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File: 1493750288004.jpg (48.56 KB, 540x720, 1466801947388.jpg)

No. 302894

There's this trip on /r9k/ who has been getting a ton of attention very quickly lately, does anyone know anything about her? She used to be known as Chara and now is as Piety.

She's apparently really infamous on /r9k/ Discord servers, because she'll go on them and tell everyone she kills cats and post photos of animals she's killed. Supposedly she's an 18-year-old Russian sociopath who has made almost 80 grand from manipulating guys. She seems like a massive attention whore, and refers to people as tools and human ATMs. She's also an active poster in the MTFG threads on /lgbt/ and pretends to be a tranny for attention, probably since she can be a god around trannies and /r9k/ users but would be laughed at anywhere else.

Reminds me of Oscar >>231026 if he was a teenage Russian and not smart enough to try to avoid getting a reputation.

Archive Links:
http://desuarchive.org/_/search/tripcode/TD26RUSSiA/ - /r9k/ posts as Chara
http://desuarchive.org/_/search/tripcode/PlacidityI/ - /r9k/ posts as Piety
https://archive.loveisover.me/_/search/tripcode/TD26RUSSiA/ - /lgbt/ posts as Chara
https://archive.loveisover.me/_/search/tripcode/PlacidityI/ - /lgbt/ posts as Piety

No. 302895

File: 1493750435057.png (4.02 KB, 492x83, 1493666984071.png)

No. 302897

File: 1493750523316.png (44.04 KB, 878x241, tools.png)

No. 302908

You forgot that she claimed that her brother raped her for a year and her parents did nothing about it.

No. 302915

the russians are at it again. the floridians of europe

No. 302936

Do you have a source? I haven't heard that before.

No. 302955

seems like tasty milk, I love elaborate lie cows the most ala soren

No. 302989

File: 1493758895391.jpg (382.61 KB, 1046x1318, Screenshot_20170502-220052.jpg)

She mentioned it in several threads and on discord too. Read the archives I'm sure it's there somewhere. Here's one I found but she mentions it alot

No. 303254

She supposably is half korean, half russian. Lived in Ukraine or Russia and says she's in america right now for school. In Michigan.
She's used multiple photos of different people saying it's her. I think the newest ones are actually her although not sure. I've never seen a timestamp on any pictures.
I think nearly everything she says is a lie and so I'm not sure where she lives or what she looks like oe even her gender.
But I would love to know more about her/him.

No. 303267

I thought she was in Chicago studying linguistics? Some guys said they fucked are going to fuck her/him? Some tripfag from /o/ named truckerfag and some guy named pez.

No. 303268

I hit the reply button too soon. I tried talking to her on Discord. She doesn't answer simple personal questions that are relatively safe from being doxxed with.

Something to note is that Piety threads with a lot of samefagging pop up on /r9k/ when she's logged in on Discord.

No. 303288

Never heard of her before but just glimpsing at this thread, I instantly have a bit of doubt she is really Russian. There have been a couple of cows that pretended to be Russian: "Sasha Vladimirovna", that fakeboi that changed their name to Mikhail, so I can't help question people who claim it. I know it seems edgy/cool/mysterious to some people who have never been there.

And if this twitter "@howdyitschara" is actually her, there's a post in Russian which is not quite grammatically correct…I didn't look at anything else she wrote in Russian yet though.

No. 303297

She looks somewhat east european to me (if I compare to people I know irl), but I doubt she actually grew up in Russia

No. 303309

You can heat her voice on her clyp and she has no russian accent or any accent at all. It's not sure she is russian or that she really is in any of the pics.
I think she just makes up characters, multiple posts of chara/piety contradict each other.

No. 303340

Russia is in Asia dumbass

No. 303352

In all honesty I'm kind of heartbroken right now over this.

No. 303353

The fact that she always posts vodka and other stereotypical Russian things makes me feel like she's just pretending to be Russian but I have no way to prove it.
She lives in Chicago now for college though.

No. 303396

I know a few things about this person, i post on /mtfg/ threads and i talk to her on occasion
When she was posting as Chara, she was lying about everything.
She was pretending to be Mtf to try to get attention by being passing. She eventually went on a date with another trip and that's where the truth came out that she was a 16 year old cis girl.
I have seen proof of the animal abuse that's she has done but i didn't save the images.
I'm almost certain she is in Chicago right now as she has met up with two people in her waifu fan club channel.
I remember her telling me she was born in Russia but moved around a lot. I have heard her speak before and it's a mix of accents Russian/american/chinese?

No. 303397

part of russia is in Europe…

No. 303402

Is she really 18? That sounds like something a 15 yo would selfpost.

No. 303403

she's 17

No. 303418

Interesting. I wonder if she shows up in chicago police records, I don't know how the us system works though but maybe a lead.
A paypal has to have a real identity ? Is there a way to know with her paypal ? It's Chara Nikishin on her twitch.tv/rivenism maybe that's a lead ?

No. 303444

she said she just moved there so i doubt she's done anything criminal

No. 303448

Where was she before ? Was she living in detroit or near there (she said this on discord once) ? I know her fake facebook accounts say it was Grand Rapids though. She did say she lived in Michigan, I didn't know she moved though.

No. 303451


No. 303458

Oh god, is it "Chara" as in the psychotic genocider from Undertale?
Please don't link that game to yourself and taint its reputation further you crazy bitch.
Also I wonder if she's roleplaying. She sounds fucking mental in any case.

No. 303463

chara the character was adopted too no ? And had a weird relationship with her brother no ?
If that's the case it's evident why she first chose that name.

No. 303464

I feel bad for her in a way Can you even fix someone like that?

No. 303469

No, we don't know this character's past at all. it's just said that they fell in the Underground for "a not very happy reason" or something like that

No. 303475

mystery could be her senpai

No. 303485

Technically, after they fell underground, Chara was adopted by Toriel and whatever the king's name was, and Asriel was their (adoptive) brother.
No rape involved, though.

No. 303488

the only thing that is implied is that something bad made them fall to the underground

No. 303678

I should have saved some Discord chat logs but I compared mine with some other ones posted on /r9k/. She doesn't talk about personal stuff and each chatlog looks like she's a different person altogether.

No. 303706

if she is a sociopath she would probably change personalities based on the person she is talking to

No. 303732

File: 1493847407463.jpg (36.16 KB, 640x367, 1492108485641.jpg)

>half korean
>natural blonde


No. 303760

File: 1493849761842.jpg (35.85 KB, 640x480, 1493667279395.jpg)

I must be blind but I started to notice that every pic she posts of herself isn't the same girl.

No. 303761

File: 1493849819723.jpg (153.59 KB, 640x640, 1493273464661.jpg)

Another example.

No. 303762

File: 1493849990156.jpg (170.63 KB, 600x450, Pietywithblock.jpg)

And another.

No. 303765

File: 1493850053667.jpg (255.71 KB, 768x1024, 1493742195058.jpg)

Another for comparison.

No. 303794

p sure thats the same person. you can tell because of that fucking triangle beak she's got going on. she just looks slightly different due to angles and lighting.
on another note, why isnt she killing that kitten in that picture like she claims she does? she shouldnt be around animals tbh

No. 303795

File: 1493852467512.jpg (37.62 KB, 675x570, 1493292176273.jpg)

Are you sure? More examples.

No. 303798

File: 1493852506280.jpg (83.6 KB, 632x400, 1493177832048.jpg)

Another again.

No. 303799

low quality bait friendo.

No. 303803

well this pic and >>303760 do look quite different. hm.. maybe she is taking photos from a girl who is similar looking but prettier. we need an expert anon over here

No. 303807

I have seen pictures of girls that didn't look hapa at all posted as being Piety.

No. 303809

File: 1493853134430.jpg (1.31 MB, 2560x1700, 1493657544325.jpg)

Notice how those are different cats too.

These thighs in pic related (which I saw her originally post in a Discord group) look a lot thinner than in >>303765.

No. 303876

skin color is yellower and darker in this pic too. (i doubt anyone who trips on r9k stays out long enough in the sun to naturally tan that much lol)

No. 303891

OP pic looks like chinchan

Anyway, if this bitch is killing animals, I hope she gets AIDS and dies.

No. 303895

they're all the same girl other than the one in the op, you also have to take into consideration that some of these might be older than others

No. 303907

Well in >>303795 the girl is holding a book that you can only find in Russia (the black-orange pocket book series), but ofc that doesn't prove anything. (sage for ramble)

No. 303914

i just got access to her private discord server what should i be on the look out for?

No. 304040

How'd you get in?

No. 304048

i added her from a r9k server and asked

No. 304588

No one knows who she is ?

No. 304607

Some people from some fembot worship server said they have met her and possibly idolize her. But anyone who says they have interacted with her seem to have the same pattern of conversation. Will answer questions with short answers and usually only contribute attentionwhorish statements to break up conversation in the chat.

No. 304679


No. 304711

File: 1493935838411.gif (627.27 KB, 384x223, call me now.gif)

Lemme guess, and no one will spot anyone who resembles the girl(s) in any of these pictures except a few mystery people on Discord who share conversational patterns and will claim to have fucked her behind a dumpster outside the convention center

No. 304719

She's going with a youtuber named Onlyafro

No. 304835

You can make a lot of money on this bet.

No. 304865

I told a few guys on Discord about this. One of them is pretty serious about trying to meet her there. Should I talk him out of it or let him be a sacrifice for us?

No. 305002

Any word on if she's going to ACEN? If she's supposedly living in Chicago and attends anime cons, I'd be kind of surprised if ACEN isn't on her radar.

No. 305006

Why would you think she goes to conventions ?

No. 305015

See >>304679

If she's supposed going to Anime EXPO in LA, why wouldn't see attend a closer con like ACEN if she really is currently in Chicago?

No. 305017

She already lied about going to some expo/convention, it amuses her to bring the hopes up of a robot thinking he'll meet her and then never coming.

No. 305065

Reading all this stuff, she just sounds like a lying edgelord to me tbh

No. 305067

File: 1493982166909.jpg (442.94 KB, 1620x2160, 1487598731974.jpg)

Twice an anon claimed to have recorded an actual video of this Skype call but never delivered only using that pic.

How many cats do you think she has owned? Take note all the different cats.

I also went through and read every post in those archives. A lot of information carries over between both trips. I think some of the reaction and avatar pics used. The English is actually very good. But I am sort of confused because I have seen her use chat in Russian on a Discord channel. Could it be multiple people? On Discord her tone changes between masculine and feminine a lot. There are lots of little facts like her relationship with her parents or her bodily measurements that are different depending on day.

InB4 anyone calls me a no life loser. That won't hurt my feelings because the truth doesn't hurt. I've specialized in calling out impostors on the internet for a very long time. You all have provided immense evidence so my expertise isn't even really needed.

No. 305154

You really think it's that deep?

No. 305251

You should compare pics she posts on 4chan to pics she posts on discord. The pics I've seen her use on discord are usually an Asian girl.

No. 305321

>her tone changes between masculine and feminine a lot
Anon do you mean subjective "tone" or do you mean actual grammatical gender in the Russian language? If the latter, tons of Russian weebs do that, even non-sjw ones.
Sage for ot

No. 305388

Talks like a teenage boy sometimes. Other times like a needy woman. Will change subject if you ask her personal details. I'm not talking doxxable personal details but like to explain further any attentionwhorey things she says.

No. 305501

That's subjective you're going to need to show some logs

No. 305909

So can anyone confirm they have met her? Someone went on a date and said she was young teen but some tripfag named moap said she was 26?

No. 306843

She's for real. The girl in OP isn't her. She's hapa and those pics are for real.

No. 306914

Any source or receipts, anon?

No. 307154

Heard from someone that she's going to have a meetup in the city with her orbiters. Who wants to start the bet that she definitely isn't going to show up?

No. 307160

Everything here is hearsay. No one has ever even met her.

No. 307170

Yeah seems like a lot of "I heard" and baseless rumors with no receipts. This thread seems pointless.

No. 307187

It is pointless. I on't know this site but I was expecting people with skills who know how to dox. It doesn't seem that way.
Maybe try baphomet , they might manage to track her down ?

No. 307201

No. 307202

Thread on /r9k/ about Piety right now. They seem to think her real name is Madison Tull.

No. 307204

Actually it's not that subjective, there's a whole branch of linguistics dedicated to studying the speech patterns od different individuals and they do vary greatly according to age and gender.

Not saying anon has the qualifications to make such distinction, but they could.

Sage for english major sperging

No. 307207

Yep looking it up myself too. Haven't seen how he managed to piece the two together though.

No. 307208

Someone dropped the name without any further info. Other anons started looking things up and details started to emerge how closely it was matching the whole Piety/Chara saga.

No. 307209

I imagine that's the name of the girl in the OP pic on r9k's >>36847951
Someone on the Piety thread said this looked like Piety trying to make them dox this Madison girl, and I agree. Not necessarily Piety, but /someone/ is trying to get this girl doxxed. There's no reason to think that's her.

No. 307210

I think I get it, this madison tull is the girl in the op pic right ? Chara/piety used those pics in the beginning then switched. It might actually be her real identity ?
Or it's just by coincidence that she found pics of this person a year ago and used them and now this person comes ad makes a thread on r9k. Seems too big, I think this might actually be chara.

No. 307212

It could just be the identity that she used before being Piety or Chara. And not her actual real one.

No. 307213

>Or it's just by coincidence that she found pics of this person a year ago and used them and now this person comes ad makes a thread on r9k
Are you fucking kidding me? I doubt that thread OP is this girl, whoever she is. Also, according to Chara's thread, she's banned. Fucking red herring I'm telling you

No. 307214

That seems far fetched though not a lot of girls come to r9k also chara said she studied graphic design at some point. I have trouble recognizing faces, girls all seem the same to me when you really look for details, are the first chara pics this madison ? Go look on madison facebook /madison.tull

No. 307215

It doesn't exactly take mad hacking skills to get around a ban. She can easily post as long as she doesn't try to use her trip.

No. 307216

Natalie is what she is called by people that know her this might be useful.

No. 307217

There is a person called Madison Tull around Chicago that does graphics design. You can find her LinkedIn. Just a coincidence or something more? Unfortunate victim of a namedrop or…?

No. 307218

If possible can you guys provide some links to backup your statements? There seems to be a lot of misinformation here.

No. 307219

It's pretty hard to link a real person to Piety or Chara since they are both made up characters. Just a lot of speculation based on various little pieces matching.

No. 307220

That's true, but it still doesn't seem likely. The fembot thread looks like a blatant attempt to doxx that girl, someone even quoted the "Madison Tull" post with another pic of OP girl saying "don't leak my info", which is sketchy to say the least. Sounds like an attempt to confirm OP girl is Chara, and from what we've seen she refuses to answer the simplest questions, why would she confirm her fucking name?

Also, hapa girl >>303762 is clearly not the same Madison girl. Just the fact that she used both these identities/pictures means that, until we have proof, there's no reason to believe >>302894 is the real and the other one is not. A thread on r9k with a "timestamp" that doesn't even say "/r9k/" and with behavior widely different from everything she's shown so far is not proof. She clearly has no qualms with stealing someone else's pictures.

I think >>307217 is right on unfortunate victim of namedrop.

No. 307282

File: 1494256207472.png (128.58 KB, 1024x768, notproof.png)

Madison is not connected to piety/chara at all someone was trying to get her doxxed.

No. 307287

yeah you're right

No. 307290

File: 1494257101368.png (29.17 KB, 589x381, fakepics.png)

she has admitted all the other pictures of her were fake other than the ones she's been posting now on the waifu server she says she was using them to scam pedos and trannies

No. 307299

And why would she be posting real ones this time? She's a chronic liar.

No. 307301

What was the point of posting someone's name for "trying to dox"? That doesn't make sense either. All this led to was finding someone by that name that partially sounds like Chara. But since she has never posted her real picture, impossible to know.

No. 307307

im not saying her pics she's posting now are real i just think it's stupid to try to connect chara and piety when she says everything about chara was admitted fake

No. 307314

How can you be sure? Who is she? The name does lead to a graphics designer in Chicago. But that's it really.

No. 307337

the post was made in Meilleure thread first and in her personal discord channel which i took the screenshots from she was asking people to report the post this person has no connection to piety/chara i don't see how anyone could think she does

No. 307340

Who was it though? The girl who posted a few pics in the thread? OP? The girl who said "don't post this"?

No. 307343

Meilleure is not any of the girls posted here.
Chara is the OP picture, which piety said was fake.
Piety is posting as the hapa girl which may or may not be her no evidence either way

No. 307407

streaming right now ?

No. 307413

I think she was just a few minutes ago. Weird thing is she was streaming on twitch.tv/rivenism a few days ago. Someone mentioned it on the piety thread that is now deleted on /r9k/ and someone else mentioned that she has a new twitch stream all of a sudden.

No. 307414

Me again from this reply. Looks like she has a new twitter too twitter.com/Pietyproof?lang=en and this was mentioned in the same post that I was referencing. Plot thickens?

No. 307416

all it means is she wanted new accounts, she was not active on the old twitter and she didn't stream on rivenism much

No. 307444

That's a Ukrainian way to write Nataliya, not Russian. If that has any meaning.

No. 307449

>make it look like person you're trying to dox is Chara
>manipulate 4chan into being your personal army
>get no "NOT YOUR PERSONAL ARMY!" comments

No. 307454

It sort of does. She's lived/visited Ukraine a lot, and seems like a fan. She apparently goes there regularly.

No. 307458

I think she lived there.

No. 307462

If that was the intention, it didn't work at all. The real name was up for hours and except for the one post saying "delet this" nobody cared. It's only after a few hours that someone posted it could be Chara.

Maybe just a coincidence or a mixup of things. Was it the real name of Meilleure and nothing to do with Chara?

No. 307540

I hope the real Madison doesn't feel any negative effects from this.

No. 307584

Probably not. It's not like there was any evidence, only speculation. And it seems like surprisingly enough there are a few Madisons with that name.

The only thing that's a bit of an odd coincidence is that she's a graphics designed around Chicago. That sounds rather Piety-like. Could be a coincidence, or just another layer in the 5D chess played by whoever is creating these characters.

No. 307636

NYPA isn't really a thing on 4chan anymore. The circlejerk is too strong now.

No. 308898

OP's thread isn't going anywhere.

No. 308921

Cool. So why did you bump it? Learn to sage.

No. 308992

File: 1494412166800.png (293.75 KB, 1260x529, Screen Shot 2017-05-10 at 10.2…)

For whom it may concern.
From here: http://boards.4chan.org/r9k/thread/36910098
Clyp.it someone claims is her voice: https://clyp.it/ypnr5jea
More clyp.its here: https://clyp.it/user/p21pjryb

No. 308993

File: 1494412308242.png (91.81 KB, 1080x633, 1494412068120.png)

More from the thread.

No. 309232

No. 309452

Holy shit that sounds different from her clyp clips.

No. 309509

It does, but that might be because it's russian, and she's more used to that language.

I've done voice chat with her, and while I don't carry proof, I can attest that her clyp voice is the same as she sounds when she's on voice chat speaking english.

No. 309521

are you slowly falling in love with her like me ?

No. 309537

Not really, no.

I'm not even sure if I like her. She is mysterious and dangerous, but it interests me. I definitely understand her popularity. Her entire personality seems designed to make you orbit her, because she's not actually much of a conversational partner.

No. 309607

Really? I thought I was the uninteresting one. She hasn't really provided any proof of who she is. She has asked me for pictures of myself and money. She says she will do anything for money but nudes. I can't believe anyone even sends money in the first place. Aside from her orbiters she seems to have people that could be considered friends but I watch their chats and it's really shallow. She only ever adds attentionwhore comments here and there. I wonder if these same people really think she's going to be at AX to hangout with them?

No. 309998

unbanned on 4chan
mods forced her to verify on waifu
she started being active on her new twitter

No. 310034

>mods forced her to verify on waifu
wtf does that mean?

No. 310042

Waifu fanclub. It's a Discord channel that was started so the admin can get nudes of underage girls to verify that they can have waifu fan clubs for themselves. Piety had her own fanclub on there. I should have screencapped everything she said. So many contradictions with her 4chan posts.

No. 310307

Anything new that she hasn't said before? Most likely everything is still a lie, but gathering as much information as possible helps get closer to solving the mystery.

No. 311015

File: 1494600891721.png (361.84 KB, 2309x2501, Chara, are you there it's me, …)

Just want to let you fags know I have commandeered chara's name on some social programs, but I am not myself chara or a robot, or usually a tripfag

No. 311052

You're probably almost on par with her (him) I'm sure

No. 311372

You are replying to another one of Piety's characters.

No. 313192

She sounds pretty damn Russian in two of the streams. Sounds like a teenage girl with a cold.

No. 313604

File: 1494885673543.jpg (23.79 KB, 595x153, pievoc.JPG)

Another example of Piety's voice.


No. 313965

so far everything is lining up with what she says what exactly are we trying to prove now?

No. 314213

That she is who she says.

No. 317998

kek this thread went nowhere

No. 318013

It might still. Information of her true identity will be revealed around AX probably, when someone actually meets her.

If no new information pops up, then obviously everything about her is fake.

No. 318427

She of course won't go, just like she promised to go to a convention some time ago and never went.
Shame no one had any info or any leet hacker skillz to get them.

No. 318504

She will just be proven right. I can't wait.

No. 318507

It's really important to you that this person is real, isn't it?

No. 318516

what convention did she promise to go but never went?

No. 318524

That's definitely a robot. This catfish is probably the only meaningful thing in his pitiful life.

No. 318656

I think you're right, but that'd be the final nail in the coffin if she doesn't.

She's told several people she's going, and she's planning on meeting up with those as well. Right now it's "most likely" that she's fake and basically a catfish looking for money, but if she doesn't show up at AX it's basically proven that she is.

No. 318737

If its a catfish i give him props for getting that much money out of it

No. 319484

She doesn't sound like a 17 year old. Not for the accent, just the tone of the voice.
Is she older?

Deleted, maybe she is lurking the thread.

No. 319662

twitch deletes after a certain time

No. 319687

She doesn't strike me as a sociopath, more like someone roleplaying one.

Reminds me of the overtly edgy people who follow the 'confessions of a sociopath' book-blog, constantly commenting how 'like that' they are. She also desires frequent, consistent attention far too much.

Honestly just looks like some edgy low self esteem fucktard to me.

No. 319689

>actually believing she's made sizeable amounts of cash 'manipulating men'

Top kek
What a joke

No. 319733

there is a lot of evidence against them when it comes to abusing people and animals

No. 319744

Publicly abusive /=/ sociopath

No. 319748

it was private messages that got leaked they never call themself a sociopath and deny it everytime its mentioned

No. 319777

You can see pretty clearly the public 4chan posts where they state edgy things that are 3000% stereotypical 'i want you to think I'm a sociopath' bs lmao

I'm starting to wonder if this entire thread isn't one big attention seeking self post

If not you're incredibly gullible jfc

No. 320124

but she has hurt real people, i think anyone that has talked to her before would tell you the same

No. 320429

Who? Where's the proof?

No. 320578

Being an edgy shit /=/ sociopath


No. 321765

File: 1495760817592.jpg (9.63 KB, 235x82, pie27.JPG)

No. 321850

they joke about age all the time

No. 321960

Yeah that really took off.

No. 331246

File: 1496909622093.png (172.5 KB, 798x1264, pietytrap.png)

Well this is old news and everyone has lost interest but here's an update. Pic related.

No. 366823


No. 367506

File: 1502013926170.png (120.67 KB, 611x934, 00.png)

Sage so I don't necro this thread, but is this Piety's OKC?


No. 369920

No that doesn't even look like her. There's been confirmation on what she actually looks like but no ones interested in her anymore. She's old news now.

No. 373558

File: 1502922034370.jpg (59.43 KB, 1024x576, 586d1eea918d110f9841122c5ceda6…)

lol, i'm a friend of hers.
she asked me to cut her name into my leg, so i did.
against everyone else's advice.
she hasn't asked me for money yet, & i don't think she will, b/c she knows i'm broke.
a couple friends of hers told me that she's an emotional vampire, & that she likes to hang around traps & trannies b/c we really are that deprived of affection & emotionally unstable.
she also told me that she wanted me to be her slave. i said no though, & things were still cool.
her other friends think she gets off on this shit, but i'm not so sure.
w/e, she's still my friend, & that's that.
she also praised my for coming up w/ really underhanded & catty tactics for punishing others for giving that bullshit.
fukken "good girl".
yea i'd say, stay away from this bitch, especially if you're a tranner; i know this one tranny chick who's a part of this outreach organization for trannies called "hypatia software", she is now chara/piety's willing cutter slave.
chara's pretty cool in my book, but she's also a pretty dangerous & scary bitch, but that's really what i find so cool about her.
if piety's here, then hi, piety! :3

No. 373568

k sure

No. 373579

File: 1502923919271.gif (48.41 KB, 384x203, ty.gif)

She doesn't exist.

No. 373632

dude, she's shown me pictures of herself, she's also directed me to her twitch, clyp, & twitter accounts.
i guess that's some devoted story-teller roping the exact same girl into all of this shit, or maybe it really is just piety(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 382129


Piety's current twitter account. There are pics that are supposedly from AX 2017 but looks nothing like the LA convention center it's held at.

No. 382163

I'm calling the police if you don't get on right out of here mantras

No. 382174

You should shut your fucking hole, ugly little cunt.

No. 382194

I heard that you're the one paying Piety's tuition, Picard. You do know that Piety is actually Guy-ety right?

No. 382197

She has hundreds of orbiters, and somehow, I'm the one paying her tuition?

Where are you getting all this?
You know Mantras sent Piety hundreds of dollars, right?

Fucking moron.

No. 382205

You're his only orbiter now.

No. 382208

Why do people keep mentioning a mantras. Is that her boyfriend?

No. 382212

I don't orbit anyone.

Pedo spic that will be destroyed by me soon.

No. 382238

Quit LARPing as Picard. Everyone knows his obsession runs deep with Guy-ety.

No. 382239

At least Piety is 18, you kiddy fiddler fuck.

No. 382241

I am neither Higgus nor Mantras. What are you going on about? Now go back to being Piety's ATM and let the adults talk in peace.

No. 382260

So does this Captain Picard guy have a hard on for Piety or Mantras?

No. 382271

And more importantly, who cares?

No. 382896

Settle down, Picard. Your boyfriend Piety deleted his Twitter and the pics.

No. 382910

LOL Piety definitely monitors this thread.

No. 382917

File: 1504061152531.jpg (53.55 KB, 865x690, Biggest Piety fan Picard.JPG)

Truth be told I don't even mind Piety but Captain Picard is a dumbass. Will be dumping pics from the deleted Twitter soon. That's what you get for taking in retarded orbiters like Picard, Piety.

No. 382955

File: 1504067375013.jpg (155.55 KB, 677x867, Piety not at AX 2017.jpg)

He said he was going to AX but supposedly flew to LA to only be there for one day. Here's one pic from his Twitter that was deleted. This doesn't look like the venue. I've been going to AX for years and this looks nothing like it.(Namefag)

No. 382994

I went to her yt channelbut there are no longer any videos. Is she being bullied because of her autistic orbiter?

No. 382996

File: 1504078272787.jpg (167.57 KB, 900x675, conventioncenter.JPG)

this is what the front looks like, I've been there and I agree the front looks like revolving doors?

No. 382997

Heres where he does his new voice recordings.


No. 383002

File: 1504079441013.jpg (29.07 KB, 604x215, Autism of Picard.JPG)

I'll post more supposed AX pics from his deleted Twitter soon. I want see if he or his boyfriend Jean Luc Picard will respond again.

I was going to leave Piety alone but seeing you whiteknight him made me retch in disgust. Sometimes it's better to shut up than to make autistic posts on here and 4chan.

No. 383205

He is more focused on Mantras than he is on Piety, why don't you make a separate lolcow thread if you hate him so much?
Fucking idiot.

No. 383436

Why are you throwing your friend under the bus, piety?

No. 383472

go bump your own thread

No. 383920

I wonder how long until you realize I'm not Mantras?

No. 384016

Only Mantras cares.

No. 438493

Piety suffered a nervous breakdown

No. 438523

Was it an existential thing?

>omg I'm a catfish

No. 441824

That isn't her. It's a girl called Carol Raposo from Brazil. I know Chara, and she likes using that girl as a stock image for her white collar shenanigans.

No. 442360

Look at the pics of piety in this thread. Look at his ears.

No. 447586

As her biggest orbiter, I had met up with Piety and can indeed confirm she is the girl in the pics.

Piety had quit discord in mid-October. Where are you getting this from?

Piety hasn't catfished anyone ever.

No. 452229

This thread linked earlier was a guy catfished by Chara Piety. >>383472

No. 452405

Mantras knew Piety was trans.

No. 452424

what even is this thread

No. 452436

DM me on discord. You know who.

No. 452442

is this piety bitch real y/n i just read this whole thread and got nowhere

No. 452445

No. 452785


no i don't? tbh stop reviving this dead thread there's no milk

No. 469828

Piety is still around. mne is her newest alt

No. 469834

No one gives a shit if you don’t have milk stop bumping dead threads

No. 470658

Reminder: piety is an alt for ember

No. 470664

ember is a RAT

No. 471066

It makes sense. Piety never existed. Ember just used pics she found on Russian social media and created the Chara Piety persona.

No. 471090

>made 80 grand from manipulating guys


No. 471536

so. is she real or fake. can someone just give me a rundown because after reading this thread i'm still confused.

No. 472178

There is no confirmation either way that she is real or fake and is most likely swiping someone else's pics and vacaroo recordings. There is also no proof she has "made 80 grand" as she always tends to push exaggerated stories about being a supreme sociopath by feeding them to her orbiters. The people here defending her are using hearsay and not showing the evidence itself such as her IP. Anyone can claim to have met her or looked at a photo and delude themselves into believing it is her.

No. 473699

The only one defending him here is himself.

No. 474772

This thread is now autosaged. Report the OP when there is new milk and it will be unsaged.

No. 551690

Ok there is more info now.
Piety/Chara/Mne/Cvnka has been impersonating this girl for a year:

No. 551851

Can you provide more information?

No. 552290

here's the explanation of the proof:
with her old maybemne twitter she said she went to ax in LA but on the vk account you can see those pics were taken in ukraine or russia not in america
she said she went to italy but those tweets saying she was currently there were at the end of year 2017, whereas the italy pics on the vk account were from earlier , in the summer.

No. 554594

I can confirm this but you need some screenshots.

No. 564646

This is their new instagram: https://www.instagram.com/cvnka/

No. 570352

File: 1525119196522.jpg (29.45 KB, 494x494, 30915542_539076376486080_27895…)

He set his Instagram to private after I posted his most recent pic on /r9k/. Pic related.

No. 583824

cvnka#6666 is back on /r9k/ and now pretends to be intersex.

No. 588763

Piety being intersex would actually make a lot of sense

No. 588822

that is a female voice and she sounds older than 18

No. 589129

On her discord server she said she was intersex.

No. 597037

Did you save any others?

No. 600882

i've talked to cvnka and she's shown me images of her getting paypaled thousands of dollars from strangers

No. 600965

His new Instagram. He was posting on r9k and got called out. I recognize the background in one pic from a pic cvnka sent me.


No. 601700

Show proof,i have never seen piety ever post anything of this person before

No. 603222

She/He's now using the trip !CuntBOY7Mc on r9k.
Look out boys, the creature is hunting for a dom lesbian nowadays.

No. 603548

Adorable trip

No. 607058

>on r9k
>hunting a lesbian

No. 616338

You do realize that you can inspect element and easily fake paypal screenshots? It's what they've been doing for year.

No. 616486

Dropped the cvnka, straight up using Piety again.

No. 617903

She is really getting money, how else could she afford neetlife?

No. 618358

They are living with their IRL boyfriend/roommate they have had since the Piety persona.

No. 618400

Her Discord got banned. She moved to a new discord server. If any of you wanna join here's the link.


Btw, her new username is Divinity#1338

No. 618495

What was she banned for?

No. 620741

>That is a female voice
Are you sure about that????????????

No. 622049

How do you even get banned on discord? Doxxing or CP?

No. 622123

she said it had something to do with the blue whale cult

No. 626046

That's all made up and just something they idolize, they had no part in it.

No. 626081

she had a server called blue whale which was her cult

No. 626150

No that's something they takes credit for but actually had no part in, they're a larp for attention.

No. 626951

but they were the owner of the server

No. 628881

Yeah but the server was unrelated to the actual cult and just a larp for credit

No. 629128

that was her own cult she named it after the real one

No. 629321

File: 1530790593956.jpg (68.79 KB, 585x407, megu pfp 1.jpg)

Hey gunjy here, I think everyone is freaking out for no reason.

Desu Cvnky has always been nice to me :)
even though everyone else bully me for being "pedo"

No. 629424

Hans is a goddess. She's perfect in every way, shape and form. I just want to devote every breath of my life to her.

No. 629918

Hans is just an attention whore roastie <3

No. 630116

2d pedo is still pedo.

No. 630124

>not liking 3D woman at all especially kids

>liking only 2D woman, and 2D lolis

Wow its almost like 2D looks nothing like 3d

No. 630180

Hans > Any 2D pig disgusting. Nothing like her beautiful accent. Her weird personality which fixiated on imaginary people. Her obsession with her ex and how much she likes domming subby boys.

There is no greater purpose in life than orbiting her.

No. 630231

File: 1530890538500.jpg (32.75 KB, 820x547, paulryan.jpg)

Why thank you anon

No. 630251

umm 2d 9is betetr than paul ryan you attention whore roastie

No. 630433

File: 1530912115286.jpg (241.45 KB, 1072x1500, tumblr_oaotxiHDXM1tn9ip9o1_128…)

Its 2D desu.
stop being a loliconphobe

No. 630906

File: 1530973734318.jpg (94.63 KB, 972x463, paul ryan meme.jpg)

Watch out for hans she is dangerous (shes actually nice)

No. 630983

Birdy doesn't deserve such a perfect creature.

No. 630984

birdy tells me to kill myself daiuly for being pedo :(

No. 630987

I'm pretty sure everyone tells you that.

No. 631008

File: 1530986392858.png (302.66 KB, 800x450, Sat crying.png)

Yeah its a huge meme.

People are just really cruel

No. 631073

Gunjy deserves love.

No. 631089

File: 1530995292431.jpg (117.39 KB, 800x1118, 1529835144772.jpg)

Thanks anon.

made me smile a lil bit :)

No. 631485

It's a female's voice.
Not saying that to whiteknight for the cunt (or man I mean won't rule that out) but it's 100% either female or well rehearsed.
Keep in mind she moved to the USA at a young age. That information in mind it sounds about right. Autism and shit mic quality on top of that and it fits perfectly.

No. 632890

clearly a man

No. 633977

He doesn't have autism, it's just a creepy tranny voice. I don't even think he claims autism, probably moved onto some other 'quirky' mental issue.

No. 634062

I talked to her yesterday and she sounds like a girl. I thought she was suppose to be a man?

No. 634247

File: 1531389090408.jpg (565.59 KB, 850x956, 1530806492019.jpg)

IDK, I heard she was a loli thirsty for cock

No. 638096

If you think that sounds like a woman you should buy her stuff and become one of her 'real' friends.

No. 640101


Any cute gurls worth orbiting there?

No. 640149

lot of girls in her server

No. 640254

Who is the bestest one there tho.

No. 643158


No. 643429


What about the beautiful Hans?

No. 644062

Shut up hans

No. 644412

That's not me, that's someone LARPing as me
I would describe myself as handsome
Is that you killer

No. 645643

so she's been attention whoring again

No. 645681


Vix is actually one of the least attention-whorey person here.

No. 645703

redpill me on vix

No. 645711

She's a perfect emo goddess. She's the best girl by a huuuuuggggge margin. You should also subscribe to VixPremium and you'll be put into a raffle for some very limited edition Vixes.

No. 645786

the girl that cheated on her bf with onion.. unironically
The self posting in this thread is insane.

No. 645819

Uh. No she didn't. She didn't meet up with him and only led him on for the lulz.

No. 645857

hi vix
how much for a lewd?

No. 645955

File: 1532437474007.png (124.8 KB, 658x500, take the 2D pill anon.png)

Reminder to take the 2D pill and be pure like gunjy.

No. 646068

Pedo-NEET Gunjy.

No. 646224

File: 1532461869150.png (254.4 KB, 501x660, cute megu#1.png)

gunjy is actually a cool guy, I chatted to him a few times.

No. 656877

What Just Happened?

No. 656903

Is nobody her bf?

No. 656943

I don't know. Is he?

No. 657039

She gives him a lot of preferential treatment. Just spill the beans already so I can go about my life and put her behind me. I'm getting tired of seeing her pick a new favorite guy every time she makes a new server.

No. 657193

Stop vagueposting and spill milk or gtfo

No. 657363

I'm pretty sure all they used to do was play video games together tbh.

No. 657753

Just be real with me, man.

No. 658071

I am being real lol. I don't think they were ever in a relationship.

No. 661273

This she said he was like a brother

No. 661424

There must be a joke in there somewhere. Didn't she say that her brother raped her for a year?

No. 661561

brother she never had

No. 661562

What is it with the Indigo tripfag? Piety is mentioned in almost all of her threads.

No. 661722

They are friends. she joined blue whale thin left

No. 662331

File: 1534018371659.jpg (Spoiler Image, 124.74 KB, 966x367, roastbeef.jpg)

No. 662376

some literal who trying to ride off cvnka infamy

No. 667032

File: 1534517605149.jpg (107.15 KB, 736x1104, 1534514385628.jpg)

piety really stinks but i like moon a lot

No. 667757

Wait is Cvnka Russian or Asian or a mix?

No. 668245

She's said mixed; half Russian and half Korean and she's also said she's full Asian. Nokfy really knows but her and nysbe nobody.

No. 668341

She complains about her slant eyes so maybe she is full

No. 678871

Can Chai be my dommy mommy please?

No. 683224

No. 695293

I miss this thread and the Golden Age of Cvnka's server. Why is Cvnka's server dead? Why?

No. 695676

What do you mean by this? Is she okay?

No. 699471

Who's best boy on server

No. 699952

anytime she is not active on it it dies that's why its dead right now

No. 701109

Castillo of course. Who is best girl on server?

No. 701705

Han's I guess

No. 702101

No. It's Chai. Hans is an attention whore roastie with mental issues. Chai is a gentle CHAD that can Dom my ass anyday.

No. 702501

Chai's high tier as well. But I wonder who's the one posting this?

No. 702892

I wonder who's commenting?

No. 702895

hmmmm who could it be

No. 711574


No. 725064

She is dating nobody now?

No. 725142

File: 1541121212386.png (17.42 KB, 223x140, nobody screenshot.png)

No. 732326

chaotic x cvnka

No. 733019

I just want to hear them interact on a live stream

No. 733020

I just want to hear them interact on a live stream

No. 734604

Sorry, but chaotic is mine.

No. 741125

File: 1543559574550.jpg (91.98 KB, 588x579, megu sad 4.jpg)

What do I give you 20% of my NEETbux for if you are just going to date the other aussie chad!!

No. 743412

Cvnka is an old ugly MTF. You can do better Gunjy.

No. 743719

File: 1543958496063.jpg (70.48 KB, 817x452, cvnka.JPG)

Cvnka is now impersonating a different girl.

No. 743892

Why is nobody dating a trap?

No. 745451

Someone please expose this catfishing insta already so people stop getting baited and following this MTF already

No. 745455

Umad, bro? Piety is undoxxable. Only way you're getting those doxx is if you're the NSA.

No. 745456

It doesn't have to be a dox. The girls in the pictures look nothing alike, and there probably won't be a reply if people ask for a timestamped pic for proof.

No. 745457

Are you sure you know what a dox is? The goal doesn't necessarily have to be leaking Piety's personal private information, but just prove that the girl is not her.

No. 745857

No. 745923

I wanna fuck Cvnkas boipussy.

No. 745931

Is Vix still bumping coochie with her?

No. 746237

hot pucci x trannycock action

No. 746616


Cvnka/vix/dude/chai orgy?

No. 746982

you wish nigger

No. 747382

Her boyfriend video calls with her it is her for once

No. 747440

No, he can't do better.

No. 747446

The other 6 LARPS were all just jokes guys I swear!!

Kill yourself.

No. 747635

just ask him yourself

No. 747659

Which boyfriend video

No. 748101


No. 748104

How did cvnka hurt you all?

No. 748354

This thread began as people laughing at a LARPING loser tranny but eventually they got bored and left and it devolved into orbiters and dramafags.

It's sad really.

No. 748362

What's even worse than this is that it's the same 3-6 people circle-jerking because this whore is so boring it's not even fun to make fun of them anymore. But I guess as long as there's normalfags on IG and betas on R9K there will always be people to catfish despite being caught doing it already plenty of times.

This whore is retarded, but you're all even worse.

No. 748871

Most of the posts that bump the thread after a few days of inactivity are from piety.

No. 749268

Piety, post your discord tag. I want to befriend you.

No. 749317


No. 749420

piety's discord is Root#9999

No. 749567

Neither of you are him.

No. 749583

Root is what piety goes by now

No. 749628

I know that, numbnuts. Neither of you are him. I was talking to her.

No. 749642

File: 1544907906401.jpg (78.6 KB, 1280x800, megu bingo yes.jpg)

Chad came into my server to threaten me so I just doxxed myself KEK.
Had police raid me over IRL shit a few times, why would I care about a swatting over internet BS, also I dont have anything against the law in my house KEK.

get outplayed

No. 749646

Report Chad for swatting you. This shit is messed up.

No. 749654

File: 1544909084374.jpg (60.95 KB, 768x987, megu cute.jpg)

he hasnt done anything and I dont snitch on people anyway.
if I get swatted it actually plays to my advantage regarding PTSD as I already have that for home invasion, it just means id be able to use it for getting on disability incase I dont get on it (I will) or just more benzos for fun times.

IDK why chad thinks he can threaten me over some shit posting I did on cvnkys server.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 750149

Do you still give cvnka money?

No. 750297

File: 1545070232335.jpg (50.93 KB, 527x702, 44d3ba832e73697043034024d08a4f…)

20% of my money, kek I made taht meme.
I get roasties orbiting me.

I dont pay no one shit.

No. 751208

File: 1545247375728.jpg (1.36 MB, 1920x2560, JPEG_20181219_233617.jpg)

what does this mean anons?(ban evasion)

No. 751292

they're trying to say that you're a lolcow. But you have yet to gain enough notoriety even though you're fucked up enough to be a lolcow

No. 751318

Why do you always post in any cvnka related thread on 4chan? Why do you keep bumping this thread? Are you obsessed with her? Are you the guy that she was always in vc with Piety back on Sheep Village?

No. 751326

he’s a meth head pedophile who’s obsessed with megumin and misty from pokemon

No. 751383

Someone piety banned and never talked to again

No. 751394

But why does he post anywhere shes mentioned?

No. 751416

he wants to feel like he’s important and in the know, as far as I know he’s NEETing so he spends pretty much all his time online lurking around

No. 751474

Don't bully!!!

No. 751561

I try to avoid drama.

I am just interested in the thread from long time ago back when I was with hans, etc.
so now I check in to see what is new in the thread.

thisi s the only place i post she does other than memingon her thread on R9K for fun.

>Someone piety banned and never talked to again

she banned me and unbanned me but I was just a drunk shit poster and got banned again

No. 751609

File: 1545325491750.jpeg (15.9 KB, 624x381, BBQRyyi.jpeg)

No. 751611


No. 751644

Hi Hans!

No. 753352

No. 754062

Is this invite open to anyone? Even former friends?

No. 754206

Thats just a random server pietys server is open from twitch

No. 754812

The first one looks way better. If that's actually piety cvnka chara mne root then she doesnt even need to pretend to be the Asian chick.

No. 755019

I bet cvnka is an ugly Asian man pumped full of hrt. I legit don't even know why people orbit him

No. 755456

I genuinely like him but he doesnt like me.

No. 755667

Piety is cool idk why people dont like her(whiteknighting)

No. 756322

1) Act aloof, never sound more interested in them than they are in you.
2) Act like a anime girl a bit, make sure your messages are cryptic. Make sure you're ambiguous as often as possible.
3) Every once in a while, say or do something out of character (saying is better). It gives you an air of mystery and keeps people on their toes. It's what keeps them coming back for more. You make them feel special like you're slowly opening up to them but then you retract. It's all about hot and cold.
4) Always make sure that everyone knows they have a general rank. Everyone must know that there are those who are "close to you" and those who are not in that "inner circle". It'll make them strive to reach that inner circle at the top.
5) Fuck with them a bit, randomly change their ranks so they wonder what they could've possibly done right or wrong. Make them think about how they can get closer to you.
6) Admit you are uncaring, say you're a sociopath but give certain people little hints of interest. It makes them feel special and hopeful.
7) Make a sad or fucked up back story but be vague. It generates sympathy.
8) Don't ever expose yourself to people who didn't know from the start. Snakes can happen. Kek
9) Appeal to the loneliest males, they are the easiest to reel in and they will white knight for you. You need witnesses who think they didn't have a blindfold on.
10) Have fun

No. 771329

File: 1548379509423.jpg (165.58 KB, 1280x1031, 9-мм_пистолет_Макарова_с_патро…)

i'm a former friend.
whoever the fuck cvnka, they're evil, and i someone gave me a gun and their current whereabouts, would fucking kill this person.
when i refused to do as they said, they resorted to using threats make me do what they said.
usually threatening to hurt others.
they manipulated me into cutting for them.
that fucker.
i only wanted to be friends.
but they kept saying creepy shit, i guess until i got used to it.
"i own you."
"you're mine."
and i kept saying i wasn't cool with it and that i wanted to be friends, but cvnka said, "i don't really mean anything by it."
cvnka then invited me to their discord server where their friends verbally abused me and demanded me to hurt myself.
thinking cvnka was still my friend, i tried getting in touch about their inner circle, then they said i was cute and ask me to cut for them.
i still can't believe i did it.
i eventually stopped listening to them.
nobody here should start.
all i remember about them is how their inner circle mentioned stuff about targetting "traps" to make them pets, to torture them.
i hate them so much

No. 771428

How long ago was this or when you last saw her? I knew they did some fucked up stuff but I thought a lot of it was just a larp.

Is there any insider info or anything that you could tell us

No. 772350

this thread is literally about irrelevant inner circle robots and some edgy ass girl accelerating natural selection against trannies. And yet, none of it is probably true. Only the r9k losers post here to spread edgy rumors.

No. 772513

Cvnka's is not a girl. Cvnka is a man on hrt.

No. 772697

File: 1548639518432.jpg (183.54 KB, 1920x1387, megu mad.jpg)

bumping for Cvnky.
did you get my money I sent you?
I only wanted you to pretend to be my Waifu on VC for 1 minuet…20% of my NEETbux should be enough but you keep asking me for more(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 773823

there needs to be a gunjy lolcow

No. 774524

No you're unremarkable. There is nothing interestingly threadworthy about you anywhere. At least piety is pretty crafty and undoxxable.

No. 774538

Which cvnka orbiter is this? Mouthy? Nobody?

No. 774746

File: 1549202663506.png (761.42 KB, 1022x1077, megu laugh.png)

> At least piety is pretty crafty and undoxxable.

I doxxed myself because I dont give a shit.
I am a hikikomori anyway so being doxxed means shit and I had been raided IRL so it doesnt matter.
I literally use it to my advantage if I get swatted kek.

So please do, Chad has my full doxx just ask him to try swat me.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 777541

It's true though.(no contribution)

No. 778088

Which fucking brain-dead mod is anally analyzing every fucking post for significance. Can't a bunch of ppl from blue whale just post about blue whale things?(autism.)

No. 778444

The mod is a massive incel faggot or an obese legbeard catlady in her thirties who spends all her time hating lolcows who are much prettier than her with the same shitty personality as her.(continued autism)

No. 781783

You Faggots need to go to Church(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 784880

I got into her discord server if any of you's are interested.


No. 784902

when are chaotic and cvnka going to post threads again

No. 785045

Stop keeping this thread alive piety orbits, it's embarrassing

No. 791183

Everyone in her server is just a terrible person. Everyone there deserves each other

Her server is just filled with insane schizos, spergs, dramaqueens, incels, orbiters. With the exception of nim and Eva everyone there is absolutely terrible. Almost every "psychopath" rumor about cvnka is a meme that he and his friends spread. Cvnka is also a tranny

No. 791205

If every psychopathic rumor about cvnka was a meme she wouldn't even have a lolcow thread.>>791183

No. 791226

can you tell us what happened?

No. 791296

What do you wanna know

No. 791298

what happened while you were in there? who are nim and Eva? did anything bad happen to you?

No. 791329

Nothing happened they are a bunch of spergs memeing and shitposting

An underaged boys asspics got leaked by vix but he was a retard

Nim and Eva are nice people unlike the rest of em

No. 791331

are you still in the server or did you leave after this happened?

No. 791458

Why are they even in there if they’re nice people?

No. 791519

Redpill me on nim and eva

No. 791936

redpill me on cats

No. 794354

there are more nice people than nim and eva but overall its the same shit show you'd expect

No. 795435

1) Act aloof, never sound more interested in them than they are in you.
2) Act like a anime girl a bit, make sure your messages are cryptic. Make sure you're ambiguous as often as possible.
3) Every once in a while, say or do something out of character (saying is better). It gives you an air of mystery and keeps people on their toes. It's what keeps them coming back for more. You make them feel special like you're slowly opening up to them but then you retract. It's all about hot and cold.
4) Always make sure that everyone knows they have a general rank. Everyone must know that there are those who are "close to you" and those who are not in that "inner circle". It'll make them strive to reach that inner circle at the top.
5) Fuck with them a bit, randomly change their ranks so they wonder what they could've possibly done right or wrong. Make them think about how they can get closer to you.
6) Admit you are uncaring, say you're a sociopath but give certain people little hints of interest. It makes them feel special and hopeful.
7) Make a sad or fucked up back story but be vague. It generates sympathy.
8) Don't ever expose yourself to people who didn't know from the start. Snakes can happen. Kek
9) Appeal to the loneliest males, they are the easiest to reel in and they will white knight for you. You need witnesses who think they didn't have a blindfold on.

No. 795817

I keep seeing Flan around Piety a lot, what does he do? He always seemed annoying to me, but had a hint of disturbance to him. Is he like the rest of them?

No. 795828

they're both psychopaths so they have a rivalry and friendship

No. 796177

Flan is tricky, worth investigating but warning with all the half truths and lies he tells it’s hard to get anywhere. Well known around /mtfg/ he grooms and manipulates young boys. His main sever has thousands of members and most importantly 9 desperate lewd channels. Discord and 4chan come together to breed this creation of boys who will not only do anything you say but believe anything you say so no one speaks out against him for fear of being blackmailed. Flan is the only one who based on his weird erratic behavior actually comes off as crazy. It’s not a LARP. Don’t fall for the uwu.

No. 796579

Okay flandre

No. 796740

flans a literal pedophile and lives in Egypt and collects pics of underage kids in underwear from his like, femboy discord server. Serial manipulator.

No. 833035

The everything is fine server is a bunch of pussies that banned me cause they nerd ass niggas

No. 878247

I can confirm that Cvnka lives in Grand Rapids Michigan. Now we just need to pinpoint down exactly where.

No. 954529

File: 1586065068515.png (702.41 KB, 1835x837, Screenshot (786).png)

No. 955208

What are you even trying to show?

No. 969914

A discord link with updated info Cvority, as well as a way to privately ask questions on Cv (https://discord.gg/rpnmgXU). This is public info, the private that I can't show is much worse. Message Hush in the server if you have anything to add(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1048718

File: 1601505708769.jpeg (197.38 KB, 750x1225, 3EB468BD-6981-46A8-9E1E-3350BC…)

Sorry for necro, but I think this thread should be reopened.

I follow this account on Instagram, I’m 99% sure they didn’t post stuff before yesterday otherwise I wouldn’t have followed them. They started spam posting all that weird #KALIACC cult propaganda. The comments are littered with people wanting to join. The writing style is VERY similar to Piety so don’t doubt that it’s him. They are moving over to Instagram and preying on more young girls.

No. 1048720

File: 1601505962357.jpeg (194.36 KB, 750x863, 6D8333AE-7832-4481-B3C8-B8896D…)

> writing style

No. 1049466

seconding,we should reopen this thread admin pls. There is some crazy shit going on in the egirl scene and she apparently caused it

No. 1049687

This thread should def re-open. I’m surprised by the lack of people talking about all this after what was mentioned in the e-girls thread.

No. 1050241


No. 1053306

Stop cowtipping you fucking freak.

No. 1053310

what? im sorry im new i just wanted to share this screenshot

No. 1055332

so piety is a vtuber now that goes by cvority. huh.

can i get a tl;dr on that milk?

No. 1056837

This isn't piety it's sonya and they're not the same person.
Piety has been a vtuber for year now and before that was making youtube videos.

It's surprising that anyone still updates this its been 3 years since they stopped trolling r9k and lgbt and are normie-tier now.

No. 1060273

File: 1602907817169.jpg (133.35 KB, 720x693, 20201016_231145.jpg)

this used to be @nyabeat's spam account. edengarde on instagram is tied into this, believe they are sonya(?). basically they wanted an e-girl harem to manipulate, nyabeat was probably used to pull in other girls. can provide old screenshots from eden's account. pretty sure nyabeat is controlling eden's account & the kaliacc thing but idk sonya so..

No. 1060275

forgot to mention, that screenshot is one of eden's old posts

No. 1066335

“Chara” still posts on /r9k/ and there is a lot of drama around that points to Piety being a sociopath as usual.

No. 1077916

Sorry to necro again but Sonya got doxed on twitter aha https://twitter.com/GEFTWARE/status/1317620097322782725

You sure this isn’t piety? The Chicago thing can’t just be a coincidence.,..

No. 1078255

They are not the same person 100%

No. 1226902


No. 1263615


No. 1370842

File: 1637214562505.jpg (950.6 KB, 1848x2376, PietyLMFAO.jpg)

> Why do beastly psychopatic trannies who look like Toga IRL rely on wearing wigs to try to employ paypigs and use hentai they were inspired by to pretend to act like a woman, anyway? I can't believe it looks like a gnome or goblin IRL and even says so much on its Steam profile!


No. 1370845

I thought this was the mtf thread for longer than I'd like to admit

No. 1370850

File: 1637215080717.jpg (80.01 KB, 829x385, gfmepls.jpg)

The bottom post in its collage there explains what it does better than I could. It is a completely uninteresting beast who cannot escape imageboards, and tries to turn losers into its "paypigs" to avoid finding personal happiness in life, while being trapped trying to orchestrate pointless drama on Discord servers for a fleeting sense of power and money. It is very important to this creature because it is all it has going on in its life.

It is an e-whore of sorts, who crossdresses and says it finds whoring fun while pretending to be multiple people's girlfriends.

No. 1370851

File: 1637215141218.png (26.23 KB, 505x245, LR2Zk2I.png)

Probably it's some kind of twisted rape victim who finds fun in trying to tear other people down to try to "heal" them, since it's capable of nothing more in life, other than making other people try to hurt themselves.

No. 1370853

File: 1637215212864.png (Spoiler Image, 15.98 KB, 102x101, vdffqz.png)

It tries to make other people cut or hurt themselves, I think, or at least takes pictures of other people's scars, then presents them as its own to try to "heal" scarred people and ensure them it's okay to cut themselves, or to try to make them kill themselves. Something like that. Don't overestimate the intelligence behind its thought process.

No. 1370855

File: 1637215337318.jpg (1.45 MB, 2592x1936, IMG_0637.JPG)

It's a catty monstrous male crossdresser who pretends to act liek a psychopath to cope with its own abuse probably, it's some poorfag who mixes up the Russian and Ukrainian alphabets on purpose to try to be mysterious and make male virgins play chess with it. If it had more self-awareness, it could probably move on and find some real friends. People like this are just disgusting and not especially funny, but they are particularly pathetic.

No. 1370861

File: 1637215659042.jpg (549.21 KB, 1199x1094, 1494269472238.jpg)

Reminder, these people are FUCKED in the head, as the bottom post in that collage says summarizing this better than I could. Anyway, that's enough on it for now.

No. 1370902

File: 1637223853155.png (957.78 KB, 1391x979, gnomeIRL.png)

No. 1370905

File: 1637224436467.png (212.72 KB, 375x674, pietylegs.png)

This is most likely the Steam of its best friend or probably gf Ammie or Emmie T. btw, who it trolls imageboards with. slam is their friends' Steam group.

also, it tries to make people cut shit into their legs to prove they love it

No. 1370907

File: 1637224924732.png (330.36 KB, 1031x311, LULZ2.png)

Piety is pretty much pure evil ready for milking!

No. 1370910

spoil this you fucking retard

No. 1370913

Piety is the criminal here, not me. It's their photos they made other people carve into their legs. Don't shoot the messenger plz, I'm not a regular here. If a mod wants to delete those if I broke a rule I can repost them with spoilers, but I don't use imageboards very much, you fucking retard.

No. 1370919

File: 1637227378193.png (855.77 KB, 1139x1417, AmmieSteam.png)

This is their sugarmomma with screenshots about "brokeback Gauls." Tried to join their mumble server but it says it's whitelisted: https://steamcommunity.com/id/BurstingIntoTreats

No. 1374882

File: 1637717023987.png (102.45 KB, 797x597, thetraitorssymbol.png)

Emma you need to stay out of Skye's life. Leave us alone, we're happy in West Virginia without you. Rot in BC and stay away. She never loved you, she loves me.

The greatest traitor was your most beloved.

No. 1375309

Here is all the information of Piety and one of her friends, Bradley, who is her Russian translator.

They are psychopathic trolls who try to destroy and kill and manipulate people online; especially other psychopaths, who they try to starve to death or convince their family and friends they are psychotic and delusional, to try to destroy them and their sense of identity and object relationships.


No. 1375317

I help Skye with her cactus and garden and we laugh all day and share stories about how delusional you are. She's been playing you for years and now the chicken's just coming home to roost.

She doesn't need an Emma when she has an Emmie and a Gemma! You mean less to her than the tissue she blew her adorable nose with this morning. So go take your crazy pills and leave our girl alone!

</3 bye stupid

No. 1389297

File: 1639094180495.png (888.51 KB, 1024x768, lol2.png)

Ryan! Please unblock me, dude. We have weighty matters to discuss.

No. 1389821

It's a man.

No. 1389919

File: 1639167062173.png (892.71 KB, 1024x768, lol3d.png)

As is the lunatic tranny you've replied to.

No. 1392416

File: 1639457010288.png (498.4 KB, 614x400, lesboormid.png)


Or a couple of mentally ill, homosexual dudes?

You decide.

No. 1392972

reup please

No. 1393110

File: 1639537725802.jpg (34.4 KB, 555x612, mfp.jpg)

No. 1393337

File: 1639575019537.jpg (Spoiler Image, 81.9 KB, 449x800, 449x800_1025759522156155147_11…)

is this her?

No. 1398463

i think so yeah, "she" is not russian for sure
neither korean

No. 1398518

File: 1640096542256.gif (Spoiler Image, 737.37 KB, 386x480, cvnka 1.gif)


I found out about "cvnka" through a /b/ post where he/she was saying they were intersex with a vagina. They invited people to their discord where I found all the Vtuber shit. So confused reading this shit. Pic attached is "proof" they sent.

No. 1459247

anon the creature in picrel is clearly hapa or some sort of russian with asian admixture. looks like an ugly androgynous tsuruko. gross. anyways, why are you sure that that picture is "her" where did it even come from?

No. 1459297

File: 1646576533840.jpeg (93.05 KB, 788x727, A262E34E-B6BA-4140-A49C-EE6B25…)

i found more screenshots of this retarded scrote.i have no clue why everyone collectively agrees to call them an "it", leads me to believe this was all some sort of attentionwhorey psyop by the scrote himself… but they're a V-Tuber now and still occasionally exhibit the behaviours that they always have (catfishing as random russian/asian women and the blue whale discord server shit which is still up.) there's their interpals profile which uses the photos one of the anons had provided, though i believe the anon in question was cvnka himself.

No. 1459303

File: 1646577071170.jpeg (1.63 MB, 3464x3464, 6F07FF12-AF7D-4094-B1D4-681EFD…)

compilation of the scrote STILL catfishing as different women, i don't know if his followers are desperate enough to just convince themselves to believe this shit knowing it's fake (like the tards who claimed to have met "her" and that "she" looks exactly like her pics!) or if they just don't give a fuck.

No. 1459305

File: 1646577369436.jpeg (1.17 MB, 3464x3464, 8B6ED1F6-7411-4437-A20E-F1A2B0…)

samefag obviously but this "person" also doxxed crystal.cafe chicks at some point

No. 1459307

File: 1646577811430.jpeg (933.03 KB, 828x1400, 33C6AC3D-B1BF-4BEF-9C8D-259951…)

cvnka/chara/piety/whatever the fuck arguing with some crystal.castle chick about the doxxing ordeal. old as shit, but was never mentioned. weird how this thread barely mentions cvnka doing what made him relevant in the first place and moreso whether she's real or not (which HE obviously is not!)

No. 1466477

cvnka has been selfposting a lot on b lately among soc and some other boards STILL, honestly at this point this whores just a lost cause, shes 23 already.
better forget about her, one day she will khs

No. 1513994


PatricianTV is in her cesspool server being baited lol

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