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File: 1502402258057.jpg (1.39 MB, 3195x4257, lolcow.jpg)

No. 370233

This thread is for the discussion of milky IG sex workers.

A quick rundown on the one who seems to be one of the milkiest at the moment…

@h00kerproblemz aka American Cassidy aka Ona Nordlaw
Gained popularity and a large following after sharing her life as an escort on instagram, tumblr & snapchat. Often organizes and hosts meetups based on sex work and womens’ groups for talking about trauma, sexual abuse, etc. She is currently embroiled in a lot of drama after being exposed as a racist - told her proteges they shouldn’t take black men on as clients because “they are aggressive.” Had sex workers host “takeovers” on her VIP snapchat and didn’t pay them for it.

Criticized for only working with white/white passing sex workers, only taking on white clients, etc. She’s also been accused of cultural appropriation because she often wears a “hood” style despite coming from an upper middle class background. Is constantly getting into petty arguments with her fellow sex workers and posting thinly veiled posts about them.

Podcast by @sanhopeless and @mamaissues exposing her - https://soundcloud.com/sanhopeless/episode-3-hooker-problems-is-not-punk


Also included in the main photo is @hannahgoddesss, @sanhopeless and @mamaissues because this thread is for the discussion of all popular sex workers on IG right now, the hanger-ons they run with and the drama they create.

No. 370237

>She is currently embroiled in a lot of drama after being exposed as a racist - told her proteges they shouldn’t take black men on as clients because “they are aggressive.”

This is good advice that every sensible sex worker takes, even if it's racist.

No. 370238

kinda related to dommes/escorts but she's on twitter - anyone familiar with claudia cho? her current twitter username is claudiachoxo but she has a MILLION. for awhile she was known as literalporn and literalclaudia. she claims to be a domme, she's an asian girl who thinks she's gangsta and uses AAVE constantly. she's so cringy and constantly talks shit about white girls but every once in awhile a black girl will call her out for appropriating black culture as bad as white girls do. she has serious issues - if she has online beef with you she will dox you and try to ruin your offline life. she always brags about being wealthy and a business owner but most people think it's all smoke and mirrors.

No. 370239

File: 1502403037852.jpg (51.43 KB, 481x480, IMG_3354.JPG)

Anna Nordlaw aka h00kerproblemz as a young normie

No. 370251


Agreed. Sex workers are allowed to have preferences, too, OP. They don't have to fuck anyone who walks through the door.

No. 370272

A sex worker isn't mature when arguing? Well colour me shocked. Shocked I tell you.

No. 370323

Cultural appropriation?
White passing?
Racist because she has a preference and doesn't fuck everything she comes across?

This could be an interesting thread but what the hell is all that?

This isn't tumblr. None of that is milk.

No. 370339

Agreed, there's plenty of milk on h00kerproblemz but none of whats posted is really good.

Anyone remember how she made a 40 minute video retelling a story about how she fucked an autistic guy? It was literally her patting herself on the back the whole time for being so "inclusive" and "nice"


I also don't think she knows what "irony" is.

No. 370340

Anyone remember Cassidy's blog URL? I want to see if the internet archive has it backed up. It was a goldmine of milk.

No. 370341

A rundown of the h00kerproblemz/mamaissues drama:


No. 370345

No. 370380

op here. I just posted the most recent stuff because that's what me and a few other people were talking about in the thread request post. I actually don't know THAT much about her tbh. I follow her and know the general background of her life but I don't know everything. I'd love to hear more stories though and have some unanswered questions of my own…

for example someone said in one of the comments that she's married to a wealthy man. I know she got married at the end of 2016 but does anyone know who she got married to?

No. 370535

File: 1502455801521.png (494.29 KB, 1242x1816, IMG_3360.PNG)

No. 370538

Isn't Cassidy the reason Meg became a sex worker anyways? Her bf was supporting her and Cora almost totally until he died last year, then like a month or so after he passed Cassidy showed up and her house and then all of a sudden Meg is on Backpage and niteflirt and shit

No. 370547

Yea, I think so. Meg tries to insinuate that she's been in the game for years and just became more vocal about it after becoming friends with Cassidy but I don't think that's the case. Collin (her boyfriend who passed away) completely supported her. Meg was basically a stay at home mom even before Cora was born.

I'm not a big fan of Cassidy but Meg is shady as well. It's so sad that Colin passed and Cora is adorable but just based on Meg's personality and my experiences with her, I completely believe what was said about her bringing Cora to the Vegas meetup and expecting everyone to cater to her. I was annoyed when Meg said something like "our room wasn't that messy, it was a normal mess that you'd expect from a person and a child living there for a week. plus, isn't that what the maids are for?" Yea Meg, maids are there to clean but that doesn't mean you shouldn't pick up after yourself and your kid….I hope she tipped well at least.

I generally like sanhopeless and Hannah though.

No. 370601


I'm sure she did act like that but I think it's totally shitty for Cassidy to invite her and Cora and act like it's just a girls get together (which I would have no issue with bringing my kid to) and then turns out it's just a pretext to shoot porn.

You can tell Meg is not telling the full story too like don't sperg out over people not respecting sex workers when you basically just said "Yeah I'll treat my room like a pigsty because maid work is beneath me"

Not that Cassidy gives a fuck about housekeepers either though, so for her to throw shade on Meg for that is totally disingenuous anyways

No. 370614

She said she didn't see black men because they are all aggressive, is that a preference? Or is it her generalizing.
She can set her own standards, but she shouldn't have a woman's group telling them to "fear the black men".
She's a know-it-all pampered privileged bitch.

No. 370644

File: 1502469684647.jpg (43.21 KB, 480x480, 14310781_654671994696035_12222…)

Yeah that's the core of the problem. The thing about black men who hire SWs is accurate in my experience. Obviously not all black men but a lot of girls do avoid them for more complicated reasons rather than simply being superficial racists. There's no reason it shouldn't be a legitimate preference for SWs to have. It's more than the threat of violence: it's also coercion, increased risk of being pimped out, refusal to wear a condom, refusing to pay and generally dehumanizing white SW girls.

Cassidy's dogmatic narcissism is what makes her look stupid. She's been manipulating a group of SWs who have all sorts of psychological problems, forcing them into a vulnerable position by coercing them to talk about their traumas….. then acting like she's the mom who has all the wisdom and life advice. She must have a strong desire to elevate herself above all the other girls and put herself into this dogmatic authoritative role. Control freak.

Anyone else thinkshe may have Borderline personality disorder?

No. 370728

Not defending anyone, but it's a common thing with sex workers to refuse black men. Just take a look at backpage and nightshift, they're all full of "NO AA."

No. 370734

that reminds me of what a pimp does, actually. breaks you down. that's the exact terminology they use. you have to break a girl to get her in the right place to be willing to listen to and subscribe to your ideology. find out what she lacks, what she wants, what she dreams of - sell her the dream and show her that together, you both can make that dream come true. take her away from the stress and trauma in her old life and show her that her new life with you will be so much better.

obviously Cassidy's not acting as a traditional pimp but it seems like she thinks she has the izm. and I guess if these girls are/were listening to her and making her richer, she does have a little.

No. 370736

File: 1502475583396.png (3.07 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_3344.PNG)

Meg's instagram story last night. this makes me cringe b/c she's trying to act like she just wanted to put up this pic of her and gothcharlotte and had to scribble Cassidy's face and name out. she's just trying to keep the drama alive and stir the pot more. if that wasn't her goal, she could have eisley put up another photo of them two, one w/o cassidy in it. or she could have cropped Cassidy and the caption out entirely. eyeroll.

No. 370739

Ew is that maryrothes-whatever? She's a SW now? Can't stand her

No. 370740

i dont think she's a sw……probably just was hanging with some other instathots…

No. 370743

wow I can't believe I spelt easily** as eisley haha wtf. I don't even listen to them

No. 370749


Black men are usually super violent towards sex workers, and they don't like to pay either. They aren't good for business unless they're the rich nerdy type anyway

No. 370764

exactly. Not every black guy is a thug type. So her saying "don't do work with black guys." is bullshit. "don't do work with thug black guys" is bad too, but more accurate.

And it's funny because rich nerdy white guy clients can be sexual deviants and violent assholes too. It happens ALL the time. It's happened to me.

No. 371126

Hold on, so if went to an almost all African American school (from 3rd-12th grade) picked up the lingo (never said the n word, because if you need to attack someones race to make jokes or insult shows lack of intelligence and people are pretty equal to me see no difference. I don't get racial slurs.) and taught how to dress its culture appropriation?

I use to get made fun of if I didn't wear name brand or talk like I was from the suburbs. If my shoe laces were tied on the outside people would come up and say "you should wear your laces on the inside ".
Also got alot of style advice as well, how I should do my hair, what food not to eat because it gives you bad breath, how to act, how to stand up for my self, etc.. African Americans helped me out alot my parents didn't teach or never really there for me in the aspect.

I'm not defending that girl.

I don't get the complex.

Sorry for the dyslexic sage.

No. 371195

Hannah's awesome, hard working and has stayed out of this drama. She doesn't belong here.

No. 371202

File: 1502541136323.jpg (22.66 KB, 500x379, 15781350_10209667269331220_408…)

thank you.

not to mention the women that are trying to manipulate and coerce other women presently

but oh no black people because in my experience in my experience in my experience in my experience

No. 371204

OP here - I agree but the thread isn't just about the h00kerproblemz drama, it's about ig sex workers in general. I included Hannah because people suggested her when we were talking in the thread requests posts. I follow her and LOVE her. But there have been times I have watched her stories and wanted to discuss it (never in a negative way, so far at least). not every post has to be bashing someone. She's quirky and brings up interesting topics and opinions in her stories and podcast.

No. 371206

Thank you. It really rubbed me the wrong way that in this post people are acting like if you're against the lumping together of an entire race, you're an sjw.

Cassidy or any other SW shouldn't have to work with ANY person they don't want to. In fact, it's a known thing amongst SWs that if you have a bad feeling about a guy, just forget the $ and BOLT. No questions asked.

However, since Cassidy constantly markets herself to be the queen of inclusivity, tolerance and openmindedness, telling girls to avoid black men isn't a good look.

And no, black men are NOT "more violent" than white men.

Sage for blogpost

No. 371209

Na, I think if you do it in a respectful way it's fine. People weren't complaining about Cassidy doing it until her comment about black men was exposed and people realized that she only hangs with and does work with white or white passing people. She also grew up in an upper middle class home, with like a farm or some shit. Another example of doing it in a shitty way would be Kylie Jenner who straight rips from black people constantly and never gives thanks or mentions her inspirations.

No. 371219

File: 1502544752096.png (46.96 KB, 750x290, IMG_1805.PNG)

This bitch is fucked…she's white?

No. 371225

All good, just don't want her to get any hate because she's a pretty smart, funny and caring person who has her self care and therapy down to a fine art. I find her inspirational

No. 371351

she's trying waaay to hard to be "woke" and it's really giving me secondhand embarrassment for her.

does anyone know how Meg's boyfriend / Cora's dad, Collin passed away? I know it was sudden.

No. 371405

File: 1502567981241.png (772.75 KB, 1079x1671, 20170812_155836.png)

i'm guessing some accident at work, she never went into a whole lot of detail

No. 371451

What did he work in? Most people get settlements from employers if a family member dies on the clock

No. 371539

Nice swastika, cunt

No. 371574

idk, she didn't mention work or an accident at all in that post. I think if he was killed at work trying to make money for his family, she would have written about it. Usually when it's sudden like that and the loved ones don't mention any details, drugs or suicide is the cause of death. I don't think it was suicide though.

No. 371586

File: 1502592018281.png (3.97 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_3387.PNG)

Plastic.Candy aka Lux spilt a little tea on her story 9 hours ago. Talking about how Cassidy's holding a meetup at a guy's house and the guy sexually assaulted Lux. Then she said Cassidy's own house wouldn't be much better because Cassidy's dad is a creep. Pic related 1 of 4

No. 371587

File: 1502592111514.png (4.18 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_3388.PNG)

Pic related 2 of 4

No. 371588

File: 1502592188374.png (3.16 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_3384.PNG)

Pic related 3 of 4 - the email Cassidy's new assistant sent out re: the meetup

No. 371589

File: 1502592234567.png (3.62 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_3386.PNG)

Pic related 4 of 4 - the email Cassidy's assistant sent out, continued

No. 371619

Good lord "slumber party" where they have "group sessions" and talk about their problems. That's creepy AF. Cassidy is totally trying to break these girls down and get dirt on them for blackmail purposes.

Sounds like a cult in the making

No. 371688


She just wants porn for her new website without having to pay for it

No. 371701

It's actually a yungdrung. Educate yo self fool

No. 372118

Completely unrelated but I love gothcharlotte, wish her picture wasn't in this thread she doesn't deserve to be associated with these cows

No. 372172

Cassidy has bareback sex with clients and thinks she can wipe away any potential STD's with a cloth

No. 372176

lol sorry i like some aspects of her too but the things she brags about make her pretty cowlike. she often successfully seems like she just likes what she likes but very often ventures into uber tryhard territory. it's not like she deserves a whole thread but considering she literally associates with these cows, i think she deserves to be associated with these cows.

No. 372192

Maybe that's part of why she's no AA. The prevalence of HIV is higher in this demographic. She's stupid AF though, she's a million times more likely to catch something bareback with a white dude than with an infected "man of color" whilst using a rubber. She seems like a real piece of work and the shit about her is coming from multiple sources. I feel for all the vulnerable ladies she's using and bullying. Meg is lovely and she has every right to put her story out there, she's basically being defamed by Cassidy which could make it harder for her to make a living and support her child. Glad most of these ladies can see through Cassidy, they know the industry and can see that she's basically acting like a pimp instead of promoting everyone else's independent work.

No. 372427

yup, that and she says if you pee right after sex, any diseases will be expelled and you won't contract an STI. what an idiot.

yes you are supposed to urinate right after sex cause holding it in can lead to urinarty tract infections. but it does NOTTTT at all prevent STIs.

naive 16 year old kids know more about safe sex than she does, and she's supposed to be an escort. so sad

No. 372445

Vanilla-looking girl next door type sex workers make the most by far. I'm kind of tired of alt bi gender tumblr nonshaving butch rejects trying to be sex workers

No. 372700

File: 1502818647312.png (1.51 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2017-08-15-13-29-26…)

Meg, I have followed you since you were xanaxangel or unpopularprincess or wtfe and I have literally never heard you say a damn thing about racism until you decided to call Cassidy out. Now all of a sudden you want to act extra as fuck to make it seem like you actually give a shit and aren't being petty, ok bitch

No. 372781

OT but that scene in the movie was so cringe.

I doubt this gangly pink haired gutterwhore could punch her way out of a paper bag. Beyond embarrassing.

No. 372784

Not defending these skanks but look at the BM on WW (and on BW) rape stats and you might see why so many prostitutes refuse to take black Johns.

No. 373053

File: 1502849215918.png (4.68 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_3439.PNG)

No. 373054

File: 1502849230833.png (3.9 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_3440.PNG)

No. 373055

File: 1502849250266.png (1.34 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_3441.PNG)

No. 373058

So now its "transphobia" lol these people don't know how to even argue anymore, nothing but buzzwords. What did Cassidy do which was transphobic?

No. 373068

File: 1502849884346.jpg (69.15 KB, 500x281, i-have-done-nothing-wrong.jpg)

LOL tfw you've been bullied into submission by sjw intimidation tactics but you also want a get out of jail free card to say whatever you want. Let it be known that no matter what I say or do, I too do not condone anything problematic.

No. 373079

Idgi either. These bitches faces are so busted and their bodies are wrecked. Do they know how few men are realistically aroused by blue hair, tatts, slut shrapnel piercings etc? It screams tumblr. Unless these guys are looking for a hatefuck or something. If they'd stop self mutilating and embrace their femininity, they'd probably make a lot more cash. They're too dumb to realise it.

No. 373081

Well why is/was suicidegirls successful? It's not like it was the only option for dudes.

No. 373092

Sure there's a niche but your average John ain't looking for a suicide girl lol. Everyone knows pasty alt girls who look like they have AIDS will have a harder time finding customers than cute natural looking chicks, duh.

You sound a teensy bit like a butthurt blue haired tattooed tumblrina tbh.

No. 373095

You must have been rejected by suicide girls. Its showing on your insecure post.

No. 373096

Nice projecting, Meg. I'd rather have a tooth extracted than get a tattoo or hideous facial piercing.

No. 373097

i guess but mainly i dont' see the point in wondering why these girls aren't undergoing massive makeovers to improve their incomes. If they were that dedicated they could find straight jobs. Isn't easy money the whole point?

No. 373108

i think they chose this line of work in part because their appearance doesn't bar them from entering, not the other way around.

No. 373109

File: 1502853214591.jpg (131.04 KB, 715x458, 05Alicia-Amira.jpg)

Anyone follow Alicia Amira? I know she met up with h00kerproblemz recently


She's got problems, craves approval from random anonymous men more than the average attention whore

The bimbo delusion is really peculiar. She is pretty open about wanting to look like a sex doll. Mental illness.

No. 373111

>self mutilating and embrace their femininity

Your post was fine till I hit this like, unless I'm missing something all of these women are very about their womenhood and femininity.

Her circle and all the girls that follow them are the definition of self serving fake woke

No. 373116

Plenty of places will hire people who look like them tho. Sure it's harder but it's possible. This kind of look has become pretty mainstream, it isn't the 1950's anymore.

It's probably more to do with the fact that they're mentally ill and unable to interact with people normally like a regular job would require (see all the milk above).

No. 373118

File: 1502853786908.jpg (184.57 KB, 500x633, tBm4uI1.jpg)

No. 373123

hahaha I think she was referring to Cassidy's company "problematik"

No. 373125

FUCK my bad. i guess that's not so unreasonable. i played myself

No. 373159

Ok Megs losing it. As a secular humanist I support Black Lives Matter and indigenous groups/movements very heavily and have for years. But to say that white people dont experience racism and that White Lives Dont matter is extremely ignorant and racist as fuck! Also a lot of these ladies are female supremacists then bitch about men being sexist… I don't get it. Hypocritical much? I'm well aware of my white privelidge and I even get white shame but to say a human being doesn't matter because of the color of their skin is highly offensive…

No. 373178

File: 1502869703524.png (101.14 KB, 604x740, IMG_1334.PNG)

Cassidy and Meg, you're just as racist as each other. Not all POC are violent and not all whites are KKK ffs…

No. 373371

i feel like you are an incredibly stupid person. youre saying a white girl who is saying white supremacist (i know she said people and lives but if you really think its directed at ALL white people you are part of the problem therefore you should take some time to reflect on that since you are such a humanist) dont matter is like racism? when no ones ever tried to kill white people in mass numbers in america just because they are white….

No. 373391

You have the mentality of a 40 year old mom of 4 stepping out of court with her 3rd divorce papers from her cheating husband. Not everyone wants to look as boring as you ffs

No. 373705

Please complete your GED, you're make no sense boo. Also get a dictionary, they are useful

No. 373732

You sound brainwashed as fuck

No. 373837

Nah, I've witnesses white people minding their own business get hurled with racial abuse from minority races in public. Hate breeds hate and not all members of a race are the same. To say that white people cannot experience racism defies the very definition of racism. Yes, it's less common but to turn a blind eye is to ignore reality. More attention needs to be payed to history and understanding minority and indigenous groups but the way it's happening is not helping people stuck in their white priveldge see things from another perspective. If anything it's giving them ammo and fueling senseless arguements that are just going to get the blinded whites more inclosed in their ways. As Martin Luther King Jnr said "Darkness cannot drive out darkness, only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate, only love can do that". If we stand divided we're going to fall divided and this racist shit will go on forever. Yes, white people really need to get behind the Black Lives Matter movement and look at the poor state of affairs within indigenous populations but it is going to be hard to get racist whites to change their ways if people are coming out saying that their lives don't matter. That's just inflammatory. Glad I don't live in the US where everyone is so god damn polarized. Seriously, people from other countries are looking at this and shaking their heads because it's being gone about in such a vile manner. Yes Trump is an idiot stuck in his white privilege and the way he's handling things is just leading to more hate instead of constructive conversation. As outsiders the rest of the world can see this turning to shit. There's been a rise in racism on both sides since his appointment and it's actually very sad to watch because in hundreds of years the US hasn't admitted their cruel past and tried to find a way to move forward together. The "pick a side" mentality is so strong in the US and people need to realise that it is over simplistic to assume all problems are binary when in reality they are far more complex. Meg said "white lives don't matter". Replace the word "white" with "black" and that would cause a shit storm and would be viewed as highly racist. It goes both ways and if you can't see that you are simple minded as fuck

No. 373856

Also sorry for blog post but this cannot be explained in one or two sentences. Saging for if off topic

No. 373867

I agree with you. I don't understand why white people get so angry and upset when they are told "just because you're white, doesn't mean you have a perfect life. but white privilege IS a thing. and fortunately for you, you will NEVER understand what it's like to be a black person in America." it's like they get pissed when faced with the fact that they just WON'T get it because they've never been through it

sage for off topic and I really don't want this to turn into a race convo so I'm going to go sniff around the girls' social medias for some tea and/or drama brb

No. 373904

Apparently Quinn (lvangel69 on tumblr, universal__angel on instagram) is realising she's getting too old for sugar daddies and is starting to do camming

No. 373909

Your whole argument sounds like someone saying "It's wrong that he raped her, but she kind of enabled him by wearing such a short skirt." Systematic racism is the problem in the US, not some anecdotal bullshit. It doesn't matter if someone says something like "white lives don't matter," on the internet because at the end of the day whites are still on top. Just stop derailing and learn how to sage…

No. 373918

You're argument is also dumb as hell marxist silliness. "Whites are still on top", jesus, people like you who say shit like that reinforce negative stereotypes and makes blacks feel hopeless if nothing else.

No. 373925

Actually, almost all those moms you describe have ill-advised tattoos, septum rings, blown-out earlobes, dangerhair and invariably look like Suicide Girls rejects.

Sorry tattoo-chan, but looking the way the women/girls in the op pic do is a sign of instability for most of the females who do it. Facial tattoos, fried pink hair, and makeup that makes Jeffree Star look basic doesn't inspire much faith in their capacity to create meaningful long term relationships because stable people have enough positive things going on in their lives that enable them to create an identity not tied to edge-girl marginalizing aesthetics.

Yeah, yeah, we know that even though you've got rainbow hair and have stretched your bottom lip out around a plate like an African tribeswoman because, like, you are so unique and stuff and just cannot have anyone mistake you for some woman who prefers to avoid artificial personality statements via forehead tats, you are actually a CPA who has been married to the same man for 10 years and own your own home and your kid is exceptional in every way, but if so you are the exception that proves the rule. 90% of the women who look like Meg are fucked in the head, fucked up socially, fucked financial and fucked spiritually. But don't let that prevent you from stopping at Sally's on the way home so you can dye your hair some parroty shade before you get your Harvard diploma tattooed on your chest.

No. 373942

Lol a lot of us are hopeless. When you're born and raised in the ghetto with no opportunities to dig yourself out and you end up stuck working 12 hours a day just to get paid in trident layers like everyone else in your life has for generations, you don't have much to be hopeful for. You sound ignorant as fuck, especially if you're black and American.

No. 373948

Individuals have to take responsibility for themselves, we can't keep blaming whites because not all successful whites came from wealth. It just seems counter productive to me

No. 373957

sage your dumb post

No. 373961

Not even talking about success, I'm talking about not having an extremely shitty life. But about that, most of them did come from old money. Even the few that didn't probably didn't have a shitty hood education to go off of and had far better chances of getting loans and stuff to help their businesses grow.

I'm not blaming white people, I'm blaming the System™ (sponserd in part by white supremacy). It's not as simple as "taking responsibility for yourself," when you're set up to fail from day one.

Done talking about it, don't want to get b& for longer than I have to.

No. 373979

the grammatical error in your post…is it irony or just karma?? lol
also you should learn to sage if you want to call someone out retard

No. 373996

Take a shot every time white privilege or cultural appropriation is mentioned in this shit thread.

Shut the fuck up and go tear down more monuments while you're at it.

No. 373998

Kek check your own grammatical interpretation errors. Your GED, as in showing possession. You're making no sense, as in you are making no sense (a contraction). Someone didn't pass grade school…

No. 374002

Also they (dictionary) as a pronoun. I know people struggle with that word too…(meaning "as well"). God, I feel like I'm talking to a 6 year old

No. 374003

ily anon THANK YOU

No. 374006

Jfc, what the hell is going on?
Stop arguing about racism and take it somewhere else. Bring it up again and you'll be banned.

No. 374031

lmao i was referring to "you're make no sense boo"

but keep screaming about my GED….thanks for saging this time i guess through all my ignorance you were able to understand that :)

No. 375746

File: 1503207265239.png (223.01 KB, 750x1334, IMG_0734.PNG)


Cassidy crying about Jasman420/jasmandreamer, rest of blogpost contains story about Jesse Willisee being a sex pest trying to pay her for sex after being rejected. Why she changed their names but left Quinn (lvangel/universal_angel) unchanged I have no idea

No. 375758

What's wrong with being a sex worker? It's a job just like being a teacher or lawyer

No. 375792

I'm sorry but is she that daft to imply that you cannot take nude photos for art? That you can only take those photos to be a sex worker? Wow what a heavy delusion. Wonder what kind of world she lives in.
Also lololol at her saying she's worked SOOOOOO HARD AS A PROSTITUTE to get to where she is now. Still a prostitute. Her attitude towards how she thinks she looks makes me smile. Poor thing

No. 375994

Gr8 b8 m8.

No. 375997

THANK YOU anon. Underrated post.

Tattoo-chan was projecting so hard.

No. 376180

(1 of 2) ugh. get your kid and her dirty ass sneakers off the god damn donut display. I checked the comments to see if anyone mentioned it but of course it's all girls licking her ass and telling her how amazing a mom she is(Don't post pictures of their children/family)

No. 376190

but anon, she's a hard working single mom and the kid is cute! hygeine and respecting shared spaces don't apply to them! you know she's the type where the kid is screaming and whining in public and the mom doesn't even begin to make an attempt at calming them down or leaving, but glares at anyone who looks a little annoyed

No. 376280

Yassss thanks for digging this up, we need that Jesse Willesee thread

No. 376287

I must have dropped into the thread of uggo self hating broads who hate equally uggo self hating broads. Try not to cut yourself on all this pent up edge.
And keep people's kids off the threads you psychos. It's literally in your precious "rules"

No. 376308

Meg shouldn't be posting her kid all over social media with that many followers. She won't even give her own kid privacy, I feel sorry for Cora having a mom like that…

No. 376534

She's raising her kid to be a future narcissist. Nice work mom!

No. 376577

uhhh? if you subscribe to that idiotic mindstate, you could say the same thing about every thread on this site. fuck off

I don't think she's necessarily a bad mom but some things she does annoys me. in sanhopeless's podcast, she bitched about how the girls in vegas spoiled cora and got her mcdonald's and let her do whatever she wanted. like bitch you do the same exact shit and you're her mother. if you're going to go the "it takes a village" way in raising a kid (which I actually totally agree with - I think moms who ask for help
/ get help raising their kids are critcized way too much) then don't shit talk the people who are helping take care of your kid! (unless they were actually mistreating Cora and in that case she has every right to!)

No. 376897

Didn't say she was a bad mom, I just personally find it wrong to put your young child all over social media with a following that big when the kid doesn't even understand that thousands of people are seeing their pics/vids. Maybe I'm old fashioned but if I had a kid I'd keep them the fuck off the internet at such a young age. The internet is not a nice place for an adult, let alone a toddler…

No. 377036

Lmao thanks for digging this. This green haired girl really has no clue why people don't fuck with her. Jasmandreamer def has sex worker vibes but whether she is or not she would not be dumb enough to put it all over the internet.
How you wanna link up with someone who sells her body and still doesn't look like she has money?
She and her "productions" look cheap as fuck. I don't know why she doesn't invest in proper equipment to make her porn or works with good photographers to promote her stuff.
I feel like she could do so much better.

No. 377057

completely agree. i cant help but think pedophiles get on instagram and try to find kids to abduct. makes sense because you could learn a lot from instagram…maybe i have just watched too many episodes of svu.

No. 377103

Exactly. But it's also about the kids personal choice to be broadcasted across the world on the net. Her child has no say in it and that's wrong. She's not old enough to even consent to that or grasp the concept…I'd hate if my mother had every done that to me. To grow up as a kid in this instagram era must be horrible

No. 377133

Yeah, society will feel the ramifications in the future. It's probably abuse because it's robbing people of their childhood by thrusting them into an adults world. No childhood innocence… your life is all over the web since birth

No. 377827

Glad someone else sees it like this too, it sickens me seeing popular instagramers spamming pics of their young children for creeps to see. Megs even got a hashtag for her, #thecoracollection…it has 890 posts ffs. Poor child, she'd do better out of the limelight instead of having to pose for mommy's pics. It's actually rather vile. Let her have her anonymity, she deserves it.

No. 377863

No. 377889

File: 1503496016184.png (4.13 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_3631.PNG)

(1 or 2) like I mentioned in one of my other posts I love love love Hannah but I just had to post this here bc it cracked me up. she's listing stuff on depop and posts a snap to show the dress. while her cat is laying right on top of it.

come on. really? I know shit happens when you have animals but don't post it like "hey guys here's a new dress I'm posting for sale right now!" while your cat is using it as a bedspread

No. 377892

File: 1503496060920.png (3.49 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_3633.PNG)

>>377889 (2 of 2)

No. 377926

She washes all clothes before posting out to buyers, this really isn't a big deal. Hannah is no cow, she's pretty awesome actually. She's also chosen to directly stay out of the Cassidy/Meg drama which is a sign of her class. Although, her podcast did call out sex workers who deny AA clients which could be an indirect hit at Cassidy although as far as I know she's going to the next meet up so I don't know where she personally stands on the issue. Either way, she's not voicing it to her large following which is a smart move.

No. 378112

File: 1503522744082.png (1.95 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_3646.PNG)

(1 of 4) here are some screencaps from deadplayboybunny's IG story. she's apparently fighting with some girl who is pro-Cassidy (lol). deadplayboybunny herself is pretty milky and cringy

No. 378115

File: 1503522785658.png (1.39 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_3647.PNG)

>>378112 (2 of 4)

No. 378119

File: 1503522855255.png (2.11 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_3648.PNG)

>>378115 (3 of 4)

No. 378121

File: 1503522875456.png (1.83 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_3649.PNG)

>>378119 (4 of 4)

No. 378141

Isn't Hannah a domme though? Domme SWs are generally going to be safer as their clients are obviously going to be submissive, not aggressive, violent or domineering, so it's easy for her to say that she takes AA clients.

On a sidenote, she really looks like a MTF trap. I genuinely used to think she was trans.

No. 378192

Always thought Hannah looked pretty fucking great considering she has a junkie past (which she is very open about). Not a model or anything but she takes care of herself, I believe she wants to be a therapist.

No. 378209

Lol wat? She's stunning, probably the prettiest IG sex worker I've seen. And even if she was, what's the problem with that?

No. 378223

i personally agree w you but why are you trying to start a trans rights argument here girl? lol not the place….

No. 378272

seriously. people were being annoying as fuck a few days ago fighting about race in this thread. I personally agree w the people who say it's kinda racist to say AA clients are more violent than others, but here's not the place to sperg about it for 20 posts in a row, imo…so let's not go off about trans ppl now, please.

I personally don't think Hannah looks trans at all. the only reason I could see other people thinking that is her height. she's like 5'11 or taller, w/o heels.

and even that, I don't think is manly at all. she's really gorgeous. "junkie girls" get a bad rap but a lot of women who get clean in their 20s or even 30s, clean up very nicely and you can't even tell they ever were drug addicts.

and yes she's a domme but she's also an escort. if you watch her ig stories regularly, you'll start to notice she always low key mentions it. she says "I get my money by being a domme…and other things" or mentioning "my subs….and clients." I think she's slowly becoming more open about escorting.

I understand why she was apprehensive at first. it seems that sometimes sugar babies, cam girls, dommes and strippers get a pass, but escorts are judged bc they go "all the way" for $. which is funny, because sbs, cam girls, dommes and strippers do too ;)

No. 378420

Not sure if she's doing full servicing escort but she's doing more than she can say atm

No. 380487

Hannah posted an ig story about prostitution that sounded kinda personal then deleted it. If she's trying to cover it up, she's don't doing a very good job of it

No. 380558

File: 1503801959837.png (32.65 KB, 500x357, black on black.png)

>I personally agree w the people who say it's kinda racist to say AA clients are more violent than others

African American men are more violent as a whole. Black men commit over half of homicides in the US despite making up around 8% of the US population. This isn't up for debate, sorry to burst your ignorant bubble.

>I personally don't think Hannah looks trans at all. the only reason I could see other people thinking that is her height. she's like 5'11 or taller, w/o heels.

It's not her height, it's her face.

>if you watch her ig stories regularly

Yeah, nah, ain't nobody got time for that.

You don't have to use ;) faces here either, sweaty. This isn't an escort ad.

No. 380559


No. 380637

Stop adding useless posts, you must be dense if you think every neutral/positive comment bout Hannah is her. Doubt she'd even have the time for self posts, she busy making $$$

No. 381037

can you just shut up please lol we are over talking about black people and white people……

No. 381257

No. 381259

File: 1503887824792.png (488.26 KB, 672x625, cap.png)

She's doing dominatrix sessions with her sister too.

No. 381310

With her sister? That's creepy AF I don't care how these freaks try to rationalize it.

No. 381363

She kinda outed her stage name herself by stating the Goddess blank part. I'm sure it wasn't a stretch to find given she divulges her location. Ages ago she couldn't get an therapist internship for college because she stupidly put her full name Hannah Goneau as her Instagram name so all the employers found it. If they could find it, so could clients which I don't she she understood. She's changed her ig name now but if you google her real name there are still pics on google of her in minimal clothes/underwear. Not quite what you'd expect when googling your therapist for reviews. I doubt she will ever get an internship and finish college as long as those pics are still up.

For someone who tries to keep things on the down low she really sucks at hiding her identity. I wonder if she's realised that the therapist thing probably won't happen because of her constantly outing herself so she's just going hardcore into the sex industry now

No. 381374

Honestly don't see why it would be an issue for a sex worker to refuse to take certain race clients for any reason at all
Lol sex workers can pick and choose who they see as clients as long as they have the financial freedom to do so ?
Some x race guy getting mad that a white or whatever race sw won't service him sounds like his problem tbh

No. 381436

Nah the Goddess part wasn't even needed.
A simple reverse image search from an insta picture is enough because she uses the same shit. This and there aren't that many young dominatrixes who are so invested in social media and she's quite successful
Btw, she's not going hardcore or escorting . She is a Sugar Baby, although people do think it's the same shit, just going through her twitter you can find a lot of mill on that.
I don't judge her for any of these stuff, but I find it scary how she is really not making a part between her personality as a dominatrix and her normal, everyday self.
If she wants to be a therapist is she only going to treat women ? I don't think anyone would go to her thinking her extreme opinions on men are okay. I've always thought that her insta is low key an ad for her services.

No. 381445

Lol you stupid bitch, go back to /pol/, acting like white men are angels you're either a white tranny or a white man.

No. 381634

Oh didn't mean hardcore as in prostituting, just meant she's going hardcore into the industry since the therapist thing will never happen and she probably knows this. I mean who would employ a female supremacist as a therapist since she hates straight cis males and talks openly about cutting their dicks off….

Plus she walks round in public waving knives around like ummm right, she's gonna be arrested for that one day.

Also OT but curious about her flip knife, unless it's one that locks open she'll have a hard time doing any damage with it and will likely hurt herself. Hope it's not just some generic pocket knife. I've seen a lot of chicks on ig with the same knife, hope it's the right kind and not just aesthetic because I've seen girls irl making that mistake thinking they're being safe but actually don't realise the knife needs to be able to lock in the open position.

No. 381775

just shut up

No. 381781

that's what kinda sucks about social media being such a big thing nowadays. escorts think they need to make a whole online persona and become popular online to make money but that's not true at all. I'm a sex worker but it's not my whole life. I don't have a fancy website or a twitter for my "escort self." I decided against that bc I look at sex work as a means to an end. I have a vanilla job and a vanilla life, it's all about money for me.

I think a lot of these girls either a) don't realize that they don't need to air out all of their info on social media and become well known online in order to make money and/or b) crave the attention and recognition for being a sex worker as much or even more than they crave the money from the actual work itself. it's kinda sad to watch because a lot of these girls will grow out of it and not be able to progress in life because they posted millions of nudes online and wrote blog posts and made videos detailing dates with clients in detail, just to get followers

No. 381879


Thanks for your insight. I'm just super curious as to why Hannah keeps on censoring her sex worker name "Goddess Sapphire" on IG. You find pretty much the same type of content on her IG and her work Twitter : pics in forever21 or cheap amazon outfits, & rants about men and their money. That leads me to believe that her work persona and herself are merging in a really unhealthy way for someone whose future job would be to help others with drug/alcohol addictions. Although of course I believe that even as a sex worker you can be yourself, the average dominatrix doesn't really buy into female supremacist ideologies, mostly because every woman who ever invoked that doctrine really is after money and doesn't give a shit about other women, it is purely a marketing tool. Hannah promotes that thinking off-duty in her IG stories every fucking day as if it was not some bullshit.

No. 382296

Exactly, this is part of the reason she can't get an internship which she needs to finish her course. The facilities sited that they didn't like her blasting extreme views publicly on social media, probably more so than being concerned by her photos. She got angry that people in her school and the facilities stalked her ig but these days employers google all applicants names, it's very common practice. I doubt she'll ever get licensed as she has to do an internship to graduate and no one will take her.

More importantly, her personal boundaries are way off and I think she's actually doing damage to her recovery by being this way. Now she's trying to get her sister on the same path, I can see why her mother is concerned… no shame in sex work at all but the way she's going about it is going to set her up for failure in terms of being a counsellor. Wonder if she'll resort to hosting group sessions like Cassidy…

Also OT but she once was angry at her mom so she started raging on live calling her mom was bipolar and psychotic (when she hasn't been diagnosed). People found it offensive to have those labels thrown around just because she was mad but she defended her derogatory comments saying she has a copy of the DSM so she knows. Armchair psychiatrist much? She used mental diagnoses as slurs but does the whole sjw thing and bangs on about racial and sexist slurs when she uses ableist slurs herself. Gave me a laugh

No. 382811


No. 382835

That's not even milk anymore this is court testimony material.
Is Cassidy a sociopath or something ? Also what does she want out of internet fame? I cannot understand this type of people whatsoever.

No. 382867

Quite a story, not surprised at all though. Personally I'd have kicked her ass to the ground after the first incident but I guess some people are more forgiving. This is a clear example of why Cassidy finds it so hard to "be friends with females". She's got some severe lying/manipulation traits. Someone get her a shrink and lock her up!

No. 383048

Lmao this. I love all the salty black women getting angry that white women are allowed to pick and choose their sexual partners. But DASS RACISS!

'Stupid bitch' wow so feminist of you. And that's not an argument, moron. You're wrong, I'm right, suck it up you pathetic pissbaby.

No. 383090

uhhhhh it's not just black women. most of the people who are bashing Cassidy for that are white. and there are A LOT of black women who put "no AA" on their ads as well. I follow a black girl (not a cow) who escorts and she did a long ig story talking about how women have the right to choose what type of men they want to meet with, etc etc, basically exactly what you're saying.

check yourself because you trying to make it seem like it's black women attacking white women isn't a good look at all.

No. 384908

Hannah's always complaining that none of her exes ever went down on her like whoa, I've never met a guy who didn't love doing that. Then she said she used to date heroin dealers (who by definition give not one shit about anyone else) and it's like gurl, there's your answer…now she only dates men who pay her for dates on SA who are probably rich corporate sociopaths. She refuses to date someone if she has to split the bill too kek…this is why you can't find a man to go down on you honey, you literally never date regular dudes hence your warped views on the male gender and your consistent lack of head smdh…

No. 386067

yeah I was one of the anons who posted in defense of Hannah earlier in this thread and I really do like her but she's annoyed me a bit lately. she has been super arrogant lately imo.

about a week ago, she posted on her IG story talking about how she won't be attending Cassidy's upcoming meetup (the one plastic.candy was ranting about a few weeks ago - caps and descriptions are in this thread). she said that she partly wasn't attending due to the drama and while she isn't taking sides, there are some things that transpired that she does not agree with and she doesn't want to be associated with that. it was a really long rant, I was going to screencap/record and recap the situation but I didn't want to start a new thread on the temp site when this thread isn't even that popular yet.

I actually do think she handled that maturely. I think she doesn't agree with Cassidy's actions but she is still cool with her.

I think it's weird she got her sister into sex work. even if they were posing/chillin naked together I don't think it's incestual or creepy but I do think it's a little manipulative. let Hannah tell it, she just wanted to get her sister into a lifestyle where she can make a lot of money and feel empowered blah blah blah. but I also think that a lot of it has to do with the fact that Hannah's mom disapproves of Hannah's work. I think getting her sister into it is kinda like "HA mom, look, I'm not the black sheep of the family, both of your daughters are doing this." even if it wasn't on purpose and she just subconciously was doing it, I think that had a lot to do with it tbh

No. 386102

I agree with her not wanting to be the blacksheep. Also, girls with a lot of mileage and woman who are getting up in age will use a younger or new girl/woman as bait. Another point a lot of older woman will bring an older looking teen and then tell the guys "shes to young but im here". The women in this thread are all trying to extend their shel-life.
I think the sister should be in the background untill she has been in the scene awhile. If she doesnt want to participate any longer its going to be hard to backtrack.

No. 386313

Same, I was supportive of her initially but she's starting to make me cringe, super arrogant. Telling her sister it's not good that she works a 9-5 and is trying to get her into the industry. I'm sure if she wants to do it enough she'd make it happen herself but it seems a bit like peer pressure.

Also she wants her conceal and carry permit so she can flash a 9mm at men on the street…

No. 387423

Anyone know why someone on the problematik tumblr said her marriage was fake?

No. 388513

I believe he's from the UK so maybe he paid her off to marry him so he could get a green card? not too sure though. I'd love to know the reason behind that comment.

does anyone know who her husband is?

No. 388518

File: 1505693180243.png (293.02 KB, 1242x2208, IMG_3976.PNG)

No. 388624

She avoids looking like a try hard by keeping pretty quiet. She deleted her tumblr so the trail would go cold,She was proper cringe.

No. 388789

WOW this is huge. Either Cassidy is a huge sociopath or the girls running this blog are.

No. 388837

Cassidy is a sociopathic controlling girl pimp who has facilitated rape and other traumatic situations for her benefit.

No. 389153

File: 1505777530281.png (367.68 KB, 1242x1599, IMG_3978.PNG)

No. 389160

Geez, they're sisters? Not Hannah is much more of a natural beauty makes hannah look inbred.

No. 389180

idk I actually like Hannah's face better. she's not a conventional beauty but I think she's pretty.

I just think it's uncomfortable and shady that she's seemingly pimping out her sister. I doubt she is going into this with the intentions of a pimp but it's how it comes off.

No. 389227

Don't have a sister but if I did I'd find it weird af to do sex work with one. As Hannah's family should accept that she does sex work as her full time job, Hannah should have also accepted that her sister works a traditional 9-5 job. Respect goes 2 ways

No. 389288

Hannah is a narcissist so she needs to drag down others to her level. Making her sister do sex works puts Hannah in charge. She's the "veteran".

Her sister is way better looking than her, doesn't surprise me the cow is jealous and is trying to sabotage her sister in order to deflect her own shame.

No. 389303

Theres about 1600 on the bed between them thats $800 each, thats seeking arrangement rookie level money & Hannah is a PRO ? I never understood this type of picture. Sidenote their outfits look like the ~sexiest shit they could find in the Forever 21 sale rack

No. 389316

Cassidy made her insta private and won't accept my follow request, what am I missing out on?

No. 391270

File: 1506135016661.jpeg (718.04 KB, 1242x1695, C77F8191-E1BE-4E42-AF55-1BAE60…)

why is she always flaunting her knife collection. it's so cringeworthy and reminds me of a more contrived version of crazy GG from Shahs of Sunset

No. 391280

>>389316 I'm such a jackass because I stopped following her after that whole drama happened because I was sick of her shit. I figured "if I ever need to look at her crap again, she's public, it'll be here." then she makes her page private.

when it comes to cows/snowflakes, never again will I make a decision based solely on my personal feelings for someone. from now on, I will always put the MILK first and foremost!

No. 391339

I feel like she is using her ig story as more of a therapy session every single time I look at it. I actually agree with A LOT of her opinions, but when she goes on her rants about men I feel uneasy, even when I am agreeing with what she is saying. I just feel like she's oversharing and I feel weird.

in her current one she said she doesn't talk to her mom anymore. I wonder how her mom feels about her sister becoming a sex worker. I wonder if her sister's just doing online/Niteflirt stuff or if she's getting clients irl (SBing/escorting) like Hannah also does.

No. 391362

File: 1506150694689.png (1.47 MB, 640x1136, IMG_1653.PNG)

"Women can't be violent, only men can…btw I want to chop men's dicks off and murder them"

…ok Hannah, keep deluding yourself kek

No. 391370

I stopped following after the million post long stories she posted. I work too much to have time to go through all of her story lmao.

No. 391381

Haha what a loser, I bet she doesn't even know how to use a knife either. Posing is all well and good but actually using it to defend yourself takes skill lol. She'd probably end up hurting herself with it if anything.

Look into her eyes. She's weak.

No. 391403

Exactly! It could easily be turned on her or she could mishandle it. People don't think that far ahead though. She'd be much safer to herself and the public by going to a self defence class instead of pulling a knife out in public all the time. If a man did that she'd be furious.

I don't see how her rants about wanting to kill men are any less violent than what she thinks all men say and do. In fact I've never come across any level of violence with the many cis het men I know. She's confusing everyday men with the shady heroin dealers she used to fuck for years and the creeps sending her dms…only a fraction of the cis het demographic. Had she made better choices in her life she'd have come across many respectful regular dudes. She needs to meet some of these normal guys, not the ones who follow her ig for free jerk off material. They even troll her to get a rise out of her, it's kinda funny to watch… she doesn't realise they do that largely to piss her off and to get a reaction. This lady does not know shit about men

No. 391541

File: 1506188020885.png (4.58 MB, 1242x2208, 278904A2-2D57-4B70-8148-E4FEF4…)

Needles? does Lux have an IV drug habit? (or maybe I'm being extra and she's just diabetic? lol)

No. 391623

Diabetic needles usually come prepacked as part of the medication as do most (but not all) prescription injections.

No. 392179


You said it. She's weak af.

She is now posting pictures of money displayed on her bed, which is pretty much the stupidest thing you can do as a woman who lives alone, is a sex worker (with social media), and a personal social media profile where her location is displayed. Her real name is extremely easy to find as well. I'm seriously worried about her safety and the knives are not helping.

1 or 2 weeks ago she went live on insta talking about how a dude she was dating wouldn't kiss her or go down on her for 5 months but she would still give him blowjobs. She later went on to talk about how she would go and lick the balls and give rimjobs to dudes she is in love with. I am not even being vicious, all I am repeating here was on insta live and was not deleted in an afterthought. To display details of your personal life like this one has to be either extremely stupid, masochist or self-destructive.

I swear I had so much sympathy for her, I really liked how brave she was and how she was constantly talking about her past as a recovering addict. Now she's turning into a caricature and I hate it.

No. 392958

File: 1506448410594.jpeg (292.36 KB, 640x770, 4101EA2B-B894-4FA0-A1AB-9FEBAF…)

something funny i noticed awhile ago is that meg has been capitalizing the words my/myself etc. i wonder if it’s just an autocorrect thing or if she intentionally does that as some kind of blatant self importance thing.

No. 392979

thats a Domme thing. its kinda weird to see it overlapping into personal non-sw posts but for some people their Domme job is their life idk

No. 393490

kinda unrelated but I feel like she tries too hard to be a "bad bitch" when she's really shy and passive aggressive at most. I'm not saying every domme has to be domineering and confident irl, but I feel like these girls overlap their work/personal lives so much and this is just another example of that.

I also think she feels she has to be as "woke" and straight up as Kitty is, but that's not how she naturally is and it comes off as contrived

No. 394479

File: 1506645278754.jpeg (614.38 KB, 1241x1806, 9C699D18-00EA-47E7-9A5B-C121AB…)

No. 394590

I could be WAY THE FUCK off but medical fetish “foreced injections”
usually saline no?

No. 394721

File: 1506683062353.jpg (Spoiler Image, 42.25 KB, 530x530, rVOgT7q.jpg)

Probably for needle play? It's a fairly common fetish and uses a ton of needles(obviously).

No. 395046

oh shit you guys are prob right. I didn't even think about that. shows how boring I am in bed lmao

No. 397725

read as: my username has become so tainted and I've been called out as an abuser…. but I'm going to rationalize it by claiming I'm starting a "new chapter" of my life instead of running away from my past fuckups because I'm literally incapable of learning from my abusive ways

typical borderline personality. they can change their whole persona at a click of a finger and find a whole new group of people to prey on.

No. 406056

File: 1508450136913.jpeg (565.75 KB, 1239x1553, B98BA52C-F244-49B8-9C87-717C89…)

she looks high as hell

No. 406057

File: 1508450166755.jpeg (348.08 KB, 1242x1511, 5C03E7EC-7BEC-4787-9599-CA10E0…)

my eyes used to get glassy and pinned just like this when I was high on opiates.

No. 406061

She does but I don't think it's fair to use photos shot with lights and a set up to judge. Especially with light eyes you can look all out of wack for you surroundings when it's just the rig your using and lazy editing.

No. 406454

File: 1508524970171.jpeg (394.34 KB, 1242x1967, 8AAFDBFF-52FC-4BD7-A968-46FC83…)

No. 406455

File: 1508524984995.jpeg (370.09 KB, 1242x1945, 7BF774F2-9EE4-4C8E-9A4C-F8AFE6…)

No. 406456

File: 1508525105001.jpeg (376.21 KB, 1242x1664, D3D9B352-B202-48B1-A2D4-1EDEBD…)


I'm intrigued to see Cassidy's reinvention. I wonder if she'll drop the faux hoodrat style and make herself come across as classier/"whiter" since everyone's been saying she's such a fraud

No. 406682

File: 1508553426074.png (5.18 MB, 1242x2208, 875083B4-F6D7-4505-AF91-558197…)

plasticcandi's ranting about Cassidy on her IG story. she said she's in withdrawal and feels like shit so she's not in the mood for Cassidy's "little minions" who keep harrassing her. I wonder what she's in withdrawal from?

No. 406727

She's changing psych mess which feels like shit

No. 407305

File: 1508639461786.jpeg (286.84 KB, 1242x1805, 841D85A5-0F2C-4DF8-B8C3-699E51…)

way to put her on blast, kitty …

No. 408298

File: 1508786662904.png (3.92 MB, 1242x2208, 0410A2BE-690E-467D-BE59-681C72…)

No. 411107

Sage but like Hannah is sooo fucking ugly how does she get work????

No. 413334

What’s with that weird clicking/pop noise she makes with her mouth? I don’t even know what that’s supposed to be

No. 413343

Has anybody heard of this chick?

Her main is disabled atm but she begs her followers for money all the time so she doesn't have to get a real job…. esp. now even though she just got a ton of expensive lip fillers

No. 413655

File: 1509649196059.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.98 MB, 1956x1734, leesha.jpg)

Her main is back: https://www.instagram.com/entirelyfree/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/nakeyfae

I don't have screen caps because she posts them to her ig story & then deletes them, but she begs for money on her ig stories often & whines about how depressed she is then advertises her "premium" porn snapchat right after. If anybody says shit about her sex work she goes off about it in all caps in her stories

She used to have dreads also & would get super defensive if anybody said she's being racist for being a white girl with dreads

She's begging for money rn but going & getting her hair & lips done then saying that uHauls are too expensive…..

spoiler for image bc there's censored pron

No. 413659

There's nothing racist about white people having dreads

I think they're ugly, but calling a hairstyle racist is retarded Tumblr tier logic

No. 420091

Other than hannah looking like she relapsed in her addiction in some posts on her IG story, is it just me or does lux and meg look like meth users or something? I wouldn’t be surprised if they were druggies, but would like to be corrected if I’m wrong

No. 423266

I also think Hannah relapsed. after seeing someone clean for so long, every day in their IG stories, seeing them high on heroin is extremely obvious. I would probably put $ on the fact that she relapsed. hope it was or will be temporary and very short and she gets back on the wagon ASAP.

I don't think she'll admit it and if she does, it won't be until she gets it together and has some clean time under her belt again.

No. 423286

Hannah looks fucked up all the time but lux just smokes hella weed I think

Did anyone see that mamaissues photos of her and her daughter were stolen and someone is "impersonating" her daughter???
Sage cuz no screen shots I'm not on my phone or my computer rn it's in her insta story earlier

No. 423696

File: 1510671766583.png (1.04 MB, 750x1334, 26F72DB6-79DC-4A76-BC08-B04825…)

Yeah not sure what she expected when she puts every detail about her child online.

No. 423697

File: 1510671827562.png (1.35 MB, 750x1334, 2C57C257-1470-4C16-A49E-695BB7…)

No. 423699

File: 1510671895278.png (433.62 KB, 750x1334, 2983A829-BCBD-4AF7-85B2-C08606…)

No. 423702

File: 1510672104609.jpeg (161.54 KB, 750x1334, 0616649B-5907-4928-8587-6D5F4C…)

Wonder why this person who put Cora on reddit is still harping over something that happened months ago. Could it be they were at the Vegas meet up or they wish they were? Lol who cares hahaha

No. 423704

Could it be the methadone or whatever she’s taking to get off of heroin? I’m not a fuckin junkie so I don’t know too much about that recovery process.

No. 423805

Andddd there's still pics of Cora all over her ig? Much love and care

No. 424376

Mama issues is a fucking idiot. She was busted having her daughter present at an incall with her (probably not in the same room but def at the same place, duh that's what an incall is) then proceeded to make a clap back post with her daughter in the back agreeing and rooting her on. Her daughter. A toddler. Cory would be proud

No. 424378

She definitely seems high lately. She admitted not long ago that she was feeling tempted to release and not long after came her strange doped up behavior and pinned pupils. She's said many times she's not into weed. If anything she's back on H. I like her though, most times, and hope she gets it together. You can't hide being a junkie for that long before the facade deteriorates

No. 424552

Screenshots or you’re full of crap

No. 424555

Hannah is back on H and I wish I had the evidence. She’s trying to get one of her sugar daddies to buy her a gun and I think that’s the stupidest thing on earth. She’s clearly mentally unstable and dangerous, definitely shouldn’t have a gun.

No. 424918

thats vile and actually child abuse.

No. 425338

Wish I had them but I don't. You can clearly see her in the same bathroom for the incall everyone attacked her about, as always. But she claimed she was somewhere else. Didn't get the screens, sorry, I believe she took that post down

No. 425341

I hate how mama issues has her daughter stomping her filthy little feet all over food counters, peoples couches, and she does the same! No one wants your nasty feet on their couch or counters. She lets her daughter run amuck and let's her be a spoiled little brat. She expects other people to raise her for her while she's blowing people for money. Stop putting your daughters filthy sneakers all over the places people eat and sit. What a twat

No. 425347

Anyone following her can see the difference in the way she talks and responds to people. She's looking more tired recently, and responds to people like 'lmaoooo I love you'. Which is totally unlike her if you've followed her for any length of time. Ntm she said she was tempted to relapse and hasn't mentioned her temptations since, just has been acting and looking high af since. This girl talks about her sobriety every day and now, not at all.

No. 425589

probably not. she's on suboxone and even with methadone, once you get on a stable dose and your body adjusts to it (usually within 6 months of taking it daily), you don't look any different than any average person not on drugs. unless you're taking drugs.

No. 426161

It took a gun class Hannah’s dad made her take for her to realise that her fantasy of flashing her gun at cat callers is actually a criminal offence and not a viable option.


No. 426206

Her live video tonight was pretty boring but she talked sooo much and she really sounded high as shit off of Heroin.

No. 426606

What's with the influx of anons saying Hannah is Definitely Extremely doing heroin without providing any proof? Post something interesting or just don't bother.

No. 442280

File: 1513024987747.png (1.43 MB, 1080x1182, Screenshot_2017-12-11-21-36-55…)

What I can't wrap my head around is these ig sex workers thinking its acceptable to post pictures of their kids next to their porn. How is it okay to post your kid in diapers and then the next post is of your tits hanging out advertising your nsfw content.

No. 449287

Does anyone know what happened to Jasman420? she seems to have disappeared online

No. 449448

I know, its so creepy… Like there is a kid in a bath tub and boom right above it is mommy in fish nets with hearts over her nips.
I'm not saying moms cant be sexual, but maybe separate that from your bathing child.

No. 449692

it's unbeliavably disturbing for her to include pictures of her naked child bathing in a space where she's inviting people to jerk off. she's a sex worker. her followers are clients. it's not about mur murrsugyny, it's about people looking at your baby with their dick in their hands so maybe protect them from that as their mother. twat.

No. 449707

Ww wtf she posts these on her nsfw client Instagram?! Is she okay in the head? Also who would pay money for a hooker that looked like that with that forehead fart.. yum

No. 449768

Oh no, this is her personal family friendly instagram with her nudes all over it you see, she just advertises her pay for nsfw one all over it.

No. 456074

After she broke up with Jesse Willesee aka Jesse Sunset aka trust fund creep scumbag, she started going by JasmanDreamer. She recently released a "book" of ass pics along with self-indulgent commentary about each photo called "assthetic" or something

No. 465938

File: 1515506021842.png (700.58 KB, 720x1136, 20180109_084634.png)

Who else knows this sloppy butterball? She posts shitty porn then suddenly freaked out when her account got deleted, screeching racism and the "white people get more likes and follows because they're white reeeeee" Story.
She thinks she's important enough to shut down whole shops for not wanting to represent an overweight model but she says it because "she's black" Meanwhile the shops have a bunch of different colored girls of a healthy weight, and she can obviously provide no proof of the stores "racism".
Her page is pretty lul worthy when she goes on one of her tirades.

No. 465939

File: 1515506049777.jpg (227.1 KB, 640x1085, 39f91bb8-6196-42bd-a81f-9ac98a…)

Pt 1 rage

No. 465940

File: 1515506066170.jpg (225.56 KB, 640x1093, 2bc8c750-6f97-42c1-bdb1-87f119…)

Pt 2 rage

No. 465964

Never heard of her but holy hell;
>btw you guyz i'm half asian!…
no your nose is not typical european and how dare you pretend to be bullied for having proper grammar when there are 2 mistakes in the first 5 short sentences already
Maybe nobody wants to work with you because your ugly and obnoxious?! Most people don't like types like you who go around and constantly 'educate' others…

No. 467092

It's a misconception that domme work is safer because the clients are naturally submissive. I've done it for a living while going through undergrad and you have to keep in mind that it's a fantasy they are purchasing, not something they want irl or are naturally inclined to do. It wasn't rare at all for clients to try and push boundaries or try to manipulate me into doing something that was against the rules, and threaten me if I turned them down. I was actually sexually assaulted by a "submissive foot worship" client once, something you'd think would be the most innocent type of service to perform. To many of them, since you are selling fetish services, you MUST be open to everything so long as you are pushed hard enough. If you don't withstand their threats and turn them away, they will take advantage of you. It's sad but that's how it is.

No. 467100

Sage your shit . No one cares

No. 468275

Anyone following the lvangel69/universal__angel drama?

She's apparently scammed all her followers, by offering a sex work premium snapchat for $50 and then giving up on it after a week because she didn't want people to take screenshots. Now she's turned off all her communication and refuses to refund people. She's made thousands and thousands of dollars and she's acting like the victim.

Paypal froze her account because of suspicious behavior and she literally travelled to Australia so she could get her money out and unfreeze the account. Now she's "too stressed" to deal with refunding her followers.

She's been getting messier and messier this last year, especially with all the flat-earther shit she used to post.

No. 468277

Damn, she's one of my favourite Instagram girls. I hope she doesn't slide off into full blown cow behaviour soon

No. 468676

Post milk if you have it? I don't see anything on the bitches page

No. 468871

Most of it was going down on Snapchat

No. 469304

(lvangel69) she's confirmed several times on her tumblr that it's not her selling the photos, just some catfish.
I know she started her premium snapchat but all i saw was good feedback.

No. 469308

PS her paypal was definitely flagged for sex work (which is strongly enforced by paypal) permanently and funds can't be released.
it doesn't matter what country you go to, they do not allow sex work anywhere and money is completely frozen for like a year.

No. 469320

Actually, she's telling the truth. When I saw her even just mentioning paypal on her tumblr, I knew it'd be flagged right away. She got Permanently “limited,” meaning she's permanently banned from paypal regardless of if it was a mistake or not. They don't take it into consideration even if you have proof.
regardless of the country you live in.
If she has most of her money on her paypal account, she should be stressed out because the funds will be held for months. You are not able to transfer money, give refunds, or any basic functions.

No. 476615

mamaissues finally made her page public again after humiliating and putting her daughter out there with her sex work like that. She’s boring anyways and super super shady. Why would anyone hire her alien looking ass anyways like are people actually attracted to women with no eyebrows and look like they’re been on and off meth for 5 years?

No. 476617

Sadhopeless (daddy Larry or whatever she calls herself) is now domesticated and probably not doing sex work anymore. Such a shame she was my favorite.

No. 477763

File: 1516642780931.png (1.37 MB, 750x1334, A13DCD5A-B94E-45EB-AEB2-06EB43…)

Meg doing what meg does best and turning every sex worker against hookerproblems. Don’t get me wrong, hookerproblems is a bad person, but why does meg have to drag every sex worker she meets into her own personal drama?? Especially shit that happened a while ago?? Unintelligent people do nothing but talk shit about others, intelligent people talk about other things. Let people form their own opinions of others you controlling angry little person.

No. 479902

I was thinking the same thing. I'm glad she's happy, she deserves it! but she seems sooo sprung SO fast over this guy. I hope he doesn't fuck her over and I hope she doesn't quit sex work or become a normie. she's my favorite also

No. 479955

Why do they all need to bring kids into their sex work? Like don't use a picture with kids in it to talk about your sex work problems jfc

No. 484058

Cause they’re uneducated and clearly not good mothers. Meg hits her kid and cusses at her just cause she’s being a kid and being a little bit annoying. That kid is gonna get kicked out of school when she starts going cause meg did not raise her right

No. 487937

File: 1517392753824.jpg (6.93 KB, 178x223, Anna-Waldron-mugshot-36297652.…)

No. 487939

So a couple of days ago Lux posted a story ranting about a "past abuser" that raped them and now the person being acused and her gf are both saying that Lux is a sociopath and lying.. with screenshots of Lux being all cute with said abuser. makes you wonder if Lux was milking the clout all along

No. 487940

File: 1517393155602.png (641.44 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180131-050201.png)

No. 487941

File: 1517393175590.png (589.44 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180131-050156.png)

No. 487943

File: 1517393473206.png (787.41 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180131-050838.png)

Hookerproblemz was also seen working with the same person Lux said raped them (mollyaceisdead) and her gf (phatboi) right before the rant too. Seems like Lux was triggered but if you check out Molly's story there is so much drama. I think Lux old name they went by was Knox

No. 487947

File: 1517393966819.png (1.02 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180131-051546.png)

So apparently this is not the first time this couple has disputed these allegations. Another post saying the same exact thing from November. These wannabe feminist but really white supremacists really are Savage in the comments just shrugging off the allegations like nothing just siding with their friends but still Lux does come off as crazy/on drugs

No. 487949

File: 1517394379351.png (1.44 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180131-052316.png)

No. 487950

File: 1517394427105.png (541.85 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180131-052357.png)

No. 487951

File: 1517394462543.png (730.7 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180131-052409.png)

No. 487953

File: 1517394495738.png (576.57 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180131-052427.png)

No. 487954

File: 1517394533192.png (603.24 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180131-052455.png)

No. 487955

File: 1517394570961.png (443.38 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180131-052502.png)

No. 490006

File: 1517536951865.jpeg (518.89 KB, 750x983, F71159C1-981F-4495-AC49-CA89CD…)

Anyone follow Thongria aka Zoe Ligon? Not nessessarily a sex worker but she does run a sex shop. She seems potentially milky to me, considering her stance on social and gender politics. One notable thing I can remember is her uploading a video of herself stomping on a dildo after hearing “liberal media” said in a negative way.

No. 490021

don't really see the milk tbh, she seems like a down to earth kind of chick that just is really comfortable with sex. I watched a few of her videos through super deluxe and thought they were funny but other than that she seems like a normal chick.

No. 492491

Has anybody seen mamaissues ig story today? She literally hit some old guys car. Backing up into it. She is just being a cunt the entire time while filming the cops she's just cursing on her ig story with poor little Corra sitting right next to her. She said the cop threatened to arrest her. I really feel that someone should Help Corra!!!! She deserves better. What a toxic environment for a child I cannot!!

No. 493123

File: 1517787012669.jpg (117.43 KB, 1080x1350, 3f10a409-f9af-42ef-904f-874e94…)

No. 493124

File: 1517787087225.jpg (166.82 KB, 960x1280, f3a8f87a-5505-4679-ac90-f9c524…)

No. 493125

File: 1517787119248.jpg (58.16 KB, 640x640, 89fed15c-d9c5-46c0-89a2-b8a609…)

No. 493126

File: 1517787158716.jpg (230.12 KB, 960x1280, d484f53b-2941-44eb-918f-cce9ad…)

No. 493127

File: 1517787215142.jpg (117.7 KB, 960x1280, 82e5a70f-ecbb-4a08-b3f2-f1f0c2…)

No. 493129

File: 1517787301502.jpg (242.01 KB, 1280x960, 1248d178-ab40-4e51-b53a-f2e1cf…)

LOL such cringe she posed for the pic. She got arrested for selling heroin

No. 493130

File: 1517787364287.jpg (242.07 KB, 960x960, cf302de1-d937-44dc-9066-427466…)


No. 493622

File: 1517815046111.png (1.7 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180205-021514.png)


No. 497244

Mamaissues is literally the worst mother in the world. How has child services not taken her kids away from her yet? Also, what does it take to get her in trouble for being a shitty mom?

No. 498226

File: 1518143140503.jpeg (1.47 MB, 1242x1872, DCF5638C-FAED-4F9A-9B9D-A75722…)

I feel like she's going to end up quitting sex work or at least taking a break

No. 498231

oh don't worry, "no AA" is only in regards to sex work, she can still pose with them for selfies and use them for clout!

No. 498295

damn I'm sorry if I missed it but can you post more info about her arrest because I can't find it on Google. I always suspected heroin was involved in most of these SWs lives. as a former prostitute I seriously don't know many who aren't addicted to heroin or crack.

No. 498374

SUCH a try hard, I hate her persona, the way online sex educators in general speak in general that cadence is so lame & obnoxious

No. 502539

need info on this

what a fucking hypocrite. talking about addiction, overcoming addiction and trying to start support groups for addicts all the while… still dealing and feed other peoples addiction? shes scum of the fucking earth

No. 502540

are you seriously implying that sex workers don't have the right to choose who they fuck

No. 506795


The implication was that she's racist DUH. Everybody and anybody deserves the right to choose who they have sex with but that doesn't change the fact that she was using NO AA as advice for people trying to get into sex work because "they are violent" that's racist. She doesn't have to fuck anybody but that doesn't change the fact that calling all African American people violent is racist at.

No. 512399

Ummmm lol look at the crime statistics by race in USA, then consider the kinds of men who message cheapish white sex workers with tats and green hair. No AA is harsh but s completely legitimate as a rule and acting otherwise is naive. I hate Cassidy but its wrong to say she's racist for that when AA commit such a large amount of violent crime in the USA despite being a minority. Decent AA men are probably not hiring girls like Cassidy. Stop lying to yourself lol.(derailing)

No. 512822

File: 1519421220934.png (276.85 KB, 1080x548, Screenshot_20180223-162502.png)

So do you just talk out of your ass? These are the statistics you racist.(derailing)

No. 512983

AA pimps usually prohibit their girls from having AA clients as well.

>About 85 percent of the pimps interviewed were male, and 66 percent were African-American. They said that racism is prevalent in the sex trade (like pretty much everywhere else). Several pimps said that white women were more valuable than non-white women, though they also invited greater attention from law enforcement.

>Some pimps forbid their employees to speak to Black men, whom they believed might try to rape them or try to pimp them out themselves


No. 512986

Sure is easy being a PC-lesbian shit-talking about racism when you have zero clue about the world of sex work and how prevalent sex trafficking is. But yeah, protecting yourself is "racist" ok binch

No. 512988

How dumb are you? Did you not learn how to read statistics in school? You didn't take overall population into account. White is majority so its higher. 27% is an extremely high percentage for a smallish minority group. Get a clue, bougie trash

No. 514435

File: 1519597636931.jpeg (1.02 MB, 1242x1865, 72DF8894-9512-45B8-8E2D-D26254…)

looks like sanhopeless and her bf broke up? the millions of posts about him and their everlasting love are now deleted from her page

she also reposted a post that mamaissues made saying that sanhopeless was coming to Denver. her caption mentions her having to leave LA bc she made a mess there

No. 514456

anybody follow the sugar baby community on ig? most profiles are private so unless you're a SW or an SB and have your own profile based on that, you prob don't but just figured I'd ask. there's a lot of interesting and petty milk that goes down there…

before I start getting into describing and posting about the drama - any of these names sound familiar to anybody?

Lydia Dupra/@theheauxmentor
Alpha Scorpio/Retired heaux
Nik (has had many accts but is currently @1800helpaheaux)

No. 515782

File: 1519736061565.png (2.98 MB, 1242x2208, 6B064B67-6190-443A-A2BB-CD26AE…)

No. 516590

I wonder if that's about Bryan gozzling. She was shit talking him before, and now his ig has been deleted

No. 516660

it's not about Bryan gozzling, it's about some dude named Edwin who runs that edgy sex party she used to work at called "oilnights"

No. 517828

apparently her friends decided to promo another event instead of OIL which he flew them out for and he got pissed when he saw them promoting something else. cassidy wants them to get more money even though they didnt even perform. her usual money schemes of course

No. 517982

Incorrect. They didn’t promo anything, literally posted they were attending a party at a club (not performing). Then the guy that ran OIL got mad they weren’t there JUST to do his thing. OIL is notorious for not paying performers and for unsafe practices so their anger seems justified on this one.

No. 518169


When you post an event and you have alot of followers that's promoting the event isn't it?

No. 518254

File: 1519953840280.jpg (72.07 KB, 750x350, image1(3).JPG)

sure seems like a conflict of interest if you're soliciting people to come see you at a competing event the night before the one you're being paid for, like sure it was probably not intended that way but I can see why it would raise eyebrows.

No. 520230

if OIL is notorious for unsafe practices and not paying their performers, why are they working for them then?

not saying you're wrong about them being a shitty company or whatever tf they are but your comment makes no sense. you're saying their anger/them possibly going around a contract or agreement with OIL is justified bc OIL is shady. but then why even start/continue working for or performing for them?

No. 543622

Wow, it's really trippy to me that I came across this thread. I'm actually good friends w Cassidy irl, I've been to her house and met her husband (who isn't rich, he's a young normal British dude, they met while Cassidy was living in England and her husband works w her dad for their dog food company)

I attended the first meet up in Vegas but that was the only one. As most people above me have deduced, Meg/mamaissues is wacko. She was loaded on Xanax for most of the Vegas meet up and expected the meet up girls to help supervise her. Sure, many of the girls there watched her because Cora is cute as hell and the femmes who attended were sympathetic but she kinda expected us to watch Cora for her through out the day. Not surprised someone posted her photos on /r/trashy !! Uploading pictures of your child on your SW profile is creepy, risky, and straight up irresponsible.

Lux and Cassidy had a falling out when Lux demanded a higher percentage of ownership in Cassidy's LLC (problematik.com) Cassidy said No because she had been paying for lawyer fees and all those expenses for at least a year before her and Lux EVER MET. They meet, hang out, click right away, and want to become partners but Cass didn't want to split the earnings 50/50 right away because she's been paying thousands of dollars for this company out of pocket since the beginning. In my mind that's totally reasonable, and smart business. If Lux was interested in participating for the long haul she would have been willing to be patient, wait a couple years and eventually renegotiate. Lux is mentally ill (but hey, aren't we all?) and at the time was desperate for more income so hearing Cassidy say No triggered that whole feud which kinda triggered everything else.

Apparently Lux has a long list of people who have black listed her/them which is why they keep changing names from Knox to Lux and Plastic Candy. Extreme manipulator and victim-mentality, she constantly posts in IG stories about how her life sucks so she's gonna "drink until I don't wake up" which is so emotionally abusive.

MollyAce+Phatboi and Cassidy became close because they had both been emotionally and mentally manipulated by Lux in their past.

I was supposed to meet Molly+phatboi at the OIL event in LA when they were visiting, but since Edwin fired them that never happened (sadface). They were fired for a couple reasons. 1, they asked about their payment and return flight info Friday the day before the OIL party. Edwin doesn't ever expect to actually pay the performers. He uses them for eye candy and free promotion. 2, he was also pissed that they posted they were attending the party at Sanctuary LAX because he thought it would be competition. BUT the rules at both parties are different (I've attended events at Sanctuary) and god damn, it was one day before the OIL event, if people were gonna attend they probably already bought tickets for his event. He isn't losing money because they have a social life!!

I've attended a few OIL parties as a performer/guest w Cassidy. They are unhygienic and unsafe BDSM events. Edwin never checks IDs so underage people (mostly girls) have attended these essentially fetish-aesthetic-sex-orgy parties. He has never paid a dozen of the performers, including Goth Charlotte, Lydia Black, sidbb+hellaslootz, Bratty Wolfie, lilrosedarling, deisysucks and more. It was clear he never had intentions of paying Molly+phatobi by the way he instantly fired them for simply ASKING about payment and their return flight itinerary info. In general, the OIL parties are disgusting pathetic excuse for BDSM lifestyle parties. Once he fired Molly+phatboi, Cassidy opened up on IG about why she would no longer endorse or attend OIL parties.

That's pretty much it. From my perspective, it seems like a lot of people w insecurity-fueled vendettas against Cassidy trying to target and steal her fan base. Using trigger words like saying she's a "racist" "transphobic" which could be nothing farther from the truth, because when she was in England several years ago her favorite night life activity was attending drag queen shows and queer fetish parties. When it comes to her only working with white clients, that's a lie. I have her VIP Snapchat and see dark dudes on there pretty regularly. Just because she doesn't post every black/POC client on Snapchat doesn't mean she refuses to see them. It just means they didn't consent to video.

That's pretty much all I can think of to reply with. I realize that posting this only bumps the thread and reignites this drama, but I wanted to submit my 2cents and set the record clean on some things since I know Cassidy on a more personal level than someone who is just an IG fangirl.

No. 545249

Hi, Anna. How lovely of you to stop by and self-post.

No. 596618

I got some dirt on Bryan Gozzling. I knew him before he started porn and know a lot of people who are still around him. Is this best thread for that? Dude is one fucked up person, if that wasn't obvious from his scenes. He's a male feminist too which should be a hint of the darkness that lurks within him and haunts him from the past.

No. 597093

he passes as self concious regarding his height. he is interested in hiring only petite women (yes I'm aware what niches he markets and shoots for, daddy's girl barely legal yadda yadda, still someone not thin and flat as a board like Abella Danger starred in in, but she still petite in height)
Hookup hot shot and tiny4k.

Anyways that's what I've seen. definately my likes and kink preferences are very different from his stuff and his brand, and I don't find him hot so I didn't care to lurk much more.

No. 597308

I would love some Bryan Gozzling milk. I found him attractive and respect his whole story of “addict turned entrepreneur”. Over time though, he appears more and more obnoxious and lulzy with shit he does/says. Tea plssss

No. 605705

File: 1528515567923.png (1.14 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180608-233904.png)

Just gonna leave this here for the lulz

No. 605709

File: 1528516432560.png (459.43 KB, 492x588, crn.png)

Cola Renee, aka 'Sun Gypsy', 22 y/o

Sugar baby, stripper, nose whiter than snow white's in the moonlight and also brown from getting into more 'ig famous' thots like everyone's favorite Micky!

Same holier than thou I'm a goddess/Better than everyone complex while also complaining constantly about how dark girls don't get as much love as light skinned girls AND still tossing money around on dumb shit with her 30+ gross looking white Daddy

Talks about how laughable everyone is while also bragging about how she's doesn't have daddy issues in spite of stripping and later saying her bio dad beat her and doing coke like it's going out of style.

Also always talking about dieting/working out but has been same size for a year now, same rolls and pudge coming out of her tacky outfits and fishnets while she continues her weekly 'I'm going to lose weight!' campaign

No. 605733

Yaasssss, whenever I want a good laugh I always look at her fb profile. What a mess

No. 607600

She is so tacky. Her Instagram is a mess. You can tell she spends her money on unnecessary stuff. I think its funny how she thinks her BF is gonna marry her.

No. 619975

Is it official? Can we now finally move past crackhead meg? Is she finally irrelevant? Yes, bitch is irrelevant. I could post some recent milk but it’s always the same shit: her screaming like a banshee saying 10 cus words a second while filming it for the gram, her talking shit about other sex workers cause bitch can’t keep any friends, and her being beyond thirsty for likes and comments after realizing she’s no longer relevant.

Honestly I’m surprised how no one from the state has taken away her daughter yet. The chick is completely insane, it’s not even funny anymore, she needs help.

No. 620002

holy shit she's dressed up like a Killer Instinct character

No. 620004

Bro if you have milk, post it

No. 621692

Biiiitch makin me get outta bed to spill the milk from my laptop..hol up one sec ;)

No. 621713

File: 1529998984873.jpg (74.53 KB, 540x960, 36047347_2040834965989713_6710…)


No. 621714

File: 1529999002598.jpg (272.55 KB, 1152x2048, 36222912_2040835189323024_4247…)


No. 621717

File: 1529999323997.jpg (215.86 KB, 1152x2048, 36289906_2040835099323033_4049…)

Here we go again with the "fuck you if you even look at kassidy" rant. It's like she has nothing better to do than to hold grudges. She can't keep any SW friends and she claims it's because of them but my mama always told me "If someones being a jerk, theyre the asshole. If everyones being a jerk, youre the asshole". remember when she found a new bestie after sam moved to cali and they had an all pink photoshoot? Not friends anymore because meg was an over controlling manipulative friend. she isnt tagged in her photos anymore

No. 621724

File: 1529999829502.jpg (302.47 KB, 1152x2048, 36222717_2040841429322400_6202…)

Sanhopeless has been slowly getting out of the game lately and it seems like it was cause she's head over hills for her man. They've been going at it on and off for a few months now. When they're together she's so happy, and when they're on their breaks shes super angry, tries to make him jealous on her IG, and archives any IG post with him in it, and puts anti-relationship captions on her selfie pics/videos. Will they stay together? Will she permanently quit SW and stick to her new 9-5 job? idk

No. 621728

File: 1530000275624.jpg (128.5 KB, 1242x1881, 36225068_2040841229322420_2578…)

And here we see Miserable Meg being such a supportive friend.

No. 621730

By the way Sanhopeless marriage post was fake, she was just playin us.

No. 649448

Random but does anyone know hannahs sex work accounts? I'm interested in buying content her ass is hot af but I can't find it and she never posts links.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 649678

we don't care stan

No. 1165843

Does anyone know what happened to Hannah?(necro)

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