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File: 1500400460127.jpg (56.43 KB, 750x463, vlogger29f-3-web.jpg)

No. 354694

Youtuber and younower eugenia cooney
social media links -

we all know why she's famous, because she's anorexic
besides anorexia the milk is that she followed pro ana accounts, then denied it and claimed "she doesn't encourage people to starve themselves"
complains about being sick, cold, dresses in skimpy clothes then when someone will ask a simple question about food she will fuss and pull the "it's none of anyone's business card" but will talk about pubes and dogs eating her out
caters to anorexia fetishists and only continues to get worse
she only cares about people who give her money and the anorexia fetishists(duplicate thread, no milk, read the sticky)

No. 354698

>followed pro ana accounts, then denied it and claimed "she doesn't encourage people to starve themselves
sauce? never heard this one
Also, isn't she a banned topic?

No. 354703

they show screenshots around 0:48 in the video, she followed a lot more as well, but when people called her out she unfollowed
and no idea, I remember they said you can't post if you are involved with pro ana or pro mia drama, unless I read it wrong

No. 354704

she's in denial about her ana-ness but that's not milk. She literally has done nothing to warrant a thread.

No. 354706

did you even read it? its more than being in denial, she caters to ana fetishists, is money hungry, talks about nasty shit like dogs eating her out, etc etc

No. 354715

I found it, they said that you can't post them if they're known only for pro ana or mia drama, which she is known for pretending to be innocent, talking about beastality and pubes and gross shit, caters to ana fetishists, makes shit content, etc etc , more than just ana drama

No. 354792

What is all this about dogs eating her out..?

No. 354826

>caters to ana fetishists
>talks about nasty shit like dogs eating her out
>talking about beastality and pubes and gross shit,
Do you have receipts of this?

No. 354827

>we all know why she's famous, because she's anorexic
and there is literally nothing more to say about her.

She tries always to be friendly, even when she gets bonkers questions and comments…

>caters to ana fetishists

Wow, she thinks she is ugly and fat. Wow, big deal.
thats not milky at all.
>money hungry
who isnt?
>talks about nasty shit like dogs eating her out
yeah well.. proof, screenshots, anything you dumbshit.
otherwise this is a shit post.

>did you even read it?
did I read … what?
You didnt give anything, but crap.

No. 354829

i don't like eugenia but she seems like a genuinely sweet girl. she doesn't deserve a thread about it.

No. 354830

>Dying freakshow attention whore
>No Milk

No. 354869

I don't she does anything milky but what's with people anyways saying she's sweet/nice? I watched a few of her videos and she just seems really really dim but otherwise not particularly nice/kind/whatever?

No. 354901

Well, I'm a bit shocked she's still losing weight. She's getting pretty close to ash-tier,
There's not much milk though.

No. 356113

The milky thing about her is how she's anorexic but always showing off her body in slutty clothes

No. 356117

I don't see anything milky about Eugenia. Did Onion make this thread or what?

No. 356211

That's not milk

No. 356215

I won't try to pretend she doesn't know what she's doing when she prances around half naked and films it. She's anorexic, she knows better than anyone how that effects people.

No. 356218

slut shaming is not milk, its misogyny. the two arent interchangable.

but i agree this girl does have a little bit of drama. two threads about her have been locked or manured but i dont see why, she is a bit of a cow

No. 356278

they get locked because they a) attract ana chans who only want to discuss whether she is/isn't anorexic, and b) there's never anything new to discuss beyond the fact that she's lost more weight. it's dull. saged for pointless discussion

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