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File: 1503534570518.png (440.5 KB, 719x731, 1503447586917.png)

No. 378235

20 something yr old professional photoshopper, "ig model" who lies about her age

Lies about being 13 or 14 on social media for attention, ALWAYS mentions how "old" she is despite it being disproven, has 21 yr old or older friends she hangs out with mostly,photoshops her pics to hell and back, claiming its natural, anyone who calls her out on her shooped pics is jealous, been on FB since 2010 - 2011, is on the "you don't like me twerking and wearing slutty outfits? stop sexualizing minors" train, always has grown men on her facebook call her thicc, rate her, and say shit like "if she 14 im 14", has random people draw her for some reason and has thousands of followers yet the only thing she posts is ass pics and how she's 14 with shooped selfies

No. 378239

File: 1503534876285.png (469.22 KB, 450x552, 1503503262533.png)

her without shoop

No. 378241

File: 1503535064810.png (185.67 KB, 500x690, 1503451671604.png)

mosts of her posts consist of "guys I'm 14" or talking about how young is for shock value and she does it in a way that's so forced, I never met a 14 yr old who had to always mention how young they are daily

No. 378246

File: 1503535709041.png (330.81 KB, 504x844, wiooe.png)

No. 378249

I'm at work but should post that pic without the shoop in the mirror

No. 378251

File: 1503536200802.png (1.07 MB, 900x774, 1503451900221.png)

I gotchu fam

No. 378271

haha so why is she pretending to be 14?

No. 378273

which one is she?? lol

yall sound like the same person

No. 378275

self post?

No. 378276

File: 1503538387726.png (258.7 KB, 638x774, 093.png)

for attention and shock most likely, I went to her friends facebook who she's always hanging around so I'm assuming theyre about the same age, there was a post saying like if you're 14 or younger and every single one of them turned out to have lied when I went to their facebook

on another note that same friend has a car and shoops her ass to hell and back, it's always disappearing and reappearing

No. 378277

nah, I'm op, this was discussed in the obsession with teens thread in /ot/ basically me and other anons discussed and decided to post on /snow/


No. 378286

File: 1503540600027.png (198.66 KB, 536x515, wqr.png)

apparently she's lied about her name too. if you scroll down her facebook timeline all the way to 2015, you'll find some girls complimenting her posting "tbh" confession videos on juliana's timeline and one girl starts the video off by calling her "desiree" and juliana commented thanks below it.

this girl's definitely a liar

No. 378288

holy shit

No. 378289

File: 1503540713645.png (26.73 KB, 546x307, Untitled.png)

No. 378290

good find anon!

No. 378292

She must have been experimenting with shoop in 2015 because there's a lot of deleted/missing photos that are no longer there. I'm guessing she realized they looked ridiculous and wiped them clean before ditching facebook.

No. 378298

probably the pics that show her haggard face and skinnyfat body, too bad some of them still exist among her friends facebooks

No. 378299

No. 378302

File: 1503542092806.png (728.26 KB, 1034x668, 1800.png)

ty. this bitch never convinced me. here she is with the lowest quality fried photo with a pikachu shoop, in case she deletes it in the future.

No. 378304

people think this shit is attractive? she looks like the result of botox and having a hangover

No. 378305

Interesting choice to shoop everything but the arm fat..

No. 378309

File: 1503542938249.png (278.22 KB, 720x232, Screenshot_20170823-224748.png)

Her forehead stays looking dirty af kek

No. 378318

This is fucking weird. Is she trying to solicite attention from actual children or…?

No. 378319


No. 378322

most likely
or for attention
I also feel like her lying about her age could also connect back to
my prediction is that if her lying did connect back to it, maybe her and her friends had a competition to see who can convince people that they're that young? or it's a joke between them? If that's the case I'd be glad that it was a joke rather than her being a pedo, pretending to be a minor for attention, or just trying to get attention from kids

No. 378326

File: 1503543959550.png (699.95 KB, 674x843, we1.png)

that jessiicaa cassivae luna bitch aint 14. here she is in 2015. you guys gonna tell me she was 12 years old and a 6th grader looking like this? hell no

No. 378329

she looks like my mid 40s aunt in >>378246
it surprises me people believe this crap

No. 378331

File: 1503544475177.jpg (333.44 KB, 1441x855, 8.jpg)

>hey guys im 12.

and why do they both dress up like they're always at clubs? jessiicaa is tagged in juliana's photos on instagram and theyre both always in skimpy dresses and heels at public restrooms and fancy looking places. 14 year olds cant enter a club.

juli started lying about her age sometime in 2016. in 2015 there was no mention of it what so ever and all of a sudden, it was so forced and her timeline was bombarded with "omg ur 13???"

No. 378334

yeah, especially "juli"s her real name is desirae, the way they say it is all so forced as well, what are the trying to accomplish? and at least TRY to pull it off well, no 13-14 yr old talks about how they're 14 on the daily, the fact that one of the only things about her other than social media in her bio is she's 14 is awfully fishy

what are they trying to accomplish? if it was attention I'll give them credit because she's been receiving a shit ton of attention from the dumbasses who believe it
hell if they're dumb enough to think her ass is real her face is real they're gonna believe she's 14 as well

No. 378337

File: 1503544858969.png (863.35 KB, 935x636, 124.png)


jessiica's insta. lot of interest in cars for a 14 year old including talking about owning one and hosting an event for a car show. im guessing this is what that one car anon was talking about.

no one would hire a 14 year old to host a huge important event like this. it's not even legal actually.

No. 378339

wait did jessica ever claim to be 14 though? other than her "like if you're 14 or under" post I don't think she did

No. 378340

why would a grown ass woman be hanging out with a 14 year old though? (juliana) would you?

No. 378342

I get what you mean, but that just proves Juliana lied, but we're not sure if jessica lied

No. 378345

i mean, you're free to believe 14 year olds are top priority when employers are looking to hire professional people to host a large car convention. that was some good solid proof on jessica.

No. 378346

we know jessica is an adult, but what we don't know is if she ever stated herself that she was 14

No. 378348

speaking of, do jessica and "juliana" even still hang around each other, it may be the shoop but I don't see juli in any of jessicas pics anymore

maybe jessica didn't wanna be around a fake ass hoe who pretends to be a little girl for attention

No. 378350

File: 1503545726478.png (633.98 KB, 816x608, june3rd.png)

i see what youre saying now. seems kind of weird of her to post who's under 14 on her timeline. i dont think that came out of the blue.

yeah they have a fairly recent instagram photo together which is how i found jessiicaa's insta. its from june

No. 378351

found this chick in julis ig
she has some candids of juli who isn't as curvy as she looks in photos but what's her age? her bio says " Phs ; sc- Yumiisiu"

PHS could be initials for the high school, then again it could mean anything

No. 378353

true, but if you also look at the people who commented on it, a lot of them lied or were sarcastic, like the first one where the woman who claimed to be 12 ended up being a middle aged married chick with kids and who graduated
hence why is said it could relate to why juli is lying about her age

No. 378356

Page High School, Greensboro, North Carolina.

No. 378368

Younger generations have the most followers on social media so I think that is why she is claiming to be younger.

No. 378369


this chick spams julis comments but also claims to be 13 when she obviously isn't ? it's like there's a whole community of grown women claiming to be 10-15 that I'm finding out about

what do you guys think

No. 378386


This reeks of self post.

No. 378392

it's not, I just wish summer was over already
>all new flakes are self posts all of course with no proof

No. 378394

but that was beginning of june though, i also checked their following and they stopped following each other as well but they're still friends on facebook, but keep in mind juli hasnt posted there in forever and the last thing there was her birthday shit in may, so what's the deal

No. 378402

No. 378403

File: 1503551819817.png (32.36 KB, 590x374, desiraeoaht.png)

No. 378540

People were talking about her in /ot/, op just isn't that good at making threads.

No. 378763

OP here and truuue but at least someone sent her actual IG in >>378299

No. 378779

im sure it has to do w people like malu i remember when she started getting really popular on ig all i kept seeing were "she's 12" memes….so i guess people are doing that for the attention it gives. its just so unreal for an actual 14 year old to be like im 14 guys!! i used to be on stickam and got a lot of attention when i was probably 13 but i cant ever remember repeating my age constantly….
sage 4 mild blog post

No. 378871

Yeah I have to assume the age thing is just them trying to somehow get 'famous' for being hot 14 year olds to get that instagram cash.

Most companies that pay for insta models to post their shit don't really care about the models themselves, just that they generate clicks/sales, so they're probably just banking on those shitty/sketchy companies to give them money and free shit.

No. 378999

this is actually a popular thing especially with the "ig/music.ly baddies" gang people
some girls will pretend to be 12-14 as a shock value so guys come and be all like "hur dur if she 13 im 13" type shit, sadly enough it seems when a girl claims to be 12-14 she tend to get more compliments and people defending her rather than if she was just a good looking adult, hence why I think a lot of girls do it

I also remember this black guy who use to review music lees, I believe it was on IG or youtube, he would caption it as sone like "she's 13!" or "she's only 12!!!!" and the video would be of him saying degrading things about her, turns out a lot of these girls he did it to were adults, he pretended to be a pedophile for attention

No. 379041

this guy?

No. 379539

File: 1503686472417.png (762.48 KB, 1178x766, bathroom.png)

either her "school" has a fuck load of different bathrooms or she is trying to make it look like she's going to school by going to bathrooms in random places to take selfies

why the fuck is she so desperate to prove she's 14 but doesn't make an effort to make any real life friends around her "age" or even act one bit of her "age"

No. 379646

File: 1503697212330.png (1.16 MB, 1915x1062, whatt.png)

This girl literally made a fan page of herself for whatever reason. She is not good at covering her shit up either. Also she either steals pictures or went the route of paying a photographer some money for one of those cheap ass shoots in some urban area. Either way the photoshop in her profile picture is laughable.

No. 379667

I'm pretty sure she buys followers as well, or makes accounts to like her own shit and compliment herself, jfs I don't see no "14 yr old" posting a few selfies then magically getting millions of followers, then again she could have came from music.ly, people there are notorious for gaining shit tons of fans if they have the IG baddie look while claiming to be 12-14

see >>379041

No. 379669

I also like to add she can't even keep her shoop consistent, one day her nose will be a small button nose, the next she will have a huge hinker, one day she will have small asian eyes the next big doe eyes, and her lips look like a swollen asshole, the sad thing is some people believe this is real while the rest of her family has normal lips and small butts

No. 379684

Do you have any links or idea who her family is? I might make a collage of her whoops later. She always breaks her wrists and stuff.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 379686

breaks her wrists?
most of them are on her FB, just look at her friends list and search rmah and oahts, same with her IG

No. 379700

This woman is in her early 20s at the very least..how stupid can people be to blindly believe her and make no effort to look into it

No. 379867

File: 1503715413048.png (5.92 MB, 2740x2892, randomstuff.png)

I mean she doesn't know how to photoshop correctly and just ignores blatant mistakes like warping your wrist.
Also here's a crappy photobash thing for you guys. If I find anything more about her I'll post later

No. 379882

I applaud you anon, this is great

No. 380492

omg, i cant believe you found that senior year picture and can make out that girl is juliana. it looks nothing like her instagram face (surprise surpise)


No. 380655

File: 1503816743430.png (497.02 KB, 935x598, 157429082017.png)

She must be slipping with her photoshop because her latest photo she just looks greasy and fat. Like she looks so different in every single photo, wtf is she thinking.

No. 380678

File: 1503820386169.gif (90.09 KB, 400x409, IMG_3224.GIF)

You should see her "candids"

No. 380690

What the fuck? This bitch is so obviously over 20, what does she have to gain from claiming to be a sexy 14 year old? It makes no sense. Unless she's pandering to the pedo crowd but wouldn't they like a much more younger look instead of this 20+ thot going to the club style? Even the shock value reasoning doesn't make much sense for that reason. If she's trying to grab attention from actual 14-year olds, don't they usually admire people older than them? And if she actually became famous, her lies would be exposed in a millisecond. She literally has no logical reason to do this and it's fucking with my mind.

This whole thing just doesn't make sense.

No. 380756

partly for blatant attention, I feel like there's sort of been a trend of people pretending to be really young ever since the cash me outside girl (who was actually 14) had her moment last winter.

and I think partly bc it's easier to play your life off as cool and glamorous if you're pretending to be super young. if you're 20-25 you can't just have insta hoe makeup and bathroom selfies bc that's boring and lame, by that age for people to think your life is cool you have to have more expensive clothes, better style, and more lifestyle shit like travel and a nice car and whatever to appeal to that insta aesthetic. so if you're actually 20-25 and don't have the means to fake that lifestyle, just pretend to be 14 so no one expects you to have a range rover or take random trips to ibiza

No. 380760

And girls tend to get complimented more, if she said she was 20 people would pass her off as another fake ig thot

No. 380817

wow i hope theee aren't your standards for that age…

No. 380818

The real reason is due to the fact she can garner many followers this way. She got to 30 K so quickly, which would of been a hard feat if she didn't cater to underage crowd. her most liked post are literally having to do with her age . 12,000 likes on the Photoshopped ass one saying she's 14. And the senior spray one has 20K likes. That's a normal like range for someone who has 1 million followers. If you look through her Instagram all you see is product placement (sponsorship). That's why you always see her giving codes out and making insta photos with her promoting a product. Now an actual 14 year old with 30 K followers would not b able to do this but since she's a grown women she can apply To be a sponsor. She probably makes 200-1000 per photo which is a ridiculous payout but it is possible depending who she reaches out to. By the way now I know for sure why she acts like some weird spammer. She does it to keep up 30 K followers minimum to maximize her profits. This is why you see her do the follow me shit for a chance for me to shout you out, as well as comment your name without being interrupted and I'll shout you out.

No. 380850

no lol not at all, I just meant in terms of getting followers and fitting into that particular niche on insta

No. 381008


Shit, I want more money. I guess I'll be a teenager again on social media.
I don't know about 14 though, any recommendations?

No. 381134

i recommend u shut up

No. 381270

I'd say 18 but 18 yr olds are allowed to do most cool ~adult~ stuff so you wouldn't garner any attention being an 18 yr old IG thot, 17 is hitting it but you'd get a small amount of attention until you turn 18 and if you don't people start to catch on if you've been 17 for more than 2 yrs, 16 is a good age kinda but nowadays to most people 16 is the ancient age

sad today that girls have to get attention by pretending to be a little girl

No. 381684

She's not even cute with the photoshop im sorry to say…youd think she might slim down that jaw or something

No. 381689

this is basically really similar to the Megan Feather bullshit. ugly 20 year old who claims to be in high school and uses photoshop. now shes turned 16 no ones interested in her

No. 381707

File: 1503939163456.jpg (178.99 KB, 812x593, 1476721190877.jpg)

pretty much, the fact she could never stfu about being 13-15 it was kinda obvious she was lying about it, kinda sad people actually believe this shit

No. 381711

ive bumped the thread on her, shes got loads of new milky milk

No. 381733

what thread?

No. 381916

…the megan feather thread you newfag. if you dont know how to look through the catalog to find things then thats just sad.

No. 384167

File: 1504999463755.png (242.14 KB, 502x450, maquiagem-5-502x450.png)

do people really wear this much makeup in real life? her makeup must look like a sweaty grease blanket on her face, if I tried talking to her I wouldn't be able to focus on shit besides how cakey that shit is holy crap

No. 384236

i've seen one of those instathot's irl with their makeup, looks bad tbh.

No. 384249

File: 1505008624968.jpg (151.27 KB, 704x704, 1104529.jpg)

most IG thot trends look like shit in real life

the huge ass eyelashes, the heavy foundation, the intense contouring, fake ass hair with forced baby hairs,the overdone buttjob and 14 inch waist look
I don't believe for a second any girl looks like a fucking tumblr curvy goddess drawing naturally

No. 384252

File: 1505008814971.png (1.26 MB, 1136x700, what.png)

also didn't she claim to be asian once? she edited her pics so much she doesn't even look her race anymore

she looks like a 25 yr old ethnic studies major who works at CVS, I don't understand how anyone believes her for a second

No. 384292

i saw some fat mexican 15 year old wearing instaho makeup yesterday with terrible ass yellow highlighter that aged her like she just got murdered by the sun while i was working yesterday. fucking tragic looking at that shit in real life, especially on someone so young. she had a nasty attitude too and her and her friend didnt know how to order from the fucking shop (big surprise.)

No. 384303

File: 1505020316857.png (1.12 MB, 1122x760, 54.png)

god I can't stand people who are like that

also wtf is that shit around her lips? she either sucks on a bottle before taking pics or has a mustache

No. 384319

old but I feel like she self posted on whatever site you got this from and put the "wait what?" part at the bottom herself, she knows what she is doing

most men haven't found her attractive anyway, she was posted on /fit/ the other day and most of the guys there said shit like "I wouldn't touch her with a 10 foot pole 13 or not"

No. 384406

her lips look bruised around the edges and unnaturally lifted, especially the upper lip. she probably does suck from a bottle or used on of those candylipz plumper devices which is essentially the same thing. nice catch tho anon

lmao why was she posted to fit? mustve been someone from here or a lurker, i swear u guys.

No. 384415

no idea, the thread was about ~hot 13-15 yr olds! and the pic of her with glasses was posted, most guys said they find her unattractive as fuck 14 or not

No. 384620

Wait so the fact she sponsors companies is legit proof?
I realized she was not good at hiding her tracks but did she put any effort into seeming 14 besides just saying it?
I dont know whats sadder, a grown woman pretending to be 14 for attention or the people that believe it

No. 385555

File: 1505240958400.jpg (57.5 KB, 1378x432, koerfi0eti04.jpg)

did she delete or change her name or something?

No. 385557

File: 1505241338833.png (609.17 KB, 720x1021, Screenshot_2017-09-12-13-31-42…)

Youd think someone who pretends to be 14 would at least put effort into besides just saying theyre 14 and making posts about going to ~high school~

No. 385581

>nose piercing
>mature features
>large jowls
>"I'm 14!!!!"

No. 385879

No. 386000

File: 1505314699033.png (1.21 MB, 1172x736, 0-fi0ei9t3.png)

her nose contour looks like shit, her lip bruising still look like she sucks on some chinese knock off lip plumper before every pic and she can't even keep her face shape consistent with photoshop?

No. 386018

>You're 14?? I thought you were 18 like me

…Why are people this gullible??

No. 386276

people just up and believe without putting further research in, do they think 14 yr olds get shit tons of sponsorships, have only adult friends, and spend all their money on editing software, expensive sweatshop clothes, 500$ worth of makeup, etc? even the ~different~ rich spoilt teens I know don't do that shit

No. 386279

it's like the only time the "if she's 14 i'm 14" meme is truly appropriate

No. 386374

File: 1505364561652.jpg (1.23 MB, 1080x1080, 21569179.jpg)

Ok but how in the fucking world does this woman think she looks 14? Here she looks fucking 30 and made-over trying to look young.

No. 386397

no… no it's not.

imagine looking at this hideous caricature in real life. you know that instagram makeup and those contacts look monster-like.

No. 386408

What the fuck are those bangs? God sustain her if a gust a wind comes by and blows her whole damn scalp off.

No. 386410

She said it's her "baby hairs" but like, baby hairs don't look like that so idk

No. 388288

File: 1505676339083.png (1.05 MB, 1114x774, -seookpm.png)

"I look 14 without makeup!!!!"
she looks older than most college students without makeup

No. 388312

I think she looks young(er), but she also looks definetly ugly lol when your brows are thicker than your eyes

No. 388313

idk, she kinda reminds me of this 35 yr old I use to work with at a buffet

No. 390896

File: 1506061642914.png (1.24 MB, 1152x732, kek.png)

she's being lazy with the waist shoop now, also why the wig? you'd think someone who applies to sponsor for a wig company would at least know how to not make it look like someone who just got their 5 dollar aliexpress wig

No. 391480

I'm 12 and I have like only woo folowers and small brands try to offer me shit all the time to advertise i ask what she I have to be and they always say 16 (@eliiipeach)(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 393115

haha I'm thankful for this thread, I'd always see this girl in my IG explore page and her face irritated the fuck outta me and I ended up blocking her. I found it so offputting how she'd mention her age in every damn post. I hope she's publicly exposed soon, it'd be funny to see how she attempts to explain herself.

No. 393140

same, and some people called her out like old school friends and all she does is just say "haha it's not me guys I'm 14!!!! leave me alone"
she has no other defense, i smelled her BS the second she started making every post about how she was 14 or in high school

No. 393242

Why is she so obsessed with being a fake 14 year old? Does she have some kind of pedophile fetish? So she's baiting them with the whole "I'm still in hs" thing? She's pretty sick in the head.

No. 396081

omg she's just another dumb mixed asian/mexican girl, not even sorry. dime a dozen. she was ugly as fuck and some creepy white guy probably fetishized her with those pedo/racist lines of "asian women can't tell if they're 14 or 40 lololololol" it's stupid and cringey. she gets off on this much attention because she was such a fucking loser; this bitch is so pathetic she spends time photoshopping herself until she looks nothing like reality and actually makes her money from literal pedophiles. by doing this she's mitigating her dispiriting by actually promoting pedophilia. i didn't want to believe a woman would sink this fucking low but here this should-have-been-abortion is.

No. 417414

File: 1510083747589.png (1.55 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20171107-143702.png)

So obviously this girl is not in high school and hasn't been for a while, but she stages photos at a school with a backpack and bagged lunch shit (pic related and half her recent pics are also trying to look like they're at a school). It's fucking weird for a 20-something adult to spend an hour on makeup, pack a backpack and then go sit outside a high school doing a photoshoot. Like imagine a dude doing this. It's creepy as fuck and pretty embarrassing that that's her life as an actual adult.

No. 431775

I go to school with her, and I can prove she's 14 if you guys want me too. We all live in Greensboro North Carolina. She's a freshman. You can ask questions or I can get a picture of her on Monday. She actually is only a freshman.

No. 431852

then prove it or stop bsing about some photoshopped hoe

No. 431886

LOL I can tell this girl is going to end up exactly like that Instagram Mexican who fooled her followers into thinking she was a Russian model. Youtubers do this all the time when they want to do a "back to school" video. Even Pixyteri somehow let herself into an elementary school for sexualized loli photos. Juliana is even more disgusting, she must actually get off of pedophile attention

I can see why she would take a liking to lying that she's 14. She looks like she's the shortest one of that group of Asian girls in the senior photo. Also I hate when people lie about their plastic surgery and say that it's some blatant lie like "working out", it reminds me when Kylie Jenner tried to claim that her breasts got bigger because she was on her period~ it's like they think everyone is retarded.

No. 433472

where's the pic of her though?

No. 435392

File: 1512099828549.png (2.86 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2017-11-30-22-41-57…)

I forgot about the pic, she's dating my friend though and I can screenshot his Instagram. He's only 16 and there is pictures of him with her at the school. I see them walking around everywhere. I can see if I can get a pic of her but idk what kind of proof you guys need other than that.

No. 435396

Oh, also when our year book comes out I can easily just show you. >>431852
My bad about the response I'm on 4chan way more than this. Plus I don't see her everyday I'm a senior and she's a freshman so I barely see her, page has like 3k students.

No. 435400


Nah. This isn't even a good attempt at evidence. Stop posting and wasting your time, Juliana. You're only getting older!

No. 435421

where did her ass go kek

No. 435423

also not enough evidence, this just proves she's dating a high schoolers, not that she's a high schooler herself

I think you mean desirae kek

No. 435527

File: 1512115808708.gif (2.8 MB, 498x280, tenor.gif)


um they both look 25? whatever you say juliana >>431775 this anon comes, no evidence, just whiteknighting, no saging. thinks an instagram screenshot is "proof". it seriously has to be her, no joke

No. 435529


its crazy seeing the first pic of the collage where she's obviously 14 years old vs >>435392 this fake ass version of 14 years old. it looks like a ten year old difference, doesn't it, guys?

No. 436705

It's a Korean trend to have "see through bangs" very wispy/thin. I work at a hair salon in a town with a lot of Asian people that come in for these. Hers are just done terribly- almost like she did them herself.

No. 444093

why the fuck are you trying to pretend like you live in greensboro and go to school with her? all you did was steal information i already posted 3 months ago via her friend's facebook. her senior grad photo was also already found 3 months ago, numbnuts.

it's really fucking weird and borderline predatory that she's posing at walter page high school acting like she's one of the students. she shouldn't be allowed on campus. her whole shtick is sexualization of a "14 year old" girl and that's extremely uncanny. i absolutely do worry about the students with her fishy ass attention seeking behavior. if she's willing to go to extremes to pull off this internet persona, god knows what else she's willing to do while abusing her lies. she's a wolf in sheep's clothing.

i REALLY hope this isn't legit because this proves the entire post i just typed up before i saw this shit. what the fuck. he better be like 26 years old and just forced to act like he's a high schooler

No. 444143

I googled his name (insta handle) and found his fb page as well as some pages relevant to his sports. Pictures look like him, he graduates 2019 and FB said he started in 2015 making him 16-17.

No. 444218

File: 1513303378685.gif (492.64 KB, 500x260, 10969183261.gif)

Holy shit, anon. Confirmed for ephebophile. I wonder if he thinks she's 14 or if he's "cool" with it. This is no different than if a man in his 20s hung around at high schools getting 16 year olds' phone numbers and grooming them. I'm worried about his safety, he seems like a good kid.
>>385557 Judging by this photo with the white wine in hand, and all the fancy clubs she dresses up for to drink with friends, I'm going to say she's in her early 20s at the very least. She needs to seek help for her perverse behavior.

No. 444323

File: 1513311631985.jpg (54.18 KB, 992x558, ht_charity_johnson_6_wy_140515…)

this reminds me of a news story where a 34 year old woman pretended to be 14 and even convinced people at an orphanage to enroll her in highschool and there she got a teenage boyfriend. She went to high school for 7 months.

No. 444393

she looks like she smells like a yeast infection, hair gel, and poo breath, girls who look like that tend to always have poo breath for some reason

No. 444399

exactly, she's been posting pics of herself caked in makeup, in fancy clubs and malls and shit and in slutty outfits since she was "supposedly" 11 or 12, last time I checked even the chillest of chill parents aren't going to let their preteen daughter wear 200 dollars worth of IG baddie makeup, slutty clothes and go off to bars,clubs, malls, high end restaurants, and a lot of the time she's with people who, when you search them, they're 20+

even the chillest of parents are going to wonder wtf their daughter is doing, dressing like that, wear tons of makeup (also who wtf even buys her shit, assuming it's not knockoffs, why is she using daddys money to buy 300 dollar foundation) go to clubs with 20+ year olds, drink white wine while getting facial piercings at 12, 13 or 14, go to high end restaurants, and she is asian ffs, or at least claims to be, most asian families are strict af on their children, coming from an asian myself

the whole high school guy she's dating only proves she's dating a high schooler, now buying into your whole "she goes to my HS" bs, that just proves she's in high school, I knew 23 yr olds in high school for fucks sake, doesn't prove her age

No. 444405

File: 1513324252147.png (700.37 KB, 718x732, Screenshot_2017-12-15-01-46-05…)

She's been deleting lots of pics on IG. Most likely to either hide her tracks, when did she first say she was 14? Pretty sure she has been 14 for over a year by now

>desirae with her ever changing body

>believing she can photoshop herself like this and no one would see her stick figure irl
>not bothering to update her age since she wants to prove shes 14 so badly
>standing in front of "school" door thinking any school would allow a student to dress like this

No. 444411

Even if she actually was 14 (which we all know she isn't) and really did look like this, that'd be sad. That means that at 14, she has mature features that would only make her age worse and worse as time went on. Why any 14 year old would actually want to look like that is beyond me.

No. 444437

I love how there are never any other students in her high school photos. Or her with her fav teacher. Since its winter break so christmas parties would be happening. Thats how it was always done for me in middle/high school. And with the increasing social presence kids are taking photos of everything and teachers arent caring.

No. 444454


its such a pathetic thing to lie about too like? this bitch has been pretending to be 14 for almost a year? FOR WHAT? Like i know she's doing it for the attention but its still so much effort and constant lies. why the fuck does she care . have your viral tweet and move on with your life you crazy B

No. 444650


Dress code from her supposed high school and yet every single pic she's posted there shes broken several of the dress codes, hmm

No. 444652

Idk what state or country youre in but the age limit for being in high school in NC is 21. She definitely doesnt attend and her senior graduation picture was posted. She is a predator to the children actually attending. Her dating that juvenile boy is gross.

Juliana in a few years tbh

No. 444674

oh for sure. majority of american high schools still have no spaghetti straps as a rule for the girls along with the shorts/skirts/dresses should extend passed your fingertips. tight fitting clothes like that alone are a nono. these rules are especially prominent in colder and less trendy states such as north carolina where they still have more conservative values. she wouldnt be allowed to wear >>444405. Its like shes sheltered and doesnt have the common sense to think out these things beforehand. Posing in front of the school door with that skimpy dress is also weird and lame as fuck and i know any real 14 year old would think the same. Not to mention, other students would make negative comments all day whether the dress looks good or not because the dress is so out of place with the setting. A 14 year old would not want to be caught dead walking around in that shit at school all day. Imagine having to pull down your dress every two seconds and make sure your vag isnt peaking through when u get up and sit down to go to each class.

No. 444684

File: 1513366609873.png (751.76 KB, 720x959, Screenshot_2017-12-15-13-34-55…)

>drinking wine at a public event

Such a 14 yr old right here

No. 444707

>colder and less trendy states

kek anon thank you for this. altho NC isn't really that cold tbh but i went to HS in a neighboring state with similar values and anyone who wore spaghetti straps had to put on a hoodie or some gross shit from the lost & found bc shoulders are so ~distracting

the dress was supposedly from a school dance so the dress code would be more relaxed but whatever this in no way suggests this obvious adult is fourteen

No. 444716

samefag sorry hit post too soon but

all her posts make it so blatant she's not an actual HSer. her whole account is either photoshoots in obvious school locations with carefully planted backpacks etc, but she's in the same outfit often–she takes a bunch of pics at once (probably on a weekend or holiday so she doesn't get kicked off campus by security) and posts them spread out hoping people won't notice it was all the same shoot. and as other anons have said there are never any other "students" in her pics and she's never actually engaging in school activities like a dance, goofing off in the hall, doing themed homecoming week outfits, at a game, etc.

normal teenagers post their friends all the fucking time both bc it's just what you do and also to show popularity. she never poses with or @s anyone who is a legit confirmed high schooler.

and then she has pics like this one where she's in adult settings drinking adult drinks (as in not just alcohol but not the shit teenagers drink. it's always wine at a nicer venue or home alone, never shitty beer or wine coolers or mike's or w/e, never a house party, never solo cups, never with friends her "age").

it's such an awkward "hello fellow teens" style of posting. like she's drew barrymore in never been kissed or some shit, attempting to go undercover by doing "normal" "teen" things when normal teens don't need to show off their schools and don't think it's cool to be at boring adult dinners calmly drinking one glass of pinot grigio

sorry for overly spergy finals week rant

No. 444800

>im 14 gaiz
>but also heres me ordering and drinking wine at a public event in front of everybody
>what is carding and laws
She is truly retarded.

No. 444804

>supposedly from a school dance
In the middle of october? What an odd time. I just checked the walter page event schedule calendar too and no dance was listed happening during any of the month of october.

No. 444810

maybe she's an undercover cop

No. 444825

she's an undercover pedophile and this thread is juicy af. too bad she doesn't post much and is mostly only active on instagram.

No. 444843

It's unbelievable to me how many women in their 20's are having now "mid-life" crisis at such young age, just imagine when they're like forty something LOL it's kinda sad tho

No. 449166

October is a normal month for homecoming and she did put "hoco 2017" or something in the caption

Not that she's a high schooler tho obvi

No. 449473

She should at least try to make it believable though, where are the other students? And SC has strict ass dresscodes, even for dances

No. 495931

File: 1517977477340.png (977.49 KB, 1138x680, hmm.png)

this looks a work breakroom, but she's 14 though right guys?

No. 496119

That hair is absolutely disgusting oh my god what

No. 496132

she's asian but tries to be black
forced baby hairs look like shit on non-black folks

No. 496133

I just wonder how long she's going to play this shit up for. For the next three or so years, is she really going to keep up the charade and pretend she's 14? Or will the novelty wear off once she "turns" 16? She can't pretend to be young forever.

No. 496142

>Or will the novelty wear off once she "turns" 16?

most likely, like the makeup guru who was pretending to be 14, lost attention at 15, and people completely stopped giving a fuck at 16
she's obsessed with her age, every other post has to mention ~I'm underaggeee~, literally the only thing in her bio is her age, one post will be "going to high school guise" next post will be in a club, drinking wine or whatever

No. 496215

It would be funny if she just "stayed" 14 for another year or something. Or better yet, tried to pass herself off as younger

No. 553061

File: 1523494784298.jpeg (61.27 KB, 350x1011, 9F96B4B0-2DB6-4081-9AD3-5393B4…)

In her live today, she says she’s 14 in freshman year

No. 553069

She looks busted as fuck like she just walked out the crackhouse

Also isn't she supposedly asian? Does she not know what most asian parents are like and will never in a million years allow their child to be this way?

No. 553139

On her IG post she's claiming her bday is next month now, lol.

No. 553197

hasn’t she been 14 for over a year already?

No. 553274

>grown ass 18+ woman
>telling people she's 14 while posing like a thot in skintight clothes and heavy makeup

I hope she gets doxxed by a closet pedo.

No. 553580

File: 1523557064039.jpeg (278.71 KB, 1242x1996, BDC746E8-78B1-4BF9-BA71-14D7DF…)

So on her live yesterday (4/11/17) a girl asked if she was Vietnamese but she denied it. So I decided to investigate and came across this…

No. 553784

File: 1523571595600.jpg (73.94 KB, 730x614, aussiehunter-full-moon.jpg)

This is all I see

No. 553821

File: 1523573149618.png (2.3 MB, 1188x1143, Screen Shot 2018-04-12 at 23.4…)

This bitch has changed races like 3 times since she started posting, she's trying to pose herself as latina now. Not a good example but she's changed her shoop again.

No. 554291

I'm calling it now, this bitch was in LD classes.

No. 555735

File: 1523743857032.jpeg (52.34 KB, 447x599, 4B29691C-DDB4-4D56-BA5C-AD197F…)

I took many screenshots to get a good one of her, but her face remain the same. She’s just so caked. She also said she isn’t Vietnamese. She says she’s a montangyard… but isn’t that basically Vietnamese? She tries so hard to be a special snowflake.

No. 555737

Bottom right photo, that fucked up door behind her. Looks like she’s improved her photoshopping.

No. 555798

File: 1523748695193.jpg (22.32 KB, 640x360, 1453953859950_640.jpg)

Vietnamese or some kind of SE asian? I definitely see it.

This picture she reminds me of viet singer Tóc Tiên (pic related)

No. 555817

Shes viet for sure, but her being viet would only disprove her claims of being 14, if any fellow viets now how viet parents can be, not to mention conservative as well, my mom would never in a million years allow me to blow money on wigs, skin care, makeup and slutty clothing especially at 14, and if that wasn't enough shes always out drinking champagne, at expensive resturants and shopping and clubbing like what the fuck
Can't wait, its always fun to watch girls who built themselves as a novelty for their age (or in julianas case fake age) wear off and watch the world stop caring

No. 556198

bitch it's 2018.

but yeah, she claimed to be 14 before, now she's 13. a regular benjamin button

No. 556572

Are there anymore photos of her clubbing? I can’t find any

No. 556585

File: 1523832117670.jpeg (187.82 KB, 750x984, 0A256FF8-D90F-4800-AEB0-881B51…)

This was posted in 2015. I feel she may have been 15 or 16 in this photo. Since it’s 2018, it’ll make sense she should be an adult now.
>>379867 the person outlined in the redbox does not match any older photos of Juliana… are you sure that is her? Was this a middle school photo?

No. 556587

File: 1523832284278.jpeg (19.63 KB, 744x154, 3700973C-02D0-49DD-8269-09F13E…)

She use to go by Lilly Armah

No. 556663

she's been changing her name every step of the way, her first one was desirae oates I believe
if she was 15 or 16 in this she would be 18 or 19 now, which I still find hard to believe, not so much because of how she looks but her lifestyle as well as always being around 20s folks
maybe she was 18 in it?
theyre all over the thread she deletes pics all the time for some reason

No. 557623

File: 1523937611762.png (670.79 KB, 720x867, Screenshot_2018-04-16-22-57-25…)

Her eyes have been looking extra busted lately, like shes been doing meth or some shit, just something about her face has been looking so off and different, is it cool to look like a heroin addict now?

No. 557651

so many instahoes are fucked up on opiates or benzos most of the time

No. 557652

i personally think it looks like she put brown eyeshadow around her eyes to try to give off that “heroin chic” vibe since pretty sure if she did have those dark circles her cakey makeup would have hid them

No. 557656

laughing so hard at that nose highlighter. it looks so fucking thick like i bet this bitch leaves brown stains wherever she goes.

No. 557672

There's no need to even wonder if she's lying anymore. Anon up the thread proved her real name is Desirae and she graduated a few years ago.

No. 557680

you know what, on second viewing it looks like she applied bronzer to the entire top of her “T zone” cutting off right around those god awful halo brows- essentially the shape of an “eyemask” save for that little sliver of highlight on her nose

No. 557830

I can only imagine how bad it must look irl, especially the acne + heavy 3 inch thick makeup combo, especially with the highlighter.. Ugh

No. 559155

"I'm not Vietnamese, I'm from the Central Highlands of Vietnam! I'm so different and special!"

No. 564825

Her birthday is apparantly in a few days
I wonder what happens when her fake age eventually grows out, its not like she can pretend to be younger because thats just exposing herself

No. 591714

she's 15 now looking as busted as ever

No. 596555

I think she probably got abused at age 14 by a creep who preyed on her and is trying to "relive" and recreate the general experience publicly to deal with the trauma.

Also to get attention.

But mostly to attract certain types of guys.

No. 596563

Lmao where did you get that assumption? Not everything is about trauma and abuse. She's genuinely just doing it for pure attention and that's pretty obvious.

No. 596586

I've followed her for years, and have been analysing

Who exactly do you think she's getting attention from? What kind of men?

No. 600208

a bit of a stretch but you're onto something
it definitely makes sense why she's been putting extreme amount of efforts into being "14" but not acting like a typical 14 yr old

No. 600317


it's not that deep, >>596563 is right. she's literally just doing it for attention and efame and it's working, she has tons of followers she definitely wouldn't have if she used her real name. not everything is an episode of criminal minds

No. 600321

real age*

No. 713186

Im not a fan of her and I came on here looking for answers too cause it's obvious that she does some photoshopping but holy fuck after reading this thread I've concluded that all of you are miserable jealous pathetic fucks! Lmfao. She's been on Live before and she looks like how she does in photo so her face isnt a problem although she's never shown her body live but jesus who really gives a fuck. She's not harming anyone else all she's tryna do is get some bread. Ya'll sound like some ugly pathetic losers that TRIED to be a soial media presence but failed so now you hate on every girl on instagram who looks good lmao. Do you people actually read what you write? Do you think you're any better by being a shitty person on here to someone who doesnt even know you EXIST lmfao?? Ya'll sound exactly like those "Beauty guru drama Youtubers" that looooove exposing everyone and finding drama about anyone that's successful on youtube because they failed to be a beauty guru so they spend all their time being miserable and jealous as fuck lmfao. I came on here thinking I'd side with you people lmaoo holy fuck I've never seen a thread as fucking sad and jealous as this one. Ya'll do WAAAAY too fucking much and for what?? Are ya'll gonna even ACTUALLY expose her? Or you just wanna let your jealousy and anger out on this pathetic thread? Ya'll seem like yall on here to this thread to COPE with that fact that ya'll ugly and jealous af and she's actually pretty cute. Is this your coping mechanism? LMFAO. There's a line between "Exposing this fake ass" and "I'm jealous, miserable, and insecure so I will say WHATEVER to make myself feel better about the fact that I can't have her looks." Ya'll sound like some thin lip skinny bitches that don't meet the standards that social media has so you hate and be miserable as fuck.

So someone comes on here to show you "proof" that she is actually the age she says she is and ya'll dont care to even debate LMAO yall just only want to hear your side so I bet anyone who tries to prove her age, yall wont even listen cause you too fucking jealous and mad to accept the idea that this girl is actually 15 and looks good. I hope you all realize that maybe you're miserable cause you're ugly as fuck on the inside and not because you're actually ugly. This is LITERALLY "UGLY BEHAVIOR" and that shit SHOWS so watch what you say cause its says more about yourself.

Yeah I get this girl is annoying and irritating about her age and yeah her makeup be fucked up sometimes but what yall say is way beyond. You will point any flaw about her just to make yourself feel better, pathetic. Im not even white-knighting this chick, Im a girl and I dont know her in rl, I only see her ig posts and researched her cause her photos do seem off and I found this patethic ass thread that didn't prove SHIT lmao.

Some ugly fuck on this thread sounded HAPPY AF when they saw that the "fit" page said "they wouldnt touch her with a 10ft pole" I bet that shit made you insecure ass bitches soo relieved lmao. Ya'll crave male's attention but ya'll must be ugly and awkward af so you get none thus you get jealous as fuck when you reading her comments and all these cute guys commenting on them, ya'll must get heated huh? Yall sound mad and jealous as shit that she's getting all this attention and you're a nobody AND you have an ugly ass behavior.

That picture of that chick with the wine glass and baked undereyes, thats not even her LMFAO, some of the shit ya'll posting "CLAIMING" to be her, AINT EVEN HER. Like the "mirrored pic" literally the chick in the back is a WHOLE different girl with a WHOLE different dress on lmfao but nah ya'll don't wanna believe that cause you feel better by thinking she's a "fake pedo sick-minded insta-thot" lmfao sad. so sad. I feel terribly sorry for you all. Find your inner-glow and stop being miserable and ugly that shit aint cute.

Ya'll LOVE to assume that "NO ASIAN PARENT WOULD BLAHBLAHBLAH" not every parent is broke, lame, and strict, sorry thats your life, don't impliment it on everyone elses life. That picture of her sitting down with a glass of wine, she's at a wedding so they'll have glasses at every table and Im sure her family treats her like an adut because she looks and "acts" like one. NEWSFLASH some parent raise their children their children differently holy fuck what a unbelievable fucking statement.

Your personal experience is not fucking "proof". If you're gonna expose her please fucking back it up with facts and not jealous insults.

No. 713191

No one even talked about you for months Juliana. Did you google yourself and come across this? Lmao so see a head doctor for that intense self loathing sis

No. 713195

omg..is that a thin-lipped skinny bitch i hear? its been 4 months and your desperate worried-ass is STILL on this thread? LMFAOAOOAOAOAOOAO SAD, absolutely sad. You really cant accept the fact that this isnt juliana huh? You wiiiiish she knew this thread existed lmao you really think..LMAO. Go see a therapist for the jealous self-loathing shit you are. sorry you are ugly and jealous of her, glow-up sis. You really this worried about someone else, get help please. We dont need people like you, get HELP.

No. 713197

and do something about it bitch. You people hate her SOO much, DO SOMETHING! scared ass. expose her, do something rather than insult her and make a whole thread about her. All bark no bite. pathetic and sad.

No. 713198

Thanks for the new milk, Juliana. This thread has extensively exposed your fraudulence, but your 10 paragraph long meltdown is truly the cherry on top.

No. 713202

DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT! scared ass pathetic bitches. expose her then. make it go viral! Do it! Do something! yall want the world to know so bad, whats the point of yall doing all this if it aint going nowhere? Screenshot this and expose her? Do something with your miserable lives. post it on instagram or something and how about you guys actually @ her? Instead of making a long ass thread about her just to get the pain off your chests lmao ugly asses. e x p o s e h e r! since yall know so much. pussies.

No. 713204

This thread was dead girl, you could have left it alone.

No. 713205

yall spend your whole lives on the internet, surely you losers know how to bring attention to a thread or a topic such as this, so do it. Expose her. Make your fake instagram accounts and expose her, ya'll worry this much right? Do it pussies or stfu and go back to your miserable lonely lives.

No. 713208

still waiting on one of you pathetic ass bitches to expose her? Like what yall doing? Talking mad shit but cant do anything lmfao. J U S T . E X P O S E. H E R. A L R E A D Y.

No. 713217

Read the thread

No. 713220

Yeah I read all of that shit. Even so, do something about it. Just as I thought. Y’all won’t do shit because you don’t want her to “stop” because it’s “manipulating and fake” y’all just started this thread because you’re jealous and hate her because she gets more attention than you’ll ever receive in your whole life time. You are sad lonely insecure teenagers who feel good by talking
Shit on a thread, Trying to perceive her as this “sick fake sad insecure hoe” so other people won’t like her too. Boo hoo. But you won’t fucking do shit about it which is the LEAST you could do, you don’t even have to show your ugly faces, just make a fake account and expose her but no you won’t cause you’re a pathetic pussy and you can’t control her so you try to control how others see her, truly fucking sad. Only thing that would give this thread a fucking reason or worth is to actually use it to expose her, but nope this will be a useless worthless thread that goes no where because it’s filled with miserable pathetic pussies.

No. 713223

juliana you only want to be 'exposed' bc ur popularity for being a fake 14 yr old is waning so you think it'll get you talked about again

no publicity is bad publicity right

No. 713228

Calm your autism, nobody here wants to expose you or engage in your dumbass instagram drama. This thread only existed to have a laugh at you, then it died and everybody forgot.
And now you come here and revive it, bringing it back to the frontpage again, congratulations idiot.

No. 713229

It’s actually terrifying and sad that y’all actually think I’m Juliana. I’d rather be her than be any one of you ugly hating ass losers. Let me know when you hideous pathetic pussies have actually done something useful with this thread and expose her. I’m ready for tea so fucking expose her or stfu and go back to your pointless lives.

No. 713230

Just make the exposé yourself, Juliana. All the material you need is right here in this thread.

No. 713232

Wait. Was this the purpose of this thread?? Y’all are actually waiting for the day that she’ll see this so as soon as anyone comes on here disagreeing and calling you all out y’all assume it’s her?? NOW THATS ANOTHER LEVEL OF SAD LMAOAOAOAOAOAOA OH MY GOD!! I’ve never met a thread community filled with people this fucking retarded and pathetic lmaooooooo holy fuck. This shit is more pathetic than an incel website. I’m HOLLERING

No. 713235

these posts are the first piece of evidence ive ever seen that made me believe she's actually only 15

No. 713237

File: 1539612480806.jpg (22.06 KB, 450x320, funny-movie-portrait-of-a-pret…)

No. 713239

Yes! Okay I’m juliana!! Expose me! Expose me! You are all ugly as shit. I’m cute and thicc and I know I am! I get all the attentions and hella boys like me but not you boohoo. Im cute, I make my own money, I’m artistic, I’m thicc, I have an hour glass body, it’s genetics! Sorry that I’m finer than you at age 14 than you’ll ever be in your whole life even if you tried! No I won’t expose myself because people wouldn’t see me as a good person! :((( boo hoo. But in the end I can still take your man if you even have or could ever even attract ONE lmao. I’m hot and cute and everyone else who isn’t miserable and ugly agrees sorry but it’s the harsh harsh reality and the absolute truth, boo hoo I’m hot you’re not. Cry about it. I live a better life and I pay for my own shit. I’m Juliana. I’m julianarmah, is this what you wanted to hear?

No. 713242

My life is so good that it has all of you wrapped up in it even though… YOU ALL HATE ME, LMFAO. Go stalk on my Instagram and try to find every flaw and cry at night because you’re ugly and your body is horrid, I literally CANT RELATE! You can say all this shit about me but at the end of the day I KNOW I’m fine as hell and everyone else knows it too, except for you ugly jealous warts. It’s always the ugly ass people that hate me and are jealous of me. I can twerk and show my slim thicc body because it’s mine boo, and I look fucking good as shit! You can watch and judge like a sad insecure bitch you are! Keep keeping up with my life! <3

No. 713243

what are you not grasping? this thread was dead until you decided to sperg out and revive it in a futile attempt to bait someone into making an expose page of you.

no one here cares that much, girl. you should’ve spared yourself the embarrassment and just done one of yourself or submitted yourself to celebfakes (or someone else) if you were that desperate for clout.

No. 713244

lel she wishes
unfortunately she's just a mental midget stuck in a 24 year olds body

No. 713247

File: 1539613307918.gif (754.72 KB, 420x314, lmao.gif)

No. 713249

Exactly. Y’all think y’all smart. I’m not Juliana, fucking retards. Maybe that’s what you wanted to hear tho, you I am Juliana but nope I’m just a person who’s not a hating ass bitch. If I was Juliana why would I bother coming onto this dead ass thread and revive it?? Lmfao. Y’all literally wishing she’ll ever see this shit. Y’all all talk, but won’t do shit. How is it possible to be a fucking scared pussy ass bitch ONLINE? Lmfao. All I’m saying is expose her or shut the fuck up cause it only makes y’all look miserable and fking jealous, which is probably, you all are fucking jealous.

No. 713250

Imagine being in your 20s and pretending to attend high school and dating an actual high schooler. Fucking digusting paedophile.

No. 713253

> implying anyone but you would lose their shit this much
we just want to laugh at you, you z-list instathot. thats literally it.

now do yourself a favor and leave.

No. 713254

Imagine being so sick-minded you made up that story in your own head so you can feel some type of relief. Lmao. Imagine making up shit and having ZERO proof of anything about a person. Imagine being so fucking ugly that you become THIS insecure. Imagine forcing a “pedophile” agenda onto someone in hopes of making them look bad. Imagine being as ugly as you are. Just imagine your life and interest revolved around someone you don’t even like. Lmao cant relate.

No. 713255

Imagine pretending to be a higschooler so people will like you on the internet

No. 713259

Imagine thinking Juliana would actually be this dumb to actually come onto this thread to expose herself. Lmfao. She smart enough to make money with what Mother Nature gave her, she’s not dumb enough to come on this pathetic shit. She has better shit to do.

No. 713260

Imagine actually being a high schooler but ugly ass jealous ass deformed ass bitches don’t believe you cause you’re soo fucking fine. Oops y’all ugly asses can’t relate.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 713261

Fine then. If you’re not Juliana that means you’re her stan who has nothing better to do than shit your pants over her having a thread on lolcow. Which night be even funnier.

No. 713262

Shouldn't you be at school?

No. 713263

File: 1539614146596.gif (529.05 KB, 400x250, 64565363.gif)

No. 713265

I didn't know that you or this thread existed until you bumped it, thanks for entertaining me while I was taking a dump tho

No. 713284

I was wondering what could have bumped this dead thread and I am so glad I checked lmao this is amazing

No. 713288

Speaking of coping mechanisms, how is sounding like you're having a stroke with all the lmao every sentence working out for you? You should use it even more, it makes you sound really carefree and unbothered.

No. 713291

File: 1539617139978.gif (3.71 MB, 420x236, tenor.gif)

Same. This is the best milk we've had since Dasha


No. 713293

File: 1539617192412.png (828.98 KB, 968x652, im26.png)

That literally is a work break room and a really nice one too, probably at a little office job. I have that exact same type of camera plastered around my work building too including the break room.

Also look who's tacky ass is FINALLY 15 and posting with balloons of her "age". 15 y/os wouldn't pose with balloons of their age like this no matter what era, it's incredibly lame. And you guessed it, all the comments are screeching "OMG youre 15?????"

No. 713296

File: 1539617744908.jpg (56.22 KB, 564x683, 16e2045e43d1fb34196bf41a672d55…)

Not WKing but the age balloons are super popular and trendy right now just search birthday balloons on pinterest

No. 713297


Damn the namefag is having an honest to god breakdown over this

If it really is the cow, whatever her name is idc, she's like about to kill herself jfc

>Tfw Repressed asian rage

No. 713301

i love it when snows come to they own thread lol
stop googling yourself and like get a hobby babe

No. 713304

Yeah, maybe nicer ones like the one you posted. Juliana literally went to the dollar store and picked up a 1 and a 5 and held them together, not to mention people who do this sort of trend are doing it for the camera and uploading it online.
I have family members in their teens and I know none of them give two shits about bday balloons and family would rather spend money on a good time or great gifts for them. Maybe your area is different but I haven't seen this trend among teens/family in mine because it's kind of goofy.

No. 713312

finally 15 after what, 5 years of being 14? and looking like a busted 30

No. 713327

she was claiming to be 13 in 2015 so yep finally turned 15 on may 2018 lmao

No. 713359

File: 1539622082314.jpg (1.73 MB, 2560x1920, 18-10-15-11-44-51-795_deco.jpg)

No one wants to call out Juliana because then there won't be any more milk lol I love the steamy milk, Juls. Can't wait for the day you to get registered as a sex offender and your career will be over since you can't be near any schools.
I don't think I saw anybody mention her poorly shooped tattoos. The second one she tried drawing on herself.

No. 713360

File: 1539622328086.png (2.28 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2018-10-15-11-50-24…)

Also wtf is up with the nail school shit? Juliana just outed herself as being a high school graduate. You need to be at least 16 with a GED or a diploma to attend a cosmetology school.

No. 713384

File: 1539623340656.jpg (266.78 KB, 960x720, 18-10-15-12-08-23-120_deco.jpg)

Here she is at NC Nails Academy II. She's always wearing that black band on her right wrist so it's definitely her.

No. 713399

It's not a formal beauty school, though. It's a class you pay 200 bucks for and finish in a couple of weeks. Check out their facebook page.

No. 713417

File: 1539627018925.jpg (371.48 KB, 1125x1366, IMG_4389.jpg)

every girl in my sorority does this shit, it's a rich white girl thing and all over instagram. i'm a college student and live in an affluent area. if you look at the #16 hashtag on instagram there are legitimately thousands of posts of girls doing the exact same thing. are you really nitpicking balloons lol there are so many more things to rag on her for

No. 713435

I just looked at the page and it seems like they took a NIC cosmetology exam? you have to be 16 and have diploma/GED to get licensed I think

No. 713445

File: 1539628894967.jpeg (91.16 KB, 750x795, 5B0B5ED7-7146-4258-9871-69F465…)

sooo fine!1!

No. 713484

I found her locked account and her boyfriend's other account

No. 713490

Imagine being such a teenage beauty queen sensation but has no pictures with high school friends. Like how easy is it to prove you’re 15-16?? And instead of going to school, she has to go to some shoddy nail school that essentially sells the license to you (so many (asian) cosmetologists do this).
I’m calling it now she’s gonna be crying about lolcow herself since literally no one wants to touch the poop lmao prepare for newfags

No. 713531

anon, no one cares that you just turned 18 and had balloons for your party. not every place is upper middle class usa and you should be embarrassed celebrating like an 8 year old. get over it…


these pictures are disgusting knowing her real age. she looks so much older than him too

No. 713576

I’m a bit disturbed, I actually went to this school and so does my younger brother. He’s seen the guy before and claims he’s a junior. I’d ask him for a picture of his yearbook (to confirm if she goes there) but if she’s a freshman she wouldn’t be on there I guess. She does look a bit familiar to a senior I knew but she would be 21-23 now. Her name was Ayun though so it doesn’t match unless she really does lie about her first name. It had pretty lax security at that school, so an adult could easily slip in with a backpack when school’s over to take a picture. Really hope this isn’t the case and she’s in the yearbook by the end of the School year.

No. 714046

Anon, show some respect. Rich white girls at fancy colleges are known to be the pinnacle of taste and class. We should be envious and looking for walmart ways to emulate them.

No. 715788

I been lookin thru these comments and ima just say.. these funny af cuz ya be talking about a girl ya see on Instagram and not in real life and be making things up, how would you guys know if she 15 or not? Looks can be deceiving. You guys are just trying to make yourself feel better by pointing out ONE LITTLE FLAW you guys see and make a big deal out of it and saying OmG SeE sHe DonT Look 15 iM GueSsinG she Is 30 wHat A Fake HoE. Sis. No. Just cuz she look cute and mature don’t mean she pretending to be young. And as a Montagnard I can confirm montagnard is asian but not vietnamese now go do your research befo bashing this girl yeen never seen before in yo life and claiming that she’s lyin bout her race and ethnicity; cuz ya look mad dumb asf

No. 715813

me rikey high schoo rong time

No. 715827

Girl you're only 15, leave this site

No. 715879

>as a retard, I can confirm she is retarded

fixed that for you, Jul- uhm, I mean, random fangirl.

Also, protip: saying "ya look mad dumb asf" isn't going to hurt anyone's feelings, but it does make you sound legit special needs.

No. 715889

seems like this thread was linked somewhere,
to all the newfags - no one cares about your opinion, don't post it, go away and thank you.

No. 715916

Dayum ya answer fast. Y’all really don’t have nun else to do
And ima post my opinion you don’t have to read it if u don’t want to(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 715919

Lmfao no one cares about you, you're the one who keep bumping the thread so it goes to the front page when you post without saging. Keep going though, I love watching a trainwreck

No. 716002

File: 1539873301078.jpg (30.11 KB, 403x600, cf999773d81a95918793678d93c840…)

I know the white knight (aka Julianaanaana) is trying to type in ebonics or some shit but I can't help but picture a hick instead when I read her """words""" & """sentences""" in my head. Pic very related. Can't unsee

No. 717888

Why wouldnt she be on the yearbook because shes a freshman? That makes no sense. Also this bitch posted herself drinking wine at public events, going to fancy clubs with adults, all multiple times, AND posted her work break area. Shes not 14 or 15 and she's damn bad at hiding her real age bc shes a brain dead attention whore.

No. 789009

Hey how is everyones day?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 841705

A very hilarious thread of out of touch people. I can agree she photoshops her pictures but your other speculations are so out of hand and disastrous. The ideology is guilty until proven innocent and then when someone tries to defend one detail of her, they're either her, a fake, a fan, or anything else to denounce their credibility, but what's your credibility?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 841711

God, I LOVE it when cows are so self-obsessed they bump their own completely dead threads just to whine about how they're not cows. It's my favorite thing. Literally no one had talked about you in 9 months. You just moved this thread to the front page of the website for everyone to see, you absolute buffoon.

No. 841719

no1 curr
stop necroing dead threads about yourself
the milk is dry

No. 841720

Get out of here newfag
And for the "credibility" read the fucking thread
Gosh it's the lolcow version of "lalala I can't hear you" childish asf smh

No. 841721

is she still 14?

No. 841740

File: 1563742891521.png (600.88 KB, 805x590, MDxVYSysr.png)

she's growed up all the way to 16 now

it's more like running into a group of people discussing other things and screaming "LALALA I can't hear you talking about me!". Like, bitch we weren't talking about you, but now we are.

No. 843593

File: 1564001679953.png (6.62 MB, 1400x2346, school.png)

Since this cow necro'd her own thread, it made me interested again. Pics of her "in highschool" aka AT a highschool, with no other students or human beings around, wearing clothes that would not pass any high school's acceptable dress code, making sure her backpack is as as conspicuous as humanly possible.

No. 843599

File: 1564002363172.png (3.4 MB, 1538x1173, school2.png)

The guy she's dating seems to have legitimately just graduated from high school (hence blocking of the face, not sure of age?). He has multiple pics of himself in legitimate high-school related activities, and I would even believe that she did just go to a highschool prom (or at least they posed for it, I doubt a dress cut all the way up to the crotch would be allowed).

But most of the pics of them together "in highschool" are similarly a completely empty backdrop. The only one where there appears to be other people/students(?) around (top right) she's wearing the least "high school dress code passing" outfit of them all, and is carrying a purse and not her "LOOK AT MY BACKPACK" backpack. She must know better than to wear a backpack to a high school when ACTUAL students are there. And anyone can walk up to the parking lot/pick up area after school's out, especially if she's picking her bf up from school.

No. 988589

she has two grwm/vlogs of her at school and in each of them you can here somebody call her name ¨Juliana¨ and in her grwm for her date ate the end of the video you can see her real body so the only thing she might be guilty of is photoshop

No. 988600

File: 1592433166746.png (663.2 KB, 909x512, Screenshot 2020-06-17 at 6.20.…)

she appears to be thicker than me but for some reason when I sit in that position my legs are wayyy more wider

No. 988604

just look at her photos tho its like her body changes she goes from big hip to bigger hips to smaller hips to bigger

No. 988612

File: 1592434249616.jpg (150.77 KB, 720x720, 26371154_163535557601902_46352…)

this was posted Janurary of 2018 if you look at post on her page around that time her body looks so much more different your body cant change like that within a couple of months unless you get sugery but what parent would let there ¨15¨ year old get butt and hip implants(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 988626

No. 988630

she definitely looks young before all the makeup. Kids these days have access to so much we didnt. its like they just get to skip the blue eyeshadow, orange face and white neck, raccoon eyeliner stages

No. 988760


Pity those of us who lived before makeup tutorials on YouTube but also lived with single fathers….

No. 990950

No. 1351500

Anyone still up with this thread, lol, i just came across her youtube video and i was like, god damnnn this girl has a bodyyy. And i also saw the comment people said she was all natural and she is genetically blessed with all the curves. But then when i saw video of her with her bestie, they havd the freaking same body, the ig baddie type of body. Then i knowwww, lol i googled her name and shit, it led to nothing, until i found this thread, it’s mind blowing to me lol. She little deleted my comment everytime i exposed her pedophile ass under her video. I mean i have nothing against her whole transformation but lying and play dumb like this really bother me. As a girl who work my ass off in the gym, while this bitch is lying and being a predator don’t sit right with me ‍♀️(necro)

No. 1351503

Like sheeshhhh, all the girls wanting to be her and being so damnnn insecure when her fake ass still claiming she’s real. Real my ass, when will them bitches stop lyinggg, smh

No. 1351730

If you’re jealous of her body just say that lmao. Her body is natural she’s been built like that since middle school??(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1351856

No. 1351921

Jealous ??! Lmaoooooo, you go all the way to find this page just to say she’s real ??! You good, Juliana ?? Lol. At first i thought it was real too and everyone so brainwashed saying it is her genetic or some shits. Till you saw her friend, her genetic must running wild for them girls to catch like disease, lol. Homegirls paid to get the same body, boo. Stop being so naive. Have you ever seen them thick latina or black women, they are so damn beautiful not like this biotch. If you wonder what a thick asian look like, check out Sarah Megusara . I don’t hate on plastic surgery, but this girl has problem going around saying she is natural. Do you see young girls on her comment section say they would kill to have her body ??! Also she lied about her age, sneaking to highschool for some pics, how desperate. Excuse me for my language, but nowadays you buy a bbl like grocery, unless you’re dumb not knowing what a real body looking like anymore.‍♀️ Plastic surgery isn’t bad, lying and leading people on also changing your whole damn race for likes and comments is bad(emoji)

No. 1351928

Posts like these and >>1351921 are GenZ's version of a blue eyeshadow phase. The cringe is out for everyone to see and it's there forever though. I can't imagine how much of a tard the generation before would have acted like online at their age with the same internet culture, but if the samefags are any indicator then we fuckin dodged a bullet ladies.

No. 1351992

Every generation has tard, as you call us and sure this generation is more exposed to the whole internet thing so we are more brutal when it comes to stuffs online. I don’t try to take anyone down, just simply someone who watched her videos and got so confused, that’s when i went down a rabbit hole myself. There are multiple beautiful women on the internet that being truthful and honest, why does she has to lie about everything for clout. Just like i bought a bad product from the internet despite how good the marketing was, i have to inform everyone not to make the same mistake to buy, bring awareness there. Tired of IG baddie, i’m just being honest, she’s a lyah and you know it,not sure what you’re trying to prove me but she is still scamming people by making people believe she is real. Youtube, IG pay her to be a model so yeah, i’m here for it. The whole fashionNova is dedicated for her body, young girl buying it just to hope it comes with a body…

Stop praising wisdom tooth body, it really damage young girl into believe, if they don’t look certain way, they aren’t attractive in the eyes of society. Look at Malu Trevejo, she rushed herself into getting bbl the moment she turned 18 and got mental breakdown everytime she goes live,…i just hope someone could at least be more honest in their journey, cause as human, i’m confused. Whether you’re blessed with genetics or you work hard to get to where you are, she’s none of that. So idc what you bring to the table, she is a liar to me

No. 1352005

You are embarrassingly illiterate.

No. 1352048

>this generation is more exposed to the whole internet thing so we are more brutal when it comes to stuffs online.
Bitch you are dumb as fuck please learn to type 1 single coherent thought.

No. 1352052

ooga wooga(autism)

No. 1353152

unshooped pics of her have been getting released since "middle school". If you truly believe ig models dont photoshop idk what to tell you

No. 1354434

File: 1635016335806.png (593.84 KB, 750x1334, 5481AC85-3C05-4E7E-8586-9CB7DF…)

Her boyfriend defended her lmao

No. 1354436

File: 1635016363220.png (606.58 KB, 750x1334, B5E0762F-FDBC-47D0-A3E8-546C18…)

No. 1354437

File: 1635016387133.png (591.86 KB, 750x1334, 3E7701C8-538D-4DFA-8741-EE9501…)

No. 1354450

File: 1635018710634.jpeg (236.46 KB, 750x866, 95F71C3E-7B9D-4E1E-8A1E-F5B7AA…)

Her brother as well :)(:))

No. 1354452

File: 1635018741203.jpeg (227.03 KB, 750x862, 1C7A5A5E-D2E9-4BA0-924E-5FE224…)

No. 1355345

Just let her live life people, why u all got to be so fuckin rude

No. 1355351

God you're retarded

No. 1355353

Care abt yourself before caring about others. They dont give a fuckin shit abt ya'll

No. 1355357

I heard girls critisizing other girls are just jealouse. She dont care abt yall. Let her fuckin live her life. Why yall gotta ruin her life. Lol You all should have a positive mind. I heard negative really will kill your body. Live in peace. ;)(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1355439

Jesus, can we nuke this thread? She is clearly self posting to stir up drama.

She is a woman in her 20s who pretend to be a 14 year old so she can get pedo attention and she is shit at photoshopping herself. She is sad and panders to pedos to make herself feel validated. There. Nobody is jealous of you, nobody wants to be you, because you're a mentally ill woman who would rather have pedos want you than accept that you're an adult. Nobody with self esteem wants a body like a warped scrote dream. You're not even relevant anymore.

Stop bumping the thread you absolute tard. You're like 25 now or some shit

No. 1355936

Why do you care? Is it your job to stalk her or do you have to EXACTLY know what she is doing in her life. People these days are so weird. Let her do her thing honey! lol(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1356550

She literally has done vlogs at school and deadass filmed her high school graduation?? lmfao you people are pathetic as fuck. Also her body looks the same in videos so I highly doubt she photoshops.(whiteknighting)

No. 1356631

>her thing
What thing, baiting pedophiles for attention? Is that her thing?

Stop bumping the thread retard. If you're going to sperg at least sage so we don't have to watch you embarrass yourself. Nobody was even talking about this bitch for like a year and we still aren't. She is irrelevant and boring

No. 1359428

Then why u still fuckin here? Is it your job to freakin stalk her? Do you want to know what she eats, drink and sleep? Let her do HER THING. ITS HER LIFE, are you her mother? lol. Y'all should concentrate in your own life. Leave her tf alone. If she is boring and irrelevant then why u here?

No. 1359432

File: 1635748998902.gif (1.29 MB, 200x200, 200.gif)

DO yall really think she gives a fuck abt going in this thread and reading your jealous ass comments? SHE out here living her life why y'all talking abt her lol. Y'all just r really waisting your time. Hunny bye.(bye)

No. 1359458


No. 1359461

Literally nobody is here, this thread is dead.

No. 1359628


No. 1364271

Why are yall here? If this thread is dead then why yall here? leave the fuck out.(ban-evading idiot)

No. 1364278

It is dead. You just bumped it. Congratulations retard

No. 1404236

File: 1640795746690.png (3.23 MB, 1334x750, 4E3EEF16-E267-4DA8-ADEF-61AE71…)

No. 1404238

File: 1640795827085.png (3.29 MB, 1334x750, 576ECA11-2182-4D6B-8031-E844E5…)

Photoshop where?? lmaoooo

No. 1404243

No one cares, stop bumping your boring ass thread

No. 1404386

if thats not shoop then girl youre deformed as fuck

No. 1406613

It’s a ss from a YouTube video but go off I guess lmfaooo

No. 1406629

yeah nonnie, videos can never be edited, especially with free phone apps

No. 1406831

do we have another Eva Hazen moment going on here lmao get life, sis. if you didn’t stupidly bump your dead thread, you could’ve benefited from irrelevance

No. 1407376

its because shes getting 20,000 less likes on her pics than normal poor girl how will she ever survive also really funny thats shes STILL lying about her age

No. 1408272

y'all are such haters bruh, I agree with dat girl. Like even if she photoshops her images why do y'all care?Its her life and its her choice you DONT make the decision of her life. Y'all need to stop coming here and talking shit abt this girl, leave her alone, its like its your job to stalk her and know what she's doing lol. Like I get she photoshops but its her choice isn't it? Like Chile anyway.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1408274

You should take your own advice and stop coming here. You're welcome.

No. 1408283

Sorry everyone stopped caring about your thread. Stop bumping it it’s embarrassing

No. 1424751

y’all be telling her to get a life but who is the one who made the thread to begin with? lmfaoo it’s so funny because shawty gets millions of views on her YT vids, probably gets paid thousands and y’all just sit here , talk shit, make up lies about a girl you probably can only dream to be. Shits fucking comedy(necro wk)

No. 1424767

If it’s comedy, why are you so bothered? I don’t know who the hell this chick is. I just see the thread when you bump it to the top with no milk. Why do you come back to comment on a dead thread so often? If she’s doing well, props to her. Idgaf, I think you’re the only one who does.

No. 1424786

>millions of views

Holy shit, what a queen, please accept our apologies for not simping, in return promise not to bump this boring ass thread anymore. We good?

No. 1424814

No one gives a fuck what this wannabe ghetto pedophile pandering stump is up to. Nice job bringing attention to your own thread again, retard

No. 1432549

File: 1643765594366.png (1.84 MB, 750x1334, B138C3DB-6433-4897-9176-59CB3A…)

this clearly proves that she isn’t 20 lmfaoo y’all are dumb

No. 1432612

Fake as shit, bitch. Nobody believes that. Unless she wants to post the full ID and birth certificate nobody is gonna buy it. She's haggard for "15" or whatever. Clearly in her twenties.

No. 1432712

It's one of her orbiters.
Probably runs back into her DMs like "look baby I told these internet bitches off again!!"

No. 1432908

File: 1643817071760.jpeg (1018.94 KB, 750x1151, B7426B21-E314-459E-8933-45204E…)

you mean she faked this too??

No. 1432915

Nope there's no way, not one way she could possibly ever fake this. Like taking a picture with some flowers? A graduation hat on? You can't fake that shit, nah. This is 100% proof. Shut the thread down, in fact shut down the motherflippin site, because this bitch just showed us.
1000000% real. That caption too? Dang, that's the BIGGEST proof. It's impossible to lie on the internet. No one would do that, especially not this girl.

No. 1432949

lmaoooo you liked that mediocre pic too oh my god the desperation

No. 1432961

She's trying to pass this off as a highschool graduation? Kids that young still have dress codes…

No. 1433083

File: 1643831773449.png (4.27 MB, 1334x750, 6CA575AD-008E-4D0F-A9A8-0FBA09…)


No. 1433088

File: 1643831833707.png (4.92 MB, 1334x750, 6458B42D-8F00-4783-B7A0-5AA22B…)

you telling me she faked her highschool graduation video

No. 1433101

You do realize in America you can be enrolled in a physical high school until you are 21? She could be held back and lying. I'd bet money on her ass being held back since she cares more about pretending to be jail bait online. Nobody cares and the bitch is old. Milk is dead, move on WK. Teen or not she's boring and busted.

No. 1622126

you necroing scrote ass bitch

No. 1691554

Unfortunately this was already discussed in Holder's thread(thats not how you sage....)

No. 1691743

Holy mother of kek

No. 1692199

Why has this thread not been locked long ago.

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