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File: 1498011684487.png (217.43 KB, 354x405, 1.png)

No. 338648

>Suzy continues to balloon in size and wear sweat pants in public
>She has all but abandoned her main channel in favour of her gaming channel where she continues to suck at Overwatch & blame others for her failures
>She has created a really expensive jewelry line that involved very little effort on her part
>Game Grumps are heavily pushing a cringy "Gay Dad Dating Sim" game they claim they are heavily involved in when it seems like it actually was 99% Vernon and some other non-gg developers

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No. 338701

honestly thought op pic was martina of simon and martina

No. 338704

They do look a bit alike, oh man

No. 338705

I was honestly expecting that Overwatch video to be so much worse than it was just because Suzy was in it, but I found it quite entertaining at least

No. 338813


Pretty sure this is her, not sleepyreapy

No. 338834

No, sleepyreapy#1347 is her actual account.
She's in diamond because she got carried to hell and back. If you watch her videos it's clear she has no game sense and prob doesn't even know that Mercy has a gun.

No. 338869

I think part of that is the "I'm going to say something real witty so click my video!" expression.

No. 338896

File: 1498047232499.jpg (181.34 KB, 1080x1080, tumblr_orth0urNPl1qils0po1_128…)

I think she looks kind of cute in these pics (I know that's probably the purikura effect).
Part of me thinks it might be because she isn't making that sort of pout/mouth partially open thing she does in 99% of her selfies…

No. 338898

>something witty

In OP pic, she looks really distraught. Like the items she is holding murdered her parents.

No. 338908

The foetal alcohol syndrome is still strong in this one I see.

No. 338992

so i assume she pulled an sssniperwolf?

No. 339015

File: 1498067438832.jpg (392.73 KB, 750x909, IMG_4957.JPG)

I wonder if there is a nose lengthening surgery.

No. 339163

The only way I can think of is lip injections but they cause cancer according to Suzy

No. 339170

Game Grumps have a podcast now.
I've only listened to about 10 minutes or so, but it isn't bad?

No. 339171

she can get her upper lip lifted to shorten her philtrum

No. 339182

Is the g club supposed to be a spoof off of the ever so infamous d club?

No. 339184

>sucking at overwatch
how does one do that

No. 339185

Ngl I'm kinda irritated that they were able to make clever use to one of their most well known jokes

No. 339186

Simple, watch suzy play basically any character either than mercy

No. 339243

I personally have terrible focus and legitimately cannot follow what happens when I'm playing any FPS so I suck at OW. My eyes unfocus and my mind starts to wander lol. I don't pretend to be an awesome gamur gurl like suzy, though.

No. 339254

i have no interest in competitive games, so i feel u

No. 339914

not sure how to comment to the past thread but

she has:
139 hours on mercy in quickplay
33 hours in season 3
78 hours in season 4
and 14 so far in season 5

so in total she has played mercy 264 hours. still not 300 though close.

No. 339983

Suzy still seems like she's a fan who is clearly into OW for the fan art and pairings as opposed to the actual content. I mean, even if it wasn't as big as it was she would still be into it.
But I will not deny that it being as big as it is right now is a key factor in her playing it.

No. 340008

File: 1498226343536.png (1.63 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2017-06-23-09-56-04…)

> tfw you mistake a healthy herb/vegetable as an angsty Gothic weed

No. 340028

She's probably never seen an artichoke before lmao

No. 340029

I've never seen Suzy's OW videos but I've seen other videos on her channel and I can only assume she gushes about how "hot and sexy" the OW girls are and how she wants to kiss them because she's soooo cool and quirky~

No. 340033

Oh yeah she constantly talks about how much they are sexy babes

No. 340042


She is alot like Momokun, where she is constantly like "like lol, I should have totally been born a dude. I like bewbs and butts and gurls r so hot" in a desperate attempt to act like she is "one of the guys". It's the cringeist shit ever.

No. 340047

i actually feel sorry for snoozy, she is so BORING, with all the resources in the world to give her follows great content yet she posts stuff like this and lame snapchat selfies. Ugh please suzy find something to do with your life. Girls needs to expand her horizons and get away from Arin who is a permanent man-child.

No. 340186

Suzy is the living proof that no amount of money and exposure can help you if you just dont have any natural charisma

No. 340203

there was a post in the last thread from her twitter or something where she said she was eating an artichoke for the first time

No. 340228

It was a bell pepper. She made it seem like she's never had raw vegetables before. She probably won't eat them if they're not cooked to death in butter or covered in ranch.

Her and Arin even claimed that they were on a paleo diet a few years back. It seems like every diet she's on she fails. She talked about how she cut soda/caffeine out of her diet and it made her feel so much better and now she talks about drinking Pepsi and how she can't function without coffee.

I'm assuming Arin has failed all his diets too but at least it seems he kinda works out.

No. 340241

Arin still talks about his paleo diet constantly on GG

No. 340305

i guess it annoys me even more she wont even bother to fake charisma, which is the point of yt and intsta? To pretend you and your life are more interesting than in reality.

No. 340419

>tfw only want to be a guy so i dont have to worry about pregnancy/periods/beauty

basically i want an excuse to be lazy. im a horrible person.

No. 341009

File: 1498381514468.png (647.25 KB, 737x761, fdgdf.png)

I am watching an old Table Flip that I never watched before and holy smokes she is massive.

No. 341030

Yeah, I think during table flip she packed on a lot of pounds but once it finished lost some because her ootd visa aren't quite as fat as her table flip days

No. 341042

File: 1498392876073.jpg (208.65 KB, 1078x715, _20170625_141418.JPG)

New cat

No. 341048

This is more of a personal nitpick but wow does it really grind my gears when people buy animals instead of adopting. I know people will have different opinions about this but it just shows me that person doesnt really give a hoot about animals at all or else they would be helping the ones in need
>end animal rant sorry for my sperg

No. 341051

i feel the same, anon. especially people who just buy the same trendy breeds like suzy does with the munchkin cats. there are so many cute, floofy, sweethearts at shelters she could adopt but instead she just wants the status points.

No. 341056

at least post the cat

No. 341057

Not rob mention the breeding of munchkin cats is pretty inhumane and they all have so many health complications……. like you're literally breeding a cat that's going to suffer it's whole life just because it's short and quirky and cute. It's one to rescue/adopt a cat like that, but to go out and buy it and advertise it in this way is just gross…

No. 341058

I'm legit surprise the other cats are still alive, honestly.

No. 341062

File: 1498396977111.png (229.02 KB, 749x996, IMG_9249.PNG)


Here's the cat for anons who care

No. 341063

It's a precious little freak.

No. 341076

>nitpicking about her cat choices again

You know, it made sense with Charms because she was an animal hoarder with no real investment in caring for her animals.
It even made a little bit of sense with Kate Davis when she took that snub nosed breed of cat she got in Japan onto an aircraft.

Yet the hate against Snoozy for picking this breed of cat to buy makes no god damn sense.
It's like saying all pug and cocker spaniel owners are shite because those breeds have notorious health problems too. Since when does owning a breed known for health problems problematic on its own when we should really be judging how the owners care for the individuals? There's no taking them back once they're born, unless you're suggesting to just kill them.

No. 341083

I actually have huge issues with the pug trend (and other dogs that have similar breeding issues) and stopped being friends with someone because she bought one and it pissed me off so much. It just makes me depressed that people value status points over the happiness of their pets. It is one thing to adopt a pug that ends up in a shelter, but to go out of your way and pay 500+ dollars on a dog that someone basically created just so you would pay that much money for it…. bye.

And since you seem to be blind to the issue, the problem is that by buying them you are giving breeders incentive to keep breeding them to be unhealthy. What Suzy is doing is even worse because she is advertising to millions of people to support unhealthy breeders.

No. 341085

>and stopped being friends with someone because she bought one and it pissed me off so much
That's fucking dumb. And oh look, nothing you did or said to your ex friend stopped the breeding industry from popping out designer bastard pets for sale.

But yes, I'm sure people who take excellent care of their animals despite their health issues are on the same tier of bad as literal animal abusers /s

No. 341089

Did…. I say it… did? The point of not being their friend anymore is that I don't have to be their friend anymore.

If you go out of your way to support the breeding of animals that have health issues that could have been avoided then…. I lose all respect for you. I don't know where you are leaping to the conclusion that is equal to someone abusing their pet. (?????)

You seem pretty defensive. Want to tell us how much you paid for your pet?

No. 341097

not saying just kill them but when youre buying from a breeder who breeds these specific type of animals who are known for having health issues than you are SUPPORTING that and they will continue to do so. not to mention she is promoting it. If she were rescueing them and informing her followers how you shouldn't support the breeders etc because of their health issues that'd be another story. but if she's getting them directly from a breeder than nah…
No one is saying it's equal to animal abuse..

why are you so butt hurt about people saying this shit is bad? are you a breeder yourself? kek.

No. 341098

>Did I say it did?
Yes. You literally said not buying will not incentivize breeders to produce more pets for money. Bullshit fallacy.
Fortunately I doubt very many give a shit about your respect. But you should shut up and put a lid on your logical fallacies.
I don't own a dog or cat but I know PETA tier fags are still annoying and self-righteous as hell.

Nice samefag.

No. 341100

are you deleting your posts or ? i wrote the one above you and saw u post before i sent mine and now its gone… weird, anyways
ur about as annoying as the PETA tier sjw's u were complaining about in the deleted post

No. 341103

Because I reworded something. Any other questions Nancy Drew, or can we try posting some actual milk now?

No. 341104

arin didnt even know his cats were freaks, his fucking "personal trainer" had to tell him. i wouldnt doubt suzy is as ignorant as well

No. 341108

Why do you keep acting like I care what my ex friend thinks? Go on though, amuse me.

I never said that me not being friends with her stopped people from breeding dogs? She already bought the dog so… use your brain holy shit. I just didn't want someone in my life who saw pets as accessories. (And she was horrible in other ways so you know, straw that broke the camels back, etc.)

That wasn't me.

No. 341110

calm down samefag if anything you're derailing the thread just as much

No. 341112

Are you 12? Serious question. Anon is not saying that just because she does not buy from breeders means breeders won't breed. They're saying that if a majority of people stopped then breeders won't do it anymore. That's not a logical fallacy, that's simple supply and demand. If there is no demand then the supply also goes down. No one thinks just because they adopt a breeder won't breed anymore. It's called having s personal moral compass and doing what you feel is right.

No. 341117

>I never said that me not being friends with her stopped people from breeding dogs?

Haha what. Once again: You said "Not buying breeder dogs will incentivize breeders to not produce them."
This is called a nirvana fallacy. It's a 'perfect solution' that is implausible and not realistic.
It's like PETA fags who say that an individual who doesn't buy grocery meat will incentivize the meat industry to stop butchering. And even that comparison is extreme because the meat industry does worse insofar the treatment to animals and environment than any pet breeder does.
Use your brain.

No. 341118

Because people will never stop wanting specific breeds of animals you fucking moron.

No. 341119

Holy shit can you all shit the fuck up and take it to ot already. Bring more milk

No. 341123

How can you deny that supporting something creates more supply? It is a fact. I have no idea where you are getting this idea that I think this can be magically solved, because I honestly don't think anything will change. But okay, because it won't make a difference I guess I am not allowed to be against it.

The fact of the matter is that I think Suzy is a horrible person for her pet choices. I also think it is horrible to advertise breeds like that on a platform as big as she has. How hard is that for you to understand. lmao

No. 341129

Nitpicking and virtue signaling about animal breeders isn't actual milk regardless. Snooze can do what she wants as long as she cares for the animal she bought.
It's time to stop.

No. 341146

Fuck off with your h3h3 bullshit and stop derailing the god damn thread

No. 341149

that dude's cat JUST died 3 days ago. So for snooze the name her new car after that just weirds me out

No. 341157

Yeah totally don't bitch at the people actually derailing it by posting about her cat. Idiot.

No. 341160

But the point is not supporting the breeders who do this. And FYI I do judge the crap out of people who buy dog breeds too from breeders. The entire pedigree thing is fucked up and inhumane.

No. 341167

>Be gone a few days
>Come back and see tons of Suzy posts
>Omg I wonder what happened I am ready for the milk
>Its 900 posts about fucking cats

I hate this board

No. 341168

seconding this
i figured suzy isnt interesting enough to bring the milk

No. 341197

suzy has no milk, what do ya'll expect

No. 341231

File: 1498421330822.png (1.97 MB, 697x1675, 1455629621449.png)

No. 341236

stop this shit

these threads get derailed every fucking time you hags go "zomg adoption is teh best breeders r evul"

I wish people would quit treating their fucking pets like they're children. it's pathetic. I hope she and Arin are happy when they're 80 with no family and 20 cats.

No. 341285

Stop derailing with breeding ethics. We've been over this.

No. 341287


To try and steer the topic into something Suzy-related, this series of videos get the most videos on her gaming channel as of late (with her recent OW videos having people comment about how they want more of this)… and, according to her Twitter, they're demonetized because it's a N. Korea dating sim.

(the views, however, are probably because Arin is in all of them.)

No. 341338

File: 1498432478496.gif (88.71 KB, 625x353, IMG_9393.GIF)

Lmao I don't feel bad for Suzy whenever she complains about getting her videos demonitized. She scammed people and continues to scam by overpricing her shit.

No. 341427

holy shit

is she like… trying to get attention for taking someones super recent dead cats name

No. 341440

As far as I know he hasn't even acknowledged her. He's still grieving over his cat on Twitter and if I were him I would find it pretty damn insensitive instead of endearing.

No. 341446

"I can't think of a name for my new cat. Oh, my friends cat just died yesterday? I'll name it after him so I can get asspats from people online for how sweet and thoughtful I am!!"

I'm assuming this is what went on in Suzy's head.

Also I might be wrong but is this dude even friends with Suzy or Arin? All Suzy said was she watched his videos. That make its even worse and more like she's trying to make it about her (which she always does).

No. 341502

Her personality is built around taking things from others. Like a peacock, her tastes are decorative to what she wants to be seen like, never descriptive of who she is. How fitting that she can now symbolically take away someone else's pet, along with his agency.

No. 341560

Holy shit, this picture alone just gave me motivation to never eat junk food again

No. 341635

4th one down on the left makes her look so much cuter compared to the pig on the right jeezus

No. 341754

yeah, I think getting "designer" cats and treating them like children is more a reflection of their immaturity than their ethics. Cat/dog people who LIVE for their pets are so fucking sad.

jesus…(participating in derailing after farmhand warning)

No. 341755

wow I'm retarded lmao

No. 341788

To be fair putting a pug down is more humaine than keep it living through all the health and breathing problems it will have.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 341870

I'm pretty sure deep down we all know designer/breeder pets are bad but can we stop bringing up the topic for when some anon goes sperg-Chan on us? It's nothing against you guys trying to fight the good fight but this whole thread will go off topic if we keep adding onto it(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 341880

Nice double chin there Snooze.

No. 341894

File: 1498520329924.png (644.76 KB, 642x886, suzy.png)

It's nice to see her diet's working.

No. 341897

oh God why do they insist on making more of these

No. 341900

see >>341285
fucking stop, especially the one of you who didnt even sage to tell people to stop derailing after admin already said it

troo goffick fashun right there. also, it's really weird to me that huge sleeve and absolutely no other tattoos, it's like she wanted to get the edge points out of the way in one shot

No. 341909

Bitch has no lips! Only a line for a mouth! Holy fuck!

No. 341912

File: 1498524263386.png (648.49 KB, 1280x720, vlcsnap-2017-06-26-20h42m24s02…)

Suzy can't even hide her distended gut behind a tree.

No. 341916

these are so unfunny

No. 341918

Like SO unfunny, Im shocked they keep uploading these when even hardcore gamegrump stans don't like them

No. 341920

File: 1498525318016.png (665.55 KB, 1103x676, 334553445.png)

Have another one

No. 341923


Holy fuck, she absolutely has no chin whatsoever.

No. 341925

wonder how long of a break she needed after jogging 12 feet

No. 341941

oh, she's got chins, just too many

No. 341955

she looks pregnant

not saying she is, shes just that tier of fat

No. 341961

No. 342047

Holy shit when is this from???
Her voice sounds so aggravating

No. 342056

It's like she is trying to be Venus but failing in every way possible.

No. 342057


Published on Apr 8, 2010
Welcome to my new blog! This entry is about -
*got a job from a modeling go see
*I am now modeling for smashbox cosmetics/studios
*I got signed with a second modeling agency

No. 342084

That channel has more vlogs.
But not all of them have that annoying voice.
This one does though.

No. 342209

File: 1498581998243.png (613.04 KB, 1023x539, Suzy Jean.png)

I know this has been pointed out before, but the right is one of Jeans most recent pics.

No. 342237

she does the exact same stupid little giggle thing as foreverkailyn

No. 342256


Holy shit. It's like a before and after picture for weight loss (ignoring the tattoo)

No. 342258


Snoozy is literally free falling into looking like a fat, middle aged Mom while Jean is the one who actually looks like she could be a model. It has to sting especially hard for Snoozy now that she is the "ugly twin".

No. 342281

I wonder if Arin ever fantasizes about Jean kek

No. 342324

I thought that the picture of Jean was actually Suzy back during her modeling days. I was going to say that I know people have always accused Suzy of being "skinny fat" or doughy, but that's a very thin and plushy body. Pretty adorable. Should have figure the good hair, the flattering outfit…that it was Jean. I can't believe they're the same age. Suzy looks 10 years older…

No. 342367

How do you watch unlisted things?

No. 342423

On her Meeperfosh channel, there's a playlist called "MeeperTV" and they're all on there. She has some private ones, but there's probably 10 or so unlisted ones.

No. 342460

Actually, now that I'm not on mobile any more…

Here's the link.
Half of her vlogs have her doing that stupid pseudo-Venus/Yumi King voice and it's absolutely terrible… though some of them she does talk about her attempts at ANTM… another she says she's done with modelling because she accomplished what she needed to with it ("being able to make a living")… I think it's the video I posted in >>342084 ?
They're not interesting and run together.

No. 342473

im so glad i dont have a superior twin, i already hate myself enough as is

No. 342561

>has benign tumor on the back of head
>"I was always told if I gained a lot of weight it would become cancerous."

Holy shit girl, take care of yourself

No. 342590

Suuzy is looking more and more like Fat Mama June jfc.

No. 342595

If mama june can lose weight, what's Suzy's excuse

No. 342599


"my hard job"
"my thyroid"
"my stress"

No. 342791

File: 1498677470468.png (59.24 KB, 316x246, 1498658132981.png)

Suzy after menopause.

No. 342805

well that just made me sad

No. 342946

same. poor lady.

No. 342985

File: 1498693548032.png (1.09 MB, 1257x805, delusion.png)

Yeah. No shop at all on that chin.
It's naturally blurred and choppy looking.

(also, there's another comment were Suzy says she lost 12 pounds recently. if the 12 pound loss was before the Baby Punchers short… yikes. )

No. 342987


Yeah. Sure Snoozy. We literally just saw that you practically have no jawline and have as many chins as your husband.

No. 342990

File: 1498695001565.png (771.88 KB, 844x585, 43243432234324.png)

She looks pretty fit here but we all legit JUST saw her in the GG video

Also how many time can one person go to disneyland in their lifetime

No. 343009

her legs are as big as her armssssss wtffffffff maaaaaan

No. 343015


I'd bet dollars to donuts her waist area and legs are edited by slimming phone apps. Beautycam and Facetune are hugely popular for this function. Those arms are proof.

No. 343020

Yeah, it's pretty obvious that there's some heavy beautyapp filtering going on here with how washed out she looks. Her legs look pretty blurry too in comparison to her arms.

Angle helps too, camera is pointed down at her, she's leaning against the fence, stretching her leg, and leaning forward which is a popular trick to narrow you out. The ana girls obsessively use it.

No. 343021

If she didn't edit the shit out of herself from the tits down I'll eat my fucking shoes

No. 343025

day off from what lmao

No. 343046

being obese

No. 343048

She knows what angles and poses make her look skinnier. I can't get over her arms and legs being all the same size

No. 343050

File: 1498703421988.jpg (548.47 KB, 1536x2048, IMG_9395.JPG)

She looks completely different here. I guess she's "accidentally" standing behind a shelf so you can't see her whole body

No. 343053

Yeah, she looks less fit here, but she's still doing that one leg stretched out pose while hiding the other to try to elongate her body. Seems like her new go to pose.

No. 343065

Regardless, her one leg looks thinner and from a slightly different angle, so it's fairly consistent with the frontal >>342990 pic. She's still looking top heavy in both pics. Can't tell if her shirt is just an awful cut. She's small chested with wider hips and stomach. The outfit doesn't do her favors as a whole, but that shirt is really not helping.

No. 343090

Hey now, at least she was trying to get it back in order by speaking out against excessive
nitpicking (which itself is against the rules).

No. 343091

I'm shocked that her chins haven't swallowed up that choker yet.

It's funny that she forgot to shoop her batwings.

No. 343141

>she's done with modelling because she accomplished what she needed to with it ("being able to make a living")

aka marrying for money

No. 343145

so she probably has cancer
fucking w o w

No. 343147

June just got surgery, she didn't do shit.

No. 344452

Does anyone actually follow the Grumps anymore? Apparently the circle jerk got a little flaccid after Arin went on like the self-important dirtbag he is, saying that he can't stand it when fans try to tell him how to play a game.. responding, of course, to a post on DANNY'S AMA that wasn't directed at Arin. It's disturbing to see people actually defend this arsehole but satisfying to watch people realise what kind of an ungrateful fuckwit he really is.

No. 344455

Nah, I'm only interested in drama surrounding them, not lining their pockets. Link to comment thread?

No. 344462

… are they having anal sex in the reddit header?

No. 344464

File: 1498917536797.png (610.63 KB, 719x1280, tumblr_ongagx9j4k1s2i4dqo1_128…)

No. 344477

New episode of their podcast. It's about Overwatch and… Suzy is on it (of course).

She's thinks stars are indicative of your skill level, bitches about the double exp weekend, and originally was rank Silver in s4 (with the rest of her team getting into Platinum) and thinks it was because she was a healer and totally not because she's bad.

No. 344480

tbh I don't watch the videos either, I just stop by /r/rantgrumps every now and then to see if they're still letting GG go to the wolves (spoiler: they are). I found the thread for the video but the 300+ comments aren't as satisfying as I was hoping they'd be


Seriously Arin could make a video about raping the crippled Somalian elderly and the fans would still defend him, "it's trolling, it's irony, he's bringing attention to…" blahblahblah. Can't get a good little dish of drama with a fanbase so complacent.

No. 344486

>13:23 - "There's no right way to do anything!"

>-Arin "I want to enjoy the game and play it my way" Hansen, aka Arin "I use a walkthrough and basically tell Danny what to do 24/7 and I'm not having fun" Hansen

No. 344487

>Look, I get that I can't exactly be negative over on this subreddit, but, like, Arin is a prick, and if he isn't a prick, he's just a hypocrite. Think about this, Arin is ranting about backseat gamers, as he constantly is telling Dan what to do and giving him constant info, some of which is just fucking wrong. Arin has no right to complain about any backseat gamers at this point in the let's play.

these are p gold


No. 344489

to be fair, it is pretty wild that that woman looks so much like her…

No. 344504

Exactly. And I'm sure the money she got from exploiting her children, and unwarranted support from braindead redneck mommies probably helped in addition. Though, whatever, I won't knock surgery if it saves people.

No. 344507

My point is more, she can afford it too. Rich people losing weight isn't a big deal.

I don't think she needs surgery though. She just needs to stop be lazy (lol)

No. 344508

I'm at the guy that's defending Arin for saying that secondhand smoke isn't dangerous. Like… seriously? Yeh you can argue that children who are mentally stunted enough to believe that shouldn't be watching the show to begin with but that's not the point. Arin is a douchebag who has his head shoved so far up his ass that he spouts false shit as fact and never admits when he's wrong or learns from his mistakes, like ADULTS should do. That's the point. Jeesuz.

No. 344536


pick one, tbh

he stumbled his way into a gold mine, otherwise his stupid ass would prob be living at home still

No. 344602

God damn that episode was so unbearable
Arin was being such a salty cunt and when he was proved wrong he just said that he was teasing and of course the suggestion was better, yet before it went into effect he was so bitter and swearing that there suggestion was shit
What a fucking cunt

No. 344781

Agreed, but worst part is that the Stockholm Syndrome'd followers will take his non-apology as good enough and this'll blow over in a day or two. He'll still be making bank while sitting on his wide load playing video games with the bought, spineless Jew.

No. 344937

Yeah, i legit thought it was her. That is interesting.

No. 345408

>Suzy is a boosted Mercy main
How fitting.

No. 346564

File: 1499244627234.png (458.45 KB, 593x589, 6436364346364.png)

Suzy has reached the absolute maximum amount of filters you can put on a picture and still sorta tell its a human being on there

I didn't edit this, this is legit what she posted on instagram

No. 346623

holy shit… I couldn't even see the arm in the picture until I squinted. The one visible nosehole is my favourite part.
I see she's still trying to promote her jewellery collection on insta. I wonder if she even sold any after the initial release.

No. 346687

Looks like she lost some weight, good for her. I figured >>341880 was filmed some time ago since her bangs are pretty short there.

No. 346857

She definitely did, problem is that her and Arin has constant yo-yo weight syndrom because they have no self control.
I hope they keep it up but I really have no hopes, in a few months theyll put the pounds back on, then loose them again, then put them on, then loose.. until the moment when theyre older they stop trying

No. 347012

So apparently she and Arin are still holing onto having kids one day. She would be the most insufferable pregnant person ever and she would be the type of SAHM to endlessly whinge about how haaaaaard being a mother is even though shell get tons of help and doesn't have to punch a time clock on top of mothering. The kid will be fat and covered in juice stains.

No. 347020

Suzy has way too many mental issues with herself and both of them are way too immature to have kids, they both act and seem like they are still 19 in their brains.
I'm not saying you cant be young at heart and be a good parent, I just think they both, especially Suzy, need to be able to handle life without getting super depressed or stressed over nothing if they want to have kid. That shit rubs off on your baby.

No. 347026

i sincerely feel like if arin just found a good girl who WASN'T snoozy, he'd be a great dad. he's made a name for himself with game grumps and his animation channel, but she's mooched off of him completely.

No. 347036

I feel like if Arin and Suzy got a baby Arin would definitely be the one doing most of the work and Suzy would leave alot because of stress

No. 347086

Someone posted her second account here so you need to add that accs mercy time in.

No. 347137

Arin isn't going to be on the Hard Rock or Rock Hard or whatever the shit tour w/ NSP any longer. Wonder if there's trouble in paradise.

No. 347368

I mean he did make a video a couple years ago stating how much he loves children (not in a creepy way of course) so I would imagine that he would definitely be there for all the fun parts, however due to his lazy and easily uptight behaviour, I couldn't really see him doing a lot of tye hard work other than playing with them

No. 347422

I know Arin wants to have kids but I thought Suzy was the "I'm never having kids, my cats are my babies" kind of person? I feel like she's tweeted something along the lines of that before.

No. 347427

Because she probably can't get pregnant.

No. 347430

File: 1499371593481.png (46.2 KB, 640x387, IMG_9413.PNG)

She's talking about her cat here so yeah she is that kind of person

No. 347431

File: 1499371630320.png (48.18 KB, 631x403, IMG_9412.PNG)

Another one

No. 347434

Nah. She just seems like a person who can barely take care of herself. I'm not trying to call her selfish, but I don't want kids either because I like life with my pets.

Gotta feel sorry for Arin. He seems like he'd be the type to thrive and grow up if he ever had children. Meanwhile I think Suzy would be one of those "I'm still young and hip" moms. She's probably shrink into depression a lot because of how limiting and exhausting kids can be.

No. 347444


Pretty sure she refers to babies exclusively as "crotch fruit". Just a typical retard wannabe edgelord who "doesn't want to conform to society's expectations of wanting to be a mother". It's not enough for her to simply not want kids, she has to completely demonize them and act like her retarded cats are soooooo much better.

No. 347469

Does NSP tour? I don't really keep up with them or GG, but it would make sense of Arin was going out without snoozy I wonder if he is sneaking some side poon.

No. 347480

I think it's because they're out of the country right now. Snooze has been posting "hints" of her current where abouts (it looks like Scotland) and crying how she's not at home to play overwatch with the release of Doomfist

No. 347549

Pretty sure they're touring right now with TWRP. Arin was hopping on stage for like 10 minutes for a couple Starbomb songs. From what I've read, during their last show Arin didn't bring his A game and is now citing stress as the reason he won't be returning.

No. 347591

I think he would be a couch surfer as opposed to living with his parents.
I am pretty sure she's stated multiple times she hates children. And not like in a she gets super pissed at them way, she just can't stand them for more than a certain period of time.
Suzy would be the type of mom to take advantage of her kid's low self-esteem by guilt tripping the kid. By saying things like "I gave up so much of my time for you, and this is it?!"
She'd probably do the best she can to emotionally abuse the kid by making herself seem like a victim.
Meanwhile, Arin would either be a "cool dad" or a friend parent with anger issues.
I can't see any middle ground.

No. 347627

There seems to be a lot of hate against Arin, but he's essentially done what almost every youtuber has done. He's making money off of his brand, I don't know why everyone has a problem with that. Snoozy on the other hand has literally built her name off of her husband.

No. 347688

Arin isn't perfect but GG is his brand, his animations are well known and he's using his popularity to branch out, I know people like to call that selling out, but there's nothing wrong with that? He must be aware that GG won't be forever, he's securing his future.

But Suzy is just… she acts like she's done the same but she just inserts herself with Arin's success and calls it a day.

Also I guess I wanted to add that I know the GG crew a bit? I work at cons, I don't wanna give more details than that, but anyway I get to talk to them every so often. Arin isn't awful, super awkward sometimes, but respectful. Honestly they all are, especially Brian and Dan, but Suzy is… she ignores us, even if we deal with some of her merch. Not rude or snotty but you can feel that she doesn't want to talk to us lowly peasants lol also sage cuz no real contribution

No. 347807

Is it weird that Brian and Danny being more socially well-adjusted than the others doesn't surprise me in the least? And of course Suzy wouldn't lower herself to speak to the help. That's not surprising at all lol

sage for Dan and Brian seem cool

No. 347823

snooze would just pay for a nurse

No. 347826

It's because they have real work experience. What did Arin and Suzy do? Work at Disney? And various temp jobs?
They are very much internet children, with no real experience outside ones the internet gave them. The age gap is clearly visible.

I probably come across like I'm shitting on them for being that way, but Arin seems appreciative (for the most part). Suzy, not so much… and it's not even her success. That's a major reason she's so looked down on, whether the people doing so realize it or not.
She is literally nothing without her husband. And her husband only has the life he does because, initially, he got very lucky. He's super ignorant, but his money allows him to be, and it is money he's "worked" for.


No. 347876

I mean, yeah Arin got lucky but it isn't like he didn't create GG and Egoraptor. Something tells me that you're misdirecting some pettiness towards Arin when it should be about Suzy.

Even if he didn't have Game Grumps, Arin has animation skills that he could have used to work on cartoons or something. Suzy has her taxidermy and that's about it.

No. 347877

Arin was irrelevant by the time he showed up on The Tester.

No. 347878

And yet he has Game Grumps still. Relevancy or not, he has a successful brand off of playing video games. Suzy has a successful brand off of her husband playing video games, not the same.

No. 347880

He did Game Grumps AFTER Tester. That was what he got lucky with.

No. 347881

Oh, I get what you're saying. He did get lucky with GG, but still, he created the brand with Jon from nothing. Whatever luck that accompanied them probably helped for sure, but that doesn't mean he didn't work towards creating the channel.

No. 347886

Yeah, I agree completely. I think having someone still active (Jon) helped GG more than people realize. Arin had a lot of old fans, myself included (ugh, I feel gross typing that), waiting for him to return to animation or SOMETHING. Jon was still consistently making videos, so he had fans who could come in and spread the word.

Hence the initial luck and the mocking usage of the word work on my part. I think he's a shit person, but he deserves what he has. To a degree. At least he actually meets fans and stuff, unlike Pewdiepie (apparently)

No. 347890

i mean i can be biased because i personally like game grumps (not all the videos anymore, mainly the one-offs and weird games) and i've met dan and arin at a Q and A, but they genuinely both seem like good dudes who enjoy what they do–especially dan. I get what you mean with the work thing though–arin will never be able to get a regular job, he just isn't used to working for someone else. dan and brian would be fine if NSP suddenly ended as well.

suzy though? say she and arin divorced, there goes a majority of her views. then, once she loses her youtube money, she'll have to join the real world and i personally don't think she'd be able to do that.

sage for blogpost but idk if it needs to be saged or not.

No. 347891

oh my bad, i worded that weird. i mean that dan and brian will be able to go on and live normal (to an extent) lives. they've both worked actual jobs before. arin and suzy are going to have a hard time once their youtube cashcow runs out–especially suzy.

(sidenote, i really like their new editor's channel, supermega. they remind me of the old, good grumps.)

No. 347893

I seriously think she only got back with him because he started getting popular online again. It's so gross.

No. 347896

had they broken up before? suzy seems like the type to hook a guy and keep him no matter what because she's scared she can't get another.

No. 347901

Yeah I think they broke up when Suzy got an internship at disney back in the day? Its been ages though, but he allegendly wrote her a letter almost everyday for a year and then she came back because he was so romantic and not because he began making money online

Sage because im not actually 100% I got the deeds right on this story

No. 347902

Yes. I think Suzy broke up with him, and was dating some other dude. Arin was supposedly dating someone else, but I think it might've just been an internet relationship.
He apparently sent her letters every day. This was mentioned in her draw my life video, if it's still up. But I guess they both changed their stories in a later Q&A?

So yeah, whatever happened, they were def split up. I remember seeing as much on Arin's FB.

No. 347903

arin could do so well if he just nope'd the fuck out on suzy and found a non-goffic gamer gurl.

No. 347920


They broke up with the reason being Arin wanted to see other people. They were dating other people, with Suzy bragging about the guy she was with like she was going to marry him. Arin for some reason misssd her and strides writin her everyday. Tells her that he is moving to LA to try to become a voice actor and she instantly hops back on his dick. So yeah, she only got back with him when she learned he was going to LA and his internet popularity started to take off.

But don't mention that to her because she gets buttmad if you accuse her of being a gold digger.

No. 347926

She'd be fucked it Arin ever divorced her–she's not going to be able to find a guy who will pay for all of her shit again.

No. 347931


They broke up with the reason being Arin wanted to see other people. They were dating other people, with Suzy bragging about the guy she was with like she was going to marry him. Arin for some reason misssd her and strides writin her everyday. Tells her that he is moving to LA to try to become a voice actor and she instantly hops back on his dick. So yeah, she only got back with him when she learned he was going to LA and his internet popularity started to take off.

But don't mention that to her because she gets buttmad if you accuse her of being a gold digger.

No. 348247

>Arin has animation skills

I'm sorry anon but his animations are low tier at best, the only animation studios that would take him on would be ones desperate to make a foundation for themselves.
His animations are lazy and he uses obvious tricks and cheats to shorten the amount of work he has to do to create them

He only got anywhere with his animations because he presented them on a platform where you could make it with low standards just as long as you had a decent punch line

Sage for ranting, I just get pissed off when people praise him for his animation skills when if put in an animation portfolio sent off to any level headed animation company they would be denied since they break every rule of animation, and not in a ground breaking way

At best he could be a story board animator

No. 348269

He has made animations before and thus he has skills in animation, however low-tier they may be.

No. 348557

Yeah but they aren't at a level that could get him any where, arins skills to animation are the same as suzys skills to taxidermy, if game grumpy were to disband they would get nowhere with them

No. 348558

Grumps* fuck autocorrect

No. 348566

I get what you're trying to say, but Arin at least has his fan base. Suzy has ARIN'S fanbase and probably a couple of her own, but not enough to keep her successful.

No. 348656

Yeah, I can't agree to Arin having animation skills when people like Plagueofgripes exists (and used to do his animation frame by frame like a psychopath)

No. 348858

Oh true, didn't think of it like that

Sage for brainfart

No. 349151

I'm not trying to insult Arin, I just think he'd be like… couch surfing on his YT buddy's couches as opposed to living with his folks.
Oh my god, how sad is it the show tried to coast on the Egoraptor name.

No. 349156

I mean, he could get a job working on… Mr. Pickles and Superjail? He probably wants to work on that show he did a voice for recently.
Was it Rick and Morty where he got a big credit despite only talking once?
If his last Sequelitis is any indication of his current skill level… jesus christ no.
Almost every internet fanboy/fangirl/whatever that loves Suzy really just wants to impress Arin at the end of it all.
She just… has nothing really going on. Other than… being kind of overbearing and trying to con people?
Meanwhile, it doesn't even look like Arin likes her romantically. If he even understands romance. He's just so like… "I gotta spout the bad jokes all day" that I find it hard to tell when he's serious.

No. 349162


I don't really like to comment on other people's relationships, but honestly theirs feels so fake and forced. If you told me they were married I instantly wouldn't believe you or would tell you that she is obviously only in it for the money. It especially shows when they are in videos together, where Arin is actually pretty chill and not acting like the obnoxious jackass that he usually is on Grumps while Suzy sounds like a vapid idiot who is always looking to brag about how they are the "perfect couple" or how "it was love at first sight for us and there was never anyone else". She has absolutely no identity outside of her relationship with Arin and is always looking to rub other people's noses in it because she thinks that makes her better than them. She has no friends or life outside of YouTube and anyone looking to associate with her is usually only doing it to get in good graces with her husband and his connections.

No. 349172

I agree with that but I also honestly just think Arin as a person has no real experience with romance. I don't really know how to word it exactly, but… even though he's been in a romantic relationship he still views his partner as one of the dudes as opposed to his partner. Or maybe he's just acting that way with her on youtube due to their show format?
Iunno, it could also be because whenever I see Arin I just picture him on Livejournal cussing out his brother because his brother said he has no real relationship experience.
Arin's still that childish, he just… hides it a bit better.
… Is what I am saying making any sense?

No. 349247

they both have their own interests.
Arin is interested in video games and suzy.
Suzy is interested in Arin and suzy.

No. 349263

Yeah, when I said I think he'd be living with his parents, I didn't mean it as an insult. I meant it more as a he has no real… motivation. He would totally be happy no matter where he is in life, which is kind of admirable.

No. 349266

>If his last Sequelitis is any indication of his current skill level… jesus christ no.

lol wasn't it mostly outsourced?

No. 349285

He's friends with the Rick and Morty creator. Not every animator is good at animating, they outsource for most of it nowadays anyways if Arin wanted to actually make a television show.

On his own, he seems like your generic cool but greasy weeb, but when he's in videos with Suzy he just seems like he's…bored?

No. 349290

>greasey weeb doesn't care about dumb beauty shit and boxes adding random crap to all the junk they already own

shocking lol


>hi *non nonchalant hand wave

No. 349295

Um, excuse me.
It's "My husband Arin, also known as Egoraptor."
Learn the lore.
Um… wait. "Not every animator is good at animating"?
Oh my god was it?

No. 349308

I worded that wrong, my bad. I'm saying that not every animated show creator is good at animating–they come up with the ideas, storyboards, and someone else does it.

Another good example is Rick and Morty–the original looked like a fucking 12 year old did it, but Roland knew how to sell it to make a good show, where they then outsourced it.

If Arin could come up with a good storyboard and idea, I'm sure he could do well as an animated show creator.

No. 349317

Ohhh okay.
That makes more sense. I think the problem for Arin if he were to do that now is that he is better at improv than actually writing scenes out. Not to say he's good at improv, you get what I mean?
I think the best Arin could get is an adult swim show that is 15 minutes long and even then feels ten minutes too long.
Unless he somehow got to weasel his way into Rick and Morty season 3.
Arin just doesn't seem like a guy who could produce a script or a concept without it going nowhere even before the first season ends.
He'd need someone to help him make it remotely coherent or… good.

No. 349327

I could definitely be biased because I personally like Arin and the show when he's with Dan–I think they feed well off of each other. However, I don't really enjoy Arin in Doodle Dudes, y'know? I wonder if I just like Dan and Arin comes along with the package…

No. 349470

But let's playing is essentially improv.
It's not exactly scripted.

No. 349487

yeah all those poop and dick jokes are the height of improv comedy

No. 349501

I never stated he was good at it.
Then again, I haven't watch Game Grumps in a long time.
The last Game Grumps related thing I watched (and if Suzy is reading this it will probably upset her) is when I watched Suzy's totally not Game Grumps offbrand let's play channel do Night in the Woods. Which I stopped watching once she kept saying she wanted Mae and Gregg to get together.

No. 349817

Yeah, I bet Suzie would be the type of mother who would only cuddle with her kid for a selfie and then proceed to ignore the child while flaunting the photos on her social media accounts about what a great parent she is

No. 349818

No. 351071

How to attract views to Suzy's channel: have her play that Dream Daddy simulator game.

No. 351136

What pisses me off about Arin and Suzy is how they make a big show about how poor they were, when it's clear they've always been rich kids.

Something about the premise of this game really rubs me the wrong way but I can't put my finger on it

No. 351205


I don't think they were rich kids, maybe be middle class. But yeah, they constantly jerk themselves off over how poor they used to be, where being able to save up for a pizza was the biggest thing for them.

No. 351258

Even if they were "poor", they both had families who would gladly assist them if it came down to it.

No. 351388

The only reason they were ever "poor" was because they were trying to live on their own for the first time which is basically what happens to almost anyone when theyre on their own for the first time. Everyone knows college kids are pretty much dirt poor and they're no different

No. 352213

What's up with the release delay on that, btw?

No. 352214

suzy needed the views

No. 352263

File: 1500015563971.png (119.96 KB, 640x537, IMG_9509.PNG)

Even with all that apparent hype for the game she couldn't even break 100k views. People really don't care about Suzy unless she has Arin (or other big youtubers) featured.

Honestly when the grumps inevitably play it do you think it's going to get a lot of views?

No. 352276

File: 1500019406714.jpg (100 KB, 772x480, DErizMgUMAAb_XK.jpg large.jpg)

No. 352342

>game is pure fujobait about gay dudes made for straight girls
>heavily associated with game grumps

i cant believe people are shocked about it being a bit of a shitshow behind the scenes.

No. 352349

Most people I've seen are only even hype about it because the main cast looks a tiny bit like some of the Overwatch characters…which is probably intentional and comes off super lazy.

No. 352358

File: 1500035825543.png (527.52 KB, 785x482, ovwdaddy.png)

ngl, the first thing i noticed when i saw the roster was a resemblance to the overwatch cast, and i mean if you're going to make a game of hot guys, taking pointers from overwatch's male hero designs isn't a bad idea.

but i threw together this shitty thing to show people who may not know much about overwatch just how similar some of the designs are.

No. 352362

Glasses guy kinda looks like mccree, but honestly it's not bad to base them off of it, cheap and baiting hell yeah, but fujoshits willingly spend their money on this stuff because they can live their self insert ships

No. 352418

i think you're reaching a bit far, anon.

No. 352432

basically all i saw from people after the "daddies" were revealed was how they look like the overwatch cast.

No. 352438

Dream Daddy dev team confirmed to be shit and used GG to increase exposure by OneyPlays boys.


DingDong's stream TL;DR:
>Ding Dong is 100% okay that GG can use their money and popularity to create and promote original games, but unfortunately some of the people are using that for greedy reasons
>Some of the people involved with actually making the game (so nobody from Game Grumps) are using the game more as a cash grab while pandering to LGBT
>The same people are the hardcore SJW types that love to stir up shit when it comes to race and LGBT issues (what a surprise)
>These people gained the trust of GG only to exploit that trust for personal gain
>While there is humor here and there, the game is meant to be serious, as opposed to being some jokey light-hearted dating sim (???)

No. 352499

Most importantly, he says it's not a real game. It's more of a visual model.

No. 352549

Everyone knew it was a visual novel from the start which is a video game genre,tho its kinda sad that the creator/developer agrees that it isn't a genre good enough to be considered a video game lol

No. 352602

This is such a reach in my opinion. I know it's shocking to see a big company like Blizzard include POC, but they don't own it.

No. 352652

The facial features do look very similar tho, I can see why the other anon suggested it… they look a little too similar in my opinion as well as their whole demenor

No. 352678

File: 1500070722352.jpg (44.6 KB, 540x540, yikes.jpg)

Found a wild Suzy on my Facebook feed. Yikes at that hairstyle. It looks terrible in real life.

No. 352697

Funny thing is? It's actually the white guy who looks the most like Soldier 76's origins skin and the vaguely tan guy who looks like Reaper's. Also given Suzy's obsession with Overwatch, I know it's reaching but could be indicative of her influence, especially given that the game seems mostly geared towards straight fangirl types.

No. 352718

who is the nobody shes lping it with


i want to see a voice list

No. 352723

I dont play overwatch but ofc I know of it and honestly I dont think this is that far of a reach. Considering how much Snooze loves OW plus them trying to cash in on it.

I'm not super familiar with the characters but with the images you provided its more than just the POC that's similar. A lof of their facial features are hairstyles are similar as well.

No. 352732

she looks like an overly makeup'd 50s era male child star.

No. 352735

File: 1500075654956.jpg (141.43 KB, 1200x530, DCpe5X8XsAAoS76.jpg)


It's not much of a reach. This edit has been circulating, too.

No. 352741

who cares, ow's cast is unsurprisingly bland looking.

No. 352742


How long ago was this? Cause holy shit that hair looks terrible

No. 352782

The point is the blatant character influentials for the entire cast of their game which is kinda suspicious considering that ow is suzy's "game" which might have steered the art direction for the characters in the first place???

Noone cares what you think about overwatch attentionchan

No. 352784


it's vernon, creative developer for gg and also from hot pepper gaming. he is basically the only gg member actually involved in dream daddy

No. 352801

oh… ive never seen his icon before, but all the dudes kind of look samey

i watched some, he comes off as… idk

on tumblr i saw a pic of brian playing this shit with his kid???

No. 352806

I hope someone saved that video.

so the two gay guys they know hate the game, and were apparently even under pressure not to talk about it publicly.

you know you fucked up when a guy who refers to himself as a "cum guzzling faggot" is offended by your game http://yollgraveyard.tumblr.com/post/161908836234/speaking-as-a-cum-guzzling-faggot-theres-a

No. 352893

No. 352908

>unsurprisingly bland looking
in what world?

No. 352976

>bland looking
>immediately recognisable due to very individual silhouettes, colour palettes, animations, and poses, a very good example of personality and distinct appearances in character creation


No. 353095

I like them both, I'm glad they said something about it. But you know, every time someone brings up that the game seems a little tone deaf it's "Oh, they talked to the LGBT community about it so it's ok!" And the project head is a """queer"""" woman or something…… it's just pandering to women, and it's about gay men, not For them. But no gay men actually worked on the game. Hailing it as some kind of pinnacle of representation is insulting when it's just an anime fujoshit game, and those are all the kinds of people I see that are interested in it.

No. 353186

isnt vernon gay

No. 353189

Ding Dong made it seem like he wasn't
He mentioned a lot about the lead being one of those "fuck cis straight white men" when they are a cis straight white male. And of the two leads, Vernon is the only guy

No. 353198

Tbh as a gayfag myself I don't see any problems with the game, I actually can't wait until the game is released, yeah they made the game specifically for money exploition, but people have to realize that that's basically every company out there, bl visual novels none the less

Sage for semi blogpost

No. 354615

In case you ever had any doubts that Arin is a huge manchild weeb then take a look at GGs office tour.
Honestly I knew it was a company now but I was still surprised at how big it is.

He also makes sure to point out Suzys youtube subscriber awards, ofcourse.

No. 354635

Suzy is pretty ugly but it's really annoying how idiots ITT says she has FAS with no proof. Are people allowed to be ugly on the internet these days without FAS claims? Is there any legitimacy behind the FAS rumors?

No. 354636

The game looks like meme stupidity like the republican dating sim or the huniepop game but idk why gays would be offended. It's obvious game grumps did this for cash but i don't see what the game has to do with the LGBTQ community

No. 354650

its a game about a bunch of bisexual/faggot dads who somehow all have custody of their children

No. 354711

File: 1500401050446.jpeg (151.33 KB, 900x1600, 7950_c3e1_900.jpeg)

For i sec i though is's Snoozy

No. 354761

Lmao how do you find this stuff anon. It looks like a mix of Suzy and demi lovoto's little sister

No. 354828


i see a little bit of foreverkailyn in there too

No. 354920


I cannot believe how much useless shit they own.

No. 354939

Actually saw her at ax this year, she is looking pretty fit irl

No. 354951


She doesn't appear to be as bloated as she used to

No. 354966

prob jjust another crash diet then shell fatten back up for the winter

No. 355205

I'm kinda impressed they were able to buy so much useless shit tbh. However, considering the music, tours, merch I imagine they could pay for that beautiful gaming set up on a good Christmas at the peek of their popularity.

No. 355561


im p sure most of the shit is gifted to them

No. 355570

How come Dream Daddy is being released so late today? Like can they not do anything on time?

No. 355575

lol @ ow kiddies jumping on u for speaking the truth. that game got boring over a year ago and the character designs have always been uninventive. i cant think of anyone who still plays that horrid game other than people who just discovered it and jumped on the popularity bandwagon.

oh shit! one character has long hair its hanzo (bc long hair totally didnt exist before ow on popular story characters and in subcultures), omg dreads! its lucio! and another is ambiguously brown, its a reaper ripoff! anons really are reaching. the ow fanbase is cringier than ever just like LoL

No. 355871

Sage for complete off topic but ow is very popular in esports especially in korea to the point that it has surpassed starch craft which is now irrelevant

If you wanna discuss your hate bonner for ow then go on reddit or something so we can continue this thread

Some people have posted pictures of what a typical person with fas looks like and it matches up almost to a t with suzy and her sister's facial features/speech pattern plus the fact that her mother drank during through their stages of pregnancy however it is still an
accusation since she has addressed the situation and denied it

No. 355872

Star craft*

No. 355891

I personally prefer Starch Craft.

No. 355904

Yes and no. I mean, I am aware that during a 4 day stunt back when JonTron was with the group they made 30k to 40k on merch alone.

Years later, how has that amassed, is any of it saved, sponsorship, etc. I don't want to think about final numbers, but I imagine they're insane.

No. 356247


Yes Kids, take a good look around!
Take a look at what they bought with your money after YOU spent it on Suzy's overpriced shit / GG merch!

No. 356295

what the fuck… unreal

No. 356336

I get a similar vibe from that set-up as, like, a "new age" business manned by young and inexperienced staff that are so cutting edge and cool, ping pong table at the office and make your own schedule… throwing their money around and lasting a year.

Don't want to sound like I'm deepthroating Jewfro but I'm actually curious how he feels about that office environment. He has more years on all of them sans Brian and dropped out of marketing studies for hippie dippie ethical reasons, iirc. GG sold out long ago. Just wondering if Not So Grump sees it that way.

No. 356375

are you retarded?

No. 356417

I mean I would expect anyone who loiters on this site to be

No. 356519

File: 1500609344489.jpg (478.41 KB, 1274x1274, DFM_GohVYAE0WlR.jpg large.jpg)

Wew, is this shooped? She's looking great! Except for the outfit. And the wig makes the shape of her head look weird :x

No. 356531


I read "live FAS", kek.

Anyway, this is one of the least offensive outfits that she has ever put together. Bravo, Suzie. And the wig is also way better than her hair.

Let us wait to see her video, though.

No. 356539

look at her left wrist/hip the one thats closest to the plant shes so shooping

No. 356542

it looks like she green screened herself into the fucking shot

the background is so weird looking

No. 356561

why the hell is she wearing shoes that are three sizes too big for her

No. 356641

Because she's taking them off as soon as her little photo shoot is done. So it doesn't matter.

Please buy them on eBay.

No. 356656

It's kinda annoying how her toe nails are never painted. They look like gross pale beans.

No. 356666

sorry for being ot, but does anyone know what type of heels these are?

No. 356704

File: 1500619960725.png (160.98 KB, 1172x930, 8459674539746589.png)

Here is the full voiceacting list of the daddy game, even though there isnt an awful lot of voiceacting in the actual game.
Suzy got a minor role because Arin.

No. 356744


Suzy pretends to keep her clothes almost as much as she pretends to play video games.

No. 356805


I've been seeing this game everywhere on my feed. its so cringe when Egoraptor said on twitter that they're a game studio now. Nobody in the grumps directly helped with the art or coding, did they? How can you call yourself a game studio just because you threw some money at people to do the work for you?

No. 356812


Looks like she is going back to posting ootd videos now that she doesn't look like a fat slob anymore. If this isn't shooped, then good on her for finally taking some responsibility and losing the weight. She honestly looks kind of good.

No. 356814


A game about gay dads and she still finds a way to weasel her way into getting to a part in it because of Arin. What a leech.

No. 356900

Her right arm (our left) looks so unfortunate, you'd think that as a former professional model she wouldn't make mistakes like this.

No. 356951

Video is up.

Three and a half minutes of her talking too fast, gasping into the mic, and no bg music? Really Suzy?

Something is very off about the filming and I don't know what. It almost looks green screened but yet it doesn't? I'm positive there's at least some spanx or shapewear under all these - they are all the same loose style T shirt dress, easy to hide. (You can see her bulges on the side anyway, though)

Everyone complained that her usual OOTD's were clothes that no normal person could afford, hence these fairly cheap T-shirt dresses. hate the wigs, though.

Try a little more production effort next time, Snooz.

No. 356959

Who's Chris P. Bacon? Is it some kind of GG in-joke?

No. 356967


Seriously, is just talking enough to get her completely winded? Bitch sounds like she just got done running a marathon.

No. 356972


I'm guessing she's had liposuction - look at how fat her face still is even though her waist and legs look slimmer - something fishy is going on.

No. 356975


Wouldn't surprise me at all if she did. Considering that stupid office, I'm sure she is more than capable of affording it.

No. 356980


She always had slimmer legs compared to her gut and arms, because she's an apple. I don't think she had lipo, I genuinely think she lost weight, albeit just a little and although I think she's still wearing a shapewear underneath.

Here's the video for who's interested

No. 357010

I think she also looks thinner because she bought clothes in a proper size for her body so she looks less like a sausage.

No. 357037

That third wig suits her really well, she almost looks unrecognisably good in the third outfit!
Well credit is due where its due, I think its good shes lost weight and looks healthier and seems happier too, but the thing about Suzy is that you just know shes going to yoyo back into unhealthy again.

No. 357235

wow that last dress really suits her, she actually looks good! see suzy, if you put the fork down you can actually be kinda cute like your sister

No. 357269

I know this form is not the place but I've been following this thread ever since it started back in PT. I have to say it. I'm proud of Suzy. She looks really great. Good for her.

No. 357288

Yeah I've been trying to figure that out too. Could they not find one black friend to voice him so they put a fake name and just had one of them do another voice?

No. 357380

that wig is literaaly arins hair. w o w

No. 357381

>just because you threw some money at people to do the work for you?

its even more funny since vernons friend went to him for the $$$ so they didnt think up a single fucking thing

No. 357424

It's probably the acting name of a professional VA they hired.

No. 357427

I've played the dream daddy game, it's good if you like the typical game grumps humor. I've been enjoying it anyway.

No. 357473

I watched the vid, it looks like she lost some weight and is also wearing more appropriate clothing.
But the shoes on the third one are ugly.

No. 357476

You figured they'd design at least one asian dude. damn

No. 357477

How do they fit in their humor?

No. 357485

isnt craig asian…?

No. 357486

trying too hard to be a teenager, snarky comments, typical unique quirky humor with the daughter that is totally unrealistic. just generic sitcom grump comedy stuff.

No. 357516

She looks really good. The bob haircut is a lot more flattering on her and the auburn hair really compliments her. I hope she keeps going on the right direction lol

No. 357543

wtf are you talking about? the game has female characters, suzy's character is one of the dad's daughter, it makes sense they would get someone they know to voice act her?

No. 357741

The game seems about what you'd expect. Typical visual novel, pacing is kinda wonky, art is nice and so are the transitions. The relationship aspects are kinda… meh.

I mean, her voice role seems pretty small any way and considering most people in GG got a role I'm not really shocked.

No. 358011

File: 1500787495286.jpeg (94.51 KB, 750x508, image.jpeg)

So his whole circle of friends?

No. 358023


Pot calling the kettle black there Ross.

No. 358027

He's probably the most… self aware? piece of trash to come out of that office.

No. 358084

Honestly I feel so stupid to think this game would be actually decent, maybe it's because I've only finished two routes so far but there wasn't any still images like in normal visual novels and of course no actual scenes of them doing 'it' except a brief mention near the end.
It took me less then 3 hours to finish an entire route and will end up taking considerably less being able to skip through the already read dialogue. The plot is short and jumps from platonic to lovers far too quick and the overall designs for the Mc look so stupid compared to the actual characters which made the whole thing weird when the Mc would talk as they were clearly drawn in different art styles with less effort.
Some of the characters like Hugo had some mic troubles I guess because their lines sounded like they were either in an echoing cave or talking into a shity gaming headset. The music and general characters were really well together but either than that I wouldn't suggest getting it unless you're fine with fujobaiting and feeling a little disappointed with the overall plot…

The fact the game was made with unity and it took them an entire year to mkae this is a little sad because they had an entire team and could have done so much more since dating Sims are one of the easiest and quickest things to make, you just need a plot and a bunch of character expressions for the most part (obviously you need alot more but those two things are going to be the most time consuming).

I think the reason their ratings on steam is so high because no one has really played enough of it yet or are straight so aren't really hoping there to be any stills of gay guys but it's still kinda disappointing.

Also some peoppe said the game was supposed to be serious but honestly there weren't many serious parts and was filled with dad jokes, however the transition scenes were amazingly smooth and just seemed so well done along with the character art.
The backgrounds were a little sloppy and probably took about 7 hours? The characters Definently got alot more time into them bUT it would have been nice if the backgrounds had a little more character to them itself.

Super sage forry for rambling and leaving an entire review of the game but I just want others who aren't buying it to know what it's like. I would recommend this game to people who aren't actually into gay visual novels or if you're looking for something that isn't intense

No. 358086

Does anyone know the context as to why he's tweeting this?

No. 358123

>Apply message to a majority of unrestrained egos at any VidCon.
Though it might be specifically about the Jake Paul stuff.

No. 358146

According to Steam reviews, one of the dads has a very "interesting" (edgy) backstory that might have been an idea from Suzy.

No. 358520

i could literally feel my eye twitching at all the useless merch they fucking own. idk to me they just buy figures and shit to own them instead of actually being a fan of the character or the series. but hey its their money i guess

some of the parts of their office look really cool though, like the room with the paper lanterns and all the moss hanging on the walls (minus all the plastic bins on the shelves). pretty jealous of their candy cabinets too

No. 358530

>Some of the characters like Hugo had some mic troubles I guess because their lines sounded like they were either in an echoing cave or talking into a shity gaming headset.


No. 358538

It has high reviews because of GG fandom and lol gays + lol dating sims.

I'm amused that Dong guy said it was meant to be serious, but probably one of the few people who IS taking it seriously, is clearly upset.

You should've refunded it and just pirated to play the rest imo.

No. 358572

The one CG per route is my dealbreaker. I'd let it slide if it was a low budget VN, but there's no reason to skimp on art with Game Grumps funding.

No. 358680

Okay im going a bit (alot) offtopic here, but does anybody care to explain to me why its such a huge deal to tumblr that the game has a secret (and so far unrealeased) cult ending with Joseph being a cult leader, thats supposly a bit supernatural and dark?
Its not even actually out yet, or maybe it wont be because it got scrapped, but people on tumblr acts like that makes the entire game somehow homophobic and problematic.
Whats the big deal??

No. 358735

He's the religious dad.

No. 358742

I saw someone's post about this. It was something about the history of gay people being demonized and being told they belong in hell, so making one of the dads an actual demon who controls all the other dads and makes their gay love lives miserable or something is… idk, trivializing? Making light of slurs real gay men have suffered for centuries? Honestly I didn't retain it exactly it just made me roll my eyes from the reaching to be offended. If anything at all it could be offensive to christians I guess? But sjws don't care about those folks so. I haven't played it but I imagine it's clearly just a stupid secret ending like that silent hill alien thing that's just meant to be amusing and not taken seriously…

No. 358796

She's photoshopped smaller int he still like a jackass but she doesn't need to be. She looks freaking good. Even if she is wearing shapewear, she's becoming a size appropriate for her frame. Her overpriced jewelry is hideous, she has no talent, but I'm glad she's losing weight. She looks good.

No. 358805

About my thoughts, it's about where I put most Western visual novels. The lack of work is pretty apparent due to lack of art/scenes. However, it at least had better "in-between" dialogue. Like when there was a lull and you were mostly just talking with your daughter. I found that to be the best writing to be honest. Most people don't know what to do there, and I felt like they gave additional info but didn't like shove it into our face. Felt a bit natural. But just my opinion.

No. 358848

I finally sat through that entire video and wow. What a bunch of useless crap. Also, why do they need two kitchens and two (or three?) bathrooms? Do they live in the office? Is one kitchen just for Suzy? I feel like they poured so much money into that office just for it to look like a weeb fantasy.

Also, Arin's tits are really filling up.

No. 358955

>inb4 trans saga

No. 359688

spin this so suzy profits

No. 359743

Hahahhaha… Suzy barely cooks. She tweets about ordering takeaway from Postmates delivery constantly. Even when they're at home.

No. 360010

They have two kitchens because the old kitchen (now the bar) was too small for everyone to sit down an eat together after the remodel. It probably still has the same water pipes and all that hooked up, so why not use it for a bar?

Also I would assume the bathrooms came with the space. It's a big space.

No. 360013

File: 1500999196075.png (356.44 KB, 459x788, d.png)

What is this art.

No. 360021

>oh it's not so bad
>that hip

how do i into anatomy

No. 360034

looks like they took art advice from snoozies use of the liquify tool

No. 360076

Personally I'm thinking they had too many guys to choose from so they couldn't focus on a better story/better mic work/etc. If they had maybe 5 they could've spent more time on other things like the background instead of 2 more original character designs, lines, and stories.

No. 360090

File: 1501007351526.jpg (137.43 KB, 919x807, tumblr_oteqxkXnA01t9he3yo1_128…)

This is the character Suzy is voicing in the game. Because she obviously has to be the cool gay fashionista daughter.

And yes I shamelessly took this from tumblr I didn't edit this myself.

No. 360173

pretty obvious they drew super heavily on lucio from overwatch for inspiration here. gay daughter gives me ana vibes too. wouldn't surprise me, gg isn't creative at all.

No. 360190

For those that keep shitting on Dream Daddy because of Game Grumps:
GAME GRUMPS produced them, that means they GAVE THEM MONEY to make it. They also provided voices but from the looks of things they did not play a larger role in creating the world/characters etc. If you're going to blame anyone for the shitty story/art/decisions blame vernon.

No. 360191

Just checked her channel views and holy shit are they abysmal. 325k subs and she can't even get 10k views without a guest on. I knew that nobody liked watching her, but good god I didn't think it was that bad.

No. 360200

Suzy's voice does NOT fit that character design. I actually think she has a voice suitable for voice acting though. Very cartoon-ish.

No. 360217

Idk why everyone's so salty, I unironically enjoyed the game. 10/10 wholesome daddy experience, aside from Hugo's voice being screwed up.

No. 360243

I thought it was good as well. All of the voice acting was pretty bad, none of the voices fit the characters. Dan for Robert didn't fit especially.

No. 360249

I agree, I actually really liked Dans voiceacting in the game and I think his voice is nice, I just dont think they gave him the right character

No. 360295

Yeah the games was alright, it just felt rather short (3 hours per route) and there was a lack of stills. Not bad for a first game but definitely room for improvement

No. 360369

Why is she voicing a character who is non-white? they couldn't get anyone else?

No. 360370

..Fuck, that's awful

No. 360375

jfc, he looks like Laura k buzz or whatever that tranny who works with Jim Sterling is.

No. 360377


Surprised she's not wearing one of Suzy's dumbass necklaces

No. 360386

Does it matter? You think everyone non white character has a VA that's the same race as them?

No. 360396

File: 1501025641161.jpg (62.02 KB, 640x388, why.jpg)

So Suzy along with some of the other Grumps like Arin and Barry are listed in the credits section of Sonic Mania. You know, the same Sonic franchise that Arin has done nothing but shit on. And Suzy is there because who knows. I guess Arin asked Aaron (the Sonic twitter guy who practically worships Arin at this point for some reason) to put her in. She's at the top left corner if you don't see her.

No. 360405

It must be a donation thing or SOMETHING
Because there are other Youtube names on there too. Ryan from SuperMega, Nick Robinson from Polygon and Barry
I'm sure Arin donated with both their names or whatever

No. 360441

Pretty sure that's a Banjo Kazooie reference but probably one of their friends

>Just wondering if Not So Grump sees it that way
I'm wondering that too, where is Jontron these days?
seems like a lot of people really hate him now

No. 360503

File: 1501033525145.jpg (109.83 KB, 1920x1080, Diane Ames.jpg)

I want her to have a deep sexy voice (something like pic related), not Suzy's shrill squeal. Gross.

No. 360588

Laura wishes he looked that good.

No. 360661


I love Shanen's art and it's usually nice but this is just… yikes. What happened?

No. 360679

That isn't even the character people were accusing of being Lucio inspired… I guess all brown people are Lucio inspired.

No. 360716

The whole point of VA is you can be anything if you have the right voice for the part (not saying Suzy does…).

That's like saying you have to be gay to voice a gay character.

No. 360724

I think the point is more that representation is nice, and we need to let poc fill poc roles more often.

No. 360735

That is true, but this game is what happens when you try to shove as many as your friends in instead of actually trying to make it fit

No. 361073

Good taste, anon~

No. 361114

Oh yeah, the franchise where Arin spent about five minutes or so to make jokes about the more modern games while playing Sonic Boom. Is Arin an old school 2d fan or does he just hate the entire franchise?
Then again, I don't think Arin even likes video games.

No. 361220


Arin has always thought Sonic sucked and doesn't have any jokes about the series other than "lol xd chili dogs gotta go fast!!".

But yeah, he is also incredibly biased towards 2d games and shits on any modern franchise that isn't weeb anime girl trash.

No. 361223

I remember in some episodes of GG he claims he is very critical of games because of his expertise and knowledge on the topic and that makes him look with critical glasses.

Pretentious as fuck.

No. 361236

>game full of gays
>"for" gays
>i guess not made by gays
>cast full of cisscum

u do the math

No. 361307

Can all the tumbltards gtfo?

No. 361336

File: 1501123592248.png (781.43 KB, 894x589, 4566454664456465456.png)

Suzy should really consider getting this kind of hair

No. 361337

File: 1501123637945.png (683.38 KB, 928x581, 46565446645465465645.png)

… the makeup however

No. 361376

The hair looks really good on her. The makeup is awful, as usual.

She actually looks happier now that's she's lost a little weight. I hope she keeps maintaining herself since holiday season will be here before long. That's usually when her and Arin just eat all kinds of garbage food.

No. 361394

Hair looks fine there. lol those fucking shoes tho.

No. 361395

Expertise and knowledge? … Where? When?
… If he references Sequelitis, I swear… Having one video of four with a decent point does not imply you have game expertise and knowledge. And then his record on Game Grumps makes it even more apparent he's just… not that great.
I think Dan's showed better gaming skill than Arin has.
Then again, whenever I think of Arin I just hear shouting about something random.

No. 361396

Arin is sooooo smart, that's why he almost rage quit over "fucking clams" in OoT, in addition to bragging how easy water temple was (then using a guide)

No. 361398

I remember he kept complaining about when games hold your hand in one of his videos where he had Roll chime in to represent modern gaming or something?
But then when you look at him on GG, it's like: You need that person so much, Arin. You have no idea.

No. 361458

I think he just band wagons. It's cool to hate sonic, because of the really bad games and the totally radical 90s attitude. Sonic 1-3, adventure 1-2, colors, and generations are all really good, solid games.
Lmao. Another excellent game that's too hard for arin. I genuinely think he doesn't like video games. He complains about tutorials, he complains about no tutorials, he rage quits. It's one thing to not be good at games, but it's another to quit a solid game because it's hard.

I suck at bloodsouls, but they're still some of my favorite games. I'm killer at diablo because I've put countless hours into ii and iii for years. Arin annoys me more than gamur gril Suzy tbh.

No. 361486

I actually thing that hair looks burnt and bimbo-ish and makes he look worse lmao

Color is nice though.

No. 361520

Dream daddy has been all over my feed and all of my female friends have been pushing me toplay it. However when I saw the price for it I turned away.There are so many better visual novel games out there of higher quality. I don't know why people are losing their shit over this. Hur durr cuz of gayness, yaoi and GG. I don't see how this game can offend anyone however.

No. 361530

>green color theme
>dread-like hair (looks like lazy dreads because of how rounded the tips are but hard to say what they're going for tbh)

he has some lucio-type motifs without being brown, no need to bring race in this anon.

No. 361593

Honestly, Dream Daddy has nothing to really offer if you aren't a big fan of GG and their brand of… comedy? Is that what it's called?>>361458
I mean, it's really easy to hate Sonic but it's also really easy to hate anything. Every Sonic game has something to offer, in a way. Which I'm sure will get me bashed but hey, at least they are trying something.
I'm going to reference Sequelitis again, because that's the most I've seen Arin discuss games, and… maybe it's because I played those games at the time they came out but most of his praises I already felt and don't care about this manbaby going nuts over them? And a lot of his complaints are just… whiny.
Then again, when I heard him list some rpgs and say they weren't hard I started laughing hard because I pictured Arin being himself and shouting and blaming the game for his lack of skill when he encounters a fight that's hard.
I don't get how he can be a fan of Monster Hunter, a game about recognizing patterns and habits in enemies, adapting to said patterns and habits, then wailing on the enemy until it dies or you capture it. Given the vast amount of evidence of how he plays video games, it seems more likely he would throw a temper tantrum the minute a monster behaves in a way he did not know it could.

Yeah, Arin annoys me way more than Suzy. Suzy's just this totally plain, lame "I'm actually a super cool -insert fad here- person" who married a guy who made Adult Swim humor on the internet. She's the personification of putting a little too much condiments on a meal to make it taste better than it actually is, but it instead makes a big mess.
Meanwhile, her husband is a guy who settled for a girl he met at a convention, got dumped by her or something, creeped on her via letters for a year, and then only got back with her because she needs his e-fame. Now he barges into test kitchens and demands to see their product, shoves his way into top billing on a show where he had two lines (I don't even like Rick and Morty and even I thought him being on the top of the guest stars was some shitty shit), started some stupid trend mostly just to wave his e-phallic object around to show how many artists want his attention, and he still admits to shitting his pants.
… Really?

No. 361647

The game actually lacks their brand of 'comedy' and many fans are pissed off and feel scammed.

No. 361759

File: 1501188195485.jpg (261.36 KB, 841x816, ddtwitter.jpg)


… from twitter

No. 361777


what kind of 3rd world country do you live in that makes you think 15$ is a lot of money. You do know that most visual novels cost $50 right?

No. 361781

I definitely agree that $15 is too much since most VN are $5-$10. Plus it's very "click and go" you don't navigate the world and interact.
You use Dadbook to go on dates which activates the storyline. It's pretty lazy honestly.

No. 361787

File: 1501190374102.png (465.37 KB, 710x870, wat.png)

If you guys are going to shit them on their price, they're actually cheaper than most of the visual novels on steam. What point are you trying to make?

katawa shoujo is free not because they did it out of the goodness of their heart, but because:

1) the concept originated from a Japanese artist. The artist gave them permission to expand on the idea but it's immoral to profit from it.

2) Katawa is a slang, so marketing a game with the title equivalent to "Retard Girls" isn't really good for business

No. 361790

>What point are you trying to make?
that it's a shit gimmick VN that's just streambait that won't appeal to people who would actually want to play a VN.
also, nice false equivalency comparing this crap to Danganrompa (oh look, that's for two games, Dream Daddy is about 5% the length of one of them) and bundles that include several games + dlc.

No. 361797

I don't know what VN's you are playing but most are, like the user above you said, around $30-60.

Just for comparison, a few other VN's on Steam:

Usually these games never really see much in terms of sales either. Dream Daddy is more along the lines of Hatoful Boyfriend or Huniepop, so I think $15 is a good starting price. (I think content wise, it is better than those two, it just should be longer.) In a year it will be $10, and in a few years it will go on sale for about $2.50 or less.

No. 361805

File: 1501191571953.png (104.81 KB, 1515x934, vns i have downloaded.png)

>Plus it's very "click and go" you don't navigate the world and interact.

Samefag, but also what have you played aside from trendy YouTube fodder? Because some expensive Japanese Visual Novels don't even have as many options to change the story as Dream Daddy did.

(And I may be a little into visual novels so… I am curious where you get these ideas?)

No. 361811


Damn good taste anon

No. 361813

Is your only Visual Novel experience with Otome-fandom fodder like Mystic Messenger?
Because most actual Visual Novels aren't anything like this

No. 361843

>I think content wise, it is better than those two, it just should be longer.
fuck it being longer could it have hurt them that badly to include some god damn CGs besides the ugly garbage they give you at the end of each route like what visual novel doesn't have cgs even huniepop had them for fucks sake. lazy game tbh and this is coming from someone who played it and mildly enjoyed it

No. 361846

File: 1501194180467.jpg (51.88 KB, 500x667, IMG_20170727_182244.jpg)

No. 361851

Again what have you played, because I have played games that cost more (albeit longer) with end game CG rewards only? I have even played great games with hardly any CG at all. One of my favorites, Tsukehime, looked like this most of the game: http://www.lurkmore.com/w/images/9/9e/Thischair.jpg

I mean it would have been nice if there were more, but it's launch price is $15, which will decline drastically in Steam sales in a year or so???

Also, I am saying all of this having been over all disappointed with Dream Daddy. I did enjoy it… Until it ended. Once you go on the dates the game goes way to fast. It was like they forgot how to tell a story (which they were doing great with Amanda) as soon as you started to date a dad. But I still think it is worth the price, if not only for the character design and music/audio alone.

Honestly this thread making a big deal about the voice acting is confusing me as well, because where you can tell it is the grumps, they did a really good job with the grunts and one liners to make it not awkward. It reminded me of Breath of the Wilds voice acting. I actually think this was a better choice than having the Grumps voice all dialogue.

No. 361865

Are these the same people sending death threats to someone over fan art of someone who was…
I'm sorry, can someone explain to me the Dream Daddy Death Threats thing?
I don't comprehend what the issue is.

No. 361874

>I think content wise, it is better than those two, it just should be longer
Hatoful Boyfriend had a really good new game+ with an actual story and world/setting than gay dad jokes. They're on the same level in terms of gimmick but HB actually gives you somehing once you get past that.

No. 361875

1. Artist does genderbend of the dads, has not played the game.
2. One of the dads is ftm, people decide it is offensive to draw that one as a female.
3. Dumb logic ignored that in genderbend he would be mtf then so whatever. Decides it's transphobic.
4. Insert harassment to the artsy for being transphobic because if a drawing.

It's dumb Tumblr level shit that people need to calm down about.

No. 361879

I've actually played a fair share of japanese (and some korean) visual novels and about 90% of them included CGs. It's really uncommon for a short game like Dream Daddy to have NO in-route CGs. You really have to either pack it full with story to make up for that (like tsukihime for example. that game is 31 hours MINIMUM so honestly? bad comparison). Even the shitty phone otome i play as a guilty pleasure have several in-route cgs…

No. 361881

Which one is ftm?

No. 361883

Damien the goth dad

No. 361885

Okay then talk about those points instead of saying it's too expensive at $15??? Tear it down but make good reasons hunty

No. 361887

It's 15 FUCKING DOLLARS what did you expect

No. 361900

Like I said.. even the shitty phone otome games I play have several in-route CGs and they barely rack up to 10 bucks if you put all 5 routes they provide together so I mean… the price isn't really an excuse for the lazy execution. Idk why you're going so hard for it anyways. It's valid and legitimate criticism and I have nothing against GG or their game (like i said i enjoyed it to an extent) and I think putting in at least 2 in-route CGs is standard for that price and game length.

No. 361906

>tfw you don't have $15 spare for shitty games
Y i k e s

No. 361907

torrents are your friends.

No. 361910

That's…. it?
Nothing else? Well, thanks, anon.
It seems like it'd be more transphobic to keep the character the gender they are in the game, really. If it was a female who transitioned to male.
Then again from what I've seen of the game, it looks really cringeworthy and the humour will wear off quick.
Then again… again, I never really understood the "I feel represented by this side character" thing.

No. 361973


Great taste.

No. 361974

Wow, they really are shitty ass attention whores, shoving themselves into as many places as possible.

No. 362000

that wig makes Suzy's head look absolutely massive. Also maybe it's just the lighting but her necks looks really weird

No. 362155

I dont know I quite enjoyed dream daddy, even with full acknowledgement that it is not a masterpiece in no sense… its just a cute little dumb game, I wish people wouldn't get so worked up over it because of the game grumps stamp on it.
I know it sucks that a game like this would get more attention than more indie developed games, but is it really any surprise? Any game that has a bigger developer or a "famous" stamp on it gets more attention, thats not a GG thing thats just a media thing. Thats like getting mad an indie singer at your local bar gets less attention than Beyonce, even if that singer is better than her.
Honestly I think a game with GG stamp on it could have been WAY more lazy and dumb than this game is, and sold just as well, so Im pretty satisfied with it.
There is a few hiccups, like missing bad storylines, achivements written into the game that you cant actually get, and the build a dad being pretty lazy compared to the rest of the art, but overall I enjoyed it.
Would be cool if they made a dream mommy game too in the future.

Sage for blogpost.

No. 362156

With all that said, I still do wish they picked voiceactors that fit their characters and not just forced game grumps people onto it, it stuck out badly.

No. 362162

Did it really though? I mean… it is barely.. there.

No. 362234

File: 1501249751208.jpg (164.97 KB, 1280x720, IMG_9524.JPG)

One of my only complaints about the Dream Daddy game is why are the "create-a-dad" options so fucking ugly? Literally every "dadsona" I've seen is ugly as shit. They're like a completely different art style than the games art. It looks so out of place. Was it drawn by a different artist than who drew the main characters?

No. 362239

I dont get that either, they really do look out of place… theres hardly any shading at all on the dadsona options… also theres hardly any eyes or mouths that arent goofy looking.
I definitely think its gotta be drawn by different people, and I think the make a dad is super lazy.
Ive seen dress up fairy games for kids better than the DD options.

No. 362289

File: 1501259195704.png (1.35 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170728-112440.png)

I have to say, I'm surprised. I've clearly underestimated how large the GG fandom is. I really didn't think this game was going to get much attention. Just a blip, like a lot of indie games.

No. 362290

the beaver teeth are bothering me so much wtf why

No. 362292

the character design just dosent fit not so much the actual race

No. 362308

>its just a cute little dumb game

This and I am SO exhausted from hearing people talk about it.
May the day come where there's something else to talk about other than gay dads.

No. 362368

I honestly am kinda sad you can't play as a female to find some hot dad bod and shit. I didn't know it was purely BL .

No. 362387

theres like hundreds of games like that

No. 362388

Where you specifically go after a crew of dads?

No. 362431

File: 1501272012227.png (650.64 KB, 593x593, 553443555435345.png)

Sorry Suzy but this wig is a no…

No. 362435

File: 1501272406389.png (24.54 KB, 586x224, 645645656464545645664564564565…)

You know you feel too internet famous when you casually ask people in japan to send you shit you lost

No. 362455

Not really a flattering pose when you're trying to shape your face better with your hair and then one big line of skin is visible behind the one stray bang.
… It makes it look like the other side of your face is photo shopped.

No. 362462

That is one of my biggest complaints and why I kind of understand why people were saying it's exploiting gays. If they made it so you could be any gender it would have gotten so much more praise tbh.

No. 362586

>visual novels are expensive
>i should know, ive pirated them all

No. 362628

I think the fact we find this hair OK on her only proves how bad her hair actually is.

>that fucking blonde streak

No. 362635

What the fuck. Who steals beads from a car?? Is she lying for random free shit?

No. 362637

This. It makes it even worse because they tried to be as 'diverse' as possible yet achieved none of it.

No. 362641

>pls my sacred beads i hang on my car mirror i need new ones

No. 362644

I am sure Arin and Suzy like Monhun for the same reason they like Overwatch - their team can do all the work for them.

No. 362652

Suzy's future.

No. 362661


I actually think that wig is flattering on her. But the second picture is shitty, though.

No. 362663


No. 362712

Why does she have Buddhist prayer beads anyway? Doesn't she know that she can find them in America too? I guess she wants them because they're ~ Japanese ~

No. 362717

they mean so much to her that shell just accept any replacement apparently

never mind im sure she will be back there in less than half a year and can fucking pick out her own pair to replace them with

No. 362718

File: 1501301968534.png (53.8 KB, 640x459, IMG_9821.PNG)

Is she getting back into modeling?

No. 362721

She shouldn't bother, models above age 25 are disgusting and a huge joke.

No. 362735

I wonder how long until she just starts selling her own prayer beads? Back when she was scamming people she was selling Buddha head jewelry

No. 362736

prob why she wants a replacement lol

No. 362754

She's just getting in touch with her whale side, obviously

No. 362771

>even the shitty phone otome games I play have several in-route CGs and they barely rack up to 10 bucks if you put all 5 routes they provide together

Hell, you can play completely free Otome games like the ones produced by "Shall We Date" and they still come with tons of CG's. DD is overrated shit.

No. 362849

I actually try to buy the games if I enjoy them and there is an English version. (As importing a Japanese version is way too expensive.. and in Japanese.) And yea, so what if I pirate them before I consider buying because they…. are expensive?? Like yes that is exactly my point thanks for reiterating that.

Also, in a lot of cases the only way to play them is through English fan translations… as localizations… aren't that common with this genre. Usually the ones that do get officially translated I end up not really liking as much. As with the Otome Backstage Pass versus Starry Sky.

No. 362918


This just looks fucking awkward. She looks top heavy as fuck. So much for her "losing weight"

No. 363027


It's obvious that she had liposuction work done - they didn't take any fat from her neck and tits so it looks like she's an upturned pyramid.

No. 363330

I'm very tempted to spam her next instagram post with "did you get lipo? You look fantastic!! <some more asskissing> I might try it too" I wonder if she'd admit it or deny it

No. 363331

File: 1501396702833.jpg (Spoiler Image, 81.1 KB, 899x677, cursed_image.jpg)

this was posted a long time ago. did we ever figure out if it's real or not? I missed it

No. 363333


If anything she'll just block you and try to pretend it never happened.

No. 363345

That guy has a mole on his cheek, Arin doesn't. The decoration doesn't look anything like their style, note the Grateful Dead bear tapestry and weird stickers on the left.

No. 363351

File: 1501402157292.jpg (Spoiler Image, 306.88 KB, 1616x675, Ee1qCee.jpg)

but suzy/woman both have that same arm mark

No. 363374

Also suzys tits aren't that perky she's pretty flat (at least not as rounded out like in the pic are)

No. 363393

Eh. I don't think it's her. But, there was that one time when she accidentally uploaded a bathtub picture with her nude reflection showing in the faucet but it wasn't really anything to get that worked up about.

No. 363418

Wow I think its me. I have a freckle there too!

No. 363618

I think they have only seen English vns as opposed to jvns.

No. 363877

Nevermind that pic of her taking a load on her face.

No. 363929

that was shooped though

No. 363945

File: 1501509071389.png (1.28 MB, 750x1334, IMG_0411.PNG)

Holy shit. She finally did it. She has achieved her final form of "actual land whale"

No. 363953

She looks kind of cute here with minimal make-up and a nice smile.

No. 364039

All power to her for having her gut sucked out (I assume) and toning down the eyeliner but her sleeve is really off-putting in this picture. Maybe it's just me idk

No. 364048

File: 1501521463587.jpg (282.56 KB, 1200x1200, IMG_2585.JPG)

No. 364059

she really looks like she's lost some weight, it's nice to see. hopefully she tones down her personality too.

No. 364068


she actually looks decent here. I wish they covered up the sleeve or gave her a black mermaid costume because it kinda clashes with the blue.

No. 364930

that gut

No. 365124

What gut? She is sitting with her legs up. That is how bodies work???

No. 365199

He's refering to the obvious blob of fat that's folding over her bikini.

No. 365213


I always forget that this place is infested with wannabe Ana-chans.

No. 365226

>Never 7
>Ever 17
>Remember 11

And all the other ones that I'm too lazy to play. Man. I salute you.

No. 365398

yeah, she actually looks like she's lost a ton of weight honestly. having some tummy rolls when sitting/bent over is pretty normal if you're average weight.

No. 365833

Snooze lost weight. Good for her. I hope she keeps going so it can stop being a topic in these threads.

No. 366194

File: 1501795779610.png (614.23 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

Apparently her FB is private, can anyone here view it?

No. 366224

but it wont stop her from being GG mooch and selling cheaply made over priced boo-shiet. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

No. 366375


Yeah. I'm so tired of talking about her appearance, I want to talk about what a shitty person she is.

No. 366439

This is going to be a trainwreck

No. 366440

Dude, I was bummed when I saw this. What does Dan Harmon has to do with that shit?

No. 366590


Wow this looks fucking HORRIBLE.

No. 366596

I don't know what kind of reception they expect putting it on yt red.. has any series on that platform been successful? I wouldn't know, even if I had mommy's credit card, being north of the border.

No. 366651

This is literally the plot of that ben stiller dodge ball movie, why Arin

No. 366661

Don't insult Dodgeball like that.

No. 366802

Also I think it doesn't help how much they've hyped it up so much too and I'm like this is what it ended up being?? And dan harmond only exec produced it so it's not like he was hands on with it at least I think lol
I mean I will say they look "good" vs the gross frumpy way they usually look cause duh tv
I wonder if Suzy will make an appearance in this lol

No. 366818


It's not a question of how if, only a matter of when. Of course she weaseled her way into a part or as an extra.

No. 366912


Is that fucking Terry Crews at 1:14??

Also, funny Arin would joke about dude's bragging about his girlfriend being a model when she's a catalog model… coughcoughSuzycough

No. 367283

i audibly gagged. why is everything these guys do so unfunny? i dont watch GG so i dont know if this is their usual brand of humor.

No. 367330

Her weight is going to continue being a discussion point as long as she is a lying hyprocrite wannabe model

No. 367382


To be honest it doesn't look like the dumpster fire I was expecting. I feel like you can tell Dan is a lot more comfortable in front of a camera with how much he was featured though which makes me wonder how comfortable Arin is acting. All his parts he was making the same exact face and talking in the same tone.

I had to rewind to hear the voice but I do think that was Terry Cruz. That's actually kind of impressive.

No. 367545

One of the reasons this series piss me off is that Dan and Arin spent 3 weeks worth of gamegrumps episodes complaining how tired they were because of the youtube red show they were filming.
Like literally every single episode was we are so tired, so exhausted, sooooo tired because we spent the week doing a full day job that didnt just mean sitting and playing video games for 5 hours!
I know that you are allowed to be tired even if your job is considered a passion you think is fun and youre pretty priviliged to have, but dear god it was annoying to listen to! Really shows how little actual work they do daily when it was SUCH a big deal to them.

Also please love yourself and never pay for youtube red. I see alot of their fans say they are going to watch it to support them. They swim in money. They dont need you to watch their youtube red show.

No. 367907

is yt red even popular enough to have people rip content from it and upload elsewhere?

No. 368092

Yes they can milk you in with their "tv on the run" but there's such thing as torrent websites

No. 368651

>Also, funny Arin would joke about dude's bragging about his girlfriend being a model when she's a catalog model… coughcoughSuzycough

Slay anon, slay!

Wonder if Arin's character will have a love interest on screen.

No. 368652

would suzy even let him

No. 368655


I'm sure she was pretty heated and jealous when Arin was on that stupid dance competition show. His partner was way hotter than Snoozy and looks like someone who is actually capable of having fun.

No. 368697

Is this for real? Great, another shitty movie about stereotypes and gamers to appeal to the masses (??) Dan looks okay in this, but Arin is a pudgy blimp. Also, was that dig about his nemesis dating a model supposed to be funny because Arin dated a 'model' ?

No. 368698

I remember that. Also, Arin's partner not only was objectively more attractive than Suzy, but they also had a decent amount of chemistry.

No. 368744

File: 1502176733568.png (780.61 KB, 1266x715, uz8IKZMOGbE.PNG)


The partner looks like a basic white girl, but at least she takes care of herself.

No. 368920


She had to have been livid about all the comments the fans were making about how cute she was and how Arin and her would make a cute couple.

No. 369010

not gonna lie though, thought i was lookin at a screen cap of a porno or something. ouch.

No. 369133

lol i thought the same thing

No. 371033

File: 1502508533176.png (1.32 MB, 908x2389, JKL.png)

lol what if suzy's channel shut down?

No. 371055

oh noes, people will have to get "real jobs" and/or go back to making youtube for fun! TOO SPOOKY

also isnt her channel already basically doa unless arin or someone guests

ALSO isn't gg on some network? i feel like hers wouldntbe, so they probably get privleges

No. 371056

also fuck gab i unsubbed from her annoying ass. thanks for ruining another human just by associating with them suz

No. 371106


Her channel is practically on life support anyways. She can't even get 10k views unless Arin is in an episode.

No. 371116

Does anyone know Suzy's Overwatch name?

I played with someone called kittykatgmer the other day and while I don't THINK it was her, they were absolutely terrible. They switched to nearly every character that wasn't already taken and continuously died then yelled in chat that we weren't protecting them (they would literally run off towards Enemy Spawn to try and take them on…)

Probably wasn't Suzy, but I had a chuckle then annoyance at them being on my team.

No. 371122

That's not her main, if it is her

No. 371149


It think her tag is SleepyReapy

No. 371155

Oh okay. I know sometimes big youtubers change their handles so people don't really bug them if they're in game and they were pretty low level but who knows. Thanks for clarifying!

I'll keep a lookout for her name whenever I play.

No. 371156


meh gab was chasing hard to get suzy's attention anyway so she was set from the start to get ruined

I still hate how she went from a chill and sweet person to a whiny and rude edgelord and now her husband has his own gaming channel too so they probably weren't doing too well since she gave up on all her full-time proper jobs teaching japanese kek

No. 371162

i dont even remember what i last tried watching, but it was annoying enough to make me finally give up on her. it was semi recent.

ive never even seen her husband

at least she can go back to teaching Japanese, i guess

and suzy can just continue mooching off arin

No. 371165


she doesn't want to teach japanese; she studied japanese in university where she met her now-husband but her husband had the job first in Japan and she married him early and they left together and she got random jobs teaching and private classes

she used to offer online japanese classes to her viewers for a price, when she was still struggling to juggle both youtube and work, but her end goal was to make enough money on youtube to give up her full time jobs and her husband works in the… dutch japanese embassy, I think

Her husband appears in some of her videos when they play together but now he got his own channel.

No. 371170

sounds like she has a pretty miserable reality check incoming

No. 371171


oh definitely, she used to be pretty honest that her goal was to develop her channel enough to be able to live off it, I mean on the one hand I appreciate the honesty but on the other we clearly see how she climbed a lotta ladders to get it

she used connections to play a lot of games that otherwise would get flagged or claimed copyright on, she used her friend the Quiet model which got her arin and suzy, she befriended HarshlyCritical and then RPGMinx and that gang, yet her views are still pretty low tbh

I think her most popular lets play is probably still the Fatal Frame 5 videos because she played it in Japanese and also during a time when it wasn't available elsewhere, so she had a huge advantage

Fans donated/payed for her fancy computer because they paid for the parts, but she's definitely not gonna be able to live off that alone now that Youtube is messing up the revenues. She lives in a traditional Japanese house with two cats, it's not a cheap life.

No. 371221

Suzy is looking better in her recent video. She got straight across bangs again.

That filter, however…

No. 371226

Why is her lightning so bad in so many of her videos? She has so much equipment handy and yet it looks like shes in a green foggy swamp at 3am filming this

No. 371748

is she too retarded to realize these filters make her look EVEN WORSE?

No. 372235

This is really minor but it's always annoyed me how she just uses selfies as her video thumbnails. Most youtubers make their own thumbnails or choose a cap from the video. All she does is take a selfie and put filters and stickers on it and that's it. No effort and it looks so unprofessional.

No. 372417


It's because she is so "lol so quirky random". Or a woman child who still hasn't grown out of her high school attitude because she is afraid of growing up and becoming "boring".

Take your pick.

No. 372966

Is she saggier looking, or is it just me? She looks like a bulldog.

No. 373441

File: 1502909007379.png (45.87 KB, 429x401, IMG_9842.PNG)

This is a old picture but holy fuck her chin. I guess she photoshopped it because there's no way her chin is that pointy. Why did she think that looked good?

No. 374267

File: 1503000577053.png (79.45 KB, 640x595, IMG_9843.PNG)

Isn't she a really toxic player too? Like expecting to be carried through a game and blaming other people when she loses a match

No. 374268

File: 1503000600912.png (85.54 KB, 640x526, IMG_9844.PNG)


No. 374761


She is the exact kind of toxic asshole she is bitching about. Always blaming her team for losing and demanding other players switch when she isn't winning.

This is just her fishing for sympathy again. Just claim you were sexually harassed online with no proof and you'll have legions of neckbeard white knights looking to defend your honor.

No. 374765

ffs,people should stop bawwing about being 'sexually harassed' online. dick pics? yes that's fucked, report that. some creep saying 'u wan sum fug' that's just a fucking idiot who thinks you're hot cause you probably have a vagina. yes, i know both of them are harassment, and i wouldn't tolerate either in person, but someone saying or texting something creepy to you online is not that big of a deal, and people always act like they've been groped.

No. 374777


It's mostly just attention seeking and looking for emotional validation from complete strangers. Anyone with eyes can see that Snoozy is a shitty person. But she can claim she was sexually harassed and now everyone goes to feeling sorry for her.

No. 374842

You just said both were harrassment though. I know it's Suzy and we don't like her, but sexual harrassment is sexual harrassment.
Not trying to WK because she's a racist bitch but c'mon now. It shouldn't be something women have to deal with, period.

No. 374907

File: 1503085007822.png (163.85 KB, 343x351, unknown.png)

She mentions all of the works he does for GameGrumps more than her own channels in this new video.

No. 374910

kek like your channel was bringing in the cash anyway. sorry your fee fee were hurt.

No. 374948

… Is That her real hair? Did she really dye her hair green? What did I miss?

No. 374952


Fucking lord her face looks so bloated.

No. 374953

She's gaining weight again, it's likely she had liposuction but still eats like shit these days making the procedure pointless, what a waste of money.

No. 374955


Yeah. Starting to think she never lost weight in the first place. Her arms are still as far and hammy and ever that double chin is back in full force.

No. 374971

And I thought the filter/lighting was bad in >>371221.

No. 374972

why is her nose so red? did she put blush on it?

No. 374977

She's white. Her nose is probably just red and showing through her foundation. I wish my nose looked that "red" on a good day

No. 374980

File: 1503095972564.png (133.86 KB, 750x829, IMG_2678.PNG)

Seems like with her recent hair style change and going back to what I assume is her more natural hair color she's trying to look more like Jean instead of a spoopy goffick gamer girl

No. 374982

Um no, being white doesn't make your nose red. Especially when it doesn't look that colour normally. See >>374980

No. 375003

It can. Different anon, but I know my nose redness shows through much more quickly/easily than anything else on my face.

Also, >>374980 is filtered to death. Of course her nose is going to match.

No. 375021

Suzy is in the newest GG podcast about the metal gear series because thats her favorite game series, yet she knows nothing correct about it and constantly says stupid shit. Everyone in the comments hate her.

No. 375050

nooo of all the series please dont shit on mgs…

i like how she criticizes kojima for being to arrogant (which, i will actually agree with her on that considering the whole kojima is god meme that he himself actually pushes at times) but then is like "oh but i bought the t-shirt of ludens because

No. 375051

she wanted to support them aka show off

(sage for being a dumbass and accidentally hitting new reply)

No. 375063

Her makeup looks pretty good here if only it wasn't on her face

No. 375121

remember how she shit on breath of the wild, admitted shed never played a zelda game, and then constently jerked off over it when gg/whoever got an early copy

yeah same shit

i bet she watches lets plays

No. 375181

File: 1503119675949.jpg (43.83 KB, 728x728, Dr-Seuss-Animal-Characters.jpg)

she looks strikingly like a dr seuss character

No. 375268


I guess she was like typical gamer gurrls on voice chat then. "Tehee, look ima girrl", you bet you get your ass handed to you when you're being a grill on voice chat in OW.

Play normal, act normal and nobody will say anything. I haven't heard any woman-related toxicity in OW.

No. 375273

Wish I were you. Luckily it doesn't affect me.

No. 375280

why do people take photos like this
we can see yur arm, stupid cunt

No. 375385


At least the comments are calling out what a dipshit she is being. Can always count on Game Grumps fans to do that at least.

No. 375505

I'm confused. How is she stupid for that?

No. 375615

Someone take screenshots before Arin goes exterminatus on everyone calling out the Sooz.

No. 375642


Not like he is going to do anything about it.

No. 375654

in her glasses

No. 375723

Don't forget that they also said dozens of times that they took some serious acting lessons for a fucking YT:R show

Side Note: Oh boy, I totally can't wait for Danny and Brian to talk about how their NSP channel finally hit 1 million subscribers after 8 fucking years compared to any other new channel that hits 1 million fast these days no matter how shitty said new channel could be

No. 375742

considering how hard they shill nsp over the many years danny has been at gg, thats pathetic.

No. 375759

Yes I SEE that, but what I'm asking is why is she stupid for having her arm visible in her glasses?

No. 375810

is not limited to her, i just think anyone who tries to take non chalant pics with their selfie arm clearly visible is an idiot

No. 376012

File: 1503264593480.png (67.06 KB, 1101x375, 1.PNG)

hooooly cow, where do i start with this video? what happened suzy? what happened to the washed out, high-contrast lighting? we can see every blemish and every shadow of the topology of her face here. why does it look like she's been crying? even if she used makeup to make her nose red, why would she apply it so crappily? why would our spoopy goth goddess pair a green wig (it's a wig, she commented) with a worn out camo t-shirt?

with all the talk of lipo/surgery pic related is a conveniently-timed comment.

No. 376016

>bags for company meetings
>and when i go to work


No. 376605

i wonder if its just an excuse to have more bags, or her feigning importance.

No. 376612

I wonder if she still believes getting lip fillers can give her cancer just like how she believed Pepsi causes bone cancer

No. 376773

Who here actually thinks snoozy got lip fillers? Ive never used "lip plumpers?" so idk if I should really be calling bs right now.

No. 376783

it's taken from quite a high angle here so it could give the illusion of a pointier chin. i've accidentally had selfies that came out like that when taken at a higher angle. cameras a weird and deceiving.

No. 376784

yes its either blush or contour

lol try harder

No. 377137

her crooked ass wig is making me more angry than anything

No. 378212

I know she overlines her lips like crazy. She knows she has thin lips but I don't think she'd ever do anything about them

No. 379343

so has suzy commented on the changes to mercy yet

i dont know shit about overwatch

No. 380411

The gamegrumps just seriously uploaded this to their main channel.

I think one of the first comments says what everyone is thinking very well:
"Now that Arin realizes he doesn't have to make real content anymore to get the same amount of views, this is the beginning of the end.

No. 380535


If anything Mercy's skill ceiling just got higher and will weed out shit Mercys like Suzy who just hide and multi-rez. They wanted to discourage that type of play so now she more like a "battle angel" than just a straight up passive healer who is often dead in the water without her team protecting her. So now when she is playing like shit even more since she can't just hide and rez her team will have more of a reason to shit on her now.

No. 380604

tbh this is the answer i wanted

No. 380671


I'm sure she'll bitch and moan about how Blizzard "ruined" Mercy now that she can't rely on being carried anymore. Because she proved in the episode of the podcast she was on about Overwatch, she has no idea what the fuck she is talking about when it comes to video games.

No. 380805

This is exactly why I dislike Suzy, she is constantly saying straight up wrong things and things that make no sense, because she doesn't bother looking anything up, double checking or maybe re-evaluate her opinions based on new information or somebody who knows more explaning things to her.
Suzy just comes off as straight up stupid. Shes stubborn, childish and can never admit she is wrong about something. I dont care about how "fat" she is or how small her upperlip is as everyone on this board is constantly going on about, I dont care about people having flaws, being ugly or overweight… but this childish stupid behaviour of hers is why nobody can stand her. She truly does belong with Arin.
The difference between Arin and Suzy, who are both stubborn and stupid and wont open their eyes about facts, is that people aren't as afraid to tell Arin he's a moron to his face when he says something idiotic… people constantly tell Arin they disagree with him or don't see it his way, but when it comes to Suzy her friends are too scared to hurt her feelings to say anything negative to her.

Sage for rant

No. 381178

File: 1503879864377.png (45.7 KB, 640x393, IMG_9863.PNG)

No. 381295

lol she's not even ruined. mercy was in dire need of a change up, she was a lackluster support with no defensive or offensive capabilities like zen, lucio and ana. can't wait for all the basic bitches who main mercy ragequit or move to other heroes because they can't do the ol hide n rez.

No. 381312


Totally fucking called it. Please bitch more about why you can't get carried any more Snoozy.

No. 381405


Suzy seriously has no excuse to be whining right now - for 99% of us, video games are something that we can dedicate a portion of our time to while we aren't working; Suzy's entire job is to play video games, hell, she doesn't even have to do that, she could just coast on Arin's coattails until the inevitable divorce.

Oh no, Mercy was ruined waaaah!!!
Hey Suzy, rather than trying to shimmy your bloated ass into a backwards skintight Bioshock unitard you'll put on eBay afterwards, you sit down and actually play the game instead of getting carried by your team the entire time?
Stop fucking eating, start fucking playing.

No. 381763

Seriously. Mercy isn't being killed, but improved. This only goes to prove that she's an absolute shit gamer.

No. 382081

she's just upset she'll actually have to play now, instead of hiding behind walls waiting for people to die

No. 383526

File: 1504146945695.png (65.41 KB, 750x474, IMG_2750.PNG)

Jesus she is dense.
Go ahead and tell the entire city of Houston and surrounding population of 6ish million people to evacuate on short notice.. great idea. No one expected Harvey to stall and dump what was essentially a years worth of rain on the city.

No. 383558

File: 1504155789798.png (42.63 KB, 888x566, wig.png)

the green shit is a wig

No. 383589

It's also completely reasonable to not call for evac because of this. If everyone was stuck in traffic during the storm there'd be more vulnerable people out in the shit
Plus not everyone has the means to evac. I like that she's posting about this after the worst is over too.
Also, did anyone watch the first episode of Good Game? It was…hard to watch

No. 383660

Now that everyone is blaming Trump for it, she knows it's safe to do the same.

No. 384468

File: 1505060239837.png (625.7 KB, 481x591, suzy.png)

How can Suzy look at this photo and think yes this is a good photo of my face… and those boots with this outfit, why

No. 384493

Suzy always chooses the ugliest hoof shoes.

No. 384870

File: 1505123290499.jpg (38.06 KB, 640x616, tweet.jpg)

Once again proving, she doesn't have a clue of what she's talking about.

No. 384893


It looks like Suzy's free lunch of piggy-backing off of Arin's success is about to run out, feeling the heat huh? Maybe she'll have to only go to DisneyLand 7 times instead of 8 this year to save money…

No. 387557

Everyone was commenting how thin she looked awhile back but her face still looks like a fat bloated blob

No. 387823

File: 1505595007763.jpg (63.86 KB, 600x592, monee.jpg)

Spending Arin's money ….
fucking leech

No. 387947


The lack of self-awareness is astounding

No. 387979

I'm not a Suzy stan, but I'm never opposed to spending your husband's money, lol.

No. 387989

She's a strong independant woman who needs her husband's money to survive.

No. 388204

Call me when she starts getting fat again.

No. 388230

Don't put your phone too far away anon, its soon winter and thats when she has her yearly ballooning

No. 388239

What the fuck cant Suzy afford on her own though? I mean I know Suzy isn't as wealthy as Arin but you would think her shitty little etsy store and her youtube channels income would be plenty to buy shit for? I really want to know what Arin and Suzy buys and spends on a regular month basis, It would be interesting to see how much money they throw away on useless nonsense

No. 388500

With how much she's complaining about YouTube and them demonetizing her videos she's making it sound like she's broke and struggling. Maybe her jewelry and bugs aren't selling

No. 388506

Holiday season is coming up soon and that's when she drinks a shit ton of Starbucks and takes her vacations and eats a lot

No. 388743


At $100+ a pop for her shit, Hot Topic jewelry its no surprise at all that it isn't selling.

No. 388747

File: 1505737396136.jpg (193.65 KB, 1247x1038, Untitled.jpg)

Oh hey. She's arting again.

No. 388751

Is she really drawing a self portrait for an art show?
That's… Kinda vain

No. 388757

eh, i don't really see that as vain and a lot of artists draw inspiration from themselves. what is annoying me about this is how she had to prove how unique and !!REAL ARTIST!! she is by taking upside down photos. i know many artists paint upside down, and it can add a new perspective and help you, but did we really need 20 tweets? it was like she was trying to prove something and shes a good artist so… wasn't necessary.

No. 388759


Also, yeah. She really has been bitching a whole lot about how "YouTube is totally screwing her over". Most other content creators I have seen either refocus their content to suit YouTubes algorithm, or simply don't talk about it.

Meanwhile, Suzy constantly bitches about it in twitter like "YouTube is totally screwing me over ! Please feel bad for me and buy more of my shitty jewelry!". No Snoozy, it's because no one wants to watch your shittty videos. You aren't funny or charismatic. You're just a wet fart in a crowded room that we all have to accept just happened. This isn't about YouTube screwing you over or being unfair to you. It's just that it's becoming abundantly clear that you can't coastoff of your husband's fame anymore and have to accept the role of just being his fuck meat who has to stand there and look pretty, which I'm sure must sting for a "strong, independent woman" such as yourself. But you have otherwise proves that you literally incapable of supporting yourself without completely failing and needing Arin to bail you out. You failed as a "model", your YouTube "career" is on life support and your jewelry store has not only been the subject of constant controversy, but also no one wants to pay for your overpriced garbage. Literally everything you touch turns to garbage.

No. 388792

I don't actually think Suzy is a bad artist, she clearly has some talent… but as >>388757 said she makes it such a huge deal and posts 500 pictures of her art like LOOK AT ME LOOK AT ME which just makes her come off as her usual annoying

No. 390156

File: 1505955442120.jpg (86.58 KB, 778x668, n.jpg)

I like her wobbly calf.

No. 390160

>2 different size legs

stupid bitch, should have just left the front leg fat

No. 390237

wtf is this pose even? I love awkward instagram pooping poses when people try to be cool.

Also has anybody seen that good game series Dan and Arin are in? I have obviously only seen the free episode because I'm not spending money on that shit and neither should you… But Arins acting is absolutely atrociously bad, everything he says sounds like he is reading his lines aloud straight from paper.. Danny is acceptable, he isnt spectacular but he is nowhere nearly as bad as Arin… its gotta be frustrating for Arin that his best friend is always slightly better than him at pretty much everything, and people like Dan way more in general. I mean Dan is by no means fantastic, but the standard for being better than Arin is already pretty fucking low.
Arin should be happy youtube became such a big deal, for besides raging he is mediocre to bad at everything he does. Imagine if he had spent all these years eating wendys and playing videogames badly to work on his animation and drawing skills instead. I used to feel sorry for Arin for being with somebody as lazy and whiny as Suzy but I realize now they are literally the same person.

Sage for rant.

No. 390253

I mean this pic is cute I guess(shitty shoop aside), but it dosent show anything off, cant see her hair, makeup, shoes are almost cut off even though im assuming they are the focal point idek

No. 390255

it looks like shes floating over the chair idk whats even going on

No. 390413

She's either shopped onto the chair or they did a really shit job trying to slim her down. Nice rigid edges on your calf, snoozers

No. 390516

This is recent? She's lost a lot of weight. And I mean without the shop. She was becoming a real whale.

Her fat leg is perfectly fine too. She's an idiot.

No. 390527

She is lifting her body off the couch with her arms to make herself look thinner.

No. 390548

This idiot thinks she's still the unigue kawai-i model from back then.

She's being stuck in the past thinking she's a model and can't get over it she looks like a 30 sth mom with a triple chin.

Also: 2004 called, it want its Outfit back, Snooz.

No. 390615

this is what i thought but i think the shop and general editing makes it look like she just got pasted over a photo of a chair

the stupid shoes dont help

No. 391032

Her art is only good technically, she has no creativity or talent.

No. 391047

Agreed. I took one art class in uni and saw first-timers come out with pretty similar work. It's not bad by any means but it sure as shit shouldn't be sold for any more than the paint is worth.

No. 391233

My art class in high school taught this stuff. It isn't impressive, it's very basic
But normal people will see it as impressive, when she's just copying a picture

No. 391842

File: 1506248088546.jpg (86.57 KB, 600x599, 2edgy4u.jpg)

Hey Guys, look how dark and goffic I am.
(And also a model don't ever forget that)

She's so desperate.

No. 392167

She keeps eating the way she does shes going to die soon.

No. 392481


What is she, fucking 14 or something? I honestly haven't heard this much cringey obsession with "Death, darkness, sadness, etc." since fucking high school. Does she really believe that constantly obsessing about this shit makes her "deep, dark and interesting".

Seriously, grow the fuck up Suzy.

No. 393695


Looks like Snoozy was able to weasel her way into a cameo in Good Game. And holy hell does she look at fat and haunting as ever.

I'm guessing this was the "audition" she was bragging about a couple of months ago. A short cameo in her husband's internet tv show.

No. 393722

This is pretty alright. Not super impressive, but okay.

Tbh I think you all have been a tad nitpicky lately. Especially since she reversed her ballooning figure.

No. 393728


Did you see the cameo? Shes far from reversing her figure, thats pure hot topic ham

No. 393732

Should I have said reversing? She's less fat than she was a few months ago.

No. 393850

File: 1506552637432.png (1.12 MB, 1587x883, Screen shot 2017-09-27 at 3.45…)

This "show" was filmed several months ago…for all we know she had already seen her hammy cameo far in advance and it triggered her current attempt of finally losing some weight?

It's so difficult to track all this shit knowing they 1) edit photos and 2) have scheduled posts…so we may be seeing content that is actually weeks old at this point

No. 393852

ugh wrong screenshot…

No. 393885

>had to audition for her own fucking husbands internet show

im dying

No. 393886

File: 1506556608575.png (1.65 MB, 1920x1080, vlcsnap-2017-09-27-19h53m10s98…)

It's the rare Neon Unicorn and the Sugar Plum Double Chin Fairy!

No. 393897

Holyshit, she is huge. Isn't it funny how Arin isn't bragging anymore about how 'hot' his wife is? I remember when I attended MAGfest (a music and gaming con) 3-4 years ago when they were there and Snoozy was still human sized. He was bragging to the line waiting for Game grumps if they saw a dark haired model, that's his wife.

No. 393907


She doesn't even have a neck anymore - it's just chin!

No. 393911

File: 1506559065269.jpg (127.35 KB, 1080x1266, 22069941_153369378587275_83131…)


She literally has to semi-dab to cover up her double chins!

No. 393912

theyre all hideous

No. 393919

good God is Holly aging poorly

No. 393936


It's so fucking embarrassing. She clearly is so afraid and insecure about being seen as fat that she'll literally do anything to hide it. She isn't fooling anyone.


Seriously, she looks like a fucking shambling corpse. What the fuck happened?

No. 393945

She looks like a caucasian Tiny Harris

No. 394096

Found a vid of her obnoxious friend gab whoring about Quiet, she made it private after she gained success(no one cares about her friends)

No. 394245

Lmao the white hair is doing her no favors at it looks like her natural old lady hair

No. 394247


For some weird reason she enjoys being compared to a crotchety old lady or an old hag. She reminds me of those dipshit girls in high school who would constantly prattle on about being "mature for their age".

No. 394340


whose channel did this belong to? cause it sounds like an alternate channel of hers, although she made it private as you said, oh well

man, gab used to be so sweet. So nice and calm and chill. I hate how much she changed just by ambition of getting suzy's attention, goddamn

No. 394351

File: 1506631342408.png (73.62 KB, 535x509, 1461907957258.png)

no idea tbh, looks like someone got that video before it went private.

gab is a very problematic person indeed, back then she used to do chill streams on youtube without all the donation thingy she does now, also good movie nights, but then she decided to go full cash grab by asking people to pay her $20~ monthly to talk to her.

she was involved in some weird culture imageboard with many obsessed creeps of her friend who voiced Quiet in MGSV, but then one day a twitch mod of her got sick of her censorship regime, begging people for donations and told her to stop wasting her time with them, she went mad unmodding him and the entire board went against him like a horde of whiteknights, after a year by now they calmed down and they finally understood the dude by hating her, although they still hate him.

tl;dr, gab is a bitch

No. 394354


I didn't know this, I distanced myself from her channel when she was getting too popular to talk to me and I could tell I got bumped pretty low on the list when she wouldn't even read my messages, let alone reply to them

I remmeber the movie nights, man those were fun, the scary movies was great times and it was few people so we all got along

No. 394396

Please keep the discussion about Suzy. No one gives a shit about Gab.

No. 394475

File: 1506644727889.png (1.24 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20170928-172157.png)

Forever 21….wow so interesting and creative content. Thanks4sharing

No. 394477

>look im still young and hip

No. 394497

the legs say size 6 but the arms say 12

No. 394541

Their office looks like those weird japanese restaurants/hotels that are expensive af.
Huge waste of money, really, since they basically don't use the cool scenerios they have.

No. 394565


She dresses like a 14 year old high school fuckboi

No. 395630

File: 1506819788729.png (658.67 KB, 628x892, oldcow.png)

No. 395633

File: 1506819925620.png (692.2 KB, 630x909, hungryhungrysuzy.png)

No. 395711

Those boots in general. Wow.

No. 395723


And then she wonders why she has a double chin like a fucking bullfrog…

No. 395740

File: 1506846277822.png (666.13 KB, 625x856, grazingcow.png)

No. 395764

she took the smallest bite lol

No. 395991

like she wouldn't wolf it down like the cookie monster off camera

No. 396030

Suzy's dullness is actually what makes her so fascinating. idk if anyone else shares this sentiment.

No. 396040


Seriously. She is the most mundane, boring person ever yet she goes around acting like she is so god damn important and interesting

No. 396586

i almost wish she would just embrace being a chubby weirdo. her body isn't tragic, her skin looks soft and she has a full figure; people seem to only make fun of her because she doesn't address her weight gain/apologize for it. if she made some optimistic statement about it and did it well it would make a lot of haters~ look immature.

I'm an outsider and lurk occasionally so to me she gained a lot of weight but she still looks cute, her attitude just sucks balls especially for her age. can any lurkers confirm if it's mostly an attitude thing, like if she grew up and was positive for once (even if only online) would she be less likely to be hated on?

No. 396603


Suzy needs a huge overhaul of her personality to be more likeable. Own up to your weight gain, don't lie about what you wear, stop exaggerating how ~spoopy you are, if you aren't sure of a subject then don't say anything at all rather than talk bullshit, adjust the pricing of your jewellery, admit who ACTUALLY put in the effort for your mourning jewellery, face up to the whole scam with the chains earlier on, stop acting like your life is so hard, get a freakin hobby that isn't related to making money, become a more interesting person, stop trying to make fetch happen, improve on your makeup rather than brag about how flawless your - frankly shitty - application is, be more fucking organised about whether you keep uploading on KKG than Mortemer or both, stop humblebragging, dress better and dress for your shape than just picking clothes for popularity or goth points when you never even wear them, stop trying so hard to be different

and I'm sure there's many more I've missed

No. 396613

mm stale ass imported cookies they unpackage from plastic bags, set behind some glass, and leave out overnight for weeks until it's rock hard and physically unchewable. what a luxury. after working there, i wouldn't eat any of their gross ass food

No. 396620

That's exactly why I don't like Suzy, nothing she does is genuine!
Everything is based on exaggeration, excuses and lies. I feel like Suzy is living her life like she's trying to real-life play an RPG character she created for herself. She wants to be this interesting dark edgy goth person who everyone adores, but that isn't who she actually is and she doesn't have the energy to really become it either, because being somebody youre not is actually exhausting.
I don't think anybody would hate Suzy if she was just being herself. All the reasons people dislike is that she is trying so hard to be cool and seem better than other people. Nobody hates a mundane lazy person, honestly most of us are like that, it's nothing special and nothing awful either. But everyone hates a tryhard.

No. 396645

Pretty sure she uses her thyroid problems as an excuse for her weight gain.

It's also true that her content is soo boring and mainly following youtube trends trying to be this beauty blogger which she ain't. She used to have a unique look, but since her face bloated up it doesn't work for her anymore. Her humor is too bland in her gaming videos and her opinions are always so superficial that it just upsets people (for example the recent Mercy changes, some MGS things she said).

No. 396657

File: 1506962027311.png (856.52 KB, 917x713, s1.PNG)

she looks so different here in 2012 in a Philosophy skincare review. Her jewellery, makeup, hair, everything is so unlike her I'd have thought it was actually Jean filming instead of Suzy

No. 396660

File: 1506962174935.png (670.32 KB, 733x711, s2.PNG)

oof and that difference between the neck and her face, although you can't tell now because her lighting sucks so badly

No. 396661

File: 1506962330360.png (530.85 KB, 728x699, 3321231132312.png)

Yeah seriously, wtf is this new lighting?? I didn't edit this.. it's so weird when you can tell her lighting quality used to be fine all the way back from 2012

No. 396977

What did she say about the Mercy changes?

No. 397042

She said the same things as everyone else did, so I honestly don't think she's very special on this.. she was WAY more stupid in the MGS podcast.

First she said "omg RIP mercy I'm a mercy main and mercy is dead omg" like everyone else did, and now that she found out new mercy is slightly OP she is like "hahahaha I love new mercy I am like so good I love her"
So literally every other mercy main who thinks they're good at the game.

No. 397615

Wtf she looks so cute here, how could she fuck up this much in just 5 years, though

No. 398090


Look at her husband.

No. 398656

File: 1507246421515.jpg (257.69 KB, 1239x798, ioyv.jpg)

So how many vacations has she taken this year?

No. 398690


I'm honestly surprised that she went somewhere without a Disneyland.
Seriously, fuck her for spending all of her leeched money on petty bullshit to feed her ego and indulge in spoiled childhood fantasies.

No. 398707


What the fuck does she need a vacation from? Sitting on her bloated ass stuffing her face with junk food and leeching off her husband?

No. 398724


to be fair, she could just be going on tour with Arin

No. 398759

Yeah but with how poorly her channel is doing I don't think it's wise to take a break and cause them to spend more money on another body on tour
Also in what way is that interesting candy? I see all that in every basic candy store

No. 398761

more interesting than a fucking cookie from subway

No. 398765

>in a candy store
>in Amsterdam
>looks exactly like a candy store in America
>no pictures of unique architecture of Amsterdam

she must lack the part of the brain that makes people unique and interesting

No. 399054

File: 1507316268779.jpg (205.27 KB, 1075x1062, _20171006_204958.JPG)

No. 399056

first time I've ever seen Danny with hair that didn't look like it belonged to a hobo

No. 399058

She is definitely on tour with Arin and the others. Imagine being able to travel the world just because you're married to a person, she is not actually part of the tour at all and nobody wanna see her be there. If only she could just be a bit grateful for all the shit she gets handed to her.

No. 399299

doesnt she go on stage for one dumb thing at the beginning
or does she no longer do that

No. 399371


She's just so exhausted from all of the chewing and swallowing, it takes so much effort to keep stuffing her fat fucking face.

No. 399479


those fucking jeans.

tbh, if Suzy embraced her big body she would earn some respect and could actually market that to her fans and be all ~bodi posi~ but instead she wears the same 2007 high school prep outfit whenever she goes out or tries to squeeze herself into clothes that are so unflattering that she can't even wear them in public.
from what I've seen at conventions and their shows, grump's female fan base isn't particularly skinny so I feel like her following would cream their pants if she came out and did the whole "I'm big and I love myself and you should love yourself too"
Suzy, get some nice clothes from a bigger girl store (there's actually some really nice alt plus size clothing out there) and learn how to dress your body. there are a lot of bigger entertainers out there and they don't get as much hate because they own up to their body and have an actual personality to back it up.

No. 399607


she usually takes part in the live show as kind of an opening act before danny and arin go on stage. when i saw them live earlier this year she played mario bros blindfolded lookin like she just crawled out of bed.

No. 399787


I remember hearing that she bombed on stage and no one was laughing at her shitty “jokes”. She did the classic bitchy, passive aggressive move of “Wow. Thanks for not laughing at my jokes guys”, which I’m sure made everyone feel uncomfortable and laughed out of pity.

No. 399821

wow, yeah. maybe he finally learned how to take care of his hair

No. 399870


jeez tone that down a little, she's gained weight but I don't think she's quite plus size yet. I'm one of the first to criticise her disguising her weight gain and claim bodi posi points from blatant lying, but I wouldn't call her plus size

No. 399944

suzys weight never bothered me i mean she is no amberlynn, just a lil chubby every so often and she slims down whatever. lets focus on
1. Her faux "Gothic" persona when she NEVER wears any of her Gothic clothes outside
2. posting the most mundane boring shit and acting all high n mighty
3. being a fake fan girl for overwatch and other flavor of the month shit

No. 400020

While I think the body nitpik is annoying an unwarranted in other threads, I'm oaky with some when it comes to Suzy because of all the shit she talked in her modeling days about old/fat women. I like holding her to her own standards.

But I just mean some nitpik, no derail please.

No. 400211

I don't care about her weight either, and honestly some people on this board act like you're 600pounds if you wear a regular clothing store size L.
Suzy isn't plus-sized and can easily fit into regular store clothing, her problem is that she picks clothing for her videos she never wears anywhere else at all.
Wearing jeans and tshirt isn't a problem, most people do that, it's just annoying she prances around in her goth clothing in her outfit videoes but she only ever wears jeans and camo tshirts irl.

No. 400394

It's not that she's a size large, it's that's she's cramming her large body into a small or medium size for the implication alone, and then without any hint of irony or awareness she'll brag in the video that she could even go down a size while the every stitch is threatening to burst.

No. 401166

Apparently in her new Overwatch video, Snoozy was bitching about bugs for why she was playing so poorly, when in fact it was because her abilities were on cooldown and she was trying to use them.

Holy fuck balls is she terrible at this game.

No. 401191

this pic is so awkward, arin and dan look like more of a couple than suzy and arin.

No. 401757

Lmao now that you mention that I can't unsee just how awkward they look together, they look like brother and sister while Danny looks like the significant other considering how close their bodies are and empasizes just how far away Arin and suzy are… like are they even touching aside from the arm around neck? Wouldn't they be more cuddly especially since they're husband and wife?

No. 401804

File: 1507687848303.png (996.3 KB, 659x658, 20728362_934269836714249_76452…)

Her ear and jawline look so weird in this picture. I get it could be shadows but the colour just isn't matching up. Perhaps she photoshopped her face brighter?

No. 401857


Not only that, she's completely gone over her face to remove any blemishes, acne and divots - it's always interesting how much she photoshops her images when you compare them to her videos; she's lying to herself but she can't fool anyone else into it.

No. 401872


Exactly. In her videos her skin looks so damaged and cracked, especially when she isn’t wearing makeup. She edits the hell out of herself to the point where she looks like a goddamn wax statue with no skin imperfections whatsoever.

No. 402064

So this is a Game Grumps thing. Someone told me Danny once said he gets antsy if he hasn't had sex in a month and admits to being a bit of a slut.
Does anyone know if he tries to pick people up at cons?

No. 402070


Don’t come here with bullshit rumors. Proof or shut the fuck up.

No. 402093

a man wants to have sex? he MUST fuck his fans then!

(no you idiot, dan isn't stupid–he realizes that sleeping with a fan could easily end his career.)

No. 402097

File: 1507742794729.jpg (79.94 KB, 800x450, cdc.jpg)

Every fucking thread someone chimes in with these baseless rumours about Dan. He's literally the least interesting part of Game Grumps right after Barry.
If you have proof, give it to us.
If not, just fuck off

No. 402126

He actually said this in an episode.
Not "angsty" but he said he starts to feel bad if he hasn't had sex in a month or so.
Although I seriously doubt he picks up fans at cons, he mentioned how he likes women 27+ which is not their fanbase

No. 402142

I have a friend who worked collaboratively with him and he's 100% professional with co-workers and fans. Just her experience. No proof/sage.

No. 402155

Seriously, if she wasn't such a retarded bitch no one would rip on her appearance as much. Kind of like people like Graveyardgirl so they dont point out how ugly she is sort of

No. 402843

File: 1507862945746.jpg (242.99 KB, 1474x965, ego.jpg)

Ok someone of /v/ posted this a few minutes ago.
What the fuck, is this supposed to be a leather jacket that doesn't fit or fetish gear?

No. 402846

Graveyardgirl is ten times uglier than Suzy, people just like her more because Suzy has the personality of a used toothbrush

No. 402847

Looks like a catsuit to me

No. 402877

File: 1507869111155.jpg (53.44 KB, 828x1014, 1500412561824.jpg)

not Arin, just one of many fat guys with a shitty beard

still funny tho

No. 403178

File: 1507929470182.png (2.16 MB, 1242x2208, 69F2D626-7689-4EC6-8DAF-6AECC4…)

No. 403183

File: 1507929843197.png (1.2 MB, 1242x2208, E5C0985C-B74F-4FD6-9144-F791F5…)

No. 403224

File: 1507935955801.png (109.83 KB, 335x394, deleteafterposting.png)

Gee Can you say "touched up"

No. 403286

lol, i was gonna say only her torso looks good. probably because its barely hers

No. 403304

Just from a design standpoint it would have made more since to define where the scales start on the body
Smudging it like this only works in art. Here it just looks cheaply photoshopped, because it is.

No. 403346

She looks like a corpse so I bet she's hella proud

No. 403348


Some of her old modeling stuff looks so good. She looks really cute with minimal eye makeup/ those brows.

No. 403546


her arm looks so long and her hand so big

No. 403559


I'm more surprised that Suzy allowed the scales to be used at all - it's no secret that she absolutely hates scales: Every time she steps on one it shows her what an overstuffed pig she really is.

No. 403570

I agree. I don't understand how she can look at her old model photographs and not realize how bad her makeup looks now. Wake up Suzy!


No. 403807

Lmao the tattoo completely ruins what could have been a decent picture despite its obvious flaws and flabs

No. 403988

I agree females really shouldn't get tattoos

No. 404138

Remove the tattoo and the necklace. Yes Suzy, we get it, you have a jewelry line. She could've worn pearls or something to emulate the bra.

No. 404232

This is an awful photo. Why are both her arms up and one isn't even in the photo… Terrible photographer and an even worse model.

No. 404233

Fuck off.

No. 404271

This photo is so strange what is it even for.
Is this how mermaids swim? Half of her face is being covered by her ham arm. If she wanted to continue modeling why would she pigeon hole herself with that tattoo…I think the tattoo itself is actually pretty cool but it's way to elaborate anyone's eye is going to be drawn to it automatically. Oh snooze. Ya dun goofed.

No. 404368

>This photo is so strange what is it even for.

It's evidence my skeptical friend, that the Potbelly Mermaid of Loch Fed exists - go ahead, laugh me away like all of the others - but consider this:
- Loch Fed is connected to Double Chin Bay by a series of underwater channels that would easily make transportation between them easy for an aquatic creature.

- The fish population in Loch Fed has been dwindling since the Pot Belly Mermaid was first spotted in 2008.

- It's rumored that a post on instagram revealed that the Potbelly Mermaid, "Totally likes seafood and like, stuff", leading credit to the previous theory.

- The Potbelly Mermaid has been seen wearing a variety of underwater fashion only once, at which point its auctioned off on eBay the very next day.

I've seen her with my own eyes, she was eating a man whole just under the water, washed him down with a chocolate milkshake and a brownie platter - its jaws were as wide as the sea.

No. 404431

Please sage
Also, am I the only one who thinks these anons comedy tweets were never funny and just keep getting worse?

No. 404444

You're not alone, this made me cringe.

No. 404670

Definitely not a leather jacket

No. 406589

File: 1508542655548.png (14.67 KB, 579x102, 0a383f21da02bf8efbabb4dfc8e333…)

No. 406809

She's such an object of desire that's its impossible for her to wrap her head around such a statement.

No. 406951

Lol he probably said that so she would stop talking to him so he wouldn't have to deal with her subhuman face and her embarrassingly shity attire

No. 406952

Or better yet she probably made it all up to seem like she actually went outside

No. 407143

God, she really is dumb as shit. I used to watch her let's plays but I had to stop because it was too painful to watch her fail at everything that requires the smallest bit of logic or common sense.

No. 407553

Game Grumps did rematch against Funhaus in Overwatch. Both sides put out a video for it… Neither one is super hilarious, but one is definitely better quality than the other in terms of commentary.

No. 407555

FUnahus's video for it.

No. 407649

Count how many times Suzy dies by just standing or walking into Hanzos ults, or she ults when theres no reason to just because she has it. what a great mercy.

No. 407934

File: 1508722786693.jpeg (889.36 KB, 1242x1866, AF9E4D03-7998-46A3-BC29-A0DFC1…)

She looks smaller here

No. 407988

File: 1508728633149.png (197.48 KB, 879x1081, 8.PNG)

Oh no, her livelihood

No. 408026

"it could effect my vocal chords"

and the world would be a slightly better place for it. her voice makes my skin crawl.

No. 408323

"Affect", not "Effect", Suzy you brainless sack of shit.

No. 408371

Her eyebrows make her look so angry? I do think the suit looks good on her though.

No. 408413

I think she lost some weight honestly, I saw her up close at the London live show and she didn't even look chubby

No. 408448


That's kind of what happens when you don't take care of your health, dumbass.

No. 409187

You live in Los Angeles, not Zimbabwe. Pretty sure your boyfriend can afford a decent enough surgeon.

Or wait until you have a good sized goitre. At least that will give you something new to whine about.

No. 409239

She took a "break" from seeing doctors about her health or care about it because it stressed her out, now she is back again because of the polyps… sorry suzy but maybe do more about it while you can? you cant take breaks from your health because it stresses you out.. seriously

No. 409846


I don't want to sound too conspiratorial, but I just want to put it out there that a lot of medical signs are pointing to Suzy having had liposuction.

No. 409865

File: 1509056235219.jpg (62.57 KB, 881x960, 22814366_10159549175500584_509…)

Is suzy jealous she will never have hollys figure?

No. 409869

I seriously doubt that considering how scared Suzy is of operations and medical procedures in general

No. 409913

oh wow, it looks like she's lost quite a bit of weight

No. 409932

File: 1509062063266.jpeg (150.51 KB, 750x903, 7AEC0F21-5B84-4B77-B57F-11C82C…)

>m-muh lady

No. 409968

I know Arin is a fat slob now who gained so much weight since their wedding, but at least his beard really helps his face alot.. he is one of those people who just cant go beardless, probably because he has a weak chin

No. 410035

What sort of medical signs are you referring to? She's always looked bloated and has an adversity to doctors that don't tell her what she wants to hear.

No. 410038

Holly has always been pretty skinny and she has a great ass. Makes suzy look like a blobby homunculus.

No. 410349


> she has a great ass

Lol what ass

No. 410412

The look on Arin's face and his outfit are making my genitals wither.

No. 410513

File: 1509144561591.jpg (36.07 KB, 491x1016, Bry2sR6.jpg)

No. 410742

She has a long mom butt. Not really comparable to a round, perky ass.

No. 411612

File: 1509314244978.png (13.18 KB, 572x102, 423243234423.png)

Suzy out here showing them haters off lolzor laughing crying emoji

No. 411638

Lol how the fuck does being a hater make you a fan. I watch conspiracy videos but that doesn't make me conspiracist or a fan of conspiracies, it's just interesting to listen to for background noise. This bitch needs to get her fat bloated asd off her high horse when anybody who does watch the Game Grumps only tolerate her. What an obnoxious prick

No. 411649

god nothing screams "I'M ABOVE IT I SWEAR I'M NOT INSECURE" quite like using the crying laughing emoji when criticizing something.

No. 412013


A sure way of proving you aren’t “so above it all lolz” is to constantly talk about how you are so above it all. She is so far up her own bloated ass if she thinks her “haterz” are just fans of her.

No. 412161

Did anyone try to watch the new Dragons in Places series? I got about ten minutes in before realizing how utterly boring I've come to find them without something for them to comment on.

Also as they introduced it Suzy had to mention like 3 times that she's playing a boy character.

No. 412162

The series is boring as fuck, but to be fair to Suzy her character is named A-man-da and thats what she was trying to make a joke about… I mean it's not funny at all but it can explain it

No. 412164

File: 1509410347585.png (1.36 MB, 669x888, 38457354895.png)

Suzy and Arins halloween costumes this year… I feel like maybe Suzy could have tried alittle bit harder with her hair, it comes off boring?

Also Arins gross foot

No. 412170


If I'm really nitpicking (because this is lolcow) the gathered "skirt" part of her costume kind of accentuates her violin hips and looks a little off, but they're obviously just some cheap shitty costumes they bought as a joke so who cares really

No. 412183


Surprising no one, Snoozy desperately tries to get in on the joke because she is completely fucking unoriginal.

No. 412543

File: 1509476344524.png (815.56 KB, 644x818, f8269c5f3d65abc79510ca77306090…)

Oh Suzy…you look like a sad sad Cher dragqueen

No. 412577


She’d take that as a compliment since she is weirdly obsessed with drag queens.

No. 412586

All chubby plain white girls are obsessed with drag queens these days

No. 412625

Oh my god. That bad Elvira cosplay.

No. 412670

it looks like she's lost some weight but still doesn't know how to dress for her body. I get that it's a cheap costume but if she got a size bigger then it would lie nicer and wouldn't accentuate her violin hips as much

No. 412732

does this man ever wear shoes?

No. 412751

Lmao if you cover Arin's face he looks like a fat chic. That boy got some titties

No. 413103

File: 1509563246677.jpg (134.86 KB, 450x675, elvira-1333x2000.jpg)

Cassandra Peterson is pushing 70 and she's still more attractive than Suzy is

No. 422237

File: 1510531503054.png (23.23 KB, 583x207, Untitled.png)

Trying to schmooze her way into a job with blizzard now. ugh

No. 422496

Female Goblin Quest NPC might be her calling but probably not what she has in mind.

No. 422554


Surprised she didn't mention Arin's voice work to try and weasel her way in more. Even so, it's clear she's desperate.

No. 422616


What a petulant child - she wants something so she's going to cry until she gets it. The only reason she tweeted is that she knows her shitcake fans are going to send off demands to Blizzard and their PR team is going to go through the motions of potentially hiring her because she's an e-celeb.
Besides, everyone knows that Suzy doesn't dream about doing voice acting work; she dreams about clearing an entire table at an All-You-Can Eat Buffet.

No. 422621

Her voice is so annoying…I can't possibly imagine what Blizzard could possibly cast her to voice.

No. 422641

File: 1510555499951.jpg (437.01 KB, 1266x1509, suzy final form.jpg)

No. 422647

"time is money friend"

No. 422761


Fucking lord. She is just as bad as Arin. Crying like a petulant child whenever she doesn’t get her way. Always expecting shit to be handed to her and coming up with whatever bullshit excuse to justify why she deserves it.

No, Snoozy doing one voice in a shitty dating sim made by your husband’s friends doesn’t qualify as voice work and it sure as shit doesn’t qualify you to work at Blizzard. Especially with a voice as shrill as yours.

No. 422784

I love how she completely abandoned her make up channel and puts zero effort into her gaming channel.
It's clear as day that she's currently searching for a new job field that will bring her easy money

No. 422805

The only voice acting I've heard of hers was in Dream Daddy (I know, I know). She has a very minor role as one of the Daddy's adult daughters and only shows up at the end. Just a few huh's, hmm's, and grunts and that was it. I could barely even hear it.

No. 422809

There is something digusting about cows, like suzy, who tag and tweet companies to get fucking noticed like whiney babies. It's so pathetic. Pretty sure if a brand wants to work with you, they'll contact you. Until then shut up, you're embarassing.

No. 422871


She is just as bad as Momokun. Publicly begging on Twitter for jobs at companies like Funimation and Blizzard. Turning he slightest of interactions with them into “OMG I totally have connections you guys! They are practically begging to work with me!” It looks so pathetic and desperate.

But I guess she is seeing the writing on the wall. Her makeup channel completely failed. Her gaming channel is a complete joke, barely even getting 5k views with 300k+ subs. No one is buying her shitty over priced jewelry, especially after she tried to scam everyone before. And her “taxidermy certificate” doesn’t amount to shit.

I guess she is going for broke now and is resorting to begging companies for a job now since everything she touched turned to dogshit.

No. 423701

I don't really have a problem with creators getting in contact with companies to ask for a job/collaborations but that should be done in private through email, not through social media. it comes off as begging and usually causes the fanbase to pressure said company.

No. 423705


Yet if someone was on Twitter begging Arin for a job at Game Grumps you can bet your ass she’d call them “entitled” or “unprofessional”.

No. 423818

Snoozy got more chins than a Chinese phoneboob

No. 423824

non me i keked hard .. and jizzed a little too

No. 423848

File: 1510685939373.jpg (16.12 KB, 640x360, 4715814_l3.jpg)


No. 423854

Nigga .. are you retarded? This is Arin Hansen we are talking about .. he is the epitome of manbaby … his stupid ass would neglect the kid to jerk off eatting paleo Twinkies and pretending he's a girl in a youtuber themed dating game

No. 423866

>He has made animations before and thus he has skills in animation, however low-tier they may be.

hey moron i can make a flip book which means i can technically animate too .. you saying i am a "skilled animator" that's just "low tier" .. you fucking moron

No. 423875

my response wouldhave been to scream "Boo YOU SUCK! BRING OUT THE KIKE AND CUCK!"

No. 423877

thats because Arin is a closeted faggot … why you think Jon left .. too much sexual harassment from Arin

No. 423881

thanks a lot asshole now i can never get an erection again ..

No. 423885

File: 1510687843057.png (189.13 KB, 640x360, Jack-Nicholson-Joker-5.png)

Wait until you get a load of me …

No. 423892

proof Snoozie is a beard and Arin is a closeted faggot cuck

No. 423894


No. 423902

who's the girl on the left she has some nice titties

No. 423930


Blizzard must have really been impressed with Suzy's voice from her Creepypasta ASMR's - especially from that one time she forgot to turn the camera off between recordings and everyone got to hear her chug down a soda with disgusting swallowing and grunting at 18:15:

No. 424688

>welcome to another exciting creepypasta friday. today i have an exciting new story
She really is dumb as shit

No. 425321

jon was way more forward when he was on gg when it came to stuff like that tho

No. 427509

File: 1511053742959.png (1.3 MB, 876x963, srsly.PNG)

Overpriced jewelry, round 2.

No. 427528

I wish I had the time and money to throw into stupid pointless passion projects. I don't want to marry a let's player for that to happen though….

No. 427552

I predict more skulls, an anchor, bones
Basically her previous collection but vaguely nautical

No. 427781


Oh look, more overpriced garbage that no one will pay for. Must be nice having a husband who can bail you out and allow you to indulge in useless passion projects.

No. 428201

Suzy could literally freeze her own shit and then craft that onto a ring, and her moronic fanbase will be tripping over themselves to break the bank for her.
When she's a washed up, overweight hasbeen, again, she'll see what happens when people don't just applaud her for doing absolutely nothing.

No. 428396

File: 1511177422958.png (424.37 KB, 640x1136, E635EE71-40EF-428B-9C2E-5EBF5A…)

It begins

No. 428455


Great, only $237.62!
I wonder if Suzy priced all of her wares after her weight?

No. 428557



Go fuck yourself Suzy. Even the most desperate of Game Grumps fans won’t buy that garbage.

No. 428888

File: 1511227705105.png (574.35 KB, 580x594, moron.png)


And that's where you'd be wrong - there are people that are this stupid to actually spend $230 on Suzy's bullshit.
Anyone that thinks about buying this should immediately be required by the state to forfeit their finances via Power of attorney so that someone more responsible doesn't piss their money away.
What a waste of money, waste of packaging and waste of a person.

No. 428889

jesus fucking christ what is this person???

No. 428976

Man, and i thought this thing was ugly on its own. The necklace looks worse when it’s worn.

No. 429285

this might look better on someone who wasnt channeling 'withasmoothroundstone'. wtf is this nightmarish selfie?

No. 429303

I loled but at the same time, the necklace is so huge and clunky. I feel like it would be annoying to wear especially if you don’t have a layer of blubber covering your chest and collar bones. do people with semi existing jawlines even buy her stuff?

No. 429308

i agree it's huge, i feel like it'd break my sternum. it also looks like costume jewelry middle aged biker women wear. is it supposed to be that short?

No. 429311

I think it would look better if the chain was way longer, I dont know why this girl is wearing it like a choker!
I honestly kinda like the designs of Suzys stuff, but the prize is out of the question!! Im not paying fucking 200+ dollars for stuff like this, I can buy cheaper jewellery from an actual professional jewellery store! I don't know who she think she is pricing them this high, I thought it was a joke at first!
I literally have a necklace with actual diamonds on it that was the same prize as Suzys little silver polished danglers. No.

No. 429456


Her excuse is that you are paying for “name recognition”. Sure you could get it cheaper elsewhere, but it wouldn’t have her name attached to it. Which is fucking laughable since no one would give a shit who she was if she wasn’t Arin’s wife.

No. 430839

looks like snooze finally put down the fork. shes lost a ton of weight in this video

No. 430870


gonna do an info summary dump; she has five items, three rings and two necklaces from her series The Depths

- one ring is octopus tentacles twisting around as if forming a bow or knot (and the price is 118.78 euro, sorry it just shows me euros automatically but it'll be a little bit less in dollars), the second ring is crustaceans with a round labradorite in the middle (priced at 137.12 euros), the third ring is the mythical creature hippocampus which is top half horse bottom half fish, which "wraps" around the finger (this one at 157.21 euros)

- the necklaces, one is a mermaid with a lantern, double sided, inspired by the designs on boats (132.75 euros), and the second one is what she calls a "seal" of Poseidon, it's basically his triton and an anchor crossed behind a shield with a ship in the centre (132.75)

- when you order you also get a card that's a scanned print of her grandfather's certificate he got in WW2 for crossing the equator, and she hand signs it. It's actually a really cool idea and it's a very intricate design and what inspired her for this line

- for some time you also get stickers of her logo for this series, it's basically again an anchor and triton crossed and above them is a skull wearing a crown

- the boxes are faux leather jewellery boxes with the logo embossed on top with gold shiny print

I actually really like the depths ring with the labradorite, ngl. She explains she did the design and sent it to the Japanese sculptor, then gets the casts made at a studio in LA. And the logo of the skull and crossed anchor/triton were "designed" by her and done by another guy. This is my problem, "designed by her" is very vague and her design could have been intricate or even a childish doodle, and we won't know which it is, which bugs me. I don't really fault people when they send stuff to others to do it (when the others are the professionals) but seeing as Suzy is soooooo ~artsy it's like yeah.. you coulda just done it yourself.

Other than that, lighting and camera isn't too bad, it's a vast improvement over her previous videos. Her eyebrows horrify me though, they look like shooting meteors with a trail. Someone in the comments said "she's not wearing her ring" I assume they mean wedding ring, idk if she took it off to focus on the series? or maybe she takes it off during certain activities that might ruin the ring, idk.

No. 430878


>looks like snooze finally put down the fork. shes lost a ton of weight in this video

Or she got liposuction. Not being slanderous, just saying there are a few things that totally link up with someone having had weight loss surgery, and I wouldn't put it past her…

No. 431068


She normally doesn't wear it. I'm pretty sure she has mentioned that before somewhere.

No. 431190


yeah on insta photos where you can see her hands, they don't have her ring. I'm not sure why someone wouldn't wear their rings all the time unless they had a job that would corrode the metal, but maybe it's more common than I thought

No. 431198

Not gonna lie, I like this collection way more than her previous one. The designs are cool, especially the labradorite ring. But holy hell they're expensive.

No. 431237

what's weird in terms of video quality is that she points out she's using her iPhone? But it looks much better than her more recent videos.

Maybe she should just switch to her iPhone full-time.

No. 431260

Tbh I like this collection better than I do any of her previous stuff.
Not that I'd buy this shit for the prices she's asking, but it does feel like a legitimate attempt. Shit's more interesting than Pewd's wife and her jacked up Taobao jewelry and homegoods. I mean if these youtube girlfriends want to ride on their bf's coattails, I'd prefer them to have slightly more personal ideas.

No. 431273

Thankfully anyone can find plenty more reasonably priced nautical jewelry from Etsy which looks about the same style-wise.

No. 431783


I guess I’m looking at a different video. She still looks as bloated as ever.

No. 431949

she shoud just have a kid or crotch fruit or whatever, then she'd have something new to exploit

No. 432126


She's starting to gain weight again - that's why she's obviously had liposuction treatment, you can tell that her diet and exercise hasn't changed as it normally would when pursuing a new thinner lifestyle - so she's still pigging out behind the scenes and will continue to gain back all of the weight she lost unless she somehow miraculously discovers that an All You Can Eat Buffet is a novelty and not a challenge.

No. 432130

she doesnt wear it cause shes fat and probably too lazy to get it adjusted

No. 433182


I agree. There was a noticeable chunk of time where she wasn't posting selfies, not to mention the three months of no new videos on her personal channel. Not hard to speculate something happened in that time besides "natural" weight loss.

No. 433403


She barely posted any pics of her while she was in Japan. Must have been because she was stuffing her fat face with food.

No. 435231

File: 1512079753463.jpg (119.43 KB, 958x1278, DP6aFEaUQAU2veA.jpg)

She definitely has lost weight. Good for her, she looks good.

No. 435242

You forgot to put her caption which was
"Dear cartoonist friends! If you need voices let me know. slowly building up my vo resume! Sag ready! Also enjoy my terrible posture…I’m working on it!"

Because her voice is just perfect for voice acting… Suzy, just because Arin does something it doesn't mean you HAVE to do it too. I swear everything Arin does Suzy wanna be a part of or do too.

No. 435288

If she lost weight over time, it'd come off from everywhere, but look at the arms, calves, and neck. She had lipo.

No. 435316

I think she just have a very unfortunate fat distribution, she always have that turkey neck going on regardless of her weight, even when she was actually skinny years ago she had that neck issue.

I dont know you guys, Suzy is scared shitless of surgeries, she tries to be this hardcore goth who loves blood and death but she cries over a simple vaccine. I don't see her getting lipo. She has had yoyo weight issues for years now, she will be skinny for 6 months then bloat up and gain a ton of weight she will then loose again 6 months later.

No. 435376


Like everything else she tried, she is going to fail at it. Same with painting, modeling and YouTubing. All shit she gave up on when she realized she wasn’t good enough. She is going to start off super serious about this, not get any jobs because she simply doesn’t have the talent and will make up some lie for why she had to give it up.

She thinks companies like Blizzard and Funimation are going to be knocking down her door to work with her and that she is going to get to work on all kinds of popular anime and video games. But she’ll learn the hard way when she isn’t getting offered anything that you don’t get to be a voice actor just because you want to be in the things you really like.

Like any sort of acting it takes years of practice and effort and even then you still might not have any success. Doesn’t matter how hard you worked or how good you think you are. And that is the complete antithesis of Snoozy, who wants instant gratification and wants to be able to brag about how awesome everything she does is. She wants to be able to tell everyone how she does voices for everyone’s new favorite anime, or how she is voicing a new character in a popular video game. And that simply isn’t going to happen with a completely untrained amateur like her.

Look at the guys at TeamFourstar, who have been producing their own fandub for years and have been taking professional classes and even sometimes working with industry professionals, and they barely even have their foot in the door, mostly only getting jobs for small indie projects. These guys definitely put in the work and effort necessary, yet they still don’t have much to show for it. Meanwhile, Snoozy has no work to speak of other than one dumb voice she did for a visual novel produced by her husband’s friends. No training whatsoever or prior experience and yet she thinks she’s a voice actor now. Because “Blizzard is such a cool company and I totally want to voice a character for them lol”

At best she’ll get asked to do some background voices for a scene and nothing else. Then give up once she realizes she isn’t going to get to do big projects for companies like Blizzard and Funimation. Seriously, this ain’t a career you get into if you’re expecting to get famous.

No. 435516

>muh sag

no one cares suzy

No. 435524

File: 1512115383532.png (849.58 KB, 958x1278, 1512079753463 (1).png)


Md weighing in on this thread.
Suzy's appearance here is consistent with someone who has had liposuction and is in the process of recovery.

For those who have pointed out how much Suzy fears any type of surgery, liposuction has actually become a lot less invasive as the practice has continued to spread, to the point where it can now be done as an out-patient procedure (usually in a single session).

The most damning evidence besides her conflicting proportions is the accumulation of abdominal fat that seems to straighten itself out unnaturally; this is consistent with wearing a compression garment post-liposuction, which Suzy would have had to use during her recovery.

No. 435531

Interesting, an MD who spends its time on a gossip website waiting to pounce on a snowflake with crude tablet drawings of suspected lipo. Lmao, for fuck's sake.

No. 435548

Can't lipo be pretty unhealthy for you?

No. 435550

Not really.
Complications from the procedure? Possibly. But it's kind of like saying getting a nose job could be bad for you. Depends on what happens.

No. 435573

Kek, are you 12? MD's are people too, you know, not some kind of magical entity unable to enjoy the lowly gossips.

No. 435618

Just that it's unlikely an MD would seriously be taking shots in the dark about whether or not someone had lipo based on the way their clothes are sitting on the body real late at night. But way to be defensive. As if no anon has ever lied on here before in order to make themselves look more credible over retarded shit.

No. 435644


Lipo makes sense to me. It consistent with how lazy she is. She never really goes to the gym and all she ever posts is her wolfing down all kinds of junk food.

No. 435720

I don't know how much I buy her getting lipo. They could definitely afford it, but I recall Suzy saying something bonkers like "I'm not interested in getting lip injections because they might cause cancer!"

No. 435825

And if she lost weight the old fashioned way, you can bet she'd post about her "healthy lifestyle" and "hard work" to get all the asspats she could. Keeping such a dramatic shortterm change completely on the DL means she did something she wouldn't want people to find out. Just like her scams from a while ago.

No. 435868


Exactly. If she were truly living healthy and lost weight naturally, you can bet your ass she would plaster it all over social media like she does with literally everything else in her life for attention and validation.

Yet, no instagram gym selfies or videos, or photos of a healthy meal she has prepared, or of her going on a walk before heading into the Grumps office for “work”. Nope, just shots of her bragging about garbage junk food she had brought in from Japan, or that double scooped chocolate covered ice cream cone that she “just had to go back for seconds”, or the gallons of iced coffee with extra cream she is about to guzzle before it is even noon.

But you can bet your ass she will show off whatever expensive Overwatch or Metal Gear merch she just bought with Arin’s money. Or post #7900991111 about why her life is sooooo depressing, dark and dreary and how “we’re all going to die someday” or another photo of her fat lazy ass laying in bed with her cats with some dumb filter on her face or whatever tacky outfit she stole from another YouTuber and she is now claiming is her “look”.

No. 435895

…or she could have just reduced her calorie intake and it really wasn't worth mentioning on IG, since in order to do so she'd have to admit a weight problem in the first place. She probably didn't want to call more attention to it bc she's clearly insecure of it.

At least sage your lipo tinfoiling.
Just because MooPoo got caught with scars from it doesn't mean everyone gets it.

No. 436148


Maybe it's Spanx idk

No. 436298

hi, waist trainer and spandex wearing person here, it's definitely not. when you wear spandex the first thing to start going in is the lower part of your stomach, but in this photo that's not what's going in. plus when you wear spandex you can't see a person's belly button that well or not at all.

No. 436833

File: 1512310463509.png (203.01 KB, 666x563, SZ1.png)

Here's a combo for Suzy, reaching out on Twitter for humblebrags and sympathy asspats on how little she's been able to sleep, so much so that when a fan saw her at Disneyworld today she complained about it there too.
Fucking Disneyland again - I'll bet the Make a Wish Foundation doesn't arrange as many trips as Suzy does, what a child.

No. 436843

She goes there so much because she's a Club 33 member - for those unaware, that's a special VIP membership that you can buy for $50,000, with a annual renewal fee for $15,000.
Perks include 5-star service in all of the Disney restaurants including the ability to order secret menu items and dine in locations hidden from the general public, as well as the usual treatment you'd expect with advanced ride permissions and line cutting.

There are literally people on our planet starving to death, others trying desperately to take care of a malnourished family while they make ends meet, cherishing every dollar they manage to save and meanwhile Suzy is blowing a cool 50 grand on a Disneyland pass and nearly 20 every single year since to remain a VIP member, shuffling through a 'super exclusive' menu where single items can be in the $500 - $1000 dollar range as she stuffs herself gluttonously in a location away from the prying eyes.
It's totally deserved though right? I mean it must be an incredibly laborious job to be married to a man who plays video games for a living - why, the hours alone totally justify her insomnia right now, what a hard worker…

No. 436848

I fucking can't stand people who CONSTANTLY complain about how tired they are. We get it, you're tired. We are all fucking tired! It's called being a human being, you get tired alot!
People who constantly say theyre tired also get more tired, when you focus so hard on your tiredness you're just wallowing in it and make yourself unable to feel fresh or awake.. and ironically also, unable to fall asleep.
I guess because they have so little actual work to do, and all the "work" they actually do is sitting down inside all day, they have plenty of time to just wallow around in how tired they are.
Being really lazy makes you feel very fatigue and can increase your insomnia, I don't understand why people can't seem to understand this. In order to feel fully sleepy at night, you have to keep your body and brain at work all day while youre awake, and give it good healthy fuel. Everyone in the world knows this.
Suzy sits at home playing video games all day, sits at home pinning bugs to paper and ship them out all day, she lays in bed watching tv all day, she drinks soda and have postmates all day… going out to disneyland once a week doesn't count as being active. THIS IS WHY YOU'RE ALWAYS TIRED. It's not because you're working hard.

Sorry, sage for being triggered

No. 436877

You're saying Suzy wouldn't post about how she's "suddenly losing weight" and bragging?
Ofc. if it was lipo we will see her gain the weight back quickly, hopefully she actually did get a healthier diet and is losing weight the good way.

No. 436879

This triggers the fuck out of me. I hate Suzy's "get fame quick" schemes. I'm guessing she got inspired from Aaron who did a bit on Rick and Morty and her stupid dating game cameo. Of course she doesn't consider that many real voice actors are seasoned comedians. Even actors and actresses with cameos have trouble voice acting because they need to make their voices sound a lot different than they do when filming roles. They often sound flat.

Suzy is also delusional since her voice is the most grating thing about her. I just don't get it. Anytime I try to watch her videos and the "Hi, Mortimer here!" immediately makes me turn it off. If she could do voices than maybe but she wants to voice act with her horrible basic bitch inflections.

No. 436882

Somewhat new to Suzy stuff, but since the lipo thing keeps coming up, any chance she got a stomach band or something along those lines? I've had family with it and it has a similar effect of causing the person to lose weight in a way that makes their proportions look strange.

No. 437101

Do you have any proof that she's a club 33 member or is this just speculation

No. 437125

i hope its lipo and she turns into a mess like momokun

No. 437127

i think you need to be really fat to get one of those. the person i know who did was over 300lbs

No. 437163


I believe she posted a picture on insta and said she's a club 33 member, but I can't remember it right now, I'll go look for it

sage for no info

No. 437182



here's the instagram post where her caption was 'Club 33 with the bae tonight'

No. 437428

it doesn't specify she has a membership, and if this is the only time she's mentioned it and has gone, she probably just went with a club 33 member

No. 438527

Members can put people on a guest list for the day they're visiting and allow others to enjoy it. Its really hard to get into Club 33 because the wait list is so long, there are millionare celebrities who worked for disney and can't get in because they aren't on the list. Arin probably talked to an executive (most members are business professionals because reasons????) for a project and got privileges for a day.

No. 438578

Speaking of Disney World, it looks like they went again for the millionth time.

No. 438598

no, arin borrowed the club 33 membership to go with suzy, this was explained in the previous threads and they admitted to it

No. 438989

File: 1512564442229.png (121.69 KB, 500x251, yoko_ono.png)

sleepless night and watching older grump stuff and came upon Table Flip. man she gets mad when the guys bond and have actual fun instead of mechanically sticking to the game rules.

No. 439200

File: 1512586451598.png (3.41 MB, 3500x720, Sz1.png)

The best part of Table Flip was watching Suzy inflate like a balloon over the course of several episodes.

No. 439230


She does that shit in everything she is in. Everyone else is having fun and making jokes and she makes some dumb cringey comment expecting everyone to laugh and gets pissy when they don’t and tries to act all “why am I even friends with you guys” it shuts down everyone else’s jokes with “omg that’s not even funny”. She can’t stand not being the center of attention and hates when the spotlight is being taken from her.


Holy damn did she really let herself go

No. 439236

This is very OT, but since we all hate how Suzy is edgy about death I thought some of you all might enjoy Caitlin Doughty instead.

No. 439344

it doesn't even look like she's wearing the same necklace if you look closely

No. 439505

ahhh, I love her channel ♡

No. 439530

She's not wearing it in the last picture because it burst off of her double chin.

No. 439561

How does she not get sick of that fucking place? All she does is go there and eat.

No. 439865


What makes it really odd is she keeps going despite how much she talks shit about the place and how miserable she was working Disney. She is always the first person to bring up how they treat their employees like shit or all the other shady stories that have been passed around. Yet every year she plasters pics all over her social media of her stuffing her fat face and talking about how “Omg me and Arin luv this place so much!!!”

No. 441914

File: 1512963211998.jpeg (219.27 KB, 958x1278, 530C197B-7BC8-4FEC-8248-4AB31B…)

oh my god, i’m amazed at the flocks of sheep actually fucking complementing for this bullshit.

No. 441929

This is disgusting, badly done, and confusing. What is she trying to do? I don't get it.

No. 441936

File: 1512964749131.jpg (31.54 KB, 800x467, alita2018.jpg)

jesus fuck is this her shitty attempt at being alita battle angel? this is 10x worse than the cgi in the movie

No. 441954

No. 441957


What the fuck even is this supposed to be?

No. 441970


2011 flashbacks

No. 442024

Ok was wondering if that black line was meant to follow her iris.
I guess it's an ok idea, when you squint at the thumbnail it does look seamless… but in a tiny, static photo. Can't imagine this looking nice IRL, in motion.

No. 443858

i was the anon who posted about going to gg's live show in vancouver awhile back. i had a dream last night that i went again except suzy came out as a literal egg with arms and legs. like humpty dumpty. gave me a good laugh when i woke up.

No. 444079

Depending how quickly she gains weight, she might make that dream a reality.

No. 448509

File: 1513794713450.png (53.56 KB, 621x478, Suzy222.png)

"Hmm… how can I brag about losing weight but also that I'm working hard and independent? Oh I know!"

You don't work hard Suzy, you're a leech; you siphon the fame from Arin and use it to commission another artist to make things overpriced jewelery for you. What hard work do you have to worry about? Packaging?
Congratulations, you have the same tasks as a part-time postal worker, and even then they have to work a lot harder than you do with literally thousands of packages - at best there are only about 200 fans this month who bought your overpriced bullshit, why don't you put down the Venti Sugary Starbucks drink, take a raincheck on your Disney vacation and work those flabby armed bingo wings into getting some shit done.
Also, I feel bad if your body is eating itself; how much saturated fat and blubber could your post-lipo stomach digest?

No. 448561

Her tweets are always:

-pointing out how tired she is
-pointing out how stressful her life is
-pointing out how sick she is
-promoting her shit
-some cat pictures

But she's oh so "very powerful and feared by many"
(Twitter bio)

Yeah bitch, but all you do is whining on Twitter and expecting asspats for it!

No. 448645


When she got with Arin she essentially won the lottery - imagine someone telling you one day,

"Hey listen, from here on out you'll never have to work hard another day of your life - everything you want will be paid for and everything you do will be blindly praised and purchased, no matter how high you set the price."

Is your reaction going to be, "Oh man, that sounds like a lot of work."?

No. 448777

File: 1513818185778.png (451.32 KB, 603x738, lolhow.png)

lol how!?

No. 448780

how tf none of her videos that are even months old break 20k views? do they just drink an unusual amount of red bull??

No. 448782


Can she just shut the fuck up? All she ever does is spend all day bitching and moaning about “how hard her life is”. I wish someone would just call this lazy cunt out for once.

No. 448794


No. 448796


Same as everything with her, begging for recognition and using her husband’s name for brownie points.

No. 448811

maybe she meant eating her whole body weight in snacks

No. 448814

Proof her nom was bought, imo

No. 448816


It's all just free publicity for Redbull, they know that by 'nominating' a channel, they'll get flocks of viewers coming to vote for their favorites, they know that there's cross-promotion between KKG and Game Grumps and all it does in the end is promote Redbulls label.

Bad Channel.
Bad Contest.
Good Marketing.

No. 448831

So she just copies Bloodmilk designs? Was she collaborating with them or something?

No. 448997

File: 1513850832290.png (29.26 KB, 755x358, redbull.png)

I can't…someone posted this

No. 449000

I don't think Suzy just gets views because she is a female, there's way hotter girls out there who are only interesting because b00bs, like that awful cunt sniperwolf for example.
Suzy only gets views because of overweight tumblerinas who like gamegrumps and thinks Suzy is a "g0thic princuss". Without gamegrumps she would have 0 views, regardless of her gender.

No. 450067

Apparently Barry now left Game Grumps

No. 450098


No. 450117

No. 450127

Honestly good for him, I always liked Barry

No. 450151

I love how no one has mentioned anything about him leaving except for Dan.
And they can't be too busy to mention it because Suzy just posted another promotion of her jewellery on Instagram

No. 450153

I saw Ross comment on the tweet, not sure if anyone else did.

No. 450155

*and Ross

No. 450161

The game grumps twitter retweeted Barry's post and Ross, Holly and Suzy commented on it.
Only Arin wished him well on his own Twitter.

I hope they make a short video or sth for him, but as we know GG that will probably not happen.

( btw Barry did'nt give thanks to Jon)

No. 450174

>Barry did'nt give thanks to Jon

Who wants to be associated with that chode anyway

No. 450258

Jon taught Barry how to edit. Barry even got the yellow text style from him. Barry only got involved with Game Grumps because of Jon. It's understandable why he didn't mention Jon, what with him leaving Game Grumps in a weird way, but still a little strange.

No. 450373

Honestly Barry has been so little involved with gamegrumps for so long i'm a bit surprised he havent left earlier. He has very clearly not been interested in working at gamegrumps for very long, he probably just needed to have enough funds and contacts for his own projects before he left his money source.

No. 450422


>Barry did'nt give thanks to Jon

Why would he? Jon hasn't been involved in Grumps for how long? No reason to even if Jon left GG on good terms.

No. 450503

I don't think they're friends anymore.

No. 450506

Almost everyone who "leaves" a job during the Christmas holidays period has been laid off, from what I've seen. I wouldn't be surprised if it applied here too.

No. 452834

GG hasn't been doing as well as it let's on honestly. I totally believe this
Ding Dong mentioned that while they were editing and working for GG they weren't paid because the channel wasn't making enough to pay them.
Which seems incredibly sketchy since they spent a shit ton to renovate their space

No. 453861


I don’t recall Ding Dong or Julian ever editing Grumps. As far as I know, they were only there to record OneyPlays with Chris. There were never officially part of Grumps.

No. 454046


I haven't been here for like, a month and a half, and now she's fucking skinny.

I did search online on how to spot someone who did lipo and she seems to fit when it comes to the part where i googled her name and belly to see if her belly button is higher. It IS a bit higher than it has ever been.

I was over 320lbs in late 2015, now 210, every part of me, fingers, face, feet, calves, all have seen loss. Of course this may vary person to person, but if you see the site also note calve, face, hand, hip, and belly button differences, i kind of believe it. My belly button is about the same as it ever was, even at my fattest.

No. 454048


If you could find a source for that comment, i'd love that. I personally don't watch GG anymore because it's become so boring.

No. 454110


No one cares. Sage your blogpost.

No. 454331

They were never Grumps but they did editing between the time Kevin left and before SuperMega came in I believe. During that time you'll notice Arin and Dan don't name drop any editor when asking for edits
It was said during one of his streams, which he doesn't archive. So unfortunately I can't really get the source.

No. 454385

Obviously GG is doing slightly worse than they were before because of all the ad issues and demonetization going on on youtube these days, but it's hardly THAT bad. They still have a ton of sponsorships, merch, tours and other shit.. tons of their fans are die hard stans and will support and buy anything they make. Their videos still get a daily view-count between 100k and 500k, that's very high considering they upload twice every single day.
I really don't think they're doing so bad they have to fire people, I literally just think Barry wanted to leave. He clearly havent been active as a member of GG for a very long time.
I am not a huge GG fan but I don't really hate them either, and while I can see why people like Julian and Ding Dong might want to throw some shade their way, I really don't think GG is anywhere near broke.
But who knows, maybe Arin spent all their money on anime figurines and trips to Tokyo with snoozy already. You can say what you want about GG, fan or not, its very easy to tell Arin throws money down the drain like it's toiletpaper.

No. 454531


"Sorry Barry, we spent your salary on Suzy's liposuction."

No. 460378

File: 1514959930456.png (75.73 KB, 602x430, 656.png)

Suzy seriously doesn't waste ANY opportunity to humblebrag!
Just gotta squeeze in the fact she was totally wanted for her massive japanese supernatural dEaTh knowledge for a big movie production, but totally refused because omg that would be disrespectful she is totally above that!
Fuck off Suzy.

No. 460398

holy shit what a narcissist

No. 460429


Fucking lord she is so up her own ass. She literally always has to make everything about her.

No. 460697

Suzy you are almost as bad as Logan Paul himself. Ugh she is disgusting me more than usual with this lack of self-awareness.

No. 460742


She wants to form a lynch mob against him, yet when she is in the crosshairs of the internet it’s “sexist trolls who only bully her because she is a girl”. She gets so fucking annoying whenever she tries to play patron saint and send her mob after people as if she never committed any kind of transgression. You know, like lying to her fans and trying to rip them off.

No. 460919


But I thought death was all super fucking cool and shit?

No. 460983


She’s always been a massive fucking hypocrite. It’s okay for her to exploit the dead with her shitty jewelry, taking pictures of cemeteries without permission and her constant prattling about how cool and beautiful death is and how “we’re all going to die someday”.

Then the internet mob forms and now all of a sudden she is outraged to go along with all the other sheep.

No. 461006

>and then everyone stood up and clapped

No. 461199


If Suzy had found that guy in the woods she would have a made a plaster cast of his face to sell as shitty overpriced jewelry - what a hypocritical cunt.

No. 461219

File: 1515039354866.png (13.05 KB, 438x499, 1375673622298.png)

No. 461222

File: 1515039798244.png (483.5 KB, 598x770, lollolol.png)

No. 461361


Without Arin I wouldn't be able to tell that was Suzy, even with her eating - talk about artistic license, didn't include any traits of fetal alcohol syndrome…

No. 461614


She doesn’t want to see any fan art of her that depicts her other than a “perfect, rail thin, goffick supermodel”. Which is why any drawing of a pale girl with black hair she thinks is her.

No. 461641

It legit looks nothing like her. It is strange if someone made fan art not looking like yourself.

No. 461773


She doesn’t want any of her flaws on display for everyone to see. No double chin, no hammy arms, no rolls barely contained by the same worn out jeans she has been wearing for years, no dried out skin from all the makeup she has caked on her.

Which is all funny because people waste no time depicting Arin as a sweaty, greasy, gross multi-chinned freak. But if you dare not draw Suzy as perfect supermodel then you are a sexist troll who is looking to bully her.

No. 465168

File: 1515439677812.png (217.84 KB, 1242x1310, IMG_2256.PNG)


No. 465170

WTF fuck haha, Stamper!

No. 465171

Lmao, wow. I wonder if she has the nerve to block him. It's one thing if it's some rando, but Stamper's pretty notable, yeah?

No. 465176

Wow, I thought him and Arin were friends. That's over I see

No. 465177

I’ve seen some people point out that it’s just stamper so it’s probably a joke but I can’t help but feel it won’t go over well in snooz’s Head.

Tinfoil but I wonder if there was a fallout. Chris(oney) was tweeting a lot about finding who his real friends were

No. 465470


Stamper. You are a beautiful human being. Never change.

Although one could argue that it’s a joke and that they are friends, but Snoozy doesn’t take comments about her weight lightly.

No. 465499

Saging since tinfoil conspiracy bs, but apparently Oney stopped following the Arin and the Supermega guys, and vise versa. Whatever happened, if anything, didn't seem to concern DingDong and Julien. Nothing could have happened, but something about this just seems fishy.

No. 465522

arins been posting a lot of his old shit lately too, surrounding him and his drawings and his failed games. hopefully the supermega boys aren't involved other than work because i really like them.

No. 465543

File: 1515463422301.jpeg (60.87 KB, 640x256, B32BA136-A4C9-4D9B-973B-2B8244…)

Damn really makes you wonder.kinda sad

No. 465544

Sorry forgot to sage

No. 465561

File: 1515464408334.jpg (96.46 KB, 596x628, 1446118068254.jpg)

holyshit, my sides are gone.

No. 465650

Stamper is fucking amazing, nobody in the 'inner circle' of Game Grumps would have the balls to do that, good on him!

No. 465948

wtf i love stamper now

No. 466461

are there any theories as to who they're talking about?

No. 467024

File: 1515632720380.png (2.3 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20180110-101840.png)

Sage for no new milk but I doubt whatever happened with GG and Oney had anything to do with Suzy that's giving her too much credit.

Also any picture not takin by Suzy is horrifying.

No. 467049

File: 1515634965902.jpg (996.36 KB, 1440x2560, woah.jpg)

suzy's forehead is almost as big as brian's entire face im shook

No. 467102


Her makeup is so horrible.

No. 467110

File: 1515640757771.png (38.04 KB, 620x450, mickey-rooney-breakfast-at-tif…)

No. 467133

I wish I could slap that hand from her fucking chin. Do you think she's done it so often now that she doesn't realize anymore?

No. 467345

Yeah I think people often get stuck in their go-to pose for photos, especially if you take alot of selfies with people. For some reason suzy actually has fans believe it or not.

No. 467349

She does it to hide her triple chins, anon. It's deliberate.

No. 467681

File: 1515702079805.png (509.4 KB, 594x562, suzy.png)

If anything I have to admire Suzy's confidence.
she looks like a product of incest but she still thought she was hot enough to become a model and went for it.
it didn't work out for her of course but she still did it

No. 467709

isnt she only like 27? her skin looks so bad… what is she doing

No. 467710

File: 1515704120204.jpg (74 KB, 787x401, owl2018.jpg)

No, they won't.
(But I'd like to see her fail in a discussion)

No. 467719

Apparently not wearing SPF

No. 467720

I think it's just a combination of freckles and acne scars that make her skin look bad. To be fair, you can take care of your skin properly and try your best to make it look good, but acne scars take a long time to fade and can make it look worse than it actually is. Her lighting is also atrocious, which can make her skin look bad as well.

No. 467725


No. 467744

She is such a hideous rodent-like bitch with her beady ass eyes and long, gross teeth. Suzy got a fucking Megamind forehead but she's dumb as hell.

No. 468092


Christ what a begging bitch - leave Blizzard alone Suzy, just because you've achieved a bit of vicarious fame from your videogame playing husband does not mean that the entire industry is at your beck and call for the virtue of nepotism. Why don't you go back to making videos of unboxing lootcrates while you unbox another pizza you former fat fuck.

No. 468123


No one fucking cares what you think Suzy. It’s so fucking pathetic that you keep begging for a job from them so much. Not that they would listen to a vapid dipshit like you anyways. You are a complete fucking noname that they wouldn’t pay the slightest attention to.

Bitch has the smallest following and thinks she can just call up companies and ask to work with them whenever she wants. And she swears that she offers any kind of worthwhile opinion on video games when she knows close to jack shit.

Stick to opening shitty LootCrate boxes you greasy, beast eyed, pizza faced pig. That seems to be the only thing you are good for.

No. 468183


I'm sensing some hostility here.

No. 468201

She looks like a randomized Skyrim character or Sim or smth, which seems appropriate because ~*gAmEr gUrL*~

No. 468225

File: 1515748921222.png (689.34 KB, 632x983, 4454.png)

No. 468227

File: 1515749200029.png (1.13 MB, 651x918, desertsnooze.png)

No. 468229

File: 1515749285314.png (37.66 KB, 615x308, bonus.png)

No. 468231

File: 1515749814595.png (675.58 KB, 1115x792, snoozeschemes2018.png)

No. 468300


. . . Nope. Too easy.


Is there ever a moment where she isn’t completely up her own ass? She is always bringing shit like this up to make herself seem more important. Yeah Snoozy, I’m soooo sure you were constantly approached by tv shows.

No. 468327

>get out of t-shirt and jeans clothing rut
at least she's aware

No. 468348

>New intro for kkg
She knows everyone fucking hates that annoying mess, she should never have agreed to use that shit just because Arin voiced it and some other friend animated it

No. 468387


My (improved) goals for (Suzy for) 2018:

work on a better sleep cycle
stop posting about how little sleep I get

eat vegetarian as often as possible
stop eating shit in the remaining time

film for mortem3r more
make better videos instead

better content on kkg!
stop pandering and close the channel

new intro for kkg!
new outro for kkg, with a gunshot.

new jewelry collection
cheaper jewelry collection

get out of T-shirt and jeans clothing rut
stop putting ootd clothes on eBay and try wearing them more than once.

hit 1mil subs on kkg (I can dream)
try to pursue a goal without piggybacking on Arin's success.

lose 15 pound
lose 15 pounds without liposuction

practice self compassion
practice getting my narcissistic head out of my ass

No. 468546


I do enjoy how the majority of people are calling her out for what a complete dipshit she is being about all of this with her “OWL IS SO SEXIST!!! DAE NEED MORE WOMYNS!!! DIVERSITY!!!! REEEEEEEEEESEEEE!!!!”. Usually in the ostbshe would have gotten nothing but overwhelming support for say something so stupid, at least now she is rightfully being called out for it.

No. 468607

File: 1515795507467.png (1 MB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20180112-231657.png)

God her hands are fucking ugly

No. 468615

dont worry snooze, you can lipo out another 15 easy peasey

oh no suzy stop

No. 468694

File: 1515800426171.png (25.32 KB, 579x192, f0a493efe517bb5fc95a549fcc189e…)

Suzy was all excited and praising Gravity Blankets in December but now she wants them hung for not delivering after a month or so
I wondered why she got one and I saw that Matt Mercer did

No. 468703

love how she tweets instead of using a contact form like a normal person

or even doing a charge back. idiot.

No. 468778


She is such a cunt. Instead of sending a private email she always has to publicly put companies on blast and dragging that shit out on Twitter for everyone to see. What an unprofessional bitch.

No. 468973


maybe its the only way she knows how to communicate these days

No. 470125

It has to be about Supermega and Arin

No. 470257

sage for off topic but I've only started watching Game Grumps videos recently.
I can't stand Dan. The guy is almost 40 and acts like a child.
he reminds me of one of those creepy guys that found out you liked video games and would worship you because "gurls dut play gymes!!"

he said the first time he met Suzie he was intimidated by how cool she was…I bet he secretly wants to fuck her

No. 470259


…….. yeah, it's obvious that you're new.

No. 471202

I know a lot of people disagree, but I really like Dan and find him really attractive. Probably the best looking out of all the Game Grumps. I don't watch their show, but I never really got the impression that he wanted to fuck Suzy or anything. That's a pretty out there assumption.
It's not OT as long as you're talking about GG or Suzy.
Sage for no1curr

No. 471555


I’m assuming it’s the same anon who comes here every couple of months with the same bullshit “Dan is a total creep” stories.

No. 471601

You're right, I didn't even notice that. And it's always the sage really outlandish assumption, like, "Dan's a fuckin pedophile" or something about him being on some sort of hard drug

No. 471781


Yeah. It’s usually accusations of him picking up underaged girls at cons or lives shows or him using his fame to force girls into sleeping with him.

I gotta admit though, the “He totally wants to fuck Suzy” thing is new.

No. 471871

Who would spew that kind of garbage. The GG fans are so obnoxious, outspoken and lusting after Dan that if he actually had sex with any of them, that'd be posting and yelling all about it. Dan may seem odd to some due to his sexual nature, but I'm 99% sure he would never sleep with a random fan, especially an underage fan at that. He seems like a genuinely nice guy. And it's pretty fucked up to accuse somebody of that, especially with no hard evidence besides "W-well he just SEEMS like a total pervert creep!!"

No. 471938

Some random girl screaming "Me too!!!" about Dan without any proof when?

No. 472024

This is probably pretty redundant because you all know Dan isn't a bad person, but I feel like I have to write this anyway (in b4 "WHITE KNIGHT!!!).
I've known Dan personally for quiet some time now and he isn't evil, malicious or anything in that sort of way. Yes, he's a little bit emotionally retarded and childish but he isn't a goddamn child rapist. He just doesn't know when to shut his mouth sometimes and every now and then he gets a little edgy because he's a little bit insecure of being almost forty and not having his life together like most of his other friends have by now. That's it.

No. 472039

It's pretty damn easy to claim you've know Dan personally. Honestly, I really don't believe you. I also don't believe he's a bad guy at all (I was anon >>471871), but if you're going to make an out-there claim that you know him personally, especially on this board, you're going to need to provide proof. No pressure, it's just incredibly hard to believe someone when they say that.

No. 472077


Going to need proof of that.

Also, what the fuck does Dan have to be insecure about? Pretty much none of his friends have their lives figured out at this point and are still working towards establishing some kind of career. He is constantly surrounded by man and woman-children. He sure as shit can’t be insecure about being compared to Arin. All he did was marry a gold-digging, hatchet faced leech and makes money making dick and fart jokes over playing video games.

No. 472082

Dude, start trying to think rationally. What would I gain from white knighting some chap. If you don't believe me, cool. It's not like my statement is an outrageous rape claim like some of you like to spew out here for some reason. I'm also not going to disclose personal information of him on the Internet. I just want some of you to stop spewing baseless rumours because you have some kind of vendetta against him.

No. 472111

>Spewing baseless rumors

Have you even read the fucking thread? When people suddenly start saying shit about Dan, 90% of us call them out by a. Asking for proof of their baseless accusations and b. telling them to stop spewing potentially harmful garbage. 1 person accusing him of being a pedophile
=\= us all believing that.
Also, we didn't ask you to provide his personal information. We asked for proof that you know him. I understand you're probably some die hard grump fan but saying that you know him doesn't mean you do. If you're going to come onto a board, claim you know the person in question and then refuse to post proof that you know him/her, don't do it in the first place. As >>470257 was posted I and a couple of other anons came to his defense and stated that the people saying that shit are ridiculous. There was no reason for you to come here to claim you know him and "defend" him.
Saged for rant and possible infighting

No. 472176

not that anon and not new. I was just very tired when I wrote that post and didn't realise it was a mess.

as for not liking Dan
he constantly burps into the microphone
constant dick/cum jokes
it honestly seems like Arin doesn't even like him most of the time
I dunno, I just think for a 38 year old he's be a bit more mature
I don't think he's a pedophile, I don't know where people would get that idea.

No. 472199

Thanks for bumping the thread with no actual content.

No. 472201

well we have to remember his two main partners (arin & brian) have come from a backgrounds more than just doing music. arin being his animations, brian being he's an actual doctor. let's say both of them wanted to quit GG and music all together because they feel like going back to what they love, what will dan have ASIDE from just music? let's be honest here, he wouldn't be able to sell an entire venue by himself.
not trying to defend, just throwing out a reason why he could be insecure

No. 472202

sorry i noticed my typo, thankfully i saged sorry for bumping the thread again

No. 472208

File: 1516106721687.jpg (201.61 KB, 1200x816, collage.jpg)

No. 472312

If you're not new then what's the point of bringing up an irrelevant topic that has already been discussed with nothing new to add onto?

No. 472404


Agree. Irrelevant and nitpicking. The only crime Dan seems guilty of is not being very entertaining. Please only post accusations with evidence to back them up.

No. 472489

Agreed. Posting any accusation should be backed up with proof. Otherwise don't start calling being pedophiles and rapists. It's also pretty reasonable for people to ask for proof if you begin to say you're associated with somebody we're talking about, and if you're not willing to post proof, don't say it at all.

No. 472570

File: 1516137175484.jpg (42.74 KB, 710x575, 4940279.jpg)

So Starbomb wanted to colaberate with The Adventures of Duane and BrandO (Another band that makes songs about video games) a while back, but Duane and BrandO declined stating "It's not going to happen."

You guys think they made the right choice?

No. 472581

Wa there any specific reason why they said that? I mean, it could have been because they thought Starbomb was cancer but if it was, I'd like to hear what they said

No. 472627


I mean. Starbomb is pretty dogshit as far as video game music goes

No. 472666

File: 1516143289773.jpg (126.91 KB, 512x841, l5vjiaDZK3fzkTOnvBbncAmsG6lqCf…)

I was wrong. It was the other way around. Here's the full story.

No. 472758

honestly though they have every right to not want to do a song at the moment. dude kind of sounds a bit like a dick.