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File: 1505948732773.jpg (172.23 KB, 986x1200, DJsT2ShV4AA7vbR.jpg)

No. 390118

>A narcissistic dramacow reality star who is known to be from MTV's 16 and Pregnant/Teen Mom.
>On the show she recently had an altercation with one of the cast mates Amber Portwood after claiming that her ex-fiance looks like a pedophile & physically shoved a producer during an argument where she can't be on other reality shows due to the contract.
>In 2013 she released a sex tape with James Deen then later backpedals and claims that she was sexually assaulted.
>Falsely accused an Uber driver of rape before she admitted that it wasn't true.
>Sexualizes her daughter with Provocative photoshoots and even go as far as creating a snapchat profile for her daughter and allow strangers to send her messages.
>An open racist who would sends celebrities racist comments (Blanc Chyna)
>Would use her dead ex-bf ( the father of her daughter) to gain pity points till this day even though he been passed on for almost 10 years.
>Has a father who would go on social media 24/7 to defend his daughter's honor and would go as far as supporting her daughter's porn career and blame everyone else for her daughter's misery.
>Has a piece of work mother who got arrested in 2010 for being in a fight with Farrah and recently became a rap artist.
>And last but not least she has her own webcam website and recently performed in a live webcam show with CamSoda despite her insisting that she doesn't do porn anymore.

No. 390135

Oh jeez, I remember the shitshow that was her pornographic debut. The entire thing was horrifically cringey. She was clearly trying to pretend that James Deen was her boyfriend, and after the porn was released she tried to claim it was a leaked sex tape.

No. 390144

Doesn't this always happen with these "celebrity" sex tapes? Tila Tequila claimed the same.

No. 390180


Plus she mentions that she'll never date black guys since its a kardashian thing and during her recent appearance on WETV's Family Boot Camp she called Chad Johnson's mother "A Black POS" where she got lashed big time for that.

No. 390182

The thing about Farrah is that if she does a sex tape then she'll be famous quickly just like Kim and the rest of these 'celebrities' but unfortunately it didn't work out as planned.

No. 390184

The jenners/kardashians fetishize black people which is way more racist than some white girl saying she isn't like that.

Anyone see Farrah on the VH1 Couples Therapy where her "boyfriend" (James Deen) """"didn't show up"""" (read as: she always intended on going alone)

No. 390188

last i heard she was stripping in austin and her and her kid are giving "each other" "space"

No. 390194

Caring about racism is "libfem"? wew lad

No. 390201

“She does her thing & I do mine” She’s five years old?

No. 390225

I didn't even realize she was white based on thread photo until I looked her up. Does she tan herself until she's leather? Jesus christ.

No. 390269

Who can forget this classic. I trained myself to withstand torture by foreign agents, should I ever be kidnapped, by listening to this twice in a row without pausing. I CAN HANDLE ANYTHING.

There was also her book where she explained how when her water broke, the smell reminded her of her dead boyfriend's cum. Can't believe it didn't make Oprah's book club.

Also, didn't she have a cooking web channel for a while, where she made such trailer park delicacies as Rice Krispies treats while somehow believing she was Julia Child?

She is a lulz factory on meltdown. This thread will have a harder time finding something she hasn't done that isn't a steaming pile.

No. 390273

>Up Next: Vennu Mallesh - It's My Life What Ever I Wanna Do

youtube knows what's up lol. seriously tho was she having a stroke writing these lyrics?

whos taking care of her child?

No. 390275

You forgot:
>bought her own engagement ring and expected her then-boyfriend to pay her back for it without ever proposing.
>pulled her daughter out of school so she can take her places/vacations and exploit her.
>calls her daughter stupid, regularly ignores her daughter, throws gifts like an iPhone plus (with a $1500 LV phone case) and a pony so it shuts her daughter up; because her daughter has Farrah's shit attitude.
>botched surgery and looks like a transsexual horse.
>all around terrible person and the world's worst mom.

No. 390283

>not posting god tier farrah song

No. 390459

If we get a new thread that will be added.

No. 390462

her daughter might have had a chance if she hadn't been raised by farrah

No. 390482

>Kids mimic behavior.

Also this is the only reality piece of trash that if I saw walking towards me, I would beat the shit out of her. She invokes such a rage within me because she tries so hard to be a Kardashian, but she'll never be remotely likeable. I wish she would understand she's irrelevant.

I can't wait to see her when she's a LeatherFace 40 year old doing DP porn with a prolasped, bleached asshole.

>"Remember me I got pregnant when I was 16. Remember me?"

No. 390523

It's her entitled victimizing behavior is what people don't like about her. She treats people outside of her family like shit as well it disgust me that there are some people out there excuse her behavior due to the fact that she's been raised by a psycho mother.

No. 390525

Her father Michael or a nanny

No. 390546

It's gonna be really interesting in the future to see what becomes of kids whose parents humiliate them on the internet before they even know what's being done to them. Sophia is either going to become a fame-starving hoe like her mom or she's going to be mortified and grow up to resent her until they're estranged.

>botched surgery and looks like a transsexual horse.
god this is so accurate lmao

No. 390563

wait i thought the father of her child died?

No. 390587

Annon means Farrah's father Michael. The father of her child is indeed dead.

Speaking of Michael, what was the deal with Farrah calling him by his first name? He's her biological father but still calls him by name…I used to know the reason for this.

No. 390743

The reason varies for some reason. Farrah either blames her mom or her older sister for calling him by his first name or that she resents him so badly for not standing by her during childhood against her mother's narcissistic episodes.

No. 390759

Prime example of Michael's white-knighting:


This guy's social media is a goldmine since its nothing but talking back to the haters and even go to tabloid websites to defend his snowflake daughter on the comments section.

No. 390767

That's not really her is it? What did she do to her face? Holy shit, what the fuck did she show the plastic surgeon?

No. 390770

She also recently rejuvenated her Vagina!

No. 390918

It is so fucked because she has actually had pretty extensive therapy (not just on TV) & is aware of her shit ass behavior but she just doesn’t care. I wonder what she would be like if her stupid attitude wasn’t validated & fed by being on national TV at such a formative age?

No. 391039

Op, links?

No. 391139

Examples of what it said?

No. 391246

No. 391317

File: 1506141074288.jpg (51.47 KB, 323x500, 50 shades of farrah 1.jpg)

E.L. James watch out.

No. 391323

File: 1506141651706.jpg (224.1 KB, 856x860, cobra class.jpg)

also her "fresh frozen" yogurt shop with the terrifying mascots.

No. 391489

Anyone without a business background can run a froyo store. If she was that successful she wouldnt still be selling sex toys or be webcaming for money.

No. 391501

She's definitely blowing (lots of dudes) but even auto tune couldn't save this POS.
Saged for speechlessness.

No. 391503

There was a girl in my house who's pledge name was "leatherface." She was 18: Farrah doesn't even have close to 40 if she keeps up this rawhide routine. Saged for speculation.

No. 391505

Or the other classic <insert victim card here> cuz "he wasn't my sisters biological father so I didn't want her to feel left out so I felt badly if I address him as my dad cuz it would make her feel so badly." She is very such a candidate for sainthood.

Saged for ?

No. 391510

Well in all fairness it had to be looser than a parking garage. Saged for porn stars getting to have a tight vag again (say it with me: "Vahina wth an "H," like in Spanish." Sage?

No. 391511

Well in all fairness it had to be looser than a parking garage. Saged for porn stars getting to have a tight vag again (say it with me: "Vahina wth an "H," like in Spanish." Sage?

No. 391534

Nikki manjia(sp)the rapper was watching a re-run of teenmom and wrote on twitter, something to the effect, that farrah is a bitch and needs to be slapped for treating her mom that way. Farrah immediately goes racist. Later farrah tweets racist things about blac chyna cause she confused the two. In farrah defense nikki copied chyna and chyna worked as her stunt double.
Let's not forget that farrah is a jew but writes christian books. To the person defending farrah get off the farms cause farrah is the #1 cow. She was a cow in middle school according to people that knew her.

This I can agree with. Its actually common.

No. 391604


>that time Farrah brought her dad and daughter to Vivid Video's offices when signing the contract for her "leaked sex tape"

No. 391785

That she nothing compared to the teen mom reddit forums. Anyway how was she a cow in middle school?

No. 392026

File: 1506286213829.jpg (145.85 KB, 1024x607, sophia sculpts farrah.jpg)

I think Farrah got kicked off the Teen Mom show for fighting with Amber??

>will never see Sophia sculpting this statue of her now

No. 392094

Her dad is a cow and he encourages her to do anything. What is his deal. He use to work for the govt in the spy world. He is a fruit cake.
She planned a reality tv career and she planned her kid for the show. Theres more but I cant remember.

No. 392135

He felt bad for not being there for her much when she was young and slept with over 21 women during his marriage to Deb (Farrah's mom). I don't think he has a job but rather be Farrah's White Knight 24/7 and rely on her for his meal ticket. He's pretty much as bad as her mother and is only siding with his daughter just to get back at his ex-wife. But one thing that does bother me is that Farrah doesn't appreciate him the slightest even if he did put some effort into it. If you watch the fight between her and Amber (which I will post up) he literally went out to defend his daughter right before he got shoved off stage and Farrah didn't do shit about it or even ask if he's alright even though she's already protected from Amber and her ex.

Also, I think this takes place in High School and I know she found out about the show from her acting coach or something. I would not be shocked if the pregnancy was planned (and did not tell the father about it of course)

No. 392137

Here are some good examples of this cows moment including the fight with amber uncensored.

No. 392139

(From her mom's youtube page lol)

No. 392142

The Producer fight (also reactions from her other co-stars)

No. 392145

And lastly from Celebrity Big Brother UK

No. 392340

OMG, that's one of the worst things I've ever heard.

No. 392343

"What this does is distributes little wounds through radio frequency which kind of breaks up the collagen and forces it to restore during that healing process, so everything becomes tighter and you actually experience" - WTF. This sounds terrifying.

No. 392351

This happened before >>392139

No. 392543


>With her long red hair reaching down to her waist, she could have been auditioning for Disney's classic movie The Little Mermaid.


No. 392649

Whoah whaa? Source?

No. 392658

It was a response to >>392094. I don't remember where I got it from but its for sure that she found out about casting call from her acting coach.

No. 392699

That bikini is so ugly though. She looks so… maternal…

No. 392963

But she's a teen mom!

No. 393058

Fucking bless Amber's crazy ass. I wish she really would have gone off on Farrah's ass.

No. 393102

People on Reddit are choosing Farrah's side over hers since apparently she handled the situation well despite acting like a child as well by vexing it on.

No. 394363

File: 1506632352905.jpg (Spoiler Image,74.15 KB, 634x423, 44D1DB4C00000578-0-image-a-1_1…)

Is it me or does her boobs look unnatural?

No. 394389

can't tell if your joking or not… deff fake

No. 394401

If that was ariel, I'd throw her back in the water yikes

No. 394437

holy shit she looks black

No. 394440

it's not terrible, the design is just a little busy

No. 394442

File: 1506639421211.jpg (70.83 KB, 500x500, I'm sorry my queen but.jpg)



No. 394444

File: 1506639772862.jpg (166.64 KB, 836x753, SOLID INVESTMENT PLAN.jpg)

No. 394445

File: 1506640077784.jpg (191.82 KB, 755x773, Cobra Gear.jpg)

I really want to see this thing in profile.

No. 394447

File: 1506640282585.jpg (37.87 KB, 500x380, what ungodly horror.jpg)

also since Farrah and her daughter are represented as FroCo Cobas or whatever here, is the third one the dead guy, James Deen or just Michael?

No. 394462

She looks like Big Ang

No. 394511

anon pls, even the deceased deserve more respect than that

No. 394616

Its fake but somethings going on with the bottom left…

No. 394617

File: 1506659858891.jpg (146.39 KB, 600x682, Debra_Danielsen_Michael_Abraha…)

Its Michael since at one point his job was to wear the mascot costume.

No. 394633


oh no.

No. 394645

jesus christ why couldn't they just give it regular ass cartoon eyes

No. 394649

File: 1506663065361.jpg (95.15 KB, 500x675, happy 48th birthday farrah.jpg)

>I'm yrev very happy to sell you frozen yogurt and furnitures.

No. 394650

lmao does she know what "mommy dearest" means?? it means an abusive mother.

No. 394653

File: 1506663184515.jpg (93.54 KB, 500x667, feminismism.jpg)



>knowing what things mean

No. 394738

It's hard to accept this girl is only 2 years older than me.

No. 394817

This is so spot on, but also an insult to detox.

No. 394824

It's even harder to believe that she's only 3 months older than me…

No. 394908

File: 1506716865700.jpg (51.56 KB, 577x1024, Kylie-Jenner-bad-surgery-on-fa…)

that's what happens when you use money and surgery thinking that it'll make you look like the hollywood celebrity Farrah thinks she is, but just ends up looking like a 40 year old escort. ft kylie jenner at 18

No. 394927

Ugh. Looking older is suppose to bad.

No. 396105

I don't understand how this girl would use her real name to promote her webcam shows while she has a daughter who's been pushing to become famous.

No. 402919

Has anyone seen the 'Being Simon' special? Its suppose to be the day and life of her fuckboi but apparently she had to be the center of attention and even narrate the damn special.

No. 402923

Holy heck. jenner looks so bad
I can only assume OP wants her daughter to strive for such lengths and look like a used up milk carton by age 28

No. 402971

Not a chance.

No. 403070

When will people realize lip fillers aren't for everyone? She looks like a man

No. 405362

No. 412290

File: 1509430898397.png (143.74 KB, 640x1136, IMG_4753.PNG)

Tonight was supposed to be her Halloween camp show. However shit hits the fan when MTV decided to give her the pink slip. And then she went ape shit to the point where she cancels her camshow. She blames camsoda for allowing people to get their refunds instead of her giving it to her so called charity. 1/4

No. 412292

File: 1509430939991.png (131.74 KB, 640x1136, IMG_4754.PNG)


No. 412293

File: 1509430982305.png (135.64 KB, 640x1136, IMG_4755.PNG)


No. 412294

File: 1509431012984.png (166.48 KB, 640x1136, IMG_4756.PNG)


No. 412299

File: 1509431856769.jpg (44.73 KB, 372x372, unsure.jpg)

>part take

No. 412355

as a bipolar person it literally reads like she's having a manic episode. i know she's just short circuiting and doing something foul beyond words by making this current #metoo surge about herself to cover her shit behavior, but i think she suffers a genuine illness. you can't be this fucked up and check out psychiatrically. she won't get help but i hope she does for her daughter's sake, even though she seems like a complete lost cause too.

I'm sure MTV did do woman hating stuff to her, but if they just dropped her because of a contract breach about behavior, they're treating her like an equal professional and that's as pro-woman as you can get.

No. 412568

Reddit is filled with scared punk bitches. Go on dancemom sub. >>394908
Did simon run away?
Farrah is a racist jew. She has jew priviledge. Anyone else wouldnt be allowed to be so racist, slutty, and practice parent abuse.
Viacom has been great to her.(racebaiting)

No. 412626

Personally I think she may have borderline personality disorder mashed with servere narcissism. Plus I think could be on drugs like meth since my sister act like her when she took drugs. It's not really sex shaming its that she just thinks that she can drag MTVs name wherever she goes and not get in trouble.

No. 413236

File: 1509580083296.jpg (94.1 KB, 431x767, PYQV1i-g5N7Fp-rgaZzIYitopGQ3MN…)

Do we have any good translators in here? This woman is on a mental breakdown as we know it.

No. 413304

Full version of the video of her meltdown.

No. 413327

File: 1509597057179.jpg (25.55 KB, 399x401, 67556.jpg)

Onset schizophrenia or what? I literally have no idea what she's even saying because it's so jumbled.

No. 413329

>Whatever the fuck it even was that she said from 0:30 to 0:35
>"My parents, my mother, my dad had been mindfucked"
>"Bringing in port-a-potties as another loo(?) for press"
>"I'm not gonna succumb to being another 'accomplist'"

No. 413337

This bitch is popping pills

No. 413345

Anyone wanna bet that it'll get worse in a few days?

No. 413808

$5 bucks says 3 days
She gotta be or shooting up on herion

No. 413817


i guess she's trying to say "accomplice"? but either way wat the fucc. she's going the way of tila tequila now, maybe they can bond over satanic mind control cults or something

No. 413940

Wait, the same Farrah Abraham who released this gem/monstrosity, right? Holy shit.


No. 414026

File: 1509691179139.jpg (50.74 KB, 768x768, boy.jpg)

Pretty damn much.

Here's a little gem for you all to see where she got her delusional from.

No. 415395

File: 1509837343638.jpg (203.54 KB, 581x503, michael pls.jpg)

>Farrah blowing .145 is okay because it wasn't on camera

No. 426337

File: 1510925710663.jpg (80.45 KB, 800x576, Screenshot_20171117-093249.jpg)

Saw this on MV MV loves their trash

No. 426398

She did release a banging album

No. 426735

I think she has the same thing Kiki has, but idk what it is, maybe nothing but just growing up with a crazy ass mom

No. 426879

She recently got banned from CamSoda because of her rant about her firing instead of doing what she was suppose to do. She's also banned from Uber since she falsely accused somebody of rape. And Vivid wants her to take a lie detector test of her rape and drugged claims. This chick is a huge red flag to work with and sooner or later she's gonna throw them under the bus once she has to do something she doesn't like to do. And bitch please you don't care about feminism.

This man is reeking with huge denial. He's probably mad that the gravy train finally stops rolling.

No. 426884

I just love the fact that she goes on about being a victim of hate crimes despite the fact that she's only breaking her contract by doing activities that are not permitted while being filmed on MTV. It's typical snowflake behavior where they accuse someone of discrimination although they were the ones who cause the trouble.

No. 443541

File: 1513217168252.jpg (75.42 KB, 736x687, motheroftheyear.JPG)

I'm just gonna leave this here…

No. 443551

In case you guys don't know what the video is. Its a preview for Farrah's Lip fetish video. Its under her DAUGHTERS account before it was reported.

No. 443555

jesus fucking christ. i hope this was an accident…

No. 443556

The tweet is still up and running

No. 443564

Ugh that twitter feed. That kids whole life revolves around shilling shit for her mom. She’s gonna be so fucked up. Imagine being raised by both Farrah AND her mom.

No. 510991

Recent news, looks like somebody is suing MTV for their firing (which it will show on next week's episode)


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