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File: 1505844337900.jpg (69.04 KB, 1136x640, gabu.jpg)

No. 389471

I'm surprised there is no thread about her yet.
she is really crazy. she is showing her dirty panties while twitcasting. Is super rude and screams at other people.

twitter: https://twitter.com/GabrielaStaikow
her beeing batshit insane

No. 389560

No. 389563

She looks like a baboon. Doesn't she know the Japanese hate Brazilians? kek

No. 389565

No. 389571

File: 1505859825586.png (51.53 KB, 496x820, IMG_1479.PNG)

Looks like she is possessed

No. 389580

File: 1505860791135.png (Spoiler Image, 29.28 KB, 472x273, IMG_1480.PNG)

Here she is showing her gross underwear

No. 389584

this looks like a guy.

No. 389597

how the fuck did she soil her underwear this bad? did she piss and shit in it like its a diaper?

No. 389599

was literally getting ready to say the same thing, what the fuck do you do with yourself to even get your underwear that fucking filthy? jesus christ almighty.

No. 389600

you shouldve linked this shit. can any of you super weebs give the rest of us a rundown on whats going on with this chick? i can only understand certain words from muh middle school animu days and i can clearly see she's sperging out but some in depth descriptions on what shes going nuts about would be helpful.

No. 389602

I think they talked before and she got banned on twitcast. She said sorry and sent a weird video message where she is possessed again. The guy is scared of her

No. 389616

Lmfaooo this weird bitch. I caught a few of her twicast streams. She's only what, 18 now? She's obsessed with yakuza and yankees and tries hard to use edgy japanese slang.
She said after becoming introduced to japanese culture she "changed for the better " on that show about gaijin coming to Japan.

No. 389622

She is 20 now
Did you see the twitcast where she was showing her pussy

No. 389629

Like… I skipped and could just bare to watch few seconds but what she is ranting is only slang words used by for example yakuza, like "I won't forgive you" "why haven't you paid my money back" but in a way only stupid guys talk.. sorry could not watch all it was awful

No. 389642

Thank FUCK I didn't.
Real talk, does she abuse street drugs? How the hell she looks like that at 20?
I wonder what happened with that japanese dude she was dating

No. 389744

She got a lot of threads on tanuki
They wrote that her ex boyfriend made an account for her on a site like twitcast where you can earn money

No. 389755

No. 390335

Btw why isn't her twitcast account banned?

No. 392484

No. 392501

>23229 fans
Fucking how

No. 392509

she is twitcasting for 3, 4 years now

No. 393521

and shes live as of a minute ago

No. 393632

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