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File: 1495582644796.png (418.72 KB, 427x522, im sorry.PNG)

No. 320127

yeah so she had potential to b cute, well look @ her now https://www.instagram.com/degrotesquedami/?hl=en

No. 320133

No. 320139

i was wondering if anyone would make a thread about her, since i stumbled upon her again the other day.

i got a good laugh at seeing her in a wheelchair, and she claims to be a NB transguy.

she's fucking disgusting, but i'm curious to why she's in a wheelchair? she claims she has fibromyalgia, but i HIGHLY doubt it's real. and even if it is, how can she regress so quickly to end up in one?

ah, the ploys for attention to be totes disabled

No. 320140

shit op, learn how to write and make a thread

No. 320142

File: 1495583447059.png (141.04 KB, 1060x531, 20170523_185013.png)

No. 320144

Holy shit

No. 320146


No. 320164

Why would she put on her Tumblr that she used to be Jessi Slaughter?

No. 320169

she owns it now. gives her past of trauma, abuse and terror more plausibility.

she absorbed all the worst cancer of the internet and became it, personified, back then, and she's come full circle and become today's internet cancer, personified.

No. 320170

File: 1495585460335.png (144.94 KB, 1220x677, IMG_0541.PNG)

No. 320172

File: 1495585576472.png (188.82 KB, 1222x1157, IMG_0542.PNG)

Wtf tho

No. 320175

File: 1495585700597.jpg (62.79 KB, 500x500, IMG_0543.JPG)

No. 320176

File: 1495585716657.png (175.46 KB, 1127x1225, IMG_0544.PNG)

No. 320182

File: 1495585832969.png (216.98 KB, 1204x1144, IMG_0545.PNG)

Her about me on tumblr

No. 320186

File: 1495586013313.png (2.92 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_2433.PNG)

look at her getting called out for having a vibrator in her photo & her saying it's a massager for "muscles and cats" lmao wtf

No. 320187

File: 1495586027599.png (194.63 KB, 1210x878, IMG_0546.PNG)

Did anyone know this about her dad?

No. 320188

i always wondered how she was gonna turn out……but honestly she's kept a pretty low profile and considering all the terrible shit that has happened 2 her she could be worse. really she's just like any other fat weirdo on tumblr

No. 320189

"a proper diagnosis" tho? ugh

No. 320190

for some reason I didn't think she'd turn out to be fat!

No. 320193

File: 1495586365622.png (176.89 KB, 1157x825, IMG_0547.PNG)

That's actually sad. Makes me wonder what kind of shit happened off camera

No. 320198

File: 1495586577122.png (97.02 KB, 1234x572, IMG_0548.PNG)

I'm so confused…. why? Transtrenders are the worst

No. 320202

She got really fat since the wheelchair. Why spoonies start eating more pizza when they get "diagnosed"?

Old video for the good times.

No. 320203

File: 1495586723165.png (213.39 KB, 1214x905, IMG_0549.PNG)

No. 320204

>Naturally chubby

what the fuck

No. 320205

every snowflake claims to have fibromyalgia these days. she definitely doesnt have it considering shes in a sterotypical transboy tumblr stage

No. 320207

Are you too young to remember that her dad got arrested for punching her only a few months after that "u dun goofed" video?

No. 320208

She was taken away and then placed somewhere else where she wasn't allowed access to the internet, right?

No. 320211

so shes gonna have a dick and a vagina? ok

No. 320212

File: 1495587179367.png (157.19 KB, 1241x764, IMG_0551.PNG)

Oh god no.

No. 320218

Not too young but i didn't follow her drama. I only know the vidoe which was already posted and the 'you dun goofed' one. I think she also was on the news or something.

No. 320227

what the fuck is up with this generation oh my god

since is grosses me out i don't look into it, but can anyone confirm psychologically why the little trend is so huge? is it really the obvious answer of childhood abuse and if someone was abused then 1.why would they want to stay stuck there and 2.why would they sexualize their childhood that's so fucked

Jessi has obvious childhood issues so I'm legitimately confused why she wouldn't be stoked to grow up and move on, but sage for only slightly ot

No. 320230

Eh, I'll buy that she has fibro (many women do these days, it is real and also sometimes connected to trauma). I had the diagnosis and the symptoms for years and hated that people did not believe me because I was young. (Sage for blog.)

But EDS is usually not something you just get a genetic test for and you are diagnosed. That is part of the issue with it and why munchies like it – there aren't clear genetic markers for the majority of people who have some form of EDS.

No. 320232

agreed. she's weird but tbh besides the wheelchair thing and the fake trans stuff I think she's fairly well adjusted. like in her asks on tumblr, she comes across as a decent person. she gave that girl reassurance, the one who wrote to her about feeling relief when her own abusive dad died. she seems really open about her past and her dad's abuse but in a very calm way - like yeah, this is what happened, I'm dealing with it, etc

No. 320238

It feels wrong to go after this girl considering it's confirmed by the government her dad abused her and then he died from a heart attack after she was removed from the home.

No. 320244

It's just interesting and cringey, but i definitely don't think anyone is trying to attack her. We really shouldn't send her any intrusive messages, just screenshot

No. 320262

I've messaged her a few times privately over the years to see how she's doing and what's life like. Shes always been really kind despite me being another random internet person snooping on a girl who had a mental breakdown on YouTube. I don't know about the wheelchair stuff which could very well be potential milk but I don't have a problem with her. She's stuck with the trans thing for several years now so maybe it's not just a phase. She just seems… fine. Edgy as all get out but fine. Not the same confrontational little twat she was as Jessie Slaughter. She is a product of her environment, and considering the things she's been through she's doing pretty well. She really needs to lose weight for her own good though. At this rate she'll be obese soon. That's no way to live.

She seems more like a 16 or 17 year old than a 19 year old to me.

No. 320266

Why would she wear that shirt?

No. 320272

>no gender dysphoria
>preferring a penis

No. 320277

i heard she got pregnant in a care home and had nudes taken aged 14 but that's genuinely just hearsay unless someone has caps

No. 320294

File: 1495591831062.png (3.32 KB, 280x272, gg.png)

Caps of a nude 14 year old?

No. 320297

she's made up pregnancy stories before, so it wouldn't be surprising if that turned out to be false. however i do remember seeing her nudes get leaked on 4chan. no caps because cp.
yeah, i've messaged her privately a few times as well. she was really sweet, and we exchanged tumblr urls. i hope she gets better in terms of her health and weight.

No. 320329


It's mentioned in this thread >>>/pt/39813
More Jessi details there.

No. 320356

I know she's following a lot of retarded trends, but I genuinely feel bad for her. Unlike a lot of privileged fags on Tumblr, she was actually abused as a kid (I suspect she was molested by her dad honestly), so it makes sense that she's fucked up.

Yeah, the nudes are true but no caps obviously. Just google pictures of roast beef if you want to see.

No. 320357


they did an interview about what happened back in the jessi slaughter days. being abused by a parent and being bipolar would explain a lot. they actually seem pretty well adjusted and seem to be doing a lot better than they were back then (aside from the health issues, and i would encourage people in this thread to do a little research on the links between fibro and childhood trauma).

No. 320358

She was well-known in her preteen years.

No. 320362

Is this Angel again? Isn't Jessi Slaughter underage and therefore a banned topic?

No. 320371

iirc she turned 18 a few months(?) back

No. 320373

File: 1495598568443.png (49.89 KB, 300x100, angel.png)

I'm 100% convinced that the creator of this thread is piercedangel69 / Georgina Edwar. Evidence here: >>320142

Angel has a vendetta hate-on for Jessi Slaughter. She's brought her up several times on this board. I dunno, I guess senpai didn't notice her? Or Angel is mad because Jessi might be encroaching upon her disABILITY territory?

Previous Jessi Slaughter mentions:

Georgina Edwar / Piercedangel69 thread:

No. 320376

I mean, the "ALSO SHES USING A WHEELCHAIR NOW??" kind of gave it away lol

No. 320381

tbh she is a bit of a flake, but put her in the fakeboi thread at the very least. she's not interesting enough for her own thread. she's just a generic transtrender tumblr nonbinary uwu and is super uninteresting.

No. 320382

I mean, yeah. I wasn't really pointing it out for other farmers. I think she thinks she's clever.

No. 320387

She's kind of like the second spoony in that you can spot her posts right away. I know this is lolcow, but she's needlessly hateful toward pretty much everyone. I don't get it.

No. 320552


Sorry to disappoint but this one is nothing to do with me

No. 320556


Her dad was a known drunk

No. 320593

Cats, muscles and other. That's a heck of a lot more eloquent than saying, "It's mah dildo, fam."

No. 320602

>dat OP image

So she chose the CWC route. Damn.

No. 320604

people cope with trauma in weird ways. rape victims might get into brutal or violent sex to "take back" what happened to them, and child abuse survivors seem to sexualize their situations in a similar manner. how abuse manifests later in life is different for everyone but can obviously seem pretty fucked up.

tbh, i'm surprised jessi didn't turn out worse. i honestly thought she'd be dead by now. wanting to become an irl futa is weird but by tumblr standards she's right on track.

No. 320624

there's a video on youtube someone recorded where Jessi had apparently left her livestream on without noticing. In it you can hear her parents arguing and her mother at one point said "Hit me asshole!".. i assume he probably raised his hand at her or something. Later on you can actually hear him strike Jessi. He clearly sounds like he beat both his wife and his kid.

No. 320634

File: 1495640918990.jpg (120.61 KB, 1170x724, f8ca51_2492491.jpg)

Honestly, it's not surprising in absolute least that Jessica is so mentally disturbed and such an attention seeker. Both her parents are probably the trashiest people i've ever seen. Pic related, her mom dressed her up as "vampire hooker" for her middle school dance AFTER all that bullshit on the internet happened.

here's an interview her mom gave where she shows how absurdly ignorant she irresponsible she is. keep in mind this lady is like 50 or 60 years old. http://blog.sfgate.com/abraham/2010/07/19/jessi-slaughters-mom-talks-about-internet-harassment-to-her-daughter/

No. 320794

Jessi Slaughter is awesome. OP is just hella jelly.

No. 320813

you sound like a sheltered edgy 12-year-old that just discovered BOTDF and thinks she was cool for maybe-not-really getting raped by one of their members. she's an abuse survivor, and edgy as fuck, too, but she's not anyone to be jealous of.

No. 320830

wew sonny, she dun goofed.

No. 320846

She's a cringey tumblrtard but I feel like emotionally she's at a better place in her life.
I hope she becomes her own person soon and stops jumping on bandwagons and loses the weight

No. 320882

she used to be so cute, this is just dreadful looking. what a hag

No. 321484

georgina you really need a thorough psych evaluation because you're fucking retarded and borderline as fuck and incredibly embarrassing

No. 323379

yeah all the shit she went through has her pretty fucked up i bet. still looks like a fucking hog tho

No. 323629

i think her transtrender ramblings now are lulzy as hell but relating to this and feeling for her makes my heart hurt.

No. 341302

File: 1498427867511.jpg (37.92 KB, 539x268, YcX2SHn.jpg)

found this on reddit. it's really shocking to see this side by side comparison.

No. 367420

This actually makes me really sad for her. She was turned into a joke at such a young age, had a drunk for a father and now she wants to do something like that? She's obviously messed up. It was answered one year ago from the time you posted the screencap so I hope she's changed her mind.

No. 377877


That's not even her

No. 580031

this is just depressing.

Honestly she probably needs someone who can help her grow and not enable her. Her parents failed her, and didn't stop her internet activity. And now, who will help her now?

All we can do is pray and hope she maybe realizes how she can make her own life better.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 580035

She seems to be doing well as of late, and she's stable despite her health condition unfortunately worsening.
I think that she's doing a good job laying under the radar and keeping her private life private. It's is her best bet.

No. 580578

Jessi was abused for the first 11 years of her life, molested by a famous musician at age 10, and put on bipolar meds at age 12.

All things considered, she's doing pretty well.

No. 580778

doing pretty well? shes at the hospital like she says everyday and now shes in a fucking wheelchair. it sounds worse then being a walking 11 year old

No. 580807

She's just another one who heard that we get dislocations and now all of a sudden her legs just 'give out' and she never gets subluxation just total collapse. Because she has very little contact with family having a genetic diagnosis will prove very difficult, however I don't believe she has any form of it. EDS is a lot more than just dislocations but munchies forget that because it's not as easy to fake. She maybe has hypermobility in her knees and fibro but that's about it.

No. 800499

File: 1556284936435.jpeg (455.97 KB, 750x877, 1490D9BA-4695-414F-A845-10345B…)

No. 800500

File: 1556284968525.jpeg (316.77 KB, 750x860, 17DB982E-18FE-474A-8892-161D44…)

No. 800506


>20 August 2017

How is this news? And if you're going to post an article, include a link.

No. 800639

File: 1556323760637.png (683.71 KB, 509x597, goof.PNG)

I just checked out her instagram and she seems to be doing pretty good relatively speaking. She's lost weight, grown out her hair and looks healthy.

I'm happy for her. She had such a fucked up adolescence.

No. 800699

she looks like a washed out plastic covered druggie twice her age lmao what are you talking about

No. 800834

what are YOU talking about? she looks fine. I looked at her ig too and she seems like she's much happier and in a more stable situation, and she has lost a ton of weight.

I'm not one to WK but I think she's grown out of the worst of her tumblr phase

No. 800972

yeah she looks pretty normal now. glad shes better

No. 800979

I'm so glad she's doing better and I hope she's in therapy to help work through what happened to her.

No. 801431

looks loads better than her OP pic

No. 812535

She’s in a wheelchair now and is trans non-binary. Damien is her new name and she goes by “they/them”(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 813397

she's done homemade porn recently… where she pegs a dude with a strap on…? and says a spongebob reference before penetrating him

just search ''jessi slaughter'' on pornhub

my fucking eyes burned out of my skull

No. 813450

She pegs a troon. I watched for the SpongeBob reference. They're so awkward. Why even do this?!

No. 813764

That's milk from years ago, that.
From when she worked as an actual prostitute. He got his sickfuck jollies off and she got cash moneys for white trash weeb shit. A fair quid-pro-quo exchange.

No. 813872

Lolcow really needs the ability to spoiler posts

No. 813878

Lol wut there is

No. 814142

well next time spoiler shit like "jessi slaughter's sex tape" cuz now i cant unsee it

No. 814426

holy shit his voice and the fact she said lubetacular

No. 820171

why is she on lolcow? nothing milky about being a kid who was abused and failed by every adult in her life, plus millions of people on the internet who watched it happen and still dont care

No. 820183

Why would you necro the thread if you think she is not worthy of being on the site

No. 820225

they didn't necro the thread wtf

lolcow wouldnt be lolcow without a jessi slaughter thread

No. 839719

Saw that too. Good for her.(necromancy)

No. 950291

Jessi was on stream with Chris Hansen (wild af) talking about Dahvie Vanity. She's been losing a lot of weight and seems more well adjusted than a year or two ago.

No. 951122

File: 1585537281086.jpeg (615.59 KB, 828x804, A0479EEE-1AD0-4302-B061-2437D5…)

Amazing, muh disabilities disappear and your knees can bear weight when you drop 70 pounds.

No. 956703

Shouldn't even be responding to this retarded fucking necro tbh but people with fibro aren't always wheelchair bound 24/7 dumbass

No. 959266


Yet her wheelchair is nowhere to be seen in any of her new instagram pics now that she's thinner?

Anyway she looks a lot better and hopefully is mentally better too.

No. 964885

File: 1587779829125.jpg (Spoiler Image, 949.48 KB, 1944x2592, 1B2E97F.jpg)

Nice legs(necro)

No. 964926

A lot of her photos show her using her cane and other stuff still but nice bait

No. 964930

Yeah, seems that the weight loss helped her go from the chair to a cane, but not miraculously cure her like that anon is alluding too.

I realize this was posted to try to shame her, but I'm honestly kind of surprised by how little leg hair she has for not shaving tbh. kek.

No. 965105

she used a cane in the past before getting a wheelchair though. she's not always wheelchair bound, she stated herself that she only uses it when walking/standing for prolonged periods of time

No. 965777

File: 1587943385764.jpg (859.26 KB, 1079x1945, Screenshot_20200426-223648_Ins…)

She went live on instagram today and reacted to Chris Hansen's interview with Jeffree Star. She was disappointed to say the least with Jeffree after he kind of brushed everything under the rug and minimised the whole situation where Dahvie Vanity molseted actual children. She started crying because she never wanted this much attention on her, hence why she kept relatively quiet about it. I genuinely feel bad for her, but props for coming out and standing up for herself.

No. 966029


Jeffree Star is obviously a gigantic nonce himself. He'll carry on until his Weinstein house of cards falls down. Then that wonky eyed youtube cunt he does makeup with can be the one pretending he had no idea too.

No. 966259

I'm glad that she's doing better. The way the internet treated her is a great shame on humanity.

Take this with a massive grain of salt because the accuser is one of the worst pieces of shit alive, but Hunter Moore claims Jeffree threatened him at knife point to let him give him head.

No. 969053

Hate to spoil the fun, but this chick is lying and nothing more the a attention whore. U can tell she does whatever she can for attention. She has lied so many times in the past and will keep lying.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 969141

fuck out of here Vanity

No. 979494

You believe the cunt? You should have your own page here.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 979500

>> She started crying because she never wanted this much attention on her
Mfw the bitch is the literal OG internet attention whore

No. 979508

She was 10 lmao

No. 979527

Your age is showing. It looks like you only knew about her from her E. D. page or the concequences video.

No. 1103633

i don't understand why people victim blame 10 year olds. if they're doing lolcow esque behavior and that age, they're prob conditioned or groomed to think its normal

No. 1127937

Chick is hot and her work is dope.

https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=221079986308587&id=396579327086229(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1127963

hi cow(read the rules)

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