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File: 1442544750497.jpg (162.95 KB, 1024x576, travel_vlog___a_day_in_my_life…)

No. 33377

Post cringey, over the top weeaboos.

I'll start with one. Her name is Yumi King and she posts vlogs dressed as a ~real life animu~ character and prances around in public, like this: https://m.youtube.com/watch?list=PLLJh4ci-eVYUADTBRxoCGkbpxtrLaAVd1&v=37VVyv94aIg
She also does alot of sewing and craft videos making cosplays and weeb related stuff, many of which are of questionable quality (Although some of her videos are useful and good for beginners)

No. 33386

she must be happy she was born asian

No. 33388

i like how the majority of the people there are black then theres this one asian girl doing kawaii poses, with kitty ears

No. 33391

I wanted to make this thread as well. Glad to finally see it.

Isn't she in her 20s? And she dresses like she's 5?

No. 33392

File: 1442548986630.jpg (124.73 KB, 703x368, humi.jpg)

No. 33398

I would dress like her if it wasn't for the fact that I'm 18, have a baby face, and dating someone 3x my age.

No. 33399

That was… really weird to watch. She looks so out of place.
I guess I like how she doesn't cover up the fact she is rather vain. Like worrying about her make up while fucking swimming and her eye lens 1st during a car crash.
Funny stuff.

No. 33400

File: 1442554689940.png (600.38 KB, 558x592, image.png)

her older photos in this style are so creepy

No. 33406

She kinda looks like Venus to me, but if Venus were actually Asian. Though, it's probably just because they both have the exact same face shape, similar makeup, the fact that they're both weeby, and this girl does the small mouth thing.

I like that too, lol. It made me chuckle just imagining how everyone reacted towards her there.

Tbh, while she is really cringeworthy, at least she can pull this off. It'd be far more cringeworthy if she was the average fat, ugly, greasy weeb.

No. 33408

Wow, she is not…not cute.

No. 33424

…where is her chin

No. 33449

>>33424 she have a weird face structure.. her cheek are so chubby while her chin is almost non existent. not to mention she like to take a "fat girl" angle while doing selfie. some of her tutorial are nice for begginner. i started to get bored of her when she start to make a "clothing" and "vlog-ish" kind of video. Also many of her "school" outfit look too revealing / weebish in my oppinion i mean look at the length of her skirt

No. 33510

I never liked this girl
materials she uses for her "costumes" look cheap as fuck
and these pantsu tutorials wtf..?

No. 33511

Did she drive that car?

No. 33516

You can get a horrible eye infection or even go blind by keeping contact lenses on for days. Just saying.

No. 33534

she's not cute, she's really creepy in the way that she just sits there and admires herself in the camera
in one of her videos she does it for a full on minute

No. 33555

It's kind of sadder when an actually cute girl does this stuff

No. 33567

Another wannabe idol trying to be a jfashion/beauty guru. Her instagram description:
>Jemminem ♪ Jemma Marshall ♪ YouTuber, cosplayer, singer, dancer, actress, E-model and fashion blogger.
It kills me how these girls claim to be experts at so many things but are mediocre at a one or two and bad at the rest

No. 33618

No. 33642

Wasn't she pretty well known as of a few years, or at at least in a group? I can't remember, but. 'Jemma' is ringing a bell.


No. 33644

Oh lol this girl is from my area and I happened to be at the daiso she filmed a video at and it was super embarrassing.
Yeah, jemmakuma.

No. 33650

I liked this girls vid when it came out. She had some decent points.


However, she started going full SJW and also acting like authority for foreigners on Japanese culture. All her vids are similar to this now. Anime vs. Reality, Japanese vs. American otaku. Does she really think she knows everything just because she has a Japanese husband and lives in Japan?

No. 33682

I have met her (friend of a friend) and she is just as annoying and tryhard IRL. She thirsts for fame.

No. 33693

I think this girl is cute but it's super cringeworthy and annoying when grown ass women force this cutesy anime girl/"childlike" act.
Does anyone actually think this shit is cute?

No. 33940

This chick spammed our local con group with selfpromotes and (shitty unwanted) advice that no one asked for. (Bringing into account that their cosplays were 10x better.) We would've let it slide but she isn't from here let alone ever been here.

Please take your weeabo ass out of our comm and stay away from Canada. We already have enough weebs taking over.

No. 33959

this weeaboo song………

No. 33961

singing kpop at high school talent show
stay classy

No. 34055

yeah see I don't buy that. I definitely sometimes forget to take out my contacts, pass out, wake up with them still in and I haven't had any problems in the 3 years I've been using them. that's just me though but I feel like it's actually really over dramatized to scare you into good health habits.

No. 34059

Well I'd be afraid of going blind too?

No. 35313

No. 35325

>I'm 18, have a baby face, and dating someone 3x my age.
yes, tell us how totes kawaii you are
i mean, your probably a redneck aging looking crackwhore but ok :^)
lol, i love all the black kids gawking at her. the looks on their faces say "fuck off, we're trying to swim!"

No. 35326

"18, have a baby face, and dating someone 3x my age."
and we care, why?

No. 35369

I've had my fair share of sleeping with contacts and showering with them. But I never felt true fear until they rolled into the back of my eyeballs and stayed there for a few days. Contacts being stuck in your eyeballs whether they roll back or not is a true fear.

Infection, melting, ripping out cornea, etc

No. 35427

Damn you guys must have had a bad day, reminds me of the Rima thread. Well you talk like Rima soooo….

No. 35438

You should like a total moron who needs to stop wearing contacts.

No. 36624

She's 20 iirc. She wears this bullshit to college too.

No. 36626

Enjoy the pink eye then, dumb ass.

No. 36627

File: 1443203402115.png (368.52 KB, 507x600, goddamn yumi king.png)

No. 36711

Seriously why did she think this was a good idea?

No. 36721

well atleast i know how to sew undies now…

No. 36733

I think it's pretty cute and useful if you wanna make cute underwear. You can use this tutorial to copy cute underwear you see on the internet.the bra is horrible tho

No. 36734

File: 1443225496720.jpg (52.07 KB, 629x629, 368d6fd6-1571-4afc-ae5b-9fc687…)

>that fat girl in the comments

No. 36845

honestly there's better panties tutorials out there but this one is really good for a basic one. however, TREAT YO SELF and get better cloth for panties than some nasty-ass tshirt and make sure the trim you use is actually nice.

No. 36881


or just go to primark and buy a pair for £1?


No. 37972

I was just wondering if this girl had a thread. She's kinda fun to watch for her DIYs, but she is very over the top and it can be too much at times.

No. 37973

I couldn't finish this…

No. 54532

This is so horrible. It's especially upsetting that she has an alright voice and could've done well with a different ENGLISH song.

No. 54552

Every time I see water park videos, I'm reminded of Allie Kayyyyyyt or w/e she's called. Only she's not a weeaboo so ya. Just goes to waterparks a lot because she lives near Wisconsin Dells.

Felt totally awkward for Yumi though when she's climbing into that kids'… thing… like why? That's not kawaii. Just clumsy.

Oh god this is so cringey…

My mom's posted a few make your own pants tutorials on pinterest too, and I just really don't get it. Like you can get cute cheap pants at any discount store, and it's so hard to find proper pants material at fabric stores. Honestly. But ya I guess making your own pants is a thing now.

THIS lol. Which is way less spendy and time consuming than making your own pants. 1 pound for a pair of pants from primark versus probably having to buy a full metre of pants material at the shop for like 20 pounds… and it's no different in America either except our fabric prices are a bit less extortionate… like 3$ for a pair of pants at target versus 10$ for a yard of stretchy good fabric. Plus ain't nobody got time for all that… I dunno stretchy fabric is fussy af to sew and i hate working with it tbh.

No. 54597

is that suzy?

No. 54634

Yumi might be cringey but I admire her confidence. To go out in her clothes and get her mom to film herself… I'd be so embarassed.
I wish I could wear whatever I feel like and don't give a shit what other people think about it.

Her sewing is shitty but at least she gets stuff done. Whenever I make something I obsess over making everything as perfect as possible and end up making things extremely slow.

No. 54643

This looks like Kailyn and Suzy fused together.

No. 54649

I admire her work ethic as well, but that video made me sad…usually when weebs go out in public wearing cosplay with their friends, but she's just with her mom.

No. 66146

File: 1448864923143.png (160.57 KB, 720x881, Screenshot_2015-11-29-22-40-16…)

becoming prettier and prettier …..really

No. 66147

Yuck. Ugly ass moon faced bitch. She is so
Chinese trying to be Japanese. Pathetic.

No. 66148

Bitch has to reach a level of basic attractiveness to accomplish that. Ugly
ass hoe.

No. 66151

>Salty samefag

No. 66162

She's incredibly vain and doesn't even bother hiding it. Her OKC makes it clear that she wants to completely depend on her future husband too.

No. 66264


Hahaha it's like her parents brainwashed her to have these expectations what a fucking useless fob. She's literally relying on her 'femininity' to gain husband who will put up with her ugly face? Give her children? A green card?

I got no respect for flakes like these who expect their prince charming will come courting then.

She honestly talks like she's entitled to this shit what a fucking joke. Hahaha. She's a 24 year-old dumbass Manchild. She should go work at McDonald's than fucking talk.

Even with make-up she's 4/10. Absolutely no figure either. Lol.

Such a basic-ass China scrub lord.

No. 66268

>who will put up with her ugly face? Give her children?
This girl doesn't seem like someone who'd need a green card but she should go back to China with her weird traditional goals of marriage. There are also far uglier girls who get husbands, her face is not a problem.

I found her Okcupid profile and it's honestly embarrassing to read: http://www.okcupid.com/profile/Yuhan0426

No. 66282

Top kek

If you are wannabe kawaii poster-you're dating someone who is 57-why is that anything to brag about?

No. 66283

File: 1448900221363.jpeg (68.4 KB, 558x744, 771983507154174403.jpeg)

>You should message me if:
> You are looking for a serious relationship.
> You are a traditional man. You want a housewife.
>You DO NOT play video games.
>You are thoughtful and laid-back. You are ready to have a family. You love, care about home and have a responsibility of home. You have a decent and steady job. ^^ You have a sense of humor. You are fun. You are a real gentleman.
Girl…with a profile picture like this…

No. 66451

File: 1448938784271.jpg (18.75 KB, 620x397, 12039672_1650537545160277_7783…)

"you have a decent and steady job"this girl sounds like she wants a sugar daddy making the whole good financial status thing a requirement Lol beggers can't be choosers she's the Chinese version of Venus

No. 66464

She's really shooting herself in the foot with that 'no playing video games' rule. I can't see a guy who isn't into gaming at all being into her. Plus, pretty much everyone these days plays video games.

No. 66465

How is that being salty? Bitch is ugly af

No. 66466

Her mouth looks like a nightmare

No. 66497

File: 1448949803066.png (580.5 KB, 720x720, Screenshot_2015-11-30-22-15-59…)

wants kids when she acts so fucking childish lmao get the fuck out of here

No. 66513



No. 66517

chin senpai will never notice her lol

No. 66565

Looks like her ancestors were poor rice farmers from China.

Look at her dark skin, gross square face, no chin, fucked up teeth and thin ass hair

No. 66591

That blonde hair doesn't suit her. And that dancing was extra cringey.

No. 66620

File: 1448987003074.png (279.3 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2015-12-01-11-22-42…)

She also wants someone who wants to get married by next Christmas. Bitch is delusional. Does she really expect to attract a husband on okcupic with her ridiculous standards? The only thing she's gonna attract is some kind of fetishist with the photos the posted on there

No. 66621

Okay she's a weird weaboo but you don't have to fuckin pick on her skin and her features. Cunt.

No. 66626

Beckii's style is so bad. Those wigs are complete shit. Im surprised she hasnt learned how to dress better by now since she's been in the jfashion community for so long. Jfashion never really suited her imo, she looks better in normie fashions

No. 66665

>implying we don't pick on people's skin and features in other threads

your newfag is showing

No. 66672

I love whatever camera/lighting rig she's using but GODDAMN in this situation it really does not work to her advantage. her face looks nice but you can see every snarl and frizzy lock of those pitifully battered wigs.

No. 66673

Its not her standards, its her standards accompanied by that photo which is shooting herself in the foot-she comes off as a complete weeb yet wants to be a housewife? Doesn't match up.

No. 66687

jfc that coollar
did she even try??

No. 66688

come on man..she's not that ugly. the problem is her attitude
this shit seriously makes me hate her

No. 66742


She probably wants kids because she thinks they're accessories. Like tiny dogs. Nothing about her seems like she's a rational human being.

Delusional retarded bitches like these give all hard-working independent Asian women a bad rep.

She's literally playing into and pandering to those pervs who want a submissive delicate Asian flower but she's super scary-lookin with make-up on that i dread what her natural face looks like.

she's obviously descended from rice farmers.

No. 66745


She's so ugly and creepy wtf.

Why wasn't she kicked out it looked like she was trying to film some sick kawaii-fetish film around all those innocent kids.

No. 66750

I feel like the reason she wants kids is because then she could be a stay at home mom and would have an excuse to not get a real job.

No. 66756

wtf why didn't she just wear sandals this girl wears the same shoes with every outfit

No. 66757

File: 1449010928923.png (329.45 KB, 711x401, Screenshot_2015-12-01-15-11-12…)

No. 66761

>want a housewife
In other words, I want to be an entitled baby and suck up my husbands funds on shitty cosplay while not having to work.

No. 66843


She is super unhealthy, possibly mentally-impaired and needs a reality check.

No. 66856

File: 1449025048259.png (191.53 KB, 618x898, Screenshot_2015-12-01-18-54-51…)

she will be a kawaii neko wifu

No. 66865

contacts can fuck up your eyes because it starves them of oxygen

No. 66881

>traditional man
what the fuck does that even man? does this bitch wanna be barefoot and pregnant and get beaten on a nightly basis?

No. 66882

She has no mouth or chin. what the actual fuck

No. 66892

File: 1449042740422.jpg (195.97 KB, 445x720, maxresdefault-1.jpg)

eeew I hope her kids don't end up looking like her

No. 67185

My best guess is that she means like a household in the 50's where the husband comes home, puts his briefcase down and goes "honey, I'm home!" and the wife comes rushing out of the kitchen with the dinner already prepared. The kids gather around the table and they have a jolly good time eating together. Then the wife cleans the table and washes the dishes while the husband reads a newspaper and smokes.

No. 67194

i hope she doesn't have kids…

No. 67201

She'll probably force them to constantly cosplay and wear her shitty "lolita" clothes like how Margo makes Venus keep up her dolly act.

No. 67204


No. 67205

That's such a gross mentality and that isn't how real life works. She will probably end up in some abusive relationship.

No. 67323

File: 1449159496735.png (509.31 KB, 1280x720, Screenshot_2015-12-03-08-30-00…)

she thinks this is Gothic lolita what a weeb, if anything she's a total ita.

No. 67484

we already know that she's a total weeb and ita. got anything new?

No. 67575

File: 1449212233057.jpg (48.9 KB, 720x960, 1006225_589718547740070_350869…)

she's wouldn't be so bad looking if she just toned down the try hard kawaii shit ,she looks kinda average here

No. 67602

Yumi King needs her own thread, damn

No. 67699

Didn't she graduate from an engineering school in China? Why is she going back to school to study fashion? In a way I feel bad for her because it seems like her family isn't well off and she seems to have few real life friends in America because of language barriers and moving here after the typical college age. You can tell she's poor from the places she hangs around in and constantly shops at walmart and that she has no friends as she's always alone or with her mom in her videos even at conventions. I think I could understand why she wants to start a family so fast. She's in her mid twenties already, and the only real connections she has in the US are her parents.

No. 67788

what's wrong with Walmart?

No. 67803

She should suck some of the fat from her obese cheeks and put it where her Ass and boobs are supposed to be

No. 67810

Why is the line separating her cheeks from her hair so blurry?

No. 67811


Could be edited to hide a zit, shitty photo quality, weird filter, could be a lot of things.

No. 67814

It just makes her face look unwashed lmao

No. 67926

File: 1449304559508.jpg (35.82 KB, 290x223, 11116573_949022378476350_98969…)


No. 67978

She looks like a fucking hamster

No. 67980

The most horrifying hamster I've ever seen.

No. 68171

I feel bad for her husband when it comes time to make the babies lmao he'll have to look at that ugly hamster looking face

No. 68173

File: 1449395359123.png (131.9 KB, 643x506, Screenshot_2015-12-06-02-00-28…)

but yet her voice is so fucking ugly

No. 68174


I think it's pretty weird how adamant she is on her husband not playing video games when she's obviously pretty into anime.

No. 68180

to an extent i dont blame her. When guys play video games, they often spend all their focus and a larrrge portion of their time into it. Versus anime where you can watch with someone and it can be more like watching movies together. Plus I say I like anime but raaarely watch it.

No. 68181


I don't know, I think that's a bit of a generalization. You can play video games with someone, and you don't have to play the fuck out of a game. There are plenty people who just enjoy them casually. I don't feel like it's that different a hobby from watching anime.

I suppose if she wants a "traditional husband" it makes sense to want that, but it seems pretty stupid to want that while not fitting the bill of a "traditional wife", I guess?

No. 68183

You're totally right about the double standard thing. I just applied this to my life because I felt the exact same way after dating a gamer/weeb. He was mostly a gamer and that makes for a beta cuck.
I'm assuming she's betting on the fact that some dudes idealize/fetishize the docile Asian woman and they're not gonna give a shit what that comes with, or, they think weeb shit is just a part of their culture.
She basically praying for a blind man to walk into her life.

No. 68214

Literally her face could have been saved if it wasn't so overstuffed fat in her cheeks and her nose wasn't so huge.

But nothing can save her attitude. Honestly thinking you can have all these high-expectations of a guy and then not putting any work in yourself is not cute. Yes being a stay-at-home mom is life-time dedication too but this chick is hoping to get 'an easy way out'. You can tell by just looking at her.

She doesn't even try to lift, bro.

No. 68215


Seems about right. Without lumping every dude who plays games into the beta cuck category, I think a lot of the kind of guys who just want a subservient Asian waifu probably play video games at least sometimes.

Part of me kind of wonders if she explicitly stated the thing about video games because she's had bad experiences with weird neckbeardy guys or something.

No. 68337

Nothing wrong it's just a cheapie store and she seems to buy everything she didn't get online for free there.

No. 68380

og god I'm so scared

No. 68400

No she doesn't…hamsters are cute.

No. 68401

File: 1449451956446.jpg (65.52 KB, 500x370, nicki-minaj_pepsi_the-jasmine-…)

Shes giving me a bit of a nicki minaj vibe (guessing its the eyes and teeth)

No. 68449

who the hell would ever want to fuck an ugly piece of shit like her ew

No. 68450

File: 1449458918013.jpg (10.41 KB, 299x168, images.jpg)

what the fuck is this

No. 68453

It looks like she's dragging a large pillowcase behind her

No. 68469

or bedsheet

No. 68471

This looks like some hood prom shit

No. 68479

>Yumi King the hood prom queen

No. 68902

File: 1449538234284.jpg (292.49 KB, 800x1200, 810_5654ce9bb1a9c-FullBodyBeck…)

Beckii just entered Kawaii International's Kawaii Leader contest with this monstrosity of an outfit. She's trying so hard to stay relevant in the jfashion community, which wouldnt be bad if she at least had decent styling/coording skills. It looks like she might win at least 3rd place because of community votes sadly. But judges pick 1st and 2nd place so they probably wont pick her considering her outfit doesnt really look like any jfashion

No. 68904

This is the Yumi King thread…

No. 68905

it isn't.
>Post cringey, over the top weeaboos.

But I have seen Beckii posted in a bunch of different threads. Someone should just make a Beckii thread.

No. 68908

I feel like she doesnt have enough going on to have her own thread though. It wouldnt last very long

No. 68910

I agree. Post more cringeweebs.

No. 68953

Do those shoes not fit her?? ouch

No. 68955

>dat Elsa hair

No. 68975

File: 1449554588108.png (125.03 KB, 720x668, Screenshot_2015-12-07-22-15-24…)

that forehead

No. 68988

this dress looks like it'd be nice for a sylveon cosplaying or something but …. not…fashion

No. 69021

and don't even fit the dress

No. 69346

File: 1449686531082.jpg (16.56 KB, 541x419, oc snafu japanese fairy.jpg)

yea…I'm sorry

No. 70119

that poor kid the horror he saw that day

No. 70152

She looks like a trainwreck tbh
This kawaii style doesn't suit her at all

No. 70203

i think she is very endearing with bangs, but without it she looks old and not cute at all.

No. 70240


She definitely doesn't look 'old' without bangs, but they do suit her more.

Without bangs she just kinda looks like every other brunette girl.

No. 71760


I don't know how to explain this but she looks like a poorly made Barbie knock off from the dollar store in every picture she's in. It's probably her weird jawline.

No. 71761

i kinda meant old for the look she's going for.

No. 72484

can an asian BE a weeb tho?

No. 72485

No. 72529

Asians are usually the biggest, greasiest weebs. Silent killers.

No. 72552

She's so ugly. jfc

No. 72553

Ummm… Yes. The term otaku exists for a reason.

No. 72560

Of course not! In Asia, everyone is like anime!!

No. 72621

weeb is not about liking anime, it's about wanting to be japanese

No. 72649

Thats not what they said, they mean weeaboo is also about believing that people in japan are just like people in anime, which is true.

No. 73258

File: 1450326586428.jpg (119.5 KB, 960x1280, 1979909_1044309265614327_72666…)

How is her neck holding her head up

No. 78906

She needs that bang

No. 78909

File: 1452304796168.jpg (22.88 KB, 400x300, 1445378318954.jpg)

I hate how she's been styling her hair recently. She should just get a bang again.

And that outfit.. I'm not sure what she was even going for? Generally shes not even a cute girl. I think she'd look much better if she dropped the "kawaii desu" shit.

No. 85528

File: 1453753708243.png (782.46 KB, 922x590, Screen Shot 2016-01-25 at 3.27…)

some ecuadorian hoe

No. 85553

File: 1453757928560.jpeg (72.81 KB, 360x640, image.jpeg)

This is all I can think of

No. 85644

that is an insane level of shoop. i love how she drew in the hoodie hood so poorly since she has no clue what to put there.

No. 85645

chinese and asian weebs are some of the cringiest i've ever met. i have stories i can tell

No. 85659

pls tell

No. 85663

pls tell anon

No. 85672

Not that anon but I'll tell you guys about a Viet Koreaboo I met.

>believes that Korea is all kpop and kdramas

>says that Korean skincare is the best in the world despite owning literally 0 skincare/makeup/hair products, Korean or otherwise
>thinks Korea will love her regardless of her terrible fried hair and acne everywhere because she's tall and sort of thin
>gave herself a Korean name
>only eats Korean instant noodles because Jap ones are "inferior"
>admits that she only wants to date Koreans
>tried to become a popular league player after giving up on the fgc. she's back to playing Smash now.
>stalked a guy in our local Smash community because he's Korean and actually hot
>got some Korean dude to cheat on his fiancée with her and broke up their engagement. ran off with said Korean for 2 months before dumping him because he didn't act like a kdrama hero all the time. (Poor fiancée. don't feel bad for the guy at all tho.)
>says that kdramas are the only shows worth watching and refuses to watch anything else
>only listens to kpop
>says that Korean men are the hottest men on the planet but thinks that all Korean girls are naturally ugly and only pretty through surgery
>tries to dress kfash with her walmart wardrobe and fails miserably at it
>shoops all of her selfies into knife chin Snow White ulzzang selfies

btw this girl is 22. there's probably more but that's all I can remember off the top of my head.

No. 85682

some stories coming up!

most of them are from my time in anime club in HS and college

>get into anime club in highschool

>pretty cool set up, in one of those 'lecture' rooms with a projector room at the back and movie theater style seating
>president is half chinese half veitnamese named an
>is fairly average/ugly thin nerdy asian
>tries to convince people he's actually japanese, but has normalfag cousin who outs him at every turn
>huge interest in loli
>talks about how he wants to take home certain tiny, flat girls(including me who is tall but fairly flat)
>pics of loli in locker and other personal items
>general creep
>an is know for acquiring japanese dvds/vhs including the demo tapes/dvds for upcoming anime
>most of the time these are really cool/interesting
>is a pretty good club leader so our supervisor is out most of the time
>one day an has to take care of some thing after school so he puts on a demo reel and leaves, or so he thinks
>entire thing is porn, mostly loli porn, terrible disgusting stuff that goes on for about 25 minutes while we try to find the supervisor since no one but an has projector room access
>he gets banned from anime club and suspended for a while for bringing porn to school etc
>hear about him recently legit raping a 17 year old girl

shit was pretty fucked. my friend linked me a news paper article about the rape incident.

No. 85715

does every highschool in america have an anime club ???kek

No. 85867

File: 1453832113493.png (38.9 KB, 497x161, nerp.png)

No. 85868

a girl on my fb. she's not cute at all and thinks she's really hot. and has the personality of a carrot.

No. 85873

File: 1453832746486.jpg (286.08 KB, 511x566, lmao.jpg)

not super weeby but still lol fail

No. 86083

>got some Korean dude to cheat on his fiancée with her and broke up their engagement. ran off with said Korean for 2 months before dumping him because he didn't act like a kdrama hero all the time.

>he didn't act like a kdrama hero

>he didn't act like a kdrama hero
>he didn't act like a kdrama hero

I can't believe what I'm reading

No. 86463

It's unfortunate but true.

No. 86476


No. 86488

I sort of wish I could pull this sort of shit for the lulz but then I remember I'm an adult.

No. 86769

Chipumonku cheeksu

No. 86817

heres a good one

No. 86820

File: 1454010559112.png (328.04 KB, 311x477, okkeokke.png)

i dont know. i just dont know. maybe i am vendetta. maybe i am jelly.
not because these frickin idiots are living in japan, but because they can live in such a fantasy land of snowflakehood…

No. 87178

Cute as fuck tbh

No. 87184

a bit cringy but at least he's not ugly (?)

No. 87297

I don't think he's actually Asian he just says he's half but I don't think he is. He's one of those who's ethnicity has changed frequently I think. He squints in photos to look more Asian. Does anyone actually know of him? There's quite a few laughs to be had.

No. 87300

His face scares me and I'm not sure whether he's asian or not. Might he be from south america? Like Mexican or sth? A Mexican friend of mine was often mistaken to be Japanese but hasn't got any asian blood in her

No. 87307

His bio says he's half-Chinese but I don't believe it either. To me, he sort of looks half-black. He reminds me a little of Amina.

No. 87314

I was getting more of the Hispanic vibe tbh.

No. 87317

>you must NOT play video games
>cosplays multiple video game/otaku characters
yeah ok

No. 87323

Might be Hispanic but his skin is such a strange jaundice looking color, idk.

No. 87324

There is something just so disturbingly ugly about this girl, like it ignited feelings of violence within me, I want to punch her mug….maybe it's the weeb.

No. 87330

no her face is definitely super punchable. she looks so smug all the time too.

No. 87332

he's a quarter Chinese and three quarters Italian. he used to pretend to be half Japanese but he finally started admitting the truth in 2014

No. 87419

File: 1454122057671.jpg (61.95 KB, 719x899, 20151210 01.jpg)

I follow Jun Leo on Facebook and Insta and personally I think he's adorable. He actually does modeling shows and events and has management and stuff so I don't think it's all fake weeb stuff. He's supposed to release an album but it seems to be taking a long time.

I don't think there's much milk here. Some weeby shit but he only dressed up in all that Stitch stuff to go to Disneyland, it's not like that's everyday.

I probably sound like a female white knight but idk, I think this one is more cute than cringe.

No. 87425

He also runs a host tumblr and wants to work as host

No. 87427

He's everything haku wishes she was. kek

No. 87435

Nah, he's half Chinese, half Italian. I know this guy through mutual friends and have seen him in person a lot, before he moved to Japan. His mother is the Chinese one from what I remember. It's just hilarious how anons above are speculating that's he's Mexican or even half black….this guy is yellow as fuck.

No. 87444

File: 1454130978997.jpg (107.86 KB, 500x667, tumblr_nwmttiR55o1tmykuco1_500…)

Half black?

Are you on crack?

No. 87447

his face looks sickly.
like it's covered in yellow putty.

No. 87450

I know him personally, too, and there really isn't any milk there. He's a really nice person and that whole kawaii desu personality is really just who he is.

But yeah, I see him a lot when he's in Tokyo and he's always super friendly and talkative.
He's just doin his own thing, chasin the weeb dream, and I can respect that.

No. 87503

He's not that nice. He uses Asian people as accessories.

No. 87506

jfc, take your sjw shit back to tumblr. Nobody cares.

No. 87539

>>87435 He says he's half Chinese because APPARENTLY he took a dna test, which he didn't even post online. You know, like how people post their ancestry.com results on youtube or something like that, he didn't prove anything. Before that, he had an obsession with Central Asians and would always post how they look half white half east asian. Then when he apparently got his dna test back it said he's from Xinjiang who look mixed… seems fishy to me. I think he's just reaching, trying to claim he's Asian when he really isn't. But he is a nice guy though, and successful because he worked hard…

No. 87542

How is that SJW shit??? Calling people out for using animals as accessories never made anyone call anyone a psycho PETA vegan or some shit. Using any living being as an accessory is pretty nasty,js. Stop sperging out and calling anyone you disagree with a ~*~sjw~*~

No. 87550

Tumblr confirmed

Nigga just because he as Asian backup people or whatever doesn't mean he's using them as accessories. Get your head out of your ass.

No. 87551

lol if you're a foreigner in Japan, you're more likely to get used as an accessory than vice versa. Just look at Japanese TV and how they portray foreigners.

No. 87556

Before he left the UK he threw a meet up but only invited Asians and half Asians

No. 87558

What are you a stalker? Are you bitter because he didn't notice you?

No. 87571

Trust me he's a quarter Uhyghur Chinese (from Xinjiang region) and 3 quarters Italian.

No. 87957

>>87571 And how do you know???? Before his dna test was out he was obsessed with central asians and the like. There was no way he knew. Also he is obsessed with mixed Asians before he knew he was Asian, since his mom was adopted apparently. She doesn't even look Xinjiang from photos. My dad's half Asian too and trust me you can tell. So nice try. IF he was actually what he claimed he was he would have posted the official dna test online.

No. 87973

She's only half Xinjiang. Jun is a quarter Xinjiand and 3 quarters Italian. I know because I use to know him and he told me a lot. Why should he have to post a DNA test online just because strangers won't believe his heritage? You're making a big deal over nothing, if you don't believe he's mixed then that's fine.

No. 87988



No. 88003

Wut he posted in chinese on his fb in the past

And fwi you can be asian/half AND weeb

No. 88097

>>87973 WOW. HE TOLD YOU A LOT? MUST BE ALL TRUE THEN HUH? I knew him before he claimed his shit, and he was obsessed with central Asians, and mixed people. Would creep on anyone who was mixed and asked for their pic/their parents' pic. Nice try. No I don't believe him and he's a weeb who deserves to be in this thread.

>>88003 My friend posts in Korean on fb, doesn't make her Korean. tf is your logic?

No. 88116

at least yumi doesn't shoop and has a cute body i guess, still pretty cringey though

No. 88124

File: 1454306368192.jpg (99.87 KB, 600x800, 2014_01_25_14_30_25_210561_org…)

No. 88147

Omg kawaiii

No. 88205

I've known him equally as long as you have and clearly I was closer to him than you were and I know what I'm talking about. But it's fine if you don't believe him and want to hate him just because he made it to Japan and you didn't. There's literally no milk with him, he doesn't lie about his heritage and he got to Japan by working hard and trying his best. He's a bit of a weaboo but so are thousands of other people.

No. 88215

>>88205 Equally as long as me? Bitch what? How many years have I known him if you know so much? I never denied that he didn't work hard. But yeah, he's a weeaboo, and this is what this thread's for; he's extra weeby and you can't deny anything I wrote because he did act creepy. LMAOOOOO @ "made it to Japan and you didn't" lmao you think everyone has a weeaboo dream to become a kawaii aidoru model? Bruh why you making shit up? that must be your dream cuz you're whiteknighting so hard. You still can't prove he didn't lie.

No. 88225

File: 1454336486425.jpg (49.65 KB, 600x800, miku_by_yumiking-d75e9fd.jpg)

No. 88226

File: 1454336502719.jpg (27.6 KB, 440x689, 1175350_680490905329500_649044…)

No. 88227

File: 1454336535087.jpg (97.43 KB, 720x960, sailor_moon_by_yumiking-d761tq…)

My personal favourite kek

No. 88237

Why are you getting so defensive? I can't post evidence online because it's unfair to him, but I'm happy knowing that you're wrong and angry about it. I've known him since he was in year 9 at school, a long time. I'm whiteknighting because I don't like seeing decent people being posted here. I won't argue any more, enjoy your negative energy.

No. 88243

>>88237 lol how is pointing out your stupidity being defensive? And you're pulling shit out of thin air anon. If you've known him since ya'll were 9 then you know he started claiming he was Chinese just recently, before it was Japanese. I'm sure Yumi King is a decent person but she's posted here so why is he an exception? Maybe you're Jun himself lmao bye

No. 88248

He DID claim to be part Japanese, I never denied that. But since finding out his real heritage through the DNA test he's only ever told the truth.

No. 88254

>>88248 then he deserves to be posted. Point blank. Also this is why people can't believe he's part Chinese when he randomly claimed he's Japanese because he's a weeb, he lost all credibility.

No. 88394

File: 1454364722991.jpg (86.94 KB, 540x684, randomjap.jpg)

I don't understand why her nonexistent chin looks so unappealing and not like pic-related at all.

No. 89144

File: 1454527325318.jpg (40.34 KB, 342x298, 1445202711352.jpg)


Idk if I think he's cute or not.

No. 89162

This pic still has some chin even if it's not much but she straight up has no chin. It's obvious that she shoops whatever remaining chin she has off too.

No. 89168

It's probably because of her massive cheeks. And while "randomjap" is pulling a face where she's intentionally puffing hers out to look kawaii, Yumi can't help it. Her cheeks are always chipmunk-tier and that only works with certain angles/settings. And maybe because of her straight bangs? I think it could be possible for her to be a bit cuter if she showed some eyebrows. Now she just looks unsettling and ugly.

No. 89291

>>89144 maybe when he's not doing yellowface ye?

No. 89294

ive seen his videos and they are so cringe. he tries way too hard.

No. 89322

>>89294 YUP LOL

No. 89333

It's like her chin melted into the ether

No. 89618

There's this girl at my school and she speaks in Japanese sometimes, I think she even "learned" japanese and probably Korean just bc she's a weeb and a koreaboo. She likes anime, and k-pop. She even types in Japanese sometimes on social media. She's not Japanese or korrean. She's a Pacific Islander, and she probably thinke that it's ok bc she's "close" enough to look Asian, but it's just werid.

No. 89636

why would she think those shoes even matched

No. 89694

He looks like a monkey

No. 89716

Stop trying to get us to respond to your vendetta when there is clearly no milk here.

No. 89740

File: 1454670305806.gif (596.6 KB, 497x236, stupid.gif)

>expecting milk
>on /snow/

No. 89750

File: 1454677732648.jpg (38.64 KB, 450x470, can-stock-photo_csp0115071.jpg)

No. 89751

I dont even know the guy lmao, just an observation

No. 89780

>>89740 You must be the same whiteknight as before.
Just shut the fuck up m8. Not everyone's gotta like him. People have opinions. Some people think he's ugly and don't like him, some people think he's not ugly but just stupid so they don't like him. Get the fuck over it.

No. 89781

My bad I was referring to the idiot >>89716

No. 89943

You have zero chill and you're telling other people to get over it LOL

No. 90011

>>87444 >"such azn pride desu"
>can't even hold chopsticks properly

No. 90854

Is Yumi King losing viewers and is trying to bring in thirsty guys to fill the gap or did she just find that posting lingerie and panties videos would give her more views by luring in thirsty guys?

No. 90964

I hope those thristy fuckers are tacky too. That looks awful.

No. 90998

Has she ever made anything that doesn't look tacky and/or bad quality?

No. 91039

She doesn't actually put this one on in the vid I'm surprised.

No. 91154

walmart bra and cheap lace like damn is she even trying

No. 91156

I'm sure there's a joke to be made here about bad Chinese quality and whatnot.

No. 91161

There is no joke here. She's just lazy and cheap as fuck which is why all of her tutorials use the exact same techniques and very similar Walmart materials. Hell, most of her tutorials are just a short circle skirt with a bodice or suspenders attached.

No. 93985

I hate asians pretending to be japanese! There's this guy in my cosplay community that produces music, and claims to be japanese and a 'ghost producer' for a lot of well known bands. Also claiming he's the first vocaloid producer to make it big(and uses the same name as the real artist that was) He is clearly asian, and has a weird ever changing backstory about his life and somehow all of his family records have disappeared conveniently so no one can prove or disprove anything. He also looks extremely vietnamese. He's currently trying to date me atm and i'm keeping him around for potential lulz.

No. 93988

Forgot to mention the time period he lived there is also ever changing, and he claims to have went to a japanese speaking school there as a native but cannot read nor write in it. He also makes excuses every time I try to talk to him in japanese.

No. 93999

sounds like michelle phan saying she looks "korean" when she's clearly brown and moonfaced

No. 94004

Self-hating Asians who pretend to be Japanese or Korean are the most pathetic ones.

No. 94006

>pretending to be Korean

I'm white.

I have no idea why someone would do this. At least if you're Vietnamese for example, there are some distinctive things about your culture that separates it from other cultures.

Korea is basically a Chinese province with an Altaic language isolate.

No. 94008

File: 1455733888534.jpg (58.43 KB, 500x750, ulzzang.jpg)

I'm sure you've heard of K-pop, ulzzang and cheesy Korean dramas.

That's the reason people suddenly find South Korea and being Korean exciting and appealing now. It was the same with Japan and anime.

No. 94010

File: 1455734492701.jpg (76.36 KB, 351x500, Kenkanryu_cover.jpg)

Japan actually has both an interesting and unique contemporary/pop and traditional culture.

Korea's traditional culture is a carbon copy of Chinese. Literally.

Korea's contemporary culture is just Japan's but with some American shit and marketed more heavily by the state itself to foreign countries (hence why Hallyu started in the first place).

No. 94016

Lemme post the entirety of his cringe.
>about 2 years ago at my local big con, i was approached by someone in my cosplay fandom, who had just moved to the area and joined our group
>guy was fairly tall about 5'11-6ft, average weight and some manner of asian(looks mostly vietnamese) with a vaguely reminiscent hot topic goff look going on
>he was asking me to write lyrics for him, since he was apparently a producer of vocaloid music, and was told that i write engish fandubs for popular vocaloid songs for people in my comm
>i accepted cause it seemed pretty cool, and why not
He and i exchanged contact info and that was that, but the first weird sign was the name he gave me though i brushed it off as a weeby con name.
>the beginning was fine, he liked my lyrics and it was fun for me to continue my hobby
>we talked off and on every month or so for a while and then things got weird
>suddenly it turns out he was actually(mostly) japanese and he lived in japan till 2012
>went to school in japan as a native but reads/writes very little and makes excuses when asked to speak in japanese
>was a ghost producer for a ton of indie and even popular groups
>he told me he was the first popular vocaloid producer(he uses the same name as the real one)
>that he had a sound engineering degree from japan, but needed to go to college here cause his credentials didn't count in the US
>he makes tons of money off royalties from sony
>has 300k worth of equipment and his own studio
>suddenly dark mysterious past~
>he is half japanese and half egyptian
but suddenly!
>his great(or great great) grandfather was white! and married a japanese woman and they moved to vietnam??
>but all of his family records are lost or were destroyed because of the vietnam war?
>he and his parents are rightfully american citizens but his dad just got his green card after they hired a genealogy lawyer to prove his citizenship
>claims his (mostly) japanese father was homeless in the us for years, but then owned/or worked in many fields such as: vietnamese restaurant, car dealership, landlord, and currently is an electrician
>actually lived with his abusive japanese aunt(who's brothers ex wife is vietnamese)
>was homeless in japan and had to eat grass
>can't speak japanese to me cause of his oh so ugly delinquents voice
>originally lived there since 2012, but recently told me he only lived their till he was 16(is 25) even though he founded a band in japan that broke up in 2014
>has a womanizing cousin who looks like a twin and a twin brother who still lives in japan(no photos)
>claims to be a teacher and student at his current private university
>claims his ex as of a month ago was abusive
>is currently trying to get in my pants(hard)

some weeby shit
>claims japan has a 'fake invented language' they use in anime a lot of the time to trick people
>loves shit like naruto and dragonball(also mentions toonami a lot even though he may or may not have been around for that)
Oh right, thought of a few more things
>him and his father are trying to buy a house
>first house was great but the owner wouldn't sell unless her kids could live in the basement with them
>the bank is giving him shit even though he can pay in CASH! since he is apparently ending his contract with sony(?) since he wants to now be a game designer
>claims his mom is egyptian but had to celebrate lunar new year(japanese don't celebrate that)
>his dad is best friends with a famous game designer
>he has a shit ton of rare, coveted games worth thousands of dollars just lying in a box at his house
>is close friends with skrillex!
>works/worked for disney

No. 94021

>>94016 what a fucking loser

No. 94029

Not everyone is as sophisticated and intellectual as you, robot. They see the shiny k-pop idols and bite.

No. 94098

I also got a friend who claims to be half japanese. But she is 100% chinese

No. 94126


Does his uncle work for Nintendo, too?

No. 94130

The irony is you don't have to be sophisticated or intellectual at all to understand Korean "culture" is vile garbage or copycat shit, by and large.

No. 94466


Even Korean plastic surgery techniques were taught to them by Americans after the end of the Korean War. Nothing is original.

No. 94648

Last I saw f her she was grasping at straws to make videos.

>how to put on lipstick with a brush!!

>grab brush
>rub it over your lipstick to take the colour onto your brush
>brush lips with lipstick

No. 96698

The saga has come to an end! After getting many many many many lewd texts/skype messages from him(things like take a picture i want to see the face i want to cum on) etc. I asked his 'ex' if they were broken up, turns out no, so i proceeded to cap a bunch of stuff and send it to her. Lulz were had. I can break it down here.

>gave some caps to his gf of 5 years

>turns our said gf is 20
>been dating since she was 14(eww)
>he is 24(double eww)
>gf was being an untrusting cunt to me
>he called me at the ass crack of dawn asking me if i talked to her, tried to badmouth her and proceeded to tell me he wasn't sure we could be friends
>called me back while she was there and tried to get me to pretend to be lying
>got pissed(including begging me not to use my computer for a minute)and hung up when that didn't work
>call my skype from his gfs and tried to pretend he had no idea who the skype belonged to(likely why he didn't want me to use my computer
>hung up and disappeared
>called my phone back yelling at me like a maniac
>his gf calls my skype asking for more details then messaged me later saying he confessed
she wouldn't tell me if they broke up or not, but i received a bunch of texts from him about how much he hates me. he's probably wanting me to respond cause he keeps sending them all day.

No. 98337

>sexy and elegant

No. 98344

Ugh, they're so cheap looking. It's like all the fabric came from the "cheap Halloween costume" section of the store.

No. 121876

So this is like the 4th or 5th lingerie/underwear video she's posted in the past few months. Which is weird considering the ~innocent kawaii animu girl~ image she has been presenting since she started her channel and the fact that she has so many underage fans.
Guess she trying to pander to the otakus who left creepy comments under her past videos. Gotta get them neckbeard views

No. 121877

File: 1461034520870.png (676.01 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2016-04-18-22-25-13…)

Sorry to samefag, but her fans are dumb as hell

>There's nothing erotic about spiky bras and boob cutout shirts and butt crack hole panties!!1!

>She's just being kawaii!!

She makes those ddlg harnesses for chistsake, how can you be so dense

No. 121880

She IS in her mid-twenties and still single so she's probably hoping that one of her neckbeard fanboys will offer to become her sugar daddy. She said like 2 years ago that she was looking to get married with a man who would support her financially forever.

No. 121882

I know. But its just really weird to me that she did the dolly and kawaii diys for months and then suddenly busts out these lingerie tutorials. Plus, does she really expect that her teen/preteen audienxe can make this stuff?

No. 121887

>it's too sexy to model it ^^
so innocent desuu but you're gonna wear that shit

No. 126264

No. 126300

Her English is terrible…

No. 127306

Is just her thing I know is weird but look here if you don't like it then why you wasting your time saying stuff?

No. 127316

Hey anonymous you know you don't have to like talk shit about her like leave her be and what you say is kind of hurtful. You say "I hope she don't have kids" like bitch that's so fucking god damn fucking rude right there. What's wrong with you I King being so fucking weird like is that a bad thing for someone being weird and being cute. How she suck English. Who care if she not cute or creepy why don't you just leave that girl alone and stop wasting your time cussing and talking shit about someone you're rude you know that. I feel sad about you. It's not sad for someone doing this cute things. Get the fuck or fuck of her pic or video you have uploaded. Thank you and please apologize if not then I don't care. Have a nice day~

No. 127325

leave please

No. 127327

What the fuck

No. 127345

I am so triggered when people buy a whole shitload of cheap clothing items like this and do hauls on YouTube. Like you could definitely afford something of quality with all that money you spent on those cheap items that will probably rip within a week or so of wear.

No. 127730


As much as this sounds like an inane rant, the general idea is correct. This site is nothing but hateful, ugly people making hateful, ugly remarks about people they don't know.

That's what these people choose to do with their time, and they still feel justified acting like the people they target are worse than them… it's almost funny.

No. 127738

Fuck off momo

No. 127957

….shit ass ._.

No. 127968

Nice email address.

No. 128015

….why are you looking at my school email?

No. 128035

Because you made it visible to everyone when you put it in the email text box. You're either Momo or a newfag.

No. 128037

She can't be stupid enough to not know some of those are sex toys. It really kills me how she makes videos like this one that are practically for children and then posts stuff with lingerie and sex toys. The dumb commenters keep saying how ~pure and innocent~ she is not knowing those are sex toys; they've bought into her innocent loli image(which I'm not convinced of)

Hello whiteknights, I was wondering when you guys would show up. You've encouraged me to bump this thread even though I wasn't even planning on posting anything

No. 128048

I'm a newfag~ What you expect me to do heh you told me stop reporting shit lol bruh all you anonymous (well not all) are so rude to yumi King I reported you all because you keep saying shit to people who you've been posted pic and shit. Why you do even say shit,why you bully,why you wasting your time,why are you so mean? If you don't like yumi King then how about you guys go say that to her face what you just wrote about her? Heh I won't be here anymore cause this shit is full bully who have no life but just wasting. Peace~!

No. 128064

I've said it to her face. She cried. I spit on her shoe.

No. 128066

….lier just stop so mean~ -.-" you know doesn't mean she doing stupid stuff doesn't mean you have to go say she ugly blah blah or her face is blah blah…like -_-" wtf is her things leave her be~

No. 128067

And who spit somebody shoes that's disgusting

No. 128071

She stole my HTML.

No. 128085

You shouldn't use an email address that gives away the high school you go to.

No. 128090

Hey! The school gave it to me okay so it's mine D:< my friends even has one!

No. 128091

How old are you?

No. 128093

Why you need to know my age?

No. 128094

Becuase you're going to be banned if you're under 18. At least read the rules ffs.

No. 128095

I'm 17~ Okay?….and I didn't read until I join this so chill -_-". Happy?(underage)

No. 128190

not ure if yumiking or troll

No. 128273

It's a troll. Their email says they're in a high school in Minnesota.

No. 137773

were they just talking like a FOB kid because they want to be yellow so badly? I can't believe that was a high schooler, dat grammar n broken sentences.

No. 137781

>necro-ing a thread that's been dead for a month for no reason

but also yeah probably that or they think that it makes them seem kawaii animu.

No. 137782

File: 1465227299196.jpg (70.76 KB, 750x750, 13167439_232172067161589_91982…)

https://www.instagram.com/alienbaeby/ another dakota wannabe who shops the shit outta herself

No. 137791

This reeks of selfpost.

No. 137795

you're quite bad at detecting a selfpost m8

No. 137796

Even with all that shoop, she still looks plain. How unfortunate.

No. 137800

I agree

No. 153408

you guys are so mean lol

No. 153412

Didn't this chick pose and act all kawaii in a "slutty" costume at the world trade memorial?

No. 153462

does every school not have socially inept creeps

No. 153470

Why do you keep bumping this old thread if you think it's so mean? Also you should probably stop including your high school email address.

No. 162775

No. 162777

Her fake high-pitched voice, coupled with her accent, is cringeworthy as fuck. She sounds like how Venus used to talk.

No. 162830

>this is one of my walk-in closets
>I have several closets and clothing racks
Jesus Christ… Doesn't this girl live with roommates? Do they just give her their closets or how does this even work?

No. 162837

I can't imagine that she lives with roommates considering her hobby. People are speculating that the guy at 1:25 is her boyfriend.

No. 162870

She's fob so I can't imagine that's what she means. The one closet she goes in isn't even full.
Definitely some white dude with a fetish who settled for this caricature of an Asian woman.

No. 162933

confirmed ddlg

No. 162955

>Definitely some white dude with a fetish who settled for this caricature of an Asian woman.
kek that was my first thought too. her image and personality would only appeal to asian fetishists who want a kawaii real life animu waifu.
at least she finally moved out of her parents' so her mom doesn't have to follow her around filming her.

No. 162960

File: 1470276942896.jpeg (12.46 KB, 236x236, image.jpeg)

Goddamn this is the most moonface ever. she had literally no chin and gigantic fat cheeks.

And the "tiny rice" conversation with her nerdy sounding white bf. He's fucking and living with someone pretending to be 5 years old. Is this some sort of next level age play or she is mentally retarded? I'm new to this thread.

No. 162992


Wow, if you didn't tell me that was a female, I would have assumed it was an ugly 11 year old boy with long hair.

Yumi King really needs to fucking grow up. Even the the c-list fake/weibo kawaii models/actresses of Taiwan or mainland china are more respectable than her ugly farmer-face.

Is she even going to school anymore?

No. 162997


She's obviously poor and has mental problems. All she seems to know how to do is eat and poop and blog/prove about how cringy/souless she is.

Isn't she 26 years old or some shit?

No. 163021

yep. she's in her late 20's now. she said she's graduated college in china and then just graduated in the us as well so she's like 26-ish.
she also said somewhere (iirc it was her okc but don't quote me on that) that she's never had a real job before and just wants to marry a man to support her hobbies.

the part where she was like "idk how to pronounce this… there's literally pronunciation guides all over the internet now. you can even type a word into google translate and the robotic translate voice will say it out loud for you.

No. 163051

File: 1470313729822.jpg (79.55 KB, 680x680, 1565089641.jpg)

>Even the the c-list fake/weibo kawaii models/actresses of Taiwan or mainland china are more respectable than her ugly farmer-face.

No. 164288

Her bf is shown in this video.
>people in comments think that's her dad

No. 164290

What is it with middle aged fuckwits lusting after sweet'n'sour fanny? I stg in my city there's a middle-aged fella who runs a store named after his barely legal Thai waifu. What do they see in girls like this? Yumi isn't even good looking, not even for a wannabe loli.

No. 164292

she doesn't even look that young. the only way she looks like a loli is when she shoops her entire fucking face off like >>88225.
her ~irl animu~ videos are just pure cringe because she looks like (and is) a woman in her 20's trying to act like a small child.

No. 164296

Can't believe she has an engineering degree from China. Wonder why she doesn't have a job even remotely related to that, let alone behave like a grown woman lmao

No. 164298

Brb puking

No. 164300

b-but how is she supposed to be a real life anime loli if she has a real job and behaves like an adult?

No. 164309

He's not that old. Just an ugly out of shape white guy which makes him look way older. Probably only late 20's.

Both of them can't do much better.

No. 164332

>Yumi isn't even good looking
Assuming he's really her bf, the guy isn't good-looking either. There's a reason why stereotypes about Thai-white couples exist: It's often a chubby, older guy with a short, below average-looking Thai woman. Except it's Chinese in this case. Not trying to race-bait, just saying.

It could still be her stepfather. Who knows?

No. 164336

I doubt that's her stepfather. Their interaction is too intimate for him to be her dad.

No. 164337

I think anon was making a ddlg joke.

No. 164339

Well she did have a profile at a dating website looking fof older men

No. 164342

File: 1470747909889.png (1.69 MB, 1334x750, image.png)

A screenshot from the car crash video. That's her stepdad she's talking to.

No. 166128

Genuinely can't tell anymore if stepfather or old-looking boyfriend.

No. 166158

Boyfriend for sure.
Idiots on PULL are still like "HOLD ON GUYS! COULD BE HER STEPDAD!"

No. 166224

Yeah, seems like boyfriend. She's making kissy faces at him around the :55 mark when he's wrapping the tape around her waist. Seems like a weird thing to do to your stepdad.

No. 166255

File: 1471375977324.png (107.51 KB, 940x577, okcupid.png)

lol is it normal to still use OkCupid even when you're in a relationship? She changed the picture and her age to 21, still looking for old single men.

No. 166298

that's her sugar daddy
She's looking for a vanilla boyfriend (someone not in the sugaring world)

No. 166299

or maybe she's looking for a vanilla guy to turn into sugar daddy, idk

No. 166304

She changed it a while back. In her description it still says she's 23 though.

No. 166305

He keeps calling her sweetie and baby here. Also he seems like a dick.
>"I need to lose 8 pounds"
>"Only 8? Shouldn't it be closer to 10?"

Is this guy different from her step-dad? People in the comments keep saying it's her step-dad but they look different to me. This seems wayyyy too intimate for it to be her step-dad. But then again she has her own room with a single bed.

No. 166309

Maybe her step dad is her sugardaddy too…(?)
Creepy but talking about Yumi King that wouldn't surprise me.

No. 166311

That's way too close to be a step dad to me, this video was extra creepy to me holy shit

No. 166314

The whole video is creepy. A 20 year old splashing in a disney princess bubble bath while a much old man watches.

Also that comment on her weight was either bad humor or whoever that guy is, is a plain jerk. I know asians have a different body standard but to me she already has a good body, fair enough if she wants to weigh 100 pounds but any more than that would be too much.

No. 166316

File: 1471392646890.png (85.18 KB, 1056x474, yumi.png)


it's not her dad.

No. 166321

That laugh will haunt me

No. 166325


10/10 Ageplay/Daddy Kink
It can't be other thing. The way she keeps laughing at the bubbles, dude.

No. 166326

She might be in an open or poly relationship?

No. 166328

Also, sorry to samefag, but I just noticed she's using a shampoo/liquid soap/whatever for little girls, Disney Princess themed. There's another kid's thing, it seems, but I can't identify what it is. That confirms ageplay to me.

And she said on the video's comment section that the guy talking to her is not her stepdad, so that's out of the way

No. 166329

>"350 calories"
>"GAAAASP! THAT'S A LOT! I need to lose 8 pounds!"
>"Only 8? Shouldn't it be closer to 10?"
Lol what the fuck. Her SO is a fat fuck, too. I'm triggered.
And that bathtub giggling. Everything about her is just so uncomfortable.

No. 166330

It looks like she's in a ddlg relationship. They might be into degradation or punishment because it's a dom/sub thing. Which is still creepy af, but he might be teasing her because they are role-playing.

No. 166334

The dude seems to have a nice house though.That jet tub is pretty swanky. But she mentioned recently that she was going to her "other house" in Georgia. Seems like she went to visit her bf/this guy for a while? He just started showing up in videos too. I think she still lives with her parents in Seattle WA, area. In her 3D pen video, she seems to have been talking to someone on Skype,I'm speculating that it was this guy and they have a long distance thing perhaps.

No. 166372

They shouldn't do that for youtube. Kids under 18 shouldn't be subjected to that trash.

No. 166377


Honestly she doesnt seem mentally stable enough to engage in that kind of kink relationship.

She's 26 actually. Her insane obsession with youth keeps her lying about her age.

She was 24 or so when people started posting about her on this thread.

Again, she's poor and has mental problems.

She's definately a terrible role-model for any young person. And she's got terrible views on health and fitness.

No. 166387

>Honestly she doesnt seem mentally stable enough to engage in that kind of kink relationship.

hahaha WHAT?
yeah, people who act out child rape are probably bastions of mental health. That whole scene doesn't attract crazy people at all.

No. 166403

Did anything come of her car crash? I'm curious because she was recording in her car, so she must've been distracted at least a little bit?

No. 166420

She confirmed it but yeah, we've seen two different guys so far. This guy looks a tad younger, less like a grandpa (the one from the car crash) and more like a middle-aged uncle.

Have you read her dating profile? She wants a traditional marriage like the good Chinese girl she is. Hardly someone who'd engage in a poly relationship.

I also think it's "unintentional dd/lg". She's childish as fuck, she probably thinks this relationship is normal.

No. 166429

this is so fucking creepy, her giggling made me feel like i was watching an actual child.

No. 166432

Her reaction to the bubbles and the jets was really telling that it's not a normal part of her routine.

Also the uncleboyfriend telling her "get in sweetheart", like the way he said it… gross.

No. 166436

Ugghhhh this whole video made me so uncomfortable, but I couldn't stop watching. I know she's an adult but this is such a creepy pedo relationship….I kept waiting for Chris Hanson to come out haha

No. 166437

she said her stepdad was driving. watch the video.

No. 166440

Legit says ''Cheap Online Shopping Haul'', so yeah they are cheap, am pretty sure she cuts half of them up to make videos anyway

No. 166441

People have been requesting them ever since her first one

No. 166442

File: 1471444441156.png (53.58 KB, 162x159, 5f003cbcdcbd037f35c44a4003f218…)

girl legit turned into the fucking moon emoji

No. 166448

File: 1471445622742.jpg (30.58 KB, 500x498, 12.jpg)

This made me feel so uncomfortable.

No. 166450

Her morning routine is just as cringe with the age play.
She doesn't know how to say Quinoa and calls it "tiny rice". Shes Asks her partner/Daddy/boyfriend how to say it and he doesn't tell her.

"What I call it is what adults call it, what you call it is what Baby Girl calls it"
He is mega creepy.

No. 166459

File: 1471449330599.jpg (38.92 KB, 430x266, BooshMoon.jpg)

No. 166478

Imagine what it would be like if she and that weird airi girl met. Would they just passive aggressively squeal at each other over who's more loli

No. 166482

Who else but a creep would want to date her? Even a nice FOB would find her too childish and weird.

No. 166508

okay she's cringy af but his tone of voice sounds so predatory. and of course he's a fat fuck telling her to lose 10 pounds. fucking creepy

No. 166514

He looks like a fat Morrissey

No. 166752

This chick creeps me out, and along with that nighttime routine video she has a morning one too. The morning one confirms it for me, that she's living with this guy now and they're in some weird ddlg relationship.

Convo starts at 1:16, she's talking about quinoa rice:
> yumi: what's this called?
> gross older man: tiny rice
> yumi: tiny rice? you call it tiny rice?
> man: no
> yumi: what do you call this?
> man: what do I call it? it's what adults call it. what do you call it is what babygirl calls it

ew just man

No. 166753

If anyone's intersted in seeing what this guy looks like, he's in this video.

For some reason I pictured him as bald with a gut, but he's decent looking I guess.
Still, the age difference is extremely apparent and he constantly calls her 'baby' in this video and a few others. It looks like she has her own bed, but I wonder how far she's gone with him because she was always posting on how she wanted a husband to 'take care of her' so she could do nothing - and now she's got someone who does just that; but of course no old man's going to take care of her for fun w/o getting anything in return.

No. 166754

Her entire wardrobe and everything she owns is an ita's paradise. She is the poster child for cheap shit from China.

No. 166755

He looks like a fat middle aged manlet. How low are your standards, anon?

No. 166756

oh wow that was kinda uncomfortable to watch
that "the camera's over here, sweetie" with that slight southern drawl creeped my shit out
yumi's videos have always made me pretty uneasy, but this takes the cake.

No. 166762

a-anon don't hurt me like this.

I just thought from his voice, and their relationship, he was going to be uglier and was slightly surprised when he wasn't fatty bald acne old man


It makes me wonder how they met
dating site??

No. 166764

holy shit this is so creepy

No. 166765

That dude looks and sounds like a creep, holy shit.

No. 166804

I thought that was established a long time ago… She's got bad taste in everything from buying awful materials exclusively from Joann's and Walmart to her tacky "designs" to thinking that those cheap dresses are good quality, hell she even glues some of her clothes together and she thinks that shit is acceptable quality.

Ngl I was pretty surprised to find out that he's not as ugly as I thought he was. Of course he's still below average and creepy as fuck, but I definitely thought he would be uglier/physically grosser.

No. 166862

It kills me that all of you guys in here are like knocking people who just like j-fashion but lol
sips tea

No. 166865

<,< and pretty much all of you are nonnies (including myself) so we can't see what you look like <,< gtfo talking about people being ugly because you're hiding behind a computer screen. Although its true Yumi's videos are uncomfortable to watch at times and depending on who you are Venus can annoy the shit out of you. Not everyone who likes J-fashion is a weeaboo so like chill my dudes.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 166866

Spot the newfag.

No. 166875

found the fatty weeb

No. 166923

File: 1471641128993.png (157.7 KB, 500x264, tumblr_mhibcjc0Ju1r30h2ao1_500…)

No one cares that she wears j-fashion but most of what she makes looks cheap and tacky like clothes from Milanoo.

No. 166957

File: 1471653563972.jpeg (163.44 KB, 637x847, image.jpeg)


No. 166959

File: 1471653862102.png (519.52 KB, 815x476, ddlg.png)

i swear to god i've seen this "victorian style dress" on milanoo before…

holy fuck please post this in the shooped weebs thread in /b/ too

No. 166969

>you look something like nicki minaj
Are they blind?

No. 166973

Oh my fuck it looks like he's trying to push her head down to give him a bj

No. 166976

File: 1471658147299.jpeg (108.14 KB, 636x907, image.jpeg)

Devilinspired nooooooooooooo

No. 166983

They probably mean straight black hair with a fringe

No. 166989

Has anyone seen her new video? The title soooooooooo uncomfortable.
I haven't worked up the guts to watch it.

No. 166991

She seems to have a nice living situation so she's landed herself a nice daddy. Also I don't know if it was just me but was she not wearing any bras in the videos because I can her nips in two of the outfits….

No. 166992

You're better off not watching it cuz she isn't wearing a bra in the 2nd dress

No. 167018

I can't help but notice how small her body is compared with her head…
Also, that dog collar at 3:35.

No. 167052

good eye anon
she seems so unaware and i feel bad when she talks about sexy style. eurgh

No. 167072

she looks like a child prostitute in that pink frilly dress

No. 167077

She seems unaware about everything. Harmless but pure cringe.

No. 167156

File: 1471722942174.jpg (8.83 KB, 615x71, Hamasaurus.jpg)

Lol if her creepy boyfriend was her step-dad it'd make the situation 100x creepier. I'd love to be a fly on the wall of this girl's trailer if this is normal father-daughter behavior.

No. 168241

File: 1472090779670.png (589.26 KB, 884x476, FINGER ME.png)


Holy shit Yumi King is being held captive !!!!11

(saged for terrible post)

No. 168627

>how to look like a rich girl
>high class

You can really tell she has shit taste.
The kicker is that she says some of the clothes are good quality but all the outfits just look like clothes you can get on Taobao for less than 100 yuan.

No. 168628

>how to look like a concubine

No. 168634

she means "how to dress like a rich girl in a hentai from about a decade ago"

No. 168663

she found PULL and is sending her whiteknights there. let us pray and hope that she doesn't discover here too.

No. 168672

She should use some of that sugar daddy money to fix her face. Her bloated face is horrifying.

No. 168679

I think the fringe makes it worse. She looks like a Lego person.

No. 168693

These "hanfu" look beyond shitty. Is she really Chinese? Only ignorant foreigners would buy these.

No. 168698

File: 1472236618161.jpg (23.36 KB, 400x266, hongyounggi.jpg)

My guess is that she is trying to pull off a look similar to some Korean Ulzzang (round face + bangs) since full bangs are extremely popular in Japan. Unfortunately, her face isn't a traditional round face (pear shape? diamond shape?) so it doesn't work properly. It would probably look better with some variation in length and not being completely straight across.
>>Pic is Ulzzang Hong Young Gi for reference (Round face with full bangs)

No. 168702

File: 1472238664127.png (219.32 KB, 633x312, lol.PNG)

>The kicker is that she says some of the clothes are good quality but all the outfits just look like clothes you can get on Taobao for less than 100 yuan.

She would've been better off buying from Taobao, the clothes on that site are like 50-200 dollars. But those clothes are probably sponsored anyway >www.stylewe.com/?utm_source=youtube.com&utm_medium=social&utm_term=helilan&utm_content=Store&utm_campaign=yumi-king2

No. 168705

Weren't there a few comments in her, already sticking up for her?

I'd much rather hear what her sugar daddy has to say, than her white knights.
If she didn't want people talking about their gross relationship, just edit him out of the videos? She purposefully keeps those parts in.

No. 168708

>just edit him out
She doesn't because she genuinely doesn't realize how gross her uncle boyfriend comes across.

I also don't think it's DDLG because LGs usually advertise/openly state they're in such a relationship while this woman acts like it's cute her boyfriend appears occasionally in her videos and there's nothing more to that.

No. 168868


She's poor, ugly, 26 years old, and has mental problems.

She's also running out of ideas. Not that she was creative or interesting to begin with.

Chinese people only raised in rural china tend to often have no idea how to do critical-thinking. Bad roots.

She's heading in a really gross niche on Youtube now and her uncle-daddy-bf filming her in the bath isn't helping.

Is it possible to get her channel banned for posting almost age-play shit for the public to see? I know she might think it harmless and unintentional, but this us pretty fucked up shit thats literally not progressive or helpful for her younger viewers to be seeing.

I don't see why she can't just NOT show-off her new bf's 'weath'. She has 0% class or taste.

Honestly what kind of idiot tries to sell the image of 'pure asian doll' while purposefully submitting videos of herself showing off her ass in bed, implied naked in a tub, etc while doing a baby-voice on purpose.

No. 168869

I suppose you could report her dd/lg ass to YT for "sexual content". Might as well report her lingerie DIYs and that video she made of her trying on different pieces of lingerie too.

No. 168976

oh no

No. 168978

>I'm not a child
Maybe stop talking with this fake cutesy voice then.

She really has zero self-awareness. Should've stuck to making DIY videos only.

No. 168986

She's definitely playing on the look/sound like a little girl thing. "I'm old enough" just sounds like a humble brag like, "I can't help being this cute!" but it just makes her seem mentally retarded. Especially with that fake voice. Sometimes you can hear her real normal pitched voice in the little croaks before she's about to speak lmao. Don't even get me started on all the bows and frills.

Not a LG my ass.

No. 168995

>that thumbnail
>"hewwo evwybody!"
>"if I wear black I look more elegant"
>the one bikini that's literally just two bra cups held together with lace and the bikini bottoms are see through


No. 169012

>"I'm wearing this skirt because I don't want to show the fat on my thighs!1!"

Bitch, where?!
God, I hope she's not going to turn into an ana-chan

No. 169017

*Hips, not thighs

No. 169024

she already is an ana-chan.
in one of her older "real life anime" videos, she said that she didn't want to eat because she would get fat and added audio of her mom saying "you aren't fat!" in the video even though the rest of the video didn't have any audio, just jpop playing over clips of her prancing around the supermarket in cosplay.

No. 169058

You can clearly see her ribcage in the video too.

No. 169063

She's a 25-26 year old woman and can't even deal with a little criticism online. This is such typical shit for an underachieving, overdramatic attention-whore. She wasn't raised right.

I'm glad she's showing everyone how badly she takes actual concern about how inappropirate her new 'lifestyle' videos are. And people are starting to voice backlash on her fetishizing herself/children/indirect ddlg vibes and being a bad influence on her very much younger audience proves she actually thinks her body-hating/fat-shaming/backwards/gold-digging outlook on life is 'normal'. It's 2016 and she's promoting 90's unhealthy societal pressures to be stick-thin. Her mentality is toxic.

She's such a 'leftover woman' and it's clear why. No one in modern China even desires a woman who doesn't want to contribute to a 50/50 team-effort partnership.

She holds a very demanding and self-serving air to her and tries to convince people whom dislike her that they're wrong or jealous by humble-bragging. So off-putting.

I doubt someone like this has friends her own age IRL. Especially with the disparity in maturity levels. She probably hangs out with a younger crowd if any at all. She's always alone in her videos. You would think her friends would voice concern about her videos etcif she had any.

No. 169069

Are people actually jealous of this girl at all though? She's in her mid to late twenties, has the body of a malnourished 12yo, the face of a fat old woman, and wears cheap taobao clothing. Her sugardaddy relationship is creepy and he seems middle class, maybe upper middle class, as far as wealth goes. She obviously has some kind of ED and he seems borderline emotionally abusive at times. No thanks.

I mean, I suppose by Himeka or Sere standards, she's doing alright…?

No. 169070


Her face shape is round but the thing that makes her look bizarre is her completely underdeveloped lower jaw.

No. 169096

I've always attributed her childlike appearance and fake voice to her being one of "those" kinds of Chinese women who prance around in cheap-looking frilly dresses and think high-pitched voices make them seem more feminine and cute.

It's got nothing to do with our definition of dd/lg but it comes off that way to us. I also doubt a naive FOB like her knows what it is.

No. 169098


She is one of 'those' Chinese women.

Raised to try and attract men with 'feminine innocence' that was popular back in the day in the day when modesty was the norm in China. But she twisted it in a weird child-porn vibe. Can't believe she thought she was pretty enough for that route lol.

I have friends who are super fob and cutesy but they definately have more backbone and real personality than her. They have good work ethic and have since cut-out that cutesy act since they hit 22 years old.

She keeps trying to brand herself in this unrealistic, cheaply-made fantasty-luxury-kawaii vibe. That's why it's creepy as hell and actually triggering to see her act like this, since the closest thing we have here is ddlg vibes and to be honest it's very similar.

Her step-dad/uncle/bf probably feels empowered by her lack of common sense or self-worth/easily damaged ego/lack of intelligence etc. Book smart =\= sensible.

Except ddlg is suppposed to be a sub-branch of bdsm and this old chinese wannabe bapo has no idea. But she just accepts her audiences perception of her and rolls with it. She's unintentionally promoting shit that she doesn't even understand. That's problematic.

No. 169121

She looked kinda good in this video. Shame she doesn't stick to this makeup.

No. 169128

It makes her look like a failed gyaru, but I agree that it's way better than her cutsey uguu makeup. I guess this is from the era when she was still ok with a more mature look.

Agreeing with that she's one of "those" Chinese women. She acts very much like someone from a rural region. City women (i.e. women whose families have lived in large cities for generations) are more progressive and don't try to go with the demure housewife feel that Yumi wants to have.
Yumi is a stereotypical rural region girl who has delusions of suddenly becoming a rich princess if she acts cutesy and attracts the right man like something you'd see in a TV drama.

I'm in China for work at the moment and even though I'm in a big city, I see so many people who come from rural regions walking around in cheaply made dresses covered with plastic lace with knockoff bags and shoes thinking that they look like princesses and are hot shit. Girl, I can tell that your "Valentino" "rockstud" heels and your "Kate Spade" bag are fake from 1 km away.

I saw this girl wearing a badly constructed "lolita" dress similar to the ones Yumi makes at a cafe in a mall yesterday. She had gotten cake on her chest and was forcing her boyfriend to wipe it off and literally said "我是公主好吗?" (I'm a princess, okay?). She later pushed an elderly lady with a cane who was in line to buy something and then got huffy and started arguing people when she got called out for it and told her boyfriend to help defend her actions. That's probably the kind of life that Yumi wants which is gross and sad.

saging for the blog post. I'm just so triggered by people like Yumi and the cafe lady who think they're princesses just because they can afford to cover themselves in plastic lace.

No. 169183

>>City women (i.e. women whose families have lived in large cities for generations)
So basically the population minority?

No. 169279

she looks lost in the thumbnail

No. 169352

The way she licks it

No. 169369

Gotta hand it to her, she churns them out fast.

If she continues to harness the lolicons and ddlg crowd then she's probably making good cash with her gross fetishistic barely-Pegi-3 pandering.

No. 169375

Listen if you dont like yumi thats fine but its rude to make a hate site for it Ok? Theres like 100 comments on here or more and that just shows your dedication to hate her and other people and im not gonna bother reading or posting again. Im 11 btw so dont cuss either. Just stop its not getitng you anywhere? Ok shut a fuck up.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 169377

Kill urself

No. 169379

File: 1472435017951.jpg (55.46 KB, 500x300, tumblr_m162jfE3dT1r1c6jgo2_500…)


No. 169380

Okay. I'm going call your parents later tonight and tell them you used the F-word. You're in trouuuuuble!

No. 169396

Drink bleach you stupid bitch

No. 169408

I feel like every time I watch one of her tutorials, I end up with more questions than answers. Why didn't she sew the top into the collar? Why did she use stick-on Velcro if she was just going to sew it down later? Why didn't she bother to do any research on Saber Alter before working on the costume? Saber Alter isn't a "kawaii" girl personality-wise.

I get the vibe that her sugar daddy is telling her how to pose and stuff now because it's kind of different from her older videos.

No. 169456


I get that vibe too. She's been slowly going in a more sexy~ direction but it was still DIY and paid hauls.
Just based on the thumbnails this seems beyond what she would do without outside influence.

I do wonder how she feels about it all since on her instagram she would some times talk abt how she felt trapped into making really simple DIY's bc it's what gave her the most hits and interaction which means she cares and paid attention to the way that she marketed herself.

Now that she seem to be letting her daddy have more creative control is her engagement suffering? Does she even care now that's she's got a man who she thinks will take care of her?

No. 169469

I think she still cares otherwise she would've quit. Her daddy definitely seems to be the one pushing her to have a more mature, sexy image since she was still sugary sweet and all pink before she started showing him in videos.
They live together now so I'm assuming he's the one directing her from behind the camera.

He's middle class probably. He lives in Georgia where rent isn't dirt cheap, but it's certainly cheaper than rent on the west coast. It's $200-400k to buy a house with 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms.

Not related to his wealth status but she did mention on Instagram that she thought $13/yd is too expensive for fabric and that she only buys things when they're more than 50% off.

No. 169471

Sorry for samefagging but I checked her IG and yeah she didn't start doing all of those sexy tutorials until after she moved in with her bf. Before that it was still like "DIY anime school uniform" and then bam a slew of DIY lingerie and underwear videos.

No. 169472

Rent in Georgia is pretty cheap. Lived there a few years back, rent for the 4 bedroom, 2.5 bath, house with a fire place and big yard that I stayed in was only like 1,200. He's definitely only middle class then.

No. 169473

File: 1472465797573.jpeg (155.49 KB, 750x1074, image.jpeg)

A month? That's fucking insane. I'm paying 3500/month, utilities included, to live in a shitty apartment in California.

Pic not related.

No. 169474

Yeah, the rooms weren't huge, but pretty big. It was about an hour outside Atlanta. GA is kind of barren though. Right now I live in a three bedroom apartment outside a major city in the midwest and it's also 1,200. This place is tiny in comparison though. Money goes a lot farther in most places in the south or rural areas in general.

I'm shocked Onion didn't try to get in that tbh.

No. 169478


Gurg only dates teen white girls.

And Yumi is hideous without make-up. She's barely passable with it slabbed all over her face.

His entire body was probably repulsed by her standing next to him since he's such a narcissist.

Funny how she just mentions he's famous and doesn't even realize what a shitty person he is. What a basic, shallow bitch.

No. 169479


Gurg also shames girls who wear loads of make-up because bluh bluh bluh he believes in superior natural beauty etc.

Except he wears make-up himself to cover his many skin flaws.

No. 169480


This is exactly why Yumi needs to do a rebranding overhaul with her videos. Stop lying that she's younger than she is.

It's public record she's at least 25 this year and turning 26 in 2017.

Put that fucking engineering degree she bragged about to good use and get rid of her audience of 10-14 year old underaged cancer.

No. 169485

Is it just me or does the man speaking always sound dead? As if she asked him to act for the camera/has no feelings for her whatsoever.

No. 169488

File: 1472473601930.jpg (15.51 KB, 134x135, 1472465797573-1.jpg)

Her jaw is so fucking tiny, she looks like a shrunken head

No. 169500

He sounds sarcastic and old.

No. 169501

did she delete this pic?

No. 169516

File: 1472482873822.png (718.38 KB, 937x602, Screen Shot 2016-08-29 at 10.4…)

nope it's still there. it's just extremely old.
those comments though…

completely not related to her meeting Onision but while trying to find the picture, I found a bunch of pictures she posted of her eating out of literal cat bowls. what the actual fuck?

No. 169520

Probably to manage her portions better. Cat bowls are tiny so she won't be having her usual MASSIVE portion of 350 calories.

No. 169523

maybe it's her fetish

No. 169540

Seriously, 350 is SO much. She should only be eating 20 calories per meal.

It's possible since she always wears collars now.

No. 169621

Ha! That's a perfect analogy

No. 169633

How long until a kawaii princessu ballgag tutorial?

No. 169636

File: 1472514345682.jpeg (165.07 KB, 750x1051, image.jpeg)

No. 169642

Where the fuck is that hairy uncle arm coming from? Is he hanging from the ceiling like spiderman?

No. 169648

She also keeps on lowering her face like a child to look more cute but it just makes her underdevolped jaw look worse

No. 169649

>How to Look Like Ancient Chinese Empress&Concubine&Girl| Ancient Chinese Fashion: Hanfu

No. 169651

They don't call em daddy long legs for nothing

No. 169669

Hahaha 10/10 anon.

But seriously though how is he doing that? Where is she even looking?

No. 169670

Didn't Onion have an Asian fetish at one point though? And he's fucking Billay right now even though she wears more make-up than some drag queens. The girl highlights her nose blue.

Oh man, this girl is so cringe inducing.

No. 169671

Onion the midget. 6'0 tall my ass. Lmfao


Girl, no. He's washed up and still fading, greasy skin, annoying voice, disgusting personality and all.

No. 169687

Kek 10/10

He's probably standing off to the side of the camera and is tall enough to be able to bend over and feed her from out of view.

No. 169689

>Didn't Onion have an Asian fetish at one point though?
Really? Even if that's true I doubt it was extreme enough to go after this moonface.

No. 169718

She just means those elegant-looking concubines in Empress of China and other similar TV shows. Except she fails at actually looking like one.

No. 170008

Just as I was winding down to go bed with relaxing videos, this shit pops up.

>Semi-sheer blouse with no bra

>Strappy midriff with a tacky af short sheer rainbow skirt
>Showing a bunch of modest school outfits right after the sexy ones
>Creepy boyfriend saying he wants to show her off
>Sounds and acts like a slow 12 yo while talking about going clubbing in sexy outfits

I…I just can't deal with this video. Seeing her nips really threw me. Her videos are getting more disturbing.

No. 170015


The bf first awkwardly started saying "I wanna drag you off-"
So creepy!

I think the goth outfit looked ok on her except for that huge collar.

No. 170016

Wow, i couldn't even get through the first minute without feeling gross.

I don't know maybe it's because a lot younger "kids" are the ones watching her?

No. 170018

Exactly! That's what has bothered ever since she started doing lingerie diys. She has an audience of literal children and keeps making more and more mature videos. Its even weirder when she does craft videos in between that involve using shit like popsicle sticks and markers, stuff that little kids do for crafts.

No. 170019

File: 1472617807039.png (454.29 KB, 720x1023, Jfsofjzis.png)

Oh my gosh this is too funny

No. 170020

It used to say an entire forum it she changed it after seeing someone on PULL say that she only had a thread, not a whole forum.

I get the feeling that she has no idea what she's even talking about. I doubt she's even gone clubbing before even though she says she has, like how she says she exercises and goes to the gym while simultaneously suggesting that people wear crop tops with plastic lace to the gym.

No. 170026

I think she's kind of cute…she does this little dumb dolly shit way better than Peenus

No. 170028

What is it with her constantly trying to blend """sexy""" outfits with """childish""" outfits?

No. 170031

Wow, the whiteknights sure arrived quickly.

No. 170033

She's an adult anon! She's a big girl now!

No. 170049

She's so clueless, kek. Where do you see her nips though?

No. 170055

Must be going for the underaged sex worker look. I'm sure her sugar daddy approves.

No. 170058

Around 0:09 and 1:22

No. 170068

Sorry, samefagging, but I saw her comment saying that she's wearing a stick-on bra but I dont see it??? Am I crazy anons because I still see nipple shapes

No. 170070

Yeah, I'm seeing nip too.

No. 170301

Defintely nips

No. 170315

File: 1472661876718.gif (1.16 MB, 350x196, 3c512251143103316637444125_700…)

I snorted. Thanks

No. 170354

How tall is Yumi even? It's possible that Onision is 6' even with their height difference because Yumi looks pretty tall in her videos (look at her vlogs)

No. 170363

Yumi is 5'4" and always wears heels that are 3-4" so she's like 5'7".

No. 170639

File: 1472764139958.jpeg (140.75 KB, 750x963, image.jpeg)

Oh lawd dem legs

No. 171344

argh the way she licks the lollipop………

No. 171347

This is definitely some ddlg shit. The way she licks the lollipop, combining the harness bra with a schoolgirl costume… Why does she even have a lollipop? That's such a random prop.

No. 171390

File: 1473073665603.png (17.87 KB, 304x467, yumiking.png)

The harness at 0:25… why. Is she really that clueless? Is she just acting clueless? Does she know why her followers are talking about ddlg shit?

No. 171393


The reality of the situation is she gives no fucks about her viewers.

Most likely has no soul or real morals.

She's from rural China, she probably views her followers as a paycheck.

Considering the rate she puts out videos, she wants to milk youtube as much as she can.

Does she ever do collabs with other youtubers or get acknowledged as a content creator? Seems like no. The most she is acknowledged as is a 'fan' of others.

Because noone wants to be friends with a creep like Yumi.

It looks like she has no real life friends either, or they would have told her she looks like a fucking idiot projecting this poor with mental problems creepy-childish-sexualized lifestyle to a shitload of kids online.

The best way to get her to stop is to red flag her vids so they get demonitized, aka stop making any money from it.

I doubt any company wants to really promote themselves on women who deem it alright to pretend to be 'youthful and innocent' while they're hitting 25-26 and trying to combine it with sexually-charged creepy lifestyle vids.

Honestly her lolipop prop is a transparent as fuck way to clickbait or sexualize herself more. Dumb greedy bitch.

No. 171399

It's funny how she always makes this sort of scenes into the video's thumbnail

No. 171403

What the fuck was the harness even here for?

No. 171405

Reported. Also reported the night club video and the night routine video

No. 171498

Yumi is clearly lying about her age.

She bragged about her engineering degree from China, and that she's getting a second degree in design or some shit in USA. So honestly starting at 18 with 4 years for a BSCi would end up at 22 years if she's on time. Than she comes to USA and goes to school here that puts her at 24-26. It's also pretty stretched thin a lie she's 21 like her dating profile misleads. When I first checked it, it stated 24 years and that was a couple of months back.

No. 171509

It was 24 for a good while up until recently. Maybe she's lying about her age to her sugar daddy.

No. 171551

Why did she even go back to school anyways? A engineering degree is enough to get a reasonable job even if it's from another country as long as the school was decent.

Honestly I was really shocked to see that she had a degree in a hard science like that. At first I thought it meant I judged her wrong and given that UW's acceptance rate for international students is like 38% or something and not very cheap it makes even less sense for her to go back when after seeing her okc it seems like she's someone who would get some fluff degree while she picks up a husband. I wonder what motivated her enough to get into school again when she really really just wants to be a kept wife.

No. 171617


You guys are ignoring the obvious fact she's a liar and maybe lying about her degree.

She lies about her age, and most likely lied about her education to seem somehow qualified on her dating profile to be making greedy demands.

Honestly who would labour through school to get an engineering degree, just to drop it to be a wannabe housewife?

If it's not a lie, she has to be at least turning 25 years old this year.

How long has she had her youtube channel? You can guess her age from her old videos that mention her age. Just check the posted date and add up.

No. 171653

File: 1473134860103.png (568.43 KB, 865x618, Capture.PNG)

regardless of if she's lying abt her first degree, UW's admissions offices had to have seen something in her. I don't understand why she would go through the trouble of getting in and paying for tuition when she seems to just want to get wifed.

Like I said before it's not an easy school to get into if you're international. Just one of the required tests to even be able to apply(TOEFL) costs $200 in wa, most of the kids who get in are from wealthy families or older people in there 20's that have been in the states for a while because it's a bit of an investment/process. And she can't be lying about getting into UW at the least because she did an acceptance letter opening video. Bothell campus is admittedly easier to get into, but that really only goes for in-state kids.

I don't really care that she lies about her age, but I do what to know what compelled her to pursue an education at a 4 year then seemingly drop it to go live with a salt daddy in nowhere Georgia

No. 171685

Maybe she originally was a normal person who was like "I'll earn a living through hard work" and then she got introduced to the idea of ddlg and sugar daddies and decided that that was the way for her to go so that she didn't have to work, instead her whole life would be taken care of for her.
I originally thought she was just another one of those Chinese women who wanted to be pampered by Prince Charming ever since they were little but she has an engineering degree… Maybe her parents pushed her to get a degree?

No. 171689

Jesus Christ that wig is one of the most hideous things I've ever seen.

>"this wig would go perfectly with anime Chinese costume"

I bet she's gonna pair it with one of her overpriced Amazon hanfus next for a concubine makeup tutorial.

No. 171690


No. 171731

Or maybe she started the engineering degree because that greatly increased her chances to meet a guy who is also going for an engineering degree? I mean if you're trying to catch a husband with a soon-to-be high income you're not going to look for him in the underwater basketweaving lecture hall. Then when nobody took her bait she might as well finish the degree she started. I don't find it hard to believe she's at least book smart enough for that.

No. 171747

Wow. That thumnnail outfit seems so unlike her. Here sugardaddy must be really pushing her to experiment with other fashions and be sexier(i.e. sluttier)

No. 171763

File: 1473177457705.jpg (15.53 KB, 324x395, 1471291117157.jpg)

She creeps the fuck out of me. People like her shouldn't be allowed to have kids..

No. 171766

>Not measuring if both sleeves are even after cutting them off
>She didn't even use a fucking ruler or something
I'm not even talking about the skirt part which is a complete disaster.

She doesn't even try jfc
DESIGNER my ass!

No. 171842

That wig is seriously the worst fucking thing I've ever seen. Like I can't even believe how fucking ugly it is. I just can't get over it.

No. 172678

"i'm old enough to wear whatever i want" really? you look a 12 years girl, look at your style girl… just stop.

No. 172768

>Harley Quinning
>making a hammer for Suicide Squard Harley

No. 172777

She could've at least changed the wig to make them look slightly "elegant"

No. 172793

Even her cosplay made from scratch looks like a cheap chinese knock off kek.

No. 172809

She keeps saying "I'm old enough to dress sexy! I'm not a child!" but then acts as much like a child as she can manage without actually sucking on a pacifier. I can't tell if she's retarded or gets off on people telling her she's too young and innocent to be sexy.

No. 172905


That's why she's a terrible role-model for the stupid kids who are idolizing her cheap rural-china quality knock-off looks.

She's vain, but doesn't admit it. Constantly wants praise and attention for her 99% edited/shooped looks. Passive-aggressively tries to make people who dislike her into the bad guy by making strawman arguements or deflecting/avoiding blame.

She's just completely immature and acts like she does nothing wrong while literally trying to fuck with everyone at the same time.

Know why most people don't mind Xiaxue? Because she's honest and blunt about her shooping/bullshit. She owns who she is.

Yumi tries to hide behind her fanbase and pretend she's perfect and blames her faults on other people. Also she's pretty vain for a plate-faced buck-toothed walking stereotype.

She's no natural-beauty, that's for sure. And her personality is like cardboard.

No. 172906


So she's ugly-Chinese version of kalel kitten.

No. 172919

Looks like a porn outfit to be honest.

No. 173058

File: 1473581743624.jpeg (218.69 KB, 727x1270, image.jpeg)

>Joker is super cute
Shit taste in everything confirmed. (as if we didn't know that already)

No. 173109

Does making sewing tutorials from a bought pattern really count? I mean I'd get it if it was a tutorial on how to use the pattern or a sewalong but at this point you'd be better off just using the pattern because it explains more.
She doesn't even show the pieces or measurements like most sewing tutorials do, the tutorial is basically "buy this pattern and use it".

Also at the end
>daddys lil monster
there's no apostrophe reeeeee

No. 173246

lol she doesn't seem to understand there's a fine line between "dressing sexy" and wearing the equivalent of an cheap asian party city slut costume and infantilizing the shit out of it.

No. 173309

I like how she wears a bolero like a top and if she lifted her arms her boobs would be out

No. 173326

Good god. Outfits for going out where? To work the corner? She looks like a child prostitute…

No. 173327

File: 1473656856578.jpg (43.25 KB, 450x450, real fucked up.jpg)

>that shit fashion sense
>that awkward posing
>infantilized as fuck

No. 173331

Saw her getting posted in a 4chan thread and someone responded
>she looks like she was raised like veal. like someone keeps her in a small crate when they arent parading her around like a human toy.
Most apt description I've ever read, tbh.

No. 173351

She should change the title to "Hot Outfits To Please Your Sugar Daddy" I can't believe her fans buy into this shit, her dress sense is terrible.

No. 173365

Does she actually have female fans or is it all thirsty yellow fever dudes? Can't imagine any girl wanting to look like a cheap Chinese farmer slut

No. 173383

She has female fans but they're all 13 year old weebs with an obsession with anything remotely East Asian. Most of her WKs are teenage girls.

No. 173516

Can't imagine what it must be like to have such shit taste to be one of her subscribers. We need to pray for these bitches

No. 173565

Her SG just seems like a typical white man who is aged with the asian fetish where she needs to act like a fucking stereotype of how asian women should act (i.e. the giggling, covering her mouth/acting sheepish when opinionated, etc)

No. 173568

I wouldn't doubt it. The only kind of person that wants that kind of stereotypical Asian behavior is Asian fetishests anyways. Pretty sure all of her recent outfit videos were just made to satisfy her boyfriend.

Why do all of the descriptions she comes up with read like Taobao listings? You know, the ones that are like "cool hot sexy beautiful woman 2016 fashionable unique elegant trendy red purple flower vintage Japan Harajuku dress".

No. 173569

File: 1473743570414.png (1.31 MB, 1334x750, image.png)

>outfits just for daddy!

No. 173790

God, I felt so gross watching this. We get it, you wanna be sexy, but this fetish shit needs to stay in the bedroom and not shown to your 12 year old viewers

No. 173793

No. 173797

But anon! How is she supposed to prove that she can be both a kawaii real life anime girl AND the ultimate submissive yet sexy Asian waifu if she doesn't make these fetish videos?

Real talk tho, this is disgusting and she isn't sexy no matter how hard she tries. She just looks like any ol' plate-faced buck-toothed Asian uggo. She definitely cosplays and wears "lolita" just for attention and nothing else. Then she figured out that she could monetize her hobby through Youtube and that was that.
I reported a bunch of her videos for sexual content and YT has gotten back to me each time saying that they were fine by their guidelines. Good job, Youtube.

No. 173803

I mean, I kind of get it. When you are that ugly and that shapeless, you kind of need a gimmick to get anywhere. Her videos are really creepy and gross though. Like, if she did this off of youtube for a personal site or something and labeled it for what it actually is, whatever, but the fact she's putting this all over youtube under the guise of innocence is extra gross considering there's actual kids watching it.

No. 173807

Really, i give up. She's freaking annoying, look at her clothes. IT'S TIME TO STOP.

No. 173812

You said it's extra bad 'cause it's under the guise of innocence but I think that's the point; like it's 'sexy' in her mind because of the baby act. If she labeled it for what it is, it wouldn't be cute or sexy to her anymore. We've basically reached a consensus that she's in a ddlg relationship, just more proof that acting like a toddler in cute/sexy clothes gets her off.

It's interesting to hear the topic of 'children are watching' debated. I think adults don't have to restrict how they act online just because some kids are watching. When Miley Cyrus started acting all 'grown up' people were mad she was being scandalous when she had kids looking up to her. I'm not fond of her but I think it's not her fault if parents don't teach their kids right. Same with the internet, it's not a posters fault if a kid finds your adult content posted online, it's their parents fault for not supervising them.

I don't mean to whiteknight Yumi though I live for this thread, I'm so glad others see through her bullshit too.

No. 173839


The sad thing is there are actual people like moomoo making money off of shit-tier cosplay like this, but despite how shit people like moomoo and sheena are, Yumi is literally the scum of the cosplay barrel.

She honestly is just using Her Engrish and anime/manga as an umbrella for her own selfish purposes.

She doesn't give two fucks about her fans.

She never really adresses any of the many problematic issues in the video content she uploads on there. Just tells her haters that they shouldn't have opinions and are bad people for not catering to her ideals.

Kinda sounds like a charisma-less, tiny-eyed version of Hitler, right?

She's just on Youtube to be vain and have as many people she can click-bait tell her she's pretty when she's just a lazy farmer-face. For a 25 year old woman turning 26, she really should consider a switch in content.

She's not showcasing Lolita fashion.

She's literally "cheap rural china knockoff sexy asian miso horny 2016 suki suki 5 dollar shitty all-you-can-eat sushi run by the Chinese" type of girl.

I know Chinese girls like her and as soon as she gets off camera and speaks in Chinese, you can bet she's got an ego/shit-attitude.

No. 173851

I would agree with you but for the fact that her channel did start off innocent and kid friendly. Her kid viewers were already subscribed by the time she started doing lingerie videos. I do agree that parents need to monitor their children's internet usuage better.
Like >>173839 said, she just doesn't care about her fans, some of whom commented under her first couple lingerie videos that they weren't comfortable with that, but of course her other stans defended her and Yumi eventually said that she's going to do what she wants.

No. 173862


This old granny really doesn't have any friends or sense of of decency, does she?

This video is so cringe and screams 'poor with mental problems' in the worst way possible.

No. 173863

File: 1473861155950.jpeg (130.88 KB, 1242x793, image.jpeg)

Stopped the video because it was too cringe to watch. Enjoy Yumi fliping-off everyone while applying make-up.

Her bare-face is so unfortunate.

That bloated nose/face and underdeveloped chin. :/

No. 173867

File: 1473862333603.jpeg (517.36 KB, 1242x1887, image.jpeg)

" when they grow up "
" they don't know me "
" my youtube is healthy "

Yes, because making public posts about how you should ignore haters while simultaneously addressing/complaining about them constantly is going to make you look super mature.


No. 173871

>When I reported one video on YouTube, I provided my driver license, green card and all my personal information
For what purpose?

No. 173872

She looks completely inbred

No. 173879

Does that mean she found us? Kek.

No. 173882

For whatever reason the pink wig makes her look older. If she wants to make her ddlg/infantilism content that's fine but maybe she should make a pornhub account and upload it there instead.

No. 173915

I still find it funny how she changed her OK Cupod dating profile age to 21, but did not update any of the info about herself.

The info really shows her true age. (about 25 - 26 years old)

Casually mentioning you have been in the States 3 years AFTER finishing your ENGINEERING degree in China is a REALLY HUGE GAP when you're supposedly 21 now.

21 - 3 years in the USA = 18

So for an Engineering degree in China that's still got to be 4 years min.

18 - 4 = 14

Oh okay Yumi, obviously you were so smart you got accepted into university at the age of 14.

That's why you're flashing your non-existent cleavage and ass on Youtube for ad revenue.

No. 173934

File: 1473882682209.jpeg (108.5 KB, 744x639, image.jpeg)

Pic related is some girl on PULL calculated Yumi's age.
Why wouldn't she update her OKC info if she changed her age? It's really weird.
Why does she even still HAVE a OKC if she's already got a Daddy?

No. 174417

No. 174445

holy shit this bitch is fucking thirsty

No. 174542

(I don't know if this is at all relevant to everything discussed here, but I need to vent!)

I will start out by saying I was subscribed to her. Even if her sewing are shotty I knew I could approve. It was a starting point for me… However everything she does is basic and she explains it in a vague manner. As if to rub salt into the wound, nothing was true to the Lolita Fashion. Well, if you want to be an ignorant ita, then more power to you. Plus her basic techniques make it hard for me to believe that dresses have lasted for so long.

The inaccuracy of her dresses is what kills me. Its rare for her to make a Lolita jsk in the proper length let alone right accents to add to the dresses. Which most of her dresses are very gaudy or way to kiddish. Like that painfully bright pastel colored 'Lolita dress's she made a while back. It hurts to look at.

Finally, this was rather recent, and is pertaining to a once darling tartan dress she bought. This poor dress that was later cut and restyled to be more 'cool'. Bitch please! Her definition of sexy is a cheap child prostitute.

One thing is sure…. The weeb is strong in this one. Very strong.

No. 174594

Nice blog post

No. 174737

Don't be so bitchy. There's nothing wrong w/this post.

No. 174738

Nothing about that was a blog post. A long post isn't automatically a blog post, newfag.

No. 174863

Her speech patterns remind me of that doge meme.
>wow so beautiful
>such high class
>much elegant
>very rich girl look

No. 174864

File: 1474184039054.jpeg (182.3 KB, 750x1085, image.jpeg)

she doesn't know the difference between a bodycon and paneled dress. the difference is so obvious that it's even in the name.

No. 174865

>hi eweewon

stop this nightmare

No. 174866

Nothing in this video looks highclass.

The shops prices are ridiculously high for the cheap chinese shit you get. If her followers are aroubd the age of 12-20 most of them won't even be able to afford this shit.

Also she can't walk on heels for gods sake, she shouldn't wear them unless she trains how to properly walk on them

No. 174869

That backyard tho

No. 174891

Was this inspired by "The Little House on the Prairie"?
Not even Araki could ever think of such tacky dressing choices.

No. 174896

Somebody put this on a banner

No. 174913

Kek I'll make one as soon as I have access to a computer

No. 174919


他是屌丝. ;)

No. 174921

Nice google translate Chinese. ;)
Like 3/4ths of your sentence is incorrect.

No. 174927


Hi Yumi, good to know you're a real China-Chinese netizen and feel so good about yourself.

Btw it's not google-translate.

No. 174940


I live in an area with PLENTY of rich Asians in general, mostly Chinese though.

She looks nothing like them. The rich are either low-key or they are dressed like basic bitches.

This is extremely cringe. It's a trainwreck.

No. 174944

All of these are so tacky and the qipao is so short, absolutely none of these look elegant or even high class to me.
I've seen girls wearing only H&M clothes or such with accessories from Claire's and they looked way more elegant than her because they knew what quality and good-looking things were.

But yeah, the qipao is way too short, she looks slutty.

No. 174949


She is better off doing weeb shit. She has no fashion sense and is trying to do beauty blog/lookbook videos now. Please no.

Also she might want to consider investing in a bra.

No. 174953

Not Yumi but if you're trying to say "it's real silk", it should be 它是, right? Also the English in the post you're replying to is too articulate to be Yumi.

This tbh. No person who is actually rich dresses like that. She's the cheap Chinese version those ghetto people who think that wearing fur and tons of gold will make them look rich and cool.

No. 174959


The Chinese was referring to diaoshi. ( 屌丝 )

It's common slang term in China for basically otaku/neet/poor working-class Chinese young folk who won't make it big in life ever. Literal translation is something along of 'penis hair'.

Pretty accurate of Yumi, although she REAAAALLLY tries to be baifumei (白富美) which literally translate to "white rich beautiful".

No. 174960

Yumi is Southern Chinese. She says she's from Nanjing, which is literally "Southern Capital".

She actually might fall right into the stereotype of Southern Chinese women very, very tightly. Video related, even though it's a over-the-top joke vid, it kinda fits her behavior and attitude towards 'boyfriends'.

No. 174980

Ah ok. I'm not familiar with Chinese slang so I didn't know. But yeah that sounds exactly like Yumi considering that she's already 25 and the only think she knows how to do is to appeal to sugar daddies.

I know this is a joke video but what the fuck. Just toss in some clothes slathered with cheap plastic lace that's literally Yumi. The northern girl is pretty funny.

No. 175147

I've found a blog she seems to use for her college work? Sadly, my English is too bad to know if there is anything interesting on it: https://spring2016imdblog.wordpress.com/

There is a video of her in a lolita dress and she also used a pic of her in cosplay for work?

No. 175159

This is pretty weird. She talks about how Asian women are stereotyped and viewed as sex objects, and how they can overcome their goals despite this, and to create awareness for this she made a robot version of herself. The robot seems to be a roomba with a doll and LCD screen on it? Is this normal for the degree she is doing? Then it seems she does an 'experiment' where she gets people to stand in front of the robot to guide it.
>A second person said that He thought I was going to some school where only taught about social experiment
This really seems like some sort of social experiment, besides her coding the LCD screen. I don't know much about coding, but it does seem quite basic.

Honestly I'm very confused about this whole idea, and I am planning on taking an engineering degree. I find it rather ironic that she complains about Asian women being viewed as sex objects, considering how she presents herself on her YouTube channel.

No. 175162


Jesus H Christ.

I just skimmed that blog and what the fuck how can she even do projects about SEXISM AGAINST ASIAN WOMEN and SJW type things when her own YOUTUBE CONTENT is literally just SEXUALIZING HERSELF AS AN ASIAN WOMAN.

Wow talk about not practicing what you preach.

Well now you know she's knows exactly what she's doing with herself and her image she portrays online. She intentionally keeps provoking 'her haters' in order to get attention. She thinks she's better than everyone lol. The mental illness is real.

She calls us all 'evil' but she probably the type to act innocent and shit-talk all her fans/gross neck beards behind their backs.

No. 175163

File: 1474307844571.jpg (16.11 KB, 509x395, 13177740_1702701493318954_1498…)

Samefag but the second most recent post is "Social Engineering: Plight of the Social Justice Warrior". Guess Yumi is a SJW?

Her project is weird as hell. Why does one of the boxes say bisexual? She also uses the same shitty YouTube library music for her school videos and uploads them on her normal channel, unlisted though. I don't know whether to link them or not since they're unlisted and she might notice a sudden increase in views.

No. 175174

>inb4 she claims her creepy ageplay sex doll videos are just a "social experiment"

No. 175178

Proof that Yumi is just pretending to be dumb as shit and is sexualizing herself on purpose. Nice find.

No. 175189

>pretending to be dumb as shit
That's a bit too charitable.
Most "sex positive" feminists are like this. They complain about how everything is problematic, but when it comes to their own behaviour it's ok because they like the attention- er, i mean they're an empowered woman expressing their sexuality. If you told Yumi that sexualizing children and prancing around in a polyester 'sexy chinese girl' costume isn't exactly tasteful, she would just call you a slut shaming bigot.

No. 175193


The funniest thing is that she probably thinks everyone else who does exactly what she is doing is a 'slut' and 'dirty,' unlike herself. Oh yeah, she's also a fat-shamer.

Special snowflake syndrome. One child-policy at its worst. LOL.

No. 175246

I used to think this & like seeing that she can code & build simple systems is really impressive but like. Playing into what the Asian fetishists on yt want is one thing, plus that's easy to monetize & keep at arms length.
Going full ddll pet play & moving in with some random that doesn't seem all that wealthy is another. It makes me question how calculated she's really being since most sugars would know better.

Her project is a bit incoherent but seems critical of sjw's tbh. It's purpose is to illustrate how social engineering, so social justice, doesn't work and is often harmful and tonedeaf. I can't really understand how her robot thing does all that but if you read just the end of her project description it seems to put it pretty plainly.

No. 175248

same fag but she posted a new vid.

It's free of weird sex shit thankfully and just her going shopping in one of her dresses with a small wig promo.

I hope the backlash she's gotten over the super overt sex shit has gotten to her and she goes back to making kind bland fake kawaii DIY's and weird vlogs.

No. 175251

Her laugh tho at 1:38 LOL

No. 175367

Looks like Daddy bought her sewing supplies.

Also how come there is little mention in the comments that every video she does now is sponsored by some cheap clothing store?
I used to like Yumi a few years ago, she was cute and the kind of videos you watch to just chill.

No. 175379


Every cringe thing she's done up to this point would have been fine if she didn't try to PUBLICLY monetize on her over-the-top infantilized videos and having her way-older boyfriend/sugar-daddy included.

She's not young anymore. She's 25 and can't seem to accept it.

Older people can be 'kawaii' and enjoy 'kawaii-culture'. It's a fact. Just own your age.

But lying that she's 'old enough' and '21' only makes her seem desperate, and it's a terrible way to make her general audience think it's 'normal' to seek out VERY OLD MEN as partners.

The fact she doesn't address it but keeps including is done INTENTIONALLY to convince the viewers it's NORMAL. Which it's not, honestly.

She should be more honest with herself.

No. 175385

Define "cute"

No. 175388

"hot topic" "lolita stuff"
i think i puked a bit

No. 175391

I find sewing videos cute and relaxing, is that a crime?

sage for blog and irrelevant

No. 175406

Ah, I see now, I didn't actually read through her planning. Her project still seems odd to me though. Can you really just take a roomba and attach some non-necessary components to it for an engineering degree? Does anyone know if she's doing general engineering or a more specific type?

No. 175418

All these projects are like….close to fascinating, but there's also something really crappy and cheaply made about them. Like the concept is alright, but the execution and presentation are hocky. Just like her YT channel videos and her as a person. Weird.

No. 175419

She's not currently studying engineering, she already got her degree for that in China. What she's studying now seems to be Interactive Media Design, judging by the abbreviation on her blog.

No. 175595

If she moved to the middle of nowhere with this guy I hope he's bankrolling her life tbh.

I'm in the same boat. I thought she was cute/relaxing before all the really out of control sex stuff started. Even some of the harness/lingerie stuff was passable bc it's still big w ~soft pastel~ lolita leaning teens

And I think that it's just so normal for yter's to be sponsored that no one, especially the fanbase she has, is really gonna come for her on that?
When I noticed it I was a little annoyed, especially since she has like, no fashion sense/taste, but I took it as a sign of channel growth lmao. I watch some girls where every other video is a sponsored clothing haul from like romew or s/t but they pull it off/can actually dress themselves.

No. 175653

Social experiment, hmm, well I have an easy answer. Ignore her. Ignore her videos (plus by not watching her videos you are not only denying the support she wants but also the attention). I stopped watching her about a month ago, and I have to admit, it's a lot better.

Also I feel like her saying its a 'social experiment' is just an excuse. Perhaps this was brought on by all the lies she tells.

No. 175722

her videos are getting more and more retarded every day

No. 175743

>that creepy footage of her reaching up to pull up her thigh highs in public
>Heely Queen

Quality content right here.

No. 176150

Youtube just announced this new program where you can mass-flag and demonetize videos called Youtube Heros. It basically allows you to potentially get content age-restricted.

If enough of us point out her gross vids (if they have not been flagged yet) than we can at least make sure those gross click-bait videos make no money. If she wants to be a cam-model she should just do it instead of making gross pg-13 creepy-uncomfortable intense sexual undertone 'innocent loli princess' soulless crap on Youtube.

No. 176192

Down for this. Gonna flag all her videos from now on.

No. 176211

She mentions race and feminism a lot in her blog, didnt know American unis were so obsessed with that

No. 176425

don't forget
>pikachu one-psy

No. 176457

Drinking game
Drink everytime she says "very good", "elegant", "not bad", "pretty good"
Also she is totes not wearing a bra for the last costume..

No. 176479

add "hi evwebodyyyy!" and "highly requested veedeeo" to the list while you're at it.

No. 176495

Youtube Heros is still in beta (you can apply to be a beta tester), but you need to earn at least 100 "Hero Points" before you can mass flag videos. The program page doesn't say anything about demonetizing them though.

No. 176536


Wow her taste is real shit. Poor thing…

I don't think she wears a bra in most of her videos so lucky for her ~free the nipple~ is a thing these days.

No. 176537


To my understanding, because a lot if my fav Youtubers have been complaining any content they've posted in the past with any kind of age-restriction gets dropped for use of ad-revenue because they don't want to be associated.

Also, for someone who claims that she's "just living her life", Yumi sure is obsessing over her haters again and also getting MONEY from Youtube??? What a contradiction.

From what I know you have to have people watch at least the whole video, not 5 cringy seconds for a view to count for monetizing. And the video has to be lengthy too.

No. 176539

File: 1474716564769.png (95.66 KB, 371x500, image.png)

Seeing how obsessively she checks this thread since we've theorized she's got no friends and only does all this horse-shit for money, it's nice to see how transparent she can be. Passive-aggressive shit like this for people who want to hide behind her 'fans' and also let's not forget how MANIPULATIVE she is to pretend she's '21' and 'naive'.

Everything she's doing is to make herself seem like the victim. Good luck living life like that. God-knows how many old aunties I knew of with this attitude back in the day who kept getting divorced because they were always denying themselves of any fault for their own problems.

No. 176541

People make YouTube videos for money. What a shocking revelation.

No. 176554


She's not really putting amy effort into it though, just click-bait material.

All the videos that were genuine to her original interests were her old DIYs for beginners, now it's just all about fetishizing herself for money.

Yeah people would like to be paid for Youtubing. But she puts almost no effort in improving any of her content or editing skills. But she clearly feels entitled to be making a living off of her click-bait vids.

No. 176601

File: 1474734325551.png (1.31 MB, 1334x750, image.png)


No. 176620

Are you saying this is a new thing amongst Youtubers? Pretty much all of them do that nowadays. Even the big ones. Especially the big ones.

No. 177101

she looks like a retarded demon omg

No. 177115

>my name is Yumi Ebony Dark’ness Dementia Raven Way

No. 177132

I guess nobody ever patted her on the shoulder and told her to wear one since she's so flat. Though she should wear a vest or comfort top underneath at least.

No. 177825

More fast fashion with Yumi!
Everything is cheap plastic or cotton. No voice over this time.
I wonder why she doesn't just make her clothing if she wants to buy so much cheap shit.
Also >blue blazer

No. 177946

File: 1475172312370.png (604.18 KB, 909x508, image.png)

Yumi casually posting about her 'h8rs' again to get asspats from her neckbeard fans.

This time it's an old video made in 2015, about how she used the 911 memorial site as a cosplay photoshoot area while other prople were actively praying/giving condolences. She just acts like a complete self-fetishizing bimbo while other people grieve.

Also her playing up her ignorance saying because she lived in China and was in elementary, she gave no fucks about dead Americans.

No. 177947

File: 1475172598377.png (55.96 KB, 347x446, image.png)

Pt.2 of the rant where she says her h8rs are losers but she's a saint and is being SOOO strong by 'ignoring' them. Poor Yumi boo hoo. I mean morbid curiousity aside, she's nearing 30 years old ( currently 26 years old now or later, but when jan 2017 hits she definately will be 26 at that point) and not taking any account of her own ignorance.

Of course there will be backlash.

No. 177949

I was only 6 when this happened, not living in America, never been there and I still know what it means though? When my mom and I came home in the evening the TV was on and there were planes crashing into these buildings…everyone knows what 911 is! It's like if she'd pose infront of a holocaust memorial and then go like 'she didn't know there was a second world war, because she wasn't born back then thehehe so it'S not so bad, stupid h8erZ'

No. 177952

>pokemon go plush

No. 177953

This girl's bobble head triggers me more than Kota's baby alien shoops.

No. 177954


You know she's the type to obsess over 'h8rs'. It's written all over her ugly mug.

She's literally looking for trouble by this point and stirring her own shit-pot. Don't her followers/fans get tired of her acting like she's constantly the victim while acting like she's better than everyone at the same time?

I mean if you knew a person that just posted about how mean everyone was and played pity party, wouldn't you get annoyed? Especially from a person who pretends they're a supposed guru on beauty and life lol.

No. 178082

This bitch is so dumb- 9/11 was one of the world's biggest tragedies, it's not just people in the US who heard about it what the fuck. Also digging herself deeper playing dumb by saying "i just looked it up, in happened in 2011." So you've been living in the States for how long and you just casually heard about 9/11? It was a relatively recent event….what the fuck.

No. 178096

File: 1475205521922.png (1.93 MB, 1334x750, IMG_5677.PNG)

It's hilarious how she tries to act all cutesy and innocent as if she knows nothing. As if she didn't know she put herself in a disgustingly sexual position right in front of a fucking cow's ballsack.

No. 178100


Everything she does is gross and intentional. She's such a pitiful loser. Where is her shitty online persona even going to lead to in life? Making shitty clickbait until she's 30 while she pretends to be 21 still?

No. 178104

LOVE how in both pics she's trying to pose all cutesy right beside defined brass balls. You don't need an American education to know which ends a bulls face or ass.

Didn't know other countries knew about 9/11. Huh.

No. 178116

so she's posing as a turd right?

No. 178123

The only ppl whom I'd believe not knowing about 9/11 are maybe north koreans

No. 178132

fucking kek

No. 178143

Same. I was a little kid who didn't understand English at the time and I still learned about the tragedy and huge impact it had on US foreign policy. You'd have to be actively ignoring the news for over a decade to not realize that 9/11 is kind of a big deal to Americans. Then again, I wouldn't be surprised if Yumi never reads or watches the news. It's not about her, and it's not kawaii!

No. 178158

>disgustingly sexual position
Am I missing something here?

No. 178185

I am AMAZED that no one stopped her from taking those photos though. I once went to the memorial for a very poorly planned class trip, and I was so tired when we got there that I was kind of leaning on the raised part of the memorial. I didn't think it was a big deal and honestly probably looked like I could have been mourning or something, but a guard came up and told me to stop. Hence, I'm surprised that no one stopped this nut job from prancing around in anime hoe garb and snapping selfies. Also– I find it very hard to believe that she didn't know the memorial commemorated a tragedy. Even foreigners I've passed by the memorial with have had the good sense to ask what they're looking at.

No. 178211

She tries to act so cute and innocent when she knows EXACTLY what the fuck she's really doing. Especially using fucking Hetalia music. Of all of the cutesy music box songs she could've should she chose Hetalia for a reason. And that reason is because she doesn't fucking care about anyone or anything but herself.

No. 178219

it would be a bull, technically speaking

>Didn't know other countries knew about 9/11. Huh.
If other countries DIDN'T know I'd be concerned. It is the single thing in recent history that has dramatically affected the way the entire world works in this new millennium.

No. 178229

She was in rural China during 9/11. I bet the mentality there was like "those dumb Americans deserved it", which is partly why she gives no fucks. The other part is that she's just plain retarded.

Tbh she just reminds me of all those other Chinese who are intelligent, but aren't smart at all.

No. 178299

File: 1475275695211.png (165.44 KB, 750x1103, IMG_5727.PNG)

Yumi promoting ana

No. 178300

File: 1475275730789.png (211.77 KB, 750x1107, IMG_5728.PNG)


No. 178303

File: 1475276153497.jpg (150.41 KB, 1087x611, deadhookeryumi.jpg)

Did anyone order a dead hooker in this thread? Wait, it's just Yumi.

No. 178309

Ew what the hell? Did she put rings through her skin?

No. 178314

I can't stop laughing holy shit

No. 178316

It's a makeup trick you can do with liquid latex and spirit gum. You can tell up close but a picture like this it looks pretty real.

No. 178338

>I don't edit my pictures. It's just the mirror and camera.

No. 178349

woah what??? is that really her?

either way, that's fucking hilariously sad. the horrible lighting, the cheap ass carpet… this "photo shoot" took place in somebody's mediocre town home. I bet the carpet smelled bad.

No. 178385

File: 1475298371343.jpg (13.43 KB, 480x469, eaa.jpg)

>the guy in my videos is my boyfriend
why are you doing this

No. 178398

sorry but I will never get over
>hi eweewon

it makes me wanna punch her fucking jaw further in.
Also, that is one shitty makeup fx job. 1/10 creepy af video

No. 178474

That outfit is the definition of bad taste. Does she ever wear anything that doesn't look like it came out of the clearance bin at a sex shop?

No. 178546

File: 1475357062636.jpeg (313.04 KB, 1242x2119, image.jpeg)

Kek that last comment is savage.

Implications aside, it's mostly true tbh with her overall attitude/ideals towards men and being a 'trophy wife'.

No. 178548

She needs to stop fat shaming and actually rely on herself in terms of income. She needs to wake up and stop being so delusional. You're an adult, act like one. That sugar daddy ain't going to financially support her for the rest of her life.

No. 178551


Honestly I doubt they have anything in common and he's more interested in how much sex he can get out of her until he finds another younger/prettier girl with low self-esteem to toy around with. Yumi doesn't seem the type to 'suffer' with anyone through bad times. Marriage is about supporting one another 50/50. Not about women getting free rides for nothing in return. That kind of boat sailed ages ago. People who can be responsible need to be responsible for themselves.

No. 178552

It's obvious how she gets financially supported by her sugar daddy because it was clear that in one if her videos her sugar daddy paid for all of her materials in walmart. She needs to wake up and realise that life is all about hard work. R.I.P to the sugar daddy who has to even make food for her… it seems as if she's trying to live off this old man.

Not to mention she body shames too. "I regret eating fried chicken skin because I gained 3 lbs! Oh I'm very upset that I'm 108lbs now!" Doesn't she realise how much she's offending the rest of the audience by commenting that? Body shaming is not cute at all. How is making such comments going to make her a better role model? I'm sure she realises that she has a group of young audience that watch her videos. She needs to act like an actual role model instead of promoting body hate. She needs to learn to love her own body and get over it.

No. 178557


She needs to realize it's not 'all-about-yumi' and her way of thinking is super backwards 90's ana-promotion mentality. There are plenty of people heavier than her. Heck I'm sure a lot of her so-called fans are also average to overweight in terms of bmi.

She seems obsessed with her looks because tbh deep inside she knows she's very plain behind all that cheap make-up and bra-less shotty-skank dresses.

All that shooping honestly is not healthy or cute. It's funny because her constant calorie-restricting is going to wear her out more and her hair/skin will suffer. Therefore she will look even more old and haggard instead of 'youthful'. Tbh she just has an unfortunately permanently plain, bloated face and bad chin/jaw formation.

No. 178571

I can't help but read her posts in her voice. She writes the exact same way she talks.

No. 178579

>sugar daddy
>paid for all her materials in walmart

fucking hell

No. 178581

I'm a piercer and this is definitely makeup and not actual piercings. I'll take a guess and day she's too much of a pussy to sit through all those surface piercings.

No. 178583

File: 1475374282955.jpeg (139.12 KB, 750x860, image.jpeg)

What kind of bra has neck straps instead of shoulder straps? Homegirl does not know what a bra looks like.

No. 178641

Have you never worn a multi-way bra? Those can be worn with just neck straps.

No. 178653

Damn son how retarded are you

No. 178707

kek i was barely even born when 9/11 happened but know about it. she's either dumb as rock or just doesn't give a shit because 9/11 is none of her business cause she lives in her own kawaii innocent bubble world(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 178710

>recovering bulimic
>see this
>i feel fat as fuck now
>thnx yumi

No. 178714


>You must be at least 18 years old to browse or post. Users may also be banned for posting in a very immature manner.

No. 178737

File: 1475430313214.jpeg (182.61 KB, 1200x1500, image.jpeg)

I think we may have different definitions of "neck strap". Pic related is what I'm talking about.

K that's cool

No. 178739

File: 1475430948627.png (704.66 KB, 750x1334, IMG_5801.PNG)

She looks like a cheap Chinese whore.

No. 178740

>Pictures are taken by my boyfriend

No. 178754

Tbh its a pretty cool idea, and it freaked me the fuck out. But I seriously thought when she meant DIY it was for real, stabbing your skin. Yeah I wouldn't be surprised that she's crazy enough to do that

No. 178759

That's because she is one.

That look has been around for a while now. I remember seeing it on Pinterest a couple years ago.

No. 178760

She looks like a realdoll in this picture… not in a good way but like some knockoff realdoll where the face doesn't look quite right

No. 178767

File: 1475438033476.jpg (14.61 KB, 595x353, chinchan.jpg)

She wants to be chin chan, but she cant rock it like chin chan.

No. 178984


No. 179089

File: 1475553341811.jpg (8.02 KB, 223x226, download.jpg)

They prob don't sell these in America, but in Asia they sell the "neck strap" for bras. They come in diff designs and sold as just one long strap. They're very cheap too, its possible yumi owns some (even though she doesn't even wear bras majority of the time)

No. 179098

>pink sweater clearly says sex toy
>"omg i didnt see it til now!!"

No. 179103

File: 1475561378364.jpg (59.52 KB, 738x528, yumi.jpg)


>very sweat

No. 179108

what i would give to know what chinchan is up to now

No. 179110

>school outfit ideas
jfc you're 26 girl, grow the fuck up

No. 179111

File: 1475566933110.png (435.96 KB, 591x414, fashiondesigner.png)

holy shit this ugly skirt

No. 179129

she's such a fucking creep lmao. she gets off on sneaking sexual references into the shit she's serving to a mostly underaged audience.

No. 179145

Is it just me or does she always take selfies from the same Angle¿? With the attempted 'v shape' face ?

No. 180063

>3 houses
do you think her parents forced her to date a old colleague of her step dad?

No. 180065

>every animated Disney movie

No. 180070

Everything in that house has a weird 80's/early 90's look to it…

No. 180074

>Hi ewooon
>This is an oven, this is a firework, this is a curtain, this curtain is red
What even is this?! I don't understand how she can think that this was worth the upload and edit time. Surely she knows that her audience wanted something other than nine minutes of I Spy when they requested a home tour.

No. 180084


It's such a boring house. There's no charm or anything to it. Apart from the large rooms and lots of space; there's nothing tour video worthy to show.


It looks it was decorated with leftover 80's/90's furnishings from a abandoned hotel complex.

No. 180085

This house could be very nice with some good decoration and care given to the garden and the like. It just looks like a cheap hotel like this…

No. 180102

Wait, why does she buy so much cheap walmart and chinese shit when her parents own 2 houses?! And she hasn't had a job at any point since she started her channel, so her parents were most likely paying for her shit before her sugar daddy came into the picture. Also she's Chinese and probably has alot of relatives in China, so she should beable to buy nicer quality Chinese clothing or at the very least, order from Taobao which is somewhat better than the scammy sites she buys from

No. 180131

why do her subscribers think she lives in a beautiful mansion…

No. 180138

The outside of the house looks like a double wide trailer. The inside looks like it was decorated by a single 50 year old guy. It's so empty and ugly

No. 180185


Just like her as a person.

The only reason she posts anymore is for extra money. That's what she really is concerned about anymore, she doesn't actually care about her fans lol. It's too transparent at this point.

Her actual life is so obviously boring and her personality is mundane without her weeb-gimmick. At least she's living in a fitting home for her. Basic and ugly.

No. 180203

Girl obviously has no taste at all and can't distinguish between what's good quality and what's not.

Most of the clothes and wigs she wears are cheap and low-quality but she thinks they look good.

No. 180245

thats literally how Asians decorate.

No. 180311

It looks like a funeral home.

No. 180312

is her 'sugar daddy' in his 80s? WOW this is depressing to look at.

No. 180470

>random tacky trickets everywhere
>unused cutlery and plates in cabinet
>tightly made beds with decor pillows
>weird meaningless paintings hung up everywhere
>reproduction 'antiques'

everything thing in her house can be found at my grandmas. this is like my 70 year old grandmas house on crack

No. 180501

This is her parents' house. The one her mother and old white stepfather own.

No. 180517

I'm not an americlap, can someone explain why the house looks so bland and empty outside even though the interior has tacky decor everywhere? Is it allowed to decorate outside if the look of the house affects housing prices in the area?

No. 180520

The pool's pretty nice but the rest?
No thanks

No. 180522

>The inside looks like it was decorated by a single 50 year old guy.
I'm pretty sure that's excactly how it went

No. 180572

Probably because it's built somewhere property is dirt cheap, so you can have a big house with comparatively little money. In places like that, track homes get built as cheap as possible (likely in the 1970s just looking at it), and are all pretty much box shaped.

Someone could fix it up if they wanted to, but anyone with enough money to do that wouldn't be buying a house there to begin with.

No. 180576

The house sits on a pretty big lot of land. Anyone with money would tear the trailer down and build a better house. The landscaping is okay and tidy, though could use more trees, plants and flowers, and the pool is nice but that's all it has.

No. 181640

File: 1476142375679.png (965.71 KB, 1314x775, IMG_6191.PNG)

Viewers in China pointed out how her head is always pointed downwards. It drives me nuts.
I get that's she's trying to be all "kawaii" and do a "staring up at senpai" face and that her facial structure is tragic, but she never changes her poses or facial expression.

Leaving us with the same dead-eyed empty expression 24/7 that creeps me the fuck out.

She looks like a fucking monster with that fake smile and dead eyes.

In every selfie that she takes, her eyes are lifeless (probably cause she realised she can't pull off this kawaii innocent bullshit forever)

No. 181642

Yuhan looks like she needs laxatives.

No. 181741

why is she cupping her boob

No. 181748

where? And fuck me, that is an ugly fit on the midriff

No. 181859

i think anon meant in the video thumbnail

No. 181882

File: 1476199224494.jpg (20.37 KB, 600x522, 1355331549061.jpg)

No. 181967

This looks like shit tbh

No. 181999


No. 182017

File: 1476225627552.png (776.98 KB, 750x1334, IMG_6202.PNG)

No. 182019

File: 1476225792430.png (868.13 KB, 1163x568, Untitled.png)

oh well

No. 182035

whats her chinese name? cant find anything on her on the chinese web

No. 182052

Yuhan Zhang

No. 182183

File: 1476232383111.png (775.02 KB, 750x1334, IMG_6204.PNG)

No. 182187

There is no way she's that oblivious…

No. 182196

She just loves to show off her nips. She lied about having nipple covers in one video when they were clearly showing. I don't get the deal flakes and lying about petty shit when the truth is obvious.

No. 182198

This is her little "fuck you" to her h8rsss

No. 182200

Fucking this. I'm so sick and tired of Yumi's sweet little innocent girl bs. Hopefully some of her delusional fans will see this and maybe wake up.

No. 182217


So…she's going to make a paper/application/whatever about cyber bullying? What?

No. 182236

I don't know about her school but most American higher education institutions consider having someone else do your research while you claim you did it as academic dishonesty. If she uses any sources her followers send her like links to articles, it can be considered academic dishonesty.

No. 182274

File: 1476243859757.gif (34.57 KB, 243x200, 200_s.gif)

Well said

No. 182278

Poor little loli, she doesn't know anything about bras !!1! Her daddy should tell her about little girls' stuff

No. 182326

lol no. Scholars ask for article recommendations all the time. She can't plagiarize or use stuff other people have written, but asking for bibliography is not academic dishonesty.

No. 182330


No. 182347

here's a koreaboo lmao enjoy the cringe

No. 182355

File: 1476258615883.png (Spoiler Image, 770.45 KB, 750x1334, IMG_6206.PNG)

No. 182378


LOL fuck
i cant fucking breathe

Why is she wearing a qipao??

No. 182402

LOL I'm dead. That's was amazing.

No. 182405

File: 1476275500916.jpg (130.25 KB, 750x848, image.jpg)


I don't even know. All Asians really are the same to koreaboos I guess?
She tried to justify it by saying the qipao has European influence which is honestly a big LOL

No. 182406

Why can't she wear it?

No. 182407

File: 1476275980663.jpg (81.25 KB, 750x750, image.jpg)

Not saying she can't, just saying she looks embarrassing

No. 182412

I really hope that Yumi reads this, hopefully she'll realize just how terrible of a Chinese piece of shit she really is.

No. 182413

"Whenever anyone doesn't instantly praise you and gush over your mediocre work you instantly call them a "hater"

"All of 'lovable innocent and kawaii' Yumi's actions are excused"


No. 182425

Probably afraid of being called out on "cultural appropriation".

Shouldn't have worn it then but she doesn't seem to be the brightest bulb in the bunch what with all the drama she's been involved in.

No. 182438

This wasn't bad except for the fact that she wore a too short qipoa and can't do body rolls properly. I was scared to get flashed everytime she shook her butt at the camera

No. 182444

Yumi needs a reality check.

No. 182460

Does she have fetal alcohol syndrome?

No. 182471

File: 1476314206988.jpg (11.08 KB, 680x93, 2ewf.jpg)


the comments on her videos are disgusting holy fuck

No. 182479

File: 1476315873721.jpg (89.24 KB, 880x880, image.jpg)

Right?? They're so graphic. The comments are always either very sexual or like these. They don't seem to bother her much though

No. 182510

File: 1476324367677.jpg (71.48 KB, 838x534, rrerereee.jpg)


I question exactly how self aware she is sometimes

No. 182513

Dollar store Waveya

No. 182524

Jeez I went to the same college as her when I was in running start. I had no idea she had a web presence of any sort and just knew her as the quiet Lolita girl who used to sit at the same table as all the neckbeard types who played Magic in the commons.

There was an older white guy who used to come see her on campus. This was in 2014 or so and I think it's the same guy from the videos

No. 182527

What other drama has she been in?

Also she uploaded a "pg version" of the dance and said that jealous girls got it taken down.. like isn't she underage ? wtf..

No. 182541

tbh u don't even know why i enjoyed this kek
someone hit me

No. 182549


No. 182550

File: 1476330232083.jpg (29.83 KB, 400x384, hovy.jpg)

The blonde girl is pretty although kinda (very) cringy, but.. Am I lost?? Why are we talking about her on the Yumi thread? What? Shouldn't you make a thread for her instead? Or cringe koreaboos?

No. 182553

Literally in the OP: "Post cringey, over the top weeaboos." retard

No. 182555


Sorry. Yumi's been a topic for so long I literally forgot the original intent of the thread. Chill out.

No. 182558


fuck man, the try hard aegyo (or whatever it's called) she tries to pull in this video. and feeding spicy shit to her FUCKING DOG

No. 182581

File: 1476335562050.jpg (50.2 KB, 691x417, image.jpg)

The way she tries to do aegyo has to be one of the most cringe things I've seen. I'm legitimately feeling second hand embarrassment for her. She's definitely not cute enough to pull that shit off, maybe it's because she has a horse face idk. I don't find her pretty.

No. 182585

Yeah, i don't know what that anon earlier saw that called her cute. She has a long, mannish face, and that nose is pretty horrible. At least she's thin I guess?

No. 182586


This is like a shitty white alternate to maangchi.

No. 182589


She has a really punchable face.

The only redeemable thing about her would probably be her legs imo.

No. 182598

I don't know where she gets all this confidence from? Like another anon said, she looks really mannish so watching her try to be cute makes me kek

No. 182605

I just remembered the first chick in this video. I forgot what is her channel's name, but it was a goldmine of cringe. I think she's the worst koreaboo I have ever seen.

No. 182608

She could be cute if she wasn't such a creep about it. I don't get how weebs and koreaboos become this way. Like some kind of bizarre parody of the culture they obsess over, it seems incredibly delusional.

No. 182620

File: 1476343707839.jpg (196.17 KB, 1152x465, issheserious.jpg)

What a fucking twat

No. 182638

I'm honestly wondering if these are really Korean guys or just trolls. Poor Korean girls, lol.

From thirsty gooks on Instagram. Blonde, thin girls who use Korean tags receive a lot of attention from them. And their standards aren't exactly high when it comes to foreigners.

No. 182643

Yeah I honestly thought she looked quite cute before I watched the videos. It's really the cringe factor that starts to make her look unattractive. I don't agree with the mannish face comments either, but I tend to be pretty forgiving on that front as long as they're not on lovelylor levels.

No. 182646

I wouldn't doubt if she had sock puppet accounts either. I see some users get wayyyy too defensive and butthurt over comments that aren't even out of line. If those aren't trolls, the self-hate is real lmao. The vast majority of foreign girls in Korean tags are below average. I know some Korean guys, and I've seen the way they talk about koreaboos like Katie. They genuinely see them as easy lays. They'll happily play into their asian fetishes (e.g encouraging the girls to call them oppa, yeobo and doing k-related activities like watching dramas) for some cheap pussy. They won't do much more than that. No real time, effort or money goes into pursuing those type of girls because let's be honest, there's no need. They're satisfied with the very bare minimum because hey, he's Korean and that's all he needs to be. Don't expect a serious relationship with someone actually decent though since attractive Koreans (and people of any other race really) won't settle for mediocre foreigners

No. 182664

>sock puppet accounts
Why would she talk shit about Korean girls though? Don't Koreaboos put Koreans on a pedestal?

No. 182666

Maybe if she's super jealous?

No. 182668

She's talked shit about Asian/ Korean girls before. Never towards guys though.

No. 182672

Are you talking about Yumi?
She does strike me as the type who can only be 'friends' with male neckbeard orbiters and not with other women, either because other women see through her tryhard shit or because she simply doesn't want the competition.

No. 182676

>people I think are ugly can't be confindent
Nigga what?

No. 182724

>"I'm still a minor."
hoooo boy.

No. 182740

Competition. She only wants to appeal Korean guys

No. 182754

has anyone else seen Katie's boyfriend? he looks like an orc. i'll try see if i have any screenshots of him. they met online and "dated" for some months before he came to the states and saw her. her parents got mad when she brought him home (some have said he's 24 years old but not sure) and made her delete social media for a while. they broke up afterwards because apparently he cheated on her with a friend of hers.
i'm just confused because a few days ago on her instagram story, she posted a short video of them putting face masks on each other (presumably for a video) and captioned it something along the lines of "not gonna lie i miss this).
does anyone else have details?

No. 182763

looking at this girl in the comments section on her videos… she's not too bright, and she doesn't like slut shaming aparently

No. 182766

I haven't seen this, but it sounds like she was just lonely and missed the times she had with her ex?

No. 182804

Get your shot glasses out, because it's time for the Yumi King drinking game!

Take a shot when
>claims the video was "highly requested"
>says "elegant"
>says "high class"
>says "creative"
>says "gorgeous"
>says "sexy"
>says "sO MAH-CH!"
>says "you can wear this to a….. cerktail party?" about any dress/skirt that's not a mini skirt
>puts out a new haul video for ugly Chinese crap
>calls something that's so bad quality that you can tell it's awful in a video "pretty good" or "high quality"
>tries to act sexy
>tries to show off her non-existant boobs by touching/cupping/zooming in on them
>tries to act innocent
>butchers a word she doesn't know how to pronounce

basically just poison yourself

No. 182823

my liver doesn't like your drinking game. a minute in and there's already a ton of shot taking criteria.
>butchers a word she doesn't know how to pronounce
also not gonna touch this lol. mad respect to ppl who fuck up their english whilst trying to speak it because it's their second, third, w/e language because at least they're trying. the way she mislabels different styles though… like all this time in fashion and she still can't sort out what's gothic and what's steampunk. i'll just do shots for that instead thx.

No. 182843


i kept hoping that mirror on her ugly dresser would fall on her

No. 182877

File: 1476431632580.png (329.04 KB, 424x500, gross.png)

No. 182887

He looks at least 30

No. 182900

File: 1476444080195.jpg (261.83 KB, 832x535, y.jpg)

She's still uploading videos that will be appealing to children. I get she still has her interests like miniatures but with the direction her content has taken lately this creeps me out.

No. 182909

this actually looks disgusting. he looks like a total creep.

No. 182915

He doesn't look like an orc but kinda creepy and definitely older than this teenage girl. I can't blame him and other similar guys, though, for taking advantage of dumb girls with a blind ethnic fetish if they so easily fall for it. Both get what they want. It's exactly what >>182646 described.

No. 182919

One of his better photos tbh and that's saying a lot

No. 182922

Yeah I was referring to Yumi. The main guy I saw her hang out with was a guy who literally glued a my little pony to the brim of his fedora. I always felt bad for her because I thought she was just shy and these were maybe the first people who reached out to her but now seeing all this I have no idea what was going on

No. 182968

She's just writhing around awkwardly, that was really uncomfortable to watch.

No. 182971

I honestly wish she's go back to doing shitty lolita and "kawaii" DIYs, her demeanor and fake voice makes her look like a child trying to be sexy and it's just a huge train wreck.
>High class outfit ideas
>nothing but cheap shit from taobao
Yeah, alright.

No. 183024

Any more photos of him ?

No. 183148

File: 1476493326437.jpg (282.17 KB, 1769x824, IMG_0014.JPG)

the battle between 2 koreaboos. "w all ur korean pedo oppas". Pretty rich coming from Katieaeggz when her entire online presence panders to the korean male gaze

No. 183150

File: 1476493536538.jpg (306.38 KB, 1452x906, IMG_0013.JPG)

Pt 2. Katie really isn't the sharpest tool in the shed

No. 183152

Jesus Christ her attitude paired with her face makes her so punchable. But then again a busted face means you got nothing to lose. What a hypocrite

No. 183155

True. She will never successfully sell an image of oPPA aigoo!!>< because of both her ugly looks and poor character. When I first saw her, I thought with a face like that she must have a nice personality at least.

No. 183156

She's probably just pissed the other girl is actually pretty cute. Gotta try to beat down the competition.

No. 183176

File: 1476502332136.png (1.79 MB, 750x1334, IMG_0015.PNG)

she kinda reminds me of one of the step-sisters from Ella Enchanted

No. 183177

Only good video. I want her mom to cook for me..

No. 183374

File: 1476579947001.png (1.48 MB, 750x1334, IMG_0019.PNG)

she looks the same

No. 183379

File: 1476581757867.jpg (112.87 KB, 1000x663, 232969_full.jpg)

Omfg so true she totally looks like Lucy Punch/Hattie

No. 183423


>And their standards aren't exactly high when it comes to foreigners.

i've been in krorea and can confirm that the dudes who only go after white girls don't have high standards and are generally super fucking weird. even by korean standards

No. 183427

this. have you noticed that those korean guys that exclusively thirst over white girls are usually hideous and creepy as hell? when they do land a white girl she's usually an amerilard too.

No. 183448

pretty much, or they're absolute koreaboos like katie who will take any 30 year old korean dude just because they're korean

No. 183454

that's so weird – you could literally photoshop her baby head on an adult body and no one would be any wiser. What an old face

No. 183475

has anyone checked out katie's edgy rant on her ig story? she posted it a few hours ago. it's funny how intimidating and controversial she thinks she is

No. 183476

File: 1476622260739.png (95.53 KB, 750x1066, IMG_0024.PNG)


people are uploading it already lol her face is the most punchable one i've ever seen. one day she's really going to get her ass beat

No. 183513

Race fetishists have low standards in general (gaijin hunter, yellow fever, black chasing white, white chasing black)
They want specific race/origins not nice or interesting other features…just gross and stupid

No. 184818

File: 1476764527448.png (182.6 KB, 750x802, IMG_0040.PNG)

Exhibit A of katie's victim complex. She's worse than the SJWs lmao she thinks the whole world is out to get her poor, oppressed white ass:(

No. 184819

File: 1476764683680.png (141.85 KB, 750x899, IMG_0039.PNG)

trying to drag another kboo yet again in an attempt to deflect all the hate she attracts

No. 184820

Does she spend all her time online creating bad memes and complaining now?

No. 184828

File: 1476767542570.png (125.12 KB, 750x891, IMG_0045.PNG)

it seems like all this bitch does is whine on her ig story lmao

No. 184829


No. 184836

I don't get the persona she's going for. It's like she's trying to make herself as unlikable as possible.

Constantly complaining and trying to be edgy won't really go well with her target kboo audience.

No. 184842

Right? She has no self-awareness whatsoever. I don't think she realises how vile and pathetic she comes off as. Katie won't ever become popular or successful in her pursuits because nobody likes a rude bitch. She's not a pretty face nor does she know how to at least pretend to be somewhat nice. I really wonder how she was raised…

No. 184859

File: 1476771182801.jpeg (77.87 KB, 750x579, image.jpeg)

saw her while skimming through this thread. average weeb but looks like we'll be getting another kawaii jvlogger

No. 184861

Sauce on the rilakuma dress?

Venus has a chin though

No. 184862

This has to be one of the most uncomfortable things i've ever watched. Her bad English combined with that fake voice..why.
That guy is just really creepy too of course.

No. 184974

She moves like a retarded marionette with cerebral palsy. 50 seconds in and I'm already tapping out.

No. 184981

Yumi King

No. 185288

File: 1476839961956.png (1.94 MB, 750x1334, IMG_0058.PNG)

Lol even the scribble can't hide how gigantic her nose is

No. 185410


Eww that qipao doesn't flatter her body at all lol. Its more obvious in this video because shes wearing those ugly ass sneakers.

No. 185462

File: 1476873156337.png (29.8 KB, 606x396, IMG_0070.PNG)

I really don't know why she insists on wearing that cheap taobao qipao. She looks so frumpy. Not like she normally has any sense of style though.

No. 185805

File: 1476929549477.png (80.53 KB, 750x976, IMG_0076.PNG)

So he cheated on her with one of her friends and she still took him back. Koreaboos will put up with anything for even the least desirable of Korean men lmao

No. 185809

File: 1476929849505.png (69.12 KB, 750x429, IMG_0079.PNG)

Samefag. It's funny how her friend is blamed for his cheating yet he was the one in a relationship with Katie. Nobody's ever forced to cheat

No. 185821

lmao this is so embarrassing. I really hope she develops some standards. The clip of her crying is especially cringe worthy.

It takes a special sort of dick visit your "girlfriend" for the first time and cheat on her with a friend. How does this even happen? Where was she during this? You would think they'd spend all their time together during that.

He obviously just wants as much foreign pussy as possible. It's a bit pathetic that she took him back. It's not hard at all to find another Korean with a kink for white girls.

He's like 20+ and she's still in high school? How desperate must he be to spend all that time/money/effort to see a high school girl?

Katie is a mess but I hope she gets out of that relationship.

No. 185885


i saw this girl on youtube recently and she makes me so ?????? why does she post videos in korean when she's not korean like, does she thinks koreans want to watch a white blond girl doing koreaboo shit? i dont even know what her target viewers are.. she's really just… a very sad attempt on getting in this kpop trend.. and her videos dancing are so.. lame? i dont get any feeling from her, she's just boring idk im glad she was posted here, i literally googled her name to see if there was some thread about her but couldnt find anything… bless

No. 185937

You type like a fucking Tumblrina, calm down. Yes, gooks are thirsty for white and especially blond girls using broken Korean and doing Koreaboo shit.

No. 186295


This is @elysainx, the girl that Katie was fighting with

No. 186297

Koreans will apparently rape her cause she's white and "pretty"? Oh god
I still find katie more cringeworthy though

No. 186345

she does know that flights to korea aren't terribly expensive…right? like they cost as much as any international flight, and you can shop around for some pretty cheap stuff (air china where u @)

No. 186347

>Not like she normally has any sense of style though.

she tries to dress like what she "thinks" korean chicks dress like and she's just…super off

lord what is this how fucking awkward

No. 186383

File: 1477020612019.png (128.99 KB, 750x908, IMG_0067.PNG)

It makes me laugh. The looks she tries to put together are so bad.
Pretty sure this "dress" is supposed to be a top. Still ugly tho

No. 186397


She'd be cute if she got her nose done.

No. 186442

File: 1477037676064.jpg (97.73 KB, 600x600, 3e1ec1588782c24c2ce64a1af0577c…)

if this is recent (i don't watch her videos thank god) then she's copying seolhyun from aoa, who was seen running to her "boyfriend's" house in a similar outfit

funnily enough, all of the comments were like "kay but where are her pants", so katie at least got that aspect right

No. 186585

She's like any other stereotypical dumb blonde, except with a Korean guy fetish.

No. 186720

File: 1477127545389.jpg (454.15 KB, 2048x2048, FE2F5B13-C146-4582-AA8C-0C34D9…)

tried to improve her looks. a nose job and some work on her jaw+chin would do wonders

No. 186926

File: 1477186556778.png (110.93 KB, 749x924, IMG_0138.PNG)

Hattie af

No. 186961

>sweat cheatz
>poofy balls
>"it smells like cheese and avocado" "the taste is different…es lyke cheez..and…avocado :] "
oh my god

No. 186974

File: 1477196856785.png (2.71 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_2829.PNG)

At first it was her horse-teeth I noticed. Then those saggy cheeks. Her age is really showing.

No. 186981

File: 1477198388373.png (122.1 KB, 640x360, c7446b9e7249d78b85db66d5c2a845…)

I'm scared.

No. 186982

She looks like a racist caricature of an asian person. Like WWII-era propaganda art.

No. 186986

File: 1477200678650.jpg (69.36 KB, 411x550, Seuss02.jpg)

No. 186987

oh my god why is she stating all the obvious shit.
Green tea cookies
>smells like green tea
wasabi chips
>smells like wasabi
spicy chips
>smells spicy
etc etc
why is she so retarded

No. 186997

I saw the pic before I read the caption and I legit thought someone had shooped her to look uglier

No. 187064

Why does she cough without her hand in front of her mouth or something? It's gross.

No. 187212

File: 1477264126401.png (1.54 MB, 750x1334, IMG_0144.PNG)

it's so obvious the hate is getting to her

No. 187216

lol l his hand is on his dick

No. 187253

File: 1477271170699.jpeg (12.28 KB, 320x192, skin off.jpeg)

No. 187302

Etiquette like that and bad table manners are usually a good indication if someone is from poor/rural family background. You can tell if a rich Asian girl is nouveau riche or not.

>source: from another asian

No. 188823

well for your information i dont use tumblr for years… english just isnt my native language.

No. 188843

I've been told the same thing, lol.

No. 188854

Did she just go out to the supermarket or smth with only a swimsuit on? What the fucking hell.

No. 188915

Holy shit her bf's arm is like half the width of her torso. Also yeah she does.

No. 189002

Surprised no one talks about Connie Nakamura

No. 189005

No. 189017


I fucking love this bitch.

No. 189075

holy shit i legit thought that was a man with down syndrome in a wig

No. 189076

Is if a man or not ? It has the face of a 40 year old man child

No. 189106

Lol what's this girls story anyway. I'm intrigued but couldn't find much. She lives in Japan though?

No. 189346

File: 1477604398647.png (539.99 KB, 1067x734, Capture.PNG)

Her last videos were way to normal, y'know.

No. 189526

File: 1477624839954.png (783.75 KB, 1334x750, IMG_6963.PNG)

Yumi is filthy…

No. 189615

File: 1477640225102.jpg (550.46 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2016-10-28-17-26-22…)


No. 189623

so she's a full-time sugar baby. a shame her daddies barely have sugar in the first place. they've been middle class at best lmao tragic

No. 189679

See >>188854

This is disgusting

No. 190055

File: 1477703648504.png (Spoiler Image, 1.5 MB, 750x1334, IMG_0185.PNG)

honestly, I'll bet no korean girl wants to date him. I don't see any redeemable qualities from his orc looks to his shitty, dishonest personality.

No. 190127

She has smoothed out this photo so much. Like you see the shade of his arm hair and you know if it wasn't for that filter abuse she's about to hug a gorilla

No. 190129

lmao he looks like he's in his fucking 30's. no korean girl his age would waste their time. it's probably why he has to settle for koreaboos

No. 190135

eww, he literally looks like a caricature from a propaganda poster, with ugly glasses and 2006 teen boy hair

No. 190164

Right? Koreaboos are mostly easy anyway. She probably sucked his hairy, limp dick the first night.

No. 190173

Is this one of those fucked up cases where a hafu kid got mostly the white half plus all the unflattering features?

No. 190187

Is this a Tim and Eric sketch?

No. 190190

god he looks like that japanese entertainer called korokke

No. 190462

>dat black blouse
>pretty sure one of the dresses is really a shirt
please stop buying chinese knockoffs

No. 190489

No. 190567

Why are the comments saying they are all from "Mysterious universe"? Is there a ghost or something in the background?

No. 190782

All I can see is her nose

No. 190787

I can't, it's not that bad here.

No. 190789

File: 1477881175721.png (250.31 KB, 588x440, Screen Shot 2016-10-30 at 9.32…)

Yes it is

No. 190799

I'm not joking, I swear the first time I saw that chinese girl I thought she had a fucking problem, her cheeks make it look like she is sick or has a fucking ballsack in her mouth. I'm surprised to know she thinks this is cute. It genuinely looks like she got her wisdom teeth removed just 5 min before taking a picture or filming a video.

and this other blond girl with the huge nose isn't ugly but is just not cute, and definitely way uglier than how she perceives herself to be. barf.

sage for barf induced rant

No. 190800

it's probably bulimia cheeks

No. 190801

Man, look at that beak!

No. 190802


bulimia or not, that is a fucking horrendous shape for a face.and she tries to rock it as if it was some kind of chipmunk kawaii. jesus.

No. 190812

To be fair, is there any way for her to hide it? Extreme himecut?

No. 190814

She should sew a cheap kawaii bag and hide her head in it.

No. 190819

Her god-fucking-awful pronunciation is triggering me.

No. 190971

File: 1477926192784.png (1.35 MB, 750x1334, IMG_0203.PNG)

He looks like those 30+ year olds that desperately try to dress "hip" and attend high school parties despite being double everyone's age

No. 191097

it's almost sad that a middle aged man is the best she could do.

when will koreaboos realize that being a bad imitation of what they think korean girls are like won't work when men can just get the real thing instead

No. 191138

It's funny thinking that her parents were probably the ones driving them everywhere. Their first date was also at Mcdonald's. Koreaboos will literally take anything. How lame

No. 191192

File: 1477967857125.jpg (70.42 KB, 750x750, 6tag-518280627-137280694369286…)

No. 191260

The thumbnail looks like she's punching herself in the face. That would be a video I'd watch.

No. 191309


Yumi finally shows her sugar daddy on camera

No. 191310

She's certainly not fat but she sure has a large bone structure that she appears really fucking stupid dancing around like a child with the body of a mid 30 year old built woman. Her body looks much larger than her head.

No. 191314

>going to obstacle course with shitty costume corset and heeled boots
>going to other with different shitty costume corset and same boots

No. 191319

My favorite part is the black people who are just minding their own business indifferent to the sugar daddy white 30 year old man and sucky sucky asian girl shit going down in front of them.

This guy seems to be really infatuated and overly concerned with her weight. It's unnerving.

No. 191320


No. 191340

Sugar daddy at its finest

No. 191358

File: 1477986971534.jpg (116.45 KB, 750x1334, IMG_0208.JPG)

Katie posted a video of some guy imitating elysain. His koreaboo getup resembles katie more than the other kboo tho kek does she not see the irony?

No. 191370

he talks to her like she's a fucking child. everyone there probably thought he found her from a online foreign bride service.

No. 191371

>those ruffled sleeves not getting caught in the zipline
>not falling off the platforms in those heels
>dating a hideous old man who is unabashed about controlling her weight

It's a living, breathing, fetishized doll. I'd say she's a human but really she exists to be an ornament to his every fancy.

No. 191381

The comments on this video saying "couple goals" and "he treats you like a princess" or something are a bit concerning. The trip does seem fun for a child or a young teen, but also very cheap. I understand her boyfriend doesn't want to spend a lot but I don't know, it just all seems fake.

And the "sweetie, please be cute and all, you're on camera", what the hell.

No. 191388

>whoring yourself out for this
Please. Everything about this video is sad.

No. 191390

He's a splenda daddy. For how cheap he is, you'd expect somewhat a gentleman out of him. Except he's patronising and downright rude. He looks way older than 30 too. I'd believe it if you told me he was over 40. How do you think they met? I'm gonna say seeking arrangement or eharmony. He really does treat her badly though. It's not the first time he's made insensitive comments about her weight which is rich coming from a saggy mug like his. Not gonna lie, she looks really cheap herself. Money does attract money so their relationship makes sense I guess. Finding a benefactor that could provide her a taste of luxury just isn't possible with her tacky ass outfits and ballsack cheeks.

No. 191392

>splenda daddy
Kek, haven't heard that one before

No. 191411

File: 1478001268574.png (117.93 KB, 1366x768, 14881457_1154057958008759_1970…)


No. 191412

File: 1478002016790.png (280.71 KB, 1242x1970, IMG_2982.PNG)


Rejoice, even her dumb as shit fanbase can tell somethingvis inherently WRONG with her relationship. And because of it, her real age is being 'prefered'. At least now she can't weasel her back to pretending to be younger than she is. Honestly, once she started dating that gross dude, the illusion of wanting to be her should have broke in some of her fans hopefully if they had no already been brainwashed into accepting older, gross and rude fat men as the dating norm. A lot of her shitty fans assumed too much of her fake innocence.

Although we have to wonder if Yumi is legit stupid and can't see she is setting herself up for an abusive-controlling relationship with a much older-looking man.

Or if she thinks him being 'ugly' will prevent him from cheating on her. Because it won't.

A guy like that is a slimeball, not a 'sure-thing' ticket to financial freedom. She's probably sucking his dick at least 4 times a day.

No. 191422

Gross. Should be spoilered, honestly. Whoever compared him to old man Morrissey was right, tho.

No. 191423

At least she seemed genuinely happy and excited on that obstacle course when she was sliding down

No. 191433

She has or used to have an online dating account where she was pretty open about wanting a man who could pay for her lifestyle. Even if not on outright sugar baby sites, they definitely did meet online.

They're both so creepy and gross. Please don't procreate.

No. 191434

isn't "sweetie" smth parents say to their daughters? i'm not a native speaker and that sounds legit creepy

No. 191435

i mean she's trashy and unattractive, but she's asian and willing to do all kinds of degrading shit, so she could easily find some desperate weeb with a six figure programming job or something. like if you're going to be a hoe then you should at least try to work at it, why settle for some cheapass who lives in a musty grandma house and takes you shopping at walmart

No. 191437

I've only ever heard people refer to their kids as "sweetie." It comes off as pretty condescending for someone to use it towards a fully-grown adult imo.

No. 191445

Oh gosh yeah. His voice in these videos creeps me out tbh because it reminds me of my dad's offcamera voice in home videos. Same tone, inflection, same observing "you look scared!" if me or my brother would climb to a high spot on the playground jungle gym. Just watch home movies from when you were young and listen to your parents' comments and direction off camera and you'll hear a lot of the same stuff.

Nahh even as an adult I'd love a trip like this. Not with a guy like him though. Ew. but tbh horseback riding is fun and something I rarely get to do, and I've never done a high ropes course before. With a non-creepy dude or a group of girlfriends it could be fun.

No. 191459

man shes fckin ugly..and who wears a corset and boots to a trip where you'll have to climb etc.. idiot

that dude indeed looks really cheap and all the comments in spanish saying shes a loli and he looks rich lmao people nowadays settle for the lowest crap

No. 191489

OK I can believe people look old for their age, but that man is not 30. More like 45, not even 35. But hey, if she wants to date a guy that seems whopping 15 years older than herself, she should.

No. 191492

God, seeing them kiss made me want to rip out my eyes, her fan base is fucking retarded.

No. 191503

I think it's funny that he is her "daddy", but they're literally around the same age kek

No. 191511

shit I just realized someone else had to record this part, probably some poor waiter

No. 191578

How much more cringy can a woman like Yumi get? This is literally such shit content abd so terribly staged. I feel like throwing-up looking at the thumbnails.

I guess no Asian guy would want a attention-crazy farmer-face like her to be honest. Only a creepy old and fat white grandpa is willing to date a mental trainwreck like her lol.

They deserve each other, I hope he cheats on her but makes her sign a pre-nup if they ever marry so she gets nothing out of the divorce. :)

No. 191586

It is something you mostly say during intimate moments where you only are with your significant other, not outside when everyone can hear you.

No. 191591

Most people whiteknighting her on instagram are Russian child brides and creepy Bible thumpers…

No. 191594

That guy ain't near 26. He was probably 26 in the 90s.

No. 191596

tbh it's a normal thing to call your daughter, my mom and dad call me that sometimes, and I'm in my mid twenties. But it's also something perfectly normal to call your partner, my current bf calls me that too sometimes, and I do the same for him. It's perfectly normal to be used by parents or romantic partners, it just kind of depends on who you're speaking to.

No. 191638

Wooow he is fucking creepy he talks to her like she is his 3 year old. I notice that in some parts of this video you can her what yumis voice really sounds like no fake high pitch voice and it sounds so much better. Also why is she dressed like that in the woods during obstacle courses it looks ridiculous

No. 191642

I hope she got some nice burnings on her legs for riding on a horse dressed up like that.
(I know a lot of tourists do it, but well as I said it usually causes some pretty uncomfortable burnings on your calves and thighs)

No. 191645

What the fuck is it with weeaboos and giant/weird shaped noses?! It's boggling my mind, just look through the catalog here and you see more big noses than in Williamsburg.

No. 191664

So this was definitely filmed with a tripod.
How fucking pathetic would it be to see this balding old man with this homely little asian sitting in a restaurant filming themselves feeding each other? Like holy shit the cringe is real.

No. 191734

File: 1478043267351.jpg (62.51 KB, 540x540, 6tag-1267815295-13727599827555…)

No. 191751

Ugh his voice is so creepy. Thier conversions sounds so awkward and unnatural…do they even have anything in common? I haven't cringed this hard in a while.

No. 191761

File: 1478046240164.png (62.43 KB, 309x390, tumblr_inline_o1ojft8gpM1t801g…)


this girl is so problematic

No. 191811

File: 1478049853551.png (92.41 KB, 750x929, IMG_0224.PNG)

Katie is a fucking idiot lmao she just wants to be oppressed soooooo badly. She gives other girls shit for having sex yet cries slutshaming!!1!1! everytime someone comments on her cheap dancing and outfits. Apart from her suffocating fetish for East Asia, she seems more or less like your local skank with a busted face + personality. Only difference is she exclusively fucks the korean rejects because she loves korean culture and history~~~

No. 191857

Lmfao who the fuck cares? Why would you go cry to some faggy kpop star about some white girl being ~problematic~?!

Koreaboo sjw's are the fucking worst I swear

No. 191882

because katie worships them and would be upset to know that she'll never be able to do better than her basic ass 30 year old korean dude

No. 191888

This guy reminds me of Quentin Taratindo.
Also when will Yumi King get her own thread?

No. 191895

doesn't make what that person did any less cringy. you literally get one thing to say/ask a person when you go to a fanmeet, and this person claims to pull out her phone, pull up videos of this koreaboo, and have a convo that proves that some celebrity thinks some basic white girl is being problematic.

No. 191923

The person admitted they were kidding and wanted to get a rise out of Katie. I admit it would be very cringe, but her obvious dismay makes up for it

No. 191929

File: 1478064179306.png (211.15 KB, 750x1334, IMG_0231.PNG)

As some anons have already pointed out, this is a true example of a punchable face

No. 191999

Wanting to get a rise out of her is just as childish to be honest. Then again, I guess that's teenage behavior.

No. 192027

Oh god I realized she looks just like this bitch that goes to my college

No. 192035

You can't really expect a whole lot of maturity from most kpop fans anyway. They're usually obsessive and weird

No. 192039

its a little creepy posting the picture of a rando you go to school with here.

No. 192047

Why did you post the picture of some girl from your college here?

No. 192404


Don't post pics of random people you know here.

First, because it's just stupid. Secondly, it can be bad for that chick.Third, nobody fucking cares.

And they don't even look alike.

Just fuck off.

No. 192892

He looks like he's in his early fifties, but what surprises me even more are her delusional fans thinking she's in her teens apparently.

No. 192905

Lol you can really see her age in her face. Her dumb fans think that squeeky, constipated-sounding voice + juvenile taobao gear = teenager. She definitely looks mid-late twenties.

No. 193399

File: 1478235703946.jpg (140.8 KB, 1080x620, Screenshot_20161104-145915_1.j…)

No. 193409

>hot sexy elegant beautiful high class kawaii rich girl

It's honestly hilarious that she tries so hard to cling onto her youth. Her appearance is clearly no longer youthful and she just seems like a weird fetishist at this point with her ~so rori~ DIYs. It's super tragic that she even looks as old as she does since Asian girls tend to look 2-3 years younger than they actually are.
I guess she's finally realized she can't keep up the kawaii act forever which is why she's trying to appeal to Asian fetishists and the DDLG community in hopes of roping a man into marriage.

No. 193414

I'm jelly of how thin she is, but not much else.
She has a face like a fish.

No. 193415

She definitely got some kind of ED though. She talks about losing weight when she's already thin, when she should be talking about how to gain muscle and not be a flabby corpse.

No. 193417

File: 1478240991811.png (21.01 KB, 839x107, goodbyehorsesimflyingoveryou.P…)


these comments holy shit

No. 193829

And her ugly sugar daddy commenting on her weight all the time probably isn't helping. Didn't he also call her ugly in some video where they went out too? I'm surprised she even included that.

No. 193834

Holy shit. If I were in a relationship like hers, I'd shoot myself. He treats her like a complete idiot. And then there's this gem
>How much do you weigh?
>sigh drops fork I gained three pounds.
>No dessert.
Even the "He was just joking" disclaimer doesn't make things seem better for some reason. Christ.

No. 193973

>i'm just kidding, bro
>it was just a prank, bro

she acts like a child in the video too. like the part when she says she wishes she brought her bubble bath.

b-but anon! it's her kawaii cowgirl cosplay!
I'm surprised the activity center or whatever they were at didn't force her to change into long pants or have her sit out. there's usually some kind of dress code to make sure that you don't get injured/caught in something.
also the part when she couldn't figure out meal courses…

No. 194082

I agree her outfit was horrible and everything but fit for what she did but I didn't think she acted like a child wishing she brought her bubble bath (even if she did acted like a child during the trip).
She went back at her parents place shortly after this trip and it wasn't at the creepy house she once filmed, maybe she doesn't have a bath at her current one? Or simply can't take baths often because it's too long or something?

No. 194086

Blondie can do so much better than this, lel. Just looking through the AMWF tags on Instagram, you can see Kpop fans with relatively good-looking Korean boyfriends around their ages and yet, she settles for this thirty-something guy who apparently cheated on with her another girl.

Funniest thing is, she obviously thinks she snagged the first prize when even Koreaboos with standards and a conscience wouldn't consider him. Same goes for Yumi and her creepy-ass white boyfriend.

No. 194092

now that I think about it, it really is weird how she includes that stuff in her videos. I wonder why. Sympathy?

No. 194117

Fishing for compliments. "Why did he say you're fat? You aren't fat! I wish I was as skinny as you! :3" and the like.

No. 194374

Shes my thinspo. Her body is cute she should get ps on her face.

No. 194409

File: 1478432620145.png (62.74 KB, 750x906, IMG_0263.PNG)

AMWF goals guys ~~~

No. 194444

He looks like a stereotype… She isn't that ugly to settle for this cheating orc.

There are tons of better-looking non-cheating Koreans she could've chosen from on some language exchange platform.

No. 194503

It's so amusing how koreaboos act like korean caricatures with their fake ass innocent, pure personas and "aegyo" when the vast majority are white, cousin-fucking trailer trash like katie or elysain. Watching videos like these really remind you of how ratchet koreaboos really are.

No. 194516

Off topic: this milk belongs in another thread
On topic: I really like Yumi and her videos, even though her voice is sped up to an abnormally high pitch lol

No. 194637


It doesn't tho. The thread isn't just about Yumi, but any type of cringy weeabos and koreaboos.

No. 194666

>cringey, over the top weeaboos

It is on topic. Deal with it.

No. 194677

File: 1478476520391.png (228.24 KB, 750x1334, IMG_0271.PNG)

Katie thinks she can become a plastic surgeon in Korea.
>my sides
Anyway she could do with some surgery. That beak is tragic. Not sure what she could do to fix her long, horsey features overall though. Even her mouth is really big and wide.

No. 194765

File: 1478493487493.png (233.85 KB, 747x924, IMG_0278.PNG)

Pt 1

No. 194767

File: 1478493567590.png (192.05 KB, 750x847, IMG_0279.PNG)

Pt 2. Yet she still took him back. What a fucking doormat. Does she not respect herself at all? Lmao anything for that korean dick

No. 194769

It's really just the nose, if it were fixed her other features would sort of fall into line. They aren't perfect but it would make her look a bit "unique."

No. 194772

..and she's still with him?
damn how stupid is she

No. 194940

Putting most of the blame on the other girl. Classic.

It's obvious the guy's one of those Koreans who want to ride as many white horses as possible. How blind can this Koreaboo be.

No. 194958

lord this girl is gonna get pumped and dumped so hard if she ever goes to korea, i can see it now.

she's gonna meet some random dudes off the street, because people will go up to you if you're a foreigner and they're gonna "charm her", aka just talk to her for a bit. they're then gonna take her on one or two mediocre dates and she's gonna go on and on about how she's so in love with him and everything, and then he's gonna take her to a noraebang (maybe a hotel if she's lucky) and fuck her there or at least get their dick sucked.

and then they're gonna ghost the shit out of her.

rinse, repeat until her semester abroad in korea ends. i'm calling this shit now

No. 194969

You nailed it. She's fits the white horse mould perfectly (pun unintended). I guarantee she will be passed around the football team as an easy lay if she goes to Korea. Katie is severely naive and blinded by her ideals of the Korean man. In her eyes, Korean males can do no wrong based on their ethnicity alone which is why she's still with that ogre in the first place. Katie's not particularly pretty but she isn't fat plus she's a total doormat for Korean men. A lot of them will definitely get to ride the white horse with relative ease. All they have to do is play into her fantasies of a korean "oppa" for a short period of time and they're in. After they get a lay out of her, they'll drop her like a hot potato and ignore her frantic kakaotalk messages. Rinse and repeat.

No. 195040

…Provided he doesn't marry her for a visa first. Or vice versa.

No. 195248

>rich girl
>in her $15 ebay halloween corset and tights that daddy dom bought her for licking cummies so well

No. 195258

nah, koreans don't do marrying for a visa shit. they usually just come here for work, school, or because relatives are here, all of which make it easier to get green cards

No. 195280

I have so much secondhand embarrassment reading this. Katie isn't THAT ugly. I'm sure she can easily find another man with another Korean to fufill her oppa fetish. I don't understand why she's still with him.

No. 195318


Her husband is pushing 50, talking to her like she's a child, meanwhile she is a dried up almost 30 y/o so rori pretending to be young.

They deserve each other, including the expected fallout when she needs to be replaced. Which won't be far off.

No. 195370

Thanks for making me taste my lunch again anon

No. 195410

>coat looks like "dog coat"??
>more pirate blouses
>gets a belt that doesn't fit/flaps out
>"i wish sweater did not have holes on the sides" why did you BUY IT
please stop

No. 195448

Those ugly fucking things cost close to 80 dollars each


No. 195452

File: 1478603313954.png (1.69 MB, 750x1334, IMG_0293.PNG)

Katie looks like a sweaty foot here. I wonder why she posted such an unflattering picture.

No. 195477

I really like the shape of her grey dress, too bad she can't match it with nice stuffs. Everything is overpriced and the coat looks like a cheap one you can buy on the market for less than ten dollars.

No. 195814

>when you have no talent so you have to resort to zoom-in shots of your cottage cheese ass
Seriously, where are her parents?

No. 195823

Ew, this would be perf for the koreaboo thread tho.

No. 195925

File: 1478661675994.png (659.13 KB, 605x606, 11111111111111.PNG)

No. 195941

I actually used to watch Yumi. I thought she was a bit weird and made shit-tier lolita dresses but her regular stuff wasn't all that bad, helped my dumb ass a little in sewing. After a while it was like her videos got weirder and weirder and at this point she just freaks me out. The poses, her constant dead expression, her extremely fucked up english, all the low quality shit she bought from milanoo-type websites.. Fucking creeps me out, but maybe I'm just a pansy.

No. 195942

>zooming in on her nonexistent cleavage
>that polyester blouse with scratchy looking lace
>elegant office lady look with pigtails
>su gawfick sweater with elegant, high quality, 5 cents/yard ribbon

She's actually trying to say it looks like a doll coat. Her country bumpkin upbringing shows every time she calls something "elegant" or "good quality" because literally all of the clothes are neither elegant nor good quality.
She's definitely in a major that has nothing to do with fashion either since she doesn't know the names of any of the materials ("sheer satin", "violet" aka velvet) her clothes are made of.

She's probably fucked up in the head considering that she's pushing 30 but tries to act like a kawaii doll-like anime rori imouto-chan. It's like she's lost her grip on reality.

No. 195978

File: 1478683600984.jpg (25.5 KB, 777x517, katie.jpg)


I really can't find her attractive. She gives me vibes of a 40 yr old grade school teacher who's trying to star in some cheap porn.

No. 195980

She doesn't look bad? It's just that she looks nothing like a sexy Korean girl or whatever. The way she dresses makes her look super haggard but if she actually wore classier, more mature clothing and makeup she'd look way better.

Like her nose isn't even that bad, I don't know what people have against it. She obviously doesn't look like a kawaii azn loli but that doesn't make her ugly

No. 195981

She's not beautiful but she certainly isn't ugly. Her nose is her only really unattractive feature.

No. 195990

>40 yr old grade school teacher who's trying to star in some cheap porn.
Kek'd. I agree anon. There's something so trashy about her. I don't know why she receives so many compliments for her body. She has the body type of a woman in her 30s and seems like the type whose looks deteriorate drastically when she hits 22-25. I guess it's because most koreaboos are hambeasts so anyone not a fatty is automatically deemed a goddess. Sure, Katie isn't the most unattractive person in the world but she's far from pretty. She looks ok in photos but when you see her in motion, it's just… gross. At least she tries I guess?

No. 195998

Agreed. Her body is okay. She's definitely not fat or even chubby, but she isn't exactly slim or well-proportioned either. Her face is the worst part. I know some of you are trying to be nice and say it isn't that bad but be honest, it isn't pretty. If she fixed her nose it would improve by 60% but she also just doesn't have a naturally beautiful face

No. 196019

>isn't exactly slim


No. 196021

>doesn't have a naturally beautiful face
That's why people like her try to cater to foreigners. She probably knows she isn't naturally pretty but Koreans fawn over everything that has a big nose bridge and colored eyes.

The ugliest white guys get called handsome in South Korea, same probably goes for women.

No. 196023

I mean, she isn't. Her body is average and flabby. She's definitely not fat but she just looks like any random girl who doesn't work out.

No. 196033

She's a lower average at best in both western and Eastern Europe (especially the latter). When I think "attractive American girl" a face like that definitely does not come to mind.
Koreans do have really low standards for white people. It's funny how strict their beauty standards are for their people but when it comes to pudgy blondes with unslightly noses like Katie they are so much more lax. However, even in Korea she's not really the ideal western type either. Koreans go crazy over faces like Miranda Kerr and Emma Watson. Katie's subpar looks are enough to attract creepy korean dick though so I guess it's not all bad for her…

No. 196057

Honestly i don't understand, why everybody keeps saying her body looks old… She has a more decent body than most girls her age out there

No. 196070

Everyone idolizes beautiful celebrities, but even in Korea the average person (even a white person) isn't necessarily expected to look like one. And yeah, the standards for white people are definitely lower. She's not fat, not deformed and she has blonde hair and blue eyes, that's enough.

No. 196076

What is thin to you then? Her stomach looks flat to me, especially from the side. Maybe she isn't toned but I don't see how she isn't thin.

No. 196184

I don't think she's thin at all? She's pretty pudgy. I mean it's not the worst but she would benefit from losing some weight. Maybe skinny fat is the term for her?

No. 196194

shes needs to iron her fucking clothes

No. 196208

I think skinny-fat is more accurate for sure. She just looks un-toned but her stomach is relatively flat looking to me.

No. 196223

File: 1478740033486.png (313.74 KB, 749x1050, IMG_0304.PNG)

Is she lurking here?
Anyway, I'm glad she's over it. Seriously, why the fuck do koreaboos compare their bodies to korean idols? FFS Katie, you are white. You have a completely different bone structure and carry weight differently to East Asians. You will never look like Seolhyun or Hyosung because you are Caucasian. Koreans/ East Asians are lighter in general, when compared to westerners. It's fucking stupid striving to achieve a Korean body when your genes and body composition just won't ever make it possible. Why kill your self over a body you can't have? Sure, you can starve yourself thin but you still won't look like an idol. Anyways, pretty sure most korean idols lie about their weight.

No. 196228

honestly why is that white girl being discussed in this thread
i'm surprised mod let it go on for this long

why not just make her, her own thread????
i haven't been reading the posts so idk

or put her in another thread

No. 196247

because she's cringy and over the top and belongs in this thread?

this isn't a yumi thread, and neither of them give enough milk for their own threads

No. 196366

Pretty sure she stole this from another channel (VanillaHamHam) and just made a shittier version for a hamster she doesn't even have.

She's even getting lazy with her DIY's.

No. 197091

more clothes…

No. 197094

She is what milanoo would look like if it was a person

No. 197095

she says she's inspired by a DIY pin so it's possible that they were both inspired by the same pin.
honestly popsicle stick houses are so common that I doubt she "stole" the idea.

>blouse with tons of ruffles and lace
>"low key"

No. 197146

I got into a rage mode level 100 while watching this. Like she's wearing quality clothes for the first fucking time ever in her videos aka the LizLisa stuff and calls it low key?? Like yumi, go get your brain checked and your eyes. But seriously liz lisa is not top tier first class luxury item but it's so much better than anything what you've worn, showed or sewn in the past few years!

And then she shows that cheap ass bl kimono thing and goes like
>woaaaaaa diz iz zo kawaii cute high quality kyyaaa nyan

Yumi get a check up, you're NOT ok.
Like I have a friend from south china and she could be a cuter version of yumi, she loves cheap milanoo stuff BUT and here comes an important fact she also DOES know how quality looks like if she sees it.

No. 197292

She's in her 20s right? Why is she wearing school uniforms? Why is everything she wears so fucking short? I know that Liz Lisa is usually on the shorter side of things, but she even shortened one skirt?!

No. 197299

It's a sex thing, anon. It's a sex thing.

No. 197406

Well, I don't mind the school uniform thing. Even in Japan there are lots of girls in their 20s and even in their 30s who do nanchatte (wearing a uniform for fun). But yes, she either shortened the skirts or bought everything in S, because she's around 170cm sth so my size and…well I'm a little curvier than her and even I fit LizLisa without a problem, like yeah it is short but definitely not THAT short if bought in the right size

No. 197431

She is painfully stupid and low class, she'll never realizes the cheap crap she buys is cheap crap.

No. 197446

i crack up every time i hear her stupid greeting, "hewwo ewewon"

No. 197454

She has really nice legs but she shouldn't always wear short skirts, the brown Liz Lisa one doesn't fit her imo but the lenght is great and makes the entire outfit more elegant than slutty.
She still looks cheap in everything she wears, like the cream flowery dress, I didn't know it was possible.

Also, blunt bangs aren't for her. Her mother has split bangs and she looks beautiful and when Yumi wears those cheap-ass wigs with blunt bangs, I always think she looks way better. Just my opinion.

No. 197492

File: 1479045813499.jpeg (141.94 KB, 500x775, image.jpeg)

Low key doesn't mean cheap, it means something that doesn't really stand out aka modest. Although with Yumi it's hard to know what she really means since she can't English. I don't understand it anyway since Liz Lisa definitely stands out. Maybe she means it's something simple to put on and coordinate? The world may never know.

I like the brown skirt on her. It's nice to see her in something longer. It looks like many of the things she bought are much older Liz Lisa items, which did tend to be more on the short side back when gyaru was more popular. Plus she bought some sukapan shorts which are always notoriously short. The floral dress looks more like a tunic. I wonder if it was part of a sukapan set? I know I've seen it before but I can't remember.

Either way the quality is better than most of the crap she wears but of course the thing she seems to love the most is that terrible "kimono."

No. 197859

File: 1479082862534.png (587.2 KB, 720x1128, Fhakc472dn.png)


No. 197879

File: 1479083822347.jpeg (322.11 KB, 1779x1334, image.jpeg)

Nah, that girl is wrong. Yumi is wearing the tunic version. Here's a screenshot from a girl on mercari selling the tunic and sukapan set.

She's literally wearing a top as a dress.

No. 197962

Does it even cover her crotch when she's not awkwardly bent over for a photo?

No. 197981

wait so she's just wearing the top in the photo? she didn't get the skirt? jfc shouldn't it be obvious that it's a top, not a dress?
sorry if this sounds really dumb. i'm not familiar with liz lisa at all.

No. 197986

Usually it's obvious if it's a dress or a top. And if something is extremely short on you, because you're tall (I think yumi is around 170cm) then you usually just have the braincells to wear some matching sukapan, pants or a skirt below.

No. 197989

She's not exactly known for her intelligence…

Also let's vote on if we want a separate Yumi thread or if we want to keep a weeaboo/koreaboo general:

No. 199269


It was a wild journey into bad taste, honestly. The worst was for me the "vintage dress", I could rip holes into a trash bag, wear it on my head, and look better than her in this horrorful outfit.

No. 199275

Polyester crap ≠ high class

No. 199398

File: 1479298432614.png (1.06 MB, 1334x750, image.png)

God. It is a literal trash bag.

No. 199400

File: 1479298566898.png (1.49 MB, 1334x750, image.png)

>the belt makes dress look more elegant.

No. 199567

When she said "the dress is too long", girl, your butt is almost showing, if you want to attract ugly white men so much, just go outside only wearing your *~kawaii~* panties uguh.

The dress doesn't fit her because of her ugly hairstyle, it doesn't because it's hideous, plain and simple.

No. 199661

File: 1479327305917.png (672.61 KB, 1136x640, IMG_3263.PNG)

I wasn't aware eighties business attire was a thing still

No. 199663

File: 1479327460869.png (509.7 KB, 1136x640, IMG_3262.PNG)

This top and vest need to be tailored to her body. The looseness only draws more attention to her awkwardly long torso.

No. 199677

Also that skirt needs to be about 5cm longer. This is just inappropriate! Like I'm all for people wearing what they want and it can be as short as they want. But this length of skirt should only be worn at special occasions like going to a club, pre sex and so on, but not in public when going to school or work what I assume she does.

No. 200711

what the actual fuck???
I dont get why she doesn't at least try to style her hair to fit the outfit she's wearing. Not that it would do much with the trash bag.

No. 201119

the comments lol "beautiful nice"
yeah "I like the maxi dress "
fun to watch cause everything looks like garbage

No. 201123

She looks like a Phoenix Wright OC

No. 201148

don't insult ace attorney like that

No. 201591

she wont stop talking to my bf. like whats wrong with her. she know he got a gf but she keep messaging him and asking for "help" like taking her places. wtf. get your shit together and leave my bf alone. ughhhhhhhhh

No. 201596


No. 201599

No. 202398

just gonna drop this here

No. 202407

damn beat me to it

but its so hypocritical she posted this and says in the description she wont be using the diy pads

whats the point of making em???

No. 202415

But why

No. 202417

>I don’t think I will use it because I’m concerned about sanitation. It gets germ while making it. I guess this was what people used before plastic pads
So… this was a history lesson on pads? Thanks Yumi.

No. 202476

Kek it's ok OCs of any fandom are not stains on the original IP and only on the faggot who created them.

aww hell yes,
Who says periods cant be kawaii? No kawaii adult diapers or tampons though? period/10

No. 202598

Tbh reusable pads are still a thing. Good for the environment and you don't have to spend to much on period products.
Just wash them before & after use and store them separately.
What's the point in making them if you aren't even going use them?
This bullshit kawaii thing is getting on my nerves jfc Yumi can't you make one watchable video with actual content in it instead of ~*nyaa high class gorgeous!! kawaii pads desu*~ crap

No. 202601

I use reusables and they're better than regular pads imo. They don't make your fanny sweat for one. Just don't be stupid, get a washbag to put them in if you need to change them away from home and wash them immediately. Ezpz

No. 202771

my mom and grandma said that before diapers and menstrual pads went plastic they used terrycloths. i dont get why she did this either what a tool

No. 202776


Everything she does is manufactured "kawaii" bullshit just for Youtube views. She probably doesn't use or wear half of the DIY things she makes in the videos. The least she could do with the pads she made that she's afraid she'll get germs from is donate them to women & girls in need who can't afford the disposable products. Dumb cunt.

No. 205523

File: 1480313094836.png (996.87 KB, 1130x1130, Screen Shot 2016-11-27 at 7.19…)

Not sure if she's been talked about yet but there's this white girl who legally changed her name to a Japanese one

No. 205554

…is there more to this?

No. 205576

File: 1480317683994.png (935.41 KB, 1280x768, Screenshot_2016-11-22-00-35-06…)

No. 205584

I'm doubtful her professor really meant that. It was probably just to be polite.

No. 205589

That looks like Atjap13

No. 205593

It's Haku. They've had their own threads here, the last one died out maybe about half a year back. Last I recall she had top surgery and legally became a he named "Mikhail". Hasn't really been all that milky in a while though tbh.

No. 205595