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File: 1502050090336.png (832.78 KB, 1080x1443, Screenshot_20170806-095302.png)

No. 367833

Rayne Babakaiff
-18 years old, from Alberta, Canada
-Constantly changing personalities and going through phases with recent ones including: vaping, smoking, being an "alcoholic", being bi
-Faked miscarraige ~a year ago
-Claims to be great at makeup
-So many cringey nudes
-Recently broke up with boyfriend of a year and has decided since then that she is gay, wait bi, wait super str8
-Diagnosed with borderline personality disorder
-Switches from being an anachan to bulimic to super body posi
-Never graduated high school
-Applies for really sketchy jobs/never actually gets one
-Attempts to sell her nudes (and did so while dating aforementioned boyfriend)

Main source of milk currently is instagram.com/alcoholslut
Makeup: instagram.com/makeup.by.rayne
Public: instagram.com/city.gal.xo
-Facebook: Rayne Babakaiff, but private

No. 367846

I have no idea who this is but based on this, I feel like she could develop into something very entertaining. Please someone post more.

Saged for non-contrib

No. 367853

File: 1502051784436.png (1.02 MB, 1080x1617, 20170806_162720.png)

She deleted a lot of posts since her nude sharing habits were tipped off to all her friends/family/boyfriend via someone. She claimed she was going to leave Instagram forever, but has been posting just as cringey shit as ever.

No. 367856


fucking yikes.

No. 367864

what a nobody.

who cares?

No. 367868

File: 1502053123817.jpg (526.07 KB, 978x1554, Screenshot_20170806-165410.jpg)

I just think she's fucking hilarious. Does she matter? No. But is her constant drama hilarious and always varied? Absolutely. I've been following her various accounts for over a year and she has always amused me and gives milk. She's a manipulative liar with no sign of stopping.

She also gives herself piercings and stick and pokes occasionally on Instagram Live. Including her monroe, medusa, and nipple.

No. 367874

this argument is so dumb because half the cows here started off as nobodies who people found funny because of their online antics.

No. 370388

this will be an interesting thread to watch develop.
2 years ago I was part of the pro Ana thing on IG and was actually pretty close with this girl. I got better and moved on, she clearly hasn't. I was actually trying to find her last week and couldn't keep up with all the identity changes since then.
she used to constantly post crying photos and bodychecks (never got to a point of super skinny) and had other accounts for venting and self harm pictures.
she deleted her feed every week and changed the theme from recovery to body posi to anachan and back around, so if you see something make sure to screen cap it, it'll be gone soon.
be careful not to tip this cow, she's the type of person to lurk here.

No. 374760

File: 1503063894805.jpeg (108.45 KB, 768x1024, image.jpeg)

she was dying her hair on live and someone told her this. she acted so offended and said this is how she usually does it and it comes out fine (spoiler it doesn't )

No. 374762

File: 1503063974740.png (869.83 KB, 768x1024, image.png)

when the dye was in, you can see she missed a few places and it wasn't coated fully

No. 374836

Wtf why not just wear gloves?? I'm so irrationally triggered by her purple hands

No. 374887

to be fair, she did say she didn't have any gloves
but on the other hand I've been in the same situation and just used a plastic bag and a hair dye brush

No. 374889

File: 1503082264417.jpeg (156.88 KB, 720x955, image.jpeg)

also >>374760 was right lol

No. 375292

kek at that spot of dyed scalp

you're not alone.

also holy shit i hate her eyeshadow. that is caked the fuck on (then again looks like all her makeup is). no attempt to blend or anything. just shit brown raccoon eye. i see maybe a slightly darker brown in the crease area but it looks so bad.
also her fingers are still purple in that pic.

No. 376479

File: 1503321426646.png (469.75 KB, 720x1114, Screenshot_2017-08-21-09-09-40…)

this is honestly disgusting why would you post this?

No. 1700225


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