either. this whole arrangement is weird af.

No. 321399

>i used to think he was an intelligent guy
Well there's your mistake. He's dumb as evidenced by his repetitive content full of 12yo "humor" such as constant belching and yelling nigger at public events, misogynistic as he's proven by his tweets time and time again, and a shit person, as we got to witness by him not distancing himself from Misaki when he should have.

They totally deserve each other.

No. 321425

I think guys like Ian date pears to make themselves feel better. Like she makes him feel smart and funny etc because she's so retarded. And he can push her around

No. 321449

New ian video.

No. 321467

Seriously, like they're both pretty fucking retarted and lame people. Them being together isn't really surprising honestly, there's no conspiracy around it. I'm starting to think some of you would really like to swap places w/ her for whatever reason.

No. 321485

In addition to all this, just like Anisa, he's no looker.

Just starting to think that? Click on the previous thread links, and follow them to the very first Cancer Crew thread. It started before the pear was in the picture. Get ready to be drowned in the pussy juices of Ian stans. Then witness the vitriol towards the pear being birthed from their frustration as she laid claim to their object of desire.

I promise you, it will be a fun ride!

No. 321492

Of course, as soon as the Pear was in the picture, Ian stans did a 180 in their attitudes towards him, in a classical "sour grapes" manner, and are still in denial.

Like I said, a very fun ride.

No. 321521

File: 1495741393535.jpg (166.69 KB, 1122x950, reallymakesyouthink.JPEG.jpg)

People would take advice, especially regarding fashion from anisa??? Kek
Saw it on twitter and it really baffled me but I guess it's just typical fan behaviour.

No. 321545


This would have been cute if her hair was a little thicker and had more volume.

No. 321573

File: 1495745768127.png (1.43 MB, 1276x676, Untitled.png)

All that youtube money and they just have a mattress on the fucking floor, fucking wow

No. 321580

Probably broke it from all the great sex they're having. Like some Twilight shit.

No. 321582


Not only that, but the house seems so fucking dirty. The close ups of Ian's desk showed that it needs to be cleaned, the carpet looks like it needs vacuuming and his office/room just seems really disorganized and messy with shit thrown everywhere.

I'm not trying to nitpick, but since Ian doesn't seem like the most hygienic person it's not hard to imagine his house being a pigsty. Even Anisa can't be bothered to clean the mirror before she takes a selfie.

Not saying everything needs to be spotless, but at least clean up a bit before showing the internet??

No. 321583

instead it just made her look like lena dunham lol

No. 321587

I think she looks cute. Obviously she's not the brightest crayon in the box if she's listening to Lord Pearquad but she doesn't look like Anisa and she can pull off the hair style just fine. No reason to hate on her.

No. 321606

Could be his studio though. He mentioned before how he only films in his studio and not his apartment.

No. 321635

File: 1495750937628.png (544.28 KB, 1253x663, 5645656.png)

Wow, his house is fucking gross; especially the carpet. Not quite Luna-tier, but someone needs to fucking vacuum.

Also, spotted this. Is this a hickey from Pearnisa at 4:55?

No. 321638

Nah, he definitely got punched in the neck.

No. 321640

if that's a hickey then why the fuck is anisa sucking on the front of his neck, so weird lmao

No. 321647


it's, uh, probably from the segment when he kept grinding the wooden eggs into different parts of his body.

No. 321654

Nah it's definitely in the house. In the video he's wearing the same outfit as when he barged in on anisa and hit her with the light.

No. 321659


I agree with this. The only thing that makes me question "why Anisa" is because of Ian's fame. He's lame enough to go for a stupid boobie streamer, why not a hotter one? Even at her BEST (read: misleading, overly posed, angled photos), Anisa is average. Is he SO autistic that Anisa is the best he could do as far as finding a cock hopping e-fame hungry chick? It comes down to how usually guys in this in his position tend to go for super attractive arm candy types. Neither Ian or Anisa are particularly attractive, talented, or decent people, but Ian DOES have that YouTube fame so it's confusing/sad/pathetic that he couldn't at least get someone hotter than Anisa with it.

No. 321664


Did you…reply to yourself? Literally two people said anything about a fun ride in this thread, and then in this post you say "Like I said" and if you said it, you are the person you're replying to. Lmao, did you seriously just dick ride your own post?

No. 321683

In the same video it features the kitchen that Anisa cooks in so no, he lied and he does film at his home.

No. 321691

Yes, I did, and it was obvious from that "like I said". I just added a point I forgot to put in when I first posted.

I do not understand what you are so triggered about.

No. 321716

she's so extra omg

No. 321729

He looks like he needs several decent meals - he'd look much better if he ate real food. And why is she fawning over him like she doesn't have a boyfriend? Does Ian spaz out over other girls like that?

No. 321735


he's actually got a very nice sharp jawline and chin. i think he'd look better with a nice haircut (i wonder if pearquad recommended this chop to him LOL) and maybe take off the glasses? his eyebrows look a bit light so maybe it might not be the best idea. his body is average slim, his protruding ribs are unnattractive and i would have preferred not seeing his tighty whities.


No. 321738


he's actually got a very nice sharp jawline and chin. i think he'd look better with a nice haircut (i wonder if pearquad recommended this chop to him LOL) and maybe take off the glasses? his eyebrows look a bit light so maybe it might not be the best idea. his body is average slim, his protruding ribs are unnattractive and i would have preferred not seeing his tighty whities.


No. 321746

I've heard the studio versions of most of these tracks and the mix on those sound better imo. Sounds like the audio's bad here. I actually think Joji has a lot of potential as a musician (great with melodies, hooks, lyrics, nice singing voice) he just needs more practice. I'm sure the crowd has him a little nervous lol.

No. 321748

If being really amused is triggered, then I'm triggered because it was funny.

No. 321753

What's with all the 'help me' imagery in Ian's videos lately?

No. 321756

I think Pewdiepie's gf is man-faced, or Michael Jackson faced. Okay bone structure but no lips.

No. 321759

>His "himself" stuff sounds like he's desperate to get laid all the time.
I like most of his work, but you're right. "Pink Season" was full of tracks like that…

No. 321764

ok? this is not the thread

No. 321769

Its honestly a bit weird. In the beginning of his newest vid there was no relation of the kickstarter project and "help me" shirt, but he still added the scene where he changes from a regular shirt to that one. I don't blame him though, have you seen his gf?

No. 321770

It honestly makes me wonder whether he gets laid all the time or hardly gets laid at all.

No. 321775

I don't want to start a flame war, I get we all have different opinions, but please tell me why you think this man is intelligent?

No. 321776


Always figured all these people with YouTube fame naturally had pussy flying at them. Maybe that's wrong? Or maybe it's all underage, wouldn't touch with a mile long pole?

No. 321778

i think they mean intelligent enough to separate internet meme thinking clouding his brain (what his filthyfrank persona portrays) from his opinions in real life which are actually chill in liberal, something people like ian and sam hyde are unable to do because theyre retarded.

i dont think id use intelligent to describe joji though since i dont know him personally. smart enough/laidback are more fitting.

No. 321779

this is exactly what i don't understand either. he could have his pick of fame whores, so why a fat and ugly one?

also, people say he's ugly, but i don't get that. he's not conventionally attractive yeah, but he's definitely got the cute nerdy thing working for him. and he seems confident, much more confident than anyone thinks. even for all his asshole/autistic behavior, he still seems confident. or at least he did before anisa.

also idk why everyone thinks he was incapable of having a gf before anisa. i'm p sure he hooked up with some girls at vidcon last year. look at the end of this video, 4:57. some rando girl is hotter than anisa lmao and i'm pretty sure he's trying to pull and it looks like he's succeeding. pic related.

i just don't understand, man.

No. 321780

File: 1495761549942.png (1.31 MB, 1366x768, why.png)

pic now related.

No. 321783


> I've noticed that with Ethan a lot more lately.

YT had 100% gotten to his head at this point. His whole outburst about ads came off a lot less like "oh shit we're screwed" and more "how dare they do this to ME". Then he calmed down when he was invited to the YT summit or whatever where he got to feel important because he talked to Ms. YT herself and made it sound like she gave him a personal conference. His ego is out of control and ruins his content for me.

No. 321785

>Like it never seems as if he's genuinely friends with any of these people, but more so wants to flaunt how many "important" people he knows.
I've noticed this with Ethan a lot more lately. In his podcast with Pewdiepie he acted the same way. Very off putting.

>the dollar signs are showing through his eyeballs more than ever
Well he IS a Jew.

No. 321788

My guess is he's the very frequent pump and dump type. He's definitely a fuckboy. If you watched his boiler room performance, you'd see how much of an absolute ass he is. It wasn't even just during his performance, it was what he was doing after. He was mega fucked up during his set, not just ~nervous~ like all the joji stans want to believe, and then after the performance, acted like a total cringey party douche on stage during Keith Ape's set while he got even more fucked up. It was embarrassing tbh. Also I like how no one comments on the fact that during that set he was wearing:

1. women's sunglasses
2. a woman's robe or kimono
and 3. had actual makeup and glitter/highlight smeared all over his neck

It was hilarious.

No. 321790

>all these shots of Ian's naked flesh
yeah Anisa can keep all that ugh

No. 321798


Ehh, we're not on the same page. You sound like you done drunk the kool-aid.

1) Calling Ian nerdy cute while Anisa is fat and ugly? Nahhhh. Anisa is average and Ian is average.

2) What about that one second shot of that girl's arm and hair makes her way hotter than Anisa? Come on…

3) Ian, confident? LMFAO…no. He has shit social skills and acts weird/apathetic in public to entertain edgy tweens then makes self-deprecating jokes to hide under. A confident, self-assured man wouldn't be with a woman like Anisa either. Likewise, she's also insecure as fuck.

You sound like a stan. They both suck. All I'm saying is, hot bimbos flock to money and fame. Ian has that so I don't get why he settled for an average bimbo that's trying to leech off of his fame AND could plummet his stock. The only conclusion I can come to is that he's SO fucking socially defunct and shitty that Anisa is the only girl who wasted her time taking the bait. I wouldn't mind getting some tube bux and having e-fame. But I fo sho wouldn't trade my dignity like Anisa has for it. So must be a match made in heaven. Stupid ass doormat leech and e-famous socially retard prick.

Mystery solved I guess.

No. 321801

His look was the least of the problems during that set, but you're right.

He just needs that one hanger-on to bellow "HALF-JAPANEEEESE!" and the floodgates open. He definitely knows his selling point.

No. 321810

I agree it is weird, but I don't think she's as stupid as you claim. I think they actually made a mental connection initially and can't really connect beyond that.They're too different. That and Anisa's so busy mooing over her male "friends" bodies.

No. 321812

>And he can push her around
He does seem to enjoy doing that. After seeing the slapping bit from their first stream it made me wonder if he was socialized by monkeys as a child.

No. 321813

Yeah, no I know, I was just saying it was hilarious that he'd probably almost definitely been hooking up with some girl(s) before the set, then came on stage with fucking makeup on his neck, a chick's glasses on his face, and girls were talking about how ~cuteee~ daddy looked in the comments during the live stream. The level of delusion was just hilarious. And then when he got the call and dipped out of the party, "oh, his uber's probably here lol" or, "probably his manager" like bitch no, just no. He's 100% a fuckboy and you're right, he def does know his selling point.

I lost respect for him when he showed that side of himself tbh, just like I lost respect for Ian when he started dating Anisa, and Max when his ex made it known he'd cheated on her with Katt at the end of their relationship. The whole crew has revealed their true selves at this point, and they're just awful people.

No. 321815

Birds of a feather flock together I guess

No. 321817

idk but I was wondering the same.

No. 321819

god his fucking clothes. I think it's an unpopular opinion but I definitely think hes a little bit of a queer. Like at least bi. Either way, the grandma sunglasses are hideous.

No. 321828

I'm like 100% how a person dresses does not define their sexuality??

No. 321835

A lot youtuber's i've seen have very similar socially awkward traits, or social anxiety etc.. A lot of individualists too, another thing that makes it difficult to form connections with other people on an individual level.

I feel like Joji likes to "play" at being a hardass, but he's really not.

No. 321843

Ethan's dumber than I thought if he actually believes attending that YT summit is going to change things for him or any indie creators. Google doesn't give one fuck about them, google's focused on the corporate content.

No. 321851

How do you know he was "fucked up" though? I only saw a bottle of water next to him the whole 22min set. If he were drinking before, why wouldn't he drink during? Sure his outfit could use some improvement but that comes with time - basic black is always good. Methinks thou doth protest too much anon.

No. 321875

I don't think any of that's fair. Not to sound like an Anisa-stan because I think she's a hypocrite too and don't really like her, but she seems decently intelligent to me. Even if you think she's ugly, I think Ian is the kinda guy that would of appreciated that Anisa is decently self aware and has a similar sense of humor to him. I feel like they could really get along well and I understand why their together without thinking she's in it for the fame or Ian is just fucking her. Even if she's not as pretty as other girls or there are other girls who might be smarter, her sense of humor is a match for Ian's IMO. She seems like some one I could have imagined him with.

No. 321888


>Not to sound like an Anisa-stan

>would of

You dun goofed.

No. 321890


Samefagging, but now the other grammar issues are popping out to me? Uh, Anisa?

No. 321891

If there ever was I time for HI ANISA

No. 321893


Haha, just beat you! That entire post is screaming Anisa.

>"Umm, they're really similar and she's clearly kind of smart even if she's not the prettiest girl"


No. 321894

>not to sound like an Anisa-stan
>would of
>"decently self aware" just like Anisa told Keemstar she was "decently well spoken" when she was begging him for a job
you really, really fucked up, Anisa

No. 321896

kek, now I'm just seeing the
>I understand why their together
>She seems like some one I could have imagined him with
>some one
Is the Pear among us? The more I read that post, the scarier it gets.

No. 321909

Was that highlighter? Omg, I only noticed it half way through the video and thought it was sweat. That's hilarious. His performance and shitty dancing were my biggest pet peeve. "Ohhh, my throat's fucked up. I'm sick. Don't smoke cigarettes, guys." Please don't say that out loud at your performance. No one wants to hear excuses.

I second anon though, how do you know he was fucked up? Is there a video of him after his performance and of him on stage during Keith Ape?

No. 321912

File: 1495771045712.png (7.84 KB, 203x209, 757576.png)

Anisa pls

No. 321919

File: 1495772601139.png (2.72 MB, 1500x1269, PAPA FRANKUUU OMGGG.png)

Yeah, was definitely highlighter kek. I just have this image of him hooking up with some girl before his set, her getting her shit all over him, and then all of his fans being like DADDYYY, YOU'RE SO PURE PAPA FRANKU, LOVE MEEE, when he got on stage. Which is exactly what they did. It's cringe.

I was definitely annoyed by the excuses, too. He - and all of his fans - kept blaming the audio people, and they definitely fucked up, but Chigga's audio fucking sucked even worse and he still pulled it off in the end. He didn't whine. He was a professional. He gave it his all, Joji did't. And Joji's excuses were shit - he wasn't sick, he was probably rolling on molly and drunk af. I wouldn't doubt that that """water""" was vodka lmao.

I didn't record unfortunately, but I got some quick screenshots on my phone while I watched live because I was like yeah, I see u nigga. It's hard to see in a few pictures, but he was acting like a total dick on-stage. Keith saved the show in all honesty, fucking killed it, and then Joji strolls on stage with his annoying dancing, acting like a complete dudebro fuckboy. It was funny to see the contrast of Keith who was serious about what he was doing and Joji who was just making an even bigger fool of himself. He was also drinking on-stage and in the crowd, as if he needed to get even more wasted than he already was.

You were defff sick, bro. Definitely.

No. 321950

I feel like he's really insecure and was overcompensating to deal with stage fright, especially after his lackluster live Pink Guy performance. He needs to shape up lol.

No. 321990

I can see how that could be part of it. In that case, if he can't handle doing live shows without the use of drugs, he needs to stick to producing beats via the internet and not participate in live shows or they're all going to be a boring mess like this. He can still make music, just… if you don't have the confidence or creativity to pull off a live show, don't. No one wants to see him pull off white boy dancing as he drones into the microphone. You can go to old folk's karaoke night in your local area and see that shit.
I thought his singing was terrible during this performance. It didn't sound like the studio version at all. His voice just sounded like his regular speaking voice when he was up on that stage and his random autistic screeching of random phrases that were trying to be funny weren't pleasing to listen to.

I think anon's already said enough about the outfit but even his fugly reddit streetwear would look better on stage. I knew I was right when I called him out on being a fuccboi in the first thread until angry anons hopped on my dick and were like "how is he a fuccboi xd". One look at his sushitrash twitter or instagram is enough.

No. 321992

I don't get why him partying and hooking up with someone would make you lose respect for him.
Or was it someone else? Not sure I get your point.

No. 322003

>If he's bad at liveshows, he should stop

Or you know, he should continue and get better at it.
And the drugs are just your guess. He could be just drunk.

Still, I dislike Joji's music (especially the Pink Guy stuff), sounds like shit to me but you're blowing it out of proportion. Bunch of performers drink before they go in stage. Especially in this kinda ~~alternative~~ lofi music shit.
Not sure if you go to many lives, but people usually get fucked up, they hook up and just destress from work and so on.
Doesn't make him an ass or a douche, just your average alt musician.
Well, at least in my opinion.

I never understand how can anyone say he's pure though. His Pink Guy screams mental retardation and his Joji self screams fuckboy from ten miles away. Even in other people's vlogs you can see him picking up girls at parties.

No. 322047

alcohol is a drug, numb nuts. fucked up bands with problems drink on stage and play like shit compared to if they were just sober and manned up. then everyone bitches about the show and they cry about why the fans hated themz. yeah no. he needs to get off stage and stay off stage if hes already drinking this early into the career.

No. 322068

I know that alcohol is a drug, but the way you said it sounded like you meant something a bit more hardcore.

Tbh that's not true. Alcohol doesn't suddenly make you play or sing bad if you were good to begin with, I doubt you could tell a difference in