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File: 1501793152572.png (212.06 KB, 861x323, Screen Shot 2017-08-03 at 21.3…)

No. 366158

Commonly requested by a whole bunch of anons in the camgirls thread >>>/snow/338549. Last thread was sent to /manure/ after her stanning herself. Y'all asked for this.

So the pic is just her infamous sperg because she felt threatened by some guy not finding her attractive and accusing him of being gay (in a derogatory homophobic way, mind you, ironic since she is now sjw)


Current Vegan Cam Girl Status

>failed camwhore

>was generally a joke amongst UK teens in 2011 because of her cringe behaviour/makeup
>on the autistic spectrum
>autistic sperging rants
>wannabe instahoe, but not pretty enough
>literally always a spergy argument amongst her and someone in comments
>free flowing milk
>insufferable shoop that makes her look entirely different to her cam videos
>Vegan virtue signaller who gets in huge fights online over animal rights with strangers
>onion-tier vegan sperging "meat eaters are murderers!!!"
>paints herself as an ~ethereal elven goddess~but looks nothing like shoops
>blocks anyone in her camroom who brings up the fact she’s a fucking catfish compared to her photoshops
>gets all high and mighty about veganism, seems largely performative rather than reflecting actual compassionate ideals
>some guy made her an ED article (encyclopaedia dramatic for newfags) about her but deleted it out of guilt/because she threatened him
>tits are literally super saggy without her holding them up
>had a super trashy fight with Tyne Kitson (another northern English girl who looked exactly like her key) about something unidentified
>was worshipped by working class English teen girls sharing her photos of her ratty, bleached to shit, fried, teased hair
>the reason British girls are considered ugly is because they idolise this trashy shit and emulate it
>started losing significant popularity after 2013
>promised to delete a year ago around October “cos of da fat haterz” but deactivated and then came back a month or so later

Early Tumblr/Facebook Fame

>every British girl on facebook, particularly in the North/Leeds area knew who she was

>teamed up with equally disgusting Danielle Hunt (legit horseface ugly scene chick form 2011) to make a t shirt line, which involved stolen designs and was a scam
>typical working class northern English chav, only fans were chavs like her
>dropped out of school and fell back on camming
>was popular in 2011 - 2013 in the post-myspace era
>bought and buys like bundles from skeevy indian websites to appear relevant even though she died in 2013 and became boring looking
>still has Tumblr selfies from this era, and it’s believed that she made some popular posts but used the replace feature (now gone after people like her abusing it) to replace the photos of her selfies, so it looked like her ugly ass got tons of notes.
>a pic of her average ass literally had 50k notes on a pic of her, like you’re not fooling anyone, pls

Possible Narcissistic Personality Disorder

>responds to every piece of hate she gets

>argues to death with men who don’t find her attractive, accusing them of being gay (npd alert)
>freaked out when removed from ig multiple times for nudity, despite it very clearly being against rules
>is provoked by hate and generally responds really badly
>complained about “MUHH SEXISM!!!”
>brags about “muh success” and was quoted as saying “I make enough money to live off for the rest of my life” but has been found on escorting sites
>a well known fb guy called Shane commented on her profile, something along the lines of this “Alex, please. You don’t live up to your photoshop even vaguely. You lie about your camming success, everyone in Leeds knows that you actually waitress tables. Your bought likes are ridiculously obvious. Please delete” and then his account literally disappeared. Not deactivated, not temporarily banned, fucking deleted. It was so eerie. She must have put up one hell of a fuss/meltdown for Facebook to delete it
>literally just expects people to bow down to her
>sperges over mild criticism
>when deleted from ig for nudity, a fan of hers saved Alex’s url for her, and offered it back to her once she was up and running again. Alex was hostile and implied that she stole it, even though this poor girl who probably just looked up to her was offering it back to her.
>is really aggressive towards hate she receives online, particularly on her Tumblr
>tried to make her own reddit page, hoping she would receive more efame and thought guys would Stan her and worship her, but the thread died after 5 replies kek https://www.reddit.com/r/NSFW_GIF/comments/49ys7w/oreob4by/ literally not one reply is a compliment. Lmao

The Underage Nudes Scandal

>had this long distance boyfriend she met on fb instead of meeting someone irl like a normal person, ofc

>leaked her own nudes of her at 15 which were unphotoshopped and show her busted ass face, flat ass and saggy tatas
>made an actual blog featuring all the underage nudes, claiming her bf had leaked them, but someone used page element to reveal that it was her who made them
>a bunch of English fuckboys capitalised off her underage nudes by sharing them, mocking her body and slut shaming her to gain followers, which is literally her only claim to fame
>she also uses nudes taken of her from 16-17 on her cam profiles, which should be reported
>inexplicably used her usernames associated with her real name and selfies with her camming profiles?
>got mad when people complained about her literally putting pictures of her asshole and pussy all over fb to promote her camming

I will post caps of her sperges.

No. 366163

>you dont find me attractive?
>do you like it up the fucking arse or some shit!!!

Holy shit, she is literally so unhinged. She's one of those sheltered British girls who think they're real hardnuts just because they're poor, lol. Skanky look, skanky personality.

No. 366165

File: 1501793577899.png (101.18 KB, 517x318, Screen Shot 2017-08-03 at 20.3…)

For those who missed it, this is one of her vegan sperges.
For those who missed this in the camgirl thread:

First of all, she's white and British, why is she using african american vernacular english? That is so, so embarrassing, reminds me of the cash me outside girl. Don't feminists like her normally call this appropriation?
"nasty ass titties"

She's so full of shit, even her SJW facade is bull.

No. 366166

File: 1501793663911.png (74.32 KB, 275x141, 1501783284836.png)


Kek who tf is she to talk about "nasty ass titties" with these sloppy udders?

They only look good when held up.

No. 366168

File: 1501793883783.png (727.85 KB, 913x563, Screen Shot 2017-08-03 at 19.0…)

Another recent sperg about something that wasn't even vaguely criticism. She will literally take any bait. There were 856 comments on OP pic, and all the compliments were ignored, but every single criticism was fiercely contested by her.

So eerie that she is that dedicated to entertaining hate. She must be really fucking insecure and narcissistic.

No. 366169

File: 1501793941484.png (162.25 KB, 764x586, 1498499063720.png)

Well ofc she's insecure, why else would she photoshop so damn much?

Also, kek. She's a literal prostitute now.

No. 366185

It's like veganism and third wave feminism have become the basic bitch litmus test. These people are so fucking susceptible to trends and get all their information from facebook posts and fake news.

Reminds me of when all the dumb basic instathots were endorsing Hillary for President on their pages, despite having done zero research and having no clue about her politics.

It also sounds more like she hates and is disgusted by animals, rather than cares about animals.

(Not shitting on vegans, just saying instead of being about making healthy and ethical choices, it's been reduced to a virtue signalling fad, with a huge wave of idiots jumping on the vegan bandwagon)

No. 366195

She wasn't stanning herself, a handful of us were pointing out the obvious vendetta bumping the thread with useless hate. Christ.

No. 366205

"I will post caps of her spergs"
>proceeds to post milkless small jabs that nobody cares about

Who else wants to bet this thread will devolve exactly like the last one? None of this is milk. Nobody here cares. I'm sure this thread will be nothing but your samefagging. Bet you're the last fag who made that shitty thread only now you've integrated and know how to greentext lel. You tried.

No. 366226

I'm not the OP of the last thread, and it was highly requested, please see >>338549. The last thread failed because it was full of "shes fat, shes ugly" and just general hate as opposed to actual milk.

Sounds like you're actually Alex or at least a stan of hers, don't know why else you'd be so mad about a thread.

There is milk a plenty here, if the content here offends you, don't read the thread.

No. 366230

Feminism is necessary Imo, and I would suspect anyone of disagreeing of being a malefag. Men always think they're entitled to sex and that their opinions of abortion/rape are important, like, no thanks. I am glad it's a trend, it ought to be.

However, I do think veganism is defo a virtue signalling trend, which again is fairly harmless. However, her veganism seems highly performative and she seems more than happy to piss off potential patrons with her vegan talk.

What's funny here is her absolute intolerance for non vegans. She spreads her message very aggressively like onion.

I'd love to see her and onion boy get together, that'd be so fuckin hilarious

No. 366231

File: 1501798203548.png (19.79 KB, 321x184, stupid chav out of her depth.p…)

Browsing her Tumblr, and her replies to anons are pretty milky. She acts like she's not a chav who is completely out of her depth. Most of her anons are either:

-pervs looking to get off
-compliments which she gets offended by
-questions about veganism

I love crazy vegans, lmao

No. 366232

Sounds like you're actually Alex or at least a stan of hers, don't know why else you'd be so mad about a thread.

Holy shit, because everyone who disagrees with you is mad right?
I'm a seasoned farmer and I'm sick of shitty vendetta threads. Sick of shitty threads in general. They never gain traction and they devolve into nothing but bumping from the same person. I know I'm not the only one.

No. 366233

I guarantee I'm not OP of the last thread, she's very well known in the UK.

This thread was requested, it isn't a vendetta, give me a chance, anon.

No. 366234

File: 1501798952382.png (435.39 KB, 504x558, Screen Shot 2017-08-03 at 23.2…)

Wow, she does take her veganism very seriously.

I feel conflicted about this, on one hand I want to not use fireworks, but on the other hand, like they're a goddamn squirrel, a rodent. They're unintelligent and are pests

No. 366237

File: 1501799554923.png (267.39 KB, 524x481, Screen Shot 2017-08-03 at 23.3…)

I remember when she 'had' to give her cat up because she couldn't be bothered to look after it.

I swear this is a really common thing among cows? Abandoning/killing/abusing pets while claiming veganism e.g. onion, littlelotte, luna Slater

Wow much vegan, such compassion.

No. 366263

Yeah but note that I said third wave feminism bc I'm referring to that specific brand of shitty tumblr liberal feminism which requires absolutely no critical thinking. The kind that companies exploit to sell cringey 'Be A Slut, Do Whatever You Want!' lapel pins to the masses under the guise of 'feminism' kek. It's the kind that idiots like Alex latch onto, bc it glorifies their irresponsible, manipulative, whoreish behavior and makes them feel better about their horrific character flaws.

No. 366264

I hope you're right.
None of us are angry or Alex, we're just sick and tired of the criteria for threads lately being so…below par. Too many threads in snow only keep traction because the same couple of people bump it with the same sperging and try-hard nitpicking because they have a grudge. Other threads just end up dead, and wasting space.

No. 366268

Lol, just as I suspected. This cow clearly doesn't give a fuck about animals, being vegan for her is just another way to virtue signal and feel a sense of superiority.

No. 366271

Well fuck off then and start your own fascinating and incredibly milky thread, instead of coming here and bitching about how bored you are in this one.

No. 366366

Women don't need to justify "manipulative, whoreish behaviour" please stop derailing.

No. 366367

File: 1501826093415.png (364.45 KB, 498x531, Screen Shot 2017-08-03 at 23.3…)

I love that she posts this, she's supposed to be feminist yet she's yelling three cheers for that fact that India cares more about some stupid fucking animal than about their women. Piss poor moral code

No. 366370

File: 1501826727781.png (696.96 KB, 1246x412, Screen Shot 2017-08-04 at 07.0…)

TBH the girl on the left is being a complete holier than thou cunt (working class girls always clutch onto their 'purity' and unsluttiness because they're disgusting and trashy in every other way) but why does Alex always go after peoples looks?

I feel like it's super hypocritical given she doesn't resemble her pics at all. I'm not saying she's ugly, just very average.

No. 366431

File: 1501841796619.jpg (79.32 KB, 960x758, 19905423_10212638517770823_572…)

These pics actually make pretty good comparison photos proving that she should cut her hair. It looks so thin and ratty now she's grown it out, like Kikis.

Idk, maybe it's just me, but people with thin hair shouldn't grow it, it really draws attention to how ratty it looks.

No. 366432

File: 1501842019540.jpg (45.03 KB, 960x720, 19430114_10212519056424364_372…)

seeeewwww bloateeedd guize… is she an ana chan?

No. 366433

File: 1501842262691.jpg (84.98 KB, 784x746, 14907110_10210259145408001_553…)

tbh I love it when a girl tells the guys mums about their misogyny. I love seeing them flounder

No. 366485

>if you work in the sex industry it's going to happen

that's disturbing. he sounds like a psycho.

No. 366543

File: 1501866801229.jpg (138.49 KB, 875x1000, u.jpg)


No. 366551

honestly, its like men are either all fucking retarded or feign unfamiliarity with consent

No. 366560

Obviously it's not okay to sexually harass
people, but don't be fucking naive. Most men definitely don't respect sex workers and such men are never going to take any lectures sex workers or feminists give them seriously. It just makes them even more hate-filled and misogynistic, maybe even potentially dangerous. You think that dude is going to respect women now after Alex contacted his mother? I don't think so.

It doesn't work on these people. Creeps are always going to be creeps. If you work in the sex industry, it goes with the territory.

No. 366563

i'm the anon who posted the quote saying it was disturbing, and i agree with you and think what alex did was futile and could only contribute to the development of this creep's negative views about women.
however, i found it disturbing because he sounded relatively eloquent in his writing; usually the people who openly say such things as "sex workers deserve/should expect it!" are as dumb as a brick. idk, it just made his sentiment sound all the more creepy.

but yeah, again – the way she handled the situation was surely not a great idea in this case.

No. 366579

I wasn't surprised at all tbh, some of the most intelligent guys can also be the most misogynistic. Especially nowadays when there's so much pressure for men to prove they aren't cucks. Anti feminism is the new counter culture.

All it's going to do is make this creep more sneaky and careful, and reinforce his hatred of women.

Sage for derailing.

No. 366585

nah its normally the dumbasses that are the most misogynistic.

No. 366649

why do you keep using "working class" like it's an insult

No. 366930


Probably because the working class here in the UK are nothing like that in the USA. They're uncivilised, dirty and speak incoherently. We call them chavs here.

No. 366931


Because of shit like this lol. Also, this is the fight video between Alex and Tyne. It's shit, but it's the only vid.

They're both such cringey kids

No. 366932

File: 1501927731633.png (65.48 KB, 234x123, Screen Shot 2017-08-05 at 11.0…)

The most devastating part of this tribulation is probably that a video showing her unshooped form went viral

No. 366933

I actually kind of like Alex, the way she deals with misogyny, etc. But she's still quite milky in terms of her behaviour. Dunno how to explain it.

No. 366963

ah yes, i forgot that the middle class tend to look down on the "lower" classes and simply dismiss them as scum

i'm from a british working class family

No. 367129


I'm working class, and I'm sure plenty other farmers are too. There's nothing wrong with being from a working class or poor background, as long as you have enough pride and self awareness not to turn into the stereotype of a typical chavvy skank. That shit shouldn't be glorified, everyone should aspire to be better than that.

No. 367258

File: 1501974989255.png (1.38 MB, 640x1136, IMG_2157.PNG)

Such a vegan.

Literally she has 2000 selfies of her how the fuck does she have time to edit them all? I guess being an unemployed, cam girl without even a full high school education living with Mom has lots of spare time.
Honestly embarrassing and all her pathetic Indian fans think she's oh so beautiful with photoshop

No. 367262

Some working class are worthy. E.g. My bff speaks in RP, attends a top uni and looks down on chavs and the shittyworking class.

Not all w c are bad, just most of them.

No. 367592


oh look, a butt chin you would never have know about otherwise!

Hey eyes look shopped tho. She reminds me of theproserpina and vicky shingles (A more clean cut version) in her delusional photoshopping.

No. 368424

So….I think Alex is fucking gorgeous and has a banging body, can someone help a bitch out and post better pics proving she shoops? If we're still interested in this thread. I can't find any ;_;

No. 368701

You must be at least 18 years old to browse or post

No. 368702

>bangin body

She's average as fuck. A rounded 4/10

No. 368892

How the fuck did Alex find the thread already? There is a rule against cowtipping

No. 369443

I agree, I want to see unedited photos. All you guys posted is one small pic and you still go on about how ugly she is. Where is the proof? Can we see some "before and after"? Where are those ugly pictures? Or at least maybe you know if she's on cam regularly? So we can see how she really looks like. Even if she's well-known in England, this thread sounds like vendetta. She clearly is trashy and says lots of stupid shit, but she is not ugly.

No. 371262

File: 1502552461483.jpg (50.28 KB, 551x494, 1432730008163.jpg)


Whether this is Alex or not, you can stop shitting up the thread now. She doesn't cam anymore since she went broke.

She is ugly, but passes for pretty/average with photoshop.

No. 372221

File: 1502706944109.png (1.67 MB, 1506x1134, 8437885.png)

are you just going to claim everyone who disagrees with you is alex samefagging?

caps from one of her camshows (theres more online), her body doesn't look as good as in photos (not surprising) but i don't think she looks vastly different like some people in this thread claim

100% seems like a vendetta thread to me, there doesn't seem to be any fresh milk and people are mostly just bringing up old drama

No. 372295

Not the same anon who said she's pretty but yeah she's cute and has a nice body. This thread is really shitty, there's no new milk.

No. 375761

File: 1503209357518.png (204.26 KB, 520x399, Screen Shot 2017-08-20 at 07.0…)

how has her pfp got 31 likes but she has 180k followers? seems sus

No. 376002

She's bun wtf you talking about ?

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