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File: 1497182050829.png (461.17 KB, 613x305, where in the world is mike tow…)

No. 333727


Thread for Mike Towers, a notorious cow on the con scene, also features some in Sindy's thread: >>>/snow/272285

Claims to fame:
>runs AnimeLeague, a cringey weebfest forums, and equally cringey cons which feature cosplay slave auctions, deplorable hygiene and public makeouts between obeasts in cat ears
>advertised his cons as MCM-affiliated events on the MCM facebook page and subsequently received a lifetime ban from all MCM events in the UK
>has recently been accused of date rape and grooming underage girls, with evidence apparently being given to the police
>public clashes with MCM resident shitposter Obayed Khan, leading to Michael samefagging constantly on /cgl/ claiming that Obayed is a paedophile himself and threatening to 'see him at mcm' (which he is banned from)
>has used to cgl to try and spread rumours that Kita is cancelled and the MCM heads are under investigation for grooming and child abuse

There's a whole lot of milk here. Will add archive references next post

No. 333731

No. 333737


No. 333739

Congratz for getting yourself banned ahead of time.

On another note, got some screenshots should probably post here to get a visual idea of the drama, since this is an image board after all?

No. 333740

Am on it, I've changed computers and a lot of things have been deleted fom FB so I'm waiting on screenshots a friend saved when it all started.

No. 333741

finally you moved here, stay the fuck out of CGL.

No. 333750

Calm down buddy, you seem rather butt hurt that a thread aimed specifically at someone has a reply aimed at someone

No. 333752

You don't see to get how lolcow works, and considering the Hellweek rules, yeah, you would get banned for making posts that just say "Hi -insert person here-". Just pointing that out for the folks who decided not to read them.

No. 333784

I read them, it was the first thing I did when I got here. I just didn't perticularly care. you guys seem way too obsessed with this MT guy, no wonder he keeps going. The more you talk about his events the more you're advertising him regardless of if it's negative or not. People will look them up and people will attend it honestly doesn't seem like it's deterring things. Like the guy whose "paying to attend to do research on him". It's still money in his pocket.

No. 333796

File: 1497195151946.jpg (156.19 KB, 1136x852, 19074757_286241005179775_52474…)

Screenshots have come in, starting with material related to him grooming underage girls, shagging underage girls, and generally being a colossal creepy piece of shit

No. 333797

File: 1497195168000.jpg (25.31 KB, 920x310, 19113203_286240988513110_17999…)

No. 333798

File: 1497195184448.jpg (37 KB, 920x648, 19075115_286240995179776_15079…)

No. 333799

File: 1497195203327.jpg (52.29 KB, 615x960, 19073715_286241001846442_17782…)

No. 333800

File: 1497195217888.jpg (50.54 KB, 612x960, 19075091_286240998513109_72503…)

No. 333802

File: 1497195415412.png (188.64 KB, 488x592, venueblacklist.PNG)

After all this came out and these screenshots did the rounds, AL events started haemorraging guests and venues, so Mike started using a proxy to try and book venues who weren't too keen on hosting a volatile, drama-crazy paedophile. Despite this, he insists that his scabby glorified weeaboo orgies are doing better than ever.

No. 333803

File: 1497195545281.png (62.7 KB, 494x578, obayed harassment.PNG)

Mike responded to the furore by developing a serious vendetta against Obayed, who had been posting the screenshots all over the place and trying to get people to boycott his events. This may have involved illegally sharing data from AL attendee databases, but as anons on /cgl/ said, he could have just looked it up.

No. 333804

File: 1497195619395.jpg (131.58 KB, 706x1065, 1497100424392.jpg)

Chatlogs have also been leaked proving that Mike has been trying to spread rumours about Obayed and others on /cgl/ to take the focus off himself and his kiddie fiddling.

No. 333806

File: 1497196390953.png (949.5 KB, 1028x834, obayed didn't attend.png)

After sending Obayed messages saying he and his friends would 'see him at MCM' (the event from which he had a lifetime ban), Mike completely pussied out and claimed Obayed hadn't attended because he was scared of him. Obayed was at the event all weekend posting selfies constantly.


No. 333807

File: 1497196598428.png (271.26 KB, 604x496, cgl posts.png)

Of course Mike couldn't resist taking to /cgl/ to spread his bullshit further.

No. 333808

Erm the person in that photo came out in original thread saying she was 16 and has never met him. No sure that one is appropriate

No. 333813

>K[xxx] [xxxx]n
Whoever was put in charge of censoring this needs a slap to the face.

No. 333814

File: 1497197256626.png (709.87 KB, 488x608, al girls.png)

The latest episode in the saga- Mike tries to start up an Anime League Suicide Girls/Cosplay Deviants ripoff called 'AL Girls'. None of the models will be paid and most of them are absolute fucking munters. Sindy Pop applied, but got rejected- this is presumably why she has now publicly 'dumped' Towers. Pic features some of the highlights, truly the cream of the weeaboo conslut crop.

No. 333815

Who was it?

No. 333816

You say that yet if Towers stopped being a shit people wouldn't talk, so hardly an obsession, its like the AL staff trying so hard for Obayed, now THAT'S obsession

No. 333818

Just adding information to this page

No. 333819

This is a post about Towers, not Obayed, no one cares here, Towers personal address was posted too, so edgy , enjoy your ban kiddo

No. 333820


And here we are with the milkiest part of the whole affair- the Anime League autists absolutely cannot stop themselves from obsessively trying to turn Mike threads into Obayed threads. See related post:>>333803

No. 333821

I honestly can't remember her name, that whole thread was deleted. I'm sure some I know did send me screen shots of it all as they saved most of it. I'll see if I have it still.

No. 333824

Nayrt but the lolcow rules don't mention doxxing or sharing details

No. 333826

At this point nobody cares

No. 333828

If he was in the US this would be a felony, but the UK laws are a little more lax surrounding it. Still, if she was 16 and sent any pictures to him (don't know if she did or not), he'd be handling kiddy porn regardless of where he lives. She'd be in trouble for distributing it too though…

No. 333833

I don't know all this fully, but I know who she is. She did reply to thread saying she has never met Towers and she was 16 however it got deleted and I never grabbed any of the comments or even the status itself stupidly. What I do know is the person who put up the original status had a thing for her and was jealous of her and MT being whatever they were (a creepy sub Dom thing? Idk what the fuck they were).

While I can't say for sure about everything that's gone, there are a lot of paedo rumours about Towers, it does seem a bit odd the person who posted the status that kicked it all off had a thing for her as well as being fired from AL.

I'm not saying Towers is innocent or guilty but everything around the original status doesn't fully add up. If Towers has done this he DOES need to face concequences, but the original poster did this all out of jealously and anger. If it's true why was it covered up so long by the person who leaked it?

No. 333834

I wouldn't be surprised if a lot of AL higher-ups were involved, including the whistleblower.

No. 333835

It's almost as if you missed the explanations on the cgl threads, that there wasn't any solid proof of what he'd done, and without it, the police won't do squat. They got real victims to come forward, there is a case, a case number, and if you think it was covered up by the person who leaked, then it was covered up by every single member of AL staff for as long - why didn't anyone else come forward?

No. 333838

It wouldn't surprise me if the whistleblower was in on it. He admitted about knowing for a long time but used a lame excuse about not having evidence. He just happened to fine and have evidence the second he got fired? All way too suspect if you ask me

If that's so why is he still allowed to be around kids and run his events? I've asked a lawyer fag friend of mine about this and he's advised that even if they are gathering evidence and investigated the events would still be closed down for public safety until its concluded. It's a serious accusation and public safety would be paramount so he wouldn't be allowed to carry on as normal.

No. 333842

Because different police forces handle things differently? There's paperwork, and if it's a local police force they don't have the same administrative rights as the likes of the NCA, they have to jump through hoops to get stuff like that filed through those courts.
You asked a lawyer friend, I asked a police friend who has contact with other forces and they all work differently. Plus, the case number people have seen is legitimate, confirmed by same police friend.

No. 333858

Oh no I asked a simple question how dare I think for myself! Typical angry response to asking a question, I don't blindly believe everything posted on an Anonymous image board.

not that it's difficult to get a crime reference number or anything

No. 333872

So your still agreeing its under investigation, and can vouch that I have seen evidence submitted to the police in question, Mike isnt going to silence this one like the way he threatened others before.

No. 333892

That wasn't an angry response anon, don't take things so personally.

No. 333896

I honestly don't know what's going on! He's still running events, no-one will give me the crime reference number to check with the police. The original girl came out and said she never actually met Towers. All the women who said they came forward to the police "don't want to talk about it". If I'm honest while I don't want to call anyone a liar but no-one is willing to give me concrete evidence when I ask about it.

No. 333908

Why dont you say your name and someone can forward the case number? And what girls have you asked from the incident? Because I know one and while she thinks its a pain, she has showed me everything I have asked rather easily, and I wouldn't say were super super close.

No. 333910

I mean no one can really blame them for not wanting to talk about it, there is a common theme where they all got threatened by Mike or intimidated by him
not to talk, that they would be made out to be crazy, and many have said this also, so no wonder they dont want to publicly talk about it, especially when there is still so much support for the fucking creep.

No. 333919

I mean no one can give you a crime reference number because no one knows who you are. What, do you expect it to be posted on here so everyone and their dog can see it? Not a hope.

Also, this "the original girl said she never met Towers" thing has no concrete evidence either, just someone further up the thread claiming they saw her say it, with no screenshots or anything.

No. 333946

I mean it could also be that the anon who said that gasp wasnt her?! God forbid someone pretend to be someone on an anonymous site?!

No. 333948

If I'm honest with you, I can't really give my name here for personal reasons (one reason being probably getting shit from MT for it, and to if this drama gets back to my work). I have asked the original poster but his stance was the police won't let me give it out. Go figure.

Oh I know this won't be the case for all the women, but I know for a fact one of the women who came public was lying. I know her best friend and she told me the story of the night she spoke about as she was there, and she never had sex in the 3 some he tried to plan but is obviously telling everyone he sexually abused her. Shit like that does annoy me because it can ruin genuine victims.

No. 333985

So, you dont want to give yourself away over MT fears, yet expect others to give their name away and you think they dont have similar fears? Wow , shut up , the double standards are proof you dont deserve to see proof the others have because your just gonna fuck it up anyway.

Also who is this girl then? Name her and we can clear it up, because if you dont, youre just making baseless claims.
God are you an idiot?

No. 333986

This is the reason why no one will give you solid evidence. GG

No. 333987

>doesn't wanna give name out Incase gets into shit with Mike
>Expects others to give their name out and to just deal with the exact same fears
>Doesn't want to get into shit yet is still working and supporting a peado


No. 333998

File: 1497215789481.jpg (106.95 KB, 720x765, 1497100501070[1].jpg)

The fact that he thinks he's being so smart is so fucking cringe

No. 333999

File: 1497215920816.jpg (14.91 KB, 720x352, original[1].jpg)


Congratulations, Mike. You stayed in your basement posting on 4chan about Obayed being "Paranoid" while Obayed had a great weekend with his friends at MCM.

What's the next step in your master plan??

No. 334007

It's quit evidently Sindy who leaked these.
Obayed got them just as she denounces her support and friendship of Towers, on one of the caps, the blurred out name begins with S and is around letters long plus the inability to spell "weird" and the use of lel add up to Chindy being the leak

No. 334009

>>around 5 letters long

No. 334016

One problem with that;
The leak came out a while before Chindy cut her ties with Towers.

No. 334025

If it was Sindy, there'd be more than just "weird" spelt wrong, and she doesn't use lel?
Plus, plenty of female names that begin with S and are around 5 letters long.

No. 334039

Could be Sarah easily.

No. 334293


Sindy is too much of a shitebag to leak anything about Towers. Imagine the dirt he has on her.

No. 334301

I see this thread is just flying by. You lot are boring cunts

No. 334304

1/4 of those AL girls is a m2f trans

No. 334307

Problem officer?

No. 334311

4/4 of those girls are ugly as fuck

No. 334330

Didn't argue that

No. 334371

File: 1497279375329.png (112.8 KB, 640x767, IMG_4142.PNG)

No. 334372

File: 1497279392980.png (102.45 KB, 640x575, IMG_4143.PNG)

No. 334375

File: 1497279605574.png (432.47 KB, 1272x720, Untitled.png)


"Hosting this con, with no attendees!"

No. 334422

Loved the way you protected that persons name from the impending shit abuse she's going to get from Towers now you cunt nugget

No. 334432

Considering it was on a public status and said status has been shared a lot……. She done that herself you cuntnugget, research before you think you know, mongo

No. 334434

Comment was made on a public shared post?

No. 334435

Shes blocked towers and is free to say what she wants, so whatever.

No. 334482

Why is other people blocked out that is also public. Fuck nugget

No. 334486

No other names are blocked out, anon cropped picture for relevant comment they wanted to show?
You really are THE fuck nugget, are you slow in the head?

No. 334487

>crops photo to stay relevant
>anon moans about how other names are blurred out even thought they are not
>does not complain about others


No. 334488

English, you need to learn it.

No. 334525

Love the smell of faggatory in this thread

>it's not about AL it's about Towers being a paedo

>constantly says shit about AL and it's staff
>say they can separate the 2 from the abuse

No. 334566

File: 1497302023519.png (29.19 KB, 498x271, 4475647.png)

I know it's just a pair of glasses, but joking and being fine about one of his friends stealing an attendees lost property? And the fact someone else said his friend was messing with bags, which means more than just a pair of glasses could've been stolen.

How very fitting for a paedophile to be friends with a thief.

No. 334567

This does not surprise me.
At ALcon 2011 I lost my purse /fanny pack , and after 2 days of looking found a member of staff wearing it (no mistake it was mine, it had a patch sewn into it that had my mum made me) I reported it to Redhat and Mike before the masquerade on the Saturday I believe, and was basically laughed at and told to "keep a better eye on my belongings"

No. 334568

English, you need to learn it.
Illiterate moron

No. 334581

How can you smell online? How can you smell faggotry which doesn't have a smell?
Retarded anon is retarded

No. 334680

I'd actually be interested to see the person whose belongings those were go after him for theft. Then AL can advertise they allow theft at their conventions.

At that response from them, anon, I'd have phoned the police, or at least threatened to, over it. Doesn't matter how small, it's your property and they took it and were refusing to return it.

No. 334905

File: 1497351367858.jpeg (51.3 KB, 597x552, image.jpeg)

Even Sindy is annoyed at the theft of attendees stuff.

Although, I don't actually know if Towers' friend was staff or an attendee, and I don't know which would be worse. A staff member stealing from an attendee, or an attendee being able to get into a staff only area to steal other attendees stuff.

No. 334923

I did mention i wanted to phone police but was basically threatened :/

No. 334924

I had some creep try to nick my bag at LAGC, seems like it's pretty rife at AL events.

No. 334927

That doesn't surprise me tbh. Although at that I would've moved away, then phoned the police and explained that the organiser also threatened you when you wanted to phone the first time.

Honestly it might be wise to make a PSA saying that if you lose stuff at their events, to expect it to be stolen by staff members or their friends, and advise people that if it happens, to phone the police…

No. 334989

You retards are really looking for any reason to slam the events and pin shit on Towers you're scraping the barrel now.

Michael Towers is a pedophile yes
Michael Towers isn't responsible for every low life that tries to steal something.
Does it suck? Yes
Does it happen at other events? Yes and I doubt we blame people personally for it!
Let's stick to what this thread is for, and that's bringing to light this creep arse mother fucker

No. 334991

Hey again! I keep adding vital information but you keep being upset by it :((USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 334999

No one cares.

No. 335004

>>Does it happen at other events? Yes and I doubt we blame people personally for it!

Other events don't openly brag about it on public facebook statuses. I'm not a friend of Mike's and I can see the status.

No. 335008

It might happen at other events, sure, but I doubt it's staff or friends of staff doing it at those events, let alone having the organiser essentially bragging about it.

We can blame Mike for this because he even says someone came and complained about the guy rummaging through bags yet he did nothing about it.

No. 335058

But I went to Mike and Redhat directly as I said? Are you the retarded one who cant read?

No. 335066

Mike isn't responsible for every low life that tries to steal something, but he is responsible for his staff.

No. 335078

:( harsh

No. 335081

you must have serious autism.

No. 335082

I can read I just think you're talking bullshit. This currently seems a joke free for all, try to pin as much shit as you can on him. Don't get me wrong the grooming and sex offences yes, but this is becoming a joke of a vendetta for some people. The fact you're trying to drag RedHat into this with an uncharacteristic claim makes me believe even more you're talking out your arse.

No. 335084


He's openly bragged about it on a public post on social media… he's admitted one of his friends/staff "nicked" it out the lost property box. There's a general rule if no one comes to claim it within a certain amount of time, usually for as long as the con is on, you can get it back. That's what the lost property box is for. Not for staff or friends of staff to get free stuff from.

No. 335086

>Proof Mike seems ok with having his friends/staff stealing things from lost property appears
>someone else says something similar happened to them
>must be lying

No. 335087

Oh no I'm taking about the person saying Red and Mike laughed at them when they reported their item being stolen

No. 335089

>accusing someone else of doing something uncharacteristic, they must be telling the truth and not jumping on the bandwagon

No. 335090

And you know it's uncharacteristic of RedHat because…?

No. 335095

I've never heard any shit about RedHat (apart from this), I'm amazed Mike hasn't been forced out and replaced with him if he's decent. Surely most people would rather not volunteer for an organisation run by an alleged paedophile who throws public hissy fits on social media and lies constantly?

No. 335098

RedHat has actively been helping Mike though, especially with keeping things hush hush by banning and deleting people for even asking about what's going on. Obayed posted screenshots of RedHat doing just that on the AL forums and threatening to ban anyone else who asked about Towers.

No. 335099

Welp. Can't say I'm that surprised. I wonder whether there's any good dirt on him?

No. 335124

I mean I did post this on the AL forums too, which was deleted 2 days after Alcon ended that year, and its uncharacteristic for redhat? Please, you must not know him at all then, but sure tell me my real experiences are bullshit, o great all knowing anon on lolcow with magical powers, if you know im lying about it (since you clearly must know me since you know all) who I am then? Moron

No. 335126

Oh look RedHat is the new Target, fuck off and leave this shit be. When MCM staff were questioned about similar accusations about their heads grooming girls Joe deleted any posts questioning this, no-one is looking for dirt on Joe. RedHat should be left alone and josh focus on Towers.

No. 335127

Anon I think everyone know here's your tinhat is shining bright, hush.

No. 335128

Redhat has actually been spoken about the past while because there's evidence of him helping Mike.
Sit down new fag, you clearly know nothing.

No. 335130

>trying hardest to keep my upsetting fake story front and centre
>honestly guv'ner it's all true the mean old person did it honestly.

No. 335131

>someone is a newfag because they don't agree with you

No. 335132

>moans about redhat being talked about
>tries to throw Joe /MCM down even thought those claims were publicly cleared up

>tmw anon does exactly what they moan about

I knew the double standards were due.

No. 335133

Hardly an innocent act considering it was still largely spoken about, keep your head tucked snugly up your ass anon, your lord and saviour towers will reward you later

No. 335134

No, anon is a newfag for being so retarded when this is common knowledge and has been since early May.

Seriously , this is laughable now.

No. 335135

Yeesh, sage your posts if they aren't bringing any new milk…

No. 335136

How is anons post an innocent act? Im failing to understand how you came to that conclusion when its a comment? Because not like there has been other stories of similar things happening.

No. 335138

For an Anonymous image board you faggots get awfully triggered easily.

Surprised the MT is posting tin foil hasn't come out get.

No. 335143

Do we have any proof MCM Paedo staff accusations were started by Towers? The reason I ask this is I used to go to AL meet ups in the early days of MCM. I want to say 2008ish and there was actually accusations at the time Michael Towers and some members of MCM staff were accused of grooming underage girls.

Historically this actually something that happened, I don't think it would be in Mikes interest to bring this up as it leads back to him as well MCM staff. I can't say if those staff members work for MCM still but it happened.

No. 335151

literally no one gives a shit where Obayed lives

what, are you expecting people to go round to his house and kick up a childish fuss? Piss off and grow up.

No. 335154

I don't think that's strictly true. He's said it plenty of times he cares about it.

No. 335158

did you seriously pay the £20 fee to find this dude's address ahahha

No. 335161

It was proved on a /cgl/ thread a simple search of 3 words brings it up in google

No. 335177

That one wasnt so , anon indeed pay to get the address as other one that was posted was from a completely different source

No. 335179

Who is triggered apart from the retarded anon?
Sorry kiddo, you sound salty, take a break and come back.

Also it will be easy to tell when Mike posts, and if you paid attention to prev boards you would know why

No. 335257

He might care about it but no one else apart from Towers does, so youre wrong

No. 335374

:( I didn't pay. Just use google, it's your friend.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 335375

That maybe the case but I'm not Towers and I never been :)

No. 335397

File: 1497433099910.png (18.51 KB, 669x327, img_9686.png)

If we wanna play by those rules, fine.
The difference is Mike's address is actually semi-relevant to this thread, and isn't just a vendetta post against Obayed. And his address is also pretty public on the companies house website.

No. 335402

Lol doesn't bother me I'm still not Towers you paranoid fuck. You are right that address is also semi relivent to this thread.
Towers is really not the only person who posts here or believes this should be here :)

No. 335408

I never said you were Towers, seems you're the paranoid one assuming everyone is calling you Towers.
But go on, where in that post did it say you were Towers?

No. 335411

Anon, no one is paranoid bar you, we really dont care about Obayed address being posted, and if you think that if you keep spamming the thread with it, it would get deleted? Sorry these threads aint like that.
Also cry more its cute

Yes thank you, now to forward to many people who have wanted this

No. 335412

File: 1497437124567.png (95.41 KB, 640x1136, IMG_2616.PNG)

No. 335413

I also have his mothers details, and brothers details who he lives with.
Want me to post those? I mean if Mike thinks hes smart, he really doesn't know anything.
I mean im pretty sure I can even get his bank details to post publicly.
His security isnt that great, and I have a great source and partner on the inside.

No. 335414

Pretty sure everyone else wants this to be here, or is this mike and Al staff "Winning on FOUR CHAN" again?
How laughable , it really is like a mid life crisis.

No. 335415

Very afraid, such fright, much enemy, wowo.

No. 335424

You're going to be called petty because its against Towers, but Towers was fine starting and sending his lackies after Obayed and their family, reporting them to the DWP, calling them filthy Muslims, being racist……… God speed anon, doing the lords work.

No. 335426

Tit for tat, an eye for an eye.
Mike can only blame himself for it to be honest, if he didn't want this backlash he shouldn't have been a slimy little cunt who thinks hes winning the Internet

No. 335427

fucking do it, please.

No. 335433

Do you have any proof of him sending people after Obayed and calling him racist?

And personally I wouldn't post Mikes other family details, they didn't ask for a paedo as a relative, this isn't their fight.

No. 335434

There was proof in the other britfag threads anon, so yes this isnt baseless claims.

Also Mike went for Obayeds family, so is it not fair game? I would say so.

No. 335435

I've been hanging around the boards watching this unfold and I honestly never saw anyone go after Obayeds family. I saw plenty of shit between Obayed and Mike kick off. I never honestly saw anyone get racist towards Obayed or go for his family. I certainly saw that Sunny con guy be a massive racist about hostels and hating "muzzies" but again nothing I could see against Obayed.

No. 335439

File: 1497443114936.jpg (127.21 KB, 720x1115, IMG_3210.JPG)

Here's a screenshot of Mike bragging about it and saying how he plans to get the police involved next.

No. 335440

File: 1497443321422.png (89.84 KB, 640x444, IMG_2960.PNG)

No. 335443

Haha ok I can believe that's Mike, but wasn't really being racist though. Muslim isn't a race it's a religion, you can call him bigoted if it was him saying it.

No. 335445

You can if that was his intent, and he didn't know the difference himself.

No. 335446

File: 1497443799923.png (164.86 KB, 640x951, IMG_2959.PNG)

I'm willing to bet good money this one was Sindy Pop

No. 335451

>people actually believing the harem is a thing and not just more shitposting/joking around

whew boi

No. 335453


>Terrorist attacks internet by sharing memes

No. 335457

See now to prove that you have to actually be inside his mind. Or have him admit to it.

The first would be easier but creepier.

No. 335464

Youre blind then anon, the amount of times a britfag thread was closed because they started with the racist shit towards Obayed was ridiculous, it adds more to the image that its mike doing it all.

No. 335480

Not really, Anonymous posts being accused of being someone it's really hard proof. I agree it sounds like it could be him but it isn't proof like all the screen grabs above of him admitting to saying other things.

No. 335485

File: 1497452765154.jpg (132.77 KB, 540x960, IMG_3212.JPG)

Back on topic with Towers and AL, has everyone seen this monstrosity making the rounds in FB groups AL usually spam in?

No. 335527


No. 335529

ALs version of suicide girls, yet is allowing 17 year olds in…child porn much? Or do they not know what the suicide girls are?

No. 335619


This so creepy it's unreal. If the paedo thing was brought to police attention he wouldn't be allowed on the internet and all his devices would have been confiscated to check for illegal pornography.

No. 335623

Peado thing is still an ongoing case, but he would not be took off Internet , this is a common misconception on how the law works like that, and due to the allegations he would not be took off.

No. 335642

I'm starting to have doubts about that as it's all that is ever said. Almost like people don't want to talk about it or look any further than "it's with the police"

No. 335718

Why would the victims want to openly talk about it? And it will come to light soon, cant really rush these things especially with the amount of girls that have gave statements, I have personally seen all the proof from one of the girls and confirmed the incident number myself , and it is very much legit.

No. 335721

Well if its with the police its not unusual to not hear anything for a while while an investigation is ongoing, nor would a lot of information be made public. I know a girl involved has been advised to not talk about it publicly as Towers already started to send her harassing messages and trying to intimidate her to retract her statement.

No. 335789

Can confirm, cases like these take time to investigate. For reference, a non related case of a young person defrauding a charity took almost 4 months from the first news report of them being investigated, to the second news report confirming they'd been charged.
Can imagine it takes a lot longer for this kind of case due to the sensitive nature of it, and how many victims there are. But hey, because information isn't public, it isn't happening, right?

No. 335809

Thanks for all your information but you're all still anons on an image board saying it's true with no further evidence.

I guess time will still see. However the longer this drags on with nothing the more I am concerned he's got away with it.

No. 335819

It wouldn't be the first time he's got away with it. Girls have come forward and gone to the police about him before and nothing came of it.

No. 335845

I know who this is, and thats not taking into account the times he was reported and nothing was done.

No. 335901

Stealing at AL cons by the staff has been going on for ages. The staff have always taken things they want out of lost property, not to mention items left over from B&B or auctions.

No. 335920

AL Girls is launching at 7pm. Keep your eyes peeled for the cringe, lads!

No. 335954

File: 1497550997776.jpg (75.22 KB, 920x640, IMG_4203.JPG)

No. 335964

tbh the OC is the best part of the Twin Towers drama

No. 335965

File: 1497553015360.png (554.3 KB, 680x622, it was me obayed.png)

have one of my contributions

No. 336553

You had to spoil it by posting Obayed.
Funny as hell though, and I would gag if it was Towers.

No. 336578

I made it in reference to how literally any criticism of Towers on /cgl/ is apparently Obayed.

No. 336591

File: 1497640929671.png (255.24 KB, 720x1280, kitacap1.png)

Fresh milk, get it while it's hot. Sindy leaked screencaps showing where the accusations about Kita came from, not that it's any surprise really.

No. 336593

File: 1497640948026.png (245.97 KB, 720x1280, kitacap2.png)

No. 336594

File: 1497640967983.png (254.96 KB, 720x1280, kitacap3.png)

No. 336712

Cross posted on Sindys newest lolcow

No. 336714

File: 1497650855896.jpg (531.63 KB, 1046x2242, IMG_4209.JPG)

No. 337075

In the eyes of the law what he said doesn't make him a paedo. It's close to the bone and could/would be concerning but still not illegal. If she has actual audience of anyone actually underage she needs to present it or shut the fuck up.

If anything her saying she isn't going probably helps then more than hurts them haha

No. 337200

Im just waiting for AL girls to blow up in his face after this years Alcon, there will be at least 1 accusation of Towers trying to get 1 of them drunk to sleep with.

No. 337411

Well considering it's already confirmed they've got at least one 17 year old in the group, it certainly will blow up if they do see it as a sort of Suicide Girls thing.

No. 338833

File: 1498035353084.png (55.77 KB, 639x738, IMG_4233.PNG)

ALcon is doing sooooooooo well. Kek

No. 339628

File: 1498168026896.png (162.89 KB, 566x227, IMG_4251.PNG)

Thats less than most small conventions…… Didn't Mike have a hate boner for D-Con? Well they're doing well than this pile of steaming shite, and they have maybe 1/3 of the space ALcon does

No. 339759

File: 1498180409273.jpg (46.81 KB, 750x281, 1498068540577.jpg)

Ok, so here are the losers who are winning 4chan and are 'hosting' LAGC next week. I only know of 2 others: the other guy and orange girl. So someone please help me, who are these other people/victims?

No. 339947

Heather and Courtney are attention whores of the biggest degree.
Courtney is a drama monger who will sleep with anything that moves, they both always wanted to be cosfamous

No. 339966

the majority of these are pretty average, normal looking people

than you have Mike who is a creepy beast and is absolutely highlighted when placed alongside normal looking individuals, christ.

No. 340016

File: 1498229106593.png (289.23 KB, 500x412, aj.png)

I know the other guy is the one who spammed the LoL UK Facebook account. I understand that he is also the guy who will be 'replacing' Baker.

No. 340075

But this guy was charged for assaulting his ex ?
And Baker didnt sleep with loads of people…….. Is he salty Baker got more pussy than him? Hes vile , no wonder he is single and taking sides with Mike, undesirables stick together after all

No. 340081

Oh AJ. Only reason you got the job in the first place is because Baker bailed honey, and no one else wanted to live up to him.
Youre a pasty white boy who cant rap, and cant even mix beats and bars.
You're going to crash and burn, and I wouldn't personally boast about an achievement that i only got because i was handed it by default, you didnt really work towards this lad, did you? Hilarious

No. 340215

In all fairness Baker is a massive drama llama and it's because he's constantly slipping his cock in crazy.

Baker slept with most of the female cosplay guests and most of the staff. He was much better than Towers at it.

No. 340276

oh god this guy dose that really odd freindfic mangas.

No. 340482

Can you provide some more deets on what happened with him and his ex?

No. 340506

I mean at least Baker was doing it with adults who could consent, and not minors like Towers.

No. 340520

Maybe because Baker is nicer and more attractive than Mike? You cant be salty he slept with guests who willingly slept with him, I dont see what the big issue with that is?
And agree with anon, at least Baker was with those of legal age and was consensual between both.

No. 340522

He was abusive and manipulative , stopped her from seeing family and friends, stopped her from seeing doctors and used her mental health as a control for her.
Ill try and get some screen shots of the conversation between them.
Hes a sick vile abusive man, its why hes been single since, she made a lot of people aware what he was like.

No. 340612

who the fuck is their media/marketing manager, that is a train wreck of a title. "Better than Hitler" "didnt have to sleep with undreds of people to get the job"? seriously?

No. 340741

Not to mention the cringey AnimeFX "Special Victims unit" video he did to try and be funny, but it was old memes and a shitty voice over, it was more funny because of how shit he made it, no one was laughing with the joke, we were laughing at him because he was the joke

No. 340771

oh link us it sound cringey

No. 340835

Please do provide screenshots if you can. I want to see this shit.

No. 341032

I thought all that was common knowledge? Its not really big or new news, everyone knows what he is like, and knows what happened , and why hes also
barred from certain clubs and venues in his area.

No. 341091

Not salty just pointing out that Baker likes sticking his dick in crazy then sleeping with other crazy until it blows up in his face in a shower of drama.

They maybe consenting but it's not much better when you're his friend and constantly having to deal with fall out.

No. 341107

This sounds milky as hell. Any good stories? Names not necessary if they're your friends.

No. 341137

He once sent me a snapchat saying he got laid. Wouldn't tell who it was just "you don't know her" turns out it was his ex who he was leading on again. While he was still sticking it in his ex before her. Obviously they eventually both found out but watching him squirm and lie was cringe and entertaining both at the same time.

No. 341367

Is this the time Alex filmed his gangbang with several people and put it up on pornhub? Wasn't it taken down after one of them complained? If not can someone provide the link? Cheers.

No. 341570

I didn't know about this, anyone got more information on this?

No. 341669

I find it hilarious you still find this rumour as true, this was debunked ages ago. Also this is a Towers thread, keep it on track. PS if you think Baker had a pornhub video then your setting your standards a little high

No. 341768

As thread OP I would say that Baker milk is relevant to a Towers thread, Sindy milks belongs in the Sindy thread though and Obayed is entirely irrelevant to AL drama.

No. 341797

Stop whining when people start talking about your own actions, Baker.

No. 341823

File: 1498514079192.jpg (21.21 KB, 809x102, alnoholdingback.jpg)

wow just wow

No. 341832

What wonderful Youtube video was this posted on?

No. 341841

this one

No. 341847

Im not Baker, Jesus the tinfoils followed to here

No. 341854

Explains why it's obvious AJ is shitting up the Britfag thread on 4chan about Dee then…

No. 341868

Yeah Baker milk is certainly relavent. All this would never have kicked off if Baker wasn't fired and hadn't been green eye'd Towers was going after a girl he liked.

While spilling the beans was good, his motives were not and it should be questioned freely why it took him so long. The lack of evidence argument is weak as he's always had it. Being fired was trigger as if he had left at the end of the year like originally planned without being fired he'd never have done this

No. 341873

Hey anon if you have them screenshots that'd be swell.

No. 341913

Anon said they would try, calm down

No. 341924

So about the same as most the other "evidence" then (ie: bullshit)

No. 342070

I don't see what's not calm about that post? They were just asking if they had those screenshots by now. But >>341924 is right, it is the same as every other bit of evidence asked for.
The potential of screenshots is brought up but are never delivered. There's seldom any solid proof in here.

No. 342073

Problem as I see it, is mike says stupid things constantly and people are quick to screen shot and dump here which is fine. However people have such a hatred for mike that people will take any rumour of gossip as truth without proof. And I think this is why we so much lack of screen shots around anything linked to AL/Towers

No. 342153

Did anyone hear about Towers Facebook being "hacked"?

No. 342204

File: 1498581285281.png (56.46 KB, 1137x535, alcgl1.PNG)

Jesus christ Andre's antics on /cgl/. How did he even make it to adulthood without being mercy-killed by his own parents? The cringe is physically painful.

No. 342226

So because you dont see it, it is bullshit?
What a world you live in.

No. 342391

My friend was a al girl but just got kicked out for making a status

No. 342396

What status?

No. 342397

Screenshots or it didn't happen

No. 342479

File: 1498611771875.png (109.94 KB, 1440x843, 20170628_013313.png)

Imagine seeking validation by allowing yourself to be voted for in the awards of your own organisation. Infuckingcredible

No. 342480

He wins like a million 'awards' every time these AL Awards come around though. Ego much.

No. 342481

Probably rigged

No. 342557

File: 1498627371493.png (31.69 KB, 720x291, Screenshot_2017-06-28-06-20-21…)

I can post the chat that happened she's given me permission >>342397

No. 342569

Go for it fam, don't keep us in suspense

No. 342612

File: 1498644880677.jpeg (50.11 KB, 640x1136, received_1575724835771974.jpeg)

No. 342613

File: 1498644906863.jpeg (56.2 KB, 640x1136, received_1575725705771887.jpeg)

No. 342614

File: 1498645028659.jpeg (198.48 KB, 720x1276, received_1575729129104878.jpeg)

No. 342620

I'm confused to why these messages are so milky? Seems pretty tame stuff if I'm honest

No. 342655

File: 1498659166364.jpeg (58.18 KB, 640x1136, received_1575752145769243.jpeg)

No. 342657

File: 1498659188241.jpeg (56.12 KB, 640x1136, received_1575760715768386.jpeg)

No. 342670

>wanting to be an al girl
>apologising to pedo cunt

Jfc if you're gonna sink that low at least get good milk out of it, bitch be cringe

No. 342671

Literally the funniest thing how Towers is suddenly being really obvious about how he wants to fuck minors by making this AL Girls group. Just another excuse to exploit underage girls who are desperate for cosplay fame and have them as his own personal sick little harem

No. 342675

18 isn't underage but depending on what they plan to do with the AL Girls, the 17 year old very well might be.

No. 342677

Either way it'll be interesting to see how this pans out - even if they're not underage as you say (despite the 17-year-old being a bit of a suspicious issue imo) it's still quite obviously an excuse for Towers to stroke both his ego and some unsuspecting cosplay girl
Will definitely be keeping a close eye on this

No. 342688

Lucky escape if that bird doesn't want to spell correctly.

Either way some of this "milk" really isn't milk and it feels like a lot of you are desperate for drama and take what little there seems to be currently. At this point I'd re-evaluate your life and wonder why you're so desperate to find out what is going on in Towers life. It seems as creepy as him.

No. 342701

There's a confirmed 15 year old in the group too

No. 342702

But this is milk of him being a self centred cunt. Move along anon.

No. 342704

This is no good without context. What were the posts?

No. 342759

Got some proof Anon sounds like another hopeful milk by posting drama without proof -sigh- seriously if people are going to post milk fucking back it up

No. 342933

First a 17-year-old, now a 15-year-old…

I can believe the 17, but without proof, 15 doesn't exist.

No. 342989

File: 1498694814869.jpg (123.73 KB, 722x802, IMG_3395.JPG)

People are still turning a blind eye to Towers and all the AL shenanigans because weebs want to go to cons. Pedo accusations aside, people are forgetting all of this drama started because Towers was caught holding onto charity money raised at AL events.

I recently found a screenshot from the original post where we found out what he was spending the charity money on…

No. 343304

Plus, there are plenty of people CONSCIOUSLY turning a blind eye to his pedophilia and paying money for tickets to his events. Those who don't actually know what's happening or are new to the convention scene I can understand will go, but anyone with half a brain cell who knows what a piece of shit Towers is and still chooses to put money in his pockets is a fucking idiot.

No. 343322

I have a handful of friends who I know saw the call out post because I shared it and they even liked it, who are still attending AL conventions, and one of the girls even wanted to be part of AL Girls.
I'm half tempted to purge them at this point because everyone else I know is refusing to have anything to do with it.

No. 343350

Some of these people are just willing to close their eyes, put their fingers in their ears, go 'la-la-la', and pretend none of this is happening, just so they can get drunk and not worry about what has gone on. Getting drunk is one thing, but using your own money to benefit him is something else entirely.

No. 343380

I've rung the charity and they confirmed all money was paid and agreed time frames it seems a bit odd.
This one seems a bit of a dead horse, we need to concentrate on these paedo claims and get him nailed

No. 343382

Or without any clear evidence (other than someone on the internet going it's honestly happening guv'nor) anything is happening maybe they're thinking it was made up. Tbh even I'm starting to think people have made a lot this shit up as it clearly looks that way. Towers is going about his business, nobody is showing real evidence the police are involved, and Baker has gone quiet on the whole thing and seems to be avoiding it.

No. 344105

Once again anon, this is all being dealt with the police, learn how they work because I can assure you , I have seen it all, and there is very much an investigation ongoing

No. 344116

So anything happen at LAGC yet??

No. 344144

Yeah your reassurance with no actual proof really relaxes me. All of a sudden all is the well in the world as your word is fact. Thanks Anon you thundetcunt provide some actual proof or fuck off.

Apparently 3 people were arrested for having a knife. It wasn't a real knife but they wouldn't give it up so boom security rang the police.

No. 344178

any more info on the knife also was it busy. From the photo I seen on twitter it did not look busy.

No. 344182

I'm not there myself, apparently the guys have been let off and are back in the event.
Fridays of LAGC are never busy it's Saturday and Sundays that are packed

No. 344218

'Packed' is a bit of an exaggeration, I was there for the Saturday of the last one and that wasn't super busy, even before all the scandal.

No. 344417

I sat mostly in the video game area and it was always packed in there

No. 344439

Soo anyone at LAGC today?

No. 344445

I've seen way too many people who know exactly what's happening just dismissing it as "drama" and continuing to support Towers and his events anyway… how blind and stupid do you have to be to actually want to give a known pedophile their money? Baffles me sometimes

No. 344446

Saw someone's snapchat earlier and it looked almost empty in what I assume is the main hall area

No. 344459

How stupid do you have to be to follow the letter of the law, innocent until proven guilty. Internet witch hunts unfortunately do not count, sorry if that comes as a bit of a shock to you. The average person with an actual brain will be looking at this and see what comes out from the police if this "is" true.
I was on board with originally but the more time that goes by with fuck all happening and no actual evidence otherwise presented I call bullshit on bakers claims and question more and more why he only did this after his sacking. If you add it all up it seems more and more likely he did this for own gain.

No. 344503

File: 1498926584892.jpg (277.5 KB, 2048x1152, DDqI6c1W0AAhXTy.jpg)

WOW found this on twitter this is the main hall at 4pm it looks like people stayed away.

No. 344506

File: 1498926877875.jpg (33.72 KB, 750x272, lagc1.jpg)

wow people who are there are bitching about it

No. 344534

If you want actual proof anon message one of the girls involved, same as always, and you will get the proof that the rest of us have seen, but no, because your a chicken shit who doesn't want to give themselves away, so take it as gossip if you want, but proof has been shown, not our fault your ignorant ?

No. 344639

So, I hear Baker deactivated his Facebook. Any ideas on why he did this? Seems highly suspect and suggests his lies are catching up to him.

No. 344642

You probably got blocked or are spreading bullshit because I'm looking at his page right now

No. 344654

Uh, that's BS cos he's still there. And last time I checked, this thread wasn't actually about him.

No. 344656

File: 1498944608615.png (114.82 KB, 331x268, desperatebs.png)

Okay so shit be getting desperate now. This came up on my FB page.

No. 344661

They're probably one of Towers' lackeys and realise asking the actual girls for info wouldn't work for them

No. 344702

They advertise on Facebook every year, least for the last 3 years

No. 344749

It was down you fucking idiot.

Stop trying to change the facts.

No. 344751

So. We are going to collectively deny that Bakers fb account was down for a day. Same as Obayeds various accounts.

Tragic misjustice or these two are collasal twats and ATTN seekers out of their depth.

No. 344760

Wow. You guys cling on to anything don't you ?

Even if he did close his account down for a few hours, so what? Everyone does it haha. I did it a few days ago just for a break from people

No. 344885

so how was AL girls???

No. 344887

This place is getting desperate you all say you hate Towers but you cling on everything and anything like a fan girl stalker. I love reading this place

No. 344929

hi mike

No. 344945

Also interested in this, any cringey videos?

No. 344949

Any videos of said performances?

No. 344964

All pedo shit aside I went to his Liverpool anime and Gaming con last year. I wasn't aware of the whole mike bullshit, i just saw a cheap con and went to it. It was hands down the most tragic con i've been to. There was nothing to do at all, crammed into about 4 tiny rooms. 3 basic stalls with about 10 artists to fill the space. It was full of actual 13/14 year olds (which make this pedo shit even more alarming)

What urks me is that his conventions are his pride and joy and brag about the "growing numbers" when I know all these numbers are is kids seeing a con and going to it without knowledge, which makes me kinda glad this pedo shit is spreading around, i would hate for my kid to go to that tragic con, not only to be bored stiff but ran by an actual autist.

sage for ot and blog

No. 344974

So this is what we miss looks so bad

No. 345026

VG room looks standard, the outside looks social but the stage area looks tragic

No. 345083

Nope, I don't agree with you. So I clearly must be Towers

No. 345172

Thats not how it works anon, lurk some more

No. 345184

His FB going down wasn't just false, they were 'alternative facts'.

In fact, I think Towers and Trump share a lot of characteristics: Narcissism, huge ego, misogyny, the unbreakable belief that he is untouchable, and trolling on social media.

No. 345253

File: 1499042144447.jpg (43.57 KB, 634x636, IMG_3418.JPG)

No. 345261

No. 345375

File: 1499062685789.jpg (47.97 KB, 516x499, IMG_4851.JPG)

I feel this is how mike should treat all conversations from now on

No. 345415

So. Baker's fb was down for 24 hrs. Is anyone going to explain why? Did he deactivate it or was it a temporary ban?

Can one of you that are apparently in very tight with Baker to the extent that he shares "confidential police investigation matters" perhaps enlighten us? Or is this another one you can't reveal?

No. 345420

oh wow. it was down for like a few hours. let it go.

No. 345424

Ok, now I KNOW this is an AL flunkie, cos this topic is still here! Nobody gives a fuck! Deal with it!!

No. 345431

He deactivated it for a few hours for some space and time away from people. Literally just posted a status about that.
Said about doing it again for the same reason, for a few days this time.

Why so thirsty about knowing why he's deactivating though, anon? It's not like it's your business, he deactivated for a few hours for his own reasons should be good enough for you.

No. 345439

File: 1499082747214.png (1.3 MB, 2048x1536, IMG_2243.PNG)


Sindy seems vengeful

No. 345440

File: 1499082766281.png (824.18 KB, 2048x1536, IMG_2244.PNG)


No. 345453

>I'll post a CBS check come June

Well, it's July, Mikey, and you still haven't posted a CBS check, so when will it happen?

No. 345464

even if he did post a check.. they only show current convictions.. not investigations. but people are stupid enough to beleive it anyway

No. 345530

Towers seems to be moving on to his next target from what I saw at LAGC. Getting very friendly with one of the presenters

No. 345581

is it that mel girl?

No. 345615

Anon, educate yourself, considering Towers has had a conviction in the past

No. 345625

I'm pretty sure he did post something he claimed to be a CBS check. Maybe it was in the staff chat

No. 345643


Yes I think that was her name she's also one of the heads for AL Girls obviously found someone to take the blame when it goes all wrong

No. 345733

I'm now starting to think about Alcon's upcoming guests, esp. a big name like Monica Rial. Regardless of what people think of her and her squeaky voice, surely she don't her reputation tarnished by something like this.

No. 345934

File: 1499146962974.png (2.63 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_5311.PNG)

This is mike newest "pet".

No. 345942

>went to The Downs School
fucking gold

No. 345973

At this point you lot are just bullies really, Mel is misguided young lady. Rather than reach out and help her you just post here slagging her off. I bet some of you are even people that have slept mike and regret it and wish someone could have stepped in.

No. 346042


do you know where you are?

No. 346058

Perfect aware of where I am! However we talk about his victims yet we just abuse them here no better than him

No. 346066

so still al girl photos or video did it even happen???

No. 346075

that cover photo screams 'tumblr special snowflakes'

No. 346076

and you can't do this yourself because why, anon?

No. 346117

I have don't worry but the more people who know her who do the better

No. 346121

I wonder if she has a collar? Maybe she likes the attention you don't know

No. 346129

To be honest seeing her be one of the new main presenters to replace Baker I'd rather see her than Andre because at least she does the job without being bitchy to anyone

No. 346140

Duggan is a fucking twat and apparently AL Girls was his idea not Towers. That's what I'm hearing on the grapevine

No. 346141

Whether it was his idea or not, Towers still okayed it

No. 346160

Not denying that, just simply pointing out he's also a fucking tool.
Calm down Anon no one is telling you Towers isn't a target anymore. Sorry I triggered you :(

No. 346162

Seems you're the triggered one if you're getting that vibe from >>346141
Projecting much?

No. 346187


Still there must be a reason why those two seem so close I can't believe its Towers manipulating her because she must know he is a fucking creep by now!

No. 346527

……How is that triggered? Anon educate yourself in the word.
Also youre on a Towers thread, hes clearly still relevant when there is an investigation

No. 346539

An investigation that is alleged because someone got upset with being fired. With no actual evidence on show other than "the words of someone". I want him to go down as much as the next but at this point it seems unlikely and this thread has become a thirsty threads of anons creepily stalking Towers for any tiny bit of drama regardless of how petty it is and trying to dress it up as the next big thing.

No. 346602

Dunno how many times we have to go through the "if you want to see the evidence then ask the girls involved". Because pretty sure publicly posting evidence after the fact could hinder the investigation.

No. 346651

Yeah Baker posting that whole drama filled thread and claiming the police told him it was ok to keep it up before magically deleting it really helped as well?

No. 346652

Entirely possible. Keep it up for a while to get the word out and possibly gather more victims, and delete it when it gets out of hand (because the comment section WAS getting out of hand)

No. 346653

File: 1499261728157.jpg (235.05 KB, 749x1081, IMG_2252.JPG)

Anyone able to give a bit more information on these claims?
Her thread is a mess.

No. 346655

Honestly, i saw her loads of times at sunnycon since it's a small con and she was almost always by herself or with some other girls. I hate that i'm somewhat on this beast's side considering the amount of times i saw her i didn't see anything involving kids

No. 346658

sage for samefag
but to add i'm not saying nothing happened at all, i didn't go to the same panels as her i only saw her whilst wandering the con floor and I never spoke to her directly. I just don't see anything that could have happened considering the amount of times i saw her alone. i'm 50/50 on this.

No. 346662

Have to agree. Don't like her, but she was mostly alone or with a small group of what looked like people 18+ (you can never really tell without asking I suppose). Saw her at a few panels, she was alone then too.
Probably just AL supporters (or Towers or Duggan themselves) trying to make her out to be the "bad guy paedo" instead of Towers. My bet is on Duggan himself, honestly, but who knows even?

No. 346673

Even if I didn't see her at the con I don't think i would even believe this. Sindy is all kinds of dumb and messed up but even she has her limits. If mike is seriously spreading this it just makes himself seem even worse.
There is actual proof of him trying to chat up minors and his declining con, what would he even get out of this?

No. 346706

I know the member of staff involved with dealers he's a good guy and has stayed out of the drama as far as I'm aware. If he cancelled her table I can honestly believe it's nothing to do with her status against Towers. Most staff want to get on with cons and keep out of this shit. I have no evidence only opinion here but if they have cancelled her table it'll be on the grounds of how much of a hell she makes their lives and nothing to do with what her and Towers get up to.

The person dealing with dealers constantly moaned about the hassle and shit Sindy gave them long before all this "not being loyal" bullshit. She's fucked up in the head and is paranoid enough to believe it's all a personal attack when in all honesty it's her personal attacks against them that's caused this.

No. 346737

But there has been people who have SAT in the SAME ROOM while one of the girls phoned up? I can personally vouch that I have seen evidence too, these thirsty anons who want to know everything but dont wanna loose their anonymity .
Also i hate both as much, but the claims she was creeping on a little boy was true, i spoke to him and then we both went to security. Wait for the post incoming or she might ignore it all.

No. 346738

Sindy has a track record of turning on people /conventions/events when they dont totally abide by her and let her sell her shitty traced artwork, shes banned from a few places due to this, and she can only attend maybe 2 events in Glasgow.

No. 346750

if it is true about sindy i will be shocked. Nothing gave it away seeing her at the con, i'd love to see how this unfolds then.

No. 346844

File: 1499289496938.png (590.35 KB, 2000x1473, IMG_2263.PNG)

No. 346868

not sure who Jade is, but she's taken my post and accused me of being paedo towers. N1M8 everyone is towers. Sticking up for a friend and not towers makes me towers lolokthen

No. 346871

Sorry for the double post but Jade says Towers sent out solicitors letters to silence people however said silenced people (Baker being prime example number one) state they never got any letters.

For instance with Baker he claims the police told him to delete everything and no letter had been sent to him. But this Jade person says Towers did send people solicitors letters.

Whose telling the truth here? Baker who said the police and not Towers solicitor (after it was said he had been sent one) or this Jade person who is saying Towers did send them out?

If Jade is telling the truth then it means Baker has lied about being told by the police to take down the status what else is he lying about?

No. 346872

Jade is Sindy Pop

No. 346873

she got booted off her other two accounts

No. 346887

I soon realised that from a quick google after I'd posted that.

However my point stands true still. If what she is claiming about solicitors letters posted out to people to silence them, then Baker has lied about the police telling him to remove everything.

No. 346893

Don't say shit you don't know about geez. Pretty sure Baker said that Baker was told to put the stuff up till told otherwise . But he did tell some of use that he got a solicitors letter telling him to take it down. But he didn't. So they contacted Facebook apparently.pretty sure jade is sindy too.

The I think people just need to shit the fuck up and let it play out. This shit is hurting my head now

No. 346895

Baker did say to me he never got a solicitors letter, I was simply saying if she has proof that Towers did send them out then he has lied.

Either way at this point sounds like Baker can't keep his stories straight.

Also seems like Sindy cannot accept he pisses people off existing

No. 346902

Still wanna know about this Mel chick, Sindy can fuck off now because shes just spamming for attention now

No. 346907

It's all stupid now

No. 347122

Seems the feedback thread for lagc on the AL forums was taken down. Couldn't hazard a guess as to why

No. 347123

The whole LAGC thread is down, they always take it down after a week after the con because it isn't relevant now.

No. 347126

Yes to both, lel.

No. 347130

I saw them together, they were all over each other. It was pretty disturbing, she is 19, so I thought she would have been too old for MT. lel. I have also heard from a friend of hers, she dumped her boyfriend for MT. lel.

No. 347139

Interesting…does her friend know anything else? Really why would Mel go for Towers? I just find that really strange!!!

No. 347148

Apparently he promised her stuff, and also she would be apart of al inner circle. lel I think it's sad.

No. 347164

However, she had been working with AL for a while as much as that makes sense Mel doesn't seem like that kind of girl

No. 347238

I'd be lying if I said I haven't watched this video 10 times on repeat because I love the music.

No. 347241

>"I love the music"
>it's a fucking 8-bit version of All Star
wtf, anon?

No. 347250


What's not to like about all star?

No. 347254

Obayed and Sindy are right up each others shitters today

No. 347257

Sindy tried to fuck Towers…didn't get what she wanted so now onto Obayed like are we really surprised by this?

No. 347274

TBH I was thinking the same thing she spent so much time defending Towers to all of a sudden be up Obayeds arse after disliking him. As much as I want to accept the shit she's done it's really hard to trust her and her motives.

I also find it ironic how Obayeds best buds with her after all the abuse he gave her. But then I don't like Obayed for his double standards so it's hard to give a neutral opinion of him.

No. 347311

This is all shit I know anyways tho. Putting it on YT is grounds to pissing him off even more.

No. 347315


Knowing Obayed that's probably exactly why he did it.

No. 347320

I don't know I think its just showing him how desperate they are trying to get attention now

No. 347325

Problem is Obayed has to be careful say for instance nothing somes of these claims he could easily be done for harassment. This should have all been left to the police.

No. 347425

She hasn't been working with al for a while, it's been a few months, and she is already Head Moderator, running her own meetup and being AL girl and being on the stage team. Why? Because she agree to fuck MT.

No. 347429

No I swear I've seen her helping with cons back in 2015 it hasn't only been a couple of months

No. 347432

Yes but still getting all these privileges isn't good for her she needs to get away from him as soon as!

No. 347462

Nope, she joined al back in 2015 but she left and came back few month ago

No. 347463

I had a friend of mine who also is Head Moderator check for me, all her post and thread are from 2017.

No. 347471

Is this by any chance the salty AL mod who was posting that obnoxious jjba guy on cgl a few months back? If so we need all their tastiest milk itt. It is an AL thread after all, not just Towers.

No. 347519

Get a fucking life Anon, try going outside once in a while.

No. 347522

>Other anon wants milk
>"Get a life"
>Is on lolcow

No. 347525


No. 347526

I just don't get why you people don't reach out to Mel rather than bitching on, if you claim to know her or have friends who know her actually talk to her rather than bully on here

No. 347527

If you care so much about her, reach out yourself. Not all of us care about a girl obviously trying to use Towers to her advantage and being used in the process.

No. 347532

takes like a minute to scroll through every board.

No. 347548


No. 347553

No it's not, the person who told me is still an Head Moderator on AL.

No. 347714

I don't think the other mod got removed or anything, so could be the same person.

No. 347726


No. 347740

How do any of you know who is or isn't a mod on the AL forums. DO NOT POST THERE IF YOU DON'T LIKE MT! Don't even sign up or log in. That sweet sweet ad revenue enable him to groom his victims. If you head to the AL forums you're effectively abusing children. SHAME ON YOU FUCKERS!

No. 347750

Calm your autism, caps got posted on cgl. No personal visit required.

No. 347751

literally no one gives a shit, go to his house yourself if you're that desperate for the dude to notice you

No. 347770

Fucking hell, at least keep the facts right. AL's website is completely ad free. He maybe a fucking paedo but least he keeps it ad free

No. 347837

Still if you want him to go away and stop fiddling, then stop using his forum.

No. 347887

No, AL does have ads. I just visited and seen there.

No. 347938

Got some proof there m8? I have my ad blocker disabled and I can't see any

No. 348189

File: 1499479154332.jpeg (113.07 KB, 597x871, image.jpeg)

Dumping this here in the off chance it gets deleted by morning.
Of course, all the girls are crazy exes, it would seem, and Mel is seemingly with him on that, probably to get in his pants,

No. 348193

File: 1499479218881.jpeg (124.56 KB, 590x886, image.jpeg)

Also showed this one to my mate and they said maybe he was planning on moving to Ireland to become a priest because kiddy fiddling seems more ok over there,

No. 348224

Ireland is a tax haven. Just putting that out there

No. 348240

More like avoiding Brexit whilst keeping those sweet EU free travel benefits

No. 348893

Ew why the dirty nails, is that from all the nose cave digging he does? Because I've seen him rake about up there at events and its gross.

No. 350268

File: 1499730005072.png (127.13 KB, 640x598, IMG_3498.PNG)

No. 350527

Got any name? I'd be interested in who the abuser is and who the staff that laughed were. Without more information this stuff seems like a random posted bandwagon jumping.

No. 351203

No. 351969

File: 1499977288090.png (332.18 KB, 431x646, LAGC RAVE.png)

Took this screenshot of a video I took at the rave Saturday night. (it wont let me post the vid) Is this her?

No. 352011

looks like it that AJ next to them maybe post your video to youtube maybe under a new username

No. 352013

unsure what that part of the video has to with Towers?

No. 353081

AL bought a spot at HJ this weekend, but a neighbouring stall told me they were too chicken to actually come.

No. 354020

I walked past that, me and a friend went to see where they were and the spot was empty. Top kek

No. 355426

Post the video. lel and yeah that does look like her. And I saw them together, at the rave.

No. 355432

I think someone should make a page about Andre. lel

No. 355445

I'm just waiting for the shitty maid cafe to start churning out some quality cringe….

I mean if it gets any worse than what they've put out already…

No. 355568

I can not find this video, I am an idiot. What's the title?

No. 355571

>was expecting kawaii uwu maids
>was not expecting an old dude making chicken wings
What even is this?

No. 356182

File: 1500565070801.png (125.89 KB, 1242x1016, IMG_5429.PNG)

No. 356323

visibly cringes

No. 356458

File: 1500599160075.png (1.35 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_5430.PNG)

No. 356464


Check out this video. lel.

No. 356470


You're about a month late and the video has already been posted, see >>341841

No. 357186

>hot and sexy girl

A hot steaming pile of shite maybe, 0/10 would not bang.

No. 357221

I don't think some witch hunt should go on this girl; we barely know her, aside from that she has had to kiss MT's ring after signing up for AL Girls, and now likes MLP.

No. 357308

File: 1500692865288.png (1.83 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_5459.PNG)

No. 357488

Not a witch hunt at all, just my own personal preference and she doesn't suit it? Simmer down little feminist , god forbid someone have preferences.

No. 357489

The smell of desperation is hilarious

No. 357638

Fuck man you lot are getting desperate

No. 357793

File: 1500771583636.png (1.26 MB, 955x930, insertsarcasmhere.png)

Yes. We are. We are so so thirsty.

No. 358300

Yet here YOU are, also commenting…. also bumping… Learn how to sage faggot.

No. 358832

Stop fighting

No. 361898

File: 1501200476416.png (135.3 KB, 1242x1093, IMG_5473.PNG)

No. 361899

File: 1501200505781.png (486.13 KB, 1242x2208, IMG_5474.PNG)

No. 361905

This translates as "Those who want to suck my cock for fame in the anime community, line up here."

No. 361923

Mel already beat people to that

No. 362788

File: 1501310119385.png (171.05 KB, 1242x2208, IMG_5480.PNG)

I don't like sindy but this actually made me laugh. lel.

No. 362968

To be fair, neither is any better, and shes a hypocrite. So I don't understand how its funny when she is calling out exactly what she herself also is?

No. 364762

LOL shut up towers.
Nobody belives your bullshit anymore. You know the community hates you and you think accusing others of the same thing will back track from you. Way to prove you're such a great guy.

Rip alcon

No. 365082

Not RIP ALCon, it was never good.

Fuck ALCon and everyone who's involved in that shitshow.

Also, I'm disappointed in the community. There are a number of people claiming MT abused them, but none of them have gone to the police. -WOW WOW anon, I hear you say, people have gone to the police! Have they really anon? How is it that if 2-3 people have reported him he's not currently under investigation and can no longer book venues? If he has abused you, no more messing about. Report that sick shit.

No. 365356


From my understanding of it, they have but it's literally just their word against his and it takes more than just finger pointing to get shit done.

No. 365378

Shut up child, you're way more hated than him. Believe me.

No. 365435

Ah Mike
You never change
In racall you trying to use that excuse in chat for why I was defending you.

When are you going to get it. It doesn't matter who is more hated because what matters is the kind of person you are and what you've done

When will you stop pretending none of its real. It's time to call the doctor Mike.

No. 365449


Stop spamming your shit and try to sage your posts, cunt-monkey. I would call you a noob, but if you are Sindy then you're already a notorious user of this site

Also, calling it now; Sindy's drunk.

No. 365479

Hear hear everyone is claiming it's happened but honestly what has come about it? A big fat nothing, people will kick off saying OMG it takes time but I'm sorry it doesn't take this long. Stop crying about it all and actually go to the fucking police.

Even one of Alex Bakers close friend can't confirm Alex went to the police only that "he said he did" and the guys taking his mates word for it. No even Alex's own mates can actually confirm he's gone to the police it's a fucking shit show m8

No. 365523

Bakers a liar. Nobody's went to the police. When i posted a status confirming this he threw some stupid screenshots at me apparent sent by a police officer. He said for legal reasons he couldn't post it public, but he can happily dish it out in pm? Nah doesn't add up. Why would police even email you… that's against data protection act. He tried to get me to pass my screenshots evidence onto this police girl and I never bothered. Not thick. Towers isn't being investigated because if he was the man would not be allowed to run 14+ conventions. This is his word to me. However there is a lot of evidence of against him being sane enough to run these events really makes me wonder why nobody is reporting it now. This site does a wonderful job of down grading a potential sociopath by sitting on it as "drama the truth is nothing is stopping a bunch of you rallying together and reporting him yourself

This page is full of evidence. Time to grow up or shut up

No. 365580

So, to clarify, Baker requested for you to pass on screenshots of your evidence last month, some several months after he reported apparently conclusive evidence?

To further clarify, is this the same evidence you posted on youtube, or different?

No. 365599

Oh Sindy, Sindy, Sindy, lying as usual. We all know that Baker wouldnt even speak to you

No. 365616

Literally so many of the girls have reported Towers, but only Baker is a liar? And considering you had apparent evidence yourself, why didn't YOU go to the police with it? If not for paedophilia, but for sexual harassment and attempted grooming?

No. 365624

Anon, you know we can't blame the victims because that's not politically right is it in this man hating world!

No. 365824

Is there a link to this?

Also at MCM Baker confirmed to Jimmy he is bowing out of this Anti Towers drama and will not be getting involved any more. It's amazing what someone will say not to loose their comfy convention job, I see a repeat of his AL days here.

How is it so easy for him to stay away from the Towers drama if he was the one who went to the police in the first place? Seems a little suspect to me….

No. 365875

I already explained why I couldn't go to the police. They're just screenshots and he never did anything illigal in chat other than be a complete creeper and feed me lies about other cons. I released them to help people form a better picture of towers. The reason I had to walk away was because I couldn't ignore his creepy behavour and shittalk ingredients nice con organisations.
Plus he pretty much the tend to stich up obayed for rape.

This information is different. I couldn't release it because it could be true. However if it is true people should know. So ill go hunt through my chaTS with baker and save the shot of this officers contact.

Feel free to investigate if it's legit or not

No. 365877

Ah damn. Towers got the account I had chat with baker on disabled. Can't upload on here but will post on my wall. In the meantime I'll hunt my Pc to see if I saved thathe image baker sent

No. 365885

Didn't Sindy also help Towers stalk a girl again? And she encouraged it.

No. 365887

This is a pile of pish, you didnt go because you had no leg to stand on, yet you were more than happy to accuse the other girls of lying, but as soon as it happens to you we MUST believe it , riiiiiiiggt? Fuck off you stupid bumbling child.

No. 365889

How convenient of that, eh……… I think someone is talking shite, and is trying to backpeddle

No. 365891

> it could be true

Yet the other girls experiences are not true , according to you, and anything you says goes, right? Sweetheart pull your head out your saggy milk bag ass cheeks and seriously get a grip of your life.

No. 365906


When I said ithat could be true I meant the police contact number

How many fucking times do I have to tell you incoherent retards. He never tried to do anything illigal with me so I had nothing to fucking go on. The evidence my account was closed is on my wall. If you're going to be ungrateful little fucks about it then continue on.
Nothing like watching you thirst-lords turn a legit dangerous man into a lolcow drama board.

Meanwhile towers will walk away Scot free

No. 365923

Actually, going from your screenshots, what he was doing and saying could be classed as sexual harassment. Which is gasp illegal. Could've gone to the police over that but you didn't because what, you didn't think it was illegal?

No. 365926

More like she enjoyed it

I cannot take anything she says seriously as she defended up until someone else at AL took the decision to cancel her bookings over what was let's be fair legit reasons. Ripping off other artists and tracing other work. We don't have to like Towers/AL to agree the evidence was true and they cancelled her table on legit grounds. So now all of a sudden she turns on Towers for not over ruling someone else's decision? Reeks of self importatanfe and someone who doesn't really believe the accusations she's now making but doing it out of spite rather than the greater good. Just piggy backing off the Obayed train.

No. 365933

Can I just say does anyone care at this point? It's been almost 6 months, MT is still walking around, still working on AL and I haven't seen any of these girls point out or get triggered by the fact he's still around. If the police really truly were involved MT would not been here. Saying you have screenshots etc iso just an excuse tof bump the thread up that is quite outdated now.

No. 365938

Says the person also bumping the thread up by not saging

No. 365989

Anon please, If someone goes to the police claiming they were raped while underage, the cops bust that fuckers front door in within a week.

Look at some of the togs in the UK scene that were busted in on by the cops because of reports of "inappropriate photos".

No. 365994

So I agree with you Anon, it looks like nothing is happening. But that was somewhat victim blaming here, maybe there are some girls out there that were abused, if so it's not about them getting 'triggered' as you put it. It's likely they are ashamed. Shit if I had MT's cock in my mouth I would be super unwilling to let anyone know.

If anyone did get abused by him, then they should go to the police. It's illegal if he did that. The police will keep your identity anonymous if you ask (and I get why you would want this), just talk to the police, stop him from doing this again to others.

No. 365999

Right. Fuck you guys man. I was involved in something similar ing time ago. And you know it took over a year for the guy to go to court ?
Seriously learn about the law and how long things can take. Stay out what you don't know.

No. 366009

yea and i was also involved in the dsame thing and he was arrested within 3 days.

he was held in custody for 9 months until the court trail and including the ID parade. when are you going to stop making excuses for towers.

No. 366011

Pretty sure there are screenshots of you admitting that story is false but hey, a thing to note, Sindy, is that that was in the Scottish legal system, which is different to the English system.
You've proven time and time again you don't understand the legal system in your own country, so trying to compare yourself to something that happened in a different one makes you seem even more of an idiot

No. 366015

and yet right in front of you on this chat is another anon confirming they will lift you within 7 days. i dont think YOU understand the legal system my friend. and while were on the subject of the legal system, lets say the messages towers sent me were borderline harassment

A) borderline doesn't really cut it
B) its only harassment if i try to block him and he continues to message me.

and no. there are no screenshots of me admitting its false. there may be s.h of me denying my ex raped me, because that idiot Karli mistook my ex for the pedo i testified in court too.

No. 366032

Since she seems to have moved in, shall we retitle this the SindyxMike thread?

No. 366034

File: 1501781775624.jpg (220.96 KB, 1234x2019, IMG_4413.JPG)

Of course it was Karli. Are you that entwined in your own lies?

No. 366035

>its only harassment if i try to block him and he continues to message me

Uh, sexual harassment and normal harassment aren't the same thing. Sexual harassment is "unwanted conduct on the ground of a person's sex or unwanted conduct of a sexual nature and that conduct has the purpose or effect of violating a person's dignity, or of creating an intimidating, hostile, degrading, humiliating or offensive environment for them"

His creepy messages, saying he'd have "wild sex" with you, all sexual harassment. But since you think otherwise, and you are oh so knowledgeable about the law, may as well not make him face the consequences of it.

No. 366036

File: 1501781804454.jpg (233.34 KB, 1218x1964, IMG_4414.JPG)

No. 366043

he can say whatever he wants onlin. he never said he was going to rape me or drug me or showed that he had any intent to do anything with me. so no its not grounds to go to the police, and even if i did, the police would just say block him and his number.

No. 366044


these are fake, sorry. thy were created by a girl in college i used to know who is schizophrenic

No. 366049

>he can say whatever he wants onlin

So basically none of what he said to any of the girls is illegal because it was online, going by that logic, Sindy.

No. 366052

Sindy, do you find it a bit odd how you've made this thread all about you?

No. 366053

Saying to the girl that loves attention? Of course she doesn't find it off! He found it odd that no one was giving her attention.

No. 366056

> actual evidence
> "its fake!"
> any other screensshots which suit her are fine


No. 366059

What does her being schizophrenic have to do with anything? Yet no one can make comments about your ailments?

No. 366063

This is detracting from milk on Towers, which is exactly what Sindy is trying to accomplish here. Take it to Sindy's lolcow idiots

No. 366385


so much for your constant spiel on facebook about being 'blocked' from lolcow, kek

No. 366392

I was…
If you've been keeping up with my posts you'll know I bought a new pc, that's why I can reply

No. 366450

Your IP address comes from your router you absolute fuckwit.

No. 366482

yeah, no it doesn't, it's device prompted. Your ISP comes from your router.

No. 366486

Your ISP is your Internet Service Provider. As in Sky, Virgin, TalkTalk you complete and utter retard. The ISP provides the physical service via cabling to your house, the router is not a magical device that generates internet, it just distributes the connection provided externally. You can use any fucking router you want and it wouldn't change the ISP as long as you're paying them to provide it.

Your external IP address is assigned by your router and allocated to all devices using that router.
Each device will have it's own internal IP but that isn't what is used to track your activity online, your external IP is.

That's why, in cases of child pornography being linked to an IP address, EVERY device capable of connecting to the internet is confiscated by the authorities because the External IP address isn't unique to the devices and only points to the location of the devices.
That's why when you're, say IP banned from 4chan, you're still banned on all devices and not just the computer you made the offending post on.
That's why if you take your PC or laptop to a friends house your PC is using the IP address assigned to their router.
MAC addresses don't change and are assigned to individual devices and each one is unique.

Cellphone and roaming IP's are different to static IP's as they refresh frequently.

Honestly Sindy, you should learn to do some research before opening that big mouth of yours so that you can stop embarrassing yourself and proving just how incompetent you are when it comes to anything involving general knowledge.

No. 366489

>> EVERY device in the household

And I speak from experience. A non-tech relative had an unprotected router. Illegal content was purchased on said router. 2 years after said purchase, police appeared and confiscated laptops (including mine which I'd left there), tablets, desktops. You name it, they took it.
And to make this relevant to Mike Towers as it is his thread afterall. This was in 2008. It was only resolved in 2014.
6 years of back and forth between courts, lawyers and police. There was no evidence of any purchases on any device. No ghost data. Nothing. And it still took 6 years to resolve. It was passed from judge to judge, court dates were pushed back as the police realised they didn't have enough evidence for a case but extended investigation in the hope some sort of smoking gun was discovered.

So if a case that has literally 0 evidence can take that long to resolve and take 2 years to actually start investigatory proceedings (As stated, the original purchase was in 2006) then imagine how long it will take a case like Towers which involve numerous victims, spread up and down the country. Each statement has to be vetted and investigated, each witness testimony researched and corroborated. That's multiple jurisdictions, literal weeks of paperwork, phone calls, back and forths. For each. and. every. witness.

Just because he wasn't arrested the day it came out doesn't mean nothing is happening. It could be next year or the year after before any major activity happens towards him.
Learn the court systems and look at prior investigations and their timescales before assuming you know the facts.

No. 366520

Nice try Baker, thought you promised Jimmy to stop this shenanigans to keep your job. Tut Tut boiiiii

No. 366537

Are we back to the "everyone is Baker" nonsense now? At least if you're going to post that tripe, sage it so it doesn't bump the thread pointlessly.

No. 366542

Not sindy! Don't wish that on me anon, was genuinely under the belief that a dynamic ip changed at each connection/reconnection sorry! saged for being true technophobe and evidently shit at differentiating static/dynamic!!

No. 366594

Not Baker, nice try

No. 366974


also, thought you said you were GIVEN a new PC sindy from a friend? not 'bought'? since we were clearly keeping up with your posts better than you, you can't even keep up with your own lies

No. 367170

nice catch, anon

No. 367463

The friend lied to me about numerous things including the graphics card ram and software. In the end I bought 1 from a seller who would repair it if it went wrong.

Why do you keep trying to contact me on this site after literally weeks where I'm not here. Make a fucking anon account number message me on fb if you're so afraid of being banned.
And while we're at it. This is a towers thread. Why is everyone suddenly making it a thread for me
I have a fucking thread take it to that. And no sorry I'm not buying this investigation bullshit. It's been far too long and they absolutely would not be letting him run conventions… even if he's suspected he cannot run conventions or public events

So because if bakers lies
You've all been screaming over literally nothing. And a convention which could be stopped. Won't be stopped.
I'd it going to fucking take a rape before this community does something. I told you I'm not going to the police because my evidence can be seen as biast what with the loyelty shift.

I would have thought Algirl enough to prompt a police call.

No. 367562

He has probably already had his way with this AL Girl already and just dumped her somewhere or will use her again. Its a shame this man is still able to walk around freely.

No. 367563

Oh, of COURSE the FRIEND lied to you, also, you came here since your own lolcow is boring and you are (obviously) obsessed with Towers, you came here , so stop trying to play this pathetic victim card you always try and use, and your not going to the police because you have nothing but your own hurt feelings, and you cant join in with the ACTUAL investigation so you can cry its lies, even though there is evidence of people OFFERING YOU the case number and the direct line to the lead investigator, but of course its all lies sindy because you cant join I'm with it, because you were rejected by towers (of all people) because you were too ugly.
inb4 towers/baker/ whoever is the main name this time.

No. 367564

File: 1502022801015.jpg (3.58 KB, 75x108, IMG_2672.JPG)

No. 367570

Nah, you said you weren't going to the police with your evidence because you didn't think what he did was illegal, not that it was biased. You can't even keep your story straight on here

No. 367600

Just stop being so thirsty!! Your 'evidence' wasn't enough according to you now you can't find them lol Just do everyone a favour and stop your bullshit now!

No. 367688

Anyone else find it entertaining how contributors to this thread are involved and causing far more drama themselves than who this thread is about? From Sindy posting in here, to Towers' gf being stalked to the endless attempts to find drama and insist there is an investigation where anyone with half a brain can tell there is not one.

What a clusterfuck you all are.

No. 367708

At least some of us know how to sage instead of bumping the thread with meaningless posts, anon

No. 367717

Meaningless posts?? Have you seen the trash above? Theres no milk on Towers just Sindy sounding off

No. 367720

You're not exactly adding to the milk either with these posts. No one had posted in two hours, you came along and bumped the thread for no reason. Meaningless, really.

No. 367746

You accuse people of meaningless bumps when your own post is one. Learn how to sage you utter fuckwit.

No. 367750

Except it isn't because it's saged. Seems like you're the fuckwit who doesn't even know how lolcow works

No. 367760

So, calling it now - in a year's time, AL and Towers will still be around. This thread should just be locked or inactioned - it's clear it shows the UK community in a worse light than anything else. I agree on this being a clusterfuck now. You check out the other threads and its milk on that person - in this thread its milk on you.

No. 367912

If you're so bored go look at the other boards? Simple stuff anon

No. 367977


Just going to put it out there since the screen shots of my saying no weren't enouget.
Towers is a bald ugly little man that I would never touch without some kind of containment protection on. That's not me being salty. I have standards and he falls way below the line.

There's also the matter of him being old enough to be my uncle or father…

So again
Fuck no. Ew

I came here to inform you idiots your crusade is non existent and to expose that none of you have the balls to report him.

And the 2 are 1 in the same anon. Both are reason why I cannot go

No. 368156

He's ugly but he's only in his early 30's Sindy. Although your father being under 10 years old would explain a lot about your mental and emotional maturity

No. 368159

Towers isnt bald , are you projecting because you have massive bald patches and your only in your 20s? If your going to slag him, make it relevant.
And sweetheart you're the one who threw a hissy fit when you were too ugly for AL girls, please let it go and just move on its really embarassing you think this is justified when no one is laughing with you, laughing at towers.

And there is people actually reporting him, not like your lies and your desperation to jump on the band wagon because you have nothing against him, other than your mad saltyness over the whole thing.
Everyone knows your literally talking pish, just get a grip its not even funny anymore.
USUALLY when someone makes such a fool of themselves its funny for a while, now its just sad and I'm getting second hand embarrassment, oy vey.

No. 368160

Mike is in his early 30s and looks the part, your mid 20s/late 20s and look early 40s?

No. 368166

I'm genuinly concerned for people defending his appearance

Yall got low standards

And heyou he looked balled from his ugly ass DP

No. 368167


How could you not want this between your thys

No. 368169

I never applied for Al girls. I didn't feel like getting raped or drugged. Ask the man himself lmao

I checked the application process with duggen but never messaged the b t-man himself about it.

No. 368474

But thought you didnt believe all those claims? Ah how convenient for you. Is it because you cant even post on your own lolcow youre here? pathetic

No. 368524

i didnt feel like gratifying the idiots on my thread with a responce. towers situation is important.

you knwo when i said i didnt belive them i lied to get close to towers? why do you i left the minute he launched algirls. water got to hot, DAnegrzone reached. im out of here. dont feel like being next, btw have some convo shots, bye

No. 368525

No one here is defending his appearance? But we all agree if you're going to make a comment about him, at least make it relevant , because you're just ticking off the typical "what women find unattractive in men" as a pathetic dig, and its boring. Move up in the world

No. 368526

move down you mnean.

No. 368527

But you just have replied so you're talking shit?
And you were involved for a while after ALgirls started. Your lies really are not fooling anyone, and its just looking pathetic, stop while your ahead with the support you've already scraped together.

No. 368528

so n0w because i explained hes not pretty you are all trying to defending old guys being attractive. i mean hes single if hes your slice of pie

No. 368529

No, move up, as your insults and trying to drag someone down is below the shit that lays on the ground, as a woman in hear late 20s you're about as sharp as a rubber ruler.

No. 368530

3 days isnt a while lmao. i spned all 3 of those days shring out my convos with him to obayed and his friends. didnt properly jump ship till i leaked all the convos

No. 368531

No one also said he was pretty, Sindy are you drunk? Do you need a sippy bottle for the tantrum your throwing ?

No. 368532

youre actually trying to tell me not to bully poor towers chan,
why are you even this website lmao

No. 368533

File: 1502143113000.png (902.17 KB, 640x1136, IMG_4027.PNG)

I'm loving all these lies, its so entertaining when someone eats their own shit and believes it

No. 368534

well its not like this is the first time youve convinced yourself its all a lie/halucination is it towers

No. 368536

I believe the anon said to keep it relevant, you retard. I second the other anon, are you drunk and need someone for this hissy fit?

No. 368537

Wooooo finally I have also been accused of being towers! I love the paranoia , it's delicious

No. 368538

yea ive never touched alcohol in the last 25 years of my life but decided tonight to break that tradtion and come on mike towers thread while drunk off my ass. you should write anon, you have great imagination

No. 368540

what i dont get is how you can attack me for providing my acounft of what happened with towers both via direct DMs with him and via replying, yet you still try to refute my evidece isnt good enough. ive seen girls make videos about him with NOTHING to go on, and get taken seriously. yet here in my dms i have evidence of him shittalking other cons to improve his own and even talking about breaking into mcm… but because its dat mean owld shindy it must all be lies.. or fuck it were so blinded by thirst and hate lets ignore these things that we could actually be discussing and making people aware of :>

No. 368541

obayed might be whatever peice of shit he is but he not only belives me evidence but agress towers was behind my other acount being banned … none of you ffind that suspiecious..

No. 368545

because none of you will wake up and tak this shit with towers seriously let me put a possible reality to you

alcon this eyar ges ahead with 800 atendees.
looses money but still going

Cos expo goes ahead and had 100 atendees, cos expo ruined, towers celebrates,

meanwhile online accounts start to surface of algirls being harassed at the convention by atendees and staff due to lack of personali sopace or human rights,

1 girl claims she has drunk and woke up nexty to towers

Rinse repeat

no investigation
alcon confirmed for 2019

its not so much a fantasy as the inevitable future unless you thirst lords dont get your shit together and sort this out. this drama has stayed on these places for far to long. 8 years infact. how many people could you have helped if you took it to facebook. got back to commenting on the page, back to raising awareness and involving the cosplay community. i have actually seen my friends who once burned there alcon lanyards, actually share the event in hopes of winning a fucking ticket. people eventually stop casring when the case stops being fueled. delet this thread anfd take it back to facebook. you were actually doing well in april/may

No. 368759

Oh , dear. You really believe Obayed with that? You really are slow and retarded if you believe him.
Also your "proof" is a pile of pish, its just you being offended over him mot wanting to bang you and bitching about conventions, what proof is that? That hes a collosul knob? Because we all already know that? The reason why your "proof" isnt being took seriously is because its laughable, and not worth any interest. He didnt try to chat you up (regardless what you think, he didnt. Sorry to burst your bubble) hes bitching about other cons, which we all know, we dont need your half assed evidence, youre not bringing anything new to the table , thats why no one is interested.
This is word vomit, and yet you wanted to go to Alcon and suck Towers chubby, this is why no one takes you seriously, because you cant even stick to your own resolutions long enough, your a complete joke like that, also for someone who wants it closed down SOOOOO much , you're not even going to the police with "evidence" yet all the other girls are lying, except you?
Youre a laughing stock, nicely put, please continue to splerg, if you have not learned by now why you are not being taken seriously, beat that horse more with a stick to satisfy whatever desperate craving you have for validation.
Dont you have any friends? Poor thing.

No. 368761

Yet sindy you were victim blaming any of the girls that came forward and harassed them? So how about you get your shit together and if you want something done, do it yourself? No one wants you in their cause, and no one is going to let you. Either nut up and do something or shut up, simple.

No. 368875

actually i wanted to go to alcon to trade and nothing else. thats why towers removed my table. duggen had said to me come stay in our dorm and i didnt rpely. (instead i booked a fucking hotell)

and yes i agree obayed is pretty usless. obayed could actually have gone to the police when towers started leaking his adress and reporting him to the dwp and even when he threatened him at mcm if not that when he said is DM he would have obayed stitched up for rape (refere to his towers get 9/11d video) but obayed fucked up his chances because he insisted on harassing towers and goading him on facebook. smooth

No. 368877

File: 1502193840234.png (279.88 KB, 444x551, IMG_5481.png)

When you got no friends so you have to like your own profile picture to make it seem like you do

No. 368881

Is no one even going to dicuss Alex's status last night basically defending Alcon? He seems to be backtracking.

No. 368882

Defending Alcon itself =/= defending Towers

They aren't one and the same thing, as much as Towers likes to think they are.

No. 368884

georgous biy

No. 368914

So the defending Alcon seems to be because he's now attending. This should be fun….

No. 368915

And where has he said that? Alcon itself isn't the problem, anyway, Towers is. Plus, when did he ever slate the con for him to be backtracking by "defending" it anyway?

No. 368925

He hasn't posted it yet. He's attending Alcon working for Jimmy, so he will be there. Don't believe me just go ask him he's not hiding it. Well don't know if he's told Obayed yet as I doubt he'll take it well.

No. 368926

Pretty sure he said he might attend to work for Jimmy. Not that he definitely was.

No. 368929

Even if he did, he gets free entry and gets to earn some dolla dolla bill yo! i'd do the same if i could get some money from weebs. hahaha!

No. 368930

As I said, go ask him I've been told by the horses mouth he's not hiding it. In this conversation for once the horses mouth isn't Sindy.

No. 368931

What's to say I didn't already ask him and he said he was tempted, but didn't specifically say he was gonna go?

No. 368932

I'm surprised after everything that's gone on he is going to go even to "earn dolla". Said his Alcon days were behind him and he's going to attend after all the accusations he made.

No. 368939

Its all a strange situation to be honest. All this does is make him look like a liar

No. 368943

oh come now. look at the people that are going to Alcon that know that mike is a bit dirty… people go just go see friends and have fun. just like i do. people cling on to anything

No. 369225

> anons are suprised that ex-alcon staff are returning to alcon
Seriously? You're shocked? The people involved with this car crash event are just as bad as the man at the top of the pyramid. They know Towers is a lech, they know he's abusing the system and using funds, they know the event is a shitshow. They will always return.

No. 369308

File: 1502281746000.png (53.86 KB, 540x413, Untitled.png)

No. 369340

Cool story bro

No. 369382

Yet the one that is started the whole witch hunt is now crawling back wanting to be involved.

No. 369482

My question is why is there nothing about the rave? and meetup in Leicester?

Normally on Facebook, people post photos and comments about it but there is nothing about them.

No. 369529

They both went ahead so not sure

No. 369585

File: 1502314499308.png (43.06 KB, 403x527, bak.png)

Baker IS going to Alcon…

No. 369587

No don't be silly it's lies, clearly those Anon are still lying.

I call bullshit on his reasons there is something behind this. I don't trust his reasons.

No. 369588

Ah hes going to work for money, well fell play for to the dude for atleast telling people about it. just leave it be

No. 369591

meh. if i could get money and go to alcon, i would do the same.

No. 369592

All of a sudden loads of posting.. pretty sure the only people that post in he is me 2 other people and bout 5 AL staff!

No. 369593

Yeah it's funny how quickly morals and support for the victims he speaks of go out the window after money is on the table.

No. 369595

dude needs to support himself

No. 369596

He was more than happy to forgo Alcon money. There is something behind this, wouldn't be the first time he has lied publicly.

No. 369598

oh well. stop your bitching and get over it. hahahaha

No. 369605

Yeah just get over the double standards, and the information he leaked. Sure it's alright to go Alcon now Baker said so after telling everyone not to

No. 369609

Alex has hidden this from a few of the girls that came forward. What a cunt.

No. 369610

Unless its been removed in the past hour. I dont have him as a friend so cant confirm.

No. 369612

considering i'm one of the girls involved you dipshit. he came to me first to make sure it was alright.

also i don't remember him ever telling people not to go.

No. 369614

Baker has been cucked by MT

No. 369615

How does Obayed feel about this?

No. 369616

This just shows Baker doesn't have any morals. Even if he is skint doesn't mean he should support Alcon as its keeping the convention going when people have been boycotting this year

No. 369617

Does he even know?

No. 369622

He's going to feel so betrayed.

No. 369635

It's clear you're the same person replying. Stop being so butthurt that Baker has a job and you do not.

No. 369636

It's clear you're in denial and making up excuses for Baker to some how make what he's doing acceptable.

Anon just accept it Baker has no morals and what he's done speak volumes on the type of person he is.

No. 369637

Lol, no denying that you're the same person then. This is just sad.

No. 369638

Y'all getting salty about him going to Alcon but not once has he actually talked shit about Alcon itself, only Towers. No double standards there

No. 369639

Actually, he told me that Alcon will die this year due to him posting about AL/Towers and he wanted it to finish to get revenge.

No. 369640

I think it's important to realise there is a difference between Towers and Alcon and other AL events. Go to enjoy them, long as you do, whoever "runs" them (if you could call it that, Towers is barely visible anyway) is utterly irrelevant.

No. 369642

Plenty of double standards. Baker has just proved he will do anything for money. AL has some how paid him off. He is an actual prostitue.

Well that's not fair I hold prostitures in a higher regard and have more respect for them.

No. 369643

That's a clear lie and does not add up to his actions. Try again.

No. 369647

Got caps with that accusation? Because screencaps or it didn't happen. You wanna make claims like that, you gotta back it up with proof, anon.

No. 369648

Again we are on lolcow, not like anything here is fact.

No. 369649

Is that what he told you? Haha

His boss isn't going to stand for that, he'd lose his job it he did that.

No. 369650

Sadly I heard it from him in person. We don't all talk on messenger

No. 369652

A likely story. Without proof though, smells like bullshit.

No. 369655

You're all just salty that Baker has a job and makes money when you do not.

Also, AL paying Baker off is hilarious. They barely have enough money to run Alcon this year, get real.

No. 369658

Hi Xavier

No. 369659

Tbf AL paying off Baker is a joke. I'd thought they would want him as far away from them as possible

No. 369661

More likely AL would pay Baker off NOT to attend.

Far more likely scenario is that Bolso, who spend thousands on AL events a year, asked for Baker to be able to attend. AL likely had to agree to it.

Baker is one of Bolso's best sellers and holds a lot of sway with Bolso. Baker also after all supported Alcon for 9 years and has a lot of friends and memories there. He likely influenced that to happen.

Do not underestimate the power of companies over conventions.

No. 369663

Well if this "revenge" scenario is on the cards guess he won't have a job with Bolso much longer

No. 369664

Xavier you should stop lying plz

No. 369665

LOL good try but no.
Your logic is terrible why would Xzavier post that. Crikey m8

No. 369670

Considering he was telling the other staff members that Baker told him that much?

No. 369674

This is likely correct, but sadly most people will ignore it as "OMG BAKER GOT PAID OFF" sounds far more exciting and dramatic than "Baker wanted to go Alcon with Bolso to see his friends, so they made it happen."

Sadly a lot of people here can't seem to grow up.

No. 369849

LOL at you all defending Baker after all the shit you gave people for attending AL events and the "boycott AL" drama that went down.

No. 369911

Also one of the girls involved, and you met be special then huh? Because he didnt say a single thing to the rest, and instead made a post about phoning up the constable again.
And no, he did tell people not to line Towers pocket.
I'm disgusted in him.

No. 369914

Assuming we're all the same people from the boycotts

No. 369916

Don't speak so negetively of Senpai!
Baker can do no wrong, don't go Alcon, go Alcon it doesn't matter.

No. 369917

Got proof of those claims? Forever "pics or it didn't happen" because it is far too easy to just claim things happened without proving it.

Like this. I'm one of the girls involved too and he told me. No proof, no way to tell if I'm lying or not.

No. 369930

He deleted the original source because "police said so", likely story

No. 369931

That's not the proof I was asking for though. They said he made a post about phoning up the constable again, where's the proof of that?

No. 369936

Also samefag because I forgot to add, where's the proof they're actually one of the girls involved, too? Everyone on the thread could claim they're one of the girls involved, doesn't mean it's true.

You're all gullible fools if you're taking every single claim on here that backs your agenda at face value.

No. 369943

Let's face it though, people who attend ALcon regularly just like shitstorms. They don't know what a good event is, if they went to one, that was run well, they would miss all the dogshit drama.

Regardless of the fact that Towers is a sex pest, these people will always still attend. Baker is a prime example, he loves that ALcock, he can't get enough of it.

Meanwhile Towers is picking the next lady to send crude advances to. And he's funded by those fucks who attend his shitshows.

Congratz Alcon attendees, you're certainly something.

No. 369953

To be honest I think it's safe to saye there isn't a police investigation because Baker hasn't mentioned it and even if there was one he wouldn't be going to Alcon whether he needed the money or not. It wouldn't of been aloud.

No. 369955

Much support, Very wow.
I can screen shot the group or people in it , if you want?

No. 369957

Isn't it obvious there's want, considering proof was asked for? Or are you just stalling?

No. 370127

i can give some information i got my fro,m my own thread, it looks more like towers was reported for harassment and the reports probably weren't taken serious.. hes defo not been reported for sat.rape or pedophilia tho

No. 370130

nah bakers full of shit.
Come on who here is actually shocked baker made up lies after getting dumped by al. and is now going back and funding this lunatic.

im telling you both these boys love riling up the community. towers cleary enjoyed it based on our chat. he thinks hes so fucking sly and cunning. youre not fucking kira from DN mate

No. 370141

Fuck off Sindy.

No. 370143


No. 370154

The police thing was not made up. i personnally spoke to them and so did some other girls.

Sindy it really seems you try to make everyone believe your own opinion, you are a psycho bitch who only cares about yourself! grow the fuck up. its common knowledge that you are one of the biggest bullshitters in the community. sort your life out.

No. 370178

it really seems you try to make everyone believe your own opinion

continues on with own cynical twisted opinion

" you are a psycho bitch who only cares about yourself! grow the fuck up. its common knowledge that you are one of the biggest bullshitters in the community. sort your life out.*

you're on the internet sweety, get used to people waving opinions about

No. 370191

oh wow. as if you just said that Sindy? you complain about that crap all the time. jesus christ hahaha. makes me laugh how pathetic you are. Everyone else knows it to.
a full on liar, attention seeker, photoshops your own pictures so you don't look like noel gallagher crossed with a horse. you twist stories. and lets face it. when someone even attempts to be nice to you. you shit all over it.

No. 370194

because no girls on the internet shop and filter there pictures. blame your own twisted beauty standard. natural selection is a bitch

No. 370195

Sup all, I'm going Alcon now.
How much of a joke is that? I don't agree with the con but hell got to get my pay day, fuck morals. Sounds like a bad idea I go? Not at all, I can do no wrong! You idiots lap up everything I say and do.

No. 370197

so what flavor of the month is your mental illness this week towers-chan

No. 370199

still cant believe he actually said all that crap like "its ok to be selfish" "i lost my job" and is seriously expecting a suitable result. honestly everyone of the al staff are fucking batshit crazy and anybody who goes, goes knowing this full well.

if anything i feel sorry for baker. hes lied and lies and like a little bitch crawled back to towers begging plz fund me plz. towers already told me in chat hes going to publicly execute baker at alcon if he shows up for his own roast. inb4 towers/baker betray and baker victim mongering

No. 370202

maybe baker and towers should just fuck. they both seam to treat woman like objects and enjoy fucking the community around for financial gian

the staff partys must be like christmas with the nien campf

No. 370203

mein kampf

No. 370206

Geezus sindy you seem jelly xD!

There is no roast you moron.
Again you love to twist and lie huh.

No. 370209

Not all the staff are Batshit

The one who wears a dress is friendly and down to earth.
The big guy who runs karaoke is a laugh even if he's a bit full on.
The curly haired Ops guy is ALWAYS friendly and helpful.
Think you're just a bit bitter no-one likes you, also stop same fagging. Your posting name gives you away!

No. 370212

Big guy who runs karaoke ? The same one at LAGC ? He's always loud fat twunt each time I see him.
But most of the staff are decent to be honest. Just the odd few

No. 370216

…uhm.. thats kind of the fucking.. ugh nevermind

No. 370219

you mean the same staff who say shit on facebook like

i support alcon because the actions of mike towers arent what were like, he can be bad as long as were not bad, right? and its ok to support mike because were not bad!

No. 370220

i mean the shots of towers saying the baker roast will go ahead are literally on that obayed video….

or have you not watched that yet mike
did you just hope it would go away. try throwing money at it, that works too

No. 370221

oh wait you cant because your using that money to bail you're sorry ass convention of out the ground

top 10 brutal deaths

No. 370225

oh sindy shut up for once and just leave things alone. no one likes you, and you only make things worse for yourself. Take my advice and find another community to annoy and lie to

No. 370227


can people who throw words like rapist, abuser, pedophile, liar, slut, whore ect around with so little to go on other than opinions really call themselves a community. for a supposed community you're actually just trash. i never considered my self a part of a community because thats feeding the illusion you lot are some kind of group.

No. 370229

in that case, kindly just piss off

No. 370232

since you like me so much ill stick around anon.

No. 370458

I don't remember seeing any AL staff say that on my Facebook. Got any screen shots of that?

No. 370462


It was that Heather girl
On one of my alcon staff should be ashamed posts.

I'm buisy today trail through my feed you'll find it

No. 370466

But they all don't give two shits that Towers is a sex pest. In my books that makes them all scumbags.

I don't care if they are funny or friendly or ha… that one time.. ha ha… this guy… he haha… yournotgunnabelievehedidthis ha ha it was SO funn- NO! Scumbags the lot of them.

They help 'run' that event, they are there with him and they just turn a blind eye to what he does, they are scum.

Also they are incompetent AF. ALcon is a joke, it never runs on time, without drama or well.

No. 370470

Tbh….what con actually runs on time I remember at kitacon a few times they have always been late. About 3 hours late the once.

No. 370511

MCM never runs on time either

No. 370583

don't victim shame anon. alcon is a shitstorm, a festering vat of bile and drama. It's fucking hollyoaks with weebs

No. 370587

Isn't that just the general cosplay/convention community though? No ones ever happy in it

No. 370609

No the geeky/nerdy con scene is full of untold drama wherever you go!

No. 370613

Gotta agree. The con scene Is always full of drama. There was a bunch of drama with that Beth Brookes chick last week. Though from what I here there ways is with her.

Weebs = drama

Can't wait to here the kita drama this year

No. 371008

The general cosplay/convention community here tries to act like it's some great thing (ie. what was promised), but turns out to be something completely retarded.

I'd compare it more to Emmerdale. We expect/are promised old people arguing on farms, but instead we get rich cunts taking drugs and beating up their wives.

No. 371216

Video was taken down by Youtube after getting spammed with reports. Luckily…


No. 371291

Old desperate Obayed video is desperate

No. 371317

Old, boring, give us something new Obayed…

No. 371420

He might be too busy feeling betrayed by Baker to be able to deliver

No. 371706

3 days and the promised proof has still not surfaced. Seems like you were bullshitting after all

No. 371720

As if Sindy had proof

No. 371729

if you took the time to read up on the reply chain, you'd see it wasn't about Sindy, but try again.

No. 371734

Has anybody even boycotted alcon?
It's sitting at 800 payed. Which is average

No. 371762

Obayed believes he's ruined AL with his boycott but they've announced additional cons being run next year so not sure how well of a job he's done.

No. 371826

think thats a fake number you can no longer look at the list of con goer?

No. 371949

Yeah I noticed that to, however I have also noticed the website has been updated. It's a new site/different wonder if they'd stupidly forgot to code it in

No. 372003

ALcon will have to post the accommodation list soon so people can see who they're staying with and in which rooms, and we'll get a real answer to how many tickets were actually sold.

No. 372004

Actually, I just had a look myself and the list had been posted.


A lot of empty "Reserved" spaces but from the looks of it, approximately less than 200 people will be staying in total.

No. 372008

I think reserves are people who have paid for entry and not accommodation yet as my the block I requested has reserved spaces where my friends are and I know they haven't paid fully.
That's still low numbers though

No. 372011

If you read the opening post, reserveds are people who have paid but not requested.

No. 372015

File: 1502667868951.png (36.98 KB, 1146x307, herewego.png)

Seems pretty conclusive that only those who have specifically posted to request where they go get allocated at this stage. They don't allocate those who don't bother for another week. Then they do it randomly. From previous years, usually about half of those request, so you're looking at just under 400 staying over if you go with that ratio. I think that was about 550 last year if I recall correctly, so it's down but not massively.

I could be wrong though.

No. 372020

It was 200 in Bede, about 100 in new Wharf and about 200 in Liberty last year, so closer to 500. If they have got 400 then that's hardly any decrease at all for those staying overnight. One fifth at most?

No. 372022

If I recall, Bede was fully booked last year quite early but it seems pretty empty this year. I know a lot of people were bummed about being stuck in New Wharf.

Speaking of, is New Wharf not being used at all this year??

No. 372025

Looks to me like New Wharf is not available or being used, so they're using Liberty and Bede only.

Having said that New Wharf/Bede are always more popular than Liberty, so that'd suggest that it's a lack of availability of New Wharf over any deliberate decision, otherwise they'd ditch Liberty instead.


No. 372026

Either way it's a far cry from the 800+ that have apparently paid to go, unless roughly 50% of them live locally or have sorted their own accommodation.

We do have to consider that a lot of AL regulars are pretty oblivious to all the Facebook posts about boycotting AL and there are those who just don't care so ALcon will always have some attendees.

No. 372028

Even last year it was only 500 staying over. Most people either room share without others realising, stay off-site at cheaper lodgings, or are local.

The on-site campus pricing isn't particularly cheap when compared to say staying at a travelodge for three people when booked well in advance. You can get it half the price on site, and indeed AL itself has encouraged it's attendees to stay off-site due to limited on-site accommodation (that 500 last year is hitting their max in the three main accommodation buildings they have afaik).

No. 372029

^ You can get it HALF the price at a travelodge when doing it that way COMPARED to on-site, I mean. :)

No. 372032

I think judging from the above Alcon has suffered maybe a 20% hit this year?

Might be more, though if I were Obayed I'd be throwing in the towel at this stage if it's just a fifth

No. 372153

Hi Mike

No. 372216

Haha, spare tickets, what a joke!

No. 372223

all this talk about boycotting and how many people attend but nothing on how tragic his conventions are.
Not talking about any drama or anything i've been to three of AL's cons and all have been dire. Last one for me was in Liverpool last year, only went because it was local but it was tiny, cramped, boring and a shit fest.
I think mike should invest his time into organising his conventions better than spending time on lolcow or 4chan.

No. 372261

They're bringing back Birmingham next year, even though the last one got kicked out of the venue at the very last minute and they had to tell people to go to the other place on the day which was not even in the city centre.

No. 372298

why are more people not contacting the venues letting them know of towers past history, hiding addresses to get venues and being kicked off certain venues. oh plus an alleged police inv with no proof posted from him hes in the clear

No. 372301

i mean i guess this shows you dont give 2 flying fucks about your con if you think any loss is an ok loss. that 1/5, those 100 people are real number of very valued customers, and some of them massive cosplayers within the uk, you honestly think you have come out of this fucking daijobu?

but then you never did care about any single cosplayer. thats why you take advantage of them and have sex with them, thats why you cover up any evidence of wrong doings. thats why you lie to get in to venues. youre a 35 year old man acting like a shady criminal. your mother would be fucking ashamed of you and spit on you if she knew what youve been doing

No. 372304

I'm not condoning mcm for a minute, i know what kind of unfair con they are with bootlegs and such

but when every convention is the uk and ireland hates your guts…
why are people seriously going to this con.

hes bashed mcm, kita, showmasters, sunny and deecon. even spread lies that deecon are convention thieves and kita take drugs. sneaking into to a convention your banned from for life to beat up a guy 10 years your junior.

wake up people. this is the fucking organization you're supporting. you describe every con in the uk as anti al when you are the convention who has the poorest standards. you seriously act like fucking light from death note thinking you can get with anything and using anybody.

well we all saw how it ended for light and thats how its gona end for you, keep going the way you are and you'll be finished by christmas

oh and obayed doesn't have a towel to hand in. he posted evidence about you and called you out. unless you mean. obayed make a post that contradicts all the screenshots you've showed. obayed stepping back will not help you now. you're too far gone

No. 372312

A lot of Salt in this thread. Youre all banging on about Towers and yes he's a fucking creep and it's very questionable what he has done.

However I'm still unsure how Baker is getting out of this unscaved for going to Alcon after what he's accused Towers of doing….

No. 372319


No. 372325

Complaining about alot of salt. But you I am pretty sure it's the same person that mentions baker every time.
What will be will be.

Dunno how kita will go i wonder if ambulences will be called again.hah!

No. 372328

Pretty sure everyone accuses Towers ! Everyone knows he's a creep!.

And regardless. Everything that is said here is crap anyway. Full of people too scared to say stuff to people's faces.

No one listens to any of this. Haha

No. 372343

I think Towers needs another rub, better get back in there.

No. 372366

i mean towers was the one who backed out of fighting obayed. just be quiet duggen

No. 372369

can we spend less fucking time playing "guess who?" and more time posting evidence/con-complaints

No. 372370

this comment reeks of towers, wtf is up with that punctuation… you can use things other than full-stop jfc

No. 372451

I don't think it was Towers his ones are more obvious. Like the one above explaining only 20% loss of fan base and it's not as bad as we though.

If I was Obayed I'd back off. It was clearly Towers

No. 378585

File: 1503583654603.png (731.95 KB, 1242x2208, IMG_5545.PNG)

So did she just admit that she is fucking mike? Poor thing. lel

No. 378588


So if they all shared a room together, does that mean they all shared her as well? lel

No. 378590

File: 1503583997781.png (48.63 KB, 1242x318, IMG_5537.PNG)

Best thing I have seen all day. lel

No. 378672

File: 1503593060775.png (284.35 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-08-24-17-36-52…)

She's so desperate to get into his pants shes been spamming Alcon posts nearly every day! lol

No. 378878

File: 1503607681188.png (10.4 KB, 497x129, nochange.png)

Glad to see you can't and won't change from being a dirty groomer of minors then, Mike.

No. 378883

File: 1503608446302.png (387.96 KB, 720x1107, Screenshot_2017-08-24-21-58-23…)

Oh my god… the cringe is too much! God help her!

No. 378902

such a slag must of not fucked anyone good enough in her lifetime to be gushing over MT

No. 378952

well she did cheat on her last boyfriend with him, so was expected

No. 380403

File: 1503782235574.png (521.06 KB, 720x1014, Screenshot_2017-08-26-22-13-54…)

sluttin it up for mike for Alcon I see glad im not goin if they are just going to be all over each other

No. 380462

Sounds like alot of people are jumping on the troll wagon jsut for the lolz

No. 380466

lol I just heard out about all this drama and all I see is a bunch of kids screaming and waahing their heads off.


No. 380746

That's why MT must like this girl, she dresses up like a schoolgirl cause she knows he's into that

No. 380869

well if they are in a room together at Alcon chances are they are goin to share her around between them judging by her attitude shes happy to sleep her way into staff

No. 381138

File: 1503874642762.png (696.44 KB, 720x1230, Screenshot_2017-08-27-23-33-37…)

>my wonderful boys

She made a blog today basically showing off her fuck buddies really needs to get a new hobby…or better taste in men

No. 381516

File: 1503922488125.png (806.92 KB, 830x518, Untitled.png)

that 2nd picture tho

No. 381743

if i was to make a YouTube video expressing why i dont think people should attend any anime league events, and highlight several screenshots.

could mike towers seek legal action against me for - deformation of character

No. 381983

Not if you stick to facts.

i.e saying he's been "accused" of being a pedo instead of "MT is a pedo"

No. 382054

even though id be encouraging people to stay away from the event, thus loosing them money, that still doesnt count as deformation?

No. 382179

He can't sue if it's true. Defamation/slander/libel requires the information that can be deemed as damaging to be false before anyone can sue over it. And even if he did sue, the burden of proof is on him to prove your claims are false.
Plus he'd have to pay for a lawyer. Wonder whose pocket that would inevitably come out of…maybe the pocket of those who attend AL events?

No. 382413

File: 1504011421356.jpg (276.12 KB, 1069x1499, Screenshot_20170829-135139.jpg)


No. 382453

Hahahaha. What a cunt! He tried to fight back? Cunt probably punched himself.

No. 382484

He wasn't saying that to Towers he was saying that to me wrong Mike

No. 382626

Look at is this way despite all the threats of lawsuits Mike has been making, he still hasn't sued Obayed and Obayed is still happily making Towers memes along with half the MCM Group. Towers can't sue him or anyone else over it. He's just all talk.

No. 382627

he threatened to stitch oped up for rape and to put him under a buss in Dms with sindy, concerning shit, obeyed should report him

No. 382630

not according to this article

"Burden of proof on the defendant. In the common law of libel, the claimant has the burden only of proving that the statement was made by the defendant, and that it was defamatory. These things are generally relatively easy to prove. The claimant is not required to prove that the statement was false."

No. 382631

I mean, if he really wanted to that message Mike sent about seeing him at MCM could be seen as a threat and is really all he needs if he wanted to do anything. The best Mike can do it go to the police and say "that man is making memes about me being creepy" and I doubt they'll act on that…

No. 382642

I suppose English law is different from where I'm from. Most places, it's the plantiffs job to prove it's false. But as >>382626 said, none of Mike's threatened lawsuits have seemingly come to fruition. And he'd still have to pay for a lawyer to sue them.

sage for irrelevant lawfag

No. 382657

I still find it all incredibly odd Baker is going to Alcon this weekend and keeping it rather quiet. Trying to save face?

No. 382694

Perhaps there are reasons for him going that are outwith his control?

No. 382700

Oh shush AL fag

No. 382701

No. 382707

If it's your own thoughts and opinions that you are expressing about AL events, he can't really do anything to get it taken down at all because a couple of other cosplayers have done just that and their videos are just fine.

Imagine if video game devs took legal action against every bad review on youtube about their games.

No. 382721

Hypothetically, either he goes or he loses his job?

No. 382745

Some of them do (even though they're in the wrong). Look at Jim Stirling for instance

No. 382791

If there was a legal case he could sue Bolso.

No, this is about him getting his money for the event.

No. 382863

So you know what happened? lel

No. 382868

Shockingly uninformed
This is happening, search up the hash tag where's the fair use #wtfu content creactors are halving videos pulled because of satirical or critical reviews even though it's a crime

And just because thone cosplayer vids are up doesn't make em safe

No. 382892

Sindy now No. 382886
AJ wants to fuck MT girlfriend Mel at Alcon. MT not happy about it. Going to kick AJ out after Alcon.

It's ok MT, just join in, you know you want to Lel.

No. 382895

AJ wants to fuck MT girlfriend Mel at Alcon. MT not happy about it. Going to kick AJ out after Alcon.

It's ok MT, just join in, you know you want to Lel.

No. 383020

Holy shit anon, are you new? How do you fail so much at posting?

No. 383027

Monica rial drops out last minute

Was it a hoax all along
Will people be getting refunds
Did she return the travel fees
Will towers hatefuck his new girlfriend at al because of this

First to get spiked gets a free pass to magc

Also I should point out, towers thinks rial will return next year… but I'd be my money alcon will not run next year

No. 383029

Looks like they were reposting what Sindy said before she deleted it?

No. 383030

Sure, he could sue Bolso, but he'd still lose his job. And in the current economic climate, doubt he could afford it

No. 383122

You know it will run, too many ALtards just blindly attend. They don't know what a real event is like, as far as they are aware; pedos, drama, cluster fucking and general inability to human, are what conventions are about.

Poor unenlightened fools.

No. 383175

Could you please advise on what a real con is?

Inb4 kita/Ame/MCM/sunny which are also a cluster fuck when it comes to time table, running in general, and drama.

I ask because I'd love to attend these real events

No. 383664

Seeing as you know about these real events why not host your own con? I thought Baker was meant to be creating his con

No. 383690


Yeah, but those events all take reports of sexual harassment seriously and actually do something about it…

No. 383965

So, is anyone going on here going to Alcon? Lel.

I want to hear how bad it is this year.

No. 384205

so any alcon storys???

No. 384224

It's basically all on the Brit thread on 4chan.
Rude staff, convention was dead, security was so shit people who didn't pay were walking in without issue, all the stalls were selling bootlegs, staff dropping out last minute, alcohol prices got hiked. Drug dealers galore too.

Not to mention the fact that a lot of negative feedback mentioning rude staff were either deleted or altered to hide the fact staff had verged on misconduct.
And any feedback that mentioned Baker was also deleted.

But again, this was all covered on 4chan

No. 384590

A lot of that was on 4chan but I see you're bending the truth to exaggerate what was said on 4chan.

No. 384682

actually that's not bending the truth at all, everything said on that comment was done.

No. 384683

>kita staff takes drugs
>Drug dealers galore at alcon.

how fitting

No. 384688

Some of it was on 4chan, yes, but a lot of it was also relayed to me by friends who went, either by not paying and still turning up and not getting kicked out at all, or who had tickets bought for them by friends.
ALL of that was brought up in the feedback thread, too, before it was either deleted or "amended".

No. 384691

can you elaborate more on the drug dealers situation? this was not heavily discussed in the 4chan board, unless i missed it

No. 384698

From what I understand there were drug dealers lurking about everywhere, chasing people. It was posted about in the feedback before it was removed, and Mike asked the postee to repost without that bit in mind.
I should still have the screenshot of it before it was changed, I also posted it on the 4chan thread.

No. 384700

File: 1505087495386.png (151.57 KB, 1169x604, p2.png)

Samefag, after a quick check, I do still have it.
It is under "Security", the bit that Mike had the postee removed.

No. 384706

that poor person, fucking christ. i just wanna hug them.
if trashcon is still running next year i am going to be going solely to see just how bad it is

No. 384910

File: 1505135444794.png (117.22 KB, 1166x620, 112.png)

More screenshots of feedback from their own Feedback thread to point out that the truth isn't being bent to exaggerate what was pointed out on 4chan, like >>384590 is trying to imply.

No. 384949

No. 385215

stop fucking posting you video obayed

No. 385625

Don't encourage the idiot.

No. 385705

how is telling him NOT to encouraging him!?

No. 385920

I absolutely love how all of the people who are vocal about hating Obayed always have such bad spelling and grammar. Wouldn't surprise me if that comment came from Towers himself, actually…

No. 386075

wow i forgot the R at the end of your
big fucking deal

just a side note, spelling and grammar are not the same thing.

No. 386206

So turns out Mikes new plaything/girlfriend only turned 18 about a month before Alcon, and they've been dating since just after Alex made his post…

Seems he hasn't learned then

No. 386234

Trolls feed on attention. He won't care how many times you tell him to stop; he'll keep on doing it.

No. 386267

to me this confirms the relationship is nothing but a power share. shes a young girl, easily influenced, towers promised her stuff in return for her support. he promised her shed get media coverage, money, fame and a name for herself. poor girl. all shes getting is used. he will throw her away eventually. and we will still welcome her with open arms

No. 386268

well you could always ask a mod to ban him and flag his youtube video so it gets taken down or mature rated

No. 386281

Trying to point out you only made a spelling error and not a grammatical one, and then making a grammatical error. Are you an AL staff member?

No. 386286

wheres the grammatical error? i can understand this sentence fine?

No. 386316

File: 1505352024595.jpg (15.11 KB, 385x119, IMG_3880.JPG)

Capital letters? Apostrophes? Full stops? Am I replying to Chindy???

No. 386318

i mean i know this thread is a shitfest anyway, but this blatant derailing is pathetic on your sides.

No. 386329

Sure thing, voluntier.

No. 386779

Seems Mike thinks that the fact Alcon was 18+ and not 16+ contributed to poor numbers. Despite the fact that the past few years of it being 18+, numbers had risen. It's totally not that people finally realised the rumours were real and that you were basically a kiddy fiddler that caused low numbers, not at all.

He wants to ask DMU to make next year 16+ for the numbers but is probably gonna use it to groom young girls as usual.
I hope DMU say no, to be honest.

No. 386845

DMU is a university site and thus might need some kind of special license to cater for attendees under 18. Don't know for sure, but it would kind of make sense.

No. 386847

Samefag. In addition, parent/guardian permission would be needed in order to stay at dorms.

No. 386884

However, if you read the forum fully anon you will see that he said the 16+ wouldn't be aloud to stay in accommodation.
Same for you. Mel hasn't just turned 18 she's actually almost 20, not that it makes it any better because there's still a huge age gap, but don't go posting when you haven't got your facts in gear.

No. 386940

You got proof of her age then? To prove the other anon wrong?

No. 386951

16+ were staying in the dorms back when it was originally 16+ and no one seemed to bat an eye.

But >>386845 is right, the DMU would need to pay for a special license to allow anyone under 18 in to the SU where the majority of stuff happens. Even durin the day.
Can you imagine if they didn't get the license and Mike went ahead and made it 16+ anyway?

No. 386969

Just from looking at her page, says she started high school in 2010 and left in 2016. Unless she was held back a year, she only did up to year 12 before going on to university. So, she'd have been 16 or 17 upon leaving, again unless she was held back.
I mean she could have those years totally wrong, sure, but it's unlikely? As someone who finished high school 4 years ago and is only 22, I don't know where you're pulling this "almost 20" from.

No. 386979

File: 1505479380370.png (257.34 KB, 720x1228, Screenshot_2017-09-15-13-38-10…)

Here it is and is also on her Fb.
You didn't take into account college as she would next A Leversion or some kind of qualification to get into University in the first place. It also looked like she changed schools half way through one of her years or something.

No. 386980

File: 1505479420142.png (119.41 KB, 720x1224, Screenshot_2017-09-15-13-28-16…)

No. 386981

Claimed to go straight from high school to University. Changing schools shouldn't affect what age you are though.

No. 386984

Also point out it's easy to put down a fake age on Facebook and on the AnimeLeague forum. It isn't really 100% reliable.

If she is 19, maybe she shouldn't tell people attending otherwise?

No. 386990

It looks like she's done it from when you was at a certain school, but whatever I know she isn't 17 just turned 18.

No. 387552

Actually, I can. He and his senior team would plead ignorance when found out, and his legion of followers would shrug their shoulders and say "Oh it's just MT being MT", as usual.

This kind of "Oh well" attitude needs to stop.

No. 387776

I can tell she's scared of MT, scared of what he might do if she backs out now. It's disgusting how he gets away with this all the time.

No. 388123

proof anon? Do you even know her and if you do and know she is scared then why not help her?

No. 388131

as somebody who did back out i can tell you mike towers cant down anything. except make big threats.

No. 388132

ive just been informed mike towers is blackmailing one of the staff members - heather into working for the organization against her will. if this is confirmed to be legit. mike could be facing prison.

No. 388140

File: 1505651998161.png (24.16 KB, 208x800, mike.png)

these come from a credible source.
i know for a fact mike and his staff are reading this, and i know heather will be targeted for this. heather is you are reading this, you need to go to the police…. no matter what he has on you, please go.

blackmail and extortion are serious crimes.
and if he is forcing you to work for him without pay.. that's slave labor

No. 388150

File: 1505655172887.png (34.35 KB, 422x221, ew.png)

Wow you know you're off to a good start in life when sexual predators are fighting over you…

What's the matter mike.. not even gonna defend your underage girlfriend from a guy who hates you

No. 388192

Did Heather actually say that? Cause shes more than happy to join AL Girls and all the other AL missions. Do you have actual screenshots from her saying this?

No. 388279

AL Girls are still a thing? Mike was bragging about having 30+ AL girls a few months ago but I've not seen anything else since.

No. 388318

sadly not. but this person is close friend swith her, she claims she told her this. and the kid isnt a liar. they dont have the mental capacity. if heather did join al girls its possible she was made to do that so that algirls could kick off.

think about it…

No. 388320

we need to start talking about tower's mental heath… i could name at least 3 disorders his behavior is a classic example of

No. 388329

please do

No. 388339

okay mike

first up we have sociopathic tendencies… because you use people to get what you want. even as far as getting sexual pleasure out of them, and have no trouble threatening people for self gain

then we depression, you yourself admitting this would drive anybody to suicide. depression explains many of your unsualy and unlogical behavours. no self worth thus you put no effort in anything you do. you dont improve events you dont take into consideration feedback, even guest feedback from 7 year returning guests.. this explains why you sleep around so much contstantly trying to fill the void in your life with a woman

and then we have the grooming tendencies.. these cause you to see yourself as a young boy aged 19-20. thus explaining why you only go for girls in this age group/. in your mind you are just as young mentally as all your friends.

you need help mike. and by help i mean a prison cell

No. 388348

i'm not mike but ok? was genuinely interested in seeing what other anons thought of his mental health? seems you suffer from some level of paranoia if you think someone saying "please do" was mike

No. 388351

I would like to add intense narcissism and a Messiah complex to those three.
np, we believe you. Well I do anyway. don't bother starting a fight over who's who here, when the real issue is MT.

No. 389011

Can we not treat Mel like a victim? She knows what she is doing! She is an attention seeker, parades Mike around, answers to him and does everything he says. She cheated on her last boyfriend with him and just sleeps around. She is no better than MT himself.

No. 389071

tldr; lolcow justifies abuse of a young girl. Police actionable? MAYBE!

No. 389075

Lol. This thread seems more of a drama on those following it than the person it is meant to be about

No. 389076

Actually, more than maybe. On issues of harassment etc, the police have the right to contact the site admins and get full information including IP addresses.

Make sure you're all on TOR here.

No. 389078

stfu there is no chance police will care about that cunt

No. 389079

Hope you're on TOR matey

No. 389121

They have the right to contact them requesting it sure, but lolcow doesn't have to give up anything. They can be served a warrant, sure, still doesn't mean they have to give up anything. If their servers were UK based, sure.

Also, on issues of harassment? Every thread could be considered harassment depending on your outlook. Or the police might view it as petty drama and ignore it because that's basically all it ends up being.

No. 389324

Okay lemme educate you for a minute.
Lolcow is a US based server and site, so the UK police cannot touch it, they need to get permission from the lolcow site owners (in America which has its own laws which stops our countries police force from searching) and will most likely be told "no" as it always has been.
You a newfag? Or are you just retarded?

No. 389325

But there is a difference between a young victim, and a young twat. Mel is the latter. Dont twist shit just because it doesn't suit you, she is far from a victim, the complete opposite infact she revels in the attention she gets from Towers and the nerdy thirsty following on AnimeLeague

No. 389462

I'm pretty sure it isn't even a US based server.

No. 389508

I agree, I hear that she is fucking Andre behind MT back. And telling him that she wants to be with him and not MT and she hates MT.

No. 389511

File: 1505851344417.png (1.63 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_5638.PNG)

Why is Andre posting stuff on Alex Baker ban animeleague account? Unless his trying to stir up some shit.

No. 389573

Andre is a twat anyway. He can go kill himself and no one, not even MT himself would be upset.

No. 389609

Just makes him look even more insecure, really.

But, I am concerned that they have the power to go in and change things without having to ask the user. Like, I get the account is banned and all, but still. Why not just delete it? Why be petty like that?
Think of all the kinds of drama they could start by doing it.

No. 396073

File: 1506898627383.png (14.66 KB, 505x180, thosepoorunfortunatesouls.png)

Wow. I would never guess that BAGC was that popular. Either people are just thirsty for some sweet-ass butt-hurt weeb action (and can't wait for MCM) or this is bullshit.

No. 396604

tbf it has been quite a popular con. Its always packed even though you can make that small venue look packed with 5 people. Obviously people are just desperate.

No. 396641

still after looking at alcon video from this year it look like hardly anyone when, also I know for fact london anime con was also a ghost town the only place al seem to do well is place where there is no anime cons but them.

No. 397021

When their cons start getting a reputation for being ghost towns even regular attendees will stop attending.

No. 398040

File: 1507153966176.jpeg (18.35 KB, 214x94, BB66BC78-5B97-4946-A8ED-CEB927…)

F to pay respects

No. 401217

Apparently, Xzavier has been sacked from AL. The 4chan thread is saying this, thinking that the news broke here first.

Are we being led on, or is this true?

No. 401457

Did he ever do anything for AL though? Sure he went tics couple of conventions but I never saw him actually working to be honest

No. 401767

They didn't provide a source, so until one pops up, assume it to be bait.

No. 402342

I don’t believe it.

No. 406008

So did anyone else suddenly get asked to guest at LAGC randomly? A lot of my friends have and it looks like Mike and AL staff are just going through friends on their fb and copy/pasting the same message.

No. 406031

Don't got it myself since he blocked me sadface

What does the message look like?

No. 413549

so towers is getting more shit guests

No. 413559

One of the video game characters this announced VA voices is basically a paedophile…seems so fitting

No. 413770

Mmkay, so I've just had a look at this guy's resume, and aside from Bleach and Naruto, who is really going to give a shit about the bit roles this guy has done?

I also noticed he also put up a desperate "pls hire me, i need to pay teh rent!" Facebook video about a month ago.

No. 413883

There are a few game voices I semi care about, but he's not some big name voice actor, aside from older stuff that is still kind of popular?
Dunno why Mike thinks it's some form of achievement to get these people at his events when MCM had Troy Baker at their convention in Scotland.

No. 413924

Could be either one, or both, of the following:
1. Because the guy has a big resume (albeit for bit roles in single episodes), that 'apparently' makes him a superstar.
2. All the AL funds were already spent getting Rial.

No. 415041

File: 1509813911092.png (704.76 KB, 1242x2208, 6BA5C0BA-D0C1-4590-A73A-FBF6FD…)

Aw, emo mike lel

No. 415043

File: 1509814156600.png (700.1 KB, 1242x2208, 89F468E8-96E4-4842-A9A2-3BC7E9…)

Mike comment are so funny. Lel

No. 419777

Haven't been on this thread for a long time, interested in some updates.

Why is mike now looking for work?
Is he actualy looking for work or joking?
Has he finally ran out of money?

No. 420979

Really!? I'm pretty sure you are just bumping this up without any milk

No. 421459

I'm inclined to agree. First a rumour of a guy getting fired without anything to back it up and now this?

Deets, or this is officially bullshit.

No. 426199

Mike is looking for Work? Huh?

Where? lel

No. 426224

Does anyone else think it’s fucking weird, how MT I’m dating this Mel but his Facebook said his single?, I guess she isn’t good enough to put it on Facebook.
Or maybe he can’t cheat on her if it’s on Facebook! lel

No. 426252

File: 1510902441392.jpeg (109.89 KB, 1242x506, 3BC3C8D1-DC3C-4E6D-9DDC-B65FBA…)

Lel, yeah she is!!! Lel

No. 426555

Someone posted on Obayed's wall that Towers has been harassing their uni's gaming society to help out with AL stuff. No doubt he's looking for some pansy to pawn off organising Big Geek Meets to…

No. 431682

Can we take a moment to talk about the cringe content they're still bringing out over at AL??


No. 432047

File: 1511665910349.jpeg (555.85 KB, 2198x1165, C89D4B57-23D5-4EAE-A234-8F2BAD…)

Pissed someone else off MT

No. 432048

I don’t see anything, prove it.

No. 432049

It’s fucking horrible. lel!!

No. 432402

The others in the vid all have something to say, but AJ's only contribution to that sad POS was cheese and crackers. It's as if he's good for nothing else but make the org look more like a shitshow than it already is.

No. 433686


Post seems to be deleted now, but it was that Sombra Ayume girl that posted it

No. 433692


Did anyone even manage to make out what MT was saying? For all we know he was confessing to sleeping with 15yo girls but the sound quality was so bad we couldn't hear it over the background noise

No. 434254

So towers is trying to make out his new guests are a big deal, so much cringe.

No. 434583

File: 1511995539468.png (200.57 KB, 540x960, 24251843_1374881529284553_6912…)

No, I will not harass my friends to go to your events

No. 434646

This for london anime con???

No. 441670

No. 444588

I was looking at Mel photos on her facebook and I just realize why MT likes her, "She" looks like underage boy. lel. wait? are we sure "she" actually female? lel with a face like that, I can't be sure. lel.

No. 445834

File: 1513531303660.png (981.68 KB, 750x1334, 1486077C-4536-4946-B9AD-263B1D…)

No. 445941


Is that one of the AL Girls who's started trolling Mike now? I don't think the police will arrest every single person who trolls him but I love that he thinks they will.

No. 445943

fuck ooooffffffff

No. 445944


You've gotta wonder what he's apparently said to the police.

"Help I'm a pedo and people are bullying me for it".

No. 445946

i love how he's so upset

No. 445956


Bet it'll make him look really great when so many of the people who are calling him a pedo used to be mods at AL.

No. 463430

File: 1515249453848.png (3.94 MB, 1242x2208, 9C532966-E5E0-48A9-B566-2FD859…)

If I looked that ugly, I wouldn’t post it on Facebook. Lel!! Kill the beast!!!

No. 467378

so any LAGC dramu???

No. 467491

Mel is spamming every cosplay and con page that they're allowed to post on, they've also been sending messages to people 'involved in this illegal harassment' campaign. It's laughable really.

No. 467678

Irony, is that you?

No. 469787

File: 1515932409312.jpeg (859.87 KB, 1242x1049, 74C2CBF2-7441-47C9-A4C3-511EE0…)


No. 469872

al just looks like a complete cult following at this point with towers being the cult leader. I hope more awareness is spread about this guy. it's so sick what he's getting people into.

No. 473603

File: 1516217790228.png (368.97 KB, 499x601, Untitled.png)

Save him. Message the didyouknowgaming page on facebook and tell them all the shit that's gone on so they don't have to suffer lmao.

No. 473745

File: 1516225810070.jpeg (580.54 KB, 1242x718, D17E99AB-F221-4321-893C-2F4F5F…)


No. 473747

File: 1516225861014.jpeg (599.23 KB, 1213x804, 3A257143-9DB2-4A63-BCA8-569041…)

FAT pig!!!

No. 475356

Sage because semi irrelevant but boy is she gonna do herself harm by trying to lose that much weight in 4 weeks. You shouldn't really lose more than 2lbs per week (you'll obviously lose more when you first start diet/exercise). So, at most she'd healthily lose 10lbs in those 4 weeks. Anything more isn't good for your body (not enough calories for your body to function on, basically).

Hooray for Mike's fatty gf ruining her health even more than just being fat. Shows she didn't even do a lick of research or get a consultation before deciding to lose the weight. What an idiot.

No. 478645

File: 1516695875928.gif (3.09 MB, 450x263, 0355BA39-8A11-4BF9-B0FA-6E8FCA…)

No. 478986

where u get this

No. 479555

lel I need to know

No. 485033

So Towers has taken to bullying some girls for trying to make their own Cardiff meet by making his own on the same day

No. 486365

I'm sure MT knows this very well, but LAGC this year so happens to clash with the Chinese New Year London Parade, so anyone who actually plans to go is going to have a really shit Sunday.

No. 488288

Really? What did he do? Receipts?

No. 488315

Also heads up, Towers has changed his handle on most things to 'NotLikkleMike' and I want to vomit.

No. 489253

Oh ? Can you post it?

No. 489256

I know right. His “acting” like his in love with her but still cheating on her.

No. 489737

So update on the Cardiff Meet;
Basically AL organised a last minute meet even tho they only do one every 2 months, 'coincidentally' the same day as theirs.
Booked out the bottom floor of a place they always go to, which kinda left them without many options of places to go as a big group since it was raining.
They were kinda making rude comments in the Non-AL meet facebook page under fake accounts about it being badly organised and the fact that they gathered in like a subway tunnel but tbh no one was expecting such a big group, it was decided as a group kinda to go to the tunnel because it was raining and they could take cool pics there.
But they're just being pathetic really.
It's kinda sad how tore up about it they're all getting, because they're not making a profit or anything they're just having fun.

No. 489748

why are you posting this? No one cares about Wales here

No. 489750

And? Still shows how Towers and AL are gigantic dicks and bullies

No. 489764

File: 1517523329039.png (53.42 KB, 623x279, ew.png)

No. 489765

File: 1517523342142.png (51.95 KB, 721x271, ew2.png)

No. 489766

File: 1517523350497.png (55.68 KB, 531x277, ew3.png)

No. 489769

Smells like paranoia. Even Towers wouldn't bother with this one. A meet of 20 people max in Wales (massive group lol, right) no one cares

No. 489772

"Smells like paranoia." Alright, Mike.

No. 489773

Point proven

No. 489777

The point being paranoia? Yeah, totally proven. It's still to do with AL so get off my dick.

No. 489785

File: 1517524383351.png (48.38 KB, 493x599, sdfgthyjuuh.png)

No. 496849

File: 1518040491952.png (820.19 KB, 2896x2960, 27787417_523832948000493_58027…)

No. 497470

Wasn't he always admin though. Isn't Xzavier part of staff?

No. 497716

that's correct

No. 500160

so anything happen at cardiff anime con???

No. 500506


didnt even know it was on

No. 503011

File: 1518647284274.png (39.66 KB, 505x541, Untitled.png)

No. 503148

Only 45 minutes? Beats MCM 2hr or more

No. 504931

You have to take into consideration that thousands of people attend MCM in a massive exhibition hall and a few hundred attend CAGC in one hotel lobby

No. 506516

so anyone go to lagc today how bad was it???

No. 513293

Didn't go but the Cosplay Connect group is now no longer affiliated with AL, some shit must have gone down because a tog I know was pro AL (and shot exclusively at their events) is now claiming the group is free of Towers, is now an admin and seems to have changed his affiliation seen as he's shilling his new con through the group.

>mfw people were asking to make the new con as bootleg free as possible and they say they'll 'try their hardest' and end up using bootleg Miku nendos on the fucking promo graphics for it kek

No. 513520

the tog is just as bad as Towers if not even worse. He tried to pull my friends skirt during a photoshoot with him

No. 513596

likely due to being banned, we saw the LAGC security kick him out on Sunday

No. 513613

Towers or the tog?

No. 513616

the tog

No. 513617

Fuck, apparently he said something about AL shortly before the con on FB and they found the post during the con and booted him out then and there.

No. 513622

One of my friends was there and told me that Tim was pressuring her into drinking and wanting photos of her, so she reported it to the security they kicked him out. Took his wristband off and everything

No. 514905

File: 1519643402348.jpeg (517.9 KB, 1225x1342, 651061A1-2C82-4364-848E-A0EC70…)

No. 540226

so any good towers dramu

No. 540908

File: 1522337302785.jpeg (387.95 KB, 640x1136, 307F6CB0-0D2F-4807-A8A1-DB5142…)

No. 541535

File: 1522420587981.png (245.37 KB, 496x698, unknown-12.png)

No. 542416

Didn't they do this with Monica rial too

No. 544475

That was because there was a hurricane, this just seems he cbb to go

No. 548406

so anyone going to manchester anime con? Any good dramu.

No. 553045

Who the fuck is that to/from? It's not Towers

No. 553164

File: 1523501051726.png (1.41 MB, 1242x2208, AE7B22BB-48DC-4BB1-B0DB-D098BC…)


No. 553243

Bit late on that one anon

No. 553294

This place is getting desperate, how's the police investigation going?

No. 553317

Towers is back to bump his own thread!

No. 553360

Oh come off it. You and baker orchestrated the whole thing. You've said you self Mike numerous times the community is full if idiots, you enjoy nothing else over toying with them. You groom people into thinking al is the only wholesome community, but you constantly treat people within it like shit. You even lost xavier because he dared to run a con back to back with you. You spend actual al funds buying up names so you could drag him through court. Courts you can't afford. This is you all over. You take the alcon profits and spend them on yourself, you pay your staff nothing especially your 12 algirls and great then like shit. Your downright blackmailing them to work for you. And as a result your cons are doing so badly even loyals like Lk are disgusted by the disorganised mess. Your cons are dying Mike. You're going to wind up guestless and bankrupt at every con
And sooner or later people are gona take your assessment to court for fraudulent ticket sales.

Seriously Mike. Enjoy your cons while they last. Cause I predict alcon 2018 will be the last 1. And you have Only Yourself to thank

No. 553407

Not Mike lel but someone has some pent up anger

No. 553441

Not defending Towers here but if companies were going to be taken to court over fake numbers more than AL are going to be worried about….

No. 553632

They lost xavier? oh? When did this happened

No. 553959

First decent AL decision ever

No. 555089

LOL. Someone really needs to make a thread on Xzavier already

No. 555515

OMG!! Yes!!

No. 555517

I think Andre Duggan deserve one more than Xzavier.

No. 556127

Nah. Duggan is just gay nothing more. Xzavier is a disaster

No. 556138

I don't know how Mike can blatantly lie about numbers so frequently. I mean, he does know that people will actually be there, right?

I'm on some UK cosplay fb page and there's been a handful of posts from the last AL con. Mostly saying it was nothing special. Small, and crammed, with shitty stalls. This is coming from people who know nothing about the drama.

The fact he STILL goes onto 4chan and this thread to bump and desperately try to grasp some kind of attention.

inb4 Mike doesn't post on 4chan!!! He's too busy with cons!!!11!1.
Who else is going to defend someone to this extent, especially someone like Mike lol.

No. 556864

Duggan is incredibly milky, Arcadia Maids is a veritable dairy farm. Got a friend in there and she sends me gold like this.


No. 556871

File: 1523858879245.png (11.68 KB, 239x150, unknown-13.png)

No. 556872

File: 1523858896814.jpg (163.7 KB, 875x782, Screenshot_20180416-070640.jpg)

No. 556873

File: 1523858922583.jpg (175.53 KB, 954x624, Screenshot_20180416-070754.jpg)

He's incredible.

No. 557427

Holy shit this is gold

No. 557507

I'm straight! Honest!!

No. 562785


Pretty sure he'll end up being at Ame trying to score; he was at the last one doing his stupid YT channel thing. Back then nobody had heard of him, and now this place and 4chan are all over him, he and his ridiculous waistcoat are gonna stand out like a sore thumb.

No. 565149

Seems a few people have been getting messaged by AL staff asking if they're going to Alcon this year. Took a look at their numbers and boy is it dire. Only 215 tickets paid, 199 pending payment, and 886 still to even be booked.

Can't wait for "best Alcon ever! Record numbers, sold out completely!"

No. 565681

I heard that mike is cheating on poor mel. And this isn’t the first or second time he has done that to her. I don’t feel sorry for her because she know what kind of “person” he is. lel

No. 570103

Ridiculously fucking late reply but I was selling in the AA and there were no signs anywhere. When I came to set up, even the staff had no idea where we were going.

Not looking forward to BAGC next weekend.

No. 570967

Why you going then? Save money and do something else

No. 571055

Please done give them your money. Go to Digicon genesis instead. Thier doing 3 day tables for AA £40 Traders £80

No. 571452

If you know the con is a shitshow, and you are aware of the rumours surrounding MT, then why are you still giving them money? Use the money to sell your stuff and promote your business at a better con. A con that people actually give a crap about.

No. 571735

I snuck into MAGC last month without paying and it was hilariously easy. I was in town anyway and thought fuck it I wanted to see how much of a shitshow AL really is and I know the venue well. Legit, I just saw some people I knew walking in and acted like I was with them. My boyfriend snuck in too later on. It took con staff 3 hours to find us and the only reason we were caught was because my boyfriend left his bag somewhere and had to go look for it and security saw him and asked if he knew where I was too. I’m still kekking, I’d love to see how long I’d of managed alone. I got some nice shit from the stalls and fucked off Tower’s whilst I was at it. 13 quid for a ticket on the door my arse, Doki Doki is the same price and they use both halls at the venue and actually have decent panels and events other than stalls. MAGC was using one hall (the smaller one) and ripping off Doki Doki whilst they were at it by placing the gaming areas in the same place. 10/10 shitfest would cheeki breeki my way in again

No. 571750

I already paid for it because I was a moron.

No. 571916

You still got caught. You tried this on 4chan and no one gave a shit

No. 572534

Trying to deflect duggen. Anon is doing gods work but next time she should take a camera in and show how bad it is

No. 572537

Ask the bank to pull the funds back. Tell them it was fraudulent advertising because you were unaware of the dodgy buisness dealings and terrible stall holding reputation .

Alcon has a history of not locking dealers rooms at night. And didn't duggen admit before they took stuff from them and kept them?

No. 572911

Funny how everyone likes to chat shit about Towers on here and Lolcow yet the second someone actually decides to put two fingers up to him and his organisation cgl gets all moral about sneaking into a shitty convention organised by a paedophile. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black.

No. 573616

File: 1525448230782.jpeg (417.49 KB, 1242x294, C4952747-2F11-4B4E-A493-A7F776…)


No. 575007

Holy shit does he still think he's the supreme commander… this is fucking sad for a man in his mid 30s

No. 575009

Cgl is overrun with dicord-fags. It's not even worth trying to post in thier anymore. If you even mention towers,obayed, sindy or the word drama DairyMilk just deletes the thread and has the mods hit you with a ban. Britfag used to be good before they showed up in it.

No. 575036


No. 575373

This is a narcissist manchild creep with a Messiah/God complex we're talking about here. A guy who believes only HE has the skills to control the UK anime scene.

Yeah it is pretty fucking sad, but people like him will never ever grow up, and carry on with this creepo alter-ego until his 50s, which is even more astonishing.

When one of his harem shows up at his palace door and announces she's pregnant, maybe a dose of reality will hit him. Maybe. Maybe not.

No. 575760

Yeah, I do go in the Discord but fuck I agree it is ruining the main cgl threads. I mean seriously, who the fuck makes a Discord and links it to one of the most infamously drama-ridden boards on 4chan and expects absolutely nothing to filter over from there, and then get all pissy when it does. I was threatened with a perma-ban once for calling out someone for being a dick at one of the cgl meets on there because I was apparently 'disrupting the comfy cgl discord atmosphere' or whatever.

No. 576238

I've been in the discord and can confirm the people in it are just pissy bitches and unfunny autists. The only things they talk about are maid gio and Ben Collins, who btw I'd a complete fucking cringe lord.

I'll try not to derail but britfag thread isn't worth posting in and it's shit. This is the worst it's been in over 10 years. I used that thread as an information source, but now that you get perma ban just for mentioning drama is fucking aids. That's why the threads dead and boring

No. 576797

This is Sindy Pop. Amazed she doesn't get her posts autorevealed yet.

No. 576799

And yet here you are, doing more of what made people dislike you in the first place. Sad!

No. 577019

What, sneaking into a shitty con run by a paedophile and calling out rude arseholes for being rude arseholes? Oh, come on. It's not like I'm making an effort to stir shit in Discord seen as you made it loud and clear you stan members that have had multiple complaints made about them from meets in the past for the exact same type of obnoxious attitude shit I had dished out to me by said member. But I'm still the bad one, like I say- pot calling the kettle black, as you sit here replying to me on Lolcow of all places. If DairyMilk wanted to make a Discord for cosplayers without drama then the last fucking place I'd of thought to base it's userbase in is /cgl/.

No. 577143

You broke the law and have publicly admitted it as such. Grow up.

No. 577266

You're 'the bad one' because you acted and continue to act like a sulky child throwing public tantrums. If you act like a teenage girl people will find you annoying, die mad about it.

No. 577298

Again, cgl getting all moral and mighty over someone sneaking into a con run by an actual paedophile, for the amount of shit talk people make about Towers it’s fucking rich you jump on your high horse about breaking the law over sneaking into a convention run by the man himself.

>public tantrum

Literally when and where? Like I say I was discussing the meet, nothing more nothing less.

No. 577302

File: 1525851230946.jpg (198.89 KB, 978x801, Screenshot_20180509-083142.jpg)

Here's your tantrum. And you continue to publicly bitch, whine and sulk about how a group of friends supported their friend over some whiny shitstirring Literally Whos. How about you get over it and go join Sindy's discord, I hear it's a bit more welcoming to the bitter and socially retarded.

No. 577709

I bet your parents are proud of you. This reminds me of the 2011 London riots where thugs used the actions of a handful of individuals as an excuse to steal and loot. The police took a very dim view of that and would take a very dim view of your actions too.

No. 578064


Hoe is this a tantrum/disruptive
She made one small minor complaint. .. how fucking insecure do you need to be to get this offended by it. Meets orginize be people like you will allways be bad. And poorly run because of the nature if the meet and the people in the meet.

First 4chan now here? I thought namefagging was a banable offense on both sites. Why do you care so fucking much who I am or am not. Our complaints are still valid you insecure fuck

No. 578065

Correct me if I'm wrong dairy milk but didn't you and half your discord join it

No. 578963

No, Sindypop it is not.

Go away now.

No. 589835

File: 1526861440917.png (1.41 MB, 1242x2208, FF2EC922-0C3E-4422-8B31-A60E09…)

Oh, what is this?

No. 589836

File: 1526861500185.png (618.76 KB, 1242x2208, 5CBBC254-2728-41FC-A13A-4EED00…)

Oh, dear.

No. 589837

File: 1526861563755.png (374.62 KB, 1242x2208, E57B7FAF-A32B-4A90-B915-D0B3A4…)


No. 589839

File: 1526861645972.png (671.01 KB, 1242x2208, 24C24453-D0C9-4A83-A485-F67EDB…)

This is getting interesting.

No. 589842

File: 1526861724067.png (729.16 KB, 1242x2208, 8373F936-DC61-48D6-9609-C84FDB…)

This is just disgusting MT, how could you treat her like that.

No. 603708

No. 604049


Spoken like a true sociopath, Mike

No. 604142

File: 1528379244877.png (73.17 KB, 628x488, warning.png)

This is doing the rounds plus a few other "modelling" scams in my community. Apparently this guy is planning meets in my country. I had a feeling the name was familiar.

No. 604145

File: 1528379280883.jpg (63.12 KB, 715x901, 34702231_10156371056507128_492…)

No. 605285

Oh great. I already know a ton of idiots I know will clamour for this.

No. 606961

This is last year's news I swear it isn't even happening now, something new please

No. 608691

Bit hypocritical considering you bumped my thread with me saying I was buying a ticket for sunnycon as "drama"

No. 608694

Tbh just let them. Al's fucked after last year and given we know nothing will improve for this year's alcon we can safely say that LK will pull out as a guest after this year.

Any fool who joins algirls might aswell be selling her soul to satan at this point. Since every female member who's worked for al has been overworked. Underpayed sexually harassed and literally blackmailed into continuation.

No. 608696

I hear the Irish are pretty harsh to kiddy fiddlers. Won't be suprised if towers washes up on an Irish beach the same weekend as this meet

No. 611760

oh LK will white knight AL no matter what him and the rest of the abrigers no other uk con would pay for him to come over.

No. 611840

Sunnycon usually has Tfs tho?

No. 612491

like 3 or 2 years ago sunny seem to get a guest once and then never again. Some of the uk base members show up a bit at small cons but that due to been cheap as they uk base.

No. 612505

Tbh nobody cares about tfs. They've pissed off too many people by canceling dbza. Also didn't Lk say he hated alcon last year. Just leave him to it man. Towers con will 9/11 sooner or later.

No. 612506

think he did but still going show u how sad he is

No. 615369

More accurately, LK complained post-con about how just any creep could walk into the VIP area (and did). Even if he decides not to come back this year, what other con would want abridgers? AL only really get them because they're cheaper to book than actual voice actors.

No. 615855

E-mails have gone out to the z-listers I've heard. We'll see who's willing to sell their dignity for a room and entry.

No. 616784

File: 1529594400294.png (28.55 KB, 313x331, 1529336046754.png)

400 attendees, one guest confirmed and less than two months till con lmao

No. 616982

File: 1529607000112.png (92.02 KB, 714x758, Screenshot_20180621-194806.png)

Shock twist, I went to check if any more tickets have sold and it looks like it's actually gone down!! They also changed their guest page to say 40+ guests but no one confirmed except for LK. I'm guessing it's 40 z Listers. At least we have some proof that MT checks this thread and it influences what he does :p

No. 617186

File: 1529615452201.png (17.28 KB, 1708x119, Untitled.png)

More tragedy, ALcon accommodation has gone from filling up 3 halls, to downsizing to two halls last year to now only having accommodation in the quiet block an no party block halls.

No. 617522

You know that's because DMU are finally refurbishing the other halls? As much as I love to shit on AL you can't blame them for something the uni has been planning to do.

No. 617932

It's still going to have a huge impact on the quality of the con

No. 617976

they still selling rooms so means they cant even sell out a block now

No. 618198

Once they release the room allocation spreadsheet we can see exactly how many people are going

No. 618393

I know the guy that does the VIP badges and the prick will never tell me how many he makes each year. I wonder if they've gone down or if the hard core AL autists still fork out extra for it.

No. 618406

It's sad to think about

No. 628088

File: 1530650010288.jpeg (40.34 KB, 848x848, A47A8C48-6A5E-4871-A7C1-FC63DB…)

Super creepy

No. 630212

Any word on how lagc is doing??

No. 630835

A freind when to see if he could catch the VA why they left he said the place look like there was hardly any one there.

No. 632973

So photo and video are out lagc was a ghost town

No. 634691

UPDATE: The Towers Uncyclopedia article can be updated again now and it is no longer locked :o

No. 638374

Why was it locked anyway

No. 638924

Nobody gonna mention him and digger scouting people to join their shitty Al group?

No. 638925


No. 639023

What group?

No. 639314

He got a lawyer to write a letter to try and get it deleted for being slanderous

No. 642853

Al girls

No. 658231

so any good dramu at liverpool?? alcon is near

No. 664440

so the list of people staying on site for alcon is out there is only 160 people last year there was 300 plus Alcon will be a bigger ghost town than last year and last year was bad.

No. 666203

dont they only have one block available too?

No. 666600

No. 669057

So, someone got groped at Cardiff Anime Con this weekend.


No. 670076

Isn't that like every con though? And to be honest even they admitted they didn't tell anyone apart from facebook friends…

No. 672021

In a further twist, it seems AL are so desperate for guests they're trying to intimidate people into guesting for them, and Mel's gone as far as to find someone's Discord server to literally baw at them: "WHY WON'T YOU GUEST AT OUR CONS?!"

Also, apparently there's just under 300 attendees confirmed for AlCon, and even less for accommodation.


No. 672026

File: 1535105941149.jpg (63.06 KB, 540x960, AL drama 1.jpg)

EDIT: Link no longer working, will upload the pics one by one

No. 672027

File: 1535105951949.jpg (59.19 KB, 540x960, AL drama 2.jpg)

No. 672028

File: 1535105960539.jpg (55.6 KB, 540x960, AL drama 3.jpg)

No. 672029

File: 1535105978131.jpg (51.3 KB, 540x960, AL drama 4.jpg)

No. 672030

Wait…is that spread sheet all the people attending or staff? Coz that's creepy yo!

No. 672040

Yep. Given the poor security at his events, then this basically gives anyone the chance to sneak in and do god knows what.

Though, given how he's got a track record of employing thieves and perverts as con staff, it might not be attendees and strangers people have to worry about breaking into their rooms, but the very staff who are supposed to be protecting them.

But when they were confronted about it, Mel the white knight began accusing everyone of bullying and how it's all the Evil Obayed's fault.

No. 675894

And the saga of AlCon begins tomorrow. Any predictions on how badly they're gonna fuck it up?

No. 676256

Well for starters, Telling everyone over 700 people are there, can't wait for the 300 people to wonder where 400 people are

No. 676258

Inb4 "this was our biggest AlCon ever" on Monday

No. 676259

Test981 is Dillon Black, Another Owner of AL, He has been in countless Discords causing problems and advertising AL

No. 676261

So, Towers, Mel "White Knight" Rowlands, Dillon and Andre are basically the four horsemen of this rotting carcass of an organisation?

No. 676266

Kinda, Mel is Towers's Fuck buddy and Dillon Andre, Stephen (Redhat) are the cucks that hold this straw house together

No. 676268

That post is scheduled on the alcon page anyway, as someone who had access to write posts on that page, The Thanks we had … Attendees is scheduled because crew are too busy getting packed up while hungover to actually give a shit

No. 676273

File: 1535633870177.png (554.47 KB, 499x960, AL shambles.png)

Good god the event hasn't even started yet and it already looks disorganised.

No. 676276

Actually The event has started that's how many people turned up

No. 676285

I bet the likes of AmeCon and KitaCon are quaking in their boots.

No. 676351

File: 1535647090009.jpeg (740.84 KB, 4032x3024, received_325068091387416.jpeg)

in full swing now check how packed it is .

No. 676526

No. 676738

23 people I count 23 people that is just sad

No. 676749

Literally, these people think they can put all other anime cons out of business. This just shows how out of touch with reality they are.

No. 677087

File: 1535717570984.png (171.18 KB, 720x1280, received_337254926818617.png)

you dun fucked up now (1/3)

No. 677088

File: 1535717607530.png (145.08 KB, 720x1280, received_2098813133471825.png)


No. 677089

File: 1535717674883.png (164.54 KB, 720x1280, received_288929951693123.png)


No. 677101

Thing is, I know Matt and he's one of the gentlest people I know. For him to be THAT pissed off is unheard of.

No. 677203

No. 677213

File: 1535737835183.jpg (843.15 KB, 1280x720, FAiLCon.jpg)

No. 677421

File: 1535754081658.png (1.59 MB, 1280x720, Anime League found dead.png)

No. 677808

Towers has made the Alcon group private, post screenshots here to piss them off

No. 677825

Hello Mr Towers, I know you are here regardless when its today or in 2 years time when you look back, You picked this path and it has ended this way, "We're better than other cons" but other cons don't have this much hate all over the internet, they don't boot members from groups because they shared the truth or ban people because they had some negative feedback. I hope you feel like shit for making this community toxic and becoming not just part of the problem, The actual problem. There's nothing you can say or do which will make up for the shit you've done. Enjoy your sleepless nights wondering where you went wrong as the community around you turns against you because you picked the wrong path. ~ Majority of the people who don't like you

No. 678084

Could someone please get internet historian on this whole mess when all of the conventions that anime league has done and maybe the website as well. At least this is a painful death to the Anime League seen. D_D

No. 678502

Right, I am removing all these comments.

The person you are enquiring about is someone who is banned and has been for some time.

If it's someone else and it is someone who was mistakenly removed from the group, msg me the name and we will sort this.

Let's all try to make this a good event. If anyone here has any issues come speak to us in person about it at the front desk at registrations. Thank you(what)

No. 678601

File: 1535906614395.jpg (108.79 KB, 624x351, 1506944299990.jpg)

Still removing comments from the pages and groups?

No. 678715


Yep. Making Daddy Derek proud with all this censorship.

No. 678770

File: 1535919669030.jpg (29.1 KB, 507x471, rest in pepperoni.jpg)


best con ever

No. 678803

File: 1535921606979.png (641.05 KB, 982x564, AmeCon vs AlCon.png)

Goddamn this tickled me.

No. 679425

Ayyyyy! Micheal Towers!

I wanna knowwwowowo!

If she's under 12!

No. 679707

File: 1535970061420.jpeg (542.97 KB, 1242x657, B2427C50-EDF1-45B2-B69C-353418…)


No. 679727

That was fucking hilarious. Someone wrote "MIKE PEDO" in glowsticks in the accomodation rec room.

No. 679932

No. 680035

So apparently Andre is 30k in debt from his failed maid café attempt.

Also, Mel's threatening to sue anyone who talks bad about AlCon again.

No. 680116

don't have them, sorry. I've got a few pics of alcon looking dead though. I'll post them when I get chance.
Mel is a fucking idiot, do you have screenshots of her saying that?

No. 680121

File: 1536012946249.png (42.12 KB, 552x676, Mel being a bitch.png)

Mel the internet lumberjack threatening to cut down any negative reviews (literally, all he did was offer feedback)

No. 680122

To add onto it, he basically told them he wanted to speak to some former AL staff about whether any allegations re: sexual assault and the like were true.

They're essentially trying to bully him into silence. He was quite positive about their con until this, so they've really shot themselves in the foot.

No. 680129

File: 1536013484468.jpg (79.44 KB, 540x960, Sexual harassment.jpg)


Good god, it keeps getting worse.

No. 680155

Just spoke to a staffer, and they confirmed it was Andre who said that.

No. 680179

It was andre who made the rape joke, got someone to strip.
who was it who was kreeping on that one girl doing a panel? was that andre too?

No. 680188


Again, everything creepy is going back to Andre. He was in charge of the stage this year.

No. 680212

poor guy just wants some love

No. 680214


His number one argument: "It's legal in Japan"

No. 680217

File: 1536020287057.jpeg (48.9 KB, 540x960, received_455240084986585.jpeg)

Hmmmm if she wants to play that card someone want to remind her she has committed the same offence in discord??? Harrassing people

No. 680220

Andre said during the opening ceremony:

"I finally made it, the ordeals I've had to go through to get to Alcon (..) I've had to borrow and beg for money, been beaten up, even be raped to get to Alcon, but I made it!"

No. 680288

is this Mel?
don't like the idea of her being near children if she is affiliated with michael

No. 680661

This is freaking great
Someone who went to alcon throwing some serious shade someone send this to Mike

No. 680929

If you are going to make a rape joke, at least make it a funny one

No. 680941

No. 681003

File: 1536101084815.png (644.5 KB, 404x676, Screenshot_20.png)

Your Pics sir

No. 681105

That's quite lengthy. Anyone got a quick rundown?

No. 681357

use the youtube box when you post youtube links you fucking normies

watched about 20 mins of it, he's more or less telling all the stuff that has been told on this thread or facebook. Nothing really new.

No. 681416


Interesting that Mel's nepotism also applies to the cosplay masquerade, especially with the one who's won it three times already.

No. 681439

Most information has already been covered. Read the comment though, some of them are pretty interesting.

No. 681701

I've noticed the name Grace Mellody keeps popping up a lot. Anybody know anything about her and whether she's a crew member or just someone who guests there?

No. 681903

She is on animeleague and she was a crew member at Alcon.

No. 682005

She's a massive bitch, thinks she's hot shit when she sings in cringey "Japanese" and constantly looks like she's sharting

No. 682262

File: 1536232921816.jpeg (788.95 KB, 1242x2208, 5BCFA368-137B-40AF-94AD-8DCF8A…)

No. 682263

Yeah, I agree. lel.

No. 682270

File: 1536234457008.png (38.64 KB, 1278x153, IMG_0974.PNG)

No. 682288

File: 1536237944577.png (85.87 KB, 500x213, From my point of view the jedi…)


Knowing her, once she gets taken advantage of one too many times she'll jump ship like everyone else, but at the moment, she's got full on Anakin Syndrome, in that she still supports a shitty organisation even though their shitty behaviour is there for all to see.

No. 682500

File: 1536264095592.jpg (76.47 KB, 400x400, Das_Fuhrer_Towers.jpg)

Someone posted another "You should improve your con / Feedback" that wasn't to Tower's Tastes, Nothing wrong with the post nothing saying "Don't Go" just some basic improvements, User Banned and Posts Deleted, Sieg Heils Mein Fuhrer

No. 682511

Is this true about Mel choosing someone she knows as the winner for the talent show? We only have this one guy as a source for this (that I'm aware of), it wouldn't surprise me but can anyone confirm? He was talking about the Bristol con, so it makes sense since that's where she's from.

No. 682558

File: 1536272050082.png (84.94 KB, 1301x386, Grace ripped off.png)

Grace, it's not atrocious luck, you're just getting ripped off. £6 per ticket is daylight robbery. If you can't see AL is a scam then that shit's just natural selection at this point.

No. 682576

File: 1536274705507.png (634.8 KB, 1242x2208, 2C8472A9-A8BC-41ED-AC7F-FA1171…)

No. 682577

File: 1536274731056.png (583.06 KB, 1242x2208, EC82E3C9-7F48-4E84-A327-6DAC0F…)

No. 683668

File: 1536386085631.png (121.61 KB, 1789x550, algirlsmarktwo.png)

Anyone and everyone could just go in the VIP area anyway so this is worthless. This is just another word for their 'crew', only you're given a different and more superior-sounding title.

This might as well be AL Girls Mark Two.

No. 683784

File: 1536415124931.jpg (11.86 KB, 320x337, b77.jpg)

Crew could go in the VIP Area anyway because Duh Their crew, Crew its access all area's anyway it always has been. Man-Power TRIGGERED

No. 685827

How do you know his in 30K debt?

No. 685876

File: 1536676170793.png (16.13 KB, 586x265, Andre Duggan.png)


From someone who was staffing at AlCon. They're actually speaking to a solicitor due to workplace bullying and Andre sexually harassing them.

No. 686172

Oh really?
I swear we should start an 4chan about him.

No. 686175


I'm surprised he doesn't have an ED page. Same goes for Lewis Falcon Williams. Both of them are basically sexual predators in waiting.

No. 686605

File: 1536771978429.jpg (436.14 KB, 1280x720, andre.jpg)

No. 686775

Make it!!! lel

No. 686868

Not that I have any sympathy, but unless he actually wanted his own bricks-and-mortar place, what exactly do you spend £30k on for a maid cafe? Last time I checked, doilies aren't that expensive.

No. 687808


Chances are it's due to Chris-Chan levels of financial incompetence on Andre's part.

No. 688341

File: 1536960229937.png (83.68 KB, 606x674, Falcon discourse 1.png)

So Grace decides to weigh in on Lewis Falcon Williams getting the banhammer from all MCM events and goddamn did it backfire

No. 688342

File: 1536960244784.png (94.99 KB, 598x698, Falcon discourse 2.png)

No. 688343

File: 1536960256910.png (106.77 KB, 592x778, Falcon discourse 3.png)

No. 688344

File: 1536960268036.png (107.09 KB, 574x778, Falcon discourse 4.png)

No. 688345

File: 1536960282732.png (49.74 KB, 560x348, Falcon discourse 5.png)

No. 689079


I'd rather have milk on Towers than some girl thanks

No. 689081

if you're under 12 then mike will give you his "milk"

No. 689099

File: 1537056808019.png (348.38 KB, 592x580, 654d8dd373f5d51a7e983d3bb97e10…)

No. 689104

File: 1537056876895.png (165.43 KB, 760x196, cumdre.png)

No. 689392

No. 689400

File: 1537102158026.png (30.21 KB, 128x128, 1519668088488.png)


who is this overweight weeb and why does she think she's an idol

No. 689460


Basically the biggest white knight of Towers and AL at the moment (apart from Mel). everyone's basically told her associating with AL is gonna damage her reputation, but "muh idol career" is more important

No. 689470

What Idol career? This is the first i've seen of her and she looks like an overweight chav at best?

Fucking hell these weebs go too far, do they even know what it actually means to be an idol? Dressing like a retards and dancing on the stage owned by a known pedo doesn't qualify kek

No. 689515


Chances are she'll be another one who eventually realises Towers is a shitbag and either leaves or gets kicked out when she becomes too independent for his liking.

Then another weeb will pop along who will white knight Towers, eventually grow too independent or critical towards Towers, get kicked out/leave and rinse and repeat.

No. 689774

She's just this season's Sindy Pop

No. 689873

It wouldn't surprise me if she wanted to fuck Towers. She's always saying how thirsty she is on her status

No. 689913

File: 1537148287355.jpg (83.25 KB, 540x960, Sindy being sindy.jpg)


Speaking of Sindy…

Apparently calling out hypocrisy is bullying.

No. 690255

I think she really want to fuck towers and I’m sure he would be willing, she looks really young. They could have a 3 some with towers,Mel and her.

No. 690256

This video is amazing!

No. 690258

File: 1537201729235.jpeg (366.44 KB, 421x1114, 226F2905-3B08-424A-BF53-484B54…)

Aw, Mel has made towers a new avatar, it look like shit.

No. 690554


Captured his receding hairline perfectly.

No. 690673

File: 1537236331348.png (134.69 KB, 496x339, According to islamic law.png)

Oldie but a goldie

No. 690674


Hi Mike

No. 690676

No. 692112

File: 1537388735180.png (602.58 KB, 1242x2208, 4C51BF18-B4B7-479D-A0C8-AE1892…)

Now, this is just sad.

No. 692113

File: 1537388778295.jpeg (157.81 KB, 218x671, 0B84060D-ACD1-4E7A-8BC9-AD9C0E…)


No. 692294

It's like they're asking to be raided.

No. 693546

Another example of how these deluded little children treat this pervert like some god-emperor.

No. 694095

I know right. lel

No. 694097

You mean dictator not God Emperor

No. 694860

Is it true Mel cheated?

No. 694960

more info

No. 694969

Apparently mel cheated on her ex with Mike

No. 696007

Here is some "proof" that Mel awarded the talent show prize to someone she knew.
Also "Mike Towers is a nonce" song

No. 696475

Tim Nur has put out some 10/10 content>>696007

No. 697175

File: 1537947275170.jpg (263.22 KB, 720x1326, 20180926_083418.jpg)