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No. 341652

Attention seeking snowflake who flaunts her anorexia and bizarre dancing and fashion sense ( from pro a a scumbags thread). Has an IG account and a YouTube channel.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 341659


shit OP but nice potential cow, she could be Ashley 2.0

No. 341660

Do not post threads about subjects that fall into any of these categories:
under 18
known only for ED/Ana/Mia drama

so… why?

No. 341676

The girl is obviously fucking ill. Nothing about her is funny.

No. 341717

Reading the things about her in the other thread she's hysterical-there's more to her than just her anorexia- she's about as much anorexiarecovery as Aly.

No. 341783

>not putting links in the OP

kill yourself you retard

No. 342274

No. 345127


I'm sure Paris idolises Ashley and tries to copy her.

No. 345128

File: 1499029246196.jpeg (111.25 KB, 633x742, image.jpeg)

Poor dog- it's not a toy or a doll to dress up.

No. 345133

Don't know who this is but she looks so much like Angela Anaconda it's scary

No. 345694


Have a read of this thread if you want the background on Paris https://lite.lolcow.farm/snow/res/243674.html

No. 345710

She's so boring, no milk EATS THE SAME FOOD EVERY DAY

No. 345980

Some days she gets really interesting and has 98 g of strawberries instead of 97 g.

No. 355208

File: 1500460648014.jpeg (121.05 KB, 768x746, image.jpeg)

Because she thinks she's so fat she posts photos like this on IG . Is it any wonder she doesn't have a job/work- if a future employer saw this they would never want to employ her.

No. 357159

File: 1500674331723.jpeg (117.08 KB, 634x833, image.jpeg)

For someone who claims to have got 15 GCSEs she has pretty poor grammar.

No. 358092

File: 1500806836425.jpeg (91.02 KB, 630x665, image.jpeg)

Her t-shirt is highly appropriate ( screen shot from another dancing video)

No. 358108

such dramu

please is there anything of value here or have you all never seen someone with a mental illness before

No. 358131

This is so sad.

No. 358176

15? Christ, how many subjects do kids take at school these days? I think we only had 8 or 9.

I never bothered looking into this girl. I honestly don't think I could deal with that level of mental. Tbh, all I see is autism and I can't understand anything about her.

Sad and she'll probably be dead in a few years.

No. 358350

Where are the concerned parents/guardians?
She belongs in a ED rehab, not prancing around in Starbucks and malls.

No. 358574

Behind the camera! It is her mother or her brother/sister filming her.

No. 361346

She looks really bad here, woah.

No. 361674

File: 1501181503167.jpeg (71.74 KB, 591x737, image.jpeg)

Another weekly cream puff dancing video - I wish I could post it rather than just a screen shot.

No. 361697

Sage for irrelevant but her name bothers me more and more every time I see it written out. "Paris Melody Raven" doesn't flow at all, plus each of those names on its own is slightly trashy already let alone when combined into a string of random nouns. It sounds like someone's fanfic name for themselves à la Ebony Dark'ness Dementia Raven Way.

Back on topic, what does she think she's accomplishing with the dancing food videos? It's fucking bizarre even by ana standards.

No. 362024

Why do we have a Paris thread when we have pro-ana central?

No. 366504

Is she still alive?

No. 366829

yes. i followed a recovery IG and as soon as I did, her creepy face popped up in my notifications because she requested to follow me.

No. 368299

Why has she stopped posting photos on Instagram ?

No. 368306

because her dancing food gifs were too good to miss but were clogging up the PA thread

No. 368307

she died

No. 368452

>Every time I scroll past OP

No. 368453

File: 1502135284661.jpg (50.2 KB, 736x736, a549b56baf21cc4dfcc2d3487741f0…)

dropped pic oops

No. 368563

File: 1502145989451.png (80.92 KB, 750x511, IMG_3571.PNG)

Has anyone else noticed that PMR has 'relapsing' in her bio?
Hate to break it to you Paris, but 'relapsing' implies that you ever recovered. Which you didnt and havent.

No. 368978

She also misuses the terms BPD and BDD .

No. 368997

you sure she doesnt just have a dx of BPD? A lot of her behaviour seems like that would be the case. Body dysmorphia is often a sympton of AN but it doesnt necessarily mean that she has BDD as a separate disorder.

sage for no contribution

No. 372771

File: 1502824456124.jpeg (169.07 KB, 654x706, image.jpeg)

Paris needs to realise she has a dog not another stuffed toy to dress up.

No. 372775

File: 1502824841671.jpeg (203.6 KB, 636x756, image.jpeg)

What a load of crap

No. 383681

File: 1504181454589.jpeg (152.46 KB, 621x711, image.jpeg)

No. 383682

File: 1504181483644.jpeg (125.62 KB, 603x681, image.jpeg)

No. 383683

File: 1504181540859.jpeg (86.5 KB, 636x735, image.jpeg)

She's back chair dancing

No. 383686

Paris is a mess. I remember I used to follow her a year or two ago and started again a month ago after I unfollowed her or she blocked me, I dunno. Anyway she is still writing the same crap, eating same shit( babybel cheeses anyone?) but now she added the bizzarrw dance. I feel bad for her family that obvious has to spend money on that girl who uses all her free time to flaunt her anorexia on Instagram (she recently posted also a picture of her "ha ha exploding wardrobe! Oh my!" ) and writing same mundane shit. She also started to write how she wishes she had "talent" or "knew how to do something useful". She's just one of those people who think that others are born with talents and knowledge and doesn't see other people have to work hard for things. She's pathetic. But there is nothing more to be said about her. A /snow/ flake at best that shouldn't really have her own thread.

No. 383695

The classic Ana trick of constantly moving to burn of the calories from the snack, but masking it as "happy dance".

No. 383770

She's probably paying for it off benefits/welfare as she is supposedly too sick to work ( she has social anxiety yet can go out to a public coffee shop and make a twat of herself, is fit enough to take her dog out for walks, etc…) so it's the tax payer who is funding her tsumtsum collection and soft toy addiction.
The snowflake she has put after her Twitter name speaks for itself.

No. 383806

Nothing about this is funny, the milk is sour.

No. 384145

I follow her decline but not because I find it amusing. This is just tragic. Just like Ashley she never gave herself the chance to develop into a fully formed adult. They're on a one way street to self-destruction.

No. 404473

File: 1508155113100.jpeg (82.03 KB, 639x630, image.jpeg)

For an adult her dress sense is very childish, and what has she done to her hair? The guy watching her must wonder what she is doing.

No. 404488

Hair crimpers.

No. 404495

I thought she would be dead by now.

No. 408488

Seriously? Scary, scary, Sheeesh …….

No. 410184

File: 1509103492239.jpeg (55.85 KB, 768x470, image.jpeg)

Paris mentions her mum a lot but she never features in any of her IG photos or YouTube - I reckon her mum is really overweight and that is Paris won't change- if her mum has sleep apnea and is having weight loss surgery. And the world will fall apart if they stop making chocolate Cocopops porridge and she can't heat her milk in the microwave at Cafe Nero.

No. 435565

It’s slightly frustrating to watch her say she’s trying when she’s still eating the same foods everyday, with no increase in her meal plan. I’m a little confused how she’s managing to stay at home in the community how she is.

No. 435729

I just had a look at her Twitter having not heard of her before. Apparently she jumped off a bridge onto the motorway when she was 17! Jesus. I'm not sure how old she is now.

No. 437924

that was years and years ago. she's in her late 20s now iirc

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