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File: 1432500658536.jpg (56.35 KB, 639x960, 11118472_10152808154217106_454…)

No. 31846

>thinks she's e-famous enough to need a second facebook for herself

>got fellow yorkshire and surrounding area-itas to white knight her on btb

>added herself to the "who would you like to see host a panel at the next yorkshire comic con" and got like 7 fucking votes from her cronies

>thinks she's youtube famous for having one video of her and weeb friends dicking around and laughing in a shopping centre get to 2000+ views (nobody tell her that that was only because of /cgl)

>offered someone a payment plan of £10 a week for a £150 dress

>has the facial structure of a post-road accident pug except less cute

youtube: www.youtube.com/user/sugaryfantasycandy?&ab_channel=SugaryFantasyCandy

instagram: instagram.com/sugaryfantasycandy/

inactive tumblr: sugaryfantasycandy.tumblr.com

No. 31847

dis bitch, she asked me to hold something for her when I had literally just sold it, explained the situation to her and she massively guilt tripped me over it

and then two weeks later I was selling something else, she asked for a hold, I thought sure since last time you missed out, held it for a MONTH (it was only a £30 thing) and then she said she didn't want it anymore

No. 31848

I could tell she was British by her nose. I don't know why.

No. 31849

She's my friend, she is actually a sweet girl.

No. 31850

She looks like miss piggy

No. 31851

hella chunky eyeliner

No. 31852

She might be sweet but she's done some embarrassing shit. Tell her to deflate her ego.

No. 31853

Does she have a syndrome? Like, her face.

No. 31854

its not even even though what the fuck if youre gonna be an ita at least do it right

No. 31855

Her left eye (pic related right) kinda looks like it just got punched. Idk if it's the angle or lighting or what

No. 31856

according to her facebook she's only 15, how is she affording all this shit? she's posted a pic of an order from cutseykink costing £125, stuff is just taobao but marked up

No. 31857

She works really hard and has two jobs aswell as being a student full time.

No. 31858

File: 1432504067577.jpg (75.47 KB, 960x960, 11150439_680662052044050_51391…)

Got to be some genetic fuck up in there. that face.

No. 31859


2 jobs and a student? Fucking hell. She's desperate

Can't she just save some instead of buying AP and marked up Taobao shit every week?

No. 31860

I don't know what "jobs" she has, but it's illegal to employ anyone under 16.

No. 31861

shouldn't she be revising for her GCSEs rather than spending all her time working for clothes?
no it's not, very few stores will because they don't have insurance though, and the minimum wage is £2 something I think, very skeptical that she has two jobs, methinks we have a cuckoo in our nest

No. 31862

£3.79 per hour

No. 31863

No it's not, I think it is 14? But you can only work really pathetic length shifts. It still puzzles me how she has enough money for all the stuff she buys.

No. 31864

When I was 14 I was working £3 a day morning paper rounds for the off-license round the corner and I scraped together enough to buy myself H&M clothes once every month because my working days were erratic. I'm also very skeptical that she can maintain 2 shitty jobs and schoolwork and still afford a new dress every couple of weeks.

No. 31865


-during term time, you can only work for two hours on weekdays and Sundays and for five hours on Saturdays
during a school holiday, you can work for up to five hours on a week day or a Saturday and no more than two hours on a Sunday

-during a school holiday, you can work for up to five hours on a week day or a Saturday and no more than two hours on a Sunday

-you cannot work before 7.00 am or after 7.00 pm

Doesn't add up to forking out £150 for a dress.

No. 31866

(plus all the time she spends taking pics etc)

No. 31867

and making shitty youtube videos

No. 31868

I know she works at a cafe, not sure on the second job as she never told me what it was.
Maybe she gets pocket money on top, idk.
She's not Lolcow worthy, just a young gal. She'll grow out of it.

No. 31869

must be a lot of "pocket money" to afford burando

No. 31870


She's lolcow worthy because she's doing lolcow worthy stuff. Therefore she can be posted here.

Also that /face/.

No. 31871

Must be a jewel thief then.

No. 31872

No. 31873

I know her boyfriend buys her things sometimes, maybe he's her sugar daddy

No. 31874

I just hope she doesn't find this as she is sensitive to negative comments and lets it get to her.

No. 31875

oh shut up, maybe if she wasn't so rude to people she wouldn't get posted on here

No. 31876

is she mixed?
ive never seen a white person with such a nose

No. 31877

She treats her friends like her fans. I can understand if they're strangers but those are her real life lolita buddies and she just thinks of them as her tickets to e-fame.

I wonder what she's like at meets. Anyone have any interaction with her?

No. 31878

if she's that sensitive to them she shouldn't post herself all over instagram and youtube and facebook

No. 31879

I'm not one of her Lolita friends so I can't really give my opinion on that, I only communicate with her over the internet due to us both promoting the same company. She has always been polite and normal when speaking to me.

No. 31880

she promotes cutesykink and their overpriced taobao shit right

she acts like she's hot shit for modelling there but all you need to do is fill out a form smh

No. 31881

Agreed it is not exactly VOGUE, but she is young and enjoys the attention.

No. 31882

it'd be okay if she didn't attention see all the time and mae out that she's ~super e-famoose uguu~

No. 31883

holy shit her nose is massive

No. 31884

That face, them eyes, that nose….
That fucking nose…..
It's literally caved into her face like what? How? How does that happen? Uggh genetics are fucked up sometimes.

No. 31885

Wait, she's only 15? A lot of the stuff you listed sounds like immaturity and lack of critical thinking. Just another dumb teen.

No. 31886

Also means she can be raised and milked for sweet sweet lolz

No. 31887

i can't stop looking at that nose and those fucking white weeb trash eyes GOD

No. 31888

Well if that's true, I gotta applaud her for that discipline.

No. 31889

Lol no, she needs to stay in school and stop trying to buy shit from people with her no money.

No. 31890

No. 31891

She doesn't even buy shit tho. She asks to hold it and then never returns or asks for ridiculous payment plans.

No. 31892

No. 31893

Her face looks like a gorilla.

No. 31894

OP was spot on with the road accident pug but I think the gorilla tops it.

No. 31895

Jemie has deleted her FB profile apparently, or at least deactivated it. Everything else is still up. Wonder if she found this thread?

No. 31896

File: 1432732940720.gif (9.09 KB, 512x226, midface.gif)


I say this from a position of genuine curiosity and not malice:

It's probably just underdeveloped maxillary bones. That would produce a flat face and probably fuck with the eyes too.

No. 31897

I have a pretty big nose, but looking at her schnoz makes me feel so much better about myself.

No. 31898

she claims facebook made her change her name because it wasn't her real one. i think that her friend who was posting on here before told her.

No. 31899

her and Kanadjin need to make a kawaii idol group called "syndrome of a downs" seriously, they both look….erm…..special

No. 31900

that answer proves you are her
i love how she called herself a "young girl" she looks older than 18 i know that for sure
i'm noticing a trend in cows wanting to desperately be loli's even though they are clearly too old to be one

No. 31901

No. 31902

At first glance I thought this girl was Micky kek

No. 31903

File: 1432762814569.jpg (468.23 KB, 960x1280, 2015-05-27-17-37-49_deco.jpg)

I dropped my pic

No. 31904

That middle picture reminds me of Noodle from Gorillaz.

No. 31905

I know the top and bottom pic but who is the one in the middle?

No. 31906

It's >>31858 the girl that this thread is about

No. 31907

I thought it was showing 3 different girls at first

No. 31908

lots of Lolitas newbies do this. Y is she so speshul

No. 31909

How many try to scam themself to con guests?

No. 31910

Does any1 here know her IRL? The ppl who don't like her?

No. 31911

I'm friends with one of her friends,so indirectly, yes.

No. 31912

Are you trying to figure out who posted you here?

No. 31913

not Jemie. I know her. is this hate coming from just one person?

No. 31914

I'm the OP. I only posted >>31852 and >>31864. There's clearly quite a few people here with something to say about her.

No. 31915

Are you kidding or blind? She looks more like Russell.

No. 31916

File: 1432930299542.jpg (8.75 KB, 277x182, tumblr_nmj31jbOkk1titub2o1_400…)

>not jemie

No. 31917

why would you care

No. 31918

fucking yikes

No. 31919

File: 1433972667563.jpg (48.79 KB, 442x310, terab9.jpg)


No. 31920

What's up with these wannabe e-famous kawaii bitches in the UK coming from Yorkshire?

No. 31921

here in canada its legal lol

No. 31922


Yorkie accent is fucking terrible, luckily she's not from Liverpool because I would just want to cry if she was

No. 31923

Does she have waardenburg syndrome by any chance?

No. 31924

What does this gir;s hair actually look like? Or her eyebrows for that matter. I feel like if her bangs were just a but shorter she wouldn't look like… well >>31919. Her face shape isn't awful so she doesn't need to close it in so much with hair.

No. 31925

Who else is there

No. 31926


No. 31927

Kelsy at least got e fame for doing something and being good at it. Jemie………..

No. 31928

I think it's dyed black because ~so azin~ with a full fringe. Couldn't tell you about her eyebrows.

No. 31929

So this >>31858? Because that also looks like a wig. Seriously she looks like an ugly woodland creature because of that damn fringe/bangs and would loads more human with them either shorter or in a side sweep.

No. 31930


she seriously needs to stop

No. 31931

>"i thought i'd make a video with my natural hair so you can see who i REALLY am"
>wake me up
>(wake me up inside)

No. 31932

I did just take a look at her insta and I know why she does the dumb bangs rather then a side sweep. She doesn't want to deal with her caterpillar brows. She does look marginally better with side swept bangs.


No. 31933


Ouch. She looks awful without shoop and pastelly filters.

No. 31934

Ew, not to mention the ratty ass wig.

No. 31935

Um I'm Jemie's friend. She'll get really upset if she finds this. Can we stop talking about her please?

No. 31936

Jemie uploads the videos on the internet herself so she should've been aware people could watch it and talk bad about it, if she doesn't want people to talk about it then she shouldn't upload it.

No. 31937

File: 1434221166673.jpg (8.19 KB, 250x236, 1433550506953.jpg)

No. 31938

File: 1434221228298.jpg (10.1 KB, 293x200, 5551458 _d9bfe6f80ae9d7e7fef89…)


No. 31939

can you remind her she isn't asian?
she seems to have forgot

No. 31940

hi jemie
did we hurt your feels?

No. 31941

File: 1434221714847.jpg (35.75 KB, 264x373, Bawwwww_bunny.jpg)

No. 31942

I'm not Jemie I'm just a friend. She is really sensitive to criticism and she takes stuff like this really bad. I just want you to stop for Jemie's sake.

No. 31943

no :)

No. 31944

maybe she shouldn't make a fool of herself online?

No. 31945

She doesn't make a fool of herself it's just you bitches tearing her apart.

No. 31946

File: 1434225441507.png (555.6 KB, 1366x768, New Canvas.png)

she spend more time posing than actually doing anything
im just gonna dump her fab poses

No. 31947

File: 1434225487287.png (497.42 KB, 1366x768, w9299.png)


lol, what a drama queen you seem to be

No. 31948

File: 1434225509434.png (526.91 KB, 1366x768, 1111.png)

No. 31949

File: 1434225599538.png (521.87 KB, 1366x768, 2222.png)

/10 how mad are you?

No. 31950

File: 1434225656944.png (523.75 KB, 1366x768, 333.png)

No. 31951

Don't forget that awful one with her moving the snail across the bottom of the video and pretending to be surprised to see it.

No. 31952

its too hideous to show on here tho

No. 31953

File: 1434229349832.jpg (88.29 KB, 500x400, otto7.jpg)

No. 31954

show meee omg. too lazy to search

No. 31955

>really sensitive to criticism

what the fuck is she doing putting herself out there to be an e celeb for then.

No. 31956

Did you vote for her to be a guest at YCC?

No. 31957

Yeah I did. She deserves to be there like any other person on the list, she's really sweet in real life and you guys don't even know her

No. 31958

She deserves to be a con guest? Because she is as known or talented as anyone on that list. 7 votes says you are wrong little girlie

No. 31959

She does. She has a lot of subscribers on Youtube and she's popular on Instagram. She is really nice and she'd be good as a con guest at a panel.

No. 31960


359 subs isn't a lot…

No. 31961

It's more than you have probably. She deserves them

No. 31962

File: 1434290894066.gif (925.01 KB, 320x180, ohhhh-o.gif)

No. 31963

Nonetheless, it's still not a lot l0l.

No. 31964

if she's going to put herself on the internet, don't expect her not to get hate and criticism whether its constructive or being plain mean. grow up, this is lolcow.

No. 31965

Panel for what?

No. 31966

She would be good talking about lolita and fairy kei as she knows a lot about it. She talks to me about it and she's really knowledgeable lol

No. 31967

Not that anon but dropping by to say, you must really not know anything if you think she is really knowledgeable.

No. 31968

She'd look a million times better with a more flattering haircut. Friend anon, tell her that. Seriously, I'd wanna know if I were a teen and such an easy change could improve my appearance.

No. 31969

You hold things for a month without a down payment? You are the true lolcow here.

This girl is boring and young, she has done nothing to warrant a thread on here other than being a bit ugly and a bit of an attention whore. It's pretty obvious this thread is being filled with a small group of people who dislike her already. Seriously the entire thread is speculating why she is ugly, and defending that she's a lolcow.
I don't see any lolcow here, just a girl being ripped on for having unfortunate features and being a bit of a twat.

No. 31970


First time me chiming in here. Her face is very unfortunate. She's a stupid kid and I don't really care about her but her white knight is making me hate her. The who lol she's probably better than you cause you're just a bitch on lolcow even though I an also on lolcow and keep bumping thr thread. Makes me think self post and if it is her she sounds like a crap person.

No. 31971

Yeah, her fringe is too long which makes her face seem squashed even more.

No. 31972

This Jemie Chan is nowhere near as lulzy as some of the other twats in the UK. She actually seems legit.

We have this fine example of an Ita who thinks she's God's gift to the cosplay singing scene, regularly attends MCM, LAGC and is all up in AnimeLeague's arse. Just sayin.


No. 31973

File: 1434310004099.jpg (145.29 KB, 960x960, 11026087_432631710248776_15415…)

No. Just no.

No. 31974


The UK has loads of weebs. Just go to this crap arcade called heart of gaming. Point at anyone and there you go. The dude who runs it is well slimy and sleeps with the under aged girls. Also if you know the dance game community and the Ben spiers thing where he filmed girls peeing by setting up cameras in the arcades and there homes.

Basically there's a lot more interesting people than this ugly thing. Being ugly doesn't qualify for being a lol cow

No. 31975

I typed sage once and now it keeps putting sa in the email field do I tell admin about that? It's kinda annoying and I keep forgetting to remove it cause it auto saves in the field.

No. 31976

Lol do you even English? I can't understand half of what you're trying to say…

This girl is boring and her white knights are boring and her face is boring and her coordinate is boring and this thread is boring.

Whoever posted this should feel bad about starting this thread because literally all it is is people speculating about why her face looks like that. Like I know we're all petty bitches here but damn, lol.

No. 31977


I'm on my phone and fatigued but yeah I English.

No. 31978


Too true. The UK is clustered with Weebs and while this girl does have a strange face, I fail to see her as a lolcow. Jemie Chan is just a kid, shit she makes a cute Sweet Lolita IMO. As long as she doesn't end up like Fetsu.

No. 31979

the point of lolcow is to take these twats and milk them for full lolcow potential

No. 31980

hi jemie i see you samefagging

No. 31981

People disagree and I have no argument = must be same fag!!!!
You know nothing, John snow. You can't milk that which isn't already a cow.

No. 31982


Nigga please. She's no different from the little teen kawaii jfashion bloggers roaming in the UK. They just post cute shit, hoard in fans and get sponsored. Fuck all lolcow worthy about them.

No. 31983

Yes. Her current haircut makes her look like a jack-o-lantern.

No. 31984

she looks like a man

No. 31985

File: 1434334918339.jpg (29.82 KB, 239x356, PetuniaPig.jpg)

No. 31986

since when did this board go from bitching about jemie to bitching about everyone else? she's done dumb shit to the point of being lolcow worthy and that's in op's post

if she didn't deserve it she wouldn't be here. fetsu hasn't exactly done much shit but y'all still rag on her like there's no tomorrow

No. 31987

>talking about lolita
Holy shit she's ita as fuck, the last thing we need is ugly bitches like her in lolita.
Fuck off, why are the Brits so goddamn crazy?

No. 31988

She's already technically in lolita. Please keep her so she doesn't bring her mashed face to the fairy kei girls, thanks.

No. 31989

being sweet doesn't make her deserve to be an e-celeb
especially when she is THAT sensitive
e-celebs have get some of the worst hate, then why the fuck does she want to be one?
your being an ass kisser

No. 31990

i have more than her and i uploaded like
one video

No. 31991

File: 1434393336593.jpg (24.9 KB, 236x310, 35t564.jpg)

No. 31992

its not people disagreeing
its white knighting at its lulziest

No. 31993

This chick is so stupid, I've had some less than decent experiences with her

No. 31994

shes not even a newbie she's supposedly been into the fashion for about 3 years

No. 31995

probably fetal alcohol syndrome tbh. people with that have wide-set eyes and a really wide, thick nasal bridge, and their cupids bow is either extremely pronounced or nonexistant.

No. 31996


She takes every opportunity to grab e-fame. The panel description is not for talking about your ~speshul time in lolita~ and promoting yourself, it's to tell guests what they should expect ffs.

No. 31997

File: 1438613332673.jpg (111.96 KB, 960x720, 11826025_1435319073465032_6002…)


No. 31998

I haven't read anything in this thread but this picture alone is most definitely britfags. They have a specific touch of inbred different from here in the states.

No. 31999

sum1 plz report back on this.

No. 32000

did she tell u that? Look at the thing she wrote on YCC

No. 32001

the girl in the middle is really pretty though. like, i mean, joanna lumley had huge chiclet teeth, but look at how far she's come.

No. 32002

She's 15 too.

No. 32003

Apparently it was yesterday. Can anyone find a video or report back how shit it was?

No. 32004

No. 32005

File: 1439080183773.jpg (32.64 KB, 960x540, 11826075_402615179932668_22105…)


Side note: it makes sense that Colleen (the one on the right) is her friend, they run the Fairy Kei Sales UK FB group. Too many goddamn rules and Colleen goes on a power trip every time she spots something potentially rule-breaking. Nobody wants to sell there are this point.

No. 32006

*at this point.

It's 2am.

No. 32007

File: 1439080313623.jpg (50.63 KB, 960x540, 11836888_402582159935970_13098…)

jemie has the worst genetics i've ever seen please keep your ugly mug out of cute fashion

No. 32008

Was anyone there? deets

No. 32009

I didn't watch it myself but a few of the lolitas there referred to it as basic information.

No. 32010

Her wardrobe must be so bland and uninteresting. All she ever wears is pink, like she doesn't even try to coordinate other colors.

No. 32011

No. 32012

you're doing god's work

No. 162665

Sorry for reviving such a dead thread but I saw this girl at Manchester Comic Con on Saturday. Pretty sure she was wearing lolita. She was with a few other girls who I believe she was with when I saw her in the queue at the same con two years earlier - and, like that previous time - she had a look on her face that said 'I'm better than everyone here'. No smile, just a self-assured, straight expression, if that's even possible. Pretty sure our eyes met for a second and I instantly felt like I needed to look away. Ngl it was a little intimidating. Acting all bubbly and cute online and then sneering in public is sooo typical of a lot of 'well-known' lolitas. I was glad I didn't see her again after that.

No. 162671

wtf so you saw her and she literally did nothing at all to you? you judged her based on her face when she wasn't even socializing with you whatsoever? such ridiculous entitlement on your part without offering any milk.

No. 162676

You're embarrassing, anon.

No. 167675

She's Goffik now and somehow more annoying

No. 167680


Mate I was at MCC too and I saw well better looking cunts in Lolita than that thing. MCC was embarrassing anyway the amount of fucking tumblrina stalls and steven unipuke art out was bad.

No. 167689

more annoying? what's the milk? is that even possible?

No. 167698

Now she's 3 edgy 5 me

No. 167702

jesus that happened fast. How can someone change completly in the course of like a month i do not understand

No. 167703

Jemma, please stop digging up your old thread. You are a normal British girl who likes to shop at Blue Banana and Pulp, you're not even a lolcow - why do you want to be seen as one??

No. 167822

What the fuck is wrong with her face? Did someone beat her in he face resulting in a broken nose or what?

No. 167848

She's got wide spaced eyes and a flat nose. She reminds me of Trisha Paytas without makeup.

No. 167884

Except Trisha is actually kind of cute. Jemma's just ugly.

No. 167885

That would be the makeup.

No. 168088

she looks like gremlin

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